Social Security & National Guard

Social security is primarily a social insurance program providing social protection or protection against socially recognized conditions, including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others. The National Guard of the United States is a reserve military force composed of National Guard militia members or units of each state and territory under federally recognized active or inactive armed force service for the United States. 5.0/5

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Shorter Fox News: "The government shutdown is great and won't negatively affect anyone ever. Except for the military, veterans, people who enjoy public parks, those who rely on the Social Security department, child cancer victims, anybody who needs FEMA, food inspectors, the CDC, and the National Guard. But other than that, nobody is being harmed."
My views in a nutshell: SOCIAL SECURITY Preserve it. Carry out our obligations to retirees, and ensure that Social Security is there for future retirees. I don't support privitization. GUN RIGHTS I believe in a strong National Guard, and I believe that is the truest representation of the 2nd Amendment. At this point, I'd say I'm against assault weapons bans or 10-clip ammo limits. I believe firmer background checks should be put in place for all guns sales, which includes both mental health and criminal background checks, and in firm registration laws. DRUGS On the fence here. HEALTH CARE No idea. We'll see how Obama-Care does. EDUCATION Firmly support good public schools, which begins with having well-educated and equipped teachers and small classroom sizes. We shouldn't have textbooks that still show the Soviet Union being intact and George H.W. Bush as the last President. I'm not sure exactly why we are getting so little bang for our buck though. If I recall, we spend something like $7,000 per student, ...
if you hate taxes perhaps you may want to stop the following services... thank you Lucas Kleine for this reminder... Taxes help to pay for the lifestyle even the poorest and the richest in the US have. If we did pay taxes who would pay for the following services and benefits? 1. Do not use Medicare. 2. Do not use Social Security 3. Do not become a member of the US military, who are paid with tax dollars. 4. Do not ask the National Guard to help you after a disaster. 5. Do not call 911 when you get hurt. 6. Do not call the police to stop intruders in your home. 7. Do not summon the fire department to save your burning home. 8. Do not drive on any paved road, highway, and interstate or drive on any bridge. 9. Do not use public restrooms. 10. Do not send your kids to public schools. 11. Do not put your trash out for city garbage collectors. 12. Do not live in areas with clean air. 13. Do not drink clean water. 14. Do not visit National Parks. 15. Do not visit public museums, zoos, and monuments. 16. Do not e ...
Nice. "So the Republicans' convention was delayed in response to hurricane warnings from the government-run National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center, they're having their convention in an arena built with government funds, in a state with millions of elderly citizens who are heavily reliant on government-run Medicare and government-run Social Security, and once this hurricane has passed the states in the Gulf Region, which are dominated by anti-government Republicans, will be asking for billions in assistance from the government-run Federal Emergency Management Agency and from the government-run National Guard and Coast Guard, and volunteers from around the country will be rushing into the region through the government-constructed interstate highway system. And now the primetime speaker* at their silly "We Did Build It" event is someone whose business has been heavily reliant on government contracts. Please tell me that Americans aren't so stupid that they'll vote these morons into power this ...
Partial Platform: No assault weapons. You can have guns but not combat guns. No need for it. No welfare without work. Everyone can get off their *** for a few hours everyday. All cabinet posts to be filled by veterans, male and female. We pull back to the Monroe Doctrine. Its YOUR problem. Not ours. No one borrows against Social Security. You get SS at age 62 in almost all cases. Who marries who and of what sex is no one else's business. The draft returns. You get one deferrment. Everyone owes something to their country. Either military or public works. Two years. National Guard and Reserves shouldn't be doing multiple deployments. There WILL be pay cuts in this department. Major pay cuts. No political national conventions in Florida in the midst of hurricane season. More to come.
Is this Good for the Military? Sounds like it's not. **Help is on the way for the military if Mitt Romney is elected President. Romney promises increases for military spending if elected. Romney would shrink discretionary spending and reform entitlements in favor of more military spending. ** Basically this means cut Social Security for more & more war. A politician would make it sound better, that's all. Cut through the words & that's all it Can mean. Most of our military are National Guard & Reservists. The small business owners have been bankrupted & ruined. All have had their standard of living reduced dramatically. Returning Veterans have the highest incidence of divorce, domestic violence & suicide of any population in the country. So, this isn't a promise to the military. It is a promise to the War Machine. So much patriotism & bravery from a man unwilling to wear the uniform & carry a gun or even drive a truck.
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