Social Security & Big Oil

Social security is primarily a social insurance program providing social protection or protection against socially recognized conditions, including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others. Supermajor is a name commonly used to describe the world's five (and sometimes six) largest publicly-owned oil and gas companies. 5.0/5

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Every so often we think of really simple ideas that we think could vastly improve the economy, on the spending side and on the revenue side. We're wondering if you guys have any ideas like that? One of ours is it remove the $110,000 income cap for contributions to Social Security. Another is to immediately stop subsidizing Big Oil. What do you guys think?
"Friend, I'm honored that I will have the opportunity to serve the people of Massachusetts in the United States Senate, and I'm deeply grateful for everything you've done to help send me to Washington. You know what I want to do. When I'm sworn in just a couple of months from now, I want to fight for jobs, for students crushed by debt, for seniors who paid into Social Security and Medicare, for equal pay, for clean energy, for marriage equality. I want millionaires and billionaires and Big Oil companies to pay their fair share. And I want to hold Wall Street accountable. You know what I care about. But here's the honest truth: it will be incredibly difficult to do any of that if we can't get up-or-down votes in the Senate. Remember Jimmy Stewart's classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? I love that movie. That's what most of us think of when we hear the word "filibuster" -- a single passionate senator speaking for hours about legislation they fiercely oppose until they literally collapse with exhaustio ...
Vote for Jessica Ehrlich for Congress District 13, Pinellas County, FL. C. W. Bill Young will never vote for funding supporting renewable green energy. He is a Koch Brother puppet and has always voted for subsidies to the Big Oil & King Coal to the tune of $14 Billion a year. The Koch Brothers receive our tax dollars to lie to the American people about everything from Social Security going bankrupt, women's right to birth control & Obamacare, minimum wage laws & many more Tea Party lies. For more info on the Koch Brothers watch the movie Koch Brothers Exposed on Current TV. Kick C W Bill Young, the Tea Party & their puppet masters the Kochs out of Washington D.C. End the illegal monopoly of oil & coal the has corrupted our democracy. Vote for Jessica Ehrlich to be a voice for our Freedom in to D.C.!
How Bad is he? Most people don’t know just how bad Romney’s VP choice is. So here is a list of 10 things to know about Paul Ryan. Read it; then share it with everyone. The future of America is on the line—from a woman’s right to choose to our economy. 1. His economic plan would cost America 1 million jobs in the first year. 2. He would KILL Medicare and replace it with a voucher program that doesn’t guarantee coverage. (Grandma and Grandpa would be at the mercy of insurance companies or family to survive – goes back OMG) 3. He would pickpocket the middle class to line the pockets of the rich. His tax plan is Robin Hood in reverse. 4. He is an anti-choice extremist. 5. He would dismantle Social Security. 6. He would eliminate Pell grants for more than 1 million low-income students. 7. He would give $40 BILLION in subsidies to Big Oil. 8. He is another Koch-head politician. The billionaire Koch Brothers are some of Ryan’s biggest political contributors. 9. He opposes *** righ ...
So Mitt Romney thinks 47% of Americans are slackers who sit around waiting for government handouts. Well, Romney just got a handout himself — a campaign contribution from AT&T. This is the fifth straight presidential election where AT&T has supported only the Republican nominee. Meanwhile, Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, has tried to decimate the social safety net and end Medicare as we know it. And he’s received a whopping $111,500 from AT&T since 1998. So what is it about Rep. Paul Ryan that AT&T loves so dearly that they’ve contributed to him —every single year since 1998 when he was first elected to Congress? Ryan, now Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick, is the ideological architect of a radical budget that ends Medicare as we know it while giving $40 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil, and raises taxes for the middle class while slashing taxes for millionaires and billionaires. Is that why AT&T loves Paul Ryan? Or is it because Ryan wants to privatize Social Security —which is one rea ...
Think Progress just released a few of Paul Ryan's philosophies as he joins Mitt Romney in their attempt to make it to the White House. Among those philosophies; end Medicare for senior citizens, he believes Social Security is a "ponzi scheme," and he strongly supports $40 billion in subsidies for big oil. I guess the oil companies aren't making enough off of us as it is!
plan, following the lead of the Ryan budget, would force huge cuts to critical programs including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. But Gov. Romney is apparently willing to increase the deficit to continue tax breaks for Big Oil companies and cut their taxes even further."
If I watched t.v. I might notice that the political ads on CO stations already are in full gear. I know whom the "reality-challenged" voters are likely going to vote for as well as the "single-issue" voters. Yet the money continues to be spent. Can we get somebody representing us who will solve our large national problems? Health care costs rising (the laws are around health insurance and employers are the one that pays for the typical American, yet the Federal govt. has a huge liability here in Medicare and another in VA care) Budget deficit and national debt - tax policy is backwards and defense spending is out of control as the top discretionary spending area of federal budget, but our impotent Congress can't get on reality here. What the *** difference will "welfare reform" get us? Unless you mean Social Security and Medicare? And where have our "job creators" been hiding out the last decade? Those tax cut policies have been a gigantic failure from a fiscal POV and a job creation POV, but apparent ...
Hermanos y Amigos de El Salvador este es un correo que recibi de parte de la campaña de el Senador Robert Menedez, yo creo que tenemos que apoyar a el Senador ya que el esta interesado en ayudarnos y a los migrantes. El web site es si puedes donar haslo porque el senador Menendez si apoya a el DREAM ACT. We know what the Republicans want. They’re dreaming about a Romney presidency with a Republican Senate majority to implement a right-wing agenda that would slash Medicare, Social Security, Pell Grants, and childhood nutrition programs – all while giving away massive taxpayer-funded handouts to Big Oil. Here’s what’s worse: Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and secret GOP groups have pledged to spend $1 billion in the 2012 elections to ensure their dream becomes a reality. Bob Menendez is one of the few keeping them from taking over the Senate. They want to take him down. That’s why he needs your help, right this minute. We have to fend off the attacks that are coming with a veng ...
The GOP's Grand plan for America. 1) Bash Obama. Tell how much he has "failed." 2) Get rid of Social Security, 3) Get rid of Medicare. 4) Get rid of Student loans, or any other assistance for the poor, sick and old. After all, those peasants are all just lazy. 5) Bash Obama some more. 6) NO Taxes for the rich. 7) NO taxes for Big Oil, Big Business. or Big Finance. Offer them government assistance. Pity them, they DESERVE it! 8) Bash Obama some more, then big smiles and all that. After all, EVERYTHING's now FINE!!
Another poll shows that we are beating Tea Partier Frank Guinta! Public Policy Polling just announced that their poll shows me winning 47-43. Thank you for telling others about Frank Guinta's extremist votes against the middle class, his votes to privatize Medicare and hurt Social Security, to slash Medicaid funding for the old in nursing homes and people with disabilities, to slash Meals on Wheels and food programs even for babies, to take away women's access to birth control and cancer screenings, to reduce protections against battered women, to cut critical funding for Education and First Responders...all because he took a pledge to Grover Norquist to never, ever, end an unfair tax break or subsidy for Big Oil or his campaign donors. The 31st most conservative Member of Congress, who also happens to be the biggest spender on franked mail in Congress, has been treading on we the people since the beginning, and we will stop him in November.
The GOP wants to slash health care, education and Social Security to protect the oil and coal industry's $121 billion in subsidies! Sign here to tell Congress to end the big oil bailout.
The big lie: US can't afford teachers, homeless shelters, heating oil for the poor, even Social Security. We are richest nation on earth.
Thanks to Reita Grant for this information: Meet the special interests trying to buy this Senate race: CROSSROADS GPS: Karl Rove's front group and a major player in races across the Country. (My words: No one plays dirtier than Karl Rove.) 60 PLUS ASSOCIATION: Pat Boone is their spokesperson, privatizing Social Security is their top issue -- with ending Medicare as we know it close behind. CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA: Despite their name, they're one of the most anti-choice organizations in America, opposing reproductive rights and attacking the LGBT community. COALITION TO PROTECT PATIENTS' RIGHTS: An anti-Health Care Reform group run in-part by a powerful DC lobbying firm, it's determined to push misinformation to stop health insurance reforms. U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Not to be confused with your local Chamber of Commerce, they represent powerful special interests like Big Oil and Wall Street. (My words: The Chamber is the largest lobbying organization in America. It had more than 150 lobbyists from 25 ...
THE ARGUMENT in the war over the budget is the failure to remind the forgetful public how the deficit grew as a result of the Bush/Cheney/Greedy One Percent Party. Discussing how America got itself into this predicament has two benefits. It not only reminds the public of the acts of the prior administration by not regulating Wall Street, but also exposes why Wall Street and the BIG MONEY is opposing the President. Further, the public needs to be reminded that the very same right-wing Republicans advocating cuts in Medicare, Social Security, Education, etc, are the VERY SAME REPUBLICANS who voted for the Iraq War but did not fund it; the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthiest; the unfunded subsidy to Big Pharma, as well as BIG OIL, and BIG MILITARY. Then accountability of the Greedy One Percent Party continuing its support of America's wealthiest, BIG OIL, Wall Street, will have real, UNDERSTANDABLE meaning.
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