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Social Security

Social security is primarily a social insurance program providing social protection or protection against socially recognized conditions, including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others.

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Some home truths about Social Security and Medicare that may come as a surprise. Thanks for sharing, Eric Van...
UK has univ govt healthcare (what would be Medicare4All in the US), welfare, Social Security, etc. Of cou…
As a senior, retired plans are ok. I advocate totally dumping Social Security. Fed up with entitl…
Social Security recipients as well as disabled veterans with designee is to help with finances
protect a woman's right to choose, and give Seniors a tax credit for Social Security income. (2 of 2)
Did you know that most retired Americans rely on Social Security for around 50% of their income? As a retirement...
Impact of federal hiring freeze seen at Veterans Affairs, prisons, Social Security via
This was good, and deserves credit for it.
Some girls act like I'm asking for their Social Security Number when I ask them what lipstick they're wearing
Japan’s population set to fall to 88m by 2065, major labor, immigration and social security challenges ahead via
how do you REPEAL THE PAYROLL TAX and keep Social Security and Medicare?
Even though Trump is dumping the tax plan he campaigned on and exploring a host of other options, advocates for...
President Trump had nothing to do with this year's automatic cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security.
Tweeps, please remind the Reds in your Fam, that this has an effect on THEIR Social Security Benefits, as well...👇🏾. (Show…
Even Trump couldn't be this stupid. I can only hope. 'pushing for the elimination of the 12.4 percent payroll tax'. https:…
Trump promised he would save and strengthen Social Security. Now he’s talking about gutting it.
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If you are you doing the Pre-Admin session for AP testing tomorrow, you need your Infinite C. # and your Social Security…
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Republicans steal that Social Security money as fast as it gets to Washington..they aren't going to do that!!!
Mastodon: new beast to challenge Big Social, or another white elephant?
Trump plan for Social Security is horrid. I suppose he has to figure out how to pay the rich one way or another.
This proposal is a Trojan horse ... [that] would, if enacted, lead to the destruction of working Americans'...
Trump's proposal to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax may be his worst idea yet
Trump just revealed his plan for Social Security and it's horrifying
So now Trump and Paul Ryan want to give the middle class a tax break by cutting FICA taxes. In other words, KILLING Social…
How the federal hiring freeze is starting to impact Veterans Affairs, prisons and Social Security
Fun idea now floating around in the GOP’s tax reform: totally eliminate the source of Social Security’s funding
Stand with Bernie Sanders: Tell Congress to expand Social Security by taxing wealthy Americans. Sign the petition:
Of course they are. Golf greens fees and old-lady water aerobics paid for with Social Security dollars…
Wall Street hates Social Security. They are terrified of how effective & efficient it is. Disproves anti-govt ideology. -
Sam Donaldson tells that President Reagan would give you the shirt off his back & then throw your parents off Social Security.
has dreams of dismantling all safety net programs, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, he will face
If you showed at a town hall, called Rep/Sen, you did this. Not anyone but you. Very similar to how Social Security phase out…
Paul Ryan's father died when Paul was 16. He was supported by Social Security.
Right on. She did accept Social Security in her old age.
This is the VERY premise upon which Social Security (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance—look it up!) is based.
Obamacare is another entitlement! America has had problems since Kennedy/Johnson and enter Social Security entitlements.
Even Ayn Rand might have found him repulsive by now. She accepted Social Security in her old age.
So this administration wants to cut Social Security. Anyone else know about this?
Nothing is off the table with this administration. First ACHA, Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, now Social Security...
The requirements to qualify for getting Social Security, from the SS administration.
How does Social Security consider pain?. How much consideration does the social security administration give to...
Calling Dr. Ayn Rand wants you to know she accepted Medicare and Social Security in her old age. With…
I've paid into Social Security *26* times every single year for the past FORTY YEARS! AND into Medicare/Medicaid! N…
Mulvaney on CBS hints at what in Social Security program Trump admin might cut: disability insurance
Not according Social Security Admin as of 2014. Undoc Immigrants beef up Social Security without returns.
When those green berets retire and get elderly- No Meals on Wheels, Social Security or Medicare in Trump world
The government spends about $100M on Social Security, and in the Trump Admin's minds that's the $$$ waste right the…
Trump has measly 0.2% increase for Social Security admin, not enough to keep up w rising workload:…
Last fall Social Security admin decided that Amy Schnelle wasn't sick anymore and cut off her medications. She died. https…
Q:Who is the current Secretary of State for Social Security. A:Alastair darling
Help me Kellyanne! I think my microwave just sent my Social Security Number to the Russians!
Remember when Trump promised elderly voters he wasn't going to touch Social Security in order to get their votes?
There will be a trip to the local Social Security office on Thursday, March 16. If you have any issues, see Megan Williams or call ext. 450.
8. Sec 114. Reducing Medicaid Costs. Proof of citizenship for payment of medical services. Social Security Number o…
So the expulsion of undocumented immigrants will become the excuse to cut Social Security. These issues go hand in hand.
Lanhee Chen: "...for means-testing of entitlement programs, like Medicare and Social Security."
Our next trip to the Social Security office will take place on March 16. Sign up in the Welcome Center. Contact Megan Williams at ext. 450.
Tonight I would like to hear the president say he will veto any legislation that will make cuts to Social Security and Medi…
“Of course the Republicans have long wanted to privatize Social Security and dest…”
Steve Bannon is issuing guttural burps about Social Security as Coretta Scott King expresses sincere opposition to Sessions.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
White House spokesperson: Pres. Trump "committed" to not touching Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security
Obama offered to put Social Security, Medicare + Medicaid cuts on the table as part of Grand Bargain
I feel your pain Nicki... between the IRS, Sallie Mae, Social Security, federal & state taxes... 5 people touch my money before…
He's all about the corporate shilling. Remember he spent 2 years trying 2 get a 'grand bargain' 2 cut Social Security. FDR rolling
This is why Paul Ryan wants to cut your Social Security: Refugees will cost taxpayers an est. $4.1 billion in fiscal 2017.…
.said he would not cut Medicare/Social Security on campaign. OMB director has made it clear he plans to…
President Trump’s new Budget Director has vowed to completely destroy Social Security as we know it.
And what I love All the social sECURITY woman I have talked to hate to explain THINGS. lIKE THEy say DIFFERENT THINGS FOR the same
Democrats started Social Security , Medicare , Medicaid and recently Heath care ! If that's corruption , we need more…
There's no piece of mind when the is gutting social security, AFA, Medicare/Medicaid, programs for the poor.…
I hope those Republicans like working in the fields, once their Social Security and the immigrant workforce are gone.
Interview from with Charles Armstrong, former government CIO, on how to defend against common threats
Heard social media commentator, Gbadamosi Babatunde has been arrested by the SSS. Only in PMB's govt is national security thr…
SHOULD SOCIAL SECURITY BE PRIVATIZED? . The Trump Administration is considering privatizing Social Security and...
🎥 announces that social security will be enshrined in law as a human right. . Read more: ht…
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How do they overpay? They don't have Social Security Cards
We'd have a better government if people paid more attention to these kinds of payments audits.
New legislation introduced to keep solvent for the next six decades -- without cutting benefits:
Top five security threats on social networking accounts & how to stay safe
Social security as a human right: comments on publication of consultation responses.
We welcome that human right to social security to be enshrined in new social security agency . https…
The GOP base benefits most from government-assistance programs:
Because the Trump & GOP voters who are worried about jobs and the economy definitely hate social security.
this why Social Security is going BROKE! NO ILLEGALS PERIOD!
The Scottish Government have published response to & analysis of consultation responses on More at: ht…
How to save the country a $ billion dollars, by doing your job. Drain the swamp.
Legislative Update - Social Security Disability Insurance for People Living with ALS via
Local social media circulated these two pics claiming they are for the explosion that hit the car of secu…
IG Audit: $1B in Social Security Paid to People With no SSN -
Of a man who wants social security privatized on that very topic.
Dutch PM meets far-right foe after security leak scare via
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Feds paid $1 billion in Social Security benefits to individuals without a SSN
Join us for event on 2/22! Meet federal officials from Social Security & Secret Service…
Don't let Republicans tell you that we need to cut Social Security. What we really need to do is expand it.
As soon as Missouri Senator Roy Blunt was elected, he voted not to protect Medicare,Social Security and Medicaid. AFTER HE WAS ELECTED.
Roy Blunt voted AGAINST protecting Medicare,Social Security and Medicaid.Is this what you want? NO!If you're a senior, vote for your life!
FDR also interned innocent Japanese. Social Security,Labor rights,taking on big banks was good.
The cuts don't add up until Republicans start raiding Social Security like Reagan.
What does Trump’s hiring freeze mean? It will be harder for seniors to receive Social Security benefits and the EPA to prot…
.Don't worry. He hasn't gotten to them yet. We still have ACA repeal, Social Security and Medicare to go.
That is our Social Security Number as written in Rev 14:1. 100-40-4000.
Yep, what they didn't divulge was, their plans to USE social Security that wasn't theirs!
I honestly don't think Social Security will be around much longer. I have other plans because I don't think
Its Time ALP/LNP made a commitment to restore the Social Security system as a support and not as a punishment for people
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Ryan is an Ayn Randian. Selfish to the bone. He wants to kill Social Security & Medicare. Selfish2Bone!
..been against Social Security, Medicare.Who creates loop holes to take jobs overseas?GOP!
Trump vs. His Cabinet Nominees on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid via
The law is you can't hire anyone without a Social Security Number. How does an illegal get one, they steal one. Maybe your…
Policy vacuum with regard to homeless. No identity & no residential proof deprives them of welfare & so…
Will Trump Cut Medicare and Social Security? He said no on the campaign trail, but his nominee for OMB says yes. https:/…
. 3. Economic Survey is expected to recommend Universal Basic Income a form of social security paid to individ…
If working against the empire means working alongside someone who loves social security, so be it. That's a fight for another day.
Mr. Ryan I paid into social security and would be on the streets witout it. Read the new testament about helping the poor.
Alright bet what's your social security?
So, will the SCOTUS pick be announced before or after the cyber security EO? My guess is after, so we'll all be shut out of social media.
do u know I'm almost eligible for social security ?
is a threat you can't afford. Read how can help protect from this threat:
PLZ keep our Social Security safe, and don't take away our medicare! That is what helps us old people ..
I let him run for a bit in the past hour or two to get a copy of my social security card.
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How good is your cyber security awareness training? Find out with our tailored Social Engineering service.
Social Security is NOT an entitlement. It was a tax. Taken from worki…
Life's certainties. Once we were Kings on our own land. Traded for Social Security. Taxes.
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We need to keep Social Security's promise to all Americans in every generation.
Credit score is more important than Social Security Number - Find out why...
You ppl better wake up, & quick...Your kids WILL friggin appreciate it!! 😒
Eye on the ball. CONgress just sneaked in bill to raise retirement age to 69, decrease social security benefits.
Potentially bad news for people waiting on decisions on their Social Security disability claims. .
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When is it appropriate to take Social Security at age 62?
and social security has never missed a payment. Therefore it's a good, sustainable program.
So the new "cyber security" what R the odds it says if U post on social media against DJT U hv consequences? V Russianesque!
a HUMBLE suggestion. Pension income should be income tax exempt because it is a sort of social security. Thanks
Trump is issuing orders on cyber security? This finna be me and all my social media:
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I pay into social security and I get social security same with Medicare etc
UN Security Council to hold urgent talks on Iran missile test via
Where is your mind going, or should I be afraid to ask? Social Security, Civil Rights, wow. We drift yes
sorry man wasnt trying to be rude. Ok do you believe in welfare? Social security? Public schooling? Healthcare?
Sorry Gates more comes. Cuts. Privatized social security. Medicare cuts. More expect more. Then more. I am already nauseas.
Democrats: Reducing the national debt and reforming bankrupted social security plays right into the hands of ISIS. Better jus…
I'd say I feel like I'll be old enough for Social Security once he's done, but I doubt there'll be Social Security when he's done
1st or the fifteenf in N.Y. I think..or That's social security. Either way I stay out of the stores
“Dude, I’m just trying to privatize Medicare and Social Security, what do you want from me.” - Paul Ryan, probably.
I thought DT the candidate promised to leave Social Security & Medicare alone?
Then act like it, No cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.No tax cuts for the wealthy.
My Nana is an immigrant and legal alien. She may not be able to receive her social security for two years, which she needs to survive.
Trump and Bannon will save social security and medicare by giving all of us over 62 a fatal stroke or heart attack!
also was trying to save your Social Security is lib 101
Paul Ryan is out to kill our Social Security program altogether:
can't pay taxes without a Social Security Number. Can't get one of those unless you are here legally.
look under William J Casey for a Rick Griffien I need that Social Security Number for financial investigation and more
When Park filled out his college applications, he typed 10 zeroes where his Social Security Number belonged.
Mr. DOMENICI: improper deductions on tax returns must be minimized. "Mr. MOYNIHAN: It is the Social Security Number.
on everything from Medicare to Social Security to the Older Americans Act, protecting pensions, and financial fraud. (2/2)
AARP experts David Certner and Cristina Martin-Firvida talk about Medicare, Social Security and more.
In May 2009, Mulvaney voted in the South Carolina State Senate for an amendment declaring Social Security and Medicaid unco…
If you know a Senior or Disabled Person you need to tell them that & Paul Ryan want to cut their Social Security & to call Congress
True, then everything should be the responsibility of citizens- IE: Medicare, Social Security, Vet. Affairs etc.
if you want to serve the people, save our Social Security and Medicare. Save Flint. Save our environment.
Get Bannon out of his ear.This will begin a revolution. The environment is as sacred or even more sacred than Social Security!
I'm willing to fight for Social Security, Medicare, student loans, ...
The Bush Administration claims there is a Social Security crisis only t...
Mary Beth Franklin: Why that Social Security check might be less than you expected
MT Social Security THEN and NOW! Far from original intent, just like the Constitution!
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Trump passes single payer and Cory Booker wins in 2020 and privatizes social security
I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.…
Unauthorized immigrants are putting $13bn a year into the US economy and only taking $1bn out.
Here's a simple Obamacare replacement Republicans can use, in the form of a further amendment to the Social Security Amend…
DUMP TRUMP before he dumps social security
Never forget...They are coming for your Social Security and Medicare. They will do it in the dark of night..
Ensuring social security of schoolgirls stressed
Says the man who degrades women, mocks disabled people, intends to slash Social Security/Medicare/pre-existing cond & more.
Workers in vulnerable employment have less access to social dialogue, job. security, regular incomes and social protection. https:/…
GOP is cutting our pre-paid social security? I want all the money taken out of my checks for 40 yrs plus interest.
I can't argue anymore tonight. I've gotta go to bed so I can pay your social security.
Now when are they going to start figuring out the GOP they voted for is planning to cut their Medicare & Social Security?.
The "makers and takers" creator herself took help from the government
Brandis sez. "We cant let the homeless have money...they'll spend it on drink!!". As he toasts another successful social s…
Mr. Trump told the American people many times he wouldn’t cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Were these all just l…
Ayn Rand would be so disappointed. Even Ayn Rand filed for Social Security when she got lung cancer.
The Second wave will be "blue hairs" on Social Security once their disability AND prescription coverage is ob…
Monitor your organization's network activity
I don't give out personal information. But ill consider doing it if you give out your social security
No Plans by Trump 'to Touch Medicare or Social Security: Priebus - ABC News
How does that help a person who's only income is social security? Does that cut some of the groceries that you use to buy off of your list?
Can't wait to see the plan. You promised not to ruin Medicare & Social Security either. Stand up to Paul Ryan.Veto!
Social Security is our money. It is not for Congress to take away.
Please remember this when Trump and his evil cabal cut Wall St watchdog and Social Security.
A Social Security error declared a college student dead and ruined her credit score:
Before & After: Your social security check after Republicans get through with it: Might want to call your congressman... http…
Congress will cut our Social Security benefits, but not the tax!
When Republicans talk about "strengthening" Social Security, what they really mean is cutting Social Security.
A Republican privatization of Social Security is a real possibility: via
Will the Social Security office hours still be open on January 16th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
That means no schools, no museums, no libraries, no public transportations, city buses nor trains, no healthcare, no social security.
I don't give out personal information. Give me your social security & then I'll consider it
We the People have been paying Social Security for 80 years. There is a lot of money. Ryan & the R's are coming for it to give to Wall St.
So what, right? Keeping email acct, staying at T-Tower, using own security - all insulation frm seeing DT activities
While Republicans want to cut Social Security, Tillerson just got a retirement package of $180 million. That's what oligarc…
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+ Trump must be held accountable for his promise to protect Medicaid (which ACA repeal would violate), as well as Social Secur…
If you see your senator on the list and cal him. Alabama yes Richard Shelby voted to cut your Social Security
Postal Mail Handler guilty of stealing Social Security checks -
the party must change into a true Progressive party FDR had 2 fight hard to pass Social Security you win if you fight
Trump said "There will be NO CUTS to Medicare Medicaid & Social Security" BUT you can NEVER Trust a MUNSTER Paul Lyin' R…
Pushing out an elderly employee fits right in with Social Security and Medicare at risk - Ryan's…
Trump: "...I will not cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid" - Bernie Sanders lays it out ;) via
Social Security is not the "third rail" because someone is running ads saying it is good.
Charles Murray's version of UBI "The UBI is to be financed by getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid..."
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mr. Trump: Don’t lie to the American people. Tell the Republicans you won't allow them to cut Social Security, Medicare, an…
Social Security actuary analysis of Republican plan to slash Social Security benefits (PDF):
"As the Republican Congress prepares to vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act, gutting Social Security...
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, Personal Injury and accidents, Criminal, Defense, Defense Lawyer, Divorce, Social Security, Will and
To collect on student-loan debt, the government reduced the Social Security checks of 114,000 Americans last year
Since 2001, the 🇺🇸 government has collected $1.1 BILLION from Social Security recipients for unpaid student loans. https:…
The government is increasingly taking money out of Social Security checks to recover millions in unpaid student debt
"The federal government is garnishing Social Security checks to recoup unpaid student debt, leaving thousands of... htt…
Baby boomers are entering retirement with student debt -- and it's being garnished from their Social Security checks https…
Emerging retirement patterns have big implications for Social Security reforms:
Also Social Security fake, Chicago home in accountant's name.The only lives he's enriched is his own & Muslim B…
We do, and will increase our monthly donation. Social Security is good for something.
if we proliferate nuclear weapons and war?Even if we cut social security to elderly?What does your Jesus care about?
State security, SAPS, Social development and Hawks all useless and aren't doing a thing. Media too quiet abt this
4) Do you believe in Social Security, & We deserve to know the truth. https:…
Update your maps at Navteq
Look at your tax returns - you see social security? Yeah u pay into that. What you voted republican? They want to take it away?
GOP to Slash Social Security 11%. to 35% & Raise Age From 67 to 69. Great Just What I Need at 63. KD.
What do you plan to do about this Mr. President?
The ChiTown commie radical not only gave a parting middle finger to Israel, but also to senior citizens with his Social…
This week we focused on health care, Social Security, poverty and inequality, and housing:
"The interior ministry said the fight against terrorism was being carried out 'with determination' in social media"…
Finally, a solution to all those mass shootings executed by radicalized Grandmas.
Wait until his Medicare and Social Security are privatized. 😝
My grandmother believes Obama is taking her social security. She's in for a RUDE awakening.
Social Security judge under fire granted power to decide
the issue that hits his cult the hardest., Social Security?
They want to get rid of UN just like they want to get rid of Social Security and everything else we've achieved since FDR.
Garnishing social security benefits to pay off student debt is a clear example of why we need fundamental changes in our…
When you're a petty anti gunner you do things to endanger the weak and innocent. .
[INFOGRAPHIC] As we approach the end of the year, let's take a look back at the Security Community:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Well deserved. Especially, Considering you retired more men than social security
387k Social Security recipients are struggling to pay student loans but have been diagnosed with a disability so severe they…
The 2016 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment Perspective and a Glimmer of Hope in 2017:
Democrats want to take your rights away little by little.Never vote democrat ever.
democratic social programs like social security and medicare, if you tell Rep those are social programs, but they like them
like congress spending every dime of the social security 'trust fund' for decades? there are villians. u just ID wrong
Older Americans with student loan debt are seeing a portion of their Social Security checks removed
On at 11 ET, on Hillary, Rubio, National Review, Social Security, debates, libel & hatred by t…
Well, due process, it was nice knowin' ya.
In the current law we're seeing Social Security dwindle. And so what...
The nuke nonsense is a distraction they're plotting how to steal our healthcare/Social Security
Social Security: The Repub's want to steal what we've paid into. Their lies should be exposed.
asking for your friends address, blood type, GPA, horoscope, & Social Security Numbers be…
US collects social media handles from select visitors - Computerworld
"It's raises like yours that are bankrupting my social security!"
Social Security is something that we need to deal with, because people wh...
I've never seen a constructive Social Security debate that started wit...
Can you apply for a spouse’s Social Security disability benefits? Yes—but before you do, read these stipulations. >>
And the end of Medicare and Social Security, Sentencing Millions to Bitter and Short lives, VERY Christian.
on which Social Security is taxed. Assume exoneree would have earned that.
Welfare Conditionality » What practical, concrete steps would you suggest to put the security back into social…
Our State Govt has decided to once more increase old age allowance and other social security pensions up to Rs. 1500 p…
Republicans launch plan to annihilate Social Security
U want my *** up your *** I get bigly & huge and can build real up hard like a brick wall paid by your social security.
No worry, Trump will get right on that! Right after taking away healthcare, Social Security and workplace safety regs.
Meanwhile, They're about to gut health and Social Security, make you work longer. Go play with your pistol.
Please let everyone know how it is you used 2 or more different Social Security Numbers and got away with i…
How you gonna cheat on a girl that knows your Social Security Number im about to ruin this guys life
Mitch McConnell's file he likes to lie like Trump. He exaggerates about Social Security to the poor.via
What do security leaders know that you don’t? Switching to IBM is a great way to solve SIEM support problems https…
Next week I'm headed to the Social Security Office to make a withdrawal and close my account.
please leave social security and Medicare alone. Mr. Trump promised. No privatization or no votes for republican senators.
You keep fantasizing about your firearms while they gut your health and Social Security benefits. See how that works out
The Social Security trust fund is in pretty good shape today and we s...
Cutting Social Security, a life and death issue for seniors and those with disabilities, isn't just bad economics – it's im…
The parents never have to wrestle with disability services or social security. Carla has more options than most ppl with ID
and I spent my whole morning changing passwords and security settings on all my social media aha
Third file a new Social Security Disability claim By filing a new claim you will not be eligible for your back pay…
*** ar eyou on about I didn't post a Social Security Number or any highly personal info LUL
Sir, I've been out of work for nine years . . . I live on Social Security and God has blessed -- Make America Great!
They aren't coming for your gun. They ARE coming for your health care, your Social Security and your pension.
Remember when I accidentally put my Social Security Number as my ID on my calc final lol
they blame social security and Medicare benefits…
Several dead and wounded after explosion near a bus in central Turkish city of Kayseri, security services say
Here's an idea, how about a legalize undocumented folks, give them access to social security & deport you for lowering…
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A tax on Jennifer Aniston divorce rumors could protect Social Security for decades.
Please don't say a word lil sis. Stay MUTE before Rob exposes your Social Security Number this time
I first read this as "Medicare and Social Security are a social construct." And, no, I've never taken a Gender Studies…
When Keith Ellison challenged Obama to stop his cuts to Social Security he stuck his neck out. When did Perez stick his nec…
Here’s the truth: Medicare and Social Security are a social contract. We must preserve them and care for those most in ne…
Yes, that social security. They don't plan to pay back th…
Social Security $$ Bush stole to fund Iraq War went to H…
What kind of animal wants eliminate Social Security, forcing 46.6million into the streets of destitution? http:/…
Yes, but when the Fed makes too much, they steal from widows making the social security recip poor
they blame social security and Medicare benefits snip snip I'm dead.
I told Taylor my address and we all told each other our Social Security Numbers so i guess you could say we are best frien…
I honestly didn't know this part of the Social Security story. Fiscal conservatives gonna fiscal conservative
He'll be 1st to cry over no health insurance when he has that heart attack, then over no more Social Security disability!
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