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Social Policy

Social policy primarily refers to guidelines, principles, legislation and activities that affect the living conditions conducive to human welfare.

Mike Pence Legal Affairs Committee

Start your own revolution: agency and action of the Riot Grrrl network: Intl Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
Great piece on "urgent need to demystify economic policy, incl. tax, & take it in our hands"
Speech from the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender,Labour and Social Development at the launch of the National Youth Poli…
Does social enterprise gin not a demonstrate a real contradiction in social policy?
your social media team called and I look forward to your reply within 24hrs (as stated by your team) on the network booster
No funding for Social Care part of Tory culling policy policy. All done in tasteful leather trousers on expenses
Aussie Public Servants want right to comment respectfully on politics & policy online https:…
Unfortunately, Sept. is too early for our Holiday Return Policy. If you'd like, share feedback at -Luna
Republicans, Trump is giving you the wet dream of business primacy over social policy you have coveted forever. . Watch it fu…
Have a clear social media policy in place that defines what is acceptable use of social media (and what is not!)
est devenu braconnier !. Bad move. Evernote’s new privacy policy allows employees to read your notes.
Is the Government’s plan to pay for "insane economics and bad social policy”? -
Crisis in education, prisons, NHS, social care, on railways. Make the connection. Tory policy on austerity. It's aim - hit poorest hardest.
is empowering social entrepreneurs in Tanzania
Do you have a policy for work related social events?
Muna Dudzar is an Austrian Social Democratic government minister and part of Meet all 40 at…
In October 2016 we published a report on social mobility in HE. Much still to do – and collaboration is vital
2016-12-15: On Wednesday, ahead of policy decision, the euro rose 0.28% to 1.0653…
Trump "won't be bound" by US One China policy unless Beijing makes concessions on trade
In today's call for moves towards a 'no evictions' policy by social landlords
New Environmental & Social Safeguards Policy will guide implementation of social & env'tal concerns in
PTI social media paid employees (by Jahangir Tareen) are abusing the SC and maligning new Chief Justice. It's official…
Social engineering box living as policy. Another London pop-up: the project that could ease the housing crisis https:/…
Using Telecare for Older People In Adult Social Care funded by - project page:
addressed the future of & looked at the events of 2016. Read more at the blog:
Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj co-chairs the 1st Subcommittee under the SAA in Brussels (Innovation, information so…
Record gap between rich & poor students going to university. Shows impact government policy has. What did we expect?
Exciting social science PhD opportunity looking at policy evaluation with a fantastic team in my School
If we're going to use council tax to tackle social policy challenges of 2016, maybe we could at least base it on property values of 2016?
From VIAM Africa Centre for Education and Social Policy . to THE INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION STUDIES (IFEST). This y…
Engage in CSR and get rewarded, a new policy by the government.
Correct, it's a social and education policy failure of successive Governments. Lack of education and perceived choice.
How can we fund social care now and in the future? explains why emergency funding is needed now:
Speak up for a strong your U.S. Senators the next head of the EPA needs to protect birds and people:
I agree with you in full. President can and should make this a priority.
Housing minister signals change in government social housing policy
Trump's paid leave policy should include fathers and offer more than 6 weeks, says htt…
It's a Good Policy to Have Rules in Writing - New York Times
12/13 Forum in DC: The Future of Applying to Social Policy, via &
A not to miss opportunity for those pursuing careers in political science, international relations, public policy a…
Also shows that many 'professional' social media people employed by aid agencies haven't a clue about humanitarian policy or o…
The debt is just another mechanism for transferring wealth from the poor to the rich, like most social policy.
Think Trump is scary? Check out Mike Pence. Advocate of 1950s social policy impacting SCOTUS? http…
Mike Pence's radical conservative social policy. Do you want this man influencing Supreme Court nominations?
Social Democrats face challengers in Lithuania's election
NFL updates social media policy to stop teams unofficial video sharing. Presumably to maintain exclusivity? .
Demagogues, campaigns as social media flame attack and zero policy content > "What is a demagogue?" |
the new social media policy is a joke. I feel bad for all the teams in the NFL. Yall need to get rid of roger goodell .
"Modi govt encourages social media use by bureaucrats but..not..comment..abt policy matters" . Wonder what was the policy aspect…
In Theresa May's dystopian 'meritocracy' there are no council houses -
Americans focus too much on social topics so everybody has an opinion and gossips on them, not policy or practices.
“The cruelty of having a social media is and was designed by people mostly men that are not allies. But for China’s policy of Csomeonea.
I'm more of a policy writer and would love the opportunity to do some coverage of Pence's old Social Security privatizati…
The SP still thinks that UP people are uneducated fools! . With the social media and television, even a kid will understand!
NFL starts new social media policy; teams can be fined for posting ... - ESPN: ESPNNFL st...
NFL: Teams can be fined starting Sunday violating league's new social media policy, according memos via App
teams can be fined starting Wednesday for violating new social media policy
In May's dystopian 'meritocracy' there are no council houses
NFL to fine teams for posting video during games | ESPN USA
- NFL to start new social media policy on Sunday
NFL teams can be fined for posting video under social media policy via App
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
'If there is one word that pervades The Government and Social Policy ... it is
What objective metric do we have for ascertaining our achievement of social license through our CC policy?
Owning social media, NDA 2 is transparent. Its unilateral status hasn't been more apparent.
Social work school is def the right place for me, considering how excited I am for my public policy course tomorrow
Learn about the the difference between a social media policy and social media guidelines
most COs usually have a strict no use of personal communication / social media policy during official hours.
you need a social media policy. Just because it happened on someone's private computer - does not mean it isn't a work issue.
They could just divorce themselves from the majority of their social issues, harp economic/fiscal policy, and probably slay again
Today was the first day of my Social Welfare Policy course... I'm so excited for everything I will be learning 🙌✊
The Social Contract - Refugee Industry Drives U.S. Refugee Policy This is why we need This is disgusting!
Younger people struggle to enter a costly rental and housing market where a median house price of $400 000 would...
Dont be surprised? This social media driven foreign policy experts can do it.
in social policy, it contains briefs on NDIS, education, Indigenous affairs, health, employment, welfare, housing, gambling, immigration etc
Just my two cents. Not sure we've seen the final draft of Harvard's social group policy.
Bit of a buried lede: real story is Faust, in public, staying silent on most challenged parts of social club policy.
We are reviewing our social media policy.
Tip for the lnp-ipa. Stop lying to Voters - No Cuts. Social Market Solutions: Simplify and Integrate Policy Messages
I'm currently reviewing my social media policy
Just don't get sued while you're hiring using Please, please have a policy in place.
Companies will have to think of a policy for employees on social media.
that's a big policy shift. Please allow me to review my social media policy
Social media policy just dropped and they put extra emphasis on Snapchat usage in the office, but what do you do? SNAPCHAT IN THE OFFICE!
After reviewing my social media policy, I implemented a 100% follow back policy.
I still cant get over the fact every time France tries to change a social policy Quebec wants to as well.Theres no other countries like this
I man told me he was about to make me famous on social media because he didn't like the fact that I followed policy .
I know social media is often a cesspool for women and people of color, but I've had an enjoyable night debating policy/politics.
Our social mobility rates have as much to do with policy than it does individual effort. That's what conservatives don…
You can't reason someone out being racist. You have to take away the incentive for being racist via policy, social pre…
MT The military is no place to test out progressive social policy. https…
Why hasn't pop health research made policy impact re social determinants of health?
Guidelines vs Policy. What approach does your team take?
My social justice policy textbooks throw so much shade at Conservatives and I love every second of it.
New: The Chipotle Effect: Why now is the time to re-examine your social media policy
The social media policy I've used in my syllabus for a while now..
A great illustration of why we need more compassionate social policy from new report on poverty.
Guest post: How to develop a social media policy and avoid PR disasters
What should be included in an employee social media policy?
Canadian politics seems to be a repeating cycle of liberals' invasive social policy and conservative parties running from conflict
National Council on Economic and Social Policy in Colombia, Anti-Racism Hour, International Decade for People of...
The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Division for Social Policy and Development...
The christian already has a social media policy. Its called the Bible.
it was set up as an arbiter to make the single market work, but decides social policy. Our ex Attorney Gen called it "predatory"
Impress me with your liberal political and social policy views 😍😤👅😩
Congrats to Dina van der Zalm & faculty sponsor for winning the Influencing Social Policy MSW Award
utter rubbish. Tory policy of selling off social hsg stock with consecutive govs not rebuilding the reason ppl can't get housed.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Check your employer's social media policy for rules against inciting riots
Trump & the GOP are a danger on way too many issues. Economy, Environment, Energy, Foreign Policy and Social.
We don't have one social policy, one defence policy, one environmental policy, so why is immigration completely unchangeable?
Read article on anti-terrorism policy implications for social work by & - important stuff! htt…
My review of 'All our Welfate: Towards a participatory social policy' is online. It is a must read!
I love that these stories focus on district-level policy 🔺s through which schools worsen social inequalities.
The best insurance policy on Earth: waiting until 70 to take Social Security via
Does your practice have a social media policy? Use the to learn how to avoid from
Social Media Marketing Tip 9: Create a media policy even if you are a solopreneur.
I have a strict social media policy at my place. No pictures. But that looks like something that might occur at my place :)
Social policy must reform or face oblivion by author of All our welfare:
"Carbon offsets need to also be thought of for their co-benefits; they're enablers of social policy & community benefits" - Rob Wilson, NCC
New Ford video: WH's Edelman on challenges of big data in social context, ways to address in privacy, public policy
.I’d consider pardoning Snowden great! hope he also pardons Ross Ulbricht and many…
- Not looked at that one yet. Focused on the Challenges/Social Policy last week. Hopefully look over them next week.
How to create a social media policy for customer complaints
.Alternate theory: widespread angst is result of tech changing labor markets and settled matters of social policy w/no gov response
Int'l security requires policy AND social effort. to share her experiences at in
Great to see work tackling violence against women winning the impact on policy award
3 levels of evidence informing dementia policy 2. Collaboration with health and social care professionals
.as chair introduces the panellists, herself a Prof Prof of Social Policy
Failure by the Question Time panel in Cardiff to realise housing is a devolved policy area and Wales still builds social ***
Obama lies about his policy proposals again! Lies have consequences.
Your vote should be influenced less by social standings and more by standings on education, foreign policy, social welfare, taxation, etc.
I said UK social security policy is a matter for the UK government. ECHR is where fairness can be tested
.Sitting in warehouse r 2,000 boxes of info: most fascinating social policy experiments in Cdn history
Which sadly sums up too much health management practice:
What price evidence? The ethics of office and the ethics of social science in British cultural policy
"I am determined for Scotland to be an international example in developing imaginative penal policy predicated on socia…
We applaud for recognizing that expanding is profoundly wise policy:
Interesting view from former FDA director for social sciences on why new nutrition labels won't work via
where I work ALL trauma still goes on a backboard. You can imagine social media policy.
You know a job is important when you have to sign social media policy
Hillary is worse on foreign policy but there r definitely areas were Trump is worse, i.e.: immigration, social issues...
Cool. Give me a social libertarian, a fiscal moderate, and a slightly right of center foreign policy, and I'll be happy.
Food policy is about so much more than food. Think context, social determinants. -SAngell
***SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY - ELECTIONS***. Please click the link below to view FUSD's Social Media Policy when posting...
"endorsement of a policy championed by Sanders may help unify his party after a divisiv…
is starting in 15 minutes. UK residents only. Ts&Cs:
Building a forum for thoughtful social policy
Our foreign policy decisions are based on promoting corporate fascism over social democracy to all other countries around the world.
A Critical Woman: Barbara Wootton, Social Science and Public Policy in the Twentieth Century - Ann Oakley
The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) partnered with the Alliance for Excellent Education and the National...
PhD Candidate on Comparative Political Economy of European Migration and Social Policy (1.0 fte) - University of Leiden -
Join us for event on Fiscal Fed, Subnat Politics & Social Policy in Latin America & South Asia at KCL on May 19th
How far has Social Policy come in NB? What lies ahead? Answers @ the Research Forum in SJ on 04/29. Register
Thanks to The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University Philanthropy class for...
53 days until my Social Policy and 62 days until my Special Educational Needs exam 😅😅
Diego Angel describes challenges in MENA suggests SE as a policy pillar to help create new social contract
A new fast-track hospital discharge fund - the solution to NHS hospital pressures? of blogs: htt…
as fans of politics, social policy AND digital landscapes, what do you think of this?
"I'm here to listen & to take notes to identify policy options to promote the social enterprise sector in the MENA Region"-Ms Fatima Marouan
PS There will be NO identity politics. Structural inequality, economics, social policy, reality, but no vacuous identity politics.
Shaw: we recognised that social policy was shrinking as a discipline, and that we needed to diversify (& change perceptions of us).
Tonight's will help inform our draft Social Sustainability Policy,
Shaw: Policy began as a small publishing unit producing papers within the social policy unit at Bristol.
Question: Why do you think social inclusion and social exclusion are policy issues?
The meaningful relation of with anything social ( science/ thinking/ policy) ends with 10th standard text books
Shaw: Policy Press is a social science publisher based at the University of Bristol. Has both a social and an academic mission.
& His have taken out of Time He Quit & Holland became more human
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
What is your social media policy like at work?
Only 1 week left to have your say on UK policy framework for health and social care research -
Nothing stopping us discussing policy properly, relationship of economy, to social policy, to the way we live. NOthing at all.
I think is about time and had a model of quality social policy reporting to follow.
There is plenty of appetite for analysis of the relationship between our economic system, social policy, inequality etc
The 2016 Social Innovation Competition focuses on SI for and Open until 8 April 2016!
Social science and STEM disciplines converging in the study of human-dominated systems + human-influenced systems https:…
Quite a few of your favourite people are going to be writing for it. Different areas of policy, health, education, social care, social work
Reducing inequality isn’t just a social good – it can help drive economic growth.
Anyway, there is going to be a new news site. Showing the and how to report social policy.
Can you drive social media engagement through policy? via
The Forum will bring together a mix of high level stakeholders, policy makers, social enterprises and civil society.
Labour is hamstrung by its failure to repeal right-to-buy or invest in social housing says
can you ask miss for notes on social policy I haven't got any pls xx
We’re developing social sustainability policy to make a city for all
In the beginning was the plan... and the plan became policy...
Without a radical social justice policy there is no hope of mobilising the social force needed to defeat state capture
We will consult widely on our draft social sustainability policy, Have your say:
What policy settings does Oz need to keep attracting Hear at ht…
Our draft social sustainability policy builds on work of the last 12 years, to anticipate our ongoing needs.
I feel your pain! Remember the health&social care act- yup that. Tripled the length of my 'policy context' chapter 😭 good luck
Lord Mayor Clover Moore announces the City's new social sustainability policy 'A City for All'
Preventing homelessness should be part of good, holistic housing and social housing policy says
New publication! 'Big data in social welfare'. Critical analysis of the use of in a social policy context
Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee, 11/2/2016, p.1 Mr Christensen in the Chair
University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's Studies at Brandeis University, Anita F. Hill, should be your SCOTUS nominee
Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding Dalia Mogahed weighs in on how the...
Learn more about our Social Policy books
A new box (SAGE) was added to the E-Books & Reference page of the Social Policy guide. Check it out:...
Center for the Study of Social Policy / Blog / Deep Poverty in the United States
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Peter, a Social Policy professor whose work was pretty influencial in my studies alongside another, Peter Burke
CFRP Director Cynthia Osborne Named Director of LBJ’s Center for Health and Social Policy via
If your Christian beliefs include a responsibility to Society...meaning Social might want to know a...
Ijs if we're this deep in it on social mores we can get into on say policy? literature? Universal civil liberties?
We must combine economic progress with social justice and environmental safety. We have walked blindly into tragedy’
If it's not written in legislation or specifically listed in Const enumeration, it's simply a social or state policy; not forc…
I'm interested in current affairs and social policy as a whole, but I don't watch politics for sport.
EasyPeezy News: Social media policies installed by some municipalities; commissioners…
by that I mean we're powerless to implement the fiscal and social policy we might want to follow.
.Wrong analysis of cause & effect can never produce right policy: ppr4 at
Social media policies installed by some municipalities; county resistant - Carroll County Times
.& co-chairing event in on Tuesday 8th September |
Answering journalists' questions: economy, oil prices, social policy, and
You can email your MP about the Assisted Dying Bill via the Church of England website. Find out more, here:
There is nothing of any consequence in education, in the economy, in city planning, in social policy that does not concern black people.
Elect AISA in JNUSU - Carry Forward the Positive Politics of Progressive Policy Changes for Social Inclusion...
The right combination is between a free economy and social policy that addresses the needs of society and creates equal opportunity.
ha! Genuinely interested to know who won... Or would telling us be a breach of social media policy...!?!
Social media policies installed by some municipalities; commissi... +
"Huge social movements have changed the world before though a magical combination of culture, theory, spirituality, policy and law"
Celebrate Social Security’s 80 birthday. Tell policy makers it’s time to expand, not cut, Social Security!
Top story: Social media policies installed by some Carroll municipalities; coun… see more
Are some companies being left behind with not having a social media policy in this day and age?
These times. There are amazing opportunities for social innovation all around us. via
Govt to extend social benefits under Yojana: in Business Standard News
Social policies installed by some municipalities; commissioners ...
-Ab2x15 is bad social policy, provides 2 drs who commit malpractice = …
Social media policies installed by some municipalities; comm... +
Social media policies installed by some municipalities; com... +
Social media policies installed by some municipalities; commissioners...
Social Policy Officer, NO-B - SOMALI JOBS - Jobs in Somaliland, Puntland and Somalia - The...
Social media policies installed by some municipalities; commissioners resistant - Carroll County ...
We're absolutely thrilled that Social Policy has scored 95% in the latest National Student Survey
Working on a project with the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding until the end of October.
We need a Social Policy for a Digital Age
Testimony on Work Incentives and the Safety Net - Olivia Golden. ED, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Center for Law and Social Policy is hiring! - Job Quality in apply now!
Non-NHS income:another example of privatisation or a financial lifeline?Mark Exworthy
Holding on while letting go: The toughest challenge of all via
Great start to with from discussing social impact policy & government investment opportunities.
Realist theories, gender theories, questionnaires and social policy would be a dream
More than swings & roundabouts. has physical, psychological, social & economic benefits. Share your evidence
Buen Conocer/FLOK Society: public policy and sustainable models for a social knowledge…
Allows those that want accounts can have them. They can get in-house training. Must follow social media policy.
"Singapore has used a similar policy of maintaining mixed social and ethnic populations" and it's considered a public housing success.
"7 Tips - (The Importance of) Implementing a Social Media Policy" by on
Swedens foreign-affairs minister discusses benefits of including women in foreign and social policy http:/…
This weather is ridiculous I'm invoking my winter anti social policy
Review of Legislation and Policy Guidance relating to Adult Social Care in Northern https:/…
EU Policy Seminar on the Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship
Does your company have a social media policy?
From the archives >> Why your nonprofit needs a social media policy
SCLY4, I'm praying for state crime, left or right realism and social policy! That would be the perfect exam for me🙏
Mind the gap: godfather of inequality’s message to Irish policy-makers via
Highly trained respected and free: why Finland's teachers are different UK policy's about social control not learning
The executive branch of GovGuam now has official social media policy. I wonder who is in charge of oversight.
Reaction to Statement on Policy Orientation for a Social Europe
Social Media Policy established for GovGuam via guamnews_kuam
Social media presents a growing body of evidence that can inform social and economic policy.
Travel Insurance Policy takes care of emergencies during your . Know more at
news: "Add Connecticut to Your List of States with a Social Media Privacy Policy Law Favoring Employees" …
EUA: Greater EU integration can tackle illegal posted workers
Seminole rolls out social media policy
Raza Zaidi Research Assistant at Institute of Social and Policy Sciences Pakistan joins Good Books and writings
swear to god if social policy comes up tomorrow I'm walking out
What ive learned abt our Social Media Policy is that you're responsible for what you post, mainly in representing an entity
late final thought. Is not the issue: social investments private returns with implications for tax policy? More tomorro
I would not allow comments on any website I ran if I lived in the UK. What will social media sites do?
Discussing need to balance Econ, Social and Environ factors in policy & invstmnt decisions seminar
In March the Social Policy & Legal Affairs Committee held a Roundtable on Citizenship & the Constitution
National SCOPE speaker confirmed for Social Policy event 17th July see
Fantastic papers presented at Politics of Social Policy sessions org’d by & J Evans. Thanks…
Walter S. Gilliam, Ph.D. is the Director of The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, Yale University.
JOB: Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy at University of Sheffield
A story by Northwestern University on our book's roots in the School of Ed and Social Policy.
Standing Committee on Social Policy hears from more groups today on proposed pension plan for the province
World Bank and Ministry of Social Policy and Youth – Working Together to Better Protect Croatia’s Vulnerable G...
Minister Puig participates in Employment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council. Read this report in EN:
Mark Weisbrot: Economic and Social Policy and the Problems of the Eu
Wellesley College Freedom Project Wintersession on Liberty and Social Policy, features freedom of expression, at
We’re delighted that 12 of our 24 departments rank in the top ten nationally. Congratulations to our departments of Archaeology, Biology, Computer Science, English, Health Sciences, History, History of Art, Law, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Social Policy and Social Work.
"and the global economic crisis: Financial Derivatives as Social Policy beyond Crisis.
UK "living wage" has been raised by 20p to £7.85 ph after research by the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughb…
Maybe unrelated to existance of 'middle class' beneficieries; beware policy ghettos ie 'social' housing?
Learning about message creation and curation and social media strategic planning & policy decisions for targeted audiences.
Legislative & policy developments represent obstacles to the realization of economic & social rights in
OK NURSES, READ ON FOR GREAT TIPS! This was provided by my current instructor. 101 WAYS TO IMPROVE NURSING CULTURE by Naomi Ervin, PhD, RN During 2004 the Michigan Nurses Association Congress on Nursing Practice focused part of its work on the nurse's practice environment and the stressors that affect nurses and nursing. The patient care environment contains a variety of stressors for nurses as well as patients, e.g., physical demands, high noise levels. For nurses, persistent problems such as unresolved issues with others, long work hours, and shift rotations, contribute to stress and frustration. Such conditions contribute to turnover and adverse outcomes for nurses and other staff. In an effort to address the nursing work culture, the Congress on Nursing Practice developed 101 ways for nurses to improve the nursing culture. Throughout the coming 101st year of MNA, the 101 ways will be published in installments. In the following lists you may find several ideas about what you can do to improve the nursi ...
nope. I want to read social media policy first
Check out the AI3's Response to the recent Social Impact Investment Taskforce Report
Military gets new social media policy in wake of attacks |
The independent inspector of constabulary backs Police Scotland's policy of allowing some officers to carry...
Welcome to add me to the list. I'm the smallest of fish but will be focusing on this topic re policy/s…
Our statement: to address economic other issues
"The LB Bill: turning social policy making on its head - England
The Canadian military issues new policies in the wake of the Ottawa attacks:
A poll conducted at Lethbridge College and the Citizens Society Research Lab asked a number of Albertans their thoughts on six controversial social policy issues.
My essay is done! Do I ever want to read anything about Bismarckian social policy ever again?
.is hiring an Arts & Technology Policy Fellow to raise awareness & engagement on federal policy:
Pursue common-sense policy goals and 4 other ways to promote
Useful article via How to Develop a Social Media Policy that Maximizes Benefits and Minimizes Risks http…
This seems like a good time to make it part of our thinking: except for a few progressive moments, our U.S. Government, OUR very own government, has a strong tendency to align itself wit the interests of Business, while offering no such help to the general public! Time to change that, and treat THE PEOPLE as"Too Big To Fail!" Social policy aside, this would be sound ECONOMIC policy. Just think about that! If you agree, SHARE!
you espouse social conservatism and left of centre economic policy - the campaign in the Heywood by election proves that
Reminder of SPA Free Event at LSE on Pensions Policy with John Hills. Fri 29/10
does your radio station have a social media policy, John?
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