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Social Policy

Social policy primarily refers to guidelines, principles, legislation and activities that affect the living conditions conducive to human welfare.

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So proud of HOP team 7 for their amazing presentation on social policy - fave line: "I had no idea Tony Blair was such a great leader!"
I'm not talking about the economy (I don't care about that), I'm talking about social policy. Family First, are you serious???
Victorians rejected Labor on social policy and for screwing over Julia.
Thatcherism, social policy and the 'body in pain' in post-1980 Scottish fiction. it's a barrel of laughs.
Looking forward to HOP team 7's brilliant presentation on social policy soon
I do omg. I actually agree with his inclinations towards social policy; global warming, *** marriage and ASYLUM
Anyway, I think I've made it quite clear that my problem with Abbott is his social policy not his economic policy.
I know. I agree with you. It's Tony Abbott's social policy that I despise.
. Conservatives have always relied upon their innate prejudices to drive social policy. IDS is just not very good at hiding it.
Out in Social Policy & Society later this year (I think). It's a review piece that's also highlights new potential research agendas
Interesting times in Australian politics. Social policy set to change dramatically. Short term popularity, long term pain, I fear
Agreed. Can you see the Lib's social policy being somewhat a sticky wicket in a post-economic crisis society?
…should be published in the journal Social Policy and Society later this year
Turn out?? Very conservative, lots and lots of cuts and backwards social policy :/
This here is some downright evil social policy from Britain
Social policy & services professor is probably my favorite so far
UK's lowest paid employees to classed as 'not working enough' class prejudice masquerading as 'social policy'
can happen at any moment. Don't leave up to chance; a can outline the right ways to handle
SOME power should be returned to the states on issues not dealing with commerce... Education, social policy... that's about it.
I'm seriously in awe of how little I have to do for this Social Policy class. Reading a whole 20 pages this week...
still look for any research institute in Japan who does gender/social policy, Tired. Funding in the air, but no gender (equality) in Japan.
I feel like I'll fail social policy
Emma should read Staying Alive after The Year of the Flood, and figure out the social policy side of a pandemic
Slippery Slope: a fallacy which implies that a small step in a certain direction, be it personal choice or social policy, leads to disaster.
I had an awful perception of the conservative party on how many would engage around social policy before I got involved & joined
Why social policy is health policy. Study shows how poverty is linked to multiple health problems in new mothers
What is the relationship between investor pitch decks and social policy briefs?
Why social policy is health policy via
Final grades are in: Community Practice A, Social Policy A+; yeh that'll do.
Nonprofit stories on being on the front lines of the largest social policy change in the US in decades
This game we playing this semester in my social policy class is about to be LIVE 😂
Introductory Political Thought, Aspects of Social Life, and Social Policy and Social Change for first trimester yes
Totally ridiculous on Putin's part. The Duma is a glorified mafia. It's sad that Russia is so backwards in social policy in 2013.
Coalition is weak on economics, social policy
Rosneft VP for HR, Social Policy to chair RN Holding board of directors
Governments share blame by encouraging home ownership as a social policy
What's the rhetoric behind morality in social policy? Is it really morality?
Today's "The Story" roused deep emotions. Racism disguised as social policy in the 60s. How far have we really come?
she is, she'll be flying the Social Policy flag :) I'll miss you too!
European Labour Law and Social Security Law:Glossary (Studies in Employment and Social Policy Set) book download.
When Apple faced a tribunal they won because they could show that the company had trained its staff and communicated the social policy
Meeting with my Synod ; discussing the VRA Social Policy Resolution
The war on drugs is "1 of the biggest, most expensive, most destructive social policy experiments n American history" htt…
Children with swollen bellies in East Jerusalem: Israeli official’s remark shows ignorance of social policy | .
Queen's International Institute on Social Policy: Skills Development and At-Risk Populations in the 21st Century (August 19-21, 2013).
I'm considering a M.A. in Education and Social Policy as a second master degree
Social Policy in a Cold Climate report - Labour policies smoothed gradient by age v
LUXEMBOURG 20-21 June – Council adopts without discussion the revised Directive on electromagnetic fields (EMF Directive 2004/40/EC) The Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council adopted the revised Directive on “the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from electromagnetic fields” at its meeting on 20 June in Luxembourg. The Directive now includes a derogation for MRI whilst fully respecting safety provisions. The adoption by Member States is in line with the vote in the European Parliament on 11 June. Members States will have to transpose the directive into national law until 1st of July 2016. The European Society of Radiology is delighted about the adoption of the revised Directive, which is the successful conclusion of a long advocacy campaign led by the Alliance for MRI, a coalition of European Parliamentarians, patient groups, leading European scientists and the medical community, off which the ESR has been the initi ...
DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS Division for Social Policy and Development Co-organizers Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Government of Khabarovsk Krai and the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON) INTERNATIONAL EXPERT GROUP MEETING ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT KHABAROVSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION AUGUST 27.-29, 2007 Case Study on the Impacts of Mining and Dams on the Environment and Indigenous Peoples in Benguet, Cordillera, Philippines Paper by CORDILLERA PEOPLES ALLIANCE I. Background Land and People of Benguet The Cordillera region in Northern Luzon, Philippines, is homeland to more than 1 million indigenous peoples belonging to at least 8 distinct ethnic groups collectively known as Igorots. Two of these ethnic groups, the Ibaloy and the Kankanaey, are found in the province of Benguet, which occupies 265,538 hectares of the Cordillera region’s total land area of 1.8 million hectares. The Ibaloy people live in the southe ...
Robert Bernard Reich (born June 24, 1946) American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator. He served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and was Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997. Reich is currently Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. He was formerly a professor at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and professor of social and economic policy at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management of Brandeis University. He has also been a contributing editor of The New Republic, The American Prospect (also chairman and founding editor), Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Reich is a political commentator on programs including Hardball with Chris Matthews, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, CNBC's Kudlow & Company, and APM's Marketplace. In 2008, Time Magazi ...
£500 OVERALL BENEFIT CAP – IMPACT IN TOTTENHAM A TEST-BED FOR WELFARE REFORM A single mother living in Tottenham , who wants to be anonymous, with all the hard work of rearing seven children but not in paid work, has had her housing benefit reduced to 50 pence a week by the Government’s £500 overall benefit cap. Tottenham is in the Borough of Haringey, which is a test-bed for that cap. The 50 pence housing benefit will be swallowed by 20% of the council tax, or £5.10 a week on band C, imposed by the Haringey council. Her benefit income net of rent and council tax was £537.78 a week plus £245 housing benefit. The £500 cap with the council tax wipes out the housing benefit and leaves her with £277.68 to pay for food, fuel, clothing, transport and other necessities. Her income net of council tax and rent both before and after the £500 cap are far below the level needed for a minimum acceptable standard of living. Donald Hirsch, Director of the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough ...
There are 250,000 Muslims living in the San Francisco Bay Area, they are well-educated (with 75 percent having attended college), their median household income is $70,686 (slightly less than the average for the region), and more than 3 out of 5 Muslims volunteer their time, which is more than twice the rate of volunteering by all Bay Area residents. Those are some of the highlights of a groundbreaking study of Bay Area Muslims done by Zaytuna co-founder Dr. Hatem Bazian and Dr. Farid Senzai of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU). “Over the past 30 years, the Bay Area in general, and the Muslim population in particular, has experienced significant growth brought on by the region’s economic transformation and the emergence of the information technology industry,” the authors state in the study. Credible information about American Muslims is sorely lacking and hampers a true understanding of the community and its increasing numbers in the country. Now, this benchmark study provides ...
Last October, at George Washington University, there was a meeting between DOJ officials, including Perez, and Islamist advocates against free speech. Representatives from the Islamist side included Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding trial in 2008, as well as functioning as a Muslim Brotherhood Front. The leader of the Islamist attack was Sahar Aziz, an Egyptian-born American lawyer and Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a Muslim advocacy group based in Michigan. At the meeting, the Islamists lobbied for: Cutbacks in U.S. anti-terror training Limits on the power of terrorism investigators Changes in agent training manuals A legal declaration that criticism of Islam in the United States should be considered racial discrimination Aziz said that the word “Muslim” has become “racialized” and, once American criticism of Islam was silenced, the effect would be to "take [fed ...
Promoting social-emotional competence for your child by the Center for the Study of Social Policy
AERA Jobs: Associate Director - Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) - The University o...
Honorary degree recipients, in addition to Hodes, were Carnegie Corporation of New York President Vartan Gregorian; painter, sculptor and printmaker Ellsworth Kelly; director emeritus of Yemin Order Wingate Youth Village Chaim Peri; visionary community leader and co-founder of Operation P.E.A.C.E. (Partnerships in Education and Community Enrichment) Elaine Schuster and The New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier. The Heller School for Social Policy and Management awarded 180 degrees to students from 40 different countries. Commencement speaker Vartan Gregorian challenged graduates to be on the forefront of social justice and civic engagement. “You will be among the ranks of leaders and citizens who make our economy viable and strong but our society just,” Gregorian said. “You’ll be the leaders who breathe life into our American ideals and find new ways to bring us together as one nation, one people and one humanity.” Brandeis International Business School (IBS) conferred 198 degrees on grad ...
This is a perfect response to those who blame schools and teachers. They have been brainwashed by media, that is owned by corporations, that want to privatize education and use children's data for profit. The fantasies driving school reform: A primer for education graduates By Valerie Strauss, Published: MAY 13, 2012 This is the text of the commencement speech that Richard Rothstein, a research associate at the Economic Policy Institute, gave this past weekend at the Loyola University Chicago School of Education. The institute is a non-profit organization created in 1986 to broaden the discussion about economic policy to include the interests of low- and middle-income workers. Rothstein is also the author of several books on education issues, and is senior fellow of the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at the University of California (Berkeley) School of Law. From 1999 to 2002, he was the national education columnist of The New York Times. Rothstein’s speech: Thank you, Dr. . ...
As a parent of a student in the Chicago Public Schools system, Jeanne Olson felt frustrated. Olson works with data for a living – she's a qualitative researcher and consultant who lectures on organizational change at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy. But despite this b...
Congrats to GS subject Lisa Krinsky, Dir. of the Project: Recipient of The Beverly Ross Fliegel Award for Social Policy&Change.
And this a great video about SoMe Rights & responsibilities. From Vic dept of justice
yeah I just need to do 5 & 6 and the social policy part in section 2. Then of course revise it.. How far r u?
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Lame. It's not like you were badmouthing them. :/ My current employer has a social media policy, so I can't even mention their name.
Liking the tone and the content of the social media policy:
A policy on Social Media is being addressed by currently. Yay 21st century!
Has the time arrived for corporations to have its social media policy put in place? A Digital POV by Katika...
They have the fiscal policy of Republicans and the social policy of Democrats. Just pick a side already.
Social media accounts are just an extension of that policy. I can't go to political rallies, for instance.
Will your social media policy protect you from employees leaking confidential information?
Do you need to educate your employees on social media to prevent disasters?
Exactly and a lot of liberals do not agree with current ALP policy on a variety of social issues.
The sad cost of focus on social policy, not economics is there is no funding for all the freebies this government likes to give away.
It's against the company policy to talk about any work matters in social media. Eh, sangap ni
Social media not as helpful as I would have thought:
Emerging economies’ social policy: China and India via
Statement by the Dept. of Sociology and Social Policy vis Dalai Lama visit - “Dear Vice Chancellor, The...
Hardly anyone brings up the innocent people who are killed because of U.S. policy. Also, why all this focus on innocent?
.A staunch supporter of Social Security and Medicare # sc01
21st Century NHS and social care: Delivering integration / Health and Care Policy Commission... |
Microsoft has a Innovation and Policy Center which is dedicated to increasing outcomes in social policy.
Brotherhood of St Laurence Lunchtime Seminar: Using social expertise to evaluate expert claims in social policy
Peter Taylor-Gooby, social policy professor, argues UK can still afford state in his new book
I WILL do my social policy tomorrow I promise! 😭
totally agree, RTs = endorsements. -- “social media policy for talent and reporters.
Grassroots part of decision, based on policy passed by mmbrshp. If 2nd place cand in 2011 had been NDP, same decision.
How many people get skipped over based on arbitrary metrics despite their real life influence has an effect on social policy change
News orgs social media policy boiled down to 3 words MT Sometimes, the lesson isn't any more complicated than "Don't be stupid."
There's a seminar on evaluating expert claims in social policy by Dr (for a Dr he is) in Melb next week:
DOJ social media policy mentioned by has earned 90k views:
I just can't seem to get enough of social networking sites during finals. This policy analysis is killing me! Why did I choose this topic?!
I also worry abt them on social justice issues:the family, the disabled, housing policy. Tories introduced Sunday Trading too
Academic social media policy - lower firewalls that prevent usage!! Can I get a yup, ?
Great read esp for those of us working on a corporate social media policy- I Stand With Trolls via
"Social media policy without applied social media training is like a flashlight without batteries" -
Reinforcing a baseline standard 4 & operational guidance on how cos. can live up 2 evolving social expectations
I agree, that's why I say that parenting culture has been and can be moulded by social policy.
Tax is not instrument of social policy; it’s to raise govt revenue > No! Of course it is social policy
Q3: What single social change and single policy change when implemented at a global level would have the greatest impact?
Join us on Wed. morning for "Should My Company have a Social Media Policy?"
It is an expectation which has been produced by the kind of social policy, that is my main point.
If I don't personally know you, I'll only follow back on social networks if you're not ugly. That's my policy.
War= $ so military ind complex $ wont pay for media campaign to inform new policy decisions. Social media is free
.to workers: Confine to your own time - via
Prefer to view it as a mandate to analyse policy in detail, and then use polls etc to decipher social preference
Top five social networking policy mistakes. Are you guilty? Give us some comments below.
Independent Commission on Whole Person Care launched today by in Lancashire. Have your say here:
Check if your employer has a social media policy.
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Output and productivity growth in the healthcare sector: a study of four European countries
Chocolate, Walnut & Orange Cookies for the MSc students giving presentations in Social & Policy Sciences
Attended an Academic Impressions social media webinar today; more evidence for a social media policy
Housing crisis no new social housing dependency on private rental sector existing social stock dilapidated. No coherent policy.
It looks like Labour will adopt Andy Burnham's policy, and put the NHS in charge of social care. They're right if so.
Social Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany: The Constitution of the Social (German Social Policy) book downl
The Exploding Racial Wealth Gap. Is it a Case of “The Man” Trying to Keep us Down? According to a recent report released by the Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP), when it comes to building wealth, black folk are falling way behind. In 1984 the wealth gap between African-American families and white families stood at $85,000. Twenty-five years later that wealth gap ballooned to $236,5000. In 2009 the average white family possessed nearly a quarter of a million dollars more wealth than the typical African-American family. But despite popular myth, the wealth gap has less to do with poor spending habits and more to do with policy decisions and racial barriers that make it difficult for black families to accumulate wealth. Click through to read more. you think institutional barriers will always keep blacks from building wealth, or do you think we can find ways to overcome systemic obstacles to create financial security for our families and communities?
If anyone wants to do my Social Policy quiz for me I'll reward you with my Chipotle giftcard. It still has like 88 cents on it. Wordup.
Drug Commission of the German Medical Association (DCGMA), Berlin; Dr. Günther Jonitz, President of the Chamber of Physicians of Berlin; Jörg Schaaber on behalf of BUKO Pharma-Kampagne and on behalf of International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB), Bielefeld; Prof. Hajo Zeeb on behalf of the German Society of Epidemiology; Prof. Ansgar Gerhardus on behalf of the German Public Health Association; Prof. Günter Breithardt, Department of Cardiology and Angiology, University of Münster; Prof. Heinz Rothgang, Center for Social Policy, University of Bremen; Dr. Peter Morfeld, Institute and Policlinic for Occupational Medicine, Environmental Medicine und Preventive Research, University of Cologne and Institute of Epidemiology and Risk Assessment, Evonik Industries, Essen; Prof. Innes Asher, Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health, The University of Auckland, New Zealand; Prof. Robert Beaglehole, University of Auckland, New Zealand; Prof. Julie Buring, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, ... Providing Modi with a platform to speak a political act: Ania Loomba, dissenting professor POLITICS, Updated Mar 07, 2013 at 11:11am IST Narendra Modi's keynote address at the India Economic Forum organised by The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, scheduled for March 23, was cancelled after a protest petition by three University of Pennsylvania academics - Ania Loomba, Catherine Bryson Professor of English; Suvir Kaul, A M Rosenthal Professor of English and Toorjo Ghose, Assistant Professor at the School of Social Policy and Practice - which received support from various quarters of the American academic and non-academic society. Modi has always been a polarising figure and the Wharton saga has been no different. Many have supported him and some have not. IBNLive asked Professor Ania Loomba certain questions related to the controversy. What were your main objections to the Wharton India Economic Forum's invitation to Narendra Modi to speak at the conference? As is well known, Naren ...
Linking Criminology, Politics, International Relations, Social Policy and Social Science graduates of the University of Lincoln
Dr. Tom Shapiro from Brandeis University&Institute on Assets and Social Policy...
A great opportunity for an Auckland-based JustSpeaker with the Salvation Army's Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit. This is a paid internship and will involve working on a variety of projects, including helping policy analysts produce their research publications, formulating submissions on legislation and helping with the marketing and event management of the Just Action social justice conference in September. The intern will be with the team for the next 7-8 months on a part-time basis. They are looking for a current university student or recent grad "who is looking to deepen their understanding of social justice and develop their skills in research, policy analysis and writing". The job is based in Manukau, Auckland and requires between 15 - 30 hours a week; however, this can be negotiated to fit around other commitments. Contact Justin_Latiffor more information.
Can I plz triple-major in Political Economy and Social Policy, Politics and International Relations, and Public Policy, Law and Governance
Swimming in Debt: Wealth Gap Between Blacks and Whites Has Tripled February 27, 2013 | Filed under: BizTechNews | Posted by: bowatkin by Dr. Boyce Watkins The wealth gap in America has been a persistent problem in this country since its founding. Over 400 years of slavery and a series of Jim Crow laws designed to restrict the accumulation of wealth and power has left the black community seeking to rebuild financially from it’s challenged past. To date, African American families have far more debt and far fewer assets than the typical white family in America. During the recent recession, the wealth gap between blacks and whites nearly doubled, with whites having nearly 22 times as much wealth as African Americans. A new study from Brandeis University’s Institute on Assets and Social Policy says that the growing gap is part of a long-term trend in differences between wealth, debt and income levels between whites and blacks. According to the center, the wealth of whites has grown a great deal over t ...
FROM ISLAM INFORMATION SCOTLAND Seminar – Hate Crimes & Islamophobia in Scotland; Recognising the Challenges, analysing their impact and exploring solutions Wednesday 20th March 1.30pm - 4.30pm Lecture Theatre, Burrell Collection, 2060 Pollokshaws Road, G43 1AT A free half day seminar This special half day conference will explore the nature of Islamophobia, the dynamics of its rise and its consequences. With an analysis on its impact on individuals and communities across Scotland and beyond, including the findings from a recent national project on measuring Anti-Muslim crimes. The key speakers; Dr Robert Lambert; Lecturer at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at University of St Andrews. Co-author of 'Islamophobia and Anti Muslim Hate Crime (a case study)'. Dr Chris Allen; Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Birmingham. Expertise in Islamophobia and key issues facing Muslim communities in today's Europe including the far-right and integration. Author of 'Islamophobia' (201 ...
All throughout February, we'll be saying "hi!" to our 2013 fellows. Enjoy!    Kushinga Makamba is an attorney, an entrepreneur and a nonprofit/ international development consultant who currently lives in Philadelphia. Kushinga was born in Zimbabwe, she grew up in the UK where she attended boarding school and also received her Law Degree from King’s College, University of London.   Kushinga moved to Philadelphia 10 years ago where she has worked as an attorney within law firms, in-house corporate legal departments and also within the nonprofit sector. She has experience in various practice areas including commercial real estate law, entertainment law and immigration law. Kushinga received her Master’s in Leadership from the Wharton School and School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, where she concentrated on the Leadership of NGOs.   Kushinga has a passion for social change and has been steadily building a consulting practice that focuses on helping nonprofits within th ...
Focus Ireland and the School of Social Work and Social Policy (Trinity College Dublin) are hosting Monthly Lunchtime Talks in 2013. These talks will be held on the last Thursday of each month. We would like to invite you to our February Lunchtime Talks John Connolly from the Alcohol and Drug Research Unit in the Health Research Board will give a presentation on 'A Better City for All- A partnership approach to address public substance misuse and perceived anti-social behaviour in Dublin City Centre.'. This report investigates ways to best deliver people's treatment or accommodation needs in a more localised way where appropriate and in a way that can assure greater public support. Date: Thursday 28th February 2013 Time: 1.00-2.00pm Location: Focus Ireland, The Chapel, George's Hill, Halston Street, Dublin 7 Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided Please feel free to send this invitation onto your colleagues. We look forward to seeing you at this talk. For more information please visit our website:
Speaking to Social Policy leadership council about jobs, career development. Cant wait to hear q's from students
To the Gorbals to see Anas Sarwar Deputy leader of Scottish LP deliver a speech on Social Policy.a cup of T as well.
51st Session of the Commission for Social Development: A focus on empowerment The 51st session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development is being held at UN Headquarters in New York from 6-15 February. The priority theme this year is "Promoting empowerment of people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment and decent work for all." Particular attention is also given to the empowerment of vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities, youth, the elderly, and others. Ahead of the session, a Civil Society Forum was convened on 5 February under the theme "Civil society: Promoting empowerment of people to achieve the goals of social development." The Forum was organized by the NGO Committee for Social Development in joint sponsorship with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs\' Division for Social Policy and Development (DESA/DSPD) and the New York Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. More information is available online.
An unpleasant discovery, maybe only skin deep, but disturbing and heart-wrenched nonetheless, was made by the author as he attended his latest college class. Having previously been suspicious of his classmates might be reactionary and conservative-thinking people, he was relieved, somewhat, after hearing stirling defences of oppressed groups, from the LGBT community to single mothers, and he could forgive the odd backward opinion here and there. But today was very different. Perhaps it was the nature of the lesson's topic, perhaps it was a particular day of angry feelings, perhaps and by sheer coincidence the majority of the class had negative experiences to draw upon during discussions, but ultimately the author had to sit through an hour and a half of virtually the entire class engaging in the most brutally ignorant attacks on the poor. The lesson on Thursday afternoons is 'Social Policy', where the actions of past and present British governments with regards to health and social well-being are examined ...
I'll be working in Texas, but those of you in Oregon...try to attend this at Reed College! It sounds like great information. Mucho thanks to Shannon Keltz for sharing! February 15 Lecture: Bruce Western "Mass Incarceration and the Prospects for Reform" 6 p.m., Vollum lecture hall Bruce Western is a professor of sociology and director of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. His recent work has focused on the link between social inequality and the growth of prison and jail populations in the United States. He finds that the penal system has become a common presence in the lives of poor Americans, with lasting effects on their life chances. Western has written numerous articles and books, including Punishment and Inequality in America(Russell Sage Foundation, 2006). Supported by the sociology department and the multicultural resource center.
The Brandeis University Office of the Provost, in conjunction with the Office of the President, Women's and Gender Studies, African and Afro-American Studies and The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, was honored to host the first ever Anita Hill Annual Lecture on Gender Justice in Janu...
Presenters: Nader Hashemi- University of Denver H.A. Hellyer- Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and nonresident Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution. Leena El Ali- Search for Common Ground
Don't forget about our talk by ex-MP Chris Mullin this Thursday! Sure to be an interesting talk covering a whole range of topics - anyone doing the Social Policy module this year might find it helpful too!
THIS HAS BEEN CULT AND SECT SUNDAY : THE INFLUENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL LOST BOYS OT DISAFFECTED YOUTH PHENOMENON...CREATED BY THE ALPHA MALE SOCIAL OUTLOOK OF CULT LEADERS WHO DEMAND OBEDIENCE/ EXPLOIT CHILD LABOR/ ARE INVOLVED IN CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND GENDER BIAS OR DEGRADATION OF THE MATERNAL ROLE. LOST BOYS are very much a part of the ongoing program of cult and sect indoctrination that comes with ANARCHO CAPITALISM or Corporatism. Canadian legal development flowing from ALBERTA IN CIVIL JUSTICE AND JUSTICE REFORM follows this economic pattern. It is recognized as an international issue as the GERMAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS ADVANCES. Social Policy has been placed in the hands of an elite group of patriarchal men. Religious sects or cults have been placed in charge of privatized public services. In fulfillment of the legal obligations which are a part of International Treaties and law which guarantees children the right to health services, education and basic sustenance a few private religious or n ...
Anyone want to protest Bill C-31 with me and my policy group at Seneca? It will probably be on Sat Feb 1st. Maybe outside of Mr. Costas Menegakis (Richmond Hill, CPC)'s office. He probably won't be there that day (being a saturday and all) but it would be a positive experience. The protest would be filmed and used for a presentation for my Social Policy,Legislation, & Governmental Systems class.
CNN iReport: Are you feeling the drop in net worth? The racial wealth divide is nothing new. Black and Hispanic Americans have historically had lower incomes, higher unemployment and less education. That makes it more difficult for these groups to save money and put their capital to work building wealth, said Tatjana Meschede, research director of the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University. The Great Recession exacerbated the problem. In 2005, the net worth difference wasn't quite as stark. Whites had 12 times more wealth than blacks and 8 times more than Hispanics. The main reason blacks and Hispanics did not fare as well during the economic downturn is that home equity makes up more of their wealth than it does for whites. The housing bubble that preceded the collapse pushed up homeownership rates among blacks and Hispanics, who relied more heavily on high-cost subprime loans to finance their purchases. As a result, the implosion of the real estate market had a more devastating imp ...
Urgh, new social media policy at work means this account will probably become locked.
Why you need a social media policy via
Foreign Policy: We Kick *** Economy: We Balance Budgets; Social Issues: We're IT; We're about to take Gun Safety away from GOP. Go Dems!
219 Social Media Policies What should our SM Policy be for this class?
Yr13-Social exclusion – term created by New Labour. Certain deprived groups in society should have soc and eco policy directed to help them.
Good piece by on wider relevance of social media policy
Social media policy: a blueprint for interaction
A robust policy of social confinement and eugenics would deal with that nasty little midge.
"Consider purchasing a Social Media liability insurance policy"? Why does our litigious world make everything so unnec…
Having said that I should probably change my name on here as I might violate the Social media policy of the company
yup. With a little sociology and social policy on the side
New Webb social media policy...cue the uproar and the singing of "Why Can't We Be Friends?"
I know like!Imexcited cus I actually like my social policy n psychology lectures this year ha tell me ye get to eat them?xx
sounds bad, especially if they have a social media policy. Saw that my company has one (never bothered to tell us). Who do...
I'm currently deleting TONS of content (pics & vids) from several of my social media accounts. That's one way to deal with a privacy policy!
The sensible, empowering social media policy - (by
have you done social policy? I'm starting loss and grief tonight xxx
Alcohol's effect on foetuses a concern: THE House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy recently...
Wow! A good social media policy set up on 1 is so important!
For more on social media policy, see
Pres. policy 4 social media shd incl: sites rel to your collection policy; who acquires & how; what file formats; plan 4 access.
Lefties parade their perverse morality and build social policy off that. And that's when they're sober.
Well that was interesting and fun day talking about employment & policy in the social assistance world ha!
I didn't get that from it...seems like any other social network policy
SCREW YOU GLOBAL SOCIAL POLICY! You have been submitted and are out of my life! You have been the essay from ***
New from B2C => 5 Considerations for Creating and Implementing Your Law Firm's Social Media Policy
Extreme weather conditions in Sri-Lanka are deepening food insecurity and poverty.
Thanks Sue, i borrowed lots of books on social policy today from library although im going to research disabled childrens needs.
Join Rock Creek Social Club. (at Policy on Thursday January 17th to celebrate the...
that's really strange lol Got a B in social policy so not failed any yet fingers crossed! I want extensions but too dear!
'Need to Feed: Managing a Social Media Policy and Strategy' resources: HT
Kobo wifi eReader
Slides and resources are available at for Need to Feed: Managing a Social Media Policy and Strategy
National security, social policy research among first to gain Fedoruk Centre funds
Watch for clear example of why is far too simplistic a policy so solve social probs
Contempt and Pity: Social Policy and the Image of the Damaged Black Psyche, 1880-1996
This is a really good point.Even so called consult to the Standing Committee on Social Policy was rushed.
Attempts at reform in the history of agricultural social policy
"Educators and policy thinkers must first recognize and build from the cultural strengths of Latino families"
OBASANJO is Corrupt, Petty and Vindictive - Atiku Abubakar Camp. **he is impulsive dictatorial and believed a lot in gossips & rumours. **OBJ secured the cooperation of the EFCC chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, in dealing with whomsoever he want to single out for punishment. WARNING: LARGE VOLUME POST. If you thought that the rift between former President Obasanjo and his deputy, Atiku Abubakar, had healed you have another think coming as Atiku's media men have just released a book portraying Obasanjo as being corrupt, petty and vindictive. The book titled 'Atiku Media Office: The Wars, The Victories' is soon to be presented to the public. Except from the BOOK. It was clear that the President did not want a strong Vice President or one with a mind of his own. It was also clear by his decision to build a structure of his own that he had a hidden agenda, which was then unknown to Atiku. If indeed they were working as a team, as Obasanjo often claimed, why would he need his own platform outside the PDP? Even as Obasan ...
President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday delivered a speech at the Opera House in Damascus in which he touched upon the latest developments in Syria and the region. The following in the full text of President al-Assad's speech: Mr. Primer, Ministers, Heads and members of the leaderships of popular organizations and trade unions, Sisters and brothers, Today I look at your faces and the faces of the people of our country as they are covered with sorrow and pain. I look into the eyes of Syria's children and I don't see an innocent laugh shinning, nor do I see toys that draw a smile on their faces. I watch the hands of elderly people and see them open to prayer for the safety of a son, a daughter or a grandson. We meet today with suffering prevailing over Syria's land leaving no room for joy in any corner of the homeland. Safety and security have been absent from the country's streets and alleys. We meet today and there are mothers who lost their sons, families who lost their breadwinners, children wh ...
Susan Ohanian: "...the rest of us should be savvy enough to demand a Third Party candidate who shows a high degree of empathy for people in less fortunate circumstances, whose blood runs with the milk of human kindness and the passion for social justice, a candidate who would fight for a real Global Warming policy and who wouldn’t dream of establishing a Kill List."
My childhood friend, Diane, wrote this two days ago. She is very sick and we don't know how it's going to go. Her family is gathering to support her. She wrote this just two days ago. Please take a minute to read. She told me that this is how she wants to spend her last days; fighting for our laws to change. She has spent the last 5 YEARS fighting cervical cancer! I believe she knows what helps more then me.. Here are her words.. A PATIENTS PLEA TO GOVERNOR MARKELL I suffer from cervical cancer. My cancer has metastasized to my chest, lungs, and neck. The cancer has infested my body with seven tumors. In an attempt to control this insidious disease, I sat through yet another round of chemotherapy last Tuesday. On December 12, 2012 I checked into the hospital. My last round of radiation that ended on October 8, 2012 has done more damage then good and this last round of chemo has left me weak and severely nauseous. I could not stop vomiting, retching, meaning I could not eat. Even a liquid diet is difficult ...
Private insurance in the USA is an unfortunate historical quirk from wage controls in 1940s due to WWII. It is BAD social policy.
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BROADCAST TO THE NATION BY PRIME MINISTER, THE MOST HON. PORTIA SIMPSON MILLER SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2013 THEME: LET'S UNITE AND BUILD My fellow Jamaicans: A year ago my administration assumed office, propelled by the hopes and aspirations of a nation that wanted a new type of governance characterized by humility, honesty, inclusiveness, respect and trust. We came to office at a difficult time on the platform of people power, and I have never allowed that to escape my mind. Our record over the year has not been perfect, but it has been persistent. We have restored trust; brought back respect and decency to governance while making important progress in some key areas. Our mission of uplifting the Jamaican people and working toward economic independence was challenged during the past year by the slippage of the Jamaican dollar. The Net International Reserves also dipped, but not our reserve of courage, determination and resilience in the face of the international economic environment and domestic challenges. Y ...
Let’s Save South Australia from Waste and Mismanagement Today is the day that we as South Australians draw a line in the sand and take back control of our state and control of our lives. For too long we have sat back and watched as a Government that we elected in good faith consistently misled and manipulated us, the people, which they are supposed to represent. In the mean time it is ordinary South Australians, working hard, Raising families, planning futures that are wearing the consequences. WASTE AND MISMANAGEMENT Over the years prior to the GFC, South Australians have seen increased revenue flowing into the state. YET have our taxes been reduced? Are our hospitals running better? Are our children getting a better education? Are our elderly and mentally ill getting the care they deserve? Are we housing the needy and providing security for the growing working poor? THE ANSWER IS NO!! This Labour Government has failed us. That a Labour party should be so incompetent in areas of social need, demonstra ...
2nd January Current Affairs Urjit Patel appointed as RBI deputy governor On 02 January 2013 Urjit Patel, a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, had been appointed a deputy governor at the Reserve Bank of India, succeeding Subir Gokarn who was aiding the governor in shaping the monetary policy. Switzerland best place to be born, India 66th Switzerland has been called the best place in the world to be born in 2013 according to the The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister company of The Economist. The worst place for a baby to start life was violence-hit African country Nigeria. The survey included 80 nations and Australia ranked second followed by Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand were also ranked among top 10. India was ranked 66th place.The survey included significant parameters to judge the best country to be born and these factors included demography, geography, cultural and social characteristics, state of economy, future income per head as w ...
2. The Republican party must lead an initiative to completely reform the immigration law and policy for the United States. This new law would make it very clear that if you want to become a citizen, then you apply for a temporary work visa, and upon receipt will pay federal income, social security and medicaid taxes. You will be eligible for Medicaid. If after 5 years of employment, without any convictions, the person passes language and citizenship tests, they will be granted full citizenship. I would allow all persons in the USA who entered illegally to immediately be enrolled in this program with two years eliminated from the 5 year element.
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The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out – Here Are 60 Facts That Prove It From my email (ergo, exempt from the four paragraph limit) ... The middle class in the United States is being systematically destroyed, and nobody is doing much of anything to stop it. Our incomes are shrinking, our share of the income pie is at an all-time low, our jobs are being sent overseas, debt burdens have soared to unprecedented heights and millions of formerly middle class Americans have fallen into poverty. America once had the largest and most vibrant middle class that the world has ever seen, but now it is rapidly being shredded. Unfortunately, this is particularly true for younger Americans. Today, families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent. That is astounding. The truth is that there are not enough decent jobs for the hordes of young people that are entering the marketplace each year. Once upon a time, a college degree was just about a guaranteed ticket ...
Paul Ryan justified his no vote for Sandy victims claiming that maintaining the existing flood insurance relief program was irresponsible.
BEIJING (Reuters) - In September, the largest factory in the northeastern Chinese coastal city of Yantai called on the local government with a problem - a shortage of 19,000 workers as the deadline on
Hello to everyone who has liked this page. I would like to ask you all what you would regard as the most important newsworthy issue currently affecting Townsville? The best suggestion i will follow up on and start interviewing sources. I will publish the completed story as a Townsville News Exclusive.
The Spencer Fellowship for Education Journalism, headquartered at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, is dedicated to supporting long-form journalism that deepens and enhances the public’s understanding of the American education system. Three fellows spend the academic year at Columbi...
Hope you're all having a happy Monday! We don't want to seem too serious on such a beautiful day but the president just wants to ensure that all members are aware of the Social Media By-Law. You can have a read of it below. BLACKSTONE-IPSWICH CAMBRIAN CHOIR INC BY-LAW NUMBER 2012/01 Social Media Policy 1. Context Despite disclaimers, social media interaction can result in members of the public forming opinions about the Choir and its members. All care must be taken to be respectful and to best represent the interests of the Choir and its members on social media. This policy looks to monitor the actions of members of the Blackstone-Ipswich Cambrian Choir Incorporated (the Choir) when using social media in order to protect the reputation and legal interest of the Choir and its members through proper public comment. The intention is to use social media for the furtherance of the Choir’s constitutional objectives in a positive, effective and non-offensive manner. This policy is in supplement to and not ...
Faith, values and social policy Please share.
A law firm sent the following advice to its clients in December, which, in keeping with so much advice from government bureaucracies, local councils and human resource departments, was unnecessary, passive-aggressive and constricting:
Economic development generally refers to the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic development can also be referred to as the quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy. Such actions can involve multiple areas including development of human capital, critical infrastructure, regional competitiveness, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, health, safety, literacy, and other initiatives. Economic development differs from economic growth. Whereas economic development is a policy intervention endeavor with aims of economic and social well-being of people, economic growth is a phenomenon of market productivity and rise in GDP.
I think social networking should have an age policy
I had a confusing conversation with someone today. This otherwise intelligent and observant dude actually said, "The two party system should be abolished." Huh? Two party system? What two party system? I mean, doesn't there actually need to BE a two party system before we can abolish it? Saying we should get rid of the two party system is like saying the Tooth Fairy should be arrested. If a magical pervert who breaks into your kids' bedroom and collects their body parts actually existed, I'd agree that she ought to be apprehended and exterminated. But she doesn't so she can't be. Similarly, if a political system wherein a duopoly of two ideologically opposed groups were in constant gridlock due to their fundamental and irreconcilable philosophical differences actually existed, I'd agree that we ought to abolish it and establish a system with more than two parties. But it doesn't so we can't. This nation is run by a rigid and ruthless monopoly. It may assume different names but all of its members strive fo ...
Seven Major Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming By Larry Cockerham in Prophecy Forum Seven Major Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming - Commentary by Jack Kelley - Annual Update January 2013 There are seven major prophetic signs of the Second Coming, and currently all of them are in some stage of fulfillment. As in years past, I'll list the seven with their primary biblical references and offer commentary from current events. 1. Israel Will Be In The Land ... Ezekiel 36:8-12, 37:21 Speaking to the Land God said, "You, O mountains of Israel, will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel, for they will soon come home. I am concerned for you and will look on you with favor; you will be plowed and sown, and I will multiply the number of people upon you, even the whole house of Israel. The towns will be inhabited and the ruins rebuilt. I will increase the number of men and animals upon you, and they will be fruitful and become numerous. I will settle people on you as in the past and will make you prosp ...
"The message this sends is one of sheer contempt for the American taxpayer. $7 million may be viewed by the White House as a drop in the ocean compared to the overall size of America’s federal debt, but it is the principle that counts. The vast majority of American people simply couldn’t afford the kind of vacation enjoyed by the US president, not least at a time when 12.2 million Americans are still out of work. For most of America’s embattled middle class, who, unlike the president have already returned to work, this kind of luxury is simply unimaginable in the current economic climate. And they’ve just been hit hard with a significant rise in their payroll taxes due to the expiration of the Social Security tax break. According to the Tax Policy Center, 77 percent of US households will now be paying more in federal taxes following this week’s fiscal cliff deal."
Dear Minister, I am disappointed that you have decided to sue Dr Vincent Wijeysingha for exposing the limitations of your Ministry and its inability to effectively tackle the problems that migrant workers face...
Sweden: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism Mona Sahlin, leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, confirmed that her party and the Greens want to form a coalition government in 2010. What kind of policy will such a government follow? Miljöpartiet de Gröna, the Swedish Green Party, state on their official website that the education system should start working for "gender equality" at an early age; children need counterweights to the gender roles which girls and boys are raised into. Therefore teachers and personnel in child care services must finish an education in equality before they are given their exams. They also want to abolish grades in schools: "We want to do away with the grade system [in today's schools]. Grades contribute considerably to stress and are not a fair and objective system of measuring the individual's potential." The Green Party favor ideological Globalism in its purest form. They want a "world citizenship" to replace the national citizenship, totally free migration on a global b ...
Sen. Sanders speaks on the topic of deficit reduction, pointing out the failure of current "deficit hawks" to pay for two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while...
A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads: "The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role." With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society. The letter continues: "A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens. It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands .. The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law." The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigran ...
Here's a challenge to libertarians - and I am interested in your responses. Libertarians' chief principle is the non-aggression principle. But they also staunchly defend private property. Since in nearly all cases, land was originally co-opted by force by government, how can the two be reconciled when it comes to the ownership of land? RELEVANT QUOTE: "In California our land titles go back to the Supreme Government of Mexico, who took from the Spanish King, who took from the Pope, when he by a stroke of the pen divided lands yet to be discovered between the Spanish or Portuguese—or if you please they rest upon conquest. In the eastern states they go back to treaties with Indians and grants from English kings; in Louisiana to the government of France; in Florida to the government of Spain; while in England they go back to the Norman conquerors. Everywhere, not to a right which obliges, but to a force which compels." - Henry George
Scholars may shun CPU research funds amid politicisation suspicions SCMP 7-1-2-13 Academics say they may shun a public policy research grant scheme because of questions about its impartiality and academic rigour, after the government took management of the fund away from scholars and gave it to the administration's top think tank. One professor said if scholars accepted funding for projects from the new scheme, academic careers may not be helped as universities and other scholars could discount such research. The Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, which until last month was administered by the Research Grants Council (RGC), has been one of the major sources of research funds for social scientists since its establishment in 2005. The scheme has dispensed HK$20 million annually, and last year it sponsored 25 projects, researching topics that ranged from columbariums to cross-border low-carbon transport. The research fund was generally considered to bear academic merit as it was awarded after a rigorous ...
FDR was known not only for his encouraging “Fireside Chats” but also for a number of thrilling addresses to the Congress. We, of course, remember is speech declaring war on the Japanese surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. Today we explore his State of the Union Address to Congress in January of 1941. T...
The selection of John Kerry as the next secretary of state sends the wrong signal to America’s allies and adversaries alike.
Salient Features of Companies Bill, 2012 on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : Lok Sabha on 18th December, 2012 passed Companies Bill, 2012. Clause 135: (1) Every company having net worth of rupees five hundred crore or more, or turnover of rupees one thousand crore or more or a net profit of rupees five crore or more during any financial year shall constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board consisting of three or more directors, out of which at least one director shall be an independent director. (2) The Board’s report under sub- section (3) of section 134 shall disclose the composition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. (3) The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee shall: (a) Formulate and recommend to the Board, a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which shall indicate the activities to be undertaken by the company as specified in Schedule VII; (b) Recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the activities referred to in clause (a); and ( ...
I hope everyone had a holiday and managed to enjoy it…I used to think that people complaining about putting on weight over the holidays was an exaggeration, but that was back when my metaboli...
Gimme tickets to The Lennon Brothers Circus!! I wanna go so bad!!!
MAN AND NATURE From the time of the creation of Adam to this day there have been two pathways in the world of humanity; one the natural or materialistic, the other the religious or spiritual. The pathway of nature is the pathway of the animal realm. The animal acts in accordance with the requirements of nature, follows its own instincts and desires. Whatever its impulses and proclivities may be it has the liberty to gratify them; yet it is a captive of nature. It cannot deviate in the least degree from the road nature has established. It is utterly minus spiritual susceptibilities, ignorant of divine religion and without knowledge of the kingdom of God. The animal possesses no power of ideation or conscious intelligence; it is a captive of the senses and deprived of that which lies beyond them. It is subject to what the eye sees, the ear hears, the nostrils sense, the taste detects and touch reveals. These sensations are acceptable and sufficient for the animal. But that which is beyond the range of the s ...
Let me be clear, I do not support default on the debt and we should never default on the debt and the only players who are threatening to default are President Obama and Harry Reid. This is an issue, and earlier in the show you played the President threatening default. In any given month tax revenue...
Employees are looking for social business policy!: via
(Doric: Σπάρτα; Attic: Σπάρτη Spártē), or Lacedaemon, was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece, situated on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese.[1] It emerged as a political entity around the 10th century BC, when the invading Dorians subjugated the local, non-Dorian population. HP Compaq HSTNN-105C Battery     During c. 650 BC, it rose to become the dominant military land-power in ancient Greece.     Given its military pre-eminence, Sparta was recognized as the overall leader of the combined Greek forces during theGreco-Persian Wars.[2] Between 431 and 404 BC, Sparta was the principal enemy of Athens during the Peloponnesian War,[3] from which it emerged victorious, though at great cost. HP Compaq HSTNN-C12C Battery     Sparta's defeat by Thebes in the Battle of Leuctra in 371 BC ended Sparta's prominent role in Greece. However, it maintained its political independence until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC.     Sparta was unique in anci ...
Social Security: It’s Worse Than You Think CONGRESS and President Obama have pushed through a relatively modest stopgap measure to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” but over the coming years, the United States will confront another huge cliff: Social Security. In the first presidential debate, Mr. Obama described Social Security as “structurally sound,” and Mitt Romney said that “neither the president nor I are proposing any changes” to the program. It was a rare issue on which both men agreed — and both were utterly wrong. For the first time in more than a quarter-century, Social Security ran a deficit in 2010: It spent $49 billion dollars more in benefits than it received in revenues, and drew from its trust funds to cover the shortfall. Those funds — a $2.7 trillion buffer built in anticipation of retiring baby boomers — will be exhausted by 2033, the government currently projects. Those facts are widely known. What’s not is that the Social Security Administration underestimates how long ...
The triumph of sentiment over policy.
The Facts On Fast Solutions In Tag Junior Book: Our Birthday at the Zoo This Tag Junior board book springs to life when you touch the Tag Junior book pal to any part of any page. Introduces traditions (birthdays), etiquette (saying Thank you) and animals. More than 24 playful activities and 150 audio responses encourage little ones to explore while helping build confidence with books. A unique birthday song helps children celebrate their own age. Parents can follow their child's play and learning progress on the LeapFrog Learning Path. Teaches: Traditions (birthdays Learning different traditions for celebrating a common experience, such as a birthday, helps children recognize what people have in common and what makes them unique. Etiquette (saying 'thank you') Children learn about manners, such as saying please and thank you, and broader social customs such as sharing and respecting others. Animals Even very young children can begin to categorize animals by species, imitate their sounds and learn i ...
Let's talk about Rome! NO, let's talk about the USA! --Michael-- Bread and Circuses II: America in Decay Students of history are familiar with the great accomplishments of the various civilizations they study, and often compare significant developments in the course of a civilization with the trends and developments of their own. A common saying in academic circles is, "A generation which ignores history has no past - and no future." I would therefore not be surprised to learn that students of the Roman Empire are now hoarding gold, learning to grow their own food and raise livestock,and stocking up on firearms and ammunition. Rome did not fall because of an intelligent and planned conquest by a determined enemy, but because the citizens of Rome no longer believed in the self sufficiency of the individual. The situation in America today is terrifyingly similar, with apathy and selfishness the two most obvious traits apparent in our citizens. The citizens of the Roman Republic at its zenith understood and ...
I agree that the info on the shrinking middle class is accurate except for which should include the military. The military is a welfare state in itself as it produces no usable product or quality for society - not even the elusive "Freedom" that weapons and warfare are suppose to generate accordi...
When done well, assessment illuminates understanding of what innovations work, and what needs to change. Assessment, then, has a vital role to play in supporting innovators themselves, as well as enabling leaders and managers to make informed decisions on policy instruments, and funders and investor...
I was honored this evening to attend this powerful gathering of social justice faith community activists who are organizing for the people's legislature to promote public policy that creates greater opportunity, enhances the productive capacity of all people to meaningfully build a sustainable economy, empowers regular people to be free from exploitation whether it be from clever predatory finance sector practices of from the bigotry of racism. Rabbi Adam Spilker, Rev. Paul Slack, Rev. Jonathan Zielske, and Rev. Joseph Baring centered us on those common values of justice that our faiths call to us to act on. Rep Erin Murphy, Sen. *** Cohen spoke powerfully about how the needed public revenues for a structurally sound Minnesota that balances its immediate budget AND balances the work that needs to be done for our state to be prosperous (e.g. better fund education, safety net, job training etc) can't be demeaned by those who will argue that Democrats are "starting" their new control with taxing. After year ...
A little status update on our post on inflation. We said we're for it. We said you need to google "zero lower bound"; because you do. Sometimes - we don't always give the answers. Sometimes users have the debate and answer the questions. More inflation is good because it actually forces people with lots of capital (the 1% to put it to use in the economy instead of laying waste and losing its value via attrition. Inflation is a tax on capital but it also eliminates DEBT. Who has debt? The middle class. Also - Government. So it spurs growth. Now someone said we just need to look to history to understand why a gold backed currency is the way to go. Let me share this little fact. There have been FOUR Depressions in American history. FOUR. All of them were under the Gold standard. Fact.
Late night social policy essaying in Library. Stornoway playing and pack of (veggie) Percy Pigs. There is some form of winning there.
Taking this from Benjamin Newland's post to my own status to see what trouble I can stir up. I don't want to take away your guns. I do, however, want to require that you have to go through a psychiatric exam and a firearm safety course before purchasing any sort of high powered hand gun or rifle. Why? Because the Right is correct on one point. Guns DON'T kill people. They, however, make it easier for a mentally ill or ignorant person to put a magazine into a class full of children. The problem ISN'T guns, the problem is the society we live in that doesn't teach personal responsibility and stigmatizes mental illness. Until we learn to address these issues, the only solution is to be more cautious with who is allowed to purchase a weapon that can destroy 20+ lives in a matter of minutes. This is why I am 100% for gun control. What say you?
1. Why are sick people who use medical marijuana put in prison? 2. Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk? 3. Why can't Americans ...
Has globalization helped low-income countries reduce poverty or perpetuated international inequality? On February 2, 2004, David Dollar, the World Bank's Director of Development Policy and a leading authority on the effects of globalization, took part in an hour-long live online discussion on global...
Taming future deficits requires three steps having nothing to do with entitlements: Limiting the growth of overall healthcare costs, cutting our bloated military, and ending corporate welfare.
Next time you want to buy stuff off Amazon, please use the following link... 5% of the purchase price will be donated by Amazon to the National Secular Society, and you can help to challenge the disproportionate influence of religion on government policy and in social issues.
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
You might not like him but he's down to earth as *** LMBO '=)
WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Obama will nominate former senator Chuck Hagel to be his next Secretary of Defense. Senior officials within the administration and Capitol Hill confirmed the pick to ABC News today after the Nebraska Republican had emerged as a frontrunner among potential candidates...
Okay, I get it. b.o. hates America and he wants to destroy it. What I don't understand is why so many Americans are helping him do it. What's NBC's motivation? What is behind so many Hollywood celebs complete sellout to any policy he wants to promote? Where will they live when the U.S. goes down the tubes?
On Tuesday, 1/22/13 the Wood County BOE is having a meeting. I plan to attend and hope to speak for my son. These are public meetings...mark your calendars...bring your boxes!!
Prior to making an offer to your selling agent, gather the following documents for reveiw: pay stubs for the last 30 day period. 2012 W2 Forms or a copy of your last pay stub for 2012 2011 & 2010 W2 Forms 2011 & 2010 Federal Tax Returns 1040 (all pages, all schedules) Bank statements with all pages (even those "intentionally left blank") for the most recent 60 day period. The last quarter 401(k), IRA or retirement statements for 2012 (all pages, even those "intentionally left blank"). If you currently own a home: The most recent mortgage statement. The most recent property tax bill. The most recent homeowners and/or flood insurance policy. Rental Lease/Agreement Contact Info: Your preferred method of contact  (Cell, Text, Email or home phone;) during the day or evening. Your attorney's name, address, phone and email address. The person's name, phone and fax number that is authorized to verify your employment. Misc: A copy of your social security card A copy of your drivers license
French economist joins Obama team Nothing like a French social justice agitator to jump start world's largest economy.
"This crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capitalism. Our whole educational system suffers from this evil. An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship acquisitive success as a preparation for his future career. Iam convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals. In such an economy, the means of production are owned by society itself and are utilized in a planned fashion. A planned economy, which adjusts production to the needs of the community, would distribute the work to be done among all those able to work and would guarantee a livelihood to every man, woman, and child. The education of the individual, in addition to promoting his own innate abilities, would attempt to develop in him a sense of responsibility for his fellow-men in place of the glorification of power and success in ou ...
Volume II - Classical and Medieval Book Three, The Structure, examines Greece and Rome. Hailed as the birthplace of democracy, the Athenian system was unstable, inefficient, and short-lived. Nevertheless, Plato laid a philosophical basis for natural law, and Aristotle provided a foundation for justice. Rome had a genius for law and organization, but the constitutional constraints of the Republic gradually gave way to the Empire. But the followers of Christ, once a persecuted minority, came to rule the Empire and put a Christian stamp on Roman law. Book Four, The Centerpiece, begins with the Dark Ages — the darkness of the womb, out of which was born the Common Law. From the Celtic mists, with the Druids and their brehon lawyers, St. Patrick and the Senchus Mor, the Anglo-Saxons in the forests of Germany with their witans and juries which they brought to Britain, Alfred the Great who began his Book of Dooms with the Ten Commandments, to the Norman Conquest and the warfare between the centralizing Norman ...
Barack Obama: A Case of Identity Crisis by Rev Michael Bresciani 01/06/13 FREE TO SHARE    Reprobation is a condition of moral confusion that the scriptures say will be pervasive in the last days of time as we know it. (Romans 1: 27-32) It is a result of spiritual deprivation which always accompanies moral decline according to every historical record of man. Nations rise and fall on the outcome of this powerful and recurring social and spiritual malady.   In this clouded nether region of convoluted thinking, identifying exactly who leaders are is part and parcel to the confusion entire generations have, concerning their own identities. Teens are thought to rebel and act out largely because they are struggling to ascertain their own identities.   We are not sure if politicians are crooks or statesmen, republicans or RINO’s. Is the cop a public servant or a mobster; is the teacher an educator or a molester? Is the sports hero a role model or a drug abuser? Our failure to properly identify ...
GOP better get past the Anti *** attitude.Promote conservative policy & leave social issues alone.
Fox opposes ban on assault weapons but imposes ban on talking about it. The most heartbreaking news of 2012 was surely the massacre in Newtown, CT, where 20 schoolchildren and six adults were senselessly murdered by a deranged gunman. The resultant outcry from concerned Americans about the easy access to weapons that are capable of such carnage was met by Fox News as an attack on the Second Amendment and free enterprise. Its response was to slaughter the First Amendment by prohibiting any discussion of gun safety on the network. Sources told Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine that “David Clark, the executive producer in charge of Fox’s weekend coverage, gave producers instructions not to talk about gun-control policy on air.” It’s also worthwhile to note that while Fox banned all talk of gun control, it did not banish talk of other explanations for the atrocity in Connecticut. Fox had no problem with laying the blame on mental illness, movies or video games. Fox host Mike Huckabee was permitted ...
SHARING THIS IN CASE ANYONE WANT TO PARTICIPATE. Massive ANTI-OBAMA Rally @ “Obama’s” Inauguration Day!!! Posted by By GeorgeM at 1 December, at 17 : 54 PM Print .. We Have A Dream: 500,000+ Anti-Obama Activists Arrive In Washington D.C. During Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony … If you are unsatisfied with President Barack Obama’s reelection win and you further feel that he will ultimately destabilize America completely, then let us join together with bold ANTI-OBAMA signs clearly stating our main grievances concerning unemployment, the economy, Benghazi, foreign policy matters, war status or whatever may perhaps be your main concern(s) on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Federal Holiday), at the West Front of the Capitol Building, which is currently being reported in the news for ticket purchase. However, all ANTI-OBAMA supporters shall gather at the National Mall, Fourth Street NW, which is a non-ticketed free area for gathering at 9:00 am for an all-day event ...
Does it bring convergence and uniformity among nations? ... these questions by presenting detailed accounts of such issues as technological change, new systems of ... employment and labour markets, social policy and state organization and the future of democratic politics. ...
Unfortunately I fail to see any substantive difference in policy between National Socialism and the modern Democrat party.
With the election behind us, it might seem to be a very good time to relax and enjoy a time free of political ads. In fact, the opposite is true. It is time to become involved in the legislation that will impact public education. Please join us in Des Moines with ASCD's Public Policy Director David Griffith and learn how to advocate politically and impact student learning in Iowa. We look forward to your participation! Workshop: February 6 (8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.) Networking Social: February 5 (5:30 - 7:30 P.M.) Register today for a special workshop just for you - Advocating on the Hill with Your Stories! The Iowa ASCD Board and the first 50 registrants for this professional opportunity on February 6 will learn how to leverage change with legislators. ASCD Director of Public Policy, David Griffith, will be leading our preparation for quality conversations with legislators! Registration is $50 for members of Iowa ASCD and $90 for non-members. Upon registration you will receive access to tools for advoca ...
Just had a great brunch with President Obama. We talk a lot about changing our educational system to be more effective. I talk about how KIPP's 'failure is not the answer' policy and about how kids that live in poor areas are disadvantage from the start then there middle class counterparts because they don't experience the same social skills.
Social status is overrated... Being humble is the best policy 😌
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) vowed on Sunday that Republicans would force significant spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling even if President Barack Obama had to be “dragged kicking and screaming.”
Please read the below... I found it so true and well said, I had to copy from one of my friends post... Do you agree??? Here it is. Have you ever heard the term "squirrel?" You know, when applied focus or a sense of purpose to something important goes completely out the window and random uselessness follows? Kind of like our current political and social environment. Didn't we just have a national election only weeks ago? What happened to to "economic reform, affordable care act, the fiscal cliff, the deficit, infrastructure and jobs?" Lots and lots of jobs, and less inflation, a stronger dollar, cheaper food, gas, and living expenses? Huh!? Can we, the people of America say "SQUIRREL" loud enough to make our elected officials get off their bandwagon of self-preservation and political posturing? Has the executive branch become "untouchable?" How does mass media partner with the white house to accomplish the task of keeping Americans uninformed while manipulating everything we hear, buy and accept as norm . ...
Sustainable Businesses David Grayson, Professor of CSR at Cranfield University, has stressed the importance of –“longer term sustainability of the customer community and society in which they operate. Only with corporate responsibility can market economies survive. He defined a responsible business as follows: But it’s not just gambling companies, all stakeholders play a role in creating and perpetuating gambling markets – advertising agencies, governments, consumers, regulators researchers, educators and clinicians all play their part. A proactive stance by enlightened companies is a necessary but not of itself sufficient, solution to do deal with the adverse social and psychological consequences that gambling can create. Partnered Governance A partnered approach to the governance of gambling is necessary. The governance of these markets needs to be tackled collectively and co-operatively. Pointing a finger of blame at someone else, be that the supposedly exploitative industry, the irresponsible ...
Surprised after voting for who their television instructed them to vote for; many are rethinking their decision (especially after noticing the tax hikes will make paying their cable bill more difficult).
Randomised testing of social/economic policy proposed by and others
noo don't you dare! Don't quit on me now. I haven't even started on social policy essay 😳
Also my old social policy lecturer was in that documentary 'behind the walls'
V interesting! But my allegiance to certain social issues overrides any 'best intention' economic policy she instigated!
doesn't violate the social media policy (we're that cool) - but IT, HR as well as Teresa & Cristi *might* care...
Duflo, who was raised in a “left-leaning Protestant” family, said she became aware of economic divides and social...
I know we've got to read chapter 19 of social policy! And nope ha, gonna do it this week.
you could totally be like "FUUUCK PDP AND SOCIAL POLICY" cus you're free from her clutches ;)
“an hour of social policy with Jude.” - best thing since slice brea!!!
an hour of social policy with Jude.
Mhm, already done half my essay for Social Policy and the first lecture is on Tuesday...thas wasup
Looks like the game is up for Big Society. Social Policy - Money = Dead Duck. But what about everyone whose put Big Society in their name?
The future of Social Security (and America): target and punish success as a matter of policy
serious words with patrick tomorrow 9 stupid activities on social policy when I could actually be revising and benefiting from it?
Dear Joesph, I have a social Policy exam tomorrow and I am well and truly fuked, be a gudden and say a french prayer for me x
how often do you hear about Norwegians Danes complain about social policy, living standards and families
Promoting safe and responsible use of social media by teachers and schools - new policy |
Social Costs of Healthy: Chris Auld was prescient. If we require corrective policy to internalise pecuniary cost...
Did you hear on evidence based social policy this evening? Inspiring stuff!
BBC Radio 4: Ben Goldacre on using RCTs in social policy
Fantastic opens a discussion for evidence based social policy on radio 4
I knew it wasn't *smug grin* have some cake anyway *hands you gwaa* LOL I study Criminology and Social Policy.
The best social media policy ever written
Wishing everyone a very happy festive season and a successful 2013! Make sure to keep connected in the New Year. We will launch a new Sociology Public Lecture Series in January - the inaugural speaker on 15th January is Professor Saskia Sassen. We will introduce brand-new modules including 'Power, State and Social Movements' as well as 'Social Policy and Inequality'. offers diagnostic & repair information.
The breast screening programme was set up by the Health Care Services Division within the Ministry for Social Policy in late 2007 in response to the recommendations of a specific working group. It is nationally coordinated and sets national standards which are monitored through European quality assurance networks.
University of Kent Medway - School of Social Policy and Social Research (SSPSSR) - Criminal Justice Studies
By Sahar Aziz, Special to CNN Editor’s note: Sahar Aziz is a fellow at the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding and an associate professor of Texas Wesleyan School of Law. She serves as the president of the Egyptian American Rule of Law Association. The views expressed are her own.
LiD and TrinityHaus granted NDA Award for the Development of Design Guidelines for Dementia Trinity College Dublin is pleased to announce a new award from the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) at the National Disability Authorities (NDA) to the Living with Dementia programme (School of Social Work and Social Policy) and TrinityHaus (School of Engineering) to undertake a collaborative study which will result in the development of national guidelines for ‘Designing new homes/retro-fitting homes for people living with dementia through a Universal Design Approach’. Dementia is more costly than coronary disease, stroke and cancer combined and is one of the leading causes of disability in later life. In Ireland, there are about 48,000 people with Alzheimer’s disease or one of the related dementias, about two-thirds of whom live at home. Enabling people with dementia to remain at home, enjoy a good quality of life and to live as independently as possible, poses significant challenges for arc ...
Day 2 of closing ceremonies begin. Daniela Bas director of Division for Social Policy and Dvlpment chairing session
Things I learned in Gender and Social Policy today: some Norwegians give their cats birth control.
Speaking at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy about my favorite topic... How music can change the lives of kids and communities.
Social Policy and Change C.L.I.C.K. for Justice and Equality is an agent of communication alerting our social community of injustices and inequalities among the socially disadvantaged and disenfranchised individual. C.L.I.C.K. developed and created this website to assist the socially disenfranchised or disadvantaged individual in litigating their issues in Federal and State courts. Thursday, July 05, 2012 911 and LeRoy Homer Jr.The Sin of Omission BLACK CHILDREN NEED TO KNOW THIS, AS WELL YOU!!! THIS IS HOW WE, AS BLACK PEOPLE, WERE LEFT OUT OF THE HISTORY BOOKS FOR INVENTIONS USED IN AMERICA, AND THEY WANT OUR CHILDREN TO READ NONSENSE IN SCHOOL AND IN THE REPORTING YOU SEE IN THE NEWSPAPERS. How many knew about the black pilot who crashed his plane in Shanksville , PA Sept 11, 2001? Maybe not his name or history, but just knew that the pilot was an educated black man who was married and a father. The short bio below will bring us all up to date as to who he was. We should all know and care! LeRoy Homer, ...
At the CAIR Leadership conference on September 29, 2012, a significant section was devoted to the Muslim Vote. The forum’s panelists included Shireen Zaman, executive director of Institute of Social Policy (ISP); Abed Ayoub, Legal Director of the Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC); and Todd G...
If republicans would divorce the social policy extremists they would get more youth votes
As the November election approaches I am grateful for the fact that the Lord is in control. Both major presidential candidates make me nervous. President Obama scares me when it come foreign affairs and religion freedoms. Mitt Romney's social policy makes me want to roll for the hills.
Q: Would a Romney election propel us to the Dark Ages in social policy? A: Well, there are some things that he has said he would do on Day One. It seems unlikely that he would accomplish them all on his first day in office, but they are indicative of his thinking and intentions. For instance, he says he would immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act. (I know, he's said a lot of other things about the Affordable Care Act so we can't be sure what he would really do.) Doing this would immediately allow health insurance companies to reinstitute price discrimination against women, refuse to cover contraceptives, and reinstitute deductibles and copays for preventive services that are primarily used by women. Romney has also refused to support the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. I don't know if he would try to repeal it, but if he did that would make it much more difficult for women to seek redress for wage discrimination. You undoubtedly recall how Romney stared in incomprehension when the young woman at the deb ...
This is why I'm not sure if I should study social policy lool I know some things will anger my spirit! Lol smh
Alberta is blessed with abundant lucrative natural resources. The province is uniquely positioned to lead the nation in quality of life and wellbeing. It is time to ensure that all Albertans share in the province’s wealth. Albertans from across the income spectrum benefit from efforts to reduce dis...
Bill Bellomy This is a complete version of something I posted in 4 parts on my timeline. It got very little response, which is unusual to say the least... It occurred to me that changes in FB are severely limiting the circulation of my posts, so I'm reposting here. Your attention and comments are all appreciated! Please share if you feel it appropriate. - PRIMER on ECONOMIC HISTORY The Republicans appear to yearn for a return to the "Happy Days" of the '50s... at least their social policy agenda and the rosy economic illusion they are trying to sell us would strongly suggest that. But here are a couple of things that those of you who were not there, and perhaps a few of you who were, tend to overlook. Post WWII, we were the only industrialized nation whose industrial capabilities were not in complete shambles. This was a tremendous advantage in a global economy, manufacturing and exports at (then) all time highs. It was not until the '70s that Europe and Japan began to be truly competitive in the marketpl ...
It was a big thing here when introduced in 70's but now core policy. US should be world leader but seem anti social benefits
Costume or no costume everyone get to the sig house tonight. MSU social policy applies.
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