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Social Democrats

Social democracy is a political ideology that considers itself to be a form of reformist democratic socialism.

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Social Democrats gave a green light to party leader Martin Schulz to enter into talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel
BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel piled pressure on Monday on the Social Democrats (SPD) to rejoin a "grand coalitio…
Even as Angela Merkel's party and the Social Democrats debate a possible government, each side is making demands
"Merkel points to grand coalition with Social Democrats" -
Angela rules out fresh elections as she seeks new coalition with Social Democrats v…
The European Union has been worried by the German crisis, as Berlin plays a lead role in all matters including the…
Merkel eyes 'grand coalition' with Social Democrats .
Holding discussions with ex-coalition partners Social Democrats in efforts to end a political impasse.
Merkel eyes 'grand coalition' with Social Democrats - Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday said she wanted to f...
UPDATE 2-Merkel points to grand coalition with Social Democrats - ,
And as the moderate social democrats in the party are weeded out through CLP c…
So Agree!! Why don't the Democrats shut down the government to save CHIP?! And Medicaid?! And Medicare?! An…
Merkel eyes 'grand coalition' with Social Democrats
Delighted to announce that the Social Democrats Candidate for the Roscommon/Galway Constituency in the Next General…
Merkel points to grand coalition with Social Democrats | Reuters
Merkel points to grand coalition with Social Democrats
Merkel’s pulling a rabbit out of her hat. Announces real possibility to build a “grand coalition” with her Social Democrats (S…
3/ We used to laugh about that line in my Reagan days, then robustly fund the social agencies that do…
Angela Merkel says calling a new election would be 'totally wrong' after Social Democrats throw her a lifeline
Merkel points to grand coalition with Social Democrats.
Germany's Merkel eyes Social Democrats in bid to form government
Fascinatingly, it’s instantly obvious that for the most part, “mainstream Social Democrats in the US” (to the extent there…
Merkel eyes 'grand coalition' with Social Democrats - FRANCE 24
BERLIN (Reuters) - The leader of Germany's Social Democrats came under growing pressure on Thursday to drop his opp…
Germany's Social Democrats have rejected a new coalition with Angela Merkel conservatives; call for fresh election…
Social Democrats in the Czech Republic are looking to take a more populist approach to entice voters in October https:/…
.and League of Social Democrats now occupy the golden bauhinia statue, saying they will stay over night waiting for…
What's left of Social Democrats lost elex in state of Schleswig-Holstein
What's left of the Social Democrats lost elections in state of Schleswig-Holstein.…
German conservatives edge ahead of Social Democrats in Emnid poll
What I loathe about Sweden's Social Democrats is that they have absolutely no ideas beyond hating business and taxing peopl…
Martin Schulz breathes new life into Germany's Social Democrats - The Economist
lots of more left Democrats now attacking Sanders on social media for Trump's wino
Democrats used the Justice Department as a pet project for "social justice warriors." That's over.
do you think the social Justice Democrats would back Brianna Wu's bid for congress?
ONE PERCENTAGE UNIT New poll in Germany: A breath of Social Democrats of Schulz from Merkel - via
I just watched Lord of the Flies(1990), great analogy of the descent of into social chaos. is officer at the end.
you are a nasty Social media activist - exact reason Democrats lost
Democrats demand answers from Trump after report on his national security advisor's contact with ...
Although it is also my fear that the Democrats are the one organization that could duff an authentic public groundswell f…
I hope the R's realize that this is going to cost a fortune in social services and they are turning an entire gener…
No, they want a party that consistently fights for social justice. If you want their support, try to make th…
Germany's Social Democrats narrow gap with conservatives: poll
.I hope Democrats continue to promote @ lsarsour as she’ll be a real vote winner in middle America.
Sure, just ignore that Democrats are mass-importing competition for jobs, wages, benefits, housing, and social services.
For the first time in a decade, Germany's Social Democrats lead Angela Merkel's conservatives in a national poll
Update your maps at Navteq
It's why Social Democrats killed Rosa Luxemburg; Italian Liberals wanted to imprison Gramsci; they are the left wing of fasc…
Romania’s leftist Social Democrats name ministers in new government
Rejecting CETA is a way for Social Democrats to gather support!
if you think Democrats are not freaked out about Trump I suggest you check social media between 10 PM-3 AM any time zone.
Romania's Social Democrats on track for landslide election win via
Romania's Social Democrats in strong lead in election 
Before Civil Rights, many of today's right wingers were Democrats who wanted whites only social programs.
Social-Democrats won Parliamentary elections and will form confortable majority with Liberal-oriented ALDE
Social Democrats appear to be winning elections in Romania -
Romania's Social Democrats easily win parliamentary elections- Far Right can be stopped. Austria now Romanina
Social democracy without social democrats: how can the left recover?
Despite all charges right leaning Social Democrats easily win parliamentary elections
"The second lesson is that, for the social democrats, playing centrist politics is self-defeating.". Maybe, it is th…
nationalists, Social Democrats, almost tied in parliamentary vote
Emphatic win for Social Democrats in Romania election, polls show - via
Hamilton Collection
nationalists, Social Democrats, almost tied in parliamentary vote via
election: Social Democrats leader Zaev told supporters that the opposition is currently leading by 1 MP https…
Romania’s Social Democrats on track for landslide election win.
A year after their PM was ousted by protests, Romania’s Social Democrats are back in business with election win https:/…
little reason for European progressives to celebrate: social-democrats have moved to right w lower taxes, anti-… Social-democrats get most votes, set to appoint new PM
Czech PM to reshuffle cabinet after Social Democrats' ... - Thomson Reuters Foundation
Social Democrats face challengers in Lithuania's election
They even booked under the name Social Democrats.
Kevin Higgins of the Social Democrats has blocked us and refuses to answers question about his parties plans to turn I…
Germany's Vice Chancellor and leader of the Social Democrats (SPD) Sigmar Gabriel has made light of rumours he was stepping down, say...
which used to be run by conservatives and Social Democrats, is split evenly between the Greens and Blues
another example of *** Wallace & Clare Daly speaking before Social Democrats in Dail because their party is bigger
I want my communication encrypted. I want it because the ruling Social Democrats are quickly turning into a blatant police state.
I see more Democrats slandering each other on social media, than I see Republicans saying anything at all.
Live Life Democrats Weak on Social Security Reform: We should scrap the 75-year financial-planning... To the full
Social Democrats that came out of Labour when Foot was leader in the 80's. Centre left party and will happen.
When you don't suffer a media black out and enjoy the benefits of social democracy the choice is clear:
Bernies not a democrats he a social democrats and that's pissing the DNC off he needs to run as a i…
Hey social democrats, independents, moderates, progressives and those who don't know, but know they aren't ring...
Shane Coleman contrasts how Green Party Ireland and the Social Democrats approach doing the necessary after
Democrats are so devious in their generosity of social services.
Blairite social democrats are so given to plots & sneakiness bc they so regularly never stand for anything besides their own access to power
On which basis, why haven't Labour joined the Social Democrats?
(Y)FGers:. Complain about the existence/policies of the Social Democrats. Complain that SocDems won't help them form coalition. Wat.
Introducing the Social Democrats' candidate for the Ag Panel
Democrats have allowed republicans to set back environmental, economic and social advancement simply
The Democrats, unlike bourgeosieified social democratic parties in Europe, have never had any connection to the working classes
Republicans are as *** backwards regarding social issues as Democrats are towards fiscal responsibility.
Democrats don't have a "base" at all, it's a coalition of different social groups, which should be a good thing
This NYC law shields illegal aliens who commit crimes |This what you get when you let the Social-Democrats Rule- http…
SD is not the correct shortening for Swedish Social Democrats. SD means "Sweden Democrats", ie racists and xenophobes
Many social democrats looking for new home have forgotten rich social democratic tradition of Lib Dems.
They're all Social Democrats, snake pit of psychopaths & their prostitute wives...nothing less is expected.
What an embarrassment of the Social Democrats is to that party!
Gloves are off. Former German interior minister says "Merkel wing" of CDU should join Social Democrats or Greens https…
The Right Baits the Left to Turn Against Hillary Clinton I believe it some of those Bernie bros gotta be paid trolls
No other country has a government like our You r confusing Social Democracies with US Oligarchy I'm sick of lo info Democrats
.Only social-democrats think that government can rise the wages. Wages and acquisitive power comes with free market.
Why is OK for liberals/democrats to call *** stupid on any social media while we are not doing anything?
| finding, reporting on economical loss (Republic) not social disfiguration (Democrats?). Read another Paper. | RED
Lets be honest the GOP is the party of the anti-social. Democrats should not be shy in making this a meme and we the opposite
Social Security reportedly has been the bank for endless "loans" to Congress. Even Democrats believe that.
Democrats voted to reduce Social Security benefits so they can pay for illegals
what other social justice programs can Democrats find 4 their fairness agenda. Maybe they will start on Free stuff 4 Dogs.
There' a good reason that the Republican establishment and the Democrats agree on amnesty: social security and...
talks about a revolution. Did u talk to --better than quoting HM Jr., u both being social democrats and all.
Workers rights so contentious among social democrats nowadays
Come on Peter ... why would Social Democrats seek to 'reclaim liberalism'? Whereas classical liberal tradition ...!
Is that the view of the Social Democrats as well ? Not sure how that will go down in upmarket Greystones ?
I mean Social Democrats as in Sanders supporters. Should've thrown "Blue Dog" Dems in there. And a lot of them are Trumpites.
No resting until Indian polity is dominated by the Leftists once again. The principal antagonism should be bw Social Democrats &
sought to use the Nazis as a mass movement that the military could use to fight the Social Democrats' mass movement.
Catherine Murphy, Social Democrats: What we will do to advance women’s rights in Ireland via excluded Un?
German budget row escalates with senior Social Democrats calling FinMin Schaeuble a hazard to the country
When removing constitutional protection of the unborn is priority for the Social Democrats why bother with a policy on the environment?
Parliamentary party to decide on future of Social Democrats.
DPS and the Social Democrats signed a coalition agreement in Podgorica. via
The Catholic Center couldn't fight the Communists. Neither could the conservatives or the Social Democrats. That task fell to the NSDAP.
.> no political capital. Unfortunately it seems the Social Democrats wants to not be outdone by DF. Meanwhile, polls say we >
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. the pragmatic thing to do is to return to 1982 Olof Palme tax levels; but the Social Democrats have turned blue
The Swedish leader of the Social Democrats, Olof Palme, having a speech to the people during the po…
Your voice need to be heard on the Social Democrats need to Fight human rights violation…
Berlin: Social Democrats propose spending euro3bn on refugee homes, employing 5000 young people to help refugees
. Labour is consigned to history. Social Democrats will sweep up a lot of left of centre in next election.
it could be down to ideology in Europe with it's once lw Social Democrats and the many cp's.
Horrid to see the way the hard left are treating more of this to come I fear. An attempt to purge moderates & social democrats :/
"Real Democrats or Social Democrats or whatever you want to call them believe that a capitalist market is a tool...
Left wing here is social Democrats :p. Right wing is conservative Republicans.
We social democrats should favour income redistribution, right? :). Celtic will always have a bigger budget. So don't complain!
Republican u can't hate *** & women u have to pick one. Democrats u can't control social media and blacks and Hispanics you have to pick 3
Not sure about new Social Democrats emerging in besr future.
32 parties and movements sign up to left wing GPP in to fight Dec. 6 election. From social democrats PPT to Communists PCV
I signed up to help the Social Democrats change Ireland – you can too here:
79% of likely voters – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – want to see Social Security benefits expanded, not cu…
no it's owned by its workers. And social democrats in the U.S. are left-wing capitalist, nothing close to communism.
It's official! As of today, the Social Democrats are entered on the Register of Pol Parties!
If Corbyn wins is natural home for liberally-minded social democrats committed to economic probity & justice. We want to win again
and what do the Social Democrats do if/when Corbyn wins? Leave? Go where? New organisation?.interesting times.
Labour just goes round in circles. Back to the days of exodus to the Social Democrats? Does no favours to its core voters.
.please STOP doing things like this. Social democrats should not behave like
(5) The URSP were aligned to the Ger Social Democrats which Hitler banned in 33. The URSP were dissolved by Stalin after he invaded PL in 39
have 2 run on social issues cuz their Marxist economic policies are destroying economic freedom & personal liberty.
on the contrary, him and Hillary are the only democrats breaking any ground on the social media front. we've heard little to
How Democrats want to make colleg... via |
Shock study: Most convicts, up to 73%, register as Democrats. Via American Academy of Political and Social Science ***
The reason the GOP always loses on Social issues is Democrats got government involved in them and owns it's control. Get gov't out of it.
They won't. Pray for a Republican President that has that guts and determination. The Democrats are for Social issues
If you agree that not one of those guys should ever be president, add your name:
social conservatives are a part of the base in my lifetime all southern states were solid democrats now solid GOP
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
as long as the GOP continues 2 try & rollback every social, financial & EPA program enacted by Democrats they'll never win WH
Social Democrats are on their way back then
I will, in fact it's reassuring to know sectarian social Democrats will leave the movement, you only hinder the workers
. All 3 main parties are currently Social Democrats. They all practice Social Democracy.
you do realise most Corbyn supporters are simply Keynesian social democrats? You're being a tad melodramatic 😂😂😂
Sanders in the US, Podemos, Syriza. 2008 has killed the social democrats.
Can Labour remain a "broad church" if Corbyn wins? Social Democrats will find many of his policies unpalatable
Social Democrats for Trump as an implicit wedge devise. will Sanders contribute to Clinton if he rolls snake eyes? lets discuss further...
Time for the Lib Dem revival. Perhaps part of the party will split off to join - the Social Liberal Democrats?
I smell the return of the Social Democrats.
Battle over Va. justice heats up as Democrats demand hearings
Social Media: How Democrats want to make college more affordable
Hmmm. Sorry to hear that and surprised especially re Social Democrats -
BREAKING: New party to be called Social Democrats. Here's their website
Pasok, a Social Democratic Party ruled Greece for most of that time. Are you claiming the Tories are Social Democrats now?
Social Democrats largest party according the Denmark exit poll, however centre-right blue bloc would have most seats
Germany's Social Democrats win parliamentary elections in Bremen but cede votes to Euroskeptics reports.
A Germany's Social Democrats suffer setback in state of Bremen: Berlin, Ra...
Germany&Social Democrats suffer setback in state of Bremen
DEUTSCHE WELLE: Early results indicate win for Social Democrats in Bremen election
I was thinking the same. They already ask non-English-speaking press to translate them as "Social Democrats".
Time for Vince Cable to split take Social Democrats home to and let neo-Con Liberals swing with Tories.
On the other hand: Internet money bubble, Social Democrats over Europe, dismantling Warsaw Pact. But Techno negates all.
Well well. Chancellor Merkel heads a 'grand coalition' of Christian and Social Democrats in the German Bundestag. Works too!
Activists march for real democracy - Around two dozens activists and members of the League of Social Democrats hav...
Man guilty of throwing egg at Financial Secretary: The Secretary-General of the League of Social Democrats, De...
After the Tories decamp to UKIP, so the Social Democrats decamp to the
Given your support for the Social Democrats, how much credit do you take for the current state of the Liberal Democrats?
According to DN, Social Democrats dropped union demands to tighten up companies' ability to recruit from abroad
New post: Sweden&Social Democrats reclaim power, as far right gains
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
A left-leaning coalition led by Sweden’s opposition Social Democrats defeated the incumbent center-right government in the September 14 general elections. The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats more than doubled their votes, to 12.9%, becoming the Nordic country's third-largest party and striving...
Sweden's Social Democrats reclaim power, as far right gainsDunya
Far-right is expected to make historic gains in general elections; Social Democrats poised to win - Sweden, Social Democrats, Far-right, European far-right
Social Democrats return to power in Sweden:
Top story: Linux and Open Source, BBC News - Sweden election: Social Democrats … see more
Top story: BBC News - Sweden election: Social Democrats may regain power see more
Stefan Löfvan's Social Democrats likely to top the poll despite leader's TV gaffe
Social Democrats return to power in Sweden via
After 8 years turning Sweden into a liberal success story, the Alliance (Alliansen) has left power. Unfortunately, the high-tax, high-spending Social Democrats will be heading back to power along with their leftist allies, although in a weak minority government. Another sad news from today: the anti-immigrant, nationalist Sweden Democrats doubled their share of the vote. Alliance PM Fredrik Reinfeldt paid the price for his pro-immigrant, pro-refugee policies and campaign, but it was the right thing to do. He leaves a freer, more open and stronger Sweden. Well done, Alliance! | Election results | Alliance (liberal center-right) 39.3% Red-Red-Green (center-left + far-left) 43.7% Sweden Democrats (far-right) 12.9%
Sweden shifts to left in parliamentary election: STOCKHOLM (AP) — Sweden's Social Democrats were pois...
To Barack Obama and unproductive social parasites are political allies deserving of other people’s money!
That last one should have read 'Social Democrats' Scott. They won the election :'( 😩
The election winner and leader of Sweden's Social Democrats says he will not work with the far right.
Free-market Sweden swept away as progressive feminists and greens plot political new - why not US? path via
Free-market era in Sweden swept away as feminists and greens plot new path
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Sweden Without Illusions by Petter Nilsson In the upcoming Swedish elections, despite continued popularity for the country’s welfare state, Left prospects are bleak. From a distance, the likely result of Sweden’s upcoming national election — victory for the Social Democrats (SAP) and their coalition…
Swedish Social Democrats form new Stockholm government with only 31% vote. Even with Green and Left support don't make 50%.
Free market era in Sweden swept away
Sweden’s Social Democrats reclaim power, as far right gains
Future PM Löfvén, Social Democrats, promises to not collaborate with the racist Sweden Democrats, who won 13% of the Sw…
In blue states, Democrats want more than social liberalism
Swedish left-wing bloc wins election - Social Democrats to lead new coalition - but far-right party score...
BBC NewsSweden election: Social Democrats rule out far-right pactBBC NewsThe leader of Sweden's Soc...
Election Throws Sweden Into Turmoil as Nationalists Advance Sweden’s election threw the nation’s political establishment into turmoil as backing for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats more than doubled, leaving the largest Nordic economy facing a hung parliament. The three-party Social Democratic opposition led byStefan Loefvenwon 43.7 percent, versus 39.3 percent for the four-party government of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, with 99.8 percent of the vote counted. The Sweden Democrats garnered 12.9 percent to become the third largest party. The result, which sent the krona lower, marks an end to eight years of rule by Reinfeldt’s conservative-led coalition, which delivered successive rounds of tax cuts without adding to Sweden’s debt. The premier said he will hand in his resignation today as the responsibility of forming a new government falls to the Social Democrats, which won the most votes. “We have a new unique parliamentary situation in Sweden,” Loefven said at an election-night pa ...
The leader of Sweden's Social Democrats says he will try to form a government after their election. win, but will...
Sweden votes with Social Democrats, far right seen gaining via val2014
Sweden election: Social Democrats rule out far-right pact - BBC News Vía
Far right surges in Sweden as Social Democrats reclaim power
Same issues as us. Rise of far Right ("Social Democrats")
Sweden: Left victory and rise of the extreme right in the legislative The Left Opposition Sweden won Sunday saw a historic rise of the extreme right, which should complicate the plans of the new prime minister elections. According to projections by public television SVT from the count in 57% of polling stations across the country, the Social Democrats are leading with 31.2% of votes. Such a result would allow their leader Stefan Löfven, 57, to be called to try to form a government. "It's very fun," told AFP the party secretary Carin Jämtin. But the former worker and union looks set to become the worst elected in the history of his party prime minister. The main reason is the dramatic increase in Sweden Democrats (SD, far right), who will become the third party in the country with some 13.0% of the vote, against 5.7% a four. It's another triumph for their president, Jimmie Åkesson, 35, who has made this once marginal anti-immigration training in the electorate, a force to reckon with. "We are very happy ...
remember: we were democratic and liberal German and Turkish intellectuals, some of us were Social Democrats, ...
Far behind Angela Merkel, German left leader plots party revival: The German political landscape is strewn with men who tried to take on Angela Merkel and failed. Sigmar Gabriel, the leader of the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), is working hard to avoid the same fate. Since the SPD's crushing defeat at the hands of Merkel's conservatives in an election lat September, no German politician has racked up as many political wins as the 54-year-old economy minister with keen political instincts and a knack for rousing speeches. Gabriel's importance lies in the fact that he is holding his party together in the face of Merkel's enduring popularity, a necessary first step towards giving the SPD another crack at power even though it still faces a long haul before voters will buy into that. In the aftermath of September's loss, he went out on a limb to convince his fractious party to join forces with the chancellor in a right-left "grand coalition", ultimately winning over his colleagues and securing policy conc ...
“Sweden's Social Democrats and their love of thugs… Former PM Olof Palme and Yasser Arafat.
A government report released in Berlin shows German arms exports rose by almost a quarter last year to over 5.8 billion euros in sales. The approval of the weapons exports took place under Angela Merkel's previous government, a coalition formed with the pro-business "Free Democrats." Individual export licenses for weapons, tanks and other military goods totaled over 5.8 billion euros, approximately $7.8 billion, in 2013, according to an arms export report revealed Wednesday in the German parliament. This represents an increase of 24 percent compared with the year before. The increase was due, in part, by approvals for exports to countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which critics accuse of human rights violations and undemocratic conditions. However, the approval of these exports was, for the most part, the responsibility of the former government made up of Chancellor Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) and the now-sidelined Free Democrats (FDP). Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, whose Social Democrats ...
Towards a new European polity? Social Democrats and the 2014 EP elections
The Liberal Democrats came out of the Social Democrats and the Liberals. But the Liberals began as a coalition of Peelites, Whigs and Radicals. Then there's Green Lib Dems, Orange Book Lib Dems, and solid local party campaigning 'winning here' Lib Dems. We've broken it all down into just four kinds:…
Angela Merkel is no fool and even the more naive-seeming German leaders are wising up to Putin. "...Merkel has offered a tougher than expected response, threatening broad-based sanctions that would do “massive” damage to the Russian economy. But it’s Steinmeier’s response, which has largely matched Merkel’s in forcefulness, that gives an indication that Germany’s strategy toward Russia may be undergoing more than just a temporary shift. It increasingly seems that Steinmeier and his fellow Social Democrats are intent on rethinking their traditionally conciliatory posture toward Russia, as well as the underlying foreign policy doctrine that informs it. If so, German foreign policy will be entering a new era..."
Ten days to election day. Social Democrats are Patria's progressive voice. Liberal is not a dirty word. Be proud of it.
Social Democrats crawling out of the woodwork to denounce Tony Benn and attack the left so soon after his death are rather sickening. I was never particularly influenced by him or by "old Labour" in general, but the likes of Shirley Williams and Polly Toynbee will be forgotten by history while Benn is remembered.
The candidates have been announced, time to decide who YOU support! Now that the biggest five European parties have elected their candidate for the Commission Presidency, it’s time for YOU to decide who to vote for! Every week we ask an MEP why you should vote for their party. This week we asked Indrek Tarand, Estonian MEP with the Greens and ex-Presidential Candidate for Estonia. How is the Greens ideology different, and can it bring other ideologies together? Do you agree with Indrek Tarand? To make your decision easier, we are comparing each political party manifesto in just 10 bullet points. We have already published the Greens, the Liberal Democrats, and the Social Democrats. Next one in line is the Centre-Right. Start reading and cast your vote now!
The former Foreign Secretary and founder of the breakaway Social Democrats pledged to back the party as leader Ed Miliband hauled it into the 21st Century
My next memory is a meeting room up by Odenplan on the north island. Iwould visit those offices many times in the following weeks. They were actually owned by the National Temperance Society, Verdandi, an organization of people who also seemed to have a social conscience. This was, indeed, very different from the USA I had left in 1965!  Even the religious organizations were active against the war.   Finally I was introduced to Hans-Göran Franck, a tall and distinguished man who mumbled everything he said, be it in Swedish or in English. Hans-Göran could have become the equivalent of Attorney General in the Social Democratic government but preferred instead to donate his time and talent to helping refugees.Back in his youth as a member of the young Social Democrats, it is reported that the equally young Olof Palme was critical of Hans-Göran as being too far to the Left politically. That is pretty impressive considering the politics of the future Prime Minister Palme.  We weren’t the first group Ha ...
From the Financial Times: Mapping out 2014 The Financial Times does not do horoscopes. But that does not mean we shy away from predicting the future. As in previous years, our experts are back with their crystal balls to shed light on the biggest questions of 2014. From the winner of next year’s football World Cup to the valuation of virtual currencies, there is little we do not have an answer for. Of course, the answers we give are not always right. Last year we failed to read the runes on Europe’s two main elections in 2013 – Italy and Germany. Quentin Peel anticipated that Angela Merkel would stay in power, but picked the wrong coalition partner – the Greens instead of the Social Democrats. Guy Dinmore – erroneously – plumped for Mario Monti to become Italy’s finance minister after the vote. Yet, on the global economy, our forecasts were mostly accurate. Martin Wolf was right that no major central bank would raise interest rates. Chris Giles astutely dismissed the idea that the UK would s ...
Germany's Merkel starts 3rd term in new coalition German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the German lower house of parliament Bundestag in Berlin December 18, 2013. Germany's Parliament has elected Chancellor Angela Merkel to a third term as the leader of Europe's biggest economic power, nearly three months after an awkward election result forced her to put together a new governing coalition. Merkel now heads a "grand coalition" of Germany's biggest parties, her conservative Union bloc and the center-left Social Democrats, which are traditional rivals. Parliament's lower house elected her yesterday as chancellor by 462 votes to 150, with nine abstentions The new government will move Germany somewhat leftward, for example introducing a national minimum wage, but will take a largely unchanged approach to Europe's debt crisis. It features Germany's first female defence minister, conservative Ursula von der Leyen, and sees former Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a Social Democrat, return to his ol ...
Angela Merkel has been confirmed as German chancellor for a third term, at the head of a grand coalition, by a vote in the Bundestag. The coalition between her centre-right CDU/CSU bloc and the Social Democrats has a huge majority, with 504 of the 631 seats in the lower house. Mrs Merkel was confirmed by 462 votes, with nine abstentions. Germany's tough stance on fiscal discipline is unlikely to change under the new coalition. The SPD's membership voted on Sunday to back the coalition after painstaking negotiations. The new government dominates parliament - 504 seats out of a total of 631. This means that the important arguments will be held between ministers within the government - rather than on the floor of the Bundestag. If Social Democrats, for example, want a softening of the financial discipline of the last few years, they would quickly bump against the ever-present Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, who remains in his post. The Social Democrats took a swipe at him in the election campaign, accu ...
Glad to see Germany's Social Democrats have agreed to join Angela Merkel's government. However, the proposed minimum wage is too high (1/2)
Everyone wins as Germany gets the coalition it longs for: The new Grand Coalition of Christian and Social Democrats has many familiar...
Social Democrats Secure a Third Term for Merkel: Germany’s center-left Social Democrats have voted heavily in favor of a new coalitio...
Moderates v New Democrats is getting like those late 80s by-elections where the Lib Dems and Social Democrats ran against each other
God bless the brave Third Way trying to "sensibly" cut social spending so that Wall St can have more
Democrats Blast Third Way Think Tank for pushing to privatize the Social Security
As with many issues of social and environmental justice, the American public is more ready for Congress to take...
Angela Merkel agrees to form German coalition with Social Democrats: Link to video: Germany: Angela Merkel signs coalition agreement ...
Democratic populists on the rise, Wall Street Democrats out in the open.
the work of social democrats, by and large. So blaming the "right" for EU austerity is, I think, too simple.
In 1924, the Social Democrats won the German election on December 7 against the Nazis and Communists.
Alan England - English Democrats More misguided social inference inflicted in the name of Islam; this time by two...
Checking out "Gov. Cuomo and Democrats said it's illegal, to pay over $100K to" on Holy Bible Social Network:
When they locked up the social democrats,. I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.
We see the GOP and now "Centrist Democrats" demanding cuts to Social Security, Instead of the title Centrist Dems I prefer the title WS Dems
Or even better, become practicing social democrats!
Confronting Hitler: German Social Democrats in Defense of the Weimar Republic, 1929-1933...
you've spoken well Mweshimiwa, equity for all occupants and residents of Kibera. Am confident in social democrats like you.
If Democrats are writing opeds about entitlements and investments, we the people are in more trouble than we thought.
yes,but Germany needs real free market,not wishy washy social Democrats
A bit of excitement in the shaping of Merkel's second Grand Coalition: young Social Democrats have voted against it.
Third Way is banksters pretending to be Democrats to steal our Social Security.
The Democrats need to be tied less to corporatocracy before I'll give them a serious listen, & I'm a social liberal/fiscal moderate.
Oh so now not only must we defend social safety net against Tea Party Trogs, but also "Democrats" because it's a popularity contest!
Social Security expansion now very real. Thanks, Third Way!
Sen. Warren leads the charge to protect Social Security w/ simple fix: high earners pay same rate as the rest of us. ht…
Cameron, Miliband and Clegg are all mainstream centrist social democrats: no far left or right present in government.
This is precisely the type of propaganda that Goebbels created against the social democrats in 1933.
Kindly delete source if sharing; thank you. MIW says, "Siao arh?" Subj: SWITZERLAND PROPOSES LINKING BOSSES' PAY WITH THAT OF LOWEST PAID EMPLOYEES Post date: 20 Nov 2013 - 8:43am Switzerland will vote on Sunday on whether to limit the salaries of top executives so they don’t earn more in a month than the lowest paid workers earn in a year, a move that could mean big pay cuts for business leaders earning millions. The so-called 1:12 initiative for Fair Pay, the latest attempt to narrow a growing wage gap in one of the world’s wealthiest nations, was brought about by the youth wing of the Social Democrats (JUSO), who gathered the 100,000 signatures needed to force a nationwide vote. Despite its high standard of living, Switzerland is a generally egalitarian country, increasingly unhappy with rising wealth inequality as wages of executives balloon while those of low-skilled workers lag. “After the Second World War the growth of salaries and wealth was more or less parallel,”JUSO President David Roth ...
BERLIN - Chancellor Angela Merkel clinched a coalition deal with the Social Democrats
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28.11.2013 : Today in Germany * UPDATE: Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed on Wednesday a hard-fought accord for a government with her main rivals the Social Democrats, which includes the creation of a minimum wage in Europe's top economy. * Former President Christian Wulff had a diary crammed with 800 meetings a year - but some were fake ones written in by his secretary to get him some free time, his corruption trial heard on Wednesday. * Fascists have failed in their attempt to claim the phrase 'Wir sind das Volk', famously used during the 1989 East German demonstrations which led to the collapse of the communist government. * A huge fire has caused millions of euros worth of damage to a Renaissance palace in central Germany, parts of which date back more than 1,000 years. Schloss Ehrenstein in Ordruf, Thuringia, was badly damaged in the blaze which broke out in the middle of the day on Tuesday. Half of the roof was completely destroyed, a police spokeswoman said.
agrees to form with Social Democrats via "COMPROMISE"
Conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel signed aprovisional government program with the center-left Social Democrats, which secured her a third term in office in exchange for policy ...
More than two months after German election, Angela Merkel's CDU agrees to form a coalition with the Social Democrats
German parties agree to introduce quota for women on boards Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD) agreed on Monday to introduce legislation requiring German companies to allot 30 percent of their non-executive board seats to women from 2016. Negotiators from the two sides are in talks to form a coalition government. They said the agreement would involve listed companies and those with a works council. Three weeks of coalition talks have made modest progress. Both sides are making concessions but the conservatives want their victory in September's election reflected in the deal. Germany introduced voluntary targets for women in top management positions in 2001, but little changed. In 2011 blue-chip companies agreed to try to boost women on boards, again through voluntary targets. The centre-left SPD had pushed for 40 percent women on boards in stages from 2021. The conservatives had resisted fixed targets. "This is an important signal to improve the career chances for wome ...
News updates : Sense of dread as German SPD eyes new Merkel coalition: LEIPZIG, Germany (Reuters) - If you want to know how rank-and-file Social Democrats (SPD) regard the prospect of another 'grand coalition' government under Chancellor Angela Merkel, look for the red hedgehog.
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's opposition Social Democrats have signaled their readiness to join Angela Merkel's conservatives in a right-left 'grand coalition' by jettisoning a key election demand for higher taxes on the rich. Two weeks after losing the election to Merkel, SPD leaders have stopped speaking disparagingly of becoming Merkel's junior partners again - a thankless supporting role the SPD filled in 2005-2009 and which they blamed for a plunge in support. However, it remains to be seen whether grassroots SPD members will back the moves towards a grand coalition, given their fears that the identity of Germany's oldest party could erode further in a government led by the popular Merkel. Her conservatives emerged as the dominant force on September 22 but fell short of a majority, winning 311 seats in the 630-seat parliament versus 192 for the SPD. The Greens, another potential partner for Merkel, got 63 seats and the radical Left 64. Keeping the pressure on the SPD, Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU ...
Coalition negotiations in German state of Hesse By Helmut Arens and Christoph Dreier 1 October 2013 A balance of forces emerged from the September 22 state election in Hesse similar to that in the federal election that took place on the same day. As a result, the state’s negotiations over a coalition have considerable significance for federal politics. A possible coalition between the Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and Left Party would not only set a precedent for a coalition on the federal level, it would also provide an important base for the social attacks of the next German government. Although the free market Free Democratic Party (FDP) was just able to enter the state parliament with 5 percent of the vote, the Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU’s) result of 38.3 percent meant that the previous ruling coalition (CDU and FDP) lost its majority. The same coalition possibilities have emerged as exist at a national level. The CDU could govern with the SPD, which received 30.7 percent, or the Greens, ...
Angela Merkel, elected to a third term as Germany's chancellor, is being typically reticent about her plans. But the smart money is on her forming a coalition with the Social Democrats.
GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS American v German Democrat Voters Angela Merkel Angela Merkel, Germany's first female chancellor, won re-election Sunday by an overwhelming margin -- the largest since Helmut Kohl's post-reunification victory of 1990. Merkel's right-leaning Christian Democrats defeated the opposition Social Democrat candidate, Peer Steinbrueck. The Christian Democrats, however, fell five seats short of winning an absolute majority in the 630-seat Bundestag -- Germany's lower parliament house -- leaving them in need of a coalition partner, which most likely will be the Social Democrats. Serving another four-year term means Merkel will eclipse Margaret Thatcher as Europe's longest-serving female head of state. What led to Merkel's victory? Well, economic austerity measures, which have left Germany, Europe's largest economy, with the lowest unemployment rate in almost two-decades, and the virtual elimination of the nation's budget deficit. So how are American and German voters different? A majority of ...
Blake Smith's insight: Berlin, Sep 23 (IANS) German Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday said she has already contacted the Social Democrats' (SPD) leadership on possible coalition negotiations but did not rule out talks with other potential coalition partners.
Third time unlucky? Headaches await Merkel in new term The breakdown in trust between Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel can be traced back to June 2010, when the leader of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) leaked a confidential text message the chancellor sent him to Der Spiegel magazine. A furious Merkel broke off contact with Gabriel for the months after the exchange, which concerned the choice of a candidate for president. The two eventually patched things up, but the episode reinforced the view in her entourage that the SPD chairman was not entirely reliable. Merkel, a discreet protestant pastor's daughter from East Germany, looks sure to win a third four-year term in an election on Sunday, making her one of only three post-war leaders to accomplish that feat, after Helmut Kohl and Konrad Adenauer. Yet there is a strong chance she will be forced into an uneasy "grand coalition" with Gabriel and the SPD. This right-left partnership between Germany's two big "Volksparteien" (people's parties) worked surpr ...
Exit polls: big win for Merkel allies in Bavaria: Germany's main opposition party, the Social Democrats, finis...
The word COMRADE!!! In the 1940's when the fathers of today's sons saw Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah used the work Comrade in an address to his fellows, they said he was referring to COMMUNISM and that the Osagyefo was a COMMUNIST!!! I enjoy the classification of Social Democrats as COMRADES!!! Call me a COMRADE!!!
Merkel's road to a third term could be rocky * Merkel holds big lead over SPD ahead of Sept 22 vote * Tough coalition talks seen if no centre-right majority * SPD still traumatised by "grand coalition" under Merkel * Some policy concessions may be needed to hold power The German election is still more than two months away but for many the vote's final chapter has already been written. Angela Merkel, it is widely assumed, is cruising to a third victory at the polls. When she wins, the thinking goes, there will be few, if any, major changes to German policy. The vote could well play out according to script. Merkel's conservatives hold a dominant 16-19 point lead over the next strongest party, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), and recent polls suggest she may be able to renew her centre-right coalition with the Free Democrats (FDP) after Sept. 22nd. But should she fail to secure a parliamentary majority with the FDP, the election aftermath is likely to be far messier than many casual observers of Germa ...
Fascist Neocons and totalitarian Social Democrats/communists have their tyrant hats on over Edward Snowdens likely escape from extradition. The bootlicking establishment media is out in full force this morning ready to criminalize free speech and NDAA the *** out of anyone who disagrees. "Espionage! Spies! Leakers!", The government pawns cry. But it's the GOVERNMENT that has been committing espionage against US! They are the spies! They are the leakers! Go, Edward! GO!
Germany's ruling coalition on course for re-election: poll German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and their junior coalition partner, the Free Democrats (FDP), are on course to win enough votes to form a narrow majority, a poll showed on Wednesday, before an election on September 22. Together with the FDP, Merkel's conservatives would take 46 percent of the vote in the parliamentary election, the Forsa poll showed. The three main opposition parties - the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the far-left Linke (Left) party - would get 45 percent. Merkel's center-right coalition has long held a lead over the SPD and Greens, which have ruled out a national government with the Linke party. The SPD fell 2 percentage points to 22 percent in the poll, lower than its 2009 election result of 23 percent, which was the party's worst post-war performance. The FDP gained one percentage point to hit 6 percent, rising above the 5 percent threshold needed to enter parliament. The Greens gained 2 percentage poi ...
社記做野!! Members of the League of Social Democrats gather at HSBC headquarters in Central before marching to the US consulate general in support of whistle-blower Edward Snowden yesterday. All the latest updates from SCMP: global updates:
Merkel urged to come clean on Greek debt risks * IMF says more Greek debt relief may be needed in 2014 * Opposition accuse Merkel of hiding Greek risks from voters * Merkel allies warn against "haircut" debate before election Germany's opposition Social Democrats demanded that Chancellor Angela Merkel come clean about the risk of losses on government loans to Greece before a looming election, after the IMF said Athens may require additional debt relief as early as next year. Carsten Schneider, budget expert for the SPD in parliament, accused Merkel and her Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble of being dishonest with voters by trying to push back a discussion of Germany's exposure to Greece until after the Sept. 22 vote. Back in December, euro zone finance ministers said "additional measures" may be required to ensure Greece meets a goal of bringing its debt down to 124 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020, but the details were left vague. In comments on Wednesday, International Monetary Fund eco ...
Germany said on Friday it had no knowledge of U.S. drone strikes being directed from its territory after media reports alleged that the U.S. military was steering attacks on Islamist guerrillas in Africa from German bases. The use of drones is highly controversial in Germany, where an aversion to military conflict has prevailed since World War Two, and the reports sparked a strong response from opposition parties hoping to score points against popular Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of a September election. Thomas Oppermann, parliamentary floor leader of the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), said German law prohibited targeted attacks outside of armed conflicts and demanded an explanation from the government. "The German government has no knowledge of such operations being planned or carried out by U.S. armed forces," Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told a regular government news conference. United States European Command (EUCOM) based in Stuttgart had no immediate comment on the matter when contact ...
Jewish Dominance Of America - Facts Are Facts By Jonathan Silverman 11-21-4 (Parts of this article are excerpted from one written by Erne Hume and first posted in 1999 before the Christian/Jewish Zionist Neocons took control of the base direction/decisions of the US government fronted by George W. Bush) The USA in 1999 is under that same degree of Jewish domination that Weimar Germany was under in 1929. Sir Arthur Bryant, a respected historian of the 1920s, wrote that although Jews comprised only 1% of the German population, in 1924 in the Reichstag they constituted a 25% of the Social Democrats. Jews controlled 57% of the metal trade, 22% of grain, and 39% of textiles. More than 50% of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce were Jewish, as were a spectacular 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the German Stock Exchange. Of the 29 legitimate theaters in Berlin, 23 had Jewish directors. Authorship was almost a Jewish monopoly. In 1931, of 144 film scripts worked, 119 were written by Jews and 77 produced by them. Look at ...
I am delighted to have been shortlisted as a candidate for Labour in the Euro Elections for the North West in 2014. Imagine a Britain where no-one is entitled to paid holidays, part-time workers have no rights, agency workers have no protection and maternity rights depend on the generosity of your employer... and that’s just a part of what we as Social Democrats are fighting to protect, rights born in the European Parliament, implemented by a Labour Government and under assault. And why aspire to be a European politician in the North West? Because as a Labour Movement in the region we are inspiring. On the doorstep last night in the Wirral by-election (congrats Phil!) with a Labour team ranging in age from 17 to over 70, then Knowsley CLP where I could not find the venue and a cleaner coming off an evening shift took me because I was still wearing a Labour sticker... and so it goes on. It was an absolute privilege to be a European candidate in the last election. After campaigning in every part of the re ...
Energy dispute heats up in Germany prior to the elections. The unfortunate Fukushima accident had caused a u-turn to Germany’s energy policy. After the nuclear disaster in Japan, Chancellor Angela Merkel formed a commission on nuclear energy, announced to gradually abandon all nuclear power plants and set ambitious green energy targets. "Energy Conversion” program which aims to transition Germany to renewable energy by 2050 has sparked debate among politicians before the elections this September. While the Green Party and Social Democrats have a common energy agenda, the Christian Democrats accuse the Greens of not transparently sharing the economic costs of the transition to green energy. So far solar and wind energy subsidies have revived these two sectors. However, subsidies are paid for by the public as they are reflected on the electricity bills. Therefore, the plans for capping solar subsidies are on the agenda. Furthermore, Germany's decision to shut down nuclear power plants has increased dema ...
I expect HE John Mahama to abolish the purchase of official vehicles above US$50k until further notice. As a sign of prudence and humility, I expect Social Democrats to manage with USD40k Toyota Fortuner or Hilux to help minimize poverty and improve standard of living instead of the US$100k "status of arrival" vehicles. After all how many ministers ever sat/drove Landcruisers before joining politics? Our country is severely in need of many basic essentials and I don't believe the solutions require the use of USD100k vehicles paid for by poor tax payers. It's time we all sacrificed for this nation.
Bothered about world politics!!! Here's the glimpses Politics this week! David Cameron gave a big speech on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union. The prime minister called for a radically leaner EU and promised to negotiate a new settlement that will be put before British voters (if he wins an election in 2015) in a referendum that will offer an “in” or “out” option. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, said she wanted a “fair compromise”: “Germany, and I personally, want Britain to be an important part and an active member” of the EU, she said. In Germany Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and its centre-right partners lost power in Lower Saxony, after the opposition Social Democrats and Greens narrowly won an election in the state (by just one seat). A general election in Germany is due in September. Greece brought criminal charges against Andreas Georgiou, the head of Elstat, the independent statistical agency, and two officials who were responsible for *** .. ...
Leon Trotsky (1879 - 1940) Trotsky was a key figure in the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia, second only to Vladimir Lenin in the early stages of Soviet communist rule. But he lost out to Joseph Stalin in the power struggle that followed Lenin's death, and was assassinated while in exile. Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein on 7 November 1879 in Yanovka, Ukraine, then part of Russia. His father was a prosperous Jewish farmer. Trotsky became involved in underground activities as a teenager. He was soon arrested, jailed and exiled to Siberia where he joined the Social Democratic Party. Eventually, he escaped Siberia and spent the majority of the next 15 years abroad, including a spell in London. In 1903, the Social Democrats split. While Lenin assumed leadership of the 'Bolshevik' (majority) faction, Trotsky became a member of the 'Menshevik' (minority) faction and developed his theory of 'permanent revolution'. After the outbreak of revolution in Petrograd in February 1917, he made his way back t ...
Die Linke, Germany's broad left party suffered a major setback in elections in the state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen in the table I have linked to) its vote fell from 7.1 to 2.3%. Because it did not surmount the 5% hurdle it lost all 11 of its seats. The vote for the Social Democrats rose 2.3% to 36.6% and the Greens 5.7% to 13.7%. The Pirate party did even worse than Left. The government is now Red(Sodical Democrats)-Green.
Substitute 1933 with 2013... In March 1933, with the Enabling Act passing by 444–94 (the remaining Social Democrats), the Reichstag changed the Weimar Constitution to allow Hitler's government to pass laws without parliamentary debate for a four-year period, even such deviating from other articles in the constitution (the Act, forming the legal basis for the regime, was subsequently renewed by Hitler's government in 1937 and 1941). Forthwith, throughout 1934, the Nazi Party ruthlessly eliminated all political opposition. The Enabling Act already had banned the Communists (KPD), the Social Democrats (SPD) were later dissolved in June, and in the June–July period, the Nationalists (DNVP), the People's Party (DVP) and the German State Party (DStP) were likewise obliged to disband. Former party members were urged to join the Nazi Party or else leave politics. Moreover, at the urging of Franz von Papen, the remaining Catholic Centre Party disbanded on 5 July 1933 after obtaining Nazi guarantees for Catholi ...
The narrow victory by the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens in the regional elections in Lower Saxony has given the center-left opposition momentum for the national election in September.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Monument to Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, Berlin, 1926. The annual commemoration grew out of the giant protest of German workers mourning Karl and Rosa, leftist Social Democrats who opposed World War One, who were murdered on 15 January 1919, two weeks after helping to found the Communist Party. It became a tradition during the era before Hitler, who had the beautiful memorial by Mies van der Rohe demolished.
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