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Soccer Mom

The phrase soccer mom broadly refers to a middle-class suburban woman who spends a significant amount of her time transporting her school-age children to their sporting events or other activities.

Happy Mother Happy Mothers Day Calum Hood Bruce Jenner

im reading this with an objective view, I really am Rochester Edward Rhett Faifax Butler from Soccer Mom lol
Unreal there's no snow on the road and there's a soccer mom in front of me literally going 15MPH
Looking like a soccer mom going into work tonight πŸ˜…
She looks like that one soccer mom that gets upset when her son is on the bench instead of playing
This kid look like a rich soccer mom. Can you stop dying your hair?
My siblings and mom are playing soccer inside. they have gone crazy
Sebastian actually has a pretty ok layout I feel like a proud soccer mom
This is True πŸ’― lookout that Soccer Mom is rlly a Narc πŸ’€πŸš”
Ava and I at the soccer match. Ellie and mom here too. We tailgates with the Matrix…
When you're 18 and already a soccer mom because your bf coaches a bunch of little kids..πŸ˜… Not ready for the mom life.
Forever looking like a soccer mom when I go out in public
I went to buy chinese food and while I was waiting two families came in the first was a soccer mom with two kids and a single parent with -
I really need to stop looking like a soccer mom in publicπŸ™„
White girls, do me one favor as yall get older. Never get that soccer mom *** haircut.
Old Navy is so frickin underrated I just got 3 sweaters for less than $20 I am truly a bargain hunting suburban soccer mom
Some *** is making fun of my dog at the park right now... I'm about readt to kick some soccer mom *** !! 😠
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I feel like a soccer mom with my short hair.
english people who use american words stress me out! soccer, mom. NO STOP IT
A team mom says goodbye to the book
mom: after seeing you do Zumba this morning you can't call yourself "gangster" anymore
.A team mom says goodbye to the book
Hillary Clinton is the soccer mom screaming at the coach, Bernie Sanders is the soccer mom that brings juice and orange slices for the team.
"aw that's cute, DeRitter's like the soccer teams mom" -
Goals: to be the mom dropping off her kids at soccer and volleyball in my m3 or wrangler
That moment when you realize that you drive a soccer mom vehicle ✊🏾
I'm dressed like a white mom ready to go to their kids soccer game
Watching soccer with my mom to find which team has the cutest boys
I literally turn into a competitive soccer mom at my little brothers soccer games
It's Mom not Mum. It's Chips not Crisps. It's Fries not Chips . It's Color not Colour . It's Soccer not Football . It's Foot…
Soccer mom fun this morning. It was great to see him play. .
From to mom, my tights do not disappoint! Got me through 25 F soccer game...
"You know what you remind me of... A soccer mom."
I can't believe you're taking your rabbit to class like a soccer mom or something
is she a"soccer mom" or does she actually know what she's talking about?Rather boring IMO
Mom says ima die young coz of how passionate I am about soccer
I'm soo happy my babyboy trying a new sport out!!SOCCER MOM HERE I COME LOL
my brother: daniela go check my last rt, it's hella nasty!!. mom: que?. me: no not that kinda nasty, Nasty like soccer nasty
I've been playing soccer for almost 8 years and other sports for 10 & my mom still doesn't support me in any of my athletics
I dont want kids but I bet in the future I'll be soccer mom driving kids to practice worrying abt the beef stroganoff getting cooked on time
A wife that is friends with all the other soccer mom's is a wife I want nothing to do with.
Michelle Obama Dressed as a Soccer Mom for Halloween: Being the first lady comes with a lot of...
I'm gonna get you a car sticker that says soccer mom πŸ’―
I'm okay with being a soccer mom if I'm soccer mom in a Range Rover.
I'm picking up Luke and Josh from the minions movie call me soccer mom of the year
I'm going to grow up to a feisty soccer mom lmao
My Future Athlete πŸ˜πŸ† Will she choose Soccer like mom or Softball…
Bachelorette tells Extra she wants to be a soccer mom ...
no. I look like a middle age soccer mom
My mom is mad im playing soccer inside the house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Me: *gets in car*. Mom: You know we're here for two more hours right?. Me: What?. Mom: James has soccer at the field. Me: What?
A random soccer mom just complimented my tattoo. So that made my day.
My moms ac broke in her car and she has a full on soccer mom car 😭😭😭
"Hold on..." She counts several times before rubbing her eyes, "Lyle is at soccer, mom is at Kennel club and... Daddy must-
This is the worst time to look like a soccer mom. -Robert Morales
When you tell ur students that'll you'll be like their cheerleader/soccer mom in college.. πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
My mom is just as excited for soccer season as I am 😁😁😁
The Metairie mom from the other team who got in a fight with the ref at your fourth grade soccer game
Sometimes I get sad about the life choices I've made but not "soccer mom with a neck tattoo" sad.
I'm killin the soccer mom look right now
Got told I looked like a soccer mom today so that's my week.
>Mom found our prior to when I did. >With holds the information and tells me I should go to soccer practice. Thanks
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm gonna become a soccer mom, no doubt
When he say wear something sexy, but all you have are tanktops, maxi skirts, and yoga pants.Like do you want soccer mom sexy?
Hello, my name is Sharron. I am a Christian mom with 3 kids (all in soccer!) and I LOVE the Minions! As a Christian mom, I believe they're-
Why is he a soccer mom fake laughing at another moms joke.. "Oh kelly, you. Are. A. Riot!"
My mom is coming home from work soon, and I forgot to cook the beans. Oooh she gonna kill me.
Mol, your Sarah as Beth cosplay is actually my new favourite (along with Soccer Mom Alison ofc) πŸ’—
Soccer Mom: on the pregnancy that inspired her second World Cup run.
Yeah, soccer season is back and this Soccer Mom is super excited. I am so glad to be coaching again... Let's do this Landon Mattson Boulton
Looking 4 a romantic interlude? Heart, Secret Life of a Soccer Mom & more
I aam like Soccer mom. I am rooting for everyone!
Talking to my mom about athletes. Mom: "I always liked soccer players best" πŸ˜‚
No artist/actress should tone down their style/music for some soccer mom with bad *** kids
Shot flatter than a white soccer mom in the 80's
S/o to for last night. She a top of the line soccer mom yall
β€œWhen your friend gives your mom a valentines flower and not you” Ms G deserved it 🌹
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"What did you do for Valentine's day". Me- well... My mom kicked me out, kidnapped a few dogs with Zoe, n played some yea πŸ†’
Of course my dad would stay home and watch the soccer game rather than go out with my step mom
My little brother be telling my mom he's beast at soccer ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
We found this hot soccer mom out shopping, she looked a little bored so
Just drove to 3 different restaurants to get dinner for the 5 kids I'm babysitting. You could say my soccer mom status is getting pretty bad
Ever since I cut my hair people say I look like a mom and ask what time the kids soccer game is at πŸ˜πŸ˜’
yall stop laughing at me! The Dodge place set me up with that soccer mom car πŸ˜’
im too much of a suburban soccer mom to go TREE camping! βœ‹
after days of telling my mom I was "dying" she asked me what soccer field I wanted my ashes dumped on
Lmao my mom is so *** But she's giving false advertisement about my soccer skills
...just let me watch my soccer mom TV drama shows please...
my mom just told me I have a new soccer thing tomorrow so I think I will have to take a rain check. we can try during the week tho
Soccer game on valentines day, my moms b-day is in 5 days and I dedicated my 5 goals to her for valentines & her b-day❀️I love you mom😘❀️
I accidentally ejaculated in my dentists mouth, what should I do ?
Movies, favorite shows, and my soccer games: perfect Valentine's day with momπŸ™
Richards taking his soccer mom car to town πŸ˜‚
Spending vday alonebc my parents are away&I have to take my brother to his soccer game in the morning lol (single) soccer mom status!!
Why can't I be on a select soccer team like come on mom and dad!
A woman at my bros soccer game told me a story about her dog dragging my mom through the mud. Classic!
I drive a 2007 Buick Rendezvous. I'm a soccer mom at best
Omg a mom just brought in like an entire soccer team to 50 shades
Hey soccer mom: your stick figure bumper sticker says "I love my family," but your driving says you want to kill them …
Mother looks like a punk rock princess, Ashlynn looks like a Californian hipster. And me, well.. I look like a friggin pastel soccer mom.
RIP to my mom's car, it smells like soccer
sometimes I catch myself chewing gum like a white soccer mom ...
I can't sit next to my mom at soccer games πŸ˜‚
Me: mmm check that *** out. Mom: *thinks I'm talking about soccer player*. Me: *actually looking at a nice *** car*. 😐
Mom: look at all these high school soccer players janelly. Me: oh hot...*while aggressively stuffing my face with hot cheetos*
Hope's hair looks like it belongs to a suburban white soccer mom
Date with mom because bae left me for soccer
Oooh well keep the soccer mom selfie
*starts breaking out in hives* . Mom: stay out of the grass. Well... We're at a soccer tournament and soccer is played in the grass πŸ˜‚
Of course Ahmad got VIP so I gotta wait on him like a soccer mom
"You have no chill when it comes to soccer games, You are gonna be an amazing soccer mom one dayπŸ˜‚" he's right.
"I just wanna have athletic kids and be a soccer mom.. is that too much to ask?" . -Me
"Let's go see Shampoo the whale kids!". "Mom is Shamu". "Whatever, let's go!" -soccer mom and her kid at SeaWorld today
"You know how soccer players try for a yellow card? Well I'm gonna go for a restraining order" -my mom
My mom is sending me pictures of pink soccer cleats to buy me, honestly why pink out of all the colors in the world
Lol I just had to help my mom😣 you're going on a date TF you look like you're going to a soccer game for!πŸ˜‚
Me: Why you don't want to go to the wake?. Mom: I want to watch my soccer. πŸ™
sike ima be in a bentley and she gonna be in a soccer mom can because I'm working my *** off for it now lmao
it's hard to believe grants music video comes out Monday. He's becoming so successful at such a young age. I feel like pr…
I remember spending $300 on a pair of soccer cleats and my mom almost got a heart attack πŸ˜‚
"When your mom tells you to clean out your soccer bag
out here in Hollywood Hills drinking chai tea w soccer mom
God *** there's another reindeer soccer mom
My mom says my years of soccer probably made pain down there less noticeable. I have a pretty high pain tolerance as well. bleh.
My mom got mad cause i used my new bra for my soccer game. Lol idgafπŸ˜‚
Like Tyler does the soccer mom arm save when we r standing by a pit and it makes me feel supes safe
I've got a small foam soccer ball tucked under my pillow ready for my mom when she decides to try to wake me up at some obscene time tmrw
my goal is to be a hot soccer mom! and I'll go watch them play in my g wagon! except for they can walk home I don't ne…
Hi its me again and my mom s your dads sister marta :) β€” Oohhh Now I remember. You have the soccer playing dog. ...
What does that even mean?? There are rules to women's hair length? What's the "Cutoff"? Over 30 has to be Unisex or Soccer Mom length?
when I'm a soccer mom I'm gonna drive a Tesla so I can put all the other soccer moms in check when I roll up to the field.
My mom used to get mad at me everytime I came home hurt from soccer practice that now I don't even tell her if I'm hurt or not πŸ˜’πŸ˜…
yOu look like a mom who's about to pick up their kid from soccer Pratice
Like I picked up my little sister and her friends from tae kwon do then took them to out for pizza I'm soccer mom af
Redheaded soccer mom with hard nipples gets the finger
Calum Hood, will you follow me if I become a soccer mom
This is the face of a boy with a soccer mom kink
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Calum Hood has a soccer mom kink. Pass it on
"You're gonna be a soccer mom and force your kids to go to church every Sunday" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ werd Hannah
Mrs. All American makes me think one of the boys have a soccer mom kink
βš½πŸ’πŸ”© - We don't talk much, but you're really nice. Good luck this soccer season. Make your mom proud. Hit me up if you ever need anything!☺
Honestly I would make a great mom because I LOVE APRONS, I make sick muffins & I'm super into reprimanding ppl as I pick them up from soccer
β€œI look like a soccer mom lol MI MAMI LINDA
Soccer Mom curated by Dannielle Tegeder - In response to Ken Johnson’s original review of Michelle...
Soccer Mom ish.cheering like Claire Huxtable and it's only practice.
University of Az fan club representing in Florida. Soccer Mom- The Final Season (plus my husband, cousin and...
Mike Milbury calls Pierre McGuire a "Soccer Mom" LOL! Best part "he's the king of Chicago, Jonathan Toews"
Brianna Lee McKenzie is Author of Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, Enchanted Heart, Grace of God, & more!
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Even with a tumor and torn tendon, my mom is still playing soccer. Happy Mother's Day momma❀️
Happy Mother's Day to my mom. She deals with me everyday taking me to soccer or lacrosse or band or…
I feel like a soccer mom with this hair cut
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I can help... had to check with my mom and I don't know about Christian yet.
This latina mom almost got slept at her son's soccer game. On my life, if Max didn't hold me back I would've gone to jail.
Capping off Mother's Day with winning our soccer game for the moms on my team. Sorry to the mom I jumped over to score a header..
S/O to my mother coming to my soccer game which was 2 hours away on Mother's Day. Best Mom Award
Ok so we lost that soccer game and I did a barrel roll but hey at least I got my mom some flowers
guys my mom has a soccer game Thursday everyone should go. especially the soccer girls.
Happy Mother's Day to the soccer mom out there She goes hard with her kids. Next, she just needs a mom van. βšΎοΈπŸ†πŸ‘
MY CAR my beautiful eloquently perfected hunk of metal WAS IN THE SHOP so i was driving around my soccer mom's soccer mom car
My mom gets to spend her Mother's Day at the soccer field ❀️⚽️
Happy Mother's Day to the best cook, the best butterfly kiss giver, the most amazing soccer mom, and…
The best thing about playing soccer is when Nick Perry's mom yells I'm her first favorite son ❀️
So I'm watching a mother's day movie where the mom cross dresses to coach her daughters soccer team. It's called Misogynistic Mom.
Happy Mother's Day to my hot soccer mom I wish we were painting our nails together instead of separated by half the country
Happy Soccer Mom's Day!. A big thanks to the greatest supporters group of all; they put all others to shame: Mothers.
Happy Mothers Day to some of the best soccer mom's around! ❀⚽
There was no soccer mom battle and I'm upset
Guns in our society.this is what they mean. Think twice before you buy a gun.
Watching soccer mom and look who I see
Shout out to my mom for putting up with the fact that i have had soccer on mothers day every year for the last 6 years πŸ˜‚βš½οΈ
I thought these kids were playing sand soccer and my mom corrected me. Turns out it was kick ball.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful soccer moms! Without your commitment of getting players to practice and games we would not have had such success! We also wanted to thank everyone who was able to come support the Whiplash and the Wild in their State Cup finals and after party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tracy!
The only time my mom and I really spend together is watching basketball/soccer games πŸ˜‚
thats true, almost forgot I was a soccer mom
Happy Mother's Day to all the soccer moms out there.
Nothing like watching your son's team playing soccer on Mom's day -forever committed! SBV Bristol!!
Thank you mom for coming to a soccer game on Mother's Day for the 8th year in a row πŸŽ‰βš½οΈβ€οΈ
USA national teamers send Mother's day greetings: . Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I love you more than ...
so fun to spend the day being your soccer mom. ;) great game. I love you!!
Happy Mother's Day soccer moms everywhere. Especially Luke and David's mom and my wife
Happy Mom's Day amazing mom who spent her Mother's Day at the soccer fields. I love ya so much.Thanks for everythingπŸ’–
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Get away from me driving that soccer mom van. I don't want you
My friends call me the soccer mom of our friend group because I always take care of everything for us…
Longtime soccer SID with mom. She brought him up right. Great guy with a deep seeded love for LSU
Asterisk: did u even see that movie, u soccer mom?
β€œShoutout to for being a future baseball/soccer mom. This is yor day!β€πŸ˜‚ thanks donuld
Picking up seniors from the mock wedding has me feeling like a mom picking up kids from soccer practice
the season is going to be over by then. That was a good joke though I'll give you that. I heard you got the soccer mom 3's yesterday
Happy Mother's Day to my mom, who put up with me skipping church to watch and talking soccer nonstop through her Mother's Day lunch.
Happy Mother's Day to my mother leebeaumont what a cool soccer mom you are this is us at…
I'm forever going to be mad at my mom for telling me I could do horse riding lessons if I quit soccer then didn't
My soccer player scored a goal for Mother's Day. When Mom is the coach, that is the ultimate gift.
Did your Mom drive you all over creation to soccer, band, t-ball practice?. Mine did. A tribute:.
I was a PTA mom. I was soccer mom. Now, I am the mom of a murdered son.:
Happy Mother's day to me bcs i'm secretly a soccer mom
Julio: I guess I should get something for u on Mother's Day. Me: why?I'm not a mom. Julio: ur goin to be the future mother of my kids thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thank you my sweet boy, I Lβ™₯VE you too ... with all my β™‘ :D Btw, great game today, nice win for Mom's Day!
Have you ever ran up the stairs really fast because you hear your mom yell "i got taco bell for you" and trip and smack your face? Just me?
When my mom keeps repeating herself..
Oh the passive aggressive banter between mom's on the sidelines of their child's soccer game
Thanks mom for letting me play baseball and not soccer
Happy Mothers Day to my mom who's taking my sister to the ER bc she cut her lip open at her soccer game..😢
Happy to all the mom's out there, especially the crazy soccer ones! We appreciate everything you do for us!…
Happy Mother's Day mom I broke your vase playing soccer in the house while you weren't home πŸ’›
Happy Mother's Day to my fav soccer mom⚽️😝
My mom told me I'm never allowed to play soccer again bc everything that happened this season πŸ˜‚
I feel jealous of all the families going out. my dad and brother have been watching soccer all day, my mom's mad, & I just wanna go back.
Soon it will be time to get my soccer mom chair in the car again, We will have baseball and football and soccer and concerts
Outdoor soccer in the day, dinner with the mom after, and indoor soccer finals tonight.
Me and my mom are watching soccer on mothers day. Does that make me a bad daughter?
I am one proud soccer mom. My son NEVER quits! I'm so proud of him and his efforts on the field despite our record this year! He ALWAYS shows up to play soccer! While it was tough to endure two losing seasons in a row, I'm thankful for the lessons in humility and losing gracefully that Tate learned. I hope he never forgets how it feels to repeatedly lose so that WHEN we begin to win, we will also WIN gracefully and humbly.
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Happy Mother's day to the mother of my kids Britney Devoe; crazy to think this is your fifth mother's day! love you you little soccer mom you :)
She works full time, is a soccer mom, cooks, cleans, works auctions part time and is helping raise our 18 month old son, and is raising a beautiful daughter I am amazed by you Brandi Davis Deighton! Happy Mothers Day!
Happy Mother's day to the Soccer Moms, the MILFs and the Cougars. They don't get as much love as they should get.
Happy Mother's Day to the loudest and best mother in Rockaway! My soccer Mom sister Jodi Green Colasurdo, I'm sorry what? I can't hear you...
Now I officially feel like a soccer Mom!
: Post I have seen several different types of mothers, to include what some would call "an unfit mother", a "soccer mom", a "down in the trenches" mom, a "responsible" mother... All are mothers to me, and regardless to the quantity of "motherly" acts, the quality of motherhood cannot be ignored, dismissed, or denied. The Truth is the Truth. To all the women, those who have made their final transition and those who are in the land of the living, who carried a child, thank you--even to those who were unable to or who chose not to carry and deliver, thank you--for being a participant in Life and its many cycles. It's general gratitude for specific greatness!
Happy Mother's Day to all of our Soccer Moms!
Happy Mother's Day to the shin pad finding, jersey washing, cheering soccer mom
No better place on earth for a Soccer Mom to be on Mother's Day! β€βš½πŸ’πŸ˜Ž Go Patriots!
I may not be the perfect soccer mom or can make homemade biscuits, but I can pray for my kids!! Thanks Pastor Greg for a great message this morning.
Happy Mothers Day too my baby Melisa Brinker ! My soccer mom/ baseball mom/ dance mom/ etc. Your a wonderful woman raising great kids too be great women. Hope your day is relaxing but I dont think mom's have those days! Either way enjoy I love you!
My rental to drive to Naples is a Buick Enclave... This thing is a monster. Also, I'm feel a little like a rich *** soccer mom.
I wish I could be a soccer mom one of those mom's that don't work n spend all there time on the house n kids y can't I be one of them
Happy Mothers Day to all you soccer moms!! 🌷🌹
To all the ladies out there that taxi football caravan...cook..waitress housekeeping...maid..teacher... doctor...last minute school project contractor..and that also answer to mom..mommy...mama..mother... chef..laundry .mama and even sometimes Dad..I say thank u for all the love u give..Happy Mother's day featured in NBC s Science of Love
Back to the fields we go... The ultimate definition of a soccer mom spending Mother's Day on the fields!!
Salute today to all the booger wipers, taxi drivers, soccer moms, chief's,house slaves, therapists, baby pushers, multitaskers, diaper changer, bill payer, wifeys, daddysπŸ˜„, I could go on help me out?. You all deserve thee best.
Sitting next to a loud obnoxious soccer mom.
Me as soccer mom. Happy Mother's/Daddy's Day to me. [also dating myself referring to Chap as Pele not Beckham or Ronaldo] Oi.
The best gift on Mother's Day for "crazy" soccer mom like me is won soccer game by Casper and his team
I want to wish all you beautiful mothers out there a very special mothers day!! Including you single father's. And an extra special mothers day to Danny Garcia whos been playing both mommy and daddy while I'm "takin a break". You have proven that if I were ever to go first, you'd make a great soccer mom ;) lol jk... Thank you my love for everything you have done for me and the kids. Especially this last week. I know it hasn't been easy but you have been an exceptional!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the great Soccer Moms that are part of San Ramon Soccer!
Today, I will NOT be a soccer mom. I don't care if it sounds selfish but today is about ME. Coaches should not schedule games on the one day where we actually get appreciated. Just sating. Lol
Hot pink Tball/Soccer mom chair, tons of new clothes and shoes, lovely cards, a home made calendar from Noah, and chocolate chip pancakes!! Why can't every day be Mothers Day??
Catch more Mommy Madness: Angela is shocked by her first day as a soccer mom, until her...
For 1,826 days I've loved, played chef, nurtured, kissed boo boo's, changed stinky diapers, clothed, participated in school programs, almost fought other little kids, chauffeured, kicked boogy men out from under the bed, soccer mom (literally), but lastly and most importantly I've made the 2 greatest friends for life ! My son's have molded me into a AWESOME mother & I thank them for that. Happy Mother'S DAY to all the mother's who wear more than one hat and get the job done !
Happy Mother's Day Ruth Libby the ultimate soccer mom - FOREVER!! Hope you are enjoying State Soccer Finals in Humble!!!
Happy Mother's Day from one soccer Mom to all the others!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the Soccer Moms out there!!!
No better place for a soccer mom to spend Mother's day than on a soccer field right? Our girls back on the pitch today a t Clifton looking to continue the good vibes. Play for mom today girls!
Happy Mothers Day to all the SSC soccer moms.
SSA thinks our soccer moms are the best. Happy Mother's Day to all of them.
Very proud Soccer Mom! She has worked so hard to be this fit... express away. . With dignity!
To the mothers out there... Happy Mothers Day!! We have been blessed with a responsibility to love, protect, care, and share our precious miracles from God with the world. Without the blessing, whether it is one or hundred, we wouldn't enjoy being exhausted, stressed, puked, pooped, peed, sneezed, coughed on, or smell from the lack of a shower or having our teeth not brushed. We wouldn't be able to conquer the role of wonder woman or soccer mom. We wouldn't make meals, fold the laundry, and scrub the toilets in a zombie like fashion. We wouldn't stay awake to fight away the boogie man. We wouldn't risk getting sick by kissing the fevers away. We wouldn't learn to use our eyes in the back of our head, or our hyper-sensitive hearing. We wouldn't grow from our mistakes, or fix the boo boos. We wouldn't expect our needs to be forgotten in order to see that warm smile and embrace that joyous laughter. We are spectacular in our own special way. May we sleep in the bubble bath. May we all pee for five minutes w ...
Soccer mom totally grabbed my frontal junk.then gave me a $10 lol Jackie Shapiro Johnny TattooBardc
Just saw a soccer mom van full of man hating single baby mothers turnt up...listening to K.Michelle Can't raise a man...
Soccer mom with kids sporting Spider-Man and Avengers shirts: Yeah, we're hardcore comic books geeks. We go see all the movies. Me: Do you guys read comics? Soccer Mom: Actually we do, the boys actually get a subscription to a few of their favorite titles. Me: Awesome! You guys must be stoked for Guardians of The Galaxy! Soccer Mom: Well actually, that is not really a comic book. Marvel actually created those characters specifically for the movies. Which is why I never heard of them until I saw the trailer Yes.this was a real conversation I had.
Well some say that our coach pushes our boys to hard and all he cares about is winning.Im just wondering how they feel now? I for one am extremely happy and proud of our coach (Jeff Pippin) He pushed them boys right into the final 4 state playoffs and very very close to a perfect season only loosing a few games which makes them winners! ! I call it teaching them to work hard for what they want and don't give up! So Im sure alot would agree for him to keep PUSHING!! Very proud to have been able to watch these boys make history! !! PROUD SOCCER MOM!
CHRIS: I'm just calling to see if the alterations for my suits are ready. MEN'S WEARHOUSE: What's your last name? CHRIS: Van Vechten MEN'S WEARHOUSE: Hold On (celine dion my heart will go on) "Near, Far, Wherever you are, and you'll MEN'S WEARHOUSE: SIr, how do you pronounce your name? CHRIS: "Van" like a moving truck or a car a soccer mom might drive; "Vek" and "ten" as in the number 10. MEN'S WEARHOUSE: Thank you, one second (bagpipes and moaning) MEN'S WEARHOUSE: Sir, would you mind spelling your last name? CHRIS: V-A-N; second word V-E-C-H-T-E-N MEN'S WEARHOUSE: "B" as in "Boy"? CHRIS: NO! V as in Victor; A as in Apple; N as in November; - new word. V as in Victor, E as in Echo, C as in Charlie, H as in Houston, T as in Tennessee, E as in Echo and N as in November. MEN'S WEARHOUSE: Got it. One second. CELINE: "In my life we'll always go on"
Playing "soccer mom" today for my little brother. Trying to keep a little toddler happy while all he wants to do is running and kick his own ball into the net πŸ™ˆ it's a struggle continuously being a dedicated mom, but I wouldn't trade it in for the world ❀️
Crushing the elliptical machine like a Frontenac soccer mom.
I understand how the term Soccer Mom came into being, but it's very dated now. Especially in a hyper-patriotic, post-9/11 America. I submit that we start calling them Call of Duty Moms.
Heading to the Luchka Obrien Classic tonight to play soccer mom for TG Athlete Darnell Williams and Jody Kendall and watch all the incredible physiques on display
This "soccer Mom" is worn out - going to take a short nap this afternoon! Had so much fun watching Little Man get excited with each goal he scored! He has improved so much over last year! This year should be a year to watch as he comes into his own game!
Well I guess I get to be a soccer mom for a bit lol got a 2014 Dodge Caravan to drive.
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Adding a new hat to my collection today - coaching Kolton's baseball team! I always swore I would never be a soccer mom, sitting in the rain watching my kids! Well, I stayed true to half of that!! Here I am, sitting in the rain, cheering on my kids!!! Oh, the things we do for our kids! !! Can't think of a better way to enjoy my Mother's Day weekend!!!
I love being a soccer mom on this Mother's Day weekend.
Soccer momming again! It seems that Judah can't get rid of his wedgie...oh that boy...
Amazed at the talent the Lynx have on their team! They broke out with an 8-1 win today over Jersey Shore. These little men bring a big game. My guy pulled off 2 goals, and three saves. This soccer mom is proud of all these kids!
Gatorade, team snack, uniform... Soccer mom problems
Feeling like a bonafide soccer mom this AM- on our way to soccer, I have my coffee, yoga pants, and sunglasses!
Sending a huge shout out to my big cousin in Florida πŸ’– πŸ’– Rita Williams πŸ’– πŸ’– she is graduating with her Associates Degree today. Through much perseverance, being a military wife, a full time working soccer Mom - she did it..didn't stop or give up!! So proud of you!! Next is that Bachelors girl. You are such a positive role model to others and especially to your kids..they now see the end result of dedication and hard work. Love you!
I'm loving this soccer mom thing! (Just insert the surburban in place of the minivan) 😜
Bringing my soccer mom vehicle for the day on Saturday
I'm more of a soccer mom...just saying
and today I will begrudgingly spend most of my Saturday being an effing soccer Mom...yes, that's right...BOTH kids in soccer. Connor's game in Bville at 11:30 at McNamara and Chance's across town at a different field at 2pm (near the Bud plant?)..giggle quietly...I can hear you.
The winner for the FREE Soccer Mom shirt was Kristin Todd!!
Justin Gomez this why I hate riding with you Brother nicest soccer mom car in town and the dirtiest inside lmao !
Soccer mom HUCK! Catches mad air!!! Borrowed from Huckfest, head over and check them out! PREDATOR-RIDES -JC
Proud soccer mom right now. Logan did awesome considering yesterday he said he wasn't going to play! Took a little time and mommy on the field to break open his shell.
I dropped off my rental yesterday and picked up my car, after 31 days. I was so happy to get my car back. But after driving it these couple days, I miss the truck. People don't move out of my way in my "soccer mom" crossover like they do in that big *** truck! I think I need it back. For road respect. That's important! ;)
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