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Snoop Lion

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. (born October 20, 1971), best known by his stage name Snoop Dogg (formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg) and now also using an alter ego pseudonym Snoop Lion, is an American rapper, record producer, and actor.

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lol lol lol lol lol lol our deficit is higher than Snoop Lion
Y'all remember when Snoop Dogg tried to change his name to snoop lion?
2016 was great! Snoop Dogg gave up on calling himself Snoop Lion.
Snoop Dogg/lion/whatever needs to pack it up and retire
The best argument to legalize weed is how happy Snoop Lion is ALL THE TIME!
2017 has not been kind to Snoop Lion. Or any of these 70 year old rappers.
please bring back Snoop Lion in 2017. Make America Raggae Again.
(literally my first thought when Snoop Dog announced he was now Snoop Lion was "I COULD HAVE USED THAT!")
My new year's resolution is to start a diet on January 1st 2018.
Did Snoop Dog change is name to snoop lion?!?!?
You guys remember when Snoop Dogg changed his name to snoop lion
Someone look after David Attenborough, Angela Landsbury and Snoop Dog/Lion we don't need anymore deaths thank you 2016
But I also think rappers Snoop Dogg and snoop lion give them a run for their money
With this GN! . Snoop Lion - Ashtrays and Heartbreaks ft. Miley Cyrus
so you basically MS Cleo or Snoop Lion
Snoop Lion(at the time) and Ryan Reynolds smoking a fatty. I got to hit it and ride off on the pink unicorn. I was Asleep
Eddy Murphy and Snoop Lion have a song together and it's πŸ”₯
Can we get Snoop to do this every week
I love how out of place Snoop Doggy Dogg Lion Zilla looked there.
Remember when nobody took Snoop Lion seriously... Yet No Guns Allowed was Snoop's best song ever.
Ayy Snoop Dogg is for the kids lmao
If I were a lion, I'd want to be a snoop lion
My vocal range be higher than snoop lion
I liked a video GGN Larry King & Snoop Dogg AKA Lion in SnoopaVision
No *** Want to be a Dog 🐢 Forever Trust me . Look at Snoop He a Lion 🐯 Now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I loved snoop even in his lion phase. that's tru love
This snoop lion album so much better than I expected, mad I took so long to listen
Honest question: whatever happened with Snoop Lion?
Snoop Lion made an appearance in my dream last night lololol
I did not know Sasha Banks and Snoop lion was cousins
please don't let your famous cousin Snoop Dogg Lion perform your theme song live
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Snoop Dogg (or Lion or whatever) hasn't updated his bio with WWE Hall of Famer yet.
have you heard his snoop lion album? It's pretty decent
Snoop Lion - Tired of Running [Music Video]. Check out this video on YouTube:.
So... Is Snoop Dogg still doing this Snoop Lion ting or nah??. Serious Question
Snoop Lion (Dogg) has created a community gardening project called "Mind Gardens" to provide fruits and vegetables to children worldwide.
Skipping hella scenes and having Snoop Dog or snoop lion cursing in movies that he not even in, lol.
he's actually snoop lion now but I couldn't bring myself to type that. RIP
Maybe he's only familiar with Snoop Lion
"Ashtrays and heartbreaks. I lost some, let's toast to one. So put 'em high, let's reminisce.." Snoop Lion ft Miley Cyrus
Girls are so dumb when it comes to guys. It's sad
Kinda late but I like the music snoop made as snoop lion
this is the good good, this is what people look all their lifes to find, and baby we found it, right on time! -Snoop Lion.
I just signed this petition to change Snoop Lion's name back to "Snoop Dog" on
Fug the Oscars and Grammys. I been boycott them.--What is you Scurred? Well Snoop Dogg Lion apparently is not.
Kraftwerk 3D headlining Movement fest this year. Guess that whole Snoop Lion fiasco from last year didn't go the way they originally hoped
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Somebody help: is he called Snoop Lion still or what?
Lol F..k the oscars and Grammy awards. Signed. Snoop Lion
dogg*, and it ain't even that anymore, it's Snoop Lion πŸ˜‚
Snoop lion look like my momma yellin at me on saturdaze wit that scarf on
Snoop Lion - Ashtrays and Heartbreaks ft. Miley Cyrus via
no one wants to call him Snoop Lion, Reg! He did the right thing
Just watched snoop lion and Martha Stewart make mashed potatoes πŸ’€.
I can't bring myself to refer to Mos Def as Yasiin Bey. Puffy is still Puffy and Snoop Dogg ain't never gonna be a lion.
With apologies to Snoop Dogg/Lion/Beast--"Guess who back in the motherlovin' house."
Snoop Lion, me and you should chief.
Why can't snoop lion have a snapchat
it's Snoop Lion now get yo facts straight
Arnold Schwarzenegger - January 2014: IamArnold. AMA 2.0. Would you ever hang out with Snoop Lion if he asked...
Snoop Dogg - or Snoop Lion art from a few years back by me - via
If I become famous, I'm gonna change my name like Snoop Lion, Chad Ochocinco, and Meta World Peace
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Snoop lion - ashtrays and heartbreaks ft. Miley Cyrus.
I'm so into that REINCARNATED Album!! Continue to SHINEπŸ‘‘ SNOOP LION!!πŸ‘‘πŸ’›
I've seen the same Snoop Lion meme on ig posted by like 5 different ppl
Would 1993 Snoop Doggy Dogg believe me if I told him that 2015 Snoop Lion would be in an Old Navy commercial with Elaine from Seinfeld?
You want to end the violence? Legalize weed and play No Guns Allowed by Snoop Lion and Drake and everyone will mellow out. Guaranteed.
Why is Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion/Snoopzilla in Old Navy commercials? I can't think of anything more random.
I'll never get upset over a dentist poaching a lion. Unless it's Snoop Lion. That'd be wrong. He's actually useful. Unlike, you know, lions.
She had fave looking like Snoop Lion and expects not to care! Bye!
" my diary. For my fillins" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ crying love me some snoop lion dog🦁🐢
whoa, there's two Snoop Doggs and a snoop lion in this song :O
Pitch Perfect 2. When can I get my hands on Snoop Dogg/Lion's Christmas album??
Why is Snoop Dogg/ Snoop Lion/Snoopzilla the radio endorsement for Old Navy
//Thru all of the negativity in the world right now I decided to flip a song that is all about positivity and peace.
thats nothing. I want to be snoop lion and smoke 81 blunts every day
Remember when Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion and then back again? πŸ˜‚
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A new favorite: Lighters Up f. Mavado & Popcaan by on
Rejuvenation (the Snoop Lion documentary) is brilliant. what a lovely man. Diplo at the controls plus Bunny Wailer
Just watched a documentary on Snoop Lion.
I'm a few years late but Reincarnated by Snoop Lion is life changing.
You are have a roar of a lion on the stage, and the heart of a lion off it.
Idk if snoop lion look like a dark skinned wizkhalifa or if wiz Khalifa look like a light skinned snoop lion.
thank you snoop lion! I miss you and your russian jumping skills we need to have an actual reunion soonπŸŒΈπŸ’˜πŸ’˜
Congrats to my boy Snoop Lion gettin that Old Navy national ad money. Dude is set for life now
Never thought I'd see that day that Snoop Lion is the Old Navy spokesman lol. Wow.
Or Snoop Lion or whatever he's called
Remember those 10 months Snoop Dogg was snoop lion did reggae and said he was bob marley reincarnated. My *** be hig…
w/Snoop Lion, Black Uhuru and More in Scottsdale on Sept 4-6! Tix on sale now:
Snoop Lion should never book a Corporate gig at the American Dental Association annual conference
does anybody else remember when made us call him Snoop Lion and nobody did .
Snoop lion looks a lot like Snoop Dogg
Goin to practice in my Snoop Lion cleats this morning
Snoop Dogg, better today known as Snoopzilla (Yes, he changed his name again) turns 42 today!
What happened to the reincarnation of Snoop Dogg A.K.A Snoop Lion?
Old man smoking his bong. They call him snoop lion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kay your avi kills me bout snoop lion lmao
I'm just glad Uncle Snoop is off that lion weed.
When do they play their famous Snoop Lion cover? I'll come out for that.
Is Snoop Dogg still going by Snoop Lion or is he over that phase already?
"Money makes a man and that's a crime" - Snoop Lion
Hungry Lion is cheaper, But its not nice ''Hungry Lion is a friend πŸ˜‚ "Bruh "Streetwise Two is N$34.90
Snoop Dogg repackaged himself as Snoop Lion. and then went on to become Snoop Carrot. The first rapper who is also a raw carrot
Something is wrong, Mitt Romney just picked Snoop Lion as his running mate.
Snoop Lion - Smoke The Weed ft. Collie Buddz [Music Video] via smoke the weed everyday like me!
Jakob Krug can rap any Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion song. He's also performing at
Next Monday I'm only listening to Curren$y, Wiz, Snoop Lion and Smoke DZA
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
. Snoop Dogg will be so proud. Oh wait he changed his name to Snoop Lion.. Whattt?!!
"Money makes a man and then, a crime. I just wanna get lost in the clouds" Snoop Lion
That's not how he sounds. His name is Snoop Lion now.
jason deerulo renna. With snoop dizzle. Except it's lion now.
"Did Snoop Dogg really change his name? . Or is Snoop Lion" omg πŸ˜‚
"Snoop Lion" was the biggest publicity stunt ever and everyone ate it up.
Soo is Snoop Dogg not going by Snoop Lion anymore...?
*Reincarnated something like that it's with Snoop Dogg rise into snoop Lion
Snoop Dogg (Lion) released a smoke-able book called β€œRolling Words” - You can tear the pages out and use them as rolling paper.
Smoke the weed, everyday. Don't smoke the seeds, no wayπŸπŸ€ β™« Smoke the Weed (feat. Collie Buddz) by Snoop Lion β€”
This is my jam: Ashtrays and Heartbreaks by Snoop Lion feat. Miley Cyrus on Ridin' High (feat
You make be a lord. But here come's the king 🎢 . Snoop Lion :3
Can't sleep. So I might as well take a listen to Snoop Lion
well he was snoop lion for a while. He'll prolly be snoop neko at some point
Since when did go from Snoop Lion back to Snoop Dogg?
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Snoop Lion tyme to soar high in the skies β™« Snoop Lion
First, he was Snoop Dogg. Then, he was Snoop Lion. Now, he's Snoop Bunny
miss you more im hella baked wish I was w/ you listening to snoop lion πŸ’“
Texas trooper gets counseling as punishment for taking pic with Snoop Dogg (aka: Snoop Lion)
Is anyone else mad that Snoop Dogg changed to Snoop Lion, then changed back when he flopped? Like we're gonna let him live that down?
Thankful that snoop lion isn't a thing anymore
Just wondering if Snoop Dogg's new name is snoop lion. Lmk if you have any info
I just need to listen to aka snoop lion to mellow me out
The only person who actually likes this song is Snoop Lion and he's dead.
Why is Snoop Dog calling himself snoop lion like I don't understand what's going on he is to old to be changing stuff up
On the low that reincarnated album by snoop lion is pretty dope.
When you change your name to Snoop Lion, everyone still calls you Snoop Dogg.
Snoop Lion changed his name back to Snoop Dog because his "reggae hat" was itchy.
Why is ur pic a photo of snoop lion on the iron throne
right !? I feel like changing it to Snoop Lion was a dumb idea in the first place so I'm wondering if he switched back !
Is it still Snoop Lion or is he back to Snoop Dogg ?
Snoop Dogg was Snoop Lion for like what? 4Minutes?
Wait, did Snoop Lion become Snoop Dogg again? Guess he's chosen House Stark over House Lannister, then.
I respect the *** outta u! Just don't think trash talkin someone like me is a good idea! Kinda like Snoop Lion!
Last night I had a dream I flew to Australia and Snoop Dogg (Lion) was the pilot.
kaelin took my glasses last night & I think it was just Bc I couldn't see but someone was snoop lion for about 2 secs πŸ˜‚
I liked a video Snoop Lion - Here Comes the King ft. Angela Hunte
This Snoop Lion is actually pretty decent. The song with Movado is fire !!
So I'm assuming snoop lion just wasn't as popular as
Snoop Lion (Dogg) states that he gave up "pimping" in 2004, so he could spend more time with his family.
When did you first start listening to Snoop Dogg? Back in the Death Row days or his No Limit Records days? Or more recently Snoop Lion?
buuteeq is now A better name change than Ron Artest to Metta World Peace or Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, we think
Big solo tune in 2015 :) Combination with Snoop Lion in 2013, but do you remember Eddie Murphy's combination with... http:…
Visiting the "checkpoint of no return" that has busted Willie Nelson, Snoop Lion, and Fiona Apple
Music career AKA ventured for a solo career with hits like "Mistakes", "In My Walk" and "Do It" with the latter making it to number 1 on the South African 5FM Top 40. [2] He won Metro FM Music Awards for "Best Newcomer", "Best Hip Hop" as a solo act and "Best Produced Album" for his debut Altar Ego .[1] It is then that he was dubbed "Prince of South African Rap" by one of the national newspapers.[5] He also won "Best Dressed man" during the GQ Awards in South Africa alongside Oscar Pistorius .[4] In 2011 AKA's song "Victory Lap" won Channel O's Most Gifted Hip- Hop Video at the 7th annual Channel O Music Video Awards and at the 18th South African Music Awards AKA was awarded Male Artist of the Year and Best Street Urban Music Album.[6] The rapper went say β€œWinning the awards has been a big honour and it is very humbling. The Male Artist of the Year award has made me see myself as a musician across all genres and not just a hip-hop artist,”. AKA has opened for Kanye West, Snoop Lion, Rick Ross, 2 Chain ...
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β€œSnoop Lion says that only Willie Nelson has ever out smoked him.” And the tin man has a sheet-metal ***
Bunny Wailer has excommunicated Snoop Lion from the Rastafari Community, ! Thanks Bunny, rasta is a serious ting.
Don't ever forgot TI was caught wit this ... Snoop Lion told Snoop Dogg to chill before we all dead
Am I the only one concerned for Snoop Lion's health? Him and Afro Jack puttin drinks in ther air and smoking on fat donkeys? DONKEYS?!
From black Snoop Dogg, to Rastafarian Snoop Lion, and Snoopzilla. Now to white Todd..
Lil' John, Snoop Lion, and Trey Songz ALL in one weekend. I had a blast.
Don't forget he's Snoop Lion now. And.what!!! No way! I wonder if he rapped at the reception.
hello snoop how are you and family, snoop you check out Milton Henry YouTube. Jamaican artist. Love you snoop lion
DBL? did he officially change his name to *** Lion (a la Snoop Lion)? If so, I approve.
I find comfort in knowing that Snoop Lion watches
If I was a rapper my name would be A.K.A. just to confuse everyone. Featuring Snoop Lion A.K.A. Snoop Dogg? Do they mean me A.K.A. A.K.A?
On the road to the riches wit some Snoop Lion in the ears. β€” traveling to New York, New York
Remember last summer when snoop went by snoop lion? Lol
Snoop Lion's smile is so amazing. He is so chill like *** man!
Just like Snoop, we've become Lion! Follow our new page cause this one will soon be no more. Lion Coffee +...
So Snoop Lion/dog is a professional featuring artist now?
So he again changed from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion now his white Todd
When is Snoop Lion's next name change due ...?
News: Glasgow.. | Gig review: Snoop Lion, Glasgow O2 Academy: ... of the man born Calvin Broadus Jr. But the m...
Prolific producer has worked with International stars such as Big Sean, Idris Elba, Snoop Lion, an…
The new generation's version of "America's Funniest Home Videos" takes viral videos to a new level on MTV's RIDICULOUSNESS. Returning for season 4 with 22 hilarious episodes, host Rob Dyrdek along with co-hosts Sterling "Steelo" Brim and Chanel "West Coast" will introduce hilarious new categories including "Getting Zombied" and "Heavy Leg Syndrome." The show is amping up the celebrity guest host roster, featuring appearances by Snoop Lion, Nick Swardson, Michael B. Jordan, Derek Hough, Jenna Marbles, Guy Fieri, and more. AFN|xtra 7:30pm CET/JKT Wednesdays.
Still can't believe Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion. Fckn dumb πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"The Good Good" music video by Snoop Lion is a continuation of Snoop's new commercial. The video features the Broadus family (Shante "BossLady"...
Smoke the Weed!! Not the Seeds. Kick back and enjoy this banger by snoop lion. I take no credit for this video but am posting it so you can chill. "Smoke The...
Dusty Crates - For all of you who missed Snoop Lion, psssh. Dont fret! Dusty Crates have...
β€œI kid you not Nicolette is one of the funniest humans aliveβ€πŸ™Œ
Anyone have an opinion on Snoop Lion?
Looks like Snoop Lion tasted Guy Fieri's new dish, a cheesecake covered in potato chips and pretzels.
there's a new song out with Snoop Lion...worst one yet. πŸ˜’
Some guy walked by me lookin like snoop lion... Like ?? Twins
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Jamming that snoop lion cuz it's summer time people
Snoop lion: Smoke the weed it. Som do crlh...
excuse me, when referencing that documentary, I should refer to him as snoop lion.
How is my baby Snoop Lion?! I miss him Alisha Nichole Jeremiah Walker 🐢
*** straight, shout outs to Dr Dre and Snoop Lion for the inspiration
Wow. Just got a phone call from snoop lion wishing me a happy Mother's Day. I wish I could have recorded that because I know no one is going to believe me. Thank you Herman Watson and Rappin4tay I know it was because of you that I got that phone call.
We play in Long Beach tonight! ...bittersweet... its the last show of our tour with Fortunate Youth... Get to DiPiazzas tonight if you're in so cal... LBC is where the party at! Just ask Snoop Lion!
u can blame that on them so called celebs like snoop weak(Lion) and dwade along with others
Dr. Dre Γ  billioniar, Diddy a Dr., Snoop Dog a lion. *** whats next... I hit it big on the lottery.. lol
Don't tell the school Snoop Lion's passing out some stuff...ahem ahem.
It's funny cuz I bet most of you don't know the last album Snoop LION came out with...
Idgaf about Snoop Dogg give me snoop lion
Who is this cool guy? Is that Snoop Dog, or lion whichever tickles your balls. LOL
Aye fun fact: my older sister smoked weed with snoop lion 😏
His names Snoop Lion too, get it together people...
I hope you guys know that it's Snoop Lion not dogg
Snoop lion came down here to cruise to my house
Put your lighters up come with me fly we can hold them up πŸŽ§πŸ‘Œ big snoop lion
Ok so maybe it sounds like he's trying too hard or he uses corny lyrics, but you can't say Snoop Lion made bad "music"
Snoop lion is coaching football on the fountain valley highschool field rn
I can hear the Islam in Wale, Lupe's, Mos Def, Snoop Lion and French Montana's lyrics..
R-T if u didnt know Snoop Lion & Ray J were cousins. More celebs you didnt know were related: ht…
The best news of today is that Snoop Lion will be a fan now
Reincarnated with Snoop Lion MOVIE REVIEW - . When I first heard about Snoop Dogg changing his name to...
RSA VS USA They are USA - We are RSA. They have White house - We have Nkandla They had Martin Luther king Jnr - We had Nelson Mandela They have Rick Ross - We have Khaphela They have Tom & Jerry - We have uGundi no Mazwi They twerk - We tjukutja. They have Bugatti - We have Gusheshe They have MTV - We have Channel O. They have YMCMB - We have Kalawa Jazmee. They have Snoop Lion - We have Spikiri They have illuminati - We have boloi in limpopo They have Chris brown- we have Donald. They have Alicia Keys - We have Zahara They have FBI - We have Hawkers. They have crack - We have nyaope. They have Miley Cyrus - We have Kelly Khumalo. They have SWAT - We have Maberethe They have the 1st lady - We have the 1st,2nd,3rd,4rth,5th n 6th lady. . They have 50 Cent who was shot 9 times - We have khuli chana missed 9 times. . They have Romeo and Juliet - We have Ugugu no Andile. They have fantasia - We have Akhona. They have Mickey Mouse club house - We have Cool cats. They have America's Got talent - We have S.A's go ...
(Must Watch * Was just Searching through youtube & i just found this hah out of it video *) . Blood'z vs crip'z ft snoop Lion β™ 
Question: how many pictures can combine GoT with Snoop Lion while being hilarious? Answer:
Y'all go listen to Heaven by Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg... very gud song. My family love it.
Right there we have a snoop lion one of the most deadliest predators in the world,one bite and I'm dead,I'ma poke it cx
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NIGGAGRAPHICS... - A DNA test read by GEORGE LOPEZ on the Lopez Tonight Show revealed SNOOP LION/Snoop Dogg to be of 23% Native American, 6% European, and 71% African descent.
Snoop Lion Rapping: "I should've been a part of that deal with them Beats...Remember, Dre was my *** from them streets. I was with him from the beginning of Chronic, now I am out here trying to get Techtronic..He's up, I'm next with my boy Ice Cube...Come along Eminem there's money for you too..."
Led on my bed listening to a bit of snoop lion can't wait to see him at park life but more excited to see Eminem in London
I'm burrying the man like every single day Black birds in the sky can't get off break The smoke is my gun that's how I blow them away Music is my weapon rewind it let it play That they line the police sun set all day They call me Snoop Lion I smoke everyday
I LOVE that my oldest son Gage has such a wide taste in music. On our way home from Fortuna tonight we listened to everything from Blind Melon, Corey Hart, Eddie Murphy with Rick James, Eddie Murphy with Snoop Lion, Russell Brand, Jim Carrey ( both of them covering Beatles songs ) and finally Tennessee Ernie Ford...I LOVE that boy :)
A message from Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion to Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
False, his name is still Snoop Dogg on Instagram. β€œSnoop Lion*”
In case you missed The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, NBC's Brian Williams is back with this hilarious cover of Snoop Dogg's (or is it Snoop Lion?) Gin
You're telling me I'm going to go see Snoop Lion and Aloe Blacc Memorial Day weekend!?!?
- From Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion , now Snoop King ? How confused is this *** ?😁😁😁
See Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion at London's Brixton Academy this June! Tickets on sale now:
So this weekend in Denver... U can take in a sporting event like the Rapids, Go to Sunrise services at Red Rocks, attend High Times Cannabis Cup, take the Bunny Train, see Slightly Stupid... Snoop Lion... Leftover Salmon... Method Man & Redman, Celtic Woman or have an 80th birthday party for your grandma!!!
Snoop Lion voice pack? Why dafuq? And can you share me the Classic Ghost skin xD
Wow... it's been nearly 12 years since the most recent installment of the Friday series. Chris Tucker said there's a good possibility there'll be another one. But, you know... he's changed over the years... he's an evolved man. Do you think he'll smoke weed in this movie? Who knows? Will Smokey and Day Day (Mike Epps) meet for the first time? Will they like each other or bump heads? So many questions... I know it's not just me... we're all waiting for another Friday. I'm worried if the soundtrack's gonna suck. Rap has gone downhill nowdays. With the effimination and such. We need some lyricists on this soundtrack. We need some West Coast flava on it too. But, I'm not leaving out the other coasts... but the West Coast has always been down with Friday. It's a hood classic. Who you guys wanna hear on this soundtrack? Ty Dolla $ign? Ice Cube? Hopsin? | Dizzy Wright? Dr. Dr Dre? YG? Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion? Too Short? | Tha Dogg Pound? Kendrick Lamar? TDE? Bishop Lamont? DJ Quik? Suga Free? Bone Thugs-N-Harmon . ...
β€œLeBron James is coming out with a mixtape, with Jay-Z, Drake, Rick Ross, Meek, Snoop Lion, Kendrick Lamar and others.” 😳😳
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Thank the good Lord..all is now right with the world.Headline News.Diddy just changed his name back to Puff Daddy!!! Now if we can only get Snoop Lion to go back to Snoop Dog ;)
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