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Snake Oil

The phrase snake oil is a derogatory term used to describe quackery, the promotion of fraudulent or unproven medical practices.

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

I added a video to a playlist the Good the Bad n the Ugly Tmax Dr Stanley Clark's Snake Oil and Sands
I'm saying you and what trump is selling as Christian is snake oil. Keep up.
I talk about the comic on the Snake Oil podcast!. (I also tell skeleton jokes, if that's your thing.)…
Selling DONA Snake Oil at the ITU: ... privacy, counterfeiting mitigation, cybersecurity, eHealth, Internet o...
Says the self-styled populist. Wake up, deplorables, you are being conned by a third rate snake oil salesman
He knows what the truth is. But you don't sell much snake oil by frankly acknowledging that it's placebo.
Pamela, you are delusional. Trump is nothing but a snake oil salesman with no plans for America. Think before voting.
As long as you aren't going to sell me snake oil :-)
I got the snake oil salesman act together: 'Anarchy cures violence!'
A bit more progress with the travelling merchant concept. He may sell weapons, items or perhaps snake oil...
A fool speaks his entire mind: You disrespect you declare the Gospel to be "snake oil". That is all I…
Snake oil salesman. He caters 2 stupid and the dumb *** R buying in groves.
The forked tongue of a snake oil salesman... ⚡️ “Trump takes aim at Obamacare, but fumbles attack”.
Just added a new apothecary sticker set to the shop. I'm busy trimming coordinating POISON…
is pulling them out of the woodwork. Snake oil sales up 1,000% this year.
again, I'm not buying your snake oil, hate and judgment of others.
why don't you take your snake oil & spiritual judgement to Tower. I'm not buying what you're selling. 💯
Only Democrats were stupid enough to believe that snake oil! 😞
Trump could TALK his way out of an Iron Box, Which makes 4a Great Snake Oil Salesman, but a Really Lousy Leader
Again, you are all a bunch of rubes buying the snake oil. Fools. .
Oh please, you opportunistic, snake-oil salesmen. You are USING a TV show to push your support of a theocracy. Busted.
Boris the snake oil salesman keeping his word? I think not. At least Goldsmith has resigned
ur right she's regurgitated political snake oil speak! VOTE for a REAL COUNTRY with freedoms & rights! VOTE
Scott Adams is a snake oil dweeb and you shouldn't take him seriously.
Pot for Pets: Snake Oil or the Real Deal - for
Do you really get it? Because you aren't promoting unity. You're trying to sell Trump's snake oil.
wow, how do I get over-margined snake oil vendors to send me expensive stuff?
Yes it needs tweaking, and what you propose to replace it with Donny ; snake oil ?😇
has been doing that since b4 the Olympics, the dev then snake oil w/ fix term leases so they can charge $250+/yr in a snap
GM Mosquito advocates are like modern day snake oil salesmen. Flogging a fake cure to scientifically illiterate people.
No it will not !. GM Mosquitoes are a snake oil solution to the virus mosquito threat.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yep, voted myself for POTUS, Gov and Senator. Was originally writing in Rats *** Wiley Coyote and Snake Oil
A WAR's going on in Big Oil & Greed vs YOU can STOP it. YOU have 86 days!
I see snake oil Vaz has slithered back.
looking @ the comments, it's pretty easy 2 see why Trump is losing & how he will make money off of it, selling snake oil. Sad!
Stop lying scumbag you have no principles. Your nothing but a snake oil salesman. Your also a mental case. Jim…
This guy is the Carl's Jr. of snake oil salesmen. No truth or dignity in the pyramid scheme. Trolls for Trump
Some lies are not just lies, they are the equivalent of snake oil scams!
Did actually tell reps it's time to come home? Sorry, trump doesn't represent MY home. I don't let snake oil salesmen in my home
Are you suggesting that this real estate billionaire, who is worth "9 billion dollars," is actually a snake oil salesman? ;)
*** liberal media forcing Trump to say the exact opposite of what he now says and making him look like an opportunistic sna…
Personalized diet - great idea! $300 blood test of unproven value to determine it - snake oil.
Yes they do!! And a bunch of total suckers bought this snake oil.
and from that I read about the US campaign emails/spam. Much brazen, very snake oil.
Drumpf is a con man-he makes a snake oil salesman look charitable
I know everyone has a snake oil to peddle but Omega 3+6 caps helped me when I had alopecia and even helped my eyebrows x
Are healthcare apps todays equivalent of "Snake Oil" in the 1900's? some senior physicians think so
"Snake Oil!" Come all ye faithful and get your cure-all." . *It's in this fabulous golden T-shaped bottle filled with hot Trump.
Back to London and the Camden underworld tonight for some more Snake Oil & Harmony.
Heidi missing in action from shame and former employee of blows the whistle on the lyin' snake oil salesman
When Turn Down for What (DJ Snake,Lil Jon) comes on your playlist + all you can think about is Oil games
Cruz the ultimate snake oil salesman. In the dictionary under weasel you'll see Teddy' face.
Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones points out why one should proceed with caution regarding HPV vaccines.
why does anybody follow this severely mentally ill lying huckster. He's a snake oil salesman.
Yeah... That snake oil slides right off of him!
Already starting the blame game with the campaign manager. He's done as good a job selling rotten snake oil as anyone could.
Information Technology and technology strategy is always changing so the question is, “What’s the right approach?’”
Ale brewed with snake oil and a spoonful of dirt.
I wonder if the Bernie Bros realize that the $15 minimum wage is happening all over the country without Bernie Sanders. Snake oil
Cruz will be Crushed in NY, & NJ, we can smell a Snake Oil Salesman a mile away
Because knows would dismantle and he's heavily inves…
Yes - reputable crowd-funding websites should filter out obvious snake-oil salesmen. These guys are marketers!
Because knows would dismantle and he's heavily invested in snake oil.
Honey, i don't have to pray for that>My eyes are WIDE Open to Ur Psuedo Fraud Snake Oil Salesman!
Vote Trump and say "NO" Cruz, the adulterer, Bible-waving and preaching hypocrite and snake oil salesmen.
The snake oil salesman who convinced the exploited proletariats that they're temporarily embarrassed millionaires https…
And you got to read on how drug companies are still pretty much selling snake oil.
And yet modern gets govt funding to sell its snake oil cures to the masses...
Most realms of fitness are just modern day snake oil salesmen.
REMINDER to the "Snake Oil Vendors" attending "Don't go Broke trying to look Rich." | |
I can't believe this snake oil salesman Never a civil rights LEADER, another loud mouth that has them drinking the koolaide
I hope the people of Wisconsin see what others see! He is a snake oil salesmen & lying politician Trump!
Incredible piece: I got angry when I read about her friends suggesting snake oil for cancer, however. ***
Dana Loesch is a snake oil salesman. That beet company made a terrible investment in Dana. should drop her too
Time to cut the GOP Tea bag corporate ball nibblers out of the houses!DO NOTHING SNAKE OIL PEDDLERS!
Tough call. Huck is snake oil salesman. But Christie is Grover Dill in A Christmas Story. Hmm.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ALL are culpable in the CLOWN CIRCUS. Snake oil salesman have no business in politics
I think anyone selling a language or tool as a silver bullet is selling snake oil. It’s all about tradeoffs (1/2)
He reminds me of a snake oil salesman.
Have come to the conclusion that so much craft beer is absolute snake oil of the first order and that it's Stella or bust for me henceforth
Disregarding pain science = snake oil. People with persistent pain do not have immediate relief.
Let's not forget that snake oil distributor Jurgen Klinsmann was paid more than $3.2 million by in 2014:
What? "This app will stop terrorism, cause love and peace bro! Down it a spread it bru!" Yeah right. Just other brand of snake oil.
Listen up SNAKE OIL salesman is not who you think don't listen to the Media
-Snake oil salesman, with a creep factor of 10. 'Creepy' is the word used 95% with Cruz. Telling.
Anyone out there still thinking of voting for Donald Trump, I've got some snake oil I'd like to sell you. @ me. Good pr…
Hey, Trump fans, is playing you for chumps. He's no outsider. He sells snake oil.
Ted Cruz is a Sunday morning snake oil salesman Pass the plate God is grate Donald Trump is the divel
yu sabi do snake in d bed shardow or can cook fried rice with red oil nd fine pass Kim Kardashian if yu no get brain we no go marry
so you support quacks and snake oil saleman?Self absorbed people who won't even buy your product e…
Big data: Neither snake oil or silver bullet. . Why the recent questioning of the merits of big data analytics is a
Donald Trump is a snake-oil salesman who will say anything at anytime regardless of the facts if he thinks it will score him brownie points.
chiropractors are just snake oil salesmen Though they usually believe in what they're doing it is not medical or scientific
For anyone facing the massive build-out of gas infrastructure, this book is a must read from Post Carbon...
I'm not going to go so far as to boycott but FFS the Food Babe is a pseudoscience peddling snake oil scammer.
Chris Matthews put u in the blender & had u on skates last night, showing you to be a lying snake oil salesman.
Last two RTs; a prime example of the hope phase. Don't fall for it folks, we have seen this film before. Wenger is a sna…
finally a true journalist has exposed Trump as an ignorant ill repaired a snake oil salesman, Bravo Chris great job!
Cam deflected the blame to the Lib/Dems when he couldn't stand up to the during the Coal. Its NOW obvious he was LYING. Snake Oil?
Yep, and a lot of it stinks of snake oil:
I wondered what brought Mr Hunt's "I love our NHS" on & suspected the sale of snake oil as a cure...
People are finally waking up to and they see him as the snake oil salesman he is
They are EXACTLY the same as snake-oil sakesmen, selling crap to the ignorant and vulnerable.
Snake oil salesman. They would be broke if they weren't experts
Same time he asked repeatedly for money. It's a snake oil salesman tactic. Successful conmen target your money
All this convo abt Ruth Bader Ginsberg remembering her "friend" the RACIST is insulting & why both parties sell snake oil 2our faces
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Trust me TRUMP WILL SHAKE THE FAKE and expose Ted Cruz for the Sunday morning Snake Oil Salesman that he is
Ted Cruz cheated Trump's the best choice He will expose Ted Cruz, I for what he is A SNAKE OIL SALESMAN
The more i think about Ted Cruz the more I see a con man That's what he is a Sunday morning snake oil salesman
What Triggs did say, and didn’t Gillian Triggs is selling snake oil at the expense of all reasonable Australians
clothes wore by anorexic models and major label music don't cause paradigm shifts. Your peddling snake oil with your reputation.
as soon as I saw his face I told my wife snake oil salesman. You are so right.
You would be right...but then he's selling snake oil.
Cruz is a charlatan snake oil salesman, playing on the evangelicals but so is Trump AND Rubio
Cruz snake oil salesman. Lies& has accomplished nothing but lived off tax payers go get real job
Evangelicals know Ted Cruz is a Snake-Oil Salesman- Lying, Cheating & Stealing Votes from Dr. Carson. https:…
ya,, pretty sure I already know who the head snake oil salesman is
She's just the modern day equivalent of a snake oil salesman peddling a brand of textualism to the desperate.
shill notes he says "HIV is harmless" and poisoned himself with his own snake oil
PRAISE GOD SOMEONE SPEAKS TRUTH. Ted Cruz said to be Lying Snake Oil Salesman by South Carolina Political...
Hill's problem is she's running to win the general and Bernie dgaf and can spout nonsense that sounds nice.
Why do you want Einstein to read commie nonsense?This post is for gullible students that believe commie snake oil
May the force be with anybody fighting narco terrorists and snake oil practitioners in deadly Medicare schemes with fraud, waste and abuse.
Opinion polls put Mr just as far ahead in South Carolina as he was in New Hampshire, with 36% of the vote. https…
Yes it does and Niger Innis & jr are my hero's, great youtube video of him K.O. ing the snake oil salesman
"Snake oil" actually works. that's the funny thing
Cracks me up. Treasurer wants to sell you legislative snake oil
New Hampshire and beyond: Hillary Clinton must rethink, Trump can rejoice
.South Carolina knows a snake-oil salesman when we see one. via Canadian Cruz..
Sorry Linda, but I just can't buy into the Snake Oil this Carnival Barker is selling the sheeple?? Reagan was eloquent w/words2
You Are an imposter And snake oil Dealer
Mack LOATHES Farmer. The sooner Snake Oil Ray is booted, the better this place will look to FAs.
Lots have been fooled by that snake-oil salesman who's married to a Wall St banker from GoldmanSach's
His words are dangerous.He's selling snake oil and *** are buying it. No accountability, responsibility or liability.
I wanna play Snake Oil. Looks like a good laugh xD
A new article from discusses the health benefits (or lack thereof) of fish oil:
G5RV are the snake oil of the antenna world. 😂
You could potentially manipulate money out of dumb people so easily. I mean, if you can live with being a weaselly snake oil salesman.
snake oil would be fun. Easier for someone to understand who doesn't play video games
Nope, just a rather good snake oil salesmen.
"This obscure theory validates, with its authority, a big economic mistake that sounds like common sense but is actually snake oil"
We're on the set of YogsQuest 3 during a break from filming playing Snake Oil! So come and join us for some...
> Stated differently, is regulatory snake oil.
Mobile strategy: ROI-focused businesses will first automate processes in work areas that deliver revenue or impact c…
Free Guide!! Stay away from the Snake Oil Salesmen! Beat them at their own game!
I believe that in certain situations they can be harmful, but I don't believe much of the snake oil sold to help it works.
Be careful, folks. There are a lot of professional sounding, slickly put together snake oil salesman out there.
I'm in a position where I have to defend Cruz, who I generally get a snake oil sales man feel from
Yes, Part time Snake Oil Salesmen and Part Time Televangelist. What is it with you Texans and these vile people?
Social media snake oil sales people, I have no time for you or your ilk. Lets just leave it at that, Happy Christmas
Hillary and Obama are not "who we are as Americans". They do not represent us. They are liars and snake oil salesmen.
Update your maps at Navteq
So says the unethical, fatuous snake oil salesman,
Snake Oil salesman should not be given a platform to flog their wares.
What's with the snake oil salesman on right now? Sad .
. No. Are you pushing some new snake-skin oil Alex?
Diversity Is the Left's Snake Oil Leftist ploys at re-engineering society are so full of empty platitudinous crap
Diversity Is the Left's Snake Oil - "There are not enough poor people living in middle class neighborh… via
Obviously the world is in love with Snake Oil Salesmen!
What unique security challenges faced by government agencies?
"Huckabee Defends Diabetes Cures". All it takes is cinnamon and a little snake oil. Problem solved!
Where can I get the snake oil game from in the UK? do any shops sell it?
If a man has to sell you his love by convincing you you need it, it's a scam. Literally. Snake oil.
Rand.Warrior.Rants - Like I've been saying for months, a snake-oil salesman in an expensive suit. Add to that he...
There's a card game called Snake Oil where you try to sell products that don't exist.
Observing 1st hand just how easy it is for snake oil salesmen to take advantage of patients willing to try anything. Soul …
Scientific evidence for popular health supplements: Interactive visualization:
domain names
Selling snake oil to the stupid more like
Willie Rennie, sounds like a snake oil remedy for some kind of *** disorder !
I drank this today. 🐍🐍🐍 They call it snake wine, but it was more like snake oil because blreffghugh
Just moved them into a more appropriate section, where the snake oil is stored..
Matt Hawkins seeking Snake Oil at our game night.
Last game of the marathon: Snake Oil!. Next up: a sleep marathon.
I heard Snake Oil is pretty good too... And Marmite.
Snake Oil for the Innovation Age: Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation is deeply flawed
Those who think I hate Hhour: I just wanted SOF to be honest with the community, no snake oil talk, quick look 2day looks like they are now!
This article is geared towards but it applies to anyone wanting to use social media for -
Would a kind soul please assure me that most dev consultancies aren't awarded to snake oil salesmen?
then youre passing yourself if as a snake oil sakesman. Same thing
Maybe Snake Oil salesman Mulcair should promise some things the NDP will actually pay for with no strings attached=never
I recently posted about the eastern shore of Lake Huron and how a line of wind turbines roughly 20km deep snake…
Ms. and I are going on the road to sell snake oil and appear in Vaudeville shows around the old West.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
This is pure snake oil stuff you're peddling .
62% of Americans R against Obama's Iran deal . Who will congress represent in the vote?. The snake oil salesman in the WH. o…
& are snake oil salesmen. Don't buy into what they're selling.
that's the joke of the day. OB selling that snake oil
. that's why I like money pit,. 'Cause stocks can be not so hit,. They can sell u snake oil,. And take ur money of toil.
Exactly. It feels a lot like selling snake oil, assuming snake oil cost you all your hope and realistic expectations.
Don’t be an asp—nobody would snake the dirtiest oil on the planet thru the aquifers in America’s precious ♥land.
Well you obviously can't tell people how the snake oil is made.
Evangelicals are rabid snake oil salesmen.
The Donald is right. Tax the paper pushing hedge fund managers. Invest in index funds. No investor needs these snake oil salesmen.
I think it's just the usual snake oil, looking to make money off the gullible.
Can you ask them which snake oil treatments they plan on extending tax $'s to cover per
2 more hours on our deal of the day!. Our ejuice deal of the day is Snake Oil by Mastermind Elixirs! Get a 30ML...
"therapy" necessarily requires a disease definition. Without one, u r in the territory of supplements and snake oil.
as a 3rd generation snake oil salesman myself, I take offense to that.
on essential oils, and I'm of the opinion that it's largely snake oil. Wondering where to find legit research, either way.
The person that claimed midwesterners have great values and are sensible is a valueless snake oil salesman
Sought is blindness in environmental concerns. Snake oil cures, quack medicine and bad religion stem from Opium God history. We studied it.
Are there any proven medicines or health products that actually do come from a "snake oil" type source?
Not surprised by Elliott wave snake oil salesmen coming out of hybrenation today to declare the start of a bear market.
Russ BrAndon the snake oil salesman
Careful, they might just get some shared space snake-oil salesman to put in granite setts!
On the other hand, there are demagogues waiting to sell you snake oil.
> Anyone with a brain cell left working knows is making it up like a snake oil salesman. No Hucksters ever!
Next to Wall Street itself religious snake oil of this type from Robertson is mankind's oldest form of flim flam.
$25b tax cut promise: Hockey says Govt can cut federal deficit & taxes at the same time Snake oil salesman or one *** of a magician!
This is for the snake oil seller Kejroo
effect of steroids is cumulative over your life. Sinus cocktails are snake oil.
Trump's Trade Snake Oil: How exactly will high import taxes help "make America great" again?
just seen this. Try it should help. Sounds like snake oil, genuinely works.
Order Miche Bag Online!
is turning into quite the Jet Setter these days, snake oil sales must be up. I bet he is searching for real estate to escape.
proving that with hard work,a drum of Snake oil and a $200m inheritance, u 2 can live the American dream!
Watching the sample video on is this what software dev has come to? buzzword bingo monetisation snake oil
Clockwork Jams - Listening to God and the Devil by Mojo Juju & The Snake-Oil Merchants on
Buncha snake oil salesman out there in that stock market. More like the crock market if ya ask me
Though I never tire of watching the so called MSM financial experts in 'shock' at the latest collapse. Snake Oil. It cures what ails ya.
. How can anyone listen to a snake oil salesman .
You are correct, this is snake oil, but please note this brand of snake oil is 37% more efficient, open source, and has a gr…
Brand new on Ohio City Theatre Project presents Snake Oil! by Ohio City Theatre Project
Blues, Roots and Americana band Snake Oil will be performing at Blues & Acoustic fest on September 5. http:…
Snake Oil... Do u have any idea about Allan Holdsworth? pieds
...How much money do you make to mislead viewers, bash our POTUS, Dems & promote GopTParty Snake Oil on…
Of Innovation and Snake Oil -   By Jason Anderson For several years now, the insights industry has been talk...
Meet our Select Award Winners, Pentago, Forbidden Island, and Snake Oil! See why they won on our site!
Dr. Oz is horrible. He promotes all sorts of unscientific bunk "cures" on his show. Modern day snake oil salesman.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
about to give another snake oil salesman astrologer a run. Is this new *** day as well?
Did he try to sell you some of his snake oil?
I would say that the sales of homeopathic snake oil would be a cue to never visit the establishment in question,...
Suggested New Year's Resolution for Most: Retail wise, everyone loves to hate "the big guys" . Wal-Mart ranked as 2014 ' s most hated retailer. Yet, EVERYONE goes there! Why? Because of value and service!! It's currently "oh so trendy" to pitch the gospel of "shop local". Well and fine! But, DO IT WITH YOUR EYE OPEN! Heads out of your holier than thou *** Is the value really there? Is the quality really there? Or, are you just a naive schmuck riding a trendy bandwagon? Whinnying at the crack of a snake oil sales man's whip?! Do yourself a favor. Shop a COMPETITIVE MARKET! Let the free market do your thinking for you! Hard to think with your head up your *** ;)
Ladies rub your snake oil and shark fin oil on your back.
Technology is suffering now, too, however. For instance, ‘quantum cryptography’ is complete snake oil based on a silly math error.
As notes, too much snake-oil in sports stats. Too little legitimate peer review.
Yes! Good resolution . Try The Snake Oil Salesmen - my favourite Regina band of 2014.
Dave Ramsey is so far from a snake oil salesman. Read his books and it will be life changing!
if a person wants to sell snake oil to the dying, who are you to tar and feather them?! Nazi! Nazi!
Anti now Anti Gamer, Anti STEM, Anti Science and theyre Pro snake oil sellers, holistics and faith healers htt…
Weapons lubricant is the modern day snake oil. Every day there's a new company bragging about how effective their...
First game of the night -- Snake Oil. Eight players trying to see who's got the best sales pitch. This is going to be interesting! :D
Any approval of Obama is proof positive that Gruber was right. The American people are really stupid They drank KoolAid laced with snake oil
Playing Snake Oil! But I failed to sell the hostage on rope shame as a product.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
ok I see what you mean you don't have to be mean. Just sayin b careful who you call a snake oil salesman w/o proof
Best snake oil I've ever had. Had the side effect of getting my marriage and life in order. Thanks, Dave!
Hey u snake oil salesman u, we're building an 18x20 garage on our 10 acres & it's being cashed flowed. Thank you.
if financial independence and peace of mind = snake oil, I'd say your spot on!
as far as snake oil his podcasts are free and his radio show is free. You don't have to buy. Are you debt free? Yes or no
We have had snake oil salesmen and Pharisees since Jesus' ecousin called them vipers and Jesus disavowed them
Gobsmacked at Linus on parallelism & snake oil (thanks to
Snake Oil is the best way to spend New Years Eve.
And yet you prolly voted for Obama. Twice! I think you're snake oil meter needs to be tuned up.
common sense is not snake oil, Dear.
that is a real snake oil salesman. Sure wish I still had that 70k debt.
Proverbs. In the homes of the wise, there are stores of grain and snake oil...or something like that.
drank that snake oil ..this year will be our last year in debt. Best oil ever
instead i got soap, a snake oil bar shampoo and this body shimmer bar which i useD EVERY DAY
He's alive and well and selling snake oil in Londres it seems.
2014: Mike Watt of the Minutemen and Shane Speal of the Snake Oil Band.
I've tried the method myself and it gives you lots of energy, but theres are more cons than pros. Price, taste, snake oil
Hanging out in the Millard Fillmore Suite at the Kalamazoo Radisson, watching Dr. Oz sell some snake oil on the tele.
The UK could still be Influential in the World but not with a snake oil Salesman as the PM-- no way
A good read! Proud to say I correctly guesstimated index performance range. Snake eyes on rates & oil.
so tired of taking advantage of the mentally inept. Snakeoil salesmen oh and snake oil bleached bimbos
Who hasn't made the New Year's resolution to eat better? If that is your goal for the coming year here is...
Slimier than the snake oil he pedals.
always thought it was snake oil... Why not just produce good content?
Better idea: selling snake oil to hipsters to grow beards :)
Peddle snake oil and other miraculous tonics?
.The energy I get from my relationship with Christ is 1000x more powerful than your foolish snake oil.
Snake Oil is fun game in a similar vein. You have to make a sales pitch based on combinations of cards.
Snake Oil is good fun, my 5yr old daughter came up with some hilarious combinations.
She bottles up her indifference to sin and sells it to snake oil salesmen.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
The Abrahamic religions are more fun; Scientology is more snake oil than psychosis.
Way too much snake oil in the sports analytics field. Makes us all look bad.
Confirm: Big Data: New Oil or Snake Oil?: There are two differing perspectives on Big Data and its value. One is…
that sounds like an old-timey illness you'd cure with snake oil. The Screamin' Noobs
ok, we've heard it all and can officially declare that: "3D printing is the snake oil of the 21st century" (at least so far).
Oh, everyone knows that stuff is just snake oil!!! IT DOESN'T WORK CRY WITH US
Trying to come up with the next big "green" business idea. Heck, it's better than selling Snake Oil and much more lucrative.
Welcome to The Pleasure Dome For the vast majority of humanity, life seems hard, a constant struggle for meaning and in some cases, for existence itself of one sort of another. We are rarely content. Beset with problems and worries, this daily tide of woe can, in the most severe of cases, bring on states of extreme misery and depression. Even for the majority of mankind who live out their lives without plummeting to such depths, there is an underlying feeling that something is not quite right, something is missing, there is a need to fill our life with distractions of one sort of another. Life seems boring and dull. So, to alleviate our terminal dullness, we have created a vast pleasure dome, of thrills and sideshows that serve to alleviate the boredom and rigidity of daily life. The dome is always full of expectant thrill seekers, to whom fairground charlatans dish out a whole array of snake oil elixirs to calm our ruffled minds. Stalls offer us a bewildering variety of luxuries; goods of one sort of ano ...
49ers on Monday Night Football, Dj Ron Friday, Hired Hands Band Saturday night and Snake Oil Circus playing Sunday!!! Crazy busy at the Cabin this week.
Paintings created over many years, either on stage with the performance Groups Snake Oil Medicine Show and Mad Tea Party or in my studio or any place I can set up an easel and put together a canvas!
Apparently dufus John Kerry has takn algore place on the snake oil campaign: Hoax 2 raise more taxes!
Climate change a cult-The select a science snake oil sky is falling show is as embarrassing as global cooling science of the 70's
I usually HATE Snakes, but when you boil em down for the oil, they are delici... (Snake Oil)
There is a lot of snake oil these days; I think the pci-e SSD in my rMBP outperforms any NAS now. ;) distance/latency add up.
or even, people saying they're fed up with posh former city boys running the country then voting for Nigel "Snake Oil" Farage...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Snake Oil salesmen change their pitch, but the public is asked to swallow the same elixir!
I'm just not into snake oil dealers
He has nothing to offer hes a wild west snake oil seller offers lots but cant deliver !
Indeed. Someone's going to get rhetorically Mitch-slapped tonight. A Mitch-slap for a Mitch = taste of his own snake oil.
young activists should also turned their backs to snake oil salesman who's in it for himself. Just another
TIL The route of the Lewis and Clerk expedition can be traced in part from detecting mercury in the medicines they …
at an absolute minimum Sinclair and Savage would need to pack up their Say Say Say snake oil show and f off
he's actively seeking sponsors and donors for his snake oil. Liar
Love it! Paleo is modern day snake oil. Miss symposium this summer? Pulse sums it up “The Paleo Diet"
Asana or Vasana? Snake Oil and Deep Medicine in the Modern Yoga World - David Harshada Wagner
Farage is an odious creep of a man. Snake oil salesmen who will get his one day. Can't wait.
Photo: Blue Street Trio at The Back Porch in Spearfish, South Dakota. I have another GIF set of this band...
Dynamic Encryption for Voice - This article reads like snake oil. But the company was founded by Lars Knudsen, so it…
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