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Smothers Brothers

The Smothers Brothers are Thomas (Tom - born February 2, 1937) and Richard (Dick - born November 20, 1939), American singers, musicians, comedians and folk heroes.

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wow the smothers brothers were greaT and I'm PRETTY SURE they're on Seeso???
On the Smothers Brothers, I loved the dude (Fry I believe) who did Nixon
I loved the Smothers Brothers. Yes, I know I'm dating myself.
The day the Smothers Brothers first appeared on TV, on Jack Parr's Tonight Show.
Love listening to the Smothers Brothers! Classic skits!
The Smothers Brothers. Now that was a good show.
I was a weird little kid. Loved Laugh-In, Smothers Brothers, Love American Style. Wanted to be a…
The Smothers Brothers were actually funny. The current crop of so called comedians are as…
How did I end up drinking cocktails and listening to the Smothers Brothers on a Monday?
On their final show, *** read a letter he and Tom had gotten from former President Johnson. These days,...
And then President Nixon managed to pressure CBS to cancel the Smothers Brothers hit show.
I need to do that cleaning Hollywood Walk of Fame star meme with the Smothers Brothers' star
El Comandante Trump seems to be at war with the the press. 50 years ago, the Smothers Brothers had their way with...
Dear how to respond to humor attacks
The Doors - Touch Me Live on the Smothers Brothers Show 1968 via
The Smothers Brothers had a hand in making me the raging liberal I am today.
Set the pace for political satire, musical comedy, and rage of politicians. Yet, truth was told, lives were...
I liked a video The Smothers Brothers - Smothered (2002)
And I'll never forget when my mom talked my dad into giving a new show a called 'The Smothers Brothers…
Never leave your little brothers in charge of opening your packages
And he spent all his time complaining that the Smothers Brothers were disrespecting him.
On the other hand... As I recall, the Smothers Brothers' show was canceled, despite bei…
The UEA SU have boycotted The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in case they damage Kerry Diamond.
This vid always reminds me what a curious blend of comedy, cutting edge music, and political statement the Smothers…
any difference whatsoever. The Smothers Brothers knew this. Norman Lear knew this. You gotta be sneaky!
I'm still thinking of more that I could have put into my Smothers Brothers piece, like how the way to truly be subversive is to invite
President Johnson may have been disgruntled with CBS at the time the Smothers Brothers were on the air and using...
When hubs & I were poor newlyweds, we used to sit on the floor playing cribbage and dominoes and lis…
OMG. Spotify has both the Smothers Brothers and Flanders & Swann.
You are all wrong. That is clearly one of the Smothers Brothers®.
We need the Smothers Brothers. We need Laugh-In. I miss Robin and George.
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Harry Nilsson and John Lennon in Los Angeles, outside of the Troubadour nightclub after heckling The Smothers Broth…
If you guys aren’t doing a Smothers Brothers YoYo Man routine at the booth, you’re missing an opportunity.
This kid will grow up to be the guy the Smothers Brothers sang about.
If popoular culture led me to support Trump, it was all Jim Morrison & the Smothers Brothers, not FoxNews.
re: yelling fire for rape, the Smothers Brothers knew this years ago (forward to 2:00)
When Rex Brothers comes in and puts out a fire, we should call him a Smothers Brother.
I added a video to a playlist Joe South - Games people play ( Original Footage Smothers Brothers
Anyone else notice that Sarah Hucksterbee seems to be "channeling" Goldie O'Keith from the old Smothers Br…
replace with Rex Brothers. I'd have been ok with Smothers Brothers, Jonas Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Baldwin brothers
Drew Barrymore holding a koala bear at a Smothers Brothers performance... What the heck?
My brothers gf smothers him and he's too blind to see it
All those years on TV, and the Smothers Brothers suffocated absolutely no one. What a waste.
1969- Judy Collins she is live on The Smothers Brothers Show..
This day in history. 1974. John Lennon ran amok at the Troubadour after the Smothers Brothers told him their mom alway…
30 years ago tonight.Patrick Duffy and The Smothers Brothers on 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' on
I guess we might want to refer to them as the Smothers Brothers from now on Eh?
I haven't seen diversity like this since The Smothers Brothers concert.
Happy bday, Queen of Soul is living legend who's performed everywhere incl SMOTHERS BROS special o…
Hannah Smothers, the least known of the Smothers Brothers.
Well if we're going down that road..The Smothers brothers or Rowan and Martin.
. And you know how the Smothers brothers ended up.
Speaking of which, if you haven’t already heard it, you should check this out If you
LOL it's the Smothers Brothers in their short-lived '80s TV show 'Fitz & Bones'
the new Smothers Brothers...Dad always like you best.
It's and not the smothers brothers.
that I was born before anyone know the Smothers Brothers has a sibling rivalry
"May the Force be with you"- Deadpool, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
"Ode to Billie Joe" (1967), sung by fantastic American artist Bobbie Gentry (seen on 'The Smothers Brothers Show').
they opened for the Smothers Brothers in 1974 at the Syria Mosque didn't they
Saw this & thought you might like it. Jack & George IMITATE The Smothers Brothers on their show.
at The Smothers Brothers Map of the World on
Hey, you Blank faced whitey and rather good looking darker hued twin, are'nt You gone the way of the Smothers Brothers? Worry.
The Smothers Brothers sounds more like a nighttime serial killing monk than an American folk act
I added a video to a playlist Dion -- Abraham, Martin and John -- Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.
It's kind of amazing how good the Smothers Brothers Show was.
This day-1974, John Lennon & Harry Nilsson disrupt a Smothers Brothers Show at the Troubadour Club & get kicked out…
Mar.12,1974 & Harry Nilsson get drunk & disorderly at a Smothers Brothers Show & get thrown out of the…
Laugh-In is on nightly. Maybe they'll rerun Smothers Brothers, too. How many MAJOR pop culture/political moments ha…
Here's a little piece of magic from our friend, Irwin Corey, courtesy of the Smothers Brothers. So long, Professor.
I thought the Smothers Brothers died. Boy was I wrong. Is Abe Vigoda going to sing later?
David Steinberg was the reason the Smothers Brothers got cancelled.
NYT obit of Michael who put Smothers Brothers + Mary Tyler Moore on
Michael Dann. the CBS executive behind the 'Smothers Brothers,' was from and a alum.
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. when are you going to air it?
Pat Paulson 4 President! JK TY Smothers Brothers 4 having the nuts 2 get kicked off the air.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
George Carlin sings about the news on the Smothers Brothers via
Yep. Apparently they changed the name to Pandemonium. Starring Tommie Smothers of smothers brothers. Thank you IMDB!
I added a video to a playlist Paul Revere & the Raiders -The Smothers Brothers Show - 1967
Also in 1973, a Federal Court awarded the Smothers Brothers $766,000 over the sudden cancellation of their TV show.
the cure for Trump Fever. the top rated Smothers Brothers Show cancelled when requested by both LBJ & Nixon
Seriously though. Uncle Joe is the best comic relief since the Smothers Brothers. Or Stalin.
at 13 y/o,The Who just before "Magic Bus",saw Smothers Brothers in audience, Gary Cooper show the year before in NYC
I grew up watching the Smothers Brothers. They had a huge influence on me
I haven't seen an episode in over 15 years, and it was horribly dated back then. Smothers Brothers Show as well.
The white sheet covers, this heat smothers. The street, eat brothers.
Rolling Stone : From the Smothers Brothers to a brief history o...
From the Smothers Brothers to a brief history of the rock & roll variety show
Ran outside in a helmet. Stiff armed a lawn flamingo, speared a fat kid & yelled, "Football is back my brothers. Can I get…
Sorry, got lost in my head trying to make a Smothers Brothers joke after Justin Turner’s latest gem.
My mom wants to hear them cover the Smothers brothers' Crabs Walk Sideways.
Happy to report that I tried to remember "Mumford & Sons" and could only come up with "Smothers Brothers"
He actually did the same character pre-SNL, including on the Smothers Brothers, so it’s a bit of a throwback.
I’m just assuming he did. Turns out he knew the Smothers Brothers instead.
Just when outlast the Simon & Garfunkel comps, they start channelling the Smothers Brothers. Beautiful, funny show.
The Who - My Generation (Live in Smothers Brothers Show in 1967) via
McEnroe Brothers or the Smothers Brothers? JohnnyMac and razzing Jonas on coverage 😂😂
Bobby welcomed the Smothers Brothers and Joanie Sommers to the Bobby Darin Amusement Company September 7, 1972.
Keith and Pete on the Smothers Brothers by the 5 year old.
Photo: For here’s a shot of my personal Smothers Brothers collection. The reason for the...
Photo: The Smothers Brothers “ The Two Sides of…” LP. “I just yelled fire when I fell into the chocolate.”.
Photo: The Smothers Brothers “Curb Your Tongue, Knave” LP. The Ballad of Big Ben Covington is the best. It...
Photo: The Smothers Brothers “Aesop’s Fables The Smothers Brothers Way” LP. This is an odd one as it was...
History of Smothers Brothers, Amanda Palmer & Queen Latifah sat down w/ John Kerry to talk about our fall tour to places East!
only the best TV ever!! I.e.Carol Burnett Show, Dean Martin Show, Smothers Brothers, Sonny and Cher...and many more!!
Moms Mabley (1894-1975), comedian on the Smothers Brothers and Ed Sullivan Show, performed in androgynous clothing and had girlfriends.
With the holiday's about, I'm in a constant state of remembrances concerning my parents. As those of you that knew my mother Johnnie are quite aware, she was a force of nature. Many years ago when working at Phillips Andover, my parents and some PA friends went to dinner in Lawrence MA. The Smothers Brothers were dining at the next table and after a few minutes Tommy Smothers had slowly moved his chair over to our table. Evidently my mom was too entertaining for him to ignore. Thanks to Douglas Kinney for sparking this memory!
I miss the old comedy duos like Martin and Lewis, The Smothers Brothers,Laurel and Hardy, Herbert Hoover and Charles Curt…
I added a video to a playlist Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Ballet
Gilmore Girls, Smothers Brothers at the Filmore, hand me the capo. Cop all of my Snapple at Staples.
Is that one of the Smothers Brothers?
Hi I'm *** smothers from the smothers brothers
Put Jim and John Harbaugh side by side and you have the Smothers Brothers.
.From the Smothers Brothers .I think the LP "The 2 Sides of the Smothers Brothers"
Today in Doors History - 1968: The band performed "Touch Me" on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Watch here: .
So did Pat Paulson from the Smothers Brothers...It was a very interesting year to say the least..
"Curb Your Tongue, Knave!" is the fourth comedy album recorded by the Smothers Brothers, released November 1, 1963 on Mercury Records.
A funny set AND a Smothers Brothers reference? Is there anything can't deliver?! Babies excluded: he's a comic, not a doctor
In 10 days, we will recall the era of Marilyn, Dylan, Beatles, Motown, Stones, Janis Joplin, Beach Boys, Doors, Hendrix, Santana, Elvis, Animals, Kennedys, Martin Luther King & Blood Sweat and Tears. The 1960s - a cultural explosion of art, music and politics. Music spanned the range from acoustic folk to hard rock. There was the Twist, Ventures and Kingsmen, then Simon and Garfunkel, Otis Redding, Cream, Joni Mitchell, Canned Heat, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and many more, including the Temptations, Creedence, Clapton, Dean Martin, Cash, Sinatra and Buck Owens. Inner cities (the ghettos) rioted and burned; 50,000 troops died in the jungles of Nam. Peace and civil rights marches were frequent, with college protests, draft card and bra burnings and assassinations. And, man landed on the moon. It was time of great accomplishments and expressions, tragedies and entertainment. We laughed to Andy Griffith, Carol Burnett, Rowan and Martin, the Smothers Brothers and George Carlin. Return with us on Saturday, ...
"Take down the tents, and clean the cages." —the Smothers Brothers
Brooks Brothers in the streets. Smothers Brothers in the sheets. . Wait what?
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Getting silly with Dickie Smothers from the Smothers Brothers!
Johnny Carson vs. the Smothers Brothers: Monolog vs. Dialog in Costly Bilateral ... -
Happy b-day *** Smothers of the Smothers Brothers. I opened for them years ago & Tommy signed a yoyo for me.
William Friedkin and Tommy Lee Jones, bet these two were a regular Smothers Brothers of good cheer in the craft service line
Do the smirking Smothers Brothers now know Viet Nam could be free had. Pres. Johnson, *** Chi Min put in hospitals, schools if war ended?
I'm so Chicago/WESTSIDE I remember the original smothers brothers on Kedzie! Ee
I appreciate the Smothers Brothers reference, That tells you my demo!
So if we suffocate Kane with a blanket...would that make us the new Smothers Brothers?
Who remembers "Classical Gas" from the Smothers Brothers TV show? You can teach art history in 3 minutes:
"One of Steinberg’s most notorious performances was in October 1968 on The Smothers Brothers Comedy..."
Look, we might not see eye to eye about Weird Al, but can we all agree that the Smothers Brothers are the best?
I get to perform in the same theatre as the legendary Smothers Brothers!
Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe - Live performance from the Smothers Brothers Show.
idk It might be better hopefully they make it more smothers for older devices my brothers has an iPod 4 and its slow on infinite
Harry Nilsson on. The Smothers Brothers. Comedy Show. Few today realize his true genius.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Why did coach butler call me and quan smothers brothers. *** is that
Tom Smothers and Carol Burnett between rehearsals for the Smothers Brothers variety show...
If I'd had internet TV fandom at 15 I'd have been all over Elizabeth Montgomery, Mission: Impossible, Wild, Wild West & Smothers Brothers.
Smothered - The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Smothered - The Censorship...
The Doors performing Touch Me on the Smothers Brothers Show in December 1968.
This video will remind you that the Smothers Brothers were both hilarious and had beautiful voices. If you don't laugh out loud by the end, contact me for a ...
Must be a slow news day @ CNN: What got The Smothers Brothers fired?
Dad & *** Smothers (with me & Craig Campbell at Turn 9 @ Riverside after the horrendous wreck of Dr. Lou Sell, the reigning Formula 5000 Champion) in the Smothers Brothers / Pacesetter Homes Eagle... I was sitting next to his wife (in the stands) when it happened. Luckily, he survived (barely) to drive & sponsor racing another day - bad day / cool pic! JK
When I was watching the Hall of Fame induction ceremony on HBO the other night, there was a clip of Linda Ronstadt saying how her career took off after she appeared at the Troubadour, which is in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills. This brought back memories for me, as during the 1970s I went to the Troubadour several times, seeing such performers as Don McLean (who sang Amerocan Pie) twice, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Rivers and a slew of others. The Troubadour has a unique atmosphere, as it only seats about 200 people, so you have a good seat no matter where you sit. The only cost was a two drink minimum, which cost only about $15bucks in those days. Elton John made his first U.S. appearance there on August 25, 1970, being introduced by Neil Diamond. Others who performed there were James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Browne, The Eagles, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Bette Midler, The Pointer Sisters and Bruce Springstein. Comics Cheech & Chong and Steve Martin were discovered t ...
Great job featuring Bobbie Gentry at noon. I remember her performing "Ode to Billy Joe" on Smothers Brothers in 1967.
Thankyou CNN for the new series The Sixties.walk down memory lane with flip wilson, Johnny Carson, *** van *** smothers brothers, Carol Burnett.laughin, gilligans island, green acres, & white tv, racial integration, first tv kiss.and on and on and on.anyone 40 and over should not miss this 'omg i remember that' series.rerunning everyday on CNN...
True story: I'm listening to the Smothers Brothers . . . right now.
The "Chocolate" skit, by The Smothers Brothers. Featured on the best of compilation 'Sibling Revelry'.
Don't go to see million ways to die, Wanted funny like Farrely Bros.but got Smothers Brothers. And Cameo by Bill Mahr. Ugh
Hey Dickie do you have a photo I can use for my blog about how the Smothers Brothers changed the world?
you were one of The Smothers Brothers? Who knew?
CNN's "The Sixties" has convinced me that the Smothers Brothers, the Monkees, and Petula Clark were all on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
I saw her on those 70s shows like Smothers Brothers. Hearing/reading about Chitlins circuit is fascinating. A Pryor bio...
* I think you're too young to remember what they did to Pete Seeger, to the Smothers Brothers, to various artists ►
this is one of the smothers brothers. I think Tommy
: Not to worry Bob, knows the FCC has it all under control. Just ask The Smothers Brothers
Nothing has changed but their (vested interests) tactics.. . Censored Pete Seeger on Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
I added a video to a playlist George Harrison - Smothers Brothers TV Appearance 1968
Tapping out. The Smothers Brothers bar crawl was a success, but at 33, I'm too old for thi...
Next, I'll just start with some Smothers Brothers tunes maybe...
talking about the Smothers Brothers. *** is wrong with the news!
Tommy Smothers of the Smothers brothers the guy with the grey ponytail is Timothy Leary..
On the Smothers Brothers Show! ... Smothers Bros were accused of being too far to the Left, and thus cancelled.
is that Tim Leary and Rosemary Woodroff on the right? One of the smothers brothers on teh left?
Wake up at 6 AM for work, listen to "Puff the Magic Dragon" and Smothers Brothers on the radio on the way. Morning radio is different.
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Funny too, I remember Laugh-In but not the Smothers Brothers. Also Carol Burnett, loved her show. Jackson Brothers.
The Smothers Brothers are one if my biggest inspirations
I still miss that guy. Loved him on the redux of Smothers Brothers when I was a kid.
I have pristine collection of 50/60's comedy LPs Flip Wilson Richard Prior Bill Cosby Smothers Brothers and more R u interested?
Love the CNN retrospective on The Sixties covering those geniuses The Smothers Brothers.
I just watched "The '60s" on CNN. Wow. I learned a lot about the decade of my birth. The Smothers Brothers were...
As a person who grew up on Smothers Brothers, Flip Wilson, and Carol Burnett; I say "right on" Dickie!
The Smothers Brothers.what a frickin trip they were!
I wish I could see the Smothers Comedy Brothers Hour again. It was the best TV in those years.
.What fun to see excerpts of The Smothers Brothers on the doc on CNN. Thank you for being so daring & pushing the envelope.
Great to see footage of the Smothers Brothers! Did my B.A. Thesis on TV censorship and included their censorship struggles.
excellent you did not miss a thing. Smothers Brothers helped form my politics.
CNN has made me retroactively angry at CBS for canceling the Smothers Brothers. About 40 years ago. What is my f**king problem?
You are everywhere, just saw you on Smothers Brothers clip from 60's, IPTV special.
Shame The Smothers Brothers Show was cancelled in 1969. If they did that same type of show today, Netflix or Hulu would've picked them up.
Watching The Sixties on - not bad, Bill Cosby and the Smothers Brothers and more all fighting the power - sweet
The tv show known as "Laugh In" had some controversial comedy but "The Smothers Brothers" never backed down & were subsequently cut off!
George Harrison clip from Smothers Brothers on CNN The Sixties just now!
Check out Rowan and Martin and the Smothers Brothers. Talk about going against the grain of the network.
The Smothers Brothers were the voice of the generation.
Happy Wednesday morning .. a windy, cooler, drier one out there. 81 yesterday, only 70 today. Nice Tigers win overnight. Let's see what happened May 28th .. 1892, the Sierra Club was founded in S.F... 1928, Chrysler merged with the Dodge Brothers Car Co. .. 1929, "On with the Show" became the 1st all-color talkie movie .. 1934, the Dionne Quintuplets were born in Callander, Ontario (2 are still alive) .. 1937, Volkswagen was formed .. 1957, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences was established .. and N.L.owners agreed to allow the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants to move to Los Angeles and San Francisco .. 1966, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass had four albums in Billboard's Top 10 .. 1967, the Association made their TV debut on the Smothers Brothers Show .. 1968, the Elvis movie "Tickle Me" premiered ..1975, the Doobie Brothers album "Stampede" went gold .. 1985, "Vanity Fair" went on sale .. and one year ago, 6 tornadoes hit Genesee & Shiahwassee Counties, with the most damage east of ...
Jim Nabors, Rob Reiner and Leigh French (from Smothers Brothers' show) on Gomer Pyle!
Tommy and I think this is the best thing to come out of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, the late great Pat Paulsen h…
Chicago Blues guitarist Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers was born on this day in 1929 in Lexington, MS. Chicago Blues has its own 'Smothers Brothers. I don`t know which one Mom always like best. Otis "Big Smokey" was the older brother of Albert (Abe) "Little Smokey" Smothers by a decade, and was the first to arrive in Chicago from Mississippi. Big Smokey played around the South Side and hooked up with Howlin` Wolf, recording "Who`s Been Talking", "Tell Me", "Going Back Home" and "I Asked For Water" with The Wolf in 1956-'57. Federal Records recorded Smothers with Freddy King on lead guitar and released an album in the early 60s that is now highly prized by collectors. Aside from a few obscure singles, Big Smokey did not record again untill 1986 when he released "Got My Eyes On You" on Red Beans Records. Ace Records has re-issued the delightful "Sings The Back Porch Blues" and Wolf Records has "Chicago Blues: Vol 1". Smothers also recorded with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Bo Diddley.
Chicago's most listenable comedy show clocks in for its fourth year with a tighter format and a revamped playlist. Highlights include Bill Cosby on marriage, Robert Klein on dentists, the Smothers Brothers on the Smothers' mother, Bob and Ray on football half-time shows, Shelley Berman on the Steve Allen show, and Jay Leno on his parents.
Did you guys know that The Diamond Trio band has been described as, "The Jonas Brothers with a hint of the Smothers Brothers and their dad." We found that fun quote on their website! What did you all think of their show on Dec. 31st?
Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Doc Severinsen, and the Smothers Brothers ring in the New Year on New Year's Eve, 12-31-1987. Very funny Tonight Show moments. Wat...
on this date in 1976, the Smothers Brothers, Tom and *** played their last show at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas and retired as a team from show business. Both continued as solo artists and they reunited several years later.
For no apparent reason at all I remind u: Significantly, the Smothers Brothers received their Freedom of Speech Award [in 2012] from comic David Steinberg, whose controversial mock sermons on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour played a key part in having that variety show yanked and the brothers fired, despite three successful seasons on CBS from 1967 to 1969 and an announced renewal for a fourth.
This day in 1968, Glen Campbell topped the US album chart with "Wichita Lineman." Here's the title track as performed on the Smothers Brothers Show.
December 15, 1968 - While performing with the Jefferson Airplane on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Grace...
Today, in the history of Rock and Roll, December 15th: 1957: Mitch Miller and Sammy Davis Jr. blast rock and roll in a syndicated radio talk show hosted by Davis. However, MGM label president Arnold Maxim disagrees, stating he sees no end to the fad in the near future. 1968: The Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick appears on CBS' Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in blackface, mimicking the recent Olympic scandal by holding up a "black power" salute at the end of the band's song "Crown of Creation." The network is not amused. 1969: UNICEF holds a "Peace For Christmas" charity concert in London which features the debut of the Plastic Ono Band (featuring George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Keith Moon, and others). It was to be Lennon's last stage appearance in Britain. The Rascals and Desmond Dekker and the Aces also perform. That same day, John and wife Yoko Ono debut their "War Is Over" billboard campaign. 1973: It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it. Aerosmith appears on American Bandstand to pe ...
Born on 2day are Nero-Gustave Eiffel-Don Johnson-Tim Conway-and Rene Dupree-Rikidozan passes away in Walt Disney died in 1966-James Brown goes to jail in 1988-Grace Slick in blackface on The Smothers Brothers Show in 1968-DR.Dre released the chronic in 1992-Return of Godzilla in 1984-Spice World in 1997-Young Frankenstein in 1974-Frankenstein's daughter in 1958-Jumanji in 1995-and on this day Aerosmith performed Dream on ,on American Bandstand in 1973 and that izit 4-2day!!
December 15th 2001: Joe Walsh received an honorary Doctorate of Music in recognition of his musical achievement & involvement in environmental & humanitarian causes from Kent State University in Kent, OH where Walsh attended from 1965 through 1967. 1994: Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora married Heather Locklear in a civil ceremony at his Red Bank, NJ home. The couple would later divorce in 2006. 1992: Nirvana released Incesticide a b-sides, demos & outtakes collection released due to the songs circulating as bootlegs. Kurt Cobain agreed to the release of this compilation due to having complete control over the album’s artwork. 1984: U2 reached number thirty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Pride (In The Name of Love)” which was their first top forty single in the U.S. 1979: Pink Floyd reached number one on the U.K. Singles Chart for the only time in their career with “Another Brick in the Wall Part II” which spent five weeks on top of the chart. 1977: The Sex Pistols were deni ...
Sunday, December 15, 2013 Dave Clark ("Over And Over") is born in 1942 The late Jesse Belvin ("Goodnight My Love") is born in 1932 The late Jerry Wallace ("Primrose Lane") is born in 1928 Cindy Birdsong of the Supremes ("Stoned Love") is 74 The late disk jockey Alan Freed (who coined the term "rock 'n' roll") is born in 1921 Rufus Thomas ("Walking The Dog") dies of heart failure in 2001 Jackie Brenston ("Rocket 88") dies of a heart attack in 1979 John "Sean" Byrne, lead vocalist with the Count Five ("Psychotic Reaction") dies of cirrhosis of the liver, 2008 James Brown undergoes prostate cancer surgery, 2004 Olivia Newton-John marries actor Matt Lattanzi (it lasts 12 years), 1984 Jermaine Jackson marries Motown Records President Berry Gordy, Jr.'s daughter, Hazel (the marriage lasts 15 years), 1973 An intruder who broke into George Harrison's home and stabbed the ex-Beatles is found not guilty by reason of insanity (nineteen months later he is released from a mental facility as a free man), 2000 Chuck Ber ...
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, NOW ON DVD at Amazon and www.smot...
Really early 1968 appearance of Carlin without a beard, with a red shirt on, doing a variety show style song with the Smothers Brothers. Check out this video...
This day 1968 Grace Slick appeared in blackface when Jefferson Airplane appeared on the "Smothers Brothers" TV show on CBS.
America got the Smothers Brothers, we got the Chuckle Brothers. America wins again
The Doors playing Touch Me live on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.
    Liam grows some balls, Hope loses her edge, Quinn loses her temper and I’m losing patience waiting on Steffy to show up. Crap sure is hitting the fan with the gang, isn’t it? It was bad enough having to put up with Dopey Hope hosting a family get together in Stephanie’s house acting like the queen bee, but did we have to watch Bill sit between Katie and Brooke as well? I’m not going to go into what a fiasco the entire family thanksgiving was because we all know it was enough to make you throw up your turkey just listening to it. Now, though, it seems that things are getting a bit interesting, especially with Liam growing a pair while Hope gets knocked down a peg or two. Who would have thought, right? LIAM, now, getting all ‘man’ up in Hope’s face, “Look, doll, it’s time to stop the BS and get to saying the vows.” Awww poor Hope, she has to give up one of the Smothers Brothers. Hope is no more ready for marriage than a kindergartener is for law school. What we’re seeing here is ...
was watching Smothers Brothers commentary by Pat Paulson on social security and gun control it's sadly current
Trabian Smothers-BMe is responsible for funding our BTS STEM Wrestling Camp and 60 brothers innovative…
So through Harry Nilsson I am now on a "Lennon's Lost Weekend" period kick.lots of amazing musicians on mass amounts of drink and substance all helping out and writing and working on each others albums...and the Nilsson/Lennon/Smothers Brothers story is just great
collateral kids need pacification by American drones play with 'the peace song'>
Just spent the last half hour watching Smothers Brothers clips on YouTube and laughing my head off.
Wouldn't it be strange if one of the Smothers Brothers suffocated?
Look who misses ? Disney wants me to be in a movie, now that the Smothers Brothers Show is such a hit. Well no can do, pal!
Debbie Hoffman closes out the week as our Pop Quiz winner this morning. Debbie recognized the voice of Tommy Smothers from the Smothers Brothers. Your prize pack will keep you well fed over the weekend. Enjoy! Make sure and join us next week at 7:15AM for your chance to be our next winner.
"Keith, this is payback for the Smothers Brothers!"
My favorite versions are the movie one and Jennifer Warnes on Smothers Brothers. I Love belting it on the way to auditions!
Does anyone remember the Smothers Brothers? I just saw *** Smothers in a TV ad, and it reminded me of how their comedy TV show cracked me up.
The Smothers Brothers, kickin' it in Sarasota: via
I like the cherry ones too! Smothers Brothers cough drops ... Funny ! Lol. G'Night to you
The Smothers Brothers, Cosby and Ephraim & Menashe- Enjoy this week's parsha post:
hey Justin! You and Eric are like The Smothers Brothers except you're bigger!
BETTER check out show..ain't no Smothers Brothers sell more than
The Smothers Brothers drove the CBS executives and censors crazy. Always pushing the envelope. LOL!
saw the gastro today he said that my barretts is getting better...its way liter then it was before..the only difference is that I take two different kinds of allergy pills of the smothers brothers had it...its not suppose to go away...but it can for diff reasons and who knows it might be the allergy m eds maybe one day God will bless me and it will go away for good...alelujah
Opening a commercial with 'Hi I'm *** Smothers of the Smothers Brothers' immediately ends all chances of me taking you seriously.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Listening to the Smothers Brothers Aesop's Fables album with the kids and reliving my childhood.
John Lennon and Harry Nilsson coked up, drunk on bourbon heckling The Smothers Brothers.
Bayanihan Artists Barbershop Quartet TRADE SECRET - Bill Wright, tenor, Bob O'Connell, lead, Rick Wright, baritone, and Mike Maino, bass - is a highly accomplished foursome brings more than 100 years of musical experience to the stage. The combination of their voice style and talents makes them one of the premier a cappella groups in the Northeast. They have collectively won more Barbershop Harmony Society Championships than any other foursome in the Northeast, and individually have appeared with The Smothers Brothers, *** Van *** Rock-a-pella, Cady Huffman, The Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Gaither, The Kingston Trio, Aiofe Clancy, The Real Group, Maureen McGovern, The King’s Singers, Conan O'Brien, The Osmonds, Victor Borge, The Four Freshmen, Pete Fountain, The Hi-Lo's, Arthur Fiedler and many more. After performing in Orlando in January of 2013, they were named one of the top five senior quartets in the world. Mike Maino is also the host of Conducting Conversations and American a capella in Classical ...
These two are brilliant political analysts! Smothers Brothers via
Smothers Brothers on live TV. You never knew what might happen and neither did the network.
In all fairness, an Andrew-Chris Cuomo Smothers Brothers-esque variety hour could be fun to watch.
Pope Francis is named Time magazine's "Person of the Year", as The Smothers Brothers are once again edged out by one vote.
T.V. TRIVIA: What corny, uncontroversial variety show did CBS replace "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" with in 1969?
So yesterday we were watching something on TV and I said, as I often do "That reminds me of..." and started to laugh because I could not recall the name, as that often happens, and I said to Ray "you know who I am thinking of" as I often do and he laughed and said "The Smothers Brothers" which was absolutely right and we both cracked up -- Ray wondered what was funnier the fact that I could not remember the names or that he usually knows what I am talking about -- so funny! Gosh I love him. :-)
The smothers brothers, remember them? Check them out on utube, so funny!
"I'm *** smothers from the smothers brothers .". Fairly sure Your parents hated you , bro.
Tom & *** Smothers' new routine is sure to make you smile. .
First song I ever "saw" The Who play - during their appearance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in '67 (before most of you kids were born). Then they blew my mind by playing "My Generation" and destroying their gear, complete with Moon going airborne off the back of the drum riser after a bit too much black powder in the explosive charge that took out his kit, and supposedly, some of Townshend's hearing.
This is tonight. See me and Aaron Henkin as a demonic version of the Smothers Brothers. You will never be the same again.
I just listed: 'Sibling Revelry: The Best of the Smothers Brothers by Smothers Brothers (1...', for $3.99 via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I really admire the Smothers Brothers ability to spend six minutes getting through thirty seconds of a two minute song.
Whoopi Goldberg has a documentary on HBO about the life of comedian Jackee "Moms" Mabley. Those of us of a certain age remember her being a guest on the talk shows and variety shows of the '60's and early '70's, such as Ed Sullivan or The Smothers Brothers. There is one clip of her on Hugh Hefner Playboy After Dark, which featured actors and actresses, musicians and comedians of the day. Moms performed the song Abraham, Martin, and John, of which she recorded a version which made it to the top 40 on the charts. Now while she didn't have a beautiful singing voice, it was a very intimate and emotional moment considering the assassinations of John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King during the 1960's.
Lisa Mikitarian is a friend of ours and is looking for her biological father. If you are in the music industry, and happen to know folks associated with Peggy-Lee, the Smothers Brothers or retired from the Willam-Morris Talent Agency, please pass this on!
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED .Pete Seeger.Blacklisting. During the McCarthy Era of the 1940’s and early 1950’s, many musicians were subpoenaed to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Seeger refused to testify on the basis of the First Amendment and was blacklisted. Because Seeger was among those listed in the entertainment industry blacklist publication, Red Channels, all of the Weavers were placed under FBI surveillance and not allowed to perform on television or radio during the McCarthy era. American Folk Revival and Activism Despite being banned from performing on TV and radio, Seeger re-emerged on the public scene in the 1960s as a solo artist performing protest music in support of international disarmament, civil rights, and environmental causes. Seeger was very influential in the American folk music revival. Seeger went on to influence the Folk Song Revival of the 1960′s, inspiring artists like Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, and the Kingston Trio. In the mid ...
We need the Smothers Brothers back on the air!
Politics comes from the Greek root "poly" meaning many and "ticks" meaning blood-sucking parasites. - The Smothers Brothers
What singing group escaped a near disaster when too much explosive was placed in an exploding drum on the Smothers Brothers Show?
This sure fits today: Smothers Brothers as Pilots today . They were great--far ahead of their time! Good to see they're still around and funny!
The Smothers Brothers had it right 40 years ago. The word politics has two origins. "Poly" which is Latin for many and "tics" which is blood-sucking parasites.
Rules: in your status line, list 10 books that have been meaningful to you in some way. No particular order, not the classics, just "your 10 books". Copy (and paste if need be) your status tagging 10 people, including me so I can see it. Here's my list: 1. In Cold Blood/Truman Capote 2. Doris Day/A.E. Hotchner 3. The Bell Jar/Sylvia Plath 4. Greta Garbo: A Life Apart/Karen Swenson 5. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon/Crystal Zevon 6. You CANNOT be serious (emphasis not mine but the author's)/John McEnroe 7. We're Ready For You, Mr. Grodin/Charles Grodin 8. Gracie: A Love Story/George Burns 9. Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour/David Bianculli 10. The Bible (NIV Version) excluding most of Revelation. I hate psychics./Humanity
    I've been wanting to put these thoughts that have been running around in my noggin for some years together into a proper form . It's time that I got down to brass tacks and followed through...     It's been thirty-three years now since Mark David Chapman packed his gun and his copy of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye and took the life of a famous 40-year-old musician, husband, father, artist, author, and self-described peacenik named John Lennon. I still remember that evening, a Sunday night the day after my birthday. I had been listening to Rodney Bingenheimer's program on KROQ, and had already heard about the death of Darby Crash, vocalist for The Germs, from an intentional drug overdose. I switched over to another station after Rodney went off the air, and suddenly the DJ broke in with the news that Lennon had been shot to death just outside his New York City home.      It was totally unreal. Even though I had just become a 20-year-old adult, it just struck me as impossible. He had bee ...
Any of my wine country friends have an in with the Smothers Brothers vineyard? I went to school with Lisa, and any info would be helpful.
Anyone that knows me knows that I have a slightly warped sense of humor. For some reason today I thought of the old Smothers Brothers Show. Tommy Smothers did the bit that "Mom always liked you best. Ellen Thatcher Rambadt, I thought of you right away, because you and I were the two devil children. Neither one of us got the puppy or the chicken.
We all had a fabulous time with those of you that came to the "Smothers Brothers Christmas Party"!! Pictures coming later :)
My Dad, My old man, Thomas Patrick Dominic Farrell, has passed away. A past president three times over at the Madison Heights Eagles, this man partied with Willie Nelson, Kid Rock, as well as Bob Segar and the Smothers Brothers, and even saw Elvis at the Fox Theater in Detroit for 5 bucks. Every story he has told has been 100 percent TRUE~But the story I told about him spending a whole year in Tibet in silence just to learn the sound of a whisper, was not sorry! LOVE AND MISS YOU DAD. :)
Tonight at 11p! Me and Buck will be tearing up* the iO Main Stage! With special guest Dave Ross! Video sketches, stand-up, interviews and more! It's like the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour except no instruments and we're not brothers and also it's nothing like the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour at all. You'll love it! * sitting down on
Watching the sound of music. Makes me wish there were variety shows on tv. Today's entertainment revolves around pregnant teenagers drunken party girls, vampires and zombies. It would sure be neat if you could see shows like Carol Burnett , Sony and Cher, and the smothers brothers.
"You can tell who works for the government running the country because they can afford more clothes. The common ordinary folks don't wear as many clothes so we refer to them as "less ons". The people running the country then must be "more ons" !!" - The Smothers Brothers, from 1964
smothers brothers are great.when asked why he was lying...response NATIONAL POLICY! Ha Ha.
When I was growing up in the Miss. Delta, and even as I was a college student at Ole Miss during segregation times, I wondered why blacks, Asians too, were so so stereotyped, and why a few tv shows, like broadcasts like Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers, featured talented minorities, but Lt. Uhuru, on Startrek, was so so different.
Boys were talking about how they didn't think some guy on YouTube was funny because, they said, all he did was say the f-word and then he got like 35 million views. I couldn't help it. Called up an old Smothers Brothers routine and showed the young whipper-snappers. When Tommy got to "My old man's a nudist, what do you think about that?" they were both laughing so hard they were crying. Then I told them how I used to walk to school with forty pounds on my back through the snow up-hill both ways.
For my Mom, who would immediately go into the Smothers Brothers routine, because we are sugar bowls.
Shame the odds are so low of it turning into a Smothers Brothers routine.
Yep England had the Beatles and all we had was the Ventures, Beach Boys, Peter Paul & Mary, & Smothers Brothers?
Doing a project on Tom and Pete Seeger, and Waist Deep in the Big Muddy. Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was revolutionary.
I Am A Pilot The Smothers Brothers: via I love them so much!
Placed my Pandora station on shuffle while I clean and I forgot I had a Smothers Brothers station. Omg, they had me laughing so hard!
Smothers Brothers: The country is being run by more-ons!
The country is still being run by more-ons!
that profile pic has to get back to work at Smothers Brothers Show.
Mickey Rooney & Bette Davis together in one sketch w the Smothers Brothers? 😎😄🔱📺
I heard those Smothers Brothers are really sticking it to the man on CBS!
So, & I guessed correct on the Smothers Brothers. I'm happy because of the amount of beer I've had already.
I grew up listening to Smothers Brothers records over and over. Thanks
Old ladies are here talking about the old Smothers Brothers.I need more Bourbon or a bullet to my head. I so want to tell them the "truth".
Aaaand we're watching clips of the Smothers Brothers.
PAIGE MUSIC PAGE: Rion, I finally remembered with the song by the British lady singer_?_called "I Will Follow Him", could you follow this on YT or your favorite video search, site? I used to sell records at Hoyt's Stereo in the sixties at Lakewood, where Starbucks is right now. I had the Smothers Brothers to come have an autograph and album release party at our shop, (ask mom or grandmom) about the two dudes that were funny folk-singers in the 60s era on TV weekly show. Petula was a hot hitmaker then too. Check out Petula Clark also, she was also a Brit. Is Simon making the song suggestions? He should know, He is from the UK. Best of Luck young lady. We Love You, and wish you the Win you Deserve!!! Best, Chuck. cc: Steve Briscoe, Fox Entertainment Group.
Can't wait!!! I miss Ed Sullivan. Used to watch that show. And the Smothers Brothers, Midnight Special, American Bandstand..
Do you know *** Smothers from the Smothers brothers?
Keith Moon´s drum kit explodes on the Smothers Brothers Show 1967 : via
I just got followed by one of the Smothers Brothers, so I don’t think I have to do anything else today of worth.
I Am A Pilot The Smothers Brothers: via Who is running the country?
Not sure why, but I had a dream that I had dinner with the Smothers Brothers and Ice-T. And it was fantastic.
I can actually remember a time when my parents wouldn't let us watch "The Smothers Brothers" on TV. Too controversial. Wow.
Loki and Thor is a nice landing place for Smothers Brothers fans ("Mom always liked you best!").
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
See Bobbie Gentry perform- "Ode To Billie Joe" from the Smothers Brothers TV Show -
isn't that the name of Schmidt's fan fiction of his time with the Smothers Brothers?
Am a Smothers Brothers Fan! You brought much laughter, music, & thought to your performances. So happy to connect with you!
Unless he pulls a Smothers Brothers on you, you could probably kick his flat *** Or maybe fold him if you're quick.
I grew up listening to my parents' Smothers Brothers & Tom Lehrer albums so I knew they'd approve. :)
when trying I explain to my parents what your act is like, I said "they're a modern day Smothers Brothers".
Refresher for anyone who doesn't remember the Smothers Brothers:
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