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Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth (June 8, 1859 – March 12, 1947), was a British evangelist who was important in the early history of Pentecostalism.

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The moment a man falls into sin, divine life ceases to flow, and his life becomes one of helplessness ~ Smith Wigglesworth
"There is a fruit of the Spirit that must accompany the gift of healing and that is long-suffering.” — Smith Wigglesworth
"I rarely pray for an hour; but I rarely go an hour without praying". - Smith Wigglesworth
Some people read their bible in Hebrew, some in Greek, I like to read mine in the Holy Ghost. Smith WiGglesworth.
The Holy Spirit - do you possess Him or does He possess you? Are you thirsty and longing for his leading and presence. (Smith Wigglesworth)
There is something about believing God that makes Him willing to pass over millions of people just to anoint you. - Smith WigglesWorth
I saw that God wanted us so badly that He has made the condition as simple as He possibly could - ONLY BELIEVE. - Smith WigglesWorth
Check out this faith increasing article from Smith Wigglesworth!
Every new revelation brings a new dedication. Smith Wigglesworth
A man who is not hungry to receive more of God is stationary and is out of order in any gathering of believers- Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth said to never let your body tell you how you feel.. You tell it how it feels.
Wow then I should be close to being the next Smith Wigglesworth the way things have been before 2 yes ago!
God has chosen us to help one another.~ Smith Wigglesworth
''Great faith is the product of great fights. Great testimonies are the results of great tests''. ~Smith Wigglesworth
I really want to read about Smith Wigglesworth.
"God has given us much in these last days, and where much is given much will be required." - Smith Wigglesworth
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How appropriate that TEST is in testimony. [quote by Smith Wigglesworth]
"The Holy Spirit is the great Illuminator who makes me understand all the depths of Him." Smith Wigglesworth
No man can doubt when he learns to shout! Smith Wigglesworth
If the Spirit doesn't move, I will move the Spirit. - SMITH WIGGLESWORTH . May your faith get to this level!. -
Quote of the day: “It is better to live ready than to get ready!” ― Smith Wigglesworth... "Be ye ready!"
God rejoices when we manifest a faith that holds Him to His Word - Smith Wigglesworth (Isaiah 43:26)
"God manifests himself to the person who dares to believe."~Smith Wigglesworth
Jesus says, "I give you My life; it is to become in you a production of what I am"-Smith Wigglesworth
The Holy Ghost never comes with an "if." He comes with something that is strong and sure. -Smith Wigglesworth
Reading sermons by Smith Wigglesworth, and these excerpts needed to be shared!
"There is no hope for Pentecost unless we come to God in our brokenness." Smith Wigglesworth
"I'm a thousand times bigger on the inside than i am on the outside."...Smith Wigglesworth
"We are not to use liberty because we have it to use, but we are to let the liberty use us"-Smith Wigglesworth
Just re-read Smith Wigglesworth prophecy from 1947, about the greatest Revival of souls the Uk has ever known. O Happy days!
"I am not moved by what I see or hear; I am moved by what I believe." - Smith Wigglesworth
Be filled to overflowing with the Spirit. We are no good if we have only a full cup; we need to have an OVERFLOWING cup…
There is something about believing God that will cause Him to pass over a million people to get to you. ~Smith Wigglesw…
Being filled with the Spirit is not a luxury, it is a divine command. Smith Wigglesworth
"GOD's willingness to answer man's Prayer is much greater than man's willingness to pray!"- Smith Wigglesworth
Never mind what it costs - it is worth everything to have His smile and His presence (Smith Wigglesworth)
"God said it. I believe it. That settled it." Smith Wigglesworth
"There are two kinds of faith. There is the natural faith. But the supernatural faith is the gift of God." -Smith Wigglesw…
There is nothing impossible with God. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief. Smith Wigglesworth, “Have Faith in God”, December 9, 1922
"True men don't drink, they are righteous and they fear God." --- Smith Wigglesworth
Just in the measure we r clothed and covered and hidden in Him is His inner working manifested. Smith Wigglesworth
Though for today:God's Son is placed in authority over the power of the enemy;anybody who deals falsely with the Word of God nullifies the position of authority that Christ has given him over satan. Smith Wigglesworth
Aden seems a little better but still coughing...last night went a little smoother but still a bit restless and I actually slept a little more. Adam was diagnosed with sinusitis and can't find relief and last night my throat began hurting. This mess has got to go in Jesus' name! The devil trying to put this mess on us because I've been reading about the many miracles and the healings that took place under Smith Wigglesworth. Yes, I still believe in the healing power of God...the devil is still a defeated foe!
God has a realm of divine life opening up to us where there are boundless possibilities, where there is limitless power, where there are untold resources, where we have victory over all the power of the devil. - Smith Wigglesworth "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ." Ephesians 1:3
" If you are in the same place today as you were yesterday, you are a backslider " Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947) " Si vous êtes resté au même niveau où vous étiez hier, vous êtes un retrograde "
Faith is loyalty to Jesus. Smith wigglesworth
Thought for today: I will not settle for such small things when I have a Great Big God. Smith Wigglesworth Devotions
"God wants us to come into the place where we will never look back. God has no room for the man that looks back, thinks back, or acts back." Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947)
If God's plan for your life is to Just to turn one person around to the Lord Jesus Christ, that person is restored into fellowship with the Heavenly Father and you have fulfilled your purpose. Who knows? That person may be the next Smith Wigglesworth or Billy Graham!
Early life Smith Wigglesworth was born on 8 June 1859 in Menston, Yorkshire, England, to an impoverished family. As a small child, he worked in the fields pulling turnips alongside his mother; he a...
Smith Wigglesworth was born 8 June 1859 in Menston, Yorkshire England. he was a curt man of Faith, he healed the...
Enter into the promises of God. It is your inheritance. You will do more in one year if you are really filled with the Holy Ghost than you could do in fifty years apart from Him. (Smith Wigglesworth)
Holiness is the habitation of God - Smith Wigglesworth see also: 1 Peter 1:15-16 (NIV) 15 But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; 16 for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.
If you could learn anything particular about or from Smith Wigglesworth's life and/or ministry, what would it be?
Allow God to take the choice of your thoughts. - Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth,"When the Church of God is alive in prayer and alive in testimony, the people will come a long way to h…
Two things will establish you against attacks or evil winds from any source: faith and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Smi…
The Holy Spirit makes us living flames of Fire, carrying salvation, healing,& the baptism of the Holy Spirit everywhere. S…
The man who is going through with God to be used in healing must be a man of longsuffering. Smith Wigglesworth.
It was a tremendous thought for me to know that I had received the Holy Spirit, but I am coming to a great wonderment of splendor to know that the Holy Spirit has at last got me.! Smith Wigglesworth God is more eager to answer than we are to ask---
The Gospel is not good news to people who do not hear it-an unpreached gospel is no gospel at all. In the New Testament we never read about God going forth on His own, but that, "They went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them" (Mark 16:20) God acted as they acted. Smith Wigglesworth once said, "The acts of the Apostles was written because the apostles acted!" - Reinhard Bonnke
Smith Wigglesworth On The Power Of Scripture Smith Wigglesworth knew firsthand of the power of Scripture. For years, the “Apostle of Faith” taught the Bible to millions of believers in his legendary, miracle– filled meetings. Now, many of these teachings… [ 65 more words. ]
“Hard things are always opportunities to gain more glory for the Lord as He manifests His power. Every trial is a blessing. … The hardest things are just lifting places into the grace of God.” One day Wigglesworth was being shown around a farm by the owner, a dear friend. Visiting one field, he commented on the beauty of it. But his friend said, “it’s not what it looks. The whole field is ruined by blight.” Wigglesworth lifted his heart to God. Faith flowed in, and he stretched out his hand over the field in the name of Jesus. The field was completely cleansed of blight and the entire crop was saved. In fact, that was the best crop his friend had ever had from any field! From the book titled Smith Wigglesworth a man who walked with God by George Stormont
God is longing for us to have such a desire for more, a desire that only He can satisfy. The Spirit of the living God sweeps through all weaknesses. You may be filled with all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:19 Smith Wigglesworth
Ah, brothers and sisters, we have no idea what God has for us if we will only begin! But oh, the grace we need! We may make a mishap. If you do it outside of Him, if you do it for yourself, and if you want to be someone, it will be a failure. We shall only be able to do well as we do it in the name of Jesus. Oh, the love that God's Son can put into us if we are only humble enough, weak enough, and helpless enough to know that except He does it, it will not be done! -- Smith Wigglesworth
In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus restored to you EVERYTHING that was lost in the Garden of Eden. -- Smith Wigglesworth
Perfect love will never want the preeminence in everything, it will never want to take the place of another, it will always be willing to take the back seat. -Smith Wigglesworth
God confirmed Smith Wigglesworth's ministry through powerful signs and wonders, including the creative formation of missing limbs and the disappearance of cancerous growths. His words continue to p...
No one needs to go away empty. God wants you to be filled. My brother, my sister, God wants you today to be like a watered garden, filled with the fragrance of His own heavenly joy, until you know at least that you have touched the immense fullness of God. The Son of God came for no other purpose than to lift, to mold, and to remold, until "we have the mind of Christ" (1 Cor. 2:16). Smith Wigglesworth
There is something abt faith n havin it that makes God to pass a million pple jst to anoit you/smith wigglesworth
Put this right in ur mind and never forget it. "U will never be any importance to God till u venture into the impossible. God wants people on the daring line. I do not mean foolish daring" SMITH WIGGLESWORTH
Thought for the Day The way to get up is to get down. --Smith Wigglesworth "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." James 4:10
When is prophecy spoiled? When is preaching spoiled? It's when you keep going on after the Holy Spirit has finished. (Smith Wigglesworth)
Unleashing Barrier Breaking Thinking Barrier Breaking Thinking Pt.2 See yourself not as a victim but as a barrier breaker. I am, you are because of the way you've been thinking up until now. [Prov 23:7] "As a man thinks in his heart so is he" I am a spirit and I posses a soul, [your body looks like a spirit] in heaven we'll recognize you, a glorified body without blood, your spirit is the matrix through which we fit your body. Your thinker is in your soul, which is your mind, your will, and your emotions, It's a combination of his spirit and his soul, they will have to work in concert [Prov 4:20-23] Life doesn't happen to you, you happen to life, you cannot be defeated! it doesn't matter who likes you or not, let life come out of you. Death is swallowed up by life, debt is overwhelmed by increase, the key is to have more life coming out of you rather than the debt that surrounds you. The challenges may still be there but you're greater than your challenges, the key is to become bigger than your challenges ...
Thanks to Bert Farias for posting this - I invite all to read and prayerfully consider the words below, as well as search the scriptures and reach your own conclusions about this prophecy. I have personally found the message edifying. 1965 PROPHECY BY STANLEY FRODSHAM (NOTE: This prophetic word was spoken by Prophet Stanley Frodsham who was a personal friend of Smith Wigglesworth, a traveling companion and author of one of the books about Him. It was given in Chicago in 1965, five years before he died. Due to the length of this prophecy I have divided it into 3 parts, which will be distributed at 3 different times. You will not find many prophecies today of this nature. I believe that alone is just another sign of the prevalence of idolatry and itching ears of the time we are living in.) GREAT JUDGMENTS “With great judgments will I plead with the population of this country. Great darkness is coming upon the countries that have heard My gospel but no longer walk in it. My wrath shall come upon them. The ...
"To hunger after God, to never be satisfied with your present position, to press on to the fullness of the Spirit." - Peter Madden on the foundations Smith Wigglesworth's life
Nothing like a good Smith Wigglesworth story to start your day out full of faith and boldness! Check this out!
"Do not be moved by what you see. Do not be moved by what you feel. Instead, be moved only by what you believe.". -Smith Wigglesworth
We must never measure ourselves by ourselves. If we do, we will always be small. Measure yourself by the word of God, the great measurement that God brings you.~ Smith Wigglesworth The Power of Faith
I will not settle for small things, when I have such a BIG GOD! - Smith Wigglesworth
"In me is working a power stronger than every other power. The life that is in me is a thousand times bigger than I am outside." ~ Smith Wigglesworth
"Have a rejoicing spirit, get the praise of God in your heart, go from victory to victory, rise in faith, and believe it. We must not live in ourselves, but in Christ. God is on his throne and can take you a thousand miles in a moment. Have faith to jump into His supernatural plan." ~ Smith Wigglesworth ~
"The Lord will allow you to be very drunk in His presence, but sober among people."-Smith Wigglesworth.
"If you will but be filled with the Holy Ghost you will have a constant spring within, yea, as your faith centers in the Lord Jesus, from within you shall flow waters of living waters." Smith Wigglesworth
Any man can be changed by FAITH no matter how he may be fettered. Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth and a big cup o' was a great addition to my .…
. Hey Friend ,Hope all is going Well!. I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY . SMITH WIGGLESWORTH..I had 2Read about his Healing Ministry4Class
Smith Wigglesworth “Beloved, if you read the Scriptures you will never find anything about the easy time. All the glories come out of hard times. And if you are really reconstructed it will be in a hard time, it won’t be in a singing meeting, but at a time when you think all things are dried up, when you think there is no hope for you, and you have passed everything, then that is the time that God makes the man, when tried by fire, that God purges you, takes the dross away, and brings forth the pure gold. Only melted gold is minted. Only moistened clay receives the mold. Only softened wax receives the seal. Only broken, contrite hearts receive the mark as the Potter turns us on His wheel, shaped and burnt to take and keep the heavenly mold, the stamp of God’s pure gold.”
Smith Wigglesworth “If you knew the value of it, you would praise God for trial more than for anything. It is the trial that is used to purify you; it is in the fiery furnace of affliction that God gets you in the place where He can use you. The person that has no trials and no difficulties is the person whom God dare not allow satan to touch, because he could not stand temptation; but Jesus will not allow any man to be tempted more than he is able to bear.”
If a thing is in the bible it is so; it is not even to be prayed about; it is to be received and acted upon by faith. Smith wigglesworth
British Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth believed that Satan should never be treated gently or allowed to get away with anything.
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Smith Wigglesworth 1859-1947. Known for exceptional nobility a being of great strength & courage celebrated for bold exploits.
"We may be nothing but in God we can be mighty" Smith Wigglesworth
"He who understands healing understands God and no one understands God." Smith Wigglesworth
What can we learn from Smith Wigglesworth? -Peter Vandever
>>>Smith Wigglesworth: "It is a serious thing to have the Baptism and yet be stationary; to live two days in...
The Bible is the Word of God: supernatural in origin, eternal in duration, inexpressible in valor, infinite in scope. Smith Wigglesworth
"It is always all right when He is Almighty!" Smith Wigglesworth
"Today many are not laying themselves out for soul winning but for fleshly manifestations" -Smith Wigglesworth
"No man can have the Trinity abiding in him and be the same as he was before." Smith Wigglesworth
"God's revelation is available to anyone who will wholeheartedly be committed to following God." Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth believed that healing came through faith. Smith sometimes attributed ill-health to satanic spirits. Very anointed man.
Our life is in Another-we live only for Him & He extends Himself thru us; Fire burning, Power flowing, Divine glory. Smith…
Be filled with the Holy Spirit; the Power to preach the Gospel unlimited & unhindered with mighty unction or Anointing! Sm…
"All lack of faith is due to not feeding on God’s Word." - Smith Wigglesworth (via craigtowens)
Every time someone else sins, our response positions us in their story. We either contribute to their suffering...
"Oh Brother, heaven is in your soul when you love.." -Smith Wigglesworth
Oral Roberts said, the last revival will be led by a black pastor and black church. All other reformations and revivals were led by whites.Smith Wigglesworth, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Kenneth Hagin but the tide is turning, the waters are stirred.
am a dedicated scholar of many different marvelous Christian authors of our day .Benny Hinn’s Teachings and lessons have left me in absolute consternation at the unveiling and greatness of the Precious Holy Spirit. The writings of Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Dr Oral Roberts, T.D. Jakes, Kathryn Kuhlman have been the very base of which I stand In my ministry .Material Provided by the Ministries of Benny Hinn, Jack Hayford, Dr. David Jeremiah, Pastor Jentezen Franklin, DR. Ron Phillips, Perry Stone Pastor Jim Raley,Joseph prince have indeed influenced me Far more than anyone will ever know. That being the case, what I really want to say here is this” No matter their influence’s the true safeguard of my faith is in none of these men…my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name! Study, show what your worth, learn from generals of the faith, but let Jesus be the guide in your faith!
God will do everything if you dare to believe Him - Smith Wigglesworth.
1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.” Do you take your inheritance from God? Dare you believe God? Dare you stand on the record of His Word? What is the record? If you will believe you will see the glory of God. You will be sifted as wheat; you will be tested as though some strange thing tried you. You will be put in places where you will have to place your whole trust in God! Every trial is going to bring you to a greater position in God. The trial that tries your faith will take you on to the place where you will know that the faith of God will be forthcoming in the next test. No man is able to win any victory except through the power of the risen Christ within him. You will never be able to say, “I did this, or that.” You will desire to give God the glory for everything. If ...
If you would believe half as much as you ask, you would receive. Smith Wigglesworth
"The Holy Spirit has come upon you with the power of impartation to a needy world. Let the rivers flow. Amen." Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth I received a telegram once urging me to visit a case about 200 miles from my home. As I went to this place I met the father and mother and found them broken hearted. They lead me up a staircase to a room and I saw a young woman on the floor and five people were holding her down. She was a frail young woman but the power in her was greater than all those young men. As I went into the room the evil powers looked out of her eyes and they used her lips saying, “We are many, you can’t cast us out.” I said, “Jesus can.” He is equal to every occasion. He is waiting for an opportunity to bless. He is ready for every opportunity to deliver souls. When we receive Jesus it is true of us, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” He is greater than all the powers of darkness. No man can meet the devil in his own strength, but any man filled with the knowledge of Jesus, filled with His presence, filled with His power, is more than a match for the powers of darkness. ...
It is broken spirits, it is tried lives,and it is being driven into a corner as if some strange thing happened, that is, surely the way to get to know God.. Smith Wigglesworth
Good morning! "It is a wonderful thing to pray in the Spirit and to sing in the Spirit, praying in tongues and singing in tongues as the Spirit of God gives you utterance."--Smith Wigglesworth
E. W. Kenyon said that a lot of people wait till they reach a point of crisis — they are sick, or a loved one is sick, or they are in financial crisis — and then they start trying to recite scriptures in prayer in what they call faith. He said it is often nothing more than unbelief. The prayers are just prayers of panic, and not prayers of faith. Smith Wigglesworth said that if you wait till you need faith before you try to go get it, then you waited too late!
"Do you not see that the words of the Master are the instruction of faith? It is impossible for anything to miss that Jesus says. All His words are spirit and life. If you will only have faith in Him you will find that every word that God gives is life. You cannot be in close touch with Him, and you cannot receive the word in simple faith without feeling the effect of it in your body as well as in your spirit and soul." -Smith Wigglesworth
Reading about Smith Wigglesworth and all I can think is that I really need to pick up my pace.
If the saints only knew how precious they are in the sight of God they would scarcely be able to sleep for thinking of His watchful, loving care. Oh, He is a precious Jesus! He is a lovely Savior! He is divine in all His attitude toward us, and makes our hearts to burn. There is nothing like it. "Oh," they said on the road to Emmaus, "did not our heart burn within us, as He walked with us and talked with us?" (Luke 24:32). Oh, beloved, it must be so today. -- Smith Wigglesworth
.Cont.4rm d prev. epsd.; The city is filled with the ppl dt had fought d good fight of faith...Tru deir faith dey've turned the ol'world 4rm wt it's used 2b to wt it suppose 2b {4rm darkness to d light of God, 4rm bondage 2total freedom} Ppl like Abraham, Moses, David, Peter &Paul jst 2mention few,& ds kind of ppl stil exist in our time, dey're nt intemidated by d so called"the perils of d end time" example of dem is a man called Smith Wigglesworth. It ws said dt he ws out wen his wife died. Wen he returned home &ws told his wife had died, he said, "She didn't tell me b/4 she died.How could she died without permission?" He den laid hands on her in the Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth &called her back to life.She woke up & he asked her why she didn't inform him she ws going 2die &She told him her time has reached 2go & she ws very happy 2go bcos of hw Beautiful & Glorious is dt city and so he said "It's alright, but you should av told me." Then he let her sleep & she ws gone. That's a man 4rm our city.
I did this last year 2013 I did a little study what happen to the mighty moves of God in the untied states. this is what I found In the year 1745 it is said that there where 50 thousand converted to Christ in the year 1800 there where thousands converted Jeremiah Lanphier a city missioner began a weekky noon prayer meeting in New York september 1857 by october it grew into a daily prayer meeting attended by many business men by march 1858 newspapers carried front page reports of over 6000 attending prayer meetings new york and pittsburg and daily prayer meeting where held in washintonat five different times to accomodat the crowds by May 1859 50,000 of new yorks 800,000 people where new converts. Charles Finney preached in those days also then we have Smith Wigglesworth born June 8 1859 died 1947 then Milford Kirkpatrick great revival of 1948 then all of the sudden great moves started to decrease so lets look at the date 1961 beginning of prayer taken out of school I took the year 1961 and subtracted th . ...
ONE BUCK BOOK: Ever Increasing Faith By Smith Wigglesworth [$0.89 right now] [free] Smith Wigglesworth was one of the most important evangelists in the early history of Pentecos
You have to bring your mind to the Word of God and not try to bring the Word of God to your mind. Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth - “You must refuse everything that is not pure and holy. . God wants you pure in heart.
Smith Wigglesworth - “Faith never fails to obtain its object.
It does not matter where you are if God is with you. He who is for you is a million times greater than all who can be against you. Oh, if by the grace of God we could only see that the blessings of God's divine power come to us with such sweetness, whispering to us, " Be still, My child. All is well. "Be still and see the salvation of the Lord. God allows trials, difficulties, temptations, and perplexities to come along our path, but there is not a temptation or trial that can come to us without God providing a way out (1 Cor.10:13). You do not have the way out; it is God who bring you through. Perfect love means that Jesus has taken hold of your intentions, desires, and thoughts and has purified everything. If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31 Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth, the great English evangelist of yesteryear said; "Our only safeguard from dropping back into our natural mind, with which we can receive nothing from God, is being filled and filled again with the Holy Spirit." Our churches, as well as our individual lives, must be based on the Word and the Spirit in order to have a constant flow of the supernatural power of God. Have a blessed and productive week everyone.
Thought for the Day All our victories are won before we go into the fight. --Smith Wigglesworth "These things I have spoken unto you that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:33 "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37
Pentecost 2014: Will you tarry?..."If you want to increase in the life of God,then you must settle it in your heart that you will not at any time resist The Holy Spirit.The Holy Ghost and Fire-the Fire burning up everything that would impoverish and destroy you." Smith Wigglesworth
"G-d never let's the chastening rod fall upon anything except what is marring the vessel." Smith Wigglesworth
What did Smith Wigglesworth prophecy for the end times? This was for a coming together of the Holy Spirit and the Bible.
Only believe! God will not fail you, beloved. It is impossible for God to fail. Believe God; rest in Him. Smith wigglesworth quote
"If you're passing through difficulties, trials are rising, darkness is appearing and everything becomes so dense you can't see through, hallelujah! God will see you through. He is a God of deliverance, a God of power. He is near you if you will only believe." Smith Wigglesworth.
Luke 24:32 And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” If you are familiar with the two disciples who after Jesus had been raised from the dead on the same day were headed to Emmaus you will remember that when He first appeared to them they did not know who He was. As they were talking about the events of His death and now the report that had come back from Mary, Martha, Peter, and John that Jesus was in fact alive, Jesus comes and joins them in the midst of this conversation. He then begins to explain to them from the Old Testament Scriptures the things concerning Him. As they came to the village Jesus indicated that He would have gone on but they convince Him to stay with them that night. There was something going on in the hearts of these two that was undeniable and they wanted to know more. As He then sat with them to eat He took the bread, blessed and broke it, and then gave it to them. Immediately ...
Isaiah 26:3-4 (NKJV) You will keep him in perfect peace,Whose mind is stayed on You,Because he trusts in You.Trust in the Lord forever, For in the Lord is everlasting strength. Perfect peace is God's gift, but our minds stayed on Him is our responsibility. Always have within you the knowledge that you are acting on the word of God. You cannot depend on feelings, or on what you see, or on anything else. Have no confidence in anything which is on a natural plane - Smith Wigglesworth.
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Smith wigglesworth says the minute you open your Mouth Life is flowing
Abraham came out of Ur of the Chaldees. We never get into a new place until we come out from the old one. There is a place where we leave the old life behind, and where the life of Christ fills us and we are filled wit His glorious personality. Always seek to be found in the place where He manifests His presence and power. The resurrected Christ appeared to Peter and a few more of them early one morning on the shore of the lake. He prepared a meal for the tired, tired disciples. This is just like Him. Count on His presence, count on His power, count on His provision. He is always there just where you need Him. [Smith Wigglesworth]
Holy Spirit is absolutely amazing! The Lord has had me studying the Welsh Revival and such great men of God like Evan Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, Andrew Murray, and Rees Howells and what God did through humble surrendered vessels in the Late 1800-early 1900's.. He has stirred my heart for revival and has had me praying for revival for His beautiful bride for 2 years now.. This morning the Holy Spirit came upon me and it felt like I was giving birth! Then my pastor starts preaching on the Welsh Revival.. Get ready Church!!
Any assembly that puts its hand upon the working of the Spirit will surely dry up. The assembly must be as free in the Spirit as possible, and you must allow a certain amount of extravagance when people are getting through to God. Unless we are vey wise, we can easily interfere and quench the power of God which is upon us. -- Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworths ministry of faith, miracles, signs and wonders changed the face of Christianity and set the stage for the Charismatic Renewal that would ...
I added a video to a playlist Smith Wigglesworth: sermon, What it means to be Full of the Holy Ghost!
"The Living God is lifting you out of yourself into Him" -Smith Wigglesworth I receive this for myself!
I believe that a time is coming for the body of Christ when this will be common place.this is from and excerpt on Smith Wigglesworth... "I heard a story about Smith praying for a man that had no feet. He told the man to go to the shoe store. The man did not think it was a good idea but he went anyway. When he arrived, they said they did not think that they could help him. In response he said, 'Well if I could wear shoes, what size do you think I could wear?" They looked at him moment and went and got a size they supposed would fit him. The man stuck the nub of his leg down into the shoe, and a foot grew out into it! Next, he placed his other nub in the other shoe, and that foot grew out too! Oh my holy awesomeness! Yes it happened. This is the supernatural God we serve.[10] ”
Smith Wigglesworth – “I can’t understand God by feelings. I can’t understand the Lord Jesus Christ by feelings. I can only understand God the Father and Jesus Christ by what the Word says about them. God is everything the Word says He is. We need to get acquainted with Him through the Word.” Ezekiel 3:2-3 "2So I opened my mouth, and He fed me this scroll. 3He said to me, "Son of man, feed your stomach and fill your body with this scroll which I am giving you." Then I ate it, and it was sweet as honey in my mouth. " Loving God= loving His Word., we cannot separate God and His Word His Word is Him, His Word is His very breath...let's pray and observe His commands carefully and faithfully, Let us not be misguided by our "feelings".God is God whether it feels right or not, if His commands do not "sit" right with you PRAY for an obedient heart to God.Let us love God the way He ought to be love and fear His goodness. Family let us be Word-filled and prayer- filled, we Love you
Keep on believing, Jesus is near, Keep on believing, there's nothing to fear; Keep on believing, this is the way, Faith in the night, the same as the day. ~ (Smith Wigglesworth) Have a blessed day!
Smith Wigglesworth preached here in Melbourne in 1922 Move out of your soul and into your spirit. We have heard much of the amazing signs and wonders that surrounded Wigglesworth, but not so much about his interaction with the heavenly realms. He sp
If he did it so should I SMITH WIGGLESWORTH: anything else.
Thought for the day, you never know what you're made of until you're tested - Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth – "It is a blessed thing to learn that God's word can never fail.
"God cannot bring anyone into blessing and into full operation with him except through testing and trials." -Smith Wigglesworth
Women of destiny speaking at Lofdal Smith WIgglesworth great grand daughter and dr Judy
My photo of a page in Smith Wigglesworth’s bible. Before there were yellow highlighters there were colored pencils… http:/…
The Holy Spirit prepares us to be more than a match for Satanic forces. - Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth a man of Great faith, mxm If I could myself one of his Book my goodness☹
'The power of God will take you out of your own plans and put you into the plan of God.' Smith Wigglesworth
"God's canopy is over you and will cover you at all times, preserving you from evil.” — Smith Wigglesworth
Holiness opens the door to all the treasures of God. - Smith Wigglesworth
"If you are not making people mad or glad, there is something amiss with your ministry." - Smith Wigglesworth
If you have a great God, you will have a little devil and if you have a big devil, you will have a little god. -Smith Wigglesworth
Bro. Smith Wigglesworth at Niagara & Trummelbach Falls: "Like that, my God, like that in me!"
I hear Smith Wigglesworth has piano that you owned it now, that's very cool...
If God can use Smith Wigglesworth to raise a body from the dead--He can use you too. Don't be intimidated! Dr.
Smith Wigglesworth, like Charles Finney, believed that the presence of a man. filled with God could bring...
Long for the days of DL Moody, Charles Finney, Smith Wigglesworth, tables need toppled. Righteous indignation is needed!!
The Prophesy I read tonight The Coming Glory and Deceiving Spirits a Prophecy given at Elim Summer Bible Camp - New York in the Summer 1965 By Stanley Frodshams who had travelled with Smith Wigglesworth "When I visit My people in mighty revival power it is to prepare them for the darkness that lies ahead. With the glory shall come great darkness. For the glory is to prepare My people for that darkness. I will enable My people to go through because of a mighty visitation of My Spirit. Take heed to yourselves lest you be puffed up and think that you have already arrived. Many shall be puffed up in that hour as in the days of old. For many then did receive My message, but they did not continue in it. Did I not anoint Jehu? And yet the things I desired were not accomplished in his life. Listen to the messengers that I will send, but do not hold any man's personality in admiration. For many whom I shall anoint mightily with signs and miracles and wonders shall become lifted up and put upon a pedestal, but they ...
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The salvation of God is free through the blood of Jesus, but there is a price to pay for the anointing of God. Many desire to be used of God, but they are not willing to pay the price of consecration to Him. As a young man of 21 when I got saved, I desired more than anything in the world to be an instrument in the hands of God. I had been an instrument of the devil for destruction, now I wanted my life to glorify the Lord. I would pray all night on Fridays, fast a week at a time {real fasting---no food}, read 50 chapters in the Bible daily, and pray at least 6 hours a day. I would study the lives of men like John Wesley, George Whitefield, Smith Wigglesworth, and others. Consecration and dedication brings inspiration into our lives. When we have God's inspiration in our lives, we are able to inspire others.
God has promised that if we stand on His Word, He would make His Word real. ~Smith Wigglesworth
Listened to Dr. Lester Sumerall talk about his relationship with Smith Wigglesworth yesterday. He said…
There is no such thing as purifying the impure. Evil things never get purer, but more vile. All impurity, all evil must be cast out. You can never make Satan holy. He will be hellish and fiendish forever, and when the brightness of God comes, the Devil will be glad to get in the pit and stay there forever and ever. Some foolish people say that the Devil will be saved, and that they will go arm in arm with him. It is because they do not rightly understand the Word of God. You will never purify sin. "The carnal mind. not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be" (Rom.8:7). Holiness is power; sin is defeat. Sin is weakness; holiness is strength. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8 Smith Wigglesworth
There is a word in the Scriptures which we very seldom understand. It has taken me a long time to understand it. It is this: "So then death worketh in us, but life in you" (2 Corinthians 4:12). Only as death was manifested in them could life come to the saints. Death to us, life to you. Now that means absolutely nothing less than that everything you count life has to go, and in its going, it is transformed. Death worketh in us, and life in you. WE DIE TO LIVE. And in what measure we keep dead, we live for evermore, and it is the law of the Spirit of life in Christ which has made us free. -- Smith Wigglesworth
God wants to give you a faith that shakes *** (Smith Wigglesworth)
' I am not moved by what people think/say..the only thing that moves me is the word of GOD ' Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth's only video available: thought maybe you like this
...Smith Wigglesworth...prayed in tongues...2 hrs a day...and then went out and ministered powerfully to the people...documented several... raised from the dead...others share that they don't leave their home without an hr praying in tongues...
Empowering Servants A few days ago I posted a message asking who is willing to serve. Since then the Lord has shown me that we are all part of one body. We have different functions and abilities. We come from different backgrounds and denominations. Our experiences are different but, we all need one another. Everyone has a part to play and no one is more important than anyone else. My dear friend Renita asked if it is possible to hold a servant crusade and whilst thinking about this the Spirit has impressed upon me that workers are urgently needed. There is coming a mighty outpouring of the Spirit, the like of which has never been seen before and it will come upon the willing and ready servants. I have been asking the Lord, why is the church no different from any other social organization in the world apart from the fact it operates in religious ways? Then I read these words from Smith Wigglesworth, 'The church (that is the believers, the body of Christ) is rising in all her vision and destroying the ...
I may only pray for 15 mins but I never go 15 mins without praying. Smith Wigglesworth
“God has privileged us in Christ Jesus to live above the ordinary human plane of life. Those who want to be ‘ordinary’ and live on a lower plane can do so, but as for me, I will not!” - Smith Wigglesworth
Whether you believe it or not. You create and carry your own glory.. Otherwise how would you be able give glory to God if you never had it to begin with? God is perfect, and perfectly glorious.. And when He created you, He created you perfect. He created you into perfection.. Not only were you created into perfection... You were created out of perfection. You were created in the image and likeness of our perfect, glorious Father. If you were created to be like our perfect and glory filled Father, how could you not be glory filled yourself? Glory is kind of like honey.. It's gooey, it's sticky, it's natural, it's healthy, and it's got healing properties to it ... and one of the best things about it is, you can create it! If you treat the supernatural as if it were the natural, you will find that the impossible becomes possible. Your faith acts kind of like a supernatural connector beacon or spiritual medium. The more faith you have the bigger the ripples and splashes your going to make in the spiritual. Sm ...
When Smith Wigglesworth was older and already known as a powerful man of God who worked in miracles God told him he was going to burn him up until there was nothing left but Jesus. He prayed for God to do it He only wanted people to see Jesus. How much burning does it take to look like Jesus?? It hurts but we get to keep the fire. More Lord.
Spiritual Drunkenness "For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; or if we are of sound mind, it is for you." 2Corinthians 5:13 There is a place to reach in the Holy Spirit that is mystifying to the world & to many people who are not going on with God. Here is a most remarkable lesson. We can be so filled with the Spirit, so clothed upon Him, so purified within, so made ready for the Rapture, that all the time it is as if we are drunk. Smith Wigglesworth
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"You can never pray the prayer of faith if you look at the person who is needing it. There is only one place to look, and that is to Jesus." Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947), known as the Apostle of Faith, an international evangelistic and healing ministry. A plumber by trade, Wigglesworth underwent a dramatic life change when, at age 48,...
I Thank God for the transition and transformation He has brought in my life. I WAS a big fan of great celebrities and stars like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Aniston, Jack Nicholson et al. Followed their style, watched reviews, admired their personal lives, had posters, pictures, followed their gossips, stardoms - all to discover everything was in vain and waste of time. After coming to Lord, He made me to follow Him as my role-model, the very person being Jesus Christ Himself at heavenly level, and many Men of God at earthly level like Smith Wigglesworth, John Stot, Bishop J C Ryle, Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnkke, Bishop T D Jakes, John Piper, John Bunyan, Joyce Meyer, Paul Washer, Murray Mc Cheyenne, Billy Graham, Charles Spurgeon and alike people of God, whose teachings, preachings, reachings, sharings, messages, Words, sermons, discourses have had a tremendous impact and blessings upon my life and happy to follow them as their fan and walk in their footst ...
Know The Enemy - But Don't Fear Him by Birgit Barandica Eichberger, November 2006 The more we are aware of who we are in Jesus, the less we need to fear our enemy, Satan. I like the story I heard about Smith Wigglesworth, one of the greatest evangelists of the beginnings of last century. It's said he once was sleeping in bed at night like usual, when all of a sudden he woke up feeling a strange presence. I guess you know this weird feeling, when someone is watching you but you don't see this person, yet you very strongly feel watched. Wigglesworth was laying with his face toward the wall and had this urging certainty of someone standing at his bedside watching him. So he turned around and saw - Satan in person. Yet he did not get shocked, but simply said, "Oh, it's only you!" and turned back toward the wall. Satan never had any chance on him again. As bad as the devil is, as many calamities as he causes, as often as he brings death - yet none of this can really harm you if you are a child of God (John 1:1 ...
Jesus is still the Healer. He is the same yesterday,today and forever. He is the same miracle working Jesus. He used Smith Wigglesworth,John G Lake,Kathryn Kulman and many others. And now He wants to use us. Say Amen
These days we have shifted our emphasis from entering deeper and deeper into the Spirit to seeking God's life and Power through learning and knowledge.But the life is in the Spirit.The Holy Spirit is calling for saints to put Down their books and Magazine,turn off their television sets and spend more time in the Spirit and in the Following;»In intercession »In Praying in the Spirit »In Worshiping »In Meditating on the Word. »In fellowshiping with God. This Wonderful passage was written by the greatest Preacher of all times SMITH WIGGLESWORTH.
FAITH IS A GIFT For by grace are ye saved through faith;and that not of yourselves:it is the gift of God.--Ephesians 2:8 Human faith works and then waits for the wages.then there is the gift of faith."FAITH IS THAT WHICH GOD GAVE YOU TO BELIEVE,(by Smith Wigglesworth)
A BIG thank you goes to Michael Houke, for compiling this list together for our personal-- and cooperate-- Bible Study and understanding of the Scriptures: List of False Teachers Past and Present By Michael Houke **This is not an exhaustive list. Many of the individuals that I have in my documents would not be recognizable to most. Even I don’t have a clue who many of them are (I LEFT THOSE OUT). But here is a list of the better known ones. It is imperative that no one take this list for granted; rather, look at the works of each teacher individually and compare their teaching against Scripture, for this is God's will in Christ Jesus, that we practice discernment and not rely on any one man's word. If not, we make the same error as those who fall prey to false teaching in the first place, and this leads to ungodly division. This is not to imply that this list is incorrect, however, each one of us should practice discernment so we can be noble like the Bereans in Scripture, whom the Lord noted in his Wor ...
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob... Abraham..was the Father of all... Isaac, was the seed of all... Jacob, the failure of all... But, God never mentions Abraham and Isaac without bringing in Jacob. Can Jacobs be changed? (There are plenty of us) Yes, that is the plan of God, to make Jacobs into Israel's! Smith Wigglesworth
JOHN G. LAKE. John G. Lake was known as God's "Apostle to Africa". Born in Canada in 1870, his family soon relocated to the United States, where he grew up. His healing and preaching ministry spanned the years 1898 (when he saw his wife instantly healed under the ministry of John Alexander Dowie) until his death in 1935. In 1908, God sent him to Africa, where his anointed miracle ministry resulted in what has been described as "the most extensive and powerful missionary movement in all Africa." As Gordon Lindsay wrote, "during that time he spent five history-making years in South Africa, engaged in a ministry which in some respects rivalled that of the Early Church." Upon his return to America, Lake established a ministry in Spokane, Washington which resulted in no less than 100,000 astounding miracles of healing within the space of five or six years. He then established a similar work in Portland, Oregon, which also attracted widespread attention. Like Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake had already experie ...
God does not call those who are equipped, He equips those whom He has called. Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth is a favorite of mine.
Are you in a place of what appears impossible? I was reading a book by Smith Wigglesworth And he said Faith laughs at impossibilities And cries "it shall be done".. Even if, my dear friends, One day at a time One hour at a time. One minute at a time!. Laugh, dance and shout.. it shall be done! The JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH!
POPULAR PREACHERS REFUSE TO WITHSTAND JOSEPH PRINCE No Preacher of Righteousness should ever fearfully refuse to obey Paul's solemn 1 Timothy 5:20,21 charge to expose false doctrine regardless of it's popularity. Preachers who genuinely love God's people will not tolerate even a smidgeon of dog doo in the brownies. Nor should any Preacher of Righteousness, regardless of his own former success and popularity (Kenneth Copeland), embrace popular false doctrine in order to remain in the spotlight & to attempt to recover from serious financial set backs caused by disobeying Dr Kenneth E. Hagin's Admonition to Repent for teaching False Prosperity Doctrines. Most Word of Faith people do not know that Brother Copeland and over a dozen more Hyper-Prosperity Teachers blew off Dr Hagin's correction 15 years ago and have been being progressively judged ever since. Don't be surprised by who gets called home to Heaven next. 15 years is a mighty long time to drag your feet. Especially when you have been clearly shown fr ...
We are in the world to meet the need but not of it. "Smith Wigglesworth"
"I rarely pray for 20 minutes, but I never go 20 minutes without praying". -Smith Wigglesworth.
The elders always had a good report because of faith, and if devastating winds blow, it does not matter. The men of faith are not moved by anything they see or hear. The man of faith does not live in time. He has begun in eternity. He does not count on the things that are; HE RELIES ON THE THINGS THAT ARE NOT. -- Smith Wigglesworth
"It is possible for you to be within the vicinity of this life (Christianity) and yet miss it. It is possible for you to be in a place where God is pouring out His Spirit and yet miss the blessing that God is so willing to bestow. It all comes through shortness of revelation and through a misunderstanding of the infinite grace of God, and of the “God of all grace,” who is willing to give to all who will reach out the hand of faith.This life that He freely bestows is a gift. Some think they have to earn it and they miss the whole thing. Oh, for a simple faith to receive all that God so lavishly offers. You can never be ordinary from the day you receive this life from above".Smith Wigglesworth
When the saint ceases to seek after holiness, purity, righteousness, truth; when he ceases to pray, stops reading the Word and gives way to carnal appetites, then it is that Satan comes. - Smith Wigglesworth
When Smith Wigglesworth wife dead he raised her from the dead in order to say goodbye. What a man he was with a powerful faith.
"God knows, I say it reverently, that we never make progress when life is easy. You may settle down in your ease and miss the great plan of God." Smith Wigglesworth The storm clouds are forming. Do you see them Christian? Jesus is coming again soon! May He find us full of faith and doing what He commissioned us to do. "Go make disciples of all" Blessings my friends
"Obey God". Smith Wigglesworth, 1925. What hath our father Abraham found pertaining to the flesh? He found that as he heard the voice of God and obeyed it, it not only judged him but wonderful things were manifested. One day away there God said to Abraham, Come out. God has wonderful things to say to you if you come to the hearing of faith, not the natural order, taste, desire, affection. Oh yes, if God gets your ear you will come out. Psalm 71:16: "I will go in the strength of the Lord God: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only." I will go and that means coming thru spiritual wickedness, devils, powers and principalities, fears, and a great great deal of my own flesh and heart- but the manifestation of a breakthrough is unspeakable joy. Thank you merciful Father in Jesus name for the gospel that is the power of God for my salvation. Amen and blessings.
It is wise to believe God. God has a place for the man or woman who dares to believe. The one whom God has His hand on is not subject to the opinions of others. Our father Abraham discovered this. May God increase the number who dare to believe under all circumstances, who dare to believe God on the authority of the Word. (Smith Smith Wigglesworth: Experiencing God's Power Today.)
Smith Wigglesworth said "people expect to have a strong spiritual life. They feed their body 3 warm meals a day to strengthen it! but spiritual man gets one cold snack a week"
Smith Wigglesworth academically was unlearned bcos he was not opportuned to get formal education. But he was a radical faith preacher. Casting out demons frm a possessed man he said: "CAME OUT" & d demons obeyed. But later on, a Professor who was there said to him, Smith, next time you say; "COME OUT" as in present tense & not "CAME OUT". Smith said to him whether "came out or come out" as long as d demons understood me & obeyed am satisfied! When a man is too grammer minded, fault finder & negative opionated he may neva understand d current agenda of d Holy Ghost. D kingdom of GOD is not by grammer but by d Holy Ghost.
It is an insult to ask God for power after you have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You have power! You have to ACT! - Smith WigglesWorth
Faith boils on the inside once it's there! It leaps,moves & quakes the vessel indwelt! "Faith jumps,fear looks"-Smith Wigglesworth.
If you seek nothing but the will of God, He will always put you in the right place at the right time. ~ Smith Wigglesworth
lord thank u 4 sending ur Spirit into our lives. smith wigglesworth wil say, having d Holy Spirit into ur life, is far more beta dan having a million dollar. bcos his the wisdom of God here on earth. gd morning all.
If you want to be healed by the power of God,it means that your life has to be filled with God. - Smith Wigglesworth
"Nothing can satisfy the cry of the child of God, but the Word of God" -Smith Wigglesworth
"National pride, like every other form of pride, is an abomination in the sight of God. And Pride of race must be one of the things that pass away when one becomes a new creature in Christ Jesus." Stanley H. Frodsham, 'Our Heavenly Citizenship,' The Weekly Evangel, 11 September 1915, 3. Stanley Frodsham was a famous Pentecostal writer and a friend to Smith Wigglesworth .
Salvation is the beginning; sanctification is a continuation; the baptism in the Holy Ghost is the enlargement of capacity for the risen Christ. God comes along and inspires your thoughts and says, "Now go forward, My child; it will be all right. Do not give in." -- Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth He always preached on sin and sincere repentence and The Suffering, The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ BEFORE he would ever pray for miracles and healing. Often he preached longer on repentence. He never put the healings and miracles before The Cross of Jesus Christ. It is all about The Miracle Maker not the miracles, he insisted. Focusing on miracles is sin. You worship Jesus Christ not the miracles. He always preached from The Bible. Bible passages were read in full, unedited, in context and there was no cutting out one verse in isolation to build a false doctrine on.
Wrong! Reinhard Bonkke, Smith Wigglesworth, Paul (in d Bible), Bishop Idahosa & many ministers of God. I soon will
"Only one thing is going to accomplish the purpose of God, which is to be filled with the Spirit" Smith Wigglesworth
I never get out of Bed in the morning without having communion with God in the Spirit - Smith Wigglesworth
the trend has reached the cabin as well - been reading Smith Wigglesworth & Don Basham on top of Richard Rolle & Bonhoeffer.
"Before God could bring me to this place, He had to break me a thousand times." - Smith Wigglesworth
Just pasted in second half of Smith Wigglesworth script into synopsis.
Smith Wigglesworth raising a man from the dead: via
"To be filled with God, is to be emptied of self" - Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth said: `You must be prepared for some extravagances if you want the move of the Holy Spirit`...
"I want to help you decide that, by the power of God, you will not be ordinary". - Smith Wigglesworth
In His Presence is a Christian Book Store opened at the Secunda OLD Mall. It is a ministry - a Vision from God. With this Book Store God wants to bring us into His Presence. He wants to provoke a revival of each Grace carried by His Generals in our lives. As you enter the store you will find different wells of different Generals of God. Yours is to choose a well and drink from it. Come into His Presence to dig and drink from the wells of Great Men of God such as T.L. Osborn, John G. Lake, Kenneth E. Hagin, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, Andrew Murray, E.W Kenyon, David Oyedepo, Kenneth Copeland, Chris Oyakhilome, Myles Munroe, Joseph Prince, Benny Hinn, Stormie Omartian, and many more. Even if you have never heard of any of these Generals before, come and drink and learn from those who have gone ahead of us.
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Thought for today... Holiness is the Habitation of God. -Smith Wigglesworth
32D01 If the Spirit's not moving, I'll move him! — Smith Wigglesworth. | Father, it's yours. Thank you for off-line & online!
God wants your life to manifest His glory! (Smith Wigglesworth)
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive wh... — Jesus, Kirk Cobain, Paul, Judas, and Smith Wigglesworth ht…
Smith Wigglesworth had come to Sri Lanka long time ago. Wow.. " In Ceylon sometimes thousands of People cried out to God for salvation" epic.
Thank you Lord for the great Generals of your End time army like Smith Wigglesworth, Lester Sumrall, Kenneth...
If you know more quotes by Smith Wigglesworth or Kenneth Hagin than you do the Apostle Paul, you might attend a Charismatic Church.
Whose Report Will You Believe by Cathy Creek There is a story Lester Sumrall used to tell about Smith Wigglesworth. Lester was a young minister living in London, England, during World War II. One day he came to visit Smith, who was mentoring him during those days. Being a dapper young man, Lester dressed in the London fashion, regaled in the obligatory bowler hat with an umbrella in hand and a newspaper tucked under his arm. But Smith wouldn’t allow Lester in his house with the newspaper, calling it the lies of the devil. The paper reported all the horrible things happening in the war, but Smith believed that England would win the war. In these troublesome times, I believe we can learn from Smith’s example. In Scripture, we see the 12 spies going up to scout out the land of Canaan. Was the land “flowing with milk and honey”? Absolutely! But there were giants in the land. “Those giants are too big for us,” said the ten. “But they are not too big for God,” said the two.1 What faith and boldn ...
Product Description Meet a dozen dynamic individuals who helped fan the flames of revival in the 20th century! Evan Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, William Seymour, Aimee Semple McPherson---from humble beginnings in Wales, England, and America, they went on to lead some of the most remarkable Christian movements in recent history. Roberts Liardon's compelling biographies chronicle their lives, work, and teachings on 12 DVDs.
God invites us to higher heights and deeper depths - Smith Wigglesworth.
I just read one of those 'stop you in your tracks' statements by Smith Wigglesworth: If you cannot preach what you live, your life is wrong.
"Far too many of us dwell in the lowlands of salvation. Can't you hear voices calling you to the uplands of divine grace? Mountain climbing is thrilling! Let's be off! Hebron's heights rise before us. Shall we explore our unclaimed inheritance in the heavenlies?" - Smith Wigglesworth
Differences in beliefs of the Bible mainly come from either believing what we have always been taught or using logic over what is taught in the Bible instead of accepting it as written and allowing the Holy Spirit to show us. As a matter of fact most of Pentecostal teachings moved in the 1800's and early 1900's. People walked in power. The things realized have resulted in early Biblical experiences. People recognized things they believed were not lining up with the Word and renewed their minds. These things are still happening. Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake and several others understood things we do not people of all illnesses were set free and healed. They taught that any Christian could do these things.
One thing I know about the devil is that he has already been defeated over 2000 years ago. Jesus has already defeated the enemy on our behalf and he cannot have any hold on your life until you give him the opportunity. One story I will never forget is the encounter Smith Wigglesworth had with the devil himself. He was quoted to have heard some noise in his living room in the middle of the night. He went there to find the devil sitting on his rocky chair and was quoted saying, “Oh!! It is you the devil” then he put off his lamp (there was no electricity in those days) and went back to sleep. He would not have wasted his time coming to the sitting room if he knew it was the devil. That is to show you how powerless the devil is. You would have been totally dead by now if the devil had the powers to kill you. He can only make noise, by barking and roaring; with the intention of getting your attention. The devil just wanted to create fear in Smith Wigglesworth, so that he could have access into his life. T ...
Had a great prayer time with Jesus :) He has always been my Friend and my help in time of need. I want to say thank you to a friend for letting me borrow Smith Wigglesworth's book 'The Power of Faith'. It's very inspirational and gets a mind reeling..In a good way. Faith is something we all need more of and I've been finding that out lately. Some times we let distractions turn our eyes, even for a split second, away from the Lord and when that happens, the devil has us. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee."--Isaiah 26:3. If you are discouraged and all hope seems lost, just get your eyes on Jesus. He loves you and gave His own body to be broken and killed for you. He wants to change all our lives for the better..But will we accept or reject His help? I for one am guilty, even last night, of rejecting His help, but I'm so glad the Potter never gives up on the clay; Jesus makes every thing better. :D
God has kept me in a place of need, always, that I may know He is ALL I NEED. ~Smith Wigglesworth~
My Testimony: In September of 2000 as I was sitting in my bedroom, going through the greatest trial I've ever been through and watching Christian television, I heard a man I'd never heard of up to that time (musician Carman Licciardello) talk about God in the most personal way. I grew up in church and was made to attend nearly every Sunday, but I had never, ever heard anyone make God sound so real and approachable. It was obvious he knew God (Matthew 7:20) and I wanted to know Him as well. He mentioned The Spirit of God...but who was this Person?? Known as God's Spirit?? And how did he connect to The Father and The Son?? Well, these answers wouldn't come for some time. But, a couple days later an intercessor from the Joyce Meyer Ministries led me to The One I had spent years running away from, Jesus, via the telephone. I spent the next 3 or so years walking through this hard trial. But God was with me (Hebrews 13:5). And I was trying to pursue Him and trying to know Him. Often I failed, but by ...
If we find that there is unbelief in us we must search our hearts to see why it is there. Where there is living faith, there is no unbelief, and we go on from faith to faith until it becomes as natural to live there as can be. But if you try to live faith before you are just, you will fail, for "the just shall live by faith," and when you are just, it is a natural consequence for you to live by faith. It is easy; it is joyful; it is more than that, it is our life, and spiritual inheritance. Smith Wigglesworth November 1914
Daytona Beach, FL - A wave of excitement is flying in from South Africa and will be in Daytona Beach on March 19-22.  The granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth, Lil de Fin, will be praying for prayer ministers, Christ Healing Centers each day, for Pastors Thursday, March 20 at 7:00pm, and for the public Friday, March 21 at 7:00 pm at the Plaza Hotel 600 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach.   Her grandfather healed thousands of people and raised people from the dead. (about 20). Lil, a Pastor, she is called the Mother of Africa to those who know her.  She carries the same anointing of power that Smith Wigglesworth had. She is a fire starter that brings the presence of God with her as she ministers.   Smith Wiggglesworth was called the “The Apostle of Faith” because absolute trust in God was a constant theme of both his life and his messages. He believed that God could do the impossible. God did many great things through him and is now working through his granddaughter. Her motto and his motto was: “O ...
Quoting Damon Thompson. This will preach! "I've worked with teenagers and I've seen them praying in the altars - getting baptized in the Spirit on a Wednesday night. Parents will get out of their bible study and tap them on the shoulder because it's late and they have school the next day. But I have yet to see a parent walk out to short stop and pull them off the field because it's late. Your child is more likely to become Smith Wigglesworth than Alex Rodriguez." - Damon Thompson
I am quoting smith wigglesworth again October 1914 sermon acts 9 v 6 as soon as he was willing to yield he was in a condition where God could meet his need , where God could display His power , where God could have the man . Oh beloved , are you saying today , "what wilt thou have me do ?" the place of yieldness is just where God wants us .
Believe it or not,what the patriarchs,men of faith and God's generals did(Abraham, Moses, Elijah,Joshua,David,Daniel, Smith Wigglesworth, Benson Idahosa) etc,you can also do and much more. God never goes against His word and He is not man to lie.TRY THIS: WALK IN PURITY,PRAY WITHOUT CEASING,KEEP HIS STATUTES AND OBEY HIS COMMANDS,READ AND ACT THE WORD,GIVE THE Holy Spirit PRE-EMINENCE IN YOUR LIFE!!
Our whole being so full of the life of our Lord, that the Holy Ghost can speak and act through us. Living always in Him. Oh, the charm of His divine plan. Living out on God for His omnipotent place for future ministry. Crying out for the inspiration of the God of power. Acting in the Holy Ghost. Breathing out life divine. The glory, miracles, wonders, working out the plan of the most High God. Eaten up -- knowing nothing among men, save Jesus and Him crucified. Unto Thee, O God, be the glory and the honor and the power! -- Smith Wigglesworth
I was meditating on a sermon Pastor Mike had preached a while back and The Lord has been really bringing it back into my mind for the past couple weeks. Today He took it to another level. The sermon was about how expectation brings manifestation. Today I was asking Him why so many miracles are happening in 3rd world countries and He simply said "Because they are expecting them!". The more I thought about that the more He started to reveal more. He said "My word is yes and amen; I am the author and the finisher; I am the divine healer, creator, and Lord of all. Too many people accept what man says and take that as the final answer. People don't expect miracles here because they believe the lies men have fed them saying the miraculous were only for the olden times. I say I am the same yesterday, today and forever! Did I not do these miraculous things for the great generals like Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kulhman, AA Allen and so forth? They prayed, believed and expected nothing less than the miraculous! Wh ...
Among the persecuted you find those who are the ripest, the holiest, the purest, the most intent, those who are the most filled with divine order. Smith Wigglesworth
Know the wisdom and purpose of God's great hand upon you. Glorify God in distress is an persecution, for the Spirit of God is made manifest in these situations. Smith Wigglesworth
Every thought of advantage for ourselves must be on the decrease in order that Christ may increase. - Smith Wigglesworth "He must increase, but I must decrease." - John 3:30
The spiritual life in the believer never has known dissension or break, because where the Spirit has perfect liberty, then they all agree and there is no schism in the body. - Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth was a great preacher,bt b4 he ws a preacher,he ws a plumber,wasnt a Christian-nor a very nice man,fortunately for him,he had a Godly wife,he dint want her 2 go 2 church,bt she went anyway,when she did,he'd lock her out of the house and wen she come back she will sleeep on the back porch,in the morning he unlock the door and she'd come in and say ''morning ,Smith and make him breakfast,she ws a godly example for him and she prayed for him and Godgive her the grace to be good to him in spite of his rude behavior,Smith eventually came to know the Lord and ws radically changed ,and he became best preacher who ever lived.thats the power of prayer-By Joyce meyer.
In John 15, Jesus teaches us about our relationship with the Father and with Him, Jesus. Verse 1 of chapter 15 Jesus says to us, " I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. vs. 2) Every branch in Me that bears not fruit he takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, he purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit," vs 3) " Now you are clean through the word which I have spoken to you." vs 4), " Abide in me , and I in you, As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can you, except you abide in me. Jesus tells us we are grafted into Him, God the Father is the husbandman that cares for the vine; Jesus bought us all back from satan who Adam had given God's authority to. Jesus bought all men freedom from sin, and offers each man eternal life. God has set before each man life and death, and He longs for all men to accept His free gift of pardon from all sin by receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord. If a man does not accept this free gift, then he cannot be saved. ...
If anyone has Smith Wigglesworth's, March 10th was very good.
“I rarely pray for half an hour but I’m rarely out of prayer for more than half an hour.” (Smith Wigglesworth)
Impossibility? If u do not venture out in Faith, you remain ordinary as long as u live. If u dare d impossible, God will Abundantly do far above all u ask or think-Smith Wigglesworth
"If the Spirit does not move me, I move the Spirit." Smith Wigglesworth, on Hebrews 11:6
For I am not kept by what I do, but I am kept by the Power of God. (Smith Wigglesworth on Heaven). To God Be The Glory.
Smith Wigglesworth was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues His wife was a good preacher and tried without much success to help Wigglesworth overcome his speech problem She and many others were surprised at his fluency after the baptism in the Spirit
I find nothing in the Bible but Holiness, and nothing in the world but worldliness. Therefore if I live in the world I will become worldly; on the other hand, if I live in the Bible I will become holy. - Smith Wigglesworth
God is longing for us to come into such a fruitful position as sons of God, with the marks of heaven upon us. Smith Wigglesworth
STANDING WITH GOD IN A CRITICAL HOUR One day I had been visiting the sick, and was with a friend of mine, an architect, when I saw a young man from his office coming down the road in a car holding in his hand a telegram. It contained a very urgent request that we go immediately and pray for a man who was dying. We went off in an auto as fast as possible and in about an hour and a half reached a large house in the country where the man who was dying resided. There were two staircases in that house, and it was extremely convenient, for the doctors could go up and down one, and my friend and I could go up and down the other, and so we had no occasion to meet one another. I found on arrival that it was a case of this sort. The man’s body had been broken, he was ruptured, and his bowels had been punctured in two places. The discharge from the bowels had formed abscesses and blood poisoning had set in. The man’s face had turned green. Two doctors were in attendance, but they saw that the case was beyond the ...
You must learn to take the victory and shout it in the face of the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places, "It is done!" -Smith Wigglesworth
"God is greater than your heart, greater than your circumstances, greater than the thing that holds you. God will deliver you if you dare to believe Him." -- Smith Wigglesworth
The purpose of all Scripture is to move us to this wonderful and blessed elevation of faith where our constant experience is the manifestation of God's life and power through us. - Smith Wigglesworth
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