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Slim Whitman

Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr. (born January 20, 1924), known professionally as Slim Whitman, and early in his career as The Smiling Starduster , is an American country music singer and songwriter, known for his yodelling abilities.

Indian Love Call Mars Attacks Patti Page George Jones Lou Reed Ray Price Johnny Horton Claude King Rose Marie Jean Stapleton Eydie Gorme Buddy Holly Christmas Day Esther Williams Jonathan Winters Louisiana Hayride Jim Reeves

When I try to remember the plot of Independence Day, it always ends w/Tom Jones on Fiji after Slim Whitman& Randy Quaid save the earth :x
Much more collectivist social justice nonsense & my head will explode faster than Martians hearing Slim Whitman in "Mars Attacks.
Why wouldn't they ask "where can we get some Slim Whitman eight track tapes?"
Y now it's time for the Banana Republic show starring Kobe Bryant. Oh, Slim Whitman.
Josh & Stan are Cattle Call (2m28s) by Slim Whitman on The Request Show
you just added 25 points to Slim Whitman - It's All In The Game!
Slim Whitman - It's All In The Game: I would not claim to be an expert on the subject of falling in LURVE, but...
Slim Whitman was the real King of rock and roll.
Slim Whitman - I Remember You: via You're the one who made my dreams come true
Lance, I am a big fan of Slim Whitman..are you?
“The Slim Whitman bit cracked me up.”. :-) . Hitler actually joined in on the yodelling call & response!
The Slim Whitman bit cracked me up.
“Germany, 1934 This was actually a Slim Whitman concert. Leni Riefenstahl was just joshing us.
If she could yodel like Slim Whitman then maybe she'd be worth listening to.
first song I remember hearing was Slim Whitman's "Rose Marie".
I'd rather listen to Slim Whitman in the dentist's chair.
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why does Paul Tompkins look like Slim Whitman? 😂
it's a great one. You'll know it. . Also Slim Whitman -Joy to the world. ☺
at least it's not an Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman!
Slim Whitman Christmas album in window of store. Not for sale. This is like storefront displaying the Hope diamond.
Same. I love Mae Whitman but she is both extremely beautiful and pretty slim, or at least "Hollywood big".
definitely Flirtin' With Disaster by Molly Hatchet - if you'd said yodeling, then Chime Bells by Slim Whitman
There's a clip on the YouTubes just of that bit. He's incredible, and a great Slim Whitman impersonator!
ah ok. My bad I had in my mind slim Whitman! Pickens was great
Tonight's little K-Country Trivia question is as follows. What does the guitar playing of Slim Whitman and Billy...
Planning to play a Slim Whitman tune on a loop to trigger explosion of RWNJ heads.
... five years old and Mama's cooking on the woodstove in our little kitchen: North Wind - Slim Whitman: via
HOME ON THE RANGE by SLIM WHITMAN was no.11 in the UK album charts on 18 November 1977
I keep telling people. LRADS programmed with Slim Whitman songs will end the protests in NO TIME
Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman...on my spotify playlist...uh, I can explain!
Mars Attacks is such a ridiculously funny movie! Tim Burton possesses the perfect sick, twisted-to-genius ratio! Yodel away, Slim Whitman!
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Slim Whitman tuned his voice with a banjo.
Happy second year anniversary Sarira, time went by so fast 😊 … ♫ Happy Anniversary by Slim Whitman (w/ Ichon) —
really is slim! but then hes a 4wk kitten! Content when picked up, Rescue pull only
DJ-Polaris is playing Slim Whitman - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen [Listeners: 2/100] [Requests are: Off]
Wonder what they call people who listen to Zamphir, Yanni and Slim Whitman??
I hear your demons - you're the slim Whitman of the US manifest in the UK. Sold more records than the Beatles. Alas Babylon
Nan loves Precious Moments figurines, photos of post-plastic surgery Kenny Rogers and the music of Slim Whitman.
even better reason. My pop liked Slim Whitman so I'm screwed.
Because you'd rather listen to the entire Slim Whitman, Yoko Ono, and Pia Zadora musical catalogs
My ringtone, because you can't be too careful. . Indian Love Call (From "Mars Attacks!") by Slim Whitman.
What's it like to work with me? Well, Slim Whitman, Steely Dan, and Nicki Minaj are all on the same playlist so - wait I'm fired?
Bette should've chosen another song. Nobody can do 'Indian Love Call' justice, except Slim Whitman.
Darling happy anniversary.e.another year of love has gone byeye... (best Slim Whitman voice)
Thank you Slim Whitman, for destroying the aliens... R.I.P.
Chime bells yodel by Carolyn keck. Thank you slim whitman 4 teaching me.
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Beatles are over rated more Slim Whitman
Is the Slim Whitman of moldy bagels?
how about a disco dance off to slim Whitman tunes ?
Photo: humanoidhistory: Slim Whitman in a publicity still for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove or: How I...
They could have just as easily used Slim Whitman records.
Mom had a love she never married. She should have Slim Whitman - I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (with lyrics)
I have this vinyl the 78. Slim Whitman 'Cattle Call' Original 78 RPM via
The one that Slim Whitman performed on.
Slim Whitman music? Sorry, that has the opposite effect.
Seeing “Mars Attacks”, I doubt I was the only one who had a laughgasm at the bit about Slim Whitman music exploding their brains.
“All day I face this barren waste without the taste of water.. Slim Whitman. "mongst others
And remember guys, keep your mp3 of Slim Whitman's Indian Love Call on your device at all times in case martians invade
Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman is in Shrewsbury Arms (131-8729), Chester. Download it now at
Apropos of nothing, I saw The Plasmatics in '83. I've also seen Slim Whitman live. Midwest livin', man!
Slim Whitman - Paloma Blanca 1976: Thank you Rush for the reminder of Slim 😁
Rush on a roll today.Playing Slim Whitman song Una Paloma Blanca as back for bombs flying in war. No one can take our freedom away!
Slim Whitman - Paloma Blanca 1976: via Please don't take my freedom away
Rush is playing something that doesn't Shazam. Slim Whitman singung about some bombing.
Rush is playing the Slim Whitman song with added explosions again
hey, you and Will Smith both. And slim Whitman was number one on this day with Rose Marie. (It was 1954 wasn't it?)
I like that Hillbilly music, that kind you don't hear on the radio. . - Luther Wright & The Wrongs. Maybe some Slim Whitman?
Haven't heard that Slim Whitman song Rush just played since the 90's . The bombs in the background, hilarious!
Great, my iTunes account has a free download of Slim Whitman's greatest hits on it.
God it's the Slim Whitman poster. The running joke of jokes
Rush: You Peace Protesters are letting us down. Are you "war weary"? Slim Whitman is chomping at the bit 2b on the program.
Strange to think I had never owned a Slim Whitman album until yesterday, when Blanko Dave gave me this…
Thats your opinion of Heavy D but what about Slim Whitman - Indian Love Call: via
Ha, this popped up in my feed - the time when beat Slim Whitman's record.
Beauty Pageant mother fed her daughter agonizing tapeworms to help her slim down for a competition.
Time to get the piano tuned again. The left hand sounds like Ernest Tubb and the right hand like Slim Whitman.
I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends ~Walt Whitman: I no doubt deserved m...
Just started reading Slim Whitman's Leaves of Grass. I have 3 issues so far...
Also featuring the late great Andy Kaufman. :Slim Whitman - I Remember You:
The time when I discovered looks like a young Slim Whitman.
Fantastic start to the day! "Rose Marie" by Slim Whitman played on the radio on way into work. Great song!
WHITMAN slim/Pure Country BLUE BAYOU the last farewell FOUR WALLS new cd
Here’s looking awestruck as one of his musical heroes Slim Whitman sings falsetto notes. http:…
If I tune into Shep any longer, I will be forced to sing Boxcar Willie or Slim Whitman. Pretty sure that's a crime against humanity
Why don't the protesters in drag out some big speakers and start blasting Slim Whitman or Celine Dion? that would be torture.
I liked a video from House of 1000 corpses.I remember you.Slim Whitman
You know you're in a quality establishment when they've got a Slim Whitman LP hanging in the bathroom
Slim Whitman - Ghost Riders In The Sky | £7.50 | just arrived in stock on the vinyl tap web site
Martians' heads explode when they hear Slim Whitman's Yoddling "Indian Love Call", so the theory is sound.
Just bought 3 CD box set of Slim Whitman unique singer is Slim
Quick. Get ot the loudspeakers and the Slim Whitman albums!
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What the *** did I just watch? I wonder if this would be as effective against Martians as Slim Whitman.
OK who took my Slim Whitman mustache!
Belgian town blasts out music to drive out gipsies | via ** 9am? Try it a 3am and make it Slim Whitman **
I added a video to a playlist Slim Whitman - Indian Love Call 1952
Ladies and gentlemen, Slim Whitman is on Right hot rod?
It's like these women on Match don't even care about my comprehensive Slim Whitman album collection on vinyl.
Where is Sec of State Slim Whitman & his guitar when you need him?
Slim Whitman would yodel. Don't think it was in his soul. But in his song
I've never noticed that before. It's the same with music, i listen to everything from punk to Slim Whitman :D
Yours truly rocking the ponytail & cowboy cravat look with Slim Whitman back in the day. Oh yes.
Pipe some Slim Whitman music into her room, she'll bolt out the door!!!
“Can Meg Whitman save HP? Slim Whitman would have a better chance!!
and you've been so wrapped up lately listening to Slim Whitman every waking second
nothing like throwing in a bit of Slim Whitman. You old smoothie you
Yodeling Country Singer With a Regular-Guy Image, causes the heads of the invading Martians to explode, dies at 90   10% Off
Slim Whitman smelled like Barbasol and coffee
you're just mad you're an old biddy who can't handle the beats that the real slim Whitman be dropping yolo
I bet ELO actually shows up on Frankie Valli also do you listen to Slim Whitman radio? Didn't think so!
I'm feeling Slim Whitman covers. You can do it. I believe in you.
Slim Whitman - Indian Love Call. Buy this in case of Martian attack.
Ummm… Do they have a monophonic AM/FM and a stereophonic system with only Slim Whitman CDs?
Could be worse, could be Slim Whitman.
"Cowboy's Heaven, The Best of Slim Whitman - Slim Whitman" just added on iTunes
For a $5,000 donation you can receive the PBS channel AND a 50 CD collection of Slim Whitman and Friends. CALL NOW!
Slim Whitman and a Boom box. Works everytime.
Saturday has gone off the rails when the conversation turns to Boxcar Willie & Slim Whitman.
Slim Whitman?! Now you're prepared in case of Martian invasion!
The way they killed them with Slim Whitman had me in the aisles.
June 20, 2013: SLIM WHITMAN died today at age 90 of heart failure in Orange Park, FL. He was born Jan. 20, 1923...
Ah, Steve Winwood is one thing but do you know any Slim Whitman songs? That's the real test!!!
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Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr. (January 20, 1923 – June 19, 2013), known professionally as Slim Whitman, was an Americancountry music and western music singer, songwriter and instrumentalist known for his yodeling abilities and his smooth high three octave range falsetto. He stated that he had sold in exc…
Thai folk songs? That's like Slim Whitman to Martians for me...
We had one of these contraptions in the 1970s Remember it Keith? Playing Slim Whitman, Tammy Wynette, Skeeter Davis and Sydney Devine...
elect slim Whitman. he really deserves it
Info about Sonny James James Hugh Loden (born May 1, 1929), known professionally as Sonny James, is an American country music singer and songwriter best known for his 1957 hit, "Young Love". Dubbed the Southern Gentleman, James had 72 country and pop chart hits from 1953 to 1983, including a five-year streak of 16 straight among his 23 No. 1 hits. Twenty-one of his albums reached the country top ten from 1964 to 1976. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. James is currently retired and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Biography Musical beginnings James Hugh Loden was born to Archie Lee 'Pop' Loden and Della Burleson Loden, who operated a 300 acres (120 ha) farm outside Hackleburg, Alabama. His parents were amateur musicians, and his sister Thelma Lee Loden Holcombe also played instruments and sang from an early age. By age three he was playing a mandolin and singing. In 1933 the family appeared on a radio audition which resulted in their being offered a regular Saturday slot on Muscle Shoals, Al ...
I have a box of LPs ranging from Slim Whitman to Abba,if anyone is interested.
Mixture of tunes going on here in my home :) I'm sat here posting & listening to my music ;) The hubbies playing his vinyl's in the front room :) think my choice wins hand up ;) he's listening to Slim Whitman :)
Jill (reading): Ha -- he's quoting Whitman. Me: Walt or Slim?
Thank you Don Adams of CKDU for playing SLIM WHITMAN-I REMEMBER YOU. via
You know I only allow Donnie and Marie or Slim Whitman in my house.
Slim Whitman's. The step "percussion" at the top is really nice. Bridge chords dif and I dig it
I’m forever indebted to Slim Whitman because he saved our blue marble from the Martian invasion.
Slim Whitman photographed by me at the Grand Ole Opry.
I've actually heard of a few of those. I guess I've listened to some old country before, like Slim Whitman and Hank Williams.
Put my music on shuffle and the first song that comes on is by slim whitman.😔😔😔 I know just remember him singing along to these songs
Slim Whitman singing Rhinestone Cowboy sounds like a Muppet.
Tomorrow is the last day to view the All Media Exhibition - Drop in soon!. John Pappas, "Slim Whitman: Tower of...
Country Classics: Country Classics ~ Slim Whitman (4)Buy new: $11.18 28 used & new from $3.46(Visit the ...
Tonight's vintage Fritz Lang melodrama on Netflix Streaming: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (1937), starring Sylvia Sidney and Henry Fonda, in that order. He's a three-time loser whose attempt to go straight is stifled by an unforgiving society; she's the woman who loves him so much she goes on the lam with him after he escapes from Death Row on the night of his execution for a crime he didn't commit. (Also, during the urgent message from the Feds that his innocence has been proved. During. Yes.) Laughable contrivances abound. It's not the serious expose of the plight of the ex-con that it seem to imagine itself. Fonda was two years away from mega-stardom and better roles in films that in many cases stood the test of time. (See: THE GRAPES OF WRATH, just to start.) Sidney was at that point a bigger star, though these days she is best remembered as the mostly senile old crone whose Slim Whitman records rout alien invaders in Mars Attacks! This is mostly a potboiler, but Fonda and a few scattered manifestations of La . ...
Mars Attacks! is an a parody of science fiction B movies, with elements of black comedy and political satire directed by Tim Burton. Based on the cult trading card series of the same name. The film was also inspired in part by a parody Howard Stern did in which Martians attack and the discovery that the only way to kill them was to play Slim Whitman songs.   The decision to hire an A-list ensemble cast for Mars Attacks! parallels the strategy used for disaster films such as The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and The Towering Inferno (1974). The film features Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Short, Natalie Portman, Rod Steiger, Michael J. Fox, and Christina Applegate.   A sign of a great actor is when someone is unrecognizable (without the aid of makeup) purely based on how they act. Annette Bening transforms herself into an authentic portrayal of a new-age hippie. Professor Donald Kessler is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. Glenn Close all bu ...
Wednesday April 2 , 2014 On This Day In The Life Of Elvis (photo info at end of post) April 02, 1954 Elvis returned to Humes for another talent show, accompanied by Dixie. April 02, 1955 Elvis performed at the Louisiana Hayride, from the City Auditorium, Houston, Texas. Elvis appeared on a Hayride remote broadcast with Slim Whitman, Hoot and Curley, Johnny Horton, Tibby Edwards and Floyd Cramer. Elvis "did" "Little Mama", "That's All Right", "You're A Heartbreaker" and "Shake, Rattle And Roll". Over 2,000 people were turned away for this performance and Elvis and Slim Whitman both tore the house down. April 02, 1957 Elvis performed at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada at 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. He wore the full gold suit and accompanied himself on the piano on "Blueberry Hill". April 02, 1963 Elvis and Priscilla were spotted in the Chenault's parking lot by a reporter. April 02, 1970 Elvis and Priscilla made a down payment of $13,000 on a house at 845 Chino Canyon in Palm Springs and signed for a mortgag ...
. Slim Whitman was the balladeer. Slim Pickens the actor.
Himself must be the only person on the planet prepared to argue the musical impact and popularity of The Beatles in favor of Slim Whitman.
I Remeber You by Slim Whitman is the soundtrack for today. Gotta love the oldies. :)
Eddy Arnold's signature song and a No.1 on the Country Charts. The song is also closely associated with Slim Whitman - in our home anyway. ;-)
Today on Graveside Service on KOOP radio: For Academy Awards Weekend - Oscar-winning songs by dead guys! Nat King Cole, Slim Whitman, Donna Summer and many more! 2-3PM CST on 91.7 FM and worldwide.
The Yodeling Cowboy Slim Whitman is collaborating with The Singing Nun to record a remake of the 60's Johnny Mathis hit 'Chances Are'. The record label will read, 'Chances Are, Slim and Nun'.
A pedal steel instrumental selection of some great Slim Whitman songs
By Admin Peter Rodger - Upcoming birthday wishes to Jerry Naylor. Jerry Naylor (born March 6, 1939) is an American country and rock and roll artist and broadcaster and inspirational speaker, who was the lead singer of The Crickets following the death of Buddy Holly. Early life and career Jerry Naylor Jackson was born in Chalk Mountain, Texas to a great depression farming family. His mother played piano in their local church and encouraged Jerry's love of music. Jerry listened to the greats of Country music such as Hank Williams, Sr., Lefty Frizzell, Bob Wills (with whom he shared his birthday) and Slim Whitman, and Whitman's steel guitar player, Hoot Raines, led the 9-year old Naylor to purchase and learn to play a steel guitar with money he earned picking cotton. By 12-years old, Jerry was playing that steel guitar at local honky tonks in and around Carlsbad and San Angelo, Texas, with his brother-in-law, Tommy Briggs' Hillbilly band which also featured Sherman Hamblin on fiddle and Earnest Smith lead gu ...
Well, I'm gearing up for my 12 year old grandsons big school dance tonight. I have the honor of providing the sound system and DJing the event. One of the teachers provided me with a flash drive loaded with current pop songs the kids should like. I think I'll toss in some of my old favorites for the dance. Maybe some Frank Sinatra, or some Dean Martin, and then, and then, a little iceing on the cake, Slim Whitman! Yeow baby, what do ya think:):):)
Gutted that Dolly Parton is at Glastonbury. I wanted her at Reading/Leeds. Along with Neil Sedaka and Slim Whitman. (Although I hear Slim may be a difficult booking)
No other rapper has ever sampled Slim Whitman on a track
and myself dedicate this evening to the memory of Slim Whitman. RIP
I read that Slim Whitman wrote this song for his Grandchild
we're talking singers like slim Whitman and that, haven't even heard of the bloke
Slim Whitman went to the recording studio back in 1980 for recording the song of George Baker "When"
Wednesday Wax: The music section was the hot spot it the store today. ABBA -Greatest Hits CD is SOLD OUT. Agnetha/ Bjorn/ Benny/ Anni-frid popped out with the hit "Take a Chance On Me". Slim Whitman -Greatest Hits is SOLD OUT. Slim sold over 120 million vinyl albums {aka "WAX"} around the world, and had a Middleburg, Fl state named "Woodpecker Paradise". Try to YouTube Whitman's "Ghost Riders in the Sky", very different than the Outlaws, Blues Brothers, or Johnny Cash versions. Find a musical treasure today at 1 More Place. j
Part two. I lingered for some 10 minutes --gazing like a foolish teenager on the brink of her 1st love affair--watching his every movement..daringly checking for body language that screamed ..'' My organs are rotting away here ..'' ...Or some such sexual deliverance. He stood back from the edge of the balcony ..( probably a dark memory from the last incident invaded his thoughts..when he pole--vaulted over the rail )..( due to a swelling in the groin area ). My immediate thoughts were..he's popping indoors to replenish his special brew, so that we can call across to each other whilst he turns the volume up on his little Dansette record player playing his latest 45..''Indian Love Call'' by Slim Whitman. I myself popped indoors and poured a rather silly large glass of Asdas ( Walmart ) vintage spanish white ..reasonably priced at about 4 quid a carton . I skipped back out onto the balcony like a coquettish 15 year old..ignoring all the
Slim Whitman still one of todays favourite C&W singers gone but never to be forgotten...
I have several Slim Whitman recordings if you need backup
i wrote a song about Castlevania and it's pretty ridiculous. it starts around Jimmie Rodgers, goes into Slim Whitman, then into T. Rex
Probably wise. Though Slim Whitman is amusing, trolling a conference is perhaps not the best idea.
Would it be untoward to propose testing how well playing Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" reduces tornado frequency?
Flush out excess pounds with Power Slim
FACT: The Bandit stole his mustache from Slim Whitman.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
do you think you'll ever be as cool as Slim Whitman?
You're lucky I don't dig up your Slim Whitman parody.
Two of my favorite people in this one little gem of a video. Andy Kaufman and Slim Whitman.
Okay, I've been listening to a couple of Slim Whitman tunes. For you young bucks, he's the guy whose music made the Martians' heads explode in "Mars Attacks". And although I have to admit that was pretty funny, I remember seeing the guy when I was about ten years old on the Jimmy Dean Show. Errol Flynn mustache. Black and white motif on his guitars and suits. Now you have to understand that I was grooving to the Beatles and Dave Clark Five and this new sound from across the Atlantic so old Slim came across as quite a clown to me then. But fifty years later, I realize that the man possessed a tone and incredible vocal command that few present day performers could even dream of. What a voice! Amazing perfection in multiple octaves. Roy Orbison approached it. Others attempted. Very pure musical talent. Must be getting old and soft in my appreciation of things I used to ridicule. Maybe that's how this life makes its circles.
Country Music was hit hard in 2013, with the deaths of Patti Page, Mindy McCready, Claude King, Gordon Stoker, George Jones, Jack Greene, Chet Flippo, Slim Whitman, Jim Foglesong, Cowboy Jack Clement, Jody Payne, Tompall Glaser, Cal Smith, Bob Beckham, Wayne Mills, and Ray Price. Five Country Music Hall of Famers gone in just one year. Please feel free to add any names to this list that I may have overlooked. Also please feel free to post any pictures, videos or personal stories that you may have of any of these Country Legends. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Wow, I wanted to pay tribute to people who didn't see 2014, but the list is so long, and I cut some people out of it. This will definitely be a "see more" issue if I can fit everybody in! Patti Page/singer, Stan Musial/ baseball player, C Everett Koop/surgeon general, Marcia Wallace/actress, Ed Koch/NYC Mayor, Joyce Brothers/psychologist, Tom Clancy/author, Jean Stapleton/actress, Annette Funicello/actress, Lou Reed/ musician, Roger Ebert/film critic, Bonnie Franklin/actress, George Jones/musician, Jonathan Winters/comedian, Ray Manzarek/The Doors, Conrad Bain/actor, Peter O'Toole/actor, Dennis Farina/actor, Esther Williams/swimmer actress, Eydie Gorme/singer, David Frost/broadcaster, Slim Whitman/musician, Margaret Thatcher/ British Prime Minister, James Gandolfini/actor, Paul Walker/actor and Nelson Mandela/President of South Africa. Believe me, I left out 20 or so others!
These are people who died, died... in 2013 C. Everett Coop, 96 Convinced America to quit smoking Nelson Mandela, 95 On a short list with Lincoln, MLK and Ghandi Ray Harryhausen, 92 Before CGI, there was Harryhausen.. Jason and the Argonauts… swordfighting skeletons Esther Williams, 91 Aquatic movie star Jean Stapleton, 90 She finally got stifled Slim Whitman, yodeler par excellence, 90 Scott Carpenter, the second US astronaut to go into orbit, 88 Douglas C. Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, 88 Jonathan Winters, 87 Who remembers Maude Frickert? Elmore Leonard, 87 If you haven't read his books, you've seen them as movies. Dr. Joyce Brothers, 85. Way before Dr. Phil, Dr. Ruth or Dr. Laura. Eydie Gorme, 84 Steve Lawrence is still working (!), now as a solo act. Ed Shaughnessy, 84 Johnny Carson’s drummer. Amazing sideburns. Amar Bose, 83 No highs, no lows… must be Bose. Bobby "Blue" Bland, 83 Turned off his love light. Hal Needham, 82 Stuntman/Director created ‘Smokey & the Bandit ...
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" is a 1936 popular song by Billy Mayhew. Originally introduced by Fats Waller on the 78 rpm record Victor 20-1595, it was revived in 1955 by Somethin' Smith and the Redheads, reaching on the Billboard charts in that year. It was later a Top 40 Country hit for Slim Whitman, reaching on the Top Country Singles chart in 1971, from the album of the same name. John Denver tells a story about the song and does a cover in his 1978 album, Live at the Sydney Opera House (RCA Victor VPL1-7167). Other artists who have recorded versions include Billie Holiday, The Ink Spots, Tony Bennett, Bobbi Martin, Gerry Monroe, Brent Spiner, Lenny Breau, Buddy Greco, Steve Goodman, The Quebe Sisters Band, Ann Breen, Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats, Bobby Vinton, Patti Page, Vera Lynn, and George Maharis.
WITH GOD'S HAND IN MINE - Words and Music by J. Fred Coots With God's hand in mine, I walk in the sunshine, Free from all evil, His blessings to share; With God's hand in mine, my faith will not falter For God is beside me as I kneel at prayer. From the mountains, the valleys, and o'er the seas, Come the voices of others like me; Giving thanks unto God in His Kingdom above, For His blessings, His Mercy, His Love. The road may be long, but my faith will be strong, In the glory of God I delight; And it's mine if I try, and I'll try till I die, With God's hand in mine. ***I remembered this song (sung by Slim Whitman) during my prayer before Mass this morning, today on the feast of the Holy Family. I just wanted to share the beautiful lyrics with you all. As we draw to the end of 2013, I thought this befitting song of thanksgiving for all He has been to me and my loved ones throughout the year, and the message of hope for a bright New Year. God bless us all!
Nine West Anita, Z9OKTX||TZ16HB See the information on this product here: also: The sinking of the titanic and other shipwrecks (incredible true adventures); Gods and goddesses (monster fight club); The stars of the musical stage: stars of the west end & broadway perform hit songs from the hit shows (musical compilation); Outlaws and villains from history (monster fight club); Unstuck: the owner's manual for success: nine success experts teach you how to motivate yourself and succeed, every time; The illustrated guide to mythical creatures; 1. jingle bells (willie nelson) 2. joy to the world (tammy wynette) 3. o little town of bethlehem (Jim Reeves) 4. hark! the herald angels sing (marty robbins) 5. the twelve days of christmas (burl ives with percy faith) 6. we wish you a merry christmas (lorne greene) 7. we three kings (slim whitman) 8. what child is this? (the brothers four) 9. when joseph was an old man (the clancy brothers) 10. cherry tree carol (jody miller) 11. away in a manger (tanya tucker) 12. u ...
Celebrities that died in 2013, that I did not know about: Julie Harris, Marcia Wallace and Slim Whitman.
found the tumbleweed graveyard while hiking Red Rocks Canyon yesterday; eight to ten feet deep in places. Really wished I had brought a machete with me. Made me want to sing some Slim Whitman. Barely made it out alive. You get the point.
Oldies special in Memorymakers on HOTFM from 9.10am to midday. A tribute show to the fifties and sixties artists who passed away in 2013. There was unfortunately a lot of them so it will be one or two tracks per artist (and we will do it again on January 5 2014 but with different tracks). And who did leave us in 2013 - to name a few - Patti Page, Jack Green, Claude King, Annette, Joan Regan, Slim Whitman, Kenny Ball, Reg Presley, Bob Beckham Gary Shearston and at least 20 others. Hope you can join us for the show brought to you by our local McDonalds man Rob VIgors.
LOOKING BACK AT 2013 (Part Three): May and June began with a private and a public funeral service for the legendary George Jones. Some friends of mine, Deborah Anne and Callie McCullough, attended the service at the Grand Ole Opry and returned with one of the funeral service programs for me. Canadian songwriter Larry Wayne Clark lost his battle with cancer. Among the songs he co-wrote were Western Swing Authority's "I've Got a Feelin'" and Bobby Wills' "Second Chances." George Strait's father, John Byron Strait, died at the age of 91. Singer Slim Whitman died of heart failure at the age of 90. And Garry Walters, of The Walters Family, passed away from cancer. Mandi Lee Chandler, singer with Kerosene Creek, gave birth to her daughter, Ella Jewel. There were some BIG announcements: Alberta singer/songwriter Brett Kissel announced he had signed a deal with Warner Bros. Canada, the first Canadian country artist to do so in over a decade! After 10 years with the band, fiddler David Pichette announced h ...
Humbled to realize the passing of many influential people in 2013 that I grew up with and were then informed by: always loved that sassy Maggie Thatcher; danced and sang hard to Lou Reed; James Gandolfini reminded me of Carlo after a Pats loss regularly; Peter O'Toole, Eduoard Molinaro (La Cage Aux Folle ) producer and ahead of his time and thank you; Slim Whitman...totally original; Jonathon Winters.weird reminders of our time passing swiftly but seeming to stand so still back when we were young.
TRIBUTE TO MUSIC ARTISTS WHO PASSED AWAY IN 2013 TO AIR. On Sunday evening, December 29th from 5:30pm until midnight (E.S.T.) I'll be hosting the annual tribute to artists who passed away in the calendar year. This radio show airs on WBWC 88.3 FM (West side of Cuyahoga County and all of Lorain County) and on line at . The early part of the show will feature people who were recording in the 1940s and 1950s. Generally, we'll move up in time as the hours progress. There will be some special blocks, including a Local music block in the 10pm hour for Alan Myers of Devo and Tim Wright of Pere Ubu. (THANKS TO JIM BENSON FOR HELP ON THE LOCAL MUSIC BLOCK). Also in the 10pm hour will be a Hard Rock block for, among others, Clive Burr, drummer on the first 3 Iron Maiden albums, Allen Lanier of The Blue Oyster Cult" and Phil Buerstatte, the first person to die from White Zombie... How do you pronounce Phil's last name? In the 6pm hour, we'll have a Country music block headlined by George Jones, R ...
Who out there remembers Box Car Willie or Slim Whitman or Hank Snow or Burl Ives?
my dad just told me he went as Slim Whitman for Halloween once. "yeah, i was Slime Whiteman" awesome
If you agree that Slim Whitman should be Elected to the Hall Of Fame please click here
Ok, back from the tropical islands! Here is something I put together looking back at 2013. Hope you enjoy. 2013: MAJOR EVENTS IN COUNTRY MUSIC • February 17: Mindy McCready, whose personal and legal problems overshadowed her promising future as a rising female vocalist of the late 1990s, was found dead of an apparent suicide at her home in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Her death came a month after the death of her boyfriend, songwriter David Wilson. • March 14: JACK GREENE, nicknamed the "Jolly Green Giant" and well known for his 1966 hit There Goes My Everything, died at age 83 complications from Alzheimer's disease. • April 8: BRAD PAISLEY received media attention over his song Accidental Racist, a cut featuring LL Cool J from Brad's album Wheelhouse. The song became a source of controversy due to its lyrics addressing racism and slavery. • April 24: The Chatham County, Georgia Grand Jury indicted BILLY CURRINGTON on felony criminal charges of "abuse of an elder person by inflicting mental anguish" a ...
6. American singer-songwriter Slim Whitman died June 19, 2013. In which 1996 movie is Whitman's version of the song "Indian Love Call" the mortal weakness of the invading aliens? Mars Attacks! Independence Day The War of the Worlds Mystery Science Theater 3000
Slim Whitman Broken Wings Orvsha - Get Fastest Turbo MP3 Converter - Free video to mp3 conversions with MP3 Rocket.
Well, it's Christmas Day ... time to break out the 'Slim Whitman sings Christmas' CD
Merry Christmas Ted and Michele! Glad you're still on fb, otherwise, I'd miss you! Way too much! We got your beautiful cards.thank you! Carol C. sent everybody one with Charley's stain glass windows! In the midst of Fr. Dave's homily, he sang part of an old ballad, something about being lost and found! Sounded like a Slim Whitman song to me! Our community meals are doing good, 35 plus, most of the time. Repairs around here are slow, half _ we have new parking lot but the lines didn't stick! Do you miss us yet? Everybody seems okay healthwise...Julie's into bone wrenching stuff, Tony *** looks good.our Rogers' gals are altar servers...Tony R's. boys are growing! My sister messaged us at 6 am, scared Cat! Her birthday is New years' eve! I have a plan!
Roberta laughing because she sent Kurt a Slim Whitman CD, as he was always making fun of him in the movie Mars Attacks. I said, you never know he might even like it. She said she didn't think so.
@ work, listening to Slim Whitman on a loop
As we close out the year 2013, I’d like to remember those we’ve lost in the world of music this year. I cannot imagine my life, my soul, and my record collection being the same without these folks. All I can really say is thanks for the memories and thanks for the music: Steven Paul Perry, Shirley Lewis, Walter Joyce, David Tedeschi, Adrian Medeiros, Ray Price, Jim Hall, Lou Reed, Gloria Lynne, Maxine Powell, Jackie Lomax, Ray Dolby, Syd Bernstein, Marian McPartland, Eydie Gorme, George Duke, JJ Cale, Carline Ray, Alan Meyer, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Slim Whitman, Ed Shaughnessy, Ray Manzarek, Jeff Hanneman, Chris Kelly, George Jones, Richie Havens, Chrissy Amphlett, Phil Ramone, Gordon Stoker, Deke Richards, Bobbie Smith, Alvin Lee, Bobby Rogers, Richard Street, Van Cliburn, Damon Harris, Mindy McCready, Patty Andrews, Claude Nobs, Patti Page, and Yusef Lateef. You folks must have one heck of a band up there.
I sure do miss the good old days when rasslin' was real and you could order a set of ginsu knives and a bamboo steamer delivered to your door within six to eight weeks while you're watching Early in the Morning with Bill Tush after a repeat of the Braves game and if you ordered within the next ten seconds you would receive absolutely Free...for only 19.95 S&H the Slim Whitman greatest Hit album
i look back to the great christmas times spent at home with all the family music from all rooms t rex david bowie roxymuic blondie rolling stones the sweet slade from my brothers bedroom the osmonds the beatles bay city rollers david essex from my sisters bedroom my mams music gene pitny alfie boa katherine jenkins UB40 sometimes and dads music Jim Reeves slim whitman harry secombe abba JIMMI HENDRIX sometimes thats why im a musician x
Snowing again here and just my one to snuggle with!! Guess Ill listen to my Slim Whitman albums alone!
and one final late night musing before crashing. Thesis Statement "Mars Attacks" is a Native American revenge fantasy. The Martians come, a technologically advanced race, ambassadors first, coaxing the Earthlings into a false sense of security with a supposedly peaceful message in a language the Earthlings clearly do not understand, and then come in with guns blazing. Each attempt at negotiation is met with a double cross. Washington is brought down first, representing revenge on the institution. then Las Vegas is leveled, representing reclamation of the land from the evils of greed and capitalism. Each victory is gloated over shamelessly by the Martians. To top it all off, what is the ultimate downfall of the invading force? Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman. Whitman (White Man, get it?) is appropriating a misunderstood Native American "thing" for the sake of exoticism, using forced cultural assimilation to quell the voices of the conquered attempting to reclaim their homeland. This is what happens when I ...
(NOW AND THEN THERE'S) A FOOL SUCH AS I This song, written by Bill Trader, was recorded in 1952 by Hank Snow and in 1953 by several others, including Jo Stafford. While on leave from the army and having his only trip to the recording studio during his two-year stint of active service, Elvis recorded the song on June 10, 1958. Ray Walker was the new bass singer for The Jordanaires, replacing Hugh Jarrett. Elvis wanted Ray to sing his bass part in the same microphone he (Elvis)was using in order to make sure that, in the mixing, Ray's voice would not be cut down. Elvis wanted and got a strong bass line in this recording. Take number 9 was shipped as a single on March 10, 1959 with "I Need Your Love Tonight" as the flip side. By that time, Elvis was well into his 18 months of being stationed in Germany. In the USA "A Fool Such As I" peaked at in its 15-week run on Billboard's pop singles chart. It peaked at in its 7-week run on in Billboard's R&B singles chart, but did not make the country chart. In the U.K. ...
“THE ONLY THING CONSISTENT…” The only thing my long life, as I sit here on this spacious, park bench, is/was that I have consistently made bad choices, selections and always kicked opportunity away even when it bite me on the butt… I have been proud to brag about this consistent ability to release havoc and drama into what would have seemed a simple, straight forward path through life. But, then, again, this is a reflection of who I really am and not what I would like or fancy myself to be. Truthful, this is the core of all my sad shack tales of misguided adventure and as to old lady luck’s consistent amusement to set great opportunities in my path just to see how well and utterly I have developed to defeat, to rout victory and run it over the cliff – actually, I have literally done that…another story for yet another time. It would be fair to say that I am totally at fault and go to extreme links to lay waste to every good thing that has passed by me. A vain man would make excuses but, here ...
Bloody *** slim Whitman i Remember you on text Santa dad had the 8 track on millions if years ago driving to peterlee most weekend s o how I wish x
107 days until my brother and I get to spend an evening (@ the riverside) w/ one of the greatest bands on earth.again. Slim Whitman? no, he's dead. we'll have to settle for the next best thing.
Vote here for Slim Whitman to be inducted to the Hall of Fame:
we are getting there Jim, come on you lot, get your friends to vote to get SLIM WHITMAN ON THE COUNTRY HALL OF FAME
Are Slim Whitman and Slim Shady the same person?
the hot christmas record selection has been installed in the front bin y'all. rudy ray moore is in there, vince guaraldi is all sold out, a moog LP is in there, plus merle haggard, slim whitman, kenny & dolly - all priced to move!
Slim Whitman saves the world, what could be better?
SO.There is going to be a MONSTER huge show in Heaven this week! Ray Price, Peter O'Toole, Patti Page, Van Cliburn, George Jones, Slim Whitman, Lou Reed,.and a bunch of other Great actors and sports heroes, all called to Heaven. And just to be sure the set is all proper and perfect, Carl Boyer was called up to paint it! We will all miss this wonderful , funny man!
What a terrible year for old country music fanatics like me. Having already lost the legend George Jones, we have since learned of the deaths of Cal Smith, Slim Whitman, Cowboy Jack Clement, Marvin Rainwater and now the magnificent Ray Price. Ray's Crazy Arms must be one of the classic country tracks of all time.
Country singer and songwriter Slim Whitman, known for his smooth falsetto and yodeling talent, died in Florida at the age of 90.
Reading about Stoicism is too difficult when you're jamming out to Slim Whitman
Just made a Slim Whitman comment. No-one in the room knew who I was talking about. It is the beginning of the end.
I introduced Cecily to Slim Whitman. It was NOT well-received. Not one bit.
Where will you find Slim Whitman and Sponge Bob together? On Mr. Husband's annual CD.
The flip side of When I Grow Too Old To Dream released in 1955 in the UK but never charted Slim Whitman sadly died on 19th June 2013 R.I.P. Slim
Good morning FB Gang and welcome to Saturday! I have been posting Christmas songs I like this week, now let's hear from everyone about the ones we HATE!!! For me, hands down, it is "The Christmas Shoes". Trust me, there is nothing sweet, special or touching about loosing a parent on Christmas Day. The *** that wrote this song should be kicked in the balls everyday, very hard! OK Gang, there's my two cents worth, now lets hear yours. Donna Gott, Rachael Jones, Carolyn Samuels, Candice Gott, Beau Gott jump on in. My prediction is that Donna Gott will say, "Anything on Dad's Slim Whitman Christmas album!" Mom may second that! I am also predicting that Dawn Huber Samuels will say, "That *** "Solitary Snowflake" song from the PRP holiday concerts. You have probably never heard that one, trust me on this one, its awful! Enjoy your day everyone!!!
2:30 am playlist driving home from Long Beach: Nikki Hill and Slim Whitman. It's wrong, I know, but what the *** I'm having fun.
Slim Whitman, the country singer-guitarist whose high-pitched yodels helped him sell millions of records through ubiquitous TV ads, died on Wednesday (June 19). - news
When I'm calling you (oh) / will you answer too (oh oooh) / That means I offer my love to you (Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman)
Today In Entertainment History - 1931: Abbey Road recording studios open in London's pricey St. John's Wood. 1955: Billboard begins its "Top 100" chart, with the first Number One listed as "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" by the Four Aces. The magazine wouldn't resolve all its pop charts into one until 1959. * Hill Valley, CA native Marty McFly travels back to this date from 1985 to make sure his parents get together; while in 1955, he plays "Johnny B. Goode" at a local sock hop, inspiring Chuck Berry's "new sound." (Not really). * Les Paul and Mary Ford hit with "Magic Melody". 1957: The rock and roll movie Jamboree premieres in Hollywood, featuring performances from Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Buddy Knox, and Slim Whitman. Perkins rejects a song called "Great Balls Of Fire" that Jerry Lee has already recorded, and Lewis' version, released along with the film, becomes a hit. Perkins instead opts to sing a song called "Glad All Over" in the film, which goes ...
This day in Elvis History Nov 6 1948 - The Presley Family pack their 1937 Plymouth with all their belongings and move to Memphis, where they take up residence in a rooming house at 370 Washington St. for $11 a week. 1954 - Elvis performs at The Hayride in Shreveport. With only 2 singles out, the trio is forced to rely on cover versions to expand their show. Tonight they include The Clovers "Fool, Fool, Fool", Roy Hamilton's "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry", and the blues and hillbilly standard "Sittin' On Top Of The World". Other acts on the show include Slim Whitman, Jim Reeves, and Jim Ed and Maxine Brown. Vernon and Gladys travel to Sheveport to sign Elvis' new hayride contract, since he is still underage. The standard contract runs for 1 year, requiring a performance every Saturday Night, with only 5 annual absences excused. Elvis will receive $18 per show, Scotty and Bill will get $12 each. 1955 - Elvis performs at The Biloxi Community House in Biloxi, Mississippi at 2 and 8 pm. 1960 - Elvis has fi ...
My dad just said the lead singer of the band perry looks like shakira but sounds like slim whitman. Lmao!!!
Slim Whitman MUST be rolling in his grave.
Last Nigel at the Fisher theatre, Bungay Vanessa and Ronnie Martin wrote November 5th and whilst outside there were bonfires and fireworks, inside the Fisher Theatre there was a *** of an evening with the Gentleman from Westport, Co Mayo, Frank McCaffrey and the brilliant Norfolk Comedian, Nigel (Boy) Syer. First on stage was Nigel, who, with his rubbery facial expressions and his Norfolk jokes had the audience laughing so much that I bet I wasn't the only one with tears running down my cheeks. Then, of course, there was his excellent accordion playing with instrumentals as well as songs including 'Folsom Prison Blues' '40 Shades of Green' Benny Hill's 'Ernie' and the 1964 Singing Postman classic 'Hev You Gotta Loight Boy' Frank was on stage after the short interval and we had songs such as 'Blackboard of my Heart' John McCormack's 'My Little Grey Home in the West', a Slim Whitman medley, and the infamous 'Oh My Papa' interspersed with jokes and short stories and finishing with 'When I Was a Lad'. ...
Bryan Guy Adams, OC OBC (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, musician, producer, actor and photographer. Best known for hit singles including "Summer of '69", "Run To You", number one single "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" and "18 Til I Die" album. His latest studio album '11' was released in 2008. For his contributions to music, Adams has garnered many awards and nominations, including 20 Juno Awards among 56 nominations, 15 Grammy Award nominations including a win for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television in 1992. He has also won MTV, ASCAP, American Music awards, two Ivor Novello Awards for song composition and has been nominated for several Golden Globe Awards and three times for Academy Awards for his songwriting for films. Adams was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia for contributions to popular music and philanthropic work via his own foundation, which helps improve education for people around the world.[1][2] Adams ...
Sung to the tune of Slim Whitman's I Remember You
Call me crazy, but Green Wave coach Curtis Johnson sounds like Slim Whitman.
Do you think the same people who cashed in with Slim Whitman are doing the same with Cristy Lane 3:)
Slim Whitman Go to Walmart and ask a male employee if they carry bras.
チョキメタ Go in a crowed room, yell I know your in here Bob, don't try too hid. keep a straight face. Slim Whitman Randomly poke someone. Palace Go to McDonalds and ask for fat free fries.
“Slim Whitman was good at yodeling. best one of the day
So, I added some artists to the Drowning Pool Pandora station .. James Brown, Slim Whitman, Buddy Holly, Black Sabbath, Hank Williams Sr, and Prince. I wonder if anyone will notice
Slim whitman cant help falling in love with you
I like to think that I'm the only person in the world right now who's listening to Slim Whitman's version of "I Remember You".
DEAR GOD NOW YOURE WORKING FOR MUM you might have noticed she adores slim Whitman and his son Byron if ever theres going to be peace up in heaven you will follow mums directions and have him inducted to the country music hall of fame
The Jimi Hendrix Guitar Sound,"Want To Know Why He Was The Greatest Of All Time?" The Jimi Hendrix guitar stylings have made him an American Guitar Playing Icon. This guy could give master classes on how to play rock and blues and R+B guitar. But you wouldn't want to take any lifestyle classes off of him, Jimi led a decadent know with the booze,the drugs,and the women...but gosh...isn't that what rock stars do? Isn't that why they become famous? OK,so... he wasn't exactly a poster boy for clean decent healthy moral living...He could still play the living daylights out of the guitar. And hey. you don't get to be a world famous rock star and one of the most beloved electric guitarists of all time without stepping on a few toes,right? The Jimi Hendrix guitar stylings have made him considered to be the greatest electric guitar player in rock history by other musicians and people in the music industry. Did you know that Rolling Stone Magazine has Jimi at on their list of the greatest guitarists of a ...
Ah, but death by Slim Whitman has - didn't U C documentary Mars Attacks. Yodelling the Indian Love Call v effective! ;O)
now I'm going to crank up some Slim Whitman.
dare you to crank Slim Whitman. If no Slim in hand, Hank Williams Sr.
Make sure you keep Slim Whitman pristine... HA!
part three in my excercize of sharing the eclectric nature of alphabetized artists... from Saga-to sarah vaughn, strauss, slim whitman and the smithereens.
Hmmm... should I be worried that Anna has been watching too much Mars Attacks? ... she's walkin' around the house singing Slim Whitman. :-\
THIS IS HOW YOU DEAL WITH A WEST MIDLAND MANIAC..has been known to werk !.. What is MOANONG, Steve ? And There Clearly IS A Conspiracy going on.. any remotely Observant watcher of Street Culture will confirm it.. It operates THROUGHOUT UK , particularly its Legal System , which is supposed to Underpin all our Public & Commercial life.. The Biggest and Clearest Symptom is ILLITERACY.. the Apple/ Blackberry culture has enhanced the process.. It is SYSTEMATIC & SERIAL in most UK Institutions today..Hearth & Home and what remains of one's Family is the Instinctive reaction.. This produces Single Agenda Survivalist Strategies all round ..look at your foto..Internalisation and Marginalisation , the Retreat into Self-Annihilatory Hedonistic Anaesthetising against REAL FELT HURT & PAIN.. Social Engineers manipulate the process and enable a Participation of the Citizen in Fashion-'led Imitative Action , which leads to SELF-CLONING .. The Humanist View will lead to Temporary Enlightenment as we all redevelop our .. ...
Hey, I like your background pic, (Presidents) ;) I'm the one that killed those blasted Martians - Slim Whitman
Only on Pandora could I create a station of continuous Slim Whitman yodeling and Aussie old time country music. Love it! Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Sydney so looking forward to seeing friends again. No time for Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, or Western Australia since I fly to New Zealand on the 27th. Two days is not enough! Send emails! I am easily led astray in Oz!
Getting ready for a Garage sale. Going to part with my Slim Whitman albums
Friday Confessions: I find Tom Waits to be boring and banal and lacking the enjoyable kitsch of Slim Whitman. If...
For years I have heard people say --Shreveport should have been Nashville. Let me try to explain why it didn't happen. Years ago when the Louisiana Hayride was in it's heyday, unknown locals like Nat Stuckey, Claude King, Slim Whitman, Johnny Horton, David Houston, Faron Young, and even Hank Williams, all got together on Saturday night to put in a show. Remember these were local boys. Their talent was soon recognized and lured away by Nashville, because that's where the writers, publishing companies, recording studios, and the Grand Ole Opry was. Once Nashville had lured them away, they found a set to keep them. As a member of the Opry, they had to perform 26 shows a year, thus preventing them from wandering too far away. Nashville had a tourist bureau that saw the potential that the music industry had, and tirelessly went after it as a way to bring people to Nashville. Bankers were industry friendly, loaning money for music projects. There were studios for recording. Producers, writers, musicians, peopl ...
Slim Whitman, country music singer, dies at age 90 -
Haven't heard from my ol bud Slim Whitman lately.
Maybe when I get up tomorrow morning, I'll open all the windows and blast some Slim Whitman. Or Austrian Death Machine. Rise and shine!
You’re a cat, right? Great costume! Here, have a couple of Slim Whitman cassettes.
LAST CHANCE FOR: SPOOKY stories, GHOSTLY sound effects records, and trashy HORROR novels for party favors!! Plus come meet VELMA from Scooby Doo and Slim Waters (the offspring of Slim Whitman and Roger Waters)
Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country. Slim Whitman Randomly poke someone. 국정원 직원 I'm very silly as a person, but quality silliness on-screen has more of an art to it. Harrison Ford, whom I was in 'Morning Glory' with, has mastered that dry funny better than anyone. Tita Go up to a stranger and yell I LOVE YOU Then kiss them. then see what the do next xD
07-Nov In Wal-mart: Leave small sacrifices or gifts in the hands of the mannequins. Our Go up to some random person and scream to them how much you wanted them to love you. Go inside a train and pull out a recorder, pretend to cough and say day 6 the disease is worse now. Slim Whitman Randomly poke someone.
Love the Slim Whitman imitation in R3 today..reminded me of the yodeling music that killed the aliens in "When Mars Attacks"
Hi my name is Bart Elliott. You might remember me singing on "Boxcar Willies and Slim Whitman albums" or being a wrestler named "Dirty *** Murdock". Done being down. When Merica turned on Jack Bauer he still saved their *** So I would like to take a quote from the bible of WCW Rick Flair 1:1 " In order to be the man you got to beat the man and to beat the man you got to be the men" Wo! Merica!
I forgot how slim my phone was without the case
Hope you are all enjoying the country rock tracks we are playing at the start of this weeks show, Jim Reeves with Johnny.s favourite coming soon, Welcome to my world and this is for Ian Silk, later we have Slim Whitman and Alan Jackson, Keep it Country.
Well,well,well, happy but strange going on in Glen Clola the nicht!.I got a present! And it's no my birthday till next week? a fine surprise,I got a super dooper,high tec thingy!...plays CDs,can work aff I pad and or phone and I pod,.and neep radio!...surround speakers,..brilliant?.fair chuffed I is sitting listening to Red Hot Chilli minute it's Slim Whitman?..couple seconds then its Buddy Holly!..then Lady Smith Black Mombasa?...fits gawn on here??? Then the bloody telly starts changing channels, hoppin is an understatement...sound blaring,then nae sound.oooh!..took me a minty or two to figure thing oot but the remote for Hi Fi Soundstorm System,works the TV...and the remote for TV works the Hi Fi...!...Think both Laurence's were a wee bittie spooked!..I Kent by their expressions...!?..well it is Halloween after all eh??? Ach fa cares if theyr fewer ties, I got a new gadget! Wonder fit ill get for y birthday next week???
Ah, Christmases with Private Pyle. Highly recommend a follow-up with Slim Whitman and several glasses of a decent malbec.
Slim Whitman Randomly poke someone. 메버릭스 In a crowded place, start singing thrift shop and watch the reactions. Jason Farol Go in a public area with a sign that says 'i has a cookie no touchie' and hold a cookie
My mammy has a for Tony Ward, Freddie Mercury(still doesn't know he was *** and Slim Whitman
Jeffrey Leonard and Ken Harvey knew the answer to today's pop quiz: "Indian Love Call," singer Ray Stevens' 24th chart single, made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 on October 11, 1975. Rudoph Fainl, Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein Il had written the song for the 1924 Broadway musical production "Rose-Marie." In the 1936 motion picture version of the musical, Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald immortalized the song, which yodeling country singer Slim Whitman also recorded in 1951. Ray Stevens' soaring version, on the Barnaby Records label, reached No. 68, and remained on the chart for five weeks, as "Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? -- Volume 2" describes. It punched higher on the country chart, on which it hit No. 38.
for day of the dead we need artists to commemorate the fallen of this past year and add any you wish to be on the list. Jonathan Winters, Slim Whitman, Robert Wood (kent artist), Esther Williams, Jean Stapleton, Ray Harryhausen, Jack Klugman, Lee Dorman (iron butterfly), Ravi Shankar, Larry Hagman, Alex Karras (mongo).
Listening to Slim Whitman - When I'm calling you: 'n you know what? My head didn't explode.
♫ CD for sale on Slim Whitman VINTAGE COLLECTIONS compilation
Long awaited theme song or ringtone for your smartphone. Slim Whitman - Indian Love Call 1952
heard she's in Nashville auditions with slim Whitman and jr sample. Snakehead got her here on false prophet pretext...
Where's my Slim Whitman CD? Or does that only blow up Martians?
All the references to liberals' heads exploding reminds me of the Martians in Mars Attacks and Slim Whitman music.
A little Country Gospel Radio blaring Slim Whitman is sure to drive satan out of this office today.
Just waiting for me van to be fixed the last two days it's been singing like slim Whitman
I just tried Pandora for the first time. Slim Whitman, Pam Tillis, Roy Orbison, Lorrie Morgan. I'm in heaven!!! Oh! Oh! I need to add Lawrence Tibbet!!!
Slim Whitman was neither slim nor whit and I wanna refund.
My neighbors dog sounds like the aliens from Mars Attacks when it barks. Where the *** is Slim Whitman when I need him?
Just had an awesome weekend. Saw Lisa Marie Presley at the Levitt Shell,on the same stage her dad opened for Slim Whitman 59 years ago in 1954. Then got VIP tickets for private party with meet and greets with Lisa and her mom Priscilla.Then a midnight private tour of Graceland.It was magical. One of the best things Ive done in a long while. The feeling I had is one only ELVIS fans would understand.priceless
It's no use crying over Slim Whitman.
Country Singer Slim Whitman - That this House recognises the massive contribution to country music made by...
Got some new vinyls today from this cute little vintage shop, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Slim Whitman + Bob Marley!! I love music way to much!! 🎶
The photo below shows mum aunt Nellie and uncle joe with the famous slim Whitman in Southampton in the 1970s in the mayflower theatre
Spread your tiny wings and fly away... in the words of Slim Whitman in mums reminiscing
I grew up Assembly of God. So, yeah. Just Slim Whitman and a lot of it.
Either you love Slim Whitman, or you are a commie *** ♫ Home on the Range – Slim Whitman
Not as good as Slim Whitman making Martian heads explode // Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Playing The Eagles
An interesting day (for me), played Ray Stevens and Slim Whitman on the morning show, and found 59 cents in my car.
Slim Whitman. Cool as the other side of the pillow.
By: Marty Martel    Marvin Rainwater's star rose on the launching pad of Arthur Godfrey's talent scout show in 1955. Four years as a regular on Red Foley's Ozark Jubilee as well as shows such as Ed Sullivan, *** Clark, Porter Wagoner and Sunday Night at the Palladium in London insures recognition wherever he goes.   He looks and sounds as if he had stepped out of one of Jack London's adventure stories. He is a powerfully built man with craggy good looks. The songs he sings range from lusty to just plain touching. A veteran in the entertainment field, from honky-tonk bars to TV and the London Palladium has given Rainwater a backlog of stories and anecdotes that are highly amusing and entertaining.   He's appeared on Ed Sullivan's Sunday night saga, was featured on *** Clark's network TV offering and was a regular on Red Foley's Ozark Jubilee on ABC Television for four years. Marvin's rugged brand of musical feeling stems from a deep desire to communicate the meaning of a song, rather than exercise th . ...
Darlin' happy anniversary Slim Whitman Happy anniversary soulmate of mine :) I love you XXX
and this soundtrack Indian Love Call ~ Slim Whitman 1951 .wmv
Today's Dead Guy in the Envelope was Slim Whitman! Rick from Houston picked up the Super Chevy Show tickets for the next weekend!
All I got in my garage right now are LPs headed for utter destruction - ruined unplayables, Slim Whitman and so on. lol
Good god you people have poor taste in music. Slim Whitman is where its at.
Did not know that: Country singer Slim Whitman, known for his signature yodel, died June 19, 2013, at the age of 90.
Dang. Guess I better put on my Slim Whitman best of CD again...for old times sakes before I get killed. :(
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