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Slim Thug

Stayve Jerome Thomas (born September 8, 1980), better known as Slim Thug, Boss Hogg or Thug Boss, is an American rapper.

Paul Wall Mike Jones Still Tippin Joel Osteen Joel Olsteen Kirko Bangz Houston Rockets Boss Hogg Outlawz Kendrick Lamar Lucky Luciano Bone Thugz San Leon Riff Raff Lil Wayne Rick Ross

I've been going places, working hard, not stopping when being told that I can't.
I liked a video Houston-based rapper Slim Thug defends his name
Living life like it's 4PM at the Kappa. Word to Slim Thug on four swangas and adapters
Like pac you need a thug in ya life
Pimp C ft Slim Thug and Brooke Valentine - Finer Thangs on
I added a video to a playlist 14. Still Tippin'- Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and Slim Thug (Chopped and
Slim Thug like legit just opened my eyes man
Slim thug speaking straight facts all through out American king
I can only bump future & slim thug for hours and not get tired of them, the rest I gotta cool on after a few songs
We are playing Still Tippin' by Mike Jones (f. Slim Thug/Paul Wall)
I want Slim Thug to rap the National Anthem over a DJ Screw beat. Now that's real Houston.
I just used Shazam to discover Still Tippin' (Explicit Version) by Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall.
Falcons in the Super Bowl in Houston. That's like International Players Anthem or when Slim Thug made 3 Kings with Bun B & T.I.
Can Scarface be allowed to do the pre-game prayer? Let's get Slim Thug and Paul Wall on the pre-game stage!
music by Curtis Mayfield, Blue Magic, Nelly, and Slim Thug helped my creativity a lot these past two weeks.
on - Already Platinum By Slim Thug ft. Pharrell from the album Already Plat…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Since the super bowl is in Houston they should have Slim thug be the halftime show
Bayley hug me, don't Slim thug me or Kanye shrug me.
N E W B E A T S! (Producers for Rick Ross, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire and many more)
the only special guest I'm hoping Beyoncé brings out at coachella is Slim Thug
My brother just met Slim Thug at the Galleria lmao
just some houston legendz 🍊 . Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Bun B
Last night at Texas A&M with Slim Thug (). Thank you Beta Theta Pi for having us!
Don't miss Big Gigantic at Cool River Ranch with Slim Thug, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Rick Ross, Chromeo and more for...
.acts as Anthony Bourdain's tour guide for upcoming Houston ep. of "Parts Unknown".
Slim Thug Puts Anthony Bourdain on to Houston's Slab Culture: "The local beverage here makes me st...
Who had the best verse Still Tippin? . Slim Thug? . Mike Jones?. Paul Wall?
Don't tell me you're from Houston and you don't even know who Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz, Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Z-Ro, & Chamillionaire are.
Starting to think it's something wrong with LeToya L. she just can't keep a man twin from Jagged Edge, Slim Thug, Rob Hill & Jo B
southern I grew up on ( T.I , Slim Thug , Nelly , Mystikal , Mike Jones, lil Jon , and Lil Wayne)
Been on that Joel Olsteen and Slim Thug huh?!
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Love everyone at Lakewood, Joel Osteen is a positive child of GOD.Much respect brother.Loved you on Slim Thug song"Church"
Mike Jones feat Slim Thug and Paul Wall - Still Tippin on
Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones and Slim Thug was on but different reasons was why they fell off the National Radar
If you can't jam some throwback Paul Wall, Slim Thug or Mike Jones wyd?
Brian Puspos Choreography | Still Tippin' by Mike Jones ft. Slim Thug | . TB, but still one of the best
The streets all night and day. I rep for my city. Bla bla bla . .. "▶ I Run || Slim Thug."
Super Bowl 51 Halftime show has to be Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Slim Thug performing Still Tippin
Check out Che La Vie Admin Consulting Group and Slim Thug. His son loves the
lol, it's a song called "Chuuch" by Slim Thug featuring sound bites from the pastor Joel Olsteen
Listen to Ride 4s by Boss Hogg Outlawz, Slim Thug & The Boss Hogg Outlawz on
Was saying the same thing last week.. there's only one Thugga and that Slim Thug the Boss Hogg.
Bone Thugz and Slim Thug at the Bomb Factory tonight 😎
Slim thug and hot dogs cause we done chased off all these trolls
Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug all got put on the national stage. Chamillionaire, separately, did the same.
"I pray that you're blessed ,I pray for your best, but all of that stress that you brought in my life , I lost all respect" - slim thug
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You give me three reasons why Slim Thug isn't the greatest rapper in the world and I'll give you three reasons why you'r…
that slim thug (Hogg Life) go hard in da trunk. R.I.P. Pimp C.
girl young thug look like a tatted up slim Jim
What's good to listen to on young thug slim season 2 ?
.even Slim Thug put on for the city. Where were you at when we put the H on our shoulder?
.just wanted to stay relevant by tail coating on the success but wont go to a game this year Even Slim Thug went
cmon man ur older than me and I know who slim thug is
I tell my brother to listen to a song by slim thug and he asked if I meant yung thug. This generation ***
MAYNE! This tape gon be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 . Hogg Life, Vol. 3: Hustler of the Year by Slim Thug
Young thug burnt out slim why is this *** eatin nilla wafers
Young Thug gotta get himself a Slim Jimmy Wheelchair ... Gotta be rolling on dubs. Not hubcaps ...
Mike Jones,pimp C, Paul Wall, big tuck,slim thug, Bun B, ugk, Scarface, Z-ro, lil keke // all I'm listening to today (:
And if you're the boss and your team got you a vinyl copy of Slim Thug's "Like a Boss" then you should give them all raises.
Horror Flick - David Banner Feat Slim Thug and Ludacris Type by Lezale via myFlashStore
NEW INVENTION! 'The Thug slim shady' is an ipad phone for $101
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Nice to see an album by Slim Thug 6 years later still means something.
not only the Bun B song but Paul Wall and slim thug did it during the Texans 8-1 season too, right after that...well you know
Top rappers in Texas include Slim Thug, UGK, and DJ Screw
Bruh yall bringing back braided up Slim Thug tho I gotta be there
Dis *** young thug got his own *** pushing him around inna wheelchair an he aint even hurt smh
Listen to "Faded" by Boston George x Big KRITx Slim Thug by bostongeorgeamg on
Slim Thug makes really good singles. I think this sample might be Joel Olsteen. It's pretty dope.
Y'all like that Slim Thug song with Joel Olsteen?
Listen to Mike Jones - Still Tippin ft. Slim Thug, and Paul Wall by bengahh on King Shxt No Doubt!
So if a thug try to stab me and hit my phone I will burn ?
Slim thug a legend for that Still Tippin video.
But my family has connections with slim thug and Kirko Bangz. That's what's important here
Much love for all the tags 979thebox 2am by me ft slim thug…
Idk how ppl don't jamm more Houston rappers than outta state rappers.. Meaning like zro, ugk, slim thug, lil keke, killa ky…
Got rich independent didnt need no deal-slim thug
Slim Thug came through with his new song 🙌🏾 ❗️
Prob the only person that hates that slim thug and Joel Osteen song.
Some classics did come out tho... Lupe, Jeezy, Slim Thug & Game 1st albums. "Be" came out.
Yall go listen to "chuunch" by slim thug and see if it gets your thinking about the people you hang out with
What if Joel Osteen got on stage with slim thug for that one song and started throwing up gang signs and sipping lean
Tuned in to 979thebox right now running that 2am by me Ft. Slim thug with…
Listen to Recognize a Playa by Slim Thug & The Boss Hogg Outlawz on
So can we talk about Slim Thug & Joel Osteen new song together... or nah?
Isn't this the truth ! 💯 Chuuch x Slim Thug ft. Pastor Joel Osteen
My daddy had one full of Slim Thug,UGK, and Bone Thugs etc 😭😭
Chuuch (feat. Joel Osteen) by Slim Thug. it's so cool to see Pastor Joel OCCUPYING ALL STREETS
Slim Thug put on for Houston not to mention they got the best defensive player in the league called J.J. Watts
it's a normal thing for Joel Osteen and Slim Thug to make a song together
Listen to Chuuch feat. Joel Osteen by Slim Thug on #
NEW Slim Thug "Chuuch feat Joel Osteen is the type of music we all need to hear..this is different...I LOVE IT...
Slim Thug and my Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries putting it down!
Artist like Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire is they can sellout their city/state so they don't have to tour outside as much.
hogglife101 Slim Thug on the marquee at River Oaks theater for his documentary premiere.. More…
I might remake Slim Thug's "Still Tippin" to "still drinkin" and make it all about still drinking after the nights over and turnin up on FB
Slim Thug- Still Tippin was, is, and forever shall be one of the greatest songs ever written
Slim Thug's verse on Still Tippin should be locked away in the Smithsonian.
🚘 Young Dolph , Slim Thug, & Paul Wall - Down South Hustlers by TreeHouseRadio on
"Back then *** didn't want me, now I'm hot *** all on me" Who's line is this?. A.Jay-z. B.Slim Thug. C.Mike Jones. D.Wayne Brady.
"Thug" really is code for *** That ain't no secret. Slim Thug, Bone Thugz & Young Thug ain't know that.
There's something magical about a well crafted pop song! This is one!!. Obviously, it's not Drake or Slim Thug, but close!! 😀😜😉
Slim thug flow but you know he like em' thick
Have big respect for artists from Houston the likes of Z-Ro/ Slim Thug / RapALot team
Smile by Slim Thug used to be one of my favorites
Dude said if Young Thug go perform in HollyGrove he gone be another Slim 😂😂😂
I still listen to that song! Mike Jones, slim thug, and Paul Wall all smooth on that song!
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Ben said slim I'm happy you left the thug lifestyle alone lmao so disrespectful I'm not a thug
Yo! I made a rap song in by and it's awesome. Listen to it here: feat danny kern
"Slim thug flow but you know I like 'em thick" 👌👏
Go get a job if you scare to be a felon💯 . -Slim Thug
Slim Thug was never really that slim to begin with.
New Video: – 5K1: “Hogg Life” is in stores NOW, but in case it slipped your mind, Slim Thug puts t...
wayment... lls.. Im on this rap board.. SLim Thug had a baby by his cousin?
All Texas people talk like Slim Thug or Bun B. And Bay Area people talk like E-40 or Yukmouth
Slim Thug – 5K1: Slim Thug has released the visual for his single “5K1″. “5K1″ is originally featured on Slim ...
Slim Thug is stupid for trying to use "carter 6" as his albums name and not think Lil Wayne would do something about it😒
This guy in my class cousin has a baby by slim thug why is no one as hype about this as I am
He's a thug foreal tho lol he shows slim to no emotion
I added a video to a playlist Slim Thug "I Run"
Slim Thug ruined his credit by having sex with his real estate agent:
Slim Thug wrote a New York Times column about a financial turning point in his life: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Slim Thug with the ultimate salute to Andre Johnson 💯
Brought the Geto Boys back together, Z-Ro & Slim Thug, Paul & Cham, T.I. & Flip. Pimp C wasn't a great rapper but an he was an Icon of Peace
Picture Me Swangin - Delo, Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Paul Wall on - The hottest station on the web.
Still Tippin' by Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul 75 song ever don't even try to argue with me
One day I wanna see Lucky Luciano, SPM, dat boi T, Slim Thug or T.I . One day, bucket list!!!
Im givin away 50 free tickets for Feb. 7th . "Slim Thug" Album Release Party in at "Copa Ultra Lounge"...
My playlist goes from Slim Thug to Zro to SPM to Lil Flip to Dat boi T to Lucky Luciano to Gt Garza to doeman to Kirko to Big Moe to Lil Kek
My whole graduating class of Cedar Hill High and Duncanville High looks like extras in an old Slim Thug music video. Bruh it's 2015.
My playlist goes from Slim Thug to Loretta Lynn *** 😂
The Houston Texans have Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Z-Ro writing songs about them. Dallas has Ebola.
I like how My phone went from Slim Thug to Van Morrison to Toby Keith. Lol.
Somebody tell me why my hubby Derrick Clifton is walking around H.E.B with the Houston Texans theme song by Paul Wall and Slim Thug on repeat... *sigh*
Hopefully I can soon relate to Started From Da Bottom Flow- Dj Mr.Rogers x Slim Thug x Paul Wall "Made it out the streets of the North…"
I use to listen to Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Pimp C, Bun B in intermediate and middle school.
slim thug flow but you know I like'em thick
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Gtfo out mentions that you don't belong in 😂 no need to get upset slim thug.
how did I not know slim thug contiuned to kill the game???
JABO Releases his latest video for the smash single "What Im About" ft. JadaKiss and Slim Thug D.Will.. Video Directed by: Embryo Download JABO "Anat...
Man I really like this song and I only hear it once in a while but when I do I turn gangsta as *** and ...
what about slim thug, logic, or young Scooter or dizzy wright
Slim thug flow but you know roK like em thick
Watch the official music video for Riff Raff's 'How To Be The Man (Remix)' with Houston natives Paul Wall and Slim Thugga.
Slim thug flow but uk I like em thick.
Slim thug flow, but you know I like em' thick..
Slim thug flow but ya know I like em thick, if she get a Job at DOA I drop her off a tip
Slim Thug fell off when he cut his hair.
I ain't pimp c and I ain't bun b I ain't slim thug and I ain't keke mayne shoutout to the best but *** I'm me
*** I still can't believe slim thug got cuffed.
Slim Thug flow,. But you know I like em thick
Presale tickets for the slim thug concert is here:
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Slim thug flow but you know I like them thick
Z-RO and Slim Thug blasting through my headphones right now
Slim Thug is showin up, Promethanize im pourin up Boss Hogg im throwin up
Slim Thug flow but you know I like 'em thick
Slim Thug - I Run [ Official Music Video ] Lyrics {hook} I run the streets all nite n day (the hood love thug) Cuz i still run the streets all nite n day Yuh...
Slim Thug takes his turn with Lil Wayne's latest single "Believe Me" for this week's installment
Slim thug and Z-Ro in their new single "Lovin You" Make sure to give it a Thumbs up, drop a comment and subscribe!! :D
Slim thug flow but u know I like em thick
Riff Raff, aka JODY HIGHROLLER will release his new album Neon Icon on June 24th via Diplo's Mad Decent label. He has recruited Slim Thug and Paul Wall for a Houston remix of his single 'How To Be The Man' and after the jump is the Dr. Teeth-directed video treatment. Produced by DJ Mustard.
Slim Thug flow but u know im like em Thick!
Been knowing jaeyrell for yrs..just recently started doing buiss wit him like a week or 2 ago...we aint waste no time wit da small talk,went str8 to buiss...I told him I'm working on da Murk tour he gave me a list of names he working wit,i coulda went wit a west coast big name,...but I love da Midwest southern look so WE ROCKIN WIT SLIM THUGGA!& SLIM THUG JULY 12th 7flags event center Des moines,Iowa Iowatour June 2014
Got hit up by "Slim Thug" and "Propain" about a celeb game! Will post info soon. That's gone be fiya!
Hello everyone my names karen lol dont care to make this anonymous I just thought id let yall know free std screenings and hiv exams in houston il get the adress and all pther info I got but its at home lol but let me know if your intrested its a concert and all! With artists such as kurt kolbain slim thug etc (:
★ THE ROAD TO WEALTH TALENT SHOWCASE ★ WATCH IN HD All new talent showcase every Wednesday at the world famous 18th St. Pier, in San Leon, TX. FOR ALL ARTIST & PRODUCERS ETC If you have talent, then come show out with us. Host and performances by Mike Elliott, Scott Miller, and Desmond Ramone Beatz Awesome stage, great atmosphere! Great Houston artists like Slim Thug have rocked this stage, so why not YOU!!! SEE YA THERE!
Mane I never heard much slim thug bt I guess this they yo gotti down here
Check It Out: I saw the loft that I'll be getting; the people just moved out, right. So they're about to paint, clean and all that, right... Man, when I tell you I'm loving this, look here. I can't wait to get the keys. ... I'mma be one cigar smoking, rooftop chilling, Sushi eating The ceiling is so high, I can through a brick at it and won't hit nothing, i I'm not lying. So the song of the day is Slim Thugs' No Ceiling. ."got me feeling brilliant, riding with no ceiling, can't explain the feeling, let's just say I'm living."
If I knew for sure I was going to be off, I'd buy tickets for H-Town Beatdown. Trae, Z-Ro, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Kendrick Lamar lol
I was looking for da perfect way 2 end da perfect tour.something dat would highlight da whole I linked up wit 1 of da hottest names in da buiss world JLUV aka JAERELL & he supplied me wit da perfect plug& SLIM THUG JULY 12th Des moines,IowaTOUR starts June 12th stay tuned for flyersUNITED!
Wow it took a verbal *** whooping from my X to get my *** back to basics. To go from wanna be SLIM THUG wanna be to going back to THE HW or THE ORIGIONAL H.N.I.C. if y'all didn't know it means (HEAD *** IN CHARGE). So people get ready cause I'm washing my hands of my demons by that I mean my HATERS so just bring it. It makes my *** hard just to know you don't like to see me happy and that's why i got the last for letters in my nickname P.O.B..
All the songs with Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Mike Jones is a hit bro
If you don't believe Riff Raff is about to drop the AOTS please listen:"How To Be The Man (ft. Slim Thug, Paul Wall)
J-Fre$h is cooking up something great and was or should I say is being blessed. Yesterday Mr. Lee stopped by to give J-Fre$h encouragement, Vocal advice and even gave him a present.. can't let the cat out the bag but just know huge things coming before the end of this summer!! O and just in case you don't know who he is: Well let me start off with he was the first person Iggy Azalea worked with when she hit the states and it goes as follows. He is the producer of Scarface's "Sex Faces", leading to future placements as lofty and wide-ranging as on albums by 2Pac and Mary J. Blige. But Mr. Lee's bread and butter has primarily been alongside Houston artists. Within the realm of Third Coast rap, it really doesn't get any larger than Bun B's "Get Throwed", a song that will forever put Texas clubs in fits. As Houston rap spiked in popularity during the mid-2000's, it was Mr. Lee most often behind the board on hits by the likes Slim Thug, Trae, Paul Wall, and Z-Ro...
Lil KE KE x Slim Thug x Paul Wall x Mike Jones x chunk up x one of the coldest beats ever
My phone goes from George Strait, to Beyoncé to Florida Georgia Line to Zro to Luke Bryan to Slim Thug. It's hilarious. 😂
Bout to be at a Houston car show with my *** Paul Wall and Slim Thug
If I was ever drafted, my draft "song" would be "Still Tippin'" by Mike Jones featuring Slim Thug and the Ice Man Paul Wall
So I can not wait to see Kendrick Lamar, Future, J. Cole, Trey Songz, Paul Wall, Slim Thug && whoever else !! I get to excited every time I hear the announcement on the radio! /: lmbo! Cone on June 20th!
I'm grindin hard as I can to put myself on the map in TEXAS. that's where i was born and raised and i grew up on Bun B, Pimp C, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Trae, Zro, ESG, and Lil Flip. I'm not known near as much as I wanna be in my own state and that changes soon.
"I'm the young Texas A-Rod KG of the game LeBron James, you ni**a's must not know my name" - Slim Thug
Let me take before *** say some shyt like Slim Thug better then Banks or some other crazy shyt lol
Dude giving a presentation in class just used slim thug as one of his sources...
Z ro still ain't dropped a king and a boss.slim thug prolly holding him up ol lame ***
Some pancakes and eggs would be good right now
I am listening to Wood Wheel on Slim Thug Radio
Now Playing: Jabo Ft Jadakiss And Slim Thug - What Im About (Clean) - Click to tune in or type UFLX on
Slim Thug releases an official music video for "One Night" featuring fellow Houstonian Kirko Bangz. The video features Jessica Kylie Zepeda, formally known a...
it was when Slim Thug said Dwight should go to Hou because child support was lower. I said that made "Us" look bad.
Slim Thug has done a song with Beyonce, how did he get that feature? Lol.
Lmfao they trying to slander Slim Thug 😭😂😭
Slim Thug: "Mayne lissen Dwight, you come to Houston. We got Harden &, Lin. And all the Scrippas you can palm" . Howard: "hee hee okay!"
I can't WAIT for people to go in on Slim Thug. Ol grown *** six foot 49 inch man with beads in his head.
Niggaz goin stop playin wit yung thug give dat man his credit moe slim does
Slim Thug popped off throughout that entire offseason last year, I can’t wait to see his mentions in shambles lol
Slim Thug's mentions are about to be DOA when the Rockets lose :)
PLEASE get Slim Thug after all that mess he was talking
I'll have my own girl, and I'll show her off like Slim Thug showed off his Electronic belt buckle in the mid 2000's
- they are playing Still Tippin right now!!!👌Ol slim thug pall wall and Mike Jones
Yooo Slim Thug has to chill that's from Intervention 😭😭
Directed by: Jorge Casanova Le$ "Opulence" featuring Slim Thug official music video from the mixtape "E36" available at now ...
Pokin Out - Slim Thug - Pokin Out Feat. Z-Ro & Paul Wall This is a great song. This mix was done live. Subscribe if you like my mixes.
even though I have my classy side, & have always imagined myself ending up w/ a lawyer or doctor, or a man in a profession that requires him to wear a suit, & that has a 401K, benefits, & a dental plan lol, there's a part of me that will always be attracted to bad boys. tats, & being from the hood, & having street credibility turn me on lol I guess it's true what they say, you can take the girl out the hood, but you can't take the hood out the girl lol like slim thug said: "good girls gotta get down w/ the gangstas." ugh, don't judge me! lol
To show their support for the Houston Rockets in the 2014 NBA Playoffs, Slim Thug and Bun B decide to release this special remix of their collaboration '3 Ki...
do i like someone : n/a do they like me : n/a single or taken : single middle name : rayanne battery percentage : 18% but charging lol last person i texted : ashley birthday : june 17 something i hate : people who believe things without asking if its true something i love : money last song i listened to : slim thug - Still Tippin ft. Paul Wall favorite color : any blue girl best friend : Blessin , Destiney boy best friend : Alexander , zek
Even Slim Thug shouted out my *** King D Dontrell Kelly... You know he was a real *** we gona miss you bro... Millie
Concert southside smoke shop from 2 to 10. ? I got whoeva comes me .. got bottle crown . Whos down ride jam , blockparty zro, Paul Wall, slim thug , j dawg , plus .. free .. scoop me somebody
May 16th Slim Thug Bash 6 slots left share & check in
Who's going to the block party today to see rothavandross slim thug and the rest on edge rook need to relief stress
Sick choreo by CJ Salvador to Gwen Stefani Slim Thug Movement Lifestyle Dancers: Tati, Julian, Isaiah and me :)
Opening up for Kirko Bangz & Slim Thug in 2 weeks , one deep on that *** more info & fliers coming soon,
Boss Hogg Outlaw big chief Slim Thug has just released his new album titled Boss Life. The Houston emcee drops an official music video for "84z." The clip wa...
Slim Thug teams with Kirko Bangz Co- Starring Jessica Kylie for the official video for their collaboration "One Night". His Boss Life album is out now. Direc...
Poochie your lil bro opening up for Slim Thug May 16th moments energy will be felt and unheard of of my life is behind me new beginnings Chuckstar Brown II
Bun B and Slim Thug reunite for this Rockets 3 Kings Remix!
SwaggaCity presents Bun B & Slim Thug, as they perform at the 2014 Houston Rockets Playoff Kickoff Concert For more, visit:
The 50 year old white dude in a e550 Benz was deff rocking out to slim thug after he got out of the tanning salon lmfao ***
Listening to Slim Thug and Bun B. Must be game day!
Dear Lord baby Jesus. A special lady is Buying Me Tix to the Juicy J tour show in the woodlands. Not too often I get to be the fan Instead of the performer but I'm gonna do my best to relax and enjoy it, especially my homie Wiz Kalifah. Jeezy too. Until then, I have discount presale tix to my next show with Slim Thug in San Leon, TX hmu of you need tax and I wanna see all my fans and supporters there under the same roof take off them shy hats. This ones going down for real!
Slim Thug and Bun B drop Houston Rockets remix of '3 Kings' - Daryl Morey is not only the general manager of the H...
Tickets $20 for Slim Thug tomorrow night club,karma .. Come see me and kwiko liquor 1528 East Broadway…
If haven't heard by now we will be performing with Slim Thug...See you at club Karma!!
Be Sure to check out one of the hottest yungstas in the game!! TheyLike Frank & "lyrically infected" will be opening along with family and Money Records and I'm sure they'll announce a few more local artist that'll be great on that stage with Slim Thug this Friday! At club Karma live..
The Stud Chick I had a fight with showed up to Court in a Dress today.. I said your Honor, I had a fight with Slim Thug, not Jennifer Hudson... Smfh
Carl Crawford got them blasting Slim Thug as he walks up to the plate.
Nelly, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Travis Porter, and Cory Smith all in Oxford tonight!! Time to have some fun!
Acquaintance Post up on The Mashup Radio with 2Pac, Kurupt, Slim Thug and Kill Paris.
Houston’s representatives Paul Wall & Slim Thug take Que’s popular single for a spin for their newest free release. Be sure to check out Paul Wall’s take on “Devil Is A Lie” if you haven’t already.
Stream Cup Up Top Down (feat. Z-Ro, Paul Wall & Slim Thug) by Kirko Bangz on Cup Up Top Down - Single for free on Grooveshark.
We're doing a split with Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Eazy E tomorrow. 2Chainz might be there, though we don't really want him. This thugga life is getting too hectic we need a brake
I'm listening to "Still Tippin'" by Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Paul Wall on Pandora
After that song released, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Slim Thug took off. 😭😂
Here are a few stories that will appear on tonight: Florida Movie Theater Shooting: Can the killer get off because of his age? The body of a 4-year-old boy who was battered and tortured by his caretaker remains unclaimed. And the quack is back: Duck Dynasty returns after controversy: Did *** rights groups lose? And rapper 'Slim Thug' comes OutFront to talk about the 'thug cycle'. Watch Erin Burnett OutFront at 7pE on CNN.
On This day in HipHop history: January 6th – Mike Jones was born Michael Jones in Houston, Texas on this day in 1981. Jones began his career with Soul Folk when he was known as Sache. Soul Folk released their one and only album in 2003 called “Country Thuggin’”. After he then gave a stab at a solo career with his indie label Ice Age Entertainment, Jones signed to Swishahouse Records, also home to Chamillionaire, Slim Thug and Paul Wall. In 2004, Jones released the hit single “Still Tippin’”, featuring Paul Wall and Slim Thug, from the Swishahouse compilation “The Day *** Broke Loose 2”. Jones then signed to Jive Records, who released his debut album “Who Is Mike Jones?”, which went double-platinum. “Still Tippin’” was featured on the album as well as another hit single, “Back Then”. After leaving Jive and signing a distribution deal with Asylum for his Ice Age imprint, he released a new single called “Mr. Jones” in 2006. The EP “The American Dream” was released the ...
it was him, Ben Tate, and Slim Thug
Interviewing Joshua Rogers, winner of Sunday Best today at House of Blues! Final day of SWAC. This week I've interviewed Slim Thug, DJ Babey Drew and Traci Steele, and bumped into some elite citizens of Houston. Even spotted Booker T at one of the venues. This journalist life is cool, but I can't wait until it's me who's highly sought after! My time is coming.
I dabbed up Slim Thug, told him Matt Schaub *** and took a selfie with him.
Feel like a Boss Hogg and its a Southern Takeover. Thursday night work out, with Chamillionaire and Slim Thug on the pandora. Texas Renegade live from Haltom City.
Gwen Stefani used to date Slim Thug, I find that so hilarious
What??? Slim thug chamillionaire and Paul Wall all came back on the same track??
Jamming slim thug thug show still jam
Slim Thug album jam, don't sleep on it !!
On my way to work.. jammin' new Slim's jammin' too..- mike
Slim thug new album dropped. Ain't seen a *** thing about it all day.
The homie Slim Thug got a new cd out 👌
😭😭😭 that girl told slim thug she wanted his thang & that *** said Nahh you can buy this cd tho…
Who ever listens to drake can never be a real thug.
Me n Slim Thug chopping it up at Vlive
Watch a preview for the music video Check On It (feat. Bun B & Slim Thug) by Beyoncé on iTunes.
A$AP Ricky, A$AP Ferg, Bun B, and Slim Thug in one night.😱
Albums to check out & cop.webbie savage life 4...yo gotti I am...& slim thug boss life
Slim Thug... Paul Wall... and Chamillionaire killed this track!! Y'all check it out!!
Pharrell - Keep it Playa (feat. Slim Thug) (+playlist): via . Use to be my favorite song...its true tho ***
&&&& Slim thug and bun b came out tonight
I'm glad I like recorded all the concert cuss I just seeing Slim Thug and getting turn up to Shabba
For 25$ i seen slim thug, bun b , killa kyleon , and ASAP ferg lol not bad cuh
“Was Slim thug there I'm just tripping ?”he was
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Was Slim thug there I'm just tripping ?
Mando brought out the big homie Slim Thug in Houston!!! S/o to hogglife101 x for the…
Overdoz brought out Slim Thug to do Still Tippin 💯
had Slim thug and Bun B come out!! Tippin four fours and I'm pimpin four *** 🙌🙌🙌
Slim Thug looks too fine in my picture 😍
Slim thug wanna be a baller freestyle classics '99
Check out " WE RUN THIS FEATURING SLIM THUG " by J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds i love this we used this song when we performed
Jamming Kirko slim thug Paul Wall zro pumped up
*** they killed us tonight, Jazzy Fae, Bun B, and Slim Thug all decided to come eat at the same *** time.
New Slim thug in repeat mane still bumping
Ritch in the mental. flow on a different tempo.nicca my currents new York. u aint hue heff so don't play boy. im ballin on a whole other level then yall. its like im mind bougeling. or should i say mind ballin, the way im nba. and they ncaa. that's college mind frame.and they called mea, preffessor x. im htown based, balling with that white boy like prefix. so southwest. southwesten it like a Mexican. swat goin in on the Mic again. mic r.i.p. p.e.n, paper missions is the only institution where i gets all my information on keepin it pimpin. idk about A Mike Jones, but ima slim thug Still Tippin on 4 vouges. when u see me west is what i throw, but u better know its south side b4 that. that's y this star is on my hat. stayin fly a night like bats.
Listening to Z-ro and Slim Thug chopped and screwed. Rare mood for me, but it's helping me do my HW. :D
Go get that New Slim Thug, Boss Life. Best one ever.
If u guys like that bass thumpin and havnt downlouded the new slim thug $boss life $ then ur missin out on sum dopeness
Slim Thug and Paul Wall just dropped an official music video for "Po'Up Justice." The Texas remix of Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice" is off of Thugga and P...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Listen to music by Slim Thug on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
So slim thug's new album sounds like his last.
Got dat savage life 4 n new Slim thug
So slim thug and Paul Wall at Sharpstown mall
Idc if he wack to yal . I'm Rollin listen to throw back slim thug
If anybody wants to meet Slim Thug he'll be at Johnny Dangs sharps town location today from 6-8. ;) Just putting that out there
Who ever wants to meet SLIM THUG hit me up will have him in town at T Town Music & More if yall wanna meet and greet him hit me up for this sunday 1pm
I'm in Texas .. So I'm bumping Scarface , UGK, and Slim Thug!!! S/O to Craig A Blackmon
Boss Life by Slim Thug is pretty decent decent...
*T DJ BOOTH* Go cop these cd s that Yo gotti & slim thug & webbie CD is on point check them out
I got that bun b slim thug,webbie, yo Gotti,Young dro, the new Thor, bad grandpa, 12 years a slave- holla at me
Anyone else wants Webbie Slim Thug Bun B Albums get at me. all 3 albums go hard
Its something about new music that sounds great in the car. That new Slim Thug is jammin
The new Slim Thug Boss Life can't stop banging this.
Did anyone else notice on iTunes that Juvenile and Feind, Webbie, Slim Thug, and a couple other older hip hop artists are putting out new stuff? I'm actually excited, because the stuff coming out now isn't all that good...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Man, this Slim Thug going tha kcuf off!
We'll be at the Payne County Expo Center in Still Water, Oklahoma tonight wit Slim Thug and Gorilla Zoe! Last...
Killa Kyleon keeps the heat coming. He teams up with fellow Houston rappers Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz for "My City." This is off of Killa's EPLean On Me: The...
Who is the answer for the Texans at QB? According to Vince Young and Slim Thug, the answer is Vince Young:
Slim Thug after he got off the phone with his lawyer
Grooveshark just recommended I listen to Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and Lil Boosie because I like Sleater-kinney and Le Tigre.
I just used to tag We Boss Hoggin by Slim Thug & The Boss Hogg Outlawz.
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