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Slim Pickens

Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. (June 29, 1919December 8, 1983), better known by the stage name Slim Pickens, was an American rodeo performer and film and television actor who epitomized the profane, tough, sardonic cowboy, but who is best remembered for his comic roles, notably in Dr.

Blazing Saddles Peter Sellers Mel Brooks Rip Torn Red Buttons

I've had steam account for osx since I joined but Mac stuff is always slim Pickens and getting worse.i play on xbox mostly.
Whatever happened to actors taking names like Red Buttons, Slim Pickens and Rip Torn?
slim pickens collecting in Lake Michigan 2hr paddle & so few algae! http:…
And slim Pickens role in Blazing Saddles
And the other 2/3rds are Slim Pickens and the Sausage King from New Jersey. Put them together, you got Bender.
It was a 9th round pick! Ouch.We aren't using holds this year. Slim pickens on waivers as each of 12 teams has 3 bench slots
"No, I will not pose sitting on it, waving my hat around like Slim Pickens"
TBH I could honestly see why you single cuz lol the best ones are slim Pickens ... The you go to state lol
Yea I think that is where we will go. Pickens are very very slim here! Thanks man!
Slim Pickens Dr. Strange love the original! Loved George C Scott! Best to put faith in Christ, you know not your end!
what a depressing time early 80s were: Slim Pickens, Strother Martin & Warren Oates all dying under…
If you had to find love in a bowling alley your pickens would be slim!
I think it was Slim Pickens Great new title, they can use it for the remake (No🙀)
Wouldn't it be more fun if Slim Pickens was a space boat driver?
also just thought of Slim Pickens major Kong in dr. Strangelove. Btw 99 north at selma is a parking lot.
Ha ha, wouldn't he be riding the ICBM ala Slim Pickens?
I trust Slim Pickens with the nuclear code more than I do most of the clowns running for President this year.
Can't believe you guys employ Elhassin. Must be slim Pickens around Bristol. The guy is a Clown Shoe.
Phew, it was slim pickens there for awhile.
am I the only person who pictures Kim Jong Buffoon riding NK's one nuke like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove?
GW wasn't either. Best one was Reagan: 30 yrs ago. Slim pickens on both sides of the Great Uniparty
ah slim Pickens at the AMC I see. Hm hm.
"Donald Trump...&supporters spit on the closed...Bearing false witness on daily…" — Slim Pickens
.Yes there's slim pickens out there when it comes to good honest politicians. We need all new, & Establishment Out!
...its my favorite Peter Sellers movie & Slim Pickens is in it! If you've never seen it, I highly recommend Enjoy!
Yes. or Chinese dinghies. But to change the topic: wasn't Slim Pickens a great name for an actor? Sadly missed.
I either want to die riding an atomic bomb to San Fransisco like I'm Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, or by Snu-Snu.
Middleton has a team level of talent Slim.Pickens. Dr. Strangelove instead of Strangeglove.
I was hoping for some Dr. Strange love Quotes! And I bet Lewandowski would make a great character for Slim Pickens
Yes..a 20 megaton nuclear bomb with LOVE painted in pink on it..maybe Zuckerboy will ride it down like Slim Pickens?
Ken Curtis and Slim Pickens from Gunsmoke 1964.mp4 via
Patty Duke (Astin), sandwiched between Jose Ferrer and Slim Pickens, 5th all-star-caster from the right...
Blazing Saddles was that the scene with slim Pickens
It doesn't matter what Cruz does, they're riding that meme like Slim Pickens on the A-bomb
calls to mind Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove
- $330,000 in city of San Diego would be slim pickens. Some inventory, but not much. SD county would have a lot of options though.
I'm no fan of Deadpool, but at least I didn't want to ride the bomb to Hollywood Slim Pickens style like Snyder made me.
If Slim Pickens were still alive, I'd pay him to say: “Shoot, fellas, we’ll be. safer than a stack of Playboys in Frisco.”
won't be in till Wednesday but I'd give it a couple hours at least for them to get shipment to floor. slim pickens rn.
Don't know where we'd find a Slim Pickens to ride the bomb down tho.
The world will never understand how badly I wish I could do a good Slim Pickens impression.
That's the spirit!. [insert Slim Pickens riding the the bomb all the way down gif here]
when T Boone Pickens bought up almost all in TX ...
LRT: Not to be confused with Slim Pickens
Slim Pickens in as worst market in decades drags on via
But Slim Pickens was a great American who gave his all for his Country
Slim Pickens aka Nimrod be on the look out for his new mixtape coming soon! @ Anderson, South…
Michael “Slim” Pickens and Zach Daum put on a master class tonight to run first and second in the Preliminary...
D&D Studios ..Greyboy, T.Tosh..Milky, I'm not sure about north county, but it waz slim Pickens south of there..nonetheless
lmao LAWD honestly that place is slim Pickens like folks are pretty but ugh you might be put off by personalities lolol
Rep Judd Matheny riding that bomb all the way to DC, hootin' and hollerin' like Slim Pickens
In those peoples defense, it has been a very underwhelming election season. The Pickens are slim.
LOL! Pick your town wisely. Slim pickens ;)
a lot of weirdos. Seems like serious slim pickens lol
You can never truly listen to The Offspring's Divide by Zero without Slim Pickens or vice versa in proper cd order
While we have an open relationship, I find it's not as fruitful as I thought it'd be. It's still a no *** *** *** zone so pickens are slim
yeah after the top 10 - it's slim Pickens overall - but that's why my lakers ain winning till draft day
US foreign policy realists remind me of the Slim Pickens' character in Strangelove.
no MGM emoloyee would wanna work valet now. Tips will be slim pickens after paying $17.
"Are you a real cowboy?" "Are you from Texas?" "Do you know Slim Pickens?" questions we get asked on bourbon street🙄
Maybe I shouldn't have chased those squirrels out of the ceiling.slim pickens out there people! Lol!
Can't decide if it's more "Stripes"--Aqua-Urban Assault Vehicle--or Dr. Strangelove (think I see Slim Pickens up top there).
- Drinking a Make Momma Proud by Slim Pickens Cider & Mead at —
Delivered the same way Slim Pickens delivered one in the movie "Dr. Strangelove"
can't they go to the mail room , and find some one ? Where's slim Pickens , mongo , bomb bay doors
Behind The Scenes: Dr. Strangelove (1964). Slim Pickens on the atomic bomb.
Slim Pickens is now still gon call him in the tho
Slim Pickens & Scatman Cruthers are the greatest names this galaxy has ever had, that is why we should the twins should be named that Marie!
“If you're ever going to walk straight into a hardware store and demand fried chicken-ride that bomb, Slim Pickens.”
You know about Slim Pickens saying "Dallas" not "Vegas" right?
look back at picks 110-152 of the 2013 draft. I think the got the best player available. Slim pickens
Any movie with Slim Pickens you're in for a treat
I would've expected more of a Slim Pickens noise.
Like Slim Pickens at the end of Dr. Strangelove. Waving his hat and riding the bomb.
I'd say more Dr. Strangelove, actually. Cruz would be perfect as a replacement for Slim Pickens.
Slim Pickens and Richard Widmark are having a Fed vs. local thing.
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Watching Stagecoach (1939) tonight for the first time. Turns out I've been confusing the voices of Slim Pickens and Andy Devine for years.
From T. Boone Pickens to Slim Pickens to Charles Nelson Reilly, the picks for this week are filled with legends.
Depending on the mood, I tend to channel either R. Lee Ermey, Slim Pickens, or Eddie from "Major League."
true but we've had everyone. Drake, Wayne, J.Cole.. slim pickens!!
Dude Slim Pickens going HAMBONE on the track! Slim Pickens - Puttin In Work (Lyric Video)
The hero of my great American Western will be Slim. Slim Pickens.
Slim pickens in the day card aisle this morning.
Looking a bit like Slim Pickens there! :D
lmao and that's my point! It's slim Pickens yet when someone find that one she doesn't appreciate it
FYI to our readers. Sumner side (first section) is covered in blankets as of tonight.
Slim pickens...but Buck Allen is the better play there.
The Offspring - Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to *** . 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pickens is slim round these parts lbs
my dad swears there was a scene in the original theatrical version that he hasn't seen since then. It had Slim Pickens...
Kind of like when Cleavon Little hits Slim Pickens on the head in Blazing Saddles. It’ll be funny!
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Watch 'Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens' now and get your signed + numbered litho print here ->
Sad, but true. Sad as in, the pickens are slim for quality candidates.
there was once a prominent actor named Slim Pickens and that makes me a very happy child
Bud & Miller merging Playboy without nudes? To quote the late, great Slim Pickens What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is a’goin’ on here?
Chris Christie says he would shoot down Russian Planes. I suspect he is simply jealous of Slim Pickens.
It's slim pickens at this point. Kicking the heat WAY down after the Steeler game tonight. =/ Until then, \m/
imagine him riding a FoaB ala Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove
Pretty slim pickens at TE so far. Only three TEs have topped double digits in standard scoring.
lol yeah slim Pickens for bacon on periscope
chipmunk reminds me of Slim Pickens @ the end of Dr Strangelove.
It is Slim Pickens out here, let me tell ya
My train announcer sounds like Slim Pickens...
then again it's slim Pickens when you don't live near the Marine base... Lmao
Slim Pickens killin it tonight at and how cool cover of redemption song
I just picked up Aiken and Have Boldin on bench slim Pickens have dropped 3 in a row
Dr. Carson reminds me of Slim Pickens in Rancho Deluxe.Was I Pharaoh or just in the court?
A clip from Slim Pickens on WRCB yesterday.
Some days I feel like Slim Pickens. via
.I think of Slim Pickens riding the bomb out the B52 in Dr.Stranglove, He was having fun!
Can anyone confirm whether slim pickens was riding one, a’whoopin’ and a’hollerin’?
When people try to cram Kubrick films down my throat I remind them that he worked with Slim Pickens, Scatman Crothers and Matthew Modine.
.lol Thanks I was thinking about The movie"Dr. Strangelove" w/Peter Sellers,George C. Scott,& Slim Pickens!
Riding a pile of envelopes like Slim Pickens at the end of Dr. Strangelove. How I Learned to Stop…
Lifts 180lbs. Can I ride it like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove?
LAS ✈️ IND SW2763 already delayed 60min 󾮠🏻. Pretty slim pickens when it comes to good food here but if you need...
it's slim pickens out here, girl SMH lol
My son and I ate at after soccer practice last night. Prob got there a little late as pickens were slim, but still good
I have a vision of Slim Pickens screaming "Yee Haw!" on the back of a Xirrus dropped from convention hall ceiling.
.almost sounds like a Slim Pickens quote ;-)
yes! please do. we're working with one, but I think it's slim pickens out there right now.
yes, but I bet there's Slim Pickens when you're fishing in that area...
I like to read lines like that to myself in Slim Pickens' voice and pretend they were written like that, on purpose, for him.
I picture Slim Pickens riding that nuclear bomb cowboy style all the way to ground zero,.
So many memories... Thanks Kye Smith. But how can you dare not having Slim Pickens on this masterpiece? :-P
I picture Slim Pickens reading that list before riding the bomb down.
Running mates are slim pickens.any ideas?
Hey ED, I'm searching for "The Ballad of Ted, Rand, Marco and Jeb" narrated by Slim Pickens. Have you seen it?
ha! dunno abt the Wilhelm, but that was definitely just Slim Pickens rebel yell from
Who did Slim Pickens play for in NFL...?
Failure can be imaged away if as Slim Pickens said in Blazing Saddles 'you use your tongue purtier than a $20 *** ala Obama
A classic scene from Dr. Strangelove, with Slim Pickens morphed into John McCain. Perfect.
Turns out slim pickens was an actual person. i got one word for that: YIKES!
thanks, buddy, for triggering my Compulsive Correction Disorder when you namechecked Slim Whitman instead of Slim Pickens.
Pickens are looking pretty slim right now.
'Slim Pickens returns from suspension. destroys the locker room'
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Troopers: 16 taken to hospital following SUV-school bus crash in Pickens County
good podcasts are slim Pickens out there. Been havin to go way back in the archive to find one of yours I haven't heard.
Kicking it old school with Slim Pickens!! Look him up
McCain reminds me of the Slim Pickens character in Dr Strangelove. "McCain: Kerry 'is delusional' about Iran deal."
Everything's better with cowbell. *Empty Location* needs Slim Pickens from Dr. Strangelove.
You know this love bombing of SNP supporters is not working, unless it's Slim Pickens doing it
Slim Pickens had a quicker ride to destruction than we do. I just wish we could get to the bottom faster. We know it's coming.
are yous going to stop by slim Pickens café?
"It's Slim pickens," Slim said with a toothy grin before selecting the pizza toppings for the week's bridge club.
It's time he flies solo on 1 of his Taepodong missiles, like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove
slim Pickens cafe in reading pa is a must for lunch 😋
Slim Pickens cafe in Reading, PA is a must when you come to the'll change your whole world!
Slim Pickens cafe in Reading is a must!! Their cheese steak egg rolls are life changing!!
the only place you need to be is Slim Pickens cafe in Reading, PA
yous have to stop at Slim Pickens cafe in Reading pa! You won't be dissapointed!
Go to slim Pickens cafe tomorrow in reading
go to slim Pickens cafe in reading tomorrow
Remember Dr. Strangelove? I see Tom Cotton as Slim Pickens.riding that nuke into Iran. What a neo con tool.
Slim Pickens dropping knowledge today in Jacobs
to get the democratic vote, women's vote, Hispanic vote, black vote, *** vote. Pickens a bit slim after that.
I wish I had a name like Ry Cooder. Or T-Bone Burnett. Or Slim Pickens. Maybe I'll change my name to *** Barrel.
. says Jeb Bush prounces nuclear "nu-cu-lar" like his brother. Did Barbara hire Slim Pickens as voice coach?
It ain't Slim Pickens' death scene in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid... but it ain't far behind.
Dan Aykroyd, Jon Belushi, John Candy, Chris from Carrie, Slim Pickens won't tell the submarine where Hollywood is
Slim Pickens has been directed by Spielberg, Kubrick, Peckinpah & Mel Brooks. Can anyone think of a more legendary list to be directed by?
Nope, the pickens are slim (read: none lol). We are using backing tracks drums right now.
That was a weak Slim Pickens homage.
next time I go to Lambeau I'll be doing my Slim Pickens impersonation.
...and the thought plickens, just like whatever plickens. Slim Pickens on the brain shelf today. And that dude's *** is glued to it. Yehaw!!
“awesome thx! Slim Pickens with all my byes” yes the struggle is real this week! Lol
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its slim pickens with Moore split between Stoute and Ballydoyle who is worth a retainer that good?
Will the real Slim Pickens please stand up?
I have Miller too! Feel same but starting him as best option. Slim pickens out there.
Happy Saturday! Slim Pickens just started, come dance with us!
Remember when Slim Pickens rode the bomb down? Yeah, this is what happened after that!!
yup.yesiree.roger that.happy holidays. Slim Pickens wishes us well in the fallout.
Tarantino's cameo in 'django' was as fourth-wall-breaking as Slim Pickens shouting "I work for Mel Brooks!"
Country music stuff on BBC4 from 9 I guess. But slim pickings apart from that on TV tonight. Not even Slim Pickens.
Mel Brooks has ruined me. I can never hear this song now without thinking about Clevon Little & Slim Pickens...
I have a compass small enough to swallow whole, just like Slim Pickens in "1941". Not gonna do it, though. That would be silly.
I really don't even like 8's doe. That leaves me with 20%, slim Pickens my ***
Pickens slim for black men too in terms of longevity
Females PBLM is they in denial about Pickens being slim so they wait on that preference that they just love so much and end up alone
The Offspring - Slim Pickens does the right thing and rides the bomb to ***
slim Pickens this week. Need to choose one of these to start at RB. A williams, c ivory t west or j bell. Thx in advance!!
Realized that maybe a guy in Italy isn't so bad. I haven't found a man in America anyways. Slim Pickens.
Browns, Saints, or Falcon's D this week... slim pickens!
WOW! Haven't seen Y&R in a while, but it must be slim pickens over Guess ya don't have to look good to b on it.
No kidding. Especially with 6 teams on BYE TE is slim pickens this week. Overall TE has been pretty weak position this season
lets have this chat again in a month after dragon age drops. Pretty slim Pickens though actually. Wolf among us?
he's like slim Pickens riding the nuke all the way to the ground
well sir I sure hope you find a job after college I really do bc its slim Pickens out here in the real world
Hello again Mr. Rank. Since I have Dwayne Allen on Bye and TE this week is slim pickens, who should I pick up, Rivera or Cook?
Hey Gary looking for someone on waivers to drop Ryans for. It's slim Pickens left. Any suggestions?
Rain & cold weather coming. Hurry up already, been slim pickens so far this season.
looks like Slim Pickens about to ride the nuke down to earth if you ask me.
Said T Boone Pickens: "Sure will be slim pickin's after they t-boned the frackin boon".
56.4 The Works shows some pretty out there movies. Tonight they are showing something about rodeo clowns with James Coburn and Slim Pickens.
Tonight's off beat movie - Peter Sellers, Slim Pickens and George C Scott - DR STRANGELOVE 1964 a Kubrick classic
Suddenly can't stop thinking about Slim Pickens at the end of Dr. Strangelove...
Is that Slim Pickens? He's gone downhill since Dr Strangelove and Blazing Saddles.
Shooting stills on the set of the Slim Pickens cooking show pilot with Dex and Jay of Man I'm hungry.
Can't decide who had the best name in old Hollywood. Slim Pickens, Rip Torn or Red Buttons?
So many great performances in Blazing Saddles. Cleavon Little, Harvey Korman, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Slim Pickens - everybody, really.
Dr Richard Newland takes a step into the unknown with progressive novice Slim Pickens when he contests
2Bs were slim pickens. I was hoping Owen hold off and give me a chance to find a better option, but signed on site
The late, great Slim Pickens - Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. - an actual rodeo rider before Hollywood got 'em.
If human existence was a movie this would just about be the part where Slim Pickens starts riding the atom bomb.
Once straddled a Boeing Air-Launched Cruise Missile. Wish I'd had a cowboy hat like Slim Pickens in the movie, Dr. Strangelove.
…And, that final scene in Dr. Strangelove, with Slim Pickens riding the A-bomb, always cracks me up.
Slim Pickens out there we need a legitimate. center
If you had to pick, Zunino, Soto, Avila, Salty, Ruiz? slim pickens.
Yeah, but all I remember is 1. Slim Pickens riding the bomb and 2. the DIsabled Villain Trope from ***
Slim Pickens? Slim isn't the only picking to play Mexican oil
Startin to ponder on marriage since my son asks me every now and then . but ummm ... its slim pickens around...
Slim Pickens still has one of the best names I've ever heard.
I picture him riding it like Slim Pickens rode that atomic bomb in Dr. Strangelove.
agree on Big Al...believe Carter signed with MEM. Couple out there...Haslem, Marion, Barbosa and Al Harrington. Slim pickens.
Any chance you guys play Slim Pickens in NY on the tour?? So pumped for Smash but dying to hear Slim live!
it's been slim pickens for photo ops where i am ;0 i'm sure i'll be taking a ton of photos in Seattle - xx
I'm about to give up on this whole finding my soulmate thing. Its slim pickens out there y'all.
Yup getting my weight up this goes out to Slim Pickens aka the…
idk slim Pickens, I believe Phil will do something tho, wonder whats Okafurs market right now?
Because Strangelove was about *** wagging. Taken to its fullest extent when Slim Pickens rides a nuke.
Offspring has so many good songs. My favorite are You're gonna go far kid and Slim Pickens does the right thing
We're on a highway 2 *** Or maybe more like Slim Pickens riding Atom Bomb in
no that's how many we have 9 Cody it's slim Pickens at alvin always haves been
Slim pickens on the hotel market at midnight, but I wouldn't trade this profession for anything!…
Yeah, I guess he benefits from the slim pickens of that era.
lol, slim Pickens for this category
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Keep telling y'all Pickens are slim if u want a black either get a Asian and stfu or deal wit it 😂😂😂
Pickens are slim...branch outRT“I can't find a handsome black man that doesn't smoke.”
Slim Pickens, James Earl Jones, & Shane Rimmer! A star-studded cast, but Kubrick's works never really were to my taste.
So svu starts back with Liv as captain with Fin and Amanda as cops. lol Slim pickens.
Dan Blocker, passed up the role in Dr. Strangelove that Slim Pickens took and the rest was histwah
in local news , a black housecat was seriously injured when Slim Pickens landed on him...
With his penchant for giving up HR I think everyone would feel better if he didn't face Frazier and Bruce, but yeah, slim pickens.
I agree. Pickens are slim tho. Price already used Heisey & Lutz. My guess is he's saving Negron since he can play anywhere.
- It's slim pickens out here. I am still thinki…
- It's slim pickens out here. I am still thinking.
I ended up getting a canon powershot sx700hs. It was slim pickens at the local best buy.
I feel like Slim Pickens Ridin that nuke in Dr Strangelove in this lyin Obamination!
I miss old Slim Pickens...he was like a real character you would meet on a ranch in West Texas
Slim Pickens' lines in Stanley Kubrick's 'Dr. Strangelove' are so great. I just love this movie!
No doubt. I know a handful of smart Laker fans but they're slim pickens & the few Hawks' fans I do know are diehard lol
and tickets will be very steep. Slim Pickens for everyone else
"Now I want you to remember that no *** ever won a war by dying for his country.". Slim Pickens riding the bomb won the war with USSR.
Good Morning: It's Sunday June 29, 2014! TRIVIA: What are the only members of the animal kingdom to commonly sleep on their backs? BIRTHDAYS: Peter Paul Rubens, 1577; George Washington Goethals, 1858; surgeon William Mayo, 1861; Slim Pickens, 1919; Elizabeth Dole, 1936; Harmon Killebrew, 1936; Gary Busey, 1944; Fred Grandy, 1948. THIS DAY IN HISTORY: On this date in 1566 the Stationers Company was granted a monopoly. Great Britain's Queen Mary had granted the Stationers Company guild the power to be the nation's sole booksellers eight years earlier, but on this date they gained a total monopoly on the business of publishing. The guild consisted of printers, booksellers, and publishers nicknamed for the stalls or stations they set up to sell their wares. Their monopoly meant that every book title had to be registered in the company's roster in advance. "Illegal" books were confiscated and burned. No guild member was allowed to publish the same book as another member. Healthy competition wasn't even conside ...
There's no detour in my make ... says Slim Pickens . Crossing Yosemite Sam .
Maybe we should make a pact ... like the Monroe Doctrine ... says Slim Pickens . Just past Mars .
Candid pic "1941" Speilberg plays with Bunny, my puppet from Home Movies. John Candy Dan Akroyd & Slim Pickens watch.
Now I am picturing Slim Pickens suckered into singing Camptown Races, and am laughing. Thank you, Lucas Duda.
I think is alright.i feel as though if he had a musical ability to throw in the mix he would be the modern day slim pickens
Yumm!! Our hunting season is fast approaching. I hope we get some rain or it's going to be slim pickens.
Dan's Dad competed against him and Casey Tibbs many moons ago. Dan got to meet Larry along with Slim Pickens when he was a kid in Bishop, California..
A mi yo creo que las que más me gustan son The Future is Now, Secrets from the Underground, Turning in to You y Slim Pickens.xD
We have five weeks left in the season - but the oysters are slim pickens - so this might be the last Wednesday for this special. Buy a peck get 1/2 lb peel and eat shrimp FREE - and 1/2 price bottles of vino. Make your weekend plans now to give Erin Cunningham Lewis a warm Wimpies welcome Friday night - then The Old Grey Suits return to the stage Saturday for some good old Blue Grass.
Hopefully this doesn't mean that there's a rash of Korean 4th Grade Slim Pickens impersonators.
It's almost that time! Come celebrate with us at the 10th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk on Sunday April 27th at McCallie School in Chattanooga. Registration at 1:00 and walk at 2:00. Enjoy some free food and great music by Slim Pickens. No registration fee to walk. Join a team and start help us find a cure!
Friday Night at Kelly's Olympian, we have the amazing Joy Pearson, The Slim Pickens Experiment and More!!! Lets JAM!
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A new favorite: Slim Pickens by Nerds For Hire on
😊 Just missed it...slim pickens these days, so it doesn't take long to inhale it. 😉
I wonder how many chicks these days can actually wear white at their wedding. My guess is slim Pickens.
Felt a little bad for him. Two major characters were a robot that looked like Darth and another that talked liked Slim Pickens
My 2nd favorite part of "Noah?" I'd say when Emma Watson mounts a goat inside the boat & starts riding like Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles.
Looks we have slim pickens. They say 1 thing 2 get our vote then DC chgs things.
Bar to bar combat, ears get welts from listening to Black Belts!!! Album coming soon! featuring SLiM PiCKENS, Light The MC, Cor Stidak...
Slim pickens does the right thing and rides the tomb to ***
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I'm not having no more kids. The Pickens are slim out in these skreets.
This is all but screaming for a photochop of you as Slim Pickens at the end of Dr. Strangelove.
BJ Tombstone will be playing tracks from at least 6 brand new 2014 released albums tonight from 9pm. We have "Looking into You - Tribute to Jackson Browne", Chuck Mead "Free State Serenade", Rod Melancon "Parish Lines", Ben Fisher "Charleston", Smokin' Novas "Smokin' Novas" and Slim Pickens "Hankering". If they don't float your boat we got a bitta Guy Clark, D.B. Rielly, Lydia Loveless, John Prine, RB Morris et al. Join Tombstone on the Graveyard Shift for the best in new music and talent! Cheers y'all.
ya stocking have light this year md and pa.. but I've managed to get about 13 in 3 trips so not bad but very slim pickens
Well just made it final . so this is really happening to all of us I just don't get it at all its really a *** shame Alabama gonna close a plant with so many workers and that have ! family that depends on their job to keep food in stomach and clothes on their back and a warm bed to sleep in .and now we loose our health insurance that our *** president requires us to have or we will get fine or take it out Of your tax refunds ! How. The *** are we suppose to pay for insurance if some of us might not be able to afford a place to sleep just saying not meaning this to anyone in particularly not at all ! Just saying 1100 lay offs and it was hard to get a job when we had hillshire .now its slim pickens out there.! And now I see How You can become homeless in a blink of a eye. ! This is so so sad !! And if anyone believes that some one else is gonna buy it an just change the name like so many times before is mistaken !!!they are closing down the building .
he was supposed to play the Slim Pickens role too . Backed out of it with a fake injury
Ok. Wanted you to be able to pick the number you wanted since you are a senior. Slim pickens now
they are slim pickens up here, thank you so much for the call! You guys are awesome!
Some Slim Pickens in the physics book?
Ever feel like you're Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove, just ridin' that ol' H-bomb to the big finale?
So horribly upset, I went into my Slim Pickens/Alex Jones voice.
- I've read that Kubrick kept Slim Pickens in the dark so thought it was a serious war movie and not a farce. Genius, that.
Black women also are more successful at establishing themselves quicker than black men so generally speaking, it's slim pickens...
District 7..looks like you have slim pickens
If my last name was Pickens I'd insist they call me 'Slim'
You know its slim pickens after the club when the big girls get a second look
Slim Pickens well he does the right thing
Gonna pic a horse for the Grand National. I won third place with Slim Pickens about 8 years ago :p
Slim Pickens Does the Right things -- The Offspring. All of Nickleback, the Offspring and FalloutBoy
Slim Pickens on the atomic bomb on the set of Dr. Strangelove
Clap along if you feel like Slim Pickens riding an atomic bomb.
Little Giant Ladders
I think Slim Pickens was riding the rocket over to the Astrodome from NASA.
lol slim pickens right now or else I would. The slightly opened mouth kills me every time lol
There is nothing on TV, what do you watch? I need some shows and it is slim pickens. Inquiring minds would like to know.
I know it's slim Pickens out here with quality people, but I'm not pressed to settle on every offer that comes my way.
Check out Ginger in the Morning VHS Sissy Spacek - Slim Pickens - via
I wonder if any kids have requested to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to go out like Slim Pickens' character in Dr. Strangelove.
"Slim pickens in here." Poor baby, depressed about Dean going to ***
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