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Slim Dusty

David Gordon Slim Dusty Kirkpatrick AO, MBE (13 June 1927—19 September 2003) was an Australian country music singer-songwriter and producer, with a career spanning nearly seven decades.

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Lol that would be some thing if end did they to *** to my place slim shady and be slim dusty ***
You might have liked the Corb Lund show. Slim Dusty would have approved.
That's great news particularly now we know...!. Brewery a little "Slim Dusty" at present, apologies
Slim thick with ya dusty as u need to buy a new rag
" Slim thick , witho , ugly , bipolar , crusty , dusty , no edges , bottom of the garbage *** 💀". 😂😂
Slim Thick witcho... Dusty, ran through, Peter piper picked a pepper, GTA5, cardboard flat, hit from the back no clap, *** ..
Listen to Makin' a Mile by Slim Dusty on
(no relation, sadly) died on this day in 1941. Here’s Slim Dusty singing Waltzing Matilda:
I like to have a beer with Dan because Dan's mi mate. Paraphrasing Slim Dusty song in case you didn't know ffs
And my Australia Day address at slim dusty museum. Thanks Kempsey
A Pub With No Beer by Slim Dusty is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
Top story: 'But seriously, don't forget, Slim Dusty Drive is almo… see more
But seriously, don't forget, Slim Dusty Drive is almost sold out!
a very slim one. I get the inside scoop from and he's never failed me
heh... As long as you don't say slim dusty. Or Iggy azalea but that's a whole other thing
Want to camp at Slim Dusty Drive in 2016?. Campsites are on sale now!
There once was a fellow from Maine. Who was smilingly got by the vein. He blossomed the gym. So dusty and slim. So statues predicted his drain
Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda via One of my favourite songs ever
combine the ancient hellrune with a pack of Winnie Blues and chant Slim Dusty to banish him back
From Slim Dusty to the Drones: around Australia in 12 classic songs
Final interview wrapped: Mainly talked football and Dusty Rhodes.
France. The con floor of the hoity toityiest comics festival in the world. Where & I recorded a podcast about Dusty Rhodes.
I added a video to a playlist Slim Dusty - Duncan
And if a girl do care she probably dusty and don't make her own money
Callin somebody dusty whole t slim don't brush her teeth 😴
fascinating read. Good enough for Slim Dusty, good enough for me
nothing better than the Christmas eve sounds of my neighbour mowing his lawn...still better than last Christmas eve: "Slim Dusty" marathon.
I liked a video Slim Dusty---When the harvest days are over Jessie Dear
Play more country! What about Slim Dusty's Christmas on the Station? ;)
Bookings open to the public for Slim Dusty Drive on the 10th January 2016.
They really still fighting ova Peter dusty ole self 😩🤔😂
Only want to win 50 less than Slim did. His 51 are on display at the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsy.…
: | Took a little stop to see the Slim Dusty Museum …
South Africa's dusty Glastonbury changing its complexion
I hate when girls be like "omg you guys are so cute" like most of ya dusty *** that say that try getting at them once they b…
And a round of applause for Tom Foltz! Dusty got him a great deal on this beautiful 2015 Softail Slim! Looks...
Slim I'm sorry but who makes a hype song you can't get hype to? Man Wale falling faster than meek
Macca is in Ballina on Thursday mmm ... would love to meet him . Slim Dusty opening at Kempsey Wednesday night 😬
Slim Dusty Centre just opened. Tough tales of 20thC AU country life its characters … and beer, beer, beer!
The opening of the Slim Dusty Centre: photos via
I was thinking more Slim Dusty in a P76 with a 44 in the boot.
Slim Dusty museum, NSW: Country singer's life celebrated at The Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey via
I need my car washed my ish look gray instead of white, Cobain looking to dusty.
Tom A Story of Tom Jones the musical comes to Venue Cymru
The official opening of the Slim Dusty Centre on the NSW mid north coast at Kempsey is happening Thurs Nov 19 at...
Ann, We live in New Zealand but avid Slim Dusty supporters. Looking Forward, Looking Back, has a message from Slim to us all.
i hate country music so much taylor is the only exception to my rule Slim Dusty Can Burn In ***
Smh she champ anyways..slim i just moved across the country 4 yo dusty ***
yeah but you're also famous in Australia too ain't ya? Ever sing any Slim Dusty songs while there?
Reminds me of watching The Wiggles with my little monsters. -Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda
I. Don't understand why I'm suddenly listening to Slim Dusty. But I am. And it's AWESOME.
Slim Dusty's many great lyrics & melodies included 'going back to Camooweal' historic Queensland boarder town 1884
Pub With No Beer - Slim Dusty Live On Air check me out
Me: Come to Australia . Bae: I can't, I'm not a convict. Me: I have Slim Dusty's record. Bae:
Nothing like a Slim Dusty tribute to bring the girls out
I heard Slim Dusty singing Banjo on Utube. Got me all excited.
Pew pew. Cleaning time is always good, especially when Slim Dusty plays in the back ground.
Watching reminds me of that Slim Dusty song. ' The Shearers Cook' . ♫ As he stirred the damper the drip kept dripping in. ♫
That trophy ain't gonna last, by the way that photo of Dusty Rhodes with his eyes busting out looks like he's hungry for a Slim Jim.
Video: With the conclusion of the Dusty Rhodes TONIGHT at Respect LIVE at...
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To coincide with the long awaited opening of The Slim Dusty Centre and Museum in Kempsey (Nov. 19), a new Slim...
AND NOW! The THEME SONG of our 25th Jubilee conference - Looking forward, looking back by Slim Dusty!. We are...
If you're Australian, and you don't know who Slim Dusty is... You're not an Australian in my eyes😷💁
"Slim Dusty" performing prior to the 1984 VFL Grand Final between and at the
Hope I win one of those PCs. Odds? Slim. But until I get my working papers, maybe luck will come my way?
Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda. Come on Aussies. Any English want to learn the words
The most popular song in Wales today. Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda
Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda warming up for the rugby.
Now that's pre-match entertainment! Slim Dusty at the 1984 VFL Grand Final.
The long awaited Dusty Centre in to open this month.
Look, I'll try, but its slim to none they'll go through with it.
Arrive home from the US, turn on the wireless and hear 'G'day G'day' by Slim Dusty. What a welcome. Thanks
this has to be the first country song that's got me smiling ear to ear Slim Dusty. via
The best day for me was when I met Slim Dusty, shook his hand! All I said was "You're the best mate, the king
Don Walker. 19 September . Slim Dusty (June 13, 1927 - Sept 19, 2003) Today we remember and celebrate the life of...
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lets resurrect Slim Dusty and Pat Boone and get them to do us a new national anthem
If Jeff Lang, Ash Grunwald, Spiderbait, Slim Dusty, and Wolfmother had a rockin’ baby it would be a wee bit weird...
Slim Dusty did more for reconciliation than any Polly says Beccy Cole
A Pub With No Beer by Slim Dusty a metaphor for the Australian nanny state -
Last couple songs: Like Real People Do by Hozier, an Irish artist; Waltzing Matilda, an Australian folk song by Slim Dusty!
Tonight's slim fit dusty sunrise colored shirt brought to you by the one and only
The emotions I feel during small talk are equivalent to that of a dusty raisin that rolls under the fridge and remains th…
May I have your attention please?. Will, The Real Slim Zaidi please stand up?
Along the road to Gundagai: music/lyrics by Jack O'Hagan, sung by Slim Dusty.
A little Slim Dusty for your Australia Day enjoyment!
well doing the coke should help you slim down. Worked for Kate Moss
Time to crank up some Slim Dusty, Kasey Chambers and Roger Knox.
Pub with No Beer sung by Slim Dusty and Gordon Parsons
Stereo Story about a music epiphany on a long bus ride: Lights On The Hill by Slim Dusty
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A pub with no beer_ slim dusty with gordon parsons and Lace up shoes_slim dusty
I dedicate this video for true slim dusty fan who always been an admirer for this real superstar. In this video (unfortunately only audio really) slim talk a...
Slim Dusty gave us The Pub with No Beer. Islam's Trustee gives us Lakemba: The Burb with No Beer. I love a good drinking ditty
the Slim Dusty vibe is genuinely pleasant and nice and doesn't feel at all like
Current status: Disappointed in the modest response to my Slim Dusty rips. I think they're some of my best work.
A few Slim Dusty renditions on the banjo?
If you don't know slim dusty, you don't know the future of music
"The matter of whether or not my client was Slim Dusty's mate is currently before the courts and thus we have no comment"
The line "we drink in moderation" in that Slim Dusty song is meant to be sarcastic, right?
Nothing better than local footy when you're feeling slim dusty from a big night... Suns game next, watch out Port Power!
I added a video to a playlist slim dusty married to my bulldog mack
I added a video to a playlist Pushin' Time - Slim Dusty
I added a video to a playlist To Whom It May Concern --- Slim Dusty.
I added a video to a playlist The Rain Tumbles Down in July --- Slim Dusty.
Get along to the Slim Dusty Centre on the 7th of September for a great afternoon of Country Music!
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slim dusty pichu and Misslag twiite now :o
You're the only person on this earth next to Slim Dusty and tracy byrd who can make me love country music, Thank you.
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"Hey Dusty". Yeah, Slim. "How do you feel about it when they put strawberries on a salad?". [They ride in silence]. Depen…
yeah he could flip but chances are very very slim. Especially with him being in-state.
“watch my brand new music video for my single "BIG DUSTY" here: 🙌
..please drop me a line when Slim Dusty, Elkie Brookes or Jake Thak.
Slim jims and double shots at the gas station.
Told 40 dusty *** I had a bone to pick w slim, He owe up Tonight
Our take on bread and butter is slim jim wrapper with side of dusty sprite
My lrt tho lhh. Why do guys use that filter that make them look raggedy and dusty??
You know you are in the country when there are sheep, sheep dogs and slim dusty songs at the…
Tall & Slim great 4 super models..not so much 4 your ride during dusty gusts =vehicle sail...pull over & way it out
Liquor Stores packaging their dusty Tim Couch & Dan Issel bottles with the new Tom Jurich bottle to move them off the sh…
Last one for tonight. slim dusty. wish I could find a better copy of this.
I hate going to Slim's house, it's always some thirsty dusty *** *** outside.
We'll be cranking this up on the bus. Thanks to Kathryn & the folks @ the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey
Finishing our time in Kempsey with afternoon tea at the Slim Dusty Centre. Are you proud of me ?
Fletcher Pilon wowed the coaches last night on The Voice Kids Australia performing Lee Kernaghan's Slim Dusty...
Slim on is so dusty looking. Her personality irks me and her looks are so unfortunate.
Dusty Rust and I have decided to share one of our 7 day Slim/Boost trials with one of our friends that…
If this puss jump pon di bed one more time ! -_- just one more time Dusty -__-
40 + singles going out tomorrow (45s). Ross D .Wyllie - Smile $2. Slim Dusty - The Answer to the pub with no Beer...
Have you ever wondered how the Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week started?. An excerpt from Bruce and Trish...
Know the one you mean Slim Dusty song
Here are a few of my memories, see if any ring a bell. Christmas 69 my parents bundled my sister and I into our Ford Falcon station wagon and headed north to Darwin from Windsor NSW via the inland road. Home made bread at Renner Springs. Made our home at 1 Carryong Street, RAAF Base Darwin. I was enrolled at Stuart Park Primary School. Went to a Slim Dusty concert with my dad. Mum worked for the Tepuni family as canteen lady when they built the Darwin Community College. Went to a two day hungi next to the Darwin Brewery at Stuart Park. Played soccer to the under 9 or 10's RAAF Soccer Club. Then played for Stuart Park Soccer Club and we won the grand final in 1974. Spent many a Sunday at Howard and Berry Springs. Went shooting with dad at Fogg Dam. Fishing on Buffalo Creek. Remember my mum and Dad watching the Andy Williams Show, Mannix. We got two movies for the price of one at the Base pictures. Watched the rock sitters, beer can regatta, Darwin show. I could go on.
PRESS RELEASE: Stars Unite For National Slim Dusty Day Some of the biggest names in Australia are behind an industry led campaign to have an Aussie icon’s legacy celebrated on JUNE 13th by officially recognising the day as NATIONAL SLIM DUSTY DAY. Music historian Glenn A Baker said “Slim Dusty Day is a day to celebrate our musical heritage. Slim Dusty articulated the very essence of Australia for a great many Australians”. Identities from across Australia and around the world have united to pay tribute and support the proposed NATIONAL SLIM DUSTY DAY initiative to be declared on his birth date of June 13th. Stars already backing and supporting the proposal include KEITH URBAN & NICOLE KIDMAN, Lee Kernaghan OAM, Kasey Chambers & SHANE NICHOLSON, TROY CASSAR-DALEY, RAY HADLEY OAM, *** SMITH, BECCY COLE, Adam Harvey and Slim’s wife JOY McKEAN OAM to name but a few. *** SMITH, Australian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist said “I urge everyone who shares my admiration of Slim, to get behind National .. ...
Just confirmed - Slim Dusty's wife Joy, daughter Anne and grandson, film maker, James Arneman will be at Vision Splendid! James is set to make a feature length film on Slim's life and will show the trailer at the at the festival. It's also 30 years since the Slim Dusty Movie was shown at Cannes Film Festival. Check out the trailer for this classic:- Trailer
I'm sure most of you have never heard it but before he died Slim Dusty wrote a wonderful song about this issue called' clean up your own backyard' his lyrics in this song are a true reflection of what goes on and I'm sure he's glad not to be witnessing it getting worse. Not racist but seriously we need to fix us first or how can we truly help others in the future!
WTS 3 In very good condition records slim dusty things I see around me 2 records of Ray kernaghan country and remember me and glen miller $20 Ono still has covers except 1 pu lavi very rare copies
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Hibernate Music Quiz Theme - Country In the first verse of the Australian Classic "Pub with no beer" what are the three negative emotions Slim Dusty is experiencing?
You know your Friday afternoons exciting when your sitting on your kitchen bench listening to Slim Dusty. Least Dad would be proud 👍
Hello My Country Music Friends welcome to my NEWS FEED Tomorrow the 22nd of Feb Lochinvar Country Music Club will be at the Cessnock Show entertaining the patrons and public all day while promoteing the club.They will be holding a $100.00 raffle which will be drawn to raise funds for future hand outs to charity's. I will be behind the michrophone in the early morning part of the proceedings, I believe Bruce Forbes will be performing his much loved Slim Dusty songs of which he is well renowned for ( also heard he has been seen in and out of a particular recording studio in the Hunter,wonder what is going on there ) There will be a continious array of artists all day till 8.00 pm. All this would of not gone ahead only for Tom Irwin and his willing band of helpers,Well Done Tom and Staff.Also on Sun at Hexham Bowling Club the 23rd we have the Australian Bush Ballads takeing place between 12.30 pm and 5.00 pm all artists welcome with Australian song content only. Chinese and Asian meals are available at the c ...
Theres no better country music then tha old legend slim dusty the king of countrY music
Listening to all of mah biq brother's Slim Dusty CDs agal love mah big buddah until the we meet again r.i.p :( buddah
Country music suitable for Epiphany in ArtSound FM 92.7's and 90.3 programme of sacred music through the ages. Artists include; The Howie brothers, Mark Moulinox, the late Johnny Cash and Slim Dusty. Join Bruce Bowman at 6.30 this Sunday Australian Eastern Summertime in the Canberra area on 92.7 or 90.3MHz on the FM band. Also online at
I was walking down a country road, when a Slim Dusty song came on & I could smell vegemite toast from a near by house.
Going to be a good day celebrating the life of my dad - not his death! Time to go find that field of cows and listen to Slim Dusty, laugh, cry and remember him with family and friends who r family. Then time to dust ourselves off and move forward. He would want that! Thank you Clint Chantel Nursey and Beverly Higgs for sharing this day with us, means the world to me!
Whoohoo I scored lucky...gotta go see the guys at the pub see if they would like grandads band and I to play at the pub soon :) had the best chat to grandad I love it when we get on the music subject and bounce ideas and certain singers and there personalities off each other...didn't realise how many people grandad has actually sung with...when he was younger and doing gigs in tamworth he done a lot with slim dusty and Adam Harvey, and jhonny Williamson and even had the opportunity to have beccy cole and Kasey Chambers sing with him on his CDs. Can't wait to see him when he comes to town :)
Listening to Alan Jackson song every morning since I've been driving my sister Erica Tracey Brookes an now its slim dusty going back up to Darwin cheers f&f enjoy .lolski remind me of my Kidz daddy too
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Bob Katter Australians are Australians (READ TO THE END, EVERY WORD IS SPOT ON, EVEN THOUGH IT DOES COME FROM KATTER) "I am the Labor Party's Worst Nightmare. I am a White, Conservative, Tax-Paying, God fearing Australian. I am a hard working Australian and I work long hours to earn a living. I believe in God and the freedom of religion, but I don't push it on others. I drive Australian-made cars, and I believe in Australian products and buy them whenever I can. I believe the money I make belongs to me and not some bloody governmental functionary, Labor/Greens or Liberal, that wants to share it with others who don't work! I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way! I think owning a home doesn't make you a capitalist; it makes you a smart Australian. I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. Get over it! I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac or any other item, you should do it in English. I believe there should be n ...
Dionne Joyce this morning singing eminem, "my name is my name is slim dusty"
of course I would, but seeing as I'm not a professional voice actor that's chance is rather slim
THE MEANING OF LIFE: I've been keeping a diary since 1957. I've been taping people since 1982. I have 750 taped interviews with all sorts of people - 80 at least with Martin but also Slim Dusty, Robert Adamson, Mic Conway, Phil Emmanuel - well, that was just 1982 - and it goes on through the 80s, 90s - Tom O'Toole the Beechworth baker (maybe a dozen tapes) - 00s, 10s - like Michael Chamberlain (9 tapes), Jimmy Little, Dare Jennings, Richard Perry - like hundreds of them, all the way to last week - light artist, Ellis D Fogg. About 2/3rds are fully transcribed. And of course the 60 Tiny tapes. Doing the Tiny book showed me that the meaning of life is to REDUCE 50 CDs and thousands of words into an inch or five of shelf space in the study (200 pages and 10 'Best Of' CDs. Then there's all the Galilee stuff that is being re-released + a 200 page book. I am definitely pushing through, and maybe (in my lifetime) I will be able to condense all this STUFF. This is what I am dedicating my life to, signed Lowell. W ...
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Welcome to the TWTP page, in September 1973 I met an old bushman from Tumut NSW who had been invited down to the local village, Murringo, to show the local school kids about plaiting and leather work. I was 13 years old. The bushman and WWl veteran was Syd Bayliss. Little did I know that first meeting with this iconic Australian Bushman was to set the rest of my life on course to tell his story, learn and keep his trade(s) alive, and ultimately have his exploits, trade and skills recorded and exhibited in as many places as I possibly could. I am still doing this relentlessly today 40 years latter. With my best mate Craig Webb, with whom I was at school with at the time, we started learning to plait together and then progressed in to forming a business partnership 'Taubman & Webb', a leather and whip making business which we ran for many years together continuing what we had, and were learning from Syd. Even thought after many years together we divided the business and went our own ways we both still ...
On Friday I will be going bush, to find a farm (with some cattle, just for you Dad D) and will have a little service, listen to Slim Dusty (your favourite singer), some tears (ok lots of them), and then some morning tea to celebrate the life of Dad D with some family and friends. You were a great man Dad D and will never ever be forgotten.
This is a pretty funny song about an Aussie trucker who gets stuck in the mud, then has to 'lighten the load of beer', so please Enjoy! R.I.P. Slim Dusty!
Recall Announcer on 8DN Darwin "We'll have a newsflash for you, right after this next song from Slim Dusty."
Slim dusty always brings back memories !
Dusty Hannahs for three! Kansas holds a slim 28-27 lead with 1:06 remaining in the first half.
This is another writing of Henry Lawson, turned into a great song by Slim Dusty. This song is in many albums, including Australian Bush Ballads, I'll Take Mi...
Thanks to Universal Music Australia Big Rigs has 10 Slim Dusty CDs to give away.
U can listen a music from far away from home, but nothing beats old slim dusty i tell ya.
This is where Slim Dusty found the red back lol
Remembering you through the words of Slim Dusty. Miss you Uncle John
Drinkin with dad n kylo and pumpin slim dusty beats;)
Slim Dusty - Leave Him In The Long Yard Lyrics. Yes he's lookin' kind of jaded And his sight is not the best And the hair around his muzzle's turnin' grey He has seen a hundred musters And
Anne Kirkpatrick will be performing again at the 2014 Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week. Keep up to date...
• Keep your Membership Card and number as well as your Certificate, showing that you are one of the “Mates of Slim Dusty” and you are supporting this long held dream that Slim himself was working on, prior to his passing.
Outstanding performance by Anne Kirkpatrick and David Kirkpatrick at the 2013 Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week
Could all our supporters please go to our brand new page Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week and Like Like...
Kevin Durant says his new nickname is "The Servant”
One of my most favourite poems of all time...used to be able to recite it all ...Slim Dusty made a song of it and all Australian children should learn it.
Pumping slim dusty for my old father while we doing this sheep :)) one to go then
Country music always makes me feel better, so glad I was brought up listening to mostly country. I would far rather listen to slim dusty and Graeme Connors then the crap people play these days
The bus driver is playing Slim Dusty type music and singing his little heart out to it!
brings you this:. • North Abraxis grey logo tee. • Dusty Forrest dot slim shorts . as part…
Have you liked our new page yet?. Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week
Standby for some big entertainment news coming to the Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week! EXCITING!
Have you renewed your Mate of Slim Dusty Membership yet?. It's not too late, and there's a few "bonuses" for...
It's all slowly coming together. The new reception desk at the Slim Dusty Centre, hand crafted from beautiful...
Enjoying a cold one, listening to slim dusty. You live on in me mate. Never will he be forgotten. My kids be listening to this. Wether they like it or not
A big happy birthday to this old slim dusty cowboy Laurie George will have to get you a bottle of doctor singhs cough syrup , ha hoy have a good day old chap
Listening to slim dusty's songs to calm myself down lol. I fell in love with it ever since 2007. So yes I listen to country .
A great one from Slim Dusty, and I hope you all enjoy this classic. R.I.P. Slim Dusty
Slim Dusty - Leave him in the longyard.wmv: via
"I'd like to see you spend a week with me..." Another great Stan Coster written, Slim Dusty sung number
Why we need more singers like Slim Dusty. Old Man Drought.
Went to the civic hall to watch snow white and seven dwarfs and slim dusty
Listening to slim dusty looking forward looking back
Dad taking Dave and I to see Slim Dusty at the Civic Hall
Dusty Brown off for his 2nd of the period. The US chooses to test the hockey gods while clinging to a slim lead & then not move on the PP.
For those that remember, we had our own celebrity in Coopernook, Jim Wesley who wrote a song for Shorty Ranger (plus I'm sure there was plenty more). I thought he was as famous as Slim Dusty and just as awesome
Trying to sew, slim dusty is not inspiring !!
Blasting slim dusty 'ringer from the top end' at the pub! No shame!
Being entertained by a selection of Slim Dusty favourites while waiting for show to start.
Last night we inherited 5 pretty German boys.They decided to set up and have dinner at OUR table.OUR table is the place that WE sit every day for meals,wood carving etc.when they arrived,they placed their food tub and stove on the table and started to get ready to cook.On one of the seats Peter had left a block of wood and a bag of sunflower seeds.funny how they sat each side of the wood and seeds and needed to bring another chair to sit in instead of taking the wood down?? Today we will introduce them to Slim Dusty...After listening to their Techno pop crap,they need to be educated!
From a Slim Dusty dvd recorded in 1987
To commemorate what would be the 81st birthday of Australian legend Slim Dusty, EMI Music will release a new single together with a specially produced promot...
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A Word to Texas Jack (Remastered) by Slim Dusty & His Bushlanders on Sat Morning Country
Listen to good old poppa slim dusty
Ex-Reds manager Baker wants back in game
This may have very well become one of my favorite Slim Dusty songs. I love it. But: I'm having some chord difficulties, for those of you who strum along... I...
This is a funny song about a die-hard alcoholic, by Slim Dusty. This is from his album, I'll Take Mine Country Style. Enjoy! R.I.P. Slim Dusty!
This is a great song, from the greatest hits album. I like at a lot. Enjoy. R.I.P. Slim Dusty!
A bronze statue was unveiled today in Peel Street Tamworth of Slim Dusty and Joy McKean. A wonderful tribute to a remarkable couple who pioneered country music in Australia. Below are photos of the statue, including Joy speaking with Australian media at today's ceremony.
playlist for this weeks show on friday 24/01 2014 2 hours of Australian music from 10m am to midday. 1. down under men at work 2. great southern land icehouse 3. sounds of then Gang Gajang 4. new groove Rockmelons 5. come said the boy Mondo rock 6. a beat for you Pseudo Echo 7. hands up in the air boom crash opera 8. Current stand kids in the kitchen 9. leaps and bounds Paul Kelly 10. bad moon rising the reels 11. howzat sherbert 12. April sun in Cuba dragons 13. shape I'm in Jo Jo Zep and the falcons 14. people Mi Sex 15. can't help myself Icehouse 16. help is on its way Little River Band 17. no action Eurogliders 18. almost with you the Church 19. razor's edge Goanna 20. shaddup your face Joe Dolce 21. counting the beat the swingers 22. stay young Inxs 23. a pub with no beer, 24. duncan and 25. Waltzing Matilda Slim Dusty
Who's coming to Tamworth? It's going to be a big year as the festival makes a special tribute to Slim. “In 2014, the Festival will pay tribute to one of its pioneers, Australian icon and country music legend, Slim Dusty,” said Tamworth Region Mayor Col Murray. A bronze statue of country music’s first couple, Slim Dusty and Joy McKean will be unveiled in Tamworth this January. A Slim Dusty Tribute Concert is also planned and an exhibition of Slim’s famous memorabilia will be on display. “The Slim Dusty statue is to country music what the Don Bradman statue is to cricket. It is of national significance and Tamworth is very proud to be honoring these iconic Australians.” “We’re expecting the 2014 Festival to be bigger and better than ever – we look forward to welcoming visitors to the Festival this January. Over 50,000 people are expected to visit the Festival daily,” said Cr Murray.
My grandfather thinks that Slim Dusty was better than Lou Reed.
"The undisputed, most diabolical villain in the world, Slim Shady!"
The best part my job is being able to do the weather and say "It's 35 degrees...In Charleville..." Then play Slim Dusty.
The Slim Dusty song Pub With No Beer is about Lees Hotel in Ingham. They have beer now though Ha.
Bubble bath, candles, mulled wine and slim dusty
Christmas means listening to mum's music collection. Can't complain with the great Slim Dusty live…
All purpose parts banner
Buses will be running from various areas to the Mad Hatters New Year’s Eve Party at the Slim Dusty Centre. For...
Oh! Slim Dusty's Christmas on the Station on This has made my day! Thanks Condo.
I may sneak in Slim Dusty's Christmas on the Station on the final Rural Report for the year tomorrow, but in...
I prefer the Liberace and Slim Dusty album
an ancient Aussie folk song best sung with a Slim Dusty twang. Your 'captive' audience will thank you.
Yes, but not with Dusty Rhodes. He'd lose in Tampa and come back with a mask as Uvalde Slim.
'Musty and Dusty - the best reissues and revivals' list of 2013 coming soon. Best new tunes of 2013 is slim but good
theMusic team's Best Of 2013 lists Part 2. Next up is theMusic/Your Daily SPA editor Scott Fitzsimons. He somehow found time for bouts of Glen Campbell and Slim Dusty inbetween catching gigs by Born Lion, Bad//Dreems and Vance Joy.
No! I didn't know that. :-( Have the best childhood memories of Slim Dusty. Even went to one of his concerts!
No iced coffee at Roebuck Plains roadhouse. Did Slim Dusty write a song about such an event?
Why everybody think he soo cute lls he dusty too me , but love slim music
Have you seen this, . Dusty tears Duck Dynasty apart. It's all a scam. A scripted fraud. .
G'day Mates, please note that the Slim Dusty Foundation staff are now on annual leave until Monday 6th January...
Available for purchase ONLINE NOW!!!. The 2015 Lunch at Homewood with the Slim Dusty Family Raffle. Tickets $10...
Calling all Mates of Slim Dusty!!. It's now time to renew your Mates Membership. Renew online or freecall...
I have discovered a new country music hero: Slim Dusty. If only he had sung that classic tune, "John Deere Green" instead of Joe Diffey.
Got my Slim Dusty CD in the car. I'm ready to go. Just gotta wait 18 days
Man y'all heauxs who going to the mansion so dusty tonight. synthetic weave and body central outfits all over the place.
The Slim Dusty stubbie cooler, $10 +P&P, discount of 10% for Mates, great christmas present for the person you'd...
Love to have a beer with.Duncan, Colin, Robert.whoever? Have you got your Slim Dusty stubby cooler yet?...
His name is Brian. He likes long walks on the beach and Karaoke. Dislikes Slim Dusty thinks he's old and crusty.
STOP PRESS.the Slim Dusty Coin is currently sold out. More on order and we'll let you know when back in stock.
From Joy's Diary. The Slim Dusty Memories Week at Kempsey was a tremendous success once again. Organised...
Celebrate with the Mayor, raise funds and enjoy the Slim Dusty Centre
Slim Dusty is actually a relative of mine. He was my Nanna's second cousin. True story.
I just commented on "slim dusty, Highway Fever west coast highway nz" on Vimeo:
Adelaide is full to the brim with dryness and dustiness. Slim Dusty.
Stuck for a Christmas Present idea? What about a Mate of Slim Dusty Membership for your friend or loved one?...
My neighbours are blastin slim dusty at midnight 😲🔫
On this performance I reckon Slim dusty would have Gary in his classic. "I`d love to have a beer with Gary"
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On Air NOW: guessing songs by Slim Dusty, and
This Song is in Chapter 6 in My Book Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda
Slim Dusty - Waltzing Matilda: > This one goes to my Aussie brothers and sisters
eh it's been alright. But the chances of never hurting your knee again after a ACL tear are very slim
Kicking back having some drinks & listening to some Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, Big&Rich and Slim Dusty
i'll work on the music first. but Glen Campbell is a little trickier than Slim Dusty.
Playing Slim Dusty and Don Walker - Charleville on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
8 tracks are way cooler. And so is Slim Dusty. :)
me too, but im crying coz at 6 I woulda had an 8 track recorded with Slim Dusty on it..
Playing Slim Dusty - G'day G'day on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Some sweet Slim Dusty tunes to brighten your day...
.If you don't climb the ladder mate, then you can never fall. Id sooner be a 'has been' than a 'never was at all' -Slim Dusty
Playing Slim Dusty - Cunnamulla feller on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Playing Slim Dusty - Ringer From The Top End on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
We just found this classic by Slim Dusty... The Innamincka Muster!
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Playing Slim Dusty - Country Revival on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
are releasing two special Slim Dusty commemorative packages to mark the 10yr anniversary of his passing
Reminds me of Aussie C&W song by Slim Dusty; "There was a red back on the toilet seat". Very popular in the 70's.
The 10th anniversary of Slim Dusty's (passing will be marked by a compilation of autobiographical songs:
Playing Slim Dusty - Indian Pacific on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
I have to head off now guys, later! As Slim Dusty would say, "Things are bad, but they could be worse" So we'll see how we go with it mate!
The neighbours have discovered their Best of Slim Dusty CD. I'm thinking of pulling out the Mahler and blasting that at them...
Playing Slim Dusty - Pub With No Beer on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Just cause it's Saturday night: Slim Dusty "the Pub with no beer".
You mean the Slim Dusty thing! I guess not, but that's hard. I like to say that at the end of the night. Thanks my friend!
Hope you have a good travel agent.If you get a moment Oz Country music legend Slim Dusty
Playing Slim Dusty - Get Along on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Playing Slim Dusty - Kelly"S Offsider on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Playing Slim Dusty - The Biggest Dissapointment on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Tonight at Check Inn 99 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm! I'll be playing my favourite collection of classic and new American and Aussie country from artists such as Johnny Cash, Tom Paxton, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, John Denver, Slim Dusty, Tex Morton, Troy Cassar Daley, Toby Keith and Brad Paisley.
Breast Cancer Awareness
A handful of record Albums going out,to go with the 80 records singles going out today.All available after midday today list as follows The cocnut grove Sammi davis Jnr $2.20 The Music form Peter Gunn $5 Aussie singalong Slim Dusty and his Bushlanders $4.40 The best of Gordon Lighfoot $4.40 12th Man again $5 The barry Mcguire Album $5 Minight Cowboy Soundtrack $5 John Lennon Collection $10 Hermans Hermits self titled $5
Slim Dusty's 1957 hit "A Pub with No Beer" was the biggest-selling record by an Australian up to that time; it was also the first Australian single to go gold, and the first and only 78 rpm record to be awarded a gold disc. Slim collected collected more gold and platinum albums than any other Australian artist and he was the first singer in the world to have his voice beamed to earth from space when American astronauts played Slim Dusty's recording of Waltzing Matilda from the space shuttle 'Columbia' as it passed over Australia back in 1983. There's more about Slim on our website. A true Aussie Legend.
Happy Birthday to Mike Johnson (musician, singer, yodeler, songwriter who has written over 1,200 songs, truck driver, Vietnam veteran, called the "No. 1 Black Yodeler"), Mary Lou Turner (Hazard, KY born singer, was Bill Andersons duet partner on two albums), Randy Elmore (fiddler, runs the Elmore Fiddle Camp in Cisco, Tx), Billy Keeble ( a fantastic traditional country singer) and traditional country singer, Bart Connell. Also born on this day were Slim Dusty (singer, songwriter, Australian country icon, who sold over 7 million records), Curly Lambert (bluegrass singer and musician, one of the Clinch Mountain Boys, played with Flatt and Skruggs and with Charlie Moore) and "Cowboy" Howard Vokes (singer, songwriter writing over 500 songs, manager, "Pennsylvania's King of Country Music", his band the Country Boys, would produced the "Saturday Night Jamboree" at the Griltz Hotel in Verona, PA for 16 years). In 1931 Jimmie Rodgers recorded "When the Cactus is in Bloom" in Louisville, Kentucky. Jim & Jesse re . ...
Today would have been Slim Dusty's 86 th birthday, which is your favourite Slim Dusty song? :Disko
I can't believe it is Thursday already, I almost forgot today would have been Slim Dusty's 86th birthday. And tonight is the BIG concert at Rooty Hill RSL to commemorate this special day, featuring a host of great Aussie talent such as Lee Kernaghan, the Wolfe brothers, McClymonts, Kasey Chambers, Adam Harvey and more. You can watch the concert if you have been in touch with your local RSL to ask them to have it beamed from Rooty Hill RSL. Happy birthday Slim. :)
We are very excited to announce in partnership with the Slim Dusty Foundation, the Royal Australian Mint will release its next coin in the famous Inspirational Australians series which features Slim Dusty. Here's a taste of what it looks like. More to come after the official launch!
Mickey Pye is a 24 year old Country-Rock artist from Oberon in NSW. With a true mix of country and rock'n'roll in his upbringing, Mickey was raised on the sounds of Slim Dusty and Elvis Presley. Now, an accomplished guitarist, singer and songwriter, Mickey is sharing his own style of country that is...
Our team can recall an old country singer that featured the 3801 on the album cover however we can't remember the name of the artist, was it Slim Dusty or Reg Lindsay. Thanks ERIC for your post and be sure to SHARE this post so all of your friends can see this magical snapshot of when the 3801 chugged into town!
Slim Dusty singing Waltzing Matilda at Sydney 2000 Olympics closing ceremony Slim is Australia's king of country :)
For more than half a century, Slim Dusty told the story of Australia. Our strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and failures.
KEITH Urban and Nicole Kidman are leading a push to celebrate Slim Dusty with a national day on the 10th anniversary of his death.
Part 1: Listening and singing along to Slim Dusty's version of Waltzing Matilda puts me in such a jovial mood. Plus the Sun being out,helps
We are currently playing two great remakes of Slim Dusty (Official)'s classic Lights on the Hill. Here's another!
You can never walk back as life is not like that , as only good memories remain as the late great Slim Dusty stated looking forward looking back. As you sieve the memories in your mind some good some not so good & laugh about it. Life is for living so bloody live it as you could be brown bread dead tomorrow.
I can still remember the couple of weeks my brother Kevin Gunn came back and stayed in halls creek in 1984, after touring with Rick n Thel Carey Show( 10months round Australia), n he basically played n wrote his signature tune " kimberley Roadtrain", while rehearsing with me and Francis Cox n Frank Macale out at Aunty Lillee's block. On that day he was firing on all cylinders , he was playing all the famous guitar licks from Elvis, Shadows, Country Playboys, Buck Owens m the Buckaroos, Daddy Cool Tommy Emmanuel, Chuck Berry, Waylon Jennings, Chet Atkins, Peter Posa, Creedence, Haggard, Slim Dusty , Barry Thornton , Lindsay Butler n the list goes on, n to this day , I still say , for a guitarist/vocalist , playing note for note for each song n singing , he was the best aboriginal guitarist ever, n I haven't seen or heard anyone to this day like it. I really believe he didn't really show off this side of himself on tour but his recordings are a true reflection if his amazing guitar playing n singing , espe ...
last night watched Slim Dusty on DVD tonight going to watch cold chisel on DVD
Selection headaches for SCG XI 2013 Ashes Tour Well there certainly are some major selection headaches for the upcoming SCG XI 2013 Ashes Tour. After Monday’s SCG XI City versus Country match at the SCG, a number of great performances have made the job of chief selector David Kelly a difficult one. The rotation policy will certainly be in full use on tour. The SCG XI City slickers were close to full strength under the uncompromising leadership of Brett Papworth (OAM ABC 123). We also had the services of Dr. Bruce Cartmill as one of our scorers. He concerned me with his comment when asked if he has scored before he replied “I am one of the scorers today but I haven’t scored myself for over 50 years”. The SCG XI Country team, aptly lead by Bruce Hockings from Gunnedah, had a warm and fuzey (I mean fuzzy) feeling with some late inclusions. Mark Fuzes was switched from City to Country when Paula heard Slim Dusty music on Mark’s message bank. Former Inside Cricket staffer and left arm speedster Jami ...
What was it like in Wiggly, Wiggly World to work with Rolf Harris, Slim Dusty, Tim Finn, etc?
Peter Trenholm Hi Friends - Here's the line-up for The Gospel Trail on CFTA 107.9FM Sunday at 9AM or I'll be showcasing"Sally Jennings" with 4 songs from her new Gospel CD, Sally is from Crowes Mills, just outside of Truro, NS. Other artists include :Dolly Parton, the great Connie Smith, An Unreleased song by Hank Williams Sr, the longest song he ever recorded, its a great one. Charley Pride, Cowboy Copas, Stonewall Jackson, Anna Gordon & the Chuck Wagon Gang, Anne Williamson from Scotland, Oe of Johnny & June Carter Cash's final recordings, Australia's great Slim Dusty & one of my recordings. Next week I'll be featuring Country Bill Huey from Truro. Country Bill is one of the newest members of the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame in Liverpool, NS All the best friends & I hope you can find the time to listen to The Gospel Trail. Don't forget you can listen at your leisure at, scroll down click on ARCHIVES & look for The Gospel Trail, you can listen at any time ...
Did S.Bennett ever imagine you could sit in and enjoy the vocal styling of Slim Dusty?
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