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Slick Willy

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Up 2 her *** in crap life in prison however long it may b will not b long enough slick Willy-Lynch- Holde…
I've been flabbergasted for years how they both seemed to slip through justice. They don't call him "Slick Willy" for nothing.
Yes, sure, raise my right hand, cross my fat legs, don’t step on a crack, will ask Wasse…
Let's see - Slick Hilly was pawing Harvey Weinstein awhile ago, Slick Wi…
That’s ok. The Clintons stole that amount worth of furniture after slick willy was impeached. Remember?
Slick Willy should start practicing baking a cake with 71 candles and a file for her next birthday.
Slick Willy was looking at a pic of Sophis Loren when he said that 😂
Senility coming at you fast huh Slick Willy! Keep your d!(k in your pants and quit staring at Melania!
Killary and Slick Willy better start disclosing and make a deal! The energized bunny isn't coming to g…
We can always dream that Slick Willy & Hitlary get what they so richly deserve!
Banish her and slick willy from the US and send her to Haiti!
Of course she doesn't. Just like she didn't know Bill was giving slick willy to an intern in the oval office.
We all know what Slick Willy is doing for Hillary Clinton’s birthday.
Khan & slick willy best customers at Ashley Madisons
so sorry, We knew Fire Pence signs still in Many yards: Gov Pence IN; he is a slick willy
And should we not talk about slick willy or old perv Harvey's personal life? How disrespe… featured in NBC s Science of Love
You do realize you could photoshop Trump for Slick Willy and it would…
there is little doubt that the Russian uranium one deal was managed/orchestrated through the bureaucracy by a slick Willy
Right after we ask liberal harveywood the same question. Oh & slick Willy
She is so pathetic...her and Slick Willy both!!
Putin gives slick Willy 500K, and 145 million to Clinto…
Include some of those in the past administration as well as slick willy
hey slick willy are u regretting u called and ask him to run as a republican yet? U & ur wife r evil pure evil
Casting would be only slightly worse with Slick Willy and Weiner.
Yes, flip over a rock & take a look at Slick Willy's Haiti graft as well! Not just Pay-For-P…
Wow we have sunk to a new low as a country. Slick Willy uses his power to rape women many of them, an…
Every bday, from today & onward, will be spent outside of the prize White House. Sl…
you wish you already had enough dirt on Hillary Clinton and Slick Willy but you're biased dishonest un American you're fake news.
Clinton Foundation bribes dried up after she lost. She needs $$$ to fund Slick Willy's deviant escapades? = Book Tour
Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton joins Democrats in describing Trump’s DACA decision by the same word via
Hey dummy the 1st Bush won the popular vote against Bill " Slick Willy " Cli…
Bill Clinton: Y'all young senoritas can stop on by and get a spicy Slick Willy tamale before ya head south
Slick Willy the name given to Bill Clinton smooth talking liar he is Hilary's lying mentor .
Lest we forget Slick Willy gave North zkorea the capabilities and the other 2 aft…
Just for the record, Slick Willy, we haven't 4gotten ur role in this NK mess. "Clinton NKorea Nuke Deal 1994.mp4".
The case for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton via Lock her, Slick Willy, Comey & Obama up!!
Bill Clinton is what Nassim Taleb described as an *** Yet Intellectual (IYI)! And, YES, Slick Willy is an ***
"Current Events, Clinton Devorce".Hillary and the DFL have become so corrupt, that l saw Slick Willy registering as a Republican today.
Hillary Clinton needs to be greedy to support Slick Willy's new Pedophile Aeroplane!…
True. *** Slick Willy did something with NK. But I was too young to be paying attention. Haven't stu…
its Chelsea Clinton, daugher of Slick Willy, assaulter of women, do we take this dolt seriously
Slick Willy should bear the brunt of the Mark Rich pardon. The Clinton Correctional Facility is just up the road fr…
This is the owner of PEDOPHILE ISLAND. Frequently visited by Slick Willy and Killary Clinton. Among other freaks!
Obama also sold guns to Mexican drug cartels. Slick Willy ruined cigars with an intern and stained her 👗
The dignity of the White House evaporated with Slick Willy's very public ***
You do realize Slick Willy paid off Paula…
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If this is true, Slick Willy best get out & do more speeches! Needs to pay up to Danny Williams too, don't U think?
I want to see Comey's notes on his talk with Loretta L after she had her tarmac pow wow w/Slick Willy and…
Co*k Holster? Isn't that how slick Willy referred to his interns?
Most of my military career I felt terrorized by this evil hoodlum Hillary Clinton & her sidekick S…
Not a wise move for Lynch to meet with Slick Willy…
DEAR & SLICK WILLY. America hates u both.. you're spent, you're over, you're has-beens, you have no more power. go away
Reminds me of slick willy remarking that BHO should be carrying his bags.
Oh wow forgot that one the laundry list between her and Slick Willy is so long hard…
Absolutely and slick Willy and should all go back to the woods and stay.
You still hanging onto that? 😂 Pathetic! How about Slick Willy the rapist. Tha…
I think HRC and Slick Willy should co host Apprentice !
If I were a fly on the wall on that plane, it would've been most revealing transposition in th…
No I think Obama is the leader on this count. She is number 2 and slick willy is
Not to invoke slick Willy, or anything but...
Before long, she'll be chartering planes filled with booze and underage hookers for her and Slick Willy.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Unnamed sources close to Clintons say they saw slick Willy lurking in the woods wearing a thong and trump mask
. AKA Crooked Hillary and the Butcher of Benghazi!! Just go away and resist slick Willy...
Truly blessed to have such an elegant first lady again. Slick Willy just wouldn't have been the same.
How about you Google your messiah, Barry Hussein, and tell me what a great guy…
Bernie. Your fight is with the crooks who cheated you out of the nominee. Obama,Lunch and slick Willy on the tarmac,Brazile, Schulz
Yup slick Willy in the Oval office & the Monica cigar caper ring any bells
Oh daymn left of course out slick Willy from the mangeyfest
Why don't you do a little research on the Paula Jones case? You know the one where Slick Willy waved his private part at her.
Comey said Slick Willy had no intent back in
Now everybody knows the tarmac meeting with slick willy put the fear of sometbing up in her!!
What do people with fleas need money, you jerket. Get over it you lost. Always thought slick willy didn't want her…
The one & only Slick Willy Clinton called it a failure & Unaffordable as did very Liber…
Correct. Nor did she see how it fed into the pre-existing slick Willy/Clinton narrative.
It sure makes me look at ole slick willy in a whole new light.
How about I was on the way to winning and then Donna Brazille got busted, Podesta got busted, and Slick Willy met L…
Slick Willy! Always got his wanker somewhere it doesn't belong.
She was a loser when she married Slick Willy, a loser when Webster Hubble impregnate…
The only thing Slick Willy and I had in common
Paul, this is different. Slick Willy bombed an aspirin factory. Bush was naive. Obama was all talk. Hillary is fake…
I don't think Slick Willy was ever too selective about whom he shared carnal knowledge. No offense to scores of young girls
the euro stars featuring...KP, Slick Willy, KUZ, Slick Rick, Sasha the rat, and Ron Baker
Happy birthday to my dude slick Willy, hope it's a good one homie
no I think you're thinking of "Rapist in Chief" Slick Willy." Trump said bad things, Clinton DID bad things
Why don't you please ask killery & slick willy klinton. Money from their foundation, ok???
So crooked and sad...special place in *** for Hilldog and slick willy.
he's going to repeal our ridiculous trade deal Slick Willy Clinton made with Mexico. They're screwed,they even said it.
If crook hill and slick willy were there better do an inventory.Celebrities Attend President Obama's Farewell Party.
Yeah I know Evil Hillary and Slick Willy. I'm sad too *hug*
Hellary and Slick Willy (Bill) are as crooked as a Dog's Hind Leg!
photos with Putin and Hillary, Obama too, Slick Willy, Bush, Kerry etc
It is a relief to not feel the need to defend Slick Willy anymore.
oh an by the way looks like N slick willy running out of 💰 so they attending INAUGURATION 4 TRUMP
You found me out, you slick willy you.
ATTENTION!! Come in and try our track ONE LAST TIME as Slick Willy's will be closing to the public tomorrow...
Its all they GOT. . Compared to Hillary and Slick Willy skeletons ...desperation
The only reason why Mexico has a work is because of Slick Willy Clinton (NAFTA) and the AMERICAN companies that moved down there
I could see execs partying it up on the Lolita Express with Slick Willy and Epstein.
As a side note... Slick WIlly Bubba Clinton said of Obama "a few years ago, he would be getting us coffee". 😂
Obama and Slick Willy Clinton served in which branch?
Funny- You didn't say that about Killary blaming Slick Willy's victims.
Yep! Slick Willy, crocked Hillary and manipulating obama brought the change -TRUMP!
she lost twice due to her lies and scandals and corruption. Oh and Slick Willy didn't help standing by him.
why would I ask slick Willy anything he's right of you!
I can't blame slick Willy after seeing the battle axe he's married to.
enough people remember that sour taste the Clinton's left in there mouth. No pun intended Slick Willy
draft. He was given a low number. Had we had mass causalities he would have gone. Now u do know Slick Willy fled 2 avoid, right?
No one on planet Earth is more womanizing than Slick Willy. And Obummer is a muslim. So I'm really confused why u support them?
I don't stand n lines at anyplace u might find 1. Last time I saw 1 about her, slick willy was impeached
We all know just how corrupt and sneaky this widdle male type person IS. Oh oh, is that a slick willy quote "IS"
it was HRCs lies about Benghazi/so many other instances & her Slick Willy hubby that cost her the election.
. Did you want the new First Lady to be Slick Willy Clinton?!?!😂
Didn't Russkies give Slick Willy $750,000 to make a speech? Clintons must be shocked that Putin turned on them.
Well done as an imitation of Slick Click-bait Willy, answering your own question rather histrionically exaggerates nonsense.
The blame can go to plenty of sources, the main one being capitalism. Slick Willy didn't help either when he repealed (1/2)
Seem to recall Bush Sr. in TV ads with slick Willy begging money for Haiti ! Where did all that cash end up ?? Sh…
Hillary Clinton should have been indicted long ago. She and Slick Willy are criminals in the worst sense of the word. NEXT
George,Hillary, Kerry, Schumer, slick Willy (who allowed it to happen. Yea, all Bush's fault. Move on.
Because that worked out so well for Slick Willy and Hillary...
If you ugly chicks throwing shots at me call any dude up here to get they *** beat if y'all think you slick!
On the contrary, I actually do believe rape victim's. I believe Juanita Broderick, you know the woman raped by Slick Willy..
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as Killary had done all her life! So has Slick Willy! The pervert we had in the Whitehouse
her and slick Willy the two power mongers who don't realize their time is way way gone
He belongs in front of a firing squad! Along with Hillary, Slick Willy, Obama, Harry Reid, Pelosi
Nice work, Obomba, making the world safe for nobody. . You're a disgrace to the office, as much as Bush, & as much a…
Hmm. I thought that was Slick Willy and Kilary on vacation . 🎈
.Community reinvestment act began the forcing of banks to make risky loans, again Slick Willy did that!
And they are in cahoots-look where we are since slick Willy got neoliberal agenda-like neocon-out to duchess us all https:/…
Slick Willy Clinton shooting off his lying mouth that Trump won via angry whites - now its the Russians.
"It all depends on what your definition of "is" is.". Sic *** head Click-bait Slick Willy Cliton
And it would be interesting to see the ratio after slick Willy did the 3 strike rule and squashed welfare&pushed DEA https:…
We are live fam. Lets have some salt free slick willy fun
George Herbert Walker Bush, who lost to Slick Willy in '92.
new political buddy comedy where Slick Willy and Diamond Joe solve great DC mysteries like why is the metro on fire always
Nice job,Chris Jansing. Do You tell your daughters/nieces Slick Willy's antics are to be praised to the heavens?
on other hand we could have class act Slick Willy aka Cigar Man or maybe Devil with the Blue *** stained dress
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Looks like a bigger crowd than x-presidenr Slick Willy drew yesterday!! NEXT
The Clinton campaign was worried about questions regarding Slick Willy's rapey past.
Mr Dan Williams finally getting press conference / legal support for his paternity claim against Slick Willy.…
RAPIST Slick Willy. Is this a FOB”: State Department prioritized Clinton cronies for access
Even George Stephanopolis got in on the act and now questions Trump? Seems all the libs have forgotten circling the wagons for Slick Willy.
Friend of Slick Willy, (D)Trump backs Hilary using the Bobby Riggs' chau. pig routine to rile women & an Archie Bunker…
Remember when Kathleen Wiley's story couldn't have been true because she was too flat chested for Slick Willy?.
I wish Slick Willy were man enough to beat her.
Oompah, instead of trying to dig up dirt on Trump, why didn't they air all the affairs Slick Willy in the White House and Ark
he didn't get the nickname Slick Willy for nothin
Watching Hillary-Trump debate and thinking the woman is smooth, too smooth. But then she learnt under the best 'Slick Willy" Bill!
You seem to be confusing him with slick Willy
The is our enemy. They must be evicted. Slick Willy allowed them here to operate militarily in 1994.
Hillary's mentor is Robert Bird, former Klans member, as far as I know, Trump likes everyone!! Slick Willy is a Predator!!
And what about slick willy's. They are married so he should show his also. Why is no one seeing the whole truth. Co…
Flashback to 2008: When Mooch was talking about Hillary's beloved Husband Slick Willy and h…
Bush did not get chance 2 sign & strongly supported it It was eventually signed by Prez Slick Willy
Is that slick Willy with Machado for HRC
But Slick Willy's better.Oh,that's rt,all his VICTIMs were LIE'N *** needs 2b.thankful😁
We will never forget Slick Willy. Americas embarrassment. He is a liar just like Hillary. Its a family thing they d…
Did Slick Willy disgrace his office by using his "Willy" as a jackhammer in the Oval Office? Biggr…
While Slick Willy disgraced our country you did the same by covering up his actions. via
Something tells me Slick Willy shared a cigar with and
not but hero Dennis Hastert was all over Slick Willy like groin rubs on a groin
I wonder how much Hillary got selling a night w Chelsea to Weiner, Epstein n Slick Willy
I would rather have seen Slick Willy's entire bevy of beauties sitting ringside. Their mere presence would have spoken volumes.
Almost more terrifying than Killary & slick Willy back in the White House we own. Who stole America & what have u…
Sheep will say anything to protect Hillary and Slick Willy...
She pulled out her get out of jail free card and her woman card. The FBI were in her pocket - deal on the tarmac w/…
I bet Slick Willy's blood pressure is sky high! He probably has it saved on his phone!!
Going to put Slick Willy back in the whitehouse as our first man his womanizing needs to be…
the only ones practicing corrupt,cheating,lies is Hillary and her Slick Willy!
Perhaps slick Willy isn't the father after all. Then again, he is a genuine ***
Yet nit with OBUMMER said u can't handle ur own home, we know she was referring to SLICK Willy Clinton many lovers!
Also, she's running on Slick Willy's record because hers has only been death. She can't brag about that so she brin…
Probably one of Slick Willy's former play toys 🤔🤔
lol that's why he won't attack Slick Willy, the Epstein factor.
Many HRC supporters say they are feminists, yet they shame rape victims of Slick Willy's.
Then there's this about Slick Willy going crazy!
Slick Willy loves to fly with Jeffrey Epstein!
Worst 3 presidents in history have been back to back to back. 1) Obama, 2) GWB, 3) Slick Willy.
I bet Slick Willy wanted to hit that in the Lincoln bedroom
Ahhh because he is GUILTY AF! They call him "Slick Willy" for a reason & people want to shake his hand. Cmon.
Considering his track record we all know exactly what Slick Willy was doing with
maybe if Hillary watch some of her videos she'd change her mind because she wants to keep slick Willy away.
domain names
My educated g/f (black,Asian,Latinas) want U to call out Hillary on her derision of rape victim & all Slick Willy's women!
Machado. What happens when u let slick willy. Pick the surrogates. Where'd he find her? Pedo island
After Hillary's stunt of calling him a racist and sexist I wouldn't blame him one bit for going after the sex predator known as Slick Willy
I personally believe in fighting fire with fire. Time to invoke Slick Willy.
During the debate when Hillary defended chubby Miss Universe I bet Slick Willy was thinking "Heck! I wouldn't throw her ou…
Good! I'm glad she said that! Slick Willy is fair game now! She released Trump from fear of insulting her! 👍
That's right bring it ON!!! People don't know what went on with SLICK WILLY and what CROOKED HILLARY DID!!!
I served in the USN when slick Willy brought out "don't ask, don't tell" that's when I knew we started on this bad track
Like you, Clinton News Network, left-wing media hasn't helped Crooked Criminal Hillary and Slick Willy. Don't even try to
Ask Bill Clinton about HIS university for a REAL scandal! Millions in Slick Willy's pocket - shady!
When Mrs. Bill Clinton's beloved husband Slick Willy was president, every day was
I'm voting for Trump! Never a Clinton in my White House ever again! Do you even know who Slick Willy is? An...
One should always be cognisant that "Slick Willy" Clinton is really the Candidate! Hillarys' health is done! Bad!
Slick Willy has no shame at brazen flaunting of laws! AG & FBI do NOT want Clinton to spill beans? 🙁⚖
As long as have 620 refugees live next to Hilary and Slick Willy she can Short circuit on them get your Clinton Foundation money ready
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Women have the "right to be believed" if they're voting for Hillary & Slick Willy isn't the predator in the assault
- "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" ~ William Jefferson Clinton, aka Slick Willy. http…
Slick Willy and Criminal Hilary can easily match the $400m with funds from the Crooked Clin…
Actually, we're quite sure it's the election we don't want - and so was Slick Willy.
If Hilary is president Slick Willy will have a gravy train with Pay to Play and the Clinton Foundation!
Slick Willy & Hillary Clinton modern day political Bonnie & Clyde. Rob from the poor & give to the rich(themselves) aka Clinton Foundation!
judge I too think of them as Bonnie &Clyde the Clinton's. I call them Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary.
Slick Willy still thinks he is "Slick"! PRIVATE SERVER & Clinton Foundation! Donated 600k back to Clinton Foundation
Bill Clinton: "Hey Nanny-Poo, it's Slick Willy, finally got your number, what do you say you, me and Hillary..."
Slick Willy's comments re: Hillz's e-mail issue is "bull" & "2 complicated 2 explain"?! Says it ALL about the Clinton's DISDAIN 4 Americans!
Slick Willy and Killary Give 96% of Their Charitable Donations to Their Own Foundation via
Awww come on... at least Slick Willy was in the high school marching band! /sarc/ 😎
We can trust Slick Willy's wife to lie to us
Add Slick WIlly Predator Bill Clinton, Obama, and Loretta Lynch and that's one heck of a Serial Lying Dream Team https…
At least we'll have 8-years of fun watching Slick Willy get away with molesting interns the whole time. Where's your *** been today, Bill?
Not to a crooked person who thinks they are better then everyone else!!. That happens to be Hillary Clinton husband slick Willy!!!
Monica was only one of many that slick Willy was chasing. He looks like he's slowin down a bit these days.
Slick Willy's trips aboard Lolita Express tells me he's worse now than then.Girls R younger it appears
So isn't a good role model but Lying Hillary, Slick Willy, and Pocahontas are? She must be delusional.
Lets not forget slick willy. he is right up there.
I think slick Willy, has let his slick Willy damage enough women and families!
are you saying Slick Willy won't make an awesome "First Dude"? 🙄
Why is Slick Willy's gone into hiding ? Is he still nursing that black eye you gave him over the airplane scandal?
Most folks feel your liberal bias & believe *** Morris assertions about Hillary & not Slick Willy Bill. Why a pic like that of DT?
what's more scarey is the thought of Lying corrupt Hillary and Slick Willy getting back in the WH
omg...Slick Willy really had your back, didn't he? More like a bullseye.🎯The more I learn about these two, the more nauseous I am.
Slick Willy might convert to honor kill Hilly? ⚰
Even if she did I doubt she would've remembered it.Slick Willy has seen more *** than a public restroom SHAMEFUL
Double Zing but watch out for slick willy working the women's washroom
nope that was Nafta by oh slick willy that cost americans their jobs, now Barry boy and TPP,
You just have to feel sorry for "Slick Willy". HRC got him on a short leash. That boy ain't had no *** or BJ's since she declared!!
Bill slick WILLY had Monicka L when he was pres.Could Berry Obama be doing the same thing with Vallary J.both Muslin you…
They don’t call him slick willy for nothing. In an instant her career was in the toilet - poor woman.
she will be to busy buying slick willy pant suits at Walmart
Trump will eat her unless she pulls out the slick willy
Hearing that both Chelsea Clinton & Slick Willy will be speaking at Dem Convention- WHY??? Sounds like a f*g coronation to me!
and HRC crucified the women who Slick Willy violated!
.You sweet young things don't know abt "Slick Willy." Yes, he's into young girls. Like Monica in the WH w a cigar.
More political idiocy,by bozo Trump!Ok Hillary,Pop the Champagne,measure the Lincoln bedroom drapes.You,& Slick Willy got this .
Heard Slick Willy is running that program about a month ago.
We are Berners. We are NOT racists and never were. Shillary & Slick Willy are the ones who screwed people of color.
I've actually never thought Slick Willy is a rapist. I don't like him but I don't buy any of the fringe theories.
I've heard this before, also Slick Willy has a Son,which is likely! Clintons are just a messed up family!Sad😣
Dang slick Willy kept his *** out all the time That's why Billy boy has an mixed son .
dumbest person ever elected to any office. Anybody still blame Slick Willy??
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Slick Willy doesn't care, he's raking in the dough by the millions and is permanent Orgy Island mode.
Slick Willy was only 1/4 the SNAKE that BHO is. Some WILL remain "Oath Keepers"~some not. "Brother against Brother". ❤
no one has yet to clean up the messes of FDR,Slick Willy, or the Hawaiian Half Wit
Most especially not Imagine: Slick Willy & cigars sleezing yet again thru WH halls...a-go-go!
Slick Willy tried that and killed the economy. Newt managed to right the ship, Slick Willy got the credit.
Just cuz you're old enough to have voted for Woodrow Wilson doesn't mean I'm not old enough to remember Slick Willy
Um, actually, y'all forgot about SLICK WILLY. Her spouse.
Somebody's grabbing and it ain't Slick Willy this time 😏
her big comeback to Trump and Pence small men, a TERM she used many times to describe her Cheating Husband Slick Willy.
Neither did I! But every time I hear that song can't help but think of Slick Willy!
Slick Willy was also looked at by the FBI during his impeachment process
like 1 Lynch and slick WILLY had on Tarmac in AZ 😷
Id rather look at Trump's old lady for the next 8yrs rather than Slick Willy.
Tovbad he isn't pro CIGAR like you husband Slick Willy. Lol
AG LL. FBI COMEY. SLICK WILLY aka.BILL, all made you out for what you truly are,A LIARS LIAR!U want to be our Potus?NO WAY!
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Which one's Slick Willy and which one's Satan ?
You want Slick Willy back in the WH?
That time Loretta Lynch made a deal with Slick Willy on the tarmac in Phoenix.
And I don't want slick willy roaming the White House halls with nothing to do except chase interns
not to mention the mysterious deaths of 30 plus people that knew info about her and Slick Willy
Yup..slick Willy&Hilly-best at leaving the grunts dead who did their bidding..honed their deceit to a fine art...
So did Loretta and Slick Willy pick Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport so know one would see them schemeing about Hillary?
Hillary Promises Bill To be Her Economic Guru. - Hillary Clinton say's her soulmate Slick Willy will be her Eco...
Big Donnie is the only person who's going to be able to take on the ghost of Slick Willy and that's a fact.
Do you think we've seen the last of Juanita broaddrick Monica Lewinsky Paula Jones and Slick Willy?
Slick Willy is out and running reckless
Why do we have minimum sentencing? husband Slick Willy's three strikes law.
U r wrong. Slick Willy made sure that they were gun free zones. Only MPs allowed firearms.
great point. Slick willy terrorized his share of females.
Having anyone associated with Howard Dean comments on 2016 is like having Slick Willy over for a Sorority sleepover. Dangerous!
Ppl wanna think Trump is a jerk meanwhile completely finding cheating, lying impeached slick willy back into the White House proper. Cray.
Slick Willy is ready for the season the start!!!
The only Clinton who understands women's health issues is Slick Willy.
Hate the History Channel...but they just said something about pulling slick willy out of the hole. *cracks up*
Carl Icahn's power to make a stock instantly go up amazes me.
Brian called me to ask if I was back in the stock market... My answer was no, I'm scared.
Let Slick Willy and HRC go without their machine-gun-toting agents for one day and I'll say no guns ever
I don't see how people can disregard Slick Willy's intern fiasco, affairs, reputed rapes, choke on Trump's words
Investment guy on TV: “China’s a serous issue. I mean, just today I had lunch in a Chinese restaurant and I can tell you they…
How do I become an intern for you next summer
LOL, its been a while since I've heard that term, slick willy, so funny. Yes, shameful!
Indeed. The same thing she's been doing since marrying slick willy. Shameful.
That's f'd up & has to stop for ppl that can work. Slick Willy/Newts worked, Remember! .
Howard Schultz is the definition of a leader. Dude has mad skills.
Hey I'm going to miss the show this morning because I have an 8 am but don't be sad, I'll be back later!
The futures actually look normal this morning but I still have no clue what to expect.
I think your next contract negotiation with HBO will be very profitable! -Slick Willy
The last thing our country needs is to have "dead broke" Hillary and Slick Willy back in the White House.
Stop loss orders basically saved my life this past week.
Still not buying the hype from today😕
I would definitely vote for Slick Willy tho!
same ole stuff as Slick Willy was espousing during his time ever notice Democrappers always know who will get them b4 the law
Can't stand libs, but Slick Willy cracks me up. The guys a bigger perv than I was in middle school.
A new batch of meth I got from slick willy.
Slick Willy is definetly covered by the coast guard... SS too
This old hag of a worm should just crawl under a rock & take slick willy with her.
It appears Jorge Ramos' daughter works for Mrs Slick Willy! Why does that not surprise me?
Secrets. Kept in slick willy's cigar box! OMG!
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