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Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty (The Beauty sleeping in the wood ) by Charles Perrault or Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm is a classic fairytale involving a beautiful princess, enchantment of sleep, and a handsome prince.

Princess Aurora Matthew Bourne Prince Phillip Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Snow White Briar Rose Marc Davis Milt Kahl Neuschwanstein Castle Houston Ballet Prince Philip Met Gala Floyd Norman Anne Rice Boston Ballet White House

Vintage View Master Sawyer with 3 Reels of 3 dimensional pictures, Sleeping Beauty
"I hope Pinocchio was a doll forever. I wish Sleeping Beauty would sleep forever. And I wish that Peter Pan was an…
is appearing in Norwich Theatre Royal’s own Sleeping Beauty
Álavro Cabrera appears at the Royal Spa Centre and Town Hall in Leamington Spa in Sleeping Beauty until 31st Dec!
I want to a Family Ticket to Sleeping Beauty with and
Break a leg to the cast and crew on the opening performances of Sleeping Beauty at Royal Spa Centre & Town Hall Leamington!
The team Royal Spa Centre & Town Hall Leamington are into dress rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty.
Did nothing tonight but yesterday I watched Catherine Breillat's Sleeping Beauty and read about that…
- Sleeping Beauty cast members are conjuring up a dream of a pantomime
Nelson’s most elite ballerinas will perform Act III of Sleeping Beauty in their debut performance for the Rebecca B…
Not if the mother from Whitley Bay has anything to do with it, she'll have it banned! Sleeping Beauty comes to Wor…
Tonight's the night! The official opening night and post-show reception gala for Sleeping Beauty! Tickets still...
The mother of a six-year-old boy is demanding that his school bans Sleeping Beauty because the princess has not consente…
And just when you thought you read it all, there is this person crying for attention. What an ***
Takes a cookie and smiles slightly as he takes a bite. "this doesn't mean your off the hook sleeping beauty."
Will sleeping beauty sue the Prince for sexual harassment?
A North Tyneside mam is calling for Sleeping Beauty to be taken off the school curriculum because the princess is k…
Quick question . Does anyone think sleeping beauty encourages rape in young kids who read it ?
Another retard making the news for being retarded! How did these *** get to be Parents?!!!.
Why dont you ban Snow White and sleeping beauty whilst youre at it? Next time i kiss the misses when i leave t…
Mother demands school take Sleeping Beauty off curriculum because the princess gives no consent to being kissed
Mother claims Sleeping Beauty should be banned in primary schools over 'non-consensual kissing'…
Wants me Sleeping Beauty banned in schools because it teaches kids it’s ok to kiss a girl without her consent. Everything th…
Really?!? You probably read Sleeping Beauty yourself and you never thought twice about it! Political correctness go…
Brace yourself, Sleeping Beauty has joined the Movement.
What a complete snowflake .I hope they told her to grow up.
Sleeping beauty is just a kids story ... really not that deep tbh
Here's some crazy from nearby. xD What a great mother, assuming her son would become a rapist if he wit…
Doesn't Sleeping Beauty get sexually assaulted in the original & pregnant?
I actually despair 🙄. Pretty sure 'Sleeping Beauty' has never corrupted anyone. Mum asks school to take Sleeping Beau…
Wait until she finds out the Prince in the original story kissed a girl who had been dead for a hundred years...
Sleeping Beauty is based on a story where a married king finds a girl asleep and can't wake her, so he rapes her instead.
Just yesterday l was thinking that soon we'll be told the kiss in "Sleeping Beauty" or "Snow White" is sexual assault.…
Let's just erase sleeping beauty from history. It never happened. No one ever told the story. 😳 ssh
Compulsory sex ed including LGBT indoctrination for 4 yr olds but Sleeping Beauty must be banned.
Stupid woman puts her adult thoughts in to the mind of a child and fecks up childhood innocence
What a moron! - Sleeping Beauty teaches 'inappropriate behaviour', says mother calling for book to be banned from p…
Mum demands school BANS Sleeping Beauty because she 'didn't consent to being kissed' dont give kiss of life to her kids they di…
Just saw some posts about ppl bashing GD&BB as always. You know, nothing new, I'm just so tired of it. But…
Someone is trying to ban sleeping beauty? Why?
Mum wants Sleeping Beauty removed from school curriculum… are fairy tales rife with harassment?…
A mother has demanded her six-year-old son's school bans Sleeping Beauty because the princess does not give consent to…
So, to the Mum who wants Sleeping Beauty banned as the ‘princess didn’t consent to the kiss’. What about when that other Princes…
Mother calls for Sleeping Beauty to be banned from primary school as it promotes ‘inappropriate behaviour’…
Our Arts Center dance group will be performing "Sleeping Beauty" in Thomasville on Dec 9th. Be sure to stop by and watc…
Sleeping Beauty at Middleton Arena in Manchester. Starring Kerry Katona. She is not playing the lead. . 1/6 and ove…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Congratulations to the winners of our member competition for tickets to Sleeping Beauty at RBH me…
A live performance of Sleeping Beauty at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover - then, writing a comparison to the D…
I work in a hospital 😂 my mind starts playing random lines from sleeping beauty which makes me read t…
So, I think this is goodbye. So long, Tristan the "Shokoy/Sleeping Beauty" 💔😔
Warming up for our second day of our Sleeping Beauty Afternoon Tea with our friends from sc……
This year for Halloween I'm going to be sleeping beauty. You can find me asleep, at home.
The distance may be hard, but I love the moments waking up to this sleeping beauty 😍😘
Welcoming our beautiful school dancers to The Dorchester for our special Sleeping Beauty Af… http…
Sleeping beauty, little mermaid, barbie the three musketeers, barbie swan dulu apa ya namanya
Marc Davis. Color and drawing of Maleficent design. She was initially black and red themed. Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Maleficent cel. Sleeping Beauty (1959) I too shall bestow a gift on the child
Maleficent drawing as she pulls her cape and reveals Aurora down on the stone floor. Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Get ready for pirouettes & pastries, sissones & scones as join us at for a special Sleeping B…
I'm on a adventures with to Super Why! Sleeping Beauty DVD Ends 10/31 US
Sleeping beauty 🌸 Here's hoping she stays that way for longer than 20 minutes 🤞🏼
Get your iPhone insurance today!
"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die"- Sleeping Beauty, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
✨Have you already seen the view from the Sleeping Beauty Suite ? 😍💫✨😊
Good Luck to daughter and her friend who have their first performance of Sleeping Beauty with at the
1/ So discouraging white kids against celebrating amazon cultures helps how? I want to see Black Cind…
Hate picking up these *** from work they call me & when I get there they not even ready like I could've been sleeping
Hey black people don’t left your kids be sleeping beauty
Day 9: Aurora from Sleeping Beauty! She's always been my favorite princess! 💖
Petition for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to play Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip in a Sleeping Beauty live actio…
Who is excited to see performance of Sleeping Beauty this evening?! We definitely are!
Looks like Sleeping Beauty finally woke up. Accuses of White Nationalist “Tendencies” Suhprise!
The letter filled with things I so wanted to tell you remains in this hand, unable to be given. Sleeping Beauty ~ 9GOATS BLACK OUT
I can see it now. IV & V: A Tale of Chivalry. V is Prince Charming. IV is Sleeping Beauty.
Floyd Norman worked on Sleeping Beauty in the 1950s
📷 loumargi: Maxfield Frederick Parrish (1870-1966), Sleeping Beauty in the Wood - 1912.
Sleeping Beauty is a delicate rock :).
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Dorothy Gale dressed up as Sleeping Beauty skateboarding down the Spanish Steps.
Sleeping Beauty's Prince Was Trippin' - Legend Tripping!. Talk about genre bending -- I like the Charles Perrault...
I used Dr. Stanley Burns's Sleeping Beauty when I taught. Interestingly, he'…
Moscow Festival Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty brings a night of classical arts to the
Total bs that when Sleeping Beauty spends all day in bed she's a "beautiful princess," but when I do the same I'm "clinica…
Castle always captures the imagination and was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and...
A screenplay of from her trilogy The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Two thumbs up. 👍👍
You might enjoy the film Passangers with Jenifer Lawrence, a cleaver retelling of Sleeping Beauty :0)
I named my sims 4 legacy challenge heir Briar Rose because writing this Snow White/Sleeping Beauty retelling has melted my brain.
...Just realized the 3 fairies in Sleeping Beauty never made Briar Rose/Aurora a birthday cake before in the 16 YRS THEY HAD HER.
Come & see Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty, Friday 30/6, 18:30 at Library. Tickets £7.50 & can be purch…
Milt Kahl. Philip turns Samson around in animation that is so precise it looks computer aided. Sleeping Beauty (1959)…
Milt Kahl. Similar action where Samson rears up as Philip pulls him round. Sleeping Beauty (1959) h…
Marc Davis and Milt Kahl animation drawings for Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Milt Kahl. Prince Philip and Samson in finished color. Sleeping Beauty (1959) Compare with the penc…
Milt Kahl. Prince Philip and Samson pencil animation. Compare with the finished, full color scene. Sleeping Beauty (19…
The cure for 'UGH! That Alarm Clock!' Sleeping Beauty turquoise, flower bracelets and my bright orange medallion from Leigh Anne Brown
Sleeping Beauty!! 😍 Karan Johar welcomes Katrina Kaif to Instagram by posting this adorable pic:
Ahoy! We have two free tickets to The Bolshoi Ballet live performance of Sleeping Beauty today at 12.40. DM us if you'd like them!
"He takes me in his arms, and then I wake up. Yes, it’s only in my dreams." - Sleeping Beauty.
I referenced the original Sleeping Beauty ballet (1900?) in last year's ICFA paper! See ballets by M…
Since all of this started I barely been sleeping 😪
the sleeping beauty castle, me on the dumbo ride, me and mis padres and then me in front of the Eiffel…
Alan says you look like sleeping beauty😂😘
Hi guys my new name is sleeping beauty
Irina Nesmelova Protein Science article used our to study Sleeping Beauty DNA transposon,
No they got to have the photopass phtographers by the side of The Sleeping Beauty Castle it would be…
Yoongi taking snaps of himself AND the sleeping beauty next to him
Sleeping beauty and sleeping giants are sleeping no more. WOKE !
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Her skin is as fair as she is foul. Only I can stop her." What if Sleeping Beauty was evil? http…
Sleeping beauty and Beauty and he beast
Um fr when are they gonna make a live action Sleeping Beauty one of the most underrated Disney princess movies™
You can trust me m8 😂 I'd get you a potrait of sleeping beauty..👀
I cooked my boyfriend steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes & string beans so of course he's sleeping like a baby. Lol❤🙌🏽
*** is sleeping beauty?? The first stranger she meets she marries him? *** who tf does that
You're still the fairest of them all! (Even if I am mixing Snow White with Sleeping Beauty.)
MY FUTURE HUBBY better not be looking for sleeping beauty cuz I wear a retainer and a big a$$ eye mask ;)…
Now that's a simple & weird mash up of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty...💭
I thought it was one of their dream as wasn't expecting this proximity. 😂. Sleeping beauty & her prince (kidnapper). ❤:P
He's so fake sleeping u can tell. He woke up w a soft "babe" but didn't feel that dabbing w the beauty blender? Yeah ok…
Fit for a Unicorn Princess. 💓. Palembang crowned baby Unicorn sleeping beauty with 3 tall layers of vanilla butter...
Touched down in Calais with sleeping beauty
the ballet! Kubo-sensei went to see The Sleeping Beauty 😍
Yikes we ain't get it that bad Monday but we supposed to get some in the Morning.. hopefully I'm sleeping
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
My little sleeping beauty after her 4mo shots.. proud to say that her repeated waking up feeding…
Yeah if I rank my Disney princess movies it would be The Little mermaid then Aladdin t…
After all these years, Princess Aurora is still my favorite princess and Sleeping Beauty is still my favorite princ…
snorts. Sleeping Beauty, indeed - sleeping too much increases the risk of diabetes, y'know.
all of them? Helpful, I know. Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Fi…
Probably inspired by this. P.S. the Sleeping Beauty married the Prince who raped her.
You slept for a thousand years. But not like Sleeping Beauty.
• Sleeping Beauty; 1959 🌷. "I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream"
The reason we call it beauty sleep is because sleeping really helps restore beauty for you.
My favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty. I wonder who would kiss me awake?
Boston Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty - triumph of good over evil, and the power of a single kiss.…
Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty is my go-to shower song. I DON'T KNOW WHY
In fourth grade my music teacher told me I couldn't play the role of a fairy in the Sleeping Beauty musical because I'm too…
The best thing I ever photoshopped was Barack Obama as a hologram, holding a lightsaber in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.
Cool perk: Floyd Norman, animator on titles ranging from Sleeping Beauty to Robot Chicken, is giving a talk downstairs to WDI in 15min!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just found out that it's Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland Paris and not Cinderella's and tbh my whole life has been a lie
On my way into London to see The Royal Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty at Covent Garden Royal Opera House - beyond excited! 🙈👏🏻😊
I saw Sleeping Beauty when I was, like, 6 years old at the Mercury Theatre. Then, when I came to Disney, I was in the company
Sleeping Beauty got a murderous stepmomma that gave her a potent date rape drug and she can only be saved by sexual assault
I'm listening to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and so far it's really good. So I'll have that up soon, too.
Amber Scott's rehearsal for Aurora in Sleeping Beauty is heavy but no challenge for thi…
Briar Rose has fallen under the wicked fairy's spell. Visit our Sleeping Beauty event (18-26 Feb) and discover the enchant…
'Sleeping Beauty' panto will be at The Majestic Theatre DL3 7JT 23rd-26th Feb!. Tickets £10 each, or family of 4£35…
Went to see Russian National Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty earlier…
In-Studio dress rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty - 6 more days until our performances at Palisade High School...
CONFIRMED: bring Sleeping Beauty to for season 2017
Sleeping Beauty was released in Jan 1959! Here's some inspiring by Marc Davis, who worked on both…
BELLE DORMANT sounds so good, like a Raul Ruiz-esque reimagining of Sleeping Beauty. Only screening in 2 cinemas :(
LIVE from Moscow – see the fairytale classic Sleeping Beauty live in HD at The Ridgefield Playhouse January 22
January sees Moscow City Ballet back at with 'Romeo & Juliet' and 'Sleeping Beauty' Stuning performances.…
Brilliant me, "Hey let's get the baby into classical and ballet." Will not watch Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty of Cinderella. Tried those.
Enter a world of fairy tale princesses, malevolent witches & storybook kingdoms in "Sleeping Beauty" 1/6/2017…
interview: We talk to Sharon D Clarke about Sleeping Beauty at
Book now for Sevenoaks "Must see panto" Sleeping Beauty, starring Ricky Norwood from EastEnders and Cleopatra!
This is some Sleeping Beauty stuff like we even have Prince Philip
This week we have Sleeping Beauty at Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Cinderella at Bristol Hippodrome, Aladdin at Venue Cymru and Chitty Chitty Ba…
Buy tickets for Sleeping Beauty, which will be performed Jan. 6 at The Center
Sleeping Beauty didn't understand why Snow White was so shocked when she offered her an apple in Tesco.
Just seen Sleeping Beauty Brilliant show guys as ever - gets better every year.
Celebrate the holidays with a classic Tchaikovsky ballet--Sleeping Beauty! Performances Sat at 2 and 7:30, online at
Sleeping Beauty at Princes Hall in - get vouchers for free ice cream
Like the fairies from Sleeping Beauty being in a cartoon called Princess Sofia? Who tf is Princess Sophia
If anyone was looking for stalls seats this Sat at 6pm we've just released some... best be quick though!
To Do Today: Discuss the impact of N.W.A. or check out a silent adaptation of a haunting fairy tale.
Marc Davis. Sleeping Beauty 1959. Pencil animation of Aurora. And what a beauty it is. Indeed. http…
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise pendant by metaldreamer via
Sleeping Beauty was just amazing. A massive well done to and the rest of the cast.
Break a leg to and all MT students at for Sleeping Beauty, am looking forward to watching Friday
Very tired after a day of clinical Roleplay with the lovely - now onto Sleeping Beauty
It's sleeping beauty Stax this morning...
"I liked it so much, I started again!" -Alexis Read:https:…
Jammin to a sick mc after our Sleeping beauty panto show with
Just a hint of what's to come when we open Sleeping Beauty on Wednesday. Get your tickets today!…
The magical story of Sleeping Beauty is at until the 8th Jan! Are you planning on heading along?…
Another fantastic review for Sleeping Beauty. This time from The Wakefield Express ...…
Load-in has begun for the set of Sleeping Beauty, 1st show THIS FRI! Haven't booked tickets yet? OH NO YOU DIDN'T!…
beautifully decorated for Holidays & in the evening, Sleeping Beauty's Castle turned into amazing icicl…
Fact: it takes 16 steps to walk through Sleeping Beauty's castle.
I was seriously disappointed in the Disneyland castle though. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite & her castle was tiny.
New video! Another entry in my Viewer Request Series for Take a look at Sleeping Beauty's Castle! ht…
_. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. . This castle was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland.…
Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Construction began in 1988 and was completed in 1992.
Went to Sleeping Beauty castle, but only found Sleeping instead.
Beautiful and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty where my favs. I was so in love with Lumiere I made my parents
Tickets still available from for Sleeping Beauty tonight Tues 1st Nov!.
Ok so a Witch, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White & a Tourist walk into a…
"This one time, at band camp..."- Sleeping Beauty, Beverly Hills, 90210
When Rory is awaken from a coma by a kiss,her whole world changes,but is this reality? READ:
This girl saying "omg I love you sleeping beauty I'm a huge fan" to a woman dressed as belle...
Have come to conclusion..purpose of life is to stare at sleeping faces of your kids.Natures beauty. When awake they r Natural…
Discover the true story of Sleeping Beauty with ROSE & THORN by !
Our interview with the wonderful Super LP LP Kristina out now on / .
Everything is just so weird. The nightmares and monsters getting real. — watching The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
I need to watch The Social Network, Sleeping Beauty, Shrek 1 and Into the Woods. (this is not for my entertainment, I'm planning lessons)
The real puppet was a sleeping beauty inside the White House while her husband(Bad Billy) was betraying her next room 1998!!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Sleeping beauty with a bad haircut.
Damon dreaming of Elena. 1 sleeping beauty dreaming of another NEXT WEEK
Sleeping Beauty - 'From the Beast to the Blonde' Marina Warner
Forgot to mention Leigh's SLEEPING BEAUTY! NED RIFLE was my favorite of the bunch. Will get to OUT 1 eventually, but not now.
Sleeping Beauty was a kid friendly way to explain Rape Culture
Sleeping Beauty. Fri 9- Sat 31 Dec. Faye Tozer as the Good Fairy. Andrew Agnew as Silly Billy…
Giveaway - Win The Curse of Sleeping Beauty on DVD via
I've entered a giveaway to win The Curse of Sleeping Beauty on DVD. Enter here
2 weeks since I got to engaged to in Sleeping Beauty's castle at 💍
is almost upon us. Our characters ran amok in Wakey yesterday with a visit to Sleeping Beauty sponsors
Sleeping Beauty? The Prince just started kissing her. Didn't even ask. When you're a prince they let you do it.
She's absolutely stunning even in that sleeping beauty coma!
Jonathan is so cute when he's sleeping, my lil sleeping beauty aw
Sleeping Beauty. This Long-tailed *** was so sleepy that it took a nap every now and then while having lunch
A rose for a Rose Finale set for Sleeping Beauty
Website Builder 728x90
"Sleeping Beauty" has been Remastered and is Available on Stunning Digital HD
Loved Krungthep's Sleeping Beauty bricktoast so much they became my inktober for the past two days
You know that part in Sleeping Beauty when Prince Phillip is in shackles in Maleficent's castle that is the hottest pie…
Disney double feature - Sleeping Beauty and Tron. In 70mm at Somerville Theatre. This is truly special.
Update on my portfolio: "Owls from Sleeping Beauty. in the style of Marc Davis"
We got Cinderella, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Tangled, and Ant-Man. Pretty good deal.
3.) There, a giant standing mirror, and in front of it, a giantess Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty.
The gorgeous Lilac Fairy tutu from David McAllister's production of Sleeping Beauty for your
Royal Opera House are putting on a production of Sleeping Beauty in December through to March 2017 - I AM SO EXCITED.
NIKI EVANS (will be the Fairy Godmother in Sleeping Beauty at the
You say we suck but we have the Pentagon, The White House and Sleeping Beauty's Castle.. ☕️🐸
Been Ebenezer Scrooge, been Sleeping Beauty...just woke up.😊
ABT Sleeping Beauty with the always fabulous Marcelo Gomes playing villain opening night
Snapped a selfie with a Legend, Floyd Norman! He worked on everything from Sleeping Beauty to Mulan! 🎬🎟
have you ever read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice?
Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty gives great spectacle Dancing/choreography, set and costumes all an absolute delight.
Read about young carers devising and performing the curtain raiser for Sleeping Beauty -
Acclaimed productions by Sir Matthew Bourne include the all-male Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty
Kudos to for the Sleeping Beauty promo voiced by the late, great Gary Owens
64. Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty. The way he looks at her tho 😩💖
Join the as they take you on an enjoyable journey through pantoland this Christmas with Sleeping Beauty!.
'Sleeping Beauty' tickets on sale at Stebens in Mason City - Mason City Globe Gazette
I get annoyed sometimes because everytime I type 'Prince Phillip' onto Google, the one from 'Sleeping Beauty' comes up. :)
Students at ready for 1 p.m. final performance of Missoula Children's Theatre's Sleeping Beauty.
are you a Disney Princess because you can out sleep and out beauty sleeping Beauty
"Happy Birthday, Baek." Chanyeol greets and places the flowers onto the side table, "I hope you retire from being sleepi…
Does your pin collection dazzle as bright as Sleeping Beauty's Castle? Share your 60th Pin Collection! h…
A baby elephant sleeping with his keeper. Hunters killed his mother😢. Please Stop killing the beauty of wildlife👍
Not feeling 100% so no college today but got sleeping beauty next to me to keep me company ❤️
Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent all attended the Met Gala last night
Less than two months till BLISS! The Royal Ballet and Sleeping Beauty. In my town, me in the audience.
Our first chance to see Sleeping Beauty tonight in Cardiff. Going to be amazing. x
Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty was captivating tonight - gorgeously gothic and beautifully danced.
Spontaneous trip to the theatre to see Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty for the 3rd time! :D
Junior pupils are just having lunch at the Senedd before going to see Matthew Bourne's 'Sleeping Beauty' at the WMC
Our dance students, Tripudio Dance Co, are performing their adaptation of Matthew Bourne's 'Sleeping Beauty' on...
Still thinking of the most exquisite performance of Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty last night. A dream.
Lovely night watching the brilliant Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty with
2 tickets for Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty, this Friday, 29/04/16, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff. PM me for dets :)
So excited to see Sleeping Beauty at the Nottingham Theatre Royal, and the incredible ^_^
Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty at the Wycombe Swan will be a fantastic I reckon.. check it out..
Sleeping Beauty, Aurora was always my favorite Disney princess 😍
Princess Aurora has just 18 whole lines in Sleeping Beauty?
Disney after Dark: Sleeping Beauty's Castle is shimmering at night with its 60th Anniversary Decor!
…which was called Sleeping Beauty because it was woken after a 10,000,000 year sleep. It's now a hugely useful tool in genetic engineering.
A new favorite: Sleeping Beauty by Day Tripper Records on
Children running through gate of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at the opening day of Disneyland 1955
A magical night... Sleeping Beauty by the American Ballet Theatre
Fun Fact: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was the last Disney princess to be created before Walt Disney's death.
Say Hello to Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty or by her alias "Briar Rose". 👑 This…
The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts will be showing a unique classical ballet rendition of Sleeping Beauty
Kyiv National Opera on tour in with ballett "Sleeping Beauty" 10-13 March: welcome!
A Disney Classic brought to life in the form of a ballet? Yes, please! Check out all the details about Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty will always be a Disney Classic in my book. However, seeing it as a ballet gave it a whole new...
We went to see Sleeping Beauty at HOLY COW WE LOVED IT.
Saw the Moscow Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty. It had me missing my dancing days.
hfitz2007 and I at the Houston Ballet to see Sleeping Beauty for a matinee before Youth Service!…
Today we're going to go see the Houston Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty!! 💃💓😪
See the production of Sleeping Beauty tonight at 7:30 pm
Princess Aurora concept art from Sleeping Beauty by Eyvind Earle
Houston Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty a Visual Feast: The Sleeping Beauty is one of the classical ballet’s most tec...
I have a feeling I have almost double that, and Sleeping Beauty! I collect every princess, and I'll need the fairies...
Midsomer Murders has put me into a Sleeping Beauty-esque coma every time I've watched it
Mike Patton Auto Family is proud to be a sponsor of Lafayette Ballet Company's presentation of Sleeping Beauty on...
Learn the history of Sleeping Beauty in this week's
The latest looks at the making of Sleeping Beauty!.
Sleeping Beauty - The Russian State Ballet and Orchestra of Siberia - Portsmouth Guildhall
Auditions for young dancers to star in Sleeping Beauty at Norwich Theatre Royal - Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Afternoon watching six nations rugby, premiership football, edition of Midsummer Murders, a game of Sleeping Beauty and some kids cuddles
Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Opened July 17, 1955, the primary inspiration was the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. A…
Sleeping Beauty,cod this how nana addo want to lead Ghana, sleeping every where?
Boston Ballet's 'Sleeping Beauty' awakens the senses -
Schloss Neuschwanstein was the inspiration for the castle in Disney's Sleeping Beauty and…
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany (a.k.a the castle that inspired the 'Sleeping Beauty' novel)
My first castle photo with Sleeping Beauty castle ❤️
Sleeping Beauty's castle. Think we have met every princess in the park @ Disneyland
Check out these 20 real-world places that are straight out of tales. Sleeping Beauty's castle is one of them!
Sleeping Beauty's castle is calling my nameee 😍🏰✨🌟
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