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Slam Dunk

A slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim.

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Anyone here going to Slam Dunk in Leeds or Download Festival?
Dennis Smith Jr. vs. Donovan Mitchell in the finals of the Slam Dunk Contest.
New post (Slam Dunk! Donald Trump Helps Free Basketball Players Trapped in China) has been published on World news…
Broco are fine, Jimmy Eat World are headlining Slam Dunk & Mongol Horde are back, *** yea!🤘
Slam Dunk was like the most fun I've ever had at a festival
brb gonna watch unnies slam dunk s2 last EP JKAJNVALKL;KA
If anyone sees any slam dunk tickets for today let me know thank u
half hour's sleep and i'm pumped for Slam Dunk with the boys 🤙🏼
Slam Dunk, we have managed to get another 15 of these bad boys - come see us at merch in the O2 Academy!
So jealous of everybody getting to go to Slam Dunk yesterday 😔
for now, im focusing on sisters slam dunk, sunbae. Make sure u watch it!
Slam dunk Birmingham might have been one of the craziest festivals we've played. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow.
We'll be taking over the Kerrang! instagram tomorrow for the final day of Slam Dunk. Follow
i'd encourage yall to watch the last ep of sister slam dunk! The unnies are giving motivational talks and i think what kim sook said is gd
Hey, it's flawed, but there's good stuff in it. It didn't come clos…
*** straight laying waste to slam dunk fest in Birmingham right now.
I feel so empty rn after watching the last episode of Sisters Slam Dunk S2 😢😢
10c. Said hi to my mum, Ruth. She's disabled/bedridden so she can't come to things like Slam Dunk. This mad…
Birmingham was wild, Slam Dunk rolls onto Leeds today.
Item No. 2 from The Peace And The Panic collection 1. Available at Slam Dunk Festival this weekend!
7. Vagabond; this a series from Inoue who made Slam Dunk which big popular. This kinda like Kingdom how it's based…
Nah bro don't be sleep basketball animes be lit af. Watch Slam Dunk and Kuroko no basket
When you just stumble across Rou from at the Slam Dunk afterparty! Glad I got to tell him how much I…
julian_hip CRUSHING his homework backstage @ Slam Dunk Leeds
I didn't know han chae young is in sister slam dunk??! Should have watch it earlier 😭
Come catch a game at ESPN Zone tonight! From On Deck Salads to Kickoff Burgers, whatever you pick is sure to be a slam…
If she don't want him I'll slam dunk him tonight ...
Soundcheck @ Slam Dunk Festival 2017, Birmingham. Thanks for giving us the permissio…
Everyone at slam dunk north in Rob masks but I have this better pic from 7 yrs ago. Print it and boycott…
Lovin these stills of John at slam dunk!
Well, not familiar with federal bar ethics rules but likely some instances where conflicts can't b…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Still upset no one wanted to go to Slam Dunk Fest with me in 2014.
Every inch of my body hurts, slam dunk 2017; you have been AMAZING
Dear friends. Stop posting pictures of you having a great time at Slam Dunk. No but seriously so good to see all our friends…
slam dunk has been going well this is the only picture I've taken of fiatp
Was the '88 Slam Dunk Contest not shot in 4K??
That's speculation. You say they're not coming any time soon then when it pertains to Key Arena it…
I love slam dunk and I love deaf havana (not in that order)
performing for the first time live @ Slam Dunk Festival, May 27th, 2017! 🌟☄. 🎥Special than…
only went and met Rou Reynolds on my ticket shift at slam dunk after party didn't I
Listener recorded her dance cover with her friends for Sister's Slam Dunk event 30 times but forgot to upload. JH: This exte…
Leeds for Slam Dunk. More like Slam Drunk right now 🍻
Slam dunk HMU when you get these level of lineups
Another slam dunk impeachment,for willful violation and obstruction in coverup
Will it be muddy at Slam Dunk South? Do I need my boots rather than Converse?
Don Broco and Madina Lake clash for 15 minutes at Slam Dunk and 15y/o and 18y/o me are having an argument over which one to miss.
Thank goodness! Hope the Republicans slam dunk this!
13 Gifts for Basketball Fans that are a Slam Dunk! - via
DNA evidence is a Slam Dunk for Evolution ... we don't need anything else ... fossils etc…
Learn why choosing St. Joseph Hospital in was a slam dunk for and his wife: https:/…
A slam dunk in our LA showroom- a c. 1780, N. Italian, serpentine commode in pear, olive and walnut has a custom ma…
Wow, you got a really slam dunk response to this stupid question. 🤒
If anyone's selling a slam dunk south ticket with after party hmu
S/O to with this awesome off the wall one handed 360 slam dunk.
people posting about either slam dunk or download fest are making me sad, I wanna go!!😣😣😣
Premium sounds tempting but it'd be a slam dunk if my wife and I could stream simultaneously. Please? ;)
Video - Shaq will be chatting live with his fans via during the Sprite Slam Dunk ... -…
Thank you to Magician Gary Goodman for a great show today at SLE. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are ready to SLAM DUNK THE…
Is anyone i know going the Slam Dunk North afterparty??
We absolutely adore you guys! Keep doing what you're doing, I can't wait to see you at slam dunk 🤘🏻
Oi nah im actually contemplating doing slam dunk and going out after then staying in maccies till 5am n getting the earliest train
I really hope liberals continue to use Maxine Waters as their spokeswoman. Slam dunk Trump 2020 🏀🏀🏀.
Attny for family of Christian Green Vic Hernandez says "Not a slam dunk, victory that we wanted". Mom says she's sa…
Like, SLAM DUNK on Talysa here. Man. How do you come back from that?
if Trump comes out in favor of cutting health care costs then a huge tax rate cut on a static scoring basis is a slam dunk
I agree there's no slam dunk here - the policies at stake are complex real time and vital. But - the opposition. Mamma mia.
Me, holding the neighbors baby: . How much will you give me if I slam dunk this into the trash can?
ICYMI, LeBron brought the house down with a thunderous breakaway dunk. ➡️
I expect a lot of twists and turns. I don't think it's a slam dunk. On the current betting, I'd take the under.
It reconfirms that the talent pool the Indian ckt now possesses is mainly due to the IPL. But too slam…
.Did you think we could forget the Slam Dunk hit that are
Decision BC: Will the youth show up to vote? prof says it's no slam dunk:
Barron has some big paws, he'll be able to slam dunk a basketball soon! lol.
I'm gunna slam dunk a kid into next Tuesday I swear to gawd
Slam Dunk Basketball Player - White Silhouette T-Shirt - Many colors and styles to choose from! ~…
It's tough to argue with. She lost what should have been a Democrat slam dunk.
if I meet you again at slam dunk I'm gonna ask you to write down a lyric from take her to the moon
.even if you threaten to slam dunk me I still love you BFKCJEKCKD
Never watched a slam dunk that failed to make me laugh out loud
Someone plz sort out for a London gig because the last time I saw him was Slam Dunk years ago 💔
Today's sale at is a slam dunk! Get Kuroko's Basketball, Vol. 5 for 50% off! Check it out here:
Not only is he an easy tier above Aho, it's a slam dunk conclusion.
We're joining the dudes in for these 2 shows after Slam Dunk! 👊🏻🏀
He needed 270 electoral votes and got 306 slam-dunk, ... bam
I thought you were talking about the shows, but still Slam Dunk
I want to win some Slam Dunk goodies please
Slam Dunk, because *** are you doing with your life go shshkshsixhsidi
I'm really looking forward to Slam Dunk this year. Can't wait to enjoy great music with even better friends. 💖
if were UKIP leader it would be slam dunk - tories would have no chance. They're still letting immigrants in
One of my favorite tips for busy professionals who want to boost their success is to have a slam-dunk LinkedIn...
Just holding the gold up for player This Slam Dunk Champion belt might be a bit big for me! http…
You could hear Kenny from NC yell "IT'S OVER" on this one for the 2017 Slam Dunk Champ Shamiel Stevenson…
Well, There's his image, there's his license plate, there's his act…
Check out our guide to featuring: and more
Don't try to slam dunk the children Muay Thai.
Slam Dunk. No. 1 in the world keeps his streak going completing the WGC Grand Slam. https:/…
Latest slam dunk episode is so funny too bad i cant laugh out loud 😂😂😂😂
It was a homerun, touchdown, slam dunk, hat trick- all those & more!!
Calling all members. This should be a slam dunk if we're all involved. Help this cause please! It's so…
I need someone to slam dunk me to bed at every night because otherwise I stay up too late and next morning I regret everything
bruh this referee need to quit playing & enter the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. 😳😦.
If I learned one thing this weekend it's that I probably shouldn't Micheal Jordan slam dunk my iPhone into any more hot tubs
Bob & Jeff's Slam Dunk Sweepstakes for your chance to score a $100 store gift card!
Yeah, total slam dunk. Note 47 in chapter 2 relates to an anecdote that Mapp has since confirmed as being perfectly…
Andrew McMahon has been announced for Slam Dunk and my mate has bailed. This is sickening. Might just end me life.
Andrew McMahon is at Slam Dunk. I may cry.
With all due respect to Glenn Robinson III, Cameron Tringale was Saturday's Slam Dunk champ
Aaron Gordon missing dunks in the Slam Dunk Contest at All Star Saturday Night, that's
Phoenix Suns rookie Derrick Jones Jr. will accept an invitation and participate in the Slam Dunk Contest, sources tell me.
On this date in 1988, Michael Jordan defeated Dominique Wilkins to win his 2nd NBA Slam Dunk title.
Indiana's Glenn Robinson III (will participate in the Slam Dunk Contest on All-Star weekend, league sources tel…
Listening to David Lee Roth - Slam Dunk! on now in Google Play store for free vía
Smyrna and Sanford trade baskets at Thursday's Slam Dunk to the Beach at Cape Henlopen High School.
Up next final game of the 2016 Slam Dunk to the Beach as Eleanor Roosevelt (MD) takes on the host school Cape Henlopen HS tipping now
Larry Nance Jr. should be forced to enter the Slam Dunk Contest 😱.
Do you think you're gonna win the slam dunk champio... — Yes I'm start practicing now 😎💵
Well we traded our ace for unproven prospects. Obvious slam dunk. Maybe we can get some magic beans for Abreu.
If I could slam dunk on people I would probably be spending around 30% of my time doing that.
you ain't gone dunk on me,. I will slam ur tall *** . be4 u embarrass me
7 tips for creating a slam dunk on social media. The latest from
these the remake preludes. I thought they were og ones. Still must cost a lot, nothing to a slam dunk champ tho lol
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Pretty much everything does lately is a slam dunk... man knows what he's doing.
Russell Westbrook with the massive slam dunk!.
Here comes Mary Star Boys BB guard picking off a pass then get up for his 1st slam dunk in 3Q vs. Ma…
All votes in and HRC never sniffed the .5% automatic recount total. Should be slam dunk in court.
Watching the Slam Dunk Contest from last year, Shaq says that doing a 360 from the free throw line is impossible before Zach Lavine's dunk👀
I shouldn't of went for the and one, gotta just euro step the bs and slam dunk ah lie?
that was basically my entire pitch w the VINE link--i expect a slam dunk YES response tomorrow
run was seen as a slam dunk by most of us vs. this clueless fraud. How can we allow votes 2 be stolen by rigging?
We don't need a slam dunk hire, we need someone that can recruit and has a track record, he has it
"I would still slam dunk her, but I wouldn't want to get to know her personality." -
To me he's another Helfrich. Not a slam dunk of a hire I think.
Ra Mi Ran on Tiffany on final episode of Unnies' Slam Dunk
This is what happens when you attempt to contest the 2x Slam Dunk Champion...
South Centrals Xavier Boyd takes the steal home for the slam dunk. Falcons lead 49-10, yes, 49-10, over Bertie.
Warren's Chase Weihl with a thunderous slam dunk, one of 2 on the night, in the Warriors' win over featured in NBC s Science of Love
That poor individual attempting to defend the slam of the dunk
Here's why Buffett's big bet against hedge funds was a slam dunk. via
Google "senate nuclear option," then thank Harry Reid. . Not that Mattis won't be exempted and confirmed without it. Slam dunk…
iSoftBet Slam Dunk based on basketball theme, description.
I like him, but it's not a slam dunk. But, not many prospects are.
"This case was supposed to be a slam dunk. We all saw the tape. This mistrial speaks to something"
You tryna lay up, I'm tryna slam dunk
Aaron Gordon just practicing for the Slam Dunk Contest during the game again..
Deshawn Freeman with the one-handed SLAM! 6th dunk of the night for RU, who leads 53-29. 44 of those points came in the pai…
If you want to be a sports blogger like me, Deadspin is hiring. Now that’s what I call a slam dunk!
I love Niko but I will slam dunk her
nah it was Aaron Gordon at the Slam Dunk Contest bruh lmao
Haikyuu and Slam Dunk are my faves too! If you include other "sports" Hikaru no Go (manga) and Chihayafuru are in my list too
Up by 5 at the half. Awesome slam dunk by Andrew Mork!
Zach Lavine vs Larry Nance Jr for the Slam Dunk championship!!!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
WAIT CIWWAF are playing Slam Dunk next year?!?!
Slam Dunk is atrocious. Gets worse every year
Jonathon Simmons is out here trying to win the Slam Dunk Contest every night
I'm a proud Alum and excited to be stopping by the Convo on Tuesday to MC the Slam Dunk Contest.
Your 2016 -- and defending -- Slam Dunk champion, Torian Graham (
Vintage Grandmama: Larry Johnson throws it down at the 1992 Slam Dunk Contest in Orlando.
This weekend's binge is a slam dunk.
Doubt she's paying atty & I'm nt surprised he crawled out of woodwork t take the case. Slam dunk loss 4 publicity
Just slam dunk me in the trash, I deserve it
We aren't letting her do that, Trump is. She is so bad this would be a slam dunk for pretty much anyone else.
Beyonce is kind of saving this show everyone. She is giving the assist to Britney to slam dunk after this
Jessi cries after putting on a wedding dress on 'Unnies' Slam Dunk'
Slam dunk mo' like slam hump Kanye loves to make love to Manti Teo's girlfriend
I need more of that video featuring WHAT A SLAM DUNK
I'm always down to work bro just set it up and Ima slam dunk it
Why winning the won't be a slam dunk for the top tennis player in the world:
you couldn't curse him anyway. He'd slam dunk you into a garbage truck for even thinking about it.
I'd like to see him try and curse Westbrook. Pretty sure Russ would pick him up & slam dunk him straight into a trash can.
I'd be fine with a shorter but all out slam dunk performance too
Blue ivy look like she bouta enter the 2017 KIA Slam Dunk Contest
Michael Jordan takes off from the free throw line and soars to a perfect score of 50 in the of the Slam Dunk Contest http…
I've just watched episode S01E75 of Slam Dunk!
bless y'all. I'ma still slam dunk you though Luvtail
She bout 80blb slam dunk that 6ft underground
I want to slam dunk people into the Snore Zone
You're like a pineapple because in sms you put pineapples in a basket and that's like a slam dunk.
Tiffany gave you everything you've asked for. Reflection. Detailed apology. Removed from Slam Dunk. She did everything…
The War where the entire GOP administration told all of Congress evidence was slam dunk that there were WMD's - yeah - that one.
Same-sex marriage was not a slam dunk, obvious issue, despite biased media arguing there was only 1 answer.
Slam dunk mo' like slam hump me and Lamar like to pound ***
The most epic slam dunk fails by pro players
still remember Rou turning up right at the end of the song at Slam Dunk
the SEC has been a slam dunk for the Aggies- the big 12 lacks equal rev sharing - unstable in big 12
Spectacular Art Idea: Slam-dunk all the Marvel movies into a dumpster from the top of the Empire State Building.
Along with that, not everything is a slam dunk. Every game is a risk, every game. They take a risk and have to live with that.
Now they need the arm on their side and it slam dunk on uncle Rob
Dunk of the Night: Jamal Crawford connects with Blake Griffin for the SWEET alley-oop slam. VIDEO:
Ridiculously close to being able to slam dunk, leg days here we come...
The fact that Beth is inviting me to next years Slam Dunk Festival with her bc I had to miss it this year :)))
I'll probably switch from trying to be dunked in a bath tub at AX now and I don't slam dunk you at AX
In an ordinary world, treason charges on Obama would be a slam dunk
might peep tonight if I finish the last few episodes of slam dunk
For all the vineyards in this Blood and Wine expansion, Witcher 3 really missed a slam dunk joke by not reenacting the Grape Lady video.
"Before you slam dunk through life, you have to learn to dribble down the court." David Carruthers
Under Armour Elite 24 weekend events tip Friday with the Three-Point and Slam Dunk Contests. Here's the sched ... http…
Tiffany - filming Sister's Slam Dunk at OUR Bakery Sinsadong, by youreekim.
Unreal hang time tho from Ronaldo.Could give Zach Lavine a run for his money in the Slam Dunk Contest next year if he tried.
The Dallas Mavericks are increasingly likely to trade forward and former Slam Dunk champion Jeremy Evans, according to l…
Min Hyo Rin reveals her space for the first time ever on 'Unnies' Slam Dunk'
Mallory Knox at Slam Dunk: "A great band play a great festival set."
Can Reading Festival just add everyone who was playing Slam Dunk this year please
Shedding on Gerald Albright's tune, Slam Dunk on alto sax. 🎶🎷
One thing I really missed when watching Young Guns at Slam Dunk was Ben's backing vocals, that will be missed :(
Springsteen, Slam Dunk, Sound City and Biffy in the space of a week. I've had worse 7 days tbf
& have killed Slam Dunk with their drunkness
It's a right shame no one showed up for Young Guns at Slam Dunk... @ Genting Arena NEC Birmingham
my 11:11 yesterday was to meet Ben again and 3 minutes into Slam Dunk this happened 💖
Slam Dunk Festival is officially tomorrow and I am like a child on Christmas Eve
Been finding your early no goodnik guest roles on "Slam Dunk" from Hart to Hart & Something So Right. Fun to watch you go bad!
Will probably see budget Oli Sykes this weekend at Slam Dunk
Just seen that Coldrain are doing Slam Dunk Festival. Quite tempted.
Only a few weeks 'till 3/4 of the band are off to Slam Dunk at Leeds!! Tickets to the after-show party sorted too!!
Seriously can't wait for slam dunk! . Need a festival to cheer me up so bad! .
Air Jordan 2 - The shoe Jordan won his first Slam Dunk Contest in.
Gael Monfils jumped over a human, slammed a return over the net
the first time theo was introduced I was like "oh I like him" then literally by the end of the episode "I'm gonna slam dunk him into trash"
Funniest Slam Dunk Ever . . Silly is good I say. Without it, yesterday may as well be today.
Shoot ya shot b4 someone else slam dunk in that ‼️
Got Slam Dunk a day after body is going to hate me 😂
just because it's space jam, MJ has been and has won a Slam Dunk Contest. And Steph can dunk
The GOP has this unique ability to screw up slam dunk elections.
every time I search for "Creeper live" on YouTube all I get is Minecraft videos 🌚 oh well Slam Dunk in a few weeks!
THAT. WAS MY PROBLEM TOO. it was busted or slam dunk and slam dunk is tradition now. i would honestly kill to go
Feels like it's years away till slam dunk leeds like can time hurry up pls
Yes it was agreed. No tap dancing. This is a slam dunk case.
One more day until I get to slam dunk on
Looks like am off to slam dunk omg yas
Message: KBS Unnies' Slam Dunk Team. Solo daebak! Maknae Tiffany is cutie! Unnies love you, Miyoung-ah.
Any Democrat that thinks vs. is slam dunk is STUPID. This is going to be fight of our lives.
JYP and "Slam Dunk" cast members agree on a Coyote Ugly concept for their girl group and signs him on for 10,000 won (less…
My ninja mastered the Slam Dunk in He’s the finest (clumsy) ninja in the land!
not really a fan of dodgeball I'm more of a open court / slam dunk zone guy
They are playing Glasgow as well as Slam Dunk ;)
Listen, Google's fair use case is no slam dunk. But is Oracle's argument that it's not fair use because copyright is good? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Really want too go to slam dunk ffs
Looks like I'm shooting Slam Dunk Midlands and I'm mucho excited
Hong Jin Kyung was the MC for Tiffany's showcase~ Unnies' slam dunk love ^^
He's a Slam Dunk Can't hold on. Another 2nd, the conductor is not happy
We have the greatest wrestling family (Tirapelle's) in California. FSU has to reach out to them as assistant coaches!. Slam dunk/no brainer!
NEW from New polls show no slam dunk for Hillary Clinton
Comon tootz give me the Valium alley oop, ill slam dunk into your mouth till ya puke.
I liked a video from NBA 2K15 MyPark Slam Dunk Contest Part 3
Let's get real; I'm interviewing hometown boys at Slam Dunk and I'm so happy 🎉
I'm so excited! And I'm super excited to see you again at Slam Dunk and Rock am Ring ❤️
Terrance Ferguson (the 2016 Slam Dunk "King" with a little something like this.. ht…
Bus booked for Slam Dunk at the end of the month. Flights booked for Metallsvenskan and Sweden Rock Festival at the start of June. Wahey! 🙌
That's baseline I use when debating that he ripped off Darvin Ham in the Slam Dunk Contest. It keeps the convo civil.
Banger banger banger 👌🏻 Making my summer pop punk playlist for the run up to Slam Dunk 🤘🏻
Slam Dunk has sold out...Summer and I were going to buy our tickets on Monday after she got paid 😭
I'd be more worried about wind and blustery cold. Scattered snow showers possible but not a slam dunk to happen
Awesome to see our friend giving back at Can't wait to have him join us on a hearing mission!
Zach Lavine's Slam Dunk Contest winnings went to a school for the deaf
Heartwarming story on how uses his slam dunk winnings to help deaf school - via App 💯
When you don't have money for architects or slam dunk :)
$TWTR $17.50 pre-market. My slam dunk long from 15.50 is just getting started
I can't get over the idea of a version of Shadow of the Colossus where you slam dunk on the colossi
Knowing I have slam dunk coming up is the only thing getting me through these 4 essays and this stupid presentation ugh
Kinda wishing I was going to slam dunk
psst I heard you wanna play Keeping Secrets at Slam Dunk.. now is that just me or?
Slam Dunk ticket bought with money I don't have, YAY
Mikal Bridges with the vicious slam!
For Houston's economy, the Final Four was a boost.
Slam dunk south tickets with after party are bought am so stoaked
For local economy, Final Four was a slam dunk
Tuesday Picks are LIVE on the site now: 4 NBA Picks including 1 Slam Dunk Picks & 3 MLB Picks. We have been busy!
when does the parking at Slam Dunk South run out?
Check out the video teasers for SNSD Tiffany's 'Sister's Slam Dunk'
The countdown to savings is always on with Total Wireless! This way to slam-dunk savings: https:…
Zach Lavine used some of his slam dunk title winnings to help a deaf school in St. Paul:
Zach Lavine donated his Slam Dunk Contest winnings to a school for the deaf because he’s the coolest dude around:
Zach Lavine donates Slam Dunk Contest winnings to help school for the deaf 👏🏼.
Here's hoping Rou Reynolds & Astroid Boys come out with Hacktivist at Slam Dunk to do Taken & Rotten
think I would have to eliminate Ernest goes to Africa, keep Ernest's Slam Dunk featuring Kareem.
I’m SO PUMPED for Slam Dunk, I just want to hug Rou Reynolds and see Young Guns and do shots with Brendon Urie maybe
I love Enter Shikari so much, can’t wait to see them at Slam Dunk again and propose to Rou Reynolds
Meet us March 31 at the Berry Center for the Slam Dunk & 3 Point Championship...its going down!
Amazingly low prices are a Slam Dunk now at Furniture Row!
this choice of channel number is a Slam Dunk
Bringing home Carside To Go is a slam dunk.
If that happens, slam dunk win for the GOP in the general. Only person polls well against is
Donald and little Marco for 2016 Christie for AG Ben Carson what ever he wants. Slam dunk Donald&Little Marco
Highlights from the CLASSIC 1991 Slam Dunk Contest, won by Dee Brown in a classic duel against Shawn Kemp!. https:…
Exactly, it is :). But, as you might know, Türkoğlu is a dope-master and it is hard to believe that he made this slam dunk fairly :)
I do!! They arrived the other day, see you guys there & at Slam Dunk 😎
HRC couldn't be any happier that Trump won.I can only hope he can beat her.Any1 who thinks it's a slam dunk is smoke'n crack
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Good. Slam dunk my sorry self back to 1998
No matter what your team is in, Popeyes® is always a slam dunk.
I liked a video 2016 NBA D-League Slam Dunk Contest Presented by Verizon
I thought Ohio would be a slam dunk for
There's only like 4 bands I want to see at slam dunk for definite and I swear to god if they cross over
Carlos Strong with a strong slam dunk 💪🏾
This election should be a slam dunk for conservative leadership...but with all this division we are gift wrapping this for HRC
160314 Kris came to watch NBA celebrity Slam Dunk Contest on the 14th of February, 11am CST. He's watching Kobe now. Wow con…
Slam dunk night for Hillary! :) i'm pleased for her, she'll get the credit she deserves now & then take on the GOP! :)
Slam Dunk announcement tomorrow, would love to see again
Donut deny it, Zachary Anderson made a slam dunk(in) when he promposed to Haley Ryan!
New series features and more as hosts
Yes & the others showed it close but the polls for Ohio proving as bad as Michigan last week, Slam Dunk night for Hillary :)
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