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Slab City

Slab City or The Slabs (located at ) is a snowbird campsite in the Colorado Desert in southeastern California, used by recreational vehicle owners and squatters from across North America.

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Meet the band of outsiders inhabiting Slab City, CA in Gianfranco Rosi's BELOW SEA LEVEL today at 2….
On December 17 @ 5pm: talks to about his recent campaign, Slab City - a wild place where they…
Slab city, riding round in the candy paint.. . always keeping it 💯
I added a video to a playlist Will Slab City Remain the Last Free Place in America
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Could Be a Good Site For the New Temple, if Needs a Cheaper Venue…
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Michael, you are one of the truest artists I know. I admire so much about the way you approach what you d…
Can you guess what amazing city this is? 📸 by Ian Harper
I added a video to a playlist Slab City Update: Chillin with Linescrew1 | Season 4 Episode 07
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She was a hot mess and I was a cold slab of butter on a dusty kitchen floor, but in a city like that, you take your chan…
I'm entirely in agreement with people who (rightfully) say that post-race DSQ's for careless technical infringement…
'The group of seven is the first all women’s team of civil engineers to manage a multistoreyed housing project in t…
Off the grid artwork and golden hour fire dancers. Slab city felt like a mini decompression. 🔥
Daliesque me, few weeks ago from Salton Sea. @ Slab City Sanctuary
You and Justin should move to slab city Cali
And even then, they have to WORK their butts off to achieve basic survival (Amish). They…
No. You can’t even represent my argument correctly in your response. ... and you…
150 miles north east of San Diego and just outside of the Salton Sea is Slab City, the remains of the abandoned Ma……
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For anyone listening in slab city in California this music is for you. BJ !
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I love this interview. And now really feel the urge to re-visit Slab City...
City Parks & Rec contractors continue work on replacements to the Hockey Hounds Arena cement slab, the brin…
Slab city/Salvation Mountain or San Diego or San Francisco, or Florida
9. at the western end, some Slab City hideaways still remain... don't hit your head on the protruding rebar on your…
7. still a popular spot, but now Slab City fire pits are out in the open
6. eastern approach to "Slab City" -- concrete slabs that used to form a series of warrens until knocked down a few…
Native Angeleno and I've never heard of Slab City: 18 small towns around LA you should absolutely visit
if anybody wants to take a road trip to Slab City with me, let me know.
Transport sector lauds its inclusion in GST's lowest tax slab - Times of India
Going to the holy mountain in Slab City was quite the experience,. Accidental and…
In Slab City it's the weekend every day 🏜️🦎🌵 is here! Check in:
mom: "don't stop too much in slab city, there are convicts out there". nicole & me: *stops at SC hostel and goes inside to talk w a convict*
UKLab supporters, confused why political kin in Scotland won't vote for JC. Here in my city, Aberdeen, right now, Slab is a vote for Tories.
Slab Going Down! What a wonderful day in the City of Orlando! via
This recycled community is the second most Insta-worthy thing in California (after Coachella of course.)
Want to move to slab city and make this a reality?
Tonight I just wanna sit in bed with a big slab of chocolate & watch sex and the city 1 & 2
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I ever had them to kryovac a slab of ribs from Gates and Sons in Kansas City and FedEx overnight to Ca…
only on the 304 would you get an aul fella sat working his way through a slab of cans, Limerick City at its finest like 💁🏽
Just slab concrete, look like city lost out on money.
BELOW SEA LEVEL 2nite! Gianfranco Rosi's portrait of precarity and intimacy in Slab City, California
Slab City, the isolated hippie colony now overrun by Instagrammers
A woman who will never walk again after she was hit by a falling concrete slab is suing Gold Coast City Council.
Visited Slab City and Salvation Mountain today. Still in awe about it all... I get a great sense…
Na. Not buying this - Control of Aberdeen City Council left in the hands of Tories - look to see how other slab coa…
Or just have slab come get me just to ride around the city smoking out his bag ctfu
Today I went to Salvation Mountain,. Slab City and it was amazing
The Point-In-Time count takes place on Jan. 27 during the evening. It will be repeated in Slab City on Jan. 28...
I think not, voted SLab for 20 yrs, never done any good for my Country or my City, then they turned their back on the miners.
Let's get active. Boutta hit slab city again.
A heaving ice floor slab and concerns for safety is the focus of pre-budgetary spending by the City of Swift...
Logo Design Completed for Slab City Comics! Enjoyed this one! Cheers Matt Smith! Check out the link below for...
Logo Design Complete for Slab City Comics! Enjoyed working on this one a lot! Thanks for the opportunity and good...
This 1970s apartment slab got a modern makeover
I found Gerald in Slab City! I guess Dillon Francis really has been everywhere.
Slab city is totally on my bucket list
Checked out Salvation Mountain near Slab city
If I got better reception on this phone I'd be driving out to Slab City but I don't really feel like dying alone without Periscoping it
cont1.. post first price slab is over. Please check for the relevant city. Hope this helps!
Just wanna experience Slab City before I die
We're watching a vice documentary about Slab City on YouTube and teenage wasteland is still playing in the background
Update your maps at Navteq
Corrections and Inmate workers along with Imperial Valley College students came together to hand out lunches at the…
The concrete floor at needs replacing at a cost of $25M...
Yeeehaw! We're playing with & Slab City on Weds 21st December: And it's FRE
- Last year, I spent part of Thanksgiving at Salvation Mountain and Slab City in Southern C…
Punks, Pipes, and Pirate Ships - A Glance Into the Weird World of Slab City, California.
A beautiful slab of, hand selected, silky oak being prepared for our next Brisbane City apartment transformation.
Just played: now, an explosive new movie - severed heads - city slab horror(ink records)
.largest concrete slab Just 10kms from central? via ABC
.largest concrete slab 10kms from central! via ABC
largest concrete slab in Australia. Badgery's Creek Airport - only 10kms from Penrith central! via ABC
Hey Garden City, when will you realize repeatedly patching a destroyed slab of concrete does nothing?
Raven, a resident of Slab City, was kind enough to give us a tour of his home and allowed us to…
I've noticed that everyone that says "screwston" or its "slab city" is just sum mexican that listens to spm and always throws up the "H"
Slab City: Ian Ruhter on creating the largest wet plate collodion ambrotype in the world. ▫️. "This project was...
Well, I explored an overgrown area in a city park today & found several old septic tanks & a concrete slab. Not very comforting.😑
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I liked a video from Slab City Ca. Easter Egg Hunt
I liked a video from Slab City Update: Eek its a Mouse
you will always bring up slab city whenever you cna and I love it thank you my angel
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City morgue, you stab em, we slab em
We got a warm welcome in Slab City.
Salvation Mountain, Slab City -- made of dirt, straw, plaster and paint. in
The Slab City! TNGT 10pm on 107.8 or stream, featuring & many more xxx
1949s Lincoln wheat cent BU in small slab
be my valentine slab city guitar guy. ur dreads were SICK
So strange what you'll find in the Last Free Place On Earth
I didn't even have to watch the clip to know it was Slab City. did you see Salvation Mountain?
up and falling . with the sun. cracked skin . bleached bone @ Slab City
High...its a beautiful day in the shade at slab city california...the last free place in America
Slab City in glorious iPhone widescreen - "Snowbird" by Sean (Tangerine Movie) Baker …
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Perfect timing. I snapped this the moment Matt's shoe hit the fire. @ Slab City
Salvation Mountain is a visionary environment covering a hill in the Colorado Desert, north of Calipatria near Slab City.
Dreamy portrait on the side of a rustic old water tank at Slab City
Just wanna take a road trip to slab city
Anyone know how I cld get a ride from Grand Rapids MI to Slab City CA? .
Escape From Slab City were the crazy people are.
Beautiful portrait by Unknown artist on an old water tank at Slab City, California:
Send him to Niland, California. I've been all across this country and nothing's worse than Slab City.
Someone anyone let's road trip to slab city/Salvation Mountain this weekend it's my happy place
A nice slideshow (& article) of Nicollet Mall proposal with new concrete slab design.
Discover the city’s best venues, like Marble Slab Creamery. Download
*calls jim*. "holland city morgue, you stab em we slab em how can I help you?"
Fashion Film 'Snowbird' Shot Entirely on iPhone: KENZO “Snowbird” a movie by Sean Baker Slab City is a kingdom...
Tangerine Director Sean Baker makes a short film for KENZO in Slab City
Wednesday Night is Rib Night at Bath City Bistro! Enjoy a 1/2 slab for $9.99 or a full slab for $14.99!
Take a trip to Slab City with Kenzo's new promotional film for Spring/Summer 2016:.
'Tangerine' director Sean Baker takes on Slab City in his newest short film:
Amazing Salvation Mountain & Slab City dont go at midday in August tho ..still recovering
Somebody go to Slab City with me someday
A fern flag frenzy. It's like being a city rebuilt in the tilt slab period
Have you visited Slab City and Salvation Mountain yet?
-killed when something climbs off a morgue slab and comes after her. Reports come in of govt starting to cordon off city. Panic, chaos.
I just made an Amazing Music video to inspire world peace. I had help from of Lee Iovino, Slab City, Salvation...
An awesome time was had by all today at slab city paintball! The weather was perfect! We had enough guys for 6 on...
When you take your rod n reel to slab city and slam 75 fish
Can't wait for in Oct. Catch my directing/writing debut for Slab City, U.S.A
Found an "older" gem from contributor: in her story "Slab City" (pub. in "A capella Zoo" 2009)
I am quite happy that Bengaluru is not part of the city list. Bhakts would have claimed even a stone slab as development under Smart city :)
And whether they shutdown Slab City or not none of you wanna live there kid trauma have a matter of fact, your momma aside you don't want to
If you're looking to change up movie night check out Slab Cinema..Here an article I did on the screening in Helotes!
Just saw this on Amazon: The Slab City Event by Nate Southard for $2.99 & FREE on Kindle Unlimited via
awful, terrible, greedy, water robbing, expensive st8, but follow ur dreams- look up Slab City-the only place of reason in ***
Checked this one off the bucket list on this trip. @ Slab City
Eickhoff’s girlfriend looks like she got off the slab at the city morgue.
Funny. This pic is from Slab City Riot in 2009. So much has changed in the chopper world in just 6...
Groundworker / Slab Layer job opportunity in the City of Up to £16.00 p / h. Apply on-line >>
A special thanks to for donating. His Slab City name is officially "Big Daddy 'Rozco" for being a kickass dad!
Thank you for donating to Welcome to Slab City!
I can't wait to visit slab city and interpret it and write about it!! I'm so excited!!
It's time for Drey and I to hit the slab somewhere. Maybe Kansas City since my brother has a mansion *** near. He has room for us. Lol.
In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook transforms an old, ugly city slab into an urban oasis.
- city of Houston mayor in the slab fest
lol U gotta immerse yourself in the city. Sip some lean, listen to some chopped n' screwed tunes,ride around in a SLAB,and EAT.
I added a video to a playlist Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA
Only in our house would you find a slab of dark mint chocolate in the Cathedral City bag
Killer piece in Slab City in this week's Street Art Roundup at kungfubrea…
Drove out to slab city to check out this crazy painted mountain. Gnarly. PC: erikabell @ 👻Snapchat:…
Slab City Update: I smell too human for Starbucks: via
Salvation Mountain and basically Slab City's whole folk art scene was absolutely beautiful, picture don't even give it all justice
Welcome to the last free places in America: Slab City and Salvation Mountain
Slab City, Death Valley and Los Angeles through the lens of
I would kill for a massage to be honest..
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Video tutorial shows you what to do if your PS4 unexpectedly ejects discs or beeps repeatedly:
Slab City: visit with people living 'off the grid' via
Slab riding to the city. About to paint the city red. S/O for the fresh line up
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My goal is to go to Salvation Mountain and slab city someone take me!
- Shawlands in a mess in our Slab run city and local economy definitely needs a boost
1 for 1 tasty creations at marble slab changi city point for their opening promotion.🍦🍦😊😊 @ Marble…
Haven't been in city all day NONE STOP on the slab
I entered to win an eBook of The Slab City Event by Nate Southard. Sponsored by
Its that slab city got dabs with me 🌴
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"Here's some of their art...there's so much more but u gotta experience it urself Thi…
instituteartist | Dave and Liz, partners, live in Slab City, despite objection from thei... htt…
You actually have no idea how much I care about you... 💏🙌💯💍
When an unknown number calls you and asks "Who is this?"
She over here just lost in whatever she watching tho 😂😂😂😂
ok if you want something more challenging...what about Slab City google it or if you want more beach pics hit up Crystal Cove !
This whole Cliven Bundy thing is not unique in our country. There are other populations who hold similar views in our country right now. There are places where American laws don't apply, such as the gang lands in Southern California or the Slab City in Colorado. The US government won't or can't control these regions within the US borders and have stopped dedicating resources toward trying to do so. I'd like to see the same kind of isolating strategy used to resolve the issue with Cliven Bundy. Label him as a crazy old coot, and punish those who choose to do business with him. Otherwise, we should just leave him alone with his cows and bulldozer.
Photo: codywbratt: Rest in Peace, Leonard Knight. I just posted a few Slab City images a couple of weeks...
Hamilton Collection
Slab City's land may be bought soon by a private owner. I reckon that this means the end of this community due to the legal obligations that would ensue. My late friend Nancy wanted me to show her this place, and nearby Salvation Mountain, which I did. I am likewise glad that I saw these places while they still existed.
Salvation Mountain and East Jesus, 2010. I think the late Leonard Knight and Charlie Russell were the wellsprings of Slab City's awesomeness, but also, in a way, it's Angels of Death. If you want to be left alone and ignored by the world, don't make gigantic fantastic art for the whole universe to see. I think in a few years, Slab City as it was known will be gone.
This song is a tribute to Leonard Knight and his legacy, Salvation Mountain. It's dedicated to the loving people of Slab City and East Jesus.
A visit with Leonard Knight, creator of Salvation Mountain in Slab City.
Slab City. I haven't been everywhere but I've been to a lot of places. Slab City is one of the best. And weirdest. A self-described "off the grid" community, it's on a former military training base in Southern California by the Salton Sea. RV snowbirds, hippies, bohemians, artists, musicians, the marginalized, and anyone that has rejected mainstream living gather here. No charge to stay, but there's no electricity or running water. Everyone has solar panels and propane. Everyone shares and trading is way more frequent than using money. Do your own thing too, like photo 2 where the resident chose tires, booze bottles and toilets for his fence. Photo 3 is an art gallery on a bus, with chairs used by musicians to gather and play at night. Photo 4 is the internet café. The owner traded a pickup truck for the business. There's a 7-watt radio station on the grounds, run by "Radio Mike", seen at his little tiki bar. If you saw the movie "Into the Wild", you got a taste of Slab City which was in a segment. Natio ...
NEED YOUR HELP! Did our usual monthly trip to Slab City this morn. Fed about 110 folks and had our raffle drawing. Lots of cool stuff happening out there. A resident woman is setting up an area for kids to play while the moms have coffee and share life together. A support group and safe place for moms and other women to meet others and feel supported. I think it is a brilliant idea and would love to help her out. Our immediate needs are toys, puzzles, coloring books, stickers, crayons etc... to create an activity center for the kids to play while the moms and other ladies talk. Can you help me out??? I can pick up anything you can give me. Next trip is Monday, 2/24 and I would love to bring a truckload of stuff out. God is good. All the time.
Who needs running water and electricity, anyways? We produced this video for on Slab City, a surreal community deep in the California desert and neighbor to the equally extreme Salton Sea. Check it out. As the country's recession deepens, bold individuals and families find innovative ways of getting off the grid...
News from the off the grid slas city community of East Jesus near the Salton Sea... Summation of situation Long story short, as I've heard from Lynne and others involved in the last 24 hours: a serious threat to our continued residence at Slab City evolved. The people who knew about it couldn't legally tell anyone, so one of them risked her reputation (amongst other things) to pull a Hail Mary and secretly save our homes while laying the ground work for an elected board to take legal control of the land so no one single person or single clique would be able to control the slabs. A hasty but open and fair election filled 11 seats by popular vote with a very diverse group of slabbers happened Saturday. Today, someone named Gail released a transcript/statement regarding her phone call with the man responsible for land transfers, and he confirmed that land transfer applications for Salvation Mountain and, separately, the rest of zone 11 section 36 (basically the rest of the slabs) had been filed; confirming L ...
God bless Slab City, Salton Sea & all the offbeat souls society has let go.
The Salton Sea and then Slab City flat broke a working thumb and much enthusiasm. stay tuned this could be wild ? I know walk into the unknown...
Did the loop around Salton Sea. Stopped into Slab City as well. Definitely a unique spot.
I'm going to start posting some photos of our trips around the country in our VW van for throw back Thursdays. These shots are from Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain near Slab City (a trip in itself) outside Niland, CA. Niland is on the east side of the Salton Sea. This is a real piece of folk art that Leonard worked on for many years. Unfortunately his health has forced him to retire.
Oh lordy yes these are essentials if you're on the Salton Sea. Salvation Mtn is epically weird, Slab City must be seen.
Well, I lied. Now Salvation Mountain and Slab City are the weirdest places I've ever been. Unworldly. Incredible.
Photoset: Exploring Salvation Mountain at the entrance to Slab City, which is as much like a nuclear fallout...
Don't worry babe, retirement's taken care of; I got us a lot in Slab City near the Salton Sea.
She's talking about trashy girls lol myself and three of my friends have your name in our phones under "slab city"
Come out to the range in slab city and enjoy the evening at the range!
Calcium a delivered now to go chop hay. Yay (@ Slab City WI)
if you have a car and/or a bit more time, heading out to Slab City / Salvation Mountain is really cool too (~3 hours from LA)
Read about our trip to Slab City via
Crazy street art in the middle of nowhere, I ripped all my sweet poses from @ Slab City
You know, for driving the same route at least 160+ times in my life, why have I never noticed that there's such a thing called "Slab City"?
Team Slab City spent 2:30AM at CVS buying bubble wrap to repackage our equipment for tomorrow's travels
More goodies: THE SLAB CITY EVENT by (& CORROSION by (
I want to live in slab city for a few weeks.
didn't realize there was a period after Slab City
have you heard of slab city? It's strange but outside of society. In the desert. Vice has a special on it
Watching something on a place call Slab City in America. Really whack that a whole area can be like this.
indeed sir, my Slab City Blues stories, links on the blog books page
Follow and watch an FTT student documentary in the making. Rock on Team Slab City!
Photoset: flipcassidy: Scenes from East Jesus in Slab City, CA and the Niland Marina on the Salton Sea.
I've been to the Salton Sea (stinky!) but not Slab City. I'd love to check it out.
Road Tripping Day 10 with Jessie yesterday we left Laughlin and hit Salvation Mountain at Slab City then went to the Salton Sea and hit Bombay Beach the desolate rundown, basically a ghost town that use to be a happening resort...Jessie says it looked and felt like it belonged in a horror movie...along the shoreline there are hundreds of dead and mostly preserved fish from too much we're riding up the coastline heading to San Jose...
A few years ago I'd fall asleep thinking about Antarctica. Then came the Year of Lake Superior. Now these are the Nights of Slab City.
Well I spent two months in Slab City visiting friends now I am in Santa Monica at the beach . The pleasures of Santa Monica 's cafe, bistros, shops , entertainment, bakeries, concerts, the promanade, the mall , the food, the sea salt, the night life, the art shows, the volley ball, the beach life, the night clubs, bars and every thing else is a high that I have never gotten from either sex or drugs ! I am thinking of living the rest of my life in neighboring Venice beach . what a life that would be.
Americana: Slab City: VICE focused on all the crazy environmental issues going on in the Imperial Valley, from t...
WHAT! It's Monday? But I wasn't done having the best weekend ever! Salton Sea, Slab City, Salvation Mountain checked off my bucket list!
What did he mean by "We OWN This Country"? I guess, he wasn't talking to those living in Slab City, California.
Photos of Slab City and The Salton Sea, Part One: This weekend my friend Andrew and I went to the Salton Sea, a ...
Day Trip To Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea, Bashford’s Hot Mineral Spa, the town of Niland, CA home of Salvation Mountain and Slab City.
Subculture Club: Thrash Lab travels to Slab City, a squatters' camp, an ex-military base, a commune for runaway artists - deep in the badlands of Southern Ca...
Actually, it's a trippy lil thing about people living lives in the area around the Salton Sea and Slab City and not much jail at all.
This bizarre, lawless land in the California desert is inhabited by drug addicts, eccentrics, army vets, hippies and just plane old weirdos. Slab City is ref...
Kyna Dupree Let's see May 12th is Slab City, May 19th is Backdraft, May 26th is Matrix, June 2nd is Unfinished Business!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Manhattan Murder Mystery "Honda Prius" Self Titled Album Directed by: Mike James Director of Photography: Tomm Jacobsen 1st AC: Jeremy Ruhl Grip: Nick Graczyk "A music festival at the last free place in America." Shot in Slab City, CA. This music...
After twelve years, Knight who is affectionately known as “Leonard,” tried one last time to launch his “God is Love” hot air balloon, from the remote desert squatters camp of Slab City, near the Salton Sea, in 1984, and failed. He decided to stay and find a different way to honor God, and after decades of trials, developed engineering innovations with natural materials. The structure that resulted is now known as Salvation Mountain, the largest adobe art Installation in the world
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