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Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins (born August 2, 1990 in South Bend, Indiana) is currently a women's basketball player for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

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Imma have to go with bunny skylar diggins
Skylar diggins going to have my babies lol. Idk why y'all on her like that.
How Skylar Diggins is building a that transcends the WNBA - ESPN
Just watched my girl Skylar Diggins get the W. now time to watch the so called "girl" Brittney Griner play
It's a little more complicated than that:
Beast on the court & a beauty, but most don't know is just as talented in the kitchen
Kelsey plum is the finest girl to go to the WNBA since skylar diggins
How guard connects to next generation of hoopers through Shoot 4 the Sky camp
Skylar Diggins curving Drake for 2 straight years was phenomenal
Saniya playing with Skylar diggins 😳 that's lit af
Saniya Chong winningest player in Division I basketball history just got drafted! Go U and Skylar Diggins tear it up!
Skylar Diggins and the Dallas Wings better be tough this year.
Skylar Diggins still the finest tho
Take a look at how guard connects to the next generation through her camp | . https:…
Candace Parker, Maya Moore, Skylar Diggins, and Kelsey Plum my favorite WNBA players in that order. They all ballers. Tough
Probably not lol skylar diggins blocked me because I put my two cents on about ND/UConn a couple of years ago
guards Skylar Diggins & Tiffany Bias interviewed on stage about tonight's draft
It's draft night for the and the I'll have Skylar Diggins and Tiffany Bias live tonight at 6 on…
Skylar Diggins talking about the 2nd season with the Dallas Wings...
Skylar Diggins might be the finest WNBA player ever. Speak on it
WNBA star and her fiance are too cute on their romantic baecation:
Talked to Skylar Diggins about Notre Dame UConn and Candice Wiggins. No time for Jay Z, unfortunately:
Skylar Diggins on Candice Wiggins' comments on heterosexuals in the WNBA: "You're trying to stir the pot!"
Q+A: Skylar Diggins talks UConn's dominance and Candice Wiggins' comments on heterosexuals in the WNBA
anything can happen in 1 game. UCONN beat Skylar Diggins and Notre Dame three times before losing to ND in Final Four in '11.
β€œMy mom definitely had the courage to do what she was passionate that was the example I had.”
In the WNBA Skylar Diggins & Candace Parker the only ones that aint *** The rest of them biches look like Javale McGee so they gotta b ***
Skylar Diggins is bringing her camp tour to Phoenix Feb.4, Saturday. Her camps sell out, so don't delay and...
Wowowow. Kind of really upset with myself for forgetting how fine Skylar Diggins is.
Ha! My only regret is too young for skylar diggins.
Whoever wife skylar diggins has to make sure ayam coming for my wife in the future.
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3-40 and would squeak out a win vs the Dallas Wings of the WNBA. Skylar Diggins would light up OKC for 30 πŸ˜‚
This could be entertaining... Gladstone's challenging Skylar Diggins. Will she accept?
Skylar diggins jermine grant jimmy buttler all the city i basically lived in my whole life the midwest
Maya Moore and Skylar Diggins could've pushed some shoes, not just PEs.
Proposals, finance, feve, and dallas_ an exclusive interview with skylar diggins - one foot down
*she πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Skylar Diggins got a mean euro too nah lol
Kyle Korver's defense is horrible. *** probably can't even guard Skylar Diggins..
Skylar Diggins rejecting Drake a kiss at the ESPYs sad.
Skylar diggins is one of the most beautiful women to ever exist
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she don't even look all that right there *** I might take Skylar Diggins over all of em
Have you ever heard of Skylar Diggins β€” Yes
Skylar Diggins Shoot 4 The Sky made it to Houston - Ashley Daniel 2019 -
I met my favorite wnba player Skylar Diggins, I couldn't participate in the camp because of my ACL surgery, I stil…
Last half was bad Odyssey Sims, this half is good Odyssey Sims with two quick 3-pointers & an absolute dime to Skylar Diggins. Wings down 7
Congrats to our winners! They've won a signed copy of 'The of !' πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
Was Skylar Diggins not good enough to make the women's Olympic team
umm...WHAT?! I understand Skylar Diggins not making it, but Candace? Smh politics
really wanna see moriah Jefferson play Skylar diggins for my birthday 😩😩
Shayne tryna tell me Skylar Diggins wouldn't cross him upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄
I'm still in love with Skylar Diggins
Why is Skylar Diggins not on the women's national team?
So why is Odessy Sims & Skylar Diggins not playing in the olympics
I thank god everyday for Skylar Diggins by
you so lucky if you get to meet Skylar Diggins😭 she so cold ona court !!!
NIKE ZOOM HYPERREV 2016 β€œSKYLAR DIGGINS” PE for only $79.99. Scattered sizes at Nike Factory in New Orleans, LA.
While visiting Treece gets to meet Skylar Diggins.
Sydney McLaughlin Is the Cutest Girl I've Ever seen In my life besides Skylar Diggins
Haven't forgot about Skylar diggins nudes..
I WILL go watch Skylar Diggins play before I graduate
The only females i know from the WNBA are That big *** brittney *** and Skylar Diggins only cause she bad af lmao
My homie always showing love to the ladies! Ode to Skylar Diggins!
English Gardner reminds me of skylar diggins
Skylar Diggins is so beautiful my god😍
If Skylar Diggins was on this team...aww man. Maya would bust her *** any day tho. Id bet money on it.
Skylar Diggins is so gorgeous it's ridiculous bruh
It's not fair that Skylar Diggins has Vic Mensa on her team
Skylar Diggins is straight thang , on me 😭
Skylar Diggins out here twerking on Wild'n Out πŸ™„
Why am I watching an episode of Wild n Out with guest Skylar Diggins? Why is this on television? Why do I seem unable to change the channel?
My Ex wife Skylar Diggins didn't even lemme know she was back in town 😑 πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Nothing compares to that night ya'll found Skylar Diggins. That was beyond shocking lol
Skylar diggins Hadda base . All of a sudden hurdles my fav .. Seymour... You win gold an my heart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Brianna Rollins has a little Skylar Diggins goin on in the looks department.
Skylar Diggins & I would be best friends if we knew each other. I love her so muchπŸ’ž
Skylar diggins gettin back in tha lab πŸ’―πŸ˜πŸ€
I just want someone to adore me the way Daniel Smith does Skylar Diggins
Skylar Diggins has a net worth of $400,000.00 so when we get married we'll have a combined net worth of $400,005.00 I…
Skylar Diggins highlights. great in college average almost 20 Pts at Notre Dame then ongoing star for
I only kno skylar diggins from these 4 so I guess her?
What, no Candace Parker or Skylar Diggins selected for the USA womens bball team. I'm feeling some type of way...
I'll play you for your Nike Skylar diggins headbands
Me when Skylar Diggins by Azealia Banks comes on
Skylar diggins can take all my sperm cells
It's weird for a girl to shoot her shot ? Cuz I'm about .2 seconds from being on my Skylar Diggins
Maya Moore and Skylar Diggins a better backcourt than Lowry and Demar if we're being honest
Skylar Diggins cuz I've never seen the twins hoop
These pointers will help keep your reflexes quick in & out of the office.
as along as your pay Skylar Diggins dust
I will forever have a crush on Skylar Diggins 😍
Looking forward to reading the latest in series w/ Matthew. Congrats
domain names
Why is Skylar Diggins still making flyers??
Still not convinced Skylar Diggins could give me buckets
Skylar Diggins and Candace Parker aren't on the USA Women's team πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Skylar Diggins and Daniel Smith are THE definition of relationship goals 😻
Layshia Clarendon misses, but Skylar Diggins called for an offensive foul. Then she makes it worse by drawing a technical foul
Congrats to grad Skylar Diggins and grad Daniel Smith on their engagement
"You can be a feminine woman and a beast on the court. You don't have to choose.". on Skylar Diggins:
Coach Fred Williams says Wings guard Skylar Diggins is still day-to-day and is not sure if she will play in the home opener tomorrow
Skylar Diggins and the art of crossover appeal
Former star Skylar Diggins and the art of crossover appeal
Skylar Diggins' knee feels as good as Wings' first season in Dallas approaches (Dallas Morning News)
Haven't really tuned into college basketball for the girls since Brittany Griner and Skylar Diggins tbh
the team would have to have Maya Moore, Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins, Brittany Griner, and Candace Parker.
I'll never forget that day. Tyra White's 3 over Skylar Diggins to finally put the game out of reach will forever be a fav memory
I don't think anyone understand my love for Skylar Diggins and Maya Moore
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Ty Lawson is signing a two year, three million dollar deal with the Tulsa Shock. He will reportedly back up Skylar Diggins at PG. via (Y!)
.continues to hit on Skylar Diggins via Instagram, which her boyfriend does not appreciate
Skylar Diggins: WNBA player. 2x winner of Nancy Lieberman Award for being the top point guard in the nation.
Me and some of my coworkers gonna get season tickets to the Dallas Wings just to see skylar digginsπŸ˜‚
have to mention the WNBA too...Swin Cash Erin Phillips Della Don is bad! And Skylar Diggins sheesh!
sleeping on WNBA Swin Cash, Della Don, Erin Phillips, and sheesh Skylar Diggins...
I love Skylar Diggins because she ball so hard):
What gives Skylar Diggins on the court? http…
1. riot 2. queen of clubs 3. big talk 4. skylar diggins 5. the big big beat 6. Used to being alone. 7. (still inprogress)…
lmao, Genie's on my female sports Mt. Rushmore with Skylar Diggins, Elena Delle Donne, and Meisha Tate
If you say Skylar Diggins over Maya Moore kill ya self .
Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez >>> Skylar Diggins. I still love Sykar tho.
Hope I see Skylar diggins under my tree when I open my presents tomorrow
β€œSkylar Diggins working on her shot after practice. grinding humbly and relentlessly…
Literally praying I get this skylar diggins jersey
Skylar diggins is such a natural beauty
Will Kobe Bryant's daughters be the next Skylar Diggins and Candace Parker?
My two basketball crushes are Skylar Diggins and Kayla Alvarez. NOT The Gonzo twinz
This Skylar Diggins episode of wild n out may just be the funniest lol
So there's this woman that goes to my church who looks exactly like Skylar Diggins😍
How about a lifetime movie about Skylar Diggins β€œRT if I should play BeyoncΓ© in her new movie.
Skylar Diggins really a fire ball player. Legitimately.
That's how I feel when people keep accidentally calling me Skylar Diggins πŸ™„
Skylar Diggins can get the fourth letter of the alphabet
I'll be at Dallas's first WNBA game cause Skylar Diggins 😍
Click out them feel my boobs for a little minute . Then go holla at skylar diggins
Skylar Diggins is the hottest female basketball player known to manπŸ˜πŸ‘…
This old wild 'n out show with skylar diggins tho😍
Skylar Diggins will forever be my dream girl πŸ”‘πŸ˜
So my wife Skylar Diggins was on Wild'N Out and I didn't know! How could I miss this episode. This one out of ALL episodes! ☺️
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Picture skylar diggins with longer hair, and green eyes... Yeah
I know y'all seen that episode of Wildn' Out when Skylar Diggins started twerking πŸ‘€
I like this episode of Wild'n out with skylar diggins
The original was skylar diggins then I whipped some of my photoshop skills on it πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Gilbert Arenas goes on sexist rant about the WNBA, remains a terrible human being.
I can name Skylar Diggins, Lisa Leslie, Rebecca Lobo, and Griner. I think two of them are already retired.
Brittney Griner isn't the one to come after Gilbert Arenas. Let Skylar Diggins or someone else do it.
*** who the city got playing for them, mya Moore Candace Parker Lisa Lesley skylar diggins and sue bird lol
9-year-old Mya Blake looks like the SECOND COMING of Skylar Diggins according to Whistle Sports. Surely she got...
Skylar Diggins you are one sexy basketball player. 😍😍😍
I will find Skylar Diggins and marry her on spot
Skylar Diggins was already ill but she finna shred after this rehab the got her on
S/o to Azura!! She going to the league and even Skylar diggins know it!
Skylar Diggins parents are so bool her dad a solid *** *** πŸ’―
Skylar Diggins look like a younger Traci Ellis Ross without the drop top wagon in the back
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Elena Della Donne, Skylar Diggins and Chiney Ogwumike ball out in Nike Basketball's new Women's Apparel Collection.
Their season is already in the Finals? Dang. Ever since Skylar Diggins got hurt my interest faded considerably.
Minnesota is my favorite but skylar diggins is my favorite player
you know how fine Candace Parker, Maya Moore and Skylar Diggins are??
Bihh if skylar diggins was at Dsu I would try too
Drake get's friend zoned by Skylar Diggins at the 2014 ESPY'S!
Yes, you ain't that ugly Skylar Diggins
Skylar Diggins is bae like for real, we been together for 2 years she just don't know it yet
plyrs Fantasy Dominance Now is coming at you live, right now. Check us out 1030-1130AM EST.
Breaks my heart that Skylar Diggins won't be in OK anymore πŸ’”
Oh and can't forget about Skylar Diggins 😩
Just incase you forgot, Skylar Diggins is still bae πŸ€
The ULTIMATE Skylar Diggins Highlight Tape . check this out! I always watch this 2 learn from u! ❀️
All relationships gon end once Skylar Diggins and her team come to Dallas lol
Madi just said Skylar Kierra Diggins is ugly πŸ˜’ like she really about to catch a jab
Who look better Maya Moore or skylar diggins
List of people I want to meet:. Barack Obama. Kobe Bryant. Julio Jones. Skylar Diggins. Jesus. My moms parents in heaven
Guess ima have to rock this Skylar Diggins jersey myself like Drizzy
how you're the next Skylar Diggins πŸ˜πŸ’•
Skylar Diggins hands down the coldest.
I'll let Skylar Diggins ride my face soon as she get off court lol
If she ain't Skylar Diggins bad then I don't Notre (know the) Dame πŸ™ˆ πŸ’―
But the fact that Skylar diggins bf is growing his hair out.. πŸ‘€
Skylar diggins official in Dallas now. 😍
Odyssey Sims, Skylar Diggins & Riquna Williams all on the same team. Strong backcourt. Shock are going to take the Dallas area by storm.πŸ’πŸ½πŸ€πŸ€
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