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Sky News is a 24-hour British and international satellite television news broadcaster with an emphasis on UK and international news stories.

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Probably a bit grinchy, but isn't Sky News supposed to be a news broadcaster, rather than social activist?
: 'STUPID and RECKLESS!' Sky News guest accuses Merkel of neglecting her own citizens . ANGELA MERKEL’S o…
ANGELA MERKEL’S open door refugee and migrant policy has been described as stupid and reckless by a Sky News gue...
Sky News said gunman could be supporter of "moderate rebels". Shooting an ambassador 5 times at point blank = moderate.
Sky plc - the owner of Sky News - has reached an agreement for takeover by 21st Century Fox
Just saw Seb Coe on Sky News surely these games MUST be boycotted!
'Not our country's values' Sky News guest ERUPTS in impassioned rant on 'offensive' burka
News Corp has bought Sky News, in case anyone was worried about the job security of Andrew Bolt, Chris Kenny, Peta Cred…
Sky News understands Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has privately told at least four EU ambassadors that he supports fre…
HJS Associate Director Douglas Murray on Farage-Trump Meeting with Sky News brilliant as usual…
Really proud of Niall, James and other players for appearing on Sky News for
Is the US still the leader of the free World? UCL's Kathy Burk on Sky News debate with Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
The Hoff wins top award at International Emmys - Sky News
Trying to wean my mother off Sky News and the Daily Mail by encouraging her to read the New York Times' Food and Cooking sections. 👍🏻
Mark Latham, Rowan Dean & Ross Cameron have a new show on Sky News. How can it possibly go wrong?
On Monday interviewed La Trobe Financial's CIO on Sky News. Watch it here
*** is this? Bizarre line of questioning from Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News. Kept it up for 2.5 minutes.
Sky News to launch new Sunday programme hosted by
.to go head-to-head with as Sky News rejigs Sunday morning line-up
Secret sketchbook is not Van Gogh, says museum - Sky News
Sky News looks inside an Islamic State prison in Hammam al-Alil near
Police investigation into Keith Vaz drug claims - Sky News
Presenter on Sky News just said that after Trump, Obama will be shooting hoops with NBA basketball team the Chicago Cubs.
Doesn't the Sky News election graphic look like the mutating Andromeda strain?
Danielle McLaughlin: -Coming up live from Times Square on Sky News as Times Square, New York City
crime, not if but when!! freezes thousands of bank cards over fraud fears - Sky News
wish we could have actual news after 8.30 rather than the awful Business show and Victoria Derbyshire. Having to go to Sky News
Politics in this country and majority of media are right wing, see: The Sun, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express, Times, Sky News etc.
Baroness Tonge quits Lib Dems after suspension - Sky News
🇬🇧 Britain's top banks eyeing relocation from UK amid growing fears over ramifications of leaving the EU (Sky News)
Casualties as bus crashes into railway bridge - Sky News
Sky News excelling in there reporting from kirkuk Stuat Ramsay is the modern day Kate Adie
Calais Jungle migrants rape young female translator at knifepoint hours after Sky News team is attacked
Too late. Adam Boulton at Sky News has already decided Hillary's won. So it must be true.
Yes, Atlantic will show the US Debate as covered by Sky News from 2am (ish) onwards. Then afterwards back to normal.
interesting, but everyone who has Sky Atlantic (great channel) will also have Sky News
Travis Perkins to axe 600 jobs and close dozens of branches - Sky News.
A Sky News team was attacked with rocks and a knife after filming some migrants and a suspected people smuggler
So sad⚡️ “Eamonn Holmes bids farewell to Sky News after 11 years on Sunrise” by
Watch: Eamonn Holmes was cut off as he signed out for the final time on Sky News
Eamonn Holmes cut off in his last moments presenting Sky News' flagship breakfast programme after 11 years as anchor https:/…
Eamonn Holmes cut off mid-sentence by Sky News as he says goodbye – video
Eamonn Holmes cut off mid-sentence during Sky News farewell: Departing anchor was being hugged by his co-pres...
(Mirror):Eamonn Holmes as he makes farewell speech after 11 years on Sky News..
Eamonn Holmes is cut off on live TV as he says goodbye to Sky News' breakfast show Sunrise
I've seen a lot of wild stuff on Sky News but this is right up there with the best of them
Does our Arch really want assisted suicide as reported on Sky News and the Daily Telegraph
If Diane Abbott as shadow home sec is confirmed May could waterboard a puppy live on Sky News and still win in 2020
Thriller songwriter Rod Temperton dies at 66 - Sky News:
Sky News understands Whitehall is working to a timetable that would see Article 50 triggered in mid-January.
I liked a video Peter Lloyd schools militant feminist Dawn Foster on Sky News
Paul Murray Live is coming to Bathurst next week, Thursday Oct 6th. If you can, contact Sky News on...
David Bernstein on Sky News says the FA didn't do enough to modernise. This is the same David Bernstein who was in a position to do so
Sky News very cleverly ensuring we stay up for the debate, while downloading Captain America: Civil War from Sky St…
In an alternate universe Ed Balls kept his seat and is occasionally on Sky News as "backbench MP and Corbyn critic". https…
Transgender soldier becomes first woman on frontline of British Army - Sky News
Rule 163 of the Highway Code does not state 1.5 m to overtake a cyclist, as reported on Sky News
Sky News presenter asks Emily Thornberry to name French foreign minister - they don't do it to corrupt politicians
via Lady Nugee accuses Sky News of sexism… for asking her to name French foreign minister by
Remember, it's perfectly possible for Sky News to be institutionally sexist AND for Emily Thornberry to be thick as min…
Emily Thornberry accuses Sky News presenter of sexism live on-air via Corbyn A Team strike again.   10% Off
Thornberry's car crash on is now the lead item on Sky News. Well done, Emily.
Emily Thornberry accuses Sky News presenter of sexism
Thornberry accuses Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan of 'sexism'.
F1 reportedly sold to Liberty Media of the US for $8 billion - Sky News. Significant deal for world's third most watched…
James Murdoch, in particular, is known to favor a model more like the Murdochs’ Sky News in Britain,
8am and Sky has an article about Bridget Jones. Turned on Sky News at 5:50 and the same article word for word by another reader. Slow day???
Fans react as Eamonn Holmes quits Sky News after 11 years: 'I have other dreams' Where are U going Eamonn? come bk
Eamonn Holmes is going to be saying goodbye to Sky News after 11 years since April 2005.
Eamonn Holmes to leave Sky News after 11 years
Eamonn Holmes quits Sky News, he'll be driving to Dundee in his bare feet this time next year. The Toblerone eating he…
Eamonn Holmes steps down from Sky News ending 11 years as breakfast host
'BREAKING NEWS' Eamonn Holmes QUITS Sky News after 11 years for surprising new role .
Eamonn Holmes is to step down as anchor of Sky News's Sunrise after 11 years presenting the breakfast show
Eamonn Holmes has announced his retirement from Sky News after 11 years
Very sad news- thoughts go to his family & team Swimmer Nick Thomas Dies Trying To Cross English Channel - Sky News htt…
Sky News predicts Deputy Chief Minister Peter Styles has lost the seat of Sanderson to Labor's Kate Worden.
Sky News. Jacquie Beltrao. 8.04am. "Tom Daley is holding a croissant in his left hand". Please return to your homes and rejoice.
Philip Hammond doing his best to boost the labour market - appoints a new SPAD from Sky News:
Sky News' Poppy Trowbridge to be chancellor's special adviser
"Go away!" Philip Green wasn't keen on answering questions about the collapse of BHS when Sky News tracked him down
Sir Philip Green reacted angrily to Sky News' attempts to question him about the collapse of BHS
Honoured to have shared the Sky News split screen with Maj-Gen today!
Anjem Choudary spoke exclusively to Sky News the night before he was convicted for supporting IS https:…
Great to see Simon Roberts, and all at local Sussex vineyard on Sky News.
Make sure you watch tonight's debate - live on Sky News with at 7PM
Southern railway strike suspended in after an aggrement to start fresh negotiations. - Sky News
Been watching a lot of Sky News lately but still waiting for you to anchor. Jeremy Thompson is on now. When are you on Sam? xx
Right, time to watch Ken Stott read the autocue on Sky News.
Do you have a problem with Hillary Clinton? Tune into a special programme from 9pm tonight on Sky News
you've missed nothing on Sky News, only James Whale with the Sunday papers. That man is stealing a living.
"A Pokemon has more of a chance of being Prime Minister than Jeremy Corbyn does" - a sentence just uttered on Sky News
The fella talking on Sky News about the events in Turkey tonight sounds like Uri Gellar.
Prince Harry takes test for HIV to encourage others to get checked
"Some love stories can change the world". The trailer is stunning. We smell Oscars!. https…
Shares at Japanese firm Nintendo have soared by 56% since the launch of
Wales have overtaken England in the latest FIFA world rankings after
Scotland's First Minister is courting City firms as looms
Foreign Secretary has been talking to who wants to see "more Britain abroad" post-Brexit
German TV news presenters chuckled as they announced the appointment of as Foreign Secretary
Dad of Poppi Worthington will not face any criminal charges
Zimbabwe deports Sky News journalists for illegal entry
Princess of New York Blake Lively just dressed as a cloud in the sky:
Why would financial firms move to the land of Neverendum?. Sturgeon Courts City Firms As Brexit Looms
Sky News proposes ending its business bulletins in cost-cutting effort (
British cyclist Chris Froome had to resort to running up a mountain after crashing into a motorcycle in
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hidden heavyweight hopes: Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder may rule but there ...
Zimbabwe deports Sky News journalists for illegal entry |
Jessica Herrin on Sky News discussing how 1/2 of working mums have a business idea
I sort of can't help but love this. Thank you “Sky News release off-air footage of Ken Clarke”.
Kenneth Clarke overheard talking to Malcolm Rifkind on Sky News: voting tactically for Stephen Crabb
Clearly no one in senior management at Sky News watches Paul Murray Live.
Why are Sky News interviewing a Greek Economist-ex jail bird Vicky Pryce? Oh I get it. She's a dyed in wool EUpean. Wants 2nd Ref to boot.
Sky News had the ex-lag Vicky Pryce on to review the papers yesterday. Surely they can find someone who isn't a crim
Time for the 'Toolman' to jump the shark and head over to Sky News. They're waiting with open arms for him.
Fifth story "Several bidders for Tata Steel's British operations tell Sky News a takeover is now unlikely" - that's the cost…
Kenneth Clarke talking a lot of sense on Sky News tonight.
Kenneth Clarke, former Home Sec, Chancellor etc, “only a lunatic would invest in Britain at the moment” Sky News
😂 Congratulations on graduating ! I wouldn't worry, they are at Sky News and BBC, MSM.. now John Pilger..👏
Sky News goes to a cricket match in Warwickshire and says they represent the country. I look at them and wonder where Moeen Ali is.
Sky News with an accurate graph of Tottenham Hotspur's 2015/16 Premier league season
Right up there with my absolute favourite Sky News, the channel run by muppets for muppets!!
BREAKING: David Cameron will stay on as UK Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary Hammond says - Sky News
John Barnes going on Sky News and burying occasional Tory clown and full-time animatronic Pob model, Michael Gove
Daily Telegraph newspaper is to back the Leave campaign, according to Sky News
Sunday Times' tells Sky News that our primary survey is a 'warning shot across the Govt's bows'.
Andy Palmer a very good auto exec but this is quite a surprise
Stargazers hope to catch first glimpse of Strawberry Moon on same day as summer solstice for almost 50 years
And now Nissan Takes Legal Action Against Vote Leave Lies. Seems have learnt nothing.
Orlando Attacker To 911: I Did The Shootings - Investigators work the scene following a mass shooting at the Pu...
Feature: BBC, uSwtich, Macmillan and Sky share social media engagement tips at
It's raining furniture! Astonishing video shows loungers hurled across the sky
Jo Cox Accused In Second Court Appearance: There is no application for bail as Thomas Mair makes his first cr...
CCTV footage shows scooter rider snatching mobile phone from man as he walks across a London street
'I have this promise' a "21st century Chamberlain" waving a piece of paper in the air
Looking forward to seeing the first solstice full moon in 50 years tonight .
This is what the gunman said to 911 during the massacre
Baroness Warsi talks to Sky News about her switch to the Remain campaign
Rare 'strawberry moon' glows on the summer solstice Monday - CNET: Look up in the sky Monday on the longe...
Police killed 11 suspected drug dealers over the weekend in the Philippines
EU DEBATE LIVE: Corbyn faces Sky News grilling from Faisal Islam days before Referendum
Tonight is the first full moon on a summer solstice since 1948. Expect Trump supporters to turn into werewolves
Horse Shot In Eye With Arrow In 'Wicked' Attack - what the *** is wrong with people 😠
This is Rachel Johnson from The Pledge Show on SKY News She says EU question is too BIG 4 u to vote on. Lefty *** https…
Happy everyone! Don't miss the first solstice in over 50 years!
Sky news June sarapong saying discusting that anyone trying to say some remain using mp death related to leave..another in denial.they are
BREAKING: Chesterfield sign Ched Evans on initial one-year contract.
Foreign Hooligans 'Want England Scalps': Sky News understands that England and Northern Ireland fans are bein...
007 Carmaker Says Brexit To Boost Exports: The boss of Aston Martin tells staff that Brexit would be good fo...
This will be cool! See the First Solstice Full Moon in More Than 50 Years - National Geographic
"There are many other factors that are contributing to this market" according to a new study
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Spent 20 minutes reconstructing what it might look like having sex with Adam Boulton from Sky News
David Speers on Sky News thinks Joyce is finished in New England.
Agree. Jim Middleton was a giant in ABC television news reporting. ABC's loss, Sky News gain.
Owen Jones walks out of Sky News interview after hosts downplay the homophobia in the Orlando hate crime
Owen Jones stormed off Sky News as presenters 'deflected' homophobia of Orlando shooting
Owen Jones just stormed off Sky News as presenters refused to admit Orlando shooting was homophobic
Owen Jones storms off Sky News paper review...
Owen Jones walking out of Sky News press preview because of ignorant comments from others. Completely justified.
Jackie Smith on Sky News spouting pro EU rubbish as usual thank goodness Ian Dale is there to bring much needed balance.
Malcolm Turnbull responds to Sky News "decree" for Brisbane debate with Bill Shorten.
Kay Burley on Sky News is the same: she thinks the show is all about her. . ...
Hi Beckie, I'm a producer on Sky News' Sunrise programme. I wondered if you cld follow so I can DM you? Many thanks, Laura
Updated - spokesman for Paul Gascoigne tells Sky News: "Paul is many things but he is 100% not a racist."
.talks to Sky News about the life of Muhammad Ali, in and out of the ring
Gove hits it out of the park tonight at Sky News debate. Hope beats fear. Let's believe in this country
condemned for 'by student during Sky News debate https:/…
condemned for 'by student during Sky News debate
EU referendum: David Cameron condemned for 'waffling' by student during Sky News debate. on
David Cameron comes under fire from English student in Sky News showdown
How did David Cameron cope with the Sky News audience... and Faisal Islam? John McTernan
All these off-mike audience members and poor organisation on Sky News shows how talented the team are week in week out.
EU referendum live - David Cameron grilled on Sky News - Rolling coverage of David Cameron being questioned on ...
Getting ready for Paul Murray Live on Sky News 9pm with Kennedy candidates including Bob Katter
Sky News interview with James Higgins on the VAT on energy debate: via
Sky News with James Higgins about the VAT on energy debate: via
The United Grand Lodge of England charity Lifelites was featured on Sky News recently, showcasing the assistive...
Sky News they're discussing who is to be head noodle. Credlin, Bolt, Kenny, Bishop.Later the origins of navel fluff
Hollywood has the walk of fame. Sky News has the walk of stain. Kenny,. Blot,. Credlin, . Bishop,. and many many more.
So Bishop joins Kenny, Blot, the Slob et al at Sky News! Fox News fair and balanced!
Pacific rim guy: Who wins most out of that David Feeney being interviewed on Sky News. -crayons are
To be clear. No suggestion Sky News did anything wrong with Feeney brief. But someone has acted unethically.
Jose Mourinho Signs As Man Utd Manager - Sky News..I'm loving it!!! Give me a burger! Av that
Why does invite people like Greg Sheridan on? He should be on Sky News with all the other nasty right-wing goons.
Sky News [26/5/16] - James Brokenshire vs IDS on new immigration figures.
Sky News apparently just had Arthur Sinodinos versus David Feeney ... all they needed was Richard "working farm" Di Natale
Odd. This wasn't the view of the UK press when Sky News was hounding Brenda Leyland to suicide for her views
Eamon Holmes complaining about "Big business" influence government policy on his crappy Sky News show.
Sky News host Sarah-Jane Mee was hoping to take it easy in Majorca: Sky News Sunrise presenter Sarah-Jane Mee...
Tony Abbott’s interview on Sky News has tongues wagging.
Sky News, what about Mr Nnamdi Kanu a British citizen detained in British-Nigeria since 14 October last year?
Sky News' political show with and Peter Reith is excellent, if you have Foxtel. Refreshing absence of talking points/spin
Jason Clare on Sky News points out that Liberals have not yet selected candidates for his seat, Bowen's, Burke's or Husic's.
hello there, it's rebecca williams from Sky News. Would you mind following me so that I can DM you? Thanks!
.on Sky News: "The Tories didn't win. should be careful of over-reaching herself." htt…
Labour politician was elected mayor of today, beating Conservatives' candidate ZacGoldsmith, Sky News reported.
Ken Livingstone re-joins Labour's anti-Semitism row and discusses Hitler on Sky News. .
that pic of Richard Di Natale that Sky News has makes him look like Steve Jobs!
Greg Duke and James Caan just described Gareth Bale as English! On The Pledge on Sky News. Don't let them get away with it! Ignorant gits.
BBC News channel coverage of Alberta fires about 2 second mention, then back to trivia. Sky News a proper report. Kay Burley rocks.
since the Sky News live broadcast (which I posted) you can see how mas0nic media have championed Bergoglio from the start!
Peter Beattie on Sky News - “If Clive Palmer is reelected I will walk down George St in Sydney in my underwear.”
Peter Whish-Wilson now on Sky News talking revenue raising, multinational tax reform.
Industry Minister (and SA MP) Christopher Pyne tells Sky News that all 12 will be build in Adelaide
Sky News have live updates regarding the death of Prince. . Latest: He's still dead.
how can this be justified after your Sky News article this morning Take action!
Sky News there, Clacton twinned with 3 European Towns , I'm twinned with Private Pyle
soon it'll be Sky News, CNN, Gary Linekar and Piers Morgan.
Hello Mr McCrory, it's Rebecca Williams from Sky News in London here - would you mind following me so I can DM you? Thank you!
Sky News is debating whether Thomas The Tank Engine is racist and if it has enough “multi-ethnic trains"
Sky News launching a debate show with James Caan and June Sarpong got me like
I do hope the In campaign keep pushing June Sarpong on to TV to make their case. First QT, now on Sky News, she is woeful.
Sky News - see Shorten as wimp. Delivery style like Rowling & Goff, like rehearsed. Bill, Bill & Phil. Nice but weak.
Bernard Jenkins great interview on Sky News. Explaining the views of Ian Duncan Smith. IDS a sincere and genuine politician.
Jane Mee. Loved the way you ripped George Osborne to bits with factual questions ! You should have Kay Burleys spot at Sky News :-)
Sky News: Sunday's National Newspaper Front Pages: Sky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the...
Alex Crawford, the Special Correspondent for Sky News, is without a doubt the bravest journalist on TV today.
Looks like this Sky News trailer for George Osborne's budget has been done by Boris Johnson's leadership team. https:/…
After being pretty awful against on Sky News, Laurie Penny went on to and was somehow worse
any idea when the filming by Sky News on Thurs 25th Feb at K'grve incl organ recital was actually aired?
Here's on Sky News talking about the i, 's latest acquisition:
Mr Hammond told Sky News: "I'm not going to get into a discussion about a private conversation between me and...
Sky News ~ Large fireball from Space crashes into Atlantic ~
Can someone at Sky News tell Anna Jones to slow down her frenetic, helter-skelter delivery.
I've heard Sky News are going live outside the Britannia Stadium to capture the reaction.
Hi Alison - would you be able to get in touch with me at Sky News? Regarding Harper Lee, thanks, Alex
Sky News understands a note from missing doctor Rose Polge has been found which mentions Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
sky news shows stuff that used to be in 18s when I was a kid!
Steve Coogan and are making the trip over to Coming soon! https:…
Martin Shkreli says he lost $15m in Bitcoins following scam involving new album
Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan head to Spain and Sky for the next series of The Trip
Australian police seizes £620m stash of meth hidden in glue bottles and gel bra inserts
These are the winners of last night's trophies
We need a Mayor who will campaign to stay in the EU. Zac Goldsmith is a threat to jobs and growth for Londoners
Two men charged with murder of business owner in his Birmingham warehouse
A 10-minute saliva test could revolutionise the diagnosis of cancer - in the UK within four years. | via .
Laser Pens. Blinding someone a mile in the sky with a laser pen? The pilot felt ill? Keeping a laser beam on a...
Adobe pulls update for one of its desktop programs after it randomly deleted important files
NHS England to spend an extra £1bn a year on mental health treatments by 2021
I'm not happy at all with VBA or my (RO) I would die before I see any benefits, good news, my PSA blood test went to the sky
Former Poundland Owner Joins Race For Reiss: Warburg Pincus is vying with Permira to buy a stake from the fash...
Kanye West Appeals To Mark Zuckerberg Over Debt. Yeh,you're the new Disney?!yeh, living in a bleeding fantasy world!
have sold out of tickets for Saturday's trip to Yeovil:
This is why it is dangerous to point a laser beam at a plane's cockpit
Catalina Sky Survey in the news as one of their discoveries gets ready to buzz by Earth next month. htt…
ISIS siege on Syrian city Deir Ezzor pushes food prices sky-high via
Is this guy for real? Kanye West Appeals To Mark Zuckerberg Over Debt
Burgled Shop Raises Money For Homeless Heroine Great Story - good luck to both
HSBC aren't going anywhere: They'll get away with more under Osborne than they would anywhere else in the world.. https:…
Kate McCann joins Stephen Fry and Bob Geldof in urging people to sign up to a service to help find missing children.
Homeless heroine prevents shop burglary, so store helps raise money for her to buy a caravan
A three-year-old boy died after being run over by his mother while she was learning to drive
Police work. You never know what will happen on your shift. Nanaimo UFO lights up the sky again
Police search for missing junior doctor Rose Polge, who works at Torbay Hospital in Torquay
Obama's plans to nominate new Supreme Court Justice causes Republican firestorm
Councils warned they face "severe penalties" if they boycott Israeli goods and services
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Really looking forward to seeing the results of LDN's collab with Sky on their kids content app -
Tough call, but we've made our selection! Here's the Football League Team of the Week >> http…
Six-year-old girl dies after being bitten by a brown snake in Australia
Nice to see you back on Sky News. Looking forward to Talk Radio!
I liked a video Milo Yiannopoulos SCHOOLS & OUTWITS TWO Feminists with Charm and Logic! - Sky News -
Market mayhem as FTSE 100 sinks to lowest close since July 2012 - all the latest on Ian King Live, 6.30 on Sky News
Fresh concerns for global economy on another torrid day for markets - Ian King Live, tonight 6.30 on Sky News
Afua Hirsch, an editor from Sky News, talks about the complexities of identity as a second generation immigrant...
Singing live on Sky News outside The Royal London Hospital and part of interview 😊
Kelly O'Dwyer talking to Sky News, all going good, till she channels Tony Abbott and harps on about inheriting Labor debt etc.
For those at home this morning catch Sky News at 0945 for an interview with Hon GP Capt Carol Vorderman ahead of the London service
Sky News: Lawrence Suspect Hunted Over Drugs Claim: Jamie Acourt, now wanted over an alleged…
What do the latest GDP figures tell us about the UK's economic health? on Sky News
Sky News: The Electoral Commission is in charge of making sure the EU referendum campaign is fair.
Hi there 5.42pm friends: there's a new News For *** Ep5 is about Blue Monday, and why Sky News can't be trusted. ht…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sky News, I have just watched Dermot Murnaghan, accuse a business owner about making a lot of money from asylum seekers.Bad T,V reporting?
"ANC women storm meeting and bare their bottoms in protest saw it on Sky News & front pg of Star?
Pamela Anderson causes pate stir in France - Sky News
“This is not a job for life,” he warned his colleagues during an interview on Sky News. Pht! Maybe not a job...
Sky News blooper just a few moments ago host said Nick Powell but sexy Anna Woolhouse did the sports bulletin
John Woodcock on Sky News discussing + You're not Gordon's advisor anymore, change YOUR politics or leave.
Sky News has been turned off now, in favour of vulnerable Dogs being scared by people dressed as Santa in a rescue home. HA…
Prime Minister David Cameron tells Sky News he is planning to spend an extra £280m on defences
I really want to punch the Daily Mail man who's on Sky News year in review. Anyone who thinks Thatcher and Tim Hunt are goo…
Steve Coogan could do worse now than turn on Sky News & get some Alan Partridge material by taking notes on Kay Burley.
"Sky News' Australia Day coverage is live from the Sussex Inlet jetty that now threatens mass civil unrest"
I just seen three little pigs discussing Christmas cards on Sky News!.
Sky News viewers are in for a treat on Christmas morning with a special Paul Murray Live program.Be a bit like Santa le…
Journalists on Sky News rejoicing Theresa May, "reforming" home secretary who "took on the police & won" will now take on fire fighters.
Sky News interviewing the new leader of DUP Arlene Foster. Why isn't VD featuring this in her gender-biased soap opera mag?
Dr. Davis is interviewed on Derryn Hinch on Sky News.
My Dad's got Sky News on. Eammon Holmes is a total *** My rage index is unduly high given Im on annual leave and it is 0815.
Next on Sky News: David Cameron says he's given up pig-f***king "relatively successfully", but had "odd one or two"
Owen Jones and The TPA discussing Bedroom Tax on Sky News - YouTube
" Sky News played trailer on prime time too, so 4 me not only as an actor but also as an Indian, that was such a …
Sky News (no less) political editor describes Oldham result as 'thumping victory' for Corbyn. 'Not even close.' Ain't that the truth...
Didn't know Sky News was trying to gain ground. Fair play.
Sky News has clueless Rebecca Wilson banging on about the then talks about Everton's win in the "Premier Cup".
Diane Abbott tells Sky News: "There is no question of de-selection based on how MPs voted tonight."
I can't see Sky News commissioning a new Comedy anytime soon mate.
The world's biggest film star Shah Rukh Khan tells Sky News he owes his success to UK fans
Dan Jarvis on Sky News: I will back airstrikes if the Government makes convincing case today (£)
Watch the moment a man pushes Sky News reporter and yells expletives  via
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