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Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic is a television channel owned by British Sky Broadcasting, which launched on 1 February 2011 on Sky in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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U might get it on catch up on sky. Sky Atlantic show it in the uk
elderly relative - at my age they have to be - and the PL/Netflix/Sky Atlantic thingy has passed them by, which is not a bad thing
New series of The Tunnel starts on Sky Atlantic next month! If you've not seen it yet, series 1&2 on Box Sets now. It's incredible
Love it! I could watch 20 back to back episodes of this show if I had the time keep them coming Sky Atlantic.
it was on Sky Atlantic over here which is the channel we have on cable for Game of Thrones, Curb Your e…
Too bad that 3rd Season starts also Friday...on SKY Atlantic
I don't disagree with that... but to use your same sort of analogy, Honduras and Costa Rica are qualifyin…
Reese Witherspoon: how she became Hollywood’s most powerful woman
"Riding off its record industry heritage, Virgin Atlantic had the simple vision of ‘entertainment in the sky’... Vi…
Living in Terror Under a Drone-Filled Sky in Yemen. By Vivian Salama, the Atlantic. 29 April 2013…
Branson sells majority stake in Virgin Atlantic in Air France-KLM deal
Sky series: Sunrise with crescent moon over the calm Atlantic, heading toward Bermuda from…
Like aside from iTunes being a pain I can't think of a helpful reason why they've done this. What do we have to do,…
Steak for breakfast? Get more dietary tips from with the full series available now:
Despite its innocent-sounding name, natural gas is a dirty and dangerous fossil fuel
You no longer offer a Sky Go monthly ticket? Saw it recommended in a few forums but can't find it. Pre…
The Atlantic: Don Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks during the 2016 election, the messages were turned over to congressiona…
Watching on Sky Atlantic? Alan Dale (Lloyd Alan Philips Jr) guested as Aaron Copley in Torchwood i…
Wait.. They broadcast it here on Sky Atlantic?
Just this minute finished watching in the UK on sky atlantic, February needs to hurry up!
awesome show I am from northern Ireland watch it every week can't its coming on in 5 mins on sky Atlantic
Because we are near the Continent of Europe does not mean we are ON it. We are an island people, and our connections ar…
You know Band of Brothers is back on Sky Atlantic...
New TV show on Sky Atlantic. Decent so far.
Sky Atlantic - 10:40pm tonight, same start time on NowTV
You can watch this on sky, sky Atlantic. I record them and have done for years. Yes i…
will you ever have Sky Atlantic? You would have so many new customers if you included!
I also watched the first episode of Babylon Berlin on Sky Atlantic. A noirish German Weimar era crime drama, based…
Watching it on Sky Atlantic. Very stylish and dramatic, though so many characters it becomes a tad confusing at times.
Aye! On another note, do you like Alan Partridge? If you do he's on Sky Atlantic at 9
Tim Roth stars in epic revenge thriller and the whole series is available to watch on demand now:…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sky full of stars✨ Boeing 767 more than 12000m above the Atlantic ✈️
Season 1 concludes at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Why it's worth catching up:
is playing on Sky Atlantic right now. From Clarke Peters (Det Lester Freamon) was Night Eagle…
Lensbury member Abigail Lawrie stars in Tin Star currently on Sky Atlantic
Tin Star on Sky Atlantic is highly recommended!
Have you watched Tin Star on Sky Atlantic? Good series featuring Tim Roth
Volvo & Sky Atlantic present the next two episodes of ‘Human Made Stories’ On Demand now.
It's all on demand with Sky Atlantic
Should have been live last night at 1AM on Sky Atlantic and avail now On Demand :)
will be shown again on Sky Atlantic from Friday 8th September at 9 pm. https:/…
Adrian Lester pulled double duty as director and star of Sky Atlantic's Riviera: "It was knackering!"
Julia Stiles and Adrian Lester star in clip from Sky Atlantic's Riviera via
Yup, and Babylon Berlin is on the way. Sky Atlantic east of the pond. Netflix in the USA and Canada.
Late again to the party, but: Olive Kitteridge, on Sky Atlantic is a stunner! With Frances McDormand & Peter Mullan,how could it fail?!
Sky Atlantic to stage training camp for Game of Thrones fans
The Trip to Spain is unmissable TV – shame so many of us will miss it now it's on Sky Atlantic
Anyone know how I watch Sky Atlantic if I only have useless virgin ?
Just seen an advert for The Trip coming to Sky Atlantic. Can't wait for that.
Big little lies is so good, love Sky Atlantic
Just watched Big Little Lies on Sky Atlantic. SO GOOD. Can't wait for the rest of the series.
Today is a day on Sky Atlantic, in Without A Trace : 1 ep. w/ Elisabeth Harnois (Shelley) & anoth. ep. w/ Daniela Alonso (Anna)
Will Virgin be getting Sky Atlantic in the future?
Benedict Cumberbatch will play his dream role of an outrageous playboy in Sky Atlantic's new TV series Melrose:. 😍. https:/…
it's a Sky Atlantic drama as well Alan.
9pm, Tuesday 10th January, Sky Atlantic and Wishful Drinking follows (Carries one woman show)
Sod christmas songs or harry potter on itv I think i will just watch a David Attenborough programme on Sky Atlantic
Adrian Lester to direct two episodes of Neil Jordan's Sky Atlantic drama RIVIERA, in which he also co-stars
How planes have changed their looks over the years:
When does The Young Pope start on Sky Atlantic, who does Jude Law play and what’s it about?
i know who i am. you're so high fly in the sky and i'm here, deep inside Atlantic Ocean seeing you silently with my best smile.
domain names
'The Night Of' on Sky Atlantic is well good only watched 1 episode yet.📺🎞🔦
Click on this link for more info about Now TV and Sky Atlantic Darren. ^LS
Amused by Guardianistas wanting boycott of paper they don't buy over but unwilling to give up their Sky Sports & Sky Atlantic.
Another great Sky Atlantic production 👍🏼 😂 Lovely to see on screen again!
American-based Sky Blues fan crosses Atlantic only to boycott game via
Sorrentino’s 2nd chpt. flies up airs the 1st episode tonight…
So what *was* the significance of that cat? Watch with Catch Up TV and try to work it out.…
It's saying "Available for 29 days" on here. Let us know if yours says something different. Thanks.
I have just watched the last episode of IN THE NIGHT OF sky Atlantic WOW x
The night of finalé on sky atlantic. Surely he's going down ..
Coventry City FC football fan living in America crosses Atlantic - only to boycott game.
Not kept up with Watch the finale now with Catch Up TV.
The end is just the beginning. Created by and starring watch now with Catch Up TV.
yeah sky Atlantic seem to have good show after good show these days
Volvo launches short film series on Sky Atlantic
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Wow westworld on sky atlantic is so sick
Sky Atlantic.The Night of. Sometimes you get sucked in by the music. Stylish thriller noir. Here goes another nite of insomnia.
Sky Atlantic :BillMahler: Trump is not an outliner.A better version will come along...Uh oh. Think about that. We need to talk about jobs.
Sometimes, the sky is the rainbow. A view to the Atlantic.
Just watching a US election programme on sky Atlantic, its horrifying and not just
Clips of Trump supporters on Sky Atlantic’s programme about the U.S. election. Monumentally dumb.
what would the night's sky look to a north Atlantic sailor
By the way - catch up on Divorce - new comedy by Sharon Horgan with Sarah Jessica-Parker. Half hour show Sky Atlantic
Sausage Empire. The unmissable new drama coming to Sky Atlantic in 2017.
It all ends tonight! The finale of starts 10pm on Sky Atlantic… who’s tuning in?! Xx
give Westwood a try it's new on sky Atlantic
We can't get enough of this polar bear —…
Moody evening sky as people wait to watch the firework display in honour of the Atlantic Sea.
The sky today in the atlantic ocean , the sun is always there just believe in your dreams
the last scientology movie was an HBO production and was delayed before eventually airing on Sky Atlantic as planned.
so so excited for the Young Pope, sky Atlantic just guarantees class
Hey Heads-Up...If you've Sky TV, 'Going Clear' is now available via Sky Atlantic & or catch-up for immediate viewing.
EXACTLY what a murderer-by-good-TV would say! We're on to you, The Sky Atlantic Channel...
He'll build a city in the sky! Look at how glam Atlantic City is with all he did there believe me (sniff)
it's on ch 4, CNN and Sky Atlantic tumshie
May rewatch Dexter, I caught an episode on sky Atlantic and was like oooh wanna re watch pls, thought they were gonna do a new season??
Yes, Atlantic will show the US Debate as covered by Sky News from 2am (ish) onwards. Then afterwards back to normal.
interesting, but everyone who has Sky Atlantic (great channel) will also have Sky News
Heads-up: That Joffrey death scene is on Sky Atlantic in a few moments.
Joffrey about to get his just desserts on sky Atlantic !
yeah simply cause it's 25 mins an ep and only 2 so far on sky Atlantic. It's bleak, realistic but funny. Gd cast
Really? I've just started watching The Night Of on Sky Atlantic
im watching got and sky atlantic . had the Audacity . to show twd trailer
I always get it when game of thrones is on cause virgin don't do sky Atlantic, thought it was pretty good!
not sure and I think it is on Sky Atlantic. So not coming soon to a house near you.
watch the Tunnel on sky Atlantic if you can...immense
season 2 now available on Sky Atlantic HD in or English.
yup only watching on sky atlantic every week. Need to watch this weeks. Good? How many u seen?
The 11 ways humans have died in the Westworld park
Millennials will recognise this as phase 1 of your parents trying to get you out of the gaff. Julian can expect his Sky Atl…
Fans of "The Rangers" boycotting Sky Atlantic as we speak.
Watching HBO special on sky Atlantic. If easily offended do not watch, or watch it then complain as per usual.
Sharon Horgan's Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, will air from Oct 11 on Sky Atlantic in the UK:
The Young Pope starring Jude Law. . Starting on Sky Atlantic on 27th October.
Jude Law stars in first trailer for new HBO / Sky Atlantic series The Young Pope
Just discovered Julia Davis' on Sky Atlantic - it's compelling
If you've got Sky Atlantic,switch to it now to watch British comedy "Camping" by Julia Davis. One of the funniest things I've seen in years.
If you have/have access to Sky Atlantic, Julia Davis's 'Camping' is on tonight from 10pm; all six episodes. Dark, brilliant, awkward comedy.
Sky Atlantic is re-showing all 6 episodes of brilliant Julia Davis comedy Camping tonight from 10pm, in case you missed it.
Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon joins Sky Atlantic's new thriller Riveria
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
They're streaming Sky Atlantic to the polling station down the linen on my street have to.
I think Laura likes Sky Atlantic, Sky1, I'll watch sports when City on if not at game. Disney Junior is very popular here
Just watched the The Fall: Decker v Budd by Daniel Gordon (who made the Hillsborough documentary) on Sky Atlantic. Really nicely handled.
Don't forget to tune in to Sky Atlantic tonight at 9pm for the premier of Daniel Gordon's new documentary 'The Fall'
The Fall is a brilliant documentary telling the story behind that Olympic race between Zola Budd & Mary Decker. It's on Sky Atlantic on Fri.
There is an excellent documentary on Sky Atlantic tonight: Blood Brother. About a US backpacker who ends up running an orphanage in India
Bryan Cranston in the White House! Here's my review of last night's HBO/Sky Atlantic drama
Game Of Thrones simulcasts on Sky Atlantic with HBO, and is available On Demand immediately after. So we DID have a chance to see
Final season of Banshee begins May 20th on Sky Atlantic. Rumour is they'll put the whole series on to On Demand. 👌
not got Sky Atlantic any more since moving over to Virgin mate. Like a bit of Paul Giamatti too!
NO don't tell me I'm on Virgin don't have Sky Atlantic 😱😖😢
English actor and musician Idris Elba will be starring in a new political drama for Sky Atlantic titled...
'Camping' continues tonight, 10pm, Sky Atlantic. You and Ian Astbury can also catch-up using Sky On Demand.
Sky Atlantic promotes with a snowy tribute; plus a word from Stephen Dillane htt…
Sky Atlantic's White Walker and a word from Stephen Dillane - He sounds like a big crankypants, like Stannis.
Just caught on some recorded stuff - Alan Partridge Mid Morning matters on Sky Atlantic is class - just saying 😄
World News (BRA) : Interstellar incident not reported as a large Fireball crashed at 41,000+ mph into the...
Sky News ~ Large fireball from Space crashes into Atlantic ~
what the *** is with all the adverts about death and cancer on Sky Atlantic !?
"Tonight on Sky Atlantic, 'Nailing your own Coffin, with Adam Johnson'
I bet the good ship Ellida would have seen this off if it had come near you
Fire in the Sky! Huge meteor explosion recorded over Atlantic by NASA - produced same force as atomic bomb: NA...
I'm fine but there's a giant object hurtling its way towards us at devastating velocity -Tell me about it
I don't have Sky Atlantic anymore...hopefully I can watch it at some point today.😩
Inside the artificial universe that creates itself • The Atlantic ➤
the talk of the town. Get down on it now to avoid any funny looks.
Deo Gratias!! :-) arriva in Italia dal 20 aprile su Sky Atlantic - via
It's a brilliant show. Best reason to have Sky Atlantic in my mind.
A morning revelation that we are on a living planet spinning through space...not science fiction. We are the...
This large fireball from space crashed into the Atlantic earlier this month
Update your maps at Navteq
Large fireball from space crashes into the Atlantic
Large Fireball From Space Crashes Into Atlantic: It is the largest incident of its type since 2013 when a fire...
Vinyl on Sky Atlantic is class and I recommend it to everyone in the world
The most entertaining TV show in the world right now is without doubt on HBO/Sky Atlantic are amazing 👏
Richard E. Grant's hotel secrets on Sky Atlantic - how quirky, mad, cool is the Negresco. Love Madame Augier!
Jake Humphrey and Owen Hargreaves look like they're about to drop the hottest new psychic cop drama on Sky Atlantic
Guys, Dominic Monaghan's American accent in 100 Code on Sky Atlantic isn't very good.
Working on a Sunday but lifted by favourite West Wing episode on Sky Atlantic (Dead Irish Writers). Amy Gardner...
By Lesley Goldberg Parminder Nagra, Robert Sheehan and Ken Stott have also boarded the Pivot/Sky Atlantic drama.
Nike Tyson the undisputed truth doc on Sky Atlantic really good watch
Last episode of series 2 of The Wire on Sky Atlantic. Poor Frank.
Season 2 of 'The Wire' on Sky Atlantic. Best season by far.
A series of documentaries on diamond heist gang, The Pink Panthers, to promote Sky Atlantic's Last Panthers drama:
sky Atlantic on Now T.V. you can get it if you have Sky. I just have a little box kids gave me.
sky atlantic ... :O can you get that? I may buy the boxed set after. Think you will like it.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
say nothing. We watch Mondays on Sky Atlantic to boost ratings.
I'm up to date with what they have shown on Sky Atlantic so far.
It's no longer available on demand due to licensing Adam. But look out later this month when Sky Atlantic re-show every ep
So much more to than beautiful landscape tho it has that in spades too
Live from the ISS as it whizzes across the southern Atlantic and the sun rises higher in the sky.
Morning all! It's monday, and we have the rest of the week to look forward to! Iris 'Atlantic Sky' :-)
Nothing more beautiful & powerful & calming than the ocean, sky and sand Ocean, Miami…
👀 at Sky Atlantic, who has yet to release The Tunnel 2: Debris trailer..
Sky Atlantic. Bloke out the Wire & her. Mom out of Liar Liar & Pacey from Dawson's Creek. American Summer holiday gone wrong.
Sooo gripped by the affair on sky Atlantic. One of the best I've seen in a while
7 shows to stream now before season 2 comes to Sky Atlantic in 2016. The Knick. Clive Owen.
it's on Sky Atlantic as well isn't it?
I've got two episodes to catch up on but first couple were really good. Most things on Sky Atlantic live up to hype
Sky Atlantic at 11:40pm showing all EIGHT episodes of the first series of 'Hunderby' in a row.
Forget the Sky Atlantic & US Version of 'The Bridge' is the best by far.Series 3 is great
Totally agree Ask anybody who watched 10 Billion last night on Sky Atlantic
Julia Davis IS BACK!! Series two of the brilliant 'Hunderby' is on Sky Atlantic on Thursday! 👍👌🍾 .
"The sun was a burning ball of jaded hope, staining the eastern sky over the Atlantic with its sweet orange lies."
Waiting for Sky Atlantic or God or somebody to release The Tunnel 2: Debris trailer..
All hail is back. Can't believe I almost missed the 1st episode of series5 on Sky Atlantic.
Catch the brilliant, lovely Ewan McGregor in Doll and Em tonight, Sky Atlantic 10 pm
Please watch final episode tonight Sky atlantic 10 pm
Good afternoon Megan Game of Thrones S1-5 will be repeating every day on Sky Atlantic HD from 19th ...
Watching a documentary on a feature sky Atlantic. It is a must watch programme. scary future.
I should be doing uni work. But sky Atlantic are showing the first 3 eps of S2 of the West Wing so nope
I should be doing stuff but there's wall to wall West Wing on Sky Atlantic...
Anna Friel and Pierre van Hooijdonk to star in Sky Atlantic remake of classic 80s sitcom 'Just Good Friends'.
'What kind of day has it been' on Sky Atlantic. If you know, you know...
The world premiere of on Sky Atlantic was brilliant. A real eye opener and worth watching
Former Virgin Atlantic airhostess reveals bizarre scenarios in the sky
Sky Atlantic are showing 10 Billion the book was excellent. Go watch it. .
Watching ten billion on sky Atlantic .. Oh its so scary ..supposed to be in bed!
I refer you to sky Atlantic to programme ten billion. Radical and immediate change is required ASAP
Why is some leftard on Sky Atlantic giving it the whole 'I must be right, I'm talking slowly in a dark suit' to brainwashed tofu munchers?
Climate change documentary starting now on Sky Atlantic +1 now. A look at where our planet is heading in the next 30 years.
Fascinating TV show pn now on Sky Atlantic 10 billion about climate change. Home truths,planet is heading for disaster,scary
Watching ten billion on sky Atlantic, looks like it's too late for this planet...
Everyone should watch on Sky Atlantic. It's frightening stuff. Well done humans 👏👏👏
Slightly ironic that the excellent/worrying 'Ten Billion' doc on Sky Atlantic is sponsored by Volvo?
Watching Professor Stephen Emmott's on Sky Atlantic and it's giving me serious anxiety 😳 Very fascinating but also very scary
Watching on Sky Atlantic, on a bit of delay, very interesting and a bit scary!
get ursel over to Sky Atlantic for Scary stuff. We're aw f**ked.
Gone to bed to watch on Sky Atlantic. Go watch and hear about the biggest experiment being run on earth- by us all. Now.
Get watching on Sky Atlantic right now.
hope you get a chance to see just started on Sky Atlantic. Maybe can hook you up, your bag deffo
Any other way to see this but on Sky Atlantic?. Not a UK/US citizen...
he was amazing in Sky Atlantic's Fortitude
you are pricing yourself out of the market so good luck. Even Freeview has Sky Atlantic available now.
Ten Billion is not a fun watch but it's a MUST watch. Fascinating, a grim warning that may make you change things. Sky Atla…
Looks like Blue Bloods S6 will be starting in the new year at some point. As soon as Sky Atlantic confirms a date, I shall let you all know.
Motorway in the sky will double Atlantic air traffic
Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge is reportedly returning for a second series of Mid Morning Matters on Sky Atlantic in February 2016.
Hey Hun, long time no hear! Hope you're good! Meem, did you see Jon Groff in Looking on Sky Atlantic? Xx
When will Blue Bloods series 6 be on Sky Atlantic.It's been gone too long
Full show is on Sky Atlantic, but blocking of online clips is still frustrating. Added suffering from withdrawal
When I turn 22, I want to rent a helicopter to Atlantic City,sky dive from it & slide down a building in a paint me like a french girl pose
Hi, how comes I can watch Sky Atlantic live but cannot download some programmes on catch up but some I can? Laura.
The Alan Partridge episode on Sky Atlantic right now is the best thing Steve Coogan has done don't @ me
There`s a training show for D.Js on Sky Atlantic at 9.
Fire in the sky at Florida Atlantic last night. 😍🔥
・・・. Surfing under threatening sky. by afpphoto
It's actually chilly outside, the sky is full of giant clouds and there's a weird drizzle-rain falling. Is this or Atlantic City?? 😕
Strong results from Sky this morning - especially broadband sign-ups and number watching Sky Atlantic:
pretty and clear night sky on the Atlantic coast tonight.
NASA icreates a colorful light show in the Eastern sky
Yep, that's exactly what happened to me too! Not to worry, Silicon Valley repeats on Sky Atlantic ;)
They're not very good at drama. Sky Atlantic do all the best drama now.
just saw an ad for the new series of The Affair on Sky Atlantic,starts 28th Oct but maybe you've watched it online already ; )
I think I will watch Aquarius on Sky Atlantic.Rangers game is deadly boring !
It's like Sopranos all over again :( You guys putting the next season on Sky Atlantic?
well done BT, please get the main PL contract. GOT on Sky Atlantic only reason for Sky
"Twas as clear as an azure sky of deepest summer from the moment dawn broke along Atlantic coast" would've made great headline
On the edge of a thunderstorm in the Atlantic! Dramatic sky
A hit Sky Atlantic Show are casting for a leading role of an 18 year old girl in the script (but are looking at...
Band of brothers on Sky Atlantic right now 😍😍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Did Atlantic Canada vote this way on purpose to make their regional map look like a lobster?
obviously fans of Sky Atlantic's The Brink. Fact stranger than fiction
here Marc see that £200 cloud ibox dreambox are all the channels HD like the sky sports channels/sky Atlantic etc
; Sky Atlantic to air controversial Scientology documentary on
the weather has no respect for astronomy. A clear sky and a celestial event is a rare beast in Atlantic Canada.
Blue-sky morning giving way to dark night for Conservatives in Atlantic Canada
This is what Atlantic Canada looks like right now.
Picture of the sky in Atlantic right now.
Ok ya beautiful listen up... Sky Atlantic Saturday 24th October at 9pm will show in htt…
Home from playing first league pool matches in six months. Won one, lost one. Louis CK show is on sky Atlantic.
The Last Panthers, with Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt, Starts 12th November on Sky Atlantic
i know you're probably going out, but there's Alex Gibney's 'Going Clear' on Sky Atlantic at 10pm, fyi
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