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Skull Island

Skull Island is a fictional island first appearing in the 1933 film King Kong and later appearing in its sequels, the two remakes, and any other King Kong-based media.

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watching Kong: Skull Island at Caribbean Cinemas Extreme - CXC Plaza Las Américas
Awww!! Let's watch The cute lil Kong! — watching Kong: Skull Island at Event Cinemas Queen Street
Meet your best shot at escaping Skull Island alive. is James Conrad in Get tickets: ht…
Kong: Skull Island has the best trailer I've seen so far this year.
I watched Harambe: Skull Island. That spider scene you were so worried about is like 2 mins long max. Very underwhelming
The Kong.Skull Island movies with my Grandparents and my Cousin Noah Stewart is AWESOME
This should be...BIG. 😉 — watching Kong: Skull Island at Queen Cinema 3 LLC
Just had an amazing surf n turf now going to watch Kong: Skull Island. Grabbing some quality time with my boo...
Peter Jackson's King Kong has so much action in it but they couldn't take 5 minutes to show us how they got Kong from Skull Island to NYC?
Seeing and Believing Episode 99: How to Talk to a Movie and Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island
Just saw Kong: Skull Island, which was totally awesome!
John C. Reilly was the best thing about King: Skull Island.
Lee worked as a concept artist on Pacific Rim and Skull Island, and is now involved with Godzilla: King of Monsters.
Kong Skull Island is the best King Kong movie
2017 King Kong roars back to the original 1933 beast in 'Skull Island': عبر
GO VISIT!Google adds Skull Island from King Kong to Maps and people are leaving TripAdvisor-style reviews
Kong: Skull Island is king of the UK box office - The Guardian (blog)
but Skull Island is underwhelming. Peter Jackson's King Kong is a class apart. His beast is poetry. The new one's just parody.
Meet Kong, the colossal gorilla king of Skull Island. 😅
Kong y sale Lumi Cavazos al final Shock (at for Kong: Skull Island in Mexico City, DF)
Really good movie! GO WATCH IT! — watching Kong: Skull Island at Cinemark at Antelope Valley Mall
Planning a Skull Island vacation? Bring along my new Feature, A Guide to the Monsters of Y…
I watched King Kong - Skull Island. Can't say it was great and the macho character being Tom Hiddleston didn't work. 2.5 out of 5
Kong: Skull Island smashes Vietnam’s box office of all time Spotlight: Sunday, March 12…
Kong: Skull Island is the worst version of King Kong. Including Dino De Laurentiis' remake.
King Kong is on Skull Island wreaking havoc. Will Ann Darrow save herself? Watch
Southern Cross railway station in Melbourne got some Kong: Skull Island promo going on! I need this for my backyard! Ki…
Kong: Skull Island is a fun popcorn flick. Awesome creature design and monster fights. Beautifully shot by the great Larry Fong.
Kong: Skull Island is now in theaters! Get $8 off your ticket by making select purchases on Vudu! All hail the King!
Don't Monkey Around with Kong: Skull Island: Is the giant ape working for the Viet Cong? Bless… |
Apparently JK Simmons was originally set down to play the Samuel L Jackson role in Kong: Skull Island. Iinteresting.
Been listening to a "classic rock" Spotify since Skull Island, hard not to. Man, Gimme Shelter is great, isn't it?
Gold classes. Compliments of Kylie Makinson — watching Kong: Skull Island at Village Cinemas Century City
Kong: Skull Island is in cinemas now and if you need to see it in 3D to appreciate the real magic of this movie.
'Kong: Skull Island' Review: Return of the Great Ape Is a Rumble in the Jungle -
Tom Hiddleston like a faintly camp sommelier who's blundered into the wrong movie: my review of Kong: Skull Island -
On my way to go see Kong: Skull Island like:
The post credit scene for Kong: Skull Island was 🔥🔥
Kong: Skull Island is as good a monster movie as I've ever seen. required viewing for any genre fan.
The critics are saying 'Kong: Skull Island' is the best movie about a giant monkey since 'The Green Mile'.
Here's what critics are saying about Kong: Skull Island 💀:
Kong: Skull Island was fantastic! Big action fun! It's why we go to the movies. Definitely stay after the credits. Chills!
Kong: Skull Island does a great job in this new marketplace imo. The title alone gives you (1) a fantastic beast, and (2)…
TOMORROW, fight to escape Skull Island. Get tickets:
Finna stuff 1.5 in a swisher and watch that new "Kong: Skull Island."
►GIF:Skull Island premiere goes up in flames.
Kong: Skull Island is awesome. Great Kong, great monsters, great John C. Reilly. Go see it. Big big ups to It's…
Skull Island in IMAX 3D was definitely an was such a beastly movie i cant wait to name our next dog Kong 🦍🐶
Kong: Skull Island was really entertaining. Still can't believe it's based on a true story. Be sure to stay after the cr…
I *hate* monkeys, so much, but I will still see Kong: Skull Island because I *love* Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson that much. ❤❤
📷 Tom Hiddleston in the Skull Island boneyard. Photo by Brie Larson via USA Today. The black and white...
Kong: Skull Island was fun! some problems & useless characters, but still a good time. on par w/ Godzilla. There IS…
Genius for the premier of Kong: Skull Island. Lesson: when you hit a road block, find another route:…
'Kong: Skull Island' revives iconic ape on screen. (The end of the road for Hollywood. No originality left at all.)
At Grand Premiere of Finally about to know, Why — watching Kong: Skull Island at Fun...
Skull Island is better than King Kong?. Yea but it doesn't have a scene where Andy Serkins' brain got sucked by a giant leech like bubble tea
The last of our interviews to celebrate the release of Kong: Skull Island is with the film's producer Alex Garcia -…
Exclusive: John C. Reilly on Kong: Skull Island, his diverse career & the success of Step Brothers. h…
Kong: Skull Island - producer Alex Garcia on Godzilla, monsters and more.
10. Kong: Skull Island - John C Reilly tries his best but they provide no reason for yet another remake. 🦍 🌴
Kong: Skull Island - Come for the smashy smashy, stay for the John C Reilly
Kong: Skull Island: B (it's as entertainingly stupid as I hoped; the entire cast is overqualified, but John C. Reilly is the MVP)
The best parts of Kong: Skull Island are John C. Reilly & Kong himself. It has great moments, but way too many characters and some poop CG.
What do I want to see most in Kong: Skull Island?. John C. Reilly's nut job character. And the monsters.
Goodies fans will love Skull Island: John C Reilly plays the Bill Oddie role, Sam Jackson is Graeme, Tom Hiddlestone is…
Super excited for Kong: Skull Island and it's not just because of Brie Larson (it's also because of John C. Reilly)
The setup for the Kong: Skull Island premiere in Mexico City is pretty sweet!
Congrats! You won 2 tickets to the premiere Kong: Skull Island at Deira City Centre! DM us your full name for details.
Logan, Skull Island, and Ghost In The Shell just in this month? Summer movie season came early this year
Me when I see people who clearly know nothing about Godzilla acting like they know about Godzilla in online Kong: S…
I liked a video Kong: Skull Island - Movie Review
I feel vindicated because I secretly thought the commercial looked great.
Want to visit the site where “Kong: Skull Island” was shot? These newly added tour is what you’ve been waiting for
I added a video to a playlist Kong: Skull Island - Rise of the King Trailer (2017)
[ • ] Tom Hiddleston at Kong: Skull Island premiere in London. ( via lozzarozzaturner Instagram ).
So for March we have Logan, Kong Skull Island, and Beauty and the Beast coming out. It's a month to be a movie fan.
[ • ] Tom Hiddleston attends the premiere of Kong: Skull Island in London on February 28, 2017. ( via torrilla weibo ) h…
[ • ] Tom Hiddleston attends the European premiere of Kong: Skull Island at the Cineworld Empire Leicester Square in Lon…
review: "Leagues better than Peter Jackson's bloated, three-hour Kong of 2005”
One of my issues with Godzilla is he was barely in the film. Kong: Skull Island doesn't have that problem.
Omg feels to watch Kong Skull Island but china :/
This is your chance to win the ultimate adventure with a trip to Vietnam! Enter here >>>…
it's cool that Skull Island is set in 1973 and the Making of Skull Island is set in 2009; both pretty strong period pieces
Kong Skull Island Movie Review | Interesting review - but idk if i could bare the dumb characters
Had a blast watching KONG: SKULL ISLAND. The visuals alone are worth the price of admission. Also Kong is the star. In…
The new King Kong movie 'Skull Island' is a crazy hot mess - Business Insider
Aww! Brie Larson was so amazed by the film's reception at the Kong: Skull Island European Premiere…
Kong: Skull Island review – only de-evolution can explain this zestless mashup
Tom Hiddleston was a happy chappy bringing Kong: Skull Island to London for the European Premiere:
Today's to-do list:. 4: Kong: Skull Island. 7:30: Beauty & the Beast. 10:45: Logan. 1:30: Take fresh kill back to forest & h…
Well, Kong: Skull Island is a great big heap of fun - a good old-fashioned monster movie with the best CGI I have seen…
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Get a look at some astounding original artwork from inspired by
Todd McCarthy does not give out reviews as positive as this to franchise flix very often
I think it's safe to say now that KONG: SKULL ISLAND is giant-monster-heaven. Absolute madness.
If Kong: Skull Island is a huge hit and makes famous, people will learn how to pronounce Vogt. Please go see Kong: Skull Island
Currently listening to Henry Jackman's Skull island score.
Excited to have reveal our 1st official piece by see his print & read more HERE https…
Free Advance Movie Screening of Kong: Skull Island (in Atlanta, GA via (Studio Code) -
Interview of Tom Hiddleston at the European Premiere of "Kong: Skull Island" Carpet Visit http…
I liked a video from Kong Skull Island Post Credits Scene Explained
I hope Kong Skull Island is good too
'King Kong: Skull Island' looks like a mash up remake of about three old movies.
Skull Island on Google Map with some reviews!...
'I did SAS training': says at Kong: Skull Island premiere
There is one moment in Kong: Skull Island with Tom Hiddleston and a katana and I lost my mind. Ugh I honestly really liked that movie.
Brie Larson spotted on set of Kong: Skull Island as day 2 of filming happens in Phu Yen. https:…
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...Speaking of tech awards, why aren't more ppl stoked for Kong: Skull Island? Peter Jackson's remake was the best Jurassic Park movie ever!
When you enter the theater to see Kong: Skull Island you are killed by an Anton Chigurh bolt thing & pushed into a vat of sulfuric acid
.unveils Kong: Skull Island exhibit around its movie launch
Next month is gonna be lit. Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island, Logan, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Jack, NFL free agency, and March Madness.
Warner Bros UK does full synopsis and reveals names and backstorys of all characters in Kong: Skull Island.
Skull Island would make a fantastic colonial marines addition.
The video game for Peter Jackson's King Kong was way better than you would expect - I hope Skull Island somehow manage…
2018: Every fav has a 'maybe Leni Riefenstahl is good' tshirt on. A few favs will resist, they will be sent to Skull Island
WB in 2017 is going to be awesome... Lego Batman. Kong: Skull Island. Wonder Woman. Dunkirk. Blade Runner 2049. Justice League
13. War for the Planet of the Apes. 14. "King" Kong : Skull Island . 15. American Made. 16. The Mummy. 17. Transformers : The Las…
This Week in Trailers: New Trailers from 'Kong: Skull Island' & 'Ghost in the ... -
John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bad Moon Rising as the trailer song? Definitely seeing Kong: Skull Island when it comes out.
Did you know that 'Skull Island' was Trending Topic on Thursday 18 for 22 hours in Thailand?
Check out new trailer of Kong: Skull Island
The latest trailer for Kong: Skull Island shows off a wonderful, monstrous world via
Kong: Skull Island: first trailer for Tom Hiddleston's epic monkey adventure – video
New Skull Island remake makes the inner prepubescent Khang Giddy with excitement. Looks like a lot of fun.
That new Kong Skull Island trailer is dope
Saw the Kong Skull Island trailer Brie Larson didn't say a word goes to show it's just another dude movie
New Kong: Skull Island trailer takes a weird tonal twist with Reilly. "Make it funny. People go see funny," the studio said. And it was so.
'Kong: Skull Island' trailer teases return of the king via
So, Kong, Skull Island is a period piece? Set in the sixties?
The new 'Kong: Skull Island' trailer looks incredible — and. it's setting up a showdown with Godzilla
Ep # 35 is now available for your listening pleasure! 1st image of was released. Enjoy! 👍🎥🎬🎞 h…
Watch the new trailer for the King Kong reboot 'Kong: Skull Island'
⚡️ “King Kong is running wild in the new Kong: Skull Island trailer”.
I liked a video from Kong: Skull Island Trailer Impressions
Did you see the trailer for Kong: Skull Island?? What do you think, would you see it??
Skull Island already looks 1000x better than Godzilla
Get a better look at 'Kong: Skull Island' in new trailer
I'm excited for Kong: Skull Island for obvious personal reason: It was shot mostly in Northern Vietnam. I could...
Kong: Skull Island looks great. For those who don't know, it's the predecessor movie to the King Kong vs Godzilla r…
I didn't *hate* the KONG: SKULL ISLAND trailer, but man, I did not find any of those jokes funny. Felt forced. But Kon…
I liked a video Kong: Skull Island: First Look at the New King Kong - IGN News
Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Kong: Skull Island is scripted by John Gatins and Max Borenstein. Legendary’s...
Was pretty on-board for Kong:Skull Island til it said "From the producers of Godzilla" then my face met my palm.
Who did the performance capture for Kong: Skull Island? (You say Andy Serkis, you lose a ***
Idk why John Goodman is the selling point of Kong: Skull Island for me, but hot *** Kind of wanna see it.
Skull Island looks good, but I've always had a problem with Kong movies in that he is a giant monkey.
.and I doing our own creepy-whisper cover of "Shock the Monkey" over the Kong: Skull Island trailer made it way better
I'm v. excited for Skull Island, but also it's hilarious to me that their big marketing angle is "the monkey's a lot bigger this time!"
Tom Hiddleston is so bewitching in Kong: Skull Island 😭😭😭
Comic con brought some nice trailers of movies to come. For instance new JL film & Kong: Skull Island!
Ok... I really want to see Skull Island now. Makes me pumped for the inevitable King Kong vs Godzilla!!!
Watch the Kong: Skull Island trailer right now:
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King Kong has awoken. Watch the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island here!
I watched Kong: Skull Island(2017) Trailer. First comment. Harambe's Revenge. oh god why have you forsaken us...
San Diego Comic-Con trailers: 'King Arthur,' 'Kong: Skull Island' and more.
Spotted you in the trailer for Kong: Skull Island. Looks great!
Brie Larson confirmed to play Captain Marvel; actress also appears in 'Kong: Skull Island' trailer by via Latest …
WATCH: Doctor Strange, King Arthur and Kong: Skull Island have all released wonderful trailers
Melissa could take down King Kong on Skull Island.
The Cast and the Director of Kong: Skull Island at today. (via lestudiophoto on IG)
Let's be honest Kong: Skull Island was the best trailer for comic-con
Ready for more fun than a barrel full of monkeys? Well, check out the official Kong: Skull Island trailer!...
A star-studded cast takes center stage in an action-packed trailer for Kong: Skull Island.
Comic-Con: Check Out the Trailer for Kong: Skull Island via Going to be a log wait, lol!
Justice League, Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange, Kong: Skull Island trailers, Spiderman art. Goodness ComicCon there's only so muc…
Watch the first trailer for Tom Hiddleston's Kong: Skull Island
Brie is amazing in Room, I guess gotta watch Kong: Skull Island for her after all
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The Kong: Skull Island trailer was pretty good too. I loved Peter Jackson's King Kong and this new movie looks like a good successor
At star on what attracted him to the King Kong universe.
I can see it now, after the events on Skull Island n her encounter with Kong, Brie Larson decides to join the Avengers for funsies
And now KONG:SKULL ISLAND has a trailer!: . .
Not gonna lie, I never realized until the Kong: Skull Island trailer how incredibly handsome Tom Hiddleston is.
(pours another drink, clicks play on the KONG: SKULL ISLAND trailer again)
And the winner so far is Kong Skull Island, just godamned did that trailor make me pumped.
Tons of movienews from Justice League, Kong: skull island and Brie Larson is Captain Marvel 😀😀
Love the color correction in Kong: Skull Island, too. Extremely vibrant, a lot like the 2014 Godzilla.
I liked a video from KONG: SKULL ISLAND - Official Comic-Con Trailer REACTION!!!
Kong: Skull Island looks promising. *** it's got Samuel L. Jackson.
The wonderful Kong: Skull Island cast. (via on IG)
Ngl I got chills watching the skull island trailer
sorry to say but until I see Homecoming or Guardians stuff, Skull Island won SDCC for me. Doctor Strange very close second.
Kong: Skull Island trailer released today at Watch here:.
This bevy of 'Kong: Skull Island' images showcase the gorgeously terrifying redo.
If this movie was all Sam Jackson & John Goodman, I'd be OK with that >> KONG : SKULL ISLAND Trailer
The new Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, is in Kong: Skull Island movie? . Extreme.
It's kinda fitting to mention Larson as Carol Danvers now since Kong: Skull Island's trailer was today.
.Oscar winner, star of Kong: Skull Island. But it's OK, we'll get off your lawn!
The first trailer for the mighty premiered at
Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson star in the first trailer for
I want to watch the Skull Island trailer but at the same time don't want to have the movie spoiled. Hard life I know.
Wasn't super into Skull Island, but that might be more because of everything else I've been watching today
mine either. I'll see how she does in Kong Skull Island. I haven't seen her in any action movies.
Watch Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson in the first trailer for
How did Kong become King? Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Samuel L. Jackson let us know.
King Kong is a love story. Kong: Skull Island is not. But I will watch it.
King Kong has never been as BIG as he is in the 1st Kong: Skull Island trailer!!.
Brie Larson & Tom Hiddleston star in first trailer for Kong: Skull Island
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Looks like a storm will be sweeping through Skull Island shortly ~
This cat knows when Skull Island is opening🙊🙊
Pacific Rim 2 gets a new writer, Godzilla 2 gets delayed and Kong: Skull Island offers first glimpse at the new…
Pacific Rim 2 gains a writer, Godzilla 2 gets delayed & Kong: Skull Island offers first look at the film's new...
Your first glimpse of the King Kong audio-animatronic from Universal's Skull Island ride https:/…
I liked a video from Gate and fog testing underway at Skull Island: Reign of Kong in
Things aren't as dramatic in real life. "Kong: Skull Island" set at Kualoa Ranch with fire & without.
The great Kong cover-up. Kong: Skull Island props at Kualoa Ranch waiting to be shown to the world next summer.
I've been watching Peter Jackson's King Kong for five days now. They've just reached Skull Island.
Skull Island seen from top of Camp Jurassic ~
Walter and his Skull Island creature on the reveal stage.
What faces look like when they don't know they'll get stranded on skull island. 🌴
So both Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins are going to be in Kong: Skull Island next year 💃🏿
KONG: SKULL ISLAND will be somewhat of a blood relative to '14!
Know people who worked on this and with this man on screen? *** YEAH!. via
I just left school went to my friends and. Jammed out to. Skull island then security came to the car and Told us…
Some very interesting news about Kong: SKULL ISLAND.
The Island on Channel 4. Why couldn't they strand this bunch of tossers on Skull Island, instead. ***
Re dig: People keep asking me if I'm afraid of the jungle. Um,it's come a long way from Skull Island, peeps!
Tom Hiddleston builds the hype for Kong: Skull Island
the crystal skull (I know it's a fake), Easter Island statue and the beautiful building of the museum.
I liked a video from H5 Skull island
Vietnam has wasted no time cashing in on the "Kong: Skull Island" fame... which is a year from everyone knowing. https…
Avalon Glorious seriously sounds like it can be for Skull Island or Pirate101 in general.
King Kong in Skull Island will act as somewhat of a blood-relative to Godzilla as Tom Hiddleston has...
Do plan taking a break after Skull Island or will you be starting a new project?
I added a video to a playlist Ray Volpe - Skull Island VIP
Tom Hiddleston: Kong Skull Island will be spectacular and epic
Ride vehicles for Skull Island: Reign of Kong will be king-size.
Kong Skull Island will be spectacular and epic
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
has he? I've only really noticed the light blue blazer/jacket he's worn during some of the Skull Island filming period
Check out the massive Kong vehicles you'll be boarding to Skull Island :.
Plot twist! Kong is a Koala in"Skull Island"! Thomas Mann & John Goodman doing the Australia thing. https…
John C. Reilly on the village set of "Kong: Skull Island" in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.
Ninh Binh Province throws goodbye party for the "Kong: Skull Island" crew last night. Jordan & Jason were there.
I’m pretty sure that Skull Island is a sequel to 's 'The Kings of Summer'
I will never understand how they transported King Kong from Skull Island to New York
to swing on to King Kong 'origins' film Skull Island :
Kong: Skull Island has arrived in viet nam
Kong: Skull Island cast spotted at airport on the move to Ninh Binh.
Goodbye Quang Binh. Now the cast of Skull Island moves to Ninh Binh for filming!.
waiting 4 my stunning n beautiful Vietnam in KONG: SKULL ISLAND - double check security, some have posted photos of ur scene
Will Skull Island be represented at ComicCon this year? Hope so!
I'm pretty worried about Skull Island now. because how can I trust the judgement of someone sporting a beard like that?...
Spoiler: Giant Monkey Poop is found. I say leave Skull Island where it is, lost.
Update your maps at Navteq
skull and crossbones. Speaking of fact: I love Treasure Island
Stunning lighting test on Skull Island tonight! ~
.enjoys the crowds as he films Kong: Skull Island in Vietnam!
Feel like I cracked my hip on the corner of my island in my kitchen, then I bashed my skull on the ceiling while sitting on a bunk bed!!!
Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson at the press conference of Kong: Skull Island.
The Vietnamese press is so on it that they even did a story on the film copter.
Can anyone answer this, Is Skull Island: Reign of Kong maintaining the time period of The 2005 Movie 1930's?
Complete set of KONG King of Skull Island with variants First Prints High grade!
Photos of on the set of 'Kong: Skull Island' in Quang Binh, Vietnam (Feb 23) -
Photos of at the Press Conference of 'Kong: Skull Island', Hanoi (February 21) -
Worker adjusting test lights on a cherry picker at Skull Island - Reign of Kong
Jordan Vogt-Roberts director of "Skull Island" confirms it's not connected to Jacksons Kong h…
Security is crazy tight on the "Skull Island" set. Supposedly there's a plane tail section. ht…
Oh yeah, I've been looking closer at the pics. That's definitely Tom Hiddleston on the set of "Kong: Skull Island" htt…
The cast of "Kong: Skull Island" has taken "Squad Goals" to another level. Longer video of them dabbin' in da club. ht…
hiddleboners: Video of the Australian Skull Island set.
Update! John Goodman and Brie Larson just showed up as well. Looks like the cast of Kong: Skull Island is here 🤓
I'm excited yet skeptical about Skull Island because Peter Jackson's King Kong is near flawless so they really shouldn't be doing a new one
Coming soon to Universal's Islands of Adventure: Skull Island looks awesome!
Jimmy is THE WORST in King Kong. Expanding the trek TO Skull Island is Jackson's worst decision in what could have been a masterpiece.
Ok but King Kong is one of those movies I can watch over again. I loved Peter Jackson's 2005 version. I can't even wait for Skull Island!
Jordan Vogt-Roberts share us a new image of Tom Hiddleston and the crew of Kong: Skull Island, gorgeous picture...
An 'extra' on set of Kong: Skull Island being filmed on South Stradbroke.
Aerial shots of the Kong: Skull Island sets being assembled at South Stradbroke Island and Mt Tamborine.
Latest King Kong movie, 'Kong: Skull Island', is being filmed on South Stradbroke.
📷 hiddleboners: For science. This is Erin Moriarty who was confirmed at the Skull Island wrap party…...
Watching the recent King Kong film & it's awesome. Skull Island reminds me of Australia. All bugs are way too big & want to kill you.
Stay tuned for the George Lucas prequels, in which Kong's ancestors establish residence on Skull Island.
Kong: Skull Island in 2017 and 2 in 2018. Godzilla Vs Kong 2020. and
A Skull Island update perhaps? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
I liked a video Islands of Adventure Incredible Hulk and Skull Island:Reign of Kong Construction
On his way back to home in the U.K. from all done filming Skull Island ;) C-
Brie & Jordan on the Hotel Saigon set of "Skull Island".
Ohh awesome, going to be in the Skull Island movie!! One to look out for 😊
Gold Coast Australia in January then Vietnam. Here's an article about it.
"Kong: Skull Island" wraps Oahu Friday for Christmas break. Then heads to Australia middle/end of January, then to Vie…
From the interviews etc. available online it appears the plot Skull Island is a carbon copy (cont)
I liked a video from Skull Island Cocktail - Tipsy Bartender
My biggest regret when came out in 2005, that I didn't buy the toy or Skull Island companion book. I thought I was too old.
Skull Island, lol. Getting member today though so I'll probably be 100% maxed+geared by mid-January
One thing about Kualoa on a day like today, waterfalls everywhere. It's awesome with a very Skull Island feel. https:/…
After some much deserved rest the fog rolls back into Skull Island tomorrow. Now it's a sprint to Christmas break. htt…
Some cool Skull Island fan art that's got me hoping we see in the middle of some crazy monster brawls. htt…
When you're ATV'ing through Ka'a'awa Valley & "Kong: Skull Island" is filming just behind the trees. htt…
"Kong: Skull Island" happening now at the Hawaiian Flour Mill Pier 22.
Little Giant Ladders
Things are going to get formal tonight on the set of "Kong: Skull Island" filming at the Hawaii State Art Museum. http…
John Goodman, 12/14/15, at his hotel, while here on Oahu filming "Kong: Skull Island."
Nothing too Earth shattering. Few pics of the "Skull Island" setup around the pond at Kualoa. Got some greenscreen! ht…
Skull Island is officially a deserted Island. Kong is gone. Only folks here are packing up the offices & equipment.
Worth the wait, looking 4ward to Skull Island: to open in 2016
The Skull Island gates of self restraint hold back King Kong and your inner child from living the good life.
Survived an encounter with King Kong on Skull Island. @ Universal…
📷 larygo: Some photos from the wrap party? of Skull Island (x, x, x, x)
Finally beat Island Hopping in Pathfinder ACG Skull & Shackles with Seltiyel and Lem. Lem's deck was built for finesse so he rocked.
Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Welcome to Annex Comics and Newport, Skull Island!
Universal bringing Jurassic World co-writer Derek Connolly in to do some script revision work on Kong: Skull Island! h…
Skull Island wrap party Tom Hiddleston is my current sexual orientation.
📷 hiddleboners: His infamous leather jacket made an appearance at the Skull Island wrap party too.
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