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Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless (born John Bayless II on December 4, 1951) is a sports journalist and television personality.

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I liked a video Worst Skip Bayless Moments and Predictions PART 9
hey is that skip Bayless next to you today?
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe make me wanna blow my brains out
I liked a video Skip Bayless reacts to Ezekiel Elliott suspension | UNDISPUTED
I will never forget when Jalen Rose roasted Skip Bayless.
I think you are the new Skip Bayless. 🙄
Really it's an old trade perfected by Skip Bayless. You are trying to be deep by picking against con…
Rapaport knowledge of MMA on par with Skip Bayless.
Your account get hacked by Skip Bayless?
The only people whose opinion I care less about are Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.
Love that you do this. I hate Skip Bayless. His takes are ridiculous.
No bench? My god you're like the skip Bayless of college hoops.
Bro skip Bayless and Cris Carter got into a argument on First Take and Skip said How many rings do you have 😂😂😂
I don’t know why you follow that turd. He started here in Nashville and is just trying to be another Skip Bayless
That's fair I respect that opinion as bball fan! Skip Bayless is just ridiculous with his bashing…
Skip Bayless is a hateful little man.
This is how i imagine skip bayless along with every other bronsexual
Tucker Carlson is the Skip Bayless of the actual news.
The pettiest thing LeBron has ever done is his refusal to acknowledge Skip Bayless. You know it eats Skip alive. He's so mad
I love that Skip Bayless has stayed of criticizing LeBron for the dumbest things.
Most days I would love to throat punch Skip Bayless👊
This Steve Simmons-Phil Kessel hot dog thing has become legendary like the Skip Bayless high school basketball hero story.
Ladies and gentleman who does Skip Bayless hates the most Lebron James or Aaron Rodgers?
In the last 72 hours ive agreed with Senators Rubio and Cruz, and now Skip Bayless. Weird times, weird weird times
Skip Bayless said Aaron Rodgers didn't do "Very Much" in the playoff game vs DAL... lmao some people
Skip how about you skipping work forever for your comments made here!
LeBron strikes again. Someone has to stop that egomaniac and that mans name is Skip Bayless aka Th…
Is there a statue somewhere of Skip Bayless we could tear down? Because that would be productive.
List of some of the people I would die to meet: Ernie Johnson Jr., Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Chris Broussard, Bill Simmons, Cari Champion
Shannon: is Colin Kaepernick better than Ryan Mallett?. Ray Lewis: . Skip Bayless: is Ryan mallet better than Kaep…
Skip Bayless' "analysis" of Spieth's British Open performance is a Hall-of-Fame worthy hot take via
Breast Cancer Awareness
I imagine *** is like having to sit at a table while Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless are talking sports
I would rather read a second-by-second analysis of the Zapruder film by Skip Bayless
Fox Sports is going to try to leash Skip Bayless
ESPN has agreed to trade Woj and Brian Windhorst to Fox Sports for Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, and Nick Wright.
Colin Cowherd to Russell Westbrook is like Skip Bayless to Lebron James. Hate blinds you from the truth!
Not interested in a network that pimps Cowherd, Whitlock, Skip Bayless and Joel Klatt. ESPN *** but so does everyone else, sadly.
9:15 -- Skip Bayless: Rickie Fowler struggles to compete because he's too short . 10:15 --
Mac Engel is the world's worst Skip Bayless cosplayer
I think Carrie Underwood is going to replace Skip Bayless, maybe even Jonathan Coachman with this analysis career 😂
Jason Whitlock and sage steele for Max kellerman and Skip Bayless and a restricted 3rd round pick
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless react to Tiger Woods' shocking arrest | Fox Sports
Sielski and Murphy, especially, try to imitate Skip Bayless. They spew negativity.
Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and every Pro Jordan sport analysts are whack! Slurp Jordan but won't talk about the "Expansion era".
Why listen to Skip Bayless or Nick Wright or Stephen A when they never hooped. Rather take the opinion of Charles or Kenny or Shaq.
A live look at Skip Bayless running to work tomorrow to write up his take on Lebron James & The Cavs . Cavs in 5
Skip Bayless thought Johnny Manziel would be a hall of fame quarterback
Skip Bayless: Will Dana White cave in to Floyd Mayweather’s demands?
Skip Bayless: "Johnny Football will one day be bigger in Cleveland than his buddy LeBron ever was.". Me:
I liked a video Fallout from Jalen Rose comments to Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless reacts to Spurs\' huge OT win over Rockets in Game 5 | UNDISPUTED. (SPEEDonFOX)
Shannon Sharpe & Skip Bayless is a better show than Stephen A Smith & Max Kellerman
I love Shannon Sharpe but hate listening 2 Skip Bayless, I can't listen to Stephen A Smith cause he screams 2 much it's hard understanding
or let Steven Smith patronize you again I'm going back to Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe
Skip Bayless makes the case for Kawhi Leonard over LeBron as the NBA\'s best overall player. (SPEEDonFOX)
Sports reporting went from the eloquence of Frank Deford to egotistical morons Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Progress?
Nick Wright is worse than Skip Bayless. Skip hates on LeBron. Wright hates on players not named Lebron James.
Chris Fedor is the Skip Bayless that isn't in national TV yet
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Tom Brady’s decision to skip visit.
Harold Reynolds is almost Skip Bayless level of just spouting nonsense. There's just less shouting
On Dec. 7 the Skip Bayless-led Undisputed drew 99,000 viewers. On same day in same TV window, Team Umizoomi on Nickelod…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Inside the NFL 2 on Sho Extreme. Now with Phil Simms, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless debate Adrian Peterson's fit with the Patriots
Chael Sonnen adds nothing on commentary. Skip Bayless level of genuine insight with little to no preparation.
Charles Barkley said he'd love to kill Skip Bayless on TV
many of us who watched his boxing coverage can relate! Lol Charles Barkley dreams of killing Skip Bayless via
"If i had a terminal illness, id beat skip bayless to death on live tv
"I just want to get Skip Bayless in a room one time and beat him like a dog."
I'm trying to be worse than skip bayless and Lavar Ball💀💀💀
I'm getting promoted ads for Whitlock and Skip Bayless. What in the *** did I do to deserve this?
I thought me and you were difficult to argue with until I met that Foley kid. He's skip bayless. Argues on emotions
I love Sir Charles Charles Barkley dreams of killing Skip Bayless via
Charles Barkley says dying wish would be to kill Skip Bayless on live TV
Charles Barkley says if he was dying he would kill fellow talking head Skip Bayless
If Charles Barkley murdered Skip Bayless on live TV do you think you could find a jury of 12 to convict him?
UPI Latest News: Charles Barkley says he wants to 'kill' Skip Bayless, 'beat him like a dog'
Skip Bayless explains why the Saints might actually consider signing Johnny Manziel
Charles Barkley says he would kill Skip Bayless on live TV
I'll take Lavar and Skip Bayless 2-on-1. One averaged 2 points and the other averaged 1.4 that's laughable. Both had fa…
I'd pay so much money to watch Steven A. Smith, Lavar Ball, and Skip Bayless argue about something
Charles Barkley: My dying wish is to kill Skip Bayless on national TV
Charles Barkley says if he were dying, he'd kill Skip Bayless on live TV
Charles Barkley says that if he ever has a terminal illness he wants to beat Skip Bayless to death on live TV:
Best response is "this article makes Skip Bayless look like Walter Cronkite"
Am I the only one who thinks Mark Few looks like a slightly younger Skip Bayless?
Whether we're talking about Skip or Rick, it's always worth remembering that Skip Bayless isn't a name, it's a recommendation.
Is Rob Parker saving Skip Bayless' show or nah?
Lavar Ball is the Skip Bayless of dads
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Dan Le Batard, Ron Jaworski, Colin Cowherd, Chris Berman. These are the guys that make me despise ESPN.
Nick A. Robinson is to Stephen A. as Griffin is to the nice version of Skip Bayless
My offer to pay me $1 for a year’s worth of shows, but if I outrate Skip Bayless you pay me $6 million per year. I’d…
Okay who's going to tell Skip Bayless that there are other athletes besides Tim Tebow
Skip Bayless: Lebron James can make no excuses if the Cavaliers don’t win the title via
Alexi Lalas is more endearing then Skip Bayless, but still drops the Bayless hot takes.
Skip Bayless' take on Bill Belichick is beyond sad via
Skip Bayless on Bill Belichick: I don’t think he’s a great coach
Is Alexi Lalas the Skip Bayless of soccer? Idk who a solid comparison would be.
The Stephan A Smith and Skip Bayless of comics lol
Dan Dakich is the homeless version of Skip Bayless.
Heck even less talent the brand helps. How else do you explain rise of Stephen A, Katie Nolan, Skip Bayless? Low talent.
sports talk all time annoying list:. Skip Bayless. Joy Taylor. Max Kellermam. cari Champion... the list can grow
Skip Bayless videos pop up on the sports page. Journalism really is dead.
Greg McElroy on the SEC Network is making Skip Bayless look like Aristotle.
Cris Carter is trying to get Skip Bayless to deal with reality regarding Tom Brady and losing his battle - hardasses aren't good with
Shannon Sharpe and Cris Carter going at Skip Bayless neck is the best thing ever lol
The thing is, only Skip Bayless would compare a quarterback to a wide receiver
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Sometimes...I just wanna lock Skip Bayless in a cell with Aaron Hernandez, Orenthal, Ray Lewis, Darren Sharper, Mark Chmura and Rae Carruth
A show with Skip Bayless just yelling while Rick Bayless makes Mexican food would be entertaining.
"Lebron James does not have the clutch gene like Jordan! Period!" -Skip Bayless
Tonight at 11, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith join to tell us why Duke loses to Miami if Coach K is on the bench. And Grayson Allen.
Chris Russo is the Stephen A Smith / Skip Bayless of baseball, only even less interesting and more annoying.
Undisputed on FS1 could be such a good show. Shannon Sharpe is incredible. Skip Bayless...not so much
Skip Bayless: Jerry Jones is blinded by his pride. . via
I make this promise: if Lebron James skips a White House visit, I will watch Skip Bayless' new show for the first time that day
Skip Bayless hates Lebron James.never seen a man hate insult Lebron so much. Called it a flagrant flop.
In 2017 Skip Bayless is still trying discredit the talents of Aaron Rodgers & Lebron James. That's equivalent to a…
Colin Cowherd is like Lebron James and Skip Bayless is like a bench player on the 76ers
Skip Bayless' ability to be wrong defies statistics
Skip Bayless is so salty this morning a marine ecosystem can sustain life inside of him
I can't believe people actually care about what Skip Bayless has to say
I want to hear skip bayless suck the cowboys *** now
Skip Bayless’ 9 biggest beefs with the Dallas Cowboys’ loss via
I'm getting ready to what our favorite Skip *** Bayless. Can't wait to hear what he says about the Baaad Man.
Skip Bayless made a pretty big mistake. Considering he doesn't think Aaron Rodgers is "that great", he compared him to…
Skip Bayless is a Sagittarius??? I knew the personality was familiar from somewhere
"Maybe the Cowboys were just too good for their own good." -Skip Bayless
you should start an epic Skip Bayless photoshop contest
Skip Bayless is an incompetent moron.
I could smoke crack and be more sensible than Skip Bayless. How the *** does this man have a job?
Amazing what Skip Bayless will do/say to TRY and get ratings on a failing FS1/UFC network.
worst replacement they could of ever found for Skip Bayless
I feel like people forget Skip Bayless is paid to troll everyone.
find Skip Bayless a safe Zone and a puppy dog and a lollipop and a therapist
One of the best parts about the Cowboys loss is that Skip Bayless will be made fun of even more than usual.
Skip Bayless keeps on whining and whining and whining and whining
If GS beat the Cavs today watch how Skip Bayless & ppl on ESPN get to saying Curry better than Lebron based off 1 REG game...
Skip Bayless making so many excuses 😂😂😂 so beautiful.
holy crap this guy is like if Skip Bayless and Trump had a child.
Skip Bayless is honestly a genius. The man is absolutely the worst and all he does is say outrageous things that make everyone overreact
It's mornings like these on First Take where we need to see Stephen A Smith go at it against Skip Bayless
Remember the rule: If you now agree to something Skip Bayless said you open the 7th gate to ***
If you ever feel stupid just remember Skip Bayless said Dak outplayed Rodgers last night.
Reminder that it's 2017 and there are people who think "Yes, let's pay Skip Bayless for his opinion."
Skip Bayless’ refusal to give Aaron Rodgers any credit has become a sad, tired act | For The Win v…
Skip Bayless' 9 biggest beefs with the Dallas Cowboys' loss -
Skip Bayless was that kid who'd get up and kick the board game when he realized he was about to lose. Take the L, Skippy. Aaron Rodgers MVP
Skip Bayless just said that Dak Prescott could've made the throw that A-Rod made in the end of the game...I'm sleep man LMFA…
It bothers me that Skip Bayless gets paid millions a year to produce some of the most incorrect sports takes known to…
Oh god, turned on FS1 to watch vs butler pregame and Skip Bayless was on I nearly broke my remote changing the channel
FOXSports ".RealSkipBayless' 9 biggest beefs with the loss. undisputed
who didnt wake up LMFAO at Dallas today and their excuse making fans like Skip Bayless? *** near soiled myself first thing laughing so hard
Skip Bayless was so mad the Packers won he punched the wall. The evidence:
Stephen A!! Will you please tell Skip Hateless, I mean, Skip Bayless to shove it!! He's a hater!!
Zeke Elliot gets a 3 yard run on first down. Skip Bayless:
Skip Bayless: this may be a stretch,,,but i gotta go w/ my Pats vs. my Cowboys for the Super Bowl. **receives Arthur Ashe…
PSA: Never watch Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Michael Rapaport talk UFC or MMA.
Lmao clam chowder chomping *** freaking out over something Skip Bayless says.
I can't fathom a world where anyone actually likes and wants to watch Skip Bayless
In need of a Skip Bayless at ESPN, Mike Greenberg volunteers.
Mike Greenberg just went full Skip Bayless. You never go full Skip Bayless.
Jason Whitlock makes Skip Bayless look like the 2nd coming of Walter Cronkite.
I didn't know that the guy who owns Frontera Grill is Skip Bayless brother. Thought it was just a coincidence.
Jeff Goodman has always been an *** He's almost as bad as Skip Bayless.
Skip Bayless thinks the Packers shouldn't be allowed to do the Lambeau leap. Why is this *** allowed to voice his opi…
Former TE owns Skip Bayless, explains why Harry Douglas block was dirty:
Skip Bayless vs Troy Aikman in a steel cage match.
The moment I saw Richard Sherman drag Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take was the moment I realized he was a legendary shade…
Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smoth both still have their jobs and First Take not canceled yet so working for sports n…
Skip Bayless know the biggest Cowboy honk on the planet... sayin' Dallas -7 WON'T COVER at home v
Skip Bayless was saying McGregor would smack Mayweather, trippin
Skip Bayless really said on national tv that Conor has been fighting boxers...can we just put these Conor/Floyd talks to bed? It's a circus.
that's my reaction everytime Skip Bayless talks period
Imagine how good Dakich's Skip Bayless impression would be if there wasn't a salary cap
My reaction every single time Steven A Smith or Skip Bayless talk about MMA.
This is so much worse than any Skip Bayless take about LeBron
Guys like Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless Stephen A Smith, etc. are now beginning to acknowledge the sport and cover it regularly
Like I'm legit getting paid to sit at a desk and watch skip bayless
Doesn't this seem like a Skip Bayless argument?
Dan Dakich is like the blue-collar, hillbilly version of Skip Bayless
I also hope goes all skip Bayless on us so I can say I remember when that guy showed up at my house with four loko
Skip bayless is a complete buffoon. Completely clueless
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Now there's a fight that'd make Skip Bayless explode. Literally, one would hope.
Watching First Take for the first time since Skip Bayless left, and it is so bad 😂😂😂
never have and never will follow the guy. He's worse than skip bayless
Got coming up next to talk about why no one watches Skip Bayless:
I think black skin would make skip bayless look like a bad *** Skip should get a dark chocolate tan! Real talk
One day if Dakich taps his shoes together just right and counts to 10, he might get to be Skip Bayless.
Someone is trying to be the new skip bayless
Dakich is an *** never take anything that dude says serious, he's the dumb knock of version of Skip Bayless that no one knows.
No way Skip Bayless believes anything he say
Can you argue Skip Bayless mastered this technique?
skip Bayless would be more famous than Stephen A
You want to be Skip Bayless when you grow up, don't you?
I liked a video Skip Bayless says not to write off Tony Romo as the Dallas Cowboys QB yet |
Happy Birthday to the better form of Skip Bayless,
For the Nielsen week ending 11/6, reruns of the Andy Griffith Show on TV Land beat the Skip Bayless-led Undisputed by 2… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Stephen A Smith is a bigger clown than Skip Bayless
Every promo for that show with Skip Bayless makes me pine for an anti-Evan Bayh ad. Or anti-Todd Young. You choose.
Skip Bayless political -Hillary has never been clutch. -If I could start a country with one President, it…
Is there something I can download that will make it so Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless never show up on my phone
Skip Bayless telling Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens they aren't HOF'ers.
Ya'll make Skip Bayless and Collin Cowherd look like Saints
It's HILARIOUS to me when Skip Bayless and Collin Cowherd try to weigh in on UFC stuff. They started watching Aug 2…
We found someone more delusional than Skip Bayless... Get Morris Chestnut off First Take!
Romo - Skip Bayless is still hung up on Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson
Skip Bayless says Tony Romo became a better QB after breaking up with Jessica Simpson
Skip Bayless : Romo got better after breaking up with Jessica Simpson - USA TODAY
.is losing talent. Bill Simmons, Mike Tirico, Skip Bayless to name a few. Personal differences or for payroll?
VIDEO: Skip Bayless says Urban Meyer is the best coach in college football, already passing Nick Saban
Skip Bayless insisted to Dez Bryant that he isn't a bandwagon Cowboys fan, so Dez proved to him that he was:.
Also, this means incessant playoff tv ads for Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless, so that will be fun.
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Colin Cowherd battles Skip Bayless as being the most noise making inaccurate sports pundits.
It's been awhile, but Skip Bayless is taking shots at Lebron James again.
Skip Bayless is trying to figure out how to put a Vine on his fridge after Tim Tebow's home run today.
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are comedy fodder for Dan LeBatard and his merry band of miscreants.
Eli has been on one team since he's been drafted . Skip Bayless has been on about 7 different stations , platforms and…
I'd rather claw my eyes out and poke holes through my eardrums with a rusty nail than watch that Skip Bayless and Sterling Sharpe show
Dan Le Batard blasted Skip Bayless and called his new FS1 show “First Fake.”
Skip Bayless asks Lil Wayne about the state of race in America. Life really is one long Dave Chappelle skit
Does FOX really think people are going to watch Skip Bayless debate Shannon Sharpe. Feel sorry for person who green-light…
Skip Bayless is about as nonsensical as Mike Wallace on Jeopardy.
Skip Bayless: "I have never, ever, seen an athlete dominant the way Tiger Woods did. Golf misses Tiger."
Skip Bayless is still on TV talking about Tim Tebow playing football (and some baseball). This is a re-run and on Fox Sports, but still.
If cm punk can get a fight can we get Troy Aikman and Skip Bayless?
Skip Bayless puts in his 2016 Dallas Cowboys season prediction
Troy Aikman is not happy that Fox Sports has hired Skip Bayless... Stating that he feels Bayless has not deserved the position.
Troy Aikman doesn't hold back about Skip Bayless!! 🔥🔥
Troy Aikman: Love this. Skip Bayless is the absolute worst as his job. Says everything for attention.
.delves deeper into what Skip Bayless actually wrote about Troy Aikman in his 1996 book, *** Bent’
Lil Wayne supplies the theme music for Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe's new show
I actually think they pay Skip Bayless to make the dumbest predictions just to stir up controversy
Troy Aikman is not happy Fox Sports hired Skip Bayless via
Troy Aikman goes all-in on Fox Sports' hiring of Skip Bayless (via
ESPN announces Skip Bayless is leaving, and the happy GIFs soon follow
Troy Aikman is not pleased that Fox Sports hired Skip Bayless.
Troy Aikman isn't happy his Fox bosses have brought Skip Bayless on board |
Troy Aikman weighs in on Fox Sports' decision to hire Skip Bayless; it wasn't very nice.
Skip Bayless' new Unleashed personality on his new FS1 show Undisputed has definitely helped his inner FOX shine
Making me have positive thoughts about Troy Aikman is Skip Bayless’ greatest crime yet.
To say Troy Aikman can not stand Skip Bayless is putting it slightly. . VIa:
Media Circus: Troy Aikman sounds off on Fox Sports signing Skip Bayless
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Skip Bayless: Why the Cowboys 'will run away' with the NFC East title
Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith show's really air at the same exact time lmao this gonna be like Nitro vs Monday Night Raw
I don't know which talk show I'm happier about not watching: Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, or Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock.
A live look at Skip Bayless watching Tim Tebow's MLB showcase/workout
According to the CDC If you watch 3 or more of these Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe commercials you will get contract…
im only blocked by Bauer (i dont think I deserved that) & Mary Kay Cabot for telling her to date Skip Bayless (i did) lol
Skip Bayless vs Nick Wright would make perfect sense make it happen
Seriously, Skip Bayless needs to stop obsessing over Tim Tebow. Already a has-been NFL player, soon to be forgotten!
Well, "if it means Skip Bayless isn't talking" IS the number one condition under which I'm willing to hear what Shannon…
Skip Bayless said Michael Phelps isn't even in the top 100 athletes all time... GET OFF THE WEED SKIP, GET OFF THE WEED
Never once imagined that something could be worse than Stephen A Smith/Skip Bayless, and than Fox goes and creates Skip/Shannon Sharpe.
Fox Sports is pairing Shannon Sharpe with Skip Bayless for his upcoming opinion and debate show premiering Sept. 6 at 10a.
Fox Sports has signed Shannon Sharpe to debate against Skip Bayless.
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith still don’t agree on anything when it comes to Tim Tebow. htt…
Fox Sports has hired Shannon Sharpe to work alongside Skip Bayless on a debate show similar to
Shannon Sharpe to go head to head with Skip Bayless on FS1.
Remember when Skip Bayless said this about Manti Te'o and Ray Lewis ?
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