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Skin Cancer

Skin neoplasms (also known as skin cancer ) are skin growths with differing causes and varying degrees of malignancy.

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Dr. Gary Rothfeld Sun damage and cancer: how UV radiation affects our skin - Sun damage...
Dr. Gary Rothfeld Indoor Tanning Can Lead to Health Hazards Such as Burns and Skin Cancer - Science Times: Sci...
Cannabis oil has been proven to cure brain, lung, breast, and skin cancer..
What Is Cancer? Cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases. Although there are many kinds of cancer, all cancers start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Untreated cancers can cause serious illness and death. Normal cells in the body The body is made up of trillions of living cells. Normal body cells grow, divide to make new cells, and die in an orderly way. During the early years of a person’s life, normal cells divide faster to allow the person to grow. After the person becomes an adult, most cells divide only to replace worn-out or dying cells or to repair injuries. How cancer starts Cancer starts when cells in a part of the body start to grow out of control. Cancer cell growth is different from normal cell growth. Instead of dying, cancer cells continue to grow and form new, abnormal cells. Cancer cells can also invade (grow into) other tissues, something that normal cells can’t do. Growing out of control and invading other tissues are what makes a cell a cancer cell ...
or else you'll get Ebola,AIDS,swine flu,cancer,skin rashes etc lol
Heartwarming stories and messages from survivors of skin Cancer. What would you have said to your 16 year old...
this man has skin cancer. Please pray!
The skin cancer that was cut out of my shoulder last week was a result of not using sun cream correctly. I'll be using factor 50 from now on
Health Benefits of Having A Beard - The beard was kept by all the prophets that Allah (God) sent the mankind, Nuh (Noah) Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma'il (Ishmael) Ishaq (Isaac) moses, Harun (Aaron), Yahya (John), Jesus and Muhammad and all the other prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all). Although Muslim men follow the command of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and grow their beards, here are some amazing facts researchers have stated regarding health benefits of having a beard Prevents Skin Cancer Reduction of Asthma and Allergy Symptoms Blemish-Free Skin Natural Moisture Stay Young, forever! Stave Off Illness Reduce Infections Courtesy: DigitalMimbar
Study shows that may reduce risk of skin cancer.
You are adaptable like a colorful chameleon as you absorb the ... More for Cancer
Clinical Trial: Evaluation of Skin Colonic and Oral Microbiome and Effect of Time and Antibiotic Treatment on ...
Treatments pertinent to skin cancer: ClygDAloE
Warning Graphic Med: DenklerMD: Immediately after excsion of skin cancer of the back of the hands with veins intact. ht…
Daily use of sunscreen can reduce the number of actinic keratoses - abnormal skin eruptions, or precancers, that can lead to skin cancer.
Successful treatment of hydroxyurea-associated chronic leg ulcers associated with squamous -
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Adverse effects of TNF inhibitors in SpA: Are they different from RA? -
Update on the safety profile of certolizumab pegol in rheumatoid arthritis: an integrated -
The ratio of non-hyperkeratotic and hyperkeratotic actinic keratosis in a high-risk non-melanoma skin cancer cohort…
Skin cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer. Prevention starts with wearing sunscreen every day.
Early detection is critical in treating Learn how the warning signs
Studies now show that skin cancer also increases the risks of being diagnosed with other forms of cancer http:…
Numbers on skin cancer are worse than anyone expected. We need to start skin cancer prevention with our kids!
- The deadliest form of skin cancer. - What you need to know:
The best way to prevent skin is to protect yourself from the sun. Some tips:
Did you know that mango prevents cancer?. Mango health benefits include. 1: Skin care. Mango can be…
A friend of mine has skin cancer, how can I make him enjoy the last of his life in these 4 months?
Yeah, just not feeling so hot. Had skin cancer removed. Too bad i wasn't smarter when i was younger.
“Indoor tanning has caused more cases of skin cancer, than smoking has caused cases of lung cancer.”
he creeped skin cancer (ikr?) and I'd been saying to a friend that I don't listen to anything and I decide what's what
Is it true that Lil Wayne only has month to live coz he has stage 4 skin cancer or total rubbish... Slightly concerned & c…
What's the Crack with Lil Wayne? Has he actually got skin cancer and been given a month left to live?
So apparently Lil Wayne has stage 4 skin cancer and has 4-5 weeks left to live... Its a rumour but im praying its not true.…
Is it true that Lil Wayne only has about 3 weeks to live because he has skin cancer!?😕😔
did I tell you about my skin cancer fishy? He was fun
Sun was too intense so I wore my jacket. Skin cancer is bad. I think I finished off an entire bottle…
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The Wolverine actor is said to be "all good" after his third treatment for skin cancer.
Now the only things that Arizona is better at than Oregon are skin cancer and racism.
Spot the difference: harmless mole or potential skin cancer? -
Complimentary and alternative methods of treatment for
The number of skin cancer cases due to tanning is higher than the number of lung cancer cases due to smoking.
Treatments pertaining to skin cancer: lpbMcegKo
Dr Hardik Shah, CMO, Civil Hospital Mumbai This message is from a group of Doctors in India: (forwarded in public interest) 1) Do not drink APPY FIZZ. It contains Cancer causing agent.. 2) Don't eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi because the Person will die immediately as the mixture becomes CYANIDE.. 3) Don't eat Kurkure because it contains high amount of Plastic. If you don't believe burn Kurkure and you can see Plastic melting.! (News report from "Times of India") 4) Avoid these Tablets, they are very dangerous: * D-cold * Vicks Action-500 * Actified * Coldarin * Cosome * Nice * Nimulid * Cetrizet-D They contain Phenyl Propanol-Amide PPA. Which causes Strokes & Are banned in USA...! Please, before deleting, HELP your frnds by passing it..! Let it reach d 121 crores Indians. It might help sum1. Fwd to as many as please read and forward Dr. of the United States has found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with your n . ...
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Warning - long post ahead! I shared the following with my email followers, and thought it would be good to share with you all as well: I hope you're having a great Friday!! So this email is going to be a bit of a departure from the norm. I am not going to talk about diet, exercise, etc. Instead, I want to share with you an experience I've been dealing with the past couple weeks. I really hesitated to share this, but I believe in transparency, so here we go. About a month ago, I went to the dermatologist for a skin check. I had a very small spot on my forehead that had been there for probably 3 years, and up until recently, had not grown. But it had started to get bigger and had started to bleed whenever I washed my face. I think I knew deep down what it was, but I put off making that appointment until I just couldn't stand the not knowing anymore. So, I went, had it biopsied, and it did indeed come back as skin cancer. Granted, it was a basal cell carcinoma, which is the kind to have if you're going to ge ...
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Do you know the warning signs of Melanoma? Melanoma is the most deadly forms of skin cancer, but learning how to spot it early can save your life.
Richie Benaud announces he has skin cancer
Thank you to Raph Massulo and his staff at Suncoast Dermatology, Citrus Springs, Florida for a great day observing skin cancer surgeries.
A recent study claims that coffee drinkers may be at a reduced risk for basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common types of skin cancer.
"Longer contact with this fluid has resulted in skin cancer while testing on animals. So wash your hands immediately after contact."
Two of the beautiful reasons why I fell in love with Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc... It is such a blessing to...
Any recommendations for a dermatologist for possible skin cancer?
Your skin is the largest organ in your body and many cancer-causing chemicals can be absorbed through it into the bloodstream.
** Causes of Aging Skin ** Research shows that there are, in fact, two distinct types of aging. Aging caused by the genes we inherit is called intrinsic (internal) aging. The other type of aging is known as extrinsic (external) aging and is caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun’s rays. Since we really can't do with intrinsic aging, we would like to check extrinsic aging. * Extrinsic Aging A number of extrinsic, or external, factors often act together with the normal aging process to prematurely age our skin. Most premature aging is caused by below; 1. The Sun. Without protection from the sun’s rays, just a few minutes of exposure each day over the years can cause noticeable changes to the skin. Freckles, age spots, spider veins on the face, rough and leathery skin, fine wrinkles that disappear when stretched, loose skin, a blotchy complexion, actinic keratoses (thick wart-like, rough, reddish patches of skin), and skin cancer can all be traced to sun exposure. People who live in ...
My mechanic just went of said this man's car is like skin cancer 😂
“Coffee reduces skin cancer risk.” W0W good thing I drink 3 cups a day before I go tanning!
can y'all please pray for one of our Dawgs moms. she has skin cancer and she will have surgery in 3 weeks to remove some.
By Jeffrey R. Infante, MD Malignant melanoma is the most deadly form of skin...
Think you don't need sun protection in winter? Think again! Easy ways to help prevent
Cricket commentator Richie Benaud reveals he has skin cancer
bechari I hope she took sun screen with her all day in dhoop if you get skin Cancer (ARK) come to SKMH best cancer hospital
Imparently from BBC news, it gives you cancer when it rubs against your skin :P
Research shows 70% of indoor tanners are young females age 16--29 increasing the risk of skin cancer development' - Dr. Cheryl Rosen
When I got skin cancer , even tho it was removed I'm still scared that it'll come back because usually it does
Our focus is to get people out of bed's & the Sun's UV Rays, which cause skin cancer, & provide a new alternative!
I can hear the late night commercials now,"Did you get cancer wearing jewelry made only of light beaming directly into your skin?"
Skin cancer drug should be available on NHS, officials say on
. Always use sunscreen, even in cloudy days... Skin-cancer is rising in Dark skin-tone people. . Try...
One in five will be diagnosed with in their lifetime. .
In pt 3 of my "Coping with Cancer" series I talk with two people enduring the tough fight against
Chocolate protects your skin against acne breakouts and cancer.
Would I like to go to the beach? Sure, I'd love to spend an entire afternoon constantly thinking about skin cancer.
Protect kids from the tanning bed trap | MD Anderson Cancer Center
A friend of a friend is trying to crowd fund cancer research. Any mention of this type of thing at ?
Please share our Skin cancer information
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You may have a brilliant idea that enables you to exceed someo... More for Cancer
A staggering 5 million new skin cancers diagnosed every year demands we pay attention to prevention
he will look like Gorbachev when the skin cancer hits
Read and write reviews on Glenview skin cancer. Get phone
Thanks so much for following Christian! How are you? Skin Cancer is a big concern for us in to for me.
Hand sanitizer increases the skin's absorption of BPA, a chemical linked to cancer, diabetes, and hormone disorders.
Need some Aloe Vera gel to heal this cancer is cause by No protection. .
George Brandis forgets to slip, slop, slap in the nation with highest skin cancer rates what can go wrong?
How come CANCER of Sadhvi Pragya is 'light' issue as compared to just a SKIN DISEASE of Jayalalithaa.
Cricketing legend Richie Benaud has skin cancer - he's urged Aussies to stay SunSmart and use head protection:
Good to see Brandis doing his bit to raise awareness of skin cancer. . He's going to be a gross peely mess in a few days. *shudders*
Is mere a SKIN DISEASE more severe then CANCER?. If no, then why BAIL to Jayalalithaa & JAIL to Sadhvi PRAGYA?
Jayalalithaa got bail just for Skin Disease!No bail 4 Pragya even suffering from cancer
Help grow a and find out how skin cancer spreads&hides http:/…
Info on the Sun and Skin Cancer by Chiropractors
Chicago Bears Join the American Academy of Dermatology in Fight against Skin Cancer: The Chicago Bears are exc...
Skin Cancer and Veterans Disability Benefits: A study released early in 2014 confirms that Vietnam War veteran...
As seen on ABC Primetime John Quinones quest to Immortality It helps if you have Diabetis, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Asthma, Skin Cancer, etc. Protandim® reverses cell aging in your genes adding years of peoples lives. Ismene Tudor 63 947 9911 964 Featured on NBC, PBS, ABC Primetime, The Wall Street Journal. Developed after 40 years of research exclusively for LifeVantage Corporation and described in CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta's book, Chasing Life. Protandim® can be bought directly from our website and shipped directly to your home address: Primetime Investigative Report on Protandim®. The only scientifically validation product in the world proven to Reduce Oxidative Stress or Free Radical Damage to our bodies cells. Protandim®, once per day, makes your body produce enzymes which are thousands of times more power than conventional antioxidant supplements. Aging factors can be measured accurately by the amount of T-BARS (thiobarbituric acid-reactive su ...
(Hugh Jackman Reveals 2nd Bout of Skin Cancer: It takes a lot for The Wolverine to beg,... (
Did you know that each year there are more new cases of Skin Cancer than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer COMBINED? Remember to wear sunscreen and if you haven't tried a spray tan, NOW is the time!
ReviewsDoctor In My Eyes SEE REVIEWS → In My Eyes A Listening to Centre Can Supply the Correct Auditory Support Equipment A hearing centre delivers remedies and options to these men and women suffering from auditory decline and troubles. An aid is a system placed within of the ear to enhance sound. The units are intended uniquely for each individual specific just after mindful and successful testing. Doctor In My Eyes Finding a Skin Cancer Professional When You Suspect a Issue If you come across a suspicious mole or place that problems health professionals, you might want to search into a pores and skin cancer expert. Search for features of know-how, practical experience, kindness, and a excellent standing. Deal with Diverse Skin Problems With Herbal Procedure Now, folks are keener on popping a capsule in purchase to get relief from unique medical conditions. This can be attributed to the busy life that every man or woman looks to direct now because of to the a variety of social and operate commitments ...
MT Good morning! Today we look into apps for detecting skin cancer & speak to about her new album and move to LA
Zach: Tanning is overrated. . Cait:That's what a pale person would say. Zach: tanning causes skin cancer. Tyler: they don't smoke?. Okaaayyy😂😂
Snooki's gunna have so much skin cancer
Studies continue to be inconclusive about whether therapy with biological agents known as thiopurines raise the risk of skin cancer for those with Crohn's disease (CD) or ulcerative colitis (UC). A new finding from the Mayo Clinic suggest the forms of IBD boost a person's chances of melanoma by 37 p...
COVER UP: Farmlife: Farmers at higher risk for skin cancer: Protection tips: via
If you seriously think you need to be tan all the time you're stupid. Have fun with wrinkly and possibly getting skin cancer.
Forgot to check my mailbox yesterday, and I got my results back from the dermatologist regarding my skin cancer on my neck. The biopsy shows a basal cell skin cancer, and not the nasty one called melanoma. Yay!
I never thought I would get skin cancer, but I did. There is no way I was going to a doctor to have it removed. I found this...
little to no tan lines and you reduce the chances of skin cancer I'm just saying
"A tan is not indicative of good health; it signals that skin cells have been damaged. Can lead to premature aging, cataracts, and cancer"
Dear everyone that uses a bed to tan, I recommend not doing that because having skin cancer is not fun 🙅
Just so everyone knows.. Hayley is excited for skin cancer this weekend 🌞👙
My boyfriend tlkin bout sauna .his reasons r good but they cause skin cancer
Medicine commercials are always like "this will get rid of your skin disease but you might get cancer or heart failure"
I wanna be tan 😩 but I don't wanna risk getting skin cancer
While people of color may have a lower risk for skin cancer than others, it still poses a threat and is often found at...
Mayo Clinic study shows dramatic rise in skin cancer
Today I got reminded about how my dad's skin cancer was misdiagnosed multiple times as a veruca on his heel and that's why he died
Being tan in the winter isn't worth looking 10 years older with leathery skin in the future.. Or even skin cancer.
More snow. Will it ever end??? I want sun and warmth I'd go to the tanning booth if I wasn't so afraid of skin cancer.
FRIDAY, Feb. 7, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War who were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange may be at increased risk for skin cancer, a new study warns.
Breast Anatomy - Anatomy Central Board of Secondary Education and learning (CBSE) CBSE is just one of the eminent and broadly acknowledged boards of university training in India. While CBSE acquired its existing identify in 1952, its origin can be traced back to 1921 when the U.P Board of Superior university and Secondary Schooling was established up. The great importance of CBSE lies in its effort and hard work to impart a typical education and learning in this land of various lifestyle and heritage termed India. Breast Anatomy. 5 Pleasurable Xmas Activities For Your Preschoolers Can you consider that Christmas is literally proper all-around the corner? Here are 5 entertaining Christmas actions your preschoolers will absolutely enjoy! Facts on University Canopies Episodes of sunburn or more than exposure to sun underneath 15 many years of age are primary threat things that may direct to skin cancer in later life. So, realistic protection from sunburn in form of shades can be the most successful way of av ...
Tanning could make me feel better about almost anything...until I get skin cancer. 🙈
So after a bit of research, mycrogynon 30 will either give me severe depression, a blood clot and cancer or better skin and bigger boobs hm
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What does melanoma look like? Check out photos of this often deadly form of skin cancer:
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Please help to pay for invasive surgery to remove skin cancer on my upper lip.
Get FOUR tans for TEN dollars and get SKIN CANCER for FREE
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Trying to decide if the joy of tanning is worth the pain of scrapping cancer out of my skin.. This must be how smokers feel
Google- Does Crohn's disease therapy raise the risk of skin cancer? - eMaxHealth:
If you can see this, please donate. This will only work if EVERYBODY donates SOMETHING, no matter how small the donation is. We get more out of your donation if you use PayPal (my PayPal email is darlene2watersIn a nutshell: While battling skin cancer, uterine cancer, and a le...
Say what you think, love who you love, for you only get so many trips around the sun. You only live once so follow your arrow whichever way it points. Off to visit the skin cancer doctor today and I have peelings. Not sure he's going to be happy with that. Oh well fingers crossed... Have a merry Monday. xo
Racist Australians are the reason God invented skin cancer. Happy Australia Day.
I have a wretched form of skin cancer. You promise to try and win and so will I. Go Broncos!!!
You think she's going to regret it once she gets skin cancer?
"Saving his sister in a fire lord bless him the truth somebody told me it was skin cancer
Avoid tanning beds to prevent skin cancer:
Ok can anyone tell me what a bronzer does? This spring and summer I am going to wear the SPF 30 which is recommended by The Skin Cancer foundation, but I have seen some sunscreens with bronzers. Should those be avoided?
I am so tempted to tell this man that he has skin cancer on his face. Ugh. I'll refrain.
Is rather spray tan then use a tanning bed and take a chance of getting skin cancer or having my skin look gross when I get older
Skin cancer has literally taken over my grandmas life
I need a tan but the only possible way is going on holiday or a sun bed, but I have no money and don't want to get skin cancer 😭
Learn important facts about - including ways to prevent and detect it - in our Skin Cancer 101 series
I was going to post this picture yesterday and ask him if it was the skin cancer
Great story about plastic surgery restoring appearance and self confidence after cancer
"Rob Lowe looks like skin cancer" is just the harshest, yet funniest thing of all time.
That's what I get for doing a speech on skin cancer and going tanning after
I'm too pumped for future science, I need that sunscreen pill so I don't get skin cancer doe
Springs coming up & I need to be tan.. But I also don't want skin cancer.
can I come over we can get skin cancer together
Oh. Hope all is good then. You are so good getting checked annually. I should do this after having a skin cancer removed 10yrs ago
Skin cancer real messed up ..saw a pic wid bob marley wen he lost his locks
Not like he has skin cancer. He just looks like skin cancer.
This guy on Black Sails looks like skin cancer.
I'm avoiding this dark morning with a delightful visit for my annual skin cancer check. This week starts at lunchtime.
Dramatic rise in esp for women over 40 yrs.
It's such a nice day 😍 Too bad I'm white and have no intentions on getting a tan. Or skin cancer.
Someone actually said looks like skin cancer??? Ruddde 😳
Why does tanning have to potentially give you skin cancer like ugh how annoying
((friend is in hospital. Just found out the person had skin cancer. Going to hospital now. Wish me luck))
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Rick Komosinski was the the best father & best husband in the world. Yesterday we lost Rick to skin cancer on his leg and at the end nodule on his lungs and brain, Honey, you will always be with me! 39 years was just not enough. All my love and hugs and kisses!
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For Jackie Phillips, 67, from the Isle of Man, a facelift represented the closing chapter in her battle with skin cancer.
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Why are Natural Oils not approved by Governments ??? Oh ya how silly of is because multi Billionaire Corporations and "PharmacCorpos" won't make money out of Natural products .so Skin Cancer cures are left in the hands of Corrupt Corporations, even though the Cure has been there since time began.
This insane foreign policy regarding Cuba exists exclusively to satisfy the agenda of a few right wing Ex-patriot Cuban gangsters who control Florida electoral results, and therefore US foreign policy by virtue of our obsolete electoral College. A President really needs to carry Florida to win and so a few control the destiny of many. We trade with Viet Nam, China, Russia, and just about anyone with a buck except Cuba. I suppose we will have to wait until the last of these self entitled criminals die of skin cancer in South Florida to have rational relations with Cuba.
SKIN CANCER TESTIMONY! I just received this from one of my team members. The testimonies keep pouring in! SO very thankful for Young Living!! Thank you Cathy Mayo for sharing!! "Just a quick testimony! My brother-in-law was diagnosed with a cancer on his hand in December 2013. The report showed, at that time, that they didn't get all of the cancer and that he needed to come back on Jan. 27 to try to eradicate the rest of it. The doctor said that it would take possibly 2-6 hours because they had to take one layer at a time. When he and my sister were at my house on Christmas Eve, I asked if I could put frankincense on the spot that was cancerous. He said I could, so about every 10 minutes I would put a drop on his hand and pray over him. At first it just started softening up but after a while as the frankincense was getting deeper into his hand, it started burning. I guess I must have put 15-20 drops on his hand throughout the evening. After they left our home, I really didn't think about it again until Mo ...
This Kosmos Ensemble concert is in memory of Keir Smart. A dear friend, a truly wonderful man and an inspiration and a help to many musicians. Keir was taken from us all too soon by skin cancer. All proceeds from this concert go to the Beatson Pebble Appeal pioneering cancer research. If you are in or near Glasgow, please come along and do pass it on/share with anyone that you think might be interested. 20th February, 7.30pm, St Andrews in the Square, Glasgow, G15PP, tickets £10
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Great primary quote of the day. "(Adult) God created light and dark. Why do we need the light? (Child) So we can get skin cancer"
Skin cancer is treatable if caught early. Use this chart provided by the American Academy of Dermatology to perform a self-exam and track your moles. Learn more about preventing melanoma here.
I still don't and won't understand why folks bleach.. I saw a lady today and I was left speechless. Skin cancer is real, folks..
Tropic of Skin Cancer? Check out my library! Waiting impatiently til 12:30 so I can go write there:
New Year's Resolution: Wear sunscreen….all year. Sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, brown spots, skin cancer, and more. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, even in the winter, anywhere skin is exposed to the elements. Visit the National Cancer Institute for more information about skin cancer and its prevention.
You're the cancer running through my skin.
I still stand by my statement. I found out I have skin cancer today, which has caused me to contemplate the human condition.
I kinda wanna start tanning, but then I don't want skin cancer 😕
Every hour of every day someone dies from melanoma. Make an appt today w/ a dermatologist for a skin check.
My prayer warriors need lots of prayer my Daddy has skin cancer surgery at 1:15 today! Love you Daddy!
Regular use of sunbeds can reduce the risk of skin cancer.
Public release date: 30-Jul-2009 COLUMBUS, Ohio – A virus discovered last year in a rare form of skin cancer has also been found in people with the second most common form of skin cancer among Americans, according to researchers at the Ohio State…
My solar calculator finally died after its long battle with skin cancer
: "I’m a redhead, lived in CA. Things on my skin are prolly cancer. Waiting for Jan 1st to get an appt."
Really not in the mood to strip down for my doctor so he can "check my body for skin cancer"
Tanning beds are addictive due to the feel good artificial UV rays they give off and can cause skin cancer
lmao right. I could tan at my job, but I don't want skin cancer. I tan like every two weeks lol
IIT Kharagpur develops mobile app that detects skin cancer |
and the worst part is my phone was right on my stomach on my bare skin now I'm gonna get cancer
The largest distributor of skin whitening products (which are known to cause cancer) is a Dutch company (multinational).
"It's not a razor, it's not a lazer, it nono with radiancy!" Yay for skin cancer
Wonder if something like this could address kids' UV exposure for skin cancer prevention.
Did you know? Pomegranates have been proven to help combat skin cancer!
Dr. Bhatnagar of Cancer Treatment Services Arizona discusses benefits of Xoft for non-melanoma treatment
Tanning increases risk of skin cancer - but it is important to understand why, and also understand UVA and UVB -
I bet you if a physician gives a prescription 4 tanning bed, patient ends up w/ skin cancer,doc will b sued
Happy New Year! Resolve to live more healthfully & reduce your cancer risk. Eat more fruits/vegs, exercise, quit tobacco, protect your skin.
noo I am black I don't do that bs not trynna have skin cancer
if you think I can beat skin cancer!
Facials, peels, skin care lines, and skin cancer treatment
A simple blood test could be used to identify patients whose melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer – has started to spread to other parts of the body, according to research presented at...
Today is my lumpiversary. Found it while dressing, accidentally. Can also be odd skin/discharge. Touch, look, check:
Happy New Year! Check out the below site for New Year resolutions to avoid Skin Cancer.
FREE skin cancer screenings in provided by Dermatology.
O mighty lucifer please grant me the ability to be exposed to sunlight for more than 10 mins without risk of skin cancer please o please
Fact: One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime.
New today hot ! Are there affordable skin care products that won’t cause cancer?
Gently remind your teen this January tanning beds are linked to wrinkles, premature skin aging and yes, Cancer!
Make a New Year’s to check your regularly and keep track of your moles:
get that vitamin D and some possible skin cancer...
Heads up to all you tattoo lovers.I just heard "The Doctors" (TV show) share that tattoos may cover skin cancer that cannot be detected because of the tattoo hiding the cancerous spot! Food for your thoughts. I come from the generation that mostly just cannot understand why people have them.
Be sure to check in with your dermatologist yearly for a skin cancer check.
Asking for some prayers of well wishes for my hubby today. He's having 2 skin cancer areas removed from his head. He had to go under sedation, which makes him nervous. So, just asking that everyone sends good vibes our way!!
Surprised today to have run into Piet du Toit O'Niel at the sickbay at Bluff in Durban. Now 80 years but struggling with skin cancer and problems with his kidneys, not sure exactly what the kidney problem is. Otherwise same old Piet, except he no longer drinks he says he stopped 4 years ago!
This has gotta be the worst day ever first of all me dad was in hospital this morning having his skin cancer removed then to top it off Martin comes home from work and he has injured his thumb at work and has go walk in centre nightmare xxx
Please pray today for a friend of mine who's going in to have a skin cancer removed. thank you have a great day y'all
Stitches. I had my first skin cancer removed two weeks ago. I go tomorrow to have the stitches taken out. Some of them have already fallen out. The wound runs completely across my right arm about four inches above the elbow. I had doubts that the stitches would hold this large incision together, but they did their job nicely. I don't like stitches. But I know they are necessary to hold things together. There are some stitches that I do like and they will hold your family together, or your church, or even your relationship with friends. They are the Great R Stitches: Reverence for God; Respect for each other; Resolution of problems quickly; and Recreation (Having fun together is a Strong Stitch). The Great R Stitches will work. But only if you implement them. Remember "A stitch in time saves nine." Do good today.
I hate when people make stupid lies like vanilla ice died frm a ski accident nd violent j has skin cancer nd the one i really hated was the one where it said monoxide died from lung cancer man we r ninjas we never die stupid lies people make
THE DANGER OF CFL LIGHT BULBS Ultraviolet radiation emitted by CFL bulbs, along with toxic mercury, and electromagnetic radiation, are the three threats introduced by CFL bulbs. These threats make up the dark shadow cast by compact fluorescent light bulbs on your health and the environment. In October 2008, only months before Health Canada announced an investigation into CFLs, the British Health Protection Agency (HPA) cautioned CFLs emit UV radiation that is beyond acceptable safety levels. “Tube fluorescent bulbs have diffusers that filter the UV radiation. Compact fluorescent light bulbs do not have these diffusers and hence people using CFL are exposed to UV radiation. UV radiation has been linked to skin cancer and various skin disorders. Those who have skin problems may be particularly sensitive to this radiation.” Dr. Magda Havas, associate professor environmental and resource studies, Trent University Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, June 2008. Even the British Association of Dermatologists has ...
HOW EXACTLY DOES THE BODY WRAP WORK? READ THE FACTS BEHIND HE WRAP XX According to recent statistics, over half the population in North America is overweight or obese. This is a staggering number, especially considering this figure keeps going up and up. As a result, it is certainly not surprising that the internet has been flooded with all kinds of magical cures and quick fixes to address this severe epidemic. Among such instant remedies that promise amazing results is the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, more commonly as the body wrap. Invented by Luis Mujares, a scientist on the quest to cure skin cancer, the product was quickly patented and eventually sold to It Works in 2001. Since then the It Works body wrap has become the flagship product of their entire line of health and weight loss products. To understand how something like the body wrap could deliver on such impressive and unbelievable claims, we will first have to take a closer look at the science of fat cells. People who gain weight are not ...
Taking Lucy to the vet later what do you guys think? This is on her leg not very nice. I am worried as she had skin cancer a few years ago. I know Lucy isn't a Wheaten but you are pals here.
Happy New Year to everyone! And thank you for all the prayers and support throughout the year: from my skin cancer journey to my grandma that I love so much and my career change. I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to the New year. My TRUE friends have been a blessing and I look forward to 2014. Peace and love to all my TRUE friends! You know who you are! Happy New Year to my TRUE friends!
Asking for prayer tonight, early in the am I need to head to Rockville with my father to get something not to sure yet what done with dads skin cancer on his head. I believe infection has come back so please pray for him he has been so very miserable! Pray as well that I didn't take a sick day for nothing! I can not keep using sick leave!
thanks for all who prayed for me Monday. I had surgery on my ear for skin cancer,they had to draft skin. continue to pray for healing, thanks again
I do hope that 2014 is going to be a better year for me. 2013 was the absolute worst, got a divorce, had skin cancer, had major back surgery and my daughters stopped talking to me. But I am still hanging in there and 2014 is hopefully going to be a much better year for me!!! I am going to do my absolute best to make it good!!!
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My beloved cat, Wildman, has an area on his belly that I fear is skin cancer. When it first appeared, I thought it was from licking. Now it's the size of my thumbnail. I'm scared.
Could you guys keep my mother and I in you thoughts and prayers (if you pray) because we just found out she has skin cancer and i'm going to get checked out because my doctor thinks i have skin cancer so please keep us in your prayers and thoughts ~Legacy
After much deliberation and careful consideration, these are my goals for 2014 (MAYBE): 1. Rehab my knee to 100% 2. Treat my current skin cancer. Do more to protect myself from future sc. 3. Become more financially responsible in preparation for retirement. 4. Call Brandi Minter Lusk to get my hair colored. KathyandLarry Petit would really be giving me a hard time. 5. Be a better daughter, sister, aunt, friend, & co-worker. I think that's enough for one year! Happy 2014 everyone!!
DRUNK AND DROWNING IN "LOVE" It is not always wise to go all out to BE EVERYTHING, GIVE EVERYTHING AND GO EVERYWHERE your spouse think you should or you think you should in order to "save" your marriage because sometimes in the process of trying to GIVE, TO BE, TO DO, we flood our partners with too much until they DROWN emotionally, spiritually and socially. What I am not advocating is failure to give your best as it is imperative that you do so for any relationship to work. What I am promoting is that each of us should realize and accept that were called to be spouse, friend and a partner to our wife or husband, NOT TO BE EVERYTHING TO THEM You were called to give them somethings, NOT EVERYTHING because you are husband or wife, not THE PROVIDER OF THEIR EVERY WANT; ONLY GOD IS THEIR PROVIDER. Besides, NO ONE CAN GIVE ANYONE EVERYTHING THEY WANT, NOT EVEN GOD. That is the reason He only gives people what they NEED, NOT WHAT THEY WANT because there is no end to what PEOPLE WANT So, do your best and leave t ...
The ABCDE rule for skin cancer easily lays out how to identify a melignant mole on your body.
Okay, so I couldn't make a New Years Day Polar Bear plunge because I have stitches in my shoulder where a skin cancer was removed yesterday. However, sitting by the pool with Judy, listening to the waterfall, picking and then eating fresh oranges and grapefruit from our trees is a pretty great way to welcome in 2014. Feeling Blessed Virgin our Mother Mary Immaculate
THE SUN AGES YOU! Wear at least spf15 every day to help prevent skin cancer & wrinkles! And it will keep you looking young
Happy New Year Everyone. To those folks who have asked or heard through the grape vine. Yes I have stage 2 skin cancer on my forehead. I am having surgery January 2 to have it taken care of God willing. Surgeon feels that they will get it all. I am fine just keep me in your prayers. I will let everyone know how it all turns out. Peace!
Still sick hate it been sick since Friday and it S$!!! My brother is coming over wants me to help fill out his paperwork for skin cancer. They are going to do test this week on him see if it's cancer. You just never know when God will call you home! Praying it isn't cancer! They are removing all spots doing a scan over his whole body.
The Affordable Golf Club Act The Obama administration has just passed a new law entitled: "The Affordable Golf Club Act" declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new set of golf clubs by April 2014. These "affordable" golf clubs will cost an average of $1,000-$3,000 a set. This does not include taxes, pull cart, electric cart fees, green fees, membership fees, balls, tees, gloves, range finders, and storage fees, maintenance, or repair costs. This law has been passed, because until now, typically only wealthy and financially responsible people have been able to purchase new golf clubs. This new laws ensures that every American can now have "affordable" golf clubs of their own, because everyone is "entitled" to new golf clubs. If you purchase your golf clubs before the end of the year, you will receive 4 "free" golf lessons; not including driving range usage fees. In order to make sure everyone purchases affordable golf clubs, the costs of owning a golf clubs will increase on average of 250-400% per ye ...
my woman crush wednesday goes to my momma for being a good role model. we have our rough patches but she has taught me valuable lessons along the way. shes was so strong when her sister died and im sure she misses her dearly. she survived skin cancer in her face and now i call her franken stien because she has a scar but that scar just reminds her of how brave she is. she and my dad are working so hard to sell our house buy the other one and move that all my dad has been doing all week is signing papers and sending them through... nic and i need to appreciate that because we barely do anything. me and my mom are going to be best friends in California, we have so many inside jokes like diarrhea jeans and my moms car rapping. she is an amazing person and i love her(: Christine Ruggle Davis
Rachel Ray now- Dr. Ian Smith: $160 new adjustable glasses tune in to your acuity, for Astigmatic, Near or Farsightedness. Amazing. Joe Landolina, 17 yr old creator of Veti Gel, stops bleeding instantly. Hope to have for Veterinary use first- this year. Application for War, home use, etc. Moles analyzed by new machine for biopsy needs. Diagnostic device looks down into skin w/o biopsy, for Melanomas. 75% increase in Melanoma possibility from Tanning Bed use (even once). Visible light imaging (mini-MRI), cross hairs placed over mole, shows irregularities. Skin Cancer is a reality, as we age, and precursors to Melanoma are often something we ignore, until it has become pathological. Pressure sores- hospital, home, move every 2 hours. We don't. New Pocket Electrical Stimulation Device- like muscle being exercised/fidget- place in pocket- analogous to being moved. Skin breaks down, especially wheelchair-bound patients. I've dealt with this for many years in many people- expensive cushions (ROHO, etc) are stan ...
Happy New Year Everyone !!! I Pray 2014 Will Be A Better Year for me . After having skin cancer surgery ,neck surgery and wearing a cast on my foot for weeks (all in 2013) I Pray this year will b better for me .Thank you Randy ,Trina ,and Ramona for always being here for me . I love Y'all So Much :)
Stephanie ClappBuy, Sell or Swap Coin and surrounding areas Please help! We are looking for Sasha who disapeared last night near el porton restaurant in Alhaurin el Grande, please let either myself, Julie Clapp, Nigel Clapp or Jonathan Clapp know ifbu see her. She may be injured and she is old with skin cancer. Thank u X
2013 has been challenging for me, to say the least. I have always been very healthy and so thankful for that. This year has brought about two very painful and intense shoulder surgeries, shingles, skin cancer surgeries, much difficulties with Crohn's due to the stress of the other issues plus a few more things. I am thankful none of the issues have been life threatening, just painful and debilitating. I have bordered on depression a few times. I have told the Lord how unhappy I was for Him ignoring my pleas for healing.but decided the best way to get His attention was a grateful heart and praise. On the positive side for 2013, I read my Bible through again from Genesis to the Revelation and gained much encouragement in the process. I have a new great-grandgirl. My husband still adores me. The grands still call me Goddess. Both daughters rise up and call me blessed. The bills are paid. Pantry is full. Puppy dog seems to like me. Jesus still lives in my heart. I still have a song in my heart. My survival ra ...
2013 was one *** of a year! I found out I was pregnant, quit my job, had to have an unexpected c section, saw my mother through skin cancer, gave up my first house to help my mom out but have ended this year as a family unit. I look forward to this time. I have committed myself to getting healthier. I want to be a better mother, daughter, wife, and friend. I want to see my marriage grow even more and look forward to all the crazy times ahead. Happy New Year Everyone!
Well 2013 started off with me talkin to my ex gf again and tried building a relationship we used to have. We talked for a couple months then we finally got together. It only last 2 1/2 months. Found out a lot of stuff I didn't want to know about. After we broke up I found out my mom had skin cancer. Thank god it wasn't bad. Just a couple days after that I found out my dad was in the hospital with an ulcer. He had to get surgery done. After surgery was done his lungs and liver started failing. He had a bad reaction to something. After him being in the hospital/ER/life support for a month and a half, on July 4, he had passed away. I was devastated and didn't think I could handle it. I freaked out really bad and I couldn't control myself. I'm so thankful for the friends I have now. Without you you made my year good. My 2013 ended horrible. 2 days after Christmas I got suspended from work indefinitely. Just today, December 31 I got a call and they had fired me. What a horrible way to Ed my year. I am no longe ...
High levels of vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer, researchers reported.
An Open Letter to the Parents of Leander ISD Students: My name is Lisa Reyna Loe. I'm a married mom of three including my 13-yr-old rock star special needs son, "Robert." My family is one of several who've filed federal lawsuits against the Leander ISD for civil rights violations. It's important to me and my son that we share eye-opening information we learned during Superintendent Bret Champion's recent "bullying" deposition. My Autistic son was horribly bullied from k-4th grade at CC Mason Elementary, Leander ISD. Despite countless, documented meetings every single year with Principals Paul Smith and Jamie Klassen, teachers/admin/ARD staff, safeguards were never put in place to protect my son. Besides Aspergers, my son recently had his 26th surgery for various conditions. He also has Gorlins Syndrome, a skin cancer syndrome which requires him to be completely covered up outside, hat and all. Unfortunately, all of this made my son an easy target. Robert's been punched, tripped, pushed, spit on, and calle ...
Goodnight 2013. You welcomed a new baby in my life, a fabulous youth retreat at Ridgecrest that we still talk about, a mother who was diagnosed with skin cancer and cured, two youth baptisms, a reduced house payment, a grandmother who had a heavenly healing, a stellar trip to Clingmans Dome, some great picnics in Cades Cove, the news of another baby, spiritual quest revelations, and a year of wonderful memories with a loving family, a loving church, and loving friends. God you did a lot, provided a lot, and protected a lot. Looking at the God moments of 2013 gives me hope and assurance for 2014. God is GREAT all the time!!!
10 New Laws That Will Kick In On New Year's Day Happy (almost) New Year! As 2014 approaches, you’ll likely be surrounded by celebrations, ambitious resolutions, and maybe even a little champagne. But with each new year also comes new legislation. So, let’s take a look at a few new laws that will take effect once the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday. Illinois will become the sixth state to ban people under the age of 18 from using tanning beds. The move is the latest of several nationwide attempting to discourage artificial tanning while raising awareness about skin cancer. In Arkansas, voters will now need a photo ID in order to vote at polling places. In Virginia, meanwhile, voters will be able register online for the first time. In Oregon, mothers will be allowed to take their placentas home from the hospital after giving birth. Mothers will be free to freeze, discard, or hang up their child’s placenta on the wall as they wish. California children must now be allowed to play sports and use bathro ...
First of all, 2013 has shown me the miracle of life. From the birth of Carter to seeing my Dad survive an abdnominal aneurism. Unbelievable. A very close friend, Josh Neckowitz faced a bout with skin cancer. Reinforces the notion to appreciate the people around us everyday. I also got to see Ellie start kindergarten and Keri finish her Master's degree. So proud and thankful to have these people in my life. I witnessed the miracle of a huge travel agency stepping in to provide a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe for a group of PCHS students when another company took thier money and "left town." I saw a group of "repeaters" overcome the odds to pass their SOL test and get one step closer to graduation. I proudly sat in the Pulaski Theatre and watched as one of my best friends, James Harrell continued to pursue his dream of "making it" in the music industry. Needless to say, 2013 has left me humbled and overwhelmed but very thankful.
I have to say 2013, was a very sad Year for me, I lost my sweet Brother Patrick, and i miss him so much.I also had skin Cancer, but the Doctor removed and got it all out. I hope 2014 is a better year, another Grandchild to be born, and my 10 years Married,it should be a great year.!
I never knew Hold On by Wilson Phillips was a comedy song about skin cancer until tonight, thanks Paul Grout.
Start the New year off right!! Get a Healthy tan without the risk of premature aging ~ skin cancer or skin damage~ Try a natural bronze biologic airbrush tan!!! as well as tons of different skin treatments to improve acne~ wrinkles ~dehydrated skin ~ psoriasis ~eczema ~ etc. ! call or mgs to schedule today!!! gift cert. available as well as monthly specials & packages!! Have a Blessed 2014 everyone!
I hope 2014 is going to be a good year for us all, Johnny found out he has skin cancer last month and has to go for a procedure on January 31st. Please everyone say a prayer, love you all !
As this yr comes 2 an end, I reflect back & thank God that this was a good yr! I'm so thankful that, my mom healed nicely after having skin cancer removed from her face, my daughter graduated HS & started college, my love was able 2 get back 2 work but mostly that my kids, myself & all my loved ones, R healthy & we will be welcoming a new member in2 our family soon! As 4 resolutions goes, of course I say I will lose sum weight...lets C how long that last! lol But I also wanna try different things & not be so afraid anymore of failure. I really think that I need 2"Carpe Diem"(seize the day) We R only here 4 a short time & we need 2 make the best of it while we're here! So 2 all my family, friends & FB friends, don't take anything or anyone 4 granted. Live life, love & be happy! I wish nothing but the best 4 u all in 2014 & ALWAYS! ♥ Sabrina
This year has really been the toughest year I've been through. Losing my grandpa, my uncle losing his business, my step dad with skin cancer, my dogs, and other stuff. But this year has also been amazing. My new job, 3 amazing people that I am so fortunate to have in my life, and so much more. I'm so excited to see where 2014 brings me. But thank god 2013 is almost over!
So many things happened in 2013! Many travels, gained a son-in-law, J.J. had skin cancer, 20 year wedding anniversary, it's now just J.J. and myself living at home (miss the kids but it's pretty nice an quiet too). I think 2014 will be even better and I can't wait to share another year with my family and the love of my life, J.j. Smith!
I just found out a friends result of a mole was skin cancer and they go for more test next week please say prayers for them.
Well, my friends, as 2013, draws to a close, I can't help but reflect on what was quite a challenging and refining year for me and my family. Just Sunday, I shared that I can't wait for it to be over and that I wouldn't miss it, but some pretty amazing stuff happened this year. I'd be lying if I said 2013 hasn't made me stronger, wiser, and more fearless--Tallawah as we call it "bak a yahd" in Jamaica! I started the year still working for Wheaton and left just a few days later to return to the place where I learned to love education, North Lawndale College Prep (NLCP) on Chicago's westside. Alas, it was not as I remembered and was really a crucible experience for me. In May, just a week before Sarah and I celebrated 14 years of wedding bliss, I was diagnosed with skin cancer and had surgery to remove it. Thanks be to God for having a very good doctor catch it. None of that would have happened if I wasn't having a "procedure" due to our last little bundle of joy, Sophia Marie, who came the day after ...
2013 was a stressful and productive year for all us. Bob and his sisters lost their mom in October. She will be missed in so many ways to all of her friends and famly. My mom got bit by a dangerous spider on her leg that turned out to be in a spot of skin cancer. After several attempts by doctors to remove infected tissue, they were able to treat the cancer. Bob and I survived a week long vacation in Mytle Beach with three kids. It was not our typical Caribbean get away but we had a great time with the children. After only a few months of planning we gained a son inlaw and three beautiful grandchildren. Our nephew Todd got engaged to the love of his life. Hope she knows what she is getting into. lol The Todd family is expecting the first great grandchild. Congrat's Tyler and Jessica. Can't wait to meet your little one. Oh and by the way Roxanne just totaled her car. Thank god she wasn't hurt. I think mom mom Willey was keeping her safe. She was so lucky to not have been hurt. Hoping 2014 will be better f ...
Please remember my mother. She is standing against skin cancer. One place on her back is bloody.not good. We need someone to pray the prayer of faith.
As a child (teenager) of he 80's, which we all know was about getting our tan on with baby oil...yes, I am guilty of this, we didn't use sunscreen. I am now regretting that I had skin cancer frozen off today! I have to admit, it's in the early stages...but just being confirmed was a major eye opener. Living in he south, being outdoors is a must. Between swimming in the summer or being t the ballpark all weekend calls for hours being exposed to the sun. As Dr. Murphy expressed...USE YOUR SUNSCREEN! Doesn't matter how old you are...cancer doesn't discriminate. As I close out 2013 on that scare...I welcome 2014 on healthier note! 󾔠󾦆CHEERS!
Out with the old, in with the new...2013 was life changing for me and showed me how fragile life is and how important family and friends are. I am so lucky my mother survived her stroke and her skin cancer. I am also extremely lucky to have rekindled family ties and high school friendships. For this and everything else, I am extremely thankful and give all the glory to God!I I hope 2014 is a great year for all of us. Happy New Year!!
Spray tan for New Years? I think I'll try that out! If all goes well then I think I'm going to stick with spray tanning. Skin cancer runs all through my family.
And there's skin cancer on the increase 2 common forms, and the less common melanoma, and another nasty rare one, that is becoming less rare in Australia.
I have some scars on my face due to skin cancer removal. I'm thankfull to God the doc got it all
Well it's nearly that time. 2013 all done & dusted. Thinking back over the passed year at times interesting at times stressful but overall very positive. Best news for me was getting all clear from skin cancer (thank you to all at west Suffolk hospital for everything) to my wife thank you for being you & supporting me in every way. To all my friends thank you for being my friends ( I am very honoured to count you all as friends). So to everyone who know me & Karen thank you for 2013 & may we all have a healthy, Happy New Year & may all your hopes & dreams come true.
Trials on experimental skin cancer drug suspended after main researcher exposed for potential scientific fraud
A new smartphone app that claims to detect warning signs of skin cancer
This year has been difficult. I became single, my step dad almost died and was in the hospital for 2 months, I lost 25 pounds, my dog injured himself bad and has skin cancer, my Granny passed away, my great uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer and will be terminated soon, I became single again, and my rabbit is blind in one eye. I'm most likely leaving something out, but it will be okay. I will make 2014 better because I've accepted the fact that I'm going to lose my great uncle this year, and it's possible my dog could go as well. They are old and have had a full life. I will handle this year better, and my friends will see a better Ashley. Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I'm ready.
COMPLIMENTARY SKIN CANCER SCREEN MONTH OF JANUARY. Early detection is key to the successful treatment of skin cancer. Let our veterinarians check your pet for any abnormalities on the skin, free of charge! Call for an appointment 668-9475.
Well, went to the dermatologist yesterday just to have my arms checked out. He suspects skin cancer. He took a biopsy from my arm and is also concerned with my skin around my eyes. The Lord is in control with this situation.Would appreciate your prayers as they are powerful!
Trevortni Tip: Heads up: Redheads are at high risk for skin cancer, but it may be due not just to their fair complexions. Recent research in the "Molecular Cell Journal" found that the genetic mutation that gives fiery tresses their hue may also make skin cells more prone to sun damage. In addition to slathering on SPF 30 daily, year-round, load your plate with tofu and soybeans. They contain genistein, an isoflavone shown to reduce UV-induced skin damage. Source: Joshua Zeichner, M.D., New York City dermatologist Women's Health Magazine
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013 was a challenging year but lessons learned and skin cancer in check I am going into 2014 with scars and less hair but a great attitude and the love of Russell Brenny and my kids,family, and friends what else could I need!
I could always use my prayer warriors today - I'm having a little skin cancer removed from my hair line today - hoping it's no big deal...
I've received this message and time is of the essence. If anyone knows how to help or can offer suggestions, please do and thanks! "My husband has skin cancer MELANOMA and he need a treatment that sin t make in my country, Peru, south America named: isolated limb perfusion some people recommended to us looking for a experimental institute or organization to help us for the treatment and afford the cost, please could you tell me about this how can I get this opportunity for my husband the doctor said that the operation has to be in at least 2 weeks maxim I pray for help me I m waiting for news, thank you very much best regards," O Lord, we pray for open doors for our friend here. You know her husband's needs and where he should go. Please help Your son and our brother. We're placing this in Your hands and asking that You use us to help. Thank You, Lord! Amen and Amen!
There is something refreshingly ironic about people lying on the beach contracting skin cancer in an attempt to acquire a purely illusory appearance of good health, while germ-laden medical waste washes up on the sand all around them
Need every1 to say prays today is my fathers surgery with skin cancer please pray thank you every 1 !
-- This year has been full of ups & downs. My last 2 semesters were super rough, friendships turmed bad, I struggled through my depression & anxiety, I was sick with different things all the time, I was scared I had skin cancer & there's a big chance I could develop it if not now but later, I was hated on, & I was unsure about a lot of things. Even so, I won a scholarship, I made new friends, I did very well in school, I lost over 20 pounds, I made it into Phi Beta Kappa, I disciplined myself, my family supported me, Christmas was good, & I graduated from college (TU !). The best part of it all is that God helped me through everything & I'm still here. I am super grateful & I am looking forward to this new year with my friends & family. :)
Dermatologist in the morning. Weird growth on my ear that I am afraid is skin cancer. So not looking forward to the appointment. Happy thoughts please.
Starting in January minors will need a doctors note to use a tanning bed, people who start tanning under the age of 30 have a 75% risk of getting skin cancer..
Please keep our NSC sister Kathy Buehler in your thoughts and prayers. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, known as Merkel Cell Carcinoma. She and her husband will be flying to the University of Washington in Seattle to undergo testing. She will be taking a leave of absense as President/Executive Director of the BlindChildren's Learning Center for two months. Feel free to email us with questions at: nscdeltagamma
I had the spot on my back checked out. The doctor asked if skin cancer ran in my family and then made an appointment with Madison VA. They'll let me know when to go.
Had better days. Could have been worse. Up at 5am, head off to Reno VA for check out of the skin cancer they removed, Doctor was One hour and forty five mins late.---But test show they got it all. Next go to La Nell's Lung Doctor, for the second time in a row, they had canceled her appointment , and re scheduled for the third time this Thursday, which is also a Chemo Day. Still only know the tumor has shrunk a little. Oh we both decided for sure last day for Radio Business is Tuesday Dec 31. Man we both are worn out again.
To those of you who know my family, or even just those of you close to me...My dad will be going in to surgery tomorrow to have skin cancer removed from his face. If you all could keep him in your positive thoughts or prayers that would mean the world to me! We are very hopeful that this procedure will be the only one needed to get all of the cancer!
Well just one more day to go, and we can leave 2013 behind us. It was a year of lots of tragedy and a litle bit of joy. My husband Jurgen lost his mom due to a brain tumor, we lost our red female dog due to skin cancer. We lost our first own breed NFO . Then lots of technical stuff . We lost our car ( that was from my husbands mother ) due to a accident . We spend a lot of money on a concert in Paris, a concert that was so not good. And that in combination with the fact that we missed our train ( Thalys ) , so we had to buy new tickets ( expensive ) . At our arival home, our washing machine dishwasher and dryer quit working . Also our marriage went true some rough times . But on the other hand some good things happend to . We had 2 beautifull litters and 2 females stayed out of it ( the perfect result of the combination ) all kittens have found a lovely home . I became uncle of my 2nd brothers son Zoran. The first born male that we asure our bloodline :-). My work turned 100% in the good direction and i l ...
can not wait for this year to be over. hopefully 2014 will be much better. No more skin cancer, no more deaths, no back pains and a nice vacation to some tropical island. or to Europe. or both.
Thank everyone for there prayers Bryce Mixon Test come back the skin cancer was be neigh and Praise The Lord .
For those of you who don't know I had to have surgery today on me leg. I had a mole removed right before thanksgiving and it came back skin cancer so the Drs. Had to go in and take some more out n take a lymph node outta my groin to make sure it had not spread. But everything went good and I am on my way home will have the results in two weeks.
2013, what can I say, You have certainly sent a lot my way. My first operation, that was a chore, No sooner recovered you sent me 3 more, Skin cancer, gall stones, a surgeons mistake, a transfusion, MRI scan, no more can I take, BUT I got sad in hospital, left all alone, so you sent me a bug that followed me home. My Grandma, she died, I had to fly quick, Poor Steven stayed home with kids who got sick. I got a new iPhone and learned something new, That phones don't do well when they're dropped in the loo. Yet after all that, I can certainly say, Plenty of good things have come my way, My Husband, my children, my friends and my dog, Parties and friends filled with plenty of grog, New Year's Eve is approaching, wave goodbye to this year, I wish you much love, give a hug and a cheer. Roll on 2014, PLEASE be a good year.
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