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Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael (Irish: Sceilig Mhichíl), or Great Skellig (Irish: Sceilig Mhór), is an island (the larger of the two Skellig Islands) in the Atlantic Ocean, 11.6 km west of the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.

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Stunning photos from Irish sites Dublin Bay Biosphere, Skellig Michael World Heritage Site and the new Kerr…
A science fiction thing . I take it ye are actually holding the conference on the…
Aloha Mel, I love your tutorials! Any advice on how to create terrain for the Skellig Michael step…
"Walk like an Egyptian:" How the first monks of Skellig Michael were inspired by Egyptian hermits…
The lovely winning images from the photo competition! First place goes to Skellig…
A review of a book written many years ago, about a time and place both ancient and spiritual...
Approaching Skellig Michael on a clear day.
Skellig Michael was down your way in August Loved It, planning to visit again next summer 😍
A full house at today's workshop 'Interpreting and conserving Skellig Michael: a project of many disciplines?' . Tha…
Cool! I'm from Kerry. You ever get a chance to get down here let me know could try&arrange a boat trip to Skellig Michael!
Had a great day back on the stand at promoting Skellig Michael's continuing role in the ne…
Now THAT's a lovely painting of the view from Skellig Michael! On of course!
Well, that's what the Puffins do on Skellig Michael (rock off SW Ireland) as well.
Heritage Site is the early Christian monastery of Skellig Michael. It is located 13 km off the
England and Ireland are the destinations we're looking at now. Time to start working out to climb Skellig Michael
Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry shines in the latest Star Wars Last Jedi trailer
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I was never at Skellig Michael, but I cried like a baby in Knightstown with an impressionable Macanese astrologer.
Skellig Michael, Kerry, Ireland where some of Star Wars was once filmed and Carrick-a-rede bridge, Antrim, Ireland.
I was never at Skellig Michael, but I remembered gentle Patrick Pearse in Castleblakeney with a shrewd Somali watchmaker.
And we'll be claiming the Porgs as they were based on birds living on Skellig Michael
7 Sanctuaries linked by a straight line: The legendary Sword of St. Michael (which begins at Skellig Michael!)…
How inspired me to write a comic book about Medieval monks on Skellig Michael
Skellig Michael is an amazing place!
Skellig Michael, Ireland: one of Lonely Planet's top regions in the world to visit - A Luxury Travel Blog
They're shooting parts of Luke Skywalker's return on Skellig…
Next year's cruise is probably going to be cancelled. I think I should finally plan a trip to Skellig Michael to console myself.
Pics I took during my visit to Skellig Michael in September 2016
"Not all those who wander are lost:" Why medieval monks founded a monastery on Skellig Michael -->…
Once, after a visit to Skellig Michael, I was refused entry to a sauna in Cushina with an inconsistent Pitcairn Island geneticist.
I’d want to film on Skellig Michael Island being Irish and all. 🍀
Even when rain threatens Michael, it still looks mystical. Located 12Km off Co Kerry…
For a moment I thought they were puffins on Skellig Michael
My new painting of Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry in Ireland. The Galway hooker braving the Atlantic waves.…
One for all you fans out there, Skellig Michael by KedilerNicole
I’ve heard rumours about a hidden souterrain on Skellig Michael too
A new Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer means even more footage of the beautiful Skellig Michael. A...
I daydreamed, while at Skellig Michael, about the time I spat blood in Blennerville with a discreet French bobcat.
Amazing new poster with on Skellig Michael, a place my late father took us all…
Enter for a chance to WIN a FREE copy of of Skellig Michael by
Call in today and meet whose painting 'Breaking Waves, Skellig Michael' is exhibited in 'The Islands…
This photographer takes the most beautiful timelapses of Skellig Michael and the Kerry coast https:/…
Photo of the Day: A Passage through Time, Skellig Michael by Bret Culp.
Before the end of the month, ensure to visit the and the
Spotted Sandpiper just found on Skellig Michael by J Murphy
The remote island of Skellig Michael is home to a 6th century monastery and a…
skellig Michael as seen in Star Wars Ep 7
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The beautiful Skellig Michael,& smaller Skellig rock in the distance,this is approaching the island from west 2 east
A year ago we were scaling Skellig Michael, a must if weather allows!
Spending two days at Mont St Michel. Like skellig michael on steroids!
The lighthouse on the Great Skellig off the County Kerry coast in Ireland .
That is a L O N G way down and really steep. Hey there's my boat ride! @ Skellig Michael
Meditating atop Skellig Michael like a 6th century monk. Or Jedi from the future :) This island…
Skellig Michael Monastery, 6th century -- located on a remote island just off the coast of Ireland. Photo: PlanetD
Mindfuling at Weekend: kinda like a nesting doll of episodes & recordings stepping on Skellig Michael be4 Star Wars
Skellig Michael, the Island on which Irish monks preserved Western Civilization during the Dark Ages by copying texts h…
For perseverence, look up "Skellig Michael" Men will do anything if they find value in it.
that's Skellig Michael ruined with Mcdonald munching bloody yanks then
Hi friends, check out my new post all about Skellig Michael. If you ever get the opportunity GO TO THIS ISLAND!
6th year students enjoying a beautiful day in south Kerry around Skellig Michael with their Religion Teachers.
6th year students enjoying a wonderful trip to Skellig Michael today.
Back from the trip. Skellig Michael was a tiny rock island about an hour out to see. 9th century monks inhabited this place.
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Book a private tour with us and enjoy the views of Skellig Michael. .
The owner of my B&B just called a friend who got me on the Skellig Michael Landing Tour! Yay!!
Last group of location pics from Gus, this time on Skellig Michael
/Skellig Michael at sunrise Mark, such a beautiful location for Luke to call home :)
You would have. I'm older and weigh more than you and went up Skellig Michael last month.
Skellig Michael, the Mysterious Monastery of Ireland – and the filming place of that last Star Wars scene –
Made it out to the Skellig Michael this morning! I have always wanted to visit this place and it is amazing! The...
The last scene of TFA was shot at Skellig Michael, which is off of IRELAND, not Iceland.
Skellig Michael; just one of the many inspiring & truly unique activity options on offer for events!
What a great day for a site inspection on Skellig Michael with
Ireland. Want to go to Skellig Michael & visit a castle used on Game Of Thrones that's part of my ancestry. Even has a banshee!
Never made it on the boat to Skellig Michael due to stormy weather, however made it to Bealtra…
Boat Trips avaiable around Skellig Michael. Contact us for more details on +353 66 9477108
Tremendous view back to Kerry from Skellig St Michael. The wildest of the WAW?
Skellig Michael...this really is a special place. The locals are so welcoming & proudly share…
"Skellig Michael, the 1400 year old monastery in the middle of the Atlantic: https:/…
THE Force Awakens IS ON! Nerds out there, I went to Skellig Michael (the island where Luke was hiding).
An amazing day out at Michael, Co.Kerry, Ireland ❤️
Awesome! Well spotted! 😄 Would you like to visit Skellig Michael sometime too?
Happy from an island far, far away: Skellig Michael
quick Daisey. To Degobah. . Or just back to Skellig Michael 😂
Read V good on links/Copts and Ireland. Skellig Michael a dead ringer for St Antony's...
Hey Ashley, So is Mark going to follow through on his intention of heading here to Ireland and visit Skellig Michael?
'Star Wars' and Skellig Michael: One of the Star Wars producers, Kathleen Kennedy, who is also p...
[Video] Holy Mass on Skellig Michael a few months before the filming of
'It was so beautiful': why JJ Abrams chose Skellig Michael for via
Final scenes of Star Wars filmed at Skellig Michael in County Kerry- Absolutely breathtaking. Down home to . Road trip?
Star Wars: The Force Awakens first review: 'quite simply a masterpiece - and Skellig Michael looks epic on film'
Skellig Michael to feel the force as 'Star Wars' fans provide tourism spike
dematerialise Drone flight over Skellig Michael UNESCO World Heritage site - via RMCha…
Drone flight over Skellig Michael World Heritage site - via in action :)
Wow! Drone flight over Skellig Michael - breathtaking!
Fantastic views of Skellig Michael using Drone technology.
Would come back to skellig Michael if we could arrange the Star Wars premiere there? Am sure the weather would be grand 😜
Super Video of Skellig Michael by Skellig Wars - Check out the Cool Star Wars gear with a Skellig Theme...
A fabulous drone view of Skellig Michael, in South Kerry, to featured in the soon to be released, new 'Star Wars'...
Beautiful short film about the visit on Skellig Michael by John Wesson. NOTE: Skellig Michael and Selfie business...
Beautiful Aerial shot of the monastery on Skellig Michael by
“Where to feel the Force” world heritage site Skellig Michael .「Skellig Michael」 
Skellig Michael visited by in advance of release of Read the story here
After the return of the Jedi to Skellig Michael Kerry, Ireland is on the countdown!! :)
Skellig Michael's obscurity is about to end 'in a blaze of silver-screen glory' (via
$4 billion for tourism as Skellig Michael features in new film. Stars on my Ring of Kerry throw, too! https:…
Hey guys, how much you think Skellig Michael will be in TFA?
Great article! and well worth a visit to Skellig Michael, if you're physically up for it.
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Luke Skywalker's new home is Skellig Michael, Co Kerry, Ireland! WE'RE very excited, too!!
I'm not really into but this place looks lovely.
Skellig Michael, one of Ireland’s most mystical places, will most likely be featured in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”
Looks like "The Force Awakens" will include an Irish archaeological backdrop...
Lots of key scenes in new Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' was shot in Ireland of the coast of Kerry in Skellig Michael. Will be breathtaking.
Hey folks, Do you think "Skellig Michael" will be prominent in TFA, like Luke its not been seen!?
7x3's amazing pre assessment paragraph about Michael in Skellig.
Hey Mark!!! Do you think the reason we've not seen "Skellig Michael" in TFA trailers is the same reason we haven't see Luke?
Luke Skywalker walks into a bar on the ancient Irish island of Skellig Michael...
Mark Hamill saved by guide after slipping on dangerous Skellig Michael while filming
As camera's officially roll on Day 2 of Star Wars 8, Kenny Baker arrives on Skellig Michael.
.movie: Ecologist has power to shout 'cut' for filming on Skellig Michael
Ecologist brought in to monitor Star Wars filming on Skellig Michael: An ecologist has been given the power to...
Ecologist given power to shout cut during filming of latest Star Wars movie on Skellig Michael
Irish government criticised for allowing Disney to film on Skellig Michael
Skellig Michael one of 50 Great Days Out In Ireland - agreed
'The most fantastic and impossible rock in the world: Skellig Michael...'. George Bernard Shaw. http…
I visited Skellig Michael on my second trip to Ireland yrs. ago, but hadn't connected it with Love knowing this.
The beautiful Skellig Michael off the coast of Co. Kerry along Ireland's
Skellig Michael, County Kerry, Ireland. Will feature in the next Star Wars movie.
Hope this does NOT do for Ireland what LOTR did for NZ. Visitors on the Skelligs have led to too much damage.
Skellig Michael .. an Amazing place!! If you'd like to include this monastic site to your custom itinerary, just...
Described by George Bernard Shaw as "incredible, impossible" and "part of our dream world". This is Skellig Michael. http:…
Skellig Michael, Mount St. Michael, Mont St. Michel... done! Now off to Sacra di San Michele...
NEW POST! We finally made it to the Skelligs: Ireland is amazing!
She did it ! Larisa from team CGH made it to Skellig Michael - her feedback -AWESOME http:/…
Enjoying lots of chocolate with an amazing view of Skellig Michael, went looking for Luke Skywalker as they...
& no sanctuary on Skellig Michael : Stars Wars Enda
Fabulous article about the Skelligs - just makes you want to get up &go!
it's Christ's Saddle on Skellig Michael off the coast of County Kerry x
Remote Irish island to feature in Episode 7 via
Last of the Kittiwake Chicks are being cared for. Not long now before they fly the nest at Skellig Michael.
awaiting Star Wars at Skellig Michael
Star Wars Episode 7 News | UPDATE 3! Star Wars: Episode 7 to Shoot on the Irish Skellig Michael Island in July...
A day trip out to UNESCO World Heritage site Skellig Michael is a must for visitors to County Kerry, just look at...
The in County Kerry of is known for 6th Century settlement
If we don't get an extended training sequence w/ & on Skellig Michael it will be a crime
Interesting, the Skellig Michael shooting was confined to visitor areas & walkways to protect the birds.
Jackie Healy-Rae to play Jabba the Hut in new Star Wars being shot on Skellig Michael
Lucky to get the weather to visit magnificent monastic site of Skellig Michael, passing huge gannet colony on way.
Makes me like Star Wars even less. Kerry Birding: Star Wars filming highlights shameful events on Skellig Michael...
I love the Doc on One too, one of my favourites was on Skellig Michael
A long way from Skellig Michael: Star Wars Episode IV on ITV now
and take boat to Skellig Michael; out about 8miles; beehive huts on rock built by monks; thousands of puffins; magical
Boatmen from Skellig Michael could face legal action for lacking permits while working on Star Wars: Episode VII. - ...
Skellig Michael to feature in latest Star Wars movie. Discover Ireland at
Boatmen from Skellig could face legal action for no permits while working on
Skellig Michael Island in to feature in latest movie . Discover at h…
Mom & Pop made the BBC - BBC News - Star Wars comes to Skellig Michael in County Kerry: via
Just commented on Could Star Wars cost Skellig Michael its Unesco World Heritage status? -
Reportedly one of the many trucks transporting gear to Skellig Michael for Star Wars VII
Star Wars film crew setting up on Skellig Michael (via RTE
"Mark Hamill is on Skellig Michael filming Star Wars right now" is a sentence I fully endorse.
The force was strong on Skellig Michael yesterday as the navy set up an exclusion zone to prevent anyone from sneaking a peek as the Star Wars team rolled into town.
A two-mile exclusion zone has been declared around Skellig Michael off the Kerry coast during the filming of a new Star Wars film
Picked a bad day for a visit to Skellig Michael. Selfish Star Wars *** have it sewn up for 3/4 days. Jar Jar Binks me bollix! :-P
The Kingdom Strikes Back - Skellig Michael getting ready to feel the Force of filming for new 'Star Wars'
Star Wars shooting on Skellig Michael? Must look out for some of the crew in Rosie's and Main's. .
Skellig Islands. "But for the magic that takes you out, far out of this time and this world, there is Skellig Michael, ten miles off the Kerry Coast, shooting straight up 700 feet out of the Atlantic. Whoever has not stood in the graveyards at the summit of that cliff, among the beehive dwellings and their beehive oratory, does not know Ireland through and through, It is the beauty of Ireland that has made us what we are." George Bernard Shaw
It is not easy to capture the wonder of Skellig Michael in words, so we have used pictures! . http:…
Southwest of Ireland, particularly County, Kerry, is world renowned for spectacular landscapes, rugged beauty and friendly locals. Touring this region combines endless photo opportunities and all the Irish history, folklore and fun a visitor can imagine. Basing yourself in and around Killarney gives you unlimited access to top notch accommodations, sightseeing, restaurants and nightlife while not sacrificing what you really came for - the natural beauty of Ireland. As was so eloquently stated by beloved Kerryman and author John B. Keane, “only in Kerry, with its magical retreats, can one experience such peace.”In County Kerry, home to the most western point in all of Europe, one of Ireland’s most beloved peninsulas and breathtaking drives, the infamous Ring of Kerry, awaits. Jutting into the Atlantic Ocean, the Ring of Kerry is ranked as one of the top 50 Drives in the entire world! On the route you’ll look out to one of Irelands two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Skellig Michael, where centuries a ...
Air Corps Agusta Westland AW139 taking off from Skellig Michael as seven tonnes of material were airlifted to...
Vídeo: Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula arctica) on a cliff-top at Skellig Michael, County Kerry, Ireland. (via...
The list in full 1 Soaking up the Edinburgh Festival. 2 Go West - walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. 3 Punting on the Cam. 4 Supping Guinness in Dublin. 5 Wandering Borrowdale in the Lake District. 6 Be humbled by Durham Cathedral. 7 Cycling in the New Forest. 8 See the Belfast Murals. 9 Surfing in Newquay. 10 Breathing in the sea air in Tobermory. 11 Hiking in Snowdonia. 12 Hunting ghosts in York. 13 Hitting the streets for Notting Hill Carnival. 14 Getting away from it all on Skellig Michael. 15 Get lost in the Balti Triangle. 16 Clubbing in London. 17 Walking on Dartmoor. 18 Trundling along the West Highlands Railway. 19 Winning the prehistoric lottery (Newgrange Lottery, Co Meath). 20 Watching a football match at Old Trafford. 21 Losing yourself in Connemara. 22 Take a stroll from St Paul's to Tate Modern. 23 Holkham magic: visiting the best beach in Britain. 24 Walking the walls of Conwy Castle. 25 Experience Glastonbury.
Not Quite a Burning Bush - After the overwhelming experience of Skellig Michael, I drove across the channel...
A favourite day trip to Skellig Michael world inscribed in 1996 by the UNISCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST it is also a...
Day 4: Managed to complete the Ring of Kerry today. The weather was really horrible this morning which scrubbed our bid to boat out to Skellig Michael. By the time we reached the Cliffs of Kerry it had cleared and we were provided with some pretty spectacular views of the Skelligs. The remainder of the Ring drive and the Killarney National Park was wonderful. Will hate to leave tomorrow but we are off to Cork and then London.
Day 3: Left Galway early from our Pillo Hotel (sweet place!) and made it to the Aillwee Cave ahead of the rain. By the time we circuited the cave route the rains had stopped and we took off for the Cliffs of Moher. What views!!! I hated leaving but we had to make our Tarbert-Killeen Ferry which ended up being a pleasant 20 min ride. We reached the south shore at low tide and were treated to great views of the emptied bay. Now I can be spontaneous and love adventure but with a TomTom that is suspect I was dreading the cross country drive to Killarney. It turned out to be quite breathtaking though that darn GPS took us through country that I would never have guessed existed :-) Tomorrow we are hoping to reach Skellig Michael. :-) G-night mates!
I had the most amazing day to Skellig Michael. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty.
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