Six Flags & Season Pass

Six Flags Entertainment Corp. is the world's largest amusement park corporation based on quantity of properties and the fifth most popular in terms of attendance. Season Pass refers to a ticket attainable at most amusement parks allowing admission to the park multiple times during a certain period - usually a year. 2.7/5

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Gotta put my Six Flags season pass to use
Six Flags are giving FREE Season Pass to celebrate 51st Anniversery
I once got a season pass to Six Flags for Christmas. It expired at the end of the holiday season...
When I asked my dad to buy me a season pass to Six Flags. Me: So are you gunna pay for it? . dad: uhm what?your gunna go wash some cars first?
When I was in cali I got a season pass to Six Flags.
I have a season pass to Six Flags and Hurricance Harbor and Free Parking! Who wants to go?!?!
So my Season Pass to Six Flags,now tht Im clear!!!Can't wait for Jaydins dad to buy his on Friday,Tiana is free! We can go to the waterpark ALL summer,again something I've never been able to do!life#
Six Flags with the bros this friday who else wanna come ? LMS COMMENT
Who has a freakin season pass to Six Flags?!! Cuz I need some people to hangout with there d ride with?!
I want to get a season pass for Six Flags.
Six Flag New England Tickets Available at ITT Day pass is $33 each meal voucher $12 each Season Pass $57 each If you are not able to come into ITT, mailing services is available at an additional cost. Call ITT for more information.
Is anyone interested in going to Six Flags with me a few times this summer? I bought a season pass to go with an ex-friend of mine and now he turned into an *** amd I dont want to let it go to waste.
I think I'm bout to go ahead and get my season pass for Six Flags
I really want to put the remaining of my Six Flags season pass into good use before the year ends. 😁🎢
Going to take my pic for my season pass at Six Flags and HH for 2013... This should be fun for Isaiah this yr... CANT WAIT TO TAKE THEM TRICK OR TREATN..
Okay my FB family and friends, I have an offer for you, My daugter-inlaw has some six flags tickets for sale here is the info: *Six Flags - Company day in the park! We have extra tickets for this event and the best thing is you will not have any lines to combat! Event is on November 3 from 10:30am to 6:30 pm. Each ticket is only $30 and includes a free pass to Holiday in the Park. Family and friends are welcome, and children under two are free. During the group outing event, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase 2013 Gold Season Passes for just $34.99 plus tax by showing your group outing ticket stub. The season pass includes a parking pass and is limited to two per person. Please let me know if you would like to purchase tickets!* So just let me know by messaging me, you do need to pay for your ticket by Friday.
Headed out for a weekend in Atlanta in a couple of hours from now, doing Six Flags and Fright Fest and renewing my Season Pass for 2013.
After 7 years of living within walking distance of Six Flags, I am finally getting a season pass for the 2013 season. (Of course by the time that I get through this line to process the season pass, the 2013 season will have already started.)
Just got back from Six Flags. Got my season pass for next year!! Goin 2 six Flags again on Sunday!! SO excited:)
Since I have a season pass for Six Flags next year I can go to Hurricane Harbor during the day and Great Adventure at night yes
It took much too long but I finally got my Six Flags season pass! :D
Had an AWESOME day at Six Flags! Plus I got a season pass for next year too!! PARTY!!
Coasterdude went to Six Flags over Georgia to renew his Six Flags 2013 Season Pass. I actually saved $24 by renewing early. That is the good. The bad the wait times for most of the coasters went from 60 minutes to 120. 2 hours to wait for a 2 minute ride? Coasterdude thinks those that wait 2 hours for a 2 minute coaster have rocks in your head!
I'm at Six Flags again this time with my niece and nephew; should had got a season pass but last min :
Thinking about buying my Six Flags season pass next week, who's down to roll up with me??? :DD
I have a season pass but I've only gone to Six Flags like twice. Who wants to go to Fright Fest soon?
Six Flags with Yazmin tomorrow and then going back on Sunday! This season pass has been so craycray.
Louis and I are going to Six Flags tomorrow. We have 2 coupons from our season pass book that are for 2 people to get in for free. If your interested, just message me.
Six Flags on Friday, $45 (tickets, parking, lunch) or $20.50 (parking & lunch - you'll want this if you have a season pass). Like this if you're DEFINITELY going (if you like this but don't come, I'm still going to need you to pay me - need to make our final reservations this afternoon). If you need the $20.50 deal, make sure you leave a comment, otherwise I'll assume you need the full $45 ticket-package. Parents, we still need some drivers
Bout to hit up Six Flags..this season pass come in handy on a bored day
Beckham must have a season pass for the like at Sea World or Six Flags. Dude's everywhere.
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lol pshh sororities manorities...get your Six Flags season pass girl!!
I need to go to Six Flags asap. My season pass is sad.
Six Flags is having a Texas in July, We Came as Romans, an I, The Breather concert during Frieght Fest... Thank god I have a season pass. :D
All I want for my birthday is a Six Flags season pass.
Passengers were rescued from the top of a new thrill ride at a Six Flags amusement park Sunday afternoon.
I'm goin to Six Flags tmrw! Enough of holding on to this season pass
I have a season pass to Six Flags. I should be there like every other day, and I've only been twice -__-
My season pass is going to waste...i'm def going to Six Flags this upcoming week.
What's good with Six Flags though? I've got my season pass just sittin' around 😔
I have a season pass for Six Flags and still haven't gone once
I feel hella bad, my mom wasted a Six Flags season pass on me and i havent gone once yet, i feel hella bad ):
I have a season pass to Six Flags just collecting dust smh
I spent $50 on Darren when he came to Six Flags cause I bought a season pass just for the occasion
Hey Acton Youth! Don't forget about Six Flags on Friday. We are leaving the church at 9am and plan to return around 11:30pm. Park tickets are $31(if you do not have a season pass) and concert tickets are $12. If you have any questions, let Jason or Janelle know!
Hm, so my company gets discounted Six Flags Tickets, only $32... or a season pass for $55. Anyone wanna go to Six Flags?
Thinking bout gettin a Season Pass to Six Flags, but I dont even go that often! 😏
I bought another Six Flags season pass this year and I am determined to get my money's worth. There are bring-a-friend free days and several bring-a-friend for $9.99 days. I need to start planning now so that I can take advantage of every offer. So, who wants to hang out with me at Six Flags and when?
ANIME CLUB FIELD TRIP: Six Flags this Saturday! Ok Anime Crew, you guys have always been awesome with me the whole school year, so I am keeping my word and organizing our Six Flags trip for this Saturday. It goes without saying that I have alot of trust with you guys, but here are some ground rules so we all are on the same page: - You have to pay for the price of the ticket if you don't have a season pass. It's 50 at the door, or 40 (kid price) online or with a can of coke. You guys have to buy your own food when we are there. - Everyone sticks together. There is no exceptions to this rule. If you need to hit the bathroom, we wait for you, or we can go as a group. We can break into two smaller groups if we are going on rides that are really close to each other, but going individually to rides or in smaller groups with less than half of the crew is out of the question. - I need contact numbers in case something happens. God forbid, but I need to make sure I can call your parents in case you get in a coast ...
I have a season pass for Six Flags...j need to use it
I got a whole *** season pass to Six Flags for nothing.
Flash pass, season pass... yup, off to Six Flags...
I cant wait for the 4 th of july cause im going to Six Flags and stay open to close, if anyone has a season pass feel free to join us. =)
Even though its hot outside i still had 2 get my season pass 4 Six Flags.5 more days till I turn 30.Partying Sportsline Bar & Grille on July inbox me if u coming thru or hit my phone...Now back to the MONEY
Six Flags trip is back on for July 3rd. Need to know which of you is going so we know who is driving. Grahamcan take four comfortably, or five if we push it. Lauren is going with her friend. Need to know if Oatridge, Wood, and Bee are going, and anyone else. Tickets are $62 at the gate, $42 online, or two for $62 online. If you dont have a season pass, buy as a pair... Text me so I know what's going on. ETD 0800, ETR 2200. Not staying till close cause I plan to get some drinks afterwards. Also, planning on doing both Great America, and Hurricane Harbor.
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Who has a Six Flags season pass??? Let me know what days I can take a friend free please :)
So, I'm trying to see if I'm going to just buy myself a season pass to Six Flags or naw... *Thinking* (Will it be a waste of money) At least I don't have a useless, broke man this summer and have to buy me and him a season pass...THANK GOD..But someone else is more than welcome to buy me one..Lol..But naw I got this...
If I decide to get a Six Flags season pass, with the Six Flags Parking pass, will it get me into all Six Flags parks?
I got a season pass to Six Flags n haven't used it
Six Flags tomorrow with my aunt and family (: fun fun I'm getting a season pass (:
I need to hit up Six Flags one of these days *** it ! I can't let me season pass go to waste.
I hit Six Flags yesterday, goin again today...Season Pass on Deck
Anywho, anyone wanna go to Six Flags later today? I have a season pass so I get in for free-izzle lol. I'll pay for everything
Season passes at Six Flags are 74.99 dollars. ill get a play pass like I did last year.
Six Flags isn't that fun to get a season pass and have to go that far all summer.
I need to get my Combo Season Pass to Six Flags and White Water ASAP!
2 free nights in Atlantic City, tickets to Slipknot, System of a Down and Deftones, just bought my Six Flags season pass, Avengers, Spiderman, and The Dark Knight Rises!... Oh yes, this is going to be an awesome summer! :)
Finally got my season pass for Six Flags! Can't wait to go tomorrow with my babe Alexis Coral Bishop
Im getting a season pass for Six Flags :D like if youre getting one too
Im really expanding in Promotion. I linked up with Six Flags. I gave Dave Roemer, (Park President) a call about doing a event & he said he'll give me a chance to GO BIG. So EVERYONE will be at Six Flags June 9th.Six Flags also gave me a deal on Admission Tickets.( $30 Tickets are on sale ) you can get em from Nelly Da'Celeb or Kellz Demjerkboiz Ceo, instead of paying $50 at the door...if you already have a SEASON PASS your good to go all you have to do is INBOX me & let me know your going on JUNE 9TH! Event starts @ NOON - Ends @ 9pm. Hosted By: Nelly Da'Celeb.Flash Passes are on Sale Too.Cumin Soon.
I am a current Six Flags season pass hold this year... Does anyone know how much it would be to upgrade it to a combo pass for both Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor?!
We also have a season pass for Six Flags, so if anyone is looking to go this summer, let us know, we want to make use out of this.
Heading out to Six Flags today with the my season pass
Six Flags Over Georgia is open every day all summer starting TOMORROW. So, I need to start milking my season pass guys. This means I need to start bringing people to Six Flags with me. Is anyone up for this wonderment?
Just bought a season pass to Six Flags. Now who wants to go with me?
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Six Flags isnt a bust! My mom pulled some strings, the only thing is i judt have to use a wheelchair! Actually, thats a blessing! I got a season pass, and a flash pass!!! YaY! XD
Does anyone else have their Six Flags season pass!?!
Here's a question for my friends and relatives in the Knoxville area. What is the admission price for Dollywood, and what is the season pass price? I saw a commercial for Six Flags over GA that said you could buy season passes for $45 if you bought them on line. That's $10 LESS than the single day pass. (of course, nobody pays full price for single day admission, everybody knows to look for certain Coke cans or coupons)
My mom just bought me a season pass to Six Flags! Aw yeahh!
Need to get me a Six Flags season pass
I just purchased my season pass to Six Flags!!!
Six Flags season pass on deck! Finally broke down and bought one...
The X-Flight, the newest coaster @ Six Flags in Chicago, opens today. Got my season pass. Heading out there. The bigger, the faster, the better the coaster is.
Got my Six Flags season pass, going to have my Knott's season pass in June. I'll be summer ready.
Ok, family first. This sunday Six Flags is gonna do the Mothers Day special again. For each season pass, a person gets in free. Both of my sisters cant come. I dont know fa sho if Im going but is anybody in the fam intrested?
Six Flags ina few got that season pass ...
Right! I got my season pass to Six Flags lol you should go with me sometime ! It's not $300 ! Lmfao
Four out of five Moms agree: Six Flags America is the most thrilling place to spend Mother's Day in 2012. To understand why so many families love to visit the park on mom's special day, we asked several of them to tell us why Six Flags is their favorite Mother's Day family spot.
Tomorrow my family will go to Six Flags over Texas and get another new season pass card.
Looking forward to tomorrow,heading to Six Flags mainly to ride ''X-Flight''...Mike and I have been going for years...season pass..check,parking pass..check and season dining pass..check
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Got my Season Pass for six flags headed over there after the big Y and i shower wo
I'm bouta get a Six Flags season pass
Thinking the New Alabama Adventure season pass instead of Six Flags and White Water for vacation this year.
This media item is from Six Flags videos.
Gonna pay for my Six Flags season pass on an installment plan.
Got a season pass to Six Flags and going on Sunday!
Who's going to Six Flags this year I'm already starting to save for my season pass. :D
I haven't been to Six Flags in years. I think I am about to purchase a season pass right now.
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