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Situation Room

The Situation Room is an iconic photograph captured by White House photographer Pete Souza in its namesake, the White House Situation Room, at 4:06 pm on May 1, 2011. The photograph shows President of the United States, Barack Obama, along with his national security team, receiving live updates of Operation Neptune Spear, which led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda.

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Executive Director Greg Scarlatoiu on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer tonight, addressing defection of a NK…
New DVD just released inside the Situation Room for members only. America's True Christian History As Influenced by…
Gary Cohn isn't running the Situation Room. He's a dispensable advisor. You can't have the White House prestige without the…
He was there to capture everything — from tense moments in the Situation Room to happenings on the basketball court. https:…
- nice SNLreference in the Situation Room, but wrong Gilda Radner character; was Emily Litella -
Wow. Joseph Dunford, America's top general, was ready to take backseat to Jared Kushner in Situation Room.
Sanders: It's "pathetic" that EPA chief thinks CO2 not primary contributor to climate change
there's a rat loose in the art room so I'm leaving out pencil stubs n paint in hopes that this turns into a ratatouille type situation
Not till he's done making brownies with Martha Stewart. When the apron comes off, he's ready for the Situation Room.
I'm not going never be comfortable with my situation it's always room for improvement!
Lindstrom displays the picture from the Situation Room during the Bin Laden raid.
cool! I have to figure out my lodging situation. No room at the inn. But that should work.
we have the cap room and options in the drat. Plenty of opportunity to find a guard or two. Not a tricky situation
Situation Room? yes, he reports only on the Situations that fit libera…
JUST IN: Justice Department has asked House Intelligence Committee for more time
.on Trump's wiretap claim: Just adds to the delusional statements we hear from the President
Voter to My husband is dying. We can't afford health insurance. What kind of insurance do you have?
Sen. Chuck Schumer: “Trumpcare would be a nightmare for the American people”
Obama: Joe, where are the keys to the Situation Room?. Biden: The what?. Obama: Joe. Biden: No idea what you're talking about…
Sen. Chuck Schumer: “The only winners in this CBO report are the health insurance executives and wealthy Americans"
Sen. Chuck Schumer: "If there was ever a war on seniors, this bill, Trumpcare, is it"
Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice on the GOP reaction to the CBO report: “You can’t have it both ways”
Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice: GOP health care plan is "an assault on seniors" and women
I heard about the "Open Air" impromptu Situation Room. Diners with access. Sad.
🚨🚨The United States is in trouble! Russia had ears in Situation Room in the White House! 👇🏻👇🏻
Yet, STILL no one asks for a photo of HRC & Obama in the WH Situation Room when Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens was…
Imagine if Clinton, 10 days into a Presidency, okayed a mission that proved fatal, then skipped the Situation Room. http…
Donald Trump wasn’t even in Situation Room for his botched Yemen raid that killed Navy SEAL
"Here's an alternate fact, I'm Wolf Blitzer, and you're in the Situation Room" -
Just a thought - since Trump wants to spend so much time in New York, are they going to build a 2nd Situation Room in Trump Tower?
That was an epic trip to the Situation Room for Tom Brokaw.
How many days did it take the White House to choreograph the tv shot in the Situation Room when Bin Laden was killed. Attendees
I liked a video Inside the White House: The Situation Room
"On the day I was in the Situation Room helping to bring Bin Laden to justice, you were hosting the Celebrity Apprentice."
On the day Clinton was in the Situation Room working on the Bin Laden raid, Trump was hosting Celebrity Apprentice, she tells O…
Imagine Donald Trump sitting in the Situation Room making life or death decisions on behalf of the United States. https…
I've seen Hillary in the Senate & the Situation Room. Clear-eyed. Steady. Understands working people. Exactly the leadership…
In the Situation Room, says Donald Trump, military leaders will have more power than foreign policy experts.
I can still see Bill Daley looking concerned in the Situation Room and body englishing our Seals to their prey.
Being in a room full of guys watching the NFL draft is a very confusing situation. I have no idea what's going on.
The situation in my living room has become dangerous and unacceptable
So the situation is a guy rocked up at my hotel room at 5 am( no appointment) and banged me out of bed. Then proceeded to ask me about
Kinda *** with the Chinese Room situation, I love EBGTTR, Dear Esther and A Machine for Pigs yet I also love The Witcher series as well.
at a W/H meeting situation room before arrival ceremony for the remains of U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens.
Dan Scavino: If you’re going to throw punches at Trump… be prepared. California GOP. https:/…
If your the eagles this is toxic situation if he wants to cause locker room issues he can. I'd get what I can let him go
.If you’re going to throw punches at Donald Trump… be prepared.
Would Bubba Return to the White House. Separate residences or not?. Runs Foundation or not?. East Wing or West Wing?. Situation Room or not?
"I'm Mark Summers and you're in the Situation Room"
wow finally a "White House style Situation Room" to take the right decision. Great work sir
Situation Room: Purcell's goal is disallowed. . . . . push.
Situation Room: Purcell's goal is disallowed. This makes me so angry
Video: Situation Room: Purcell's goal is disallowed via
Breaking news from the Situation Room...Wolf Blitzer just farted.
I added a video to a playlist Situation Room: Patrick Maroon's goal overturned
She belongs in jail. Watching for hours as Benghazi from Situation Room. She wanted Chris Stephens dead.
SIOI Situation Room: preparing for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.
At the "Situation Room" with my brother Gunna, Mr. Dixon and my dawg Rod. The "Prelude To *** …
The President’s briefing in the Situation Room with senior White House staff and his national security team ended shortly after 10:45AM.
conversation at work . People: well what do you think nick would do in this situation?. Me: *yelling across room* act super ***
Kay but until you KNOW the full story, you have no room to say anything at all, no matter what the situation.
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So my roommate lost $10 in the room should I . 1. Say I didn't take it . 2. Sit quietly. 3. Help her look .
Children's emergency room about to be my situation for the night...
Mere words are insufficient for expressing how much I loathe this MOFO
Don't forget the young situation in your room 😂
so 3 states share a room. Crazy situation!!
in a room surrounded by teenagers I don't know... umm k. awkward *** situation cause they eating quietly 😂😂😂😂
UPDATE ON THE BROTHER SITUATION. So ofc I still couldn't believe this so I went into my brother's room and he was playing some game on his PC
but yeah, I'm definitely trying to figure out a room situation. Did you reserve one yet?
I don't think he was watching in the Situation Room. They had to hide him in another room somewhere in the White House.
Putin and Blatter sharing the same podium at the 2018 World Cup draw... How many White House personnel are in the Situation Room right now?
she was n the Situation Room that night, not fairy Barry Soetoro...
Gary Bettman called Situation Room and made his case clear.
Goodness. Huw Edwards has turned the studio into a "Situation Room". He must've upped security after those aggressive nationalists.
Prez seal on butter at West Wing lunch. Good salad too. And the dessert!. Sat right near the Situation Room.
Was Valerie Jarrett in the Situation Room with Obama the Night of Benghazi Attack? WHO gave …
This CNN coverage from Havana, Cuba, is like watching Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room on a bad acid trip.
Note to self: Confirmation. Senator Diane Feinstein 10-26-14 on CNN State of the Union. Senator Saxby Chambliss 10-28-14 on CNN Situation Room
Wolf Blitzer and "The Situation Room" kinda ominous lQQKing but sometimes it's the best laugh, it'll make toilet tissue sound dangerous
only bc I'm also in that situation and currently stranded in Kati's room.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) declared he thinks he “meets [the] criteria” to be president in an interview on Friday's “Situation Room” on CNN. Paul was asked whether he was qualified to be president, and ...
I'm watching The Situation Room and earning great rewards from
Hello vcu friends if you are unhappy with your roommate situation you should come live with me before they move a random person into my room
If he was not in the Situation Room, where was the president before, during, and following the attack?
Is it true that neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton were in the Situation Room during the attack?
Are before class and the room is warm and the class is boring... Ideal situation for a nap
WHY is Cale hereee; I don't want to get out of my room to face an awkward situation. :c
Why CNN hasn’t already hired the Keene Pumpkin Fest reporter to a Situation Room correspondent slot is beyond me:
Revolt TV's says "needs to come and see our situation room".
jst picture Aj in his room legitimately trying 2belt out Beautiful byChristina Aguilera&thts the kind of situation I deal w on a daily basis
Golf is also code for secret meetings, situation room on the green with no paper trail!
Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes create Situation Room, an interactive maze.
Sitting in the band room hearing horns being blown is not an ideal situation for someone w/ a headache. Oh well... part of the job I guess
Smoking room captain of industry-state smoking room situation conjunction average home furnishings: qnZzv
people see what they want but don't know the whole story, sooo you are in NO room to give your opinion and judge a situation you aren't in.
From clever storage solutions to simple room dividers, learn how to make the most of your small-space situation...
I'm containing myself in my room, my poor family:') The whole situation is exciting/amazing/confusing &i don't know how to feel X
Anybody need a roommate or have a room for rent! Emergency situation! Serious inquiries only
In the worst situation with 3 men in our room, bleeding all over our blankets, and polluting our air. Thanks MTSU maintenance.
I hope this whole locker room thing doesn't turn out like the Red Sox situation...
We have launched a new Syria chat room @ discuss the current situation in
A situation room but with advisors telling me what to watch on Netflix tonight.
Lovely room, great staff, but the power situation was awful. Nowhere near the bed to plug in a laptop or phone (my alarm).
190E never runs on time from 7.30 to 8 regardless. Its the same situation everyday. The bus only has standing room only.
>> keep this situation under control as I felt the room fill with guards, their guns levelled at the male. The female still looked >>
I quickly removed myself from the situation so as to lessen the tension. This has left me in a situation where I must now clean my room 😒
Peek-a-boo view from inside the Situation Room, and you can walk around it, too:...
But I can't imagine myself sitting in the psychologist's room complaining about everything; being in a hopeless situation
Perforated panels of aluminium used to create curved installation via
Being able to cut jokes with the guy I'm sharing a hospital room with at since 230 am really helps the situation.
Weneva ur wailing on ur own situation, God will always bring tyns to shw u dier is always a room for thanking Him.
There is no room for a win-lose situation in any meaningful relationship~~~
I forgot that sky was in my room and then she started clawing at my blankets and for s split second I thought I had a ghost situation
Still mad at that Marvin room situation IDC IDC 😂😂😂
I honestly will this week! I've just about had it with my room situation.
Do you know the current situation on these 14? I have room. Can you give me this the scoop?. Thanks!
Salute to all,today we shall a intercession prayers at 2pm in upper room,come all,invite others,Jesus will touch your situation.
2011: The Year in Photos, Part 1 of 3 U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd left) and Vice President Joe Biden (left), along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama Bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House, May 1, 2011. A team of United States Navy SEALs was at that moment descending on a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, raiding the suspected residence of Bin Laden. Also pictured are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2nd right) and Defense Secretary Robert Gates (right). (Reuters/White House/Pete Souza/Handout)
It's a half-hour newscast not the Situation Room LOL
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer // also my parents' alma mater.
In a crisis situation there is no room for additional complexity. People need to come...
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email from NHL Situation room says Peluso goal was disallowed because it hit crossbar and didn't cross goal line
This having no room situation kinda *** 😩
Doug Marrone on Offensive Line, RB situation: The Bills head coach talks about what the locker room was like at…
*Tess burst into Ben's room and quickly told him of the situation, Ben immediately going to a computer and entering various --
Because of coverage, CNN is rebranding THE SITUATION ROOM as THE ISOLATION ROOM.
Another famous grad: Wolf Blitzer, host of Situation Room
White House says President Obama to meet with National Security Council in the Situation Room at 11:25 am
At 11:25am today, the President and will meet with members of the National Security Council in the Situation Room.
The interview with Sen. Chris Murphy from today's 'the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer' re is a must watch.
I have major anxiety about this room situation tbh
UFC Quick Quote: MMA is watered down like un-concentrated Kool-Aid: . "Look at the situation we're in...
O finally meeting on ISIS in the situation room.
POTUS & Congress need to stand up & show the necessary leadership in the face of - on
Overheard in the BPR control room: "This is sort of a mutually-assured-destruction which Amanda is obviously Russia."
Now I'm not the one talk down on a person because I dnt know a person's situation cuz I have no room
Meanwhile in the situation room : " Let's send Uncle Joe out to do a big fire and brimstone speech "
Joan Rivers going to private room out of icu .. Her medical situation unclear.. Waiting for statement
I'm in a sticky situation right now.. Do I want to go back to my room and play GTA 5 or math homework...?
Ryan Fitzpatrick on the quarterback situation with the Texans: "I'm now definitely the shortest guy in the room."
How I feel about the coffee situation in the break room right now.
but how is michael Sam adjusting to the cowboys locker room? How is the shower situation there?
As if this whole bedbug situation could not get worse, now I have to go into my room and try and catch one to prove my case
Is the U.S. safe from ISIS? – The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer - Blogs
Mass Media acts as if they belong in the Situation Room with Obama. They Do Not!
If the situation is huge, there's no room for regrets later on.
Like sitting next to Val Jarrett in the situation room: 4D Theater Shakes, Blows, Smells
I should also mention, that we won't be there so it's not like an extra room situation.
ISIL is impressive in its ability to get Obama off the golf course and into the Situation Room
If I wanted to criticize The Situation Room I would call it Crying Wolf with Wolf Blitzer.
Zippy wasn't in the Situation Room during the Siege featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wen ur blamed for everything jus kno there is nuttn u cn do in tht situation ta make it better. -food for thought
attempt 2 keep it hidden from the public until after mid terms failed. Off the golf course & into the situation room. .
Everyone in the room was crying how can I not cry sia. Omg the situation was so so sad.
Not happy with the room mate situation,better do something quick.😢😠
The Next Election Situation Room Meeting shall be held on Friday 11th of September 2014
A mid life crisis so serious I need a situation room.
Miss you too! I just fvking hate the situation right now! Those fvking room mates?! Ts. Die
When sharing a room w/ someone, Theirs always that messyass/lazyass roomate. Fr fr thats my sister in this situation😒
More seats, less room, more people flying so there are no empty seats to move people in order to defuse the situation.
Uhuru's Situation Room, like the Obama's during just before the killing of Osama, just before detonation of drug...
Obama better get his Generals in the situation room and plan the defeat of ISIS.
AU Situation Room, Panel of the Wise and steps these institutions take
“It's alarming Obama in Nantucket, while kills more Americans . Obama needs to live in situation room!
umm, yeah, u'll prob not get ur own place in a "normal" situation. I suggest go seriously downstream, or a room in a house.
What could be up Kim Jong Un's sleeve? – The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer - Blogs
Tony Abbott dissolves senate, begins transition of policy matters to Death Star situation room.
⚠️PSA⚠️. It has been approx 7 days since I lost my retainer in the mess of death aka my room.. The situation is not looking good
||Oh. Wel then.||. He inched closer to his room, attempting to get away from the awkward situation. "Well, no one's--
Book a hotel room for you and her for the *** of it...unlimited love making or sex. Idk your situation.
Tyler was in the locker room throwin a dead roach around at people - you will never see me get out of a situation as fast as I did that one
To the point where he is letting sleep in his single dorm room to get me out of my horrific living situation on campus
Functional situation workmanship as things go dream room hours: bZWHqC
In my room, door open, lights off, staring at my roommate while eating a bag of chips... Weird situation..
Our locker room situation is some real bs
Obama will do anything to avoid the Oval Office or Situation Room.
Being in the same room as someone that you have a problem with is really a testy situation.
When there's no room for change and adapting in a routine,that situation dead
No more room for anyone new in my life. . This situation has changed me
Obama strategy: Trick ISIL and ISIS into declaring war on each other. Munch on popcorn in the Situation Room.
America! 9/11 tip. Stay out of NYC, airplanes, tall buildings and the WH situation room. It's gonna be ugly
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One never knows how many people a room can hold until there's a situation that leaves him with no choice but to explore its full capacity
My future "situation" room because there is no such thing as having a "problem."
Dear Patriot, There are very credible threats that ISIS is planning an attack on American soil in the next few weeks. A confidential memo was discovered by Judicial Watch and confirmed with a copy obtained by Breitbart News warning law enforcement officials near the US-Mexico border that ISIS has developed a presence in Juarez, Mexico, within sight of El Paso. The President has clearly stated that his Administration does not know what to do with the terror group yet he is jetting to New York this weekend for a couple fundraisers and then a wedding. At a time when it should be "all hands on deck", the President is more concerned with getting in an extra few rounds of golf or yucking it up with big Democrat donors. Mr. President, this is what they built the Situation Room in the White House for and there might be someone still around that knows where it is.
Obama to huddle on Islamic State in Situation Room: White House says advisers will discuss options to counter ...
POTUS is meeting with his National Security Council in the Situation Room at 4pm. Should the US take military action ag…
Watching Wolf Blitzer thinking how much I miss Jack Cafferty in Situation Room. Wolf how stupid to get rid of Jack. Great Show
Sometimes I think Wolf Blitzer is in *A* Situation Room, not necessarily *THE* Situation Room.
The doctor just came into the room on the phone with another doctor to talk about my situation.😳
I actually do. Newsroom or situation room r the only two shows that I like
to the situation room to plan the destruction of isis. Oh, sorry, only a real leader would do that
most likely. It really shows how nasty this situation is, like, I can imagine the coffee room rhetoric at these police depts.
Many news wanted these Syrian rebels ISIS armed last year for over throwing Assad Now same say Nuke'em! Filtering situation in our news room
Oh man right now tough...complex situation.need know all facts...I am 'war room' sort of thinker.
How's Tina Fey on Hillary impressions? I can see Benghazi from the situation room!
In situation for Putin is rapidly crashing. Trying to prepare his supporters for the fall of the rebels
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FML , go to the situation room and go find ISIL dammit!
the coaching staff have botched this situation.They have the locker room/fans/media divided&both qbs r behind
BREAKING NEWS: Obama to address unrest from Martha's Vineyard situation room.
Upstairs in my room again ten worlds spinning through my head... we are reviewing the situation... Don't call me in the morning
BREAKING NEWS President Obama to return to Martha's Vineyard, where he will monitor closely from country club situation room
Sometimes you need to confront people. they need to know how your feeling about the situation. Clarity makes room for peace.
Not enough pretzels and Doritos in the Situation Room is my guess.
Wonder whatever happened wit the situation where the young guy was killed by his girl's pops in her room?
Düsseldorf 'situation room' for innovative foreign policy with German Amb.thanks
Weight room will be closed for the rest of the day due to an urgent situation.
Parish probably wants to establish some style boot room setup. He alone will determine our fate with this situation
. Is it like videos of Situation Room during ?. Too sensitive politically
Current situation at dentist: half face numb, feel like I'm having a stroke, doctor and nurse both left room. Time remaining >1hour
be sure to watch as nothing is accomplished. The situation is extremely complex, and he has no breathing room domestically.
sometimes. There's room for a lil crazy in every situation
Good thing Obama is in the situation room agressively working on this...oh wait, he is on vacation...again.
Expecting some good karma to take over with this room change situation
Daily thought: never get Soo comfortable in a situation that you fail to see room for improvement !
Young entrepreneurs may often be the youngest person in the room. Rd how to make the best of this awkward situation:
Why isn't CNNi joining CNN Domestic for 2 hrs of the Situation Room ? WE NEED wolf's unique perspective on the upheaval
"We applaud the for their partnership in Osun elections and the linkage with our Situation Room"- Jega
Me, yesterday in the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Cornell Belcher & Tom Fuentes.
Talked about the ebola situation from a fieldworker's perspective and the room was rapt.
Basically my situation with my room key right now. Us: we need an adult. Young RA's: I'm an adult. Us: We need a different adult!
My room this year is sweet minus the whole bathroom situation. Only one shower for 8+ people col. Totally into the single though
Surprised Pres Obama's meeting on Iraq taking place in Roosevelt Room rather than in Situation Room.
Lit Ish: Window to the Soul of a Man: In The Situation Room with Hurley "H.M. Trey" Morgan
He will not do it. I dont think he even knows where the situation room is!
Why must my room be so cold and dark and comfortable? It would be way easier to get out of bed if my sleeping situation sucked...
Isis is holding more americans and they too will be beheaded unless Obama puts on his big boy pants and get in the Situation room. fight
Probation, live in this kind of situation. 1 room for 2. And the other person do not have any feeling for the idea of sharing room.
"i definitely don't see enough room for the Holy Spirit in this situation" LOL oh wow 😭
President Obama has definitely been in the situation room for the last few days.
The President needs to get off the golf course & get in the WH situation room & deal w/the situation at hand. for President
The White House situation room is reserved for domestic race issues only.
The President doesn't know where the Situation Room is located.
A herd of teary homeschool mothers and offspring are singing soulful religious music in my living room. Idk what to do in this situation.
When I approach & say 'sorry' in a cramped changing room situation, I tend to mean, 'please can you move.' I'm not asking you to forgive me.
Sir Winston "GAG" Churchill addresses the Allied States at the situation room. Ja!
Protestors tell they want to see Obama take charge of situation:
Situation Room is reading these cops
BREAKING: President to assemble national security team in the Situation Room at Cheesecake Factory
Geeze, the freakin' White House doesn't have a bigger TV? Maybe POTUS has it in the Situation Room.
SHUT UP!!! Y'all couldn't make these decisions if you were in the Oval Office/Situation Room
This is really excellent. Liberals need to read this and if necessary have their heads held in front of this to ensure they do read it... The Obama Doctrine By Karin McQuillan President Obama thought trading a deserter for five top terrorists would be a PR coup. What does this tell us about our president as a person? At the most basic level, it shows that Obama does not share Americans’ visceral reaction to Bergdahl’s betrayal of his fellow soldiers and country. Obama, and no doubt Kerry, thought a deserter could be palmed off as a perfectly fine hero. Before rushing on to the usual chatter about Obama’s incompetence, his wanting to get attention off the VA, and his grandiose belief in his brilliance at negotiating with Islamist regimes, it is important to pause and consider why Obama’s gut reaction is so off. Obama didn’t have a normal visceral reaction to the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, either. Any normal person would have rushed to his post in the Situation Room to oversee a rescue attempt. ...
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NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE www.national May 6, 2014 Liberals: Exempt from Scrutiny It doesn’t matter if you belong to the 0.1 percent as long as you say the right things. By Victor Davis Hanson The qualifications of a Tommy “Dude” Vietor or Ben Rhodes that placed them in the Situation Room during Obama-administration crises were not years of distinguished public service, military service, prior elected office, a string of impressive publications, an academic career, previous diplomatic postings, or any of the usual criteria that have placed others at the nerve center of America in times of crisis. Their trajectory was based on yeoman partisan PR work, and largely on being young, hip, and well connected politically. I don’t think either of these operatives has a particular worldview or competency that would promote the interests of the United States. But they do talk well, know the right people, and are hip. Again, they have no real expertise or even ideology other than that. Al Gore is said ...
An Assault From Obama’s Escalating War on Journalism Norman Solomon In a memoir published this year, the CIA’s former top legal officer John Rizzo says that on the last day of 2005 a panicky White House tried to figure out how to prevent the distribution of a book by New York Times reporter James Risen. Officials were upset because Risen’s book, State of War, exposed what – in his words – "may have been one of the most reckless operations in the modern history of the CIA." The book told of a bungled CIA attempt to set back Iran’s nuclear program in 2000 by supplying the Iranian government with flawed blueprints for nuclear-bomb design. The CIA’s tactic might have actually aided Iranian nuclear development. When a bootlegged copy of State of War reached the National Security Council, a frantic meeting convened in the Situation Room, according to Rizzo. "As best anyone could tell, the books were printed in bulk and stacked somewhere in warehouses." The aspiring censors hit a wall. "We arrived ...
Understanding a Tribe Called Nigeria’s Governors 04 Jun 2014 Font Size: a/ A Situation Room by Emmanuel Bello Those incensed by the recent actions of the Akwa Ibom state helmsman, Governor Godswill Apkabio do not understand the interesting and intricate tribe called “governors”. If they did, they would have understood that Akpabio’s deed is nothing compared to what he, as a governor, is capable of doing, given governor’s sprawling power. Our governors are the most powerful folks on Earth. And although all governors are equal, some are richer than others as Minister of Finance, Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, recently revealed the top ten states in Nigeria. In fact, (and as Okonjo Iweala also noted) many of them are richer and more powerful than some presidents around the world. At the states, governors are the beginning and end of all wisdom. In their cases, the king is the state and the state was created for their good pleasure. They may occasionally try and display some decorum in treating the state ...
Abuse of the IRS is a very substantive Article --- and it was used against Nixon, and he would have been removed from Office just for that. Releasing enemy combatants in time of war to the detriment of US national security and the combat safety of our troops in the field, is something no President before Obama would ever dream of doing, or imagine he could talk his way out of. The Benghazi conduct of going to the Residence rather than the Situation Room so he could plot his own political machinations rather than save the Americans killed in that Embassy was something an enemy combatant would do, not a US President. Tampering with the ACA Federal Statute by unilaterally changing deadlines to suit his own political purposes was an impeachable offense because it violates the Separation of Powers, and is a gross usurpation of the Powers of the US Congress. Obama will be impeached in January 2015, and tried in the Senate, and hopefully expelled from office by the end of that month, or possibly in February 2015 ...
So for over 7 hours of POTUS was in WH but not in Situation Room. But some "dude" was present.
BENGHAZI PROVES OBAMA/HILLARY HAVE NO LIMITS WHEN IT COMES TO LYING!!! Would someone please explain the logic behind Hillary reducing security 70% at the US Embassy in Benghazi and denying Ambassador Steven's pleas for additional security??? It makes absolutely no sense when you consider Al-Qaeda flags were flying all over was one of the most dangerous places on earth!!! Everyone had left Benghazi including England and the Red Cross. The US Embassy had previously been attacked several times including a 30' hole blown in the compound wall and 9/11 was fast approaching. A drone was overhead feeding video of the terrorist attack to the WH "Situation Room" real time, but neither Obama/Hillary ever went to the situation room because they were too busy concocting the "Video Scam" to cover their *** the lives of Americans at the Embassy apparently weren't important to Obama/Hillary!!! Two weeks ago, it was revealed that the WH posted a warning about the video on YouTube while the attack was in prog . ...
WHAT? Obama STAYED IN the Situation Room (we were told) 4 killing of Bin Laden. he delegated his authority&left!
[CNN SITUATION ROOM] Anne Dammarell, a survivor of the 1983 US Embassy bombing in Beirut, will be appearing on "CNN'S Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer from 5:00-6:30pm Eastern Standard Time today - 20 MAY 2014. Although her interview segment will have been taped from e...
National Security Council Tommy Vietor says Obama never bothered to go to the Situation Room. . Was Biden "on duty"? Whe…
Was around Wolf Blitzer all day and I'm pretty sure I made it in the background of 'Situation Room' so my first day of work was pretty great
By Andrew Johnson Representative Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) took to the House floor to call out Democrats’ “fake outrage” over some Republican fundraising efforts following the creation of the select committee on Benghazi.He also criticized President Obama for his failure to ensure his orders to protect the four Americans in Benghazi or stay in the Situation Room throughout the hours-long attack.”We expect more from lieutenants in the Army than our president gave us that night,” he said.Cotton, who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, reminded Democrats of their sudden sanctimony over the committee’s creation:When I was leading troops in Iraq in 2006, men …read more Source: National Review
. Criminalthis Dude in Situation Room when Consulate was under attack & Commander in Chief was MIA. htt…
Apparently, Rt. Gen. Eric Shinseki, wasn't in the VA Situation Room either. Vets die, we want to know why
ICYMI: Jim and Juli Boeheim meet the President, tour the White House and the Situation Room, see Bo and Sunny:
Obama was NOT in Situation Room during the Benghazi attack? Where where Obama & Hillary ?
May 7, 2014 Dear Representative Huizenga, Dear Senator Levin, Dear Senator Stabenow, On September 11, 2012, America was under attack by radical Islamic jihadists. The result of this attack was not only the burning down and ransacking of American consulates and embassies throughout the Middle East. The end result included the atrocious, violent deaths of 4 Americans. Stand with us in fighting for these 4 men who gave all. Despite asking for reinforcements to help the consulate that was under attack, the Obama Administration denied the requests. Then, within hours of learning about these attacks, President Obama went to party and campaign in Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood. Although time and emails would prove that not only did Obama know about what happened, he and his team watched it in the Situation Room. But, there were no campaign pictures of that scene released. Instead, Obama attempted, poorly, to hide the truth of what he knew from the American people because the truth was an inconvenience to his ...
Tommy Vietor, a former White House spokesperson, was interviewed by Bret Baier last week regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack. If you haven’t seen it, look it up. Tommy’s arrogance and impudence are worth watching if only to further expose the caliber of people Obama has surrounded himself with. Tommy had remarkably detailed memory during the interview until Baier asked if he had personally changed the description of the Benghazi assault from “attack” to “demonstration.” In a flippant, disrespectful tone more suited to a self-absorbed teenager, Tommy snapped, “Uh, maybe. I don’t really remember.” When Baier skeptically asked, “You don’t remember?” Tommy tried to explain his sudden memory loss by saying, “Dude, this was like two years ago.” The first descriptive word that came to mind watching Tommy’s offensive performance was “twerp.” Tommy boasted he was in the Situation Room as the Benghazi attack was being carried out. When Baier asked him where President Oba ...
He Couldn't even be Bothered to go to the Situation Room! Because VEGAS Baby! via
Bret Baier: People on the ground testified that they knew where the ambassador was, that they were military in their precision. It was not guys coming to protest. They had mortars and heavy weapons. Tommy Vietor: Bret, a couple of things. I was in the Situation Room that night, okay. We didn't know…
This pResident set a prescident when he gathered with all his "important people" to watch as our Navy Seals took out Osama binLaden. The afterglow that went on after that set up this Regime as one that is on top of every situation. (maybe that's why this room is called The Situation Room!). With all that in mind, page forward to Sept. 11, 2012. If this same pResident was not in that same Situation Room, where, in *** was he??!!
Tommy Vietor - Former NSA Spokesman - Admits Obama Never Made it to Situation Room During Benghazi Attack Now we know that Barack Obama was in the White House but NEVER MADE IT to the Situation Room the night of…
(Fox News) -- Republican senators on Friday put pressure on President Obama to confirm his whereabouts during the night of the Benghazi attack, after an ex-White House spokesman revived the debate by telling Fox News he was not in the Situation Room. The detail about the president's location the ni…
Obama Watched Benghazi Attack live from Situation Room, let Americans, Ambassador Stevens Die videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. The wor...
"Dude, Where's My President?" said Tommy Vietor , ex White House spokesman, when he was asked, If Obama wasn't in the Situation Room during Benghazi, where was he? maybe Mr. Hand knows?
ICYMI: Can central video-review operation work in Sure can. My exclusive report from "Situation Room":
Here, among others, are Vice President Bush and Secretary of State Haig in the Situation Room in the White House 33 years ago today. President Reagan was just shot in the chest by a crazed lunatic. The American people later learned that the bullet's location almost killed Reagan. Instead, he broke the string of Presidents, from 1840 on, who were elected in a year ending in 0 who were assassinated or died in office. Those who think Barack Obama is insulted unlike any President have short memories. I heard a number of people in the street, minutes after the news spread that Reagan was shot but alive, exclaim, "Too bad he missed."
Today In 2011: President Obama holds a meeting on Libya in the Situation Room of the White House.
Under Paul Rosenberg, BofA's Situation Room used to have great insight. Under Mikkelsen it has become an incubator of idiocy
Breaking News: CNN is on there way to film at our Warehouse for tonights Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer!!! Stay tuned.
This week has been a big one for AFP! On Monday night, Wolf Blitzer played our Emilie ad on Situation Room and talked about its impact with his guests. We launched ads in Florida, Arkansas, North Carolina, and West Virginia, generating dozens of local and national news hits. On Fox News, our 'white ad' was featured on the Kelly File. Tim Phillips told Politico, “Kay Hagan is being held accountable for a law that is causing canceled insurance plans, lost access to doctors and rising costs.” The WA Post took notice and wrote a powerful story, saying AFP's "expansive efforts underscore its ascendancy as a force in American politics and illustrate how the traditional domain of political parties has been overtaken by independent groups." USA Today described this as, "an aggressive campaign to blister [Obamacare] and Democrats who supported it ahead of the midterm elections." We rounded out the week with a new ad, "Trapped by Obamacare," in response to the latest CBO report showing Obamacare will cost the . ...
At 6:30 PM, Mayor Bill de Blasio will update on the winter storm from the Situation Room at OEM headquarters. Watch live at
Bob Schieffer wrapping up. Trying to defend obama's spying. Q: obama has blackberry. Does he leave it out of Situation Room?
Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, on CNN's "Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" on al Qaeda in Syria. 01-10-14
Photo: President Barack Obama listens during a meeting in the Situation Room of the White House
Never forget Hillary's AND Obama's part in this TERRORIST ATTACK. You can't convince me the were not in the "Situation Room", just like they were for Bin Ladens end.
Listen as WH Situation Room tells Press Secretary about shooting as he & Cabinet members fly to Tokyo:
Photo: President Barack Obama attends a briefing on Afghanistan in the Situation Room of the…
President Obama is meeting this morning with CEO’s on the Cybersecurity Framework. According to the daily guidance, the meeting is being held in the Situation Room and closed to the press. The guidance says they will “discuss the importance of cybersecurity, the joint efforts by the Administration and industry to develop the Cybersecurity Framework, and ongoing work to implement the Executive Order to enhance the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.” According to a White House official, the participants in today’s meeting are: - Ajay Banga, MasterCard - Steve Bennett, Symantec - Wes Bush, Northrop Grumman - Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin - Renee James, Intel - Brian Moynihan, Bank of America - Joe Rigby, Pepco Holdings - Charlie Scharf, Visa
Is Obama at a window watching what's happening outside the White House? Or in the Situation Room waiting for an update via Valerie Jarrett?
Fox News just CNN Situation Room'd themselves with their new Looking at 70" iPads doesn't make Shepard Smith a better newsman. He's been Wolf Blitzer'd. Poor Shep.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer said at the end of a Situation Room segment on Wednesday afternoon that the Obama administration should consider a one-year delay on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in order to get the health care exchange websites functioning properly.
Lol everyone on my TL talking about the government thinks their Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room.
Firefighters dispatched to Half Mound , Valley Falls Vindicator – September 12, 2013Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – September 19, 2013 A barn and all its contents went up in flames at Half Mound Monday, September 9. District No. 11 Fire Department was called to the David Clark residence during the noon hour where they found the barn fully engulfed […] Read Firefighters dispatched to Half Mound at Doug's Situation Room.
What Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel wore at the Saturday's Situation Room meeting on (via
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