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Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull (Lakota: Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake in Standard Lakota Orthography, also nicknamed Slon-he or Slow ; c.

Chief Sitting Bull Crazy Horse Buffalo Bill Little Big Horn Red Cloud Wounded Knee Native American South Dakota Chief Joseph Great Plains Standing Rock

Sitting on the tailgate just shooting the bull with friends is what country life is all about 😊
I think senior year has been my all time low 😂😂😂
I'm just sitting here full of Red Bull and chicken tendies. My night is better than yours.
Switched to tequila pineapple. Too much Red Bull gives me the shakes. Have befriended the folks sitting around me. Waiting for
Custer and the 7th Cavalry lasted longer against Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse than Huskers against Ohio State. They lasted an hour.
Don't be so soft about this slavery bull. I'm sure they would rather be out helping then sitting in jail.
It's a mess. Will was so excited to see the bull riding show. & all he got was 2 hrs of sitting in tra…
Sure, as white babies born in America are as American as Sitting Bull. bet gener…
My state killed Sitting Bull. There's nothing cool about that, it just happened here.
You want Mount Rushmore to have Sitting Bull carved in it, spare a thought for Canadians >
Sitting Bull carries the flag leading the parade to the new Territorial capitol at Bismarck, Dakota Territory (9/5/…
Grand daughter of Sitting Bull,how beautiful is she!she is a Native American.
"In your country people look up to a man because is very rich?" "Well," Sitting Bull said, "my people look up to me…
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Yep which alot of ppl do with famous chiefs but I forsee it will happen more with sitting bull
There’s some racist, stupid men sitting next to me on the bus just talking so much bull and I’m about shut there *** up!
Very sadly I can't make it back Ledge. Told Dawn yesterday. Great Chief Sitting Bull will b…
Sitting in the back seat w a 3yrd old in a car seat, my big *** pit bull puppy and a Yorkie is not an experience I recommend trying
She could - just like anyone born in the US is a Native American. Just that Sitting Bull might have 2000 generations on me.
It’s a pity that couldn’t match Lucy Charles’ Red Bull sponsorship. . Huge airtime sitting there out front.
Sitting in shorts and it's 80 out.while getting out coats and gloves for tomorrow's Red Bull Air Race in Indiana
Is there any thing better than a chevy sitting on 22 and American bull dog
Chief Sitting Bull has been gone a 127 yrs & he is out thinking the dictionaries. Rest Peace Chief Sitting Bull
Gutted that I'm not sitting on the bus with a vodka red bull on the way to Easter Road ☹️⚽️
Noah done gave me his stomach flu.. On top of a ear infection now im sitting here with the stomach flu. This some real live bull
Just told my 6 yr old the next time they try to venerate Columbus in school he should take a knee & ask about Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse.
Sitting at the rodeo with my former bull rider. Who was medically retired due to concussions. Tempting fate.
k I know you like her but this is actually funny
Ghosts on the Great Plains: Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill, and the battle for Standing Rock -
ah. it was Chief Sitting Bull who was feloniously shot in the back. the ***
Sitting in the Steve bull tmora, I wanna hear what the south banks got to offer, sing loud n proud
I’m supposed to be cleaning cos david comes home today and I’m just sitting here drinking red bull catching up on my shows
All those who r supporting rohingyas r doing so sitting in a.c. drawing room.Its the security forces ha…
You’ve heard of Red Indians (aka Native Americans) called Sitting Bull. Well my name would be Sweating ***
THIS is a huge flaw in most white people. "They claim this Mother of ours…for their own use…." – Sitting Bull
Ever since i was a little kid psychics have told me i was an indian in my previous life and Sitting Bull still is my indian protector
Feeling ashamed to see such open games & fighting in courts area and state is licking constitution by sitting aside…
I envision you with like 40 comp screens sitting in a dark basement main lining Red Bull on the regul…
Definitely had to and bull on the passenger side had to kno to how he sitting up so he gotta…
sitting at sushi and this guy walks in and my cousin goes ...”is that ...AND HE SITS NEXT TO US.
Well that *** So we get Sitting Bull Pritzker. Who cares. Madigan controls anyhow.
For the Record: Preserving Materials from the protests with Mark Holman of Sitting Bull…
No its not divisive. You are just being a butt hurt busy body who's trying to *** people off…
Looking very fishy IMO. Where is Jeff Sessions? Sitting on his…
Saving the Nokota horse breed, a descendent from Sitting Bull's horses, from extinction (Video).
That's almost true in your case, mostly because you've cropped them out. Always nice to see Sitting Bull of course, but no me.
This whole sitting out the national anthem is a bunch of bull crap lol. Go protest out in the streets you bunch of bums.
Does he not realize they choose to participate by sitting in the locker room during National Anthem. Complete Bull💩
"Unless anyone is born from water and spirit again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” as one of the prophets but n…
If I see another that I thought I respected, disrespect the nation... this and sitting is BUL…
Lot (2) 1 OZ .999 Silver Round Proof Sitting Bull Round and Red Cloud Round . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
If peope would stop being so bull headed and understand why players are sitting they still love the country but recognize the injustice!
There's also expectations. In my 1st yr of Latin I translated puella in toro sedens as the girl who w…
I'm anxious to hear who the surprise guests are. Can't watch it on TV but sitting he…
Sitting Bull, Geronimo and his mates I assume
Someone said earlier today that everyone assumes it's just black players that are kneeling. Well do you…
"As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a mighty fist." — Sitting Bull
Does Izigbo run like an angry bull if he wasn't sitting? Perhap he was sitting for a reason.
Hey I just found out I’m related to the first native treaty sign ever in Canada 🇨🇦 and I’m related to sitting bull how cool is that
What treaty have the white men ever made with us that they have kept. Not one. ~ Sitting Bull
. Could you colorize a famous pic of Sitting Bull ?.
Listen bull you're telling this advice to the wrong person why don't you tell the same bull who bulli…
That looks eerily similar to the last flag Chief Sitting Bull waved, too. Guess they should move on too, huh!
Sitting Bull was called many slurs and demonized for protecting traditions that were made illegal and for resisting the settl…
This debunks lie that Sitting Bull and other chiefs referred to themselves as redskins. Clearly it w…
and more sources of slur used to dehumanize Sitting Bull and other Natives.
Police brutality in 1890 on Sitting Bull, Ghost Dancers, Wounded Knee victims.
Reminder on the Anniversary of Sitting Bull's passing, that he & Ghost dancers were called the Redski…
"If we must die, we die defending our rights" - Sitting Bull
"Church is for the ones who are afraid of death and going to *** Faith is for the one's who have all ready been there. Sitting Bull.
Have you visited Sitting Bull's wild horses?
Feels like it's 1977 and I am sitting in grandstand at local bull ring And Tammy wynettes playing s…
*. Chief Sitting Bull. Hunkpapa Lakota. 1831-1890. Rare picture for the semi-lateral position of the Great Chief. Photo b…
Sept. 21 2016 I decided to take my life. Luckily I failed & 365 days later I'm engaged,going to college & starting my futu…
"They claim this mother of ours, the earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbor away." --Sitting Bull Hunkp…
"Let us put our minds together to see what kind of life we can build for our children." . ~Lakota leader, Sitting Bull
Starting with Sitting Bull , Crazy Horse, Dakota 38, Leonard Peltier, Red Fawn and the Water Protector are all...
Woman Walks Ahead review – sturdily liberal portrait of the woman who painted Sitting Bull
We should get rid of the sitting bull statue in South Dakota. Its a monument to an american enemy.
There is a huge difference in lip service and holdi…
I think of you every night and I think of you all the night. Miss you sweet baby cheeks...
Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children. (Sitting Bull)
If it was MLK, sitting bull, Washington, Malcom X, Columbus... Id make the same argument.
Pretty sure End of Trail is somewhere, and there is a monument of Sitting Bull in SD
Fine Let's put up a monument to Sitting Bull at Little Big Horn. Or a monument to Tamir Rice in Cleveland. Or…
Hard to beat sitting back with a Red Bull & a Monster and lighting up a Rothmans &…
Let us take all the good we can find with a breath of kindness,. blow the rest away...💨. ~Sitting Bull
'God' gave the land of to the as Sitting Bull gave the Great Plains to the immigrant white settlers.
Well if that's the case I suggest Sitting Bull College in North Dakota.
I remember Fred was on 'Who Do You Think You Are' and he discovered his great Grandad was Sitting Bull.
More from "Stillman gives an account of the tragic murder of Sitting Bull that’s as good as any in the lit…
Also may be need to put up real people of History like Sitting Bull ,Gall
What's Trump's Afghanistan plan except it is against his gut feeling. This sitting behind a desk in White House is a lot of bull.
I'm dog sitting a bull terrier puppy and now I want joint custody.
Just went down my road and saw a dead pit bull and it's friend sitting beside him I'm in tears.
"All my life I've heard things are more difficult when sitting behind the desk in the Oval office"…
Sitting Bull done with the Rubik's cubes is insane.
Hello, we regret this situation. We're copying our team Dear colleagues would you please as…
Sitting Bull on the Dock of the Bay
When bae tries mooching off of you lol
What about cigar store Indians & Sitting Bull? Isn't there some transcendent hatred may be cultivating as he…
Sitting in the Red Bull office and the trap playlist is lit
"We want our history preserved and left alone" !!! . Mvh... Sioux/Sitting Bull . Eller, nej forresten... 🙄
Sherman's March to the Sea was replicated against Sitting Bull in Sth Dakota. Yankees have always been genocidal scum
Ah but Sitting Bull never lost an engagement against the blue coats He as all our Ancestors fought for what was n w…
I'm working in a small community center and they have a mural with villa, Ramirez, sitting bull, Che, and Zapata. *** yeah.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Sitting Bull was not a traitor. He did not lead an army in support of slaver…
If the bull is down would it not be a Sitting Bull ??
PSSST. "Out (sic) people" ARE IMMIGRANTS!. Are YOU descended from Pochohantas or Sitting Bull?
I be sitting on here lauging with the enemy 😕😲😟
According to the Oglala Sioux , Black Elk- who was a cousin of Crazy Horse and knew Sitting Bull personally he
"John McCain" Geronimo Tecumseh Sitting Bull are hero's warriors who knew about self sacrifice community courage. M…
"If we die, we die defending our rights" - Sitting Bull
I'm dog sitting for the Pit bull mix and 3 cats u…
"Web5428: Leo is related to Sitting Bull...Full of Bull"
📷 did-you-kno: After Sitting Bull was released from prison in 1885, he befriended Annie Oakley and made...
Now I'm sitting in my car, hair dried by the wind, listening to mars volta, drinking Red Bull. Enjoying this moment of serenity
No bull. The girls sitting next to me and boo *** near lept out of their seats. Mam.this isn't even a concert tho 😂
WolfOfPoloniex: It looks like this, but with the guy sitting in a stock market bull-trap with margin @ top.
Sitting Bull had visions of Custer attacking from East & Lakota victory; flesh offering prevented him fr…
Sitting Bull is a symbol of hope and rebellion, the grandfather of resistance to the American Government.
Lakota Chief Sitting Bull had visions of Custer's defeat 1876; performed with Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley Wild West…
We can't have foreigners sitting in comfortable homes while our people who votes for gvts ar…
I hope you're changing your name to Sitting Bull
I think I even remember Sitting Bull saying "White man so dumb he does not even know difference between man and woman!"
Sitting Bull revolt against the US government was He fought for land and a home that had always been his. This is...
my best friend and I enjoying the fair together 👭❤️
I've been having dreams about being at school already.idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing?? 🤔
in 1881, Sioux Chief Sitting Bull surrendered to US troops.
''I was very sorry when I found out that your intentions were good and not what I supposed they were.'' -Sitting Bull h…
Warrior, chief, spiritual leader, Sitting Bull is one of history's most powerful Native American and the most famou…
No spent the night sitting on dock listening to the loons & bull frogs. Will have to try again. If y…
A.L.E.C probably wrote it . And their all sitting around Bull spitting . Over how they work…
This is the story of Crazy Horse and sitting bull
I would dead was cry if I was sitting next to like no bull 😭😂
I'm going to Professional Bull Riders: Monster Energy Tour on Oct 14, 2017 and I'm sitting in 109B, row 7 seat 1!
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Honour your history!..ok sitting bull, tell me about your history 499 yrs ago...oh you can't u illegal immigrant!!!
Sitting Bull was named principal chief of the Teton nation in 1867
The west is built on the blood of patriots spilled by despots like Trump and the elites,patriots like Sitting Bull,…
Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle and many others. My deepest apology for the stupid white men who destroyed everything
Devoted to its creator, our founding fathers - Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Red Cloud. Th…
There's a passage in a story about what would have happened if Sitting Bull had gotten t…
Not good enough (sitting and breathing). Next game better not be such bull mentality.
Feet never stop. Even when sitting in on the bull rush. There's a reason this guy is All Pro
I'm sitting in my kitchen crying happy tears because I got red bull and my boyfriend brought me home a salad ***
I mean technically it was said that he was the first sitting president to visit which I think is actually true
See a virtual tour of one of our newest 21 Sitting Bull Unit 1258
We need to take action now. No more sitting around and doing nothing until something happens. Total bull💩
I believe your new name should be Chief Sitting Bull!
TAMO likely to kick-resume the bull run for the Indian markets sitting on the support levels
Sitting outside the Grey Bull in Stanhope watching some cyclists take on the Crawleyside Bank, do you remember this peleton
would Custer have been president in 1880 if not for Sitting Bull and friends?
Sitting Bull, one bad hombre, killed General Mustard, in the Conservatory with a rolled up New York Times
Ummm you have me mistaken. Im 100% Oglala Sioux from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation descendant of Sitting Bull of Hu…
Lol *** so they just not breathing air and sitting in traffic like the rest of us? Foh w this bull
Sitting in this bed relaxing so hard 🥃💨💨 & Red Bull
I love when nco's try to tell soldiers about nutrition while they're sitting there drinking a Red Bull for breakfast, no food
It was fun sitting right behind the bull pen and seeing today!
Sitting bull Armstrong white lil birds via
Sitting bull armstrong crow white flash sun via
I am sitting with ppl who have been there to pick up food. You are full of bull.
Do you have a picture of 'Linda Little Spotted horse' (granddaughter of Chief Sitting Bull?
For the love of country. Resist, Resist, Resist. Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Tecumseh and other heroes resisted.
Is that him in the photo or Sitting Bull?
A look back at Sitting Bull, history's most important Native American leader
Red Cloud was determined for his people... Crazy Horse fought for his Nation... Sitting Bull the last Suioxe to sur…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Also, Custer set out to find Sitting Bull on June 22, the same day that the Nazis kicked off Operation Barbarossa 65 years later.
"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun". ~ Sitting Bull
Sen Elizabeth Warren's great great grandfather is Sitting Bull!👀😜
I HATE things sitting in my yard & ppl driving thru my yard. And there is currently two bull dozers and a bob cat TEARING UP MY YARD 😭😭😭😭
would you like to meet my pit bull babies I'm dog sitting?
Not only do we have a 4 awesome beers on, but we have Mr Sitting Bull himself serving them for you. Come try our a……
Using "mean" as an excuse as to why we are sitting alone and not socializing is Bull. We took ground photos and everything
So yeah... I'm sitting in the rain and the NZL Sailing Team - Red Bull Youth America's Cup 2017 are doing this. http…
Look sitting bull that is the stupidest thing you have said and you have said some really stupid things
Sitting at 173 points with Green, Curry, and Iguodala still to play. If they can perform as expected we should be in the 💰
There is this dude that legit looks like the weekend sitting next to me. No joke.
Winona LaDuke is a very intelligent, inspiring woman whom I met at Standing Rock during my visits. Although the...
A new favorite: What Would Sitting Bull Do? by on
I had a dream I was talking to someone who was sitting in a car, through their window. And a bull started racing toward me.
Hunkpapa chief and holy man Sitting Bull is believed to have been born on this day in 1831.
Sitting Bull, Rain-in-the-Face and other great Native leaders were called redskins as a slur. But no one publicly addresses t…
Chief Flying Horse, the older brother of the minor Sitting Bull charged into Captain Henry Jackson's
Chief White Bull: 1849 – 1947. The nephew of Sitting Bull & participated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Some beli…
Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man who led his people during years of resistance to U.S. government polici…
I see that White House strategist Steve Bannon considers immigration a threat to the people of America. Sitting Bull would h…
An echo of Supt. James Morrow Walsh meeting Sitting Bull and the Lakota people at the Canadian border in 1877. Some…
Originally created as a part of his "Cowboys and Indians" series in 1986, "Sitting Bull" was based on an archival p…
Before Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull had dream of soldiers falling f...
there is, somewhere, also a picture of Sitting Bull on Penzance pier looking down at a tiny kid in a white dress!
Tecumseh, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt. Can we get some non-white male history going?
After 2 rounds of Bull Riding is sitting in the 4th position with 85 pts❗️ Kaique is still on top with 87.5
Not everyone can have a name like Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull...
also Thomas Berger, read Little Big Man, outstanding account of the western plains circa Sitting Bull's time
"The earth has received the sun's hug, and we shall see the results of that love." – Chief Sitting Bull, Sioux.
You've been my daddy since sitting bull how you bee... — tryna get at a basketball boy
This is a real photograph of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill from the year 1885.
It is too cold for everybody there. I doubt Sitting Bull would stay, according to 'Black Elk Speaks'.
Rushmore and Sitting Bull bust, Crazy Horse Memorial, and thouands of years are erosion of the planet, and no...
1885, Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Lakota (Sioux confederation) and Buffalo Bill Cody of the Wild West Show.
Tomorrow in class: The Ghost Dance raises fears of Sioux uprising; Sitting Bull killed in attempted arrest. The Massacre at Wounded Knee.
Sam Steele-1of original 300 of NWMP-long & distinguished career.He negotiated with Sitting Bull in 1877;fought in N…
An oil pipeline and a river: What would Sitting Bull do?
Rookie LB Myke Tavarres supports QB Colin Kaepernick in sitting out national anthem. "We all need to step up, it…
Sioux tradition has Sitting Bull buried in Manitoba via
Check your knowledge: To which group of North American indigenous people did Sitting Bull belong?
"For a people with nothing else but a land and a river, I would not bet against them."
Kaepernick now joins this exclusive List of Most Famous Sitters:. 3. Sitting Bull. 2. Buddha. 1. And, of course, our very own
" i just gotta finish this class assignment so I can get out of here and go chill with this girl" -the young bull sitting next to me
Our neighbour, nicknamed 'Sitting Bull'. You can see why. 😉
If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man, he would have made me so in the first pl
Sorrow of the Earth: Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull & the Tragedy of Show Business’, by Eric Vuillard 
Bull. Is he protesting black on black crime, too? Smug, self-righteous little peon. How does he help? Sitting?
Sitting Bull Falls Rec Area (and area trails) will be Temp Closed on Aug 30 & 31...visit our website for more info
Thanks for featuring my post about visit to the Chief Sitting Bull Monument!
...tual tour of my newest 515 SITTING BULL ST
do you ever work Crazy Horse Sitting Bull Warren??
US road trip: slow drive to Sitting Bull country in North and South Dakota
Sitting alone downstairs in the MU eating cup Ramen and drinking red bull and it's only the 2nd week of school. I've already hit THAT point.
Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill and the circus of lies
They want us to give up another chunk of our tribal land. This is not the first time or the last time. —Sitting Bull
Pros of sitting on the floor on this train - there's a beautiful Staffordshire Pit-bull Terrier sat next to me who's very friendly
Marc Hill blaming white people over Kiepernick getting flack for sitting during the anthem is bull, he always spouts whites are to blame
LRTs. On one hand, Buffalo Bill thing sounds, as cowpokes used to say, problematic. On the other, Sitting Bull visited my neighbourhood.
"Every man and woman is good in the sight of Wakan Tanka (the Great Mystery)" Itacan Tatanka Iyotake'/ Sitting Bull
but if he called me Cochise, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, or any other well known male Indian name, I'd feel honored...
It's not your place anymore. Cat sitting oder laying somewhere means "that's MY place, but I accept you staying here" ;)
HRC might appoint Sitting Bull Warren to Treasury Sec. Maybe she thinks Warren's heritage meant access to casinos & large amounts of cash.
Sitting down for a few minutes before my shift starts. Of, course I got my red bull lol. Rolling…
When ur at a flea market and ur hiding the mint condition Sitting Bull bullion coin u stole in ur right hand
It is not necessary for eagles to be crows. ~Sitting Bull
Vote for my beat to be on Instrumentals 87 via
Religion is a man sitting in Church, thinking about fishing. A Relationship is a man fishing, thinking about an Almighty Go…
Rise Up Scene via sitting bull and redcloud adress the lying in bury my heart at Wounded Knee
Bad idea: Taking NSAIDS on an empty stomach, washed down with Red Bull. That was not smart... Sitting here waiting for the ulcer.
I'm actually sitting around people who are swearing up & down that the Knicks signed Benny the Bull from Chicago 😒.
USED (GD) Sitting Bull: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1840 t
sitting n playing w my *** as begins to please my I was in their way though.
I admire the way that Chief Sitting Bull cared for homeless white children. He was a true Christian.
His name was also Sitting Bull .. And i was told he will protect you from afar
It was one of the previous people or follow up of Sitting bull that looked like the man talking in the begin of the hail mary video
Consider; Krem sitting on Iron Bull's shoulders; leaning over his horns and frantically giving him directions towards th…
Puppy sitting the sweetest, most adorable pit bull ever!
In the first book of my Discworld series, published more than 26 years ago, during and immediately after World War II. -Sitting Bull
I'm sitting in my room getting so hype for camp in two weeks it's live 😂
Riding the lightning with Montezuma and Sitting Bull. - Drinking a Xolotl @ Dominican Festival -
Inspired this week by descendants of Sitting Bull and other great chiefs from the Dakotas. Working on sharing great stories through tourism.
My avatar is Chief Sitting Bull that died in December of 1890.
I agree , I am sitting here suffering because I can't get my medicine. I'm 68 and worked all my life, This is BULL !
Sitting at the hospital with my step dad, on the CARDIAC floor, and he orders a RED BULL
slightly disappointed. Was hoping it would be at least painted as Chief Sitting Bull / something more macho
My fav song and hope to win tix to see you soon!!
I'm a teacher, human being doing it as Chief Sitting Bull...
...If you don't know about Chief Sitting Bull and the ndn wars, please read about it. It shows how this country was really…
Seriously sitting at the dr's office discussing pit bull a daddy Yankee with my grandpa 😕🤔
Was reading a script about the Chief Sitting Bull era and the ndn wars. And now I'm mad before bed.😒
"Sitting Bull.8 years after his legendary victory over General Custer Battle of Little Bighorn.1886"
Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Red Cloud! . let that sink in!
NDNs who were 'off the reservation' - Sitting Bull,Crazy Horse, Geronimo, ghost dancers, Lakota/Dakota & Cheyenne at Litt…
Harriet Tubman on a dollar note..nice but what is with Sitting Bull? Remember Sand Creek and Wounded Knee!
I got an idea! How about Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Chief Dan George on our money instead! *** Sacagawea deserves more of a spot.
And also Custer and Sitting Bull, and Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries, and Shoeless Joe and Kennesaw Mountain Landis.
I'm going to take back America tomorrow join me in voting for Sitting Bull.
Sitting Bull (1831-90) ~ Lakota Sioux led his people as tribal chief in resistance to US Gov.
I was sitting in traffic when I took this photo. I don't have a cup graveyard, but I've got coffee and a bull!
and will not try to fulfill our agreements with them. . - Sitting Bull
Trump made the mistake of sitting down with Mathews. Mathews is a pit bull. Cuomo is more is a dan rather.
I think that is his sitting position for watching the bull mount his wife.
Another reference with Sitting Bull as "redskinned devil"
Notice on comic titled Redskin, Sitting Bull is referred to as "red devil of black hills"
I ain't never seen anyone more stressed about school than this bull sitting across from me at McDeans
If y'all haven't watched 11.22.63 on Hulu, you're truly missing out on an amazing series.
15Dec1890-Sitting Bull is killed by Indian police at the Standing Rock reservation in South Dakota. h…
At least Sitting Bull was probably very accepting
I'm just sitting here laughing at this bull 💩 😂😂😂
I can't help but laugh when I hear my Indian Doctor talk 😂😂😂
This guy sitting next to me is drinking red bull and coffee at the same
Sitting in a rain delay but it's not even raining. Glad my seats are undercover.
Sitting Bull’s Vision: A collaboration that works for our children
"Do you know what they should have named you?". "What?" . "Sitting Bull"
"The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.". Sitting Bull
The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Phil
7 pax of took an EZ 4 mile stroll to The Bull & back. When u outpace everyone, u too can be "Sitting Bull"
lol I am family tree goes back to sitting bull buddy
$JOY Bull flag, sitting right at trendline support.
When Sitting Bull grew older and had to fight white soldiers,. he said: The white soldiers do not know how to fight. http…
The funnel? Sitting in the bird through the Bull, may keep in the telegraph poles were talking in the picture that h
Drank a 12 oz red bull while sitting on the floor listening to edm and now idk what to do with myself
Should not have drank that Red Bull at 930...sitting on the couch like 👀
It looks like he did most of his works about the Crow Nation territory (where the battle between Sitting Bull & Cluster happened).
Tatanka looks more like sitting bull now.
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