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Sith Lord

Sith is a term applied to certain characters in the Star Wars universe capable of using the Dark Side of the Force.

Star Wars Lord Vader Darth Vader Jedi Knight Chancellor Palpatine Kylo Ren Emperor Palpatine Dark Side Darth Revan Luke Skywalker Count Dooku Donald Trump Senator Palpatine Jedi Master

Poll shows majority of republicans approve of Darth Malak Lord of the Sith
Did u ever hear the tragedy of GQ. A Sexual Lord of the Sith, so powerful she could use the Force to have men ejaculate…
If you havent cast your vote, head over and check out sexy . Sith Lord Misha Mystique
According to Amazon its Star Wars- Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith
Even the dark lord must sleep, Goodnight and may the force ever be with you.
He stared the dark lord down trying to resolve this situation without violence. . "So it has Anakin...…
"I wish to understand you, Lord Vader. I think you deserve to be understood."
I now believe that Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord
Also Jar Jar was a Sith Lord in disguise.
"Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine has manipulated your mind into think the Jedi are evil…
Portada variante del comic Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith por
Have you ever heard the story of darth lord the wise? I thought not its not the kind of story the Jedi would tell you, it's a sith legend
something to think about while watching them to make it better Jar Jar Binks is an undercover sith lord.
Mao can't even like brown rice (cheaper/easier to produce, healthier) without it making him an autocratic sith lord living…
Darth Maul survived episode 1 and ended up on a garbage planet and was found by his brother after becoming a sith lord.
friend: star- . me: War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on…
May the 4th. Ava insisted on wearing both her Sith Lord robe and her millennium falcon hat to school.
He hit the activation stub, the green emerald blade hummed to life, the Sith lord grit his rotten teeth,
The Sith Lord GG probably asked him to do it
Other figures began to materialise out of the darkness and approached the Sith Lord
He looks like hes turning into a sith lord. Aging terribly.
I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the S…
happiest of birthdays to infamous Sith Lord, Jar Jar Binks! (i believe he's operating under the name "right…
I was just asking man was not an attack. I won't send Darth Jadus after you the most powerful Dark Lord…
Definitely has a Star Wars vibe to it 😂😂😂 Serge Ibaka, Sith Lord
You want a portrait? Halfbody? Fullbody? You said you wanted to be drawn as a sith lord, so maybe so…
-of the strongest Force Sensitive of the Old Republic era. Known as a wise Jedi Master, Dark Lord of the Sith, and one of the best generals-
Watch Trevor Noah bid farewell to 'Sith Lord of cable news' Bill O'Reilly
Late-night TV hosts on Bill O'Reilly: 'The Sith Lord of cable news'
He looks like a Sith Lord but in white
How does a Sith Lord leave . In an eleVader...
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Report this : the Student Senate is controlled by a Sith Lord
Which is the Sith Lord and which is the apprentice? Hard to see the Dark Side is.
A Sith Lord and Ice Princess walk into a church... Southside Church in Newnan! To help teach…
Writer talks writing new comic about a young up and coming Sith Lord named Darth Vader.
nah it's got to be the Sith Lord himself James Neal.
Charlie Watts out here looking like a Sith Lord
"Dark Helmet is the most powerful Sith Lord ever. Period."
. If the Sith returns in new Star Wars movies. Which actor would you like 2C as a Sith Lord?. My pick: Clancy Brown
Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo). . The template for Kylo Ren, Han and Leia's son in the EU. Prolly the finest Sith Lord o…
As I feared, America's first Sith Lord is having the time of his life being the reality TV equivalent of the movie "King R…
"I am a Sith Lord. Oh big deal. Three round pieces of paper taped to a shirt. This cost me 129 dollars."
Remember when it took Luke Skywalker 3 movies to become a Jedi Knight, yet some bint desert girl did it in less than 1 & beat a Sith Lord?
If you can't handle me at my Sith Lord, you don't deserve me at my Jedi Knight
Em just told me that I currently resemble the Sith Lord from Star Wars. I need a new roommate. She done.
Was it not common knowledge that the Councillor was a Sith Lord? I don't even know what a Sith Lord is and I knew that...
What if Trump is really Palpatine, who's really a Sith Lord?!
I don't think people understand I don't converse with anyone who would vote for such a moron and his sith lord cronie.
It was a prison...I was told the implants were of the nature they stay da sith Lord!this is in a nhs hospital cruel apocalptic
We assume Rams Jeff Fisher will go into hoodie Sith Lord mode the rest of the week. Belichick minus the winning record.
the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Mestizas is displeased
Starting to work on the 2017 t-shirts, the first of which will be made for Midwinter. What art or genres would you like…
Tutenkhamun's gold dagger and sheath. 3300 years old.
There's no health benefit to eating placenta, it's just so u can show photos of the placenta sandwiches to your son's future g…
"I am sensitive, I enjoy long conversations over wine, and I promise I do not do necrofilia..." Seems legit.
Doctor Lecter's greatest challenge had been to convince his dinner party guests to try out the 'jacuzzi'...
At least six reported survivors as plane carrying 81 people, including Brazilian football team, crashes in Colombia https:…
Tales From Cyber Monday would of course be about fighting corporate ninjas with chrome eyes.
Popular scams during the holidays promise to help you save or make money for gifts.
Teenagers, the next time your parents tell you modern music is stupid, remind them that this reached in 1989:.
They're not wrong, but not in the way they're thinking.
Aviation officials say there could be six survivors, from total of 81 people on board, in Colombia plane accident
Andreas Deja. The Lion King. Scar responds to Simba: "You have no idea" Again, bad guys created fo…
What is this? That will be revealed tomorrow morning at 7am! It's gonna be fun to see it take shape!
Long earrings with clusters of AB and frosted clear crystal beads and antiqued brass findings
Thanks for making my daughter think that you can talk to any old watch and Siri will text Grandma for you.
Oogway was all, "Hey, our great enemy escaped prison. Time to become a bunch of peach petals and float away!" 😆
Favorite sith lord in the galaxy. Alexander Anikan. Killed Han Solo by himself. Alexander Kylo Ren
Rey will kill Luke in the 9th Star Wars movie and become the strongest sith Lord so far. Any bidders against?
Today we visit The Dark Lord of the Sith to hear what he does in his daily life.
I wish i was a wizard or a sith lord tbh.
alt-right needs to start memeing Barron Von Trump as a Sith Lord in training and the real power behind the Trumpent…
look it's a joke, we understand he's now a powerful enough Sith Lord to remove the Muslims. yet
I don't think they understand we are pro-Sith Lord
yeah leave the poor kid alone, he's obviously not a full Sith Lord yet. but we'll get him there
here be a true sith lord and electrocute that subscribe button xD
;) I’m sure you’ve heard the one about JarJar being a Sith Lord...
Like dogs, given the choice, sea lions prefer couches.
Harriet Tubman slave abolitionist spy and 1st woman to lead an armed expedition during war.
Said the turtle who fled the mortal coil as soon as he heard Tai Lung had gotten loose.
I've been gleefully reminded on several occasions the average number of spiders on the property. 😑
listen...he's a Sith Lord. His whole "bumbling *** thing is an act, Don't fight me on this
he's a sith lord there's a deleted scene he's a gd SITH LORD or at least helps palpatine rise to power
I want to be a sith lord and get back at anyone who has crossed me
Jerry jones is like the Sith Lord and dak is Darth Vader
Grimlock and Groot have been put on hold for the sith lord to be at the Rogue One opening night…
Tim Tebow had high hopes for his Patriots career.
Is Sam Egar a Sith Lord? Tune into Fox News at 11 and find out
i wish i had Rick Owens money im tryna dress like a Sith Lord
when i put on my hood, my hair falls in front of my face and i feel like a Sith Lord.
Closer to Sith's big tt is a WaW Mosin 6on
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I thought he was more Jar-Jar than Sith Lord, personally, but YMMV.
More evil Aliens? good. But those aliens dress like a Sith Lord? Bad.
Decision is yours. I shown my concerns gave you opinion, and yet you joined the Sith Lord.
Sith Lord on a mission! Watch Ambush Vin - "Darth Prefectus" and support the Empire. Help defeat the Rebel Alliance!
I grade with a hoodie on and the hood up so that I feel like a Sith Lord who offers no mercy.
Religion is bad if it restrict freedom based on abstract thoughts, its like Death Vader saying that Voldemort can't be a Sith Lord.
Our final Poll polling the best non Sith Lord begins: Doctor Doom or Sinestro!
I felt like Emperor Palpatine handing my Lightsaber to Darth Vader. Goodbye lightsaber . Forever — feeling like a Sith Lord
Star Wars memorabilia collectors and cosplayers, we've got the Dark Side's premium Sith Lord's helmets back in. https:…
Jedi Knight or Sith Lord? Dark or Light? Step into to the world of a GEMINI .👽💨😇😈 @ Planet Nine
Quoting Grand Master Yoda here are we, yere up against a Sith Lord from Stockton come August 😂
I liked a video Knights of the old republic - Darth Revan - the return of the Sith Lord (part 92).avi
Darth Rivan, a Sith Lord who lived during the New Sith Wars, got his name after reading a damaged manuscript about an old Sith Lord, Revan.
Can you feel the darkness? SL 50270 has arisen as our newest Sith Lord, Darth Revan.
Why does Barbra Bush look like the Sith Lord
. Captain What do you call a Sith Lord with no arms and no legs who hangs on the wall? Art Vader!
Who better to keep an eye on your home than the Sith Lord himself?
Adam Silver's training as Sith Lord from David Stern is complete.
He's the son of an infamous Sith Lord and has students? Like wouldn't everyone be side-eying that?
OMG. Richard Curtis has turned into a Sith Lord. I just saw him on the Victoria Wood tribute show. That pale face! Those EYES!
Motivating Vader to become the kick*** Sith Lord he eventually becomes lol. Could be a scene to end the movie ☺
I saw a pic of Adam Driver at TFA premiere, and I commented "Pretty Fly for a Sith Lord." TBF, I didn't know he wasn't a Sith.
Much evil, in Ava I sense. A Sith Lord, she will become.
Chancellor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid): "Get help. You're no match for him. He's a Sith Lord."
So and I are planning a Pokemon battle of epic proportions. All my Jedi good guy legendaries and her Sith Lord dark legendaries
Just realised I build A shrine dedicated to the Sith Lord, Freud & Zizek.
Bruce ... I mean Caitlin Jenner will be revealed as the Sith Lord in the new Star Wars . -Uncle Mike
An alliance between Drumpf and Cruz . Would be like Darth Vader & the. Sith Lord. But it's Not a Gonna Happen.
Replacing as Lord Vader. She is not worthy of becoming Sith Lord. -
Had so much fun putting Darth Vader together! Well now I'm like a Sith Lord all cuz of my figures are from the Dark Side...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
well Sith Lord pretty much. covers the extent of it. so maybe you are Darth Vader
And Kylo Ren is not only nothing like Darth Vader, he cannot compete with a legendary Sith Lord as Count Dooku.
Darth Vader Sipping Tea Poster – Sometimes a Sith Lord just needs to enjoy the simpler things in life.
*finds out u get more money from FAFSA if ur married*
Jar Jar as Sith Lord would have made the prequel films so much better! Request you edit it in as a new cut. Film new scenes etc.
Happy Birthday to the Sith Lord Pirate May the force be with me matey!
What do you do when you meet a sith lord from ...finger in his mouth
it was a test part of ur training!! u passed and ur now 1 step closer to being a Sith lord
This t-shirt wont make you a Sith Lord, but it will show your appreciation for the Dark Side!...
embrace the pain, let it fuel you, make you STONGER! - The Emperor Cram, Dark Lord is the Sith.
Judging these parents who let their kid dress up as Kylo Ren at the mall. That's how your kid becomes a Sith Lord
*puts my hood up* "Most ineffective sith lord ever. Too nice to be a sith lord," he says.
I'm quoting a friend... I know the real reason why Hours killed Sanguinius! He had better hair than Hours.
Jacob teach me your ways, show me what it means to become a Sith Lord.
Driving through downtown LEX during comic-con. Just saw Link from Zelda making out with a Sith Lord in Triangle Park. 😳😳😳
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Can you play The Imperial March for the Mother-In-Law? I'm kidding. I loves her. Her sister is the real Sith Lord. Darth Crooked!
Reminds me of a certain Sith Lord who used fear and anger to turn the republic into an empire.
yeah if I knew it'd be that easy I would definitely be a Sith Lord by now.
kiika is watching a video about Why Jar Jar Binks is OBVIOUSLY a Sith Lord. like. the whole video. it's like 10min. i'm
Sounds like someone is too blind to realize Jar Jar Binks is really a Sith Lord. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
my favorite revisit Shred set my fan name Sith_Lord
// Like a Sith Lord, your hate only makes him stronger.
I'm ready to spend the day with Sith Lord Shard & BaeLynn ❤️
is Organization 13 e.e.or maybe a sith lord.
*filling up the Death Star at the universal gas station.. Petrol jockey: hear the price of gas is going up. Sith lord: *sound…
This Sith Lord gets real grumpy without his morning cup of coffee. ☕.
I had a dream that solas came back in da4 as a sith lord
About Haliburton I always thought it was run by the Emper or a Sith Lord called Cheney.
Unfortunate,the Sith Lord & couldn't make the same promise for
I'm not saying I'm a powerful Sith Lord, I'm just saying you never see me and any Jedi in a room together.
I heard that Lieutenant Solo dramatically cuts The Sith Lord's kidney off
Cruz probably wouldn't go to UIC. Trump either didn't know, or wanted a fight. (Trump is a Sith Lord, doesn't excuse thugs)
At Sith Lord Training School, he was always the last picked for the team...
That's not what the (?)thousands of folks on video chanting "We stopped Trump" said. Trump is a Sith Lord.
My heart says Jedi Knight. But my emotional instability says Sith Lord
Can you imagine a Klingon and a Sith Lord in glorious combat? or Q verses the Emporer? :-p
Twenty years have passed since Darth Bane, reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, demolished the ancient order devoted...
Since when does a Sith Lord beg for mercy. Oh when he is losing to his son
is to Jedi Master, as is to Sith Lord, and is Emperor Palpatine.
Can't tell if it's or Emperor Palpatine the Sith Lord
One of my great regrets in life is that I'll never get to see Clancy Brown play a Sith Lord.
oh and because he's a Star Wars fan, the relationship between Terra and Master Xehanort is a reminiscent of Anakin & Sith Lord
What is the probability that "Snoke" is a Sith Lord n that Benicio Del Toro will be Snokes apprentice hidden from Kylo
I had a dream I was a Sith Lord or something and I feel like an angsty teen all of a sudden
"Dear Santa,I'm an evil Sith Lord, you know I've been bad, so I'll just buy my own presents."
Sudanshu Dwivedi is now looking like Emperor Palpatine ... Dark Side ?? Or just a Sith Lord ?
when the Sith Lord says he likes them cakes 🎂🎂🎂 (aka- Darth Vader)
A1 being a model for others. Willing to try new ideas. You know... A Sith Lord
Well, at least the Sith Lord and Vader aren't headed to the Super Bowl
Don't look now but Darth Vader is getting a bit of his own medicine! Feel the pain Sith Lord!
> burdened his heart, because only then he could become a true Sith Lord and follow in Vader's footsteps. He must give in to >
Why Rush look like a Sith Lord with his young apprentice though?
a win for Patrick Byrne's t0 VS the Sith Lord
Now Vader was dope, but I dunno, being a Sith Lord doesn't really appeal man, seems like the whole evil thing...
Kylo Ren is not a Sith Lord. My god, do you know how hard is it for me to get that title? I have to kill several knights and Jedi Masters
David Cameron is a Sith Lord in a world screaming out for Jedi Knights
🎄CHRISTMAS *** 🏻. Why did the Inland Revenue investigate the Sith Lord?. FORCE ACCOUNTING .
Says the Jedi who focused on styles meant to battle Sith Lords. Then dies to a Sith Lord.
And if you embrace the hatred hard enough, you gotta chance to become a sith lord.
Vader's the original "Dark Lord of the Sith" from before Lucas even decided what that meant.
The reviews are in but how good can a movie really be without your favorite Sith Lord in it?
where on the cao do I apply to become a Sith Lord
not if Jar Jar was a Sith Lord, the Yoda of the prequels, who never had his reveal because George lacked the spine to upset fans
The last time I sent my nephew Kylo Ren a birthday card, I didn't put any money in it. Now he is a Sith lord. It is n…
📷 ontarom: Darth Nihilus, Sith lord of hunger. Or something like that. Anyway, he has my favorite Sith...
Jar Jar Binks is a sith lord confirmed
. I want that treaty signed!. M-my lord, it-it's impossible to locate the ship. It's out of our range. Not for a Sith.
my roommate abandoned me at the bar , then came home and drank my milk. & That's how I know she is a Sith Lord
I liked a video from scarce the sith lord
maybe... I got reminded of the Sith Lord-apprentice dynamic because of the way he wanted to make Vader proud idk😕
I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be apart of Star Wars as a new sith lord
"Kylo Ren" is what would happen if the All-American Rejects built a Sith Lord.
I'll be a terrific Dark Lord Of The Sith. We'll make this galaxy great again.
Real original, Kylo Ren. Like you're the first kid to become a Sith lord because your parents divorced.
Quotes by Donald Trump that match the path to the Dark Side. Trump is a Sith Lord.
I want to see Jar Jar Binks as a Sith Lord :(
If Supreme Commander Snoke was originally female, in my mind that rules out him being a certain Sith Lord...
A patient came in and introduced him self as a X-wing commander (Ex wing commander) I was like yeah and I'm a Sith Lord! (Fa…
Im calling it: Jar Jar Binks is actually the ultimate Sith Lord, commander of the clone army
in addition to being a Sith Lord and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, Darth Vader is also a great gift giver
Quique Sanchez Flores could be the new Sith Lord
Who knew that Jennifer Quinn was a Sith Lord? Darth Sunshine? Zach is hiding, Anson Martin is tolerant.
I gotta say, it's more tempting going to the Dark Side and becoming a Sith Lord than being a bland Jedi.
It's a reference to the Star Wars franchise. A Sith Lord is basically the Sith/Dark Side version of a Jedi Knight.
New Star Wars was really good. Can't believe JarJar was the Sith Lord behind it all!!
My dad comparing Star Wars to politics: 'Trump is the Sith Lord!' 😂😂
Feel like a Sith Lord! Walked out the house in my half-peacoat thinking *** I look good" while the Imperial Death March plays in my head!
Chancellor Palpatine is the Sith Lord the Jedi have been looking for since The Phantom Menace.
I've just learned a terrible truth...I think Chancellor Palpatine is a Sith Lord
the Sith Lord and Chancellor Palpatine are the same dude
Star Wars spoiler alert! Senator Palpatine is the Sith Lord. Should have not elect him as Chancellor.
You have to remember that it was Chancellor Palpatine who said this. He is foreshadowing his reveal as a Sith Lord.
[Self] Sith Lord ready for TFA and Star Wars trivia Geeks who Drink event. via /r…
Every time Senator Palpatine speaks, a chill runs down my spine. How would it be if I didn't know that he's the Sith Lord, I wonder?
.Also, of course, Jar Jar is a secret Sith Lord responsible for the fall of the Galactic Republic.
Love make a man turn from Jedi Master to Sith Lord, destroy the Republic and the Separatist & bring about the Galactic Empire.
My theory is that Donald Trump is just a puppet of the Dark Side. . The true Sith Lord is Sara Palin.
Jar Jar Binks is actually the greatest Sith Lord to have ever lived.
To all who say Jar-Jar is a powerfull Sith Lord.. Taste my elbow! ~
After my Star Wars shoot where I was a Sith Lord I realized I looked like a member of KISS
Filoni joked that he rode Anakin's coattails. First as a Jedi then as a Sith Lord. 😆
I also read this a few days ago.So, does that make him a Sith Lord too? 😜😄😂
Anecdote about Kobe and Russ proves my theory: Kobe is the Sith Lord of the NBA and Westbrook is his apprentice.
I'm a dying cow that was a Sith Lord
and Kylo Ren is a friggen /Sith Lord/, not just a human military officer. MUCH more evil
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
That moment when you realize you are not a sith lord. SUMBEAAHCH!
But it's cold outside and I'm walking around like a sith lord... except with a blanket, not a robe...
Now I want totally Sith Lord Leo and Jedi Ravi. Or Ravi as some Sith servant
hF**k that Jar Jar is a Sith Lord theory
Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith lord.
Dooku's character is so confusing the way he's portrayed in the movie, it makes me believe that Sith Lord Jar Jar fan theory
too bad I'm Sith Lord and mind tricks don't work on me
Don't forget the Rise of the Sith Lord steph
"I've seen this before. A Sith Lord attempted the same thing back in the Clone Wars.". https:…
jar jar was actually the most powerful Sith Lord. Then Lucas decided not to make him that.
After Jar-Jar Binks, we have a new Sith Lord theory {9gag}
The video just released detailing why Ja Jar Binks is the true Sith Lord has me second guessing everything.
He makes little sense because in the film series, droids are largely mindless but there's a Sith Lord Droid?
Jar jar binks was originally intended to be the Sith Lord...Too bad Lucas didn't stick with that storyline...woulda been way better
Is whole "Jar-Jar is a Sith Lord" thing is driving me crazy. Is there a good fanedit of this?
Just need to accept my fate. . Iam a Sith Lord.
If you're happy and you know it, you can't be a Sith Lord.
But I might die if the Jar Jar Binks being a sith lord theory is true.
Excuse me but I am not a Jedi! Please do not refer to me as such! I am on the Dark Side and a Sith Lord!
Try watching them with a few alternate theories in mind:
like, Anakin was only an angry Sith lord for a comparatively small amount of time. & Mayu in Seishun no Kage empathizes w/ Shiho
But like imagine Jar Jar as a Sith Lord tho
The sith lord is now using a battleaxe instead?
If Jar Jar is the Sith Lord pulling the strings throughout the entire saga, I'm burning my Star Wars books.
Jar Jar Binks is the real sith lord.
I'm convinced that Jar Jar Binks is going to be the new Sith Lord in episodes 7-9
Vader goes down...and shows you why he is the ultimate Sith lord in Star Wars Vader Down
Sith Lord with no chill or a dude wearing a hoodie bath robe at a slumber party with his girlfriend?
The force awakens? Luke is the bad guy, the new sith lord.
Bink meet Binks. 😶. Jar Jar was a Sith Lord. He was the phantom menace.
save for the new theory about him being a Sith Lord, the machete is great because you get all the story without any JarJar!
(For Star Wars fans) OMG! Jar Jar Binks, the most annoying character in movie history is a Sith Lord!!!
First choice would be Jedi Knight!! Cool. Second choice, Sith Lord. Bad guys are fun.
The Daily Life Of Darth Vader - who knew the Sith Lord is really just like us! ;-)
Did y'all know Lei & Han Solo had twins? Jaina & Jacen. Jacen became a Sith Lord. Ended up killing his aunt too. (Luke's wife)
Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith Lord and drunken fist master.
says Ben Carson is actually a "drunken master" Sith Lord, just pretending to be an *** oh, wait, that's Jar Jar.
Ugh. I don’t buy it. And if Luke is a Sith, I will hate the film with every fiber of my being.
Sith Lord wasn't gonna let that spot slide.
Yeah. He eventually becomes convinced by the Sith Lord to join the Dark Side.
I want a Star Wars movie entirely on Darth Vader during his time as a sith lord.
My theory: R2-D2 is the new sith lord. Luke hosts an intervention for him
"Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord" via - although I still prefer my initial spit-take: ht…
Being a Sith Lord means sometimes you just need to take off the mask, the cape and have a drink🍻😛…
the Sith Lord has summoned me to eat chicken balls
... Presidents are just exercising the powers they've had for hundreds of years. No need to go all sith lord with it
Girls make guys go nuts. I mean look at Anakin. That dude switched sides and became a Sith Lord just for a chick..
If it makes you feel any better, you look like a legit Sith Lord.
I'd be a sith lord. I wouldn't even hide it.
Nerdy pickup line: Jedi in the streets, Sith Lord in the sheets.
We 'don't' celebrate Halloween, but lil bro can dress up as Anakin yet it's bad if I wear all black. What if I said I was a Sith Lord?
The Sith Lord himself enjoying some vintage toys
It's fascinating that people can still argue endlessly about Star Wars. - Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord
All those Jedi sitting in front of a sith lord and they have no idea.
looking like a sith lord in your raincoat JB.. Stay safe today
Whoa. This theory that Luke actually turned to the Dark Side makes total sense:
Gotta love being a Sith Lord with a firecracker for a groupie.💀@ Nathan…
Another Dark Lord of the Sith throws rocks to thwart the Jedi
Luke is “missing” from the poster *and* the trailer. Luke as Sith Lord confirmed!.
only a Sith Lord would attempt to take on 4 Jedi by himself ;)
If this don't look like a Sith Lord I don't know what does.
Whilst Pellegrini could pass for a Sith Lord.
glad to see I'm not the only one who is the designated Sith Lord at family gatherings
Greedo was always just Anakin in disguise. We all know he's the dark Sith Lord of the Galaxy.
//Azula would totally be a Sith Lord if she was in StarWars. She'd be the equivalent to Darth Sidious.
Don't be mean to emo girls bruh cause maybe she bite her toe nails and spit em at u and then she cast a spell on u one time f…
NFL player wears contacts. Note how he turning into a Sith Lord.
I don’t buy the theory thats going around that Luke Skywalker turned to the Dark Side is now a Sith Lord. I can’t.
I need your analysis of this situation.
Of course, It would make no sense for Chewbacca to make common cause with a Sith lord. Good work stopping the farce.
“The first monument on planet Earth to the Sith Lord, the supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Darth Vader, has appeared in Odessa”
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