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Sister Act

Sister Act is a 1992 American comedy film released by Touchstone Pictures.

Sister Act 2 Sister Mary Clarence Kathy Najimy Whoopi Goldberg Alexandra Burke

Maybe Abby Lee Miller can do a "Sister Act" move in prison and create an awesome dance team.
Roommates are love 😍 They simply can act as ur mother, sister, friend and sometimes also as ur mother in law 😁
The Prophet says: Do not regard any act of kindness as insignificant, even meeting your brother/sister with a cheerful co…
The Sister Act Snap filter is up!!! Keep snapping and posting on all social media πŸ’’πŸŽ€πŸ’•
SHAY might be RICH but her sister is the valuable one. Classy lady , . I will pray someday your sister b…
My sister: should i leave work and go eat with you? . Me: yes of course. My sister: okay I'm going to go act like I'm sick. . Lol oh sister
Sister act used to be one of my favorite movies. It was on recently and I could not w…
missing Sister act because I'm back only on the 28th 😩πŸ˜ͺ
who still watches The View?. Whoopi hasn't been cool since the '90s, Sister Act era!. rea…
Dead happy to have been involved in The Kinematic showing of Sister Act last night at St Brides,…
Best movie she ever made was sister act , maybe she really needs start going convent! Learn how treat people
is a must-see musical treat for the whole family.Catch this world-class show on Jun 27.
opens on June 27.For complete info of the casts, schedule, & show details,
Hello, Miss Goldberg! interACT Productions is doing a production of Sister Act: The Musical in South Orange
who?? Oh that bird from Sister Act, what is she up to these days??
Sister Act runs this week at The Regent Theatre, drop in to the QUARTER for a scrumptious Sister Act Cupcake made by resi…
Whoopi should have gone in 1992 immediately after SISTER ACT
Over the weekend I was part of Sister Act live. . Amazing experience ✨ @ Methodist Central Hall…
There's going to be a pop-up cinema showing Sister Act with a live gospel and all proceeds go to
CHWest in the news! Thanks for bringing your talent, energy & humor to Sister Act, Jim's shout out:…
Potentially selling two tickets for Sister Act on Friday 21st April at Wales Millennium Centre. Sad times.
See 'Sister Act' in a church hall while a live gospel choir and band accompany the onscreen nuns ht…
100%... I was never Catholic, but I did watch Sister Act a lot, so...
The church next door's bells played "Hail Holy Queen" as their noon song so now all I can think about is Sister Act.
Nice & of course & are the best sister act along with Carnie & Wendy Wilson
Mark you calendars Titan Nation...Sister Act is hitting the big stage at THS 4/6-4/8. Let's pack the house!
People! Just because you call them "Brother" or "Sister" doesn't make them your actual mahram so don't act like that. Maintain boundaries.
I'm watching Standup-a-Rooney and as Liv is so funny. Liv is so me ,how I would act to my sister getting into a relationship
Kathy would not EVER act like this☝🏻kathy would have my back like a real sister☝🏻️
Any act we participate in that is contrary to right thinking and acting creates an unwanted burden on the mind.
You didn't actually believe that act, did you? I assure you, little sister went in eyes wide open.
"I want you to stop acting like I'm the bad guy here, Sister's shouldn't act this way and you need to grow up" She…
"Scarlette i really don't like starting an argument with you" She moved to sit beside her sister "Why must you act…
Finding the art in farming, an ice cream sister act, blue collar microbrews and a big, little winery:…
The new mindset I have in relationships & how I act upon it, is to help set the bar for my baby sister.
Bun just treated me to a 3 act operetta starring my youngest sister's old dolls. So tragic and passionate. 5 stars
My poor sister thinks it's cute to act stupid. SMH.
Cast of Sister Act by the end of this week
My little sister is starting to get into Chance, so she's memorizing Coloring Book. Introduced her to Acid Rap & she don't know how to act.
I hate annoying *** *** like my little sister. Soon you act like you wanna help her she start acting stupid.
If you need to learn how to sing. sister act 1 has all you need x
Did you know anyone can book a group of 10 or more and save $7 per seat for "Sister Act?" And, with a paid group...
So kissed on how differently they treat me from my sister πŸ˜’ they really act as if she is the older one .
Sister Act the Musical. It was the first Broadway show I ever saw when I was 11
"This is not an 'act of mercy.' It is an act of malice." Thank you Robert Kennedy III.
I find it stressful being with my sister now because I feel like I can't talk to her properly and I have to act normal
I have two tickets for Sister Act for sale in the 8th of April at the play house in Edinburgh. Date clash. Message me if you want them
And today he treated the citizens of Great Glen to a loud rendition of from Sister Act. And fabulous he certainly is!
Sean Hannity and Stuart Varney reminded me of two Whoopi Goldbergs in Sister Act, and I don't mean that in a bad way.
I can't stand when my sister be on pills smh she act slow asf and it's irritating asf !!!
Yo Fl State Thespians! If you liked Jerry Finnagn's Sister at District 11 One Act's, come see it at States on Wednesday @ 6:45 in the Ferg.
Sister act this was a really good movie
Lol why the only black people on the trip starting singing songs from Sister Act while cleaning turtle tanks πŸ˜„
I'm glad my sister grew up with 3 brothers. She act like a lady but think like a man πŸ€” we gave her all the game lol
Sister Act starts this week Go here to win Free Tickets:
Joni Sledge of iconic disco act Sister Sledge has passed away at the age of 60:
The brother/sister act quickly broke up when we all realized my daughter can't sing! Also, her singing face scared us http…
please come out and support the Drama Club tonight. i have watched these kids blossom and create an amazing show. Come see Sister Act!!✨β›ͺ️
Dame Maggie Smith has been around for so long and honestly looks the same from Sister Act to now lol
It's hard to act like hardass to your sister's bf when he has to carry your passed out *** inside his house
. Word on the street is Sister Act's "act" is wearing thin with Barbara Walter…
. My healing flowerart. I regularly go on utube. And sing along to. The different sister act songs. I wi…
Tomorrow's dance rehearsal for Sister Act will ONLY be for Deloris, Tina, and Michelle.
Actually, I become child again.. Why ?? Because I found someone who love me like mother, act like friends, and annoy like a sister
I have 3spare tickets to see sister act in Brighton. Tickets brought back in Jan but can't make it. show. DM if interested!!
My neighbour's sister though. Hm . But I will just act like gaa exist'e
'looks like we have sister act at ljrs for Icebreaker festival !
Hasumi: make sure u listen to my pre opening act . Kiryuu: of course. . Oh i got a call from my sister. Hasumi:
*** Sequels are always worse than the origina-. Me: Sister Act 2. ***
How do you feel when your own bestie ah no . sister make you dissapointed with her act . 😩
My mom and my sister are arguing in the waiting toom of the they don't know how to act
When your sister tries to act like you can't stay with her. My mom and sister play too much...
Carrie Fisher was brought in as a script doctor for "Hook," "Sister Act," "Lethal Weapon 3," and "The Wedding Singer," among others.
Prank call cat (Marios sister) and act like mario did something bad
I was watching Sister Act 2 with my mom yesterday and she kept crying so I turn on Boyz N The Hood after it lmao
OMG Lauryn Hill from Sister Act II! (Yes, we own the two-fer DVD set and my kids dig the music. B/c we can watch as a fam.)
been watching this show for years but now the cast members act more immaturely than my 13 year old sister. Bullies
This was literally a line in Streep's speech: "We have to remind each other of the privilege and the responsibility of th…
ha ha ha it may only be 48mins but that's DEFINITELY the act of an older sister:-D
That's what makes this lie more frustrating. The guy doesn't even act that way. That has nothing to do with…
Getchu a girl who goes to your sister and your mama when he can't find his act right 😊
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will never treat my brothers well like she does, as I have to act like a gangster bcs I'm the only sister they have k
My sister act way different she use to talk to me all the time
Desi girl's sister, is totally killing it with her act at the
as there won't be a twin sister it is the black magic which will make Nandini act rude
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my day one, ace, 50, sister..all that. She's πŸ”ž and ready to act up.. Hope you have a bomb *** day today.…
that would be awesome. Maybe sing the rain song Sister Act style lol
my 2 year old sister has thicker skin than you. Grow up, act like a man for once in your life.
. Don't act like you wouldn't do this with my sister
My sister stories about her god daughter be so funny. She act like she be so stressed out. πŸ˜‚
If you want to be somebody. If you want to go somewhere. You better wake up and pay attention - Sister Act
Find a girl who will act as your mother, bestfriend and sister but loves you as her partner. *** Daniel, you got the best…
I act like I'm just her annoying sister. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Hey Last few tickets available for NEXT WEEK. Go on. Tre…
I wanna go and see sister act so bad
If ticketmaster don't play ball, who wants to buy 2 matinee tickets to Sister Act @ The Centre on Friday? Β£50…
if only I could make it, I'd end up singing a song from Sister Act and embarrassing myself. 😞
Sister Act: Gigi and Bella both star in Spring campaigns for Moschino and Fendi
Show us if your "Fabulous Baby" at Sister Act auditions today after school at 3 PM in the PAC!
Crooklyn, Island In the Sun, The Wiz, Sister Act (shaddup I love it), Soul Food, Trading Places, Amistad, Women of Brewster…
nothing beats Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye doing the "Sister Act!" Or "we are doing it for a pal in the army!"
Smashing time watching 1st and 2nd years perform their applied perf skills in Flora the red menace and Sister Act.
These two... Act like brother and sister but they're cousins. SMH...…
Morris Theatre Dept puts on a spectacular show with "Sister Act"!! Hats off to actors, directors, pit band, stage…
My thoughts & prayers go out to my Orlando LGBT community brothers and sister during this senseless act of violence. . Love i…
So awful to watch my brother, sister-in-law & neice go through this. What longterm damage is this causing to them?…
Halim erker . Yes they did these but we werent knowing. Halim erker , sister, brother families always act very politely, respectables to us
You won't believe this, but I've just started dating that actress in Sister Act. Big Whoop!. No, the other one, you know.. Maggy Smith.
I try to act on them black strong independent woman who don't reveal our secret to my sister, since she's. β€”
Sorry for our recent lack of pork pies, we're preparing a production of Sister Act at the Barn Theatre, Oxted. Only a few tickets left!
I remember when me and my sister use to come to the airport how we'd act up
Sister act: how the nun’s habit has shaped religion, fashion and semiotics
Looking forward to seeing tomorrow in sister act x
Sister Act's Fat Suit Fit is now being replaced by Ewe Can Do It.Who needs fad diets when you can have massive costumes?
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ back in the day this was me and Amber af. Even now when ppl meet one of us before the other, we always get that…
"Like a big sister, huh?. How come we are the same age but you can act older?"
my sister and my boyfriend are both Pisces and they act exactly the same. Takes so much for them to trust people too πŸ™„
we are looking forward to Sister Act tonight
This fight was good but her performance in Sister Act was the best.
.this is happening right now. Please act. My sister is treating these injuries right now. Act!
I've never seen sister act the whole movie
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I can't quote one Bible verse but could recite "Sister Act" from start to finish.
Kids turn 13 and dont know how to act my sister just turned to me and said "you mad cause you dont got *** okayyy but Im the *** right??
. // half sister because they came from different moms, ne? And let's just act like their ovaries work ^^'
you can't tell me Toni ain't my real sister, we act alike && everything.
We've got Brady giving us his best Whoopi on Wednesday!. Live Reel presents Sister Act. Featuring Stimmung Choir...
Are you aware of the excellence of the movie, Sister Act?
but we act the same age. We do everything together. She's like the twin sister I didn't get to have and I appreciate her
I swear that's exactly how me and my sister actπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and thats why nobody liked usπŸ˜‚
is the older sister that I never had because we think and act too much alike
yo, how long do I have to stay outside in the cold to meet you? Like, the act always shows up as soon as my sister and I leave
Hi, Heidi. . Yes, I received your message. . I just closed Sister Act last night & have been at a callback all day. . When I get a moment, I...
After almost 14 years of having a little sister I still can't comprehend why my mom allows her to act the way she does and get away with it.
When your sister finally gets box braids and don't know how to act.
Probably my favorite part of the show sister act !
X ▓┆ Kathy Najimy~!. 😍😍😍. I loved her in Sister Act and in The Scream Team!!!. ❀.
Sister Act last week and tonight really has me wondering where Kathy Najimy is now
Sister Act opens TONIGHT! Do you have your tickets? Check out the review and get your tickets today at...
A nun who "looks and sounds a bit like from Sister Act"? Wickes would loved this
Alexandra Burke to lead Craig Revel Horwood's cast in Sister Act at Leeds Grand Theatre
Just heard that played Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act and LORD I would've paid good money to see that!!
Why would Sister Mary Clarence's choir ever kill the Sister Act finale like that
Callbacks for Sister Act! My first chance to direct at With as my partner in crime!
Sister Act, starring Shirley MacLaine and Tim Allen. Directed by Paul Greengrass, music by Disturbed. Budget: $100,000
We are currently flying over Nebraska. Another 2.5 hours to go. Sister Act is on TV.
Sister Act in the 7th minute. Mallory King to Carly King goal. Assumption 2, Nevada 0
Cmt is killing it with the ladies love movies weekend. Watched Erin Brockovich, Pretty Woman and not Sister Act.
Sister Act, a singer witnesses a mob crime, police hide her as a nun in a convent where she has trouble fitting in.
i might just pack it all in and become a nun like Mary Clarence in Sister Act except without the murder & jazz bar career
his parents are Jack Sparrow and Whoopi Goldberg's character from Sister Act. It's in the new book.
And that's a wrap re: Sister Act. See you all next year for Seven Brides & Seven Brothers!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Sister Act. Thursday 13th October . 7.30pm . 4 tickets available Β£28.50 each. Must go as a group of 4 or 2 please
Final rehearsal tonight for Skegness Musical Theatre Company, tickets are selling VERY fast for Sister Act, only...
nope! It's not Sister Act 2 Back In the Habit either before you ask!
Get a look inside the musical 'Sister Act' with Jonathan Jones' review at
. Hope u like my entry dear team sister s in act
My sister is such a drama queen. It's annoying. Like your 16. Act like it.
Right?!?!? 😬😩😀RT This girl that's supposed to be Quincys sister CANNOT act .. Tf they find her at
Omg the Sister Act 2 scene in Broad City! So. Much. Yes.
Any reference to Sister Act II is the right reference to Sister Act II
It's been 2 years since sister act get in I'm ??? It's gone too quickly
I am getting stronger each day because of my mother , because of a woman, because I'm a woman myself...Time for us to get our sister act up
Top 4 films in no particular order:. Sister Act 3. The Passion of St Tibulus. The Devils. Nuns on the Run
β€˜Matrix’ filmmaker Lilly Wachowski comes out as transgender Now a sister act
It's all about Melinda forcing Chris to watch Sister Act, again.
I do NOT like the way this girl that plays Quincy's sister. She is over-acting this part. It's so *** irritating & I know she can act
The Kenyan Whoopi Goldberg? Looks like a real 'Sister Act' going on there!
She can act like herself only around her sister. Lealia has this persona that she always show whenever she's with her friends. But with -
If you don't bang with Sister Act 2, I don't bang with you.
Why does my little sister act more like a parent than a sibling?πŸ€”
Glad I got back in touch with my sister after all these years you would think she's with us everyday cause we all still act alike
I have the entire soundtrack of Sister Act 2 stuck in my head
my sister went to a BTR concert and 1D was the opening act..iconic
I knew Theo's sister wasn't dead cause when the skinwalkers were introduced they had to have saved her .
I am LIVING for the fact that last week's ep. of broad city heavily references Sister Act 2 starring Whoopi Goldberg & lauryn hill
Why do I want to watch the Sister Act 2 right now..
~to her than what met the eye. "Can I trust you to not poison me?..I feel as if my sister would try some act. I never~
Lawdt gives me a chuckle, especially Quincy's sister and this act
So many freaking creeps @ heb like *** just let me & my sister shop in peace!! Act like you ain't never seen a girl before πŸ˜’
No. 4 postseason run helped by 2 sets of sisters. STORY:
ugh I use to be right there with you sister. It's definitely a balancing act but it's gets easier
When I get in trouble my sister starts to kiss *** and act like she's perfect
that would be wild though I wouldn't know how to act after that...might go marry her sister doe
I love it when I cut my sister off well she's talking and mom and dad act like I murdered her but when she cuts me off i…
friendly reminder: has never seen the Sister Act movies
Ward Sister - Bognor-RegisJob Description - This post is subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act...
I'm gonna stop playing hip-hop/rap in front of my sister. It really degrades women on how they should act
My sister growing up is the scariest thing in witnessing because I'm gladly willing to shoot a *** who act like me
The Sister Act 2 parody in last week's is one of the best things I've ever seen.
I invite you today to tap into the energy of Int'l Women’s Day & take an act of sister love: by
🌸. Lol ion act nothing like my sister
I'm DYING over the new Sister Act 2 homage with the real deal πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Sister Act: Riverdale siblings help team reach state
Wow that Sister Act 2 hommage was everything! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ»
It's so weird to me that women my moms age try to act young and call me their sister. I'll be like calm down Khala jaan.
Kayaking butter bread from sister . The great act of love are done by those who are…
in fact many pop references to nuns are fun, the Singing Nun, Flying Nun, "Sister Act" w/ Whoopi Goldberg singing Gospel.
Cases in point: Nia Long, Angela Bassett, the fact Jenifer Lewis looks the same in Blackish as in Sister Act, etc
Brotherly love, sister code, act like you love me, streets, black coffee
My sister and I used to act out bop to the top on our bunk beds when we were little and she never let me be sharpay..πŸ™
Very excited to attend and review the opening of "Sister Act" the Musical here in Chicago tonight!
Always wanted matching sister tats. Bit my sisters don't act like sisters.
Brie cannot talk so how she and her sister think they can act after wwe is beyond me. . Charlotte...I just don't buy her.
I gotta sister Ik how u girls really feel behind the tuff act
I'd get the Sister Act 2 - "back in the habit" crew, Lauryn Hill would be top draw, then the trampy lil yout that sings nuff high.
my mom and sister act clueless, and my dad treats me like im stupid... boy I cant wait to move.
Just want to take a moment for everyone to remember that Sister Act was written for Bette Midler
Told my sister that I may be in Ny for summer ,she act like she didn't even care . πŸ™ƒ. It's cool though . It's *** that were not as close .
is funny I know what it's like to be a twin and you guys act just like us it was like watching me and my sister.
Why is the cousin so rude? Leave his little sister alone - she's just a child. Cousin is supposed to be an adult - I wish she'd act like it.
When your sister says you act black. πŸ€”
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My little sister made a 29 on her ACT. πŸ˜…
Remember that time I'm so far behind on my archive I'm editing photos from SISTER ACT PRESS PREVIEW?!
My sister went on her 1st date yesterday, my mother told her to "act like a lady", but what kind of actions doesnt make you a lady though?
we're you there? Or were you holding the fort whilst Jamie & Natalie entertained? I'll be at Sister Act press night at Curve!
Parenting is simply screaming things like "Don't throw the hamburger at your sister" while trying to act sane.
All SCD stuff done now in auditions to cast Sister Act! Seeing some really talented people
"If I'm gonna dress like my soul I might as well act like it". -my sister
Lana is taking her act on the road at the behest of her dear Sister Millie Terri and participating in the Red...
This morning I DIDN'T change my sister's desktop background to a closeup of my face. What're your plans for Random Act of Kindness Day?
I be stitching right on my sister like act up I'm telling mom πŸ˜‚
Just watching how these girls act on here and saying a silent prayer for my sister and my unborn daughters.
Congrats to alumna starring in SISTER ACT as "Dolores Van Cartier".
My dad acts so weird when my mom and sister are out of town like just act normal and don't talk to me like usual pls and thx
I'm the baby of the family and yet I still act like the bigger sister..?
When your sister gets a 31 on the ACT.
Me and my sister act like babies yoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My sister has 6 kids and they never act like that
Being able to act with my sister! It's the best experience with the best people πŸ’•
when ur 13 year old sister makes a higher grade on the ACT than some of the people in honors πŸ˜‚
My sister got a 34 on her ACT... On her first try... 😳
My sister act too much like our Mama ! Always have & I guess she always will ! Get on my nerves sometimes 😾
I don't know what I'll do if I had a lil girl lord... If she act like my sister 🚫❌😱😡
Congrats to our supporters & neighbours Good luck on your new adventure ladies!
"Washington is wonderful as Deloris and shows a certain star quality in her performance," says ASOTA.
Why couldn't I have been in Sister Act 2? That's a bit of me 😭
When your 15 yr old sister makes a 25 the first time she takes the ACTπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
once I remember he was one of the Monks on Sister Act 2 it all smoothes over for me.
So proud of my sister for getting her ACT score to go up 4 points in 2 months!
Then he shouts, "Farah, act normal or you're no longer my sister!". Hmph. Crazy scientists require love too.
Playing with my little sister has to be one of the hardest things I have to act like a kid which I find extremely difficult
I can take any of you on it if you want but you have to reserve a space and also act like my sister
Happy Wednesday! Adam is back on The Bay with the Evening Show. Taking it back to the year that gave us Sister Act on the Top 7 at 7.
Sister just aced math act. Proud. A lil jealous.
Really feel like is my long lost sister bc we act the exact same way 🀘🏽
Had a great time watching Sister Act musical comedy show at Arts and Culture Centre tonight.
Good Will Hunting & Sister Act are my movies of choice for my last day off! Very happy lady today πŸ’—
Sister Act. Could sister companies protect some of from the coming termoil?
If they remade Sister Act who would you like to see play Sister Mary Clarence?
You got a problem with Sister Mary Clarence?Why cant I download the Sister Act 2 OST?
Alexandra Burke joins Sister Act cast at the Liverpool Empire -
Alexandra Burke to star in Sister Act at the Liverpool Empire
One of the nuns is legit Kathy Najimy's character in Sister Act and it is delightful
Mariah Carey's movie "A Christmas Melody" stars Gretchen Weiners as a sad divorcee and Sister Act's Kathy Najimy as her big goofy aunt.
Final two shows for "Sister Act" today at 7:30pm and tomorrow at 2pm. Jefferson Performing Arts Center
Well rehearsals are well under way and tickets are selling fast!!Sister Act at The Mercury Theatre:
I feel like a nun. But not a real nun. Y'all remember that movie Sister Act? Yeah... Sister Mary Clarence
Holy mary. Sister Act is 23 years old.
Anyone got a Nuns costume hanging around? I really want to be Whoopi Goldberg from Sister Act on Sat; It's last min but thought I'd try.πŸ™ƒ
Kathy Najimy has Sister Act, though, so that's a close call.
Saw a weird girl at Dollar General today, eating off-brand Lucky Charms in the middle of the store, buying Sister Act 1…
Opening night of Sister Act with Dundalk Musical Society! It's been a cracking few weeks! Break Legs Sisters!
Pics from tonight w/ White Wards, Hummingbird of Death, Sidetracked, Mysterious Skin, and Sister Act: https…
My sister and I honestly act, talk, and think too much alike 😳 it's scary
Sister Act 2: best sequel of all time or greatest sequel of all time?
WHY do people keep spreading this lie!!?? Her sister is BALD now and does not act!
ALSO I can't remember if I put these movies on your list:. Wedding Singer. Sister Act. Footloose. Mrs. Doubtfire . Empire Records
We're also thinking the Sister Act medley.
When jameelah pose to be your little sister but she never act like it. She never have convos w/ you fr or nun but it fine.πŸ‘Œ
If I had to watch one movie over and over again, it would definitely be... Sister Act
yea the cookout. wedding ringer, Jamie foxx show, fresh prince, meet the browns, meteor man, sister act more too lol
Na if my daddy don't gone my sister said she Finna block him I just said ima act like I ain't see 😩😭
S/o to FaceTime for allowing me to act like an *** with my sister even when she's like 600 miles away
When plays a bad guy in Took me back to Sister Act 2.
This lady @ Macy's attacks me with perfume and my baby sister smells the perfume and starts to act like she's spitting >>
In honor of visit, here is the papal performance from Sister Act
Join us on Fri 9/25 for our Family Movie Night - "Sister Act" at 7pm. Free popcorn and snacks provided.
That's crazy how she can act just like her twin sister
so last season was the sequel to Hustle & Flow, and this season is the prequel to Sister Act
So I got into the local production of sister act and then realised my only friend doing it has dropped out. I wanted to have the safety...
It's amazing how Tasha Smith and her sister act just alike. I know they twins l but ***
HAVING SEX under a tree, not knowing a. smoker was up on the tree hidding and smoking,. After the act the Sister...
lol I'm starting to think we really brother n sister cause he act light skin like you 😩😭
You two are brother and sister. Act like it. You shouldn't fight like that. *I look angry.*
Chandler and I act like brother and sister, bestest friend I could ask for πŸ’™
this why I don't call females my best friend, sister, or "baby mama" ya'll either switch up or act funny for no reason
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Me and my sister act like we're 5 when we're together
Today we are celebrating 25 years of Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve ht…
Rs my sister & I use to act that whole thing out πŸ˜‚
Love the last scene in Sister Act 2... "Take off your robes... your teacher says, take off your robes."
Until I find a girl that makes me act as silly as I do around my sister you ain't the one.
I would challenge him to a lip sync battle of the soundtrack from Sister Act
When you have a twin sister. You act immature A'f πŸ˜‚
Does this mean you're going to convert!? Perhaps you should have done Sister Act after all!!! LOL
watching the Pope's mass today and was hoping to see the "sister act" !!
My sister caught me in the act. I can't help myself I wanna watch my favorite show!
My sister: "You're obviously in my wedding but please act surprise when I ask you." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Seriously someone just mentioned gospel music so I put sister act soundtrack on and now I'm super happy lol
You're a class act Stan! Thanks for taking care of my brother and sister-in-law!
Don't act like you don't see. Why is this is not on media. Our brother and sister are getting kill. Share this .
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