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Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout is a town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It has a population of about 5,000 people and an elevation of .

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Lori Mitchell... and our kids with their great great grandfather in Sioux Lookout today... :)..
Lady Bobcat fan video!!! From Sioux City to our Point Lookout girls with love!
Mint condition ipod Nano 16 gb (6th gen) with set of apple earbuds. NO cable to recharge but these can be purchased seperately at various locations. I had it on a radio dock since purchase so its in excellent shape. First $70.00 takes it. I'll make sure it has a full charge when picked up (must be picked up in Sioux Lookout).
here at KFC -.- .. wanna go home samiii ahshaaah... need a dry my laundry and pack some of my clothes for tomorrow.. Spend the day at Sioux lookout.. dawaaatch.. Theresa :( .. keemotch cried when I gave her a last hug she hugged me so tight and kissed me on the cheek / forehead "stay here" she whispered in my ear I kissed her on the cheek too.. the first time when I walked In shaymahk I saw her.. She had a smile on her face.. hugged her because she had tears in her eyes.. "Wait for me" she whispered in my ears when she went to the ultra sound.. an hour later she came back.. Sat next her for an hour.. she told stories about Alana 😔 .. she asked me to look through her pictures on her iPad .. wahsheemayyy kaykoon kesayyy.. hopefully she goes home tomorrow ... HAGE
My cousin says they've had so much snow in Sioux Lookout this year, they'll be shipping it out to have any hope of spring
Lac Seul Eagles won A-Side Championship in Sioux Lookout Score 5-1. Woot! Woot! Same time next year. Four consecutive championships in a row. Awesome! Teamwork is the best. Tyler Gordon, Lac Seul Eagles Goalie received MVP; how cool is that.
Home sweet home, nobody home but me, Love it being quiet and hope my hubby has safe travels to Sioux lookout. Had some daughter/mommy time with my girls. Stop in to see my son before departing the rez. love my family.
Am in Sioux Lookout passing through, boarding time soon...
Spring has def arrived in the UK :-) Hope the same for eastern Canada. Have family in Toronto and Sioux Lookout. Br!
In May 16, 17, 18th Prophet-Gregory Ellis is coming to Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada there will be announcement in few weeks for more information. The pic below is Sister Peters got healed of Cirrhosis of the liver from Lookout.
Would love to hook up with Liz Mund. Went to school at "George Brown College" in Toronto in the fall of 1973. She was from Sioux Lookout, Ontario. I've tried to call a few "Mund's" but had no luck to locate her. I feel bad that we lost touch. Any help I can get would be appreciated. PS. There were five of us girls living in an apartment off Eglington Avenue and Yonge Street in Toronto for eight months.
The Toronto International Film Festival has teamed up with Sioux Lookout through their Film Circuit program.
Good hockey game at the Sioux Lookout arena. That guy there is Mr. Fox.
One hour of MIchikan Lake Mavericks at the Sioux Lookout Memorial arena and drive to Thunder Bay and continue on to my destination Monday morning. Have a nice day folks.
Woooh !! Guess what we found out ? We found out that some other players that play for teams in Dryden also played for the Sioux Lookout Tourny , crazy eh !! Now ... Gets me thinking :p
Thought your house had design issues? This was the sink in my hotel room in Sioux Lookout.
Been sleeping off and on since 5:30 this morning so I thought I'd get up pack and get ready for my ride on the iron chariot to Sioux Lookout today. Overnight in Sioux fly home on the morning flight. Missing my honey this morning.
.Am driving to Sioux Lookout tomorrow.coming right back...gas money will help.
its 12am midnight and might aswell go for a smoke nd a session..and good luck to my cousin Torrey in Sioux lookout -Pik stampede- (A-Side Championship)...and in dryden -Ice Bears- (A-Side Championship) And -Pik Braves- In (B-Side Championship)...GOOD LUCK
.Stampede going to A-side Championship in Sioux Lookout and Ice Bears going to A-side Championship in Dryden, Pikangikum Braves going to B-side Championship in Dryden, that is soo cool.Good luck teams and fans that are out there, cheer your lungs!!.Goodnight folks!!
Beautiful day in Sioux Lookout with these beautiful Anishinaabe people. Do or die against the Eagles tonight.
I love a good mystery and this book caught my attention.
Social worker turned sleuth, Chris is back in Minnitaki Lake Mystery, the exciting sequel to Death in Sioux Lookout.
Internet hooked up. Babies are here and Babe is back. Sioux Lookout? Possibly possibly
CoolFilmsshowed its first feature film last night “Twenty Feet to Stardom”. CoolFilms is a joint adventure and partnership between the Sioux Lookout Art Circle and TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival ). Special thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in to make it a successful evening and give Sioux Lookout a four star Cinema experience. Yvonne Wood and Hana Beitl for helping to organize and setup the venue, Jude Dawes and Alana Carli for helping at the door, Tony Kay for orchestration the audio setup, Kingsley Murray for pulling together the musicians and of course our local entertainers Doug Vinkle, Johnathon Armstrong and Klaus Rossler for providing the music . I would also like to thank the Royal Canadian Legion for providing the space and their continued support of the Art’s in Sioux Lookout. Doug LeConte
Update for students: Dear Parents (and Stakeholders): As you know, there is a major storm system brewing and expected to gift us with yet more snow. Please be aware that the Bus Operators and the Consortium have been monitoring the forecast of the storm (actually two systems converging into one). I will be talking with the Bus Operators again late tonight. The storm is unstable, so understandably so are the forecasts. We look at our areas seperately because the weather systems can be different. We look at Kenora/Sioux Narrows, Red Lake/Ear Falls, Dryden/Vermilion Bay, Ignace, Upsala, Sioux Lookout and Pickle Lake. When we meet with the Bus Operators, we discuss current conditions by area, forecasted conditions, weather warnings, amount of accumluation and winds. We will also discuss what has been cleared as of tonights PM runs. (More snow on areas where snow hasn’t been cleared creates problems as well.) You will be updated as things progress, but it is possible there won’t be any email aler ...
.Why do residents have to travel to Sioux Lookout or Fort Frances for dialysis?
Ontario Weather Review December 2013 Bitter cold, an ice storm and snow are on Ontarians’ minds when looking back at December 2013. It was colder than normal across the province, but the real story lies in the unrelenting cold in Northern Ontario. The mean temperatures this month were colder than normal by as much as 7.2 degrees Celsius! Records were set for the mean temperatures in December in Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Kenora and Thunder Bay. Another indication of the brutal cold was reflected in the number of days with minimum temperatures below -30.0 °C. According to the 1971-2000 figures for December, Sioux Lookout normally has 4.6 days on which the minimum temperature dips below -30°C, while Dryden has 3.3 days, Kenora 2.4 and Thunder Bay 1.5. This December, those locations saw 11, 7, 7, and 9 days, respectively. In Thunder Bay, a record was set for the extreme minimum temperature for any day in December at -39.8°C on December 31. The former extreme minimum temperature for that location in Decem .. ...
Happy New Year to my Akwesasne and Moose Factory friends. It is past midnight there. I know you have been shooting it up. Waiting for midnight so I can go to bed. Happy New Years to my Sioux Lookout and Manitoba friends and family. May you all have a blessed year in 2014. All the best my family and friends. Love you all. M
I was given the number 11 from a friend, Candace... So here are 11 things you may not know about me: 1) I married my "high school" sweetheart when I was 19 2) Instead of a typical honeymoon, we went to Sioux Lookout, Ontario for fishing and boating 3) I've travelled to Guatemala twice for missions when I was 15 and 16 4) I have four beautiful children, Isaac and Matthew (4.5 years old), Annalise (3 years old), and Luke (10.5 months old) - that's right, the boys were not yet 4 when Luke was born! 5) I spent 3 months on strict bed rest in and out of the hospital, air lifted to Kingston, and ambulanced to Mount Sinai for my pregnancy with the boys 6) Always wanted to be a nurse but was more focused on getting married and having children. I always wanted to help people and yet, I have fulfilled that role now, not only with being a mom, but with Isagenix 7) Ive moved three times in the past 7.5 years (since being married) and had never moved before that 8) My previous jobs have included: Rockton Berry Farm, Ca ...
NetNewsLedger Moving North to Enjoying the Best of Ontario: Terrace Bay, Nipigon, and Sioux Lookout Seek New R...
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According to Telus' coverage maps, they service Lac Seul, but not Sioux Lookout. Hilarious! Related - tell me if you like your phone plan.
Attending the MenoYaWin Hospital Board AGM in Sioux Lookout. Just got appointed to the Board. Looking forward to working with board & mgt.
Don't get this kind of service in Sioux Lookout hotels:(
VIA Rail closing Longlac station - Thunder Bay News just like Sioux Lookout--terrible
charge man from Sioux Lookout for Trafficking.
When can we come back to sioux lookout?!! I miss my favorite cousin, and Jordan misses Tim hortons.!
it's compared to Sioux Lookout yet to get a order right
Entrepeer Vibe - Sept. Issue: great resource for youth entrepreneurs
Where can a guy get a decent milkshake around here? Oh wait, not in Sioux Lookout!
In the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada meeting with First Nations consultants and others. Next stop Sioux Lookout, Ont.
sioux lookout lynx KILLING it in the olympics💪 alexparker…
Cut his grass sometime I go back to Sioux lookout Lmfaoo
Sunday August 4th is almost here! Blueberry Festival Floatplane Tours! 10am-2pm at the Slate Falls Airways docks in Sioux Lookout.
Here's a beautiful photo to end your weekend. Thanks to Uchi Lake Lodge, a fly-in lodge out of Sioux Lookout for...
there ain't enough bourbon in Sioux lookout for me to get over missin you
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sioux Lookout shows $2.5 million surplus - Municipality is in fine shape,infrastructure improvement on the agenda. http:…
CMHR rejects 'genocide' for native policies - via the sidebar is key
Missing Hillside this weekend means I'll be a Sioux Lookout sadface until Monday morning.
Amendments to the zones have been made to the Community Improvement Plan Incentive Program Sioux Lookout
6 days left in Sioux Lookout. Everything is starting to become real.
Are you ready for the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival?
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Blueberries are ready in Sioux Lookout! Have you gone out yet? Found my patch and no, I'm not telling where;)
Greg Rickford says new position will benefit Sioux Lookout, NWO
Can't wait to leave for holidays tomorrow! Sioux I come!
Town of Sioux Lookout says it will help pay to 'spruce up' buildings around town. That and more at 730 on
Ab. Peoples Choice Award winner is going to rock out in Sioux Lookout in a Friday night!!
Waiting at the Sioux Lookout airport for my next flight to Thunder Bay then Neskantaga!
ummm I believe?? I go to Ontario by Dryden and Sioux Lookout.
Check out Sioux Lookout's Chamber website - latest community info there
"Are you an Aboriginal entrepreneur under 35? Apply for CCAB's National Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneur Award.  "...
helps to create over 75,000 jobs in Ontario, 27,000 in the industry directly and 50,000 indirectly as a result of …
"I've been nominated for 2 's and there's only a few days left to vote! Click the link to sign up and vote  "...
Sioux Lookout's Nick Sherman is nominated for 2 Aboriginal People's Choice Awards. 3 days left to vote!
Northwestern Ont. hockey players head to Olympic camp
spreading the word on the Community Improvement Plan-looking forward to seeing Sioux Lookout change in next few years
Social Media is the new complaint department! Check out this article to find out the best ways to handle complaints! http:…
Played with Sioux Lookout, went to the Juniors, Manitoba Moose, Chicago Blackhawks, professional hockey in Europe. Honor to train with him.
Pumped for some ball hockey with the boys this weekend
Sioux Lookout's Healthy Communities Task Force calls for more consultation on homelessness:
Roaring Twenties Party July 20 at Royal Canadian Legion in Sioux Lookout. & for more info
I had a great time in Sault Ste. Marie with tour guide barbie Ben Bergen... Now time to leave and set off for the long drive back to Sioux Lookout . Going to have to come back for a visit again soon and have more time to visit with the new friends i have made.
I just updated our NW Regional Relay for Life Thermometer and to date we have raised ………. $606 440.00 with more money coming in everyday!!! Wow! THANK YOU to all the volunteer organizing committees, volunteers, donors, sponsors, participants, survivors, caregivers and staff. Without you we would not be able to save lives, help those battling cancer & empower others to fight back with you. Here is the breakdown that we have today: $56 562.00 - Sioux Lookout, May 31 $124 024.00 - Red Lake, June 7 $13 900.00 – Ear Fall, June 14 $175 508.00 – Thunder Bay, June 14 $62 000.00 – Kenora, June 14 $82 900.00 – Fort Frances, June 21 $52 014.00 – Rainy River, June 21 $39 533.00 – Nipigon, June 21
Allen Roy Best, born March 10, 1937 in Montreal, Quebec and residing in Sioux Lookout Ontario, passed away tragically on June 16, 2013 in Thunder Bay. A memorial service was held on June 22, 2013 in Sioux Lookout, Ontario and the funeral service will be held at 12:00, June 29, 2013 at Greenwood Cemetary chapel in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, with burial to follow. Pastor Jim Tulloch will be officiating and following the service a luncheon will be held at Bethel Bible Chapel at 686 Black Rd. Allen worked as an elementary teacher for almost 30 years in Sault Ste Marie, Hornepayne and Sioux Lookout, Ontario, ending his career at Wellington Public School in 1993. He continued to work at the Sioux Lookout General Hospital and Contact North for many years following his retirement from teaching. Throughout his years in Sioux Lookout, he was very actively involved the community, working tirelessly for the Association for Community Living and with the Children’s Aid Society as an after-hours, on-call worker and fo ...
A wonderful day with a great Pride Celebration in Sioux Lookout at St. Andrew's United Church's Peace Park. Congratulations to all those who helped organize this lovely event.
My first Sioux Lookout bonfire, a boat ride in the rain, many mosquito bites and four hot showers in 2 days. Fun weekend!
Made it to Sioux Lookout... Finally. Crappy weather all the way out, didn't see lake Superior at all. What a waste of a 20hr drive
In Sioux lookout making my way home
another 2 more weeks then i am on vacation, going up to Sioux lookout to spend some time with my daughter there, then off to Thunder Bay for another week to spend more time with my daughters there well have a good day people
Living the sioux lookout life now..
Ready to start the Keewaywin Youth in Pre-Construction program tomorrow. Check out this Sioux Lookout landing!
Gettin motivated to hit that open road yet again. Was a rough sleep ..2nights in a row is not a good thing at least Peyton slept good...see ya later Sioux Lookout..hello WFB be in you later today!
Right now I am at the hostel in Sioux Lookout...feeling so exhausted and sleepy..need to have my breakfast soon and wait for the Lac Seul Medical Van to start running so I can get my butt to work...glad my hubby has a day off...heading to church at New Life or Kejick Bay ...wherever I am at 11 am..Hey peeps this is a holy remember to pray and worship the Lord..ty Jesus for everything I love You.:)
Cant find a place in Sioux Lookout. Let me rephrase that...I can't find a place for a non-native person in Sioux Lookout.
Spent time in Oz, Slate Falls (to pay our respects), Sioux Lookout, and now in Ignace. Hmm, where will I be tomorrow???
Sioux Lookout saw my father off in the fashion he would have liked...with love, respect and an excess of good humour. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate my Dad's life with us.
Good evening..Finallly having a chance to have a proper update in here...My Mom has not been doing too good...Doug and Joyce have been keeping me updated on her condition.Saw her before she left Sioux Lookout on Thursday.She is in Thunder Bay Regional Hospital.Severe infection on her Kidneys.Heart and other organs
After 48 hours I'm in sioux lookout! Time to rest :)
Had an awesome workshop today. 4 from sioux lookout, a couple from the bay, 1from barwick, one from dinorwic...
Seen wild bears, loons, pike and walleye since coming to sioux lookout, still have yet to c any wolves or live moose but it's still awesome. Gotta love north western ontario.
Temperatures across the province were warmer than normal and in some cases two to three degrees above the standard. In general, Northwestern and Central Ontario had the warmest temperatures, but some locations in Southern Ontario were toasty as well.
Warm up and practice. On a recent trip to Fort Francis, ON. Students from our TBay, Winnipeg and Brandon Centre Even practice is a blast!
Ontarible's Urban Land Tax Exemption for aboriginals only is causing an act of genocide in small northern communities like Sioux Lookout.
Sioux lookout. About 5hrs north of Thunder Bay
Back in TO! Amazing experience in Sioux Lookout with What's next?
Something interesting yesterday on Aboriginal Day in Sioux Lookout ... there were around 70 high school graduates in Sioux Lookout. A lot of them were First Nations kids ... We are rising!!!
It's going to be an awesome day today. I'd like to thank the 3 ladies that are coming from Sioux Lookout to attend...
Time to get out of bed and get ready for the long trip to Canada, FYI so happy I will be missing all the grandmas marathon stuff. To may stupid drivers from the cities, Long lines, the the only line I hope isn't long is crossing the boarder
So if I actually make it to Sioux lookout by Sunday I'll be amazed
Everything's all good with mom. They are at the lodge in t-bay now. :D doctor said everything's good. :)
At my parents place in lac Seul jus came from my brothers high school grad in Sioux lookout a big thanks to Susanna and John for letting us use their truck
Where is summer, today feel like fall. ***
Aboriginal day in Sioux Lookout: took photos, listened to stories and ate fried fish. Excellent day!
Today, celebrate Aboriginal cultures, traditions and contributions to Canada.
our celebrations continue-a feast & a celebration of our filmmakers. Awesome day in
Feast is on in 10 minutes at the Nishnawbe-Gamik Friendship Centre-tummy is a-rumbling! Sioux Lookout
I swear to god if it gets any hotter I'm moving to Sioux lookout.
Queen Elizabeth H.S. Graduation in Sioux Lookout was absolutely. Very nice watching so many First Nation graduates finish school. Well any student finish High school is quite a feat in itself.
I'm off to Sioux Lookout where I have no cell service. We're only in the 21st century so it's fine. If you need to get ahold of me, don't.
Greetings from Sioux Lookout, Ontario to visit Raven Spade and Charla Moonias ... :)
Christine Taylor has suggested we ask what far away lands people have traveled to move to Thunder Bay?
All you hippies are telling me about the summer solstice, and new beginnings, and yadda yadda yadda. well, I booked a one way ticket to Yellowknife. so there.
Damit my house in Sioux lookout just Burnt down󾓶to the ground :(
We support Canadian organizations with support through Supp…
There's a tipi on Front Street on the corner of Northern in Sioux Lookout. Looks awesome!
Anybody need a ride to Kenora this afternoon and then to Winnipeg later on tonight? If you help me with gas, I'll give you a ride.
Didn't make it to our destination this morning..we're here in Sioux lookout..sitting with Dave Wabasse again in Sioux..
It's National Aboriginal Day. Here's some activities happening in Sioux Lookout today.
Happy first day of summer! Going to be a hot one in the Peace Country! Enjoy!! Last day with kids too! Will miss their little faces, lol!
We support Canadian organizations with support through Support entrepreneurs
In Sioux lookout..Drive was ok from tbay gonna go for a walk to DJs with my babe and storch gnite
Oh my .. Was just told someone got hit by a train by the sewage plant in Sioux lookout .. This is awful .. I was told he was all in one piece, apparently attempted suicide .. Not going to say the name yet nor the reserve .. This is so sad .. Hope he will be okay .. One thing at a time .. Burial tomorrow
Hi, I was happy to see old friend ,co-worker in Sioux Lookout Mr.K Duncan
Thank you to everyone for your kind words, support and prayers during this difficult time. It was so nice to see so many friendly faces at my mom's celebration of life. I cannot say thank you enough. Truly Blessed.
Not coming home tomorrow :( but I'm coming home on Monday or Sunday
I guess I should update my fb. I came to use the computer. Looks like we're not going home until the babies are born. My baby is coming out tomorrow so we will be out of the community for over a month or 2. We've been heading to Winnipeg tomorrow. My cell phone got disconnected so I won't have cell phone in Wpg. I only have my rez cell phone here in Sioux Lookout. It won't work in Wpg. I just got a call from Henry Mckay. They're in Ignace coming here. I said " Good!!! now we can go for supper". lol. He's travelling with my bro Micah. We only a small chicken pot pie for supper. It didn't even tickle my stomach. lol Well, I better log off. Remember God is control. Give him all your problems, he will handle them for you. He has the most unconditional love for us. AMEN!!
I saw a turtle crossing the Hudson highway when I was coming to Sioux Lookout you know what that means.
Happy tomorrow June 21st, my daughter-in-law birthday, they are celebrating in Sioux Lookout Ontario
I should go back to sioux lookout next week, Im feeling homesick again :/ & I miss the good food over there! damnn it what ever
When I first told my Toronto friends I was moving to Sioux Lookout I had to contend with a lot of raised eyebrows. “Really?” they would ask, looking genuinely perplexed. “But what are you going to ...
Thinking of my dearest mother today is here 7th anniversary it truly doesn't seem that long "blink of an eye'. Well, my danis left for Sioux Lookout miss her already. Here at the clinic yay!!! get to use the internet...hehehe. later
Going to Sioux Lookout, picking up my family. Keep praying for the families of Slate Falls, everyone was having a very difficult time.
Current Best Practice Champions in Sioux Lookout -> we haven't forgotten about you! Next week is a level 2 workshop
Convocation is over. It was a wonderful day. I would like to thank all my friends, family and classmates. Without your support this would not have been possible. To my classmates, thank you for the incredible journey we have had together. I am glad I went through this with you. It is time to start my travels home. Off to Winnipeg then Sioux Lookout.
Roy Lane just put the plants out in the park and on the sidewalk by our store and the legion. Please say thank you to my staff.their tips go to community beautification and we all do our thing to make Sioux Lookout look amazing. We hope you enjoy these flowers. Also there are little stands with veteran's pictures in each plant - we think it is important to remember them. Have a great safe summer!
Everyone knows Jimmy Hoffa is buried on an island in Sioux Lookout.
went by the turnoff to Sioux Lookout and thought of you
If you dream of in national parks, this app is for you!
Good morning just waiting for my ride...going to knobbys for breakfast...
Gettin the kid and myself ready for that long *** drive today...cant wait to get to Sioux Lookout first place is home then onward to grandmas place!! Can't forget the friends..yay its been so long!! This weather is nasty..wish us luck.
off to Sioux Lookout for our annual fishing trip. Bring on the sun and the fish.
good morning,...everyone,just having coffee,...we just get back around 1:30 am from Sioux Lookout I was driving the bus to the Hight way...closer to Sioux,.Coming back, I was driving Slow,..around 60 and 70 K-hour.with 15 trucks behind me. or more,.the day light was falling us!.ok people the Five bodys are coming around noon!! It's going to hard for the familys.and friend's, buddy's
Had a wonderful trip to Sioux Lookout! I miss everyone there. Thanks for great time everyone.
Almost went to Sioux Lookout Lol i was so close but its okay to be home with him:) Anyways lazying around right now..xDD
The mourning continued Monday at Slate Falls First Nation as provincial police released the names of five people who died in a weekend crash near the Sioux Lookout-area reserve. All five were found dead Sunday morning inside a GMC Terrain SUV after it was pulled from the Brokenmouth River about 15 k...
Went to work today.. Had a good day at work, got a lot done, my boss was very happy with the work and effort I put in everyday. So it's going to be another day tomorrow of work, sweat and dedication tomorrow. But I love what I do, it's all about the pleasure of doing something you love. Only do things in life that make it worth living. I must say tomorrow when I get up from sleep. "I owe, I owe it's off to work I go". Goodnight Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout and the rest of the world.. Goodnight everybody.
Still room in the Sioux lookout workshop set for this Sunday.are you interested??? Message me and I can send you all the details.
Here are some pictures from are Canada trip
well if only i had a plane i would fly to Edmonton and back this evening, jus to get rid of this lonely feeling..maybe around the track in the gym might help.sheesh.
Here at Sacred Heart RC Church in Sioux Lookout to attend memorial service. Heartbreaking sight to see all five coffins up front.
Got to ride a helicopter today, from sioux lookout to here(tbay). it was on orange (airambulance). Escorted my niece Aaryn, she slept most of the way, niin stayed up, than fell asleep for abit. Hope jenelle is on the highway right now, dont like when im not with her, shes my sidekick, my otherhalf, ooh i love her so much, my danis. anyway, aaryn is in pain atm, reminds of me when i was sick when i was between 9-13 i think, i was sick for years, oh man it was so painful, i guess i had some kind of bacteria in my stomache. and had to take so much meds to kill it, when they found out what it was. prolly like between 10-20 a day for 10 days. cant remember wat it was called its a loong word. mhm, just hope and pray to God that theyll find out what is wrong with her, please pray for her to get well, thnx! anyway, hagd errbody!
was really pleased when 2 of our longer term residents were adopted today. Well. Code Cat is just since January but still... Along with Code went to live in Sioux Lookout where I am sure they will be quite spoiled. Code Cat had been sponsored by some of the people at the Dryden Hospital that had a hand in rescueing him and they have now chosen Dragon as their sponsor child!
good evening ! had a good sleep because its so hot in the apartment . be back in couple hours time going to Sioux lookout right now
At 5:15 more on study looking at poverty & Indigenous kids. And we'll talk to about new progam in K…
I'm sad today. I had to let my foster child go because we'll be leaving for my daughter's confinement soon. We're in Sioux Lookout right now. And the other one has to be taken out of the community becuz of some teenage issues. She's still too young to have a keemooch bf. I can't watch her 24/7 to know what she's doing. I love her though. I accepted her as my own. I want the best for her.
Well I should be leaving here soon! Just waiting for my ride then off to Sioux Lookout and then Bingo! Anyways u all have a good evening people! :p
By Jon Thompson They’re not just building a cabin at the end of a logging road on the Sioux Lookout highway. They’re building solidarity. Touched by the plight of Savant Lake residents who were excluded from Saugeen First Nation when the reserve was constructed in the early 1980s, a coalition of Tor...
Getting ready to hit that highway... Going to Sioux Lookout for the day trip..Not sure where the service is taking place but we are going..taking our son Kyle who was very close to the young ladies that past away..its gonna be a tough one.. Keep us in prayer as we travel..
Congratulations to graduates today in Sioux lookout im so so so happy for u guys take ur fan with you guys kah!:D
Well going out to spend the afternoon down town Sioux lookout! Ee who knows I might see some one from fort hope.. But anyway maybe go library.. But anyway have a good day
Well good bye Sioux lookout and the ppl in it lol lil richie will return whenever lmao I'm out
The Best Practice Champions program is always on the road - intro workshop happening in Sioux Lookout next week
In Sioux Lookout to celebrate with my brother Roy as he receives his HS diploma. Congrats to the other grads.
Good Morning, Thank you Lord for your blessings on me..Its going with the flow day today..Just waiting on confirmation on when service will taking be place in Sioux Lookout...Planning to head that way for the day..Go show my support for the family..Continue to pray for the community of Slate Falls and family..God Bless
Who can name this beautiful butterfly seen near Sioux Lookout?
Cant wait till the cle week gunna go see my fams which i never get to see, gunna take both the kiddo's over there see how they are on rides. Well good morning peoples
is up this fine morning abit tired due to some late night drinkers...but all is well...i have to be in Sioux Lookout today to say farewell to my dear friend and comrade,,,going to sure miss the good times we had.HAGDE
Congratulations to our grads in the Sioux Lookout Campus graduating today! Be sure to share your photos with us
Started off in Ignace and ended our walk for the day at Sioux lookout turn off... Altogether 76 km and 27 to Dryden and getting closer to Manitoba
In our office we have 18 lovely wooden paddles that need to be jazzed up by 18 artists (and to us that means creative folk of any kind)! On Friday, August 9th we will be having a launch party to celebrate the exciting new partnership between us and the Sioux Lookout Community Museum. They'll be lots of exciting happenings at our party (more about that later!), and we're hoping to run a Silent Auction for these finished paddles! Here's the deal. We provide the paddles, you make them beautiful, and we split the proceeds. All paddles must be completed by July 25th. If you're interested let us know. It's first come first serve.
Any St. Stephen or Keswick ladies with a pair of brown cowboy boots (size 9-10), who would be willing to lend them to me for a wedding later this summer? Bueller? Beuller?
new update: Wednesday the viewing will be at sacred heart church in Sioux lookout. we are in slate tonight and will be heading back here afterwards.
We are 30 Km from Thunder Bay. Ontario so far is absolutely nothing like I thought it would be. We cannot get over all the rocks, hills trees and lakes. It is absolutely awesome. Any of the people we dealt with have been more than helpful.
Well my last night here in Sioux lookout then off to pickle lake in the morning...will be back to pay my last bills then off to tbay then back here again for court on July 9th then back to pickle lol
Sioux Lookout OPP are attempting to locate members of the public who may have witnessed a motor vehicle collision...
Being camped beside someone who grew up in Sioux lookout at a music festival in Tennessee
Service for the 5 Slate Falls band members will be held at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. in Sioux Lookout.
RIP to the girls I once knew in sioux lookout, that's so tragic
Very hot day today..wake service will be taking place tomorrow in Sioux Lookout for our 5 loved ones that left suddenly..I would love to go but my car needs and uses gas..:(..keeping family in prayer..
Good evening made it slate for the night: Information For our friends and family Tomorrow Tuesday the families are asked to be in sioux lookout for 11am for selection and to make arrangements. Bodies will be arriving from kenora in sioux lookout tomorrow evening. On Wednesday there will be a viewing at the New life Assembly for 7pm for all 5 of them. On Thursday the bodies will be flown up from sioux lookout to slate falls. Funeral service will be friday June 21st, starting at 9am. *this is the schedule atm* but for any reason if the schedule is to change i will update again. We would like to thank ppl for thinking of the families
Michele and I just got back from a 6 day fishing trip to Sioux Lookout Ontario. Stayed at the Moosehorn Lodge, celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, lots of good food, good fishing and good scenery, and of course the company was awesome!! Will post a few pics in a couple of days or so, I had to order a new USB cable for my camera as I misplaced the other one, hm, one of the hazards of getting older!!
Good morning!! Rosely or Karen are you guys still here in Sioux lookout
I am done here at the emergency room in Sioux Lookout in 29 minutes my pulse is good, the blood pressure is good, no fever, my sugars is abit high not too high BUT still insane the brain which is normal for me jk enjoy the morning!
flying outta Sioux Lookout Ontario to a lake called Springpole in northwest Ontario
What a beautiful day at Sauble Beach except for the mosquitos
Sioux Lookout is getting a new website - here's your chance to tell us what you want to see for our municipal site
Amazing performance last night at the Boreal Music Fest in Sioux Lookout. Great vocal performances and many diversified piano pieces and then some classical guitar as well. So much talent in such a small community and appreciated so much by so few--too bad there wasn't a bigger turnout--it was really special--some of you missed a terrific show.
Such a beautiful morning in Sioux Lookout ing lol. Can't wait to see my Aubrey again, she' s coming down again. Dont have much planned today but do some chores I guess. Have a nice day ; )
Just got back from sioux lookout,ont this evening and thanks to mike little for helping to take the people to sioux lookout also,God bless him,amen
Just been rapping chilling and shooting mofos. . e just jokes .. been swimming on cliffs with Kurtis and enjoying the summer ... stay loose folks! !
Today (June 17th) is my Sweethearts (my husband's) "Birthday" Happy Birthday Geatan; We Love you. From: all of us. Kenina, Clinton, Quentin, Shakyna and Trinity.
Sitting in da room at the hostel, My uncle is chillaxing... Going for another walk with my Cousin... It's good to see my other family that live here in Sioux Lookout.
Would you like to see this in Sioux Lookout?
One more sleep -Nakina now pickle lake tomorrow and Sioux Lookout tomorrow night
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
i'm in Dryden now enjoying my visit tomorrow will be a big day bbl
PR: Ontario Regional Chief Expresses Condolences to the Communities of Slate Falls First Nation and Sioux Lookout
You know you live in Sioux Lookout when you get a mosquito bite while sitting at your desk!
A collaboration between the Sioux Lookout Public Library and the Sioux Lookout Community Musuem
good afternoon here in Sioux lookout got here @ 12 yeah...should head back to the room, have a good day :)
The Ontario Provincial Police say five people died when an SUV crashed into a river in northwestern Ontario.
Four from Slate Falls FN, other from Sioux Lookout. OPP investigating. Accident happened on Saturday night. Details at 630.
Five people dead after SUV tumbles into Brokenmouth River near Slate Falls FN north of Sioux Lookout.
I think we're gonna get asked to play in Sioux Lookout, Ontario!!
went to Sioux Lookout today, there and back. 21 moose and 1 calf. Got home at around 11:45 pm.
Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thank you for teaching me the right way to be a man. Thank you for everything.
Goodafternoon from sioux lookout, ontario yo!
Had some rain, thunder and lightning through the night last night, so.naturally, made for some fog later this morning. The airplane left here with no problems but had to sit in Sioux Lookout through the morning before they could get to the cabins. No sunshine yet but a calm day and temperatures in the mid 70' not too bad.
If anyone in Sioux lookout has seen my son Victor Donald please tell him to get his butt Home or at least call! He is not too old or tall that I can take him down and give an attitude adjustment!!! Not angry yet buy I will be very soon
A very proud day for Thunder Bay and it's community/ surrounding areas.Nipigon, Red Rock, Atikokan, Fort Frances,Dryden,Sioux Lookout,Kenora and Ignace.
Jena Ann and Jerry just left for Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada. Drive safely, watch out for the moose and bear crossing the roads, catch some big fish.
Is driving back to Sioux lookout in this beautiful rain awesome I love this weather lol
In Sioux Lookout Canada at a best western waiting to go out fishing tomorrow. Long day. Started early, hopefully, ending soon for the night. Start the morning at 6:00 and have an hour long boat ride to start this years fishing trip. I am extremely pumped and ready to go. Looking forward to visiting and fishing for the week. I'll keep you updated on the fish and weather! Chris, Casey and Sarah, I love you all and girls, listen to your momma!
So boring in sioux lookout when you"re not drinking, I"m stuck here till wednesday or thursday... Good night to all you people in k.i. and may god bless you in many ways tonight.Amen.
Anyone in sioux lookout want to go for a bowl of soup.. I like soup..
Yay finally at the Sioux lookout road be less than an hour now :)
Good afternoon I'm here in Sioux lookout visiting .then to bingo tonight.hope I win the big bingo .
Well take a drive up south be back late tonight folks leave sioux lookout for awhile lol I'm out
In dryden for a few hours than head back to sioux lookout than to Saugeen for the evening..
Thunder Bay News - Nishnawbe Aski Nation has lost one of its revered leaders. Former NAN Grand Chief Frank Beardy died Thursday following a lengthy illness. He was 62 years...
Going for breakfast in sioux lookout, with my mom & her drunkass friend :$ Just walks in the house.
Good morning. I slept in this morning on purpose. I needed that so I feel good. The boys are up, too and will need to get breakfast going here soon. It's cool out there and it's overcast. Wonder if it will rain later? It looks like it might. I got lots to do today in my room. What a mess in there and I think we are getting rid of some of the stuff. Von said she wanted to do that. She and Anthony did the boys room. What a difference in there. And it smells clean, too. LOL Big Guy's room was a big mess. They entertain their friends in there when they come over. On another note - heard the viewing for the late Frank will be at three o'clock today in Sioux Lookout. He will be laid to rest in his home community of Muskrat Dam on Monday. Keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.
Good Morning Sandy Lake, KWW, Koocheching, NSL, Deer Lake, Sioux lookout, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Wpg, NWH, GH, STP, Wa, MRD and anywhere in between and beyond, Tune in 93.5 FM Sandy Lakes Own 10 am, raining on 3rd day of Treaty Days, listen in for updates
Good morning from the beautiful island community of Kasabonika First Nation which is located 450 kms north of Sioux here looks fine to fly home today, I just hope it cooperates in the south. I should be home in time to catch game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals. "LETS GO HAWKS!''. have a good Saturday my friends..
Earlier today I reported on my fb post that I was seeing a mirage of a Tim Hortons in Sioux Lookout. I am currently sitting inside the actual Tim Hortons. You are not going to believe me but there are six staff members on shift and they are all young native men and women. I think that is amazing and get this it's a Friday night. Totally amazing.
Made it to Sioux Lookout Ontario and enjoying a nightcap. Can't wait 'til tomorrow to get to the outfitter and start fishing.
good evening peoples, just got back from out of town , but I got to see my nephew Tyrone in Sioux lookout today. and we also seen six moose when we were flying back to the rez. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because I wanted to go out to lake st. joe again this weekend.
To give you a sense of one of my two past super full weeks, and how amazing, challenging, meaningful and gratifying, fun it has been: This week I got to lead a workshop on community engagement and collaboration at the National Community Radio Conference, gave the keynote workshop on collaboration at the Ontario Arts Councils' first regional gathering of artists and business and community economic development workers, co-presented with a colleague to a groups of ED's and CEO's of child and youth residential facilities about the potential and value of expanding and integrating arts-based social and human development through artists residencies, and co-facilitated an anti poverty coalition mtg. Did I mention I flew in a small plane (faced a huge fear) to sioux lookout there and back in 24 hrs? All together was more than I thought I was capable of physically, though not mentally emotionally or spiritually. I realized this week (about one of my favourite practices, collaboration) not only can we accomplish mor ...
I'm back! Great day with Kirsi in Sioux Lookout!
Good afternoon beautiful day my hunny and daughter cane back home safely dropping my bro in law and neice in sioux lookout.
Anyone going to Thunder Bay from Sioux Lookout? Looking for a ride for myself
Our fearless, and I mean fearless after his flight today, Director of Relay for Life in Ontario, John Hayward is in the Sioux Lookout with my friend Clifford Adam getting ready to Relay. Best of luck tomorrow night Sioux Lookout! Happy Relaying!
Heading back to Dryden shortly, had a good visit...court went good too, I guess. Take it easy Sioux Lookout, another 3 weeks.
Good old Sioux Lookout. I woke up today to find it snowing. Can't get my boat on the water if the ice on the lake doesn't melt away.
Our thoughts go out to Wunnumin Lake -three young women die in house fire - via
Off to the Job Fair in Lac Seul congrats to the community on gorgeous new centre & arena
Municipal staff pitch-in tomorrow! Making sparkle one garbage bag at a time;)
Meeting with , Sioux-Hudson Employment, and OntarioWorks to address employment barriers & skill building in
Awesome meeting with the this a.m.- we now have some huge plans for in the works! Details to come...
It would be interesting to see if this works in Sioux Lookout?
I will be holding appointments this Friday in Sioux Lookout. If you have a concern or a problem with a provincial...
Ever been up to Sioux Lookout? went there once as a kid, Antikokan is pretty nice too, representing for the South myself
If you're looking for a spring pike destination, check out Fireside Lodge in the Sioux Lookout!
Chicago Bay, one of the bays on Little Vermilion Lake that Northern Pike use to spawn. Watch the fish boil to the surface and thrash in the shallows.
Thunder Bay News - OPP have arrested a 20-year-old man and charged him with sexual assault following a complaint laid at Pelican Lake First Nation High School. Police said...
When you live in Sioux Lookout, going to Hooters is paradise.
I'm a role player. Do what I gotta do. Even if it's billet a red haired white bearded Sioux lookout kid for the team.
Wow! People are coming from everywhere for Someone is even from Sioux Lookout.
lol next time we see each other by fluke you'll have to tell me, I moved to Sioux lookout, so it'll be a summer weekend lol
I would rate the likeliness of that at near 0%. Pretty sure my great grandfather would have been Sioux Lookout.
Is any of your family from Sioux Lookout? Not you, but grandparents, aunts, uncles?
not any more but when I was in Sioux lookout two years ago, it had just been closed.
had a wonderful time @ Sacred Heart School in Sioux Lookout this week facilitating the session!
my hometown! Wish I could be there. Maybe you can come to Sioux lookout? Lol it's a bit further north.
the lake is still frozen over. It better warm up quickly.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
check out the weather for Sioux lookout as of right now. Yeesh.
Heading up to Sioux Lookout to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Walk. Thinking about families who have lost loved ones.
Thanks for the visit and concert in Sioux Lookout! You guys ROCK -literally! :)
Had an amazing day in Sioux Lookout 2day playing the Centennial Center! Thanks Brian & Dan for all your help & hospitality!
Week one was a blast and week two started out completely insane with a killer show in Kenora! Insane crowd and a ton of fun!
Oh Snap! Someone in Sioux Lookout has monkeys for adoption? I think I'll stick w/sock monkeys for now
Timmins at 2:00 pm 21 degrees, Sioux Lookout and Kenora, minus 3. 24 degree difference on either side of this disturbance.
In Sioux Lookout waiting for my call to return to Hornepayne on
Sioux Lookout tomorrow for the day.. Gosh I hate dental but it has to be done.. Yikes!! Anyways Good Nite & Sweet Dreams ;)
"NADF Radio" on Wawatay Radio Network now (89.9 FM Sioux Lookout or 106.7 FM Timmins). Or tune in online
Yep. Apparently a linguistic quirk unique to the communities of Dryden and Sioux Lookout.
Sioux Lookout, ON. Saw a heron this morning by a bridge. Looked forlorn as the creek was only slightly thawed.
youth follow for updates and event announcements for National Youth Arts Week May 1-7
Student-curated art exhibit: Northern Expressions:Come into the Woodlands Apr 29-May 10
I've been to Sioux Lookout, saw the cabin from which my uncles were taken to the school. Book made me homesick.
Sioux City, IA: SC police on lookout for driver from Saturday hit and run
Lots of great opportunities in Sioux Lookout! Try and get to Sioux Mountain for a great hike.
Beautiful day here in Hornepayne, ON...getting ready to run enroute to Sioux Lookout.
Thanks for the follow! Hope everyone enjoys a warm weekend!
SLIP will be the MC host for this years relay for life in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. ;) see everyone there on May 31st
I've never been so disappointed by fireworks... Sioux Lookout in Northern Ontario spends $20,000 on their fireworks
yeah, well, it's Sioux Lookout. Slim pickins
Double digit temperatures in Sioux Lookout today. So long winter tires. See you never!
When you find out that your soccer teammate is from Sioux lookout 👌👍😏
Gord, Thanks for the follow back an look forward to future communication. If you are ever in Sioux Lookout stop by. Al
Why are you in Sioux Lookout, and why am I never at parties that look like this?
I showed up to Sioux Lookout and this is how its going...
Whoa! Sounds like you guys are having a rough go of it-when library & transit shut down,you know it's bad-good luck
Learn about OAC arts grants at an upcoming info session in SIOUX LOOKOUT on May 4 2013
thanks for the follow all the way from Canada. Keep looking out!
Lac Seul will launch culinary school in 2014 in we are so excited!
On the road . Sioux Lookout here I come :D
& we crrruisin, offf to Sioux Lookout, Ontario for my grampaas birthday tomorrow :)
James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Award deadline May 31-know any youth in ?
It's the Amanda & Patty show. Had a good season with the sioux lookout women's hockey club. Go snipers go!
Sachigo walkers at Sioux Lookout. Raising funds for Native student res. via
Elders gathering via video conference
We're very excited! We've got a few people lined up but we're ready for more artists if you think of any. :)
Some ideas for - our Jeans for Relay tin is filling up fast with donations - fingers crossed for a successful drive!...
brings a fantastic opportunity to Sioux Lookout!
Ontario Access Centre in receives funding for staff and renos
Turns out I was a finalist for CBC's Overlookie Bookie Award Congrats Mike! Gr8 for...
Jeans for Relay Days - every Thursday Municipal staff can donate $2 to wear jeans for
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