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Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout is a town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It has a population of about 5,000 people and an elevation of .

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In 2015, Sioux Lookout will be renewing its focus on affordable and entry-level
Canadian Lodging News: The Days Inn in Sioux Lookout, Ontario to repurpose shipping containers in building new hotel
My brother remixed Daniel Lanois and it is awesome. MT Sioux Lookout (Double Dub) via
All about the visual. Daniel Lanois - "Sioux Lookout": via
SIOUX LOOKOUT by Daniel Lanois: the video by Adam CK Vollick is a must see.
IHSA has training coming up in Lookout, Ste. Marie, Bay and
My groceries were more expensive than living in Sioux Lookout. I bought all "sale" items.
Awesome bull moose shot near Maskara Lake north of Sioux Lookout. . Thanks to Slate Falls Outposts for sharing...
Read about a unique classroom in the Meno Ya Win Health Centre in Sioux Lookout in a new blog by Doug Diaczuk:
London gets a snowday, Sioux Lookout doesn't...I call this one a win!
Parents went to Sioux Lookout for the night. Just me and the dogs chillin 😎
A *slightly* different version that includes an 80's sample at 0:24. Didn't submit in the contest:
Lol @ Sioux lookout ask fm attacking people,
Please take a moment to listen and VOTE Sioux Lookout (Double Dub) - teknir via
Now playing on WGMU: Sioux Lookout - Flesh and Machine by Daniel Lanois from
recently finished two pieces in Oct/Nov. One went to a Sioux Lookout gallery, the other went to a gallery in Minn. St. Paul
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Ryan Parent (St. John's-AHL) of Sioux Lookout has been named to Team Canada for the Spengler Cup.
Made it to Sioux Lookout with the other members of the Rez Dogs Comedy but my overnight bag didn't! I was more worried about fitting in the plane... when I should have been concerned about my bag! Maybe they thought my rolls were carry on! LOL
OPP release photo of missing teenager in Sioux Lookout.
Sioux Lookout OPP search for missing youth
Sioux Lookout, ON: Sioux Lookout OPP are looking for the public's assistance in locating missing 16 year-old boy,...
OPP are still trying to locate missing 16 yr old Sydney Keeper, last seen Sat. night in Sioux Lookout.
RE: Hotel build in Sioux Lookout. Innovation is my fave subject.
Sioux Lookout OPP search for missing youth.
OPP search for missing teen in Sioux Lookout.
A few pics from the 2014 Santa Claus parade in Sioux Lookout.
The under-rated Ryan McMahon in a series of podcasts and jams with Sioux Lookout's Nick Sherman .
"Patterson from Sioux Lookout!" big ups to with the ultra-obscure Ontario geographic references
Random shoutout to beautiful Sioux Lookout, Ontario during the raps game!! get Kenora next!
Wow what does Matt Devlin know about Sioux Lookout? lol
Photo will be provided when made available by Sioux Lookout OPP.
.in opens in It was built by and uses 120 re-purposed shipping containers
I figured nobody else in the world knew what sioux lookout was until now
SIOUX LOOKOUT A Days Inn hotel built of 120 surplus shipping containers has opened in this northern Ontario town
USA: Town of Sioux Lookout welcomes a Days Inn, the largest largest shipping-container-based hotel in North America
Own a very cool Sioux Lookout chainsaw carving don'cha know.
Teaching some woodland painting so some awesome grade 11s in Sioux Lookout later today!
New Sioux Lookout Mayor Lawrance calls for another vote on The last council defeated inquiry motion on Nov.17 .
just finished building a Lookout, of reused shipping containers!
Up next we'll hear about North America's largest hotel built entirely of shipping containers. It's in Sioux Lookout
Hotel in northern Ontario built of?. SIOUX LOOKOUT, Ont. — A Days Inn hotel built of 120 surplus ? has...
Carey has been adopted and is off to live in Sioux Lookout. All she has to do is get along with the resident cat...
Confirmed: Devon is out for tomorrow's game against Sioux Lookout. Going day-by-day.
Hey Sioux lookout friends. I'm heading there on Saturday Dec 6th for your Christmas craft market at the arena.
It's official - I'll be teaching a course in Sioux Lookout, Ontario the grade 11 art class there :D
Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services gets funding from LAO to prepare Gladue reports in TBay, Timmins and Sioux Lookout:
In the mood for a mystery set in the dark days of early winter?
King would like everyone to know just how very proud he is of all his "people". The members in Sioux lookout and...
Per Android's mother, they were made by "Respected and talented elder Ellen Beardy" up in Sioux Lookout.
Last Minute Winter Market in Sioux Lookout! December 20th from 10am - 3pm at Queen Elizabeth District High School.
Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers for making the Spaghetti Supper in Sioux Lookout happen, and also to...
ha. Enjoy the Bills game. Ill google map our route to sioux lookout.
A little chilly last week in Sioux Lookout!
-24° Today in Sioux Lookout. But the Sun is out
Beautiful shot from the folks at Anderson’s Lodge: Walleye Fishing Sioux Lookout Ontario CA Fly in Outposts
Sioux Lookout municipal council fails to support the most tragic human rights failure in the country.
Sioux Lookout. A town only surviving because of Indian women who have indian children that stimulate their economy doesn't support
Differing opinions in Sioux Lookout over supporting call for inquiry into missing & murdered Aboriginal women.
Sioux Lookout council encouraged to be more 'culturally aware'
Sioux Lookout municipal council rejects call for national inquiry on Disappointing.
.urges town of Sioux Lookout to reconsider position on National Inquiry.
NAN urges Sioux Lookout council to support national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women...
Dr. Pouteau says that the incidence of HCV in Sioux Lookout is 6-7 times higher than the average in Ontario
Dr. Kathy Pouteau, a family doctor from Sioux Lookout, is now presenting at
Officers from helped make bright for families in with their Stuff a Cruiser event.
NALSC to hire three Gladue writers in Thunder Bay, Timmins & Sioux Lookout thanks to funding
*shudder*. My sister is in Sioux Lookout. I feel for you both.
Public asked to help solve Sioux Lookout death.
Be on the lookout! Police searching central Sioux Falls for missing woman with Alzheimer’s.
Sioux Lookout SCPN supporters, please join us at SMPS for a delicious spaghetti supper and silent auction in...
Hey Sioux Lookout is eggnog in season yet?
Well after a glorious 6-week hiatus I'm back up in Sioux Lookout for another week of saving lives and taking names. More of the latter than the former.
Does anyone know where I can get a milkshake in Sioux lookout ???
Death of First Nation mother in Sioux Lookout no longer suspicious: OPP
Long week photographing youth forum, but fun and inspiring! Back to Sioux Lookout today to see the fam!
panel on implementation w partners f Sioux Lookout at
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you use to live in sioux lookout... U dont need to layer up
When I left Sioux Lookout Ontario after visiting my Son Wife & Children one of parting gifts Banack Bread(w raisins) mmm delish
I added a video to a playlist Daniel Lanois - "Sioux Lookout"
Provincial Police investigating death of mother (Deidre Patayash) found in hotel, Sioux Lookout
Outstanding cultural program at Sioux Lookout PS engages students, teachers and entire community
Enjoying hearing from Sioux Lookout PS re imp of adopting 'strengths based approaches' to teach and lead
Woman in Sioux Lookout dies after an assault assault yesterday.
just heard from and its only -24 in Sioux Lookout. He loves his new coat
Cat Lake First Nation man charged after woman dies in hotel room: Sioux Lookout OPP are inve... @
A 32-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of a woman in Sioux Lookout in Northwestern Ontario
Death in Sioux Lookout leads to arrest.
Death in Sioux Lookout leads to arrest
Be on the lookout for a story on those who make prayer shawls at First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls in the...
“First workshop of St.Joseph Catholic in Geralton, ON. - Two days to Sioux Lookout
NetNewsLedger Sioux Lookout Youth and Adults Await Santa Claus: SIOUX LOOKOUT - Its time to nice, not naughty.
Hey, Kate, just checking as I forgot to ask Coach: you or Calie started in Warroad and who got the start in Sioux Lookout?
Santa is coming to Sioux Lookout Heritage Railway Station on Nov. 22nd from 11am-3pm. Open to all.
Ok people of Sioux Lookout. Hypothetical situation here, it snows a lot this winter and you occasionally need to...
Well...Sioux Lookout I am in you. Please be kind...
Heading to Sioux Lookout! First league game against the Warriors starts at 6!
Sioux Lookout Hunter and Anglers Pot Luck dinner sold out in a flash!
The Vermilion River Murder: Book Three in the Death in Sioux Lookout Trilogy b
"Not just Barrie and Hamilton and Stouffville, but as far away as Chatham, Ottawa, Sioux Lookout, and Sault Ste. Marie...
Congrats to good friend and even a better guy DOUG LAWRANCE on being elected the new Mayor of Sioux Lookout. Excited for our Towns future, it's in good hands! Congrats Vote Doug!
Breaking News: New Mayor in Sioux Lookout as Doug Lawrance upsets incumbent Dennis Leney
I need a new place to move too.yeep should move to Sioux lookout
Had a great response from presentation in Sioux Lookout yesterday. Great people and good to meet them! Saw our daughter Jenny surprised her. Met lots of old friends at the hospital. Nice day for a drive as well. Just a bit tired still.
Aww... I really wanna go to Sioux lookout and go see me grandparents and everybody else... If only someone was kind enough to drive us there and back... I'll just keep praying never know..! Yea right aye..? Maybe I'll just pay myself on the bus along with my 2 babies.. We'll see..!!
Wonder what kinda of trouble I can get into in Sioux Lookout 😳
Happy Follow Friday enjoy ThanksGiving Weekend. I'm having a pow wow with my Son & Family visiting from Sioux Lookout on Mon.
Kinda forgot how ghetto Sioux lookout is
another successful moose hunter. Thanks to Winoga Lodge in Sioux Lookout for sharing.
People of Sioux Lookout. Do you know if they are still live streaming the all candidates forum? Sioux Lookout Chamber of Commerce
Finally in Sioux Lookout. Got the keys to our first place (:
NAN communities in Sioux Lookout zone have very good MD access. System has many faults, but lack of MD's isn't one.
Super excited for our first performance Sioux Lookout Nick Sherman!
Come out to our All Candidate's Forum TOMORROW! It's being held at the Sioux Lookout Rec centre from 7:00pm to...
darci says they don't have parking tickets in sioux lookout, I hate darci
Back from Sioux Lookout. Thanks to Sean,Director of KPDSB & staff & students at Queen E HS and Sioux Mountain PS for warm welcome
The hosts and participants in Sioux Lookout have been incredibly welcoming today. Thank you!!
Northern Policy Institute staff has arrived in Sioux Lookout for our annual staff retreat!
Thank you Joseph Kyle Hunt, who ran from Sioux Lookout to Dryden and raised nearly $1,400 to support of Save the Children's work in Syria. Thank you for joining Team Save the Children, Joseph!
I need to share this amazing opportunity, I have some unfinished personal business to do re my brother whom I have not spoke with in a few years, a lady approached me this am to make something for her, well to my surprise she lives in my home town in Canada Sioux Lookout, we got to talking and I asked her if she knew my brother.. she answers me no.. then comes back with this .. Her husband works with him.. I started to cry, because God knows this is something I need to do... and he just opened my door.. Thank you God !!! I am so blessed. Amen..
See the plans for the new high school in Sioux Lookout tonight
NEW: Diagnosis education: Sioux Lookout hospital sets up classroom
Diagnosis education: Sioux Lookout hospital sets up classroom
is hosting a Public Information Session on Oct. 8 in Sioux Lookout. Visit our website for more details:
City of Dryden be prepared, Sioux Lookout will be without hydro today so everyone is coming to visit
Possibly just seen in Sioux lookout at D&D's?!
Little Diego was adopted this afternoon and has gone to live in Sioux Lookout to be a friend for a 3 year old...
Thank you to who ran from Sioux Lookout to Dryden & raised nearly $1,400 for Save the Children!
Chief Clifford Bull, Lac Seul First Nation and Sioux Lookout Mayor, Dennis Leney at the Ke-ondaatiziying Conference. ht…
Thank you Sioux Lookout. Does anyone know who school team this represents? Sault College Aboriginal…
All Candidates Forums coming up in Kenora, Dryden and Sioux Lookout
We received this beautiful card in the mail from Pelican Falls First Nations High School in Sioux Lookout. We... http…
My brother was supposed to be home from north of Sioux lookout, Northwestern Ontario on Sunday afternoon and still hasn't showed up😦
Thx Sioux Lookout who sent in their donation from their They raised an incredible $3,700
Kasabonika Lake member calls for increased dialysis machines, housing in Sioux Lookout via
Just saw a post saying ONYX was gonna be in Sioux Lookout for culture days. And I started jumping around yelling...
In the last 2 days in Sioux lookout iv won 100$ in scratch tickets
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This is what the baggage cars at the Sioux Lookout Airport look like. That's right, it's a roofless Plymouth Neon.
They sure do! They work & train hard! I have a cousin on the Ornge crew in Sioux Lookout. Super proud!
Wheels up, see you in Sioux Lookout. You read that right, Sioux Lookout.
Anyone in Sioux Lookout know if there's going to be a candidates forum before the municipal elections?
The logic of sexism is mind numbing. Sioux Lookout golf course gives male tournament winner 250% better prize.
I had Rolli as a coach in Sioux Lookout in the early 80's. Was a huge influence on me. Unfortunately he passed away in 2006.
Disgraced Social Worker Accepts a Job in a Remote Northern Town and Finds Murder.
How We Will Sustain Ourselves Conference underway in Sioux Lookout and lac Suel FN.
We are hosting a workshop on developmental assets in Sioux Lookout on Oct 28 (fee $25). More info/register here:
Policy Analyst, Cheryl Reid, arrives in beautiful Sioux Lookout for the Ke-ondaatiziying Conference.
Sioux Lookout and Geraldton, Ontario seeing the first snow of the season this morning.
Wow! Audrey & Alan at Fireside Lodge were out fishing near Sioux Lookout and watched this moose for a bit.
To be included in 'Ripples - The Sioux Lookout Arts & Culture Directory' for 2014, contact rscott
7:00AM good morning! A smudge and coffee to start my day. I have an online sharing circle this morning w/a group in Sioux Lookout.
i'm from a tiny town called Sioux Lookout near there- we used to go to TB for fancy things like KFC. I've always been classy.
Last day of filming of PWF Season 2 with the two crews from Kenora and Sioux Lookout today but stay tuned for...
It always impresses me that I arrive in Sioux lookout before I left Thunder Bay
Who directed the Sioux Lookout video? One of the best music videos I've seen in a long time!
The first trout I caught in Sioux Lookout Canada.
The Municipality looking for local artists to participate in 'Sioux Lookout's Culture Days' Kick-Off Celebration'.
North Star Air expanding service to Northern remote communities from Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay.
Lac Seul at eastern end of Sioux Lookout makes top five Ontario muskie destinations. See all the best spots here:
Jason Bailey aka DJ SLIP is running for councillor at large in Sioux lookout Ontario. Energetic, creative, and driven to succeed.
here's one!! Saw it beside the highway tonight in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
KPDSB narrows down choice for new Sioux Lookout High School.
Don Wislon of Ghost River Lodges Sioux Lookout Ontario shared this beautiful picture! Thank you Don hope the fish...
I love livin in Sioux Falls, but dang, SD ppl suck at driving
Faith was adopted today and is off to live in Sioux Lookout! She will have to learn to live with 2 other cats and...
Fall into Fitness - 15% off membership sale at the Sioux Lookout Recreation Centre. September 8th-30th. Join today!
Steven Forbes looks for four more years on Sioux Lookout city council
Tanya Nugent demands fair play on Sioux Lookout fairway
Unfair treatment on the fairway? A Sioux Lookout golfer is claiming discrimination.
My mom is calling every where from Sioux lookout thunderbay the clinic the airport just to change an escort name lol sounds all pro ahah
Really wishing had LTE or at least 4G here in Sioux Lookout. Not liking this 3G too much...
Be on the lookout for this license plate . . . coming to cover your sporting events in the very near future.
Sioux Lookout gears up for growth: The town and its busy airport has always been a regional hub providing good...
Join us in celebrating the Grand Re-Opening of the Sioux Lookout Community Museum! Aug 5th, 2014 @ 12PM.
Environment Canada has ended the tornado warning for Sioux Lookout and Eastern Lac Seul.
Tornado warning has ended for Sioux Lookout and Eastern Lac Seul.
Tornado warning downgraded to severe t-storm warning in Sioux Lookout
Tornado warning for Sioux Lookout in Northwestern Ontario. Hail & torrential rain possible.
Tornado warning in effect for Sioux Lookout - Eastern Lac Seul
I spent a summer near Sioux Lookout at a camp type set up. One day the sky was green and full of static. It was very still, no obvious storm
Tornado watch in effect for many parts of Northwestern Ontario and a warning for severe weather issued for Sioux Lookout- Savant Lake.
Canada: (NNL) - Environment Canada issued Warnings for much of Northwestern Ontario today until late evening.
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Tornado WARNING in effect for Sioux Lookout, Eastern Lac Seul. Severe T-storm WARNING for Savant Lake.
Tornado warning issued for Sioux Lookout and Eastern Lac Seul, Ontario Canada -
Do you live in a flooded community in the NW, like Fort Frances, Emo, Rainy River, Kenora, Sioux Lookout?
Of course it will. Folks look around you in NWO. 30% of the jobs in Dryden are direct public service jobs in health education, social, and other government services like MNR MOE etc. Then there are the indirect ones who are government funded in the support sector like PACE, NWTRAB etc. Now imagine if 25% of them are out of work, not shopping, not paying taxes, not supporting causes, then think of the trickle down effect (3 indirect jobs lost for every direct loss) and the summer effect of no summer student hires. 339 jobs in Kenora, same amount in Fort Frances, prob 200 in Dryden, then at least 100-150 in the smaller communities like Red Lake and Sioux Lookout, who would feel it the most. This man and his plan are job and quality of life killers and quite likely the death blow for many northern communities. That krap may fly on Bloor St Timmy but it stinks real bad here
In boring Sioux lookout. What to do...just go to my room n sleep
Break up has never looked prettier! - At Ghost River Lodges near Sioux Lookout.
Finally home in Sioux Lookout. Every passing transport doused me with freezing cold water... I couldn't stop shivering! It's hard to believe just yesterday I was crossing the street to walk in the shade on Manhattan Island! Happy to be home, where I can put my feet up and cuddle my dog!
Total Fires: 14 Total Hectares Burned: 52 The forest fire hazard in the province of Ontario ranges from low to moderate. Open grassy fields and south facing slopes remain a cause for concern because these are the areas that dry out quickly and ignite easily. A mix of sun and cloud with forecasted precipitation and warm temperatures persist throughout the week helping to melt the remaining snow and ice in northern Ontario. A provincial flood watch remains in effect as watershed flows and levels may exacerbate existing issues. Seven fires have been confirmed in the Northeast Region this season to date, with one new fire confirmed over the weekend. Kirkland Lake District, Fire Number 1, is out at 0.5 hectares and was located alongside Trans-Canada Hwy 11 in Ramore. There were three new fires in the Northwest Region between May 10 and May 11. In the Kenora District two fires were extinguished near the community of Wabaseemong and in the Sioux Lookout District one fire was extinguished near the community of Mi ...
North Star Air - SEAT SALES - ON-DEMAND FLIGHTS - and CHARTER and based in Pickle Lake, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay Ontario.
No one was injured after two homes on Drayton Road in Sioux Lookout went up in flames. Fire Chief Rob Favot says they were called to the blaze around 12:30 this morning. Favot says they responded with two pumpers. He says both homes were fully engulfed in flames when they arrived and damage is exten…
Good evening folks from my urban home. The yard cleaning is done and supper was at a restaurant downtown Sioux Lookout. It looks like I will be watching the game tonight without my wife. She jumped on the jet plane for meetings out west. I told her to go watch the game a lounge at the airport once she gets to her destination. Good luck to her favorite team.
Segregation in Canada: when the large number of unmarked graves are mixed in with the Anishinaabe last names in the Sioux Lookout cemetery.
In Winnipeg now and will be leaving soon for Sioux Lookout
Help prevent fires in Sioux lookout and every where
The Sioux Lookout Public Library is offering two FREE technology courses. Please see the poster for full descriptions and times. Participation is limited - you must register in advance.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Good morning.:) Jamal started walking to school,says he stopping at his cuzzin friend ...Sonnys .he don't like his bike...because it's cheap...he wants the one with gears...D and Sheena!.:) lol.:) Jonella and I are flying to Sioux
If Sioux lookout is good at one thing, it's coming together when someone is in need. One of our own needs community support. This family has lost everything due to a house fire. Looking for men's and ladies 2XL clothing. Size 2-3T baby girl clothing and size 5 pampers. Basic needs like jackets, housewares , toiletries etc.. Please drop off at the front desk @ the Friendship Centre. Thank you in advance.
God is great, everyone is safe except Amelia's cat. Our Sioux Lookout house burnt down tonight. Every one ran out with just the clothes they had on. Everything gone .
Thank you Sioux lookout fire department! The 25 volunteers who saved our house, you truly are the best people on this planet!! Our hearts go out to our poor neighbours who both lost their entire houses, things well get better, everyone is safe, that is all that matters!!
In Sioux Lookout. To Bearskin Lake FN in the AM for Alex Fox's funeral. Probably coming back on the late flight Monday. Grateful that Alex saw the vision coming to pass.
I could get cell service in tuktoyaktuk! But not sioux lookout?!
Important words to live by: don't get stranded in Sioux Lookout.
New Cubbeezx episode on Shaw TV in Dryden and Sioux Lookout
Sioux Lookout. 4 hour drive north or Thunder Bay.
In the rest of the world, April showers bring May flowers. In Sioux Lookout, April snow brings May...snow.
“Here's a fun fact: I have no cell phone service. never had any while I was in Sioux Lookout..the worst!
Man arrested with large amount of cash in Sioux Lookout.
every year we go to Lac Seul Ontario - between Hudson & Sioux Lookout
what's the forecast for Sioux lookout, ont. for the week of memorial day
Colder than normal this year. Plenty of in Sioux Lookout over the winter as well.
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Hi ShyAnne im from Sioux Lookout Ontario, and I remember when I was younger, you came to SMPS and performd thunderbird&gypsy
Sioux City and Woodbury County is included in the tornado watch, so I'd certainly be on the lookout
Dangerous Driver charged after passing ambulance in Sioux Lookout.
See this article from the Sioux Lookout Bulletin for an overview of the Nick Sherman/Jean-Paul De Roover concert!
I look forward to meeting up. I will let you know when I will be in Sioux Lookout and we can plan from there.
When will U B campaigning in Sioux Lookout? I'd like 2 meet U & hear how you'll serve & your place in the
Spent our honeymoon in Sioux Lookout. Beautiful there!
Saw a pregnant women go from the lotto shop w/a pack of smokes into the methadone clinic. Gotta love downtown Sioux Lookout
This is my home town people, come visit won't you? - Drive By Flashing In Sioux Lookout - via
Sioux Lookout Courthouse. The new part of the courthouse is only 4 yrs old.
Ready for my first day at Legal Aid Ontario!. @ Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada
Posted photos to blog of concert in Sioux Lookout:
Any of you in the Lac Seul area? Letter dated July 12, 2011 Lac Seul First Nation, Ontario, Media Release Chief Clifford Bull and the council of the Lac Seul Band will not support any nuclear waste storage initiatives by regional municipalities within the LSFN traditional territories. "We are aware that the towns such as Sioux Lookout, Ignace and Ear Falls have either expressed or are expressing their interest as potential host repository sites for nuclear waste, in response to the recent call for EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization," said Chief Bull. "We borrow this world from our children, and Lac Seul does not want to create an impossible problem for our future generations to struggle with." Lac Seul First Nations stands with the Grand Council of Treaty 3, Nishnabwe Aski Nation, and many Northwestern Ontario First Nations in opposing the potential development of nuclear waste storage sites. "This is not a matter of consultation and accommodation for Lac Seul. This is a ...
King would like to thank our ladies from Sioux Lookout for driving down for SCPN's Annual General meeting. Thanks...
I would like to thank everyone who volunteered for our first season of the The Creative Arts Circle's “Cool Cinema and making it an outstanding success. Paul Matusek and Tony Kay for helping with the audio gear. Beth McKinlay (Anchor Art gift shop) for donating the novel “Philomena” as a door prize, and finally the Royal Canadian Legion which is a huge supporter of the Art's in Sioux Lookout. Jude Dawes, Alana Carli, Pam Southwell and Kelly McIntosh have all helped at the door one time or the other throughout the season. Finally I would like to thank all our patrons, the film lovers who have supported us through our inaugural season. The Circle has plans to make the 2014 fall season even better.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Lori Mitchell... and our kids with their great great grandfather in Sioux Lookout today... :)..
Lady Bobcat fan video!!! From Sioux City to our Point Lookout girls with love!
Mint condition ipod Nano 16 gb (6th gen) with set of apple earbuds. NO cable to recharge but these can be purchased seperately at various locations. I had it on a radio dock since purchase so its in excellent shape. First $70.00 takes it. I'll make sure it has a full charge when picked up (must be picked up in Sioux Lookout).
here at KFC -.- .. wanna go home samiii ahshaaah... need a dry my laundry and pack some of my clothes for tomorrow.. Spend the day at Sioux lookout.. dawaaatch.. Theresa :( .. keemotch cried when I gave her a last hug she hugged me so tight and kissed me on the cheek / forehead "stay here" she whispered in my ear I kissed her on the cheek too.. the first time when I walked In shaymahk I saw her.. She had a smile on her face.. hugged her because she had tears in her eyes.. "Wait for me" she whispered in my ears when she went to the ultra sound.. an hour later she came back.. Sat next her for an hour.. she told stories about Alana 😔 .. she asked me to look through her pictures on her iPad .. wahsheemayyy kaykoon kesayyy.. hopefully she goes home tomorrow ... HAGE
My cousin says they've had so much snow in Sioux Lookout this year, they'll be shipping it out to have any hope of spring
Lac Seul Eagles won A-Side Championship in Sioux Lookout Score 5-1. Woot! Woot! Same time next year. Four consecutive championships in a row. Awesome! Teamwork is the best. Tyler Gordon, Lac Seul Eagles Goalie received MVP; how cool is that.
Home sweet home, nobody home but me, Love it being quiet and hope my hubby has safe travels to Sioux lookout. Had some daughter/mommy time with my girls. Stop in to see my son before departing the rez. love my family.
Am in Sioux Lookout passing through, boarding time soon...
Spring has def arrived in the UK :-) Hope the same for eastern Canada. Have family in Toronto and Sioux Lookout. Br!
In May 16, 17, 18th Prophet-Gregory Ellis is coming to Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada there will be announcement in few weeks for more information. The pic below is Sister Peters got healed of Cirrhosis of the liver from Lookout.
Would love to hook up with Liz Mund. Went to school at "George Brown College" in Toronto in the fall of 1973. She was from Sioux Lookout, Ontario. I've tried to call a few "Mund's" but had no luck to locate her. I feel bad that we lost touch. Any help I can get would be appreciated. PS. There were five of us girls living in an apartment off Eglington Avenue and Yonge Street in Toronto for eight months.
The Toronto International Film Festival has teamed up with Sioux Lookout through their Film Circuit program.
Good hockey game at the Sioux Lookout arena. That guy there is Mr. Fox.
One hour of MIchikan Lake Mavericks at the Sioux Lookout Memorial arena and drive to Thunder Bay and continue on to my destination Monday morning. Have a nice day folks.
Woooh !! Guess what we found out ? We found out that some other players that play for teams in Dryden also played for the Sioux Lookout Tourny , crazy eh !! Now ... Gets me thinking :p
Thought your house had design issues? This was the sink in my hotel room in Sioux Lookout.
Been sleeping off and on since 5:30 this morning so I thought I'd get up pack and get ready for my ride on the iron chariot to Sioux Lookout today. Overnight in Sioux fly home on the morning flight. Missing my honey this morning.
.Am driving to Sioux Lookout tomorrow.coming right back...gas money will help.
its 12am midnight and might aswell go for a smoke nd a session..and good luck to my cousin Torrey in Sioux lookout -Pik stampede- (A-Side Championship)...and in dryden -Ice Bears- (A-Side Championship) And -Pik Braves- In (B-Side Championship)...GOOD LUCK
Beautiful day in Sioux Lookout with these beautiful Anishinaabe people. Do or die against the Eagles tonight.
I love a good mystery and this book caught my attention.
Social worker turned sleuth, Chris is back in Minnitaki Lake Mystery, the exciting sequel to Death in Sioux Lookout.
Internet hooked up. Babies are here and Babe is back. Sioux Lookout? Possibly possibly
CoolFilmsshowed its first feature film last night “Twenty Feet to Stardom”. CoolFilms is a joint adventure and partnership between the Sioux Lookout Art Circle and TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival ). Special thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in to make it a successful evening and give Sioux Lookout a four star Cinema experience. Yvonne Wood and Hana Beitl for helping to organize and setup the venue, Jude Dawes and Alana Carli for helping at the door, Tony Kay for orchestration the audio setup, Kingsley Murray for pulling together the musicians and of course our local entertainers Doug Vinkle, Johnathon Armstrong and Klaus Rossler for providing the music . I would also like to thank the Royal Canadian Legion for providing the space and their continued support of the Art’s in Sioux Lookout. Doug LeConte
Update for students: Dear Parents (and Stakeholders): As you know, there is a major storm system brewing and expected to gift us with yet more snow. Please be aware that the Bus Operators and the Consortium have been monitoring the forecast of the storm (actually two systems converging into one). I will be talking with the Bus Operators again late tonight. The storm is unstable, so understandably so are the forecasts. We look at our areas seperately because the weather systems can be different. We look at Kenora/Sioux Narrows, Red Lake/Ear Falls, Dryden/Vermilion Bay, Ignace, Upsala, Sioux Lookout and Pickle Lake. When we meet with the Bus Operators, we discuss current conditions by area, forecasted conditions, weather warnings, amount of accumluation and winds. We will also discuss what has been cleared as of tonights PM runs. (More snow on areas where snow hasn’t been cleared creates problems as well.) You will be updated as things progress, but it is possible there won’t be any email aler ...
.Why do residents have to travel to Sioux Lookout or Fort Frances for dialysis?
Ontario Weather Review December 2013 Bitter cold, an ice storm and snow are on Ontarians’ minds when looking back at December 2013. It was colder than normal across the province, but the real story lies in the unrelenting cold in Northern Ontario. The mean temperatures this month were colder than normal by as much as 7.2 degrees Celsius! Records were set for the mean temperatures in December in Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Kenora and Thunder Bay. Another indication of the brutal cold was reflected in the number of days with minimum temperatures below -30.0 °C. According to the 1971-2000 figures for December, Sioux Lookout normally has 4.6 days on which the minimum temperature dips below -30°C, while Dryden has 3.3 days, Kenora 2.4 and Thunder Bay 1.5. This December, those locations saw 11, 7, 7, and 9 days, respectively. In Thunder Bay, a record was set for the extreme minimum temperature for any day in December at -39.8°C on December 31. The former extreme minimum temperature for that location in Decem .. ...
Happy New Year to my Akwesasne and Moose Factory friends. It is past midnight there. I know you have been shooting it up. Waiting for midnight so I can go to bed. Happy New Years to my Sioux Lookout and Manitoba friends and family. May you all have a blessed year in 2014. All the best my family and friends. Love you all. M
I was given the number 11 from a friend, Candace... So here are 11 things you may not know about me: 1) I married my "high school" sweetheart when I was 19 2) Instead of a typical honeymoon, we went to Sioux Lookout, Ontario for fishing and boating 3) I've travelled to Guatemala twice for missions when I was 15 and 16 4) I have four beautiful children, Isaac and Matthew (4.5 years old), Annalise (3 years old), and Luke (10.5 months old) - that's right, the boys were not yet 4 when Luke was born! 5) I spent 3 months on strict bed rest in and out of the hospital, air lifted to Kingston, and ambulanced to Mount Sinai for my pregnancy with the boys 6) Always wanted to be a nurse but was more focused on getting married and having children. I always wanted to help people and yet, I have fulfilled that role now, not only with being a mom, but with Isagenix 7) Ive moved three times in the past 7.5 years (since being married) and had never moved before that 8) My previous jobs have included: Rockton Berry Farm, Ca ...
NetNewsLedger Moving North to Enjoying the Best of Ontario: Terrace Bay, Nipigon, and Sioux Lookout Seek New R...
According to Telus' coverage maps, they service Lac Seul, but not Sioux Lookout. Hilarious! Related - tell me if you like your phone plan.
Attending the MenoYaWin Hospital Board AGM in Sioux Lookout. Just got appointed to the Board. Looking forward to working with board & mgt.
Don't get this kind of service in Sioux Lookout hotels:(
VIA Rail closing Longlac station - Thunder Bay News just like Sioux Lookout--terrible
charge man from Sioux Lookout for Trafficking.
When can we come back to sioux lookout?!! I miss my favorite cousin, and Jordan misses Tim hortons.!
it's compared to Sioux Lookout yet to get a order right
Entrepeer Vibe - Sept. Issue: great resource for youth entrepreneurs
Where can a guy get a decent milkshake around here? Oh wait, not in Sioux Lookout!
In the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada meeting with First Nations consultants and others. Next stop Sioux Lookout, Ont.
sioux lookout lynx KILLING it in the olympics💪 alexparker…
Cut his grass sometime I go back to Sioux lookout Lmfaoo
Sunday August 4th is almost here! Blueberry Festival Floatplane Tours! 10am-2pm at the Slate Falls Airways docks in Sioux Lookout.
Here's a beautiful photo to end your weekend. Thanks to Uchi Lake Lodge, a fly-in lodge out of Sioux Lookout for...
there ain't enough bourbon in Sioux lookout for me to get over missin you
Sioux Lookout shows $2.5 million surplus - Municipality is in fine shape,infrastructure improvement on the agenda. http:…
CMHR rejects 'genocide' for native policies - via the sidebar is key
Missing Hillside this weekend means I'll be a Sioux Lookout sadface until Monday morning.
Amendments to the zones have been made to the Community Improvement Plan Incentive Program Sioux Lookout
6 days left in Sioux Lookout. Everything is starting to become real.
Are you ready for the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival?
How good are you at using social media? We've got a great tool to help you boost your digital marketing efforts:
Thinking about being a practical nurse? Learn about your career prospects at Employment Profile
Blueberries are ready in Sioux Lookout! Have you gone out yet? Found my patch and no, I'm not telling where;)
Greg Rickford says new position will benefit Sioux Lookout, NWO
Can't wait to leave for holidays tomorrow! Sioux I come!
Town of Sioux Lookout says it will help pay to 'spruce up' buildings around town. That and more at 730 on
Ab. Peoples Choice Award winner is going to rock out in Sioux Lookout in a Friday night!!
Waiting at the Sioux Lookout airport for my next flight to Thunder Bay then Neskantaga!
ummm I believe?? I go to Ontario by Dryden and Sioux Lookout.
Check out Sioux Lookout's Chamber website - latest community info there
"Are you an Aboriginal entrepreneur under 35? Apply for CCAB's National Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneur Award.  "...
helps to create over 75,000 jobs in Ontario, 27,000 in the industry directly and 50,000 indirectly as a result of …
"I've been nominated for 2 's and there's only a few days left to vote! Click the link to sign up and vote  "...
Sioux Lookout's Nick Sherman is nominated for 2 Aboriginal People's Choice Awards. 3 days left to vote!
Northwestern Ont. hockey players head to Olympic camp
spreading the word on the Community Improvement Plan-looking forward to seeing Sioux Lookout change in next few years
Social Media is the new complaint department! Check out this article to find out the best ways to handle complaints! http:…
Played with Sioux Lookout, went to the Juniors, Manitoba Moose, Chicago Blackhawks, professional hockey in Europe. Honor to train with him.
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