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Sinn Fein

Sinn Féin is a left wing, Irish republican political party in Ireland.

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Perception: "Brexit supporters are fascists." . Reality: Remainers are Sinn Fein.
Handy that we're heading to another election and every single Sinn Féin poster is still up in south Belfast...but that's…
If Sinn Fein had backed our reform of POC last May, could have progressed both over last 8 mths. . You'd almost think they…
"MARTIN IS DEAD, VOTE SINN FEIN". "WE LOST THE UNIONIST MAJORITY, VOTE DUP" . This is it. For the next few months this i…
Have Sinn Fein fulfilled their GFA obligations to the victims of IRA violence either?
Former Sinn Fein Health Minister tells local council it's their responsibility to solve in U.K.
N Ireland faces political limbo as deadline looms - Fresh elections or direct rule likely if Sinn Fein and DUP ...
My Sunday Independent column: "Sinn Fein badly damaged by loss of Martin McGuinness"
Watch former US president Bill Clinton deliver an emotional tribute to Martin McGuinness at the veteran Sinn Fein figure's funeral…
by the time Gerry Adams became more prominent in Sinn Fein most in the Republic were "over" the Troubles & saw it as 'dealt with'
Queen sending private message to Martin McGuinness' wife following death of Sinn Fein chief.
Martin McGuinness, Irish Republican Army chief-turned peacemaker, has died at age 66, his Sinn Fein party announces…
On , the SNP and Sinn Féin have been waiting and preparing the whole time via [ the EU too ]
This is the new leader of Sinn Fein MEP tells Theresa May pours cold water on Nicola Sturgeo….
Sinn Fein asks U.S. Congress to support Northern Ireland bid to stay in EU via
Hmm. That's an extreme point of view I don't share with Sinn Fein, SNP or you.
SF (Sinn Fein) calls for the referendum on Irish unity so if people want one, it can happen. 🍀
Foster SF rise is a wake-up call. *** it is not SF rising its the People Rising. Media promot…
The Divided Kingdom: Cameron & May understimated power of European unity: after Sinn Féin calls for
SNP, Sinn Féin & Plaid Cymru have all called for referenda today. . The Brits in leaving one Union have put a coffin nail i…
Sinn Féin MEP tells Theresa May Brexit border checks in Ireland can go ‘where the sun don't shine’
So, parties such as Plaid Cymru, SNP, and Sinn Fein aren't really nationalists ?
Charlie and James take the day off - Sinn Féin continue to push for equality
The BBC is a friend to anyone who is against the English, so currently friend to the SNP & Sinn Fein et al.
the dup hiding the facts for 6 months? How sinn fein closed it when the heard of the 30 mil over spend? How sdlp n uup...
Of course by Republic I mean us fine folk of Dublin primarily, I can't speak to Cavan or Donegal or whatever. Sinn Fein's different here.
Arthur Griffith founder of Sinn Féin: “the Three Evil Influences of the century were the Pirate, the Freemason, and the J…
sinn fein closed it, but gave a two week grace period. You're being purposely misleading
Sinn Féin supporting a United Ireland is Hardy a shocker? This is our country after all!
Nicola sturgeon wants to leave the uk but keep the £ Sinn fein wanted to leave the EU once untill they got a few £££££££ funding 🤔
Sinn Féin calls for halt to Brazilian beef into EU
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It's interesting to me how the SNP and Sinn Féin hijacked the "nationalist label" yet want to flood their countries with mas…
First time 2nd too. 4th in 1918 (behind Sinn Fein). Never come third. But Jez He Can.
Even some Sinn Fein politicians peddle that rubbish
First ever election results in NI, note all the Sinn Fein voters who it's fair to assume are mainly catholics
Sinn Fein terrorists & SNP terror are *** wagging UK dog. Better off without both. They're not sustainable without English subs
did you not work with Sinn fein to try and bring down the DUP?
Sinn Féin call for Independence. Colour me shocked .
while many try to make today inclusive to all Sinn Fein conti…
1/2 The person jailed for the murder now is in a £50k plus a year job for Sinn Fein in their…
Sickening IRA Murder of Two Off Duty British Army Corporals Belfast 1988 the real face of Sinn Fein animals
Well Sinn Fein has called for a border poll (under the terms of the St Andrews Agreement) and the Tory UK Gov has said NO
how could you forget Sinn Fein's growing popularity
Sinn Fein would call for Indy. Not ruling party at even. Does Cardiff want to jump on band wagon as well? htt…
And does May think she can brush this aside? Hardly!
Today in 1988 on the streets of West Belfast Sinn Fein members openly attacked two British Soldiers and murdered them in…
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Sinn Fein's Martina Anderson is under fire yet again after claiming IRA terror campaign was a 'war'
Sinn Fein wants vote on Northern Ireland leaving UK 'as soon as possible' via
Sinn Fein calls for referendum on Northern Ireland leaving the UK ‘as soon as possible’
not to mention Sinn Fein riding high on Assembly elections. William Hague is only looking at England (as ever)
Sinn Fein has cut the DUP's advantage to a single seat in its best performance in Northern Ireland election history
Sinn Fein surge creates new Northern Ireland landscape
Sinn Fein cuts DUP lead to one seat in Stormont Assembly as nationalists surge in Northern Ireland
Very close in NI assembly elections, as turnout surges, as does Sinn Fein too, 4 seats left:
A Sinn Fein surge, DUP below 30 seats, Unionist parties to have no combined majority. N Ireland is on completely new gr…
Surge in support for Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland Assembly Election via
7 Sinn Féin MLAs elected in Belfast. Largest party in the city. Thank you to all candidates, activists and voters. Goo…
The Democratic Unionist Party is narrowly returned as the biggest party but Sinn Féin is the biggest winner in t...
(Sky news):Fein cuts advantage to a single seat : Sinn Fein has cut the DUP's 10-seat Stormont..
Sinn Fein surge in Northern Ireland election as country awaits result which could put future of UK in question
Calling all crocodiles! Voting is just the first step, now it's time to join Sinn Féin:
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BBC reporters are now describing Sinn Fein as Nationalists instead of Republicans. Other side are now Unionists and not Loy…
Just commented on It's looking like a very, very good day for Sinn Féin in the North -
Sinn Fein once again biggest Party on the Island of Eire. When do we get a United Ireland referendum?
Surge in support sees Sinn Féin close gap in NI Assembly Election
Sinn Féin close the gap on DUP in NI Assembly
Seismic shift: Sinn Fein just one seat behind DUP; Unionist majority gone; petition of concern gone.
Sinn Fein cuts DUP advantage to a single seat
DUP falling short in power & there is cloud over Arlene Foster.There is a problem.Michelle O'Neill, Sinn Fein
Court rulling on Irish Language Act intro in NI = good news. Removes a Sinn Fein red line whilst saving DUP face re…
Nationalist party Sinn Fein's leader: Brexit is 'catastrophic' for Ireland
SINN CLAIM NO THE SHAME CULT . School allows letter from Sinn Fein hopeful Gildernew to be sent home with pupils
Sinn Fein turning into Labor party. Now backs passing sovereignty to Brussels after decades of resistance.
Sinn Fein will top the poll yet again in mid Ulster
Sinn Fein's 3rd candidate most likely to lose out at this election...
Like Mrs Thatcher's gag on Sinn Fein. Good meat for satirists, for sure. Would you use the same guy that did Gerry Adams' voice?
Peter Weir horrified that Sinn Fein should want a bill of rights ! Next thing you'll hear, they will want equality.🙈🙈🙈🙈
Nelson McCausland does not regret refusing to shake Sinn Fein minister's hand well done nelson ,thats called conviction
in mid Ulster no one but Sinn Fein have canvassed my area and no doubt they will have my vote
Sinn Fein's west Belfast 'republic' rots in poverty
The GUE/NGL group, to which Sinn Fein belong, hosted Sean ‘Spike’ Murray at a seminar at the European Parliament.
Butler hits out at Sinn Fein candidate’s refusal to condemn murder of QUB academic Edgar Graham. h…
Sinn Fein may want one, but most Irish people are in no mood for a general election right now :: --……
Sinn Fein say Mike Nesbitt will not dictate who can have rights and entitlements including Irish Language Act
Sinn Fein accused of contradictory stance over US President Donald Trump invite
Foster misses the point on Irish language; it is not about conceding to Sinn Fein, it is about Govt for all
.Come on the Sinn Fein of Arthur Griffith & Count Plunkett was a Nationalist Party not a Marxist political wing of the IRA!
Mary Ellen, Mairtin and my self at Sinn Fein buisness event this morning great turn out, great message and great talk by…
Donald Trump visit invitation: I wouldn't have issued invitation at this time, says Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill…
Mary Lou McDonald whinging about whilst Sinn Fein collapses the Northern Assembly, walks away and leaves North unrep…
Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald on RTE Drive Time asked about Rehab... Ansbacher statements at end, still unresolved
Sinn Fein has called on the European Union to afford Northern Ireland a 'special status' post Brexit. We hear from MEP Martina Anderson
Lord Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, was killed by the Irish terrorist group Sinn Fein in 1979. England did not ban the Irish.
Taoiseach forced into embarrassing u-turn over Sinn Fein coalition comments.
Mary Lou McDonald has said that Sinn Fein could take part in the next coalition government as a junior partner.
Michelle O'Neill takes over from McGuineess at Sinn Fein | Daily Mail Online
I knew her post-Girls Aloud career was a flop, but I never saw Nadine Coyle becoming leader of Sinn Fein in NI
Conor Murphy would be my choice for the Sinn Fein leader in the north
Sinn Fein conference producing more hot air than an RHI boiler? Claiming agreed United Ireland possible? Not sure what they…
As Matt Carthy said, we need to drive the push for a United Ireland but other parties and the GAA need to help too.
Sinn Féin announce two candidates in Upper Bann ..
Sinn Fein have announced two candidates for Upper Bann at elections- John O’Dowd's been re-selected along with party colleague Nuala Toman.
should restore funding for youth workers - Flynn (Sinn Féin)
John O’Dowd & Nuala Toman selected to stand in Upper Bann for Sinn Fein in upcoming Assembly election.
Breaking news former Newry Sinn Fein Councillor Brendan Curran has come forward to reveal that he has availed of RH…
Gerry Adams: Brexit will destroy the Good Friday Agreement - The Independent
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At this point, Sinn Fein should be stating the SF/IRA will NOT returning to terrorism!
it's mad that i have to explain myself for wanting to join sinn féin to people who voted for enda kenny lmao
The people of Ireland say no to Sinn Fein 100years now just won't or can't expect it
I'm guessing this is a wind up! Bangor Sinn Fein? Must be. BTW the fada is the wrong way up!
Sinn Féin activists out and about today in beautiful Ballintoy and Ballycastle
Hope you lose. Sinn Fein are cheerleaders for murder. All decent people the world over despise you and McGuinness
I couldn't cope with seeing Sinn Fein's new MLA ... I'd be thinking all the time: your father killed my father
Have to laugh at Neo-Cromwellian Sinn Fein talking about a a United Ireland with open borders planted b…
The Sinn Féin Media Department hard at work in Belfast today filming our Party Election Broadcast for the Assembly…
The Mansion House in Dublin packed to capacity today for Sinn Féin 'Towards a United Ireland' conference
Sinn Fein exaggerating economic importance of the Republic & EU to Northern Ireland. 85% of all NI trade is worth the UK.
Pro EU Sinn Fein pontificating on the catastrophe of Brexit at conference. Reminder of their previous stances…
Amazing how much control SpAds have over the DUP. I'm sure Sinn Féin's army of SpAds are less tyrannical/self serving. W…
Statement from Sinn Féin MLA on withdrawal of funding for hundreds of Youth Workers by DUP Minister P…
"I'm not physically capable" of fighting this election, Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness says. https:…   10% Off
the only thing the and Sinn Fein are consistent on is that they hate Britain and are willing to say anythi…
Yes. Arthur Griffiths Sinn Féin. A man not spoken off now. He died in very mysterious circumstances. Let us dig up…
Getting ready for the campaign, Bangor Sinn fèin ☘
The lads from the Upper Falls Sinn Féin postering squad are gearing up for a busy night! Keep an eye out
Today's column: are SF beginning to consider a post-Assembly strategy? .
Northern Ireland secretary rejects Sinn Féin call for border poll ^Guardian
Today 1919 Sinn Féin MPs, having secured 73 of 105 Irish seats, break the connection with Britain & establish First Dáil…
Long queues outside the Mansion Hse for the Sinn Féin conference
Gerry Adams tried to gag his niece when she exposed child rape by Sinn Fein member ht…
Snap election in Northern Ireland on March 2nd. Expect a brutal fight between Foster's DUP and Sinn Fein
Can't wait for after the next election and the DUP and Sinn Fein are still the majority parties in the Assembly 😴😴
History suggests the DUP support of Tories in Westminster means the usual lopsided power sharing in NI continues.
I genuinely hope the people of NI vote in favour of change come the election & get shot of both Sinn Fein & the DUP
Good, now hopefully the repulsive DUP can be kicked out of office. Let's see a Sinn Fein/UUP unity government
Generations. Definitely. It's NI's insistence on voting for the same jokers again and again. DUP and Sinn Fein. No change.
ITS ABOUT CORRUPTION THEY SAY . Sinn Fein abuse of public funds by supplying its official drivers
..How many times does the long suffering electorate have to jump to the Sinn Fein drumbeat ?
Breaking- Sinn Fein have just officially collapsed the power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland:
Northern Ireland CRISIS: Election called for March 2 after Stormont collapses
Sinn Féin tried to give DUP honourable way out over Xmas, but DUP arrogance knows no bounds. DUP blew opportunity!
Because of power sharing the governing coalition unlikely to change. Could Sinn Fein insist on a new settlement if…
ITS ABOUT CORRUPTION THEY SAY . BBC News - Research Services Ireland got £700,000 in Sinn Féin expenses
Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has said concerns about DUP Minister Paul Givan's community hall grants scheme are... https…
Britain has announced early elections after the nationalist Sinn Fein party failed to nominate…
Paul Givan talks about Sinn Fein so much that I think he's a secret shinner
BREAKING: Northern Ireland heads for fresh Assembly election just 10 months after last poll.
A snap election in Northern Ireland will be held on 2 March .
Newry & Armagh Sinn Féin thank for her great focus, leadership, support & friendship and we wish Ádh Mór…
"When Sinn Fein talk about LGB&T rights there will be no compromise on my part." - Paul Givan, Minister for Some But Not A…
. We can't take DUP and Sinn fein Corruption anymore!
Northern Ireland election looms as Sinn Fein refuses to replace Martin McGuinness. So no A50 https…
Moment Stormont edged towards collapse: Stormont faces collapse after Sinn Féin refuses to nomin..
Sinn Féin ​refusal to replace McGuinness set to trigger Northern Ireland elections
Deep down Sinn Fein are wreckers. They will never embrace unity.
"If something's broke, you stop and you fix it, that's Sinn Fein's approach". . Apart from grammar.
three great candidates for West Tyrone! Sinn Fein 1, 2 & 3 on 2nd March!
Sinn Féin has forced an election, says NI First Minister – video
'If something is broken, fix it, that's the Sinn Fein approach'. More like if something is broke, shoot it.
First Minister was responsible for the scheme. Sinn Fein want an investigation but want her to step aside temporarily.
through as Trump is a former Sinn Fein donor I'm sure his choice would be completely uncontroversial
This political crisis has shown Arlene Foster is no roll over to Sinn Féin. She is what Unionism needs as a leader. I'm…
2nd March. The people's chance to have their say. Use it wisely. Vótáil Sinn Féin.
Election March 2nd. Vote Sinn Féin for Equality, people's Rights, Respect and against malpractice and corruption in poli…
Dear please find attached a reference of what a packed house actually is. Sinn Fein leadership brief in Derry 12…
Sinn Féin calls for election as Stormont deadline passes -
This is what Sinn Fein's political stunt means for the people of Northern Ireland.
Sinn Fein complain about spending then force an election costing £12 million?
A snap election has been called in Northern Ireland after Sinn Fein declined to nominate a deputy First Minister
When I hear Sinn Fein speak of "respect" and "equality" It's hard not to think of a party who wouldn't condemn acts li…
Sinn Fein/IRA project hits the buffers, so time to crash NI Assembly to wring out more concessions in new agreement. https:/…
A handshake & a hug for Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness as he leaves the Stormont Assembly chamber ...
Election called for Thursday 2nd March. Time to take a stand against corruption, bigotry, intolerance and inequality. Vót…
RHI Scandal: Sinn Féin in Government will not tolerate incompetence, malpractice or allegations of a corrupt process –…
Sinn Fein will get a bigger vote after March 2, can u say the same for the DUPERS? Doubt it.
Devlin Plunkett Sinn Féin Cumann, Dublin looking forward to helping our colleagues in the Six Counties - bring on March 2.
Sinn Fein refuse to talk. Wreckers of the local Assembly. No other word for them. Wreckers.
Collapsed by Sinn Fein who have another Republican wish list before they share power again strategi…
"There will be no return to these institutions unless we have equality" - Sinn Fein's Conor Murphy htt…
BREAKING NEWS: Sinn Fein will not nominate a new deputy First Minister, therefore there will be a snap election in Northe…
Stormont Executive will collapse at 5pm today after Sinn Fein refuse to re-nomiate deputy First Minister.
domain names
In line with what it said last night, Sinn Fein has refused to nominate a deputy First Minister. This Executive is therefor…
Sinn Fein has formally declined to re-nominate a Stormont deputy First Minister - move set to trigger a snap election in N…
I'm from an Irish speaking county, at one time voted Sinn Fein, but you have me all figured out don't ya?
'Irish speakers in Republic of Ireland do not understand Sinn Fein when they speak Irish'.
so if I put an X next to Sinn Fein in an election, I'm voting for a United Ireland. You've said it fairly plainly here
Sinn Féin see a vote for Sinn Fein as a vote for a United Ireland. Ergo if you're not in favour of UI, don't vote SF
If you're not in favour of a United Ireland, DON'T vote for Sinn Fein, it's what SF consider your vote a call for.…
so no unionists should vote for Sinn Fein, because it actually IS a vote in favour of a United Ireland then...?
In her little fireside homily Arlene said "Sinn Fein" so often I thought she'd been to the gaeltacht on a
Sinn Fein official quits Northern Ireland government, setting off shake-up
“A consensus seems to be emerging among Sinn Féin supporters online that an Irish language act is the price..."
Sinn Féin proposal for stopping overcrowding in hospitals
of course you will deny that your part of the IRA, but I know that you are funding all of Sinn Féin!
Sinn Féin: The Mininster could fix crisis with a sroke of a pen. Re-open the beds!
Sinn Féin publishes plans for an investigation into a botched heating scheme that could cost taxpayers £490m.
After the First Minister gave an initial curt ‘No’ to Sinn Féin’s draft paper for an Independent investigation...
That time Bono chewed out a fan for bringing a Sinn Féin sign that was actually a San Francisco sign
DUP and Sinn Féin appear closer to deal on RHI investigation
Martin McGuinness has met Arlene Foster and Sinn Fein say he has again told her she must step aside as FM during the inves…
Sinn Fein were once a party, what happened to them?.
Sinn Féin want an inquiry acceptable to the DUP. We're only interested in one acceptable to the public
When Section 31 of the old Broadcasting Act was used to censor Sinn Féin, the journalists said "Let us interview them, and show them up."
I met in Glasnevin not 1 year ago who joined the party because ''Sinn Fein puts Ireland first and will get the blacks out'' 3…
scandal: Foster 'comfortable' with Sinn Féin plan ... from no to yes in 60 seconds DUPer style
DUP voted for a Sinn Fein Deputy principle speaker over a Unionist one. Didn't you know?
I asked if she would accept Sinn Fein terms of reference for independent inquiry. She said "no"
I see - no time for Sinn Fein but then I'm not Irish so different viewpoint
Labour so corrupt, nothing to do with trad left principles. Sinn Fein doing well here, more left wing than labour.
Because Arlene & the DUP realise that Sinn Fein are their only way out without the public finding out the full deta…
Sinn Féin release Terms of Reference for an independent investigation into the scandal.
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.presents Sinn Féin's draft proposals for Terms of Reference to get truth of the RHI scandal
"If they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear," says on Sinn Fein's probe proposals. https:…
or a great time for that DUP rag to deflect real issues? - I'm no fan of Sinn Fein but give it a…
the Sinn Fein rejection will be enough to win back the brain dead morons who vote for dup year in year out
l don't like the way she is making it appear that it's only Sinn Fein who wishes her to step aside. That's a dangerous game to play
Sinn Fein call for Assembly Speaker to resign with 'immediate effect' as they lodge motion of no confidence.
. SF's terms are "substandard". "I don't understand why Sinn Féin cannot bring themselves to call for a full…
BBC News - RHI scandal: Foster 'comfortable' with Sinn Féin plan
What is the UPRG position? Do try to answer without mentioning Sinn Fein. It's tiresome.
can't see that equation equaling the answer which the grassroot supporters of Sinn Fein want!
Sinn Fein to lodge a motion of no confidence in Assembly speaker Robin Newton.
Sinn Fein are finally realising the DUP really don't want to face the electorate with the toxic RHI scandal dominating…
Sinn Fein table a motion of no confidence in the Speaker. Another twist.
Sinn Fein want Arlene Fosters head on a platter. This isn't some IRA kangaroo court in West Belfast. We won't wear it. End off.
Sinn Féin calls on DUP Stormont Speaker Robin Newton to "resign with immediate effect"
Update your maps at Navteq
And if Newton refuses to resign, what will Sinn Fein do then?. Just back down as usual!
don't forget Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance als…
don't forget Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance also 😁
Imagine if Sinn Féin had worked with not against non Exec parties. They are eating the DUP dogs dinner now. Stupid.
If Sinn Fein spent as much time sortin out the RHI mess as they do trying to misrepresent SDLP policy we wouldnt be in this mess 😧😧😧
Sinn Féin have a brass neck lecturing about a wastage of public money. How much was spent on compensation due to PIRA's…
Senior Sinn Féin figure calls for Speaker's resignation:
SPEAKS VOLUMES ! Paramilitary trappings at funeral of Sinn Féin press officer Dale Moore via
Sinn Fein and DUP could do a deal. Arlene Foster stands aside while Gerry Adams goes to Gardai & tells all he knows. https…
Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams urges Arlene Foster to 'do right thing' and stand aside for RHI probe: Sinn Fein president…
[T] Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has said "the political institutions have reached a defining point"
Not one Southern media organ has mentioned the 53 deaths in the part of Ireland where Sinn Fein is in power
Gerry Adams says he will step down as Sinn Fein president in 10 year plan The sooner the better, to be honest.
'To leave Sinn Fein is to leave the IRA,' Adams told ard fheis :: The Irish Times -- Stephen Collins…
The next time a Blairite smears Corbyn for Sinn Fein links, might be a good idea to throw their way...
Mike Nesbitt is absolutely correct. Newton's antics violated the GFA. Sinn Fein can't just look the other way.
First poet I taught was Seamus Heaney. Much could be learnt from him. Nothing can be learned from Sinn Fein.
The goons at the now think the Sunday Business Post is pro Sinn Fein, new levels of Sinnsanity have been reached
Full text of the motion which Sinn Fein will submit to the Assembly on Monday
NEW: Sinn Fein is to bring a proposal to Northern Ireland's Assembly calling on Arlene Foster to stand aside as First Mi…
Sinn Fein to bring proposal to the Assembly calling on Arlene Foster to stand aside.
End of Labour? Jeremy Corbyn SCOLDED by OWN party after hiring ex-Sinn Fein staffer
Sinn Fein staffer set to join Jeremy Corbyn's team -
Jeremy Corbyn confirmed to senior Labour MPs tonight that Sinn Fein staffer Jayne Fisher will be working in his office f…
NEW: Labour MPs' fury after Jeremy Corbyn hires senior Sinn Fein staffer to work in his office h…
Jeremy Corbyn in furious row over plan to hire Sinn Fein head for his office
Sinn Fein are the political arm of a murderous and criminal enterprise that brought terror to Ireland and the UK. Ukip give hope
any thoughts on Sinn Fein member joining Corbyn's team? My ATO friends murdered by IRA and this a slap in the face!
Labour leadership cosying up to Sinn Fein. Their descent into madness continues.
Once a terrorist sympathiser, always a terrorist sympathiser. One more step by on the road to oblivion:
Sinn Fein staffer set to join Corbyn's team Nice to see the terrorist apologist giving jobs to scum
No chance of that happening as Sinn Fein & DUP need each other to sustain the corrupt gravy train.
Sinn Féin’s and Kathleen Funchion TD with Podemos MP at Kieran Doherty TD mural in Dáil SF Meeting…
Mr Mercer a Sinn Fein member will soon be working for Corbyn? My own MP is silent, Please raise this in the House
On this day 1918, Ireland voted for Independence. Sinn Féin secured 476,087 votes. 73 out of 105 Irish seats. It's time…
Goes to prove his links with the IRA and Sinn Fein.
Says it all about the man. Just a provocative leader. .
Another mess created by the hapless Corbyn...
Will this be Executive Office statement with Sinn Fein approval or a personal statement from First Minister?
How can we take the Sinn Féin proposal for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission seriously when Gerry Adams denies being a m…
The trouble with evacuation while being bombed. Read the Sinn Fein
Did very well in but to appoint a senior Sinn Fein staffer to his office would be a disgrace, Please No.
If Sinn Fein don't sign SDLP motion then they are absolute sell outs.
Adams and Sinn Fein trying to have it both ways on the continuing Troubles legacy :: Irish Independent -- Eamon……
Sinn Féin TDs claim death threats received after Stack murder link
Sinn Féin .says "She will be putting pressure on . .to ensure fair distribution of in…
I find it if you don't like thatcher and then support labour who are hiring ex sinn fein members. So naive.
Exclusive - Jeremy Corbyn tipped to hire Sinn Fein London office boss for Commons team - branded "stupid decision" ht…
"Seumas, we need to get in the newspapers, we're at 25%!". "Got an idea Jeremy.". "Ban cars?". "Nope. Hire a Sinn Fein act…
Today 1918, Sinn Féin's Constance Markievicz becomes first women elected to Westminster & refuses to take her seat. Ireland…
Jeremy Corby doesn't even try to hide his links to Sinn Fein, the IRA & terrorism
Distasteful article from The Telegraph imo trying to play up stereotypes that Northern Irish people are terrorists https…
Constance Markievicz in 1918, but she didn't take her seat (Sinn Fein). Nancy Astor, a Tory, took her seat in 1919.
Wales has National Assembly & Welsh Gov't England has nothing Sinn Fein may take their seats to defeat Brexit Will of England
I gather Adams had to ask Blair to stop McDonnell urging Sinn Fein hardliners to reject the GFA.
Sinn Fein has productively taken the example of South Africa and, as we ...
Martin McGuinness refuses to rule out Sinn Fein taking Westminster seats after Gerry Adams ...…
if you read Irish news today you would see Gerry Adams saying Sinn Fein was not going to sit at Westminster-journalists lie-
May: FIFA's Footballer Poppy Ban 'Utterly Outrageous' Well said but the "House" has SNP & Sinn Fein inside it ?
Garda officer injured in lethal IRA blast wants Sinn Fein to apologise: A garda officer who escaped death in an IRA…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Best election song since this Sinn Fein one for Stormont elections in County Tyrone this year
Sinn Fein calls for STG3bn EU funding to upgrade Belfast to Dublin train link :: Belfast Tel...
The S.Nazi.P, Sinn Fein and Corbyn don't like the U.K, But, Here's the Laugh, They Want to Stay with the New World Order Imperialists The EU
RTE confirm that they messed up the latest opinion poll figures for Sinn Fein on tonight's news at 9. Sinn Fein... https:/…
Surge of 8% for Sinn Fein and the independents in latest opinion poll. Because... well, who the *** knows? .
Sinn Fein: British government must fund legacy inquests - Kelly: Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has the British go...
Sinn Fein: Those responsible for bomb alert have no regard for community – Kelly: Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly s...
Fair point by the Sinn Fein caller to Stephen Nolan who is immensely hypocritical on how he treats callers who speculate . He does it .
A secret back channel between Sinn Fein & the loyalist Jamie Bryson in a bid to damage Peter Robinson . Nolan show has th…
Sinn Fein: McCann condemns Poleglass shooting: Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann had condemned a gun attack on a ...
Sinn Fein: Community in shock after woman injured - McCann: Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann has said the local ...
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