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Single Man

A Single Man is a 2009 drama film based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood.

Colin Firth Christopher Isherwood Tom Ford Nicholas Hoult Matthew Goode Julianne Moore Nocturnal Animals Tony Stonem Lee Pace John Lautner Golden Globe Nitish Kumar

My favorite film of 2009, 'A Single Man' with Colin Firth & Julianne Moore Directed by Tom Ford
Would you also say that Columbus showcased John Cho the way A Single Man did Colin Firth?
Why has it taken me so long to read Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man? Forty pages in. Currently in awe.
Honestly. A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood is one of my favorite books I have ever read.
“Lovers are just like buses.  You just have to wait a little while until another one comes along.”. A Single Man (2009). Carlos(John Kortaja…
"The prefect evening...lying down on the couch beside the bookcase and reading himself sleepy" - Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man
82% done with A Single Man, by Christopher Isherwood: Almost finished.
If you've never seen "A Single Man" I highly recommend it. As a bonus drop dead gorgeous Nicholas Hoult is even in it.
[LewesFreegle] WANTED Lewes a copy of A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood to b
Happy from your fave BGFF! Picked up my favourite: A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. What are yo…
On page 18 of 186 of A Single Man, by Christopher Isherwood: Our next book club selectio...
3 of 5 stars to A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood
"... but he doesn't hesitate, he is no longer able to..." Christopher Isherwood- A Single Man. Devoured this book i…
"If it’s going to be a world with no time for sentiment, it’s not a world that I want to live in." - Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man
Nocturnal Animals is confusing and not in a good a way. I was really looking forward to Tom Fords next film after A Single Man. Disappointed
Tom Ford is perfect. He has extended himself to directing movies. First, "A Single Man" and now "Nocturnal Animals".
Little Giant Ladders
Tom Ford is perfect. Now, he is directing movies. There was "A Single Man" and now; "Nocturnal Animals.".
Romeo + Juliet, A Single Man, and Mad Max: Fury Rode, are very different films. What they share is the belief that style CAN BE substance
📹 Loved Tom Ford’s first feature, A Single Man, an adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s equally...
I'm looking forward to this. Liked how A Single Man was treated, it'll be interesting to see how his sophomore fairs
Man, according to the Zoosk dating site there are tons of single ladies that look like models all with in 5 miles...
When ya girlfriends talking about how much they love they man and u single n salty n dont give af.
Argentina VS Great Britain for Gold man single tennis today
Cloud & Pac man models freezes on single player to x3
The outlaw's jaw slacked with shock, his eyes wide. The man before him didn't flinch, didn't make a single sound. He —
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Man United failed to complete a single take-on in the opening 25 minutes vs. Bournemouth.
the 2 Scottish cup bets where always going to win so really it was a single on man city
if that were to be a game make it like a spider man game but single player only and with full on missions DLC
SUICIDE SQUAD is a very interesting movie when you look at it from a single perspective . the man who can climb anything. i love that
this Man is the problem He single handily put America in the terrible mess we're in Obama worst…
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Got me thinking they single all up on a *** and then turns out they in a relationship 😂😂 smh man
I swear that I'm single because God is saving me my cute, faithful and educated man for the future.
ay man no lie ur new single got me emotional u came so far and u on top *** - Lil B
the Olympics for me is the single greatest sporting event in the world. To a man, it's just fantastic. I really love it.
If u have a man but i dont know him personally then you're single
I heard his voice today. I didn't know a single word he said. Not one resemblance to the man I met. Just a vacant broken boy instead.
if I was playing No Man's Sky I'd prefer it to be single player because I hate multiplayer games. Especially online :/
A woman's future isn't tied to whether she's single or not. Having a man is not a prerequisite to a happy life...
You are gonna have to be one *** of a man to change my mind set on not being single anymore.
As A Man Thinketh by James Allen is the single most important 24 page book you can purchase and read over & over & over again
A man can force any single woman to marry him is he discovers her picking her nose while sitting in a car at traffic lights. (Zion, IL)
All single ladies, stop saying you should just give up and get a cat. If no man wants you, don’t force an innocent cat to…
And all it takes is the will of a single man.
I got a man... There's no reason for me to on every scene, at every event. I'll leave that to the girls that's screaming SINGLE!!
Only stupid opposition politicians r hating on Zuma now. Nkandla man has single handedly destroyed the once mighty ANC in sub 7 years
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Check out what this girl told this married man.
Where is the man who said Pak won't even win a single test in Eng? Oh here he is on Sky right now with Warne
I've seen *** do the craziest things, they be knowing a *** ain't single but really out here tryna take another woman's man 🙄
I see myself becoming more mature as a man each and every single day
So I have 2 options this upcoming holiday season. Spend money on myself and my fam or spend money on a man and my fam. Ya girl single af. 😅🔫
Me every single time I see a rich cute white man
When you go to massage therapy school and give good massages, can give free haircuts to ya man, and loyal af but still single. Wut?
New Single bro, check it out man, and all the best for the season!.
NEW man 49 in Search age, town or postcode
I recognize this man every single time I see him but to this day I have no clue who he is he will just forever haunt my memories 😧
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over 40s farajalmadawi, Man from Muscat, 46 years
Mets offense making Matz sit and lose his rhythm, while not scoring a single run. Man, they can't do anything right.
This is the reason why I'm single and I don't want any man to ever enter my life bc they're simply not worth it.
Famous scientific hoax, Piltdown Man, was the work of a single forger, study says https:…
Literally don't care if I never get married, rather be single than be with a man who enjoys living in a patriarchal society
Well deserved I love Henry! Man left Arsenal for Sky to easily rip Arsene apart after every single mistake! Very good something
I got chu man. I can't see my young fellow out here single when you know you're a good man deep down...somewhere inside 😊😭
oh pul-lease, you should be delighted, this man had sent more people to the DA than any other single person, sign him up rather.
He told me he was single anyways. but anyways umm i'm not dating or hooking up with your man, I'm a stripper.
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*** it man, now I know I aced every single economics class I took in Business School, but somehow I must have...
Mine were Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man and Graham Green's the End of the Affair. Punch in the solar plexus.
A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood if you wanna get deep and ***
Finally finished A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. I enjoyed the movie more.
'Where the Wild Things Are,' 'Magic Mike,' 'A Single Man,' and more Blu-rays are under $5:
Just brilliant, though I might also add Ken Russell's "Tommy" and Julianne Moore applying make up in "A Single Man"
Wrote a book titled "Single Man: Life and Times of Nitish Kumar"
Interesting to see 'A Single Man' - Have you seen Tom Ford's ranch by Tadao Ando?
I've been watching old Michael Caine films and Colin Firth in A Single Man and really want some big rectangle NHS frames 👓
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Just finished reading A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood and I don't really know what to make of it. Seriously regret buying it in French
Tour the incredible Schaffer House by John Lautner, which featured in the film A Single Man
A Single Man or Far From Heaven? Which *** themed Julianne Moore period piece do I watch first???
Yes, mostly a long time ago. A Single Man and the Berlin books (Mr Norris/Goodbye to Berlin) prob best. You?
Based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man (2009) is set in L.A. in the 1960s and tells the story...
A Single Man (2009) ; Colin Firth is brilliant in this stunning film about George, a British college professor who...
Also The Novel 'A Single Man' by Christopher Isherwood is a work of compressed brilliance. Enough said.
"A Single Man". Like watching half of a film. Didn't enjoy it. *Mark Lamarr (or however you spell it) FACE*
A Single Man is on BBC2 at 11pm - great book by Christopher Isherwood, a writer I came to late.
I'm back on Book Tube! In this video, I review A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.
*** *** book recommendation: A Single Man: A Novel by Christopher Isherwood, more at
yeah, been saying that for years. I'd have been much happier if Firth won for A Single Man and Bridges for True Grit
Early Hans Wegner oak sofa bed coming to as featured in 'A Single Man'. htt…
Along with Adams & Gyllenhaal, Joaquin Phoenix is eyed for Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' follow-up htt…
I'm watching 'A Single Man' when all of a sudden Lee Pace shows up in the movie and I'm like YEAH MAN DOUBLE SCORE Colin Firth + Lee Pace
this photo of Colin Firth and Lee Pace on the set of A Single Man is a piece of art.
Sara has advised me to read Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man. The book is surprisingly short, so I'll probably finish it tomorrow.
On page 136 of 192 of A Single Man, by Christopher Isherwood
Sometimes awful things have their own kind of beauty. -A Single Man (2009)
Revisited 'A Single Man' -- that swimming scene, the little girl, Julianne Moore -- sigh
Not Bridget Jones but A Single Man. Not Love Actually but The Railway Man. Some stuff he does is great. Like this:
*** Wish I realized in advance "A Single Man" was a Christopher Isherwood story. Would have been better prepared for shattering my heart.
Today I somehow look like Colin Firth in A Single Man
Watch Colin Firth in fashion designers Tom Ford's directorial debut, in A Single Man, now available On Demand -
My top 5 most beautiful films: A Single Man, A Royal Affair, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Book of Kells, Secretary.
3 days left to watched some great movies on BBC iPlayer - Strictly Ballroom, A Single Man, Heavenly Creatures and A Hard Day's Night!
Today's Movie: A Single Man (2009). Colin Firth. Directed by Tom Ford. Based on the Christopher Isherwood novel.
Single Man gets a date in Lalu. Bio to be renamed "Bihar's Rip Van Winkle".
" If Mothers Have Mothers Day, and Fathers have Fathers Day.. And Lovers have Valentines day. What does a Single Man have? Palm Sunday "
Indeed! My top 5 of few last few years have been Walter Mitty, Cloud Atlas, Black Swan, A Single Man and this.
by Michael Kusiak “These books have not made George nobler or better or more truly wise. It is just that he likes listening to their voices, the one or the other, according to his mood." ~ Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man. “Spiritual thinkers all swim in the same ‘mind pool’ of thought. We all know the same basic ONE SPIRIT connection within all of humanity. Some of us as individuals receive an overwhelming urge to express this knowledge to others in written form as you have done. And if they are ready and willing to hear and comprehend what we have to offer them then sooner or later they just may join us in the pool. DiCaprio has a very unique voice and way of combining human words from our spiritual mind pool of thought. The sentences streaming through the walls of your prison term in a vernacular which fits perfectly into a group of which you are a product. The books will sit on my shelf next to Christopher Isherwood, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Elaine Pagels, Deepak Chopra, The Nag Hamaddi Library ...
yes, I bought this very beautiful (and expensive) copy of A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.
Thesis: Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man is not a *** novel, it's about Vedanta
Tucking up in bed with A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. Reviews?
He may have directed A Single Man, but Tom Ford won't call himself one anytime soon! The 52-year-old fashion designer recently married former Vogue editor Richard Buckley, 65 — and he only announced their union yesterday, April 7, at an Apple Store talk in London. "We are now married, which i...
The loud and long fight: How Nitish and Laloo fell out Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, seems to be down but not out, with the Lok Sabha contest in Bihar looking like a fight between Laloo Yadav and Narendra Modi. History has a way of coming full circle. For a long time, Nitish Kumar and Laloo Yadav were mates in university and Lohiatie politics. This is the story of how they fell out. This exclusive excerpt from 'Single Man: The Life and Times of Nitish Kumar of Biharfirst' appeared in By 1992, Nitish was not on talking terms with Laloo Yadav. Proof of that lies buried in a slim but significant volume of letters put together by journalist Srikant, one of the few in Patna who labour over chronicling contemporary politics. The book, ‘Bihar: Chitthiyon ki Rajneeti’, or Bihar: The Politics of Letters, contains a long though little known missive that Nitish wrote Laloo Yadav. It is dated two years before he formally parted ways, but to read it is to be convinced of the rupture between the ...
John Lautner, one of the most amazing mid century modern architects. Born in Marquette Michigan, apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright. His integration of natural elements and light was decades ahead of his peers. I fell in love with his home used in Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man.
It was Jeff Bridges who took the Oscar when Colin should have won for A Single Man
Themes of the movie "The Book Thief", written by Markus Zusak. Same soundtrack: novel of the "A Single Man". No monetization. Directed by: Brian Percival. Pr...
Taken from the 1978 album 'A Single Man' One of the best Elton John songs of all-time in my opinion.
Really really want Nicholas Hoult's sweater from A Single Man
Dude. I bought Blue Valentine, The Squid and the Whale and A Single Man. I haven't seen any of them, but I think my heart might explode.
 The English Teacher   Chick Flick Alert!   If I was a teacher, I don’t know if I would like this film. An English teacher has a romantic relationship with an ex-student who has got to be 20 years her junior, but it’s just a movie right? It couldn’t happen in real life, right?        Julianne Moore played English teacher Linda Sinclair. As much as I love Moore as an actress she was out of her element. It seems to me that she is successful enough now to have demanded changes to this script. I was disappointed, but at the same time I know an actor has to try new things and expand their roles.         Moore has been nominated for an Oscar four times, and she’s always played the serious actress, in roles in such  movies as:  Hannibal, The Hours, Far From Heaven, A Single Man and Game Change—The Sarah Palin Story,  for which she won an Golden Globe, a Primetime Emmy, and a SAG Award.   Serious has worked for Meryl Streep, but even she thrown in a couple of comedies too. Streep’s ...
Colin Firth. Who's a fan and in what films? I like him in almost everything he does, but particularly in A Single Man and The King's Speech. Your thoughts on Firth, please.
The ten books that impacted me the most, Amy Silver 1) Free to Be You & Me - Marlo Thomas and Friends 2) Where the Sidewalk Ends - Shel Silverstein 3) Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi 4) Tales of the City (series) - Armistead Maupin 5) The Heart That Bleeds - Alma Guillermoprieto 6) Lord of the Flies - William Golding 7) Giovanni's Room - James Baldwin 8 ) Down & Out in Paris and London - George Orwell 9) Man with the Golden Arm - Nelson Algren 10) A Single Man - Christopher Isherwood Rules: don't think too hard. Tag the person who brought you in on this in your post. Tag other friends to take part. *Take part if you wish! Tag, you're it Julie Janj, Kristen Lee, Tb Davis, Jennifer Bock Parsont
After "Sons of Anarchy" is over Kurt Sutter has another gig lined up in the form of FX pilot "The *** Executioner". The story revolves around a a knight working for King Edward III. "Friday Night Lights" star Kyle Chandler was hoping for big things from Showtime drama series "The Vatican", but the project has been canned. Chandler, along with Anna Friel ("Pushing Daisies"), Matthew Goode ("A Single Man") and Sebastian Koch ("A Good Day to Die Hard") will all be looking for new gigs. This sounded great, but apparently it was too costly. Great news, "Orphan Black" star Tatiana Maslany has snagged a Golden Globe Award nomination. An amazing actress, fingers crossed for her. Still on the Golden Globe nominations.. let's take a look at who missed out on the nominations, much to the Guru's shock! … No "Game of Thrones" nom, *** ! Lizzie Caplan on "Masters of Sex"? How about Anna Gunn on "Breaking Bad", seriously were the HFP not watching the last season?? No "VEEP" in the best comedy series or Merritt Wev ...
Someone buy me A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood for xmas I will love you forever
A Single Man: A Novel by Christopher Isherwood via One of my all-time favourite novels!
"A Single Man" was not only a 2009 film but also the title of my graduate thesis paper. Plus I've seen the Colin Firth movie.
Just watched A Single Man...what a beautiful film. Enjoyed it immensely x
The only good film Colin Firth has been in is A Single Man. Discuss.
best is that feeling in the Single Man w Colin Firth opening the door into his best friend. Total openness and real feeling. -we need to strive for connection every day!
A Single Man with Colin Firth is quite a heavy film for bedtime, who knew trying to kill yourself was tricky, according to Colin it is lol
And the clothes Colin Firth wears in A Single Man are breathtaking - thank the lord for Tom Ford
Watching "A Single Man" for the second time. Great film. Colin Firth is excellent. Nicholas Hoult good too.
A Single Man...saw this at the cinema...just as beautiful as I remember. And Colin Firth is sublime (with support from Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult)
Had forgotten just how good Colin Firth is in A Single Man. Wish I had half his talent, or of Tom Ford for that matter
A Single Man is on -beautiful, touching with Colin Firth stoic and understated. It's really not an over extended perfume advert.
Beautiful beautiful Tom Ford... Oh you gotta love Colin Firth in a Single Man
is watching ''A Single Man'' with Colin Firth, but is not quite sure what to make of it.
Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' on BBC2 now if you want to watch a beautifully directed movie - Colin Firth even looks hot in this, and as for Nicholas Hoult...
I woke up in time to see A Single Man. It's very good so far, Colin Firth is brilliant.
I'm watching A Single Man on BBC2. An utterly beautiful film. Colin Firth is superb. xxx
Colin Firth should of won the Academy Award for A Single Man, not for The Kings Speech
A Single Man is on! A film with my favourite ingredients: Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult, Julianne Moore, sadness, gayness, and nakedness.
If you haven't seen it before, Colin Firth and Matthew Goode being ridiculously amazing in A Single Man on bbc2 right now.
Colin Firth looks so sharp in A Single Man. 👌 Been watching films set in the 60's all night, now people these days seem to dress horrendous.
A Single Man on BBC 2 now. Colin Firth is outstanding in this film.
A Single Man on now. With the brilliant Colin Firth, Tom Ford directing, amazing imagery and fashion!
*RIDEY *** KLAXON* 'A Single Man' with Colin Firth starting in half an hour on Beeb2.
'A Single Man' is about to start on BBC2. Colin Firth at his very best. Amazing film... well worth a watch.
A Single Man is on bbc2 tonight starring Colin Firth. If you've not seen it, you really should make time to watch this fine film
watching A Single Man with Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult, and Matthew Goode...JEEBUS that's a lot of
I was also eyeing a little Irish film. I noticed it because Matthew Goode is in it. I really liked him in A Single Man.
Peter's Dad describing Certified Copy, MZS on Born on the 4th of July, Uhlich on A Single Man & Godfrey's EbertFest memory
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bryn Dalton Randall gave me Colin Firth. Goodness. I like: Bridget Jones's Diary, The Girl with the Pearl Earring I love: A Single Man, The King's Speech, Pride and Prejudice I hate: Then She Found Me I hate that I love: Shakespeare in Love
Colin Firth wears the face of grief in Tom Ford’s directorial debut, “A Single Man.”
Fellas:: if your have a great Woman in your corner Im just saying treat her with the respect and Love that she deserves. Dont and let me give you some advice.. Im not the only Single Man like myself in the world and we are looking for her. slip and we will find her and once we get her we will put the REAL BAND THAT WILL MAKE HER DANCE ON HER FINGER... Afternoon Thought
In celebration of DOMA being found unconstitutional, I'll do what I do best. Movie/TV recommendations! Weekend -- In my Top 10 of its year, this sweet romance reminded me of a more down to earth version of Before Sunrise. A Single Man -- Colin Firth is outstanding in this gorgeous looking film from Tom Ford who really needs to make another movie. Hedwig and the Angry Inch -- One of the best musicals of the millenium and I just read that Neil Patrick Harris will be reprising it on Broadway. Awesome. The Times of Harvey Milk -- The biopic movie has some fine performances, but it can't compete with the filmmaking from this Oscar winning documentary. Kissing Jessica Stein -- Funny, clever and a story I hadn't seen before. Farewell, My Queen -- A period piece done very well by using atypical filmmaking techniques. Definitely a story I didn't know about Marie Antoinette. Six Feet Under -- The relationship and struggles between David and Keith was always one of my favorite storylines on this show. Angels in Amer ...
Gramophone magazine today writes: "Today is the birthday of Alfredo Catalani (born 1854). He wrote half a dozen operas, and his music was championed by Arturo Toscanini (who named his daughter after the heroine of one of them, 'La Wally)'. 'La Wally' also gave us Catalani's most famous aria, 'Ebben? Ne andrò lontana'. It was given a new lease of life in the 1981 French cult movie 'Diva', then in 'Philadelphia' (1993) and most recently in Tom Ford's achingly beautiful 'A Single Man' (2009). Here's the aria sung – as in 'Philadelphia' - by Maria Callas (an EMI Classics Catalogue recording)"…
For a minute I thought A Single Man was on BBC2. Turned out to be A Serious Man, that terrible Coen Brothers movie.
Finally! They've been instructed to release the inheritance funds. 10.5 mill here we come. Now, first, that house from A Single Man...
So just returned from watching The Great Gatsby, and I must say it was the most beautiful film Ive seen since A Single Man by Tom Ford. The story revolves around several characters in the mid-20s era when parties, vintage fashion and new money was all the rage, finds at its roots; a love story. For those who dont know, the story is about an enigma of a man named Gatsby, who lives in a great mansion on one side of New York City, constantly throwing parties, while eluding to his actual person. He rents his cottage next door to a war veteran who has big dreams and a thirsty ambition. It all seems innocent until the veteran is drawn into his landlords life, and the real reason he was allowed access to his current home is, becomes clear. The story becomes an entanglement of intrigue, sex, lavish lifestyles, class disputes and at the core of it; romantic hopes and dreams. The film itself is directed by Baz Lurhmann, the very same man who directed Moulin Rouge and Australia and his artist genius is as clear here ...
God Fearing + Single Man + Gainfully Employed + No Roommates = Rear Species. National Geographic needs to do a special on this.
Facts and fallacies about marriage (4) By Douglas Anele Indigenous Nigerian cultures, Christianity, and Islam recommend marriage for everyone. For instance, Christianity teaches that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from God (assuming that such a being exists). Because The Holy Bible appears to have been written from a fundamentally masculine perspective, there is no mention of a wife finding a good thing if she gets a husband. Islam also encourages marriage, while according to native customs and traditions, an unmarried state for both men and women is an abomination. Marriage has some advantages over remaining single; but it does not follow that everyone ought to marry. The benefits of matrimony are obtained at a heavy price. Albert Ellis, in his highly entertaining and informative book, Sex and the Single Man, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of marriage. Now, since majority of Nigerians are convinced that marriage is good and that it is an institution established by ...
So this is my life. I was told that "A Single Man" was a very good movie, but that since I lost my boyfriend suddenly (as does Colin Firth's character in the movie), it would probably be pretty hard. Well, I like good movies, even sad ones. I also thought that since A) it has been almost 14 years since my boyfriend drowned, and 2) since the boyfriend dies in a car accident, that I could handle it. Well, the opening scene is a man who is not moving, under water. That did it. Had to stop before I screamed and freaked out. That was last night. Just now I decided to try again. Got past the guy in the water (it was Colin Firth, dreaming about himself), but then listening to him talk about how painful waking up is, and then the flashback to the call he got informing him about the boyfriend's death, was again too much. And that is just the first ten minutes of the movie. Hope I can watch it, but have decided for the moment that I should not put myself in extra pain when I still carry so much all day alr ...
Sneaky Fopp perusal after work, you'd think I'd learn. Came away with Fargo, The Edukators, Inception, Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior, A Single Man, A Streetcar Named Desire and The Killer Inside Me. All for a cool £23! Films may be easy & cheap to just watch online these days, but I much prefer having the real thing - you just can't beat having a visually impressive DVD collection! :)
No wonder Colin Firth won a BAFTA for A Single Man, his acting is so good.
Jon Hamm of is the uncredited voice on the other end of a heartbreaking phone call to Colin Firth in A Single Man.
Finally watched Tom Ford's 'A Single Man'. Worth it for the cinematography alone. All the guys and clothes in the movie are elegant, and hot
When a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of a wheel, he is sure to win!
seems like every single media outlet is in the business of vilifying the man beyond anyone I can ever remember
Lazy man— not a single upload in all that time
U're complainin u're single, yet u DON'T go out? How will ur Dream Man find u?
VIDEO: A message every single young man needs to watch via
It’s easier for a man to conquer a nation of men than the heart of a single woman.
Oh man, if these were in my size I would wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY
Our man is set to do a debut live set at on 22June with . Check it -
Just the thoughts of a Grown Man Thank you to all the strong single mothers that serve as great…
Oh man I really want that car. A jeep or cr-v either one is fine with me. Working toward my goal, as a single mom with 2 jobs
not a single cast this year man! Heard some big fish stories last week though.. Gonna be curious what they're gonna do Sunday.
ok can I just stop thinking every single noise is the post man XD
I wanna work to be independent. Not ask a man for nothing. I need my single years to be Bliss and ballerific.
Month from today my brother will no longer be a single man
Girls that post "SINGLE N LOVING IT!!" Hush yaself... 95% of u are sobbing over "the notebook" saying I WISH I HAD A MAN LIKE THAAT :,,(
your new single is too sick man. You guys killed it.
How exciting! Tama Waipara sent us his single (and rocking music video) for Medicine Man. He was our 3rd music...
It Takes a Man and a Woman to fillup Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2 na kahit yung single seats kinukuha pa rin tapos no one stood up until...
seeing a single man playing with kids is my weakness. I have no reason to not to be enchanted
I'm sick of being single. I want a man. I want to settle and make babies.
and i cry every single day bc one direction isnt coming here like cmon man it's asia's turn (((excludING japan)
38yr old man playing Grand Theft Auto on your PSP, This is why you're single, haven't been on a date since Prom and have viruses on your PC.
Ask Notch to do a bit of 'retired' work :) Minecraft- Made my one single man
Chinese Proverb~ A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
And to mke today better...the man drops his nu single today :D can't wait fi dat!!
Elephant man does remix every single song hr oh gosh.but the remaking of the songs does be kickin though
well someone has to be in on the affair, if not the bed and football are just... Single? You are not a bad man, no no no
It is just not flattering or sexy for a man with a girlfriend and baby to be chasing after my single self. Nxa!
d man is just a serial presidential candidate. Not a single positive initiative or drive dat affects Nigeria as a whole
A man with that look on his face around such lovely single ladies is not a man in a happy relationship!
“Too many females can't be single, they need a man to make them feel secure. That's dead.” Yes
Don't reject advice from an experienced person. "A single conversation across a table with a wise man is worth a month's study of books"
These days all guys are single. Only a real man lets the world know he's taken. A lot of guys got a WIFE but nobody even knows she exists 👀
Digging Snoops transition into a true Rasta man. Check out his new single "No Guns Allowed"
S/O to the single ladies whose grind/purpose is more important than not having a man.
This man is not on a single psychedelic. Just... Comparisons lol “
If I was a single women out there on the loose, I'd be looking for a man like you.
Nice on man. Releasing our next single very soon so watch this space.
A righteous man falls seven times and he gets up every single time.
I'm abt to be single in like two minutes i this man dnt jump off my *** :-(
“Imma stay single until men man up and realise what their priorities in life are smh” > this, for woman tho
Single life is not that deep the way certain girls portray it. .chill man
Are you a Single Man in Atlanta looking to meet a great woman. Steve Harvey Morning Show is looking for eligible...
Oh, just realized, that's with Collin Firth. Just saw the film "A Single Man" and was quite impressed.
Now watching A Single Man by Tom Ford and Colin Firth is looking sexy. Different.
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Colin Firth is very talented. And he doesn't just do romantic films. Try The King's Speech or A Single Man.
Since I have declared that 2013 is the year of the Single Man, I have already made a preliminary schedule of events that I will be participating in: 1. Alpha Kappa Alpha Regionals (this weekend, Memphis) 2. Essence Festival 3. Delta Sigma Theta Nationals in D.C. (I still remember the one I attended in St. Louis, can you say winning?!) So if you have any other Single Man events I may be interested in feel free to send them to me. Thanks in advance and be blessed!
he's probably the least like Tony Stonem as any person on A Single Man btw. Easily his best role.
"No processed food at all, no GMOs, no store bought milk with sugar and lots of green leafy stuff." - Jeremy Goodwin , Single Man's Kitchen.
Why'd I download A Single Man? The casts are good, Matthew Goode, Julianne Moore, Nicholas Hoult, but one lil thing I know it's a *** story!
to You saw the great Tom Ford's first film "A Single Man"? What is your favorite collection of him?
Everyman Belsize Park & Screen On The Green Also showing this Friday, we have the long-awaited American debut from South Korean director, Chan Wook-Park (Thirst, Old Boy). STOKER is a gruesome, Gothic mystery starring Nicole Kidman (The Others), Mia Wasikowska (Lawless) and Matthew Goode (A Single Man). This Hitchcockian stew of hothouse familial jealousy, sadism, and psychosis is all tied together by one teenage girl's homicidal coming of age. Book tickets here:
Another Life Lesson and Golden Nugget on Marriage from MY Pastor James Stewart, that as A Single Man desiring to Walk in the Will of God, will definitely keep at the FOREFRONT of my BRAIN. Life lesson 217 I'm not fully unloading the clip yet but as promised I will deal with why a lot of marriages are shipwrecked, going shipwreck and will be shipwrecked, not I cautiously say this for I know there are some leaders in the body of Christ who are not crazy and teaching crazy notions about making marriages work, I pray that each spouse would read this and then pray, I also pray that each single person would store this in the front of your brain before you enter marriage: YOUR SPOUSE DOES NOT COMPLETE YOU, AND WHO EVER TEACHES THIS IS A FALSE TEACHER FOR THE WORD OF GOD LETS US KNOW WE WERE COMPLETE IN CHRIST NOT MARRIAGE, NO MARRIAGE WILL EVER COMPLETE A PERSON ONLY CHRIST MAKES A PERSON COMPLETE; CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING MARRIED TO A CARNAL PERSON OR SINNER KNOWING THIS: HERE IS WHERE COMPLETENESS BEGINS: Colossi ...
A Single Man, on SBS ONE, Saturday 9:30pm. Torn apart by the death of his long-time lover, George Falconer (Colin Firth) experiences a transformative day, blending past & present, desire & despair. Film schedule -
Matthew Goode (A Single Man) has been cast in Vatican, Showtime's drama pilot from Paul Attanasio, Sony Pictures TV and Scott Free. Directed by R
Is planning on spending the afternoon with a certain Mr Firth.A Single Man. :-)
I love you on Single Man, X-Men, and Tony Stonem-Skins (my favorite), but Bodie Warms is really fun, Do you like this rolls?
Tonight was movie night for me. I was at Black Lodge Video and picked up 'The Brothers Quay' collection and a movie titled 'A Single Man'. The Brothers Quay create a very unique and interesting visual experience unlike anything I have seen before. Definitely worth looking into. 'A Single Man' was nothing short of extraordinary! Let's look at this a little closer. It was based off a novel by Christopher Isherwood, who also wrote the story of Cabaret. Tom Ford is a fashion designer, that save Gucci from bankruptcy in the 1990s, that was so impressed by the book he spent over twenty years obsessing over making it into a movie. This is the only movie Tom Ford has written or directed. It is a very intimate story about the solitude of a persons life and how after deciding to end his own life goes through the day and how he perceives everything differently because he views it as the last time he will see it. It was a very emotional and touching film.
thanks, I'm channeling Colin Firth in A Single Man for the look
Matthew Goode was so handsome in A Single Man.
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Speaks Male Gaze: Nicholas Hoult’s Strong Eyebrows - Nicholas Hoult, the English actor-slash-model who played Beast in X-Men: First Class, the sex-crazed teen heartthrob Tony Stonem in Skins, and little Marcus, the boy with intriguing eyebrows and a bowl cut in About a Boy, has officially grown up. And he's literally just become A Single Man. The actor, ... More »
just watched the very serious film, "A Single Man," starring Colin Firth. this thing was an English professor's wet dream, complete with voice over narration, flashbacks, and weird dream sequences. and some sort of fetish for women eyeliner. oy, i need a friggen strong drink now.
distracted from lecture prep by A Single Man just on German telly...lets see if they do justice to Isherwood's novel...
Tom Ford reveals his inspiration for A Single Man with Colin Firth
IT'S SO GOOD. CLIVE OWEN ALWAYS MAKING ME CRY (last time it was A Single Man)
although they're all sexy and they all smoke in A Single Man, you're right. Jon Kartajarena & Nick Hoult are both in this one too
Gary Morris Fans.. The wait is over.Download the New 'Single Man' CD now!
After 4 years without a restaurant, and eating almost all my food from local farmers, it seems I will have a new project early next year. The restaurant will be small, moderately expensive and a bring your own wine kind of place, but almost all the food will be from local farmers, who have become friends over the life of the Single Man's Kitchen project. The project will either be called Single Man's Kitchen or something like Local Secret, and be in the Houston Heights. Specialties to include local by-catch seafood, grassfed beef, local lamb, ethically raised pork and chickens, plus all the extraordinary produce available from local farms.
A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. Remind me, was the movie actually worth watching?
I Just read a very touching note from a friend of mine Wade Wilson, his sentiment reminded me of the movie A Single Man. I agree with what Wade expressed...we should always be grateful for the love we are able to give, and receive, it's the only thing that endures. And as a woman who had two *** brothers who have pass favorite author Dorothy Parker states it best, "heterosexuality isn't right, it's just more common." May we all raise our individual consciousness to embrace all love and the reflection of ourselves in that love.
It's 'help Charlotte pick a film to watch' time. You have four options: Shutter Island, A Single Man, Paris When it Sizzles, Funny Games. Discuss.
I've watched some really great movies this weekend. The most outstanding by far has to be A Single Man, directed by Tom Ford (yes, the fashion designer crossed over into movies once!) Besides being a gorgeous piece of cinematography, be forewarned, this movie is an emotional heavyweight. I cried through half of it. But don't let that stop you from seeing the movie - it really is an amazing piece of cinematic storytelling about two men's love and dealing with the loss of a husband.
Colin Firth received a best actor Oscar nod for his role as a grieving *** professor in Tom Ford's 'A Single Man,' but he acknowledges that his performance did nothing to help *** actors land the plum roles, *** or straight, in Hollywood.
Colin Firth deserved an Oscar for A Single Man just as much, if not more than for The Kings Speech.
Speaking of clothes, 2 months after seeing the movie; I am still in awe over Nicholas Hoult's baby pink angora sweater in "A Single Man"
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Nicholas Hoult is especially f2f in A Single Man
Hoyed the road blu ray on. Some trailer for a film called precious came on. Worst 3 minutes of my life. Absolute cackbabble. Next trailer is for A Single Man though so balance is restored. Great film.
I promise you i'll be a better man for you every single day of your life :')
My second and final meal! For single-man-dedicated and recommended menu, looks a little bit hefty. Bon Appetit!
“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing with him the image of a cathedral.” A. Saint-Exupery.
Single mothers .. Gotta love them. Raising their kids alone in a man's world where every support has ...
Bunking in with ladies man French teacher, translater, resident joker & all round top bloke. He's single girls. Get involved :-)
To locate the single man i've got on me a special radar and the fire department hotline in case i get in trouble later
Taylor swift changes man but. she's glorify. rih single she a ***
sounds like a meetup. Lol Well I guess if they aren't single then their man should be taking care of if so...
She gotta man , buu she SINGLE fah tonight
Last night girl goes uptown with her man and gives a random guy her number right in front of him.perfect example why I'm single
And now she got a man, I think he gayer than a stylist I wish we were both single like a couple dollars...
am doing the Cardiff 10km in march and hoping to do Cardiff half marathon in Oct of next yr!!
prob about 8wks ago. Was up to 10km in 70 mins but been unwell. Was hoping for op last wk by was cancelled! Nov 19th now
oh man oh man oh Mansun's debut single ep thingy. that has to be 10+ BritPop points
What's the single "I can't keep a, man rate?" Tho “I know y'all see that divorce rate is over 50% right? Oh ok just making sure”
Could you face the hate that faces every single day? I couldn't. This man has courage and will beyond my comprehension!
Man if I had a bf id make them breakfast in the morning .. Oh well team single 
a good ATTITUDE or nature is which help u to become... a PART of the group not APART from the group... and if u cant able to settle down with this MATES. then i must take my WORDS back nd say. u will cant able to convence a single man in tmrow's MARKET. by -a-i
I have thought about my Granddad every single day for the last year. kindest man to ever grace my life. Appreciate those around you, today!
Elite for those that went to Eton, Oxford and Cambridge, but the man down the road who has lost his job, the single parent juggling 2 jobs,
Daddy G.O said if u are single and eligible to gt married stand up buh if u are a MAN without a job YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE
A man is dead after a single car crash underneath the Exit 4-C over pass (Sackville). 102 closed at the scene, but no delays.
Ladies: If you're arguing with your man??..just take your shirt will win every single time...
Chicharito's perfect though. Not a single flaw possessed by that man. ♥
Bein single really *** need a real man 2 change dat asap :-)
Have you read the fab Somebody To Love by ? A single man’s search … -
Putting ur trust in man he will fail u every single time
We done came a long way man. I really love every single one of yall. Yall are like a second family I can run
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
No single man is not ready for sex at all times like come on you got nothing to lose
you're a stupid little goat man who has single handedly destroyed the WWE and its reputation
Apparently hope is a single man's game.
You picking on the weaker man, you can take me down with just one single blow.
Nasty GrLs and there hornyness for Married HAPPY Men!!! Get a Life and find a SINGLE MAN!!! Lol Being like this Sleepy/Pregnancy Moodswings could be Irritating.. Same goes with Anybody Married ir Not..
How do women understand ‘romance’? — A man should support her in every single way, he should surprise her with g...
It’s mind boggling how a single women can make or break a man. Lol
Last Dunkin Donut run as a single man.
he is a very stand up man. In every single moment. indeed.
unfortunately there is no size of condom for adarsh every single one will be loose! :( for (ik I get sick)
I'll return to it when I'm at the hairdressers later probably, if I ever dated, I'd write a blog...ha
I was impressed considering I had a hangover. When did you last go running?
I am reasonable man like your single relationship.
The prayer 4 a single man, the LORD should give us wife like our sweetmother, not ordinary wife, if someone is in love with ordinary wife d person is in lost,. Disame thing goes 2 single lady,.
Happy Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime, and the only man I can imagine spending the rest of my life with!! Have a fantastic day Cookie it is your last birthday as a single man!
All purpose parts banner
Last flight as a single till Nov 17th whohooo!
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