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Sindh High Court

The High Court of Sindh is the highest judicial institution of Sindh province. Established in 1906, it is situated at provincial capital Karachi.

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This is what happens when Sindh High court dismiss verdict against a murderer Shahrukh Jatoi & ask for r…
Aftr longt time sindh high court decides to give the final decision hopefully jo faisla kiya us pr amal bhi ***
Sindh High Court nullifies all sentences awarded to Shahrukh Jatoi and other accused in case…
Senior vice president PTI media talk at outside Sindh High court. 2/3
KARACHI: The 2012 murder case of Shahzeb Khan took a new turn on Tuesday when the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered a…
Sardar Latif Khosa was Ayyan Ali's lawyer in Ehtisab Court. Farooq H Naek is Shahrukh Jatoi case in Sindh High Court. . P…
Karachi: Sindh High Court has turned down request for bail filed by former Secretary Information, Zulfiqar Ali Shal…
We will contact with Sindh high court daily shutdown for loadshe…
Already dm kindly check we will contact with federal ombudsman and Sindh high court because your feede…
Sindh High Court will hear the NAB case on 16th of August, says Ikhtiar Khokhar to Live updates:…
Therefore, the AG Sindh was assigned the task to talk to the chief justice high court.
Sindh High Court issues notices to federal, provincial governments on new Sindh accountability law
A.B.A.D Chairman said that Sindh High Court has imposed ban on high-rise buildings which has negatively influenced…
MQM along with other opposition parties moves to Sindh High Court against Sindh Govt step to annul NAB from Sindh,…
The Sindh High Court has ordered the provincial govt to submit the policy framed for permanent settlement of landless peasants & labourers
Rejecting Court Order? Looks like you haven't read the High Court Order. It's the Sunni Waqf Board which is in appeal htt…
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At High Court Sukkur for Written test and Interview conducted by Sindh Bar Council for enrolment.
Sindh High Court ordered the government not to remove AD Khawaja from his post, says
Why has Sindh High Court now ordered to stop work on Water projects for Karachi?
Abduction of human rights defender Punhal Saryo is highly condemnable. Supreme Court and Sindh high court should ta…
The order of High Court is wrong.It is not the job of court to order to waive of loans.Some judges…
NEET 2017: SC stays Madras HC order restraining CBSE from declaring results for admission to MBBS, BDS courses.
allows to declare results for admission to & stays Madras High Court interim order ht…
Supreme Court prohibited High Courts from dealing with NEET.Some vested interested High Court Judges tried to block NEET.Thank you S.C
was conducted in a transparent manner some vested interest people tried to scuttle it with help of Madras high court judges.Thanks S.C
The High Court of Madras has some foolishly over enthusiast judges who stay everything with out applying mind.Thank god we have S.C
Qmobile looses case against news channel on its IMEI clonning scam,and Sindh high court verdict Qmobile as GUILTY.
High Court orders to include Federation of in c…
High Court orders to include Federation of in…
HC orders include Federation of in case
High Court orders to include Federation of in cas…
High Court orders to include Federation of in
HC orders to include Federation of in case
High Court orders to include Federation of in ca…
suspension order of Nicklodeon was suspended by the Sindh High Court on 02 Novembwr 2016' PEMRA ought to tw…
Sindh High Court Jobs 2017. Last Date is extended from 10/6 to 15/06/2017
Sindh High Court of Karachi has not passed order & authorized to collect load-shedding timings from consumers.
Sindh high court should take action against KE
Discriminatory LoadShedding is now Contempt Of Court following ruling of Sindh High Court on 29May2017.
Details of the Const. Petition before the Sindh High Court in response to the crackdown against alleged anti-army c…
Sindh High Court seek comments 4m FIA on blackout on the petition of civil society & prominent columni…
A petition in Sindh High Court has been filed by and others for immediate release of bloggers and SM activists detained by FIA
Sindh High Court rejects Sharjeel Memon's plea, seeking to leave Pakistan, watch now
Sindh High Court rejects plea for expunging name from . Watch Updates:
has faced defeat in election of High Court Bar panel has won the election.…
Sindh on way for ulternative: Sindh dost panel defeated PPP's panel in Sindh High Court Bar Larkana election
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Many Congratulatios for Sindh dost penal winning after 20.yrs high court bar election @ Larkana against ppp lawyers…
Such a great moments, and also historical victory for Sindh Dost Lawyers foram in larkana high court. Congratulations.
After 20.yrs PPP loose the election of High Court bar in larkana sindh, larkana the city of sh: zulfiqar Ali bhutto and also Sh: Benazir Bh:
Respectable PPP MNA Mr. Muhammad Ayaz Soomro Sb. During costing vote at:high court.
Request to honourable chief justice of Sindh high Court to take soemoto action about the aid of 600 crores
Interested Remarks of Sindh High Court Judge in a family case"When Love Marriage can't sucess even in Films,how it will sucess in real Life"
Sindh high court judge said Love marriage is not successful in movies how it ll work in real life .
Sindh High Court says love marriages fail in films, how will they succeed in real life
Sindh High court is as big a joke as Sindh assembly.
sindh high court. thought wouldnt be shocked at the SC dispensing such wisdom either
The Sindh High Court seems to be very capable hands. From siding with corrupt bureaucrats to this.
The Sindh High Court doesn't seem to like the idea of love marriages.
Can Sindh high court rules for federal advisors resignation.
High court orders to remove advisors in sindh.PM-Pak has 4,KPK has 4 &Baluchistan has 4 advisors. Why different Law only for sindh?.
High Court has ordered that no non-elected can be part of the Sindh Cabinet. It is "Halal" for Federal Govt & o… featured in NBC s Science of Love
High Court orders to remove Advisors in Sindh. Prime Minister has 4,KPK has 4 Advisors. Why different law for Sindh.
Sindh High Court a constitutional court.Its orders are not applied on other provinces and federal Govts!!!
The High court today ordered to include the name of Dr. in exit control list barring him from l…
Authorities ordered to put Dr. Asim on ECL: KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) has directed……
Sindh High Court orders inclusion of Dr. Asim's name in Exit Control List
Chairman alongwith Sec. Gen. Vice Chairman and other leaders visit High Court of Sind…
For the record the official status is that there is no Signed Order by Sindh High Court on PEMRA Ban on hate mongering an…
Remember. That govt through PEMRA banned hate-speech of AL. Took it off air. Sindh High Court gave stay order. Remember who is on which side
High court to conduct inquiry against AD&SJ in...
Once again, this is the *adviser on law to the chief minister of Sindh*... maybe the Sindh High Court is on to smth…
Sindh High Court directs to submit security policy for VIPs
Sathi Ishaq was on bail before arrest from Sindh High Court. His arrest is contempt of court.
Sathi Ishaq Advocate arrested at 9:45pm outside his office which is situated in Paradise Centre near Sindh High Court.
Sindh High Court came up with a number of reforms in administrative matters!
A 60+ professor illegally detained after issuance of release orders from Sindh High Court. is proud of you Mr.
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Prof Hassan Zafar Arif and Amjad Ullah Arrest by Rangers again in front of Central Jail, Sindh High Court also Issued Release Order.
The Madras High court has directed Tamil Nadu Govt not to allow such unauthorised courts and file a report within four weeks.
Sindh High Court suspended interior ministry's order of deportation of teachers.
after his hearing in Sindh High Court. Bye Bye ZardariLeague ht…
Constitution of Pakistan: Executive Authority Can Only be Exercised by Elected Representatives - High Court of Sindh…
Let Sindh high court decide. Why don't you wait and see
the case is in SINDH high court, development took place in Dubai instead of larkana
Sindh high court call IG sindh in person alongwith explanation.on 22-12-2016
great I gotta try it now. Any time you're in the Sindh high court .
Sindh high court suspends the orders of deporting turkish teachers as well as the order of Interior ministry of not gra…
Sindh High Court allows Munawar Talpur to go abroad for treatment -
SHC allows Zardari's brother-in-law Munawwar Talpur to go abroad for treatment: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on…
Officials of Wildlife department of Sindh are directed to appear before Sindh High Court Hyderabad on 21st of Decem…
-Sb, NOT a SINGLE household shall be relocated under Gorrano Project. Dis assurance is also given to Sindh High Court in writing
Someone tell the Honourable Judges of the Sindh High Court how his mother and uncle died
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Proud_Khaaki: Drunk!!. The Supreme Court on Wednesday annulled the Sindh High Court's order to shut all the liqu…
Nitish govt's anti-liquor policy is illegal: Patna high court via Sep 30 to be Tipp…
have been arrested & even High Court took cognizance of matter of in working for
attending a case at Sindh High Court
Hearing in Sindh High Court on MQM ban issue: via
Third SHC judge refuses to hear bail pleas of Dr Asim, co-accused: The Sindh High Court (SHC) had to yet again adjourn hearing of bai...
SHC seeks property documents of Mari Mata Mandir - KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has directed the relevan...
Sindh High Court today restored licence of TV. Good news for persons & bad for his rivals:
Anothr won by shoaib sheikh n team,all set n ready to launch.
had cancelled license in September 2015 after was caught in a . Read More:…
Well done to Sindh High Court for providing justice.
Gud news for journalists...Sindh high court has restored the license of BOL TV with immediate effect
I agree ,he could have expected better even from Sindh high court
Sindh High court judges are obliging well after bizarre abduction and recovery of son of Sindh high court Chief justice .
License of BOL TV is restored by Sindh High Court - Pakistan Insider
High Court Reinstate Bol Tv's Licencse. . . Congrats Tv. . . . Time for a big party with CEO...
The Sindh High Court today restored Bol TV's licence -- which PEMRA had revoked in 2015 after an NYT expose on its paren…
Lawyers in Sindh High Court chant as leaders produced in ATC
Lawyers and other people in Sindh High Court chant Pakistan Zindabad as MQM leaders produced in ATC
Tight security at Sindh High Court as MQM leaders including Amir Liaqat,Shahid Pasha, Amir Khan being produced in Anti-terror court
Kunwar Navid Jamil, Qamar Mansoor & Shahid Pasha presented in Sindh High Court by Sindh Police just right now.
Why not in Sindh High Court? Why not sindh Govt took action? Why not Sindh Hight Court took Sue moto action?
In January 34 pharma companies approached Sindh High Court and got stay order after increasing price two fold.
But your leader's goons in masks attacked Sindh High Court, remember!
Govt. must had to have similar stance over the kidnapping of son of Chief Justice Sindh High Court.
Just in: Sindh High Court orders to provide protection to Muqaddas Shaheen and her husbands, residents of Lahore, issues notices to IG,SSP
Sindh High Court issues notice to AG Sindh for Aug 31, on petition challenging appointments of 4 advisers, 15 special assistants
Family members protest in premises of Sindh High Court as four people killed in Shikarpur
Stay Order of |Sindh High court in the case of Sales Tax Input/ Output Adjustments...
Sindh High Court asking to produce missing persons but Pakistan Army is not listening http…
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govt to ensure rule of law in province: CM Murad Shah visit High Court Bar Association
Alleged kidnapper of son of CJ Sindh high court has been granted bail
Sindh High Court grant bail to Axact Sindh High Court granted bail to Axact and BOL CEO Shoaib and B: via
Sindh High Court summons SSP Malir Rao Anwar 11am, or else arrest warrants will be issued
SHC allows woman who converted to Islam to live with spouse: Karachi. The Sindh High Court all...
At last ... Victory ... ✌️. Shoaib Sheikh bailed out today. .
Sindh High Court ordered 2 recover missing workers, let's see who respect the judiciary. https…
High Court grants bail to boss, 13 others.
Like you saved son of Chief Justice Sindh High Court!
Of course you know that both were judges of the Sindh High Court.
Chairman visit High Court and meets Cheif Justice Sajjad Ali Shah at his chamber
Hello plz save democracy stop protesting seek some proper form of justice like Sindh high court or Supreme Court.
Right to Tuition recognized by the Sindh High Court. Any rules stopping tuition are illegal.Tuition centers can celebrate.PLD 2016 Sindh 405
SHC seeks hiring record of 500 cops from DIG West: Karachi . The Sindh High Court directed the DIG West on Fr...
Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan and CJ of Sindh High Court should take notice of police officers expressing views in TV programmes.
2. Mill collapsed & it went into liquidation thru Sindh High Court. here r the facts & all resolved by 2000.
Congratulations to High Court on Recovery of His well done &
SC restrains Sindh High Court from adverse order in Ayyan Ali case: ISLAMABAD: The Supreme C...
Son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court feared abducted: policeDunya
Sindh High Court seeks list of prisoners’ exchange with India
petition in Sindh High Court bench for the release and rehabilitation of Hyd Zonal Committee members.
Sindh High Court rejects applications of mruder accused, seeking to transfer their cases from ATC to other court
Schools adverse fee hike issue is yet to be resolved through Sindh High court
Notices issued to NAB, others over JJVL co-accused?s plea: Karachi. The Sindh High Court on Fr...
SHC summer vacations: The Sindh High Court, Sukkur bench and Circuit Courts at Hyderabad and Larkana will rem...
dear assad sahib I want to join PAT kindly accept my invitiation . M Hassan Mashori Advocate High court sindh
Who in his right mind checks in at Sindh High Court? 😒
observed by Sindh High Court Bar Association remembering martyrs of
Sindh lower courts to install solar panels: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has decided to electrify the lower cou...
Chief secretary Sindh, Siddiq Memon, Facing corruption charges, got bail from high court, but enjoying in Europe.
Saèed baloch hearing at Sindh High Court today at 12 30-two days police remand will end today-
I Invite u on behalf of high court of hyd sindh on behalf of hyd dist bar,plz visit our bar hyd.
You give tickets to fakes, then pay fines in court and then you have the audacity to question PM .
SHC issues warrant of SP Central Jail: KARACHI: Sindh High Court issues warrant of Superintendent of Karachi ...
Sindh High court issues contempt of court notice to Jail Superintendent
Hearing in our case in Sindh High Court tomorrow morning. Lets hope for the best. May Justice prevail.
Congratulations to new MAYOR specially by my father, ARSHAD LODHI (A senior advocate of Sindh high court ,Karachi )
Danish Kaneria's bank statement has been asked for by the Sindh High Court in connection with the…
Sindh High Court's asked for Danish Kaneria's bank account details after ECB petition for recovery of costs from spot-fixing trial
7 Muslims are commuted with death penalty by Karnataka High court in Church Blast Case. No News in
Sindh High Court reserves verdict on devolution of three public hospitals.i.e. Jinnah Hospital, National Institute of child health & NICVD.
KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued on Monday notices to the provincial police IG and the Rangers...
Chief Justice of Sindh High Court has been pleased to Declare 24th March 2016 Thursday as Holiday on the Occasion of Hindu Minority's Holli.
Arrest of MQM's Shahid Pasha challenged in Sindh High Court, watch more on JAAG now
Breaking: Rangers took MQM Convener Shahid Pasha, to Sindh High Court!. we demand!
If I was a Judge of Sindh High Court, I'd charge under Article 6 of the Constitution & arrest DG Rangers b4 his admission in CMH ~
Justice Sajjad Ali Shah sworn in as 24th SHC CJ: Karachi. A senior judge of the Sindh High Court (SHC) Justice ...
Dr. Asim case: filed application in High Court against changing the investigating officer
Ayyan moves SHC to strike name off ECL: KARACHI: Model Ayyan Ali approached the Sindh High Court Tuesday, seek...
Ayyan moves Sindh High Court to strike name off ECL
Ayaan ali appealed Sindh high court to get her name removed from ECL.If she get success we will think that so called powerful establishment
KARACHI: Sindh Governor administering oath to newly Chief Justice of Sindh High Court Justice Sajjad Ali Shah at S…
Just in: Petition filed in Sindh High Court, seeking Federation to impose Governor Rule in Sindh under article 234
Contempt of court case: SHC adjourns hearing till December 22: KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sindh High Court (SHC) on…
*BREAKING*. Justice Sajjad Ali Shah took oath as Chief Justice of Sindh High Court.
KARACHI: Justice Sajjad Ali Shah has been sworn in as 24th Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, sources said.
Judicial Commission also decided to appoint Justice Sajjad Ali Shah as the new chief justice of the Sindh High Court.
Sindh High Court orders removal of from ECL. .
SHC orders removal of Mama Qadeer’s name from Exit Control List: Karachi: Sindh High Court today ordered to ex...
Sindh High Court orders to remove names of Mama Qadeer & Farzana Baloch, from Exit Control List
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Three SHC judges dismissed on charges of corruption: KARACHI: Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court (SHC) Fais...
we took permission from kmc and have orders and rights from sindh high court as well. Stay away if you want it politically
Thatta-(NNI) Corruption of Ex Deputy Commissioner Agha Shahnawaz Babar, Babar get protected bail from Sindh High Court.
It is contempt of court by we have a goahead from honorable Sindh High Court
Why our work is destroyed again when we have permissions from Sindh high court?
Karachi: Sindh High Court Order to Pay Salaries of KMC employees before EID :-
Just in: Sindh High Court orders to pay salaries of KMC employees before administrator summoned on Aug 4
Death by , Sindh High Court issues notices to Federal and Sindh governments for July 27
Sindh High Court demands reply from Provincial govt on deaths caused by the heatwave.
Look at judiciary.Neither Chief Justice of Sindh High Court nor Chief Justice of Supreme Court took sou moto notice of deaths of 2000 people
Can citizens of Karachi file petition against KE in Sindh High Court? Their names should be put in ECL and they must be held accountable.
extremely unfair that Sindh High Court judge did not allow release of 2 months salaries due for AXACT and employees before Eid
petition is still pending in Sindh High Court regarding Trust of Dawn and PAkistan Herald Publication Ltd
should write to CJP or sindh high court
SHC summons officials over abduction of Hindu boy: Karachi . The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Frid...
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Notice to SHO in Sindh AIGP case: LAHORE The Lahore High Court Thursday issued a notice to the...
This picture remind me SSU action out side high court Sindh, Pakistan Masks
Honourable Sindh High Court bars officials from allocating forest land. (21000 Acre of Land). at Election...
Sindh High Court ordered evacuation of Axact house. 9 business units are allowed to work. .
Leader of the Opposition Govt of Sindh, Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Prime Minister of Pakistan... via
Sindh High Court issues notices to on petition challenging delimitation of constituencies by provisional government
PEMRA notice to Bol, Sindh High court sent notice to DAJ. JehanPakistan ePaper | via
Sindh High Court seeks verification of letter about siege inquiry ordered by Qaim Ali Shah C.M. of SINDH Pakistan
gr8 recipient given to Shoaib Sb by Axactions and Bolwalas today at Sindh High Court... good work boys.
KARACHI: On the recommendation of High Court of Sindh and approval of the competent authority (Chief Minister) Justice (Retired)
Appointments of irrigation, health officials challenged: Karachi. The Sindh High Court (SHC) on...
Good NEWS Sindh High Court called FIA and Custom on 7/8 June in court along with confiscated documents.
Sindh High Court directs Pakistan Custom Intelligence to stop its proceedings against
no no they need moral support not jobs. And after Sindh high court decision u realized it.
Congratulations to BOL TV for the action taken by Sindh High court
Petition against INTIKHAB AALAM in Sindh High Court cite his age
Zulfikar Mirza was granted bail by High court Sindh. How they can arrest him ? Brainless man u
Insult of an institution can’t be pardoned: SHC: KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Monday observed t... khan
No comment on the masked SSU beating up newspeople outside Sindh High court? . MianIftikhar's arrest is unfortunate.
Model Town, Sindh High Court, Mian Iftikhar's arrest just some examples why the police needs to be depoliticised. Only way forward.
Would be great 2 see Sindh High Court giving severe punishments 2 those masked mob involved in attack on media 24th!
Dr. message on High Court incident on 5/23/15. . Video: ht…
look who is talking. Have you forgot the Sindh Police violence at Sindh High Court???
SHC suspends four cops in contempt of court case: KARACHI (Dunay News) – Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday suspended…
Just in: IG Sindh and other Police officers reach Sindh High Court to face charges of contempt of court
Sindh High Court suspends Karachi police chief till further orders -- for violence that ensued on day of hearing of Zu…
President confirms Mr. Justice Iqbal. Kalhoro as Additional Judge of. High Court of Sindh.
barred showing him or meeting him.Saturday was fixed for a meeting with the family.No news so far.wither High Court of Sindh
Sir, please arrange special program on the terrorist attack on High Court Sindh by Naqab Posh
. The high court of Sindh has been disgraced by the present government.Police refused to obey ordres of Sin…
Sorry for implementation of law. Sindh irrigation officials told to honourable Sindh High Court
SHC asks Rao Anwar to file reply in ‘RAW allegation’ case: KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Friday directed SS...
By petitioner Merging of Bank is deter by Sindh High Court till August 6
I don't know why the Sindh High court is protecting a villain like Zulfiqar Mirza.His crimes including beheading,...
[2/10] Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday that despite offering former home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza security, he had.
Sindh High Court issues notice to SP Rao Anwar, in case about recovery of alleged RAW agent Tahir Lamba
Fed govt files petition in Sindh High Court, challenging Axact's CEO and others as shareholders of Labbaik (BOL) tv
Sindh High Court sets June 18 deadline for IG to tell whereabouts of missing MQM worker Mehtab
Sindh High Court suspends Inspector General, Haider Jamali, other senior officials. Charges are violence on appearance of
wht abt did u forget wht Sindh Police did out side high Court with It's easy to criticize
and you forgot police garde in front sindh high Court just two days back. Shame on you both
Members of the Special Security Unit of the Sindh Police wait outside the Sindh High Court on May 23. Via Online
Exact ceo shoaib sheikh reached at sindh high court. http:…
[66/74] son. . . . The present debacle outside Sindh High Court comes after a day of the appointment of a political.
Mirza?. Contempt Of Court: Sindh High court Notice issued to IG & chief Sindh.
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Shoaib Sheikh's protection bail rejected by the Sindh High Court, keeps getting bigger
Sindh High Court issues contempt of court notices to IG Sindh, DIG and SSP South, for hiding names of masked men beating newsmen
SSU was there to ensure peace but Mirza had terrorists with him those tried to hijack Sindh High Court.
MQM leader Amir khah granted right to meet family members by High court.
Sindh high court rejected CEO plea for protective bail
SHC issues notice on missing persons petitions: The Sindh High Court on Tuesday issued notice to the provincia...
IGP submits report in SHC regarding withdrawal of security from Mirza: The Sindh High Court on Monday was info...
Sindh High Court informed that hundreds of arms licences had been issued in the name of
DTN Pakistan: Officials told to produce Indian spy in court: Karachi. The Sindh High Court on Monday ordered pr...
‘Hundreds of arms licences’ issued to Mirza, SHC told: KARACHI: The Sindh High Court was informed on Monday th...
(Politics News) Petition field in sindh high court on water crisis in karachi
Pakistan Bar Council has announced mourning day tomorrow b/c of 12th May incident,City court & Sindh high court will be closed.
Zulfiqar mirza warned to surrender his private army by I.G Sindh and high court
Order Zulfiqar Mirza to surrender his private army – I.G. Sindh to Sindh High Court
Water crisis in Petition filed in Sindh High Court, watch now.
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Lawyers in Sindh to boycott court proceedings tomorrow marking 8 years to the deadly day of 12th May : Sindh High Court Bar
Water Scarcity In Karachi: KARACHI – The people of Karachi are now into the High court after Sindh Assem...
Just in; Petition filed in Sindh High Court about water crisis in live updates now on JAAG TV
SIndh High Court asks Centre to explain foreign travel ban on activists Mama Qadeer and Farzana Majeed
Carry your NIC or get arrested - Rangers. . Can someone move to Sindh High Court already?
Actually, Sindh High Court overturned his murder conviction and found it to be an "accidental murder" qatl-e-khata
Bad news:SINDH high court issued stay order in favour of Pizza Hut and Burger King in nazimabad.These were constructed on…
Dinner with high of Court sindh at District Bar Association Jamshoro
Sindh high court issues the interim bail to mr farooq jakhrani,as jakhrani was accused in fir by said choronic food smugler.
Just in: Sindh High Court accepts bail plea of Ex-Director Schools Abdul Wahab Abbasi, facing charges of millions of rupees…
Sindh High Court rejects application of wife of Moazzam Ali, seeking urgent hearing
submits rejoinder in High Court, in response to defamation suit
PTI submits rejoinder in Sindh High Court, in response to MQM's defamation suit
Jail authorities ordered to allow relatives to meet MQM’s detained workers: KARACHI : Sindh High Court on Tues...
SHC allows arrested Nine-Zero suspects to meet families: KARACHI: (Dunya News) – Sindh High Court has on Tuesday…
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Convicted murderer Faisal Mota, who was sentenced to death for murder, submitted appeal to challenge his death sentence at Sindh High Court.
Sindh High Court allows meeting of families with suspects, rounded up from Nine Zero
Will be leaving for Sindh High court.
Wife of alleged facilitator in MQM leader Imran Farooq murder files petition in Sindh High Court
Sindh high court's stay order in favour of illegal Pizza Hut and Burger King of nazimabad is the violation of supreme cou…
Today the Sindh High Court rejected Shafqat's legal petition and refused to hear his lawyer's arguments.
SHC rejects petition seeking transfer of convict Saulat: KARACHI :  The Sindh High Court on Tuesday threw out?...
The Sindh High Court rejects the petition filed by JPP to stay Shafqat's execution. Declines to hear any argument.
an application was filed by a local NGO to stop the sentence, it was turned down by Sindh High Court today. it mea…
Sindh HIgh Court also rejects Nighat Mirza's plea, to shift her brother, Saulat Mirza, from Mach Balochistan to Karachi
Oath taking ceremony of Justice Faisal Arab as Chief Justice of Sindh at the High Court of Sindh, Karachi.
Death row convict Shfqat Hussain will be hanged on Thursday as Sindh High Court rejects his mercy appeal.
Just in: Sindh High Court rejects petition, seeking to transfer Saulat Mirza from Balochistan to
Sindh High Court, Pakistan, is to hear the case of Shafqat Hussain, sentenced to death at 14 yrs old, this morning:
ATC Sindh sentenced Shafqat Hussain to death in 2004, verdicts upheld by High Court and Supreme Court. Ch Nisar
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. Behind Avari hotel is land Zard'ari stole and forged papers in his name. Sindh High Court needs to stop this!
as this notice of allotting lands is completely contradicted to orders of Sindh High Court by PPP
please let me know if you want to buy a judge in Sindh High Court. It's quite easy actually.
"Feb 25th, 2015: General Pervez . Please read the Sindh High court verdict Liars & coward Mushrraf. Is not eligible
Next date of Hearing 19-03-2015, Case in Lahore High Court, LDCs & UDCs RTO, Faisalabad are filed the Writ...
Case hearing of implementation sugarcane 182 rate vs mills owner on Sindh Chamber of Agriculture at Sindh application at Sindh High Court
and some MFS are filling petition in Sindh high court to put life time BAN on Mamir
The last date for removal objections, if any in respect of candidates of CJ & JM and ADJ exam is 28.02.2015. Sindh High Court
Total 2023 candidates eligible to NTS, for the post of CJ & JM examination by Sindh High Court.
North Korea James Levine Donald Trump Billy Bush Michael Flynn Access Hollywood Roy Moore Met Opera President Donald Trump White House President Trump South Korea Meghan Markle North Korean Jared Kushner Metropolitan Opera Ohio State Manchester City Theresa May Star Wars West Ham Detroit Lions Prince Harry Kennedy Center Honors Jimmy Kimmel Damian Green Wall Street Rio Tinto Robert Mueller Geno Smith Pontiac Silverdome Saturday Night Live Middle East Leader Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham Christmas Carol Kate Steinle Auto Show Las Vegas South Korean Los Angeles Alan Milburn World Cup Man Utd Matt Lauer Cyber Monday River Forest Animal Crossing James Comey Alec Baldwin Jose Mourinho American Airlines Tel Aviv Saoirse Ronan John Fox Ed Sheeran Little Mix Ravinia Festival New Jersey Cook County World Series Alabama Senate Ed Contributor Cold War Prime Minister Alexandra Burke Arsene Wenger Selena Gomez Thanksgiving Day Parade Big Macs Real Estate Tarik Cohen Elton John Elon Musk Serial Killer Manchester United Century Fox College Football Playoff New Year Nuclear War Kennedy Center Walt Disney Lake County David Silva Premier League Woody Allen Rex Tillerson Rex Ryan Claude Juncker Supreme Court Taylor Swift Tiger Woods Brock Turner Aetna Inc Daily News Garrison Keillor Old Trafford Etihad Stadium Kerry James Marshall Holiday Gift Guide

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