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Simon Rimmer

Simon Rimmer (born 5 May 1963) is the resident chef on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch which started on Sunday 25 March 2012. Sunday Brunch replaced Simon's previous show BBC2's Something for the Weekend, which first aired on Sunday 8 October 2006. He is also the face of cooking video website, Eat The Chef.

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Master of Stodgy Slop - Simon Rimmer - chunders into 2018 with a set of dishes that further cements his reputation…
Simon Rimmer the *** poor chef - serves up something a little special ... from the bottom of a…
A new year - a new dish from Simon Rimmer ... that looks as if it has been squeezed o…
BREAKING NEWS: Simon Rimmer is STILL chewing that piece of chicken half an hour after his dance has ended. htt…
Simon RimmerSimon where can I get veggie pecorino cheese all local supermarkets (Inc Waitrose) all have non veggie ve…
Today's throwback is Simon Rimmer and Karen Clifton's Quickstep to "You've Got a Friend In Me" from 2017 week 3 (Mo…
Delighted to announce another industry giant joining Steering Committee in the - John Ri…
hi there Haemin could you remind me of the 'may i be kind, may i be protected ... ' that you did with…
Great meeting my fav chef Simon Rimmer. You made my day!!
A man holds a gun to your head and says he'll shoot you if you can't tell him which one is Simon Rimmer and which o…
He's not wrong. I like Simon Rimmer but Tim Lovejoy... 😠
Sunday wouldn't be right with out Check out tangy Lemon Bars for your inspi…
Peter & Simon off Saturday superstore where absolutely filthy. There were complaints. Not from me obviously
So my mom has decided the comedian Jon Richardson is her new "man", he can be added to the list with Simon Rimmer a…
: Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Debbie McGee shocks Simon Rimmer after she does THIS
Simon Rimmer and Karen Clifton are booted out of Strictly Come Dancing after ‘revolting’ chicken dance . ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
TV chef Simon Rimmer predicts who will win Strictly Come Dancing as he's voted off show
Simon Rimmer wins Strictly Come Dancing fans' hearts with 'best leaving speech so far'
Simon Rimmer gets the boot from Strictly Come Dancing after losing to Mollie King in the dance off
(Evening Standard):Come Simon Rimmer booted out after losing..
Simon Rimmer booted out after losing dance-off to ‘gutted’ Mollie King
Simon Rimmer and Mollie King in Strictly dance-off - but who goes home?.
Who left Strictly last night? Simon Rimmer and Brian Conley were left in the dance off
Brian Conley loses Strictly dance-off to Simon Rimmer after scoring just 16 points
I thought Brian was the better dancer and with all due res…
Strictly Come Dancing: Was this the 'worst dance-off of all time'?
Strictly fans unimpressed by Brian Conley and Simon Rimmer's dance-off
news and Brian Conley was voted off after a tense dance off with Simon Rimmer in last nights results show!
As much as I love Simon Rimmer think wring contestant went last night. 💃🕺💃🕺
Simon Rimmer falls over during the dance off on Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing 2017, week five results: Brian Conley sent home after losing dance-off against Simon Rimmer
i thought that the celebrity contestants in " Strictly ." were supposed to be photogenic. Simon Rimmer certainly isn't !
Simon Rimmer: My leg is killing me after Strictly slip
(Evening Times):My leg is killing me after Strictly slip : Simon Rimmer narrowly escaped being..
Don't understand the decision. Really like Simon Rimmer but Brian should not have gone.
Simon Rimmer is obviously as much of a Clueless fan as I am judging by his Charleston outfit
Simon Rimmer is 54... I'm not even joking (that was a compliment btw)
Are the judges on crack this week?! Like Simon Rimmer but his performance was TERRIBLE.
Love simon rimmer citing achilles injury from years ago as a challenge when he is dancing against jonnie peacock.
fans distracted as guest flaunts bust in low cut top: ‘It’s breakfast time!' .
Absolutely gutted has gone 😢. Simon Rimmer getting through by the skin of his teeth!
Sorry guys but Simon Rimmer should have gone tonight. Should have gone last week actually but... #
TheSun "viewers slam tonight's dance off after major blunder
2017: Viewers in uproar as Simon makes HUGE gaffe - did you spot it?
Will really miss on was better than Simon Rimmer and wld have been brilliant
Strictly Come Dancing viewers slam ‘worst dance off ever’ as Simon Rimmer falls over and…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
How on earth did the judges save Simon Rimmer over
He shouldn't have gone this week. I like Simon Rimmer but Brian had the better dance.
Simon Rimmer dancing? More wooden than trying to present television programmes.
Tasty recipes, what's on, Simon Rimmer and oodles of gardening- looks like the Jul/Aug issue is here! E-version:
Strictly Come Dancing: Simon Rimmer appears to be on brink of TEARS on Sunday Brunch
Think Simon rimmer should have a couple of shots before dancing next week to loosen him up a bit because he's improving.
What on Earth?? No disrespect to Simon Rimmer but how can Brian Conley possibly be out of Strictly?! Just plain wrong,…
Hi Angela, Simon rimmer has gone through to next week on strictly
Tough choice on Strictly. Which rubbish Celebrity to send home next! As it turned out, Brian Conley this week & pos…
Come Dancing 2017: Simon Rimmer close to TEARS on did he just reveal the result?…
WHAT! The judges should have been voted off! How any professional can…
Another shocking decision. Simon Rimmer voters are making the programme worse. Brian…
2017: Brian Conley eliminated as he makes SHOCKING confession
Simon Rimmer and a post plastic surgery Bruno Tonioli on Strictly Come Dancing 2017..
Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Movie Week results: Rev Richard Coles sent home after dance-off with Simon Rimmer -…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Strictly Come Dancing: Reverend Richard Coles sent home after tense dance-off with Simon Rimmer
Simon Rimmer reduces Shirley Ballas to TEARS after heartbreaking performance
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Shirley Ballas in tears over Simon Rimmer's Hillsborough Waltz -
Can't believe Simon Rimmer pulling the hillsborough card saying he witnessed it, we play and sing you'll Never Walk Alone every game 😡
He did it and the 96 proud. Well Simon Rimmer YNWA.
Fabulous performance Simon Rimmer! Very beautiful and emotional song, you did well ! 😀
Me too. Alexandra is one to beat after tonight! I was gutted for Simon Rimmer he had done so well!
Hillsborough survivor Simon Rimmer on why he'll waltz to You’ll Never Walk Alone
Oh dear. Watching and Simon Rimmer is attempting to dance. Poor man looks like he’s trying to put a duvet in it…
Strictly calls them both Scousers, but I'm in work tonight so I've corrected their mistake 😀
Simon Rimmer. The chef certainly served up quite a first dance. Well done!
Strictly's Simon Rimmer reveals why he's dancing to You'll Never Walk Alone even though it triggers horrifi...
Simon Rimmer looks as if he should have a pitbull on one arm and a can of Stella clutched in the other
Ok trying to settle a dispute did simon rimmer invent Pulled Pork 😂
Here we go people. Please get behind our who's worked so hard this week. We'd love him to stay in. VOTE SIMON…
Oh they're all lib dems. Other names inc Jessica Yogurt-Knitter, Simon Adtwat & Ralph Haematode. We JUST…
How many scouse points does Simon Rimmer get for dancing along to that?
The right balance of sensitive, and constructive criticism, though she did nearly make…
Simon Rimmer You'll Never Walk Alone Loved your performance 🖒🖒
The Come Dancing judges praised TV chef for his emotional performance:
Simon Rimmer dancing to You'll Never Walk Alone. You did your self proud and the 96 angles proud as well JFT96 😪💔🙏😇
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Shirley Ballas left in tears as Simon Rimmer performs emotional…
sensible judging as always - felt your emotion on Simon Rimmer's dance and tears were streaming down my face
Strictly Come Dancing: Simon Rimmer leaves Shirley Ballas in tears with emotional waltz
Shirley Ballas tears up over Simon Rimmer’s Hillsborough Strictly dance
Simon Rimmer and Karen Clifton Waltz to ‘You'll Never Walk Alone' - Stri... via
Excuse our typo! Typing through tears here. Now we all just have to vote SIMON RIMMER 🕺
Simon Rimmer’s emotional Waltz to You'll Never Walk Alone earned him a hug from
Simon Rimmer reduces Shirley Ballas to tears after heartbreaking Hillsborough tribute WATC…
Catching up on Strictly Come Dancing and Simon Rimmer is dancing to You'll Never Walk Alone! 🤗🤗🤗
Mirror: - Strictly Come Dancing's Simon Rimmer and Shirley Ballas share tearful hug after his emotional performanc…
Come Dancing 2017: Who will be the first to leave? Prepare for HUGE upset  .
Simon shares tearful hug with Shirley after emotional performance.
Did you see Simon Rimmer perform on tonight? What did you think? Here's why he did that song:
It’s like a Cluedo solution. Simon Rimmer, with the Song 2 paso doble, in the ballroom. No one comes out unscathed.
Karen with another chef? First Ainsley Harriott, now Simon Rimmer!
Who will win Strictly Come Dancing 2017? Latest odds as Aston Merrygold is tipped to win and Simon Rimmer trails b…
Scarlett Moffat teases Streetmate details as she joins Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer on……
TV NEWS | Simon Rimmer is the seventh celebrity contestant confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Simon Rimmer isn't on Sunday Brunch today so the disaster levels are already dangerously high.
You are invited to come and try the new in the Riverside Cafe on the 11th May! For more info click here https:/…
The main thing it got right IMO was Chris Barrie (Arnold Rimmer) voicing Simon.
Simon Rimmer made that on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 yesterday!!
Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer cause outrage as they talk about cooking lambs for Easter Sunday...
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer left Sunday Brunch viewers devastated after they had some adorable lambs in the...
Simon Rimmer interviews his guests on with the look of a sexual predator ... waiting for the rohypnol…
Had to turn off Sunday Brunch again on ch4. Simon Rimmer and his tea drinking on air. HOW ANNOYING!
Simon Rimmer's cooking with "noo-ja". Or n'duja, as everyone outside his kitchen calls it.
I see this . Simon Rimmer sees this .
Simmon Rimmer nearly SACKED from Sunday Brunch after enraging viewers in epic blunder.
Simon Rimmer's South African-inspired dish is set to win your heart:
Great news Simon Rimmer & his Vikings taking part in the 6th Annual Headway Wirral Dragon Boat festival at West Ki…
Simon Rimmer to present new cookery TV show
Our Chefs are having some fun this afternoon with a recipe challenge set by Simon Rimmer. Will they all complete th…
That Simon Rimmer bloke off loves our manuals! Find them all here:
Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer nearly SACKED after enraging viewers in epic blunder.
Tim Lovejoy revealed the epic blunder that nearly got his Sunday Brunch co-host Simon Rimmer sacked. Daily...
Was this the most AWKWARD appearance ever?
“Is there a purpose to it?” - asks Rimmer. Amazingly this wasn’t a question about Yes God forbid we’d learn new things Simon
New drinking game: Every time Simon Rimmer uses the word "delicious" on Sunday Brunch, you has to swig! 😋🍺😵
Love that took the *** out of the way Simon Rimmer leans over his food when he's plating it. It's…
viewers were left seriously UNCOMFORTABLE at this
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer are absolute horrendous. They're getting paid handsomely for this garbage.
Did you catch lookalike when he was on
why don't you ask Philippa Norris or Simon Coleman at Mencap what they think of Joe Rimmer?
***The UTS Foundation News - Magenta Living, Simon Rimmer + more***. Tribe please take a moment or two to catch...
Sunday Brunch viewers mock chef Simon Rimmer for mispronouncing the name of popular Japanese dumpling
Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy just both spontaneously mimed air slap bass when Level 42 was mentioned - Dads have jumped the shark you guys
"you need to have a word about your lifestyle choices." who honestly let's Simon rimmer and Tim Lovejoy present
just said aloud 'bloody *** then realised you're Simon Rimmer not Simon Gregson! 😄😄
Shell shock as Simon Rimmer fronts new egg campaign. It's a lot of money, but they've decided to whisk it. .
Ant and Dec are like Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, if they actually had personalities.
It's not Sunday unless I'm in bed spending the morning watching Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer 😍
Gyles Brandreth, Tim Lovejoy & Simon Rimmer are making my Sunday morning 😆
Bob Mortimer just humiliated Simon Rimmer & insulted his cooking on live TV. Harsh. 😂
Wirral Globe: Celebrity TV chef Simon Rimmer looks forward to opening of new Wirral pub: The star of Channel ...
Only Steve Backshall can make Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer seem interesting
Wirral-born celebrity chef Simon Rimmer to open new pub and restaurant in West Kirby
Piers Morgan. Tim Lovejoy. Simon Rimmer. John Barrowman. All under one roof today. Reeks of a missed opportunity
I expect Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy will enjoy being part of the Piers Morgan show this morning
Family birthday get together... Good meal out at Simon Rimmer's . place followed by drinks at the hotel
I had no idea Simon Rimmer was there 😳
Dinner at Simon Rimmer's Earle restaurant last night ... The sea bass. Lovely jubbly.
We've only just gone and seen one of our music videos on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch. Cheers Simon Rimmer & Tim...
Simon Rimmer's recipe for homemade jaffa cakes
Simon Rimmer Enjoying the Good Life with Pelican Rouge on stand E50
i see you Simon Rimmer enjoying the brass
What a BOSS day it's been. Cooking this morning for Simon Rimmer, hoping I did enough to impress him to give me the job. And then the Match!
Lunch at chef Simon Rimmer's restaurant 'The Elephant' today and Simon was actually there too
.shouldn't that be LORD Simon Rimmer surely...?!
Lovejoy & Simon Rimmer finding out what happens when you book guests who are in public eye for no reason
Does James Martin leaving Saturday Kitchen mean that Simon Rimmer can finally escape the useless Tim Lovejoy?
Simon Rimmer restaurant still displaying valentines menu! Out of date website
Fav part of Trofs birthday party last night was watching two absolutely hammered *** guys trying to give Simon Rimmer a standing lapdance.
Simon Rimmer has a vegetarian restaurant in Didsbury that it's actually so so good despite everything being green or vegan
The worst thing about cup finals is you know bell ends like Simon Rimmer and John Bishop will end up with tickets
All Pulled Pork experts.Learnt from the Master himself Simon Rimmer
Mm Simon Rimmer's spicy coleslaw - maybe that'll go with his Pulled Pork ya recon lol ? Mxx
Simon Rimmer's recipe for homemade jaffa cakes is well worth the effort
we have to do this. Takers: Lister, Kryten, Cat, Rimmer and Ace Rimmer v Alan, Lynne, Michael, Dave Clifton, sidekick Simon
WATCH: Simon Rimmer on his new Woolton Village restaurant The Elephant
Hard to know which one is the carer, Tim Lovejoy or Simon Rimmer...
this is me as a baby talking of hats Simon from luton now im a rimmer and Lovejoy fan YNWA Mr rimmer
Simon Rimmer has very hunched shoulders
Amazing on Were there tears of joy in Simon Rimmer's eyes?
you were great on S.B. this am. Glad you didn't let Simon Rimmer bully u(too much) on the rare meat debate!!. Happy Sunday 😀
My discount bookstore finds this week. I'll be attempting Simon Rimmer's rendang & shallot asparagus curry later
Top chefs Simon Rimmer, Aiden Byrne and Paul Askew met with City of Liverpool College students as part of Visitor...
Cookery demonstration by chef Simon Rimmer -
hardest interview ever for Simon rimmer and Tim Lovejoy,
Simon Rimmer looks like he's been joined on TV by his dad... Phil Collins
Simon Rimmer can't put one full sentence together.
Phil Collins is the actual image of Simon Rimmer
Note: photo is of Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer who host the show.
were Phil Collins and Simon Rimmer seperated at birth?
How come Simon Rimmer has his dad on ? 😂
just been on their website. Simon Rimmer apart they look ace.
I think we need a Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy spoof
nice! Simon Rimmer did that last night on the telly did you copy his recipe?
If David Dalton can't fix nobody can, says Simon Stevens in NHS England board papers:
Website Builder 728x90
How fabulous is that Simon Rimmer asking the famous for a photo? 😏
It has become 30 minutes of Simon Rimmer stating the obvious... and then proving it just for the *** of it.
This week on tricks of the restaurant trade Simon rimmer tries to blag some free chicken whilst the Doris gets the allergen law wrong...
Simon Rimmer tries to recreate the secret recipe. Riveting stuff on right now people
I'll give Simon Rimmer a clue.. The KFC spice mix is exactly what you'd expect it to be!
Kate Quilton, Adam Pearson and Simon Rimmer are unearthing more Tricks of the Restaurant Trade on at 8pm
I see Simon Rimmer has a new series 😒
Simon Rimmer’s: ‘Tricks of the Restaurant Trade’ is The Worst Thing to Happen To Hospitality
Simon Rimmer recently did a show highlighting how many restaurants have preprepared meals, meat already in sauce etc.
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer are such dads 😂🙈
I think you should do a full spread on the arrogance surrounding Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy. It's out of control.
Simon Rimmer reminding Tim Lovejoy of result & the charm and intelligence of on = great viewing
and Simon rimmer no less, big face mate!
Congrats to Simon Rimmer the cook, nominated for Vote
Join us as we host a very special charity event with Simon Rimmer. Call 01789 292128 to book your table.
Tories must demand the truth about the EU, writes Simon Heffer
Join us in supporting and for an evening with Simon Rimmer
Simon Rimmer is well on edge. He doesn't know how to handle the hound.
Simon Rimmer has a rather unfortunate surname
congrats Simon Rimmer for standing strong from that onslaught...We love your cooking!!
Simon Rimmer is making hake with bean stew... Might be something to try at some point...
Watch Simon Rimmer cook our Grouse on "Sunday Brunch" tomorrow morning
Erm, if Patrick Stewart and Simon Rimmer had a love child. Oh the horror!
- think Simon Rimmer has been moonlighting at the Edinburgh Fringe! 😀😀
Excited to be launching our joint event with Join us for an evening with chef Simon Rimmer
I am starting a campaign group called Stonewool. I’ve invited TV chef Simon Rimmer to be our first celeb to 'come out’.
Saw this on The Footy Show Would be good on Simon Rimmer had a food segment on the Thursday Night Show once.
Can't help but think Simon's half-hearted "halt" is rather like Lister's take of the Rimmer salute!
Stratford announce all-new Food Festival for town centre this September: Simon Rimmer and James Martin will appear,…
Set your alarm for Sunday morning, 9.30am on Channel 4 and watch Sunday Brunch with Tim Lovejoy, Simon Rimmer &...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Tim Lovejoy is slowly turning it to Simon Rimmer. Lol Rimmer.
Marsellus Wallace would be played by Ainsley Harriot and Bruce Willis by Simon Rimmer and my brain hates me.
Matt Tebbutt and Simon Rimmer source their food | Great British Waste Menu via Wow look at this!
Dear Consciousness, . Please remove all trace and memory of Tim Lovejoy & Simon Rimmer forevermore,. Thanking you kindly! . Your Good Self x
That Simon Rimmer genuinely thinks he's Scouse doesn't he.
Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy. The EXACT opposite of Dara O'Briain and Brian Cox.
Lazy Sunday morning... in bed with Simon Rimmer!!
So...Read John Humphrys piece in todays Mail on the word 'So'. Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch chan 4 for extreme examples. How irritating !!
Good week involving lunch with Simon Rimmer, 6 hours spent in Booths, big progress on The Massive Project, being on TV, possible new clients
@ the buffet cutting bread and who comes over to tell me I'm doing it wrong lol Simon Rimmer …
Rimmer of an age where it's was O'levels or CSEs... Correct Simon??
Smalling CB for England is a joke!! Have we not got any better? It's like Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch
Adam Lambert cook Salmon in Coconut Sauce Recipe on Sunday Brunch with Simon Rimmer
TV chef Simon Rimmer & Michelin star chef Adam Simmonds will be at the Great Food & Drink Festival -.
Simon Rimmer and Richard Johnson bring street food to The Grand National
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I've just discovered there is a daily version of Sunday Brunch & that Tim Lovejoy & Simon Rimmer are on our screens every day.
Falafel, amazing stuff! Buy a packet of the Simon Rimmer stuff, but add chopped spring onion&chilli
can't believe U'v used my pic without replyin!Thought my list of celeb replies was increasin. Simon Rimmer,Ferne Cotton & ...
We shall be in the same bracket as Jay Spearing, Paul Hollywood, Simon Rimmer et al.
two essential cook books: The Accidental Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer for savoury, Mary Berry's Baking Bible for sweet
oh come on. You're not very Simon Rimmer-y
Simon Rimmer should ditch the tv presenting & just cook in his restaurants. Bumbling & awkward.
Simon Rimmer & Tim Lovejoy look as if the money's not compensating churning this out 5 days a week.
Even Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy seem . bored with The Daily Brunch. Join our club boys.
Simon rimmer needs to cut his nails ! And clean them
Earlier I heard Simon Rimmer say 'next up, Olly Muirs cooks mushroom stroganoff'. I really don't like this world sometimes.
Last 2 times I've watched - today Simon Rimmer has a go at production & last time was caught shouting at someone on camera...😏
Oh god this item painful!!! And now Simon Rimmer as got stroppy with production! Awkward.
Tim Lovejoy getting excited at beating Simon Rimmer at guessing Richard Herring's half-marathon time. This is telly.
I'm an and Simon Rimmer fan and I like to dress up more than your average fan :D
Simon Rimmer's cooking is not so much cordon bleu. It''s much more like cordoned off. Narmean? Marky O.
Trying out Simon Rimmer's mum's lasagne recipe. It's in the oven cooking
What a total *** and a total tool you are on Daily Brunch . with that other *** Simon Rimmer, Stick to being a house husband
Amazing meal at Simon Rimmer's The Elephant in Liverpool tonight 🍷🍴
my local when I'm at home. aren't I lucky. Restaurant review: Simon Rimmer's The Elephant Pub, Woolton
I've a head on me like Simon Rimmer
It's not just me.Simon Rimmer looks like he wants to cry dragging out painful snippets of info from her
What's up with Tim Love joy ? Bordering on rude with Simon Rimmer .
Anyone else think that Simon Rimmer guy from looks like a young George Galloway?
Prune, fig and brandy clafoutis. . Take a look to this delicious Simon Rimmer's recipe... Enjoy it!!
I can't bear to watch it. Can tolerate Simon Rimmer but Lovejoy makes me feel murderous.
Simon Rimmer cooking our fish fry on Sunday Brunch. If anyone fancies trying it out, our chef James will try not to burn it
Wow Billingsgate sells fish on a Sunday, Simon Rimmer was there today.
I'll be eating in Simon Rimmer's restaurant next weekend, hope the cooking is better than on today's
Simon Rimmer has just requested body parts that resemble people to be sent in *unzips*
Wow! Fantastic that you got a reply from Simon Rimmer. Well done you xx
Oh my gosh Simon Rimmer get off my TL I need to spy on the sleepover!! *sob* Capitalia xx
Finally time for my birthday present! Looking forward to this :) @ Earle By Simon Rimmer
What about . WINNING . a pair of Tickets to see Simon Rimmer Fri 24th Oct @ 12!
"BREAKING: Paloma Faith and Simon Rimmer to join frontline in The *** Versus Bigots"
opened his 1st restaurant in 1990 with 2 cookery books & no experience See how far he's come
Liverpool chef Simon Rimmer tells customers to stop pinching his restaurant's peppermills!
National Curry Week... Why not try my spin on Simon Rimmer's Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas.
Simon Rimmer has been fired from Lauren from Emmerdale with short hair to win. Anyone with me?
December is filling up and it's Simon Rimmer best Christmas menu ever so get booking now!
Yummy Brummy!!! I like Simon Rimmer. Have you noticed I go for men who are follically challenged??!!
5SOS will be on Sunday Brunch on October 19th - Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer host the chilled out Sunday...
Thought the "awkward" you referred to was Simon Rimmer swearing. I can't be the only one who noticed.
Anyone been to the Simon Rimmer place in Woolton? I'm off there Friday with the fambo.
On success of Ch4 launches new Mon 10am, with presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer
just watched lovejoy advertising a brand of frozen Yorkshire puds - Simon Rimmer have a word!
Very tasty. It's a Simon Rimmer recipe - quite why he hitched his wagon to that oaf Tim Lovejoy, I'll never know.
Even Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer are thinking about getting into street food (do it Simon, but don't do it with T...
We would like to say another Big Thank you to Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer!!
Senior Sous Chef and Pizza Chef : Woolton, Liverpool: Liberty Tavern, Woolton Simon Rimmer’s new restaurant in...
“Sunday dilemma... Tim Lovejoy or Simon Rimmer? 😍 every time!
Join us tomorrow morning with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer on from 9:30am
My beautiful wife with her birthday chef Simon Rimmer
Well done you lot! now just get the boss man to stop writing things like "frazzled" on the menu! Simon Rimmer wanna be ;-)
Simon Rimmer's 2005 shoot out predictions: TV chef and LFC fan Simon Rimmer explains how he co...
Half of Hollyoaks, Simon Rimmer, Callum Best, Lemar and Pete Price! Did anyone from the Blob get an invite to your premiere, la?
but you've bought all of Simon Rimmer's canon, right?
Man on bus has v. strong opinions on why Simon Rimmer is bad and why Woolton village is actually "nothing like Notting Hill"
Where was Simon Rimmer this morning? When I heard someone was getting a lamb shank I got all moist.
Simon Rimmer got it now, food looks fabulous. Here til Friday morning. You about? Weird walking past Netley last night :)
Amanda Byram has to start every interview with info about herself - and she's so orange! Bring back Simon Rimmer!
Simon Rimmer wouldn't spend 15 minutes trying to make a salad look appealing
Wish Simon Rimmer would hurry up and come back. Tim Lovejoy needs him. How did he get this gig?
If Tom Kerridge loses any more weight he'll be Simon Rimmer's twin.
Is it just me or is better without Simon Rimmer? Amanda is a much better presenter. Let's keep her and get rid if Simon.
Watch again why Simon Rimmer thinks supporting the Big BBQ is a good idea & why not host your own!
"Simon Rimmer's Pulled Pork" Words I never want you to utter again.
Ok. Nothing amazing but it was nice. - Drinking a Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Curry by Robinsons -
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer are my Herald of Free Enterprise.
I am cooking a meal that calls for 6 cloves of garlic. It is Simon Rimmer's Pulled Pork. Snogs anyone?
Simon Rimmer in San Francisco il be there in two weeks can't wait .
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