Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes

Simon John Charles Le Bon (born 27 October 1958) is an English musician, best known as the lead singer, lyricist and musician of the band Duran Duran and its offshoot, Arcadia. Nick Rhodes (born Nicholas James Bates, 8 June 1962) is an English musician, is best known as the keyboardist of the pop rock band Duran Duran. 4.7/5

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Simon Le Bon looks like an estate agent, he should've gone for a blue shirt, pink tie combo like Nick Rhodes
Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes talk about the influence had on music
⭐️ • Duran Duran in High Court battle over US rights to some of their songs: Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and……
..."massive fans of me too, so think about them anytime you feel sad. Both Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes know your feelings,
📷 gang-of-princes: Nick Rhodes and a very cute sneezing Simon Le Bon interviewed in 1983.
I still crush on Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon is still cutey!!
When Arcadia was Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes & Roger Taylor, but they always forgot Roger in video clips & performances.
In the 80's I was a young Duran Duran fan. So I'm pretty sure Star Radio just got the voices of Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes mixed up.
Simon Le Bon was driving...Nick Rhodes was in the passenger seat and Roger Taylor was in the back...
Nick Rhodes as Simon, John Taylor as Nick, Simon Le Bon as Roger, and Roger Taylor as John "If a movie about Duran Duran were b
Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon..still rockin' and still hot!!
in my case, in a scale of 0 to Nick Rhodes, i would say Simon Le Bon
Why has nobody suggested the Simon Le Bon / Nick Rhodes dream-ticket, for the vacant Everton job?
chuckle over + eyeliner + Simon Le Bon + Nick Rhodes + infamous eyeliner incident = my imagination is a fertile playground :D
That was really a question for Simon Le Bon or Nick Rhodes.
Evening Standard review: Nick Rhodes exhibition, with Bryan Ferry, Simon Le Bon - it was the Eightie
Nick Rhodes, Bryan Ferry, Simon Le Bon - it was the Eighties all over again
Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran as Guest VJs on MTV in 1983. Rebroadcast on 4/26/1985
people I would like to meet Paul Young,Steve Norman,Morten Harket,Nick Van Eede,John Taylor,Nick Rhodes,Simon Le Bon,
I think at least 3 original band members still in group. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes (who both never left) and John Taylor back.
Arcadia was a side band of Furan Duran with Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor..This track features David Gilmour guitar and I believe Sting as back up singer :)
Mark Ronson (feat. Simon Le Bon / Nick Rhodes - Duran Duran) "i tell you what is on my mind I only want to be In your record collection I only want to be In ...
oh's Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes.
I always wished Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor had done more with Arcadia.
Arcadia were the pop group formed in 1985 by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, during a break in that band's schedule. However, Roger Taylor appeared in only a few band photographs and in none of the music videos, and stated he was only to be involved in the recording side of the project (he also had minor involvement in The Power Station, the other Duran Duran splinter group). The name of the band was reportedly inspired by the Nicolas Poussin painting Et in Arcadia ego (also known as "The Arcadian Shepherds").
If Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran are on someone will have to pin me to my bed because I won't be able to contain myself
*** I'm in love with Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Simon Le Bon. In that order. "Don't say a prayer for me now, save it 'till the morning after."
Duran Duran star Nick Rhodes says his bandmate Simon Le Bon's voice sounds better than ever - thanks to the way he overcame his throat problems.
Nick Rhodes on Fairlight, Simon Le Bon on top of the Eiffel Tower. What is there not to love?
View photos of Simon Le Bon with Nick Rhodes and John Taylor on IMDb!
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