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Simon Le Bon

Simon John Charles Le Bon (born 27 October 1958) is an English musician, best known as the lead singer, lyricist and musician of the band Duran Duran and its offshoot, Arcadia.

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So did I! Something about Simon le Bon iirc, somewhat ironically…
On this day in 1985, released "So Red the Rose" (a side project) featuring Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes,…
Simon Le Bon was at my work today but I couldn’t find him
I'm waiting for the revelation that Eva Duran is related to Simon Le Bon
The best way to approach life is the Simon way! (Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes photo by
If I were to join fanclub as a new member, I would rather receive this welcome packet &…
27 October 1958. Simon Le Bon, lead singer of 1980s hit makers Duran Duran, was born in Bushey, Hertfordshire.
1986 Bob Geldof married TV presenter Paula Yates in Las Vegas with Simon Le Bon as best man.
I need a Simon le bon don't interact pic for all of my posts
I just walked past a man who looked like simon le bon i'm cursed
Rio by Duran Duran is on TV and I'm chuckling thinking how one of the characters in insists Simon le Bon once eyed her up.
Expected to hear Simon Le Bon providing the soundtrack.
Random: Simon Le Bon and benfica have the same initials.
Day 22 - Favourite pic of favourite band member. I can't choose just one favourite pic of Simon Le Bon,…
- "You've got to make sure that you make the best of the day that you're in." - Simon Le Bon
I'd have settled for Duran Duran ... did you ever see Simon Le Bon's Mrs ???
I'll have to agree with you on Gene Simmons. Simon Le Bon is ok to you?
Since seeing Simon Le Bon on the plane Mum's watched the Duran Duran ep of Derek nonstop and is still crying with laughter 😂
My famous quote is "you're never more invisible than being a guy and trying to get Simon Le Bon to notice you at a concert" 😂
Hate ta mention it but Justin Trudeau kinda reminds me of a younger Simon Le Bon
I feel like Simon le Bon. That kind of pastel optimism.
Simon Le Bon lead singer, lyricist and musician of the band and its offshoot, Arcadia…
5 Please Please Tell Me Now/Duran Duran DESERT HIDEAWAY do what you will, Simon. On the nose maybe, w "Le Bon" JAM get on this
Looking at Paula Yates interviewing Simon Le Bon & a gorge Nick Rhodes on a boat about a 'video festival' for inspo
I painted out side of Simon le bon house and gym bloke was a *** but the wife was nice dan used to ha…
Same. It's the mysterious mind of Simon Le Bon at work!
Well look on the bright my old nan used to say 'it could have been could have…
Does it make it better if I said I wouldn't touch Simon le Bon with a barge pole?
Hidden gem of the day : Grey Lady Of The Sea by Simon Le Bon
Oh how the Londoners politely tittered when I pronounced this name. Turns out it's NOT like Simon Le Bon's sister.…
Beautifully written as always. Is that the Simon Le Bon/John Taylor lookalike next to you in the photo?!
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"yea did you hear Simon Le Bon lost all his money with Madoff? It's true. So did all the other members of Duran Duran, as individuals"
I've only ever called three men nice, Simon Le Bon, Michael Hutch…
Simon Le Bon is and has always been my number one man💋
With Duran's Simon Le Bon in Antigua after 'Rio' vid shoot (ok so I was 13 & in my bedroom in Surrey, but a vivid i…
Kin ell, Simon Le Bon has let himself go hasn't he?
Simon Le Bon of talked about his youth and songwriting ahead of the group's debut appearance in Hawaiʻi.
Check out my blog about HPR radio interview w/ SLB on 7/14/17. Very interested & amazing interview! Thank…
Exclusive to pledgers a video preview of John Taylor/Charles Scott mix of First Day (co-written with Simon Le Bon) . https:/…
"Oh Boy!" mag, dated 4th June 1983. Photo love story (my mum kept it). Andrew Ridgley on the front c…
It looks lovely, but it must get tiresome fighting off Simon Le Bon. Ok I have to go to bed now as I am S…
Aside from Robbie Williams & Simon Le Bon, Damon Albarn, Kelly Jones, Brandon Flowers & Morten Harket are some of t…
Unpicking the creative process with Le Bon to put music at its heart
Girl: I love karaoke. Me: How familiar are you with the work of Simon Le Bon *deep breath*
When Simon Le Bon sang 'I smell like I sound' on 'Hungry Like the Wolf' was he implying that he sings terribly or that he smells great? 🤔
Sometimes I'm really not sure about this industry.
BBDO Asia and Simon Le Bonn cemented a partnership aiming to alleviate creatives’ proclivity
Syn Music’s turns creatives into rockstars adobomagazine via
Sing-a-long a Le Bon. Only in Cannes can you join a sing-a-long with Simon Le Bon at 11 o’clock in the morning.
When I was a kid Simon Le Bon was slang for a semi erection. Simon Le Bon/Simon Lob on
Could somebody please confirm that Simon Le Bon once said in Look In magazine that he hated Roman Catholics?
.on Simon Le Bon, Laura Dern, boredom from the Cannes palace of varieties via .
He's still channelling Simon Le Bon though. Some things never change
Cannes again. Normally we heave a deep sigh of resignation as we slap on the fake tan and brace ourselves for anothe
The Cannes Lions audience get involved with Simon Le Bon at
This is music to my ears If you need a framework for choosing music pls check
As we say Bon Voyage to all leaving Le Mans today and last night I just wanted to say on behalf of myself, Simon,...
Simon Le Bon was on stage yesterday. Here's what he has learned from a lifetime of creative music collaborations
Why and Simon Le Bon are unpicking the creative process to put music at its heart https…
I am sure you would agree with this.
Simon Le Bon kicked off Cannes Lions with a unique tune
Simon Le Bon kicked off Cannes Lions with unique tune via
goodnight to everyone except Simon Le Bon
I once met George Michael, Simon Le Bon, Bono, Rod Stewart and David Bowie all at the same time.
Simon Le Bon looks like an estate agent, he should've gone for a blue shirt, pink tie combo like Nick Rhodes
Song of the day 4: Nobody Knows by Simon Le Bon and Nick Woods
People talking about pop music being too middle class today like the first half of the 1980s wasn't dominated by a man called Simon Le Bon
Yasmin Le Bon, 51, (pictured) the wife of Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon, broke her shoulder on the first day of a…
Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes talk about the influence had on music
I only like to call simon le bon Simon le cinnabon
Why do I keep getting Simon Le Bon in my who to follow recommendations? I mean, not even 30 years ago.
I'll cross that bridge when I find it ... Simon Le Bon 📺🎧
Exactly a year ago today I awoke to find out Simon Le Bon loved Blackstar by David Bowie. But none of us knew what…
I can't believe I just had a ten minute conversation with someone explaining who Simon Le Bon is
I think repeating yourself is a sign of old age, telling the same joke ag...
Until Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran passes away would be my guess.
Hard Rock Cafe birthday shoutout to Simon Le Bon, legendary lead singer who turns 58 today!
Music is not supposed to be nationalist. It is supposed to surpass la...
The first time I clapped eyes on Simon Le Bon. 👀
And now total class. And evidence of how right the 80s got it for the large part. Monsieur Simon Le Bon et les Durranies.
You can indeed. Have I told you I got a kiss on the cheek off Simon Le Bon once?
Happy Birthtime to kill watching SIMON LE BON! 30 today! Happy Birthtime Cylon! Hungry Like the Hippos!
Simon Le Bon: "Let's do a song called Planet Earth then if there's ever a TV show called Planet Earth we'll be quids in". "Aw ***
Simon Le Bon: "Let's do a song called . Rio, then if the Olympics are ever held there we'll be quid's in.". "Aw *** .
I've just realised what a whiny bloody voice Simon Le Bon had. Duran Duran were utter tripe
Save A Prayer is a bloody good tune though. And Simon Le Bon? Totally would.
I’m wishing Simon Le Bon would notice me! Age 12, er…
Bolero jacket in the sea, Simon Le Bon is unstoppable
Fred still hasn't shared his Simon Le Bon story.
Good ole Simon le Bon, least he hadn't got to try and dance in this one
C'mon who didn't fancy Simon Le Bon after this video, all sultry and moody?
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Simon Le Bon: “As soon as Russell said, ‘Cut’ we started hopping around on the hot stairs.”
After a foreign invasion, there has to be a sort of feeling of musical...
You also need highlights in the style of Simon Le Bon circa 1984 😂
Duran Duran - Simon Le BON, performing at opening of Fashion Café, New York. 1995
Splendid choice Simon Le Bon and David Attenborough, two of my favourite men 😉
I've got three kids, and those are mouths to feed.
Simon Le Bon and John Taylor during the Rio video shoot
if you think Simon Le Bon of is the best lead singer EVER!!
I'm gonna wager that Simon-Le-Bon-in-a-Stocking is going to be in high demand this holiday season.🎅
Digital music boils down the actual musical experience.
It's pathetic to have regrets about fashion. Things to do with my lif...
on doing my best Simon Le Bon impersonation in the offic…
If anyone wants to make me a happy girl Simon Le Bon pics are welcome😊
Um, Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. What can I say, I was an '80s teen.
Simon Le BON is an inspiration even for emoticons. 😳😉😙😯
Simon Le Bon with his eternal affection for John Taylor. ❤
⭐️ • Duran Duran in High Court battle over US rights to some of their songs: Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and……
SIMONista - a person who is aficionado of the '80s Simon Le Bon which include his roots, fashion, talent (music, art, drama)…
thak you to follow me! DD (and especially Simon Le Bon) are my passion too, since i was 11 years old! ❤
Can we just stop bloody talking about Simon Le Bon Bon on a MUSIC quiz?!!!
Nick Wood & Simon Le Bon - Eiffel Tower this song is so beautiful, wish I could buy it 😢
I share my birthday with Simon Le Bon and John Cleese. I want to party with them both in my new shed I…
Before I woke up, I had a dream that I was at an English garden party trying to take a selfie with Simon Le Bon and my phone would not work.
Simon Le Bon performs on stage at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta ~ TODAY in 2005!
📷 yasmintresbon: Yasmin and Simon Le Bon for Vogue Pelle by Mark Liddell, March/April 1992
📷 retro-sci-fi-songbird: Swoon worthy pics of my favorite performers Simon Le Bon (and his wife Yasmin)
Music maestro Nik Kershaw was discovered In 1985 in the Mullet of Simon Le Bon after a routine customs search at Heathrow.
There's a lad called Richard Dawson doing something angsty on & missing high notes by distances Simon Le Bon could only dream of
You've got too many crushes, but I do too! 😂😂 You,Neil Tennant,Simon Le Bon,Boy George, Morten Harket & Rufus Wainwright! 😍💖
Do you ever think Dale Winton might be Simon Le Bon's evil twin?
Does Tommy Vance call Simon Le Bon, Simon Le Good on the charts from 12th Sept 1982?
Hard to believe that Yasmin & Simon Le Bon are both in their 50s - and married for 25+ years
🌟 Yasmin & Simon Le Bon on the red carpet for the Brit Awards 2016 last night 🌟
Just take a look at this face and listen to him sing sure helps ... Simon Le Bon 😉🎧
Simon reviews his fave underwater spots for High Life:
I saw somebody on YouTube comment on a video of Greatest by Duran Duran saying that Simon Le Bon's voice isn't as good as it used to be. 😒
Harking back to Duran Duran I walked past Simon Le Bon's double on the train today!
Simon Le Bon mainly. Sorry Simon, I'm sure you're a nice bloke really.
Simon Le Bon Bon really should have been the change of name request.
I am referring to Simon Le Bon here & I'm so proud to love/support him! 😃 His music & awesome personality gets me through so much. 😍😘💙💖
."right?" And then I told him they both do and how much I love Simon Le Bon & he said, "That man will always be in your...
..."massive fans of me too, so think about them anytime you feel sad. Both Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes know your feelings,
...snuggling together on his bed watching a movie, and Yasmin Le Bon sat and joined us too. It was very sweet, Simon then...
How many times do you think Simon Le Bon tried the line "Would you like to meet Simon Le *** "
There's a conspiracy theory that says Simon Le Bon is a hologram and I once believed it omg
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Simon Le Bon signs our special edition Say No poster on the day of 25th anniversary. Legend! Thanks! htt…
You're starting to see new record companies and business models taking shap...
Why the feck was I following Simon Le Bon?!
I was 11 and remember watching Live Aid. Remember staying up late to watch Madonna & Simon le bon sang a bum note!
Talking about the eighties in the offices has lead to the discovery that junior staff have no idea who Simon Le Bon is.
Pop star Simon Le Bon thanks Culdrose 771 squadron for rescue at gala dinner
Watch & of on ocean conservation via . https…
and Chris Gorell Barnes talks about the Blue Legacy
Watch of and of discuss ocean preservation and the BLUE Legacy
won't stop my time travels to 1981, plus Simon Le Bon has my Paper Gods album & I want it back now he's heard the future
yesterday i Saw the movie, i will marry simon le bon!!! Just wonderful!!
hi i'm sophie y yo hablo poco español and i love duran duran and simon le bon and my dog hates me and my bro is cool
Gary Numan is my car obsessed husband and Simon Le Bon is a huge meme and I am freaking the frick out.
Happy Birthday Harry Styles. I bet you think its a laugh living out in Rio, with Simon Le Bon. But what about that train driver you coshed?
📷 gang-of-princes: Nick Rhodes and a very cute sneezing Simon Le Bon interviewed in 1983.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I had them all. And my room was like a shrine to Simon le bon.
Watching & Kim Wilde singing classic "Kids In America" (Kim did Simon Le Bon lend you his stripy tops)
I can't believe that Simon le Bon brought Maya and I together.I have to live with that everyday
The Clothes Make The Girl - Some things just belong together! Simon Le Bon and John Taylor. Black eyeliner and...
Of course...anybody that has a huge crush on someone (like we both do on Simon Le Bon) should relate to it well I think! 😉💖💙
Simon Le Bon talks fame and Duran Duran in 2007
if you drive to Putney, even better as Simon Le Bon lives there so you must play Duran Duran
I just love watching interviews of Simon Le Bon, his voice is so beautiful & perfect! 😍😍 Honestly...I could listen to him talk all day. 💙💖
📷 thedannelson: “I Take the Dice: The Wordly Wisdom of Simon Le Bon” The publishing debut of Custom...
Ooh yes, you're right, he and Simon Le Bon! 😉😃 Those two have beautiful voices & they always know how to cheer us up! 😃😍💙💖
Yasmin Le Bon and Simon Le Bon attend a private dinner hosted by Kelly Hoppen to celebrate her design of the...
Day 2 of my fav movies. Watching this morning and lmao at character. So me if I ever met Simon Le Bon.
Going home to 1981, Simon Le Bon loves all the future Duran Duran that I gave him, so he's now ready to write more https:…
Why would anyone let simon Le Bon have a gun
Could not for the life of me remember who Simon Le Bon sung for yesterday. Best name in Music??. Discuss .
My kids love vinyl, I had to teach them how to put the needle on the record...
I wish Simon Le Bon was actually a salamander :/
I remember reading somewhere that Simon Le Bon's wife would grab his jewels when women got too forward with him. Maybe? LOL
Thought at first this was a *** take. Why say Blur then put a pic of Simon Le Bon there?
and the next thing you know I will be playing simon le bon or John Taylor
UK RADIO ALERT Simon Le Bon on 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' Weds 2 Dec at 2pm htt…
I still crush on Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon is still cutey!!
Some sort of live Duran Duran gig on MTV, Simon Le Bon in tight white leather in 2015
By any chance do you know of Duran Duran and Simon Le Bon? The striped shirt he wears a lot, when he was younger!
Pic of Simon Le Bon at the BIC on Weds 9/12/15, great concert Great concert
Rock City's 35th birthday: I love this piece - in which Simon Le Bon claims Duran Duran played in the toilet
Simon Le Bon in the Rio video honestly
Found myself in a steam room with Simon Le Bon yesterday. Yeah.
When Arcadia was Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes & Roger Taylor, but they always forgot Roger in video clips & performances.
See my profile picture? Why can't I live my life having fun with Neil Tennant & Simon Le Bon?! I'd like that more than anything. 😭😢😔💔
Simon Le Bon reminds me of a young Andrew Neil.
Simon Le Bon looks like a clone of Jeremy Renner and Peter Serafinowicz.
You never see Simon Le Bon and Brian Connolly in the same room.. itsapuppet
Neil Tennant, Simon Le Bon, Robbie Williams, my family, online friends, the tiny amount of offline friends I have.
Jeremy Irvine, Marcus Mumford, Simon Le Bon and Serena Rees are among expected VIP guests at the Triumph launch in East London tonight
Born on this day.. I would like to wish Simon Le Bon a very Happy Birthday.. Best song: Karma Chameleon
In the 80's I was a young Duran Duran fan. So I'm pretty sure Star Radio just got the voices of Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes mixed up.
It hurts how much I want Neil Tennant & Simon Le Bon to be my best friends. And almost nobody aside from my friends on here understands. 😔😢💔
Simon Le Bon and his lovely wife Yasmin.
Simon Le Bon's voice still sounds great.
*** is Simon Le Bon doing on this thing about John Lydon?. PAH!
John Lydon on the telly and the best contributors Piers Morgan can get are Ian Wright, Simon Le Bon and Richard bleeding Branson. Christ.
Yep...I just mentioned that Simon Le Bon is and also Rufus Wainwright & Robbie Williams. ☺ Neil Tennant isn't...but I'm not
Simon Le Bon looking like his own Bo Selecta puppet
Roger Taylor and Simon Le Bon talk to Fresh morning host Cane about their upcoming album.
Simon Le Bon: Hi. I'd like a room. With a view?. Simon: Um sure. A VIEW TO A KILL?! Actually we only have regular rooms left. Simon: Ok.
I said Simon Le Bon and Maya started hitting her webcam
I've met a man who is willing to dress up as Simon Le Bon and sing Duran Duran songs to me while bending me over the bins. He might be THE 1
I think this is the best I've heard Simon Le Bon sing live ever . Duran Duran // Save A Prayer (1987).
I added a video to a playlist Gift from Roger, Nick and John to Simon le Bon
Ferry Corsten - Fire feat Simon Le Bon is now playing on
You are nothing in a world where Simon Le Bon lives... Duran Duran-Perfect Day
Simon Le Bon, in concert: "This is a very personal song. I wrote it about a friend. This is Or-". Me: "PLAY THE SONG ABOUT THE HOT GIRLS"
Simon Le Bon had magnificent hair in The Reflex video. I wanted it but it got washed away by a tidal wave...
I feel like if my parents were Duran Duran fans Simon Le Bon would have been my first crush.
Did you catch Simon Le Bon’s voice crack in front of millions of people? Did you know Bono screwed up a lot of...
On the anniversary of Live Aid, enjoy again the golden vocals of simon le bon
Probably a performance Simon Le Bon would rather forget!
As Simon Le Bon described as his most humiliating moment in his career as he hit an awful note on view to a kill!! 😂😂😂
"From Rio to Lilo" Simon Le Bon explains how joined Duran Duran http:…
Simon Le Bon was driving...Nick Rhodes was in the passenger seat and Roger Taylor was in the back...
Apart from Quo and Queen (obvs), Simon Le Bon's bum note in the middle of View to a Kill was THE highlight of Live Aid for me.
Also, on this day in 1985, Simon le Bon hit a bum note in front of 3 billion people.
Ferry Corsten - Fire feat Simon Le Bon streaming now on
I want to be inside of the song 'Kingdom' by feat Simon Le Bon everyday of the rest of my life
and I would still ride Simon Le Bon like Zorro on a black stallion 😮
so yes we have simon le bon bon available or senor radiobae . Jk on the last one
Liam howlett looks like a fat simon le bon.which is saying something.
Loved interviewing the legend that is simon le Bon today
Simon Le Bon's bum note in View to a Kill still makes we wince and smile :-B
I see is following precisely one other account. For some reason it's Simon Le Bon. Who famously went in the sea, via his yacht.
It was a beautiful poem set to music, Simon le Bon is a magnificent poet in his lyrics
"Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon drops by to discuss the new album and their date in Killarney" 10pm http…
Yasmin Le Bon talks about living with depression. Simon Le Bon sings about it.
Gary Kemp on Boy George, Simon Le Bon on Nile Rogers. I'm looking forward to Joe Dolce on Black Lace
Simon Le Bon is Smoking Hot with friends at Chateau Marmont WeHo: via
Nigel Kennedy, Prince William, Simon Le Bon, Dave Cameron, Tom Hanks, Floella Benjamin, Benny from Crossroads. We're the new kings of ATV.
Totally. Currently building a good back four. Tony Adams, Simon Le Bon, Ralph Fiennes and Alistair Campbell.
Nick Rhodes as Simon, John Taylor as Nick, Simon Le Bon as Roger, and Roger Taylor as John "If a movie about Duran Duran were b
Hungry like the Rolf. Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon goes on a fact finding mission into Rolf Harris' fall from grace.
Saw the Bolshoi Ballet perform the Nutcracker Live today with my mom. The Nutcracker Prince looked like Baryshnikov and Simon Le Bon.
It's 2044, Simon Le Bon, in a nursing home, clutches his chest, What is it, Simo
Given a choice between stepping out with Simon Le Bon and Mark Radcliffe I know which I'd choose (clue: he's not in Duran Duran)
I love how when I mention Simon on here no one knows whether I'm talking about Simon Le Bon or my bird
Simon Le Bon and Rory Kinnear among the celebrity guests at our VIP and press preview night tonight. Open to public on…
Duran Duran via ~ Still have a crush on Simon Le Bon
“Memories of when she was me, and I was her. Will the real Simon Le Bon please step forward?
You mean Simon Le Bon or Roger Taylor? I posted pictures of both guys.
I will never get over Simon Le Bon's fall on the Fashion Rocks videos.
people don’t realize what they’re missing!! Simon Le Bon ain’t gonna give it to them unfortunately
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Still have a crush on Simon le Bon..
Hard to describe how jealous we are of Simon Le Bon's sequin jacket. bethieso Fabulous!
How can Simon Le Bon and John Taylor still be that hot? So so very hot...
How many times has Simon Le Bon had to play these Rio songs at this point?
Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon..still rockin' and still hot!!
Simon Le Bon and John Taylor are still pretty hot.
Simon Le Bon was a dreamboat in the 80s.
Pic of the Day: Pop is Alive and Kicking - Simon Le Bon with Gene Simmons 'rock is finally dead'
Extremely hot marriage of music and fashion sounds a lot like simon and Yasmin Le Bon
“It is a "Girl Panic!" But which is the REAL Simon Le Bon?
Next time I see Simon Le Bon, there a bloke in Bolton who in his 70's who loves you
you fool! It's Simon Le Bon, of Duran Duran. His purpose? Decoration.
You’re about as intimidating as Simon Le Bon. Don't make me laugh, I’ve been rinsed better by Calgon
Paul Kaye: 'I called Simon Le Bon a wanker. Why be clever when you can just be accurate?'
He's defiantly got a look of Woodsy crossed with Simon Le Bon.
also this is what Simon Le Bon is up to these days vis a vis facial hair.
That's just wrong!!! I had Simon Le Bon pictures all over my room in my teens.
I am seated next to Simon Le Bon of Hope people don't confuse us . . . AGAIN
Pop star Simon Le Bon and Azzam-winner Keith Burhans take a breather from in the Challenge.
I was born in Pinner. As was a certain singer/pianist ..Reg Dwight. In his younger says Simon Le Bon sang in the church choir.
I just love the angst and moodiness of this - Simon Le Bon at his best :)
My sister's Brit friend told me she visited Simon Le Bon's house when Duran Duran were starting out. She was 15. His brother...
Mandelson is a Mandyist, I have never seen such self love since Simon Le Bon knocked one out over 1984's Smash Hits annual.
be quiet David I do what I want I'm Simon Le Bon
is it Simon Le Bon after banging his head and spending so long in A and E that he grew a beard?
stick Simon le Bon's on as well. miserable perineum.oh, please!
very good Simon Le Bon. Hope his neck snapped in 11 places
basically I have a hilarious habit of mentioning simon le Bon. like I just did then.
I would normally suggest simon le Bon...but
is pretty sure that if Simon Le Bon didn't turn me *** nobody ever will.
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The bathroom smells like chlorine and Simon Le Bon's daughter but that's a diffrent story alltahgevah
Did you really?? I loved Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran
Flud looks like Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran I don't care what anyone says
Off-the-sea attire on Simon Le Bon individual style of an artist.. need that shirt...the whole thing speaks to me..
have just worked out that the moustache belongs to Simon Le Bon.
If you're a fan of Yasmin or Simon Le Bon, Zara Phillips or Mike Tindall, We've got a stack of photos from
I could never decide between John Taylor and Simon Le Bon. They shared my heart equally.
Judging by yesterday's Glastonbury footage of the Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky Wilson has morphed into Simon Le Bon.
Photo: Alison Moyet, Simon Le Bon and Boy George at the Daily Mirror Rock & Pop Awards, February 1982.
Simon Le Bon stated during an interview with Carson Daly on Total Request Live that von Unwerth specifically requested to use Dunkle.
Simon Le Bon likes 30 Seconds To Mars. One more reason why Duran Duran is the awesome.
Couple of things to note re her parentage: Yates and Hutchence met mid 80's on the Tube and she interviewed him for timeout magazine in 1988 where he discusses his desire for kids but not one woman and she responds, darkly (her word) "it'll never work" if you're interested search the net for it; it's so worth the read. Simon Le Bon who knew them both parties claims the affair had been on a slow, intense burn way before the big breakfast. Paula herself admitted the crush and in her auto bio she details keeping a picture of him on her fridge. So... Bear that in mind and now look at picture of Pixie (born 1990) and Tiger together. Of all the four sisters don't they look most alike? It's obvious Pixie and Tiger both adore Bob Gelfdof and that he has been a good Dad. It just doesn't seem that he is Pixie's biological father either.
“Simon Le Bon, Pharrell Williams, Lorde. Vampires are taking over the industry. good job Bob Mould’s active!
Dylan Thomas Sylvia Plath John Cleese and Simon Le Bon was born on 27 October
John Green Melvin Ingram toughens Bolts' defense, Simon Le Bon: is he. Watch Hot Girls at
I love how mistakes stay in 80s pop vids - because of the expense. Simon Le Bon spends the end of Wild Boys shaking confetti out of his eyes
Did play in the World Cup Final with peroxided hair? rugby ? Did he think he was Simon Le Bon?
check out my Simon le Bon blog on Tumblr...
Congrats, for winning some fab swag as the Cigar Smoker of the Year:
As much as I fell in love with Simon Le Bon in the new moon on Monday video, mr Richard Livesey is my soul mate xxx
Faye's friend on "Coronation Street" is like Simon Le Bon off "Slade in Xmas Residence". "You little Victorian Oliver type character"!
Hmmm cigar smoker of the year? perhaps THAT's what's with the throat clearing all the time ???
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