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Simon Helberg

Simon Maxwell Helberg (born December 9, 1980) is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his role as Howard Wolowitz in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, currently in its fifth season.

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A few more tickets released today for our with Elijah Wood, Noel Clarke, Don Johnson, Simon Helberg & Jocelyn Towne. Event details here: more tickets coming early next week for some previously sold-out screenings!
I feel like if John Ritter and Simon Helberg had had a baby it would be Joe Zimmerman.
LONDON -- Romantic comedy "We'll Never Have Paris," the directorial debut of "The Big Bang Theory" star Simon Helberg, co-helmed with Jocelyn Towne, has been selected as the closing night film of t...
Okay I am too excited to wait…. Here is item that was in the box…“Big Bang Theory” Cast – (7 Autographs) – Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar and Mayim Bialik.. It is an 11x14 FRAMED with Certification of Authenticity… (starting bid will be $375)………. 10 (TEN) likes to this post gets you to see MORE items that were in the box!
Double means trouble tonight on The Big Bang Theory when a double-date between Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Emily (Laura Spencer) and the Wolowitzes ends in embarrassment for Howard (Simon Helberg). Find out how at 8PM ET!
What's a Kevin Bacon? What's a Simon Helberg? Why is Sholom Aleichem rapping in my fabric softener?
This coming Wednesday the all new adventures of "Tom and Jerry" will premier on CARTOON NETWORK - Yours truly will be featured as the voice of BUTCH - a tough, street wise cat (from the wrong side of the tracks) who shows up from time to time as Tom's adversary and nemesis. Other voice talents within the show will include Jason Alexander - (Seinfeld) and Simon Helberg - (The Big Bang Theory). Tom and Jerry premiere’s this Wednesday on Cartoon Network - April 9th - 5:30 / 4:30 Central time.
You really need double book Simon Helberg with Nick Cage next friday. Then I could die a satisfied man.
Simon Helberg Net Worth: Simon Helberg is a voiceover artist, comic and also a common performer and each one o...
star does a hilarious and spot-on impression of Al Pacino. Check it out:
Doesn't Richard Pitino look like Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) from The Big Bang Theory (with less hair)?
Dude may have topped your Pacino impression
I would like to take this moment to say, has the best Pacino impression. Ever. .
Deals done on 5 films for Metrodome. Includes 'We'll Never Have Paris' by 'The Big Bang Theory's' Simon Helberg.
They have taken your Al Pacino and run with it nationally
You would not necessarily think that Simon Helberg could do a spot-on Al Pacino impression. But you’d be wrong.
We made it into the Big Bang Theory taping! No more photos because no cell phones/cameras allowed. Got great seats in center of audience with Sheldon and Leonard's living room set right in front of us. Mark Sweet, emcee/comedian entertained us in between takes. Gave away 8x10 cast photos as prizes- Jen got the first photo:) Show itself was a lot of fun. Taping only took 3 hours. Halfway through they gave us all pizza and bottled water. At end, stars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco came up to the audience to thank us all for coming and for being fans all these years. As audience was ushered out, I saw Kunal Nayyar (Raj) down front walking by and got him to sign our cast photo and program. While leaving WB lot we saw Simon Helberg (Howard) driving off lot - gave him big thumbs up for job well done. Jen and I then walked to Bob's Big Boy up the street for a burger and fries and some coffee, tea and cherry pie. No photos because both our phones were dead. Long but fun bday for Jen - can't wait to fini ...
The Nicholas Cage impersonation by Simon Helberg tho lol
Its OFFICIAL! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The LHK named official CONAN O’BRIEN Fan Experience DJs O'Brien heads to Dallas from March 31-April 3 and has announced a partnership today that will feature The LHK every day for the duration of his stay here. This marks the fourth time TBS's late night show will travel away from Los Angeles for a week of broadcasts. Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Simon Helberg and Charles Barkley are set to appear on TBS's CONAN when the popular late-night series for a week of shows in the host city of this year's NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Final Four and National Championship. Spin, IvyTron, and Inzo continue to set high standards for their latest mixes of new and emerging music and work diligently to give their listeners a great musical experience. Together The LHK lead any audience from one soundscape to another. Although they construct their performance from individual records, they shape it into a continuous musical journey. The rhythmic intersections between the three and tec ...
Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki & either Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg or Kunal Nayyar (an all episode)
Simon Helberg ("The Big Bang Theory") shows off his killer Nicholas Cage impression.
'Big Bang Theory' star Simon Helberg said when he realized he wanted to marry his wife, he dumped her instead.
"Your questions not even for me? He's dressed like me and he's asking Amy questions?!" - Simon Helberg CC 2011
Who said that romance is dead? The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg has revealed that he broke up with his wife instead of proposing to her, only to eventually marry her anyway. The nerdy thespian, who made a name for himself after appearing on the hugely successful CBS sitcom as Howard Wolowitz,...
Check out Simon Helberg on the Late Show with David Letterman talking about the hilarious true story behind We'll Never Have Paris and showing off his killer Nicolas Cage impression!
Simon Helberg AKA Howard Wollowitz broke up with his wife before proposing because he 'freaked out'
Simon Helberg is Trending Now. Get the latest News on Celebrity Balla
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing - Celebrity Balla |
Photo: Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing 
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing What to Do If Your Child Is…
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing - Castanet.netSimon Helberg split from w...
Simon Helberg would've been a better choice, but I'll watch it anyway!
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing (Entertainment)
Simon Helberg split from wife before... - Simon Helberg has opened up about the film that he and his wife are work...
Contact Music - Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing
Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg reveals he dumped his wife after proposing to her before eventually marrying her
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing.Get more news:
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing - Balla Networks
Simon Helberg split from wife before proposing -
Watched Letterman's interview with Simon Helberg a.k.a. Howard Wolowitz. He's expecting child soon. He was hilarious talking about the child ripping their way out of the womb. Dude, it's a baby, not a chest buster!
nbanews Simon Helberg Wife, It looks like Simon Helberg and his young family have put the busy world of Los Angeles, and filming for The...
nbanews Simon Helberg Wife, Hes best-known for playing science enthusiast, Howard Wolowitz in cult TV show, The Big Bang Theory, but...
Simon Helberg's story on the is sad
Seen on the program descriptor on the over-the-air kitchen TV for Letterman: "'The Big Band Theory" star Simon Helberg'".
Anyone ever tell you that you look like Simon Helberg?   10% Off
Simon Helberg is on The Late Show with David Letterman Show, which starts right now on CBS!
be sure to tune in tonight at 1130pm east coast simon helberg is on Letterman
Jim Parsons won't have "Big Bang Theory's" Howard (Simon Helberg) to make fun of mercilessly when he hosts "Saturday Night Live" this...
Simon Helberg (THE Big Bang Theory) and Jocelyn Towne (I AM I) have big dreams of seeing THE SELLING on the big screen. Go to to ...
I think Simon Helberg, 'a.k.a. Wolowitz,' is gorgeous.
I think Simon Helberg would be a good choice if they ever want to remake the Pink Panther movies
Get made: Simon Helberg talks getting beat up in his black belt initiation, high school and college plays, and Studio 60. Simon He...
Simon Helberg impersonating Nic Cage is actually pretty good
I had no idea Simon Helberg was in "A Cinderella Story"!
Watching "A Cinderella Story" and I totally forgot Simon Helberg from "The Big Bang Theory" is Terry!
Terry in A Cinderella Story is Simon Helberg, aka Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory. Mind blown! You're welcome.
Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz in the Big Bang Theory) is the weird kid Terry in The Cinderella Story!
Just realized that Simon Helberg is in A Cinderella Story... that was a fun little epiphany.
On the bus with Simon Helberg's double.
Clearly Nic should star in Steven Spielberg's upcoming "The Simon Helberg Story." More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official ...
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The Love Spell Potential, Simon Helberg is great in this one
Watching The Big Bang Theory, and just found out that Simon Helberg does fabulous impersonations! So far in he's nailed Nicholas Cage & Al Pacino. His Pacino is really good, but his Nicholas Cage is spot. on.
love is not a sprint, its a marathon -Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory)
Simon Helberg, what an actor...would like to hear him vocally imitate Pohamba one day hope
Jim Parsons might get all the awards but Simon Helberg really does better.
'Big Bang Theory's' Simon Helberg has baby No. 2 on the way - Helberg, who plays...
so like are we just going to ignore the fact that Simon Helberg was the creepy guy in A Cinderella Story...guy cant get a break can he?
Simon Helberg does not get enough credit for all he does on Big Bang. That man has so many tools it's kinda scary.
the moment you realize that Simon Helberg was in A Cinderella Story
A show with Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Simon Helberg :) count me in!
This guy looks smack like Simon Helberg as Howard 😂😭
Boss you are with Simon Helberg, no? :)
Still convinced Simon Helberg and Ian are the same person
Dr. Horrable's Sing-Along Blog is the most amazing thing ever! Neal Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Simon Helberg! I love this so much!
I thought it was Simon Helberg's wife. Lol
Simon Helberg (Howard) and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) impersonate Howard's mom to the delight of the audience. (Video is a little shakey, fair warning.)
Jim Parsons wins Choice TV Comedy Actor at the Teen Choice Awards. Award presented by Kerry Washington and Ian Somerhalder. Simon Helberg and Nina ...
So my sister just pointed out to me that Moist from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is Simon Helberg, the actor who plays Howard in Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory actor Simon Helberg and his family splash around in the ... - Daily Mail
Directed by Mark Cendrowski. With Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg. After the guys can't get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon tries to hold his own convention and winds up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, the girls see if they can act like "grown-ups."
Who is the skinny weirdo in the television comedy, an american sitcom The Big Bang Theory; a) Johnny Galecki b) Jim Parsons c) Simon Helberg d) Kunal Nayyar
There's a Big Bang Theory baby on the way—and no, it's not Kaley Cuoco's. But Simon Helberg, who ...
Autographs for Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kaley Christine Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar will now join my growing collection of autographs. (Thats the original cast of big bang).
OK..after I gave Kaley Cuoco a kiss and got a pat on the head from Simon Helberg, Kaley autographed my scarf.
Simon Helberg does a fantastic impression of Robin Williams.
Bazinga! Baby No. 2 On the Way for Simon Helberg: Simon Helberg and his wife, actress Jocelyn Towne, are expec...
Forgot Simon Helberg aka Howard was in it.
The Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg confirms he and his wife Jocelyn Towne are expecting their...
I'm enjoying watching the Screen Actors Guild awards. of course the wonderful Jim Parsons is nominated for "the Big Bang Theory." he's always nominated. I wish the hilarious, underrated Simon Helberg would be nominated and win sometime. he's a terrific comedian, actor and mimic.
Simon Helberg groomed by tonight for the
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Simon Helberg is actually a good actor.. ***
I need more Simon Helberg interviews & impressions to be available on the Internet.
Simon Helberg is amazing at imitations.
Wonder if in 50 yrs when Jim Parsons Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg & Kunal Nayyar die a bunch of 60 yr old scientists will mourn them?
I didnt know Simon Helberg was in Old School!
Check out Simon Helberg from Big Bang Theory as he plays Charades for the building of the app!
Simon Helberg acted out a 14 letter word from the theme "Classic Books"
.Check this out: Simon Helberg and Luke Ronchi, Long lost brothers?
Melissa Rauch is stunning in yellow at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 33-year-old actress was seen posing with her The Big Bang Theory co-stars Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Meli
Simon Helberg's beard is just divine! 😍
So Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) has been handcuffed at the Golden Globes for taking off his pants :')
I think it's weird seeing simon helberg not wearing skinny jeans because Howard always wears them😶
Doctor Horrible's Sing-Alonng Blog is just so awesome. Neil Patrick Harris never disappoints. He's a great singer and actor. Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion are in it too, and even Simon Helberg(Howard in Big Bang Theory) in some episodes.
Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar nayar present "Tribute to the nerds!". With special guests Dan Mintz, Chris Hardwick, Kumail Nanjiani and Brian Posehn.
Let Go: I cannot fathom how a script that is trying so hard to be funny, and has so many funny actors in it can fail so badly. No, I know, it is because DRAMA. That's it. Build tension through DRAMA! Not circumstance, or character, or choice and consequences, or even happenstance, it is only because of DRAMA!! Kevin Hart plays Chris who is constantly punished for no reason by everyone he meets and every situation so that even when he does everything right he is still punished. Why? Because DRAMA! Guy contemplates leaving his wife because ... Brita is sexy and not his wife, who is by the way patient and only trying to spend time with him. Why does he do that? Because DRAMA!! Ed Asner is old and "hilariously" can't move on from his criminal life, so he just ... does stuff of no consequence. BECAUSE DRAMA! Brita is harassed by the least convincing actor who could have possibly been cast to play the role of "Digits" (Simon Helberg, the nerdiest of the nerd minstrels in Nerd Minstrel Show Sitcom Bazu ...
Loving Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyars tribute to nerds
Watching the classic movie Old School and saw Simon Helberg who plays Howard in The Big Bang Theory, he has not changed much in eleven years. Wow this is from 11 years ago, and still awesome.
I don't understand how people find The Big Bang Theory funny. The only decent thing about it is Simon Helberg, and he's far too good for it.
Simon Helberg (a.k.a. Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory) was in line in front of me at the airport. Oh, and I am also flying to New York today.
I like me some "Big Bang Theory" but this rerun from May might just as well be "Studio 60", as the highlights are hearing Simon Helberg brilliantly do Nic Cage, Al Pacino and Chris Walken. Not complaining.
Did not know Simon Helberg did impressions. His Al Pacino was great.
You can find this and all other Big Bang Theory peeps at - Simon Helberg by Plasticgod 4"x7"
Own an original etching, meet Simon Helberg, dine w Molly Quinn and Susan Sullivan of & more !
Sheldon Cooper ( Jim Parsons ) and Howard Wolowitz ( Simon Helberg ) are the genius characters in the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Don't you think so?
Simon Helberg looking uncomfortable is one of my most favorite things.
I love Netflix. I get to rediscover TV shows I completely forgot about. Undeclared is one of them. It was only on Fox for one season, which blows my mind. It was basically the beginning for all the Judd Apatow movies. It starred Charlie Hunnam, Seth Rogan, Amy Poehler, Simon Helberg, Jason Segel, Carla Gallo, and some others. Can't believe it got cancelled so quickly.
'Hi I'm Simon Helberg. I've worked with the like of Matthew Perry to Matt LeBlanc' sounds familiar. But seriously: legend!
In looking across the bloggernets to find out that Bernadette Rostenkowsky-Wolowitz is only 4' 11", I also learned that as a child, actor Simon Helberg (who plays Howard Wolowitz) loved the flick The Karate Kid and not only trained in karate but was awarded his black belt when he was 10. So, MIT-educated engineer Howard Wolowitz can kick my...
Simon Helberg's impersonation of Nicholas Cage is honestly perfection.
Simon Helberg attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures 'Her' at DGA Theater on December 12, 201
Highlight of Helberg nominations Simon Finnel (Cycling) coach of world champ well done mate
Has anyone ever told you you resemble Simon Helberg?
I favorited a video When Simon Helberg Met Stephen Hawking - CONAN on TBS
Commentary! the musical - Simon Helberg - Nobody Wants to be Moist texty a překlady
Set de fotos: Jim Parsons taking away Simon Helberg’s shirt and giving it to a lucky fan.
no, just quoting "The Big Bang Theory", Simon Helberg's character Howard Wolowitz.
Aw it was Simon Helberg's birthday yesterday :)
Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, simon helberg,kunal nayyal, Kaley Cuoco,Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch are all awesome the show.
My boyfriend looks like Simon Helberg from The Big Band Theory.
Simon Helberg, Actor: The Big Bang Theory. Simon Helberg was born and raised in Los Angeles but despite this, and the fact that his father is the actor Sandy Helberg and his mother the casting director Harriet B. Helberg, his main interest as a young boy was karate. In his teens, though, he discover...
Happy birthday to simon Helberg who is the funniest on the Big Bang Theory
Today in 12/9/1980: Simon Helberg, best known as Howard Wolowitz in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, is born in L.A. California
Hello everyone I won't be on for too long tonight as I have my sister visiting tomoz :) but feel free to post what you like tonight ! Celebrity birthdays for 9th Dec include : Simon Helberg, McKayla Maroney, Tre Cool, Judi Dench, Kirk Douglas, Kurt Angle, Donny Osmond, Jesse Metcalfe, John Malkovich, Felicity Huffman, *** Butkus, Jakob Dylan, Reiko Aylesworth, Michael Dorn, Ryan Grant, David Akers, Imogen Heap, Emjay, David Kersh, Mardy Fish, Leon Hall, Brian Bell and Ashleigh Brewer.
I wna thank yu yall for ur bthday Msgz,.l rly appreciate the love and the thoughts, you made my day and u surely made me feel loved... 2013 has been an eye opener for me and am amazed at how much i have accomplished this year, looking back on the resolutions l made on the 4th of January, only 2 things have been left unsettled and un-met,evrythn else on my resolution list has been a complete success. Its been both a tough and plesant journey for me and l wna thank the Lord for getting me here, and for showering me with so much grace that he has kept me strong thru my ups and downs, and am forever indebt. God has loved me, and he has loved me unconditionally every single day i v lived. I wna share my celebration with the following Famous Celebrities whom l share the same birthday with: Van Wilder, Kurt Angle(44), Jesse Metcalfe(34), Felicity Huffman(50), Judi Dench(78), *** Van Patten, Kirk Douglas, Desmond Osmond, Simon Helberg(32) and John Malkovich. SPECIAL MENTION GOES TO: Mashiri, Tee Mashanyure, and . ...
Discover several Simon Helberg facts including before he was famous, his family life, along with how popular Simon Helberg is in several categories.
Happy birthday to actor Simon Helberg! Who is your favorite character in The Big Bang Theory?
This week sees two cast members from The Big Bang Theory celebrating birthdays: Simon Helberg, who plays Howard Wolowitz, and Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler. Simon is busy being a dad and husband, and Mayim is always fighting off the rumors of a Blossom reunion. It’s believed that...
Simon Helberg Happy birthday, Simon Helberg. According to your Wikipedia page, you’re Jewish. Who knew?
Born Dec 9 Simon Helberg 33, Tre Cool 41, Kurt Angle 45, Donny Ozmond 56, John Malkovich 60, Judy Dench 79, Kirk Douglas 97, Redd Foxx. On this day 1926 - The U.S. Golf Association legalized steel-shaft golf clubs. Many of the new clubs are still wrapped around tree trunks, put there by angry golfers who couldn’t make them work any better than the clubs made with hickory sticks. 1984 - Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears got another first as he ran six plays as quarterback. He was intercepted twice, but ran the ball himself on four carries. It didn’t help. The Green Bay packers still won, 20-14. Payton said after the game, “It was okay, but I wouldn’t want to do it for a living.”
december 9- Today is Weary Willie Day (born dec 9, 1898 emmett kelly, he always wanted to be a clown in 1933 he joined ringling brothers as weary willie the clown & was willie til 1979 when he passed of a heart attack), & Int. Anti-Corruption Day. Tre Cool (drummer for green day) is 41, my 1st cousin Tracie Collins Hopson is 40, Simon Helberg (plays Howard Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory) is 33, Donny Osmond is 56, Kirk Douglas (actor, father to michael) is 97, Redd Foxx (actor/comedian, sanford & son0 1922-1991, John Malkovich (actor, i like him) is 60, Margaret Hamilton (played wicked witch of the west on the wizard of oz) 1902-1985, Beau Bridges (actor) is 72, Jakob Dylan (frontman for the wallflowers) is 44, *** Van Patten (actor, eight is enough) is 85, Sylvia (singer) is 57, Brian Bell (guitarist for Weezer) is 45, Joel Chandler Harris (author & creator of uncle remus & brer rabbit) 1854-1908. 1989 If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks was 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas shown on t.v for 1st time.
Howard Wolowitz: "I am a horny engineer, I never joke about math or sex." :D :D Happy Birthday to the man who made us all fall in love with a horny, creepy nerd. Simon Helberg
happy birthday to Simon Helberg Simon Helberg is an American television actor who has won audiences over as nerd, Howard Wolowitz on the CBS hit comedy, The Big Bang Theory.
Famous Quote Said On December 9 Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back. Princess Diana, 1995 December 9th Holiday International Anti-Corruption Day - Promotes the fight against corruption and ethical injustices committed by cooperation's throughout the world. December 9 Birthdays Simon Helberg turns 33 Mckayla Maroney turns 18 Tre Cool turns 41 Kendall Vertes turns 11 Judi Dench turns 79 Kirk Douglas turns 97 Donny Osmond turns 56 Redd Foxx (1922 - 1991) Kurt Angle turns 45 Jesse Metcalfe turns 35 Margaret Hamilton (1902 - 1985) John Malkovich turns 60 Kara DioGuardi turns 43 *** Butkus turns 71 Felicity Huffman turns 51 Beau Bridges turns 72 John Milton (1608 - 1674) Joshua Bell turns 46 Mary Downing Hahn turns 76 Joe Lando turns 52 Deacon Jones (1938 - 2013)
"Gratitude bestows reverence allowing us to encounter every day epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world." --- John Milton (Poet) (Today is his birthday, along with actor Simon Helberg, actress Judy Dench, actor Kirk Douglas, singer Donny Osmond, actor Jesse Metcalfe, song writer Kara Dioguardi, actress Felicity Huffman, actor Beau Bridges, and circus performer Emmett Kelly.)
Today is Independence Day in Tanzania, National Heroes Day in Antigua and Barbuda, and International Anti-Corruption Day! Yeah, I thought the last holiday was a joke too. Also, this marks the 34th anniversary of when the smallpox virus was certified to be completely eradicated and extinct. And this is the 5th anniversary of when disgraced former Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was arrested for selling the US Senate seat that was vacated by President-elect Barack Obama to the highest politician bidder. He was later found guilty and is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence. Oh yeah, today is the start of Finals Week for Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and other universities around the United States as far as I know. As for birthdays, today is a big day for: Simon Helberg - 33 - American actor known for playing Howard Wolowitz in the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He got his start though his father, who is a German-American actor. Starting in 1999, he was an extra and minor character in variou ...
THE Big Bang Theory Fun Fact Friday: The show just released a song on iTunes! "If I Didn't Have You (Bernadette's Song)", performed by Simon Helberg (Howard) with backup vocals from the rest of the cast. It's written by recurring star Kate Micucci (Lucy) and can be downloaded in recognition of the show's support of MusiCares, a safety net for people in the music business. Listen to it here: BANG tonight at 9 & 9:30pm!
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The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg, who plays Howard Wolowitz, has sold the international rights for his upcoming directorial debut film, a comedy called We’ll Never Have Paris. Alongside Helberg, Zachary Quinto, Alfred Molina and Jason Ritter will also star in the movie
Big Bang Theory fans got a special treat in last night's episode when cast members joined Howard (Simon Helberg) to perform an original song for his quarantined wife Bernadette and now the song is officially available for purchase!
Felicia Day, Nathan and Simon Helberg with the cast of windward high school's dr. h
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Recently I watch the entire Series of Undeclared. It was only one season, but it was really funny and had a few stars that you might know today. It stars Jay Beruchel (She's put of my league, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Tropic Thunder), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Funny People, the 40-year-old Virgin), and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), And re-occurring roles played by Jason Segel, Amy Poehler, Kevin Hart, David Krumholtz, Kyle Gass, and Busy Philipps. And it has Cameos by some other famous comedians, Such as Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Allen Covert, Felicia Day, Ben Stiller, Fred Willard, Simon Helberg, Samm Levine, and Martin Starr. I have also began watching Freaks & Geeks. It has a bunch of the same actors. It stars Linda Cardellini (Scooby-D00 1&2, Grandma's Boy), John Francis Daley (Waiting..., Horrible Bosses), James Franco (Spider-Man, Pineapple Express, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Love You, Man, The Muppets), Seth Rogen (This is the End), Samm Levine ...
Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, and Mayim Bialik. Guess what am I watch now?
Simon Helberg is awesome at impressions! His Nick Cage is great.
Honestly u look like Ashton kutcher and Ian hecox looks like Simon helberg from Big Bang Theory.
I think Simon Helberg is up there with the best.
This sounds like something Simon Helberg would say “I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... I'm Batman.”
Me gustó un video de Howard's Mother Impressions by Simon Helberg & Melissa Rauch at SDCC Comic-Con
Watching Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog. Surprised to see Neal Patrick Harris and Simon Helberg. :-)
Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco need more selfies together.
If you insult Simon Helberg in front of me, I will rip your face of and wear it to a masquerade. 😡
Howard Wolowitz (Simon helberg) reminds me of Daniel bryan. No idea why!
Simon Helberg is quite a multi talented guy
The height difference between Nina Dobrev and Simon Helberg is adorable. Lol (and also a little funny)
Simon Helberg looks so cool outside of Big Bang Theory
Want your crush to fall for you? Use these pickup lines and see the magic.*parody* Not affiliated with BBT or Simon Helberg
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I always forget that Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar said hi to me.
I liked a video Simon Helberg Explains The "Stool Phase" - CONAN on TBS
How does Simon Helberg do that with his face in TBBT then he's just asdfghjjkl when not in TBBT
just looked up Simon Helberg. Yeah, he's adorable. :)
who is Simon Helberg? Full disclosure, my husband actually looks like he could be Russell Crowe's brother.
I simply resent the notion that all of us prefer Russell Crowe over, say, Simon Helberg.
Don't think I'll ever love someone as much as Simon Helberg
.The Hound of the Baskervilles starring James Marsters & Simon Helberg tickets h…
you get to see Jim Parsons and simon helberg? not fAIR
Simon Helberg must've been souped filming the outer space eps. Didn't have to have that Beatles 'do, tight pants, or those fake turtlenecks.
If Simon Helberg goes to San Diego Comic con next year with his fluffy beard my life will be complete.
Nina said 'Love you' to Simon Helberg at TCA's!
Decided to re-watch Studio 60, and thank God, coz Simon Helberg is amazing!
Singer in Paramore to Simon Helberg: I love your show!. Simon: Oh thanks, I like your hair
Jim Parsons, Johnny Gelacki, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberg would be proud of me. :)
Simon Helberg & Nina Dobrev Presents at the Teen Choice Awards 2013 to Paramore: via
Simon Helberg & Nina Dobrev presenting the best rock group award to Paramore.
Awww, Ian and Jim Parsons. Two persons of my 3 favorite shows! And Nina with Simon Helberg!
Hayley telling to Simon Helberg that she loves his show aw
because it's only the best show ever! Watch the episode, Simon Helberg is in it, and the girls dog was priceless.
Simon helberg next to Nina is just funny
Simon Helberg so hot without a wig *** yes
Simon Helberg is such a cutie and no one can tell me otherwise
no, she doesn't. She told it to Simon Helberg.
I liked a video Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg - Teen Choice Awards 2013
yeah! He was killing me! Especially when Nina Dobrev and Simon Helberg were presenting.
"watching the teen choice awards... funny. i hardly even like ANY of those people." Same. Only love Jim Parsons & Simon Helberg.
What are you all talking about the guy who announced paramore was Simon Helberg from Big Bang Theory lol
did Hayley Williams just tell Simon Helberg that she loves their show cause dying
Shout out to simon helberg for presenting a surf board that's taller than he is
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SIMON HELBERG AND Nina Dobrev TOGETHER = really tries to kill me! Ps! looks smashing, loving her outfit ♥♥♥
Simon Helberg is so attractive when he's not Howard Wolowitz.
Presentan: Simon Helberg & Nina Dobrev. PARAMORE con 'Still into you' .
Remember when simon helberg was the freak in a Cinderella Story
Did you know that Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) was that creepy guy in A Cinderella Story
I can feel Simon Helberg's Jewishness through my TV
I've got a crush on Simon Helberg too. He's just...yeah. 😍
The fact that Simon Helberg just introduced Paramore...
Simon helberg I short and I identify with you, you get me man
Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg! Two of the funniest guys ever on the TCAs! I'm not ready for Cory Monteith's tribute thoug…
I have a really weird love for Simon Helberg
Tom and Jerry to have a new TV series with Jason Alexander, Simon Helberg and Gary Cole voicing.
Simon Helberg (Howard) from the Big Bang Theory, he said he had a dream about kissing him or something, think he likes him...
DTN New Zealand: Show soaps up to polish off series: Listening to actor Simon Helberg talk about The Big Bang...
I was hoping that would be a picture of Simon Helberg
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Simon Helberg is married. Tonight is the night I cried myself to sleep and drowned in a puddle of my tears.
Simon Helberg AND Adam DeVine in the same movie? Omfg
I always forget Simon Helberg is in this.
Watching a Cinderella Story and noticed Simon Helberg was in it :)
Last night I dreamt I was snogging Simon Helberg. I'm not sure what that means...
This Drunk History episode looks interesting with Bill Hader and Simon Helberg
What happens when funny guys Simon Helberg and Conan O'Brien get together? Find out in NOW!
I just want to watch Simon Helberg do impressions forever
Conan has Simon Helberg and Marina and the Diamonds. Sleep can wait.
I don't mind as long as they're good. Simon Helberg doing Cage, etc, is incredible. As is Bill Hader's Gregory Peck.
Bill Hader as John Pemberton with Simon Helberg, on how Coca-Cola came to be :) (Drunk History ep3)
Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg is set to make his directorial debut with ‘We’ll Never Have Paris,’ starring Maggie Grace.
with Jenny Slate is the best one I've seen! Also, Bill Hader and Simon Helberg are in it! Oh and I'm in love with Jenny Slate
Simon Helberg to make directing debut
Simon Helberg is directing and starting in, "We'll Never have Paris," a movie based on a true story. I look forward to seeing it!
Congrats to our pal This is super cool.
Whoawhoawhoa wait. Simon Helberg was in Old School. How did I not realize this?
I'm actually so in love with Simon Helberg.
Last night while watching I saw and then later on while watching I saw Helberg.
I don't think there's anyone I want to marry more than Simon Helberg
okay, we may have to throw down. Although I could totally settle for Simon Helberg too!
Speaking of Nicolas Cage, this Simon Helberg impression is awesome
James and The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg to star in L.A. Theatre Works production of The Hound of the Bas...
More info about James Marsters & Simon Helberg in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" play to be add soon. Thank you for heads up.
Simon Helberg is actually so funny 😂
what I wouldn't do for Simon Helberg to hug me like that. 😍
Simon Helberg's and Kunal Nayyar's The Big Bang Theory set tour on the season 3 DVD is amazing!
reruns, now watching 'The Love Spell Potential'. Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz is insanely hilarious in this one! 😂
Simon Helberg Nicolas Cage impression. For anyone out there who's a Nicholas Cage fan and wants a laugh
Hope to someday Simon Helberg will be nominated, he deserves it! Congrats all of you, you know all the group.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I haven't even went through all the Emmy nominations yet, but I'm so annoyed that Simon Helberg was once again over-looked.
WRSP-TV: Simon Helberg, who plays “Howard” on THE Big Bang Theory, earned his black belt...
As far as comedy is concerned, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Simon Helberg
I thought Simon Helberg should of been nominated for the episode were Howard discovers his dads letters. Great acting.
Oh, another Emmy omission is Simon Helberg. Howard is what proper sitcom character-development looks like.
SO happy for yet another Emmy nomination for Jim Parsons of but Simon Helberg (Howard) has been snubbed FOR YEARS!
I was talking about Simon Helberg being the biggest snub at the Emmys this year, but then I was reminded about Monica Potter.
I'm mostly happy with the Supporting Actor in A Comedy, except for the Simon Helberg snub
Hopefully when the Golden Globe nominations come out Simon Helberg will be nominated. It's amazing how dude continues to be overlooked.
I know it's easy to overlook him because of Jim Parsons and all, but next year Simon Helberg better be nominated.
Glad to see Emmy nom for Adam Driver--and to NOT see noms for Jon Cryer or Eric Stonestreet. Sad Max Greenfield or Simon Helberg are not up.
Just like that, the 1st full list of nominees is gone. No more Will Arnett, J.Tambor, Jessica Walter, and Simon Helberg. ***
Biggest snub by far is followed by Monica Potter, Jake Johnson, Simon Helberg and ANY love
Happy for all The Big Bang Theory noms. Was really hoping to finally see Kaley Cuoco & Simon Helberg get recognition. Better luck next yr.
But YES Mayim got nominated. Very well deserved. Hoping to see Simon Helberg's name in the Supp. Comedy. *takes a breath*
I added a video to a playlist Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch impersonate Howard's Mom from "The Big
Simon Helberg is my favorite actor because of his impressions.
Just chillin' with my new best friend Simon Helberg.aka Howard Wolowitz 😁😁😁
Simon Helberg's impressions just blew my mind
Who are the 10 men with best odds to win Comedy Supporting Actor at Emmys? - GoldDerby
Okay there are commercials with Kunal Nayyar & Simon Helberg. What about Neil Patrick Harris? :) would love that!
The cast of "The Big Bang Theory" are apparently BIG "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fans. Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Johnny Galecki and Simon Helberg dressed up as the kinky characters from the cult classic to perform "Time Warp" on W [...]
I really do love Howard Wolowitz. If Simon Helberg doesn't get an Emmy nomination then something is seriously wrong.
Good morning & :). We hope everyone's having an incredible day so far, do continue to enjoy it! O:) The 2013 Teen Choice Awards are taking place on August 11, 2013. The awards show will air on FOX – do you plan on tuning in? Here’s a list of stars who will appear at the awards show: • Erin Andrews • Skylar Astin • Abigail Breslin • Emblem3 • Max Greenfield • Simon Helberg • Demi Lovato • Bridgit Mendler • Hailee Steinfeld • Bella Thorne • The Wanted • Russell Westbrook • Rebel Wilson • Brandon T. Jackson • Logan Lerman • Chloe Grace Moretz • Tyler Posey More celebrities will be announced soon! Who else would you love to see at the show? Let us know in the comments section!
Congratulations to The Big Bang Theory for winning three Critics' Choice Television Awards! Kaley Cuoco won for Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy, Simon Helberg won for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series and the entire show took home the prize for Best Comedy Series! Click here to laugh alon...
Simon Helberg videos, Simon Helberg photos, Simon Helberg interviews on CONAN and more about Simon Helberg.
Emmy nods will be announced on July 18th & likes Simon Helberg for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. I agree!
Lmfao! Simon Helberg doesn't get nearly enough credit for his BRILLIANT portrayal of Howard Wolowitz!!
In another universe Simon Helberg became famous as a cast member on 4hosting Weekend Update & his Robin Williams
Nicholas Cage's lost Lincoln audition tape. *Nic Cage is played by Simon Helberg.
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We're soliciting input on the upcoming 7th Annual Norty Awards and today's category is Best Supporting Actor, Comedy...Who do you think deserves recognition in the category of Best Supporting Actor, Comedy, for their work in the 2012-2013 season?
Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage as Abraham Lincoln: Trust us, this is pretty amazing.
Lost Audition Tape: Nic Cage for Lincoln: Oh the frightening movie this would have been if Nic C...
The Big Bang Theory is the worst thing ever, but Simon Helberg is an amazing guy
This lost audition reel proves that Academy Award-winning actor Nic Cage could play any character he wants - from the 16th President of the United States to ...
Simon Helberg's impersonation is crazy good.
Photoset: Simon Helberg. ↳“I grew up in LA around famous people, getting their autographs as a kid and being...
Lost Audition: Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage as the Lincolns in "Lincoln" (Interweb Exclusive)
I had an amazing opportunity to work with my dear friend Jenelle Riley and Backstage West filming and cutting together some interviews with some classy talent with some great stories to tell. I'm going to start posting them because what I realized while watching these people tell their stories is that they are not any different than anyone eles. For the most part they are hard working people just trying to find that job that makes life more pleasant and rewarding.
OK, so Simon Helberg (Howard on The Big Bang Theory) does an EPIC Nic Cage impression. Check it out.
I just watched that Simon Helberg Lincoln audition. Didn't laugh once.
Simon Helberg's Nic Cage impression is pretty perfect
Simon Helberg does the best impressions ever
So happy to see Caley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, & TBBT win! Also, love Bob New...
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