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Simon Danczuk

Simon Christopher Danczuk (born 24 October 1966) is a British Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Rochdale since 2010.

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Simon Danczuk MP backs campaign this MP to put questions to Minister.
I see lying again. Zelo Street: Simon Danczuk Did NOT Expose Cyril Smith via…
What effort did Karen Danczuk make to get a Range Rover? Got pregnant by Simon Danczuk while he was married with tw…
WTAF is going on with the green garnish? Brekkie looks better than the Simon Danczuk post where the sausages were annihilated.
And didn't Mike Hancock & Simon Danczuk fall foul of this, in a manner of speaking?
Labour Party ban Simon Danczuk from standing in the General Election
Good news ! . Simon Danczuk has been banned to represent labour in the General Election in Rochdale!.
Simon Danczuk banned from standing for Labour in Rochdale or any other constituency at this General Election.
Downfall of the Danczuks. Both MP Simon Danczuk and estranged wife Karen fail in bids to stand in General Election. https…
Labour tells controversial MP Simon Danczuk he will not be endorsed as candidate for his Rochdale seat:.
The estranged wife of MP Simon Danczuk said the pair 'have guilt' over the disappearance
Ms Danczuk, the estranged wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, said Kate and Gerry McCann 'have guilt' in an onlin...
Ye Gods, Karen Danczuk is now even using the McCanns to get attention? Wonder if Simon D ever finished reading his book on NPD?
Who is Karen Danczuk? Ex-wife of MP Simon, selfie queen and sex abuse campaigner who slammed the McCanns – all you…
Please Sign the Petition. Expel the disloyal rightwing Simon Danczuk​ from ​
I'm unsure which is most stupid and repugnant, Simon Danczuk or Russia Today 'news'. . If I *had* to choose I'd sti…
Simon Danczuk on the television & they wonder why some Rochdale politicians are seen as a total laughing stock ?
Would be nice to see Simon Danczuk & Liz McKinnes add their names too ?
Simon Danczuk was on the television with a belly dancer and it was bizarre and confusing
Homeless people aren’t subhuman. One day that might be you sleeping rough.
What about his cohorts Simon Danczuk and John Mann who worked with him on false-allegations prior to last…
or Simon danczuk and a belly dancer
Four independents: Simon Danczuk is suspended from Lab, Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thompson suspended from SNP. 1/2
I'm running to raise funds for Rochdale Connections Trust. Find out more + donate here:.
Here I call for Year of the Dad to be introduced:
He did nothing when I told him about my concerns re: Rochdale CSA interviews by Anna Klonowski http…
People fear. But UK has now a great flood warning system. In the future you just choose the car or boat. Great...
.Wasn't it found not enough evidence to charge Simon Danczuk with rape?
Here I speak in Parliament about the importance of funding for flood defences
Rochdale does not agree that should be demolished. (Jan 2016 > : )
Who's lying about having the kids this weekend? Simon Danczuk or Karen Danczuk?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The smart money's on Simon Danczuk *taps nose*
We asked Simon Danczuk questions about his constituency while distracting him with a belly dancer.
Bungling Labour MP forgets son's AGE after cinema trip Is that the son who he deni…
Labour Councillor Chris Furlong says the Labour Party "has no choice" but to expel Simon Danczuk
eg Why did that MP feel need to warn Simon Danczuk not to name Leon Brittan as paedophile jst b4 Home Affairs Ctee meeting?
Bill Grimsey. do you know how Simon Danczuk is going to pay for PR?
Karen Dampcrack's injured chest in new drama. Cut prompts fears of global warming. . .
Can't really laugh at Simon Danczuk as he clearly needs help. What I can laugh at is the time he thought he could be Labour Leader.
Sorry but if labour can't see now that Simon Danczuk is an absolute lying manipulating scumbag I won't be supporting t…
We said Simon Danczuk was awaiting arrest, we never thought it would play out like this
Was Simon Danczuk charged? Any evidence of domestic violence? Not a fan but just interested in what ppl are saying
BREAKING: Sex pest UK Labour MP Simon Danczuk arrested in Spain over incident with his wife
Gone are the days of investigative journalism - MSM report sycophantic stories e.g.
Simon Danczuk and estranged wife Karen and a 'claim of threats to kill' | Daily Mail Online
He was probably not Simon Danczuk either ;-)
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But Karen needs Simon to keep funding her.
For someone so judgemental, another hypocrisy. MP Simon Danczuk spends night in Spanish police cell after arrest
Think it's as much in his own interest as it is for his constituents and his party that Simon Danczuk calls it a day as an MP…
New low for Labour MP Simon Danczuk - who ends night in police cell after furious row with ex wife Karen.
Remember when Simon Danczuk was the poster boy of right-wing Labour, and a vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn?. When... https:…
.Simon Danczuk & 'Westminster paedophiles'? Did he ever actually out any? Not Cyril Smith, though he did make £££…
Time for Simon to leave British politics & it can't wait until 2020! spends two nights in police cell -
Labour MP Simon Danczuk sends inappropriate texts to 17 year old & arrested after incident with estranged wife. 🌹
Simon Danczuk should go! Sounds like he's lucky Karen not pressing charges. Rochdale deserves better than.him but byelection would be nasty
Blairite MP Simon Danczuk at it again - when is he going to be expelled from Labour?
lovely Simon Danczuk spent 2 nights in police cell after incident involving his wife, nice man
A 'row' is "you *** *slam door *walk out* This is a violent assault. He must never be again
I appeal to the Spanish police currently holding Simon Danczuk to reassure the UK government that they are never sendin…
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk arrested in Spain simon Simon {{ spank me daddy }}spamczuk nicked again
Simon Danczuk MP has spent a night in a Spanish police cell after fighting with his estranged wife while on holiday.
BBC News - MP Simon Danczuk spends two nights in Spanish police cell after arrest
MP Simon Danczuk 'did not hit wife Karen in Spain and was not drunk'.
Tomorrow's edition of The Sun refers to Simon Danczuk as a Labour MP but he currently sits as independent due to suspen…
Same paps Simon sold his police rape interview pics to.
.> its a good thing for Simon Danczuk (suspended MP) that UK Taxpayer has unlimited resources
Simon Danczuk does not believe in free speech
Another sneak-peek of what to expect on my channel. Simon's favourite, bacon vajita. 😍💃💋
Bloody Simon's coming round for his dinner. I can't let my standards slip though.
poses for cleavage selfie ahead of her son's first Communion Did sell this to the paps?
That's the message he wants you to read icelebTV his fav paps? Set up this?
A new desperate low even for the Danczuks. Flogging kids communion pics to the press. .
Pity Karen is none of those things.
'poses for cleavage selfie ahead of son's first Communion' Did flog this to the paps?
It's now so obvious just how jealous we've been of the honed physique. BAD us
What better occasion for a cleavage selfie? Karen and Simon Danczuk take a stroll in the...
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Sadly, no pies survived, she ate them all
New post: ". Karen and Simon Danczuk take a stroll to their son first Communion in Rochdale. " .
Does Karen Danczuk hold damaging information on Simon Danczuk MP ?. She seemed to suggest this in 2015 / 2010 . ?
The Danczuk's are an odious pair. If Karen was chocolate she'd eat herself & Simon unable to take a joke, resorts to grassing like a kid🙄
Lord Janner 'violated, raped and tortured' children in PARLIAMENT via 2015
This is a letter that Simon sent to a newspaper before he was an MP. Please share his outrageous hypocrisy!
What an odious, self obsessed and unaware creep simon danczuk is.
Simon Danczuk shames Labour again, this time by attempting to derail Burnham Mayoral campaign meet in Rochdale
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk new office employee is Karen Danczuk’s 'best friend'
It's been quite a year in Rochdale - Now is someone going to make a stand?
I always assumed it was a Simon Danczuk sock puppet.
ICYMI Simon Danczuk Takes The *** he's put Kazza's BFF on the public payroll. LABOUR MUST ACT
.perhaps he is on simon Danczuk MPs payroll ?
.- Simon Danczuk sacked Karen Danczuk in June 2015 - no show at work for 1 month too - HOW employ now?
Tim Hunt, Simon Danczuk, Ched Evans: martyrs in the fight against the psychotic cockless left.
John Mann. chuka umunna. Liz Kendall. Tristram hunt. Simon Danczuk. yvette cooper. Get rid of this lot from labour
Simon Danczuk ordered to pay back £11,500 in expenses he wrongly claimed
Simon Danczuk's expenses claims to be investigated by Scotland Yard
If you think you have it bad i have Simon Danczuk :D
Over in Simon Danczuk's Rochdale constituency, Chair and Secretary quit positions in local CLP
how come this was investigated by the police but Simon Danczuk isn't?
Simon Danczuk clutches at straws - will he take up the 'Andy Kelly Challenge' and STOP claiming first class on us? http…
I liked a video Simon Danczuk vs Owen Jones on welfare (02July13)
30 pieces of silver Daily Mail gave you for betraying Kevan Jones earmarked for Simon Danczuk. Welcome to his zero credibility club
Kevan Jones. Criticise on policy as much as you want. But conspire with Daily . Mail and you have same credibility as Simon Danczuk
Simon Danczuk threatens legal action over Labour suspension
Simon Danczuk denies he's writing 'Jeremy Corbyn: My Part in His Downfall'
In today's paper Brian Reade pulls no punches on the treacherous Simon Danczuk. I agree with Brian. https:…
Simon Danczuk tells Labour to remove Ken Livingstone from 'sexting' inquiry - it's everyone's problem but his ..
Simon Danczuk, Brooks Newmark, Mark Oaten, Ron Davies...why do so many MPs press the self-destruct button? My...
Shoddy stuff Protest calls on Simon Danczuk to quit as Rochdale MP after 'sex text' scandal
Simon Danczuk's first wife says he is a "dirty old man" and "disgusting pervert"
17-year-old who received messages from Simon Danczuk speaks out
Tory MP says Simon Danczuk has been 'stitched up by Corbynites' | UK Politics | News | The Independent
17-year-old who received texts from Simon Danczuk speaks out
POLITICS: Simon Danczuk calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign for “letting one of his MPs send lewd text messages to 17yr old g…
I scribbled down some thoughts Simon Danczuk and Danczuk-apologism ||
General Secretary of the Labour Party has suspended Simon Danczuk's membership after allegations he sent text messages to…
Simon Danczuk is the most unlikely celebrity swordsman since Sven Goran Eriksson. The man's got it on tap!
Labour MP Simon Danczuk suspended from party over UK newspaper allegations about his private life
Labour MP Simon Danczuk is dumped by his new girlfriend after row | Daily Mail Online Sun reader # joe anderson
Simon Danczuk and Priti Patel each cost taxpayers £500 a day on top of salary cost just over 2p. Value for money?
Simon Danczuk, Tristram Hunt, to name but too. You really need should play attention.
"Simon Danczuk should be made to wear a dress, I'm not sure why." via
Lib Dems put formal complaint about Simon Danczuk to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
The Labour Party and the Rochdale Constituency: Offload Simon Danczuk from the Labour Party - Sign ... via
Have you forgotten Liz Kendall?. And Chuka Umunna?. Ah, and what to do with Simon Danczuk?
Simon Danczuk and John Mann are the worst offenders. Mann, especially, ought to know better but he has become a rent-a-gob.
Labour rebel Simon Danczuk gives £30k job to aide who previously says he was sex pest via
Simon Danczuk told to sit down by PLP Chair John Cryer for shouting down
Geoffrey Dickens was MP for Littleborough . now Simon Danczuk is MP for Littleborough .
Simon Danczuk's refusal to make charity donation from earnings despite using campaigner's substantial material https…
Amazing how Simon Danczuk goes on about Cyril Smith, yet moved heaven & earth to get Smith's ex head of Farnell back
Jeremy Corbyn faces leadership challenge from Simon Danczuk if Labour perform badly in May's elections NO CHANCE !!
Paid Mail on Sunday hitman Simon Danczuk threatens to challenge Jeremy Corbyn's leadership & stand as stalking horse
Chuka Umunna elected to home affairs select committee by large margin against Simon Danczuk.
Calls for disciplinary action to be taken against Simon Danczuk via
no it was pushing Simon Danczuk's book for which he and Baker got £30K for its serialisation
After making the headlines following THAT kiss, following the Labour Party Conference in Brighton last week, Simon Danczuk …
"politicians like Simon Danczuk, Liz Kendall, Alan Johnson, and Jon Cruddas - people could get me on side"
did you learn Simon Danczuk & Matt Baker had no evidence to give regarding Smith?
Simon Danczuk did not expose cyril smith - & John did
Ex Rochdale leader Colin Lambert accuse Simon Danczuk of smears on Cyril Smith
BBC News - MP Simon Danczuk in legal row over Cyril Smith abuse email
Oh dear. Away from the Conference Hall (altho Simon Danczuk can't be taken seriously, surely)
Simon Danczuk meets with UKIP MP Douglas Carswell to discuss "political reform"
Alleged email 'smear' by MP Simon Danczuk against town hall boss passed to police.
Allegations of yet more foul play in Rochdale and smearing from the office of Simon Danczuk
Remember Dobbin MP did not want Simon Danczuk mate Farnell to head Rochdale Council - he died of alcohol poisoning…
Sack Richard Farnell - Simon Danczuk 's long term mate - and call an investigation into Knowl View which Coli…
John Mann and Simon Danczuk are desperate to be expelled. I hope they are just deselected. But that's inevitable. It's their own fault.
A large section of the PLP want to be expelled. John Mann, Simon Danczuk are two of the most prominent. Gary Gibbon's spy is a coward.
It's a pity Simon Danczuk is consistently making such a spectacle of himself. He was once respected. Disloyalty and spitefulness are ugly.
cant see Simon Danczuk name on commons list
What a little bundle of joy Danczuk is.
Look at that Simon Danczuk not wearing a tie, scruffy ***
Far too many people are RTing a man who thinks he's Hunter Thompson writing up Simon Danczuk's opinions for Vice:
thirty thousand quid is a lot of money. on top of what simon danczuk gets as an mp + the 175 THOUSAND he claimed
Corbyn opponents tight lipped so far on next steps. Simon Danczuk tells me he's "keeping my powder dry" as he exits hall.
Simon Danczuk said he had "nothing to say" about Corbyn's victory on Sky News yesterday. Today? A column in the MoS.
Simon Danczuk is a Labour MP? I find it hard to believe he has ever been a member of the Party. Self obsessed
Not content with writing for Mail, Simon Danczuk also ran to his mates *** Fawkes to complain Corbyn stood him up 😴
Labour MP Simon Danczuk clearly does not respect the voice of the Labour Party members
Is there any media outlet Simon Danczuk won't speak to?
Seems Simon Danczuk will say anything to get media attention. His constituents voted for a LABOUR MP-that's not what they h…
"The system doesn't work because the candidate I prefer isn't winning" Simon Danczuk's view of one member, one vote
Simon Danczuk MP is actively helping the Tories by promoting Tory arguments - that's NOT principled opposition, - that's b…
Simon Danczuk will be available for pantomime this Xmas, if he can find someone to step inside the horse's head
Simon Danczuk MP is betraying the Labour Party again. Repeating Tory whines like they could somehow be mistaken for valid points
Just in case you missed it - how much does rent a gob Simon Danczuk get from the press for mouthing off?
Simon Danczuk bravely providing one gratuitous s…
So Simon Danczuk could be on this morning talking about but couldn't be arsed voting against
Simon Danczuk bravely providing one gratuitous smear after another
Simon Danczuk calls shadow Chan of Exc potty - really? A man who marries a woman most interested in selfies of her boobies Whos' the BOOB?
Funny can't see Simon Danczuk in the list of MPs who voted against the government bill to cut tax credits
Seems today Simon Danczuk is more interested in the colour of a poppy and singing of an anthem than cuts to tax credits affecting Rochdale
unless you withdraw the whip from Simon Danczuk how can move forward with his constant attacks?
Good grief yet more attacks by Simon Danczuk of The whip must be withdrawn.
Interesting choice of Simon Danczuk who is known for his 'alternative' attitude to Labour. BBC looking for co…
I'm really sick of hearing about Simon Danczuk. He is odious.
I BET this is exactly the sort of thing we'll hear on the doorstep in 2020 if Corbyn makes it that far, scruffbag
stirred up at last night's PLP by lone voice Simon Danczuk
shame this mp Simon Danczuk wont accept leadership win intent on smearing the leader in articles in the h…
but was the embodiment of pure evil; and that about sums you up Simon Danczuk and pleasurably I don't mind publicly telling you so!
next time your doing the papers with Tory Boy, as him why his paper pays Simon Danczuk so much!
and Simon Danczuk uses it as a slur on last night!
Those running scared should have thought twice about being so gobby about staging a coup then shouldn't they ?
And the remarks by Simon Danczuk relative to hatching a coup against Jeremy Corbyn should he win, and this long before voting ever began,
Actually, Simon Danczuk, the majority of electorate back Jeremy Corbyn on keys policies...
and obviously for them they have their token Muslim in situ within their respective party - then there's Simon Danczuk, Graham Stringer
well the Tory press certainly pay Simon Danczuk handsomely too
Critics say it was misleading of Simon Danczuk to call Ed Miliband "one of the worst Labour leaders", without adding “so …
Simon Danczuk accused of funding his campaign via his Ltd company which then went bust via…
Why is Simon Danczuk, who has called for a coup if Corbyn wins, regarded as an upholder of values?
" White Flowers campaign and attended by MPs Simon Danczuk, John Mann, John Hemming and Sarah Champion.". 15th Feb.
Media coverage for Simon Danczuk: lots. Media questions about why Danczuk attended the unveiling of a plaque for Cyril Smith…
Personally I think Simon Danczuk is making a mockery of the judiciary. It seems Mr. Danczuk is the Judge of the CSA media…
Before we pronounce guilt through media without trial,lets not forget Northants investigation to Simon Danczuk claims htt…
Wld take it with a big pinch of salt, as it is coming from Simon Danczuk, who uses every opp to have a go at Ed
please build on your information of Simon Danczuk
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.please ensure that Simon Danczuk sits on NO Select Committees or on any other Parliamentary body.
Good question : here is Simon Danczuk smiling and clapping at Cyril Smith plaque unveiling .
Richard Farnell, head of Rochdale Council is Simon Danczuk 's puppet . .
Simon Danczuk & of RAW knew in 2008/9 that John Walker exposed Cyril Smith in 70s without parliamentary pr…
Simon Danczuk meets his local muslim grooming gang.
John Mann calls for Nick Clegg to Apologise to Simon Danczuk & the People of Rochdale via
Simon Danczuk: "I'm very proud of my record - exposing Cyril Smith wasn't easy, but I did it."
After Clegg's outrageous attack on Simon Danczuk today on LBC over child abuse, Sheffield must vote out this pathetic man.…
Nick Clegg has clearly not read the book Simon Danczuk wrote in which he highlights the role of Labour MP and whip Jack McC…
has Miliband said anything about I know Tom Watson, Simon Danczuk & John Mann have been amazing.
Come on Clegg, why are you giving Simon Danczuk and Tom Watson such a smooth ride?Janner's a Labour peer! Open goal. Oh wait.
Nick Clegg in pathetic attack on Simon Danczuk on LBC over Cyril Smith. Clegg should go to Rochdale and apologise in person…
Simon Danczuk hits back at Nick Clegg over Cyril Smith attack via
Son of councillor arrested at Syrian border. Are these the type Simon Danczuk is supporting? .
David Cameron shows just what an embarrassment Simon Danczuk is to the Labour Party at
If you respect Simon Danczuk for work on CSA, see nasty ignorant attack on Peter Fahy. Disruption actually important. http…
Simon Danczuk complains GM Police don't investigate rape fully. Hopefully they will do so for his wife's rape claim
MP Simon Danczuk wrote to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg urging him to investigate the Cyril Smith cover-up...
accused of applying pressure on Simon Danczuk to withhold evidence
John Man should have been on new years honours with Simon Danczuk. The establishment must truly DESPISE them. Keep going.
Are John Prescott & David Blunkett 'real people'? Simon Danczuk thinks so. I always thought they were the creations of Alistair Beaton.
This is serious -> Simon Danczuk: Child abuse inquiry is being deliberately sabotaged by Government
BBCR4 Interviewed Father of Labour's Simon Danczuk, he was voting
Bro. who makes Idi amin look like a vegetarian will sabotage every attempt to pin blame on his brother
Asked why the Government would want to sabotage the probe, UK Labour MP Simon Danczuk went on: .
Labour's Simon Danczuk is flirting with Farage, but will he answer his prayers and defect?
Simon Danczuk: is being deliberately sabotaged by UK Government
Labour MP Simon Danczuk sez he thinks the Govt is trying to sabotage the Child Abuse Inqu. Cameron thinks it's just a c…
Is the Bro. standing to be MP as or
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk on inquiry into historical sex abuse
Simon Danczuk: child abuse inquiry is being deliberately sabotaged by Government (Pic: Zenpix) ht…
MP Simon Danczuk says Prime Minister David Cameron is 'dismissive' of sex abuse allegations .
Simon Danczuk,John Hemming & Tom Watson have all campaigned for the truth into child abuse in Westminster.Big Thankyou to them.
Simon Danczuk (pictured) the MP who penned a book on the notorious Cyril Smith sex scandal, accused Scotland Yard of hiding the testimony of one boy against another Westminster VIP.
The reality is, without politicians like Tom Watson, Simon Danczuk, John Mann & Jim Hood this enquiry would never have be
Men like Simon Danczuk & John Mann MP are men before they are MP's not the other way round,
Simon Danczuk: "I was warned not to challenge Leon Brittan over paedophile dossier". MP named as Sir Edward Garnier MP.
Praise to MPs John Mann, Simon Danczuk, Zac Goldsmith and others for daring to contradict and expose the system for hypoc…
Simon Danczuk seeks amnesty for officers threatened with Official Secrets Act in child abuse investigation .
Simon Danczuk says former Conservative Solicitor General tackled before he was due to give evidence to HASC
Simon Danczuk names Sir Edward Garnier as MP who warned him "challenging Lord Brittan on child abuse would not be a wis…
Edward Garnier named as the minister who allegedly pressurised Simon Danczuk on child abuse names - YouTube
How did Edward Garnier know that Simon Danczuk was planning to name Leon Brittan of all people?
Labour MP, Simon Danczuk, tells the "more Ed" is not the answer to winning the next General Election. (1/3)
MP's child grooming report slammed as 'dangerous' by Rochdale's Simon Danczuk -
No Frank Field Dennis Skinner John Mann Kate Hoey or Simon Danczuk! Yep all the best dumped out of sight!
Simon Danczuk: our chief constable is kicking rape victims in the teeth - Manchester Evening News
Simon Danczuk and Yvette Cooper both calling for "more talk about immigration". More rudderless rightwingery pandering …
Government will drip feed VIP paedophile revelations over decades to avoid mass civil unrest | 27 July 2014 The British government plans to strictly control the release of 'establishment' paedophile revelations over a period of decades in order to avoid mass civil unrest, according to a Westminster source. It is further claimed that many cases will never be disclosed due to the severity of the offences that took place, and also the high profile status of those involved. Even politicians such as Simon Danczuk and Tom Watson, who have pushed for transparency, are all too aware of the dangers that mass disclosure may bring. A 'total disclosure event' would see citizens of the United Kingdom take to the streets in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as the extent of the crimes are revealed. The offences include the rape, torture and murder of children. When the public accept that throughout the 70's, 80's, and into the 90's, elected officials and other dignitaries in shocking numbe ...
Rotherham is not an isolated incident. Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale who helped expose the Cyril Smith...
Parliament must be recalled to debate Iraq response, says Simon Danczuk - Roc...
Simon Danczuk and six other MPs to meet Home Secretary later today following Lady Butler-Sloss' shock resignation
Simon Danczuk has claimed an institutional cover-up enabled ex Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith to abuse children
Simon Danczuk, Zac Goldsmith, Grahame Morris are you happy with today's announcement on CSA?
CSA my particular thanks to Grahame Morris, Zac Goldsmith Emma Lewell Buck and Simon Danczuk. The country needs MPs like you
Lord Brittan, then Leon Brittan, was Home Secretary in the 1980s when a file was sent to his department 'about paedophiles operating a network within and around Westminster', Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk told fellow MPs.
"Politics is the last refuge of child sex abuse deniers" - Simon Danczuk. We want the truth!
By WikiGuido Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk says former Home Sec Leon Brittan shd make public what he knew about paedophiles based in Westminster in 1980s.— North West Tonight (July 01, 2014 At the home of Leon Brittan in North Yorkshire a woman says… [ 34 more words. ]
Simon Danczuk defies House of Commons Speaker to enjoy a bacon butty at ShellyB's Cafe!
Simon Danczuk reveals VIP pedophiles will face prosecution along with those who covered up for them. Simon Danczuk MP brakes down and sobs during a BBC 4 radio interview about abused children, revealing that here is one MP British people can trust. A brave Man and an MP who really cares and will stop at nothing to get a nationwide inquiry into child sexual abuse. Following in the footsteps of Geoffrey Dickens Simon talks about Parliamentarians who have abused children. Who like Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Morrison before them are protected. Sir Leon Brittain is one of those parliamentarians who despite being known since at least 1990 as a violent sex abuser of children nothing has been done to stop him. Paedophile Leon Brittan honoured to represent Britain. When will he be jailed? Simon Danczuk and a group of cross party MP's are determined to bring the decades of cover-up to an end. They are writing to the Home Secretary Theresa May asking her to disclose the evidence. Evidence which for decades M ...
Simon Danczuk is right about treating Ukip voters with respect (he's less good at respect for 'metropolitan' vote too
Does this mean two other senior Westminster figures *and* senior Labour politician?
V IMPORTANT - not previously online - asks for reassurance that MP child abuse properly investigated
Pity didn't pick up on it before in became a .
MP Simon Danczuk tells White Dee to 'get used to leaving her street' after claims she's fronting Majorca club night
UKIP jumping on the band wagon. Nice pic of Simon Danczuk
SMILE FOR THE CAMERA reveals the double life of Liberal MP Cyril Smith - a man who hoodwinked the public for decades:
Why should make more of being in Lancashire: via
Labour MP Simon Danczuk led an adjournment debate on representation of the Kashmiri people in...
Rochdale News | News Headlines | Simon Danczuk to be called before Select Committee - Rochdale Online
Parliament, MI5 this is all way beyond my pay grade, we need more like Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk
Simon Danczuk MP meets families at Asda store via
Simon Danczuk reveals VIP pedophiles will face prosecution ...
Simon Danczuk MP meets families at Asda store
Now that's what I call ironic: to appear before Keith Vaz, former solicitor for Richmond and Islington!.
Simon Danczuk Hero of Week in Mirror columnist page 27. Well done Sir.
There have been a number of major developments over the last two weeks in Real Whitby’s ongoing investigation into paedophilism in Scarborough. These are: Yesterday it was announced that the Police have started an investigation into Sir Cyril Smith, who was a friend of Jimmy Savile and whom we have established visited Scarborough: Simon Danczuk, who did such a good job in unmasking Savile-associate and paedophile Sir Cyril Smith MP, has now indicated that he may use parliamentary privilege to unmask a former MP who is much more important than Sir Cyril Smith. We believe this man is known to Real Whitby. We are watching developments with interest Real Whitby witness ‘M’ has come forward, explicitly confirming to North Yorkshire Police Operation Hibiscus that Savile-associate Jaconelli was a paedophile who offended acting in joint enterprise with Savile, and this was known openly in Whitby and Scarborough. North Yorkshire Police have asked Real Whitby for assistance in its investigation into Jimmy ...
Simon Danczuk on Cyril Smith's visits to Elm Guest House & his links to member Peter Righton
Labour MP Simon Danczuk's devastating attack on Ed Miliband via This part needs to move from Red to Blue
Labour MP Simon Danczuk's attack on Ed Miliband via Call himself a labour MP Danczuk should RESIGN now
'Ed is wrong on immigrants, weak on welfare - and team isn't a patch on Blair's': Labour MP's devastating attack on Miliband Simon Danczuk thought Labour leader got One Nation campaign wrong Rochdale MP said party must toughen up on welfare and immigration Branded Shadow Cabinet 'one-dimensional' compared to New Labour By BRENDAN CARLIN PUBLISHED: 02:06, 23 February 2014 | UPDATED: 02:06, 23 February 2014 19 shares 2 View comments +3 Scathing: Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk took down the Labour leader's election approach Ed Miliband’s Labour leadership was ripped to shreds last night in a devastating attack by an MP from his own party. Simon Danczuk made clear he thought Mr Miliband had got it wrong on everything from immigration to his campaigns on ‘One Nation’ Britain. And he suggested Mr Miliband’s team was feeble compared to Tony Blair’s. Outspoken Mr Danczuk added that Mr Miliband’s cost-of-living campaign was now ‘at the end of its sell-by date’. The Rochdale MP added: Labour must toughe ...
Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP, warns that Ed Miliband risks losing the election if he continues to force his MPs to 'parrot vacuous political mantras' like One Nation
Labour MP Simon Danczuk versus Owen Jones on the recent changes to welfare, the length of time it takes to get unemployment payment has been increased. Recor...
Do Dan Hodges and Simon Danczuk think they'll induce some road to Damascus like conversion in Telegraph readers?
Still think Labour hasn't sold out ? Here's Mark Steel - You’re not unemployed – you lack self-reliance Back in the 1930s, millions of people were out of work because they all forgot to be self-reliant As political arguments go, this one should be entered for an award. A Labour MP, Simon Danczuk, was on daytime television defending the Government’s latest restrictions on unemployment benefit. The Independent’s Owen Jones disagreed; the MP became flustered and snapped: “I won’t take lectures from you – you come from the posh part of Stockport.” The logic is unanswerable. What right has anyone got to object to cuts in benefits, when they themselves come from Stockport’s famous playboy quarter, the Monte Carlo of Greater Manchester, where Russian oligarchs buy waterside apartments so they can lounge on their billion-pound yachts in the nearby Manchester Ship canal. Nicole Kidman is the latest star to rent a villa overlooking the salubrious M60 orbital motorway, and Lewis Hamilton is just on ...
by being nice to everyone! And criticising idealism? Isn't that what Simon Danczuk did to Owen Jones? Different ideals, mind.
CHILD ABUSE: ROCHDALE, JERSEY, WALES, IRELAND, *** The Classic Liberal politician - Sir Cyril Smith. Sir Cyril Smith "sexually abused boys" and "reduced them to quivering wrecks", an MP has claimed. Sir Cyril Smith 'sexually abused boys and reduced them to quivering wrecks', A member of the UK parliament, Simon Danczuk, has described the late Sir Cyril Smith as a "29 stone bully" who "imposed himself" on his victims whom he "humiliated and terrified". Sir Cyril, who had freemason connections, was investigated by Lancashire Police in the 1960s but no action was taken. BIG CYRIL Barry Fitton, a former resident of the Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale, told the website that when he was 15 Smith would make him strip and then Smith would smack his bare bottom. Manchester police chief Michael Todd, who died in mysterious circumstances. Mr Danczuk, referring to the recent Rochdale grooming scandal, said: "Attempts to suppress the truth are not new in Rochdale... "Young boys were humiliated, ...
Rochdale MP's call to clear crimes of sexual grooming victims IN a Parliamentary Criminal Justice System debate last week Simon Danczuk, Rochdale's MP, asked that the government quash any criminal convictions against girls who were raped in the recent sexual grooming case. He requested that crimes which were committed by the victims as a consequence of being raped be overturned. Simon Danczuk had said that a victim known as Girl 'A' during the trial at Liverpool Crown Court, smashed up a vending machine in one of the Heywood takeaways in which she had been repeatably raped. At the time she had been arrested and it was only during police questioning that she had described her sexual exploitation. Mr Danczuk explained: 'It became apparent that at least some of the victims had committed crimes that were clearly a response to the abuse that they had received - a cry for help.' He continued: 'I press the minister to review the cases in which the victims were prosecuted, and possibly revoke some of the action a ...
Simon Danczuk on why jobs should be top priority: Growing up on benefits made me desperate for work -
Dear all, I can confirm a visit to Sri Lanka is planned for next week which includes the support from the Labour Party MP Simon Danczuk and an advisor. Our intention is to meet with senior and Minister officials and understand why such delays are apparent on the case and to get commitment with timescales to a trial. Patience is running out after a lengthy 14 month wait and 3 months since the suspects were out on bail. I endeavour to keep the justice page updated during the visit to share the journey with you all and hopefully our agenda is followed through to fruition. This is a 'significant' step being taken in the campaign for justice. Once again thanks for all your support.
Fury of MP Simon Danczuk as Rochdale ‘grooming’ probe is delayed
MP Simon Danczuk claims there is "little doubt" that former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith "raped" some of his victims. Mr Danzuk said the allegations of rape had been made by people who attended Knowl View.
'Larger-than-life' Lib Dem MP Sir Cyril Smith is the latest public figure to be accused of routinely molesting young boys, with Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk set to demand an inquiry into the claims. Former residents at a boys hostel in Rochdale alleged in an investigation by PoliticsHome that they had ...
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk tells MPs young boys were 'humilitated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks' by the town's former MP, who died in 2010.
Simon Danczuk begins by asking about building houses on green belt land
Labour MP Simon Danczuk has written to Baroness Warsi calling on the Tories to honour their pledge over Asil Nadir
'Writted' Ohdear... MT Labour MP Simon Danczuk has writted to Baroness Warsi calling on ...
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