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Simon Cowell

Simon Phillip Cowell (born 7 October 1959) is an English A&R executive, television producer, entrepreneur, and television personality.

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Am I wrong to say Simon Cowell is the perfect mans
Simon Cowell and Syco are about to get destroyed piece by piece and yall better believe I'm gonna enjoy every single mom…
American Idol/X Factor guru decided it was time to improve his health after a slight scare. Electric bike...well...
I thought this was Simon Cowell from American Idol
This is like the woman that threw eggs at Simon Cowell all over again
Hey let us know when you're ready to take a real ride. ⚡🚲
Again, Limmy, you are a bad man. I really believed that for a second, just like I believed Si…
Anybody know how Simon Cowell is doing?
X Factor's Grace Davies has already been talent-scouted by Simon Cowell's company… we all ...
Simon Cowell - publicist Max Clifford, posted bail for Jonathan King, planned to go into business with Sir Phillip Green…
Simon Cowell rushed to the hospital after falling down stairs via the Android app
Simon Cowell misses first X Factor live show of new series after ‘falling down stairs’
Simon Cowell is having corrective surgery to take on the physical appearance of Mark E Smith. He's been…
Simon Cowell’s rep told me he took a bad fall in his London home. He is in the hospital
If you're buying Simon Cowell fell down the stairs on the Friday before X Factor live shows you must be on the same sh…
Video: Simon Cowell unsure if he will make live show after fall at home
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Simon Cowell rushed to hospital after an accident at his London home>not More drivel about this girlie man>>>pathetic
Simon Cowell ‘rushed to hospital’ then ‘hospital rushed him back home’ but hey lets hype it up a bit ..Cowell returns from…
For a man thats spent 100's of k on plastic surgery Simon Cowell could still pass as 1 of the Gallowgate
Simon Cowell rushed to hospital following fall.
Simon Cowell rushed to hospital after fall. Simon Cowell was rushed to a hospital in London after falling down a...
He's fine! Stop freaking out about Simon Cowell!
Simon Cowell has returned home after being rushed to hospital earlier when he fainted and fell down some stairs…
Trends for me include Catalonia declaring independence and Simon Cowell falling over
Simon Cowell was seen being loaded into an ambulance after he reportedly fainted and fell down the stairs.
Simon Cowell was at his London mansion at the time of the incident!
Simon Cowell is in hospital after falling down his stairs
Simon Cowell is stretchered out of his London home in a neck brace after falling down the stairs
Simon Cowell rushed to the hospital
Simon Cowell fell? Your walking is absolutely dreadful, Simon.
Simon Cowell has been rushed to the hospital after a “scary” accident:
Simon Cowell returns home from the hospital after a fall down the stairs.
Piers Morgan reacts to the news that Simon Cowell has fallen down stairs.
Simon Cowell has been hospitalized after a scary fall at home
Simon Cowell rushed to hospital by ambulance
Simon Cowell 'taken to hospital in neck brace' after falling down stairs
. Update: Simon Cowell gives thumbs up as he returns home after horror fall:
Simon Cowell's injuries 'not though to be serious'. Nor is his interest in actual music.
Sending our well wishes to Simon Cowell who's reported to be in hospital after falling down the stairs
I saw the news that Simon Cowell fell down the stairs at his home and now all I can picture is this. Thanks
Latest: Simon Cowell’s injuries from a fall this morning are not thought to be serious. Join us in wishing Simon a very s…
Simon Cowell rushed to hospital with dangerously swollen ego
.can you react to new song "Open Arms". theyre simon cowell's new boygroup. they sing and dance. its s o good.
Simon Cowell reportedly wearing a diamond encrusted, gold lace neck brace after his fall.
Simon Cowell in a critical condition? He's been like that since his argument with Will Young
Report: Simon Cowell taken to hospital after fall at home - A British newspaper says entertainment mogul Simon ...
''Simon Cowell kinda looks like he was made on Minecraft...''.
Reports: Simon Cowell taken to hospital after falling at his London home
The step by step guide to stairs written by Simon Cowell. Step 1. Step 3. Step 7. Floor
Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman jets back after X Factor supremo rushed…
Simon Cowell isn't sure if he'll be ready for the X Factor live show tomorrow
Simon Cowell is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Simon Cowell hospitalised after bad fall at London home
Simon Cowell returns home after reported fall down stairs .
Simon Cowell rushed to hospital after accident at X Factor mogul's house in London
Simon Cowell returns home with a thumbs up after being rushed to hospital earlier after a fall. 👍🏻👍🏻
Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne have chosen the finalists: .
“He looks like a funeral director”. Simon Cowell. Laughed so hard then!
Now that UC is in trouble,a team who comprehend poverty in Britain,such as Prince Harry, Simon Cowell & the Sultan of Brune…
can we please have Simon Cowell and paula abdul doing carpool karaoke together, what a dream that would be
I sleep well knowing I share birthdays with Vladimir Putin and Simon Cowell.
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Cheryl will be joining Simon Cowell at judges houses for this years X Factor.
I would let Gordan Ramsey and Simon Cowell tag team me
I want Simon Cowell to insult me on national tv
I then determined that it was necessary to sue Simon Cowell and ACTUALLY CALLED A LAWYER
Happy Birthday to Vladimar Putin and Simon Cowell...My Birthday in 4 days n counting! :)
Check out the new video on my channel! SIMON COWELL, PAEDOPHILIA & LOTS OF DEAD BABIES.
Simon Cowell tell me something ?. What exactly is this all about then ?
i just watched 2 videos from Simon Cowell's newest boy band ama
Isaac! Don't make me stop following you. I ❤Austin as much as Simon Cowell lol!
Jasmine gets exposed for what she is on youtube. She said she wanted to trap simon with a kid. Check i…
Simon Cowell living in tree falsivities outside my window across the street
The Unit is really turning him into simon cowell...a new side of taemin has been shown
I will be the Simon Cowell of fashion!!
I feel like Gordan Ramsay and Simon Cowell can be great friends
Stars war killing us sky cameras sliding in and out the tv box I got knockoff Simon Cowell who looks like my grandpa chuck
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Cheryl poses alongside Simon Cowell as she officially CONFIRMS her long-awaited return to the X ...:
I act like I'm on the X factor showing Simon cowell what's up
Cheryl IS returning to The X Factor this year to help Simon Cowell at Judges' Houses
I liked a video Simon Cowell's Son Eric Judging DEBUT on BGT
Highest productivity growth seems to have coincided with best music. So I blame Simon Cowell.
Simon Cowell is joined by Cheryl in a luxurious £10million mansion for Judges' Houses:
X Factor's Olly Murs 'signs up to be a coach on The Voice' - and Simon Cowell's 'not happy'
judges and playfully shade Simon Cowell: "We're all artists."
She's back! New mum Cheryl reunites with Simon Cowell for judges' houses
EXCLUSIVE star Olly Murs is the new coach on rival show - and Simon Cowell's not happy
It's official! Cheryl poses up with Simon Cowell as she helps him choose his X Factor finalists at judges' hous...
Like Simon Cowell telling vocalists they sound like jazz singers ( like it's supposed to be an insul…
Olly Murs to join The Voice — but move 'has annoyed' X Factor mentor Simon Cowell
It's official! Cheryl poses up with Simon Cowell at X Factor judges' houses:
The X Factor viewers left sobbing after Sam Black proposes to girlfriend – and blast Simon Cowell's decision ... -…
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can I add Wayne Rooney, Lewis Hamilton, Simon Cowell, Victoria Beckham to name but a few. 😬
Just realized that my recent viewing of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE caused me to mistakenly refer to Simon Cowell as Simon Callow.
John Arne Riise looks like Raoul Moat's son who wants to put all that behind him and impress Simon Cowell enough to make…
Make America great again with judges for . American Idol! . Simon Cowell & Clint Eastwood & Paula…
Simon Cowell goes barefoot as he steps out in Los Angeles with Lauren Silverman.
Simon Cowell goes BAREFOOT as he makes a trip to a gourmet c
Something's afoot here! Simon Cowell ditches his shoes during sun-soaked stroll with his stunning ...:
Simon Cowell has stroll ... via Bizarre? No, just comfortable & healthy.
When Jesy called Simon Cowell lazy, look at perrie and Leigh-Anne 💀
2 NEW boybands debuted their new song/video this week. 1st is Simon Cowell's protégé, 2nd is from Boyband series, 💪
Sinitta fuels rumours Cheryl is returning to X Factor as
Found a youtube clip of Simon Cowell dressed as a dog, impossible not to smile:)
Simon Cowell reminds me of a cute koala. I just wanna hug him idc
Gordon Ramsey is to cooking as Simon Cowell is to singing
Gonna be honest I was like Simon Cowell during a bad audition when I heard about Dark Matter
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What happened to mean Simon Cowell? Does he still do that schtick, because all these judges gushing at every performance is kind of tiring.
Watching americas got talent for the first time in a decade and Simon cowell has gotten so soft. I miss the ruthless Simon making ppl cry
.I have to Simon Cowell wow that guy deserves his own spotlight
I liked a video 38 Times Simon Cowell Was Savage as F
Strictlys Aston Merrygold to go head-to-head with X Factor boss Si
Hi guys wants to check out our music video? we are PRETTYMUCH, and we are formed by Simon Cowell.
First thing i saw was "thanks simon" and i thought he was talking about simon cowell and i was like "why are you th…
Simon Cowell and new boy band drop their debut video Take a look:
This is Simon Cowell's latest way to keep looking young - and it'll s - Sunday Mercury
Devo, 14 years Iv waited to meet No point continuing to bootcamp now
That bit on X-Factor when Simon Cowell says, 'I don't like it, I love it'.
X Factor contestant reveals what Simon Cowell is REALLY like off camera
Has anyone noticed that when Simon Cowell is judging, he flips of Tyra?
Serj Tankian laying down jams with Dean in a tribal house style, produced by Simon Cowell
That they brought down the UK music scene rather than Simon Cowell
Who else felt like Simon Cowell during a bad AI audition when you heard about losing DARK MATTER?
EXCLUSIVE Grime star Stormzy is joining as Simon Cowell brings in big changes
'There's no words you can say to thank - what he's done is the best thing for me ever!' https…
EXCLUSIVE: A very famous face is set to join the - fans are going to love this 😍
8,375 views for u David Walliams my son got 3 views with Simon Cowell puppet and go…
Grime star Stormzy set to join The X Factor as Simon Cowell brings in big changes
Simon Cowell said he and his son have the same taste. For instance, they both wear T-shirts from Baby Gap.
The X Factor results show to change as new format is 'revealed' ahead of live finals round - OK! Magazine
I take it you aren't thinking of Simon Cowell?
Seemed so much more genuine music in 70's + came from the kids to the mainstream,. Didnt need…
Tôi đã thích video What is David Walliams dying to know about Simon Cowell | Semi-Final 3 | Britain's Got
Lauren Silverman is glam while Simon Cowell looks unkempt
Did you know this about Simon Cowell?.
Simon Cowell's family life: From girlfriend Lauren Silverman to three year old son Eric, what you need to know abo…
What is Simon Cowell's net worth, how old the X Factor boss's son Eric and who's his partner Lauren Silverman? -…
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Simon Cowell reveals what he REALLY thought of Darci Lynne’s flirty puppet.
Simon Cowell: Mel B lacked sense of humour over wedding jibe.
"We haven't had a good group here since Little Mix on this show". Finally Simon Cowell isn't sleeping on our Little Le…
Taking over for Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent (At least the Son of God wouldn't wear that *** t-shirt)
Because Simon Cowell would not let me on American Idol, I would up as a dragon at Comedy Connection.
"There hasnt been a good group on here since Little Mix" -Simon Cowell. He finally said something good about them
"There hasn't been a good group on here [X Factor] since Little Mix" - Simon Cowell
What do you reckon to our new boyband??? 😂😂😂😂. and our own Simon Cowell https:…
Are we sure they don't Big the Ambassador's Bentleys? Simon Cowell -My Bentley has been bugged | Daily Mail Online
hurls water at Looked pretty staged to me, he was reading from a script in front of him . Vote at…
Her throwing her drinks on Simon Cowell has already gotten old earlier in the season.
Mel B pours water on Simon Cowell, storms off stage during 'AGT'
Mel B dumps water on Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent'
Some things, like her marriage, are no laughing matter for Mel B.
Thoughts on that Simon Cowell and Louis story.
Simon Cowell Disiram Air Minum Saat Komentari Demian Aditya It's CRAZY right now, both of them (?) Lol
Mel B sure did teach Simon Cowell a lesson Tuesday on
Mel B throws water at Simon Cowell, exits after his marriage jab on "AGT" via
Simon Cowell is no saint. Let's not forget when he ruined a friend's marriage by hooking up w/ the wife .
So, two technical issues tonight AND Mel B throwing a drink at Simon Cowell! This is what happens after an eclip…
Mel B talks spat with Simon Cowell & her emotional connection with contestant
Mel B walked off after Simon made an insulting joke and a escape artist's stunt went very wrong.
Mel B storms off AGT after Simon Cowell cracks joke at her expense ->
Mel B chucks drink at Simon Cowell and storms off AGT
[INFO]Heidi Klum: Simon Cowell Deserved to Get Drenched by Mel B on ‘America’s Got Talent’
Mel B walks off AGT stage after Simon Cowell makes insensitive joke about her wedding night on live TV.
When I say I went to a party at Simon Callow's house, everyone thinks Simon Cowell. 'People, not the X-Factor guy, the Shakespearean actor!'
An article/interview about Simon Cowell's influence on the media, The Sun and how TXF sells images and secrets
Poor Scottish exam results? Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Sir John Major, David Karp did not go to uni. Nor did Kew's MD! Success🤓
when Justin showed it off to Simon Cowell
Harry said that 'auditioning with Christopher Nolan' was more nerve wracking than performing in front of Simon Cowell.
Simon Cowell arrived to oversee his charity single today with stars inc and Roge…
possibles and probables game for selection for Ashes tomorrow. Simon Cowell and Sharon Osborne new selectors.
Simon Cowell appears and announces late entry. Alfie Boe wins. Walther goes off in huff.
Simon Cowell and Jennifer Lawrence confirmed for Walk Of Fame stars via
👏 Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lawrence and Sir Richard Branson are all getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…
I'm assuming lots of hate for Ed Sheeran? To be fair in a world where Gary Barlow and Simon Cowell exist I find it hard to dislike him much
Robbie Williams and Geri Horner join Simon Cowell for single
Very proud to see as part of the charity record from Out tomorrow .
Simon Cowell's Grenfell Tower feat charity single to be released this week!. RT!✔✔✔
Simon Cowell's Grenfell Tower charity single to be released a week after the blaze
Matt's mentioned here mate & thank you also 4 all you do as I really do feel u guys deserve…
[BREAKING] Céline is reportedly among the stars who have joined Simon Cowell's charity single for the victims of...
So there's a new show entirely based on creating a new boy band, but Simon Cowell isn't there, so there's no chance it works
Simon Cowell's told us it's incredible top artists have managed to produce a song for the Grenfell Tower fire victi…
Simon Cowell's says it's incredible his team have managed to produce a song to raise money for the Grenfell Tower f…
Simon Cowell''s single to raise funds for survivors of the fire is being released tomorrow.
The X Factor 2017 kicked off in Liverpool today - Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh
Gary being the Simon Cowell of the group? I agree and I love Simon Cowell. 💪🏻❤️ is awesome
America's Got Talent Judges, Simon Cowell and Mel B in Photos with Sosoliso plane crash...
Apparently Dan will feature on 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', the Grenfell Tower charity single ❤️ -
Simon Cowell's Tower charity single - here's EVERYTHING you need to know!
.on board for Bridge Over Troubled Water cover in aid of https:…
.and are among the stars featuring on Simon Cowell's Grenfell Tower charity single:
Simon Cowell, Nicole, Sharon & Louis arrive at the X Factor auditions in Liverpool this afternoon. Lots of pics: https…
WATCH: and more tell us about recording the charity single:
Deaf singer follows her dreams and earns a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell.
Watch: Simon Cowell tells Amanda Holden she's being replaced on in radio hoax …
Liked on YouTube: Simon Cowell pranks Amanda Holden on Call or Delete
Amanda Holden and the other Britain's Got Talent judges headed to Simon Cowell's house for cheese sandwiches…
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.and on clothing wars on BGT and what they really think of Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell confirms Liam Payne, The Who and Craig David to perform on Grenfell Tower charity song
Simon Cowell confirms Liam Payne and an array of stars will record fundraising single for victims of Grenfell Tower htt…
Simon Cowell announces HUGE star-studded line-up for Grenfell Tower fire charity single as it is revealed he ... -…
Simon Cowell has put together Liam Payne, Lily Allen, Skepta and James Arthur— for a charity cover of״Bridge Over Troubled Water'״
Beautiful photos of Sosoliso plane crash survivor, Kechi Okwuchi with Simon Cowell and Mel B
Tag yourself I'm the lady that went on America's Got Talent just to serenade Simon Cowell and brought her purse onstage
Simon Cowell to release charity single to raise £ for Grenfell Tower. Controversial but why not let out one of your empty…
Simon Cowell should just give some of his millions and a few of his houses instead of getting the poor to buy a charity single.
I'm still convinced that Simon Cowell is the closest thing to god that we have
"He has simon cowell's number n a wanted to prank call him but he wouldn't let me" 🙃
the single greatest thing Simon Cowell has done is not 1D, it's participating in Far Far Away Idol at the end of Shrek 2.
" louis tomlinson signs solo deal with Simon Cowell's " . me:
Did you hear the casting? Tom Cruise as Phil. Chris Pine as Keighly. Simon Cowell as Jim Ryan. Jackie Chan as Kojima. Epic cast.
Simon Cowell hopes to make a fundraising record for victims of Grenfell Tower disaster.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Simon Cowell to release fundraising single for Grenfell Tower victims.
it really is mind blowing how nice Simon Cowell is nowadays
Okay. I have a crush on Simon Cowell.
Simon Cowell is sorting out a charity single to help Grenfell Tower fire victims via
Don't let review of the biopic get you in an uproar. Dude is the Simon Cowell of critiquing. lol
Fundraising record for fire victims
Helping out: Simon Cowell has announced plans help victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze by donat…
Simon Cowell is working on a charity single for London tower fire survivors.
Simon Cowell Planning Charity Single For Victims Of Grenfell Tower Blaze. Simon Cowell has pledged to help the vic…
If Simon Cowell were to peel back his face on camera and expose a blue lizard person I wouldn't even bat an eye
When I say Honey. icon is back after launching her own label following Simon Cowell axe
BREAKING: Simon Cowell announces charity single to help the victims of the London fire
Simon Cowell plans fundraising record for blaze victims
Simon Cowell reveals plans to release charity single for victims of Grenfell Tower fire -
Cowell planning charity song for fire victims
Simon Cowell planning charity song for victims of Grenfell Tower fire
Simon Cowell about to follow Barry Hearn into British Basketball? now listed as partner
Main attraction: The 46-year-old judge stole the show as she stepped out with Simon Cowell, ... via
Simon Cowell still desperately needs new jeans
Geweldig dit Simon Cowell is calling this act unforgettable
Finally a great act she is the definitely the best. Simon Cowell is call... via
Simon Cowell likes to things kids and animals ..but this is adorable !!
Is it just me or does IHE sound a lot like Simon Cowell?
And then she sang 'The Living Years' and got a standing ovation from Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Simon Cowell...
Simon Cowell can’t hide his disappointment as his Golden Buzzer act fails to make final
'It left me cold' - Simon Cowell had harsh critique for David Geaney as Irish dancer misses out on final…
The final has been moved for the gig
Simon Cowell's 3-year-old son Eric tries to take over his job on 'America's Got Talent:' Watch!: via
Simon Cowell speaks out after Britain's Got Talent moves final for Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit
Simon Cowell is all kinds of daddy material
domain names
Hoko be in EVERYTHING. At least, dress like it *** Same goes to willB too. Like drop them 'Simon Cowell' white t-shirt and dress nicely
LMFAO we cheered so loud for Camila that Simon Cowell came to talk to us 😂😂😂
Simon Cowell called her "the best singer that's ever come on the stage", but Sarah Ikumu went out on tonight's https:/…
Simon Cowell's claim that a Britain's Got Talent act's commentary on equality was 'annoying' is shocking
Tell me why Simon Cowell looked like he was gonna hit the Red button for a sec😂😂
Simon Cowell fails to hide his rage as controversial child comic Ned Woodman gets through…
To pitch a phrase from a great Doc "think more Shakira than Simon Cowell" this…
When did Simon Cowell become so nice lol
Simon Cowell: "You're a better ideas person than you are a performer". Every Irish dancer who actually knows what good da…
Imagine Gordan Ramsay and Simon Cowell in a roast off
Simon Cowell out here lookin like somebody's dad
100% professional rugby players, golfers, tennis players and Simon Cowell all of ITVs game show ***
i don't keep up with america's got talent but i know this season is the best bc Simon Cowell keeps giving standing o's.
And I thought Simon Cowell was harsh in judging talent.
Simon Cowell burglary: Man guilty of stealing £1m of gems - BBC News
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Sex pest Simon Cowell has returned from Israel & brought you back a robotic throat.
I hate carrying babies in front of mom's. I feel like their Simon Cowell waiting for me to drop the kid.
I liked a video yorktown but everytime another hamilton song is mentioned simon cowell insults
Simon Cowell is so soft nowadays remember when he used to be a savage on American Idol
What are the qualifications necessary to follow Simon Cowell's career trajectory? Hoping no discernible talents but judging can earn me $95m
I liked a video Will Tsai : AGT LEAKED , Simon Cowell says the BEST magic trick on AGT history.
"You're like the Simon Cowell of candles!". -.
What happened to the Simon Cowell look alike act or did I miss it..??
BEST MAGIC IN AGT HISTORY 2017 (AMAZING MAGIC IS REAL): Simon Cowell says this is the best magic in AGT history!……
Simon Cowell & the ladies get an eyeful of David Walliams' undercrackers on tonight's Britain's Got Talent!Tune in from 8…
Simon Cowell AXES professional acts from the live finals. More:
Watch David Walliams drop his trousers in front of Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent. . No, we're not sure why. https:/…
I liked a video Best of Simon Cowell Against Mental People
I: "Do you have anything Simon Cowell gave to you?". Harry: "anxiety"
Simon Cowell axes a number of acts from Britain's Got Talent after finding out they are professionals:
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# Britain got talent was so funny tonight was David pants ment to fall down? Had me laughing all night and Simon Cowell face was priceless x
Is that the same Jonathan King who has been charged with 18 offences, whose costs were paid by Simon Cowell & who converse…
WHAT WILL SIMON COWELL DECIDE? . We're all heading to the Thomas Arms Hotel this eve to watch REVEAL together nail…
2017: Ant & Dec in shock as act SWEARS at judges in foul-mouthed rant after surprise AXE
Britain’s Got Talent 2017 OUTRAGE: David Geaney accused of STEALING act from Beyonce Find out why HERE.
Simon Cowell is a remainer. Shall we call it 1-1?
Britain's Got Talent 2017, episode 7: has the novelty finally worn off for Simon Cowell? -…
a great afternoon yesterday for 🌸So special seeing the children have a wonderful time 💞. h…
Simon Cowell and his partner Lauren Silverman at charity event 'Simon Cowell and his partner Lauren Silverman at charity event'
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman attended the Shooting Star Chase children's hospice Afternoon Tea at The Dorchest…
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman pose arm in arm for charity bash as music mogul treats families to afternoon tea… http…
thesun: 'Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman pose together as he treats families to afternoon tea at The Dorchester'
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman host the annual tea party at the Dorchester. More pics:
Casual reminder that Simon Cowell is a character in the Shrek universe.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Ice cool X Factor guru Simon Cowell does the Ice Bucket Challenge on his yacht | The Sun |Showbiz
Going on the seating arrangements I'd say Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh.
Hope Sweden don't win. Had enough of these Simon Cowell my cats just died X Factor Britains Got Talent…
That Friday Night Slot with Lawton Warren - If your Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Simon Cowell hate it then its in. Otherwise known as LOUD …
What is the one thing that Simon Cowell gave you?. "Erm… anxiety??". And that sums up Harry's experience of his ex "ment…
Harry Styles got the gift of 'anxiety' from Simon Cowell. . Cool pressie. 😥. He'd probs prefer a checked trouser.…
"I was asked to do it and the answer is no" -Simon Cowell on the return
He has some freaky lyrics, so that's a yes from me! *Simon Cowell voice*
Simon Cowell Says He Turned Down Offer to Return to (Updated with Today Show intv)
Simon Cowell turned down offer to re-join 'American Idol'
And I am not watching unless Simon Cowell is the judge
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