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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley refers to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States.

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yU+co has designed main title sequences for "Silicon Valley", "The Walking Dead", and more!
Great to see someone finally talking about the culture of lying that exists among Silicon Valley startups
Hear some of the leading names in Silicon Valley. talk about potential careers + how technology is impacting sports!.
"Excellent story and one that easily touches in some way the Silicon Valley power elite. And…" — Tom Foremski
Their base is tripartite. Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood. It's the actual Axis of Evil.
Just found out South Korea's Silicon Valley is called "Tehran Valley".
2. networks all over the San Francisco Bay Area, especially the “new Jew-money” of Silicon Valley.
“Everyone’s wearing them. Sometimes it is awkward, especially if we’re wearing the same color"
The secret to Germany’s happiness and success: Its values are the opposite of Silicon Valley’s via
The show Silicon Valley hits too close to home sometimes.
I've invented some great new app ideas. If any Silicon Valley bigwigs want to buy one or all of them, please get in touch.…
In the U.S. women make up 30 percent of the tech industry. Guess what that stat is in Lebanon...
The message to Silicon Valley and Hollywood needs to be clear. You are all going to jail for a very long time.
What happens in Silicon Valley stays in Silicon Valley.
"Bill was a great university citizen whose influence at Stanford and in Silicon Valley has been remarkable."
Having lived in Silicon Valley, the housing crisis has to be addressed. But not like this. "Zucktown".
Speaking at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival last night, after was screened.…
Silicon Valley’s $300M donation to STEM education is not what it seems - Salon
Silicon Valley: "The image of scrappy, visionary nerds inventing the future in a garage is morphing in the public ey…
I'm a VC and have invested in over 150 startups across 6 continents Ask me anything on Oct 4 at 11am…
Premier League TV rights: Simon Green backs BT to fend off Silicon Valley threat
Lagos plans silicon valley from ashes of Sabo Industrial Estate: In January this year, the…
On ‘Silicon Valley’ a picture of the ‘First Lady of the Internet’ is hanging on one of the walls. Details!
Between CSI Cyber & APB failing and Wisdom of the Crowd, the networks clearly thinks America likes Silicon Valley a lot more than it does
Silicon Valley except instead of economic disruption its disappointing erections
Billions are pouring into LA as it gears up to become the next Silicon Valley
Where software engineering jobs are growing the fastest outside of Silicon Valley...
will disrupt everything from Silicon Valley to the New York Stock Exchange.
“He’s a little bit of an unusual guy for a professional athlete”. —on . (via
You don't have to live in Silicon Valley to make it in tech — here are 7 other great options
Downtown San Jose tech lures law firm from Palo Alto as companies start to see South Bay perks - Silicon Valley Busi…
Update your maps at Navteq
These folks are an email or phone call away from Zuckerberg, former Presidents, and a whole bunch of random white men…
- I was the expert in your suit against KP re investigation. still 1 of the worst I've ever seen.
The Essential phone is the perfect phone for Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley sees rise of vocal men's right movement amid push for gender parity .
LACI is proud to help bring startup investment to LA and support build a green economy through http…
Russia election probe: Congress looks to Silicon Valley to uncover possi
Since the left is complaining that not enough is being in PR I am proposing a one off tax on Hollywood and Silicon Valley to help.
.and explore how can benefit entrepreneurs beyond Silicon Valley
Agriculture may be the next big thing in
I guess I will never fit in with my size 15.
Our new Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley will collaborate with local universities & tech start ups.…
Me: I didn't know Mountain View was so kicking?. ... it's literally the center of Silicon Valley
This is after MV approved 3.5M sf of office! The Empire State Building is 2.7M sf of office. Silicon Valley lan…
Interesting/Contrarian view on "Wall Street is no longer the future of finance. Silicon Valley is."
the next Silicon Valley is brewing in Appalachias of NC. Beautiful, no congestion, low house pricing, low taxes.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Moines International Airport lands nonstop Silicon Valley flight - …
Remember the James Bond movie where Christopher Walken and Grave Jones try to destroy Silicon Valley with a flood? They we…
Ellen Pao - Tackling Sexism in Silicon Valley with "Reset" - Extended Interview - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah...
Ellen Pao's Silicon Valley tale pulls the curtain back on an iconic, male-led VC firm She lost her gender discrimi…
We're honored to be sponsoring Ellen Pao: Resetting Silicon Valley. Come & learn how you can combat discrimination. https:/…
.discusses Silicon Valley's gender diversity issues with
.explains the degree of sexism women face in Silicon Valley.
BLM, Silicon Valley and Marxist Alt Left agreed in a meeting to turn the NFL into a marxist anti American…
Join 4 people right now at "'Silicon Valley' shows how ridiculous the new iPhone X truly is"
Binge watched "Silicon Valley " while having a root beer float from Ted Drewes. It was a good Saturday night.
Proud to be a part of such an amazing company.
Technological progress isn't synonymous with other kinds and it feels like Silicon Valley has been skating on that equation too much.
Date night. Best Onion Rings in Silicon Valley that we've found. — eating burgers at Kirk's SteakBurgers
I guess it's patriots vs liberal elites. Whether it's athletes or Hollywood or Silicon Valley.
I feel like I'm having a stroke while I read this article
lol deeply sexist Silicon Valley dudes who have no idea that they're deeply sexist
Dude, in Silicon Valley, you have to play Cricket to assimilate. Not going to engage in name calling,…
"There was no control over women hiring women" says lawyer defending male snowflakes upset women making inroads
Push for gender equality in tech? Some men say it's gone too far. They are *** like the editor who ok'ed this.
Silicon Valley visionary: The Blockchain is the Internet of money
Men might be biologically out of our Got *** minds. All this cuz you been asked to share! I want a check up... NOW
if its men's rights against HR I think HR is gonna win. sorry guys, the world has moved on.
They are all moving from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX Please catch up.
Not everyone who doesn't like/play sports is a "nerd." Besides, most of the Silicon Valley tech bros aren't nerds. They're rich and spoiled
Disturbing look into a new male separatist reactionary radicalism fomenting in Silicon Valley. by…
Get a dose of inspiration from Silicon Valley with Class V Group, IDEO, & Yelp! at today's lunch. You can still get a…
We should start a new Silicon Valley... with houses... and room to play...
Hispanic "nerds." Stop grouping the Silicon Valley tech bros/Gamergaters with your idea of "nerd" culture
There is a growing anti-woman Men's Rights movement in tech. And it needs to be crushed.
For anyone who thinks the business of Law can't be disrupted, this is getting real - via
Get 6 Free VitaTops
"The whole idea that diversity improves workplace output, it’s not scientifically decided that that's true." 🤔…
Can we reflect on how scandalous it is that Silicon Valley designers & PMs tout the addictiveness of their apps as something t…
Silicon Valley is doing that Breaking Bad thing where sympathetic characters in a morally questionable business gradually become evil.
Don't miss the Industrial meetup this coming Thursday:
This is cited as proof of discrim against WOMEN: Female gets intervu bc they "feel like they need to hire a woman"
Is there any other kind of American conservative? Even Silicon Valley Ayn Rand fanboys slip into premod…
Watching silicon valley has me programming on my free time
And the "men's movement" is where fascism starts these days.
Is there a violin tiny enough for these guys? via
Trump has started a brain drain back to India.
What are the biggest challenges of building a tech company outside of Silicon Valley? via
I regret to inform you that the fragile little boys are at it again.
Secrets of the TV writers’ room: inside Narcos, Transparent and Silicon Valley
I wish tech was as feminist as Silicon Valley MRAs think it is.
Silicon Valley Is Already Fading: What it looks like when you kill a golden goose with bad housing policy
Tech's push to teach coding isn't about kids' success – it's about cutting wages
I will not scream. Will. Not. Scream. "Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It’s Gone Too Far
and are punching well above our weight in & - Welcome to the new Silicon Valley ht…
My latest on how conservatives can break Silicon Valley's Anti-Free-Speech Monopoly
Silicon Valley to NFL & NBA: Trump is forcing all US institutions 2 publicly take sides on inclusion vs. racial division…
First there was Uber, then Uber Eats, . and now Silicon Valley has a new app... UberRapes!.
Tech proves to be a nuisance at Ben Whishaw's Silicon Valley play .
is a hope not lose our digital lives to a centristic Silicon Valley duopoly that can just push their ag…
Commission steps up fight as Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla refuses to open access.
Bourdain not a fan of Silicon Valley's Bodega vending machine idea
Silicon Valley weeps as overpriced hipster coffee maker Blue Bottle sells out to conglomerate Nestlé…
More on Blue Bottle from Chris O'Brien, Silicon Valley weeps: via
The last days of a village in China's Silicon Valley - Daily News
It has to do with CA economy. Silicon Valley is a huge reason why CA is a powerhouse.
Why is Silicon Valley fighting a sex trafficking bill?
Union power is putting pressure on Silicon Valley’s tech giants via
The next financial crisis will start in Silicon Valley via
I liked a video Broken Moral Compass of Google & Silicon Valley
Can the UK retain its status as a hub for successful businesses? Cloud adoption seems to be a driving force:
alumni announces UK Gov contract to supply day before standing up in front of 500 at Silicon Valley
Depends on which market. Agriculture is Central Valley. Silicon Valley is tech. Etc etc etc… it's d…
"how many times have I brushed off these experiences because they're not as bad as other things we've experienced?"
The food delivery guys in Hong Kong are better dressed than all Silicon Valley startups
Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun.
Lots of little quakes happening lately. There were a few up here (NorCal/Silicon Valley) last week.…
'Stay private longer' is a Silicon Valley mantra. A series of entrepreneurs want to change that.
Data Sheet—Ford Demonstrate Fealty to the Idea of Silicon Valley - Fortune
California because I am not paid silicon valley
Excited to share photo essay by capturing last days of a 'village' in China's Silicon Valley. Text by me: https:/…
.asks you to report any illegal Russian immigrants, especially with expired visas purchased illegally, maybe i…
The last days of migrant village in "Beijing's Silicon Valley"
Great profile with EU's Margarethe Vestager. Only person on earth who's calling Silicon Valley to account. ht…
Check out these 12 amazing photos of our latest state-of-the-art IBX data center - SV10 in Silicon Valley! .
Apple Park: the most incredibly designed office in history. But no daycare.
38/39 of term sheets handed out by accepted. silicon valley VCs aim for 50% - competition
In Silicon Valley, you can be *convicted* of beating your girlfriend and keep getting venture capital
What goal(s) are you passionate about? Gr8 discussions today in NYC, Silicon Valley & around the globe
"Amazon['s $14bn Whole Foods acquisition will] expand [the] Valley's surveillance...into physical space"
Entrepreneurs are exploring new ways to list companies on exchanges — and placate stock-holding Silicon Valley employees — while avoiding t…
Fintech revolution to end in destruction? 🤔.
I'm so sick of Hollywood & Silicon Valley's lectures & CA Dems trying to govern every other state. Who do th…
Libertarians of Silicon Valley are harming the world. The giants are libert…
We've all heard of Silicon Valley, is it time for Net Toon Network
The next GFC will start in Silicon Valley, not Wall Street via
Just 1 day til Imagine final event!18:30 Come meet the Dreamers and have a bee…
I still think about how matter-of-fact "a playground for the sexually monstrous" was delivered on Silicon Valley.
True wireless charging approaches. A company in the Silicon Valley has developed the first truly wireless charger.
Join us tomorrow at La Fàbrica for the final presentation of with our project.…
The view from Silicon Valley... Tired: the myth of the superhuman Founder. Wired: the myth of the superhuman AI
Nomura to spend $100 million on Silicon Valley innovation initiative. Read more: $NMR
Nearly every VC on the show is white and an a-hole but that is probably a reflection of the real Silicon Valley.
[Deadline Wed] Apply for Connect, a 2 week program in Silicon Valley to help you scale globally:
The brilliant history of how Silicon Valley became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood
(12) I'm talking about the Silicon Valley oligarchs.
“Look for a big problem, be BOLD and try to solve it.” - on founding and what it takes to succeed…
Reminds me of that one time, when PitchBook was on Silicon Valley...
Proud that was chosen as the best German startup! Meet german in Silicon Valley this week!
Punjabi guy behaves in Silicon Valley as if he's still in Dilli.
Need free rides in Silicon Valley now? Uber promo code link grants u $20 in free rides. Uber rocks. Super deal.
Good read on the emerging tensions between Silicon Valley and governments across the world
Silicon Valley is discovering that the borderlessness of the internet can cut both ways.
The view from San Francisco this past weekend. Gluon is based in Silicon Valley, USA! htt…
the political-behavior-management work of You can see him in Part II of Secrets of Silicon Valley discussing /2
and you see its effects in Manning's visit to Harvard, in the hollowing-out of Carnegie Mellon by Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley startup engineering fish to save oceans eyes Asia for expansion
Boilermaker engineers in Silicon Valley: met 100+ alumni of Purdue Engineering at reception hosted by Bill Elmore a…
Bodega backlash shows how fed up people are with Silicon Valley's hype machine - Mashable
Silicon Valley’s cryptocurrency boom: For the unwary, ICOs represent an even bigger risk, as uncertainty about how
Please send some artists to Silicon Valley
Startup wants to build tools for lawyers to speed up legal services
Navigating heavy traffic is a breeze when you have a self-driving car powered by https…
.When is speaking with you know Silicon Valley is in DC's cross hairs - regulation is coming
I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley and I am also calling a white supremacist.
The Bay Area may boast a “Live, Work, Play” lifestyle but the reality is more in line with “Commute, Work, Netflix."
NUSD leadership joined the New Member Meeting for Silicon Valley Math Initiative
"Doing Business in Silicon Valley and Beyond" panel discussions. So happy meeting my old friend, Mark Porter, bord……
TD mobile banking app earns top spot in new report from Silicon Valley-based
A great article on the blindness of Silicon Valley to its users.
"Silicon Valley is not a place it's a state of mind where people believes that ideas can change the world!". San...
can't be tone-deaf to ordinary workers or small biz concerns. Enhance value—don't destroy lives
Nirav Tolia isn't your typical Silicon Valley CEO—check it out in this exclusive chat:…
Don't suppose anyone can hook me up with an HBO password just for a few nights to catch up on Silicon Valley?
How to Fix Silicon Valley's Empathy Gap. My Op-Ed in on what doesn't get about people
Now is probably a good time to read:. -book on big tech. -on same. ht…
Startup called Bodega apologizes for upsetting everyone despite its intentions of appreciating bodegas 😒 - CNNMoney
The Silicon Valley Elites enabled and directed Jared to micro~target in this election ...…
OH Never accept candy from strangers! Never accept candy from Silicon-Valley!
Silicon Valley rides cabs free! Take 10 dollars in free rides with Lyft promo code FASTEST now. Dont walk.
Good piece on Silicon Valley's empathy gap, echoes of Detroit's rise & fall, and what could be next.
ain't no clean hands out in Silicon Valley, mine included. Gotta make a better world (unionize software titans)
"YOU DON'T GET IT" is a lousy response to an audience you are trying to get to be a customer
So many Silicon Valley startups are about dudes wanting to replicate mom: carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking,…
The fading of the tech industry’s bipartisan glow in Washington puts it at risk for tighter regulations.…
I am 1 of 100 students selected to attend the summit in Silicon Valley. Representing Yes the boy is ve…
My startup, Brodega, will build boxes dispensing pseudo-solutions to non-problems, so you no longer need to buy them from…
If the left is so diversity sensitive why are so many Silicon Valley Companies accused of sexist practices.
Marketing rockstar coming to Silicon Valley to headline TiE CMO Inflect!
Silicon Valley leaders may have helped put Trump in office. Now they're trying to help get him out:
Canada's Consul General to San Francisco (and Silicon Valley) kicks off Spotlight Awards at
Rahul Gandhi visits Tesla factory in California, and Sun Power, a solar research center, in Silicon Valley
They run the Genius Bar like a retail Silicon Valley, choosing people willing to work like 10x-ers, s…
The wake-up call has been received. in the tech world is finally becoming normalized.
How Silicon Valley is trying to turn their power toward politics:
Can Silicon Valley solve the problems Silicon Valley created?.
Looking beyond the valley - Consumer internet startups go mainstream outside of Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is obsessed with these ultra-comfy, machine-washable shoes that cost $95.
I can't take one more man pretending he invented dieting. I drank "Soylent" in college when it was called Slim-Fast. h…
"There is still an understandable fear of LSD, and it is unlikely to migrate from Silicon Valley to America's ..
This should be closer than 2028 but the Olympics being in LA/close to Silicon Valley will be cool for tech
Just a couple of days left to watch my series Secrets of Silicon Valley on - including inside Trump digital…
Potential unintended consequences of GOOG/FB/et al building the things we want.
How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality.
One of the best articles I have read in a long time. "How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality". Food for thought.
Don't agree. Public sphere forces everyone to face people you don't agree with.
“How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality” - (worth considering re: “perso…
Week ahead: Tech mobilizes on DACA | House panel looks at economy - The Hill
"Rhetorically, the tech companies gesture toward individuality ... but their worldview rolls over it." ht…
Franklin Foer: How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality.
Vox interviewed me about my book, World World Without Mind, which publishes on Tuesday.
What is the knowledge economy? -by Deborah Quazzo (Founde, Global Silicon Valley Advisors). A video…
It's time to talk about the 'B word' in Silicon Valley's housing market
"How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality" Outlook cover story by
My essay in the How Silicon Valley is destroying individuality
I already found the Verizon commercials w/ the Silicon Valley guy irritating, but new one with OBJ takes it to a new level of obnoxiousness.
Oh dear! There goes my chance to boast Rahul Gandhi brought Artificial Intelligence to Silicon Valley.
"We’re drifting toward monopoly, conformism, their machines. Perhaps it’s time we steer our course."
Franklin Foer on how Silicon Valley is threatening our humanity
“Like Donald Trump, Silicon Valley is part of the great American tradition of sham populism.” —Franklin Foer
This searing piece suggests his book out Tues on the perils of tech monopoly will be must read for all http…
Being a "millionaire" in Silicon Valley means you own a house and make lease payments on a Mazda.
If this be Neo-Luddism, then call me a Luddite. I agree w/here & it's become one of my main obsessions https:…
"How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality" (2/4)
Perspective | How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality
How's that Faustian bargain working out?
The FDA is taking a page from Silicon Valley and looking for its first 'entrepreneur in residence'…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Listened 3X to the Silicon Valley blood / Katie Price / Jacobs Ladder / Adele rant from Mondays pod - Comedy Gold!
Robin Sloan on his new book Sourdough, San Francisco culture, and a more optimistic Silicon Valley
Meditation is a growing interest of mine and a daily practice. And it's really making waves in Silicon Valley... https:/…
Hi Media Matters, let's talk about how you are in collusion with Silicon Valley to censor the entire internet:
The world’s top agricultural research institution Wageningen University & Research is in Food Valley - deliberate allusion to Silicon Valley
Meet the public-school teachers with a side gig as influencers — serving as brand ambassadors for tech companies
Rahul Gandhi to Talk About Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley All the best
I set out to write a song abt how Mario's no longer a plumber, and ended up writing about organizing video game labor and…
Unfortunately they're on a profit fast too and that definitely isn't safe.
A Silicon Valley veterinarian worries the same pseudoscience rampant in human medicine is leading pet owners astray
San Jose - Order to Cash consultant - Order to Cash Knowledge Consultant L...
When you are told Rahul Gandhi is set to address on Artifical Inteliigence in silicon valley!.
If you have 11min it's worth spending them on reading it!. “This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley”
A *** of a lot more women by percentage than any Silicon Valley startup today. We need more diversit…
This article says more about US economic policy over years ahead than anything happening at White House | |
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Food Silicon Valley...but for food" 😂😍at
Sure, if by "loser" you mean supporting my family, living where I want, & having time for art & connection 🙄 
We are seeing a wave of massive tech innovation. India has to figure out how to be a leader- and not leave it to Silicon…
I'll say is this. We see Silicon Valley protesting because they will lose part of their workforce while they…
This country was NEVER a free country plutocrats control this country with Wall Street & Silicon Valley lobbyists.
Soon Congress will ask: "Who brought Artificial Intelligence to Silicon Valley?"
NEW: Reid Hoffman is tapping his fortune + Silicon Valley rolodex to fight Trump. My profile
This man goes eight days without food ‘has never felt healthier’ via
A beautiful pink sunset sky over Silicon Valley this evening. Despite it being sunset, it was still quite hot out..…
While the is swarming with foreboding talk about a touch of something less
You are what you don't eat, as long as you monitor your vitals.
Rahul Gandhi is headed to the Silicon Valley. Apparently, the organizers said Silicon and everyone said 'Rahul Gandhi'.
Rahulji will address Silicon Valley on Artificial Intelligence🤤 North Korea cancelled attack on US; says
Reid Hoffman is using his fortune, and his Silicon Valley network, to take on Trump
Rahul Gandhi to Give Lecture on Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley - We are a research firm dedicated to ending
The controversial diet favoured by Silicon Valley execs is doing more harm than good, experts warn
Why o why does he have to travel so far to embarrass us... Dear Lord the things he is going to say 😥😥.
The Silicon Valley execs who don't eat for days: 'It's not dieting, it's biohacking'
ICOs need regulation, sure, but banning ICOs altogether is a huge gift to Silicon Valley and its resident financiers.
If Silicon Valley is hiring so many illegals over smart American youth, why not fine them for discrimination?
Rahul Gandhi will visit Silicon Valley to 'expand his thoughts about Artificial Intelligence'!. A NATURALLY STUPID will be…
Actually Silicon Valley firms wanted their CEOs to be de-stressed. Hence this session…
Lol! Clown is going to silicon valley to give speech on Artificial Intelligence 😂😂😂
Rahul Gandhi has been invited to speak on AI in light of his wide experience of managing Dr. Manmohan Singh - Silicon V…
Biohacking: Why the latest fasting diet is doing Silicon Valley execs more harm than good
"...plucked from the Silicon Valley by ANU vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt" - huh.
Silicon Valley legend Tim Draper will be at Startup Istanbul.
Silicon Valley has been humbled. But its schemes are as dangerous as for thought.
Next week, Marketplace Tech is moving to Silicon Valley with a new host and new mission.
A reminder that almost all Silicon Valley food innovation is just rebranding what women have been doing for decades.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Silicon Valley's infamous Rube Goldberg machine for juice is no more. has a new retailer:
Only the Silicon Valley would complain of sunshine when a part of the country is devastatingly underwater.
I think the Silicon Valley mindset that being a workaholic is the only path to success is for losers...
No I was a supplemental instructor and tutor at De Anza college in Silicon Valley after graduating fro…
That's nice, but he doesn't care what Silicon Valley thinks. His supporters hate brown people and don't work for Ap…
Do you know the San Jose Way to Innovation?. BBC helps to tell our story...
Fake entrepreneurs worship at the start-up altar
"Today, Silicon Valley employees celebrate their own exploitation. “9 to 5 is for the weak" 👇🏽
1/ SV misguided. Relentless pursuit of excellence requires rest. Rest not separate from good work, it's part of it.
The tide is turning on Silicon Valley folks. We even have the press on our side with this one. 😘
William Legate Being Assisted By Silicon Valley Stalking PPL? . This guy gone or has the weasel pop…
Meet one of our speaks-Cynthia Gao, global HR director, Hermes-Microvision, Inc. Look forward to meeti…
The quest to end death: What happens when peak silicon valley solutionism meets exponential science and technology?
Beyond silicon valley first off in Africa.
Silicon Valley investors have been using mice for canteen food since the 1970s.
Sellers are still expect high prices & buyers are motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to get houses.
Congrats Dr. Juan & Elena Andrade of who celebrated 50th wedding anniversary after conclusion of Silicon…
There is a Silicon Valley geek drink mixture called 'Soylent', that are fed to the alpha male coders th…
"Rank-and-file workers are buying into this madness, too.".
They need cheap labor in Silicon Valley for the dirty jobs ?
.Reid Hoffman on the economic promise of Artificial Intelligence
Silicon Valley is preparing to blast Trump if he ends protections for Dreamers
Exactly. Unless if I find some computer engineering wiz from the Silicon Valley.
It's more. San Fran consulate allows RIS to run its spies/assets in Silicon Valley. Closing it complicates…
It's 85 and the air is still at 8:30pm. Supposed to be 105 here in Silicon Valley Friday and Saturday
Tencent: Silicon Valley's next big health investor see more
The expanding brain of "Silicon Valley is terrible" hot takes, now with actual headlines:
Harvey Weinstein White House Las Vegas Richard Thaler Meryl Streep North Korea Blade Runner 2049 Puerto Rico Donald Trump President Trump World Cup Mike Pence Theresa May Columbus Day Jerry Jones Vice President Mike Pence Stephen Paddock Christopher Columbus Nobel Prize Dianne Feinstein Bob Corker President Donald Trump East Coast Weinstein Co Che Guevara Ivana Trump World Series Vietnam War Tom Petty Kim Jong Islamic State Kim Jong Un Star Trek Gulf Coast Star Wars Clean Power Plan Blade Runner Chicago Marathon San Juan John Oliver Lewis Hamilton World War Two Jason Aldean George W. Bush Melania Trump Real Estate Warner Bros Cold War Red Cross Strictly Come Dancing Aviva Premiership Stuart Lancaster Long Island Stephen Miller Ed Contributor Chris Coleman St Patrick Sebastian Vettel Michel Barnier London Film Festival Nicola Sturgeon Philip Hammond Eddie Jones Saudi Arabia Nehisi Coates Premier League Federal Reserve Wall Street Los Angeles Silicon Valley North Korean Scott Pruitt Colin Kaepernick Royal Mail Wrigley Field Stephen King Lionel Messi Mitch Trubisky Joe Maddon Jon Jay Louis Theroux Harry Potter Walt Disney World Mutual Fund American Dream Daily News Connie Hawkins Chloe Moretz Middle East American Express California Democrat Fight Song Kit Harington Manuel Miranda Hurricane Irma American Airlines Dolly Parton Trump White House Turbine Hall Tate Modern

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