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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley refers to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States.

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"Is this Windows Vista bad? It's not iPhone 4 bad, is it?" -Silicon Valley. That time your former and current employer gets referenced...
Why Jeff Bezos is a Silicon Valley "God-King" and Travis Kalanick is Not (Yet)
It's not just Amazon coming for Whole Foods – Silicon Valley is eating the world,
Democrats from Hollywood & Silicon Valley love setting millions of $$$ on fire. They could have built tons of housing in…
It's a myth that conglomerates are dead. They're now dressed up with Silicon Valley flair, says
In the century after Edison, New Jersey became the place to set up shop if you wanted to invent.
Notable: tech CEOs at the today are from Silicon Valley. Systems integrators who build …aren't. https:/…
Note: a lot of Silicon Valley innovation consists of destroying public goods and then "reinventing" them as a source for…
It owns how silicon valley's endgame is just basically recreating society as it is, just without poor people
🍍🍍 Didja see the WiFi Pineapples on HBO's Silicon Valley last night? We're celebrating with our biggest sale!
Plus, his interest in investing, and proximity to Silicon Valley (plus endorsements from winning) might…
New from Silicon Valley North: How Canada plans to become a leader in AI
This Onion joke about Silicon Valley innovation is 20 years old and still works
In silicon valley people are from all over the world working with you.. so I've just normalized hearing a…
I just watched Silicon Valley 3x02 "Two in the Box"
That was a great Silicon Valley this week
"both Silicon Valley and Dark Enlightenment are products of and devotees to internet culture" HOLY CRAP. IT'S ALL CONNECTED.
I'm in Silicon Valley again after a weekend. (@ Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport -
And 3) how many fashion labels, especially Silicon Valley labels, are able to get funding because the founder is also…
heck Firefox dared reminding me I need to catch up with Silicon Valley
Is the UK tech sector hall of failures any different to Silicon Valley?
My (understated) thoughts on today's WH tech mtg: "I think a lot of people are discouraged, to say the least..."
Silicon Valley startups, the Federal Government grapples with technical debt – but on a massive scale.  Rea…
Long overdue & testament to clout of Silicon Valley that they haven't been pushed earlier to crackdown on extremism
Thing is is that WH/Silicon Valley folks have no idea what it's like choosing between a gallon of gasoline or gallon of milk
To celebrate the feature on Silicon Valley S04E09 we've got a HakShop sale!. Get 15% off with code SILICONVALLEY.
Box plot of VC investments made in Silicon Valley
Opinion: Silicon Valley monopolies should be broken up, like railroads, telephones and utilities were before
Ex-Cisco folks are kinda running Silicon Valley Marketing...and Digital too! Version 2.0 by
The neo-fascist philosophy that underpins both the alt-right and Silicon Valley technophiles
This is closer than Silicon Valley to being a meritocracy. The military does actually have black people which is an improvement…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The dark world of bro-culture, sexual harassment, and power in Silicon Valley -
These Silicon Valley Investors Are Looking to India for the Next Wave of Hot Startups…
5 things Trump must discuss in meeting with Silicon Valley leaders to ensure US tech success http…
Those who control the peoples wisdom control the people and now our wisdom filters through the silicon valley
Stop everything! Silicon Valley just invented... the bus.
But really there is no solution to Silicon Valley, because capitalism is going to kill us all.
At HQ for another round of everyone's favorite Silicon Valley game: "Try finding anything in your sprawling corpor…
I am really into these Silicon Valley types who are rediscovering arcane technologies like "the bus" and "the train."
I've just watched episode S04E09 of Silicon Valley!
A Silicon Valley congressman takes on the Amazon-Whole Foods merger, by
Silicon Valley innovators are really just trying to recreate public services behind a paywall to cater to white flight.
"What if normal public services and utilities were owned by me?" - Silicon Valley tech visionaries
silicon valley would be a different place if the thinkfluencing CEOs had ever taken a bus, even just one time
Predominantly - talent acquisition and development in the Silicon Valley. I'm also a college graduate. ✊🏻
"College educated single women should move to Silicon Valley. Oh, will the dates be ENJOYABLE? No idea."
California is hilarious because they're out here naming places silver lake and echo park and Silicon Valley like tf is that??
He is one of the first investors in Skype, Hotmail and Tesla. Silicon Valley legend Tim Draper will be at
BTW Vinod Khosla and Pradeep Sindhu of Silicon Valley fame too are Army kids
Institute for Supply Mgt. of Silicon Valley's Jun 14 Newsletter featuring “Sharing Cities: Using Urban Data to..."
And Hollywood, all the leftist Silicon Valley tech C…
They are now selling a bench position for anyone who wants a ring in Silicon Valley - kind of like a s…
I've just watched episode S03E06 of Silicon Valley!
Al of Silicon Valley is in with the dems/Libs. And their brand on "equality" is only an inconsis…
Silicon Valley is in midseason form and thank god bc Veep is truly awful this season.
New players rise in top employer rankings
Who needs Silicon Valley? This startup just used Ethereum to raise $150 million in three hours.
He not only wants to take Silicon Valley by storm, he wants to become president of his country.
The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools - great piece by .
I can't wait for them to finish that next time I'm in Silicon Valley Ima give one of them nerds a wedgie to finish up.
Pioneering thinkers + tech change makers, home state of NJ is poised again be a center of innovation.
Update your maps at Navteq
Uber isn't alone w/ a toxic culture. The ? is, how to solve. Why Uber's problems are Silicon Valley's problems
Join at the Silicon Valley Summit today for insights on the future of AI in cybersecurity:
Join us Wed for HwM SF at for foreign in
Proud to announce Pied Piper (as an Azure customer (Azure dashboard from last night's episode…
Silicon Valley is an incredible show.
The are a perfect representation of Silicon Valley readDanwrite ……
I favor insights on "different variations" of Silicon Valley above on same topic.
The are a perfect representation of Silicon Valley
...the essence of Silicon Valley is just an attitude, and it's portable. "The most important thing to start with is…
"Many in LATAM think of the way we think of Silicon Valley. We should build on that"
How Silicon Valley found its favorite team: the NBA champion Golden State Warriors - Business Insider
This man actually made millions in Silicon Valley after his rap career.
The Silicon Valley Organization/SVO & STRIVE SJ @ the Rotunda where over 120 ESUHSD students are interviewing for s…
Making silent moves in the Silicon Valley 💰💰💰💰
Is Boston the best place to build a startup outside of Silicon Valley?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Thanks to Katie Chang for this weekend list of to-do's, right here in the Silicon Valley! . There’s More Than...
Also: Potcoin sending Rodman to North Korea sounds like an Erlich-Bachman-centric Silicon Valley plotline.
Just visited the filming location for Erlich Bachman’s Hacker Hostel in Silicon Valley.
Tech investor Dave McClure explains what cities must do to compete with Silicon Valley - CNBC via
The maker of Silicon Valley's iconic desk chair is building a new kind of smart desk
The winner of the takeover's about a Silicon Valley genius/criminal hiding in plain sigh…
The truth of HBO's "Silicon Valley" perfectly skewering the VR unicorn
Let's hope this leads both to changes and also pushes the rest of Silicon Valley to confront these issues
Want to succeed in Try not to be a woman… | John Naughton
Congrats Palo Alto Hsg Corp and on 67 new units of affordable housing in Mountain View!
Last couple of lines in this week's Silicon Valley is the funniest ending to a TV episode I've seen in a long time. Perfect.
"The Golden State Warriors are a perfect representation of Silicon Valley"
See who is boosting their cybersecurity, Silicon Valley and venture capital ranks - Phoenix Business Journal
Is there anyone alive who believes Silicon Valley really needed this win? This is equivalent to Yankee/Wall Street' pre-2008 dominance
The maker of Silicon Valley's iconic desk chair wants to track when you're at your desk
Valpak Seeks New Franchise Owners in San Francisco and Silicon Valley: In addition, as one…
V R so stoked that Haley Joel Osment was on Silicon Valley!
Haley Joel Osment has been great on Silicon Valley. Love him.
Interview: Haley Joel Osment on his oblivious Silicon Valley character and huge beard
Get trapped in Haley Joel Osment's Keenan Vortex via my Silicon Valley recap. You will do what HJO says!
Haley Joel Osment's arrival in Silicon Valley makes me very happy.
Team Bigfoot rides again! We were thrilled to support the Tour de Cure - Silicon Valley today to support American...
Team SAP 2017 Tour de Cure Napa! - June 11th is the Tour de Cure for diabetes in Silicon Valley.  It is the 9th... https…
This Combination of Coffee, Oil and Ghee is Driving the Silicon Valley
Want to create the next iPhone or Uber? Start reading great literature
The time has come for Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO Emmett D. Carson and the others on the foundation's...
Women Engineers On the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley - WIRED via
How Silicon Valley brought haute cuisine to the office canteen.
Washington D.C. scumbags are invading Silicon Valley via
What do and drones have in common? Check out the deep dive at and be in the know:
What if YCombinator can scale? Imagine no more. “Venture capitalists like to say there’s only a few good new...
Okay! All I would like from Brown is consistency. So governor, take your new nation with Silicon Va…
Trumps presidency is like the Bighead storyline in Silicon Valley but millions of people might die.
Are you signed up for the FIFA World Cup Hackers meetup? Looks like a good time:
1 - I’ve invited to visit Silicon Valley.
At the Silicon Valley Forum Visionary Awards with so many. Megan Smith, Steve Jurvetson, Neri Oman, Linda...
We've got something special going on here. Looks at our rising tech hub & rapidly diversifying economy. http…
My book Silicon Valley for Foreigners is now available on Paperback at Amazon. . Also on K…
Michelle Obama to Silicon Valley: Make room for women in tech
For Fans: In June 2012 you could buy the average Palo Alto home for 206,149 BTC. June 2017, just 892 BTC.
Silicon Valley is the best comedy on TV. If you say other wise I'm afraid your wrong.
Guess which metro ranks with Silicon Valley as a top tech hub? - KC! Love it! via
I didn't know you watched Black Mirror. This and Silicon Valley? You just keep getting better and bette…
Sex discrimination lawsuits are piling up in Silicon Valley—and there's no end in sight.
A growing number of Silicon Valley bigwigs are fasting for days to lose weight
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
It's like Silicon Valley minus the technical skill
She continued "but please let Silicon Valley silence your voice to push my agenda."
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Silicon Valley!
The average home price in Palo Alto has risen 84.6% since June 2012. $AAPL has risen 84.5% over the same period.
How can raise from when located outside Silicon Valley?
I don't even agree with that.. Bankrupt happens to almost all successful businessmen at some point. Sil…
In Silicon Valley, power industry is next target for disruption vía
How ingrained is sexism in Silicon Valley? Ask the women trying to get funding
"Automakers Race to Get Ahead of Silicon Valley on Car-Sharing" by NICK WINGFIELD via NYT
How the Golden State Warriors tap Silicon Valley tech for that extra edge
"Marketing geniuses from Silicon Valley want us to believe the ad-hoc sale of labour is a utopian paradise" via
Silicon Valley venture capital firm has topped up its fourth India-focused fund
If technology can mold us, and technologists shape that technology, we should demand some level of ethics training https…
My boyf practically begged me to watch Silicon Valley so now I'm downloading it. Let me see what the fuss is all about.
OK take all $$ , no more to DC/Hollywood/Silicon Valley/ NBA/NFL/MLB etc, distribute equally to all citizens free ed & Med ?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The TowCenter found social media, tech companies are having a never-before-seen effect on journalism:
T.J. Miller on exiting "This just felt like an organic ending":
Your competition isn’t beating you because they are working more hours than you. It's bc they are working smarter.
Silicon Valley vs. world? One entrepreneur plans to bring new American dream to town near you
Like HBO's Silicon Valley? Check out our ep we did on Seasons 1 & 2
I've just watched episode S04E06 of Silicon Valley!
The fetishization of hours clocked in the office is a controversial debate in the tech industry
The 1st world debate continues *reads this on weekend* Gospel of Hard Work, Acc to Silicon Valley via
If kicks in $10k in final hours of our then I will send to Mars on in 2043
Matchmaker Dating Service for Busy Professionals in Silicon Valley & San Francisco, CA: via
You are a fool - if Gore, Hollywood , Gates, Silicon Valley belie…
America appears to be pulling back on cleantech innovation when it can least afford to do so
Congrats to - seems current GOP policies r sending some of our brightest north.
"tech companies should be held to the same standards as other manufacturers." Excellent ode to
"Had to take some time off before I could crush it at 100% and resumed crushing it full time" Silicon Valley is so funny 😂
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
50 Years — The new Silicon Valley VC that wants to save the world AND make money
The best thing you can do in the early years of your career is learn how to get a lot done in a reasonable workweek.
Introducing the all new Gourmet Rustlers BBQ Burger, an innovation so revolutionary, Silicon Valley is trembling. What…
There's no room for that sort of attitude in this business. Just because you're new and bring i…
Canada's industry is luring workers north to help fill the 200K jobs it expects to add by 2020
Hm, dont think so, cant ignore 350m people, silicon valley Google Apple MS.not to menti…
Canada tech industry luring workers north in wake of Trump
Largest insurance firms pouring into Silicon Valley. http…
Farewell Walt Mossberg His pioneering journalism held the industry to same standards as other manufacturing sectors
THIS is Silicon Valley. Step change vs microchange (aka Apple Earbuds). Brand new. Thoughtful.
Silicon Valley has found itself at least preparing for the notion that it mispriced its darling. Uber could be the next MySpace.
Silicon Valley’s basic income fans should spare a minute to defend the actual safety net
The urban policy magazine that looks like New York, thinks like Houston and works like Silicon Valley. Don't miss an updat…
Israel’s tech startups are giving Silicon Valley a run for its money:
I just want to move to Silicon Valley already.
It looks like S4 E03 of Silicon Valley's stream is being replaced by John Oliver's LWT. Fix plox?
Canada calling: tech industry lures workers north in wake of Trump. Thanks and enabling
The rise of the gig economy that's come out of Silicon Valley should suggest that their moti…
Fascinating history of how Silicon Valley became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood
How Silicon Valley's attempt to disrupt grilled cheese got burnt:
"I'm a beer guy, and Michigan is a beer state." Dug Song changed how Silicon Valley sees Michigan:
Silicon Valley properly is Santa Clara Valley. It's just metastasizing...
Silicon Valley startup to add crime-fighting car to robocop lineup...
Money in America: Three lives, three jobs, but the same worries in Silicon Valley...
Want to live like royalty in Silicon Valley? Here's a castle on the market for $9 million
12:07am Systematic (feat. Nas) by DJ Shadow from Silicon Valley: Music From the HBO Original Series
DiEM25 Internet of People launch in Berlin (video)With apologies to Audre Lorde, Silicon Valley …
That is the secret weapon of nearly all big Silicon Valley companies. And it is one I can't imagine Wall Street ever duplicating.
Took this whole week off to marathon Silicon Valley. That TJ Miller guy...can't wait to see him in future seasons!
I'm really bummed TJ Miller is leaving Silicon Valley :(
TJ Miller not returning to Silicon Valley has me like
T.J. Miller won’t be returning for the next season of Silicon Valley. via
How will Silicon Valley move on now that T.J. Miller is officially leaving?
Sad! 😢RT Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller will not be returning for season 5
Boy, I had a great TJ Miller quote I was shopping around re: Silicon Valley that hinted at him leaving that no one jumped on. Shame.
wow TJ Miller exiting Silicon Valley guess his head got too big after nabbing the LEAD in Sony pictures release THE EMOJI MOVIE
Meh, that's a bummer. Silicon Valley won't have Erlich Bachman in Season 5
Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money
Serena Williams’ first move in Silicon Valley is asking about the pay gap
I liked a video Vivi in the Valley 05 - A Tibetan Buddhist's Innovation Journey to Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street, in one paragraph.
Serena Williams joins board of Silicon Valley firm SurveyMonkey
New post: "Serena Williams accepts a new challenge — in Silicon Valley"
Serena Williams takes on new challenge in Silicon Valley
Serena Williams has a new gig in Silicon Valley
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Silicon Valley companies top list of hottest employers - here's what they're hiring for
Handmaid's tale and American Gods among the new ones. Rest are current seasons of Better call saul, Silicon Valley, Fargo
Study noted PGH has assets needed to become next Silicon Valley including https:…
Silicon Valley is getting interested in healthcare — here's why that could be a good thing.
Silicon Valley is immensely satisfying to watch. Thank you for such a great show!
Capping off Day 1 of the trip with pitches to Silicon Valley executives and NYU alumni.
A popular idea in Silicon Valley is “Done is better than perfect.
I really want to know if Big Head on Silicon Valley is based off a real person. He has to be, right?
I've just watched episode S04E04 of Silicon Valley!
Her educational background beats a bunch of Billion…
Silicon Valley: We need affordable housing. Next Door: How about servants' quarters, but for the entire city?
Somewhere in Silicon Valley, marketing directors are trying to figure out how to add 1,000 ride-share drivers before CMAFEST and SC Finals.
Ford names Hackett as CEO to tackle car rivals, Silicon Valley
.on PGH's potential: If we don't become the "Silicon Valley of health, then we did something wrong."
What the world needs most desperately right now... is an ethical technology company to emerge out of Silicon Valley.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Really cool word cloud analysis of startup descriptions in SF versus Silicon Valley.
Silicon Valley is no longer for talent says huge global report .
"is the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience."
Why Silicon Valley is all incorrect about Amazon’s Echo Show
Europe isn't the new Silicon Valley. It's better
Will Occupy Silicon Valley be the sequel to Occupy Wall Street? via
To catch regulators up to Silicon Valley speed, the FDA is creating a new unit dedicated strictly to digital health
So my piece won "Best In Show". "Heart to Heart" for American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter…
HBO’s Silicon Valley perfectly skewers the industry’s lust to live forever .
HBO’s Silicon Valley addresses the dark underbelly of artificial intel...
India’s Silicon Valley offers the cheapest engineers, but the quality of their talent is another story
Here's why today's Supreme Court ruling on patent litigation could push more cases to Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley could easily pay for single payer
My Top 3 comedy shows of all time:. 3. HIMYM. 2. Silicon Valley. 1. The Philippine government system
Best city for small business in America is not in Silicon Valley -
Order Miche Bag Online!
"InstaHeads become Combin". *has flashbacks to the wired video where the silicon valley cast make fun of startup na…
Adelanto wants to be the 'Silicon Valley of medical marijuana'. 🤣🤑🌿🍃 As California moves toward issuing permits...
@ start off business delegation "Smart business solutions to combat climate change" San Francisco, Silico…
The hotdog identifying app in HBO's Silicon Valley is real — and it's pure gold
"Silicon Valley is coming, but it's not that one. See The FR
Featured in this week's column: Somewear's tiny satellite hotspot and the Not Hotdog app from HBO's "Silicon Valley." ht…
Here's why some Silicon Valley tech leaders want everyone to get free money:
Ford shuffles executive ranks in its race to take on Silicon Valley - Washington Post - Motor Company on Mond...
Europe isn’t the new Silicon Valley. It’s better: The World Economic Forum just published a fascinating article…
When you watch on after the new ep of Silicon Valley, "she def has a blood boy..." happy bday Cher.
Just another reason I'm happy to have moved back to SoCal. Silicon Valley is going to crash and burn (except for the big companies) soon.
This college sends the most graduates to top Silicon Valley companies. Can you guess it?
Check. Hedge funds that bet on Silicon Valley are crushing it via
What Fashion can Learn from Music and Silicon Valley | Ian Rogers | via
A study of Silicon Valley firms by the Altimeter Group found that employees won't use collaboration tech unless execs use it first.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Silicon Valley has idolized Steve Jobs for decades—and it’s finally paying the price via
Kevin Rose: It’s a myth that startups need to be in Silicon Valley via Bryan Clark
How the mighty have fallen. Some of the smartest guys I met in Silicon Valley worked at Cisco.
Google is the latest Silicon Valley company to announce an effort to boost American jobs.
I have strong feelings on Silicon Valley. They're too whiney.
Raise your hand if during the last episode of Silicon Valley you wanted to scream at Erlich to use Mechanical Turk to scrape.
Its crazy that Silicon Valley isn't mentioned once in this article...
College football conferences hope the likes of Amazon and Google will get involved in bidding for rights.
This week I started The Carmichael Show, Parks and Recreation, and the third season of Silicon Valley. I feel so accomplished.
6 places to move your startup not named Silicon Valley.
Brave defense of Juicebro by Scott Alexander. But his conclusion is off; when Silicon Valley screws up, we get Trump
He also loves "NJ was Silicon Valley before there was a Silicon Valley." 1/
Searching for number 12 of Imagine . Open Applications until May 21th:
Odd that the first justice dem is silicon valley's dream candidate. He ran as a…
Cablefax critic opines on mother's day special and Season 4 of
Cryonic freezing is the coolest employee perk in Silicon Valley — literally - by RO Water……
Silicon Valley should be released as an entire season. An episode seems too short and also, always ends on a cliffhanger.
Do you really expect Silicon Valley to donate 27$? That's what the…
Can Tech help California with our water scarcity problem? Sure, why not! Silicon Valley to the rescue:
In Silicon Valley, every day is take your dog to work day.
"Seattle and Silicon Valley are joined at the hip" says the Economist. Hope Seattle stays smaller AND tech-forward! https:…
"Sovereign investors hunt for "unicorns" in Silicon Valley - Reuters" . LONDON Sovereign investors are sinking mor…
Apply for one of 8 Stanford Africa MBA Fellowships. Complete your MBA in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Oh ya know, just navigating Silicon Valley by myself over here. No big deal 😯
Why Chicago? was interviewed about living the Silicon Valley dream outside of the Valley. He expands:
This is interesting on Silicon Valley via
I've just watched episode S04E03 of Silicon Valley!
Silicon Valley is the only place in the world where the fear of missing out is greater than the fear of being wrong
What a French tech delegation shared and learned in Silicon Valley: by
Op-Ed: Getting rid of Wall Street 'wolfism' in Silicon Valley
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
hello mariana I have a technology that would put silicon valley out of business how open are they to reworking their present model
An incredible panel discussing how we can collectively achieve our affordable housing goals in the Silicon Valley.…
Author Scott Hartley believes society puts a false dichotomy between and the https:…
Clinton accused of aiding Moscow ops with push for 'Russian Silicon Valley' |
But silicon valley booj aligning neatly with fash to be expected I guess
This is a perceptive and compelling argument. The private sector has shown the seeds of its eventual destruction. http…
Silicon valley: A place where you get a Tesla for your Uber pool.
“Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Amazon’s Echo Show” by
I wrote about Juicero, innovation, and how capitalism likes to cannibalize itself.
here is the backlash to the juicero backlash Take you were waiting for via
Silicon Valley execs love open-floor offices, but you know who doesn't love them? The employees who toil in them. https…
Episode 21 is here! "Why We Need More Historians in the Silicon Valley"
You just compared Peyton Manning to Colin Kaepernick. Stop, Mike. The Silicon Valley money ain't worth it.
The characters of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ are inspired by real people in the tech world — here they are…
There are half a million computing jobs open in the US, and 91% of them are outside Silicon Valley. (h/t
Isn’t this one of the lessons from the Silicon Valley overseas financial shenanigans? cc
This Guardian article surprised me, that ending statement oooh boy.
Carmakers in Detroit are going all-in to lure tech's top minds away from Silicon Valley
Lexington: a Silicon Valley for and innovation?
Silicon Valley should learn from Amazon’s homeless shelter
LA has more tech jobs than Silicon Valley? Hello, Silicon Beach. w/
Our economy would be in the septic tank without Silicon Valley.
Thomas Middleditch ('Silicon Valley') on how 'tightly wound' Richard has 'abandoned' his…
'Silicon Valley' is not necessarily 'retro' you ***
Silicon Valley think tank assisting initiative | via
Silicon Valley think tank assisting initiative
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