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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley refers to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States.

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Opposition to Trump unites Silicon Valley's white- and blue-collar workers via
I’m a guest June in Silicon Valley. Comics, Music, Comedy and more…
"All cares about is pushing an agenda, that's all Silicon Valley cares about is pushing an agenda."~h…
Silicon Valley techies are fleeing to the Beehive State. Here's why:
Silicon Valley on the sea, or floating Preppers? .
Silicon valley's alt-right jam packed with self-pitying but still totally superior white guys.
yeah Miss Ginger likes flashing her behind on camera during interviews on skype calls with CEOs in Silicon Valley
is coming for you! Join customers, experts, leaders, and peers at the June event. Get passes here
Gender diversity in Silicon Valley: Women’s gains in top ranks in past two decades
There is a business club at Stanford and law firms in Silicon Valley pay them money to have access to the students.
The only "meal" I've had today was that bulletproof coffee and I completely understand why most of Silicon Valley is retarded
Anti-Defamation League to launch center to combat cyberhate
Trump’s promise to repair crumbling roads, bridges and railways is off to a terrible start
Obama takes the shadow presidency to Silicon Valley - Daily Mail
The more South Asians take over management jobs in Silicon Valley, the more tech becomes rape to show domination over Whites.
Is Donald Trump the first Silicon Valley president? asks (And what does that tell us about tech?)
You're up next on the global event tour! Get early bird ticket pricing through 3/30 and join us!…
Silicon Valley is having a meltdown because it can't use Uber and Lyft at SXSW
New post (Video: How startups can thrive outside Silicon Valley) has been published on TechNewsInsiders -…
Okta files to go public, setting up an exit for some of Silicon Valley's…
'We didn’t lose control of our personal data; it was stolen from us by Silicon Valley, by people farmers' says https:…
Startup workers see sexual harassment on 'breathtaking' scale in Silicon Valley
One beautiful thing about the Silicon Valley culture is that so many meetings end with "How can I help?"
Why women in tech are tempted to leave Silicon Valley for Norway
Silicon Valley startups aim to make big data capture and prep slicker
Corporate Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley by Country> > > &
ADL, an organization that aims to crack down on hate against minority groups, is set to open a Silicon Valley center.
"You’re just as likely to find a genius idea in Guatemala or Nairobi as you are in Silicon Valley or New York."
Silicon Valley can kiss both sides of my ***
I liked a video from Silicon Valley angered by Donald Trump's policies
Meet Silicon Valley's secretive alt-right followers via
This Tuesday is the FilmTech meetup. Don't miss it:
I liked a video from Destiny Implies Mexican Immigrants Run Silicon Valley
.newly approved HQ are the perfect metaphor for Silicon Valley
I should be in Silicon Valley RIGHT NOW, contributing to the elimination of the human species. The Tinder boost feature is what set me off.
It's as easy as watching a video for cash! Easy $ coming your way for filling out surveys online! Valley
Got Term Life insurance? Got Enough? Get the Fastest Term quotes in Silicon Valley!
First Thai VC in Silicon Valley brings frontier technology to SEA, set to solve macroeconomic challenges
There will be no privacy. In the next 10 years there will not be a place on the planet where you can hide.
I will be at the with the of Silicon Valley this weekend. Hope to see you there!!
Homeless camps extend for miles along river beds and creeks in Silicon Valley. 200 camps in San Jose alone…
The frontier: wherever product-market fit between *** Sapiens and the universe is happening. For the moment, that's still Silicon…
After 40 minutes in an upscale Silicon Valley bar I can tell you; the future is mescal. Apparently. Belligerently. Obviously.
Keshav Tadimeti: LA's Silicon Beach must complement Silicon Valley, not replace it: The…
The epidemic of is far from over... Silicon Valley JCC evacuated after >
Will litigation pop the self-driving car bubble in Silicon Valley? via
“I can’t think of a more rewarding occupation.” –Intel’s on engineering
Trying to be the next Silicon Valley is futile. But the next Austin? Now that's doable. in
Benioff: Incred profile of Silicon Valley guru larrybrilliant on NewsHour tonight! BabaR…
How to Build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to Create Mini-Silicon Valleys: the Israeli……
Companies flock to Silicon Valley to develop their technology and tap its sought-after talent pool. via
In Silicon Valley, at least, building trades and yard workers use smart phones effectively to update clients.
Silicon Valley marketers share advice for start-ups
Incred profile of Silicon Valley guru on tonight!
This Finnish triathlete conquered Silicon Valley — his new startup is reversing Diabetes with low carbs and hi-tech.
In search of automated car talent, Didi Chuxing opens up shop in Silicon Valley
Moral & legal barriers to working with Assange, who has long been a divisive figure in Silicon Valley. via
Young, diverse crowd at immigration symposium to hear set table for talk of Trump's "vision" and what it means fo…
: Scepticism as Julian Assange offers to help Silicon Valley fight CIA hacking Amid accusations that it …
The price Asian venture capitalists pay to work in Silicon Valley
Lifestyle Independent- all the way from Silicon Valley- A new way of Audio and Video in your hand-
I understand that team hierarchy but didn't get welcomed into silicon valley which means I can behave anyhow. Nothing shows I am part team
Standing room only at tonight's Silicon Valley Symposium! TY + for ma…
Silicon Valley didn't step up this week. Thanks sarahcuda, just bought my Pando membership …
An incredible must-read article re the horrible, ridiculous sexism of silicon valley, uber, etc. Plus a link to one of the worst vids ever.…
Promo for cabs free Silicon Valley? U got a free ride credit from Lyft w the GUESTS ride credit code. Super coup.
Scraping by on six figures? Tech workers feel poor in Silicon Valley's wealth bubble
Silicon Valley Immigration Symposium: shares his story. . /cc
Silicon Valley being part of the solution. For every we need an and
How China’s Airbnb copycats beat the Silicon Valley titan at its own game | South China Morning Post
When bands in Silicon Valley advertise to recruit new band members, do their ads call for rock star rock stars?
Tech companies (still) against Trump's (new) travel ban - CNET Here's what Silicon Valley is saying about...
why the f*** should federal $$$ fund Caltrain upgrade? Silicon Valley USES it, Silicon Valley should PAY for it!
Seems even China isn't immune to the "Silicon Valley but for x" syndrome plaguing growing startups hubs.
Jack Black is living out his car in Silicon Valley.
"i work in Silicon Valley. Elon musk told me about the 12 dimension simulation we live in. What do you want to know?"
“1st Gen Americans & their families power the innovation economy, & that economy powers the nation.”
Take a look at the striking design of Google's new California development
Will impact more than Silicon Valley. Most, perhaps all, corporate IT departments can't function without H-1Bs.
Only in Silicon Valley: Private school gets tip about Snapchat 5 years ago, invests $15K, cashes in on $24 million https:…
Silicon Valley, meet public health -- thoughtful piece by
they just started showing up at silicon valley businesses 'just checking' on status, job function and title. As…
From Silicon Valley to Sydney: could we see a brain gain in tech? via
Trudeau's plan to lure Silicon Valley investors to Canada
how much you wanna bet half the nerds in silicon valley are using the first digits of Pi as their iphone passcode
1/2 I still remember the early 2000 tech issue of Time magazine in Silicon valley.Photographs of people working from garage, many immigrants
Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley is a handsome Devil.
had been organized by Sarah Kendzior. LCE's politics were basically Silicon Valley anarcho-capitalism wrapped up in "le…
I was hoping to coast on my *** as one of the Silicon Valley technocracy
Learn how Silicon Valley monetizes social media, and you might just make it there
Silicon Valley could easily train people to an appropriate skill level if they wanted.
African startups to take on Silicon Valley
2 are coming to the Bay Area. Here's why the brand wants to be in both Silicon Valley and in the S.F.: http…
Miami mayor (potential Democratic candidate for governor) says Space Coast should be the state's 'Silicon Valley.' http…
I'm a Silicon Valley liberal, and I traveled across the country to interview 100 Trump supporters — here's what I...
. Doomsday preparedness is all the rage in Silicon Valley, where the tech elite are buying luxury und…
Kansas City got Google Fiber, but it's no Silicon Valley. on tech's challenges outside traditional hubs:
Predii to host Silicon Valley thought leaders, at The Future of in Transport panel on 02/28/17 Moffett Field CA…
He needs to start with Wall Street, Silicon Valley, & the entire Capitol Hill they're the real murders, drug lords, & criminals.
In economic neoliberalism, the main beneficiaries work on Wall Street and Silicon Valley.
Some of Silicon Valley's best tech minds are trying to improve health care. See why and the challenges they face.
Silicon Valley said it was going to disrupt Wall Street - then it realized the power of banks
Silicon Valley has created an AI trader
Silicon Valley tried to upend Wall Street; now it works with the financial industry - The Seattle Times
Have a look at Rich Hall's doco on California. Silicon Valley types have always been a little Ayn Rand
Join us 03/30 for our first Silicon Valley User Group Meeting Connect with
Great kick-off meeting yesterday for the Silicon Valley Thank you for hosting!
The gender gap in Silicon Valley, success in science and other top stories of the week htt…
LHM Silicon Valley issue 10.1 has been released!. Front Cover Photography: Bernard Andre
Silicon Valley Diary: Discrimination faced by women in tech
I know who the movie have so much years but what percentage of "The pirates of Silicon Valley" is true?
'Zuckerberg's so loveable! So innovative! So creative!' imitation of democrat's paen to silicon valley
Last week we hosted global conference in Silicon Valley. 5k people attended three…
There should be a Tinder for food where you swipe right and food is automatically delivered to you. Plz get on this, Sili…
3. Kushner brags he tapped into Silicon Valley friends…who? "Secret" data op ran on few resources, used machine learning–a…
THE UPSTARTS book poster. Silicon Valley killer companies changing the world! 🙂
This just in: Silicon Valley is garbage
The best of police blotter in Atherton, a Silicon Valley suburb that's one of the richest towns in America
Bay Area/Silicon Valley let's plan a party to make NorCal RED and
From Bangalore Palace to Vidhan Soudha , i love everything. My city is known as Silicon Valley. its a Par…
Hired's weighs in on ageism in tech with
Discount for free taxis Silicon Valley? GUESTS credit code on Lyft will give free ride credit. 10 free beats uber. Big savings.
The race for autonomous cars is over. Silicon Valley lost.
China's Silicon Valley is attracting tech millennials from around the world
"What independent journalism needs more than ever from Silicon Valley is a significant transfer of wealth."
Buying a house in New Zealand is Silicon Valley code for getting 'apocalypse insurance' via
This is the big untold story of Silicon Valley. "What is the magic $ number where I'm willing to trade off self worth/happiness/san…
Good news, Canadians: there's still seven billion more humans on Earth to capitalize on.
Andhra Pradesh will be India's next Silicon Valley - Chandrababu Naidu
Hey Silicon Valley, go say hi to our new at his first town hall tomorrow night. Wish I could go.
Although we're in USA, we can't meet. I don't know why 😭I miss you girls... Los Angeles & Silicon Valley 😂It's too…
Andhra Pradesh can be the next Silicon Valley- N. chandrababu Naidu, CM, AP.
CM of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Naidu, wishes to make Hyderabd the Silicon Valley of India.
"Andhra Pradesh will be the next Silicon Valley of India"- CM of Andhra Pradesh
.- Andhra Pradesh to be next silicon valley of India.
I've seen the same pothole filled every couple of months smack bang in the middle of Silicon Valley.   10% Off
Andhra Pradesh will be the next Silicon valley says CM CB naidu
.- Andhra Pradesh will be the silicon valley of India.
Andhra Pradesh will be the next silicon valley of India - concludes his keynote address at
A former Uber engineer's blog post just blew the lid off sexism at the company—but her experience is far from unusu…
Maybe Capital has just launched the most important product ever to come out of Silicon Valley.
Call for papers for Summit Silicon Valley has been extended to March 3. If you missed it, you get another chance! https:/…
Why Indian startups want to bring Silicon Valley's social media culture to India
Uber and Seamless ads reveal how Silicon Valley is screwing us – Sandpaper Suit – Medium
Uber has a sexism problem, and so does Silicon Valley
Take Silicon Valley money, but use Lagos sense. Aiinit?
BANNED: Interviews with immigrants in Silicon Valley by Helena Price via
Silicon Valley rocks with Global Conf. 👍 Cool to be here with amazing people! Thanks 👏👏👏…
This wood clad and sloped roof modern house was designed for life..…
Dear Silicon Valley, we need more of these.
Interviews with people in Silicon Valley affected by Trump's racist immigration crackdown
In other Silicon Valley news... we're hiring. 10-yr exercise windows + hr team that won't gaslight you :)
Grateful for the follow, & Cheers from the silicon valley, E.
At Santa Clara City Council mtg to make case for affordable housing impact fees. Silicon Valley need to do better by low incom…
Nothing short of a culture overhaul will root out sexism in tech's alpha-male culture and bring about real change.
More than 200 people have been rescued from flooding in California's Silicon Valley: 📷…
.explains why we have invested $840M in startups outside of Silicon Valley and NYC: via…
Silicon Valley premiering at the end of April!! With these guys. Who are so nice!
reads like this are why I love sports. How Kevin Durant Became Silicon Valley’s Hottest Start-up
'Cuz the new is a bedroom community for Silicon Valley & tech billionaire investors park $$$ in Real…
'I'm terrified to leave the country': Silicon Valley weighs in on President Trump's immigration policies h…
“The beauty of Silicon Valley isn’t the money it has for investments; the beauty is the money it has for exits.” - at Up…
will kill Silicon Valley investment in TX, like did in NC.
Imagine the kinda stroke you could get while listening to Silicon Valley by Anderson .Paak
no think of the Silicon Valley doomsday preppers
Didn't Thiel, investor in Lyft, call Uber "the most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley?"
Silicon Valley has been looking beyond so-called old economy, exploring more social enterprise & energy investments: https…
Apply for Global Solutions Program: 9 weeks in Silicon Valley, for
In a Silicon Valley school district, more than one-third of kids are considered homeless. My story for
Day 2 of the Silicon Valley trip featuring LucidVR, Singularity University, Plug and Play Technology Center and...
Puff piece on Zuckerberg "Bucking Tide" vs isolationism by yet this the standard Silicon Valley position http…
Net neutrality should be Silicon Valley's next fight
Net neutrality should be Silicon Valley's next fight -
Why does have a Silicon Valley shop? Hint: It's not just about cars:
Save your cab cash Silicon Valley! Uber con3der Lyft offers up to 3 rides free with FASTEST coupon code. Huge offering.
Patriots have to worry about Leftists, Muslims, George Soros, Silicon Valley, and now the "Deep State?" A l…
Microsoft pushes for Silicon Valley to protect users from state-sponsored attacks:
AI startup Intuition Robotics coming to Silicon Valley with robot ... - Silicon Valley…
Beginning of the erosion in silicon valley & America's competitive edge if this continues! .
In two new books, Silicon Valley is treated as a magical plot of earth — a place where gods live
Silicon Valley rocked bc of free taxis! Taxi app Uber gives rides free with promo code STEVENT1811UE. Big save over Lyft. Huge promo.
As a hard right conservatist IT tech i can tell you thats not ALWAYS the case. Tho silicon valley is left...
Silicon Valley season 4 on April 23rd!!! But I kinda already forgot what happened on season 3 because HBO makes you wait for a freaking year
When it comes to Tech in the Silicon Valley, people think they work like regular people and get paid enough to have…
1/ Been asked why this so important? "A little-known California law is Silicon Valley's secret weapon"
we're the sixth largest economy in the world. We have Silicon Valley. We support the red states.
I want a man to sing silicon valley to me.
A down payment could buy an entire house in much of the US
In Silicon Valley you can see that graph is absolutely correct!
:hug: could be worse. I went to a dems meeting in Silicon valley that was made up of little old ladies with no ideas.
India needs an institution like ISRO for Indian IT and Telecom. It's time for an initiative far from the Silicon Valley cronies.
Out now – THE UPSTARTS: How Uber, Airbnb & the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley Are Changing the World >…
lessons from one of Silicon Valley's top young entrepreneurs. Read it on
"Letter to Silicon Valley": my piece for the Resister's Guide issue is now online
Even in Silicon Valley, it's never too late to start.
Rochester, Minnesota, has a $6.5 billion 20-year development plan to become the "Silicon Valley of Medicine."
The H-1B picture: These are the Silicon Valley cities and companies... Read Blog:
Amid the affluent Valley is the Ravenswood City School District where a third of its students are homeless.
I thought your fav actor was Johnny Depp. Where is Pirates of the Caribbean? . Have you watched Pirates of the Silicon Valley?
Boomers ask, 'How Far Is It from the Bible Belt to Silicon Valley?'
Check out iOS stickers for free Silicon Valley theme stickers featuring Sickweather & other comp…
Affordable prices in the heart of Silicon Valley with all the coworking perks.
Like an appetizer for nice feature on in .
.leadership alumnus pilots Google Glass for doctors
She is a Silicon Valley professional. She can’t afford an apartment, so she lives in her office. the hidden…
New to the Bay Area? Check out latest spots to get done.
Sadly, no :-( I moved to a specialty clinic and don't get to take care of babies, but in Silicon Valley, I'm sure it's a hit!
Silicon Valley smart drugs destroying empathy and sanity.
I got into SJSU, which is in the Silicon Valley, & so is Stanford. so I'm basically living my dream of going to Stanford❤️
Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and…
As the tech industry has matured, many of its bigger players have begun to exert power in politics
African-Americans are more likely to get hired, but get paid less in tech industry
What to give your Silicon Valley sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Read Blog:
Do people realize Veep, Silicon Valley and The Leftovers all come back in the same MONTH
Inside Silicon Valley's mad race to do a better job of selling your old Ikea shelf:
Tonight topped the list of Valentine's days I've had since it was full of pizza, my favorite guy, & Silicon Valley ❤
Care for a taxi for free Silicon Valley? Enter STEVENT1811UE promo code on Uber and u get 20 bucks in free rides. Free money.
The simulation hypothesis is millennia world. Is there an escape route or just another delusional belief in it?
Bill Ford to Silicon Valley: The future of driverless cars is in
Today I was in a meeting that was somewhere between an episode of Silicon Valley and a stoned college kid trying to figure out Donnie Darko.
People always say Silicon Valley billboards are too insidery, but Vancouver has them beat
This city wants to offer a respite for people worn out by Silicon Valley
A former CIC client got into the accelerator in Silicon Valley! Way to go, 👏🎉
Great event in Silicon Valley to connect to local eco-system and attract new innovative members to the 5GAA association…
Medium: How an idealistic Silicon Valley founder raised $134m to change journalism, then crashed into reality:
Finally a season premiere date for Silicon Valley. April 23rd can't get here soon enough
Should biz speak out on political issues? “Silicon Valley’s Heroism Is Being Tested in the Age of Trump” by
Serioulsy killing it with the graphics,
How Canada is trying to capitalize on Trump’s immigration executive order
.returns for its fourth season Sunday, April 23 on
How Silicon Valley rose up in revolt against Trump's immigration order
Silicon Valley ignoring "urban designers, planners, & scholars who have been asking the big questions for centuries” htt…
cooperating with Trump is not the right thing to do. And its possible that you can't understand it from your Sil…
We're hosting at our Mountain View office Mar 5! Spread the word — applications close Feb 19.
Season 4 of “Silicon Valley” premieres on HBO April 23, a week after the return of “Veep."
Please join members of 350 Silicon Valley and other local organizations at the Defund DAPL March and Rally in...
What's Silicon Valley's secret sauce? Here's what Asian entrepreneurs can learn in terms of……
These are the tech giants who didn't sign Silicon Valley's letter against Trump's travel ban via
Alongside Trump, Intel reannounces Arizona factory it promised to create during Obama years https…
Inside Silicon Valley’s classrooms of the future Thorough look at
The One Percent has Started Buying Underground Bunkers for the Apocalypse -- Why?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Which is why you see the corporate world and Silicon Valley billionaires marching in lockstep behind him, right?
You'r so close to achieving peak silicon valley - just don't forget the apple watch ;)
Silicon Valley only cares about immigrants because for them, it translates to cheap labor and thus a healthier profit mar…
Lucid Motors, the Silicon Valley electric car startup looking to take on Tesla in its own backyard, will be...
A Middle-Eastern Woman Exposes H1B Visas and Why Silicon Valley is Fighting So Hard for Them http…
Interesting perspective on in the meaning bigger need for quality education in
A union is the least of Tesla’s problems — but it could have far-reaching implications for Silicon Valley (TSLA)
FinancialTimes: Silicon Valley pay needs bank-like disclosure rules
- do you have plans to open any innovation center in Silicon Valley (SFO). There are many in valley who will love to help.
All you Silicon Valley libertarians should remember why Hank Rearden had a great labor force: High wages and a strong union. $TSLA
Silicon Valley can claim to despise Trump, but he's a product of the same worldview that put today's tech robber barons on top: money = IQ.
placing Madison Ave. and Silicon Valley on notice that folks are not to be played would be the ultimate power move. Your words have worth.
I wouldn't trust national security to Silicon Valley, or today's Democratic Party.
Hear hear!! Even our Silicon Valley team agrees!
Elon Musk and the rise of Silicon Valley's strange trickle-down science:
A very long day ahead. Looking forward to a week Bangaluru, the Garden City of India. Perhaps better known today as India's Silicon Valley.
Silicon Valley has a message for companies that align themselves with Trump: Back off or face consequences
Silicon Valley's bleak vision for our future cities: infinite road expansion, with no regard for walking or cycling: http…
RELATED: Why Silicon Valley is nervous about H-1B reform. A look at the co's that rely apply for the most work visas.https:…
Plans for asteroid mining are heating up. Sound familiar? via
or working in Silicon Valley. "Most.." would love to see the data to backup that claim. Would you care to share?
not at the moment but they can establish it if needed, not to mention they'd take Silicon Valley with them
Biopharma expected to power investments to a strong 2017 via
of client and featured in editorial recap of SV:
Congrats I'm so inspired reading your story! You have my full support! Sincerely, Girl Stuck in Silicon Valley
Join us today in welcoming Dr. Zak Kassas from . 2:30 - 3:00 p.m. (PT). Bldg 23 Room 118…
What's going on SV? Silicon Valley entrepeneur to lead weekend workshop -… Get Found ->
If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything, Silicon Valley. Signed, your conscience:
Just some of the great news this week: we announced a Java track sponsored by for Summit Silicon Valley: https:/…
Uber management well known db's in Silicon Valley; Time for LyftOff
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Any successful tech companies/startups and software engineering cultures outside of San Fran, Seattle and Silicon Valley?
Follow the top Silicon Valley stories for Feb 03 on our topical page:
A collection of leaders from Silicon Valley are quietly plotting a progressive counterattack against Trump
Tech Could Do More to Oppose Trump—at a Price - Silicon Valley heavyweights are backing the court fig...
Snap's biggest Silicon Valley backers in line to get billions from IPO
Prominent tech attny: given Trump's recent proposals, "why would any global company want to have its hq in the U.S.?"https:…
the silicon valley ,uber ceo nd so millions of people opposing trump, nd ur like wins wont stop !! Great 😂
Let me too long of a time to realize that Martin Starr is both Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley and Bill from Freaks & Geeks.
We'd be a guinea pig for This startup analyzes spending behavior to build wealth solutions.…
Going to finally catch up on Silicon Valley this weekend
Musicguy247 blog interview with me just posted ("A celebration of people involved in music")
Silicon Valley is making plans to move foreign-born workers to Canada via
This report by on the differences between Silicon Valley & Asian startups
please America don’t hand power from one lot of megalomaniacs to silicon valley millionaires and liberal game devs
One thing Trump is right about: Silicon Valley is using H-1B visas to pay low wages to immigrants
Can Silicon Valley really hack education? Why not: via
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Tech Tent: Silicon Valley strikes back -
Silicon Valley leaders are joining forces to oppose Trump's immigration orders
"This is a call to invest in communities that have been struggling with diversifying their economies."
What Southeast Asia can learn from excess capital in China and Silicon Valley
If US travel ban crushes Silicon Valley, can China, Singapore pick up the pieces?
Why Silicon Valley is so nervous about H-1B reform:
Really worth the 15 minutes -- 'The Silicon Valley of hardware': WIRED's Shenzhen documentary
The next unicorn may not come from Silicon Valley
The next unicorn may come from Detroit
Come to Silicon Valley, you'll see many. In high schools, their kids are among best academic students.
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