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Silent Hill

is a survival horror video game series consisting of eight installments published by Konami and its subsidiary Konami Digital Entertainment.

Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head Silent Hill 3 Resident Evil Deadly Premonition Twin Peaks Shattered Memories Stranger Things Akira Yamaoka Dark Skies Fatal Frame Heather Mason Sean Bean Silent Hills

Just think, by the time I finish watching Silent Hill we'll know who Hamilton is. There may be a punchline but.. lazy.
Phantasy Star Universe, Silent Hill games, Spyro games, Star wars games, Summoner 1 and 2, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss
What you need is to show them what Silent Hill looks like and they will stay away of your place while screaming.
Flying Lotus film project has new music from Aphex Twin, Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka:
finally watching Silent Hill, only took me 11 years
In college I had a gal friend come over & play them. I watched all the Silent Hill games that way.…
Always good when where you live turns into Silent Hill
finally giving Akira Yamaoka's chilling 'Silent Hill' soundtrack the release it deserves on vinyl!…
It is without hyperbole my biggest wish that you guys make Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 2. What a…
Yeah a lot of stuff is filmed there surprisingly! Dt Galt is really historic. They filmed Silent Hill 2
Starting my Silent Hill 2 Stream in a half hour!
Completely straight nwords be like: uhhh THICC *** n thighs n tiddies😥. I be like: euhhh THICC fog fix for the PC version of Silent Hill 2😥
Mgs,Soul Reaver,Silent Hill,Red dead redemption,Ni no kuni,saga Uncharted,The last of us,saga the w…
And now I've got the Silent Hill music in my head 😉 You ever read any Thomas Ligotti? I think you might enjoy.
the golden days of my life include the time Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood did a konami-spons Silent Hill haunted house
Basic premise is a town haunted by a three hundred year old witch, trying to live with the curse. A Silent Hill edge to it...
Learn to light this Silent Hill homage with Unreal Engine
The reigning king and queen of "I'm not even going to try" American accents are Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell in Silent Hill
agree, Lone Survivor and Silent Hill definitely belong in that category
This broken tornado siren is creepy as *** . sounds like something out of Silent Hill
When I am in a misty place I think it's Silent Hill, so I create it as such... but its really the Blue…
Silent Hill 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 41: The Death of Maria and Eddie the Killer!: via
18 years ago, Silent Hill was released. 😱
Silent Hill for the PS1 was released on this day in North America, 18 years ago (1999)
"This town, Silent Hill. The Old Gods haven't left this place. They still grant power to those who venerate them. Power…
I can't believe how big the Silent Hill fandom on tumblr is. There's more Henry/Walter art now then there was 10+ years ago.
Been listening to Silent Hill 3 Mary Elizabeth McGlynn vocal songs and feeling depressed... so Cheryl shot my depressi…
Heather Mason is pretty rad, as I love the whole Silent Hill universe.
Since I have Vocaloids in DR's plot, and DR characters in Silent Hill's plot, the next step is to write about Pyramid Head as a Vocaloid.
With all the fog i just went through to get to school, i kept thinking Silent Hill's mascot Pyramid Head was going to jump me.
It's foggy outside i feel like i'm in the Silent Hill alternate universe so where's Pyramid Head and the scary nurses
I wasn't prepared to wake up in Silent Hill today. Going to have to keep an eye out for Pyramid Head this morning.
This fog is so dense I feel like I'm in Silent Hill and Pyramid Head is about to come after me.
I just saw the Resident Evil pops, please tell me youre going to be making Pyramid Head from Silent Hill
Nice walk through Silent Hill (CoreHill Woods) with earlier with the dogs. Luckily no sign of Pyramid Hea…
One (the?) of the best Silent Hill game, Shattered Memories is celebrating 7years out there !! Really great game, u…
Silent Hill is clearly superior over Resident Evil. I mean we can talk about it if you want. It's straight facts though.
Door number seven! Never played this one. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Ice
Me dad and no drama, new Silent Hill game, amazing trip to new york, met a wonderful new
I think the concept of PT has shifted from Silent Hill style to a more modern sci-fi Ridley Scott style.
PS1 Tomb Raiders, Silent Hill, and The Alien games ( Aliens and Alien Res.), PS2- Alias, Tomb Raiders, Silent Hills.
apparently if Pat got stuck in Silent Hill he would just jerk it till he died
The lobby of the office is in full blown Silent Hill renovations mode. . Get out of here, *** It's a Monday we don't have time for this
I think my college moved from Linda to Silent Hill.
why can't we live in a timeline in which David Lynch directed a Silent Hill movie? "Dale Cooper's Spooky Cult Adventure"
Real talk why wasn't there a delay today when delmar's over here looking like it's Silent Hill.
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If you squint, I'm pretty sure you can trick yourself into seeing Silent Hill concept art.
While I was driving to school, I realized I was driving into Silent Hill.
Always nice to listen to Silent Hill music, whether it's vocal or instrumental:.
what if for Heather (whenever I get her done) I just rolled around in the dirt for an ~*~authentic~*~ Silent Hill look
Gilmore from Critical Role. Failing that, Bahamut. Pyramid Head ftom Silent Hill. Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.
Konami: We are proud to announce our partnership with Bass Pro to bring you... Silent Hill: Blue Gill Hunter . Norman Reedus: *explodes*
Silent Hill was a big inspiration behind Stranger Things
I added a video to a playlist Silent Hill 1 Complete Soundtrack by Fungo - Disc 1 [FULL]
Why does Kentucky look like something from Silent Hill rn?
JIG plays with mods in GTA5 online. Jill Valentine in gta5 Silent Hill version.
And Stranger Things was beautiful. V much its own entity but with hints of Stand by Me, Silent Hill, Alien, Twin Peaks & Slenderman (sorta).
If you wandered into Silent Hill, what would your demons be? How would they manifest themselves? Would you survive?
developer, software engineer and IT in here 😅. May i have the email address.
[Question] Is Silent Hill HD Collection playable at all? Or broken?
The Duffer Brothers made a Silent Hill series which is better than the Silent Hill films and the West-Developed games. Go team Konami
Seeing the Duffer Bros name drop Elfen Lied AND Silent Hill confirms to me that New Order’s Elegia was used bc it popped in MGSV’s trailer
I'm going to Centralia, PA one of these days just to see if lives up to the "real life Silent Hill" reputation it has
Creepy as shtako, remind me of Silent Hill.
Watching the making of Silent Hill 2 at 3 30 am
They should make a silent hill movie reboot
Nice night for a walk in Silent Hill... @ Sunset District, San Francisco
The sky is grey, there is a dog/child?somewhere howling, some type of drill in the distance and not one song bird - I live in Silent Hill
I had a silent hill dream. But silent hill was replaced with a town of furries an the monsters were all humans
Hello all I'm prof. Lube. Today we'll discuss the 'Frasier & Silent Hill Exist Within The Same Universe' Theory
If silent hill is actually real tbh
Ok but 3 points for drunk ron cuz i fixed stuff AND defeated that boss in silent hill
I liked a video from Silent Hill: Downpour [7] - SPINNIN' RECORD AFTER RECORD
I liked a video from Silent Hill: Downpour [6] - REST IN PIECES
Silent Hill songtracks got me captured today - going to play them on bass in recording room in two hours, can't wait for it!
My goodness. this is crazy. His face in the beginning looks like a concept for a Silent Hill enemy!
How I am supposed to take him seriously if his alarm is the siren from Silent Hill 🤔
I liked a video The Top 20 Scariest Monsters in Silent Hill History HD -
Silent Hill Slots: Match the shapes to open a portal to the depths of ***
I want to go to Japan mainly to check out all the arcades/silent hill memorabilia, eat ramen & to try a bunch of the food ve…
Stranger Things is the screen adaptation of Silent Hill but well executed.
Oh hey I forgot to tell you guys that I bought Silent Hill Origins for the ps2 yesterday for 10 bucks :)
"Get High" prod by Reazy Renegade by Silent Hill TDS on
Seriously, Silent Hill is amazing. I still think Silent Hill 2 and 3 are great pieces of literature.
Stranger Things getting inspiration from Silent Hill is now my motivation for finishing the first ep
I enjoyed Stranger Things when it was gently homaging Amblin/Carpenter etc and not just plainly ripping off Jonathan Glazer and Silent Hill.
DSP: "Phil: Been debating this but I think to spice things up, I'm going to play a Silent Hill game when I return from my vacation this wee…
Silent Hill's iconic siren alarm is music to my ears.
Watching TBFP play Silent Hill: Homecoming again, because the suffering of others tickles my pickle
I liked a video from Silent Hill : Homecoming The Movie Pt 1
Whenever I see Spider-Man: Homecoming trending on FB I think it says Silent Hill: Homecoming and I'm like "why the *** is that trending?"
I'm now ranked Experienced (top 60%) in Silent Hill: Homecoming on Raptr!
Homecoming wasn't actually too bad, but for a Silent Hill game, it was S H I T
Homecoming is kinda like the Silent Hill movie. It thinks the monsters themselves are scary w/o understanding why.
Round Two with and Silent Hill: Homecoming and she didn't save guys. Yay! Back to the creepy house!
is playing Silent Hill: Homecoming on my Xbox. "You don't scare me demon spawn!" -her talking to thin air about a lurker
I can't believe Silent Hill: Homecoming is the only Silent Hill game on Steam... 😤
Still think Homecoming and Downpour are one of the best Silent Hill titles since 2
Like the difference between Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill: Homecoming?
Saw the new RE7 trailer. Not happy. Very let down actually. Why copy what PT did? It works for Silent Hill but not RE...thoughts?
Was disappointed when you cancelled Silent Hill, but you've made me happy again, thank you Kojima.
I'm happy that Kojima is making a game since Silent Hills was scrapped but idk how i feel about it. Silent Hill is one of my fav franchises.
oh my Vanilla san it's like the Silent Hill horn :0.
Metal Gear dies and goes to pachinko heaven with Castlevania, Silent Hill and more:
Anything that has some resemblance or relation to Silent Hill (the first 3, anyway), I'd probably be interested.
Actually, Silent Hill started at 2, like Fallout began at 3, and Final Fantasy began at 7.
I added a video to a playlist Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion part 3 | Silent Hill and School
I have one blue Welcome to Silent Hill wristband available. . It's £3 and £3.15 worldwide shipping or £2 uk.
Silent Hill 3 OST "Breeze in monochrome night" This is my best song from entire SH OST
I've had a number of Silent Hill-esque nightmares and they always seem rooted in 3's imagery!
Honestly my fave Silent Hill games are 3 and The Room (yes even the house being possessed minigame thing) I'm so ashamed
thats the fun part of Silent Hill... you don't Apply.. it Invites you! >3 *slowly puts on Pyramid shaped metal "hat" >3
A few photos from the Silent Hill 3 Practice/Routing?
Well, as long as our choices aren't Silent Hill or Racoon City, hm...
. 1. TMNT over Turtles in time. 2. The Punisher (and Nick Fury). 3. Silent Hill arcade (never played it, always been curious)
MacArthur Blvd along the canal & past the reservoir somehow always feels like driving into Silent Hill, even on a sunny day like today.
1. Forgetting that Silent Hill exists. 2. LOL. Expecting a good movie out of Assassin's Creed.
Definitely Silent Hill 2 & 1. I just love Silent Hill because of all psychological & emotional tricks on the player.
Out of all Silent Hill music, lyrically, Alex Theme is the best by far
Have you never heard Silent Hill music? Akira Yamaoka is one of my favorite composers
It has suddenly occurred to me that both Sean Bean and Kit Harrington were both in Silent Hill also.
Nintendo fans be like "You like Silent Hill? Well you should like animal crossing. We have hardcore games too bro brb…
This makes me so mad. I have boots from Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Repo! The Genetic Opera & others. Women geeks buy stuff!
10 Years ago today we watched as Rose entered Silent Hill in search of Sharon. . The first film was released on...
majima the same time as well as James and Heather are there. (Majima goes to Silent Hill is mine.)
I have now James driving fast as he could in the streets of Silent Hill with his wife's body in the car's boot in my head.
Not sure how often or if you get this question, but any plans on Silent Hill figures in the future? Pyramid Head would be awesome
Me & Chris was just driving through Silent Hill.. how about you guys? He told me not to stop for Pyramid Head. What about the nurses?? LOL
San Antonio is now Silent Hill. Look out for a dude with a giant pyramid for a head.
Rn Buenos Aires has a Silent Hill worthy fog and I'm scared Pyramid Head is round the corner.
Pyramid Head ripping the skin off Anna the cultist. Even tho he technically belong in Silent Hill it was cool
Pitch Black, Rogue, Visitors, Crazies, Silent Hill - no actor is more reliable than for a good scare
Got some shots back from our Silent Hill: Downpour shoot! Doll is Photos by
I love the Silent Hill series. I missed Downpour but I enjoy the games and how they're designed.
gets help from the truck driver from Silent Hill: Origins and a prison transport van drives into the town just like in Silent Hill: Downpour
The Good Half is returned to Silent Hill at the Dark Halfs beckoning so the Dark half can utilize Rose to destroy the Order...
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STILL looking for a GFX designer to make me hq stream overlays w/ animations - Resident Evil & Silent Hill themed. Willin…
Pyramid Head from Silent Hill is Top 10 scariest monsters of all time.
Same thing happened with Silent Hill 2 James Sunderland's voice actor explaining what the game is about lol
Dang, the house prices in Silent Hill are super low! Local radio leaves a bit to be desired though
was gonna get it but got Deadly Premonition, MM X4, and Silent Hill instead
Deadly Premonition is amazing. Totally droll open-world Silent Hill with terrible production values. The best.
The first three Fatal Frame titles are a $1 each. Silent Hill is a $1.50. Deadly Premonition is $5. Forget Peggle.
Currently watching Dan and Phil play Silent Hill.this is such a mistake
Johnny Cash - Ring of fire from Silent Hill movie OST
Just as I was rejoicing about seeing bunnies & tiny lambs on my commute 'cause SPRING AT LAST... we hit some Silent Hill-level fog. Typical.
My ride home went from Super Mario Sunshine to Silent Hill.
Well seems Silent Hill has descend on me.
Episode 7 of Harry Mason's Vacation in Silent Hill. We play on Hard Difficulty and get even more confused...
It was inspired by Brom & Clive Barker stuff, which is probably a fairly close match to some of the Silent Hill stuff.
The road North. Are your Americans sure that Trump isn't turning USA into Silent Hill just with his campaign?
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Silent Hill: Cold Heart, the lost Wii pitch that evolved into Shattered Memories:
Silent Hill 3 Noobie run and a new twitch layout. Come check it out tonight at 10pm EST.
if it's a crossover with Silent Hill and and Pyramid Head says Bling Blong.
. Silent Hill or not... A new project would be great!. Hope you were able to relax a bit before flying to London!
Silent Hill 2 Ending ok guys check out the last episode og silent hill HD.
Kojima wanted to work with Cliff Bleszinski on Silent Hill, but he declined
"This feels like they thought Silent Hill was more like a heavy metal album cover than, like, dark Baphomet-based evil" - Pat
Gran Turismo, Silent Hill, PRINCE OF PERSIA, All the GTA's, God of War, only the best titles :P
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying a...
Trivia: Pyramid Head from Silent Hill takes the form of a reconstruction era executioner.
I thought it was cool how Konami had different studios do their take on Silent Hill - perhaps not with great results, but still.
The Horror section of my DVD collection goes Silent Hill, The Sinful Dwarf, Sinister, Singapore Sling. Good to keep it varied.
Did you know that the school in Silent Hill was based on the school from the movie Kindergarten Cop!!
That's what I was getting at. Silent Hill is a creepy *** mashup of Twin Peaks, Stephen King, Lovecraft and Francis Bacon.
Doing some Silent Hill 3 UFO Ending Speed Runs... Then maybe some RE2 and Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition..
Let's see...which movie should I watch to work on this scarf? Maybe Suicide Kings? Haven't seen that in a while. Or maybe Silent Hill?
The weather got me feeling like I'm in Silent Hill.
Hey Pat, just want to let you know I'm making an official Silent Hill game in Minecraft with sound design, voice acting, etc.
Need the survival horror games. Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Rule of Rose, Siren, Clock Tower, Haunting Ground, etc.
Reminds me very much of Silent Hill. I mean more than that one part they had in the vanilla game.
The World Health Organization is run by Satanists/Illuminati!!! Your heard it here, on the Silent Hill wiki!!
Alone in the Dark The new nightmare. Cold Fear. Black. Silent Hill. Resident Evil Outbreak. Final Fantasy XII.
Perfect for Silent Hill. More specifically for a emotional/melancholy moment.
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories or Eternal Darkness are my recommendations.
Laurie Holden's death in Silent Hill still makes me sad.
Currently working in Silent Hill with all this fog.
of the four main Silent Hill protagonists, Heather is the only one who really seems freaked out that there are suddenly monsters everywhere
...maybe you are in Silent Hill, but you are one of the monsters! And that's why you like it! O_o
Doing some Silent Hill 3 Speed Runs for sub 38 and the final day for (PS1) RE1 Runs
Best zombie kill or Silent Hill... Graciously did BOTH. Thanks so much !
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I just watched the vids, really eerie! And yes, Silent Hill was the obvious conclusion. Good luck for the night ;ppp
Silent Hill is purchased and on its way. I hope you guys are happy with yourselves; now I'm going to have to Kickstart…
Christmas in Silent Hill was interesting as a child
I wana know why bloom was looking like silent Hill last night lol
It wasn't as subtle, but in Silent Hill 2 James' head would track items
Here's the 4th part of my Silent Hill: Alchemilla playthrough. Enjoy!
why I don't letsplay = I would scream at every ink ribbon. Playing Silent Hill for my blog's going to be impossible
Here it is guys! The free let's play to celebrate Patreon's success!. KIRBY: The Making of Silent Hill 2 --
Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 are just BEGGING to be out up after the abominable HD Collection. But then again,
If you think Silent Hill is beautiful, you've missed the point, it's gone pelting above your blessedly empty noggin
I want to play Skyrim but I want to watch Silent Hill
produced by Brandon Bula feat Hipno by Silent Hill TDS on
This weather looks like something out of silent hill. Freaky.
Igarax played Silent Hill: Book of Memories (Vita) in the last 24 hours
Anything Konami does without Kojima's involvement will be garbage. And we have how they butchered Silent Hill to back that up.
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bro not to brag but I subscribed to you since the silent hill video
Lol that fog had me feeling like I was in the silent hill movie
The "Song of Horror” alpha demo gave me some good jump scares
Emma the last chapter silent hill is it tonight?
Great to see those old ps2 games on psn with a HD makeover. Can we please get Silent Hill 2?
The fog in Cleveland last night was like trying to drive through Silent Hill. Luckily, it is gone now. I need to drive home
*Insert comment about the Silent Hill esque weather*
Got myself my first silent hill game❤. Silent hill downpour. 💕Hope I like it 💕
the run-down canal boat really doesn't help the Silent-Hill-esque vibe
Yea the Silent Hill tune is my fave. -rusty fan screeching-
I hope that means Silent Hill 2 is on the way.
it seems taken out of A Silent Hill game :O
I lost this painting on the left in a hard drive crash from Silent Hill 2. Nice to see it again.
There's Silent Hill levels of fog today. Kinda creepy out there.
no, actually it was too foggy. Like silent hill foggy
Silent Hill's a funny movie because some people seem to hate it but can't come up with any criticism except "IT'S NOT LIKE THE GAME"
North Side of Columbus looking like Silent Hill this morning. If I hear sirens I'm running.
Sent out Christmas cards this year. Seem to have broken reality. Entire area is covered in odd, dense fog. Seriously looks like Silent Hill.
Working my way through Chimera. Would be faster if I didn't stop to try and sing the broken doors bits to 'Silent Hill'.
I just published “Guilt and Redemption in Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2, imo, was THE BEST Silent Hill because of how "tough" or emotional the game is going to make you feel.
Silent Hill 2 OST still awesome to this day
Silent Hill is another 2 hours west of there. :D
I liked a video from AT4W: Silent Hill: Dying Inside
|| Skinny always seems to be just like Red Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. And I love that.
The fog outside reminds me of Silent Hill or Lavender Town in Pokemon
I'm a huge fan of show don't tell storytelling. It's why I love games like Silent Hill and Soulsborne. They imply things. Make you think.
Silent Hill does not have the premium sound effects of a cocked shotgun or the camerawork to hide boobs.
Not to mention the new Fallout games have been good, the new Silent Hill games are mostly trash
in this comparison, also, the FPS silent hill is somehow really, really good
Which would you prefer; more bad Silent Hill games, or a Silent Hill FPS that was good? That's what Fallout is now.
Probably should get on finishing ZOE. I also started Silent Hill 2 on the HD Collection but never finished that one either.
And then it was insanely popular, and everyone forgot what Silent Hill used to be.
I mean... it's kinda like if Konami sold Silent Hill to another company who made it into an FPS.
Silent Hill truly has some of the best yet creepiest monsters I've ever seen, want to play the game so bad
I hate when I have a nightmare and see things irl.. a few weeks ago I had a really bad experience, more or less like a Silent Hill game
theres a security camera tv in our asda on the medicine isle that films you EXACTLY like a camera angle from Silent Hill or RE XDD
If you have a PS4. go Download P.T. its a family fun demo C:. just kidding its Silent Hill
outlast, F.e.a.r, Dead Space, and any of the silent hill games
The show reminded me why I really enjoyed English Lit classes in high school. It even reminded my why I fell in love with Silent Hill.
AND IT WAS SO DARK and I had my Silent Hill 3 soundtrack on and we were high and we were so scared
Does anyone else get scared when the siren from "silent hill" goes off.oh me neither 😂😂😂
Just did a trial run of the next episode of Traipsing Through Silent Hill 2, namely so that doesn't stab me in my sleep.
Silent Hill Fitness XD well we sure did spend a lot of time running away like little girls when we played it
go to best buy, find a copy of silent hill hd collection for ps3 or xbox360 & buy it. 1 is on psn for $10. Ebay can do the rest
I would reply with an appropriate screenshot from Silent Hill but I can't afford to use up too much 3G right now
Silent Hill is better than DOA though.
I guess it comes from the tradition of Silent Hill horror stuff only manages to bring something of its own to the table.
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is playing so much better than the first one, feels like silent hill tho...
Thank you! We plan on doing the Silent Hill series. Not sure about Dark Skies. Thanks!
you guys give very strong detailed reviews! have a few suggestions as I didn't see them; Silent Hill 1 and Dark Skies
rewatching the silent hill reviews. Love the story arc of the magic gun.
im rly excited about kyle playing silent hill but im trying to be Very low key about it
I took my love down to violet hill. There we sat in snow. All that time she was silent still. Said if you love me, won't you let me know?
Every time I here the word 'silent' I automatically think 'hill' Not 'night' or 'mouse' *** why
"In my restless dreams, I see that town, Silent Hill."
Oh I hope it's Silent Hill... I like that hill
just discovered (& watched the 1st season of) Gregory Horror Show. It's Silent Hill meets FNAF in the artstyle of Minecraft & it's amazing.
This remind me of the nurses from silent hill
I've been trying to follow you guys on here but I think Silent Hill might garble things a little. Who'da thought.
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In this top 10 (Scary Monsters in Video Games) you forgot to Twin Victim in Silent Hill the room
DEMONS The game Silent Hill pays homage to this film with the Metropol theatre and some Demons posters
I never understood what Silent Hill was about
In the process of collecting all the Silent Hill games since my source moved, & SH3 arrived today - so excite!
We venture to the Blazing Citadel next, but our focus shifts from to the Silent Hill movie...
San Antonio has become silent hill today🌫
The silent hill films give me the jaundice
But I wonder where did my Silent Hill game for PSP go. I was looking for it one day and I honestly couldn't find it anywhere. 🌚🔫
Decay - The Mare is a rather creepy, short and fun point and click Horror game. Draws alot of unfluence from Silent Hill,
In other news, while watching Silent Hill lets plays the fire department across the street decides to hit their siren
I'm kind of sad the Silent Hill Remastered games aren't for PS4, but on the other hand they kinda made the games look like crap, so..
my hands are numb but i must still attempt to play Silent Hill
👀👀 ★ Silent Hill: Revelation (with Tama Simbolon, Sara , and 11 others at SMAN 99 Jakarta) —
Seram;( ★ Silent Hill: Revelation (with felix, Sara , and 9 others at SMAN 99 Jakarta) —
Who knew that Silent Hill was right next door to SimCity? At least, according to th...
Can't forget about the Silent Hill like atmosphere of delicious bakery/fruity/dessert fog
the last 2 are alright. For some reason my mind is gone blank. Silent Hill: Revelation is also amazing TO ME, most people hate it.
Popular on 500px : Badalona turns into Silent Hill by PereOlivares with us @
Wow! You listed a lot of great soundtracks. Silent Hill, Mirror's Edge, Minecraft, FEZ, Lunar 1 and 2 are my recommendations
Dj build up at Silent Hill live is playing some Twin Peaks sound track. Lovely.
A bit of Laura's Theme from Twin Peaks playing before the Silent Hill gig... I approve!
That happened to me when I played SH3, too! It was too surreal. :O. It's too bad that Silent Hill: Revelation movie sucked.
Let us set aside his choice to continue with the filming of Silent Hill: Revelation and focus on this:
Seriously 'Silent Hill: Revelation' is a disgustingly bad "film" that I had the misfortune of owning on Blu-Ray.
This review for 'Silent Hill: Revelation' angers me greatly as a huge fan of the game series.
The mannequin spider from Silent Hill revelation is probably one of my favorite monsters evee
We finally get to see the iconic staple of Silent Hill, and I couldn't be more terrified :D
I liked a video from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Adelaide
mine would be Silent Hill: Revelation. I love the first movie and was super psyched for the sequel and absolutely hated it.
Okay so it's a bunch of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Silent Hill mixed together.
I liked a video from Silent Hill 2 Cutscene - Angela, Flaming Staircase
Alex Shepherd from Silent Hill: Homecoming looks like he could be Dean and Castiel's love child.
I prefer not to get that close to Silent Hill. Walls are still bleeding, I hear crying.
Today I ordered Silent Hill: Homecoming and a vocal FX unit, pretty excited for both of these things to arrive. Thanks to all who funded!
I hope Silent Hill: Homecoming isn't detrimental to the storyline if I decide to play that first instead of the actual first one
"Silent Hill - Homecoming" PlayStation 3 cover uploaded by sappho
Want to see Silent Hill: Homecoming in 4k running on the Alpha? I got a video uploading right now! :) .
Silent Hill: Homecoming is disappointing. Too many bosses and not enough hunting and pecking. Very linear
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