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Sikh Temple

A gurdwara (' or , '), meaning the Gateway to the Guru, is the place of worship for Sikhs, the followers of Sikhism.

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On my way to work I drive by a Greek Orthodox Church, a Sikh Temple, a Baptist Church, and a Mosque. Proud to be Canad…
Sending Boris Johnson to campaign in a Sikh Temple is like inviting to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.
Lt Brian Murphy of Oak Creek, Wisconsin PD speaking about being first on scene at Sikh Temple shooting 8-5-12 shot…
Also worth mentioning the Sikh Temple murders in 2012 by a white nationalist, in WI of all places:
Very few of my students seemed to know about the Sikh Temple massacre in WI.
Whereabouts was that (i presume it's gone). Is it near where the sikh temple is?
Judge said: 'You exploited and took advantage of this boy'
Important to teach kids not to judge on appearance / location - Pervert, 76, jailed for sex attack at temple:
Man to appear in court following Temple incident
Had to wear this head gear upon entering the Khalsa Diwan Temple -- a Sikh Temple in Manila --…
Good, one should be placed outside every Sikh temple.. 🎣
A 76-year-old pervert who sexually abused a 10-year-old boy at a Sikh temple has been locked up for 16 months.…
Man pleads not guilty after alleged Leamington Sikh temple incident
I also took Tabla lessons for two years in high school at some sikh temple and really enjoyed it! - brown god.
Man denies religiously aggravated assault at Sikh temple in Leamington
POTUS Obama's actions hurt more than people knew... Why Sikh groups did not challenge this I do not understand!!...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Man denies religiously aggravated assault at Sikh temple.
Man denies religiously aggravated assault at Leamington Sikh temple
33yo Gursharan Singh to go on trial next month accused of assault during an interfaith marriage protest at a Sikh T…
A Coventry man accused of committing a religiously aggravated assault during a protest at a Sikh Temple has pleaded…
A man's due in court later charged with assault after a protest at a Sikh temple.
Man to appear in court following Sikh Temple incident.
Duffer. like Sikh gurdwaras have Islamic influence; some Islamic architecture has Hindu influence. Simple. Not eve…
Oh I see the strategy now, just pretend that real stories are fake news. Was the Sikh t…
Obama never visited a Temple or Gurdwara when it was brought up many times...
Ahh yes!!! A few are popping up down the side roads from t…
The Crusades? In 2012, white supremacist Wade Michael Page murdered six people during an attack on a Sikh temple in…
.who was AWOL during Sikh Temple shooting & 2014-2017, typed this.
your religious hero (babur Aibak Iltutmish) had killed hindu sikh budhism in india and destroyed temple and library
Lady was caught stealing money in front of Kirtani Jatha in Sikh Temple UK: via
As part of of Food Tour of Delhi we visited the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. This temple is on…
Tour of the kitchens in a Sikh Temple.. also tasted some of the best Dahl here ever 🇮🇳
Prayers will be held for the late Balveer Bhari (Chau, Chachut) at the Sikh Temple, Pangani, Nairobi on 14th...
CT Sikh Association, Guru Nanak Darbar, Gurudwara Sikh Temple made a HUGE donation of food to Bread for Life.
STAND condemns vandalizing of peaceful Sikh place of worship. Join us in support of our Sikh brothers against
Majestic new Gate welcomes you when you enter Amritsar from GT road. It is shaped like the dome of the Golden Temple,the ***
We all know UK's SAS helped Indra Gov in Sikh Genocide of 1984 In Gol…
Chief Constable Andy Marsh invited to Bristol Sikh temple to celebrate birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji 350th Birth…
Urdu is among the top! *** those pesky Muslims! *angrily shakes fist at a Sikh temple*
A Sikh devotee takes a dip in the holy sarovar (water tank) at The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India on January 5, 2017 htt…
This picture is taken in 1983 inside Golden Temple. Sikh women needs to assert and occupy spaces which are...
Back to my roots. Sikh Temple tonight. No drinking bar. Going to Gurdwara soon hopefully until midnight...
Officer joins faith groups as they work on the new site of the future Sikh Temple in St James Mill Rd, Northampton:
Hate violence at places of worship occurs too often:16th St Baptist Church (63), Sikh Temple of WI (12), AME Church (15)
Oak Creek Police Chief KNOWS tragedy. He responded to Sikh Temple shooting. He tells me he can't imagine what is going through.
. -5 Civilians in Santa Monica. -27 Teachers and Elementary students in Newtown . -6 Sikh Temple members in Oak Creek
North America's oldest Sikh Temple & only National Historic Site! Photo from archives!
Sikh Temple of Wisconsin:-to promote awareness of the Sikh religion in America.
Explosion Injures 3 at Sikh Temple in Western Germany: German police say three people have been injured in an ...
Stunning floating staircase in a Sikh Temple in Gravesend, UK.
Man accused of damaging local Sikh Temple appears in court
Amazing experience meeting the mayor and members of the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Come by again!!!
Letter to Charleston written by man whose father was killed at Sikh Temple
How many more AME and Sikh Temple, and Jewish Community Center shootings are we gonna have to have?
Wade Michael Page killed 6 at a Sikh Temple. A member of the Hammerskins and numerous white power bands and he too was called a "lone wolf."
The Province of yorkshire, West Riding visit to the Sikh Temple
Dark clouds loom over the holiest Sikh shrine, the Golden temple in Amritsar, on April 16, 2015. AFP Photo b…
So Cameron doesn't have a problem with gender segregation? Or is he just a hypocrite?
Aerial shot of Central Sikh Temple last weekend.
David and Samantha Cameron visit Sikh temple - and are seperated
..messed up!! I am not proud to be a sikh if that's what sikhism has come to. The GOLDEN TEMPLE HAS 4 DOORS TO EXPLAIN THAT WE ARE ALL..
When I was at the Sikh temple the other day discussing you, funnily enough we reached same conclusion about you.
I like to help out donate my time to my local Sikh temple.
Cameron: My pick for dumb fck of the week.
Targeting on religious beliefs is abhorrent. It happens here, too.
Moronic vandals scrawl anti-Islamic graffiti on walls of iconic Sikh temple h…
Shook hands with God and later kissed the devil...he has lost it already . You can no serve two master at a...
I've never seen someone look so uncomfortable as when was wearing that turban like headdress in the Sikh temple
it was anti Islam graffiti on a Sikh temple.
Lang: I visited a Sikh temple recently and noticed there were a lot of photos of Air India perpetrators.
Adeboye to Sikh Temple: How David Cameron went from God to gods...
is the first UK PM to have visited the Golden Temple, Amritsar and two UK Sikh Gurdwaras in Leamington Spa and…
Lol so David Cameron is just dilly dallying all over the UK to collect votes from ethnic minorities,from church last night to…
April proclaimed as Sikh Heritage Month in Windsor: Hundreds of Sikhs in Windsor gathered at the temple Sunday...
British PM visits Sikh gurdwara. Waiting for to do the same!. http:/…
David & Sam visit temple in Gravesend. PM mixes with the lovely Sikh people and delivers a great speech.
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@ Religious tolerance bring peace/harmony. Come to Klang and see mosque, church, temple and Sikh t…
Hi Vijay,do you know Inderjit Panesar,president of the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple, Meynell Road? Regarding a BBC film opp. PM me.Thanks!
David and Samantha Cameron visit Sikh temple and a scuffle takes place.
The Sikh Temple in Oak Creek WI was horrible. No CCW there. Great cop though!
Little India is surrounded by places of interest such as Arab Street, Arcade & Sikh temple
And some people started shouting that Korede Bello sang on HICC. Podium, For all intents and purpose Korede...
visited London Redeemed Church, now Sikh Temple. Let's invite him to Guru/Synagogues😆. Jonathan sef failed woefully.
David Cameron worshiped at a Gurdwara (a Sikh temple) in Gravesend Kent, where he was at the centre…
Anoda Jona Yesterday it was church, today it's a Sikh Temple Don't be fooled will do anything
I went to a Pentecostal church and Sikh temple this weekend fam. Man like me don't play, ya get me.
GEJ style"Photos: David Cameron Visits Sikh Temple just a Day after Prayers with Pastor Adeboye -
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall & Guru at TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visit a Sikh Temple
Waukesha Deputies evicting man found he'd been researching Sikh Temple, & Sandy Hook shootings, had gas mask, guns, 6…
Our condolences go out to all the families of the victims in the most recent shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis
Out at the amazing Sikh Temple in Glenwood with hardworking local MP for Riverstone Kevin Connolly announcing the...
MATC's Sam Lenda received Congressional Badge of Bravery Aug 6 for heroism in 2012 Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting.
Terrible news of shooting in Wisconsin, USA, inside Sikh Temple .. O ! Lord ! may all be safe ! This is terrible news !
On the two-year anniversary, we reflect on and remember the tragedy at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin at Oak Creek. http:…
University of CA-Santa Barbara, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Fort Hood Army Base, a movie theater in Aurora, Co, a Sikh Temple in Wisconson, Santa Monica College, Washington Navy Yard, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, and a Safeway grocery store in Tucson, AZ (where Rep. Gabby Giffords was injured). These are just a few of the more than 200 mass killings in the US since 2006 according to USA Today! Whether the cause is mental illness, lax gun laws, bigotry, Hollywood, religious fanaticism, or Edward Snowden, does anyone else believe that the US is a terrorist state? Should the troops coming home from abroad be deployed here to protect US citizens? Should we accept domestic terrorism as the new normal? I live in a subdivision where neighbors use my yard as a shortcut all day every day. Some allow their dogs to poop on my lawn. They get defensive when I tell them that this is private property and to please find another route around my yard. The sense of entitlement is shocking! I'm no ...
Apparently the gunman, Elliot Rogers, made a video before the shooting saying that he was seeking "retribution" from the popular kids and women who rejected him. Sounds to me like he felt entitled. NOT mentally-ill. Mental illness can NOT be the scapegoat for these young, white, men who continue to engage in these mass shootings. Like, stop! Aurora, Colorado. Columbine. Sandy Hook Elementary. Wisconsin Sikh Temple. One thing in common, here.
Thus far, I'm exhausted and resolved to eat corn flakes for dinner due to an upset stomach. Dehydrated mostly. I spent 16hrs in flight with a 7hr lay over in between. The Amsterdam airport has a meditation center, super cool! Today, I visited a Sikh Temple where volunteers feed up to 20,000 people a day. There is a lizard who lives in my bathroom. He seemed to leave this morning, but came back at nightfall. I pondered how such a creature remembered where his hotel room was! In India, the men are smelly (a different scent then American men), but its 110 degrees here, so I suppose I am smelly too. The air smells of urine and Indian spice, which is reminiscent of my time in Katmandu, Nepal. Tomorrow, I will travel 9hrs by jeep to Dharamsala. No doubt it will be treacherous. I wonder why I like such hard travel? Marmie - New Delhi, India
President assures Indians' safety President Yoweri Museveni has assured the Indian community in Uganda that Uganda is their home and that they are safe. "I want to assure Indians in Uganda that this is your home. The indigenous people should not tease you that you are not Ugandans. Africa has been able to develop because of the contributions from migrant tribes", he said. The President observed that Idi Amin was wrong theoretically, philosophically, historically and technically when he told Indians living in Uganda to go away from the country. The President was speaking at the wedding reception of Mr. Altaf Lalani and his bride Ms. Sukhvinder Kaur, sister of Hon. Katongole Singh Marwaha which was held last evening at Kati Kati Restaurant Lugogo by-pass in Kampala. The couple took their nuptial vows at Sikh Temple in Nakasero on Easter. Mr. Museveni congratulated the newlywed couple for embracing marriage adding that it is good for young people to embrace and value the institution of marriage. The Presiden ...
The Guru Granth Sahib is the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs. It is not like the Judo-Christian, Islamic texts rather based on the Eastern Raaga Pattern and takes many years to master. The Original Script is written in 'Guru Mukhi' and includes various languages of Mughal India. Hopefully after my visit to the Sikh Temple and speaking to the Granthi (Priest) things should become more clearer on the settings of this holy scripture and my reaseach in this area should be coming to a close InshaAllah.
A Star is Lost An Eulogy: S. Brijinder Singh Rangi Ghalle aave Nanaka, Sadde uthi Jae! --- Guru Granth Sahib From God we are sent; to God we return. Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji, Shri Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Shri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I am deeply saddened to inform you that S. Brijinder Singh Rangi has left us forever for the heavenly abode on Wednesday morning, April 16, 2014. A star is lost. S. Rangi was a gem among men. To build a Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) in Louisville was Brijinder’s passion. He made untold efforts to make this dream a reality through unwavering determination, dedication, and devotion. It is due to Mr. Rangi’s initiative and leadership that the Gurudwara of Sikh Society of Kentucky, the very first and the only Gurudwara ever in the state of Kentucky became a reality. At the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi on April 13, 2012, the doors of the Gurudwara were opened for the Sadh Sangat to celebrate birthday of the Khalsa. On that particular day, Brijinder was full of joy. He was thril ...
Veterans and White Supremacy In addition to Miller and McVeigh, Sikh Temple shooter Wade Michael Page was also a vet.
Back from the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) after some of that, good for the soul peace and balance
Every Church ,Jewish Synagogue Hindu Buddhist & Sikh Temple has Official Protection of Islamic State.This is the Way of Rasul PBUH & Sahaba
Solution to Kisumu's Racial Conflict Demands Restructuring of the City's Economy! The real issue in Kisumu city is being lost in the avalanche of passionate discussion of the inter-religious stand-off and the impotence of the political leadership in resolving the crisis surrounding the Sikh monument along the mosque road, next to the Sikh Temple. My view is that the monument is not the root cause of the confrontation seen in Kisumu in the last three days. The demonstration by Prophet Owuor’s followers is also not the cause of the crisis. The fact that Raila Odinga was booed and heckled is also not the start of a rebellion. And the rebellion is not against Raila Odinga, per se. Kisumu’s problem is bigger and more complex. I have been writing and making presentations on it for years and most of the time I get dismissed as an alarmist. The conflict in Kisumu can find explanation in the many years of economic stagnation that the city and its rich economic hinterland has witnessed since the 1970s. Kisumu t ...
I thought that writing about this past weeks program wound be easy. But every time I sat down to write I couldn’t figure out where to begin. Where do you start when someone has such loss? Where do you begin when someone had so much hate? It began on August 5th 2012, driving to Temple. So many emergency vehicles where also driving in the same direction. Yes I am talking about the Sikh Temple and the horrible shooting that took place there. Pardeep Kaleka came to speak about the loss of his father that day and every emotion that he went thru. At the time of this event I am sure we all heard about it and were horrified. As time went on we probably forgot the number of people that were killed that day (6). We went on with our lives not realizing that there is still a man laying in a coma with his wife coming to visit daily. Pardeep could have become very angry and at first he was but he felt he was doing his father a disservice in staying angry. Pardeep and his family came to Milwaukee when Pardee ...
Welcome to the Sikh Gurdwara Sahib SF! Our mission to establish a permanent Sikh Temple for our community in the Peninsula. We welcome everyone to our Diwans and we hope you will join us in collecting Guru’s blessings. Here you will find information on Khalsa School, Diwans, Community Seva as well a...
Gurdwara Sahib of Fremont (also commonly referred to as the Fremont Gurdwara or the Sikh Temple of Fremont) is a center of Sikh worship. Although it is located in Fremont, a city in southern Alameda County, it serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area consisting of the counties of Alameda, Santa Cla...
Kaleka is the 35-year-old son of the Sikh man who was killed in a shooting last year at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. He thinks it's time Paul Ryan's seat was filled by a Democrat.
Why is it that a greater number of people know of the Aurora, CO cinema shooting and fewer know about the WI Sikh Temple shooting?
This week's post: From the 16th street Baptist Church in Birmingham to the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, 50 years and...
Sandy Hook. Navy Yard. Aurora. Sikh Temple. And on and on. This doing nothing is working out great.
Sikh Temple shooting did not go as planned. Police arrived too early on scene & killed one of perpetrators(end apathy guy was govt assassin)
The massacre at the Navy Shipyard on Monday, Sept. 16 brings the total of mass shootings since 2009 to sixteen. (SOURCE: day of the Newtown, Conn. massacre, I said that if the slaughter of children and teachers can't bring about commonsense gun and ammo purchasing reforms, then NOTHING will. Though I hate being a fatalist...I believe I will be correct for the time being at least. A list of the other 15 American mass shootings since 2009: 1. December 14, 2012 — Newtown, Conn. – 27 dead (including gunman). The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday was the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, leaving 27 dead — including 20 young children. 2. September 27, 2012 — Minneapolis, Minn. – 7 dead (including gunman), 2 injured. Andrew John Engeldinger, a recently laid off employee of Accent Signage Systems, entered the office building and opened fire. 3. August 5, 2012 — Oak Creek, Wis. – 7 dead (including gunman), 4 injured. White supremacist Wade Michael Page entered a Sikh Temple, ...
The potential sale of a temple in is angering some worshipers. Tune in for this & much more on in at 9pm
Tonight at RBN Sikh temple Mohan Singh from will be giving a talk on the issue of Sikh girls being groomed.
Wisconsin shooting in temple prompts community discussion of
Timothy McVeigh, Sikh temple shooter, Knoxville church shooter, Olympic bomber. You want me to go on? Go read a history book
Did I just find a video of a fight at a Sikh temple, today is just getting better
It's Leamington are taking clients to visit the Sikh Temple. Meeting new people and gaining new experiences.
Briefings, training, etc. Research it a little. The Sikh temple shooter was psy-ops. Research him.
Today is a study of comparative world religions for students of We are now at the Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple...
In August 2012, a guy named Wade Michael Page shot at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, USA. Among the dead was Amardeep...
or try a Sikh temple..explore and learn
A lad on my bus: "yeah I'm just by that massive Chinese fingeh". (It's a Sikh temple) .
2) Manila's only Sikh temple doubles as a soup kitchen for the homeless.
Btw their was a shooting in Wisconsin last year in a Sikh temple bc the man thought we were terrorists. 7 shot dead..
U look like u would going into a Sikh temple (gurdwara) aha. With the bandana like that
31 days to go. Stop the Muslims opening a halal meat factory next to a Sikh temple in Bradford. This really could...
.AWOL from 9/11 memorial? Why not? He was AWOL from Sikh Temple shooting.
Afternoon of 9/11 I was on the stand, subpoenaed to testify at trial of Sikh temple gunman Joga Sandher after jail interview
I trust you are equally grieved by white power bombing on Ok City, or Christianist bombing of the Sikh temple
After 9/11, Michigan had a Sikh temple vandalized with anti-Islam spray-paintings. :/
1 yr ago today a white supremacist shot families worshipping at Sikh Temple near Milwaukee. Stand against hate!
My heart goes out to the families and friends of those hurt and killed at the Sikh Temple..
Victims in Sikh Temple asking: Do NOT call cellphones, they are currently in hiding and ringer may give up their positions,
at in USA: A shooting at Sikh temple in the Milwaukee…
From 6.30a battle's broke out in over a meat processing plant being built near a Sikh Temple
We cannot tolerate hate crimes & as a nation, we must dedicate ourselves to preventing violence.
there is a demo in Sheffield it's just a protest about that halal factory been built next to the Sikh temple and the next big
The son of Don Black (the white nationalist you interviews last year during the sikh Temple shooting) recently denounced white nationalism.
by "Shoes outside the Sikh temple via instareposts
1/2 Yeah apparently even the Sikh temple were putting on a protests which indicates that;
Enjoying naam Simranat the Sikh temple Leeds also nice to see new Sikh school next Gurdwara sahib waheguru ji thanks
In for services at the Gurdwara Sikh Temple
Off to for services at the Gurdwara Sikh Temple
Problem'll solve itself. White guy attacked Sikh temple Wisconsin cuz he hated terrorists. More will occur.
Back from the gurdwara (sikh temple) after paying my respects to god always great 2 go down & lean more about Sikh history . Satnam Whaeguru
Time for my normal Sunday routine 2 kick in off I go 2 the gurdwara (Sikh temple) 2 pay my respects 2 god. Satnam Whaeguru
Sirhind is a town in Indian state of Punjab with very close border to Pakistan. There's a gurudwara, Sikh temple, opposite to his mausoleum.
JURUPA VALLEY: Sikh Temple sets meet and greet - Press
lol it's a holy Sikh temple made of Gold
because that works doesnt it, like it worked in Stoke when they attacked a Sikh temple because there was o opposition.
Lt Brian Murphy 1st policeman to turn up at US Gurudwara shooting survived 15 bullets. Deserves an Indian medal
Royal Sikh temple Mansehra,which was generously rescued and restored
Thanks Tom for your kind words. The Sikh Temple & its facilities are for the whole community of Gravesham.
Ajit Singh Clare is a humble person and should be elected for the president of Sikh temple gravesend
And golden/sikh temple is not on this list for obvious reasons...
THANK YOU to everyone who attended the candlelight vigil in honor of the victims & survivors of the Sikh Temple...
"Tonight, we are all members of the Sikh Community. We are all brothers and sisters" -Mayor Tom Barrett at Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)
Officer wounded in Sikh Temple shooting honored at retirement event
Jaspreet Singh, a student at Oak Creek High School in Oak Creek, Wisc., was determined to demonstrate strength. Her place of worship, the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, had been attacked on Aug. 5, 2012, by a white supremacist with a gun who murdered six people and wounded four before killing himself. Si...
So today at work, at Armor Express, we had the privilege of meeting Lt. Brian Murphy. In August 2012 he had shots fired at him 17 times by a gunman at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, taking about 5 of those shots in his vest. We made the vest he was wearing. His body armor saved his life. Lt. Murphy shared his frightening story with us and conveyed very well how thankful he is to be alive. My thoughts... The next time I don't feel like crawling out of bed at 4:00 in the morning to work a ten hour day, I will remember his story. I will remember that because of what we do at work everyday, he is able to go home every day to his wife and family. THAT makes it all worthwhile. Feeling humbled.
Highlights of monthly gathering at South San Francisco in an attempt to make a Sikh Temple in San Mateo County.
Pool reports meeting w/ survivors of WI Sikh Temple shooting before spkg at Asian-Pacific Amer. Institute for Cong. Studies gala.
I'm sorry. Did someone object to going after the murderer at the Sikh temple? Must've missed that.
at least one. 6 dead at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin last summer. There may be more.
At least one--Sikh temple shooting--twice as many deaths as Boston. Or do you not remember?
Further down the road towards mustafa. Near the Sikh temple
"Radicalize" the catch-all, bigoted scapegoat word! Whatta ya call Caucasian-nuts like the 1 who killed those worshippers n the Sikh Temple?
Golden Temple , Doesnt Matter If you are sikh or Not. A must visit holy place
the boston marathon bombing was considered terrorism.What was the man going into a sikh temple and killing 6 people in wisconsin considered?
Essay nearly done, 4 hours sleep then away to the Sikh temple for a 2 hour field visit
Was that *** that attacked the Sikh Temple mirandized?
"worst terror attack since 9/11 in US" what about the 6 killed at a sikh temple by a white supremacist. not always muslims, misleading media
On August 5, 2012, a white supremacist killed six people and injured three more at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Terrorism.
6 people died in the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting yet NO ONE remembers them? A white person dies and we stop the world but a brown person?
Seriously? NO ONE remembers those Sikh's killed at the temple this past summer?
The guy was a white supremest pig, its not a Christian thing. Try again.
Happy Vaisakhi from the Okanagan Sikh Temple in Kelowna. We are having our 3rd Nagar Kirtan this Saturday.
What every happened to that terrorist that shot up the Sikh temple ???
Was the shooter at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin treated as an enemy combatant? Why should this be different?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Colour and celebrations as new Sikh temple in Newcastle opens via
Wade Michael Page is the terrorist (proper definition) who walked into a Sikh Temple and killed a bunch of worshippers.
NPR says this is "first act of terrorism since 9/11" as if white supremacist didn't murder 6 at Sikh Temple last August.
Days before the 1984 Sikh Massacre (5 of 7) Golden Temple Harmander Sahi...: via
In essence, the community was willing to have the Golden Temple be used as a terrorist hide-out. How stupido!
is a Sikh. That's so cool. What happened to those pics of the golden temple ?
ever been temple and fort PHHWOOAR hes fit?? loll — im not a sikh/hindu..
Work site washroom being in a sikh temple is freaken awkard going in with ur work clothes
In aftermath of shootings, there are lessons to be learned
had great day yesterday visiting the mosque and Sikh Temple was much enjoyed
No editing or filtering needed -the Golden temple looking beautiful ❤
Book on Golden Temple : Hours after unveiling SGPC puts its release on hold
Wisc. Sikh Temple Shooting Latest Tragedy to Befall Community in Wave of...: via
A traditional Sikh follower at the Golden Temple, the holiest place in the Sikh religion. You can…
To point out a comparison of time alotted to "news" spent not 1 single minute devoted to mass shooting at Sikh Temple mths ago
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While visiting a Sikh temple today, with my religion class, I learned some very great lessons...
Please follow "In the wake of the Sikh Temple of WI shooting on 8/5/12, S2U emerged..."
Photo: portrait of a wise man sikh in the golden temple-amritsar-punjab-india (por anthony pappone...
Thank you to Ravinder and the Sikh Temple for hosting me for Baisakhi
I walked from the Sikh Temple on St Andrews Drive to 138 Berkely Street Glasgow G3 7HY This walk takes place every April to mark
Even after Gabby, Aurora, Sikh Temple, Newtown, and over 2800 gun deaths since...we still have this GOP response.
The lights at Ramgharia sikh temple.loving it:)
hi Kevin just to let you know on the 28th of April is the new Opening of the Sikh temple :)
Going to a Sikh temple in queens. Then goin to my old house I grew up in wen I lived in queens. Ugh I hope I dont get emotional lml .❤
A Sikh temple is the worst place I have ever delivered balloons,not in a rush to do it again!simple 10min delivery took 45mins.
Please come to our annual sport day on 13 april 2013 at port klang sikh temple plesae its a request from all the temple member in port klang
Been hectic @ home since I come bak from the gurdwara (Sikh temple) after paying my respects 2 god Had visitors round
In 2012 Wisconsin had several tragedies due to workplace violence. What can we learn from these events?
Our wonderful CEO Abhi at a Sikh temple in Delhi called Bangla Sahib Gurudwara
going home at 3, been at the temple since 8...I think I've done enough praying for a life time.
U r kindly invited to join sonia birdi in prayers on sun, 7th april from 730pm at ramgharia railway sikh temple...
So! Has Shanta a oneman company near Sikh temple in Sloten. Reminds me of my efforts with and above the Indian wereabouts.
Spoke at the huge Vaisakhi parade/gathering in Dandenong today organised by the Keysborough Sikh temple. It really was huge!
this is a Sikh temple called Bangla Sahib gurudwara :)
Enjoying my visit to the Sikh Temple
At the Sikh temple for a wedding, and losing all circulation in my lower limbs as this wedding is takin forever!
This report proves that Sikhs in the US need to train for self defense with handguns & assault rifles. If the FBI...
Swindon widow cleared of 'racist' rant at Sikh temple - Swindon Advertiser
We have free wifi, until the Sikh temple next door puts a password on it.
[Swindon News] Swindon widow cleared of ‘racist’ rant at Sikh temple: A WIDOW accused of calling a man a ‘ragh...
does it happen to be at the Sikh Temple? 😂
Oh, also got invited to a sikh temple with his family by the restaurant manager on Sunday - why not I say - Sat Shri Akal :-)
I took this pic today it's a Amazing temple
I really wanna take a car full of my friends to the Sikh Temple. Free food, anyone? 😏😏
I'm not Sikh or Punjabi but I'd still love to go to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple, looks beautiful
Reminds me of Municipal Library in Mansehra, Which was basically a Sikh Temple (Guardwara) centuries ago.
The sikh gold temple is actually beautiful
I meant that news reporting on religious issues often ill-informed
Register to vote 4-8pm Today at Guru Nanak Sikh Temple
Taking Year 10 on a trip to Gurdwara/Sikh Temple this morning.
Another Beautiful of The of Amritsar , Have a look ,
Nothing more relaxing than a visit to the Sikh Temple 
Muslim mosque and Sikh temple side by side. in
The gunmen at Ft Hood, V.Tech, Tuscon, Sikh Temple, and Aurora all passed background checks.
Taking the kids on an RE trip tmrw. Whistlestop tour to Sikh Temple, & Mosque followed by a Bhuddist Museum. My religious epiphany awaits :)
See photos of the interfaith event held by the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable and Sikh Temple of Utah on March 6
"Tough love is the best love" - ps. bring me to a Sikh Temple soon!
thats gd Are you going to the opening of the New sikh temple on albert Drive?
Register to vote today at Bhavsager Sikh Temple
Swear I just saw walking out of the Sikh temple...
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Are they distributing free saplings as 'prasad' to all visitors at the Golden Temple on account of Sikh Environment Day today as per plan ?
Yay goin on field trip to sikh temple
Just read the most incredible "What I've Learned" feature in Esquire by Lieut. Brian Murphy, first cop at Sikh temple shooting last August.
New temple: A new Gurdwara (Sikh Temple), built at a cost of £2.4m in on Cottenham Street, Newcastl...
Weird, smoke at the Sikh Temple usually just means someone burned some roti.
Getting cultured. Sikh temple for dinner in Melaka, Malaysia.
Our solar array at the Sikh Temple near Glendale, AZ is complete and producing kWhs!! Check it out!!
This photograph was from Amritsar. A beautiful temple area near the boarder of Pakistan. This is a Sikh pilgrimage...
Does anyone remember in 2004 when a play about violence in a Sikh temple was banned? DM me if you hav any info/opinions on this for my disso
Sikh temple trial. check Sandy Hook trial. check check Aurora theater patsy...good as dead altered...
I feel like a true Indian Sikh now.. =))Enjoyed our Sikh temple tour!
This is what is right outside my window ... Sikh temple... Stunning... Just a pity its not a mosque...
Glasgow's new Gurdwara (Sikh temple) is almost finished and looks incredible
provisional date is Sunday 28th April for Opening Ceremony. hope you'll be joining us. for the new sikh Temple
They paved paradise and put up a sikh temple...
Went to a Sikh temple today and got some guy showed me his dagger (Kirpan) and then offered me lunch. Pretty dope day so far.
Off to Sikh temple for our Sikhism Wonder Week.Got my snow boots on!
the new sikh temple which has been built in the south side which is in the direction of Ibrox
thats ok Its ok to be wary :) but I lie the fact that my grandad had a shop in govan and the first ever sikh temple in the south
My mum just asked me if I would like to go to the sikh temple 2moro night for my Grandads friends wifes rememberance I said that
Austin in the Sikh temple: "are we aloud to touch our butt in here?"😂😂
after a school trip to a Sikh temple J freaking about being re-born as someone else?
or in golden temple, they just love sikh religion thats why they only go to gurdwaras in India LOL
Photo: A priest in the Sis Ganj Gurdwara sikh temple, Delhi via
Half the young Sikhs ain't got a clue what they are doing when they are going to the temple - me - but that doesn't make me any less Sikh!
New sikh temple in pollokshields progressing well
their behavior is similar to muslim apologists of US who were shouting islamophobia when sikh temple was attacked.
en route some Sikh temple in Derby, the joys
I'd also love to understand the people who want to get married in a Sikh temple how many go back regularly after marriage ???
in Sikh beliefs when you do not commit your self to the religion in the first place.the fact is if you want to marry in a temple
Thanks for sharing your post on the Sikh Temple in Delhi. My family & I are moving to Delhi & reading your post got me excited!
"lmfao he probaly lives there too" I thought that was him at the Sikh temple
I'm surprised the temple shooting, considered domestic terrorism by fbi, is not receiving more coverage by networks other than
Weird place for our game today- at a purpose built Sikh temple and sports facility. Great pitch, excellent hospitality.
The Original Harlem Shake Coming to a Sikh Temple near you 😂😭
Register to vote today at Gur Sikh Temple
Then go psycho and kill people. Sandy hook, Batman, Norway Massacre, Sikh temple, and a whole lot of others. Yay for security
Quick change of plan gudwara (sikh temple) will go a bit later on got visitors coming around
Golden Temple Plaza to be dedicated to ‘sangat’ by end of 2013 : Sukhbir Singh Badal
Playing right next to a Sikh Temple, whatt
Heritage Classical Indian Tours Duration : 16 Days / 15 Nights Destinations covered : Delhi - Sariska - Jaipur - Agra - Gwalior - Orchha - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Sarnath - Delhi. Day 01 : Arrive Delhi Upon arrival in Delhi, our executive will meet you at the Airport followed by transfer from to hotel. Day 02 : Delhi Morning sightseeing of New Delhi where you visit the mighty Qutub Minar, the unique lotus shaped Bahai Temple, Humayuns Tomb, India Gate and Sikh Temple at Bangla Sahib. Afternoon visit Old Delhi with visit to Raj Ghat : the mausoleum of Mahatma Gandhi followed by visit to Mughal monuments of Red Fort and Jama Masjid. Day 03 : Delhi-Sariska Morning drive to Sariska National Park known for Tigers, sambars, nilgais, chausingha, jackals, langurs, hyena etc. Afternoon Jeep safari to the National Park. Day 04 : Sariska-Jaipur Morning drive to the capital of Jaipur and check-in to hotel. Afternoon visit Pink City which includes Hawa Mahal : the palace of winds, Jantar Mantar : the observatory on sto ...
Noticia Urgente! Upstate's first Sikh Temple now open in Duncan
thanks 👍 I'm going to Sikh temple lol
Upstate's first Sikh Temple now open in Duncan
you should know better! Calling David Cameron a dinner lady for covering his head at the Sikh Golden temple! It's a sign of respect.
ha I went to a Sikh wedding today they said basically in the temple they do a dating service!I think temple over
Went to a Sikh wedding the temple they basically said they can arrange a dating service..the ceremony and party was ace I'm sold!
Just got back from Sikh Temple Pangani, Nairobi. I will dearly miss it. However I left with a bit of hope tonight..
It really is. The park is right next to The Golden Temple which is one of the holiest Sikh sites.
Now heavily blended. Not only black, but lrg immigrant population from India, Asia, ME. We have a Sikh temple/world appreciated Hindu temple
Tour of Delhi all day. Highlights include a Sikh temple that feeds 20-40k people a day, and buildings from roughly the 5th century.
120 families attending Aanvi's 1st birthday celebration at Ealing Sikh Temple are in for a nice treat today!...
I'm off to look for diggers at the Sikh temple. Who else can say that? No one.
I wanna kiss you from your temple to your feet
the Indian foods were so spicy! woo just departed from Sikh Temple @ UN Avenue
yes indeed, that belongs to Sikh religion, and every Sikh religion temple is doing the same for over 300 years now.
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