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Sigur Ros

Sigur Rós is an Icelandic band known for its ethereal sound, frontman Jónsi Birgisson's falsetto vocals, the use of bowed guitar and the noticeable incorporation of classical and minimalist aesthetic elements into their music.

Bon Iver Bloc Party Aphex Twin

Need to print my Sigur Ros tickets Tuesday. Brand new ink in the printer, and the black's not working.
Star Wars ep 8 (or VIII), Twin Peaks, Sherlock, Taboo, Peaky Blinders, new Gorillaz and Sigur Ros Albums, 2017 is better already!
What happens if you add Sigur Rós' music to Iceland's epic commentator video?. It gets even more epic!. https:…
there's like two kinds of high voices. the nasal James LaBrie voice and the breathy Sigur Ros voice
Sigur Rós for sermon writing. Also, they are coming to Hearst Greek Theatre in April!
2016 I got to see NEW ORDER, CHOKING VICTIM, AND SIGUR RÓS for the first time ever! 😌😍
Did you ever get to listen to that Circe soundtrack 3 of the Sigur Rós guys made? If not, I'll get it for you. So good
I guess I can't write Sigur Rós 5x, huh? I also listen to Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Tori Amos, & Underworld when I write.
That's really interesting! Sometimes I like silence but my best music is with Sigur Rós.
Some of my favs: LCD Soundsystem, Nicolas Jaar, Sigur Ros, Cornelius, Aphex Twin, Boris, Squarepusher, Madeon, Skylar Spence, so many more!
i installed the icelandic keyboard to be able to type that accented y thats how much i love sigur rós
definitely check it out! It's one of the weirdest movies but totally beautiful. And the music is this cool ambient/ sigur ros vibe
My person of the year every year is Jonsi of Sigur Ros. Depends on your tastes.
Sigur Rós. He’s Icelandic. Everything about us was apparently a cliché.
its an album cover from the Sigur Ros, you should check them out they're real good
most post-rock bands like Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, and This Will Destroy You have chill ambient vibes 😁
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Don't remember listening to that much Sigur Ros but there you go.
end of 2016 treat, the cover sigur rós, get it now:
The best of 2016. Manchester Marathon, whale watching in Provincetown, Sigur Ros at Radio City NYC and away days wi…
me: sigur rós lyrics are so beautiful. mum: what do they mean. me: good question
yes! I still listen to Sigur Ros and Mogwai now! ❤️
Best artists/bands of all time in no particular order:. The Smiths. Kanye West. blur. Sigur Rós. Gorillaz
the way it feels when i think about iceland and listen to sigur rós is such an indescribable feeling
Watching Heima(Sigur Ros) is a beautiful reminder of all that is good in this world. If you can watch this and not FEEL love, UR dead inside
i love sigur rós so much i am currently ugly crying to a song i hardly understand hELp me
and thus i find myself singing along to sigur rós at half to 4 am
A glass of red wine, a couple gravol and Sigur Ros. Safe travels!
guys oh my god sigur rós moved their showdate so it doesn't conflict with prom I can see them live now 😭
It beats any comment I have ever read underneath Sigur Ros videos! I hope you don't get any mindless heartache from listening.
love Junta & *** Just got into Sigur Ros last month. Wish I listened to them on all those long flights when I…
Wonder what the perfect playlist would be? Bon Iver, Fiest, Sigur Rós?
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I believe U2, beck, sigur ros and the most anticipated Gorillaz new album gonna save me in 2017
Really need to see Sigur ros live...
‘’ 8 ½ ‘’ Radio Show Xmas edition has just started,. tzortzinious ON AIR playing the beloved Sigur Rós . Tune your...
Sigur ros Valtari still has me shaking in my tighty whities
Sigur ros makes every movie ending better.
Now that I can finally cross Thursday off my bucket list of bands to up is Deafheaven in March, then hopefully Sigur Ros in June
I like The Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, Sleater-kinney,Daft Punk and Sigur Ros in college. I was pretty cool.
also works great with Aphex Twin and sigur ros
Vid Spilum Endalaust by Sigur Ros from the album MeA° suA° A­ eyrum viA° spilum en
Can't sleep. Sigur Rós to drown out the internal screaming going on in my head. I'm just... awful. And I have no idea who I am as a person.
Always wanted to with Sigur Ros as the soundtrack to my journey
I still can't get over that my two musical loves were in Game of Thrones. There is nobody I love more than Mastodon and Sigur Rós.
Listening to Sigur Rós makes me want to live in Iceland for the rest of my life.
Frames, Aesthesys, Mogwai, MONO, Hammock, Explosions in the sky, Sleep dealer, Sigur Rós, This will destroy you, to name a few
also Wild Beasts at Roundhouse, Sigur Ros in Barcelona, Slow Show in Shepherds Bush
Really love Idaho, Gemma Hayes and Sigur Ros. But you MUST listen to Emma Ruth Rundle do Shadow of My Name.
We caught Sigur Ros last night at Massey Hall - read our show recap now.
then some Journey, David Bowie and finishing up with Sigur Ros. Whew...
Hi my name is Shannon I am sitting on a rock in the dark in the middle of a river listening to Sigur Ros and I believe in my very own magic
📷 Original silkscreen concert poster for Sigur Ros at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA in 2012. 18...
i have some Boards of Canada albums, Devin Townsend's ambient stuff, the Fez soundtrack, Sigur Ros. gotta build this up more
reliable sources. At least you have Sigur Ros, i know you love those crazy Scandinavians
how do you feel about the Sigur Ros song during the submarine scene in Life Aquatic? this is important
I'm too attached to Sigur Ros, Olafur Arnalds and Gustavo Santaolalla
Sigur Ros are playing the Edinburgh Fringe the week you're there which means I'll try and get there too!
Should be set with concerts for a while. Just bought tickets to Sigur Ros, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Timber.
Potential new Icelandic PM:. - Bjork. - Eidur Gudjohnsen. - Sigur Ros (they'd be co-PM). Those are the famous Icelanders, so it's one of them.
Sigur Ros North American tour dates to be announce MONDAY y'all!! More the reason this tooth needs dealt with so I don't die from it...
four. that doesn't include the times sigur ros released their music from concerts in some capacity. So i have it in 7 forms?
Sigur Rós North American tour dates are being announced on Monday and I'm going to lose my marbles 😭
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fam I can't listen to sigur ros with you
sigur ros is gonna be in LA in september i am SCREAMING!
Okay and then Sigur Ros and some more abstract stuff like Burial.
Sigur Ros is announcing a North American Tour on monday! SO ANXIOUS
Sigur Ros is announcing dates Monday for their north american tour. I may have missed Radiohead, but I will NOT miss sigur ros!
Gah! I adore Sigur Rós! Ending music of and even if I'm dead to ❤️❤️ 🎶🎶
there's a Sigur Rós album that has this photo as their album art!
So my new obsession is Sigur Rós. Because my taste in music is weird.
Sigur Rós Just Announced A North American Tour: Sigur Rós have just informed fans that they are to...
Iceland trio is touring North America for the first time since 2013.
Sigur Ros performs in LA on September 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I've slept on seeing them live. It's a must go.
sigur rós are coming to sweden can someone go with me
so sigur ros is having a NA tour, that's another *** concert i guess
don't have lots of money, but if there is an Austin date, I'm going. Will sell kidney if necessary.
have announced a North American tour. We'll update you when dates are announced:
". Sigur Rós have announced plans to tour North America via a teaser video. The Icelandic group had..." …
» is planning a North American tour + new music this year
This will be a magical year if I can somehow swing it to see Mutual Benefit and Sigur Ros perform (separately) on the West Coast.
Sigur ros are announcing shows in North America on Monday but i really have to save my money.😦
.sigurros have announced a North American tour
.have announced a North American tour
acts that I enjoy a lot, & own many of their records- but never seem to actually play them- Neil Young, The Smiths, Sigur Ros. no idea why.
I haven't listened to Sigur Ros in a while so that's definitely going to happen tonight. How is Jonsi's solo album?
The MOJO Outstanding Contribution to Music Award presented to Sigur Ros by Phil Selway
Fave albums released this year: Vulnicura by Bjork, Drones by Muse, Circe by Sigur Ros members and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Metanoia by IAMX.
it didn't say anything about Sigur Ros in the Groupon but you can bet I'd 100% be tracking them down so
Spent the whole flight thinking about the Sigur Rós comedian and only came up with like two half jokes
I listen to ekki múkk by sigur rós every night before bed and it soothes me like no one would understand
What like 4 Sigur Ros albums and 7 Bjork albums and your good right?
Apparently putting Sigur Ros on at a house party kills the mood... Who knew?
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Sigur Ros and sleep is calling my name.
I hope by ‘festivals’ they mean a Sigur Rós festival and I won’t have to stand in a field listening to hours of rubbish to get to Sigur Rós.
There is not middle ground with Sigur Ros, I agree.
OK music fans. Sigur Ros's () album. Is it genius, or is it the current benchmark in how far heads can get up ***
god is an astronaut 10 jun . Sigur ros 9 jul
I've always liked sigur ros but listening in iceland it really takes on a whole new level of brilliance
I added a video to a playlist Vampire Diaries 3x22 Dauðalogn - Sigur Ros
I'm a big fan of this Sigur Rós song: When he starts playing the guitar with a cello bow it is out of this world.
makes me think of the cover art for Sigur Ros' album Takk.
Ever wondered where Keira Knightley, Bjork and Sigur Ros dine when in London?
Raymond Baxter is attempting to make some kind of Sigur Ros song.
I fkn love BADBADNOTGOOD, and I've heard Shaun talk about Sigur Ros. Maybe I should check 'em out?
Was reading a thing about FKA Twigs (baby) and it said . 'For fans of. Sigur Ros, Four Tet, BADBADNOTGOOD'
Today is the day for Drenge, The Antlers & Sigur Ros
For the past 24 hours I have been doing nothing but listening to Sigur Rós
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Playlist in the morning so far has been Madvillain, Sufjan Stevens, Megadeth, Sigur Ros, and Outkast... Weird mix
I feel like every Sigur Ros song I hear is about dragons or wizards but it's probably just because it's in Icelandic
Björk on Iceland: 'We don't go to church, we go for a walk' | Music | The Guardian
Anyway now I am giving Sigur Rós' rather wonderful live album Inni a full listen as it's been far too long.
specific songs usually more than artists, but really slow stuff like "the colors and the kids" or sigur ros, Bon Iver.
Sæglópur - Sigur Ros. I don't even know why I like this band this much
i can't appreciate sigur rós any more for the splendid and emotional music ang sarap sa puso
Just when I think Game of Thrones can't shock me anymore . the drummer from Coldplay pops up then Sigur Ros...
I love driving alone. With the whole world ahead of you and peace of mind driven by Sigur Ros music.
Its a sigur ros valtari kind of day
is Sigur Ros - () / FatCat 2002 this is the XL repress from 2014
Sigur ros on a cold depressing morning is vital
"Jurassic Bark," a film about two time-traveling dogs and produced by Sigur Rós' Orri Dyrason, hits theaters in 2016.
dear lord help me for I have sinned. it has been 6 months since I last listened to sigur ros
these Sigur Ros cover bands are getting incredibly abstract
The Nuggets fans at the Pepsi Center are about as loud and roudy as the crowd at a Sigur Ros concert.
wait! John C. is producing for Sigur Ros? I'll exchange my kidney for a song like "Hrafntinna". Get them collabs queen! ;)
Thanks to your suggestion from your guest app. on I got that Sigur Ros album. Dude, it's so brilliant.Need it on vinyl
Sigur Rós is basically the quiet parts of Deafheaven and in another language
Arby's is proud to announce that we've partnered up with Sigur Rós to create our limited "Inní mér syngur vitleysingur" …
Wandering the fields of music in 2016 – Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Band of Horses,…
icelandic is such a trip if you ever listen to Sigur ros it sounds like fairy non-words like Not Real... i luv it
Try Air, Explosions in the sky, Sigur Ros. All in the space-rock genre. Let's see if you change your mind after that :)
Iggy Pop, Deftones, Bloc Party, Caribou, and Yeasayer, join Beck, Sigur Ros & more at Denmark's NorthSide
Augustus Pablo --->Sigur Ros--->Cocteau Twins. Makes perfect sense. But now what?
Whipped up a playlist with stuff like Sigur Ros, the Streets, Doves, and Mercury Rev. I feel like I'm back in undergrad. In a good way.
he recommended me a Jimmy Eat World album and we talked about Sigur Ros 👌👌
In fact, has been an incredible musical journey for me. I found Sigur Ros and the Antlers. There's still so much music out there
the first time I saw Sigur Ros at 2012.
The last couple of nights I haven't had a good nights sleep. Hopefully sigur ros will help tonight.
Hamilton Collection
ME. That has been my dream destination for over 10 years. My favorite band ever, Sigur Ros, is from there
I sometimes wonder if Sigur Ros is singing really abominable, profanity-laced stuff, but we have no idea because it just sounds so pretty.
update: I found it in-between the gatefold of another Sigur Ros record... Good 1
You might try Sigur Ros for your next writing day!
you thought you were getting the sweet Sigur Ros Icelandic people, instead you're getting the Icelandic Team from Mighty Ducks 2
I'm missing my copy of Valtari by Sigur Ros.. :(
(I also love Sigur Ros but perhaps not as much as I love calling things fash)
I love Sigur Ros but boy do they make me work for it
Just saw Sigur Ros' Heima with Q&A with their manager John Best. I want to visit Iceland tomorrow!!
Wait, Sigur Ros had a cameo in Game of Thrones? o.o
Sigur Ros are just on another level
not a lot of exposition in first ep of Sense8 lol I finished it & still don't have a clue abt anything.. loving the sigur ros at the end tho
Still one of the best bands out there - Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar via
Yes. I make every transition between worship songs sound like "Takk..." by Sigur Rós. I have no issue with this.
Time to listen to some sigur ros before I call it a day 😌
you're listening to Sigur Ros, I suppose. Great choice, as usual!
I've tried mindfulness, yoga, meditation and Sigur Ros. But nothing quite does it like *** and wine. No more tax.
Can't go wrong with sigur ros I guess. But it makes me wish I was high
Energy efficiency pioneers Sigur Ros play completely unplugged in Heima. 20 tickets on the door tonight.
Relaxing in the bath with some Sigur Ros on and a 4min30sec advert comes on discussing political issues. Nice one Youtube!
I'm guessing you've exhausted the Sigur Ros and Mogwai catalogue?
Tonight! We bring Sigur Ros' Heima to Cinema. All sold out, but there'll be 20 tickets on the door.
Mad how Sigur Rós are one of my favourite bands and I can't understand a word Jónsi is saying
When you are listening to Sigur Ros in the train and forget that everything else exists around you.. These are the moments to live for.
First song of the day is from Inní by Sigur Rós, I have (sadly) never seen them play live and would love to.
SIGUR ROS FOLLOW UP ACT OH MY GOD--skrillex guests in to make a dubstep mash of their snoring
I listen to Sigur Ros while I read and it's the best thing out there
Ah Sigur Ros. They still take the crown as best gig I ever saw at Eden Project a couple of years back…
yay! The ghost people are eerie! Remind me of the sigur ros vid. And the whole thing is poetically vague, yes!
Playing FIFA and listening to Sigur Ros at the same time is
not been listening to much Sigur Ros then lately?
This song just rocked me. Reminiscent to Sigur Ros' ethereal sound...extremely well developed.
Shout out to this lady blasting Sigur Ros and slanging pumpkin lattes at this airport Starbucks. YOU ARE TOO REAL.
I was just jamming out to some Sigur Ros. Do you ever listen to them? Just wondered
Breakdown over Sigur Ros and my life's questionable purpose.standard sunday night at the railey head maze.
Photo: Sigur Ros at The Beacon Theater, NYC, 10 years ago today. cc
you need red wine... Sigur Ros is better with red wine.
I’d be interested in blogging for you guys, if you’d be interested in it too:
I wrote about my favorite country and one of my fave bands for 😊
remember when shia laboeuf said he finally understood sigur rós? that was a rly impt time to be alive. for me and shia and prob sigur rós.
Now go hunt down and purchase all the Sigur Ros albums 😁
The second there is even a slight chill in the air I feel the overwhelming need to put Sigur Ros on
the calling card of the terrorists in this show is 'VON' which is a reference to sigur ros. thats. interesting
This office sounds like Sigur Ros is being tourtured by in the back room.
A Rolling Stone list of best Hopelandic Gibberishcore bands of All Time that ranks Taylor Swift above Sigur Rós
A little for you with this great rig rundown on Sigur Rós by Premier Guitar ...
Listening to Sigur Ros while running is actually terrible
Think Sigur Ros have taken over Nouvelle Vague as the most malign influence on new music. All those twee ickle voices over icy soundscapes.
Bjork's always at it. Fancy reissues every other year etc... Sigur Ros also bad for this. Icelanders love the dollar bill!
PSA. For fans of minimalist / ambient soundscapes, this soundtrack, feat. Sigur Ros-type people, is sumptuous
Listening to epic Sigur Ros music may create illusions of masterful copy writing.
Members of Sigur Rós carve sobering darkness on documentary soundtrack Circe
World's End GIRLFRIEND (i recommend them!). i know none of the other 100+ bands list except like sigur ros etc which i wontlisten2
What would be the alternate name of Sigur Ros in a hood? . Nigur Ros.
Now listening to the awesome 'Valtari' by Sigur Ros.
Icelandic bands that are not Sigur Ros .
When we were in Sydney last Sophie had a chat about her favorite album Takk... by Sigur Rós, check it!
My soundtracks vary too, different on each book. Lots of Sigur Ros for Phoenix:
someone should come listen to this Sigur Rós vinyl with me
Cried everytime listen to sigur ros. Heish sedap sngt
Thank you - I felt Sigur Ros sounded like the stars singing in space, and that was what I wanted in the book!
I find it hard to write WITHOUT music! Different music for each book. Sigur Ros for Phoenix!
That album is literally all the people that made the Sigur Ros sound minus Jonsi. I am so happy.
since we have no this week, here is an old Sigur Ros video that sort of reminds me of them
Hoppipola | Sigur Ros *If you haven't listened to this song yet then you are missing something very special* ☺☺
Always dance, everywhere...Lila from Circe - Sigur Ros
Hey Iceland, who do I talk to about getting Sigur Ros to cover Vanilla Ice?
drags myself outta bed away from old sigur rós songs to play on the piano _(:x
Sigur Rós in the morning to cure my soul and give me hope.
The 'personalised playlist' thing on Spotify and Apple Music is fascinating. The one recommends The Smiths and Sigur Ros. The other, Melua.
Wow, the new album from Sigur Rós' Goggi and Orri is incredible. So beautiful.
The non-Jónsi members of Sigur Rós have composed a soundtrack for the upcoming BBC documentary, The Show Of Shows. ♫
listening to Sigur Ros songs makes me 10x more emotional
watched Aquatic Life of Steve Zissou, it was an okay movie but god I cried at the climax part of the movie with the Sigur Ros song playing
I feel like they should cover Sigur Ros songs, but in Esperanto instead of Vonlenska.
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Some live footage of me playing my Sigur Rós influenced track, I haven't seen this until now and it's been about...
An Icelandic hotel playing Sigur Ros in the lobby is a cliche, but it's a cliche I can endorse
60% of the time, Sigur Ros hits the spot every time
Emily's was Sigur Ros at Jodrell Bank. Ruined. I'll get her when she's a hormonal 15 year old doing gcse! In 4 years! Arghhh
This Absolut Vodka is serious stuff. Course if Sigur Ros were on the flight a different type of axe would be used...
Photo: Super humbled to be in such a powerful place - spending some time at the Sigur Rós swimming pool...
Of Monsters and Men! Definitely in my top 2 Icelandic bands (Sigur Ros).
Well, anything from Architects, BMTH, Coldplay, Bach, Cult of Luna, The Ember Days, This Will Destroy You, Sigur Ros and more!
once i sat in a hallway of the U and listened to Sigur Ros in my headphones and looked out a window at the sun and just cried
Sense8 pilot using Sigur Ros's song from TVD 3x22 when Elena drowned. Who gave you the right
How do I always trick myself into thinking that I want to listen to Sigur Ros.
I don't know what Sigur Ros is saying but they make me want to do something bittersweet in slow motion.
2am can't sleep listening to Sigur Ros. So peaceful and quiet out there earlier on.
if Sigur Ros can get a cameo in Game of Thrones, can get a cameo in Black Panther.
Sigur ros in more point to an interesting start
"I'm totally attracted to u because of ur love for sigur ros" that's how my 500 days of *surprise* winter begins
Sigur Ros is the perfect music to listen to when you want to fall asleep.
Did Sense8 really have to soundtrack an Icelandic woman tripping with Sigur Ros?
I just want to lay in bed while it rains and listen to Sigur Rós
It's freezing in the house, so I turned on Sigur Rós's album ( ) and I'm taking a snooze
Okay, Sense 8 just shot my Achille's heel of tropes; cathartic montage done to Sigur Ros.
Marked by fauzanyog and to share so here we go!. Sigur Rós -…
A musical composition I did in 2013 with piano and cellos. Inspired by music I love, like Sigur Rós etc. Enjoy! .
from an amazing show with a dope soundtrack (plus Lykke Li, Sigur Ros, Fatboy Slim, Avicii etc...)
Sitting in the garden listening to Sigur Rós while birds sing. I may have stumbled upon perfection.
how could they put sigur rós at the final sense8 episode credits as if i wasn't emo enough.
Can I like marry Jonsi from Sigur Ros already?
you were a festival in my town. and now you should move on. so do I ♫ Festival by Sigur Rós —
There's a wall of vinyl and Barnes and Noble now and one of the workers asked me if I knew of the new foreign band, "Sigur Ros."
Sigur Ros again. Something dramatic must have just happened.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Favourite Pastime: Making up the lyrics to Sigur Rós songs whilst star-fished on my bed.
Perfect Sunday afternoon walk with a pooch and Sigur Ros for company ... I love living by the river :)
okay, my time's up.the progress i've made with the story this morning 0% but at least i got to listen to sigur rós :'D
try Sigur Rós. One of my favorites to fall asleep to
sigur rós sounds so happy in this song aw :'))
Sigur Rós' sound is so unique like when you hear one of their songs you'll instantly recognize it's theirs
sigur rós is the background music to my life
Who wants to talk about sigur ros more specifically festival by sigur ros
Ending with Sigur Ros' Saeglopur is so perfect. God, I want to go to Iceland so bad.
opinions! Anyone else dislike Battles and Sigur Ros albums as much as I do? Prolly real good live, tho
I've been channelling Sigur Ros gibberish for all of our shows; also your bass sounds awesome on the first track...
Currently reading Writing Fiction for Dummies and listening to Sigur Ros. Oh the peace!
Stunning photos of Iceland and beautiful music by Sigur Ros in this video by a friend of mine by
Oh yes and I've been listening to Sigur Rós again which really brings back some memories! So good.
*Standing on the roof listening to Sigur Ros*. Iyna: this moment is so perfect. Me: I'm your Manic Pixie Dream Boy huh?. I: No you're my future
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New Order, Bloc Party, Bon Iver, National, Sigur Ros, Tame Impala all supposedly got albums within the next year.. Festivals will be awesome
I love Jodrell Bank SO much. I saw Sigur Ros there and it was the most amazing gig I've ever been to.
Sigur Ros will stream their 1999 'Agaetis Byrjun' release show one time this afternoon:
That would be Seger Ros - you're thinking of Sigur Ros songs in the style of Pete Seeger
Fans of Sigur Ros etc, check out this awesome new track I mastered for -
Iceland is moving to the Hydrogen economy.. Sigur Ros visiting us today!
The most overwhelming show I've seen was Sigur Ros at Laneway Festival in Detroit (RIP?). I legit cried during it.
'survives, comprising her own sphere, . of Tones...' ~ Geoffrey Hill, Kafari - Sigur Ros
I added a video to a playlist Sigur Ros - Njosnavelin [HD]
did you get in the Sigur Ros "( )" 180g reissue in and do you have Jason Isbell's "Southeastern" on lp?
Final Roundup of my trips to amoeba. Tycho, TWDY, Gold Panda, TNGHT, Sigur Ros, Balance And Composure
It would be nice to go back to those days I first heard Air Moon Safari, Kid A, Sigur Ros. Hopefully I'll have another music renaissance.
Book club discussion on Sigur Ros's ( ) from by starts Monday!
Jonathan Ross presenting the Lovie award to Sigur Ros @ LSO St Luke's.
Here's the link to listen back to last night's show on FRQ - the perfect antidote for the midweek blues...?? Music from LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, John Grant, Paper Diamond and Deftones, plus remixes of tracks by Two Door Cinema Club, Sigur Ros and Black Kids. There's a classic from Happy Mondays, and a few more tracks in there for good measure!
Jonsi is the lead singer of Sigur Ros ;) but his solo stuff is incredible!
In the baf, blood bank album down, sigur ros now. Thinking of changing my life right about now
Alright A.J. Moore! Here's my list of 11 albums. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Cardinology mewithoutYou - Brother, Sister Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago The National - Alligator Sigur Ros - Takk... Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism Sufjan Stevens - Come on Feel the Illinoise Mike Crawford and his Secret Siblings - Songs From Jacobs Well: Volume 1 & 2 Simon and Garfunkel - Greatest Hits Local Natives - Gorilla Manor Vampire Weekend - Contra Obviously there are some that I didn't include that could have easily made the cut. And there are better albums by these artists too! But these albums (for the most part) were the ones that first introduced me to the artist and bring back some very fond memories that have indeed influenced me. Lisa Wiley, David Matthew Fiser, Chase Castor, and Garrett Neal Wiley... You're up! Choose 11 albums that have influenced you the most or you have to dump a bucket of ice water on your head.
Playing Norwegian band A-Ha's terrific debut album, "Hunting high and low". While it's new wave, I can hear how Sigur Ros got influenced.
Kindly go away when I'm listening to Sigur Ros thx
Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, God is an Astronaut, Lowercase Noises, etc.
no worst timing D; that's me with sigur ros all but once ;~;
Sigur Ros is my ultimate inspiration to write/script. If I can't get anything while listening to 'em, then something's wrong.
I'm doing the same just now. She has me playing Theaudience and it's getting a firm thumbs down. Sigur Rós on now!
They know that a lot of the music I use in my room (Sigur Ros, Two Door Cinema, M83, etc.) were previous SOTD suggestions.
Fans of Radiohead and Sigur Ros - you're going to love this from Dublin's
Icelandic people really know how to make a good music.. Sigur ros.. Of monster and men..
But now the rains weep o'er his hall, with no one there to hear. Yes now… ♫ The Rains of Castamere by Sigur Rós —
Love Sigur Ros as much as anyone, but they're only appropriate to listen to when giving birth or with your loved ones around you in hospice.
Sigur Ros making scandie sexy before the hipsters came along
Entries from Sigur Rós, Lecrae, Talking Heads & Onze 20 in our 'Top Likes' today, proving charts don't have to be predictable.
Sigur Ros is a superb band. One cannot find a single bad tune in any of their albums no matter how hard you look for it.
The version of "The Rains of Castamere" by Sigur Rós featured in the Purple Wedding episode is goosebump-inducing:
Wake up every morning with Sigur Rós playing in. the background and think to myself, What would. Yeezy do?
props to the dude who called David Mitchell "for people who like to take warm baths while listening to Sigur Ros"
The best mornings include Sigur Ros, my robe, coffee, scripture, and an extra hour before I have to do anything.
not sure if I've told you about them already, but listen to Sigur Rós. . They speak your kind of language.
Bi-yearly reminder that sigur rós has some beautiful music. That'll be all.
A year or so back I tried listening to all the Sigur Rós albums in a row. I think was part of the problem :-)
I so want to go to Iceland. Hope Sigur Ros is performing there ;)
Today's walk: A sustained, brutal, mid-air attack on a seagull by 60 or so ballsy swifts. To an ethereal soundtrack of Sigur Ros.
Bon Iver doesn't do much for me but that song's not bad. Great video. I'm glad you didn't send me a Sigur Rós song :-)
UM YES just preordered GoT season 4 soundtrack on vinyl, with Sigur Ros' "The Rains of Castemere" at vinylicious
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