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Signal Hill

Signal Hill is a small city (2.2 mi², 5.7 km²) in California located in the Greater Los Angeles area. Signal Hill, completely surrounded by the city of Long Beach, was incorporated on April 22, 1924, roughly three years after oil was discovered there.

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When defeat comes,accept it as a signal your plans aren't sound,rebuild those plans,and set sail once more toward your coveted goal. N. Hill
Signal hill st.john's is the best place to get high at night
view toward signal hill. Pick your own this Wednesday from 4-6pm
Topics in the Signal Hill City Council meeting last Tuesday were medical marijuana and city attorney attendance. .
Morning run on Signal Hill with a view that gives you wings
Took this photo while admiring the wing-gliders from signal hill (Cape-Town).
if I were to propose to my girl it'd be on signal hill at night with all off los angeles' lights in the background
House for in Signal Hill, SW, 3 bedrooms - $$2000.00. Available Immediate Calgary
Thanks to Pat Leonard and the guys with Signal Hill, I got Jason Campbell's CD, Missing Signals... Great tunes!!!...
Hill& Gully Ride by Busy Signal makes me so happy
the weather in Iowa City can tell you something about the weather in Chicago, even if a noisy signal.
Tonight's shop ride will start at 7pm at the bottom of Signal Hill. We will ride with the Kelly McGarry ride...
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Fire in area in are mobile to the scene. Pic:
What’s the big deal with fluoride anyways and why do we need it? Fluoride is the most effective agent available...
That signal hill sunset by nyaki16 seen in CT
Lions Head track looking out over Signal Hill
The mountain.covered with cloud around signal hill.
Reitmans Canada Limited (Calgary AB): "retail setting. o You're flexible and don't mind working…
A powerful message from a friend this morning on signal hill How does this make you feel?
Trying to call the Camp Hill, PA post office about a missing package and have been getting a busy signal for over an hour. Help?
Good evening Yes, our signal is loud and clear. Frequency 506000khz, aerial to face towards Kiboswa Hill.
i wanna go to signal hill with some body so bad when I get back 🙁
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We've got 1.5" of wet slushy snow on Signal Hill on the north side of Sioux City as of 2:30 am and counting.. Let me know what you've got!
Falling more and more in love with Long Beach, let me tell ya @ Signal Hill - Hilltop Park
Blessed, and grateful to be alive. @ Signal Hill - Hilltop Park
It's beautiful up there all the time! @ Signal Hill - Hilltop Park
I photographed this sunset from Signal Hill, St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
Stalking the sunset from Signal Hill. @ Signal Hill - Hilltop Park
Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Decided to take some photos of our beautiful city, today.
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The brilliance of the star, atop Cabot Tower,Signal Hill,St. John's, Newfoundland.
The new Christmas star on parkscanada Cabot Tower at Signal Hill- a nice beacon on this grey…
Lovely family evening on Signal Hill. Boy is the new star on Cabot Tower beautiful!
CNA alumni, Kevin Lafleur's star is shining bright on Signal Hill! : via
By: - Signal Hill, Lions Head, Devils Peak and Table Mountain at my back. Cape Town finding…
Women's ride tonight, we will ride all the way to the top of Signal Hill! Meeting 5.15pm at LPHS...
My husband and I have been running up to Hilltop Park in Signal Hill every morning and it is no joke.…
From Artesia & Cherry, to Atlantic & Harding, to Pine & Ocean, to PCH & 10th, to Signal Hill & Bixby Knolls. We have a lot to display.
Watching the sun fall from view from the edge of the African continent. @ Signal Hill
Signal Hill used to be last boss. Side running through their division league then pain in the Stadium when they fly across
Why does streatham hill do that weird thing where it just *** away your signal? Like?? 2015 or nor?
It would basically be POS/environs vs Sando/environs featuring San Juan & Signal Hill. Is this is good for the development of T&T football?
Signal too rarely sent: Kuwait gives five men ten years each for raising funds for ISIS.
Fantastic run up Signal Hill in St. John's. Great meetings this week with key partners in
Amendments to Gigs this week:. Tuesday (Tonight): The Signal, Forest Hill from 6.30pm till 8.30pm. Thursday: The...
9. Until one random day. I go to signal hill with friends. We get turnt out of our minds. Luckily I dont drunk text so we don…
Job : Signal Hill CA - RN Case Manager - Haven Health the leading Home Health and Hospice agency in Southern C...
Signal hill in basking in the early morning summer sunshine
Here's a family thing to do tonight in Signal Hill, Ca FYI
The house, which sits on the corner of Signal Hill & Beech Street, does not appear in good repair.
And the road trip continues! Signal Hill and Cabot Tower in St. John's, Newfoundland, :)
Debris reported on the road on 290 West past the Y in Oak Hill near Signal Hill just before Nutty Brown
Signal Hill ... Or Middle Earth? Thanks Introspective Design for sharing the view!
TeamKean: Taking in the sights at Signal Hill
Taking in the sights at Signal Hill
.(lpc for Signal Hill) I didn't see on your TL where you apologized for referencing Ron Lieperts junk. Weird
Randy Whitten captured this unusual sky over Signal Hill on Friday afternoon. Thanks for the photo share!
Yesterday's busy day finished watching the sunset from Signal Hill.
The Heritage Shop on Signal Hill is open again after a four-month closure. .
I recognize the name Margaret Power. I had a great Aunt named Maragret Power, I cant see the date. She lived on Signal Hill
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Signal Hill! Cape Spear! Quidi Vidi! There's so much to see that can't be condensed to 140 characters...visit
Timber rocking Terry Jack at and a view of Signal Hill!
technically we're in Signal Hill right now which is a city which is a huge hill right in the middle of Long Beach
A set of red chairs mounted up by Cabot Tower would be awesome. Cape Spear, Fort Amherest, City , and Signal Hill all in pic
Cuckolds Cove to Cabot Tower and Signal Hill, St. John's, (& of course the Atlantic Ocean).
Signal Hill cuts to 2 times a week in water usage for consumers.
Waiting for The Girl's softball practice to wrap up. (@ Signal Hill in Dix Hills, NY)
HERMIT FALLS UPDATE: Teen killed in diving accident identified as Jesse Yuth, 18, of Signal Hill
Lunch with Steven and June Wright, Sherman and Steve. (@ Delius Restaurant in Signal Hill, CA)
Last chance to see Signal Hill tonight Grab a nice cold bottle of Corona ( or 20?? )…
Me and few mainanders were at Signal Hill earlier to witness a vibey meteorological moment at the Cape.
These dudes are really in the tree tops trimming. @ Signal Hill - Hilltop Park
Book signing today @ Indigo Signal Hill in Calgary 11.30 am to 5 pm. Hope to see you there
Northwest and Signal hill fire responding to fire alarm on Arron Dr.
Come say hi at We're at Heritage Meadows and Signal Hill today and tomorrow.
currently beautiful up here on Signal Hill.
remember.. Mirror, signal then move. And no rolling back on hill 😃
Lion's Head, Signal Hill and the whole of the Cape Town City Bowl from Devil's Peak. Excuse me while…
Due to signal failure at the Royal stop, Trams are only running from Priestfield to Birmingham Snow Hill only. please accept our apologies
I want to go on a picnic with u right now at signal hill
And I live on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere East Bay. AT&T gets no signal here. Verizon is mediocre.
Signal Hill is nice for a few minutes but gets really boring after
Due to signal failure at the Royal stop midland metro is only running between Priestfield and Birmingham snow hill.
View from Signal Hill... or as I call it, "The three red balls" :P. Vista desde Signal Hill... o como…
NHPC is looking for a Therapist - Signal Hill SW Calgary in apply now!
at fusiliers_. Gun Hill Signal Station. Last week at our MARKet... SET... GOals:…
Commuting to Forest Hill after work when there's signal failure 😫 😩😑
Farm on a hill in middle of Nowhere Wales. Free and FULL signal on EE. *** ! needs to take note!
Seniors and Technology: The Rest of the Story Brice Smith at Signal Hill
Metropolitan Line: Minor delays between Aldgate and Harrow on the Hill due to an earlier signal failure at Plaistow.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Imgaine the same shot of Signal Hill at 8.30 pm on Saturday night when kicks off... via
Share your experience or see the experiences of others at on our Yelp page!
Good afternoon from the Fox 4 Newsroom. 43 and partly sunny here on Signal Hill. Upd on Gardner officer involved shooting at 5
I checked in at Rocco's Deli Italiano on
Want to get your vintage hair or makeup done by me at the next Retro Bettie Bazaar on April 25 in Signal Hill,...
Does Taynish's sale signal the wakening of the Bellevue Hill giant?
Crescent Moon over St. John's, NL last weekend as seen from Signal Hill. h…
Pamela Deloatch shares her tips for creating your own "golden banana" on the Signal Hill blog.
Great views from Signal Hill on my final full day in Cape Town: Stadium, athletics track & 9 hole golf course.
Streatham hill is such a dead spot for phone signal :/
use it. Am in the govenrors hill area and I know there can be problems with signal but this is ridiculous. I want a refund or a
Awesome sunset in on top of Signal hill
First person to bring me chipotle at 2716 Dawson Ave. Signal Hill, CA 90755 gets my soul and $5.
Showing fantastic LTE in Spring Hill! Is this everywhere you go or somewhere specific? Hows signal now? *MA
I want to go to the observatory or signal hill soon.
Come down for FREE class This Saturday the 28th from 8-9am. 3202 E Willow St in beautiful Signal Hill. Grea…
A lovely sunset last Saturday night in St. John's, as seen by Erik McLean on Signal Hill. Nice shot!
Home a day early, Cumbria you're very preety but I prefer a phone signal to a big hill.
You put Dru Hill's "Beauty" on a mix, somebody is gonna be sleeping in a wet spo---***PHONE SIGNAL LOST***
Sorry updates a bit sparse signal at Blists Hill
How can I have no signal outside on top of a hill?!
Signal Hill is lost in another blast of snow.
Our Table Mountain Rooms boast glorious views of the iconic & Signal Hill.
High up in the clouds on Signal Hill. Taken with the Table Mountain in the backdrop! @ Signal Hill
Miss the exciting news yesterday? Signal Hill Mayor Ed Wilson came by to lend a hand & pack meals! 🍴
The former Florida governor’s sale of his shares of Jeb Bush and Associates and the Britton Hill entities was another strong signal that
It depends on the time of year. The city, whale watching, Signal Hill, Cape Spear in summer. ^EK
I climbed Mount Everest once. No, that was Signal Hill. No wait, I drove up and took a picture from my car window.
my dad lowkey trynna kill me by taking me to walk up the hills in Signal Hill 😂😩
I’ll bring them to signal hill and we can all have a bonfire
Someone brought the Malcolm Hill signal today.
Townhouse for in Signal Hill, SW, 3 bedrooms - $$1900.00. Call for Availability Calgary
Sometimes you just have to drive around for a while until you find a beautiful sight!😊 @ Signal Hill…
Trying not to get blown over on top of Signal Hill with
Snow days are the best tanning days! Come into a Bronze Baxx near you-- Downtown Signal Hill, McKenzie Towne or
Castle Hill Sports will stream the big game live (w/good signal)-
a big win for and now off to watch the sun set from Signal Hill. super saturday.
A reality show where Instagram famous kids are thrown in the middle of nowhere without cell signal or outlets.
All the time. Mine and Laura's both went from ~80 to off in 3 mins on top of Signal Hill in St. John's at the same time
More than 4000 km to the North Pole - well today I'm not convinced :-) @ Signal Hill, St. John's
it's a nice day in St. John's, I recommend signal hill!☺️
Ever wonder what that glowing star is on Hill. Well it's the a Beacon Of Hope.…
Politicians and media are desperately trying to pretend that this does not signal a deeper problem...but it does!.
Loblaw Companies Limited is looking for a MEAT Clerk P/T - Signal Hill in Calgary
Look how new life is sprouting up from the fire that rocked myself and Signal Hill in December. Beautiful :)
Pamela M.'s Review of Costco Gasoline - Signal Hill (5/5) on Yelp -
Signal Hill and Griffith Observatory in one night? Score.
I wanna go to signal hill or something
Just smashed the Signal Hill trails with Baley. Now for some eggs.
"So cold my soul's numb. Like an icy breeze on solstice morning..." @ Signal Hill - Table Mountain
Perfect quiet Saturday morning on my balcony overlooking Table Mountain, Lion's Head, Signal Hill, CBD & the harbour, with a book & coffee.
like the time we went to signal hill. something like that. that's what I meant
New Experience for with the kiddos. Can guess where we're at??. @ Signal Hill Black…
the Sunset from Signal Hill is amazing.
Signal Hill YYC store has lost 1st time customer for good by poor design & lacking carts Will find other store to be loyal to
Wanted to go to signal hill and smoke with them
It's raining hard in the hood. Pls take me back to Signal Hill.
I wanna eat @ Costco food court but the one in Signal Hill is closed for remodeling, I'm not in the mood to drive all the way to Lakewood 😫
Traffic Alert: Copper Hill Dr at West Creek Dr - Traffic signal flashing red on Copper Hill, just west of West Creek.
Photo: olivierbardin: Signal Hill, California, photo by Andreas Feininger for LIFE, 1947
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Also in today's news: A number of court cases out of Corner Brook and St. John's, fracking meeting, DL Winterfest, and taxes for Signal Hill
6 mile Signal Hill run last night with SHHC. Started with the group (20 hikers strong!!!) and then ran with Jeff and Henry as they helped me prepare for the Surf City Half Marathon in a couple of weeks. Running at Signal Hill is a butt kicker! Thanks guys for your help and great run!!! Happy girl. 😊
So clear today from west side of Dodger Stadium, can see Signal Hill & downtown Long Beach to south, LAX traffic tower to the west. Gorgeous
It's a "lose an extremity due to frostbite" kind of night on Signal Hill. No quality star photos for this one.
From the archives: Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in St. John's,
Cabot Tower is a tower in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, situated on Signal Hill..
it was. To go to Signal Hill, then to Belmont Shore, to go up to Whitter by 6:30?
Cape Town has a new beacon of light, shining brightly into the night…and the future. It’s the new 24-metre high art installation, designed by artist Christopher Swift, that is now providing a physical and figurative glimmer of light on Signal Hill in Cape Town. Powered by solar energy, the light fro…
Checkmat Grand Opening is going on now! . 2400 Gundry Ave Signal Hill CA
No one told us it was windy on Signal Hill in St. John's
Dan's wifi is absolutely awful and getting signal in windmill hill is near impossible 😞
Enjoying the city lights in good company. (@ Signal Hill in Cape Town, Western Cape)
Full wash and detail for my baby Brad. 💦🚘 (@ Excellent Car Wash & Detailing in Signal Hill, CA)
Sara & Dwynden from conquering hill, keeping on their toes!
There's one too many of us so I'm traveling in the trunk to Signal Hill
no. Is it big? Ive been going in signal hill. Some gyms dnt work with my membership has to be a Hangar18 related climbing gym
BE HAPPY!! Come on down to where I will be taking part in the Indigo Signal Hill Gala Saturday...
It's a beautiful day for rugby out at signal hill. Furies D2 getting ready to take on Nova
About 50. Had to change from the Metropolitan Line at Harrow on the Hill onto the Picadilly line due to Wookie signal failure.
Isaiah 13:2 On a bare hill raise a signal flag, shout to them, wave your hand, so they might enter the gates of the princes!
Greater Cape Town: Signal Hill: 360° panorama by Norbert Mebert. Click the image to open the…
A wee bit blustery on Signal Hill this fine morning...
Be first to apply - API 653 Inspector in Signal Hill, CA
15/11 12:10 SNOW HILL LINES: possible delays on some journeys due to signal problem near Droitwich.
Our Advanced group did an LSD in and around Lions Head and Signal Hill. AP
No signal! We're at a bottom of a hill! Loos are outside. I wish I was joking!
Absolutely epic run with the Advanced group this morning. In and around Signal Hill…
Should i climb up the hill to get a better signal..deepsigh
Man they Meeting Up in Signal Hill for the Races, I'm Tempted
Photo: Starbucks is finally open in Signal Hill!! ☺
Starbucks is finally open in Signal Hill!! ☺
I want to go to signal hill or the observatory.🌌
signal hill with my two main *** 💎 👳 blazing it closer to Heaven from up here.
Who's down for a signal hill or beach run ?
Tasting insanely good Champagne, red burgundy, white burgundy at the Wine Country/Signal Hill 19th anniversary.
The fact that the Starbucks in Signal Hill is now open! ☺ lol
Thank you to JDRF families & supporters that attended the annual World Diabetes Day photo on Signal Hill this evening
Really Awesome service by Signal Hill, CA Fedex Shipping Center in helping track my lost package, Feeling Super Happy
Was naming Shaun Hill the starting signal-caller the right move? & preview Sunday's game:
Walked buy these homes on signal hill hill street many many times
Indigo Signal Hill - here I come all the way from Saskatchewan to take part in the Gala - so excited because NOW...
The new Starbucks in Signal Hill has excruciatingly slow service. I'll be back in a month or so when they get their act together.
Filing period begins for two open Signal Hill Council seats and city clerk, treasurer positions for 2015 election:
A probe sends images from 311 mill miles away on a comet hurdling through space. Can't get signal on a hill though.
After all this time, the signal hill vacant homes catch fire and can't complete construction.
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I walked 0.83 mi with Check out my route in Signal Hill, CA, United States!
From Lions Head to Signal Hill and the V&A V & A Waterfront - the view from Table Mountain is unparalleled!...
Why sit in a stuffy bus with total strangers when you can explore Cape Town in all its glory and scenic splendour from the back of a fully imported trike, with the wind in your face? The trike seats two passengers comfortably and helmets are provided. All tours are conducted by a qualified and registered tour guide. Cape Trike Tours offers 5 pre-set tours but will customise any tour according to your wishes. * The Cape Point & peninsula tour: Full day * The Hermanus tour: Full day. * The Cape Winelands tour: Full day and includes two free wine tastings. * The West Coast tour: Full day. * The sunset tour: Approx. 2.5 hours and includes finger snacks and a bottle of sparkling wine. There are two options for this tour...Signal Hill or Chapmans Peak at an additional cost. We are also available for weddings and matric functions. For more information and prices, please visit us on
South African sunset tonight from Signal Hill in Cape Town. it is an event! People bring food and drinks and have a great time waiting for the sun to set.
To support, join us at the this Sat at 1pm, Signal Hill, Plettenberg Bay. Wear Green :)
Another shot of the Sunset from Signal Hill tonight.
Beautiful sunset shot sent in by Berkley Reynolds on our FB page…what a view from Signal Hill!
The view from Signal Hill as the line of Severe Thunderstorms rolled into St. John's from Southwest.
Things to do for free in Cape Town Want to experience Cape Town, but payday isn’t until next week? Don't hide indoors in penniless shame; there are countless ways to capitalise on your time in the Mother City without spending a dime. Our advice: print this guide out and keep it in your ever-so-empty back pocket. CONQUER Cape Town'S GREAT OUTDOORS Full moon hike up Lion’s Head Between Table Mountain and Signal Hill you’ll find a mountain steeped in romance and tradition.Climb the mountain just before sunset and enjoy a picnic, with breathtaking views of Camps Bay and Cape Town, under the light of a full moon. Seapoint Promenade A visit to Seapoint is not complete without a walk along the stunning seaside promenade. The promenade is frequented by walkers and skaters alike – a sunset jog is a fantastic idea. Can’t afford a theme park? Get in touch with your inner-child and swing high in the air at one of the grassy parks or flex those muscles at the outdoor gym. Cape Town is characterised by its st ...
"@ Signal Hill, St. John's a very good one.
ZDNet. Mobile coverage stepped up in national parks, bringing better signal to remote spots.
Good morning. Wakie ... wakie. Rise and shine. Gray sky here in St. John's early this morning, but reddish colour in the sky off to the east as the sun rises above Signal Hill. Radar shows scattered showers across the Island, but nothing heavy. 60% chance you may get some. Will clear off later as the temperature rises from 18.0 C now at 5:30 a.m. in my office window here on Spratt Place to a high of 26 C today. Wind is expected to be westerly 20 to 40 km/h. Outlook for Lumsden and the beaches of the Straight Shore: Wed 25 C, Thur 27 C, Fri 27 C, Sat 23 C, Sun 26 C, Mon 27 C, and Tues 29 C. Going to be a fabulous week. Pack up the family and head for Cape Island, Windmill Bight, Lumsden North Beach, or Musgrave Harbour Park. You will find room somewhere to park your camper or set up your tents.
it's on Liberia. Like in signal hill neighborhood
Last night was so awesome, went to the quarry in Cape Town and then to witches circle on signal hill with my bun bun donnovan. Was so cool!!
Oh! Lovely. Im in Scotland working until Fri. I was on a hill walk+camp yesterday. No signal.
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Have taken some great panormics on the balcony of the Rocklands Building in Sea Point and Signal Hill in
Anybody wanna join me at signal hill?
While California is levying fines for wasting Long Beach area has done so for years. By
from to Tulse Hill, Crystal Palace and Anerley, half hour delays with a signal fault.
Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill already have strict water conservation policies
Going back to where it all started.memory lane💕 @ Signal Hill - Hilltop Park
So happy that we had a chance to spend time with the Fuiavas! @ Applebee's Signal Hill
Someone should take me to signal hill one night, that'd be great.
360° view at Signal Hill Mount Magazine – Highest Peak in Arkansas -
follow me I just ran up SIGNAL HILL and my feet hurt
Ok how many people do u know who can claim to have done the on Signal Hill Nfld?
How did you get Taco Bell we're at signal hill ???
I actually went for a run you guys. I came out of my cave and ran to the too of signal hill. I feel accomplished.
I kind of just go to signal hill to look at all the hot men working out
Hoping I get to go to signal hill tonight 🌌 hmu
One of my favourite things to do is jog signal hill. Sam and I do it probably 3-4 times a week on…
A CAMBODIA JOURNEY 2014. Check us out in our new official t shirt posed at Skyline, Signal Hill, California.
was gonna just make my way to castle hill but *** my feet are killing me. think I'll hit up homeslice for a bite
This is a view of Cape Spear from Signal Hill.
Fort Amherst across the narrows from Signal Hill.
Kinda back tracking pics now. This is on top of Cabot Tower on Signal Hill with St. John's in back ground.
Walk up to Signal Hill with my brother and Isabel last night for sunset ❤️
that's a lie. Live on a hill and there's barely phone signal let alone internet.
Ryan going to signal hill might be late
SIGNAL HILL is officially back on the blog sidebar. That means it's a real, feasible manuscript now.
Yummy. Great start to day off with trip to Signal hill followed by breakfast with and in Capers. Love "the works"
Sorry I've been inactive I'm in the hill country doing a lot of field training and we have no signal I'll be back as soon as I can guys
I just came from signal hill, we can later !
Shopping for a new vehicle? Go visit Glenn E Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Signal Hill - they are our readers...
Stunning evening, sunset watching from Signal Hill and some Fat Cactus for supper. Love these days ♥♥
The traffic signal at West Prien Lake Road and Holly Hill was being put into operation this morning. Hope that...
View from Signal Hill on this beauty day. Out booting around with Sarah.
Site preparation continues for new high school proposed near Signal Hill: Signal Tribune:
"Signal Hill missions with my girls ❤️". happiness x
Signal Hill missions with my girls ❤️
How does the event get signal hill 3 times in a summer and seaside daze can't get them at all?
Signal Hill marriage We come to you $350 includes license
Signal Hill considers restrictions on e-cigarettes and tobacco smoking. By
Whoop, better mobile signal for England’s national parks: (via
. Urban downhill decending Signal Hill to the rich in…
Woke up to watch the sun rise at Cape Spear. Wound up watching a Thunderstorm at Signal Hill.
MT A car or two up Signal Hill. Easy to see we've been deprived of nice weather..
Inventors: Telegraph: One cold December day in 1901, Guglielmo Marconi sat still in a room in the Government building at Signal Hill, ...
A picture I took of Cabot Tower on top of Signal Hill here in St.John's, NL.
These numbers at Signal Hill offer a daily reminder of First World War sacrifices:
House for in Signal Hill, SW, 3 bedrooms - $3450. Available Immediate Calgary
This is going to be a long shot, but if anyone in has pictures of the inside of Jack Astor's Signal Hill, I'd LOVE to see them.
We could be enjoying the view from the top of Signal Hill but you playin'
Plastic bags from 1973 found buried on Signal Hill, full of rusty bottle stoppers. Protest tomorrow because someone threw em out
New signs on Signal Hill. (The bald eagle is in the picture, it's just a tiny dot at twelve o'clock.)
finna pass thru Signal Hill right quick
Another 360 degree view. This time from Ladies Lookout at Signal Hill in St John's Newfoundland.
BORDER PLACES: "A Spanish breastplate made of steel was found near Signal a period between 1770 and 1780." San Diego Union, 1937
Wow - amazing photos of our guests, volunteers and designers from at hosted by Distinctive Women . Thanks to our talented youth for the artistic photo wall and to our event photographer - with more photos to come from our other talented photographers of the night. Looking lovely is our host Jari Love Fitness and our volunteer models beautifully made-up by our make-up artists from Merle Norman cosmetics Signal Hill who joined forces with Lush , Holt Renfrew, David's Tea and Willow&Whimsy to provide our guests with amazing swag bags. Incredible spirit, conviction and energy as we filled a for at-risk youth in .
a better day at Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, St. John's, NL. Photo by J. Lynn Stapleton
Theme : Grace Explosion.Host : Acts of Grace int'l By : Prophet James Shuping Setshogelo Main Guest Rhama Prophet Venue: Mahikeng, Signal Hill just next to Botswana boarder just come tonight and God will heal your Life forever. Comment healing to my life tonight in Jesus name !!
Excited for my SOLD OUT winemaker dinner tomorrow night at Delius Restaurant in Signal Hill - two sell outs in three weeks! Should be a great night - and the first time pouring my now bottled 2013 Mourvedre Rose!!! Yippee!!! Hope to see you there - or at my next winemaker dinner to be announced shortly!
The deal with Slowcoaster is done the will be playing in July. I am now working a deal with Signal Hill for august. Trying to make it a rockin summer at the North Sydney Fire Hall.
Eagle yesterday...Fox today. Great pic from Ernest Budden "Shot of the day! Fox at Signal Hill this morning!"
A Fox enjoying the sunshine on Signal Hill. - Robert (Photo Credit: Ernie Budden)
Much nicer views than from Signal Hill, California the air and water look nice and clear!
Just had a wonderful week end in nfld with Mitchel and Chris. Attended Mitchels concert, saw Mitchel Kidd, took them out to supper and visited The Rooms and Signal Hill. Very nice city. In couple weeks mitchels is home and im off to South Carolina to meet up with Mom and Dad and Emily too. Dress Shops here we come.
The Raptors pound the rock while we cheer from it. Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland.
Having our very own timezone certainly puts us in a unique position – we’re the first to see the sunrise (& sunset) in North America! We've put together some notable, off the beaten track locations to get the best view - next up, Signal Hill National Historic Site! One of 167 National Historic Sites, Signal Hill is part of Parks Canada, the oldest national parks service in the world. On New Year’s Day, hundreds of people make the trek up the Hill to watch the first sunrise of the new year. Get up early and watch as our colourful city comes to life. Want more?
What's left of the Tamboerskloof Farm in Military Rd? Queen Victoria made land on the slopes of Signal Hill available for military use in 1893, hence the naming of Military Rd leading up to it from Tamboerskloof Rd. It may even have been part of the Tamboerskloof Farm, but I am not certain. A large ammunition magazine plus some other buildings were erected here; the magazine is apparently a Provincial Heritage Site. The land is owned by the South African Defence Force, and for the last 20 years the farm has been badly neglected. Until recently, the police horses were stabled here. Generally called Erf 81 or 'Andre's Farm', it has been run by the caretaker as an artist's studio, a refuge for homeless children and various farm animals, including pot-bellied pigs that are apt to escape and roam the streets of Tamboerskloof! A friend and I took a drive up there on Saturday and it's quite a vast area, very run-down but with stunning views of the city and the mountain.
An aerial view of Cape Town, with Green Point and Sea Point, Table Mountain, Lion's Head, Signal Hill and Devil's...
Different view of Table Mountain, walking up towards Signal Hill.
I`ve noticed alot of Cities in Canada are really built on whats around them, Calgary, Alberta has Banff National Park Nearby & the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver, British Columbia has Whistler Blackcomb & Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains, Edmonton, Alberta has Jasper National Park, Red Deer, Alberta has Sylvan Lake, Alberta (Fun in the Summer), Regina, Saskatchewan has Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has the South Saskatchewan River, Toronto, Ontario has the Toronto Islands, Scarborough Bluffs & Niagara Falls Nearby, Ottawa, Ontario has the Rideau Canal, Montreal, Quebec has the Saint Lawrence River, Victoria, British Columbia has the The Butchart Gardens (World Renown), Moncton, New Brunswick has Hopewell Rocks (Erosion finest) Hamilton, Ontario has the Niagara Escarpment, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador has Signal Hill, St. John's, Belleville, Ontario has the gorgeous Bay of Quinte, Barrie, Ontario has Kempenfelt Bay & Quebec, Quebec has the Plains ...
Table Mountain from Signal Hill, Cape Town, South Africa. My flights to Atlanta and St. Lucia were cancelled...
“Signal Hill right now in fog. earlier today
Cape Town's Night Tour is growing in popularity - a treat for the whole family. Depart from Two Oceans Aquarium at 18h00, sightsee all the way along Sea Point and Camps Bay to Signal Hill. And then back through Cape Town's Adderley Street and back to the V&A Waterfront. Only R100 per adult. Buy discounted online only R90:
A jewel of a pic! Sunset from Signal Hill, Cape Town, by asterixorobelix
Not the Citadel, that's Halifax. That is Cabot Tower on Signal Hill. Can see it everywhere in St. John's
Cape Town...TOPS Again! In The New York Times article '52 Places to go in 2014', Cape Town was ranked Number 1! Here are our suggested highlights when visiting the Western Cape: Take the aerial route on a cable car to the top of Table Mountain, for unimaginable, panoramic views of Cape Town. Recapture something of the kaleidoscopic history of South Africa in the many museums: Bo Kaap, District Six Museum, Groot Constantia and the Military Museum. Don’t miss the penguin colony at Boulders Enjoy the incomparable beauty of the winelands tour through Constantia, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. Take a ferry to the famous Robben Island. Visit the Castle of Good Hope the pentagonal fort with its moats and bastions, originally built to defend the Dutch settlement. Hear the ‘noon day gun’, fired daily from the top of Signal Hill.
Yes,the view is breathtaking but then we see part of Robben Eiland too& Table Bay+incoming ships by livin on slopes-Signal Hill
Today, been really clever in the house ;-D . Ready for 2014 , clean floor, new flowers, shopping, washing dirty linnen etc. etc. Forgot that I should have been climbing "Signal Hill" just now. Well, another day, maybe. I'll make myself a drink and continue reeding my book "River God" by Wilbur Smith. Exciting from old Egypt, 528 p. Xx
(Hannes) AUSTRALIERS MET MESSE GESTEEK: Cape Town - An Australian couple on their first visit to South Africa were attacked on Lion's Head in Cape Town on Sunday evening. The couple, who didn't want to be identified, said they'd walked past three youths, one of whom suddenly tackled the woman to the ground. When her husband came to her rescue, he was stabbed 3 times. The attackers then ran off down-slope towards Signal Hill, taking the couple's bag containing a camera, credit cards and about R500 in cash.
December 12: In 1098, during the First Crusade, Crusaders breach the town's walls at Ma'arrat al-Numan and massacre about 20,000 inhabitants then,finding themselves with insufficient food, they resort to cannibalism; in 1787 Pennsylvania becomes the second state to ratify the United States Constitution; in 1862 the USS Cairo is the first armored ship to be sunk by an electrically detonated mine; in 1870 Joseph H. Rainey of South Carolina becomes the second African American U.S. congressman; in 1901 Guglielmo Marconi receives the first transatlantic radio signal (the letter "S" in Morse Code), at Signal Hill in St John's, Newfoundland; in 1911 King George V and Mary of Teck are enthroned as Emperor and Empress of India; in 1917 Father Edward J. Flanagan founds Boys Town as a farm village for wayward boys; in 1937 Japanese aircraft bomb and sink US gunboat USS Panay on the Yangtze River in China; in 1941 U.S. Marine F4F "Wildcats" sink the first 4 major Japanese ships off Wake Island; in 1941 Hitler annou . ...
This Day in Geek History: December 12 Yay Woot !! 1896 Guglielmo Marconi gives the first public demonstration of his radio equipment at Toynbee Hall in East London. He is introduced and assisted by William Preece, chief electrician of the British Post Office. The event draws a large audience and considerable attention from the press. While Marconi taps the key on the transmitter, Preece carries the receiver box around the room, demonstrating that there are no wires, as the bell in the receiver rings each time Marconi closes the key. 1901 Guglielmo MarconiGuglielmo Marconi successfully transmits a Morse Code letter “S” via radio telegraph 2,137 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, from a 10kW station at Poldhu in Cornwall, England to Percy Wright Page in Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland at approximately 4:30 UTC. Such a connection won’t be established again for another ten years. 1911 The coronation durbar of King George V becomes the subject of the first major color film production, The Durbar at ...
Long Beach City Council will be addressed by Stain Alive this evening at 5:00 P.M. They would like to see it on the ballot for 2014. I am very concerned with the true motive behind this movement. This women who is addressing our Council lives in Northern California. This is not a Long Beach issue by any means. Long Beach Animal Care Services handle Signal Hill, Cerritos, Los Alamitos and Seal Beach. So if you believe that Stayin Alive is not that answer please join us this evening at City Hall. Long Beach City Hall: 333 W. Ocean ...
Enjoying the beautiful Cape Town view from signal hill
“The view from Signal Hill is absolutely priceless". Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille
“Signal hill was popping till the cops came” lmao that was pure comedy 😭😂
Signal hill was popping till the cops came
Successful night, just got back from tebotebo and Signal Hill
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