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Sigma Alpha Pi

Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ) is a leadership honors society which also goes by The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Pi Alpha National Society Honor Society Pi Kappa Phi

Disappointed this doesn't have the Pi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honor Society)
I could never accept an award of such merit but I am proud to be named a finalist for the Sigma Alpha Pi humanities project of the year
Former President Lorne Isa Farovitch leading the Brethren of Alpha Sigma Pi in the pledge march. (February 2014)…
.Exec Council President-Elect Rosie Clawson was in DC this past week for Pi Sigma Alpha Exec Council m…
Hey Apaches! . Sigma Alpha Pi is hosting Speaker Broadcast today in Apache Room 1. This is a great opportunity for...
Someone needs to sponsor me and buy me a Sigma Alpha Pi graduation stole 🙃
Sigma Alpha Iota’s Epsilon Pi chapter is seeking help in renaming its new music festival.
USF Pi Sigma Alpha members thrilled to learn history of Governor's Mansion from curator Carol Beck
Heidelberg Senior Colin Higgins presenting a paper on gender-based violence in Africa at the recent Pi Sigma Alpha
Congratulations to my son, Evan Marymee, on his induction last night into the Nu Omega Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha,...
Yesterday we teamed up with the lovely ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi UMN and the gentlemen of Kappa Sigma Beta Mu...
Happy Birthday to the Alpha Delta chapter of Delta Sigma Pi!
Join Pi Sigma Alpha for their Supreme Court Open Forum in Lawshe 131 from 4:30-7pm!
Today has been wonderful. I declared my third major and I got invited to join Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Honor Society 😭❤️
Happy Founders Month to all the lovely Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma! May we use this month to highlight all the...
Come support Gamma Alpha Pledge class of Delta Sigma Pi by committing to eat at Jason's Deli on Mar 29!
The SOLO application for the Model UN and Pi Sigma Alpha- Take Back the Night event has been approved.
Look at our Pledge Educator for the Alpha Pi class of our Nu Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi!…
I'm watching this joint session BC Pi Sigma Alpha has free food at their viewing party. I don't know why you'd watch if not for food
Come out & support Alpha Omicron Pi & Phi Kappa Sigma in their annual Skull & Rose Ball. Located in the pavilion fr…
Come out tonight, at 9pm in the Pavilion for Alpha Omicron Pi's and Phi Kappa Sigma's annual Skull and Rose Ball!...
Didn't get enough at the debate last night? Hit up the Presidential Debate tonight hosted by Pi Sigma Alpha and Pol…
Happy Founders’ Day to all my Sigma Pi Fraternity Brothers; on February 26, 1897, Alpha Chapter (Sigma Pi - Alpha...
To end Black History month, Pi Sigma Alpha will be showing 13th.…
Happy Anniversary to the men of Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. Great night last…
- Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Kappa became a part of NPC in 1905.
Looking forward to our social with Alpha Pi Sigma tonight!
Help support Sigma Alpha Pi by eating at Moe's in Statesboro today! Just tell the cashier why you're there!! TIA❤
OMG I just got an email to join Pi Sigma Alpha, which is the National Political Science Honor Society 😱My resume is going to look so pretty😭
Congrats to Sigma Alpha Pi for providing international students with a cultural experience. Read more here:
if email so it might be different but the one I got was Sigma Alpha Pi aka SAP only saps join SAP
just wanted everyone to know I am officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. I'm so happy to be in an honors society at my school 💕
"Sigma Alpha Pi is a leadership Honor Society (not a fraternity/sorority) available to select…
Curious about what Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi is all about? We got you covered.
Anyone from Alpha Beta Si Sigma Pi translate this for me?
One of my best friends from HS just became a member of Pi Sigma Alpha poli-sci Honor Society at 38. Never too late-Never stop learning!
Come out & get more information about Alpha Pi Sigma! We will be tabling from 11AM-1PM in the USU balcony 💗💜
Here is the schedule for Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi 💙💛: February 7th Tuesday at Hillel (17729 Plummer St)
Great night last night w the boys! @ Sigma Pi Fraternity - Alpha Pi Chapter at Arkansas State…
Come join us and the sisters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi for Shabbat at Santa Cruz Hillel at 5:30pm!
"Im such a bad texter". "Im litterally never on my phone". *Tripple texts Brad from Sigma Apple Pi, Snapchats Joe from Kappa Alpha Kit-Kat*
Come join your boys for a fun Sunday night! @ Sigma Pi Fraternity - Alpha Pi Chapter at Arkansas…
Received an invitation to be in Sigma Alpha Pi's Honor Society 🤓❤
Countdown to 2017 Student Research Conference hosted by the outstanding Check out details at
Made the Dean's List & was asked to join Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society today. A little sunshine in a pretty horrible day ☀️
this is funny to me since I'm a member of Sigma Alpha Pi now and everyone thinks I say Apple pie
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's Sigma Alpha Pi and Delta Theta Xi, thank you very much.
'How Terrorists See Themselves' sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha is tomorrow from 12pm-1:30pm in the Oakland Room.
Bro I'm here thinking Alpha Phi Alpha was the first black frat but then I read about Sigma Pi Phi???
Wooo the National Honor Society of Leadership and Sucess, Sigma Alpha Pi newest member 😬
Y'all I just checked out Alpha Phi Omega and Phi Sigma Pi and I am IN LOVE like recruitment can't start any sooner😭😭
Students (Undergrads and Graduate students): . If you are interested in joining Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science...
Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority Inc. is helping you celebrate Valentine's ❤️💕with Cake Pops.Pre-Order until Feb.10 and Pick…
I am an official member of Sigma Alpha Pi at FRCC. I am so honored and incredibly proud to be in this society. Thank you so much.
Famu invited me to be a part of there Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society 🙌🏾
Got invited to join Natl Society of Leadership & Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, as well as Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Should I join?
Pretty jacked to say I was nominated to be in Sigma Alpha Pi 🙂
Still debating if I want to be apart of Sigma Alpha Pi. This the 2nd invite they have sent me. I just don't know what it's about
My grandma slipped me $100 to pay for Sigma Alpha Pi and I got so mad and gave it back. I don't understand why people fall for this scam!
Quick question about honor societies, but does anybody know for sure if Sigma Alpha Pi is worth joining?
Join Pi Sigma Alpha and Student Affairs for Citizens' Activist Training Thursday, Jan. 19 in the Memorial Student C…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Officially apart of Keene state's Sigma Alpha Pi National Society of leadership 🤗
2007 Britney Spears, Fergie, Beyonce's mini bat, the sorority I was accepted into but didn't apply for (sigma alpha pi), grap
I'm a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, but I know the drill. They ain't fooling with me for Sigma Pi Phi😩
Hey Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! Word on the street is you love IlliniThon as much as we do! We just donated...
Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Chi throwing what we know in the temples of Thailand.
but how else would we know that chris from sigma alpha pi just dropped Jessica from delta graham *** off after the club
My parents are seriously going to pay $85 to have me join Sigma Alpha Pi against my will.
Congratulations to David Fortunato and Matt Loftis who received the Pi Sigma Alpha Best Paper Award.
I'm now a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) thanks to my performance last semester. Whoo.
Excited and humbled to be nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi chapter. Excited to learn skills to b…
HAPPY FOUNDERS' DAY to the illustrious, trailblazing women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.! S/O to Alpha, Beta…
Okay so back in my fall semester I was invited to apply to SCLA and now I just received a letter that Sigma Alpha Pi has selected me
I got an email from Sigma Alpha Pi, and I feel like I went to one of their events but idk what it is 🙃
I was invited to Texas A&M's chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi, the national Honor Society for American universities! Praise God for it all 👑
I kind of thinking about joing Sigma alpha pi 🤔 Their email to me is very persuasive.
Joined Sigma Alpha Pi - The National Society of Leadership & Success today!. .
Happy Founders Day to the men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Especially the powerful Pi Alpha chapter 💙…
Dwayne's mom when he got inducted into Phi Beta Kappa was my mom when I got inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi. 😂💀
Santa saw what you did at the sigma alpha pi party this October
We at the sigma alpha pi house dressed in balmain and vineyard vines
Not even done yet and it's already beautiful✨. Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc.
All I know is Sigma Pi Alpha got soul
Happy Thanksgiving from the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi Beta Sigma!
Happy Thanksgiving from the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha🦃❤️
Happy Thanksgiving, from the Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Fort Worth, TX!…
Honored to be named Chapter President of the Zeta Sigma chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha for the…
Happy 22nd Sorors from the Alpha Pi Sigma Chapter in Fort Worth, TX!
I would first like to thank the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority for bringing me to you ❤️
Congratulations to the Sigma class for being initiated into The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity! These outstanding gentle…
Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity wishes you all a joyful and a safe fall break! Shoutout to for taking those b…
So excited to have my induction coming up for Sigma Alpha Pi
We just need Sam to complete the classic Block 36 Baddies pic @ Delta Sigma Phi - Alpha Pi…
Can't wait until the induction ceremony for Sigma Alpha Pi. And to get my honor cords they so cute
Here are just some of the politicians who are Pi Sigma Alpha:
We're in the middle of the first match of the Fraternity division between Sigma Chi & Pi Kappa Alpha!
When the national Instagram page for Alpha Pi Sigma follows you 😄. Hopefully one day I can be a part of APS!. I love the Pi chapter! ♥️
Make sure to come out to our exciting ELLA week and meet the bELLA ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha! Hope to see everyone t…
Although I do have to do seminars for Alpha Sigma Pi, which is the weirdest name for an Honor Society 😅😬🙈
Beta Alpha Psi and Delta Sigma Pi loved working with the Humane Society of El Paso for our community service this...
Great job Pi Sigma Alpha, and thank you to all the speakers tonight!
Pi Sigma Alpha initiation fees are due. If you received an invitation to join and are interested please get a check to Dr. Leckrone!
getting honors invites from:. Gamma Beta Phi. Sigma Alpha Pi. Phi Sigma Pi. and then some males only honors frat. LOLLOL MY LIFE.
The sisters of the Sigma Beta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at Saint…
The Sorority is excited to welcome Sarah Pinkerton, Delta Pi, as an Educational Consultant! http…
The gentleman of Sigma Pi are proud to present to you our newly pinned Alpha Chi class. Excited for you boys to...
...and why wouldn't it be? The Report is about our points of pride and the development of talent.of course he'd…
Manuscript submissions for the Fall 2016 issue of the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics are due...
Just paid my registration fee for Sigma Alpha Pi! So excited to be a member of this honors academic co-ed fraternity!
I rushed Delta Kappa Alpha sigma Phi Pi Rho KFC last night, so glad I did. These ladies are my best friends even though we…
So I just received an email inviting me to join Pi Sigma Alpha 😍 i feel honored.
Congratulations to the new pledge class of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity - Delta Pi Chapter!
Today we planned our Chapter Activity Grant Project for Pi Sigma Alpha. It's going to be awesome!
Happy to be Hosting Sigma Chi and Alpha Delta Pi today for their Philanthropic Event!.
Goalll!! Its time to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Association! Alpha Pi Sigma is…
The political science department and Pi Sigma Alpha sponsored a screening of tonight's presidential debate for stud…
The girls from Sigma Pi Alpha are literally some of the nicest people I've met on this campus.They already got me a job working w/ kids 🙌🏼
Congrats to for hosting an AMAZING debate watch party with the College Dems, College Republicans & Pi Sigm…
Full disclosure:. I was a political science major and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha. Value my analysis accordingly 😜
What are you doing for Come to SEW 301 for a watch party! Free pizza & election bingo! Co-hosted by & Pi Sigma Alpha
Today is presidential Screening at 9 p.m. in Yokum 205. Hosted by political science dept., Pi Sigma Alpha. Popcorn provided 🍿
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Drury students are invited to join Pi Sigma Alpha honorary society for a presidential debate watch party tonight. F…
From every brother in Pi Kappa Phi, we keep the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma - Gamma Beta Alpha Chapter...
Today's a good day! I've been nominated to be on the Lead Team for the ELR Retreat and invited to be in Sigma Alpha Pi for Leadership! 😊
Another debate bingo card from Pi Sigma Alpha for you and your friends watching the debate tonight!
I had no idea frat guys were this oppressed! my deepest condolences to alpha beta triangle screwdriver cosine theta sigma pi
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Way to go Alpha Omicron Pi and Kappa Sigma!
Formally known as NSLS we will now be going by our Greek letters Sigma Alpha Pi!!!
Just did my application for graduation and selected to be in Alpha Sigma Pi 😭😭 it's almost time
Do you like burgers? What about fries? Come out and support the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi! 🍟🍔
I am extremely honored to be able to be part of Sigma Alpha Pi 🙏🏽❤️
Reminder to all NCAPSA members: Monday, 9/12 is our annual business meeting & ceremony granting the Walter Beach Pi Sigma Alpha award!
Members of Sigma Chi supporting Sigma Alpha Pi's fundraiser today ^.^
Oh nice. Are you going to their informational? We have Lambda Sigma Gamma here. I'm joining Sigma Pi Alpha.
The brothers of the Pi Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. wish you all a happy Labor Day.
goes to Steven, representative for UMaine's newest fraternity Alpha Sigma… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ain't no party like a Pi Alpha Sigma party. 🌚
I'm not spending $80 for a pin. . Jokes on you alpha sigma pi.
I couldn't get into an actual sorority, so I took the next best thing. Pi Sigma Alpha.
The men of Pi Kappa Alpha wish our CPC sororities good luck for recruitment. Here's to a great year!
Thoughts on how help/encourage students at Pi Sigma Alpha Business Meeting
I got invited to be a sigma alpha pi member but its 85$ registration and I'm broke
Alpha Phi chapter of Sigma Delta Pi is an honor chapter for the 12th consecutive year!
Help our community help others! Join the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha & the brothers of Sigma Pi…
This is more information about Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Honors fraternity at ASU! The first meeting...
Honored to induct 7 great PSCI/IR students to UIndy's Pi Sigma Alpha. Congrats!
Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Pi at Arkansas State University will be hosting a fundraising event "Pie a Pi" during...
Lk wanna go to informational for Sigma Pi Alpha
SO excited to join Alpha Pi Beta Sigma Gamma Pie Sigma Brussel Sprouta Pi Alfalfa Pi with my new sister, Kent!
Find out where your classes are! Brought to you by The Powerful Pi Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma
Finally freaking nominated for the National Honor Society , sigma alpha pi ✨💖😅
Sigma Alpha Pi if we're being honest
I rushed Sigma Lambda Alpha Pi today. Me and Owl Wings shot gunned some Mikes Hard and jammed P.O.D's greatest hits.
Im sooo *** happy bc I got selected to be in the National Society of leadership & success. Sigma Alpha Pi 😪😊😊😊
Currently part of ESU's Honors program and Sigma Alpha Pi, I am alive
🔸All moved in and ready to kick off Spirit Week🔹 @ Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi
Excited for my chance at becoming an Alpha Beta Zeta Zulu Apache Husky Omega Omnicrom Pi Mu Sigma Delta Trump Kappa sweetheart this semester
Phi Kappa Sigma and Alpha Delta Pi and one very proud mother!
I'm so proud of my pi phi @ Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Oklahoma State University
The irony for a programmer is that it/she/he has to use letters instead of symbols.
I was selected to be in Sigma Alpha Pi which is like the college version of NHS.
SSU deff just wants me in sigma alpha pi so they avoid the "who do you know here" question smh
Received a letter from the President of CSUSB for helping get the National Best chapter award for Pi Sigma Alpha 👌
So i was invited to join National Society of Leadership, Sigma Alpha Pi 🤔
I am so proud of myself, I was inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi, Honor Society I really never calculated my GPA!
Such pressure. Sigma Alpha Pi. Join or not to join, that is the question.
ya girl is officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi 🤗🤓📚
So honored and excited to be choosen by faculty to join Sigma Alpha Pi leadership society❤️
Got selected to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi 😢
Has anyone heard of Sigma Alpha Pi and can tell me what it is?
I was selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi and I'm not even going there anymore *** /:
TNCC sent me this invitation to join Sigma Alpha Pi? Supposedly it looks REALLY good on resumes , so idk to join or not???
just got another nomination to NSLS Sigma Alpha Pi. Ignored the first one but I see you are a member.huge fan. Is it worth it?
So honored and excited to have been chosen as a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. 😌
I was invited to join the Honor Society for Success and Leadership, Sigma Alpha Pi chapter! Very thankful for this opportunity!
Instead of finding something interesting, it came to me. I'm happy to say that I'll start the induction process to Sigma Alpha Pi this fall!
Coming home from work & getting a letter from WSU to become part of Sigma Alpha Pi, Honor Society, was definitely the highlight of my day 💛
Has anybody heard of Sigma Alpha Pi Honors Society? I just got a letter that I was nominated to join but Ive never heard of it before
I was told to "send this to EVERYONE" so if you go to ECU buy your tickets!💜💛
I'm off Thursdays and Fridays . And I know your busy with schoo and alpha capa thetha sigma pi gamma it's all love tho 😂❤️
Made it into sigma alpha pi Honor Society! My educational goal of the year met☑️
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Cleveland State nominated me as a candidate for their Sigma Alpha Pi honors society program. I. Am. Crying.
Just got invited to Sigma Alpha Pi right before i leave FGCU smh typical
I got nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi who did this
Three students earn the National Engaged Leader Award from Sigma Alpha Pi.
Blessed to have committed to the stepping team of Sigma Alpha Pi! Go Rattlesnakes! 🐍
I've always been confused as to what Sigma Alpha Pi actually is..
Special shoutout to the 'Oh so classy, Oh so sassy' ladies of the Mu Pi chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity 🌹
and no Alpha Sigma Pi is not a sorority
I don't know how in the world I got invited to Alpha Sigma Pi but I couldn't be more thankful and excited for what's ahead!!
Pi! Alpha! Sigma! Sirius! Wilcox! Om! Ra! Delphi! Can you whistle that in Morse code into a payphone?
PSA : I do not like Quinn of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. , Alpha Pi chapter specifically 🙄 the rest of y'all straight though 🤗
Pi Sigma Alpha Executive Com mtg underway! New programs on the agenda!
.selfie & others at the Sigma Alpha Pi Induction Ceremony!
Congratulations to the winners of the Pi Sigma Alpha essay competition! Alexandra Gray took 1st place with her...
Congratulations to our graduates of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi! All of you are going…
My liver might be happy that senior week is over; but my heart is so sad @ Alpha Sigma Pi at…
.Sigma Alpha Pi induction tonight at Lynn gym with
Congratulations to those students inducted into the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society!
Congrats to the fifty-two students inducted into USF's Chapter of the National Society of Leadership & Success!
Congrats Nolan McCarty for receiving 2016 Franklin L. Burdett/Pi Sigma Alpha Award for best paper with J. Voorheis, B. Shor
I've just been inducted into the Rho Phi Chapter of the political science honorary Pi Sigma Alpha
Happy bday Alpha Beta Sigma Pi Omega is happy 2 have u as a brother,but only with curly hair so go run thro a sprinkler will ya
Congratulations to on being inducted into the Political Science Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha tonight. 🇺🇸…
Sigma Alpha Pi has helped motivate me to work towards publishing my Regression Analysis project on Wealth Inequality
Got inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success (aka Sigma Alpha Pi) tonight
Mom & dad gave me flowers for being inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi, or National Society of…
Congrats to our sisters that were inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi! https:…
Our daughter was inducted into The National Society of Leadership, Sigma Alpha Pi., UCF
No replay of the Day for May 7th due to my induction in Sigma Alpha Pi, no replay the following day due to Mother's day!
Sigma Alpha Pi here and excited to see KID President!!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I am now a member of Alpha Chi Rho, Phi Theta Kappa, and Sigma Alpha Pi. By graduation imma have all the cords!
Rush starts in two days! 😁 Come by and learn all about what Alpha Pi Sigma is about! We hope to…
Congratulations to our co-winners from the male division, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Alpha Mu ! Thank you for your...
Spontaneously decided to be in Sigma Alpha Pi about 5 minutes ago 😶 what even is this
I've completed 2 of 4 preliminary exercises for Sigma Alpha Pi induction
Leadership training with Sigma Alpha Pi! I feel so blessed and humbled.
5 of the students headed to the Iowa Caucus are Pi Sigma Alpha Members!
so why was I invited to join RIC's chapter of sigma alpha pi if I dropped out???
Happy birthday to brother Jessa!!! From the alpha iota chapter of phi sigma pi!!!
Come meet the lovely ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma at the USU Balcony we will be here until 1 pm.…
Now a member of Alpha Sigma Pi 🔑 might be nothin but I don't make much accomplishments lmao
Getting that Sigma Alpha Pi induction letter as an undergraduate student - ☺. Getting that letter as a grad student - 😄😄😄
I got a fancy pants invitation to Sigma Alpha Pi from my school. It's a national honors/leadership society. Not sure if legit.
2016 Pi Sigma Alpha Student Conference is coming up on February 13. We some some cool stuff for all attendees.
Just found out that I've been chosen to join the National Society For Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)based upon faculty nomination!🙂
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I just was nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi, the National Honor Society. How cool is that?
Today I was nominated to Sigma Alpha Pi. Ya boy is officially part of Towson's Chapter to The National Honors Society.
I have been recognized as a top student leader at FRCC, and have been nominated to join Sigma Alpha Pi!
Hope to see you @ Orientation tomorrow at 6:00PM in the UC Oso Room! We are super excited to help you get started with Sigma Alpha Pi!
Although I don't attend UCSD, I know accepted her invitation to Sigma Alpha Pi in the beginning of last year. 😊
I got selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi so that's cool.
Wow... I got nominated to join Sigma Alpha Pi at my old college... But of course I moved 😑
Come watch President Obama's last State of the Union address! Old Main 115, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Pizza will be provided by Pi Sigma Alpha!!
Is anyone in Sigma Alpha Pi? Is it a good thing to do or is it lame?
join us @ our 1st event on campus for 2016 w/the Alpha Sigma Pi meeting 1/20 11:30 bldg.58 room3804
Make plans to spend time with the Alpha Pi Sigma Chapter Jan 24th. Confirm your attendance at fwsgrho
Excited for this semester since I will be part of Sigma Alpha Pi . 🤓📚 !
We had such a fun time playing with precious animals today at Sigma Chi & Alpha Delta Pi's philanthropy event!💙🐱
Aye I was nominated and accepted to be in sigma alpha pi
10 days until our first recruiting event! Attend an info session with Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha…
The professional women of Alpha Pi Sigma can't wait to see you during our rush week! Details coming soon!
Does anyone know anything about Sigma Alpha Pi?
WCCC inducts new members to National Society for Leadership
"Yo what's up this is alpha sigma pi & welcome to our rape dungeon"
It took me a good 20 minutes to remember that I'm a club officer. You're welcome, Pi Sigma Alpha.
Still feeling iffy if I want to join sigma alpha pi. Like how much will it cost? My only issue is that. And time possibly.
does anyone know anything about Sigma Alpha Pi
he likes to dance to 679 by Fetty Wap too, especially with Summer from sigma alpha pi
I saw that you got into Sigma Alpha Pi too are you going to join?! I got the email yesterday & just now noticed lol
This is the first ever mention of Gamma Pi Epsilon, found in the 1925 Hilltop yearbook
UNODT loved performing with such a great group from both Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha! Such great,...
Congratulations to students involved with Sigma Alpha Pi leadership induction today
Ashley Casarez in a Sigma Alpha Pi ballcap at GCC chapter of the National Society of Leadership induction today
Happy Holidays from the UNO dance team and the men of Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon
For .2 seconds I thought this was Sigma Pi Alpha chapter but then was like "they would never be that festive." 😂😂😂
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I read to soon. I stopped once it said Sigma Alpha Pi 😂😂
Don't forget to stop by the CC from 10-2 to support Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Pi's fundraiser to provide meals for families this winter!
I'm sick of getting Sigma Alpha Pi nomination letters. You are for-profit and made by an Ivy League man who pockets people's money. Bye ✌🏼️
The Brothers and Sisters of Pi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Social Organization are setting up a scholarship fund on...
Shout out to NYU AKPsi and Delta Sigma Pi - Alpha Chapter NYU for taking first and second place in the Stern...
If you are in the Mid-South/Memphis area and look for a great grown folks event, Pi Alpha Sigma Bro. Terel Key...
living in college as Amber would say 🎃🕸 @ Sigma Pi Fraternity Alpha Mu Chapter
Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Theta and Kappa Alpha Order homecoming decorations look amazing this year, big thanks...
Bowling with Alpha Pi Sigma was too much fun 👌
Let's just say Alpha Sigma Pi will be making an appearance tomorrow night
Tomorrow is the day! Come see what the Alpha Omicron chapter of Phi Sigma Pi has been working on! All proceeds go...
So... I was selected to become a member of Sigma Alpha Pi, a leadership Honor Society. Wow! & not…
Officially a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership Honor Society ☺️
Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta hold haunted house event for philanthropies
Live stream speaker broadcast with Jesse Eisenberg November 4th at 5:30pm!
Because I miss homecoming and my perfect big 🐢💕 @ Sigma Pi - Zeta Alpha…
Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta get gory to raise funds for philanthropies
Pumpkin patch with the lovely ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma 🎃👻
Thank you to the sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha for showing their support and writing personal letters that will be sent…
Sigma Alpha Pi has a great fundraising opportunity tomorrow that we can all be a part of and really enjoy from,...
Come out to the HUB from 9-4 today to donate blood with Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Alpha Psi benefiting Relay For Life
Proposals for 2015 Chapter Activity Grants now being accepted! Deadline 10/31! Learn more at
Are you going to the sigma beta zeta pi ki gama ray alpha omega sperry polo mu nu keta neta theta party brother?
Support the professional women of Alpha Pi Sigma! Stop by panda today!
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