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Sigma Alpha Pi

Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ) is a leadership honors society which also goes by The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Alpha Sigma Pi Alpha Pi Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Pi Alpha Phi Theta Kappa

I'm now officially part of Sigma Alpha Pi, The National Society of Leadership and Success! 🎉
Formally known as NSLS we will now be going by our Greek letters Sigma Alpha Pi!!!
Just did my application for graduation and selected to be in Alpha Sigma Pi 😭😭 it's almost time
Do you like burgers? What about fries? Come out and support the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi! 🍟🍔
I am extremely honored to be able to be part of Sigma Alpha Pi 🙏🏽❤️
Reminder to all NCAPSA members: Monday, 9/12 is our annual business meeting & ceremony granting the Walter Beach Pi Sigma Alpha award!
Members of Sigma Chi supporting Sigma Alpha Pi's fundraiser today ^.^
Oh nice. Are you going to their informational? We have Lambda Sigma Gamma here. I'm joining Sigma Pi Alpha.
The brothers of the Pi Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. wish you all a happy Labor Day.
goes to Steven, representative for UMaine's newest fraternity Alpha Sigma…
Ain't no party like a Pi Alpha Sigma party. 🌚
I'm not spending $80 for a pin. . Jokes on you Alpha Sigma Pi.
I couldn't get into an actual sorority, so I took the next best thing. Pi Sigma Alpha.
The men of Pi Kappa Alpha wish our CPC sororities good luck for recruitment. Here's to a great year!
Thoughts on how help/encourage students at Pi Sigma Alpha Business Meeting
I got invited to be a sigma alpha pi member but its 85$ registration and I'm broke
Alpha Phi chapter of Sigma Delta Pi is an honor chapter for the 12th consecutive year!
Help our community help others! Join the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha & the brothers of Sigma Pi…
This is more information about Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Honors fraternity at ASU! The first meeting...
Honored to induct 7 great PSCI/IR students to UIndy's Pi Sigma Alpha. Congrats!
Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Pi at Arkansas State University will be hosting a fundraising event "Pie a Pi" during...
Lk wanna go to informational for Sigma Pi Alpha
SO excited to join Alpha Pi Beta Sigma Gamma Pie Sigma Brussel Sprouta Pi Alfalfa Pi with my new sister, Kent!
Find out where your classes are! Brought to you by The Powerful Pi Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma
Finally freaking nominated for the National honor society , sigma alpha pi ✨💖😅
Sigma Alpha Pi if we're being honest
I rushed Sigma Lambda Alpha Pi today. Me and Owl Wings shot gunned some Mikes Hard and jammed P.O.D's greatest hits.
Im sooo *** happy bc I got selected to be in the national society of leadership & success. Sigma Alpha Pi 😪😊😊😊
Currently part of ESU's Honors program and Sigma Alpha Pi, I am alive
🔸All moved in and ready to kick off Spirit Week🔹 @ Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi
Excited for my chance at becoming an Alpha Beta Zeta Zulu Apache Husky Omega Omnicrom Pi Mu Sigma Delta Trump Kappa sweetheart this semester
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Phi Kappa Sigma and Alpha Delta Pi and one very proud mother!
I'm so proud of my pi phi @ Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Oklahoma State University
The irony for a programmer is that it/she/he has to use letters instead of symbols.
I was selected to be in Sigma Alpha Pi which is like the college version of NHS.
Officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi, the national society of leadership and success 👔💼
SSU deff just wants me in sigma alpha pi so they avoid the "who do you know here" question smh
Received a letter from the President of CSUSB for helping get the National Best chapter award for Pi Sigma Alpha 👌
So i was invited to join National Society of Leadership, Sigma Alpha Pi 🤔
I am so proud of myself, I was inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi, Honor Society I really never calculated my GPA!
Such pressure. Sigma Alpha Pi. Join or not to join, that is the question.
Got selected into Champlain College's Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi
ya girl is officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi 🤗🤓📚
So honored and excited to be choosen by faculty to join Sigma Alpha Pi leadership society❤️
Got selected to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi 😢
Has anyone heard of Sigma Alpha Pi and can tell me what it is?
I was selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi and I'm not even going there anymore *** /:
TNCC sent me this invitation to join Sigma Alpha Pi? Supposedly it looks REALLY good on resumes , so idk to join or not???
just got another nomination to NSLS Sigma Alpha Pi. Ignored the first one but I see you are a member.huge fan. Is it worth it?
I got nominated into Sigma Alpha Pi aka The National Society of Leadership and Success! I'm so excited for fall semester!
So honored and excited to have been chosen as a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. 😌
I got nominated to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi honor society 🤗💁🏻
On everything, I will lose it if I just paid $85 to be a member of Sigma Alpha Pi and everyone at Keuka got the same email.
I was invited to join the Honor Society for Success and Leadership, Sigma Alpha Pi chapter! Very thankful for this opportunity!
Instead of finding something interesting, it came to me. I'm happy to say that I'll start the induction process to Sigma Alpha Pi this fall!
I have just been accepted and invited to join The National Society of Leadership & Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, thats a blessing!
Coming home from work & getting a letter from WSU to become part of Sigma Alpha Pi, honor society, was definitely the highlight of my day 💛
Has anybody heard of Sigma Alpha Pi Honors Society? I just got a letter that I was nominated to join but Ive never heard of it before
I feel like the biggest nerd ever bc I just got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi which is the honor society 🙂🙂
I was told to "send this to EVERYONE" so if you go to ECU buy your tickets!💜💛
I'm off Thursdays and Fridays . And I know your busy with schoo and alpha capa thetha sigma pi gamma it's all love tho 😂❤️
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Made it into sigma alpha pi honor society! My educational goal of the year met☑️
Cleveland State nominated me as a candidate for their Sigma Alpha Pi honors society program. I. Am. Crying.
Just got invited to Sigma Alpha Pi right before i leave FGCU smh typical
I got nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi who did this
Three students earn the National Engaged Leader Award from Sigma Alpha Pi.
Blessed to have committed to the stepping team of Sigma Alpha Pi! Go Rattlesnakes! 🐍
I've always been confused as to what Sigma Alpha Pi actually is..
Special shoutout to the 'Oh so classy, Oh so sassy' ladies of the Mu Pi chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity 🌹
and no Alpha Sigma Pi is not a sorority
I don't know how in the world I got invited to Alpha Sigma Pi but I couldn't be more thankful and excited for what's ahead!!
Pi! Alpha! Sigma! Sirius! Wilcox! Om! Ra! Delphi! Can you whistle that in Morse code into a payphone?
PSA : I do not like Quinn of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. , Alpha Pi chapter specifically 🙄 the rest of y'all straight though 🤗
Pi Sigma Alpha Executive Com mtg underway! New programs on the agenda!
.selfie & others at the Sigma Alpha Pi Induction Ceremony!
Congratulations to the winners of the Pi Sigma Alpha essay competition! Alexandra Gray took 1st place with her...
Congratulations to our graduates of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi! All of you are going…
My liver might be happy that senior week is over; but my heart is so sad @ Alpha Sigma Pi at…
.Sigma Alpha Pi induction tonight at Lynn gym with
Congrats to Rachel Blevins as one of the Sigma Alpha Pi National Honor Society of Leadership and Sucess, good...
Congratulations to those students inducted into the Pi Sigma Alpha honor society!
Congrats to the fifty-two students inducted into USF's Chapter of the National Society of Leadership & Success!
Congrats Nolan McCarty for receiving 2016 Franklin L. Burdett/Pi Sigma Alpha Award for best paper with J. Voorheis, B. Shor
I've just been inducted into the Rho Phi Chapter of the political science honorary Pi Sigma Alpha
Happy bday Alpha Beta Sigma Pi Omega is happy 2 have u as a brother,but only with curly hair so go run thro a sprinkler will ya
Congratulations to on being inducted into the Political Science Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha tonight. 🇺🇸…
Sigma Alpha Pi has helped motivate me to work towards publishing my Regression Analysis project on Wealth Inequality
Got inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success (aka Sigma Alpha Pi) tonight
Mom & dad gave me flowers for being inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi, or National Society of…
Congrats to our sisters that were inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi! https:…
Our daughter was inducted into The National Society of Leadership, Sigma Alpha Pi., UCF
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No replay of the Day for May 7th due to my induction in Sigma Alpha Pi, no replay the following day due to Mother's day!
Sigma Alpha Pi here and excited to see KID President!!!
I am now a member of Alpha Chi Rho, Phi Theta Kappa, and Sigma Alpha Pi. By graduation imma have all the cords!
Rush starts in two days! 😁 Come by and learn all about what Alpha Pi Sigma is about! We hope to…
Congratulations to our co-winners from the male division, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Alpha Mu ! Thank you for your...
Spontaneously decided to be in Sigma Alpha Pi about 5 minutes ago 😶 what even is this
I've completed 2 of 4 preliminary exercises for Sigma Alpha Pi induction
Leadership training with Sigma Alpha Pi! I feel so blessed and humbled.
5 of the students headed to the Iowa Caucus are Pi Sigma Alpha Members!
so why was I invited to join RIC's chapter of sigma alpha pi if I dropped out???
Happy birthday to brother Jessa!!! From the alpha iota chapter of phi sigma pi!!!
Come meet the lovely ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma at the USU Balcony we will be here until 1 pm.…
Now a member of Alpha Sigma Pi 🔑 might be nothin but I don't make much accomplishments lmao
Getting that Sigma Alpha Pi induction letter as an undergraduate student - ☺. Getting that letter as a grad student - 😄😄😄
I got a fancy pants invitation to Sigma Alpha Pi from my school. It's a national honors/leadership society. Not sure if legit.
2016 Pi Sigma Alpha Student Conference is coming up on February 13. We some some cool stuff for all attendees.
Just found out that I've been chosen to join the National Society For Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)based upon faculty nomination!🙂
I just was nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi, the National Honor Society. How cool is that?
Today I was nominated to Sigma Alpha Pi. Ya boy is officially part of Towson's Chapter to The National Honors Society.
I have been recognized as a top student leader at FRCC, and have been nominated to join Sigma Alpha Pi!
Hope to see you @ Orientation tomorrow at 6:00PM in the UC Oso Room! We are super excited to help you get started with Sigma Alpha Pi!
Although I don't attend UCSD, I know accepted her invitation to Sigma Alpha Pi in the beginning of last year. 😊
I got selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi so that's cool.
Wow... I got nominated to join Sigma Alpha Pi at my old college... But of course I moved 😑
Come watch President Obama's last State of the Union address! Old Main 115, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Pizza will be provided by Pi Sigma Alpha!!
Is anyone in Sigma Alpha Pi? Is it a good thing to do or is it lame?
join us @ our 1st event on campus for 2016 w/the Alpha Sigma Pi meeting 1/20 11:30 bldg.58 room3804
Make plans to spend time with the Alpha Pi Sigma Chapter Jan 24th. Confirm your attendance at fwsgrho
Excited for this semester since I will be part of Sigma Alpha Pi . 🤓📚 !
We had such a fun time playing with precious animals today at Sigma Chi & Alpha Delta Pi's philanthropy event!💙🐱
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Aye I was nominated and accepted to be in sigma alpha pi
10 days until our first recruiting event! Attend an info session with Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha…
The professional women of Alpha Pi Sigma can't wait to see you during our rush week! Details coming soon!
Happy Founders Day to all the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Especially the Brothers of Pi Alpha...
Does anyone know anything about Sigma Alpha Pi?
WCCC inducts new members to National Society for Leadership
Happy Founders' from the Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho!
"Yo what's up this is Alpha Sigma Pi & welcome to our rape dungeon"
It took me a good 20 minutes to remember that I'm a club officer. You're welcome, Pi Sigma Alpha.
Still feeling iffy if I want to join sigma alpha pi. Like how much will it cost? My only issue is that. And time possibly.
does anyone know anything about Sigma Alpha Pi
he likes to dance to 679 by Fetty Wap too, especially with Summer from sigma alpha pi
I saw that you got into Sigma Alpha Pi too are you going to join?! I got the email yesterday & just now noticed lol
This is the first ever mention of Gamma Pi Epsilon, found in the 1925 Hilltop yearbook
UNODT loved performing with such a great group from both Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha! Such great,...
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Congratulations to students involved with Sigma Alpha Pi leadership induction today
Ashley Casarez in a Sigma Alpha Pi ballcap at GCC chapter of the National Society of Leadership induction today
Happy Holidays from the UNO dance team and the men of Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon
For .2 seconds I thought this was Sigma Pi Alpha chapter but then was like "they would never be that festive." 😂😂😂
I read to soon. I stopped once it said Sigma Alpha Pi 😂😂
Don't forget to stop by the CC from 10-2 to support Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Pi's fundraiser to provide meals for families this winter!
I'm sick of getting Sigma Alpha Pi nomination letters. You are for-profit and made by an Ivy League man who pockets people's money. Bye ✌🏼️
The Brothers and Sisters of Pi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Social Organization are setting up a scholarship fund on...
Shout out to NYU AKPsi and Delta Sigma Pi - Alpha Chapter NYU for taking first and second place in the Stern...
If you are in the Mid-South/Memphis area and look for a great grown folks event, Pi Alpha Sigma Bro. Terel Key...
living in college as Amber would say 🎃🕸 @ Sigma Pi Fraternity Alpha Mu Chapter
Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Theta and Kappa Alpha Order homecoming decorations look amazing this year, big thanks...
Bowling with Alpha Pi Sigma was too much fun 👌
Let's just say Alpha Sigma Pi will be making an appearance tomorrow night
Tomorrow is the day! Come see what the Alpha Omicron chapter of Phi Sigma Pi has been working on! All proceeds go...
So... I was selected to become a member of Sigma Alpha Pi, a leadership honor society. Wow! & not…
Officially a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership honor society ☺️
Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta hold haunted house event for philanthropies
Live stream speaker broadcast with Jesse Eisenberg November 4th at 5:30pm!
Because I miss homecoming and my perfect big 🐢💕 @ Sigma Pi - Zeta Alpha…
Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta get gory to raise funds for philanthropies
Pumpkin patch with the lovely ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma 🎃👻
Thank you to the sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha for showing their support and writing personal letters that will be sent…
Sigma Alpha Pi has a great fundraising opportunity tomorrow that we can all be a part of and really enjoy from,...
Come out to the HUB from 9-4 today to donate blood with Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Alpha Psi benefiting Relay For Life
Proposals for 2015 Chapter Activity Grants now being accepted! Deadline 10/31! Learn more at
Are you going to the sigma beta zeta pi ki gama ray alpha omega sperry polo mu nu keta neta theta party brother?
Support the professional women of Alpha Pi Sigma! Stop by panda today!
Please come out & support the women of Alpha Pi Sigma at our Panda Express fundraiser today! Just show this flyer 😊💜
mom sent this to me and she's so proud but I feel like it's a scam.Sigma Alpha Pi(ss off)
Hamilton Collection
Come to Swinney Rec and watch Delta Sigma Pi take on Beta Alpha Psi and Alpha Kappa Psi in flag football!...
The ADPalace is looking good with its Fall decorations 🎃 @ Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi
Can you tell I love my sorority? @ Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Alpha Chapter,…
Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Phi Epsilon asked community members to take an oath against sexual assault.
Pi Sigma Alpha Meeting is TODAY Wednesday October 7 at 2:00 in the MUC 306.
Alpha Pi initiate class of Phi Sigma Pi is selling doughnuts in the Union for $0.75. Help us raise money and go get you one!
Today is the Brown Bag Conversation for Pi Sigma Alpha @ 2:30 in the MUC 305
Come out and support the Sigma Pi Indoor Soccer Team as they face Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the UH REC. Game starts...
Come support the cause ! Betas out supporting the Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma and their Fundraiser to…
The Sorority is excited to welcome Andrew Cundiff and Kristen Heck, Gamma Pi, to staff!
Pi Sigma Alpha also did collabs with Black Belt.
Pi Sigma Alpha is a Honor Society so I understand.
AY Alpha Pi Sigma 💜💕💜 great laughs with sisters tonight.
Few more questions.. Why did members of Kappa Alpha Psi organize a search party before Sigma Pi? Why did NPHC raise awareness before IFC?
Only thing I'm excited for in the next couple of months is my induction ceremony into Sigma Alpha Pi. Besides that.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I got recruited into Sigma Alpha Pi national Society of leadership and success by one of my professors and I legit don't kno how but yay!
What a huge accomplishment to myself and my hard work! Now a proud member of Sigma Alpha Pi, a leadership society!
Nice turnout for the Thanx Pi Sigma Alpha & Society of Political Affairs for putting it on
Couples who join sigma alpha pi together, stay together
Tonight the Alpha Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity will be having our annual…
Hey ladies! Today is our last day for rush. Come by and get informed about Alpha Pi Sigma! We will be…
PILLAR OF EXCELLENCE IN BROTHERHOOD AND SERVICE to Pi Alpha Nu and Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternities for showing up...
Jeff Biggs was awarded this year's Walter Beach Award at the NCAPSA business meeting. Congratulations Jeff!
Get selected to be apart of CCC's chapter of The National Society Of Leadership And Success, Sigma Alpha Pi: ✔️ ❤️
Come on out today... Sigma Alpha Pi meeting today at 6.. Come on out! Get your requirements for induction
Proud to be returning as a Sigma Alpha Pi member 👏🏾 Gonna strive towards getting the leadership award this year 🙏🏾💯
The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity would like to unveil the revamped design of our crest.
Alpha Pi Sigma will be holding their first annual Spartan Week Sept. 28-Oct. 2! If you are a member…
Go visit the lovely ladies of to get a shirt and button! Phi Kappa Sigma Loves Alpha Omicron Pi
At the AUC with it. it's lit. 🔥 Pre-sale bands available now. DM for bands, or contact ANY Pi Alpha Sigma!
Alpha Sigma Pi Blood Drive in the Campus Center Atrium from 8am-7pm this Monday!
he said SIGMA ALPHA DELTA PI BETA BETA but left out GAMA smh disrespect
tell lil n b to play this one for me tonight at SIGMA ALPHA DELTA PI BETA BETA
See this year's winners of the Franklin L. Burdette Pi Sigma Alpha Award.
The brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi and Pi Kappa Phi would like you to join them as they welcome Tim Mousseau of...
Today, we mourn the losses of September 11, 2001. The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity salutes the lives that is serving for our freedom.
Mortar Board's motto is Pi Sigma Alpha, Greek letters that represent the ideas of scholarship, leadership and service
Hmm let me see if I remember my Greek letters lol .Alpha Sigma Pi?
.Have you heard of the The National Society for Leadership and Success Sigma Alpha Pi? Good reviews?
Selected and accepted my nomination into Towson's chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi!!
I have my Pi Sigma Alpha meeting and my PLC meeting today at the same time and I'm on the executive board of both 😅
Praising God as he blessed me to be inducted in Sigma Alpha Pi chapter National Society of Leadership and Sucess at HU *hair …
Ok so I got invited to Sigma Alpha Pi, but a lot of people are saying it's a waste of time and a "money grab." Also, it's only week 2.
The Gentleman of Sigma Pi would like to wish the Gorgeous Ladies of Tau Sigma Phi - Alpha Chapter a wonderful...
Not surprised this was Sigma Nu, them and Pi Kappa Alpha always trying to take advantage of freshman girls at ODU smh
Come and check out our table at fair on the square tonight and find out more about your ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha❤️
Come join the Sigma Alpha Iota sisters for our Recruitment week starting on September 1st!! All you beautiful...
Happy sunday to everyone from the girls of Alpha Pi Sigma!😊 Don't forget to smile today and…
"Joining a professional sorority was the worst mistake of my life. I'll forever wish I was a Pi Phi..." - Sigma Alpha Iota
I just joined alpha sigma delta pi tri swag Ki . It's pretty dope hmu if you wanna go to our parties
Finally got a bid! So happy to be rushing Pi Sigma Alpha
ICYMI Fantastic article from concerning the dispute between & Sigma
Two great things yesterday: invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi at SVSU and found out runnin the pups on bear next wknd! Happy gir!
names chapter as Best National Chapter for 3rd consecutive year
Congratulations to Pi Sigma Alpha member Adam Auerbach on this great honor!
Shout out to all the new candidates for The National Leadership of Success Sigma Alpha Pi chapter , Welcome 😊
When people think they got selected for a sorority/fraternity but it's really just Sigma Alpha Pi 😂
Is the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership society real ? I got an email, but I don't know if its a scam .
So unbelievably happy to have been nominated and to be apart of Sigma Alpha Pi!
i keep getting emails from some national society called sigma alpha pi and I thought it was spam but then they sent me an official letter...
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I was selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi.
🍕 Alpha xi is more than ready for pizza, sisters and seeing gentleman of sigma pi ❤️
Asking my mom what frat I'm in: Pi Sigma Alpha Kappa Theta Gyro Athens
Sigma Alpha Pi letters going out this week - FAQs on the website
Sorry for your loss brothers. Sigma Pis stick together. Alpha Pi chapter and I will keep y'all in our prayers
Congratulations to Pi Kappa Alpha on their 11th win of the Smythe award! Another congrats to Alpha Sigma Phi on...
Congrats to our men of Alpha Sigma Phi on their win of their SECOND PHI Pi Phi silver cup !!!
on former Lion Taylor Peasha who is the current Sigma Alpha Pi Co-President.
Maybe I should join sigma alpha pi because I don't have nothing else to do
I would like to introduce you to Alpha Pi Sigma's Zeta Chapters newest…
Pi Sigma Alpha is excited to sponsor Reception Honoring Teaching at Dozens of outstanding faculty to be recognized.
Nominated and chosen to be in Sigma Alpha Pi just made my day amazing!!! 😍☺️
Imma join the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership honor society at umes cause I need to join something imma junior now so got to make a move lol
Anyone else a member of Sigma Alpha Pi? 😊
Was selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi. Life is good, friends.
Today, I receive National Engaged Leader Award for Sigma Alpha Pi. I will like to dedicate this to my Big...
Is anyone in the National Society of Leadership and Success of Sigma Alpha Pi?? Need to know if it's worth it 😁
Taylor Peasha making strides as leader off the gridiron as co-president of A&M-Commerce’s Sigma Alpha Pi.
I'm trying to get inducted in the fall for Sigma Alpha Pi
LOL, this is a sign that my sisters sorority, Alpha Pi Sigma want me to join once I transfer 😜
Happy birthday brother Alpha Sigma Pi for life I'll take selfies with you next year to make up for the lack of pics we have
In other news, a Delta Sigma (Ole Miss) alumna, Stacey DeMartini Bruton was just elected the new International President for Alpha Delta Pi!
I wanted to thank Sigma Alpha Pi, the executive officers, and Mark Bigelow for this Honorary…
LOTS of WAGS AND KISSES go out to Clarke Central Sigma Alpha Pi. This high school sorority chooses a charity to...
Are any of y'all government majors in Pi Sigma Alpha? What do you guys do? What's it like?
We would like to congratulate the newest members of Alpha Pi Sigma, Epsilon Class. Welcome to the…
Sigma Pi Alpha Formal ✨ . Thanks for being an awesome date. You da best future salsa president! 💃🏻
Hey everyone. Alpha Pi Sigma will be in the pub today until 2 PM selling lemonade, fruit in a cup,…
After 58 minutes WE ARE DONE. Alpha Pi, Alpha Rho, Alpha Sigma and Alpha Tau will be our live-ins for the 2015-2016 school year
A special shoutout to Alpha Delta Pi & Sigma Alpha Epsilon for placing first in grades in their respective councils w/ earning over a 3.20!
Whadup this is Alpha Sigma Pi and welcome to our rape dungeon
Big congrats to my man for winning the Pi Sigma Alpha award for best paper presented at ht…
Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and be safe. The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity would like to honor those who had died fighting for our country.
The type of Shenanigans that took place at the Pi Alpha Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Shop N...
AWESOME TIME TONIGHT with my beautiful date !Shoutout to Sigma Pi Alpha for throwing a great banquet!
Hi Natalie, wondering if there are any Pi Sigma Alpha chords/medallions left? Be nice to have one for tonight!
Music education, Alpha Delta Pi sisters, Tau Beta Sigma sisters, and now getting our degrees…
So I'm either going to pledge Alpha Xi Delta or Delta Sigma Pi.
If I get invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, I'm definitely accepting it. No way I'm giving up an opportunity like I had with Sigma Alpha Pi.
I'm so excited that I'm now an inducted member of the GSU chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi, The National…
11 students were inducted into the new Rho Xi Chapter of political science honor society Pi Sigma Alpha. Read more:
The ladies of JMU Alpha Delta Pi and the men of JMU's Sigma Phi Epsilon took an oath today to end…
Thank you to the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha for making last weeks Thursday night - hilarious! We had a great time! 😄 …
SIGMA ALPHA PI New inductee. The family is celebrating as well.
The JMU chapters of Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Phi Epsilon teamed up today and signed oaths against…
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May 8th is induction day for the new members of Sigma Alpha Pi. Be sure to support your friends and love ones. Congrats everyone.
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