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Sigma Alpha Pi

Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ) is a leadership honors society which also goes by The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Alpha Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Alpha Sam Houston State University National Honor Society

Did anyone else get a letter about being accepted into Sigma Alpha Pi at UC? Bc I'm trying to figure out if I need to be excited or not
heard Sigma alpha Pi chargin 20 at the door
So who got tickets to that Sigma Alpha Pi party homecoming?!?! 👀
Is this a legit email? Telling me I've been selected to be part of Sigma Alpha-Pi. I mean it was sent to my aces email
You guys wanna know what the weirdest thing to happen this week? I've apparently been selected to join HCC's Sigma Alpha Pi.
Interested in joining a sorority? Come hang out with the sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha August 16th. If you…
Got invited to join a leadership honor society, Sigma Alpha Pi. Of course another thing to pay for.
Is anyone in the sigma alpha pi? Is it worth joining they've been trying to get me
Thank you Sigma Alpha Pi for choosing me!
Interested in joining a sorority? The ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha sorority are having a summer picnic…
I'm now a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership chapter at UC 😊
I've been invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi ! straight popping
Nominated to join the viterbo university chapter of the national society of leadership and success, sigma alpha pi. :)
To join or not to join Sigma Alpha Pi?
just got an invitation to be a member of the national honors society of leadership and success at my university, sigma alpha pi! :D
OSU recognizes Omega Sigma's excellence award. Read about it here!
I also got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi, a leadership honor society ^.^ This is looking like the start of a great chapter in my life 😊
Fun Fact: The 1st local men’s fraternity was Sigma Alpha Pi in 1923. There is no mention of them in the SIUC yearbooks after 1930.
I can't believe I actually got nominated for sigma alpha pi holy thank you 😊🏆
Guys what is The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi?
Sigma Alpha Pi don't do enough on campus
Just got an invitation from Sigma Alpha Pi !!! 😁😁
I got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi. 🙇
“Copped that invite to join Sigma Alpha Pi. ✊” me too!!
Copped that invite to join Sigma Alpha Pi. ✊
Just got a letter telling me that I have been selected to join the National Society of Leadership & Success, Sigma Alpha Pi @ MNU!
Member from sigma pi advised me to join alpha phi , I don't know mane 😅
Induction Ceremony of Sigma Alpha Pi. All the hard woks payed off. I Thank God for getting me through it.
So proud of my baby for being inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi
Officially inducted to Sigma Alpha Pi: National Society of Leadership and Success 👍
got inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi today.
also pretend you're proud of me getting inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi today bc i was working and missed induction and picked up my stuff lol
I'm now officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi.
Sigma Alpha Pi induction for the inaugural chapter at SIU
Sigma Alpha Pi still finally came in, waiting on one more 😁
My induction into Sigma Alpha Pi at 6 & the big crawfish thing at 4. I'm bouta go in that bih smelling just like crawfish.
Savannah had a great time at App State today with the Girl Scouts and Alexis Plunkett was inducted today into the Sigma Alpha Pi.she's in a fraternity now!! She's so excited about it and I couldn't be prouder!! Jonathan Plunkett got accepted to early college and Trent Spainhour has been requested to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum in National Security this fall! So proud of all our kids we love you!!
Congrats to me for becoming a official Member of Sigma Alpha Pi ΣΑΠ
Congratulations to all our sisters who were inducted into the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society!💎💗
So proud of my teamie for being inducted into sigma alpha pi tonight. !!! Keep doing…
Y'all come through Delta Sigma Pi vs. Alpha Kappa Psi this Friday at the Rec Center
LOOK AT GOD!!! take a bow Carmen Symone Nicholson... you have definitely left your mark... Just a little recognition for your accomplishments at Albany State University... student worker and member of the Golden Key International Honours Society, Velma Fudge Grant Honors Program, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society and Sigma Alpha Pi National Leadership Society.
Everything is finally coming together!! Graduating Pi Sigma Alpha in 3 weeks!!
Congratulations to Bethany Middleton on her inductions to Sigma Alpha Pi and Alpha Chi National Collegiate Honor and Leadership Societies last week . Bethany is " All A's " and in her Junior Year at the University of Texas. One proud Dad!
"Im really impressed by the amount of pockets sigma pi and alpha sig can fit on their shorts.
Sigma Alpha Pi Inductions today at 6pm in the Black and Gold Room 🎓
The Gamma Gamma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi would like to welcome the Alpha Nu class into the brotherhood! Congrats!
The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity proudly to contribute our newest contribution to Gallaudet University…
The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the women of Pi Beta Phi are hosting their annual Jail 'n Bail at Northrup...
Help save lives with Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Sigma Pi and Theta Chi by donating blood today in Schine from 12-5pm!!
Day 11: I am honored to be a part of Pi Sigma Alpha, and I am blessed for the friendships I've made…
Beyond grateful to be elected as the Regional Delegate for the Phi Sigma Pi Alpha Chapter next year! 😊😊
Come support our team as Delta Sigma Pi take on Alpha Kappa Psi this Friday
I am currently in the process of being inducted to Sigma Alpha Pi and one of the requirements for induction is to watch live broadcasts
I have been extended an invitation to join Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society due to my academic excellence.
Pi Kappa Alpha is now presenting their Spirit of the University Awards... The winners are Chi Omega and Sigma Chi.
The Pi Kappa Alpha Spirit of the University Award goes to Delta Zeta and Sigma Chi.
Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Alpha won the Spirit of Greek Life Award!
Did you know you can find Phi Sigma Pi Zeta Alpha Chapter at UCSD on Just follow or link
Inducted into Alpha Kappa Mu and Sigma Alpha Pi honor societies tonight! Thank God for this blessing and the amazing people I got to share tonight with!
Finally a presidential member of Sigma Alpha Pi! Congrats to all of the first inductees of the…
Made honor roll, inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ), and landed my second internship. Truly blessed, nothing but God☝️🙏
One of the founding members of Tuskegee University chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi The National Society of…
Congrats to our chapter award winners: Acacia, Delta Zeta, Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Nu!
Friends, join us tomorrow at Qdoba for an Alpha Pi Sigma fundraiser!!! Hope to see you there!
The one accomplishment is that i completed the 2nd broadcast for sigma alpha pi :)
I am very honored to receive the "Excellence in Teaching Award" this evening from Sigma Alpha Pi at
Tomorrow the ladies of Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi are hosting Doves and Diamonds. It's $5 at the…
Looking great at Relay for Life Ladies of Delta Sigma Pi - Alpha Omega (DePaul University)!
So the real question is...who is going to buy tickets to Alpha Sigma Alpha and Pi Kappa Phi's American Cook-out from me? Only $3
Tomorrow Alpha Pi Sigma will be fundraising at Qdoba! :) from 5-8pm come,eat and support! :)
Pi Sigma Alpha chapters always creative on campus. Check out newsletter at
Come to the Nigh Ballroom C tomorrow night to support Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi for fun and dancing, tickets are $5!
Sigma Tau Gamma and Alpha Omicron Pi hosting our "A-Omazing" Race philanthropy to benefit the Arthritis Foundation
The Gentlemen of Nu Alpha Kappa where delighted to attend Sigma Pi Alpha's BELLA MAFIA this past Friday!...
Aye , official member of sigma alpha pi honor society
Officially initiated into the Sigma Delta chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity!
Had a good time djng for "Sigma Pi Alpha" Ladies Thanks for bringing me out and rock you event
Excited to represent Sigma Chi and Alpha Omicron Pi as a THON chair for 2014-2015. Can't wait for us to dance in February!
You are looking at a Proud Brother from the Alpha Alpha Class of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor…
sike lol I thought I told y'all though I'm getting inducted into the National Society of Leadership (Sigma Alpha Pi)
You're looking at the new Alumni and Alumni Advisor of the Alpha Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi!
The women of Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Kappa are excited to host Doves and Diamonds this Tuesday from…
So both Alpha Epsilon Phi and Alpha Omicron Pi did not show up. We have Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2) on track alone right now
I am a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. Gotta get my stole.
AEPi not Alpha sigma PI come on now
Now that I have my photos I am happy to announce that I am officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi-…
yeah I'm living in my frat house. kappa sigma theta alpha pi
"No one knows that I sneak out of the house every night to sleep @ Sigma Nu house. -"- Alpha Omicron Pi
I got practice, a sigma alpha pi, and practice again 😞
I know that we haven't advertised this event too much but if you live anywhere near Westland come out to Texas Roadhouse with the flyer below; support Sigma Alpha Pi!
Officially becoming part of Pi Sigma Alpha, I don't know what that means but it sounds cool.
Just got accepted into Pi Sigma Alpha ! No greater news to start my day 😊
I wonder if I'll still get cords for sigma alpha pi
$35 for pre-law society; $35 for Pi Sigma Alpha; $25 for PSA cord and medallion...what else would you like me to pay for APSU?
Been invited to join Pi Sigma Alpha! Exciting things, good news :)
Aww got a good luck pencil from Sigma Pi Alpha :)
Got a Good Luck on Finals Pencils from the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha ☺️
The sweet sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha will be hosting a dessert fundraiser outside Clark Hall Tuesday…
Congrats to the Delta-Alpha Colony at Central Michigan University for being approved for charter!
"I am determined to marry a sigma chi. If not, I'll settle for a SAE" - Alpha Delta Pi
The Delta-Alpha colony of Sigma Pi is officially approved for chartering!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma!
"The best sex I've gotten on our campus has come from a sigma Pi. - Alpha Delta Pi
Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority is offering a scholarship to ten graduating ladies attending college in the…
Congratulations to the beautiful Alpha Iota class of Nu Sigma Pi! nusigmapi
"Never thought that I would date a frat guy, but now I am madly in love with a Sig Pi - Alpha Sigma Tau
Happy Founders Day to Alpha Pi Sigma founded in 1990 at San Diego State University! The Xi Chapter established on March 23, …
"Cheated on my Sigma Pi ex with an AEPi. We're dating now, and I love him to death." - Alpha Gamma Delta
The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity wishes you a great and safe spring break!
In honor of π day, the beautiful sisters of alpha omicron pi sigma beta chapter ! ♡ Happy π day! Love…
Come and support BSU Relay For Life! at Dutch Brothers! Alpha Pi Sigma will be here till 6pm! :D come…
There's still Time! Alpha phi is selling baked goods in the PUB to help support the lost loved ones of Alpha Pi Sigma, we're here till 3!
Come buy some yummy goodies in the pub to support the girls of Alpha Pi Sigma!
A wonderful event demonstrating Greek unity was hosted last night by Alpha Pi Sigma - Xi Chapter! Chapters in...
Celebrate Pi day by joining the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi and the brothers of Sigma Pi in Damen from 2PM-6PM as...
Sigma Omicron Pi and Delta Epsilon Psi Alpha Eta Colony - Binghamton University host our very first service...
Met some nice individuals last night for Sigma Alpha Pi.
Sigma pi mixer with alpha Xi delta :) love these girls and it was great meeting the guys. XoXi :)
Come out and support! Alpha Pi Omega vs. Alpha Sigma Alpha. In memory of Nicki Locklear and Steve Hunt.
*Royal Rumble* Ladies of Alpha Pi Omega and Alpha Sigma Alpha Powder Puff Game!!! Admission $2, proceeds go to Son of Nicki Locklear and...
Got invited to be in York's Sigma Alpha Pi Program, should I join? Idk
The Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma at UCR, CSUN, and SDSU present: BESO IV. It will take place April 3rd, 2014 at TRU...
"I love all my sorority girls but no one compares to those Sigma Kappa girls" - Pi Kappa Alpha ΠΚΑ
Alpha Pi Sigma - Epsilon Chapter Bowling Night is coming soon! Help them raise money for the college scholarships...
Went to support the lovely ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma. It was a fun experience and great turn out. ΦΔΘ &…
Congrats to Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Pi, and Phi Kappa Psi for placing in Dphie's lip sync!
I can't wait to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi, but all these meetings make me tired
I am so excited to join Pi Sigma Alpha.
Come Pie a Pi! Take your chance now to throw a pie in a Sigma Pi's or Alpha Omicron Pi's (face - only $1…
I wanted to check out Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi but they conflicted with another rush event :( whens the next event?
A big shout out and congratulations to my little sis Sherry Wooten for maintaining a 4.5 GPA in college while working full time. Also for being inducted into the national Sigma Alpha Pi organization that recognizes leadership and success. I'm so proud of her!
Invited to join the National Leadership Society, Sigma Alpha Pi for academic excellence? Not sure what any of it means but 🙌
Congratulations! To Jasmine letter came n the mail yesterday she just became Sigma Alpha Pi! I'm so happy that's my baby girl love u always
Actually really liking Alpha Pi Sigma 👌
Sigma Alpha Pi or whatever their name is need to stop with their stupid letters
Y'all my best friend is coming to see me Wednesday AND Sigma Alpha is having a mixer with Sigma Pi!! Can you say best day ever??
Made it up north to to visit my Son at college! Congrats in acceptance into Alpha Pi!
Thank you to:. Laureate Alpha Pi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi for their generosity and donations!!
"Why do you wish to be a member of Pi Sigma Alpha?" Euh because i need them cords or my mom will kill me! 😩😂
Come out to getaway tonight from 6 to 10 and support Alpha Pi Sigma at our fundraiser! (:
Marilu and her sorority, Alpha Pi Sigma, stay strong during this difficult time.
I'm at this orientation for Sigma Alpha Pi
So very proud of Sarah Hammer being in invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society! You've worked hard and are truly deserving of this! We are so very proud if you!
Join CCSS and Alpha Pi Sigma to learn Safety Guide to Unofficial on Tuesday, March 4 7:00pm Engineering Hall 106 B-1.
Got invited to join the the Political Science honor society of Pi Sigma Alpha
Sending our thoughts and prayers to all of Alpha Pi Sigma. Please consider giving. Some of our own Alpha Pi...
The women of Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Sigma Phi, and Gamma Phi Delta at Hartwick College hope that you…
Happy founders day to all my brothers from Sigma Pi.
Sigma Alpha Pi aka National Honor Society? I think yess... ah I never cease to amaze myself! me myself and I is all I got in the end..thats what I found out! (: nothing but smiles coming from this girl,,, even bigger one when 11:30 gets here! HOLA!
Inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi, the National Society of Leadership and Success!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Excited to jump start Sigma Alpha Pi at ! Learning now from Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes.
Increasingly annoyed with Sigma Alpha least my chapter. They couldn't've had the meeting last night?!
Time to attend this Sigma Alpha Pi meeting! Hopefully this is worth it!
Is anybody I even know at this Sigma Alpha Pi thing?
liam, pat and I are starting our own frat called alpha sigma sigma with a sister sorority called pi upsilon sigma sigma..
Um so Sigma alpha pi meeting tonight? Lol
Thank you so much to the gentlemen of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Phi Kappa Sigma for the wonderful serenades…
Sigma Alpha Pi meeting. Im so involved. I cant hardly take it.
Now an official member of Sigma Alpha Pi!
Happy birthday to a great friend of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Beta Pi ♡
so happy that I'm pledging for chi delta kappa Sigma Pi Alpha
The gentlemen of LSU Pi Kappa Alpha would like to thank the lovely ladies of Delta Zeta Sigma Chapter LSU for...
This Thursday, the Zeta Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. & the Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha…
Ryan Taylor has been selected to become a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership honor society. Bobbie Lina he will have a formal induction ceremony and I will let you know more about that later. He will graduate with the honors under this program.
Going to talk about why young people don't vote (and why they should) at Pi Sigma Alpha meeting. Hook em!
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Newest member of the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society!
This attendant is literally convinced I'm in a frat. Yah Upsilon Sigma Alpha Chi or Pi Alpha Chi?
all these meetings for Sigma Alpha hw.. will probably be the death of me..
The deadline for the Pi Sigma Alpha political science National Honor Society is March 10. See Dr. Michels.
“Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Sigma Phi Click on link and like the pic
For me it was Roger Long at Oregon State. He... a Sigma Alpha Epsilon; me... a Pi Phi. Saw him everywhere… wish we'd married.
“Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Kappa Sigma . if u luv me, like this pic plzzz😘
“Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Kappa Sigma like this pic please and thank you
Congratulations to the fifteen Spring 2014 pledges of the Alpha Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi!
“Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Kappa Sigma please like this picture!
😬 just offered to join Sigma Alpha Pi honor society.
Sigma pi and alpha phi had a fun mixer last night 😂😂
I've been selected 2 join The National Society of Leadership and success Sigma Alpha Pi
This weekend has been nothing short of perfect! Meet the Alpha Tau pledge class of Phi Sigma Pi - Beta…
Don't forget the Greek league basketball championship is tomorrow at 7pm on the main alico arena floor! Pi Kappa Alpha vs Sigma Phi Epsilon
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Thank u Alpha Phi Omega & Phi Sigma Pi from 4 volunteering in Gardens today!
**INTERNSHIP CORRECTION** if you are interested in a PAID internship, private message me. The internship would be starting a chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi at your college! (I will comment the schools that don't have a chapter)This is a National Honor Society for leadership & success, so it would be a great resume builder (and you get paid!) I also get $500 for each person I refer & gets hired. This is a great opportunity! Don't miss out! Thank you!!
Congratulations to my son Shyddie for being selected for the leadership honor Society in Sigma Alpha Pi at Cheyney University! So proud of my son! Hard to believe he's getting ready to start his third year of college! Way to go Dr. Rashaad Mayfield we love you and are so very proud of you! Keep up the good work! Awesome God!
IUN’s Sigma Alpha Pi Chapter of The National Society of Leadership & Success Presents A Live Video Broadcast Blake Mycoskie "The New Social Entrepreneurism" Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, and the person behind the idea of One for One™, which has turned into a global movement. Since it began in 2006, TOMS has given more than 10 million pairs of new shoes to children in need, and has helped save and restore sight to more than 150,000 people in need around the world. Blake was named on Fortune Magazine's "40 Under 40" list in 2011. All are welcome, free of charge TUESDAY, February 25 Bergland Auditorium 6:00 PM
So very proud of my baby.Brittany you keep shinning bright, awards continue to come your way, you've worked so hard and you deserve them all. (Now she has earned honors at Longwood.) Keep going girl, Love you! EARNED A place IN THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS. SIGMA ALPHA PI..
Guess who got their acceptance letter this morning to Sigma Alpha Pi...this girl!!!
Sigma Alpha Pi bout to break my pockets but eff it not a lot of ppl get this opportunity.
I am officially Vice President of the Alpha Delta initiate class of Phi Sigma Pi!!! So excited and ready to get started!
Thanks to the ladies of A Chi O, G Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Pi Phi, and Sigma Kappa for letting me speak tonight!
Ive been asked to join Sigma Alpha Pi :)
I was nominated into the Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society At Mitchell College. Went to orientation today and am excited for the rest of the semester with hard work!
Thankful for all the ladies in the Greek community on this nice day. . Chi-O. Pi Phi. Sigma Kappa. Adpi. Fuzzie. DG . DZ. Aopi. Alpha Gam. FIJI
My love bug is being inducted into the Honor and Leadership Society at RIC's Alpha Sigma Pi! Ahhh, so proud! 😚😚😚😚
Got my Alpha Sigma pi meeting today! So excited!
Just checked my school email and ya girl gone be inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi!
So proud to be a member of the alpha gamma class of phi sigma pi!
Congrats to Sigma Tau Gamma/Alpha Delta Pi on being tournament champions! They were the only co-ed group in the...
Hi everyone! The Political Science Club & Pi Sigma Alpha will have their weekly meeting tomorrow at 2:30pm in Dickson Hall Room 271.
Have just gotten word that I was OFFICIALLY inducted into NSLS SNT Sigma Alpha Pi!!!
A big thanks to Alpha Omicron Pi-Lambda Eta Chapter and Kappa Beta Chapter of Sigma Kappa for their Valentines...
I got a bid for Phi Sigma Pi! Happy to be apart of the Alpha Tau class!
Everyone is always so quick to jump the gun calling AOII the bottom tier sorrority, then I remind them that we have Alpha Pi Sigma.
ATTENTION EVERYONE: Join the lovely ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha sorority at our very first fundraiser of…
Congrats to all of Greek life but special shoutout to the hometeam Alpha Delta Pi , Sigma Nu , and of…
Sigma Alpha Pi induction coming soon I am very excited and proud of myself.tap in the back ! Lord power
S/o to my Stroll off Crew Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Nu for coming in 3rd place tonight...!! And a…
Everyone come in/order Wallys today for the sigma alpha pi fundraiser!! I'm delivering so food will be on time! Please support
Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Honor Society, will be having Officer callouts on Feb. 20th at 6pm in BRNG 1268.
Alpha Omicron Pi- Sigma Chi Chapter at Hartwick College Be sure to get your FREE TICKETS for our Glow Party!
This should be one of the best speaker broadcasts ever hosted by Sigma Alpha Pi. Don't miss it!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I would like to personally thank the men of Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Nu for making us Zeta girls feel…
Congratulations to all of the girls who received bids tonight from the Pi Chapter of Sigma Alpha!
Almost an official member of Alpha Sigma Pi so i'm pretty much a fratto
Well, I just accepted the nomination from Sigma Alpha Pi. Now I just need to find out when orientation and induction are.
"Screwed a Sigma Nu for a box of Franzia. Came back a week later for two more." - Alpha Delta Pi
Last day in DC for awhile. Looking forward to being home but I've had a great time doing model NATO and Pi Sigma Alpha Conference.
Don't forget about Sigma Pi Alpha's fundraiser at LALOS RESTAURANT this Tuesday, February 18 from…
Is any one familiar with Sigma Alpha Pi? My college just asked me to join. I guess it's a big deal or something?
I am so proud of my Thomas - he's going to Sam Houston State University and got asked to join one of the honor societies - Sigma Alpha Pi. Just HAD to brag!!!
So just got an email saying I was nominated and invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi, a Leadership and Success program. So that AND Phi Eta Sigma in a week! Thank you so very much to the kind soul who nominated me!
Just got selected to join Sigma Alpha PI leadership honor society at University of Houston for maintaining a 3.0 grade average
So why is Sigma Alpha Pi sending me something when I didn't make honors during my time in college??
Does anyone know anything about Sigma Alpha Pi? I got an invitation and have been looking for signs of a scam. Apparently it's not a sorority, for those of you about to make a joke. :D
Does anyone know whether or not Sigma Alpha Pi is worth joining? It's an honors society
So excited Dawn Nosker just got a letter accepting into Sigma Alpha Pi leadership and honor society at Sam Houston State University. Go Dawn!
I got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi from my school. Thinking about joining it.
The live speaker broadcast hosted by Sigma Alpha Pi is cancelled for this evening. Classes HAVE NOT been cancelled.
I got a letter to join a honors society at ETSU, Sigma Alpha Pi. 😀👍
Getting excited to start my internship on Monday and I just received a letter to join Sigma Alpha Pi, which is a leadership honor society. That will look great on my resume! :)
Got nominated to join sigma alpha pi!! Does anyone know what it is?
I just accepted my nomination to become a part of Sigma Alpha Pi. Guys, when did I become all grown up and whatnot?
I am so blessed and excited! I recieved a letter from my school saying that I was Selected to join the Natuonal Society of Leadership and Succes , Sigma Alpha Pi. Thanking God for continued guidance ,favor and motivation !
Congratulations to Sigma Alpha Mu's Delta Pi chapter on 25 years!
Sigma Alpha Pi membership invite? Job applications? Medical assistant scheduling? This is too much to happen in a span of two hours.
Going to be inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi!!
Say hello to the newest member of Sigma Alpha Pi!
It is such a blessing to be nominated to join the Sigma Alpha Pi chapter at MUW
I got an email saying I'm invited to join the national leadership society sigma alpha pi. What is this? Just confused as to what it means and why I was selected.
So proud of ...National Honor Society and Sigma Alpha Pi at SIUE... All of her hard work is starting to pay off.
Felt like yesterday I accepted my bid to tri sigma and tonight a whole other class accepted theirs! Congrats alpha pi!!!🎉
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Guess who is one of the newest pledge members of the Alpha Eta chapter of Delta Sigma Pi! :D
Invitations for Pi Sigma Alpha have gone out. Junior majors w/ a 3.0 GPA are eligible. Congrats & Check your email!
What the *** is Sigma Alpha Pi and why should I join it?
Join me in making a difference for Phi Sigma Pi - Alpha Zeta Chapter - York College of Pennsylvania!
Happy Local Founder's Day to the Beta Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau! Keep carrying on the Tau tradition!
I'm very excited to be joining Sigma Alpha Pi this semester, and getting my second set of Greek letters ! I look forward to what this national society of leadership and success brings to my life
Debating on whether or not I can actually afford to join Sigma Alpha Pi at the moment...
Is there anyone who is apart of the Sigma Alpha Pi?
Sorry Sigma Alpha Pi... I'm in St. Pete and I'm not leaving.
got an invite from Sigma Alpha and Pi Beta Phi! so excited for spring recruitment ☺
Any one else joining that criminal justice honor society? Alpha Pi Sigma i think
So I recd invite 2 join Sigma Alpha Pi Honors Society.hmmm...what 2 do?! Myke says do it...mayb I might ;) No matter what I decide still makes me feel good 2 b recnizd 4 my hard work!
Alpha Pi Sigma on the 100 Top Sororities in America! Proud to be Alphas! :)
Come out to the mezz at 8:30 to rush Alpha Sigma Pi!
Proud aunt moment (I waited to let her parents brag first) Congratulations, Erin Hauser! Sigma Alpha Pi National Leadership.walk tall, be proud. You have earned it.
Lol I got one from my Pi Sigma Alpha meeting. I didn't bake them.
Got an email from my school today and they have invited me to join Sigma Alpha Pi. It's a leadership honor society.
Got admitted into the Sigma Alpha Pi Honors Society today. Maybe I should start studying more often.
RUSH for Alpha Pi Sigma is NEXT WEEK! events and times are posted! contact any member for more…
Alpha Pi Sigma RUSH events and times are posted! :D Rush is NEXT WEEK! So add it to your schedules…
RUSH for Alpha Pi Sigma is coming up soon! :D so stay tuned for more info on events and times! :D or…
The Sigma Alpha Pi meeting scheduled for tonight has been canceled. Please check the MyWCCC Portal for more information.
Got invited to be a Sigma Alpha Pi . Pretty dope
Congratulations to the Probationary Members of the Alpha Sigma class of the Pi Chi chapter of Phi Mu…
no, it's Alpha Sigma Pi. It's in progress right now. Hopefully we'll be official before summer starts. Were the second national
A big thanks to the men of Sigma Chi - University of the Pacific and Pi Kappa Alpha - Kappa Nu Chapter as well as...
The gentlemen of Sigma Pi Fraternity would like to wish a happy founders day to the beautiful ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta!
Stop by today any time until 2pm at North Library Walkway and get to know the Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma at SDSU!...
I have my Sigma Alpha Pi NSLS orientation today!
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