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Sigma Alpha Pi

Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ) is a leadership honors society which also goes by The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Alpha Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Alpha Sam Houston State University

Got an invitation to join NSLS and become a member of the ISU chapter Sigma Alpha Pi...ACCEPTED! I'm also a member of NSCS! ΣΑΠ 👍
😍❤️ proud I was selected to join the National Society of Leadership and Success program, Sigma Alpha Pi
I got selected to join leadership program sigma alpha pi for honor society cuz my grades last year, never woulda knew
Welcoming the new ladies of Alpha Sigma Tau- Delta Pi from afar! Congratulations! 💚⚓️💛
Joining Sigma Alpha Pi may have been the best move I've made so far this school year
Me n my girls in Sigma Alpha Pi its only rite
I've been chosen to be the secretary & treasurer of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national honor society for Political Science majors!
Everybody got that Sigma Alpha Pi email...don't feel special anymore 😕😕
Just a few more meetings and I will official member of Sigma Alpha Pi National Honor Society in December.
The sisters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi honor and remember those involved in 9/11
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Iota-Pi Chapter. For our prospective new members, here are recruitment dates for SAE...
School emailed asking me to be apart of Sigma Alpha Pi . Cuz good student💁😂.
So happy to say that I accepted the invitations to join Sigma Alpha Pi and Delta Epsilon Iota. :) Hard work and campus involvement pays off!
Preparing for an immaculate semester...stay tuned. Pi Sigma Alpha.
I'm in a leadership program for Kent Stark called Sigma Alpha Pi and we get shirts with the Greek letters on them. lol
I am so excited to be the Recording Secretary for the Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Pi! 💜💛
Please join us for the Pi Sigma Alpha's fall 2014 callout held on Thursday, September 18th in REC 122. Pi Sigma...
Come join Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Mu, and Alpha Omnicom Pi for Panhellenic recruitment! Hope to see everyone there!
my point was it came first. Before alpha there was sigma pi phi
So I just joined the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) and I feel awesome !!! 🌟👍
Today's events: Spaghetti lunch with Sigma Pi at noon and Volleyball with Alpha Sigma Phi in the fieldhouse at 8:00. Hope to see you there!
Is Sigma Alpha Pi a legit society at UNC? They just sent me an email, it could be a scam tho?
Miami Students! Donate to Sigma Alpha Pi to see an E board member get pied in the face! All proceeds go toward community service events! :)
ROSE WEEK STARTS TODAY!!! . The Sigma Alpha Iota Lambda Pi chapter is a group of committed women dedicated to...
Alpha Delta Pi is excited to share that Delta Sigma, Alpha Delta Pi at Ole Miss, broke ground on their new...
Thinking about paying my dues to Sigma Alpha Pi. It's an honor to be induced into your organization.
alpha omicron pi, chi omega, and sigma kappa. Today is our bid day too!
"If you're an Alpha raise your hand, if not...raise your standards." -Rush Alpha Pi Sigma
"Whoever said diamonds were a girls best friend never wore our letters." -Rush Alpha Pi Sigma
All with a 4.0 GPA and one of the first few people at my college to ever be invited to join Alpha Sigma Pi. 😊
Recently invited into Lambda Pi Eta and Alpha Sigma Lambda societies. Hard/smart work pays off.
Left 1 suspect out...Sigma Pi/Alpha Rho members at MSU are behind the fountain pai…
I suspect the Sigma Pi/Alpha Rho members & at MSU are behind the fountain paint.
Check out our Fall 2014 Rush Schedule!. Reminder, tonight is our social with the ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma at...
I just realized I qualified for Pi Sigma Alpha but it may be too late since I graduate in December...
Meeting with my chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi ( The National Society of Leadership and Success) Executive Board is...
Alpha Pi Sigma is rushing all this weekend and all next week! These are this weekend this weekends…
I have my Sigma Alpha Pi Executive Board meeting in a little over an hour! Hopefully Ash will take a nap for me...
September 2, 2014. Greek Life Leaders:. This weekend, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu and Pi Kappa Alpha joined...
Got 2 letters of recommendation. Thank god for Sigma Alpha Pi. Mr Dozier.
I'm not one to "toot my own horn" but I am so proud of myself!! I was selected to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi...
So I know I am part of Sigma Alpha Pi but really, no one makes a big deal about it :( its like we don't exist.
If you are interested in Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority now is the time to know us on a personal level! we are having a...
Don't forget tonight at 6pm, Illini Union room 217, the Women of Alpha Pi Sigma will be hosting the…
Just got accepted sigma alpha pi honor society
The brothers of Sigma Pi would like to invite the beautiful ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha Old Dominion to do the...
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Got nominated to be in the national society of leadership and success, sigma alpha pi. Hmm...
Invited into Sigma Alpha Pi, hard work pays off!
The Alpha Pi Sigma's at Boise State just followed me on Instagram. Lol already a sorority girl.!
Holy Crap!!! I just got my agenda for Friday's Sigma Alpha Pi board meeting! Wow that is some agenda!!!
I literally don't understand sorority language like congrats on your alpha zeta sigma pi family?
"As elegant as a white calla lily, as everlasting as infinity" Alpha Pi Sigma RUSH is coming soon! If…
BC selected me to join Sigma Alpha Pi for my academic accomplishment and leadership potential 🙌🙌🙌
Are you ready! The Infamous Sigma Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC. Will be have an…
So I was telling my mom I'm phi theta kappa and sigma alpha pi and she says see what you can do when you apply yourself...
Ohhh joining Alpha Sigma Pi, the leadership society
Rush Alpha Pi Sigma. Get to know the ladies of APS.
Sigma alpha pi is bloeing up my gmail 😒
I got asked to join a leadership society. It's called sigma alpha pi. It costs $85. Suppose to help on applications & stuff anyone in it?
The Powerful Pi Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in plaza with 2014 SunBelt Conference…
The WKU Sigma Alpha Pi Executive Board would like to welcome you back and we all hope your semester is going great! We hope to see you soon!
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Rush Phi Sigma Pi this week! Go to our website for more information about what we do!
my advisor wants me to join alpha sigma pi so bad. I guess ill accept their offer 😊👊
So now I think ima go before class Wednesday to sign up for a few jobs at work study and go Thursday to my meeting for sigma alpha pi 🙌
Kappa Pi Sigma is a Fraternity of Black & SilverKappa Pi Sigma is a Sorority of black, silver and pink Kay Pi !!! IS NOT MU alpha NU
Alright, NYC. I need a job! I have my BA in Theatre! I was in Chi Alpha Epsilon, Delta Alpha Pi, Tri Sigma, and Alpha Psi Omega!
it's sigma alpha pi I believe lol idk I think I will lol never was a sorority girl before lol
Attend lots of info mtgsl. Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, enactus, have variety of majors. Other orgs are specific to majors
I have an announcement!! I have been chosen to be the SNT coordinator for the Salem International University chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi ( Th…
I just have to do a few more things for Sigma Alpha Pi, but that's the one I'm in
Dues can be paid at the parents meeting or tea! $60 sophomores $50 juniors $40 seniors. Checks made out to sigma alpha pi.
Just got an email from Sigma Alpha Pi to join their leadership honor society. That makes me feel so good!
Officially a member of sigma alpha pi 😁😁
I'm waiting for recruitment to decide, but Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Kappa, & Delta Zeta are some I rly like! Are you gna join?
"We Build Leaders Who Make a Better World"-Sigma Alpha Pi this vision reminds me proud to have leadership in the DNA!
Got asked to join the Alpha Sigma Pi leadership group. I'm going to be busy as crap this semester.
some leadership society thing called alpha sigma pi or sigma alpha pi I don't know. I have to go to like meetings and stuff 😒
Attention NCTC Drama students! Sigma Alpha Pi in conjunction with Phi Theta Kappa and Honors will be hosting a...
Do any of my Osh friends know whether or not to join this Sigma Alpha Pi leadership honor society? Like is it worth it??
Instead of Sigma Chi we have Sigma Pi. Instead of Pi Kappa Alpha we have Pi Kappa Phi. It's a whole different Greek Life here at UTSA.
thats cool. I might check phi alpha pi or go back to kappa sigma tonight. Kappa sigma seems pretty fun.
It's a women's sorority, not like a college one. Alpha Pi Sigma, I think? I hate it rn.
it said you're smart: Sigma Alpha Pi selection. 😁
So I am officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi.. that's good right? Idk.
No Chi Delta Theta Pi Epsilon Gamma Phi Alpha Omega Xi Sigma Tau Kappa Beta I do not want to join your sorority leave me alone
Officially accepted my invitation to join Sigma Alpha Pi, an honorary fraternity! 👏
Finally accepted my invite to sigma alpha pi!
On the plus side of everything wrong, I got asked to join the honor society alpha sigma pi 💪
I was invited to Pi Sigma Alpha honor society
just accepted my nomination to be inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi! hard work does pay off! 😊
A day in the life of Luis. Got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi by the National Society of Leadership…
Big thank you to Alpha Omicron Pi for bringing us cupcakes and Alpha Sigma Phi for the cake! We are so excited to be neighbors. 😊
The Executive Board of Sigma Alpha Pi would like to welcome you all back to another exciting school year at the UofM!
We would like to thank Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Chi Omega for nominating Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta…
Many thanks to my university for the invitation to join Sigma Alpha Pi right before my last semester... 😡
When I seen people wearing their Sigma Alpha Pi shirts outside I just be looking like why 😒
I just joined Sigma Alpha Pi... This whole honors society thing and nursing classes better not kill me this year
Looks like I'm going to be a slice of the Sigma Alpha Pi
Who or what is Sigma Alpha Pi and why do they want to induct me?
really debating is I should join Sigma Alpha Pi or not .
Selected to be a member of the National Leadership Society, Sigma Alpha Pi 😁
why do I keep getting this sigma alpha pi email?. I am not a leader
Gamma Beta Phi and Sigma Alpha Pi both want my interest.
Got a letter to join the sigma alpha pi honor society.. My deadline to join is the 2nd. Don't know if I should or not?
Are any of my followers a part of the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership society?
Im now apart of Sigma Alpha Pi! Not a fraternity/sorority... Its the honor society at Wake Tech! Yay! :)   10% Off
The Archousai of the Alpha chapter of Sigma Pi Phi. I spot 5 Deltas, all members of Thanks Marquis!
Maria becoming part of the The National Society of Leadership and Sucess, Sigma Alpha Pi? 😊 YES!!! Can't wait for the Induction!
Cool “received a official letter in the mail that Penn State has me to become a member of Sigma Alpha Pi honor society”
On a good note ii was invited in to Sigma Alpha Pi ^__^ and ii get to help move the new students in on the 30th :3
I was thinking Sigma Alpha epsilon or Pi Kappa Alpha. Haven't heard much about them. I might! What made you wanna try t?
I accept your challenge rachel_g610 to do the On behalf of Sigma Pi Alpha,…
Epsilon Alpha Sigma & Pi Epsilon participating in the Annual Back to School Bash on 8/9
After some research I've found that sigma alpha pi actually isn't all that selective or great, and some even regard it as a scam. well then.
I found out today that I've been selected to become a member of Sigma Alpha Pi on my 20th birthday!
Shabbat Shalom from the sisters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi - Iota chapter.
Got a letter from Sigma Alpha Pi to join their National Leadership Honor Society at SIU!! 📚.
wth is the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society??
Sigma Alpha Pi is our honor society for leadership and success:
Anyone else get an offer to join sigma alpha pi at lvc? Should I accept?
Gotta get my sigma alpha pi tattoo ASAP
On a happier note, I got an invitation to join Sigma Alpha Pi
Dean's list and acceptance into Sigma Alpha Pi honor society in one week 💁
“I got inducted into sigma alpha pi 😳” 👌👌😁 I did too last year
“I got inducted into sigma alpha pi 😳” me too and I'm just like whaa? 😕
I got inducted into sigma alpha pi 😳
If it's Sigma Alpha Pi you should join, I would be your President 😏
hey girls are you sigma alpha pi at ACC
I want to join sigma alpha pi but I don't wanna do it alone.
Congrats to Alpha Sigma Phi for winning the Phi Pi Phi silver cup! We knew you had it in you 👏
Congratulations Alpha Sigma Phi - Beta Tau on winning the Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup!
I feel like being part of Alpha Sigma Pi at Arcadia is offered to everyone. So not sure if I should join.
The woman speaking is one of the charter members of the Pi Alpha (New Haven) chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. Love it
Got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi at LSSU
I gotta pay for this Sigma Alpha Pi membership
The ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma are raffling off 2 back to school baskets!!! The general basket comes…
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Congrats Skylar James of the Iota-Alpha chapter of Sigma Pi, winner of our Beats Pill Giveaway.
Nominated for the national honor society sigma alpha pi 👌☺️
Its a huge accomplishment to be inducted into the chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi of National Honor Society
Never rushed, never will literally I know nothing about sororities except delta gamma mu alpha theta zeta pita sigma beta cappa pi thai
Sigma Spotlight: Congratulations to Pi Alpha Sigma brother Keith Hawkins on being elected president of Hernando,...
Sigma Pi Convocation 2014 in Orlando, FL with some of my Alpha Rho brothers! :)
Is anyone in / thinking of joining sigma alpha pi honor society?
The Amazing Alpha Psi & Pi Mu chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho Soroity, Inc. They will be stepping in…
Penn Staters: did anyone else get a letter from a Sigma Alpha Pi organization? Trying to figure out if it's real or not
Vintage bracelet silver by TheRetroKitty via
Just got an invitation to join ALPHA SIGMA PI at the JU chapter!
Soon to be a proud member of Sigma Alpha Pi 😄
Can somebody from sju tell me about Sigma Alpha Pi because I just got an invitation, but I dont understand what it's about
I got selected for Sigma Alpha Pi, the leadership honors society. 💅
Hey! Come learn about Sigma Pi Alpha, I'll try to not break forks!
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Selected for the National Society of Leadership and Success, SIgma Alpha Pi... cool news to wake up to 👍👌
S/o to Kappa Delta Pi and Sigma Alpha Pi. Looking forward to more initiates and plenty service this year!!
Did anybody else get something from CSM about the Sigma Alpha Pi?
Did anyone else get a letter about being accepted into Sigma Alpha Pi at UC? Bc I'm trying to figure out if I need to be excited or not
heard Sigma alpha Pi chargin 20 at the door
So who got tickets to that Sigma Alpha Pi party homecoming?!?! 👀
Is this a legit email? Telling me I've been selected to be part of Sigma Alpha-Pi. I mean it was sent to my aces email
You guys wanna know what the weirdest thing to happen this week? I've apparently been selected to join HCC's Sigma Alpha Pi.
Interested in joining a sorority? Come hang out with the sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha August 16th. If you…
Got invited to join a leadership honor society, Sigma Alpha Pi. Of course another thing to pay for.
Is anyone in the sigma alpha pi? Is it worth joining they've been trying to get me
Thank you Sigma Alpha Pi for choosing me!
Interested in joining a sorority? The ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha sorority are having a summer picnic…
I'm now a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership chapter at UC 😊
I've been invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi ! straight popping
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To join or not to join Sigma Alpha Pi?
OSU recognizes Omega Sigma's excellence award. Read about it here!
I also got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi, a leadership honor society ^.^ This is looking like the start of a great chapter in my life 😊
Fun Fact: The 1st local men’s fraternity was Sigma Alpha Pi in 1923. There is no mention of them in the SIUC yearbooks after 1930.
I can't believe I actually got nominated for sigma alpha pi holy thank you 😊🏆
Sigma Alpha Pi don't do enough on campus
Just got an invitation from Sigma Alpha Pi !!! 😁😁
I got invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi. 🙇
“Copped that invite to join Sigma Alpha Pi. ✊” me too!!
Copped that invite to join Sigma Alpha Pi. ✊
Member from sigma pi advised me to join alpha phi , I don't know mane 😅
Induction Ceremony of Sigma Alpha Pi. All the hard woks payed off. I Thank God for getting me through it.
So proud of my baby for being inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi
Officially inducted to Sigma Alpha Pi: National Society of Leadership and Success 👍
got inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi today.
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also pretend you're proud of me getting inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi today bc i was working and missed induction and picked up my stuff lol
I'm now officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi.
Sigma Alpha Pi induction for the inaugural chapter at SIU
Sigma Alpha Pi still finally came in, waiting on one more 😁
My induction into Sigma Alpha Pi at 6 & the big crawfish thing at 4. I'm bouta go in that bih smelling just like crawfish.
Savannah had a great time at App State today with the Girl Scouts and Alexis Plunkett was inducted today into the Sigma Alpha Pi.she's in a fraternity now!! She's so excited about it and I couldn't be prouder!! Jonathan Plunkett got accepted to early college and Trent Spainhour has been requested to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum in National Security this fall! So proud of all our kids we love you!!
Congrats to me for becoming a official Member of Sigma Alpha Pi ΣΑΠ
Congratulations to all our sisters who were inducted into the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society!💎💗
So proud of my teamie for being inducted into sigma alpha pi tonight. !!! Keep doing…
Y'all come through Delta Sigma Pi vs. Alpha Kappa Psi this Friday at the Rec Center
LOOK AT GOD!!! take a bow Carmen Symone Nicholson... you have definitely left your mark... Just a little recognition for your accomplishments at Albany State University... student worker and member of the Golden Key International Honours Society, Velma Fudge Grant Honors Program, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society and Sigma Alpha Pi National Leadership Society.
Everything is finally coming together!! Graduating Pi Sigma Alpha in 3 weeks!!
Congratulations to Bethany Middleton on her inductions to Sigma Alpha Pi and Alpha Chi National Collegiate Honor and Leadership Societies last week . Bethany is " All A's " and in her Junior Year at the University of Texas. One proud Dad!
"Im really impressed by the amount of pockets sigma pi and alpha sig can fit on their shorts.
Sigma Alpha Pi Inductions today at 6pm in the Black and Gold Room 🎓
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The Gamma Gamma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi would like to welcome the Alpha Nu class into the brotherhood! Congrats!
The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity proudly to contribute our newest contribution to Gallaudet University…
The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the women of Pi Beta Phi are hosting their annual Jail 'n Bail at Northrup...
Help save lives with Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Sigma Pi and Theta Chi by donating blood today in Schine from 12-5pm!!
Day 11: I am honored to be a part of Pi Sigma Alpha, and I am blessed for the friendships I've made…
Beyond grateful to be elected as the Regional Delegate for the Phi Sigma Pi Alpha Chapter next year! 😊😊
Come support our team as Delta Sigma Pi take on Alpha Kappa Psi this Friday
I am currently in the process of being inducted to Sigma Alpha Pi and one of the requirements for induction is to watch live broadcasts
I have been extended an invitation to join Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society due to my academic excellence.
Pi Kappa Alpha is now presenting their Spirit of the University Awards... The winners are Chi Omega and Sigma Chi.
The Pi Kappa Alpha Spirit of the University Award goes to Delta Zeta and Sigma Chi.
Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Alpha won the Spirit of Greek Life Award!
Did you know you can find Phi Sigma Pi Zeta Alpha Chapter at UCSD on Just follow or link
Inducted into Alpha Kappa Mu and Sigma Alpha Pi honor societies tonight! Thank God for this blessing and the amazing people I got to share tonight with!
Finally a presidential member of Sigma Alpha Pi! Congrats to all of the first inductees of the…
Made honor roll, inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ), and landed my second internship. Truly blessed, nothing but God☝️🙏
Congrats to our chapter award winners: Acacia, Delta Zeta, Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Nu!
Friends, join us tomorrow at Qdoba for an Alpha Pi Sigma fundraiser!!! Hope to see you there!
The one accomplishment is that i completed the 2nd broadcast for sigma alpha pi :)
I am very honored to receive the "Excellence in Teaching Award" this evening from Sigma Alpha Pi at
Tomorrow the ladies of Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi are hosting Doves and Diamonds. It's $5 at the…
Looking great at Relay for Life Ladies of Delta Sigma Pi - Alpha Omega (DePaul University)!
So the real question is...who is going to buy tickets to Alpha Sigma Alpha and Pi Kappa Phi's American Cook-out from me? Only $3
Tomorrow Alpha Pi Sigma will be fundraising at Qdoba! :) from 5-8pm come,eat and support! :)
Pi Sigma Alpha chapters always creative on campus. Check out newsletter at
Come to the Nigh Ballroom C tomorrow night to support Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi for fun and dancing, tickets are $5!
Sigma Tau Gamma and Alpha Omicron Pi hosting our "A-Omazing" Race philanthropy to benefit the Arthritis Foundation
The Gentlemen of Nu Alpha Kappa where delighted to attend Sigma Pi Alpha's BELLA MAFIA this past Friday!...
Aye , official member of sigma alpha pi honor society
Officially initiated into the Sigma Delta chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity!
Had a good time djng for "Sigma Pi Alpha" Ladies Thanks for bringing me out and rock you event
Excited to represent Sigma Chi and Alpha Omicron Pi as a THON chair for 2014-2015. Can't wait for us to dance in February!
You are looking at a Proud Brother from the Alpha Alpha Class of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor…
sike lol I thought I told y'all though I'm getting inducted into the National Society of Leadership (Sigma Alpha Pi)
You're looking at the new Alumni and Alumni Advisor of the Alpha Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi!
The women of Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Kappa are excited to host Doves and Diamonds this Tuesday from…
So both Alpha Epsilon Phi and Alpha Omicron Pi did not show up. We have Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2) on track alone right now
I am a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. Gotta get my stole.
AEPi not Alpha sigma PI come on now
yeah I'm living in my frat house. kappa sigma theta alpha pi
"No one knows that I sneak out of the house every night to sleep @ Sigma Nu house. -"- Alpha Omicron Pi
I got practice, a sigma alpha pi, and practice again 😞
I know that we haven't advertised this event too much but if you live anywhere near Westland come out to Texas Roadhouse with the flyer below; support Sigma Alpha Pi!
Officially becoming part of Pi Sigma Alpha, I don't know what that means but it sounds cool.
Just got accepted into Pi Sigma Alpha ! No greater news to start my day 😊
I wonder if I'll still get cords for sigma alpha pi
$35 for pre-law society; $35 for Pi Sigma Alpha; $25 for PSA cord and medallion...what else would you like me to pay for APSU?
Been invited to join Pi Sigma Alpha! Exciting things, good news :)
Aww got a good luck pencil from Sigma Pi Alpha :)
Got a Good Luck on Finals Pencils from the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha ☺️
The sweet sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha will be hosting a dessert fundraiser outside Clark Hall Tuesday…
Congrats to the Delta-Alpha Colony at Central Michigan University for being approved for charter!
"I am determined to marry a sigma chi. If not, I'll settle for a SAE" - Alpha Delta Pi
The Delta-Alpha colony of Sigma Pi is officially approved for chartering!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma!
"The best sex I've gotten on our campus has come from a sigma Pi. - Alpha Delta Pi
Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority is offering a scholarship to ten graduating ladies attending college in the…
Congratulations to the beautiful Alpha Iota class of Nu Sigma Pi! nusigmapi
"Never thought that I would date a frat guy, but now I am madly in love with a Sig Pi - Alpha Sigma Tau
Happy Founders Day to Alpha Pi Sigma founded in 1990 at San Diego State University! The Xi Chapter established on March 23, …
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"Cheated on my Sigma Pi ex with an AEPi. We're dating now, and I love him to death." - Alpha Gamma Delta
The Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity wishes you a great and safe spring break!
In honor of π day, the beautiful sisters of alpha omicron pi sigma beta chapter ! ♡ Happy π day! Love…
Come and support BSU Relay For Life! at Dutch Brothers! Alpha Pi Sigma will be here till 6pm! :D come…
There's still Time! Alpha phi is selling baked goods in the PUB to help support the lost loved ones of Alpha Pi Sigma, we're here till 3!
Come buy some yummy goodies in the pub to support the girls of Alpha Pi Sigma!
A wonderful event demonstrating Greek unity was hosted last night by Alpha Pi Sigma - Xi Chapter! Chapters in...
Celebrate Pi day by joining the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi and the brothers of Sigma Pi in Damen from 2PM-6PM as...
Sigma Omicron Pi and Delta Epsilon Psi Alpha Eta Colony - Binghamton University host our very first service...
Met some nice individuals last night for Sigma Alpha Pi.
Sigma pi mixer with alpha Xi delta :) love these girls and it was great meeting the guys. XoXi :)
Come out and support! Alpha Pi Omega vs. Alpha Sigma Alpha. In memory of Nicki Locklear and Steve Hunt.
*Royal Rumble* Ladies of Alpha Pi Omega and Alpha Sigma Alpha Powder Puff Game!!! Admission $2, proceeds go to Son of Nicki Locklear and...
Got invited to be in York's Sigma Alpha Pi Program, should I join? Idk
The Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma at UCR, CSUN, and SDSU present: BESO IV. It will take place April 3rd, 2014 at TRU...
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"I love all my sorority girls but no one compares to those Sigma Kappa girls" - Pi Kappa Alpha ΠΚΑ
Alpha Pi Sigma - Epsilon Chapter Bowling Night is coming soon! Help them raise money for the college scholarships...
Went to support the lovely ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma. It was a fun experience and great turn out. ΦΔΘ &…
Congrats to Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Pi, and Phi Kappa Psi for placing in Dphie's lip sync!
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