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Sigma Alpha Pi

Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣΑΠ) is a leadership honors society which also goes by The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Pi Sigma Alpha

💩 starting to get real REAL quick! Got my stole, cords and tassel charm from Sigma Alpha Pi
I got selected to join Sigma Alpha Pi 😌
Congrats to our sister, Mekenah, for being accepted into Pi Sigma Alpha, a political science honor society! You go girl!
Interested in joining a sorority? Come & check out the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha this week & learn…
Yesterday, Alpha Sigma Pi Brothers and pledges helping out at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School on ASL Day!
Alpha Pi Sigma shows academic excellence though the many hardworking ladies that have graduated. We…
From 35-to-47, introducing the newest additions to Sigma Pi Alpha❤️
"I'm selling my soul to leadership"-my friend at our Sigma Alpha Pi Leadership Training xDD
Had a rough Friday Night? Come get breakfast with Alpha Pi Sigma! We will be here until 12:30 pm!…
Getting my Pi Sigma Alpha political science honors society invitation after I graduated...? I'll take it.
The TEAM with the highest percentage of donations is Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Chi. They had 100.5% of their chapters combined, donate.
The Resident Students Association, along with Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, recently took home a full...
Tomorrow Alpha Pi Sigma will be hosting Blurred Lines! Come to our workshop where we will discuss…
Hanging out with our tri sigma sisters at NGLA from the alpha pi chapter! 💜⛵️💀
DYK that a Kappa Alpha Theta was the one who gave the idea of founding a fraternity to the Sigma Pi Founders?
The sisters of Theta Phi Alpha want to wish Sigma Pi a Happy Founders Day!!
Happy Founders' Days to Sigma Pi, Eta Rho and Alpha Pi Phi Sorority! We can't wait to see what your organizations do next!
I was nominated into Pi Sigma Alpha! Now I'm one step closer to my feline political science Illuminati cabal!
Meet the new Men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Class of Beta Pi.
Join Pi Kappa Pi and Sigma Alpha Omega for the first ever Children's Miracle Network Game Night this Saturday!
Here are the standings of the blood drive so far:. Alpha Delta Pi is at 84% of the chapter donated. Sigma Chi is...
Had a great time speaking to Mercer University's Alpha Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi about networking tonight!...
5. Application for Pi Sigma Alpha can be found here:
Proud of my daughter for being selected in the National Society of Leadership&Success, Sigma Alpha Pi @ Indiana/Purdue University!
Albany state sending me stuff about sigma alpha pi and I don't even attend their 😐
This past Saturday the brothers of Pi Delta Psi, Sigma Lambda Beta, and sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha...
Happening TODAY @ 4pm. The Sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha present to you a workshop on diabetes. Location…
Praising God as he blessed me to be inducted in Sigma Alpha Pi chapter National Society of Leadership and Sucess at HU *hair flip*
Congratulations to Druanna Mozingo and Joshua von Hermann who presented at the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate...
Always friends as time goes by always sisters of alpha sigma Pi
At an award ceremony for Moose! Deans list as well as National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Pi Sigma Alpha Pre Law Honor Society
Alpha Xi Delta & Sigma Pi are performing their rendition of 'Shrek,' which won them first place in long performance at 'Greek Sing.'
Can't wait for Greek week around the world with Sigma Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon !
i think its funny how everyone freaks out about getting an invitation from Sigma Alpha Pi... when it's just a scam
Got an offer to join sigma alpha pi and I'm not an honors student. Mistake perhaps?
I got nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi.. But, I have no idea what they do and I'm really confused.
Got invited to be a member of Sigma Alpha Pi😳😍
baileyricee: So excited to be nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi, the national leadership honor society 😊
Please come out & have a fun night with the Sorors of. Beta Zeta chapter, Sigma Pi chapter and Kappa Alpha chapter...
So thankful that Pi Sigma Alpha gave me the opportunity to meet Mizzou Alum, and the Chief White House…
Really loved how the Alpha Pi Sigma girls were so easy to talk to 😊
Congrats hot stuff on becoming a member of the Alpha Omega initiate class of Phi Sigma Pi!…
Great game between Pi Kappa Phi and Kappa Sigma. Big win for Alpha Xi!
Got an invite to join Wayne State's National Society for Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi. 👏 👏
Due to the adverse weather opening and closings of UNCG, the Alpha Chi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi…
Come out next Tuesday and support the Alpha Gamma initiate class of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity!
scholarships for graduate study and Washington internships! Deadline May 1.
Eat Bread to Raise Dough! Go to Panera with a flyer today to support Pi Sigma Alpha!
recieved the position as secretary for my initiate class, Alpha Mu, Phi Sigma Pi 💜💛
Now an official member of Sigma Alpha Pi ← (not a sorority, but an honor society!)
Guess what day it is? You're right. Sigma Alpha Pi Tuesdays. Wear your t-shirt or colors and use the hash tag
On this date, one year ago, the Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed at the University of Mississippi.
Spoke with the lovely ladies of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. Recently they were added to UNR's Multicultural Greek...
I was nominated for membership to Alpha Sigma Pi, National Society of Leadership and Success. My day has been made.
DID YOU KNOW? . Cornell University's association with Beta Theta Pi began in 1879 when Alpha Sigma Chi merged...
Snowed in and I'm A-okay with this and so comfortably content after a long, fabulous day at the Pi Sigma Alpha conference 👌❄️😌
So proud of Mary Miller presenting at the Pi Sigma Alpha National conference. Amazing!
HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY!!! From Alpha Pi to Alpha Alpha Phi, Phi Sigma Pi. Owl love you forever.…
So glad to find my home in alpha ulta sephora delta pi sigma gam sham with
Got an email congratulating me on being admitted to Pi Sigma Alpha, so happy!
The NSLS Sigma Alpha PI emailed me to join cause of my leadership.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Looking forward to at 5 vs. Sigma Pi at the University of Central Florida & 5:30 vs. Sigma Alpha...
Here is some love Sigma Alpha Pi! I have two to try and be a more creative(:
I just supported Sigma Alpha Pi on the AT&T sponsorship program on via
Bake sale for founding day by your lovely Sigma Pi Alpha girls! Come get some goodies💕
Come out tomorrow and support the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha for our Founders Day bake sale in the student center❤️
The Brothers of Pi Alpha Sigma Chapter read to a group of Pre-k students at Tunica Elementary School.
UH’s Pi Sigma Alpha and Phi Alpha Delta are hosting ScorePerfect for an LSAT workshop on Tuesday, March 3 at...
Supporting the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. and their chocolate covered strawberries fundraiser!🍓
Representing Sigma Alpha Pi at Tarleton State University! (Katie Blanscet) @ free money is…
Instructions are to post a picture of you or you and friends, wearing Sigma Alpha Pi appearl. Using the has tag
Next week, join the fraternities of Alpha Sigma Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha at for via
The Alpha Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma is hosting the 2015 Atlantic Central District Conclave
Here's to being a new member of sigma alpha pi👌
Thank you to the ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma for the Valentine's Day grams & to the ladies of Sigma Alpha…
It was was great hosting the Primary Candidates Debate with the and Pi Sigma Alpha last night!
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Congratulations to sister on being invited to join Pi Sigma Alpha 💚✨👏 We are so proud of you!
Support PolSci Honors Society - Pi Sigma Alpha by checking out this link! Eat Bread to Raise Dough!
But is my little brother gonna be in Sigma Alpha Pi tho!?
Support my guys in Beta Sigma Beta and Pi Kappa Alpha at PSU help tackle pediatric cancer as they count down to http:…
I'm speaking about personal at this event at tomorrow evening.
Looking to get involved on campus? Come out to Phi Sigma Pi, Alpha Epsilon chapter's Spring Rush week.…
Like i hve to hve good grades to stick with Sigma Alpha Pi till i graduate😩
Sigma Alpha Pi Day. Tonight Dan Harris will be speaking at 5:30 in Ferguson Auditorium. "10% Happier"
Don't forget to wear your t-shirt or Sigma Alpha Pi colors today
I was invited to Sigma Alpha Pi. ok.
Got nominated to join sigma alpha pi leadership society! I guess people with crappy GPAs can do stuff! 😂
Congrats to all the new Initiates of Phi Sigma Pi especially the 9 Alpha Mu Class Initiates of Alpha Theta.
The ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma would like to thank the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi for our flowers!…
Absolutely loved my first night with my fellow Alpha Rho's of Phi Sigma Pi!
THIS TUESDAY FEB 10th! Join the Epsilon Eta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho and the Grand Pi Vipers of Kappa Alpha Psi
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Pi... I'll match your today at 🐞 Have a…
On 2-14-15, Phi Sigma Pi turns 99. Day 6: Your Chapter. Shout out to Alpha Theta/NYMAAC!
I can't wait to help Pi Kappa Alpha welcome in the new Sigma class! ❤️💛
Good Morning, I'm a proud Sigma Alpha Pi! Courage is looking fear in the eye and saying, "Get out of my way,...
I'm kinda excited for finding out when orientation for Sigma Alpha Pi. :-)
Got selected to join FAU's chapter of the national society of leadership and success, Sigma Alpha Pi 💁
Sigma Alpha Pi and Latino Student Alliance. Baby's bouta be busy 👌
In need of Community Service hours? Check your email of the Sigma Alpha Pi website for opportunities.
Officially a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. God is so good!
Might just take Sigma Alpha Pi up on their offer and go ahead and join.
Hello sister Barbra green card Narciso of the alpha sigma pledge class who's big is sister Jessica Cinderella McCourt of the alpha pi .
Congrats Darin. He was just accepted to sigma alpha pi at UC. So proud of you
MEET THE PROS has been rescheduled! Come meet Phi Sigma Pi and Alpha Phi Omega Tuesday 2/3 at 8:30pm in UN 2042!
All these wonderful people showing up for sigma alpha pi tonight. I love it 💖💖
Just got invited to join the national honor society of Sigma Alpha Pi
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Sorority girls could use their middle finger and it could represent sigma alpha epsilon pi delta delta alpha
About to be a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. Woot woot🙌🙌
Joining Pi Sigma Alpha honor society with my girl 💖
Getting ready for the 2015 National Student Conference! Seventy student presenters from across the US
First market day tabling for Alpha Sigma Pi was a success
Now presenting our our Alumni Lizbeth Jauregui! One of our Alpha Pi Sigma's Nu Chapter…
Are you interested in joining Pi Sigma Alpha, The National Political Science Honor Society? Its purpose is to...
Kind of excited about getting inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha in March.
Orientation tonight with Sigma Alpha Pi. (6 pm in Ferguson).
Welcome to Spring 2015 RUSH WEEK! Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Pi Chapter would like to cordially invite you…
Pi Sigma Alpha is holding an info meeting mixer tonight, in Anspach 157 from 6:30-8 PM. There will be free pizza and other similar RSOs!
you deserve to be proud of yourself, you made it happen! And Sigma Alpha Pi is so happy to have a member like y…
Real proud to be a member of 😊🎓🏆 National Society of Leadership and Sucess, Sigma Alpha Pi
Luckily it's not a huge time commitment at all but hello there Sigma Alpha Pi, National Society of Leadership.
Just got offered a officer position in my honor fraternity sigma alpha pi! 🙌
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'm an official pledge for Sigma Alpha Pi...yay 🎉
Come to the SAC tonight and watch Alpha Sig kick off our basketball season at 9pm against Sigma Pi! 🏀🏀
Ladies: Are you looking for a scholarship?? The ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma Delta Chapter are offering…
Sigma Psi Alpha is pleased to present our first man crush Monday of the year, Gareth Williams of Sigma Pi! Thank...
Join the Pi Alpha Chapter of a Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and the Zeta Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma…
Induction to Sigma Alpha Pi is finally here!! ✌️
Shoutout to the PIKE Zeta Sigma chapter at Florida Tech for showing me how Pi Kappa Alpha does it in the sunshine state
Who else got a letter to join Sigma Alpha Pi? Lol I feel like they send this to everyone :( I'm not that special
Thank you so much to the brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity - Delta Pi Chapter !! We had so much fun at our Hawaiian mixer last night!...
Sigma Alpha Pi honor's society y'all!!! My college has invited me to join the National Society of Leadership and...
Got into the sigma alpha pi national honor society 😁
thanks 4 the RT! Since you like Greek Seas and Kimi, you might like & 🌅🏁😄
Also on Tues (01/20) chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha (ΠΣΑ) PoliSci Honor Society is hosting a lecture with
Just accepted my membership for Sigma Alpha Pi national society of leadership and success 😊
Weird I got accepted into sigma alpha pi 😳
I'm going to be inducted into the National Honor Society of Leadership & Success, Alpha Sigma Pi! 🎉🎈
Special Happy Founders day to the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Alpha Pi chapter
Happy Founder's Day to the Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta. S/O to my sistas of AΠ alpha_pi_deltas . The…
INFORMATIONAL!! Are you interested in learning more about Alpha Pi Sigma and what we're all about?…
Can anyone tell me if Sigma Alpha Pi legit or is it just a scam for money?
Join us this week at our rush events if you're interested in learning more about Alpha Pi Sigma. See you there!
Just got a random letter from Sigma Alpha Pi
I have a few things to share! First- I was accepted into the Psychology Honors program at school! And I was invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi!
Very excited for my induction to Sigma Alpha Pi honors society! 😊📚
Just joined Sigma Alpha Pi! All these good things happening to me makes me ready for school to start.
Got my invitation to join sigma alpha pi!
officially been invited to Sigma Alpha Pi at ISU 😁
Can't believe I got into Sigma Alpha Pi at Temple! So honored to have been one of the few selected!
Congratulations to Banner Music's intern Taylor Espitee! She was nominated for the Sigma Alpha Pi National Honor...
Today is our first info night! Join us in Wellman 202 at 7:30 PM and get to know the ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma!
Got invited to the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society! Also, just missed to turn onto my own street.
I got an email from my school. A good email. An invitation to join sigma alpha pi. I'm just really happy, and kinda want to cry.
Oh yeah I get inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi this semester too 😁
Does anyone have experience with Sigma Alpha Pi Leadership Society?
So I'm getting blown up hard by Sigma Alpha Pi and I don't know how to feel.
Got an invitation to join Sigma Alpha Pi. but idk lol
Anyone know anything about alpha sigma pi leadership society?
Ugh I'm tired but I can't sleep so I'm watching cartoon network when I should be doing my Sigma Alpha Pi stuff!!!
Happy Founder's Day to the lovely ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi!
When my sisters call me to say how much they love me>>>> 💕💜 . They're the best!! 😘😘😘 Alpha Pi Sigma was my best decision of 2014! ❤️❤️
September 11: Students from Pi Sigma Alpha & ASI placed flags on the front lawn to honor 9/11 victims.
I was chosen to be part of the Sigma Alpha Pi at my school lmfao. I feel like I'm in jeca all over again.
I cannot wait to be a member of Sigma Alpha Pi ♡♡♡♡
Alpha, beta, gamma, epsilon...Sigma.Delta.Pi.Omega. Do it again, it makes sense when u do it 😕
Huh. I was invited to join Sigma Alpha Pi in my school. Does that mean I'm smart??
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I think it would be awesome if the Beta Pi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha had a sorority house. 👑🐞❤️
Alpha chapter from Alpha Pi Sigma sorority Inc. is extremely proud to announce that a new chapter has been...
Meet the newest edition to the Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, inc. family : RHO chapter at University of San Diego.
4 of my amazing students crossed into Alpha Pi Sigma! I am so excited and proud of them for establishing the 1st Latina sorority at USD.
Sigma Alpha Pi is a big deal that would really mean a lot to me to be a member.
It's our charter day! I am beyond thankful for the Sigma "Pretty" Pi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha…
My Father KNOWS I slaved, cut myself off, & sacrificed for this GPA! I could shout 😢 I'm coming for you Pi Sigma Alpha 📚
Did anybody else get an invite from Sigma Alpha Pi? OU people??
I have apparently been nominated to join the leadership society at Wake Tech (Sigma Alpha Pi)
"I don't know what it is about Sigma Chi's but I can't stay away - Alpha Delta Pi
Officially the new president of Phi Sigma Pi Epsilon Alpha chapter! 💜💛
Ima tell u alpha sigma pi members, I'm glad u found friends, check this out how about next time u meet fools like normal humans U ingrates
Pi Sigma Alpha speaker Lee H. Hamilton on the next Congress:
Alpha Pi Sigma hopes you all had a magnificent Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to be thankful throughout the...
Happy Thanksgiving from the sisters of Sigma Alpha Beta Pi Chapter💛
Special thanks to the gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity - Delta Pi Chapter for the amazing props they crafted in preparation for tom...
Genuine shoutout to the realist kids I know; Alpha Pi, Alpha Rho, Alpha Sigma and Alpha Tau.
Congratulations to Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity - Delta Pi Chapter and Phi Sigma Sigma-Zeta Eta Chapter! It is...
I was thinking of joining the alpha beta charlie sigma pi Zulu hotel 6
we have decided to drop you from sigma alpha pi chi sig chi pi manu. Nice knowing you bye.
I will be inducted into the Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society!!!
My heart goes out to the women of Pi Beta Phi and the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Stay strong, you are in my thoughts.
For the last time I don't wanna make a frat called "Alpha Gamma Sigma Pi Bro" with you...jeez, back off
S/o to my Brother in both Pi Sigma Epsilon & now Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
A year ago today the Sigma Theta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was installed and initiated on the Sam…
On November 24th, 2013 the Sigma Theta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity was founded on the Sam…
Pi Sigma Alpha bake sale this morning! Everything is $1 each. Come see us upstairs in PY.
goes to the Alpha Chi class for getting initiated into Sigma Pi on Friday, but more specifically…
Within 24 hours I went from pledge to brother & now to VP of Pledging for Alpha Kappa Psi-Pi Sigma for Spring 2015!!Excited to be pledge mom
Join the Great Gamma Alpha Gamma and the Illustrious Iota Pi Sigma Chapters of Phi Beta Sigma on Dec…
Finally apart of the Sigma Alpha Pi family! I've been inducted with one of my best friends, ! Love you!
We invite all of our Blue and White family out to a Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner hosted by The Pi Alpha Sigma...
Sigma Alpha Pi? More like Sigma Alpha WHY do I have to be up so *** early on a Saturday
This sigma alpha pi honor society meeting is so long 😫
The gentlemen of LSU Pi Kappa Alpha would like to wish the lovely ladies of Delta Zeta Sigma Chapter LSU a very Happy Founders' Day!
Sigma Alpha Pi at has started a new challenge to raise $ for Take a look and help raise some money
Hosting Safe Rides tonight is Sigma Pi Alpha and Delta Epsilon Mu. Call 278-TAXI for a ride home! Don't forget you'll need your one card!
The top three fraternities who have donated to Jimmy V so far: 1. Theta Chi 2. Pi Kapp 3. Pike. Sororities: 1. ASA 2. Tri Sigma 3. Alpha Chi
We aren't involved with Pi Sigma Alpha but we hope their event goes well!
You can also interact with your Sigma Alpha Pi executive board & let your voices be heard; we're always open to suggestions!
Hey does anyone know someone who is in Sigma Alpha Pi in the Morgan chapter
To join or not to join sigma alpha pi….that is the question
Congrats to BSU, Delta Zeta, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Alpha Sigma for placing tonight at the Variety Show! 💜💜💜💜
The Alpha Sigma Pi alumni cups turned out great!
Interested in learning about Alpha Pi Sigma? Join us this Friday,October 24th at 6:00 pm for our informational night!
Update your maps at Navteq
At Sunday’s Pi Sigma Alpha meeting, the students were in a training session to be poll watchers for the election.
Sigma Alpha Pi Broadcast tonight and I need a friend to sit with.mine ditched me to go home. Sigh.
What a great live broadcast at Sigma Alpha Pi!
Tonight is our last informational in PL 214 @ 6:30pm. Come and learn more about Sigma Pi Alpha…
Interested in joining a sorority? Join the sisters of Sigma Pi Alpha as we host out last informational tonight!
Shoutout to the men of Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon for the beautiful roses and chocolate…
Alpha Delta would like to welcome 15 new initiates who tonight began their journey to Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Pi!!!
We are exactly ONE week away from our 10th Annual Dia De Los Muertos event hosted by Sigma Pi Alpha…
The Brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the Sisters of Pi Beta Phi are excited to be hosting the Second Annual Mountainee…
I'm honored to be the new sweetheart for the men of Sigma Pi Alpha-Sigma! ❤️
Photo: lycoast: Shannon Lafferty and Katie Lord of the Gamma Pi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau met Ryan Lochte...
Congratulations to Yasmeen Ebbini for being named the new Sweetheart of Sigma Pi Alpha-Sigma!
Organization of the week: Alpha Omicron Pi! . Congratulations to the Iota Sigma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi for a...
Delta Sigma Pi would like to say HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY to the Beautiful Ladies of Alpha Chi Omega. . We…
Sigma Pi Alpha wants YOU to go Greek. Don't rush perfection, pledge to be BEST! Stop by our table and…
If anyone would like to defend the Democrat Party in a debate for Pi Sigma Alpha. Please contact me! It'll be a lot of fun!
Sigma Alpha Pi presents the Fall Festival!! Today from 12-2, stop by the Pre Alumni Association table!!
Get your tickets from any Alpha Pi Sigma member! & get your costume ready!
Going to have some Sigma Alpha Pi fun lol.
Don't forget tomorrow is the Pi Sigma Alpha formal mixer! 7-8:30 PM in Colt Forum. Music, knowledge, and so much more
Pi Sigma Alpha to hold Town Hall meeting with Republican Sen. Kelly Hancock at 5:30 p.m. in the Bluebonnet Ballroom:
Thanks to Pi Sigma Alpha for hosting Senator Kelly Hancock Town Hall today 5:30pm, Bluebonnet, UC
Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Sigma Pi's donation creation for homecoming 2014!
Pi Sigma Alpha is the National Political Science Honor Society for undergraduate and graduate students.
If you are a Political a Science major with a 3.0 or higher GPA & you've taken 12+ credits, consider Pi Sigma Alpha.
Pi Sigma Alpha & Model UN are looking to do a volunteer project in the near future. Possibly at the humane society or food bank. Thoughts?
What a pleasure to speak before the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society at UK last night!
Got accepted for the National Society of Leadership and Sigma Alpha Pi at Gulf Coast!
Selected to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi honors society :)
Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Women in Business represented Tippie well at the parade!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Photo: Congratulations to our Health&Beauty Editor for winning Miss Pi Alpha at the Miss Phi Beta Sigma,,,
Hey make sure y'all come out to the Sigma Pi Alpha Pageant presented by the debate team! Tonight at…
Trying to guess which faculty member nominated me for Sigma Alpha Pi 💁
The world renowned TSU Debate team presents: An Evening In Egypt. The Mr and Miss Sigma Pi Alpha…
Support the Alpha Sigma Pi & Phi Mu Rock-a-thon happening now until 10p in front of the Union!
Phi Sigma Pi Alpha Lambda is so happy to support our local philanthropy, Autism Cares !
Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Rho, and Alpha Phi Alpha are all coming together for…
Sigma Pi's got a double header after their win against Alpha Delt, will they be able to keep it up against Kappa Sig?
Ok so for those of you out there that have contemplated going to college after many years out of school but have always thought, "I can't do it", let me just say, you CAN do it!! I said the same thing, thought there was no way I would be able to get through. Well, as I am getting closer to finally getting my degree I would just like to share this. When I was attending my classes at Northeast, I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, which is invite only and based on grades. Now, as I am attending all of my classes online through Central Community College out of Hastings, I have just been invited to be inducted as a member of Sigma Alpha Pi, also by invitation or nomination only. It has been a long road, but I must admit I am proud of myself for this success and must give thanks, not only to my friends and family that have supported me along the way, but also to Bonnie Johnson-Bartee and Kendra OneHorn, as well as Sharon Bose for the kick in the pants and no holds barred support that I really needed.
Tonight I go to orientation for my honor society (Sigma Alpha Pi)! I'm so excited! I move to main campus and everything is happening!
Come join the Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma and the Gentlemen of Nu Alpha Kappa tonight at our social. Come…
Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi & Kappa Delta sororities & Sigma Chi fraternity are at the main crosswalks to remind about crosswalk safety.
Walking past all the Greek lounges is like solving one huge *** algebraic sigma theta +sigma pi+delta delta delta+alpha sig
2ND: Sigma Delta Tau, Theta Chi and the Garnet and Gold Guides – 3RD: Phi Mu and Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Sigma Alpha induction. Proud of my chickens!
“you did the sigma alpha pi registration?” No I didn't 🙍 did you?
Going to try to get out of Sigma Alpha Pi today...not very optimistic...
Alpha Tau Omega and partners Phi Sigma Pi have officially kicked of Homecoming with our spirit window!
Sigma Alpha Pi just sent me an induction letter! No question about it, I'm joining the elite leadership and success group.
GRADUATE & LAW SCHOOL PANEL TOMORROW W/ Pi Sigma Alpha! See photo for details. Hope to see you there!
Thanks to students for organizing a first-rate & Pi Sigma Alpha UMW
Join Pi Sigma Alpha & for the Congress to Campus Lecture on Monday, Oct. 20!
Congrats to the pairing of Delta Zeta, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Chi for winning the Cardinal Treds tournament!
Per Stephen Cramond: The three headed monster that is Sigma Chi, Delta Zeta, and Pi Kappa Alpha are getting...
Save the date&join us as we celebrate our 10th annual Día De Los Muertos event.Hosted by yours truly, Sigma Pi Alpha
TY Pi Sigma Alpha Psi Theta Chapter! Honored to be first 2014 Fall Distinguished Speaker http…
Does everyone get nominated for Sigma Alpha Pi?
My love for Alpha Omicron Pi & my Phi Sigma chapter is overflowing after tonight. So happy I got to share the experience with my big sis :]
Thanks2 Ashley & Emma from Sigma Alpha Pi National Society for Leadership & Success. U helped make great!
Proud to be in the Alpha Delta class of Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity with these lovely people!
5 hours of Sigma Alpha Pi leadership training gave me a headache. But I made a new friend so heyyy 💁👯
I honestly don't know them lol I just know the Latina one is Alpha Pi Sigma :)
Making history at today, inducting 43 members into the new Nu Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda student honor society!
Ayyy got selected to be apart of the National Society of leadership and success, sigma Alpha Pi. All because of my academics :)
Three speaker meetings...three SNT meetings and I'll be an active member of Sigma Alpha Pi
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