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Sierra Mist

Sierra Mist is a lemon-lime flavored soft drink, The new formula, branded as Sierra Mist, was introduced by PepsiCo in 1999, replacing Slice and Storm, and eventually became available in all United States markets by 2003. PepsiCo owns the rights to the similar 7 Up and Coca-Cola's Sprite brand outside the U.S.

Mountain Dew Diet Pepsi Mello Yello Diet Coke

whoever voted for Sierra Mist is disgusting, disrespectful, rude, insubordinate. ect.
Well kinda not really lol. I put cough drops in my Sierra Mist πŸ€”
the new Sierra Mist recipe is really good, like I actually prefer it over Sprite
Boston is whiter than Ford trucks, grape juice, and Sierra Mist combined
newest addition to this recurring problem: I spit sierra mist all over in the elevator have a good even…
I haven't had a Sierra Mist in about 10 years
did your waitress bring you sierra mist instead of sprite? Cuz same!
Stand up against Trump's religious bigotry. Protect our Muslim neighbors
Yo hold up, how is Sierra Mist and thing when Sprite exists?
Strip Yahtzee Tournament, My Place, mini muffins and Sierra Mist on the house, brackets determined by horoscope so bring your birth gem.
Smashing your man on the low and im calling him dad
I swear I have the most comfiest bed at ship
This is Bill Belichick's 10th SB appearance as HC or assistant. He has been part of 19.6% of all Super Bowls.
What's the best food to pack for a mountain hike: cliff bars and Sierra Mist.
Isaiah Thomas head to head with 2010-2011 MVP Derrick Rose. Yet everyone wants to laugh when we put Isaiah in the MVP t…
People think it's cold out. Lol come to the poconos
Before the party I saw a girl clean a bunch of red wine out of a carpet with Sierra Mist, I am now a believer
no one to wear this for but I need it
I mean, you don't hear anyone giving shout outs to Dirty Sierra Mist's...
Here is your lineup, Firefly fans. Tickets on sale at 1pm ET. Watch the official video here: htt…
I'm only 21 but I definitely have the most badass group of angels up in heaven watching over me πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ
Sprite, 7 Up, or Sierra Mist? β€” Sprite and if you disagree you can fight me
I would like to take this time to say that I concede my argument with Becky. She was in fact right and I was wrong. Thank you for you timeπŸ™
Let it be know that Matt agreed that making a list is in fact headass
Always live life to the fullest. Never regret anything ❀️
RIP ryan you'll be missed. Fly high angel and keep everyone strong πŸ‘ΌπŸΌβ€οΈ
someone scrunched together Isla Mist, the setting for the new Jurassic Park movie (brought to you by Sierra Mist and Pepsi)
Optimist: the glass is half full. Pessimist: the glass is half empty. Sierra Mist: the glass is full of fake sprite
Sierra Mist is the bootleg version of Sprite
That's what you get for not agreeing with me
For those who πŸ’˜ Fanta this is good, this is one of my favorite Sodas along with Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Sprite etc.
Tell me, is it headass to make lists?πŸ€”πŸ€”
Glover Mork Dayton coming to campus to talk about WATER. SPOILER ALERT liberals--it's clear and not as good as Sierra Mist to drink.
Yesterdays text of the day was: i really like you and all but sierra mist is the worst soda.
If you tell me you like me. U want to see me and we spend time me. Ofc imma get attached.
"we don't have sprite, is Sierra Mist okay?". me:
I'm sorry @ all the parents who tried their hardest to get their kids gifts but their kids ended up being ungrateful & mad
Rosa Parks being arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, 1955 https:…
"Sisi like Sierra Mist? I see what she sees because Si is Si and she's all I want to see"
Your mcm mixes nyquil and sierra mist
sprite is sugar water. 7up tastes like the stomach flu. And Sierra Mist is garbage.
My dad said that if he see's a Christmas commercial tomorrow he's climbing to the top of the house and doing a swan dive lmao
guess who just threw up the sierra mist they've been drinking all day?ΒΏ yes, it tastes the same coming up
This makes me so upset people are so ungrateful when there is people in this world who have nothing
Dad: did you add Sierra Mist to your wine?. Ben: Yeah, it's called a spritzer. Dad: No, it's called *** *gayly says spritzer*
Couldn't be more greatful for the life I have
if I name my first daughter Sierra Mist can I have free soda?
A Christmas gift for college coaches: Joliet West's Teyvion Kirk has reopened his recruitment h…
Somehow Christmas naps are better than any other day of the year naps
Box wine, raspberry vodka, and cranberry sierra mist is a good combo πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ good good comcomb
That was not a foul by any means on KD, Durant flat out tripped trying to go to hard plain and simple
This cranberry sierra mist would be much better with an alcohol in it
its kinda strange but I'll be excited when we go back to school
When you ask for a sprite and they say "is Sierra Mist okay"
Every year since 2013 I've taken 9 selfies to show my excitement for Christmas... Here's the 2016 Edition πŸŽ„
When you ask for a sprite and they give you Sierra Mist
Am I the only one who didn't know that Sierra Mist changed it's name to Mist Twst???
Best gift I could ask for a blanket made out of my dads shirts😭😭
can't wait till I'm being woken up on Christmas morning by my kids and we open gifts, make pancakes and stay in our pjs all d…
Christmas mornings will never be the same without my dad
This Christmas Eve, make sure to stock up on plenty of diet Sierra Mist: the official soft drink of stewart manor.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Vodka, cranberry juice, Red Bull, and Sierra Mist is so bomb πŸ‘…
Didn't know they still made Sierra Mist until I got to my aunt & uncle's Christmas party.
I wish they made Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash all year long 😩
I'm gonna watch Shameless and talk to my boy until I fall asleep merry sierra mist
If I say I want sprite don't ask me if I want SIERRA MIST instead NO I SAID SPRITE
PSA to all my FB friends please stop getting engaged!! unless your inviting me to the wedding and it's open bar, then t…
Sprite & Sierra Mist be so good with some banging *** foodπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Success is never owned, it's rented. And the rent is due EVERYDAY πŸ’―
Just cause you hues changed the name from Sierra Mist to Mist twist doesn't make it acceptable as a replacement for sprite at establishments
I think the hardest thing is remembering that not everyone has the same heart as you and you can't take it personally.
β€œWe are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.” –…
I'm only in the Christmas spirit when there's cranberry Sierra Mist.
Tomorrow Im dropping something new from a hometown artist. Uptown Na. Who you want to hear next week? πŸ€”
A 2 liter of summer sun heated Sierra Mist makes for a night you'll never forget.
Now that "Sierra Mist" is gone your only options are high fructose corn syrup or formaldehyde. Good luck, 'merica.
Let's make it an electric! Tito's vodka, Blue Curacao, Sierra Mist, fresh lemon. https…
I thought I grabbed a Sierra Mist but it was a Mello Yello. So disappointing.
The new Sweet Peach. Deep Eddy Peach & Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemonade, Sierra Mist. Oh, my! Cool off with one today!
You're the Steph Curry of making fun of Jim Gaffigan.1st you take his Sierra Mist sponsorship, then u steal his hotpockets!
And why is it regular Sierra Mist and not Cranberry Splash? Someone call the Holiday Hawk.
.its like The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Only The Treasure of the Sierra Mist. Also starring THE Caveman instead of Bogie.
on who Ciara ice water... she a capri sun. Sierra Mist or sum she more than ice water
I purchased Sierra Mist and Pepsi at my local Jewel and noticed that the Sierra Mist had a funny taste to it.
Are you ever going to come to Illinois for a show? Would LOVE to see ya in person!πŸ˜„
So you telling me Sprite and Sierra Mist taste the same?
I would willingly drink Mountain Dew by the gallons tat stain my lips with Sierra Mist
Azure Striker Gunvolt is the video game equivalent of Sierra Mist
When the waiter says the pineapple juice and Sierra Mist will be an upcharge
Suddenly thinking of that one sierra mist commercial with the kilted guy
And the fact that I keep buying this Mist Twist, wrongly thinking I'm getting my hands on some Sierra Mist is heartbreaking.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sierra Mist is a refreshing drink on a sunny day. Mist Twist is a lukewarm glass of water that has been sitting there for 2 days.
And VCU's constant advertising of Sierra Mist in the vending machines when it is actually Mist Twist the machine contains.
I mean, if you like Baja Blast, honestly just mix regular dew and sierra mist. Mixing grape soda with dew doesn't quite work just as good.
I miss slice fuc all this Sierra mist nonsense
I have trust issues because I selected a Dr. Pepper on the vending machine earlier and got a Sierra Mist.
I mixed lemon lime gatorade with sierra mist
id be dead if he came out with a mixtape call 'Dirty Sierra Mist' lmao
When you ask for a Sprite and they give you a Sierra Mist like you don't know the difference πŸ™„
Sierra Mist will never be as good and refreshing as
I really don't like the after taste Sierra Mist gives me πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Looks like a Mountain Dew. Thinking its Mountain Dew. Take a drink. Ummm not Mountain Dew. Sierra Mist. 😑
If anyone sees a bottle or case of Sierra Mist buy it and bring it to me, I'll pay you for it πŸ˜…
I'm so used too Mt. Dew that when someone accidently gave me Sierra Mist today it tasted like bubbly water. It was disgusting. πŸ˜…
I just found $20 in my pants pocket 😭 somebody got some explaining to do 😳
I hate people that tell me Sierra Mist and Sprite are the same thing. –  10% Off
Ew rappers can't waste precious lean on Sierra Mist! It's flat! .
Bring me a diet Sierra Mist and I will hug you.
Not to get political and this is hard for me to say but Sierra Mist is superior to 7-Up, especially when you factor in the diet products
When you asked for a Sprite but they give you a Sierra Mist
when we ask for Diet Coke and Sprite and get Sierra Mist and Diet Pepsi//:
Stomache full of Sierra Mist and mighty taco
"We don't have 7 up, is Sierra Mist ok?" . *gets stabbed*
Well started my day off by spilling my Sierra Mist everywhere in my car. Happy Monday everyone πŸ˜…
Would it be embarrassing to go and sit down and get breakfast alone?
I want breakfast but have no one to go with going to be a lonely breakfast
A beautiful day to run outside and let go of a lot of emotions.
Today it's time to get back on the grind!
no sierra mist isnt okay if i wanted sierra mist i wouldve asked for Sierra Mist but i asked for a Sprite so could i get a sprite please lol
When you ask someone to bring you a Sprite and they bring you a Sierra Mist.
Like, sierra mist? That'd be like willingly choosing desiigner over future.
This lady spent 27 minutes at the self serve soda machine, just to pick sierra mist. I watched her for 27 minutes tho. Why?
eat ten dozens of Krispy Kreams glazed donuts and top it off with a Sierra Mist for the theatrical effect.
Bri today says "I'm drinking Sierra Mist because I missed Sierra" and it was probably the smoothest thing I've ever heard a 7 year old say.
Ay yiy yiy too much to remember, so I stick to my Sierra Mist mixed with koolaids πŸ˜‚
This Sierra Mist tastes like battery acid
thanks for chilling son. I'll have to buy you a Sierra Mist next time I see you as a peace offering.
Sierra Mist with no love at 2 pictures
You don't ever want to step off that roller coaster all alone.
what I have found out about myself is that if you just be your own person and dream your own dreams you'll be the happiest.
Yo, the new Sierra mist recipe tastes like diet club soda. I don't remember it being this bad.
How to put this dirty up?. All they got sierra mist, yeah. They ran out of sprite. Its gon' be one long night
I like both but definitely agree Spite > Sierra Mist.
Bouta get faded off that dirty sierra mist πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ‡
Sierra mist mixed with some pink lemonade is amazing!
When you order a Sprite but get a Sierra Mist.
Electronic Device Insurance
I want my own makeup room in the future πŸ’…πŸΎ
See my future when I drop da xan in dat Sierra mist
I'll have a Sprite. Is Sierra Mist okay? No Sierra Mist is not okay.
so my wife's BnC had no cheese. Had no Arby's sauce. And then the syrup in her Sierra Mist was out...
Gas station out of Sprite dirty and Sierra Mist
If you drink Sierra Mist I don't trust you.
"Have you ever heard Future rap about dirty Sierra Mist? No"
"A kid got suspended for stealing Sierra Mist from the dining hall." -Pomfret School
I hate when people tell me Sprite and Sierra mist are the same thing πŸ˜’ like no Sprite is like BeyoncΓ© and Sierra Mist is like La-Toya πŸ˜‚
We only have Sierra Mist is that okay?
Can I get a lifetime supply of this? I'll put it in my Mellow Yellow and Sierra Mist
bring me a dry toast and Sierra Mist
I threw dray's sierra mist bottle at austin & it hit him hella *** his chin/lip. I swear I wasn't aiming for his face. πŸ’€
mix my lean in Sierra Mist it don't taste the same
Is there any difference between Sprite, 7-Up, and Sierra Mist?
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Ion even drink soda like that but red Sierra Mist fye.
we don't have dirty sprite. Is dirty Sierra mist okay?
The papa johns delivery guy spiked our Sierra Mist
Me: ...yeah and can I get a sprite?. Cashier: is sierra mist okay?. Me: uhhm actually no, can you go ahead and cancel the …
I love a nice shower Sierra Mist sometimes πŸ€—
Sprite is my favorite pop but I cannot stand Sierra Mist.. & no they do taste the same
When I go to a restaurant and ask for a Sprite and they say . "Is Sierra Mist okay". In my mind it deadass isn't okay. Sprite is way better
Sierra Mist: the ultimate backup soda
10 piece large shrimp combo with a Sierra mist
No, you ignorant waiter, Sierra Mist is NOT the same as the Sprite I requested. Get out of my sight before I smite thee!
Sierra Mist is such a let down when you have tasted the amazingness of Sprite
this reminds me of when Pepsi tried to make a product called Crystal Pepsi, which failed, B4 Sierra Mist
I'll have to try that, my signature is cranberry Sierra mist and vodka, I call it a Russian tart.
I just wanna be able to dance like that. πŸ˜”
So I told the waiter "Excuse me this Sprite is dirty I'll just stick with "Sierra" Mist"
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Rest in peace Reggie even though you scared me and your points hurt me a lot I'll miss you you were a good hedgehogπŸ’›
Cranberry sprite is so much better than the Sierra mist
I have to be nice to for now on because of our FL road trip 2k16 πŸšŽπŸ–πŸ‘™
Are people still talking about Future and Sierra Mist ?
Mello Yello is to Mountain Dew as Sprite is to Sierra Mist
Sierra Mist don't have caffeine it's lit
gas station out of Sprite dirty in the Sierra Mist
Sierra Mist tastess like cucumbers ?? Does it not
Sierra Mist is going through another major change | via
I don't want to pour anything so Sierra Mist bottle
Sprite is easily the worst of the lemon lime sodas. It just tastes syrupy. It lacks the kick of 7up and Sierra Mist.
Need an ice cold sprite or Sierra mist or ginger aleπŸ˜‹
Unlike all my exes I don't get out of a relationship and look to find love and jump right back into another relationshi…
gas station out of Sprite. dirtiest Sierra Mist
Im gonna kill u for spillin my sierra mist
Will someone pretty pretty please bring me a Sprite or Sierra Mist😩
Curtis drank sierra mist & said it was amazing. THIS IS UNHEARD OF
I go to 3 different fast food places for a full meal. Subway for soup, taco johns for a taco bravo, and Runza for a $1 large Sierra mist. πŸ˜‚
She brought me a Sierra Mist just to Sprite me
She gone be too lit to kno if its dirty Sprite or just dusty Sierra Mist!!
This drink is amazing though. Sutter Home red Moscato and cranberry Sierra Mist on the rocks.
I want a three meat pizza, Italian cheese bread, and a cherry limeade Sierra Mist from Little Ceasar's 😩😩😩😩
My tummy was hurting al day.. My mom gave me a Sierra Mist and it all went away.. Old timers know lol
Aside from Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist is the best pop ever.
Sprite zero tastes like regular Sierra Mist that's how bad of a soda Sierra Mist is
Sierra Mist is the worst thing ever created
Pick up 20oz Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew, Sierra Mist or Pepsi Max--any or all--now 3 for $3.33 at Bucky's!
diet Sierra Mist is the best soda ever 😩
AYSO has ice cold cases of soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist) and water leftover from Grantsville...
It's not his usual Jack and Coke. It's raspberry vodka and diet Sierra Mist. Cheers to my Daddy. I've…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Got carded lastnight...for a Sierra Mist. Painful reminder that I'm still a child
all I want in life is to date a girl named sierra so when I get to see her I can say hey girl I sierra mist you
wow thanks I was hoping it was good! I use Sierra mist instead of soda water😌
I dropped my sierra mist all on the floor
can you make mine a Sierra mom won't let me drink soda usually
Hawaiian punch and Sierra Mist is nasty. that stuff 😷 hate em.
The type of people that hate on LeBron would rather drink Sierra Mist over Sprite.
Greatest moment of my day was when I poured my Sierra Mist on Kevin 😏😊😊
Somebody bring me some sierra mist 😊
I don't drink pop often but when I's either Faygo or Sierra mist
My grandma just asked me who my girlfriend was. I said Sierra... Sierra mist. She didn't get it...
πŸ˜‚I was deadthis whole night Kierra fat *** "can I have a Sierra mist "
If I ask for a sprite and you give me Sierra mist thinking I won't know the difference . You're stupid
I don't know why it bothers me so much when people drink Sierra Mist.
It's sad how much time we waste on certain people and in the end they prove they were never worth it.
That moment when you order coke & sprite for delivery and they give you Pepsi & Sierra mist πŸ˜‘
you sure they weren't lookin like diet Sierra mist?
Okay I just tried the single most amazing thing for the summer. take some cold sprite/sierra mist, add frozen pineapple chunks.
Everyone should smile. Life really isn't that serious. We make it hard. The sun rises, the sun sets. We just tend to co…
being on the cover of nba live instead of 2k is like getting a Sierra mist sponsorship insteada sprite
. * drink is gone*. "Sierra is mist ". *forces entire body under table in sadness*
Don't trust any restaurant that tries to give you Sierra mist when you asked for sprite.
Nobody's perfect but people tend to forget that sometimes
personally I like coke and pepsi more than sprite and sierra mist
I'm beefin hella hard with you guys forgot my cheesy fiesta potatoes and Sierra mist and I had to go back -_-
I be wanting to hit sierra mist line but idk if I get a text back. I know *** be hounding
I love Orange Crush, Sierra Mist and Diet Coke, also ginger ale
except you Sierra mist I don't like you
Sierra Mist and Dr. Pepper is kinda good mixed together.
Boo hiss...I'm down to my last 6 cans of Cranberry Sierra Mist. Wish they sold it year 'round! Waiting for September...
Getting a call from my boss about going in at 7 tomorrow morning in a way makes me want to cry
You can't make someone be ready for what you're ready for. And you're not obligated to wait around for them to make up t…
I need some mozzarella sticks and money rs
Won 89 dollars on 4 dollars worth of lottery tickets it's a good day 😊
Julian is drinking Sierra mist guys
Just high-fived myself for how good this cup of Sierra Mist is
Those pictures with your new guy,. It's clearly cause you're hurtin,. It's clear to me you realize,. That what we had was…
So proud of the team! Might not be the results everyone wanted but honored to see the bears play so well a…
eat what I told you to dummy. And drink 7up, sprite or Sierra mist
I hope other girls r as crazy as me cuz I'm a real psycho about like just about everything
I always thought you were a Sierra Mist kind of guy but you got it
When ur high and taqueria actually has sprite instead of ugly *** Sierra mist >
Breaking Amish comes back on tonight!
lol I drink cool soda though!. So you don't like lemon flavored jaritos? Or sprite/Mountain Dew/Sierra mist?!??
Haven't had a Sierra mist ina long time now I remember why it taste like crap
I could go for a donut and a cheesesteak
I stay makin drinks red berry ciroc jamaican me happy and a shot of 1800 oj and a lil sierra mist
He loves Sierra Mist. Oh, and Coke. 6'1" and skinny as a rail.
All of that sounds great except the Sierra Mist part. How about something with some flavor like, for instance, ginger ale. :P
I'm going to take him to some water parks with some friends. He'll have fun. Stay up all night. Drink Sierra Mist. Good times.
My panties are cuter than half the guys here.
How can people stand Sierra mist, it's so bad
Hate Sierra mist. Yet somehow I love the Sierra mist popsicles..
wait I thought you were talking Spanish. *** is a Sierra mist
Sierra mist yes lol ofc I understand that. Not like I'm British. Lol. I know what you're saying. Complement right
are you crazy obviously Sierra mist
Sierra mist is sprite and water mixed 😷
Sprite & Sierra mist are NOT the same thing
When three vending machines at the rest stop are broken and you have to settle for the worst soda ever concocted, Sierra Mist.
more like a waterfall. But older ladies get Sierra Mist
I want to drink 920 gallons of sierrA mist
sierra mist is my fav bur sprite is 2 but i like coke, but i LOVE Mountain Dew...
Finally realized why Sierra Mist tastes so wack. STEVIA! *shakes fist impotently*
I can't trust you if you choose Sierra mist over sprite
I drink the clear varieties, 7up, sierra mist, ect.. I like that they're a little more interesting than water, but not too wild.
All I was is Gatorade and Sierra mist 😭😷
Really need a guy that would come over hang eat some pizza and take a nap with me
To me, they're pretty much the same. Sorta like Sprite vs. Sierra Mist. I barely prefer Qdoba because it's a little cheaper.
When your Best Friend doesn't understand the meaning of shearing the bed.
Is there a reason Pepsi named their drinks after water on mountains? (Sierra Mist & Mtn Dew)
Sierra Mist is the only soda I drink
When you pass your high score in Creep Shock.
I text this to people like 20 times a day
I got every green light it's my lucky day
lol I'm on my way to find one too. Sierra Mist would be better tho.
I love when the gang is all together 😊
I'm telling mom u used ur water cup to fill it up with Sierra mist
Exactly why I hate guys. They don't know how to treat people let alone woman
I have no idea why any guy would ever call a girl that these boys have no respect and no life.
Instead of craving a beer I'm craving a soda lol Sprite, 7 Up or Sierra Mist!!
Sierra Mist is trash... Why do people drink this?
Bruh I remember one summer it was so hot I used to put my clothes in the freezer before putting them on, like those Sierra Mist commercials
Charlie is inside my house carlos opened the Sierra mist and it started squirting out there's a mess every where and the blinds were flippin
Me: Can I also have a sprite. Taco Bell Lady: uh we have Sierra Mist, is that fine. Me: Ya πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
You guys at better not be making brown Sierra Mist. .
This Diet Sierra Mist tastes as good as drinking the first beer out of a twelve pack feels! Wow.
Someone bring me a sierra mist please πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ
I had some Sierra mist now I feel sick af... Should've drank sprite
I’m really good at flirting with people when I’m not interested in them
Bonefish and shopping with momma bear πŸ’ŸπŸ’πŸΌ
If I don't answer you on snapchat the first time what makes you think I'll answer the 400th time?
"Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you."
SPRITE SUES SIERRA MIST . "Just not room enough for the both of us.". 7-Up quietly sneaks out of the room. Squirt laughs maniacally in corner.
Just drank an entire 2 liter of Sierra Mist. I don't even like Sierra Mist.
Time for some chicken broth, a Sierra Mist, and S04EP10 of Game Of Thrones. Gotta love prep.
never trust someone that gives you Sierra Mist in place of Sprite.
excuse me kaelyn? I barely drink pop. Ask Coleton. And the only things that were mine were a Sierra mist.
Never trust anyone who enjoys Sierra mist, it always tastes flat and warm no matter how fresh and refrigerated it is.
Sierra Mist smells like fruit loops
3 parts Sierra mist, 1 part lemonade, 1 part cranberry juice. All I drink for breakfast when the cappuccino machine isn't on.
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