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Sierra Leone (Krio: Salone), officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north and east, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and southwest.

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Sierra Leonean nurses, midwives in Ghana for 2-year training | More here:
Dry yai crew and Daddy Saj could have taken the Salone music to another level. But they were mad selfish. If you ar…
I liked a video My Sierra Leonean playlist
Sierra Leonean Agricultural economist, Dr. Kandeh Kolleh brilliant presentation on the economy of Africa. We…
Ghana is to train Sierra Leonean enrolled nurses and midwives in a two-year Registered Diploma in Nursing and...
I can never get tired of posting about this phenomenal young Sierra Leonean - American woman.…
I am a Sierra Leonean, free born and free bred where I acknowledge no man as my superior except for his own worth a…
His father was born in wales to a welsh Mum and a Sierra Leonean father... sounds English?
I love this so much, what a beautiful message ❤️ my hus…
Photos i came across on tumblr belonging to illustrator and designer Sabrena Khadija based in NY who is a Sierra Le…
As a Sierra Leonean I would like to let yall know the announcers are pronouncing Kamara incorrectly
I love Sierra Leonean krio😭 You can hear his American accent coming through sometimes but other than that>>>>>>
Sierra Leonean need re-education on how politics work and who you give power to, especially when it comes to elections as…
Political parties in must not forget about as prepares for next year…
I feel like every single American Sierra Leonean that follows me is from the DMV
“I may live in Sierra Leone but my team is in Manchester." . Meet the Sierra Leonean using his passion for to impac…
The best of America is the child of Sierra Leonean immigrants finding his way onto tennis's biggest stage.
Stop playing with me like I'm not Sierra Leonean
Before you click on next story, spare a few secs for this story about 100s lost in
"Regions are left to fend mostly for themselves in the event of a calamity."
The Sierra Leonean leaders are so corrupt
Sierra Leonean comes very close, Gambians and Sierra Leoneans are basically the same people
.and his wife, Councilwoman Inez Barron, blasted the U.S. for ignoring Sierra Leonean mudslides
Wrong question..ask how many african or Sierra Leonean breweries sent..they dont owe Sierra Leone anything
Sierra Leonean community in Toronto organizes relief fund via
One of my recent project.. Make sure to check out Sierra Leonean talented singer cesstina_ as…
Why have the tragic mudslides in Sierra Leone been largely absent in North American media coverage?
Is Sierra Leone a democratic State ? Fellow Sierra Leonean ? All I know is that we will never, never return to a...
Welcome To Naija Cool News: Young Sierra Leonean singer tells haters as he sha...
Young blasts haters as he shares loved up photos with elderly white wife
Performing at Birthdays tomorrow at a fundraiser for Freetown organised by Sierra Leonean diaspora. Will be blessed…
Sierra Leonean moms give 65% fear 35% love. It's the other way around now because I'm not scared of her anymore
Try Sierra Leonean food.. it'll change your life 🙃
Never seen so many Sierra Leoneans at non Sierra Leonean event in my life
New post ("Make una talk, na una go taya" - Young Sierra Leonean singer tells haters ...) has been published on -…
Wendigos might not be living in friendly Sierra Leonean movie theaters.
Sierra Leonean have been fooled for too long, if NEC knew that the bio-metric voters card is expensive why do they promised…
My race is black but my ethnicity is Sierra Leonean. It's like an Afro Cuban. Their race is black but their ethnicity is Cuban.
"Our mission here tonight is continuing to raise awareness," Ahmed Kargbo, prez of Union of Sierra Leonean Organizations in NYC
Zainabu Sesay-Harrell, Union of Sierra Leonean Orgs in NYC: Inez Barron only pols to recognize situation in Sierra Leone
Attended HBCU grad school for that reason. Only one of my professors was white. Jamaican, Nigerian, Sierr…
But who cares about a 1000+ dead Sierra Leonean Islamic black people anyway, right?
Sierra Leonean funerals bang (as much as a funeral can). Best crain crain is always at Bering
Sierra Leonean from Kono District has declared to His Excellency our President Ernest Bai Koroma a diamond with a size o…
Sierra Leonean university student, Sandra Musujusu has developed an alternate treatment for breast cancer, using macro…
All the lit Sierra Leonean must live in Texas and the U.K. because nothing is poppin off in the DMV for Independence Day
Let me just leave this here. Just because he's part Sierra Leonean.
Only right to get a bit of on, her new single "Finder Keepers", fellow Sierra Leonean .
And countries in Africa. Most of my Sierra Leonean family say *** are only a result of white people
I really don't know enough Sierra Leonean ppl
I liked a video Desiree Venn Federic Curator/Owner of Nomad Yard (Sierra Leonean)
Mine is getting there though. It's not fair though because Sierra Leonean girls usually have big bums and I don't hAve thaT
One of our acts Irish Sierra Leonean singer releases ‘The Bailey’ via…
"If you do not heed the roar of thunder, you will be soaked by rain.". -Sierra Leonean proverb
G'wan Lovely song. Keys by Johnny Taylor x Say hi to my Aunt Val in Austin
So excited about work right😭😩 my new client is a Sierra Leonean NGO I interned at 3 years ago and they're letting me lead it 🤘🏾🎉
Meanwhile, 1st single from her upcoming debut EP is finally out in the world c/o ::…
Couldn't be more proud of, and inspired by, my good friend and talented artist- Loah- on this day. 😍😍😍
She blew Vicar Street away last night, now check out a track from upcoming EP "This Heart".
Folks! My first single of the EP is here !! “The Bailey” is premiering on
Yas. Finally gonna get my Loah fix. You should too. :D
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Never ever in my life will i forget the time the Sierra Leonean girl in my class said Sierra Leone would be better off under british rule
‘I was stigmatised as a child and I had to grow up very fast.’. is a Sierra Leonean-American ballet dance…
not Ghanaian, or Guinean or Sierra Leonean Americans because of this ancestral rupture and exile." 2/2
An Englishman, American, South African and a Sierra Leonean walk into a bar... ...No seriously my department had a night out.
I always forget he's Sierra Leonean, gang.
Lunch is served. Cassava leaves with coconut oil. The Sierra Leonean way.
Anna M Falconbridge-Feminist in Freetown. More:. Free Slaves, Freetown, and the Sierra Leonean Civil War via
Mummy I caught that Sierra Leonean bug and now I don't know what's wrong with me. 🙆‍♂️
The Sierra Leonean fashion designer who is helping children play their way out of poverty -
Sierra Leonean women winning Nigerian hearts. I love it.
hunnay Ciara is a name of a human being Sierra too is a name but the country is called Sierra Leone & Sierra Leonean the people
Duya Usai this e comot una hep me ansa . Chizzozzz "Ciara Leon Ian" its Sierra Leonean you welcome 🙏🏾
Sprites will not be living in sad Sierra Leonean libraries.
"Sierra Leonean Krio is the lingua franca and the de facto national language spoken throughout the West African nation of Sierra Leone."
what a shame. Her behaviour is Sierra Leonean doe
If I wasn't Dominican & Sierra Leonean I would want to be Ghanian 🙌🏾😍
nooo😭. That spelling of Sierra Leonean ffs
I'll never understand why some people find it so hard to say "Sierra Leonean"
Another Sierra Leonean institution has gone. RIP Aunty Joy Samake. We are all made poorer for your passing.
You can't scare a monkey with a dead baboon. ~Sierra Leonean Proverb
Please help us make this Sierra Leonean lady win. - Vote HAWA Kamara. She deserves this.
I need to find me a Sierra Leonean female Friday in MN
When a Sierra Leonean says something or someone is nasty 😭😂😩😩
Soldiers from have been training alongside Sierra Leonean troops in jungle warfare
good job bro, keep it up and am proud to be a Sierra Leonean
I love this question so much, Sierra Leonean blood, Senegal born
my fellow Sierra Leonean you should watch and share this 😂
Where can I buy Sierra Leonean blood diamonds? — Why are you asking me ?
. Assalamu Alaykum!. I found you while searching Hamza Zayyad. My late father worked at ABU (Fulani Sierra Leonean Accountant)
Just found out that is half Sierra Leonean thanks to 🇸🇱
I asked a couple of close Sierra Leonean friends for help to sort out an issue that was costing me thousands of...
Cats are probably not getting jobs in happy Sierra Leonean forests.
Women celebrate one an other. We are proud of our Sierra Leonean sister Hawa Awa Kamara. Shine on sister
I demand his oscar to be burned, as a Sierra Leonean I am truly upset
My nan was telling me I should marry a Sierra Leonean kakaka
Ghosts might be about to live in hot Sierra Leonean hills.
Literally my moms sounds like a Liberian, Sierra Leonean and a Nigerian all in one speech. Idk who she tryna be
Sierra Leonean names sound really funny when people who aren't from there say them lmao
Aside that they've hosted many ANC peace fighters and past Sierra Leonean leaders. For Nkrumah, it wasn't a wonder. Great r'ship with them.
Do you have any Sierra Leonean friends? — Yea a few
Orphans Rising In Unity ❤ Empowering young Sierra Leonean orphans. Be sure to visit the link in my bio and donate today!…
we were able to provide school supplies to children in Sierra Leonean villages.
Shades could be heard in secluded Sierra Leonean high schools.
I did not give up my Sierra Leonean citizenship to become an American citizen just so the new president can scare me out of America. No way.
Support young Sierra Leonean orphans and donate today🇸🇱
Lagoon Monsters will not be about to live in secluded Sierra Leonean preschools.
From this day forward I'm completely Sierra Leonean.
an annuitant is an exerciser: Sierra Leonean, yet electroacoustic
OK I love Sierra Leone. I'm Sierra Leonean after all, but you can't just take away all the in me.
Sierra Leonean girls are so underrated, they're so peng 😍
I'm Sierra Leonean, and this is true
Sierra Leonean entrepreneur Sadia Sisay launches lingerie line for women of color via
Related story: UK digger Duncan Brooker on missing 70s Sierra Leonean artist working as a guard at his local grocery
Are you from Sierra Leone d name sounds like a Sierra Leonean name
Not sure about the lyrics but I love this song . One of my favorite Sierra Leonean songs…
I largely agree w/ that argument. As a Sierra Leonean descended from "liberated Africans" (Krio) I rarely if ever think of others occupying
Limkokwing mission in Sierra Leone is to create a unique environment which will fulfill the creative needs of every Sierra Leonean.
That Sierra Leonean melanin dripping all over your TL all the way from John Obey beach. Sierra Leone. https:…
Sierra Leonean girl, 11, who developed massive boobs after a fishing expedition cries out…
My Sierra Leonean people, uneducated leaders are undercover chiefs.. stealing our gold & diamond without helping the poor and needy
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Yo! This is why my brother and I can't be bullied. Sierra Leonean parents don't joke with their roasting game 😩😩😩
There are no direct flights from London to Freetown, creating distress for Sierra Leonean and tourist.
Online fundraiser started by Sierra Leonean community raises money for family of teen girl hit by bus:
Sierra Leonean jollof is the best jollof.
I usually never meet another pretty Sierra Leonean girl so you get a follow
As a first gen American born to Sierra Leonean parents, and born here in the US, I've asked this too.
Pregnant or not, Sierra Leonean girls have a right to education
Me : She's Sierra Leonean, that's a risk, might be family. Me to me : We're all children of Adam and Eve, what's the problem?…
11-Year-Old Sierra Leonean girl with 'Abnormal' Breast cries out for Help (Photos)
During the Sierra Leonean Civil War, about 30% of child soldiers used in the conflict were girls.
Happy bdayy my Sierra Leonean/Emirati/Lebanese wonder 💓here is a pic of us back when we were boobless
for & from is 19, a Sierra Leonean innovator. Built his own FM station. https:…
Watch the Trailer for upcoming thriller 'Flowers' by Sierra Leonean-American Director Nikyatu Jusu via Okayafrica
DJing the vibes-iest Sierra Leonean set right now at HQ. All I need is paper plate of food and some rice pap and I'd be golden.
I remember DVS from PDC days, all the PDC, OC and gas gang ones go north Brixton, the Sierra Leonean masjid still
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Who wants to take me to Cham Cham?? A Sierra Leonean and Liberian supper club 👀
Sierra Leonean Superstar Artist Abizzy and Nigerian Superstar Davido again teamed up with hit maker Master Rell to Deliver this sweet tune
Don't ever argue with a Sierra Leonean
thanks man! ☺️ And yeah Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean.
Kelvin Doe is a Sierra Leonean self taught engineer who built his own generator and radio transmitter at the age of 13.
---> Salone Quartet to Officiate CAF Confederations Cup: Sierra Leonean referees have l...
A UK- Sierra Leonean rocking one of the traditional attire. . Can you tell what part of Sierra…
it's a Lebanese Sierra Leonean wedding so it id gonna be lit
President Koroma hints unwillingness to sign Abortion Act. As Sierra Leonean women joined others across the world...
Vida looks so Sierra Leonean mate, like most of my aunties and cousins before they had kids
A lot of people are half Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian
Sierra Leonean singer and Mary J Blige collaborator is a Friday Tonic RFH Bar to 7pm
Its estimated that studying for a year at Harvard costs what an average Sierra Leonean makes in over 100 years:
Sierra Leonean teachers talking about their visit to London and what they will take back -
omg thank you for the reply! 😭 I'm also a British/Sierra Leonean aspiring journalist, so obviously I relate to you super well.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Court orders re-arrest of paroled Sierra Leonean war criminal
Congratulations to a fellow Sierra Leonean for inking that contract with Atlanta. Well deserved Mo ✊🏾🇸🇱
will not be at the 1ST showing of Black Panther in Sierra Leonean clothing. Gotta go to the Nigerian or Senegalese part of the closet.
As a young Sierra Leonean, I am inspired by the work of my big sisters
Discover dishes from Liberia and Sierra Leone w/ supper club at
Court orders re-arrest of Sierra Leonean convicted war criminal
Papoose is Sierra Leonean, see we are amazing 😌
As a Sierra Leonean woman this made my heart soar!
Lol I honestly thank God I'm not "Sierra Leonean Famous", son, una sabi pwell man dem image bad 󾌴 pls God bless me with money not fame
Sierra-Leonean Minister of Local Government and Rural Devpt, Mrs Diane Konomany, carrying her baby while in office https:/…
You really gotta be careful who you speak krio around cause anyone could be Sierra Leonean fr lol
Please mr jeff; it theophilus the Sierra Leonean . Please sir i need your help
We continue to share success with these amazing Sierra Leonean women who has always been very inspirational...
draws attention to subsidy of £22.4m to from employing Sierra Leonean doctors & nurses …
Yo I just peeped you're Sierra Leonean too😮 it's lit 😅
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Especially to the son of a Ghanaian mother and Sierra Leonean father. The irony is not lost on me" Idris Elba
Sierra Leonean Hero, Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan who treated over 100 Ebola patients in Sierra Leone later died of the disease on July 31, 2014.
"a wise monkey is a monkey who doesn't monkey with another's monkey." - Sierra Leonean Proverb
Top stories from Sweet Salone Happy Valentine’s Day from our favorite Sierra Le… see more
Happy Valentine’s Day from our favorite Sierra Leonean couples
Gonna do a thread on my favourite Sierra Leonean songs v soon, just need to learn the names
Diamonds are a girls best friend and an impoverished Sierra Leonean child laborers worst nightmare.
Is it so hard Arsenal FC to give 11 Sierra Leonean soccer mad teachers the chance to spent 5 minutes in your stadium with…
yo Sierra Leonean roots came out last night, dats what happened 👏💃💃
Great story of a Sierra Leonean migrant to the US making legal history
Ebun House(85 Odunfa St.) owned by a Sierra Leonean immigrant, was the 1st 3-story building built in Lagos in 1913 htt…
Sierra Leonean Mum's are the same lol my mum is exactly like this 😂😂😂
I need to get myself a ticket for this miss Sierra Leonean event
Sierra Leonean-American district judge nominated by President Obama
Not everyone was infected by but every Sierra Leonean was affected. Read Response Report:
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HERStory Matters: Sierra Leonean paramount chief and politician Ella Koblo Gulama was born on January 26, 1921.
Lol if you're Sierra Leonean Abeg die with me plz😭
HELLO good day ma am 20 years of age am a Sierra Leonean but would really like for u to help in giving me a job pls
Just donated to 'New clothes for Sierra Leonean students'. Give $1. Change a lot.
Its been such a long time i said hi to my favourite Sierra Leonean what's good?
Sierra Leonean 🇸🇱, Lebanese 🇱🇧, and Italian 🇮🇹 IG: lemybeauty . Add us on SnapChat: SCBaes
exactly! my guess is Idris Elba's celeb status and Sierra Leonean-Ghanaian roots must have been a major factor.
Sierra Leonean and British cultures being represented, certainly not on TV..Unless you count Idris Elba lol
Hello Zachy my name is Osman am a Sierra Leonean and am a National Tourist Guide and i want to be friend you and i hope you too.
The underbelly of global security: Sierra Leonean ex-militias in Iraq
his dad is a Welsh/Sierra Leonean rugby league player, Danny Wilson
Jamaican men are right under Nigerian dudes in catching the international slander on here. (Ladies, I'm Sierra Leonean and here for you.)
- Sierra Leone News: as first Sierra Leonean sworn-in…HRCSL
please @ me a Sierra Leonean who ruins lives kmt 😂😒
😂 madam, ah beg, @ a Sierra Leonean who's not humble 😴 I'm humble, L's humble, we all humble 😴
Update your maps at Navteq
I actually want to know, who hurt these girls for them to be thinking Sierra Leonean men are *** 😂 Bmt, expose yourself
I'm as Sierra Leonean as they come and a great one at that thank you very much 😌 you SL guys are bad by default
we're both perfectly fine. It's you guys that turn us mad. Especially the likes of Sierra Leonean and Nigerian guys
can believe a chinese! attacked and beat to death a Sierra Leonean a Bintumani Hotel JESUS HMMM OH SALONE
A Sierra Leonean athlete refused the right to stay in the UK tells the BBC he fears he will end up homeless if he returns to the African
Don't just cop you a foreign, cop you a Sierra Leonean. 🇸🇱
Sierra Leonean-Nigerian singer, Hadiza Blell also known as Di’Ja, recently detailed her rise to fame and how she...
Sierra Leonean Ibrahim Kargbo retires from internationals - BBC Sport
Sierra Leonean burial workers say they see more stillborns&U5 deaths. New study shows stats
"It is not the highest mountain that a man climbs but the depths from whence he came." - Sierra Leonean
Sierra Leonean Women In Public Life: A Beacon of Pride, Success & Lessons for an Emerging Generation. By Sylvia...
Pregnancy News: High Sierra Leonean maternal and newborn death rates attributed to women’s fears of contractin...
Sierra Leonean boys will change your life
My co-workers are American, Sierra Leonean, Singapoean and Northern. How's that for a cohesive society Cameron/May?
Anas Exposes Prez Mahama. He has collaborated with the likes of Sorious Samura, a Sierra Leonean journalist who is...
I got Sierra Leonean creole on lock now. Understand that ish to the t
Unconscionable. today's Sierra Leonean hospitals worse than US's in 1860s
Gambian journalist and Sierra Leonean author were detained for refusing to bribe Senegalese police
After the successful of the original version, the UK based Sierra Leonean duo – DoubleBangz, teams up with Awilo...
World Bank study of Sierra Leonean diaspora mobilizing the community for post-Ebola economic development.
Also does anyone have old cellphones? I am working with Sierra Leonean, Namibian, and...
Clothed in West African print for our Sierra Leonean princess
A Sierra Leonean sprinter who went missing after competing at Glasgow's Commonwealth Games and later applied to stay in the UK is told his
I met a Sierra Leonean and American couple today. They are so cute. The lady actual learn how to speak Krio
My Sierra Leonean ladies, this ones for you 🇸🇱🎉. Get applying: auditions💎
Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma is supporting those affected by the
He sometimes said Herbert Macaulay wasn't Yoruba; that he was simply a ''Sierra Leonean.'' Lmao.
Great to get expert opinion on Sierra Leonean textiles: Antony Griffiths, Judy Rudoe, Duncan Clarke
“1.Sierra Leonean girls. 2. Grenadian girls. 3. Bajan girls. 4. Ghanaian girls. 5. Nigerian girls. Don't @ me.”
Chief of Prevention: How a local leader turned the tide on Ebola in his Sierra Leonean village
I liked a video Fun Facts about Krio (Sierra Leonean Language)
need more female Sierra Leonean friends. All my girls are mostly Nigerian
We found MATERNAL ANCESTRY with the MENDE people of Sierra she is playing homage to the Sierra Leonean woman,...
Yeah if you're Sierra Leonean you get special treatment from me✨
I don't know of any Sierra Leonean traditions that I would need to follow if I was getting married... SL people enlighten me
"If the *** wants to rule over the chicken, then it must hire the fox as a bodyguard." -Sierra Leonean proverb.
Day 7. She doesn't know but I so admire this Sierra Leonean Queen. has one of the…
The challenges in researching the demographic consequences of conflict: Reflections on the Sierra Leonean civil war…
““Quote this with a no filter selfie and your ethnicity 🙏” Sierra Leonean YAS OMG
Ebola is apparently taking its exit thanks to the resilience of President koroma (who would not agree with the fact that he has been ably leading the fight), the Local Government Minister and indeed every Sierra Leonean. Even those Sierra Leoneans who have innately exhibited traits of stubbornness and unbelievable denials actually want the scourge to end. They were simply caught between the dictates of their natural instincts and their genuine sensitivity to the setbacks caused by Ebola. Unfortunately the former was able to go to town with its awful manifestations while the latter took the back seat. The Decentralisation Secretariat, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, presumably like all other MDAs, is determined to engage top gear in terms of the implementation of service delivery activities to people in all 19 Local Councils as soon as Ebola takes its exit. This determination was articulated by the Director of the Secretariat, Alhassan kanu, at the first meeting held with his staff afte ...
Dear Friends, If you need to grow your business, brand, or project please do the basics for publicity and marketing. Do your press release, develop your media kit, pay for photography, develop a neat and modern website, contact news outlets to publish your release, have an advertising budget, pay for ads, and pay for professional work. We see many Sierra Leonean start ups struggling to grow, we all are. However if each of us wants to grow by expecting others to use their small businesses to give us free services how can any of us grow? Respect others and pay for professional services and our small start ups will turn into local industries. Until then everyone will continue to make only marginal gains as we sidestep paying for services.
New Years's Day Broadcast by His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma Fellow Sierra Leoneans The New Year is a moment for resolutions, and today I call on all Sierra Leoneans to strengthen our individual and collective resolve to defeat Ebola. I firmly believe a resolution by each and every Sierra Leonean to act to end Ebola will see this virus defeated very soon in our beloved nation. The resolution must be action oriented and geared towards positive change. I am very sure that all Sierra Leoneans want this scourge to end; and it is therefore time for all Sierra Leoneans to follow up their aspirations with their actions. And these actions that are required have been stated over and over again. Do not touch the sick; do not touch corpses; call health workers to handle the sick; do not seek to disobey quarantine orders. As we make our New Year resolutions, these are the actions that we must commit ourselves to doing. As a nation, and with support from our international partners, we have increased our ...
Paying the Price for Years of Idleness and Corruption - Part 2 By Atomic Pen If Dr. Komba Mondeh had accepted to defend President Kabbah's imaginary five-year Food Security plan, he would have exposed himself to great ridicule. Dr. Mondeh could not invent a theory that was meant to be a lip service. The question is how could he have spoken about the key factors like land, labour and capital that would have favoured agricultural productivity when even the abstract theory was not on paper? In effect, Sierra Leonean politicians take the people for granted. I am not aware of anything promises made by any leader that have come to pass. President Kabbah had earlier spoken about the reintroduction of the railway and the construction of the proverbial Lungi Bridge which all turned out to be part of the country's long political history of making promises to build bridges where there are no rivers! Local artists ridiculed the SLPP for its fake promises and this was how the party dug its own grave. When President Er ...
Visiting a mass grave where 3,000 Sierra Leonean victims are buried, by via
Tonight is the Sierra Leonean solidarity Ebola fund raising show in Antwerpen- Belgium. All Sierra Leoneans ,...
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(3) How I Escaped *** Sister Linda’s Testimony Message of God for Catholics and Jehovah Witnesses Catholics: Mary is not an intercessor in heaven, but a caretaker of babies and an ordinary person like us. They should worship Him in faith and in purity and they must follow the right doctrines. He is not a God with hand, they are leading people to *** they are occult, and Catholics are in occultism. He said, “If you repent, come out of Catholic ministry, tell them to preach the truth. They are in occultism, occult power; they are not preaching my word. He said they should repent. Jehovah Witnesses They should stop deceiving the people of God with their false doctrines. He said, ‘they are not of me, they are out of the way and leading their people to *** ” People in *** are crying, they said they should tell Jehovah Witness people who say there’s no *** that they are deceiving them, that there’s *** And when Jesus showed me these men of God, He took me again to *** Message of God for W ...
Dear Alimamy (My Sierra Leone brother) You don’t know me and I don’t know you. But I am you and you are a part of me. Same tree, different branches. As we end 2014 and start a new year, ( in about a week) I thought it might be a good idea to write you this open letter exposing our mutual concerns for our beloved Sierra Leone. Alimamy, It’s not all doom and gloom. You see? Some people practice the art of masterly inactivity extremely well, that is doing nothing with a great deal of skill. They refuse to accept that prolonged idleness paralyzes initiative, They refuse to accept that the world is changing. I could talk about the end of the civil war. free education, freedom of speech, women in high profile government, party or civil society positions and about the increasing number of independent media outlets in the country. The overwhelming concerns among Sierra Leoneans (both at home and abroad) are corruption, the disrespect for authority, (lawlessness) lack of transparency and accountabi ...
Merry Christmas to every Sierra Leonean Family down there in Kenema, Bo, Kono, Kabala, Port Loko, Magburaka, Kambia, Makeni and every corner of the country. Fellow Sierra Leoneans deep in my heart we shall overcome this Ebola Virus. For most of us this is the worst Christmas of the century in Sierra Leone. As a true Sierra Leonean this is no time for celebration while my country is struggling with the Ebola Virus. There is no time for me to join our Christian brothers and sisters to celebrate the birth of Christ while my brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone are on lock down. We all know the true meaning of Christmas. There is no Christmas where there is no true meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas for every faithful Christian is LOVE. I do not see myself celebrating this important birth of Jesus with my Christian brothers and sisters while my people are grieving and struggling for survival. My home land Sierra Leone still hopes one day Ebola will become a thing of the past. I ask myself wh ...
Sierra Leonean court jail first convict under Ebola laws - AfricanQuarters - via
court jail first convict under laws - AfricanQuarters - Breaking News via
Got like 5 bad Sierra Leonean joint follow me on IG today.
11th Sierra Leonean doctor dies from Ebola
John Kamara, a Sierra Leonean Footballer has a very important message about Ebola for the world.
Our coalition with , as featured in the Sierra Leonean national news
The Sierra Leonean government has announced a ban on all Christmas celebrations to enable it curb the spread of Ebola.
A unified Sierra Leone is what we all aspire to be... "I am a Sierra Leonean" banner.
HASTINGS, Sierra Leone (Reuters) - When Dr Sekou Kanneh goes to work at his Sierra Leonean Ebola clinic, he will…
The courage and the power of the Sierra Leonean nurse should inspire and to move other nurses and us all to do more
Burial workers in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema go on strike in protest at non-payment of allowances for handling Ebola victims.
11th Sierra Leonean doctor dies of Ebola; fire destroys Ebola supplies in Guinea warehouse :Auto pickup by wikyou
Victor has done so much to fight in Sierra Leone. So pleased his efforts have been recognized.
Congratulations to Victor Kargbo, 2nd place in the International Monitoring Control and Surveillance Network Awards
"Here we go again, draw out, face Sierra Leonean side, East End Lions in preliminar…
Can't get enough underemphasized and Sierra Leonean entertainment? Try this.
They look so typically Sierra Leonean! No wonder...
Sierra Leonean boys never receive love on the TL 😞, everyday Ghana or Nigeria 🚶
The girl from Big Brother Africa that said "Shlappp me neow" and got the backhand of life is Sierra Leonean 😭😭😭😭
It was on a Wednesday morning - yes - on April 29, 1992 when residents in the capital Freetown were treated to, for the first time, a sample of the sounds from the war front in the east of the country where soldiers were battling forces of the Revolutionary United Front led by one former army corporal - Foday Sankoh. Before then, all that residents of the capital knew about the war that was raging in the country claiming lives, livelihoods and security of the Sierra Leonean were despatches heard on international radio and other media outlets about advances and/or reverses made by government soldiers sent to the front by their APC overlords. The overlords in the meantime refused to pay heed to the injustices meted out to a cowed population. They continued giving deaf ears to the loud and silent cries of the population as the looting of state and other resources went on an even higher level. Democratic means to have a change of government, the main item on the menu of frustrated and angry Sierra Leoneans fe ...
Rapid response team has arrived and the chaos is easing, but medics in a remote Sierra Leonean district are struggling to control a local Ebola outbreak.
Private Danielle Pattinson, of 35 Squadron 5 Armoured Medical Regiment, has recently returned from Sierra Leone where she has been training Sierra Leonean healthcare workers and volunteer hygienists in the fight against Ebola. The Army medic from Barrow-in-Furness was one of more than 40 personnel who successfully completed their task at the Ebola Training Academy, which they established at the National Stadium in Freetown. Their task was to train people in the use of protective personal equipment (PPE), which would protect them from coming into bodily contact with Ebola sufferers, allowing them to administer care to the sick and dying with minimal risk to themselves. Danielle said: “I’m so glad to be home for Christmas. We weren’t sure how long we were going to be out there for until the last minute. They did say we could be anything between two and six months, so a lot of us had prepared to be out there for Christmas, so it was a nice surprise to be told that we were coming back.” The training r ...
Good Governance is universal: From DipNote Blog- According to the African Union, Africa loses more than $148 billion to corruption every year. These costs are not only measured in terms of squandered or stolen government resources, but in the lack of public funding for critical needs. Appropriately enough, the conversation I recently had with an intrepid African good governance activist underscored the meaning of International Anti-Corruption Day by reminding me of the extent to which corruption can destroy the trust that people should have in their government and shake a society to its core. She also reminded me how critical it is for the United States to continue building genuinely collaborative partnerships and innovative programs for both preventing and fighting corruption in Africa. The 12-year veteran activist, Marcela Samba-Sesay, is the outspoken program director of a Sierra Leonean non-governmental organization (NGO) called Campaign for Good Governance (CGG). CGG is implementing a U.S. Departme . ...
Are you sure that we have nothing to celebrate in Sierra Leone? I think we have a lot to celebrate!!! Merry Christmas to every Sierra Leonean home and away!!!
Let me at the outset warmly welcome the entire Nigerian Medical Task Force that has just arrived in all of our 18 local dialects, to complement the good works being undertaken by a host of other multinationals already on the ground, including of course their Sierra Leonean counterparts. God bless yo…
Minimum wage raised in Sierra Leone The Government of Sierra Leone has raised the monthly minimum wage for workers to SLL 500, 000 (roughly $115). This is a 2280% increase from what it used to be. The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Mathew Timbo said that the new minimum wage for all employees will go into effect on January 1 2015. Before this change the minimum wage was 21, 000 ($5.75) per month. This rate was set 15 years ago when The Minimum Wage Act was gazetted in parliament in March 1997 under the Presidency of the late Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. This should increase the per day earnings for the employed Sierra Leonean from less than a dollar a day to about $3.3 a much needed improvement if government can enforce violators. Sierra Leone and Nigeria will have same minimum wage per month once this goes into effect while Ghana lags behind. The Minimum Wage in Nigeria is 18,000 Naira ($115) Ghana GHS 6.00 per day x 30 days is GHC 180 ($56). Guinea’s set minimum wage of 440,000 GNF ($63.36) only appl ...
"Ebola has exposed the inadequacies of our medical system. "Sierra Leonean medical student, Sara
2 more Sierra Leonean doctors die of Ebola - Fort Worth Star Telegram
Sierra Leone Student’s Community Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 28th. November, 2014. The President, State House Building, Tower Hill, Freetown. Dear Mr. President, OPEN LETTER TO H.E THE PRESIDENT We are writing in relations to current Sierra Leonean student Affairs in The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, we would like to give a short account on how we were able to secure this scholarship, when and what has being going on with us in Venezuela. Following the months of February and March of 2010, an international student scholarship was advertised in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were in all current students in Venezuela had to apply with WASSCE results and other equivalents. An interview was conducted by members of the Ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officials from the Venezuelan Government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Freetown. Twenty-six successful students were successfully chosen for various university studies including medicine (16 students), Informat ...
Another Sierra Leonean doctor is confirmed to have contracted the Ebola Virus.Dr. Songu M'briwa is the 9th Sierra Leonean medic to test positive of the virus and was working at the Hastings Treatment Center.God grant him a speedy recovery.Ameen/Amen
National News:KKY Movement Height Of Arrogant:After carefully observing Dr.Kandeh Yumkella political ambition since three month ago ,I'm beyond not convince that this UN achievement brand leader has fail in delivering Sierra Leone & the Sierra Leoneans from their dark days .we can't continue to do things the same way and expect to get different result.Unconfirmed source is floating around ,that he is ready to turn his KKY Movement into a register political party.Because SLPP members has given their endorsement to Former Head Of State ,Rdt.Brig Julius Bio.The candidacy of Maada Bio head the list for president of Sierra Leone. For the record 60 % of Slpp supporters made this endorsement in the interest of the party & Sierra Leone.President Ernest Koroma ,has failed Sierra Leonean miserably and if anyone could do something different is Maada Bio presidency .
PRESS RELEASE The junior Doctors Association of Sierra Leone ( JUDASIL) wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that the number of health care workers getting infected and dying of Ebola Virus infection has become very alarming. To date a total of nine(9) Sierra Leonean doctors have been infected with the Ebola Virus (EV), seven(7) of whom have died without receiving prompt, concise and optimum care. While they render their services to the public, health care workers are uncertain of adequate care if peradventure they get infected. If this situation is not urgently addressed, more doctors will die and the hospitals will go vacant with no doctors to treat both Ebola and non ebola patients. We hereby appeal to the authourities and stakeholders concerned ( GOSL, MOHS, international community) to expedite the processes involved in developing a rapid response and to ensure that all possible means to increase the rate of survival of infected doctors are exhausted. LONG LIVE THE MEDICAL PROFESSIO ...
Sad to report that a Sierra Leonean from our connexion in Cole Town has died from . . . . .
The Outbreak Of this deadly virus(EBOLA) is threating the life of many Sierra Leonean.
"This job lets me help my Sierra Leonean sisters and brothers and it also gives me an income..."
9th Sierra Leonean doctor test positive for Ebola. Someone I know very well. God will see you through Dr. "K-song"
Martin Salia died a hero. A Sierra Leonean surgeon who put his life on the line to save Sierra Leoneans afflicted by
This is coming after a Sierra Leonean doctor died from Ebola after he was tested and certified negative in a Chinese lab in Sierra Leone.
Surprisingly number of female Chinese soliders in pic acc this article about Beijing-built ebola centre in Liberia
Chinese-built Ebola clinic with digital record-keeping and air conditioning opens in Liberia:
[DAILYMAIL] 9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola
am a proud Sierra Leonean and anti alcoholic.
Sierra Leonean doctors to start clinical trial using blood of Ebola survivors | World news | The Guardian
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with -
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola From NBC_25
My dad is practically inviting every Sierra Leonean to my house. All i know is they better clean up after themselves. 😔
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola - Marietta Times
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with
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