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Sierra Leone (Krio: Salone), officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north and east, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and southwest.

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Got like 5 bad Sierra Leonean joint follow me on IG today.
11th Sierra Leonean doctor dies from Ebola
John Kamara, a Sierra Leonean Footballer has a very important message about Ebola for the world.
Our coalition with , as featured in the Sierra Leonean national news
Sierra Leonean Hero, Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan who treated over 100 Ebola patients in Sierra Leone later died of the disea…
The Sierra Leonean government has announced a ban on all Christmas celebrations to enable it curb the spread of Ebola.
A unified Sierra Leone is what we all aspire to be... "I am a Sierra Leonean" banner.
HASTINGS, Sierra Leone (Reuters) - When Dr Sekou Kanneh goes to work at his Sierra Leonean Ebola clinic, he will…
The courage and the power of the Sierra Leonean nurse should inspire and to move other nurses and us all to do more
Burial workers in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema go on strike in protest at non-payment of allowances for handling Ebola victims.
11th Sierra Leonean doctor dies of Ebola; fire destroys Ebola supplies in Guinea warehouse :Auto pickup by wikyou
Victor has done so much to fight in Sierra Leone. So pleased his efforts have been recognized.
Congratulations to Victor Kargbo, 2nd place in the International Monitoring Control and Surveillance Network Awards
"Here we go again, draw out, face Sierra Leonean side, East End Lions in preliminar…
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It was on a Wednesday morning - yes - on April 29, 1992 when residents in the capital Freetown were treated to, for the first time, a sample of the sounds from the war front in the east of the country where soldiers were battling forces of the Revolutionary United Front led by one former army corporal - Foday Sankoh. Before then, all that residents of the capital knew about the war that was raging in the country claiming lives, livelihoods and security of the Sierra Leonean were despatches heard on international radio and other media outlets about advances and/or reverses made by government soldiers sent to the front by their APC overlords. The overlords in the meantime refused to pay heed to the injustices meted out to a cowed population. They continued giving deaf ears to the loud and silent cries of the population as the looting of state and other resources went on an even higher level. Democratic means to have a change of government, the main item on the menu of frustrated and angry Sierra Leoneans fe ...
Rapid response team has arrived and the chaos is easing, but medics in a remote Sierra Leonean district are struggling to control a local Ebola outbreak.
Private Danielle Pattinson, of 35 Squadron 5 Armoured Medical Regiment, has recently returned from Sierra Leone where she has been training Sierra Leonean healthcare workers and volunteer hygienists in the fight against Ebola. The Army medic from Barrow-in-Furness was one of more than 40 personnel who successfully completed their task at the Ebola Training Academy, which they established at the National Stadium in Freetown. Their task was to train people in the use of protective personal equipment (PPE), which would protect them from coming into bodily contact with Ebola sufferers, allowing them to administer care to the sick and dying with minimal risk to themselves. Danielle said: “I’m so glad to be home for Christmas. We weren’t sure how long we were going to be out there for until the last minute. They did say we could be anything between two and six months, so a lot of us had prepared to be out there for Christmas, so it was a nice surprise to be told that we were coming back.” The training r ...
Good Governance is universal: From DipNote Blog- According to the African Union, Africa loses more than $148 billion to corruption every year. These costs are not only measured in terms of squandered or stolen government resources, but in the lack of public funding for critical needs. Appropriately enough, the conversation I recently had with an intrepid African good governance activist underscored the meaning of International Anti-Corruption Day by reminding me of the extent to which corruption can destroy the trust that people should have in their government and shake a society to its core. She also reminded me how critical it is for the United States to continue building genuinely collaborative partnerships and innovative programs for both preventing and fighting corruption in Africa. The 12-year veteran activist, Marcela Samba-Sesay, is the outspoken program director of a Sierra Leonean non-governmental organization (NGO) called Campaign for Good Governance (CGG). CGG is implementing a U.S. Departme . ...
Are you sure that we have nothing to celebrate in Sierra Leone? I think we have a lot to celebrate!!! Merry Christmas to every Sierra Leonean home and away!!!
Let me at the outset warmly welcome the entire Nigerian Medical Task Force that has just arrived in all of our 18 local dialects, to complement the good works being undertaken by a host of other multinationals already on the ground, including of course their Sierra Leonean counterparts. God bless yo…
Minimum wage raised in Sierra Leone The Government of Sierra Leone has raised the monthly minimum wage for workers to SLL 500, 000 (roughly $115). This is a 2280% increase from what it used to be. The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Mathew Timbo said that the new minimum wage for all employees will go into effect on January 1 2015. Before this change the minimum wage was 21, 000 ($5.75) per month. This rate was set 15 years ago when The Minimum Wage Act was gazetted in parliament in March 1997 under the Presidency of the late Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. This should increase the per day earnings for the employed Sierra Leonean from less than a dollar a day to about $3.3 a much needed improvement if government can enforce violators. Sierra Leone and Nigeria will have same minimum wage per month once this goes into effect while Ghana lags behind. The Minimum Wage in Nigeria is 18,000 Naira ($115) Ghana GHS 6.00 per day x 30 days is GHC 180 ($56). Guinea’s set minimum wage of 440,000 GNF ($63.36) only appl ...
"Ebola has exposed the inadequacies of our medical system. "Sierra Leonean medical student, Sara
2 more Sierra Leonean doctors die of Ebola - Fort Worth Star Telegram
Sierra Leone Student’s Community Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 28th. November, 2014. The President, State House Building, Tower Hill, Freetown. Dear Mr. President, OPEN LETTER TO H.E THE PRESIDENT We are writing in relations to current Sierra Leonean student Affairs in The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, we would like to give a short account on how we were able to secure this scholarship, when and what has being going on with us in Venezuela. Following the months of February and March of 2010, an international student scholarship was advertised in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were in all current students in Venezuela had to apply with WASSCE results and other equivalents. An interview was conducted by members of the Ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officials from the Venezuelan Government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Freetown. Twenty-six successful students were successfully chosen for various university studies including medicine (16 students), Informat ...
Another Sierra Leonean doctor is confirmed to have contracted the Ebola Virus.Dr. Songu M'briwa is the 9th Sierra Leonean medic to test positive of the virus and was working at the Hastings Treatment Center.God grant him a speedy recovery.Ameen/Amen
National News:KKY Movement Height Of Arrogant:After carefully observing Dr.Kandeh Yumkella political ambition since three month ago ,I'm beyond not convince that this UN achievement brand leader has fail in delivering Sierra Leone & the Sierra Leoneans from their dark days .we can't continue to do things the same way and expect to get different result.Unconfirmed source is floating around ,that he is ready to turn his KKY Movement into a register political party.Because SLPP members has given their endorsement to Former Head Of State ,Rdt.Brig Julius Bio.The candidacy of Maada Bio head the list for president of Sierra Leone. For the record 60 % of Slpp supporters made this endorsement in the interest of the party & Sierra Leone.President Ernest Koroma ,has failed Sierra Leonean miserably and if anyone could do something different is Maada Bio presidency .
PRESS RELEASE The junior Doctors Association of Sierra Leone ( JUDASIL) wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that the number of health care workers getting infected and dying of Ebola Virus infection has become very alarming. To date a total of nine(9) Sierra Leonean doctors have been infected with the Ebola Virus (EV), seven(7) of whom have died without receiving prompt, concise and optimum care. While they render their services to the public, health care workers are uncertain of adequate care if peradventure they get infected. If this situation is not urgently addressed, more doctors will die and the hospitals will go vacant with no doctors to treat both Ebola and non ebola patients. We hereby appeal to the authourities and stakeholders concerned ( GOSL, MOHS, international community) to expedite the processes involved in developing a rapid response and to ensure that all possible means to increase the rate of survival of infected doctors are exhausted. LONG LIVE THE MEDICAL PROFESSIO ...
Sad to report that a Sierra Leonean from our connexion in Cole Town has died from . . . . .
The Outbreak Of this deadly virus(EBOLA) is threating the life of many Sierra Leonean.
"This job lets me help my Sierra Leonean sisters and brothers and it also gives me an income..."
9th Sierra Leonean doctor test positive for Ebola. Someone I know very well. God will see you through Dr. "K-song"
Martin Salia died a hero. A Sierra Leonean surgeon who put his life on the line to save Sierra Leoneans afflicted by
This is coming after a Sierra Leonean doctor died from Ebola after he was tested and certified negative in a Chinese lab in Sierra Leone.
Surprisingly number of female Chinese soliders in pic acc this article about Beijing-built ebola centre in Liberia
Chinese-built Ebola clinic with digital record-keeping and air conditioning opens in Liberia:
[DAILYMAIL] 9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola
am a proud Sierra Leonean and anti alcoholic.
Sierra Leonean doctors to start clinical trial using blood of Ebola survivors | World news | The Guardian
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with -
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola From NBC_25
My dad is practically inviting every Sierra Leonean to my house. All i know is they better clean up after themselves. 😔
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola - Marietta Times
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with
Breast Cancer Awareness
KSBY: 9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola
Do not tell the man who is carrying you that he stinks. ~Sierra Leonean Proverb
9th Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola - Charlotte Observer
A former rebel faces the Sierra Leonean farmer he maimed
9th Sierra Leonean Doctor Infected with Ebola: An official says a ninth Sierra Leonean doctor has been infecte...
What is your favorite Sierra Leonean project being run by Sierra Leoneans? Share!
❗❗ATTENTION ATTENTION❗❗ 232 Avenue is the only network that takes Sierra Leonean artist international. 232 Avenue is equipt with it's on Social Media Network So artists can register and create a profile that they can use to promote themselves or interact with other international artist from around the globe. 232 Avenue is the solution to all our entertainment problems in Sierra Leone and beyond. It's time for our artists to take full control of there career. We say no more corruption in our entertainment system. Our destinies is now in our hands and with 232 Avenue every artist will be supported by our platforms. For more info please contact the C.E.O of 232 Avenue international, Ohemaa Salone. To register log on to If you need help with registration contact Ohemaa Salone on...-079198877.. or E-mail us At 232avenue
Scrabble Champions Tournament...I enjoyed 5 days of Scrabble at the MSI SCT tournament which is probably the best Scrabble tournament in the world. Played 38 games and won 19 of my games and lost 19. To go into a world tournament for the first time and the first Sierra Leonean to have represented Sierra Leone at this level, and I managed to win 50% of my games against top players in the world is encouraging for me as I know I will only improve in subsequent competitions. Apart from the Scrabble I met with lovely people from all background who have become friends and good people to me. I thank everyone who have been following my progress in this competition ...
"We are West Africans,not a virus." - Sierra Leonean player, John Kamara's message to the world on behalf of Liberia, …
Sierra Leonean footballer John Kamara has a message for the world:. "We are West Africans. We are not a virus." …
A Cuban doctor treating Ebola patients in West Africa is to be flown to Geneva after testing positive for the disease. The diagnosis comes after a seventh Sierra Leonean doctor died of the virus.
FREETOWN - A Sierra Leonean doctor died of Ebola on Tuesday, a medical source said, bringing to seven the number of doctors killed by the virus savaging the nation's healthcare system.
WILL ALL Sierra Leoneans PLEASE STAND UP! One of our greatest abilities as Sierra Leoneans is our knack to lament and vent our frustrations about our social issues to each other. Unfortunately, lamenting to each other will not change things for our people and our country; it only serves to give us superficial comfort. At this point in time, life cannot go on as usual for any Sierra Leonean, regardless of where we live, until our people and country are safe from Ebola. We are not going to make changes for the better in this crisis by lamenting to one another; we have to take some very serious actions and make concerted efforts collectively and individually to voice our concerns to the powers that be. There are many players who are making critical decisions that are impacting our people and country, we need to reach out to them in droves and let them hear our voices and concerns. Sierra Leoneans who are in the Diaspora, especially in Europe and America, can see how citizens of these nations use every opport ...
DEVELOPMENT: English Premier League side West Ham United Carlton Cole is to step up campaign in order to raise funds for ebola victims in Sierra Leone. The mother of Carlton Cole Selina who is a Sierra Leonean is backing his son to push this development. Carlton Cole will work with colleagues and other premier league players to raise these funds. We wish them well in their endeavour.
An Ebola treatment center, built by the British army and Sierra Leonean construction workers, opened outside the capital Freetown this week. The center in Kerry Town includes an 80-bed facility to be managed by Save the Children and a 12-bed unit for infected health care workers to be staffed by British army medics. The construction of the treatment facility was funded by the British Department for International Development (DFID) and designed and overseen by British Army Royal Engineers. The site also hosts an Ebola testing laboratory run by British scientists to diagnose the disease which began operating last week and has doubled the country's diagnostic capacity. It's the first of six centers to be built by Britain in a bid to contain, control and defeat Ebola in Sierra Leone.
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The shame of rumors and conspiracy theories as we fight Ebola in Sierra Leone Whats on my mind? I am just baffled, shocked beyond belief, and totally amazed by the rumors circulating in some circles in Sierra Leone that “I, Austin Demby brought Ebola to Sierra Leone” and that I set up an Ebola lab in Kenema in 2008 that has resulted in the outbreak. If the Ebola outbreak hadn’t involved one of the biggest calamities that have befallen our beloved nation, I would have laughed this off as another Sierra Leonean silliness of conspiracy theorists but this is a serious matter. Professionally, I have spent my whole life fighting diseases all over the world. It is a very cruel thought for anyone to insinuate that I could even remotely be involved with anything as sinister as bringing Ebola to my home country. I have tried to avoid reacting to this as I felt it just fed the conspiracy theorists. People are very eager to explain things that they do not understand therefore it is important that we are all min ...
I spent the whole day in Port Loko yesterday with UNMEER Sierra Leone Chief who invited me to accompany him on his maiden trip to the Provinces. Mr. Amadu Kamara, of dual nationality (American & Sierra Leonean), is for now, the most senior United Nations official based in Sierra Leone. I find him to be a humble man, intelligent and very determined to end Ebola in Sierra Leone. Three photos shows me with him and Country Rep. for WFP, Gon Myers out in the field in Feredugu. Then there is me and him with CEO of NERC, Defense Minister Palor Conteh, last evening on returning to Freetown and 3rd photo is me and a long-time medical colleague of mine, Dr. Kandeh Bureh III of the WHO now assigned to Port Loko. Meanwhile, as Bombali today overtakes Kailahun in number of Ebola cases, I have the hope that our God will soon take control. By the grace of God, this our national nightmare will soon be over. Amen. - National Cumulative Confirmed cases = 3,843 Bombali = 555 (highest in provinces) Kailahun = 551, Port Lok . ...
John Bonoh Sisay (born 3 July 1969 in Freetown, Sierra Leone) is the Chief Executive Officer[1] of Sierra Rutile Limited, an AIM listed company based in Sierra Leone, operating one of the largest natural rutile deposits in the world.[2] Sierra-Leonean born Sisay joined Sierra Rutile Limited in 2001 as part of the team formed to re- establish mining operations after Sierra Leone’s 10 year civil war, during which the mine suffered extensive war damage. He was appointed CEO in 2009[3] and has been instrumental in the turnaround of the company. In 2012, Sierra Rutile became the first Sierra Leonean company to win the International Company of the Year Award at the London Stock Exchange AIM Awards.[4] Sisay regularly acts as a consultant to the Government of Sierra Leone[5] and is president of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Mines, a post he has held twice. In 2013 he was short-listed for Grant Thornton’s Emerging Markets CEO of the Year[6] and in 2012 he was named one of the world’s most innovative leaders f ...
Sierra Leone to host in Ivory Coast: … . Sierra Leonean officials have picked Ivory Coast’s capital Abi...
In this video - "Ebola 4 Go", Sierra Leonean artists Jimmy-B, Wahid, Camouflage, Cee Jay etc. join the fight against Ebola. Jimmy describes the outbreak as "the biggest calamity that has befallen Sierra Leone after the war." And he adds: "we need to come together and fight together." Please help us spread the message by sharing this video. [ Very emotional video. Thanks guys.] (Orman We DON TIRE)
Olympic gold medalist Jeneba Tarmoh speaks out against 'ignorance' over Ebola. "I Am a Sierra Leonean, not a Virus". The headlines and photos are enough to scare anyone. "The number of people infected with Ebola in western Sierra Leone is increasing to more than 20 deaths daily," one newspaper reported on Tuesday. "Forty-nine new cases were confirmed on Monday." Here in America, the fear has spread from the disease itself to the nations plagued by the disease. A Texas college rejected two student applicants because they were from Nigeria even though that nation has successfully contained the disease. For people who have roots in affected African countries, it's beyond hurtful. It's personal. Olympic gold medalist Jeneba Tarmoh is one of those people. Tarmoh became famous in 2012 when she tied Allyson Felix in the 100 meters at U.S. Olympic qualifying but opted not to compete in the runoff. She is known for that split-second and that decision, but her own identity is so tied to the nation of Sierra Leone t ...
.the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area has the most Sierra Leonean expats than any other region in the world MORE than the UK.
"I am a Sierra Leonean. Not a virus." Hear from the blogger who started the "Beauty for Country" social media campaign in response to the outbreak.
Young Professionals donate to 46 discharged Ebola Survivors Young Professionals, a WhatApp Group of motivated young Sierra Leoneans from all works of life, in and out of the country, on Monday, 6th October donated assorted provisions and other food items, sanitary pads and condoms worth over Le16 million to 46 ebola survivors discharged from the Hastings Treatment center at Police Training School. His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma attended the ceremony. The center, managed by Sierra Leonean health professionals, started operation on 19th September 2014 with 175 admitted patients. As at yesterday there were 114 patients. The donation of the items was made possible by the voluntary contributions of members of the group. About Le 15 million was collected from the 51 member group. It is expected that similar donations will be made next week at Jui and in Port Loko. The group administrator, Lawyer Suliaman Kabba Koroma, explained that the decision of the members to come together to support the dischar ...
DO IT FOR Sierra Leone, NOT FOR THE GOVERNMENT By: Milton Margai Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad have been proactive in the fight against Ebola. Individuals and groups have been involved in volunteering; fundraising, donations, shipping much needed medical products etc. Nevertheless, the culture of mistrust that permeates the Sierra Leonean society has prevented a lot more people coming on board. CULTURE OF MISTRUST The reason most people give for not contributing to funds is because they are not sure whether their hard earned cash that they donate will be utilised for the right purpose. Fair enough. Some have got their own experiences; however, there are still honest people out there with their integrities intact. Fundraising is not my forte. However, when I was approached by Khadi Mansaray to help her and the team to raise funds for the Sierra Leone Emergency Ebola Fund (SLEEF), I obliged. I was reluctant at first because I am aware of the perception in the Sierra Leonean community when it comes to r ...
CELEBRATING IRN By Mohamed Faray Kargbo Di Independent Radio Network Wae wi dae call IRN . U go na di East IRN dae U go na di West IRN dae There is hardly any Sierra Leonean that can't conveniently complete the above lyrics. The role of the network in past elections is as important as the elections themselves. I have no compunction if someone thinks I'm exaggerating. The indispensable role of IRN has once again been manifested, this time, in the war against a seemingly invincible yet invisible enemy-Ebola. An enemy that could only be defeated by an uncompromising resolve to use all our might to eliminate it. Let me hasten to observe that no better collaboration could have been done than the one with the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ). Although we were locked-down for 3 days, call it Os-to-Os Campaign if you like; the IRN opened up the space whilst simultaneously connecting us with the rest of the nation. I am convinced that the Network of Independent Radio Stations did a robust job by vora ...
BOMBSHELL What does the Sierra Leonean goverrnment knows about the EBOLA EPIDEMIC and why are they trying to conceal the facts, well its no secret now because the fact have started coming out. Sometime ago I did mentioned that the governments of all the affected countries are responsible for this outbreak and that monkies and bats are not the carriers as people have been eating them from God only knows when and it is because of the toxic waste that they allowed the industrial nation to be dumping in their water and been fed on by the sea lives that are in turn gracing the tables of their populace, I wasn't far from the fact but little did I know that it was from a laboratory in Kenema where a biological weapon was been developed and patients were been used as guinea pigs but things got out of control and the government hastily closed it down, it is not surprising that anyone who became affected is shipped out to Kenema as it is where it all started. Indeed the Pa don wok.
Open letter to President Ernest Koroma: The Ebola response in Sierra Leone By: SEM Contributor on September 5, 2014. National response and control of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) 2014 From: Mohamed C. Bah Date: 8/30/2014 Dear Mr. President, This letter is in reference to the mid May, 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. As you are aware, I have, including, millions of citizens around the world solemnly pledged our unconditional support to your government’s effort in fighting this deadly Ebola Virus. Many citizens have offered prayers, while others have contributed financially, donated resources and worked tirelessly to mitigate the intolerable loss of lives of more than 422 victims as of August 30, 2014 – to this nefarious disease. We are, nonetheless, grateful to you and everyone in your administration who is relentlessly “soldering” on to such unprecedented challenges our nation has ever seen. As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) recently, the aggregate case load of the Ebola Viru ...
Why is .trying to put words into into the Sierra Leonean woman's mouth? . .
Grp of mostly Sierra Leonean &Liberians standing in front of CDC as held meeting inside. Note signs
Our dear friend Dr. Buck gave her life to treat Ebola in Sierra Leone.
This past weekend I attended the 2014 Sierra Leonean (
Idris Elba is half Ghanaian half Sierra Leonean that's why he's so buff tbh
- "People now aware of what to do and what not to do": President Koroma speaks to
- "We're looking at getting the country back to normalcy by December", says President Koroma.
President Koroma: "We should be able to have contained not completely eliminated Dec."
Sierra Leone Government Says: WHO Too Slow to Help Doc With Ebola By CLARENCE ROY-MACAULAY Associated Press Sep 15, 2014, 6:04 PM The Associated Press FREETOWN, Sierra LeoneSierra Leone accused the World Health Organization on Monday of being "sluggish" in facilitating an evacuation of a doctor who died from Ebola before she could be sent out of the country for medical care. Dr. Olivet Buck died Saturday, hours after the U.N. health agency said it could not help evacuate her to Germany. Buck is the fourth Sierra Leonean doctor to die in an outbreak that has also touched Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Senegal. The West African outbreak has been blamed for more than 2,400 deaths, and experts say it is out of control. The U.S. has called an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council for this week to discuss the crisis. At a heated news conference Monday, a Sierra Leonean government official read a statement saying that the Buck is the second doctor from that country to die because negotiations on evac ...
The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Kenya as a "high-risk" country for the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus. Kenya was vulnerable because it was a major transport hub, with many flights from West Africa, a WHO official said. This is the most serious warning to date by the WHO that Ebola could spread to East Africa. The number of people killed by Ebola in West Africa has risen to 1,069, the WHO said in its latest update . Fifty-six deaths and 128 new cases were reported in the region in the two days to 11 August, it added. Canada said it would donate up to 1,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine to help fight the outbreak. Airport health checks In Sierra Leone, a doctor who treated patients infected with Ebola has died, reports the BBC's Umaru Fofana from the capital, Freetown. Women have been holding daily prayers in Liberia for people affected by Ebola Dr Modupeh Cole is the second Sierra Leonean doctor to die of the disease. In Nigeria, Africa's most populous state, a third Ebola-rel ...
USELESS LEADERS! Watching the news clip of the Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu speaking at an interactive meeting between the Nigerian government and diplomats on measures to contain the outbreak of one of the world's most lethal infectious diseases, I was frustrated and incensed. As the Minister spoke of the processes that the government had adopted in order to contain Ebola; including, intense training and public awareness of the disease and screening of outbound passengers at the ports, he also announced that the Nigerian government had no intention of closing its borders. The Minister stated that there was no plan for the government to, at this time, take such a measure but would not hesitate to do so when and if the need arose. In his words (I quote), “If we did close (the borders), what we have only done is to alienate the people to go underground… And if they go underground, it means that people are not on our radar… And if they are not on our radar, we are not screening them. ...
Fellow Sierra Leonean, Ebola is real. Its rippling effect is looming all over looking out for victims it would send to their early graves. Be warned!!
WHY ARE THE United States VICTIMS OF EBOLA STILL ALIVE BUT NOT THE AFRICAN VICTIMS Why are the United States victims of Ebola still alive but not the African victims?I have a few concerns about this Ebola epidemic that has put West Africa under the spotlight for the wrong reason. The first case in this barrage of Ebola attacks was reported to have occurred in Guinea and quickly spread to neighbouring countries (Sierra Leone and Liberia). Like a wild brushfire, Ebola reportedly spread to other areas like Nigeria where the victim died and caused a scare in the country and the world because of Nigeria population Since then, Ebola as a health disaster has become synonymous with West Africa, ringing alarm bells in far-away countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. The health authorities in the UK are confident that their system can counteract Ebola. So does the United States too, even when a suspected case was reported from the Sinai hospital in New York only to be quickly declared as managea ...
Another Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola Virus on DWNARCHIVE
A Sierra Leonean suspected of being infected with and quarantined in has tested negative.
Blog Post: 4 Year-old Sierra Leonean prays against the spread of Ebola -
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I don't be knowing anything in the Sierra Leonean community, I always find out the day or weeks after
This video presents one of the issues discussed yesterday by Sierra Leonean Diasporas during the Diaspora Ebola...
Ebola or not... Still love mi Sierra Leonean swtThey got that backyard in abundance :)
August 9 2014 sees the biggest ever attendance of Sierra Leonean in the Sierra Leone Central Union outing...
"A second Sierra Leonean doctor, Dr. Modupe Cole, has contracted the deadly Ebola Virus -" the name sounds Nigerian
Please join the Liberian, Sierra Leonean, and Guinean communities on Staten Island today for an emergency meeting...
A Sierra Leonean chemist said: "The primary focus was indeed testing methodology and data collection instead of...
I'm more in touch with my Nigerian side than my Sierra Leonean side
Sierra Leonean officials say institutional rivalries among Metabiota, the CDC, Tulane, and the World Health...
The value of peace is never known until the peace is disturbed. ~Sierra Leonean Proverb
The best legacy you can leave behind his your words.So I'm engraving her in Sierra Leonean precious stones(literally and metaphorically)
"A Sierra Leonean perspective and report from the ground on the Ebola outbreak"
Sierra Leonean doctors and nurses who are working on the front lines are working in a particularly high-risk environment.
Of health workers indigenous to the places where the outbreaks of the disease has been. The 40 or so Sierra Leonean nurses that have died
Date a Sierra Leonean girl and run the risk of her stabbing you in your sleep because you argued beforehand
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And you actually believe your Sierra Leonean colleague. That's one viewpoint Wendy
Please go out and attend this event to network with other Sierra Leonean professionals. More importantly, your...
DI'JA is part Sierra Leonean and part nigerian, and she has won awards for her music in the past
Up to get ready for this Sierra Leonean wedding but mark my words, the ceremony wnt get going til like 7PM. African time …
Days after Sierra Leonean cyclist Moses Sesay(above) fell ill and was isolated for four days in the UK after fears he may have had Ebola, he and his team mates don't want to return to their country because of the fear of contacting Ebola when theContinue
A military spokesman for the African Union mission in Somalia says the AU has canceled a planned troop rotation by Sierra Leonean forces because of the Ebola outbreak.Col. Ali Aden Houmed told The Associated Press late Thursday that the Union decided to halt the deployment of a new battalion in...
This prayer is from a Sierra Leonean who got the inspiration to pray for salone over this deadly ebola disease. Forward to all your contacts fast to pray this prayer. This prayer targets 100 people to stand on the gap for salone. When you pray,pray like you mean it: Our Father God in Heaven,we thank you for salone as a nation. We pray for mercy over every Sierra Leonean and the nation Sierra Leone. Lord we depend on you as a nation. We know our Leaders and Forerunners placed their confidence and assurances in evil powers and themselves. Human sacrifices,power struggles in governance and office places,sins of our Ancestors,immoralities,hatred and deceit have made you turn your face against us. But we cry unto you for mercy. Lord we ask this moment that you wipe of this deadly disease in our Land and give us the victory in Christ Jesus. Amen. Please forward to all. It targets 100 and more Sierra Leoneans to pray. U are blessed as you help save salone.
MAADA BIO EXPRESSES SADNESS OVER DEATHS OF DR. KHAN AND OTHER HEALTH WORKERS; PLANS TO RETURN HOME IN THE NEXT COMING DAYS TO HELP IN THE FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA PRESS RELEASE London: 31st July 2014 On the 29th July 2014, like many Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, I was deeply saddened by the news of the death of Dr. Sheikh Umarr Khan following his brief illness from the Ebola Virus Disease. As the leading Sierra Leonean virologist in the campaign against the dreadful disease, his sudden demise is not only a great loss to the nation, replacing him is going to be the most formidable national challenge; indeed how many of his ilk are willing to demonstrate the professionalism and muster the courage, compassion, dedication and sacrifice that so many had come to respect and associate with Dr. Khan in the face of the deadly epidemic? Despite all the attendant risks involved, Dr. Sheikh Umarr Khan never once wavered. He was a truly remarkable man and a great patriot. As we mourn and remember the great service he ...
BREAKING NEWS: Can u imagine, the international community thinks every Sierra Leonean carry the Ebola Virus. That is why Sychelles cannot allow our darling Leone Stars to enter their country because they are afraid of ours boys may be carry the virus... OH ALLAH REDEEM US FROM THIS DISGRACEFUL AND TERRIBLE CALAMITY...
The late 39-year old doctor Khan had expressed fears for his life despite wearing protective gear when treating patients. Sheik Umar Khan, the Sierra Leonean doctor hailed as a “national hero” for treating more than one hundred Ebola patients, died today… [ 357 more words. ]
Sheik Umar Khan,the Sierra Leonean doctor leading the fight against the Ebola outbreak has died from the virus.
Sierra Leone mourns, friends. Our General in the battle against the hemorrhagic fever called Ebola is down by a sting of the same. Dr. Umaru Khan gave his all in this battle. He was in the fore front; and even when struck down by Ebola's bullet he refuse to retreat but fought till the second of his transition to the great beyond-- Dr. Khan was a patriotic and rare breed of the Sierra Leonean species. He is our hero. He lives! No compensation, no tribute, no accolade and indeed no word of those of of us who are still in the battle field can replace this man of valour, neither are we competent enough to comfort the families of Dr Khan and all our fallen nurses . . . compatriots, their actions speak volume! We salute you, Dr. Khan. And all our nurses and other Sierra Leoneans who have fallen to the hemorrhagic fever; your selflessness and sacrifice will no be in vain. Long live Dr. Khan Long live Mama Salone. Dr. Khan
Greetings Friends and Family, please support our initiative to contribute to the efforts at stopping the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone. As of July 24th 2014, there have been 219 reported deaths and 454 known cases (WHO). There is no known cure for the virus but through education and donations we can help stop its spread. I have posted a fact sheet below to help inform you about the virus. Where your help becomes vital is in the spread of this information (1) to help dispel misinformation that is costing lives back home and (2) to beat the virus at its game--by "liking" and sharing this page, you can take the facts about how to protect against Ebola viral, increasing access to life saving information to those who normally wouldn't be able to access it. Also see the link about donating towards this cause through Doctors Without Borders--A fellow Sierra Leonean (full disclosure, she's also my sister) Dr. Mafudia Suaray has started a campaign through Doctors Without Borders to raise $10,000 ...
Today, July 27th, 2014, we are just coming from visiting a bereaved Sierra Leonean family in our community, my dear wife Bondu Sidibay, myself, and our daughter Mariama for the 7 day prayer services of the deceased, may her soul rest in perfect peace.Today also happens to be the last day of Ramadan, to be able to have a community gathering of such in this holy month of Ramadan it's a blessing, even though it is a tragedy of a family in the community we never wished for, yet we are all able to meet and share cordialities, we thank God for that. We started the event an hour or two before Iftar wherein many people in the community recited verses from the holy Quran and did Mahgreeb and Iftar afterwards. The Imams in our community said the new crescent had been sighted and authorized the end of Ramadan. Thank God we did it all in good faith. May Allah answer the prayers of all those that were able to fast this year and to enable others to do it next year. InshAllah Sister Bintu Ibrahim, who lost her mom in fr ...
It is happening now in Monrovia/Liberia.World Refugee Day Celebration, with the remaining Sierra Leonean group that are still awaiting their programmes to be concluded. Below are sections from the group and Sierra Leone Information Attaché from the Sierra Leone Emb...
Sheik Umar Khan, the doctor leading anti-Ebola efforts in Sierra Leone—one of three Western African countries that have been hit by an outbreak—has contracted the virus himself, Reuters reports: Khan, a Sierra Leonean virologist credited with treating more than 100 Ebola victims, has been transferre…
President John Mahama on Friday held discussions with his Sierra Leonean counterpart, President Ernest Bai Koroma...
VISION-SALONE : rebuilding mindsets . . . B.O.O-SL and its VS presence have been backstage in passionate and rather mind-boggling observance of the Ebola pandemic in Kailahun District, Eastern Sierra Leone. And two nights ago, our President H.E Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma declared a war on Ebola; and it time to bodaciously take a cue from the First Gentleman of Sierra Leone. Ebola is real! and it's a challenge we as a people are currently faced with and we must take on this challenge seriously. I know the stuff the average Sierra Leonean is made of. It's one of courage, perseverance, solidarity in struggle, unity and bold compassion for compatriot and country. We were besoughted with a Civil Struggle for more than a decade, and we triumphed. Cholera showed its ugly face in the land that we love, and together we kicked it out and relieved our territorial integrity. And now Ebola? Well I know this epidemic is real and I know several of my Compatriots have fallen from its sting; I mourn and extend my condolences t ...
Our primary goal is to help underprivileged Sierra Leonean and African youths succeed in their dreams through education and advocacy. It is a dream we believe can only be achieved through collective and demonstrative responsibilities of key players espeially parents, institutions and the youths them…
The Way Winner of Opun Yu Yi Human Rights Film Festival award, 2013. Made by street Youth in Freetown, Sierra Leone, The Way is a short drama based on their lives. Working with street youth is never easy- imprisonment, beatings and lost clothes played havoc with continuity but the film got made and established Sierra Leonean actor-Desmond Finney- made a guest appearance. Since the film was made the group has formed the Way Street film group and has an ever growing membership. Directed by Alimamy Kamara, camera Sinneh Sesay and starring Tone Die, Bullet and J.J.
Sierra Leone's very own Bernadette George ready to serve in her restaurant. If you live in England you have to visit her restaurant and enjoy some hearty Sierra Leonean and continental dishes.
So the question which everyone keeps asking is: who is Fatima Jabbe-Bio? Fatima Jabbe was born to a Sierra Leonean mother, Tidankay Jabbie who hails from Kono district and a Gambian father, Umar Jabbe who lived in Kono for many years as a business man and in those days owned properties in Kono. Fatima Jabbe-Bio then grew up in Kono where she attended the Ansarul Islamic School and later attended the St Joseph Convent Secondary School in Freetown. As a matter of fact through her maternal lineage, her late grandfather Alhaji Marabou Jabbie hailed from Kono whilst her late grandmother, Isata Nabay hailed from Segbwema. But it is not all about her deep rooted connection in Sierra Leone, as a little girl growing up, born to a Sierra Leonean mother and a Gambian father who both lived as an admirable family in Kono is as much revealing as Fatima’s academic and professional career life. As a very promising and determined young woman, Fatima Jabbe-Bio holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Performing Ar ...
"Bad Girl" by Sierra Leonean born crooner Abizzy, featuring Kelly Hansome has been a hit since it was released in August of last year. It even ganered recogn...
You should know by now, fine British actor and Disc Jockey of Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean heritage, Idris Elba, came to town days ago for a movie project.
In attendance yesterday 31st May 2014 at the Harford Secondary School Ex Girls Association Dinner at St Marys Hall in Camberwell South London was the Sierra Leonean High Commissioner to the UK Mr Edward Turay. When asked to speak HC Turay explained his links to the Harford Girls School and donated one of his books to the school library so that it will be read by the students. Then HC Turay brought up the issue of the former High Commission building at Portland Place and the efforts that are already underway to try and recover that building on behalf of the Sierra Leonean government and people. The building according to HC Turay was sold for a paltry £80,000. And it is a known fact that one of the operatives working at the High Commission in the 1990s sold this building. Now very serious efforts are ongoing to get back this building and a ruling has been made in favour of the Sierra Leonean government. There is only one catch- the building is now worth a staggering £48 million pounds- and that is 600 tim ...
Fighting EVD in Sierra Leone; Is SEA The Ebola Virus? It is very obvious that the issue of the Ebola Virus has been a constant topic of discussion since the outbreak started in neighbouring Guinea. The Ebola Virus by all indications is a dreadful disease that has the propensity of claiming several lives within the shortest possible time and the dreadful aftermath of any contact of this disease to a significant extent is not an envisaged reality of any well meaning Sierra Leonean. Quite recently, it has now been confirmed that this contagious disease is now within the precinct of the Eastern Provincial district of Kailahun. However, what is appalling is the fact that discussions on this deadly outbreak especially on social media have been trivialized and politicized by some rabble-rousing unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans of which I have the firm belief that is a smear crackdown on the national efforts in salvaging the outbreak. It is crystal clear that this is a national concern and as a nation we should all cl ...
SHORT PROFILE OF CURTIS DAVIES Full name: Curtis Eugene Davis Date of Birth: 15th march 1985(29yrs) Height: 6ft 2in (1.88m) Position: Defend (central) Current club: Hull city Number: 6 CAREER YOUTH CAREER 2000-2001 Wimbledon 2001-2003 Luton town SENIOR CAREER 2003-2005 Luton town 2005-2007 Westbromich 2007-2010 Aston villa 2010-2011 Leicester city 2011-2013 Birmingham city 2013-Present Hull city NATIONAL TEAM 2006-2007 England U-21 Curtis Eugene Davies was born in Leytonstone London,to an English mother a Sierra Leonean father.He started his career at wimbledon at the age of 15.A year later he wrote to every club in the local area including Arsenal,Crystal palace,Qpr,Tottenham e.t.c Colchester utd responded 2wks b4 any other club and a trial was offered,he was later released.Luton town were the next to offer him a trial.During the trial he scored 2gls in 3matches and was awarded a scholarship straight away.He made his first team debut in 2003. Davies was also named football league one player of the year. ...
Sierra Leone News: Presidential term debate: I woke up the other day to several Sierra Leonean newspapers headlining the presidential term debate. None, however, piqued my immediate attention as the May 5, 2014 Awareness Times piece headlined “After U Nar U …” To paraphrase the report, President Ernest Bai Koroma on May 1, 2014 was quite equivocal while addressing calls by some supporters of his All Peoples Congress (APC) that he consider another bid for the presidency at the expiration of his final second term in 2017. In a nutshell, the report revealed that the President was less than committal about seeking a third term or not, and that he would make a decision at the appropriate time. After reading the passionate viewpoints by proponents and opponents in the debate in other news outlets, I couldn’t help but feel upbeat about the rooting of free speech in the countryin spite of the isolated report of one government official threatening arrest for anyone with contrary view to extending the presi ...
I think I should be awarded an honorary degree by Havard, Stanford, Yale or somebody for real. The number of Unions that have been formed & the number of international babies born through my events over the past 25yrs could prob be half the size of Texas or Lagos. Do you know how much contribution that is to society? ( 20yrs+ is not 2yrs people) I have seen a Nigerian marry Jamaica, Sudanese marry Cameroonian, Sierra Leonean, marry Nigerian, Ghanaian marry Nigerian, Trinidadian marry South African, Malian marry Kenyan, American marry Liberian, Congolese marry a Guinean, Caribbean marry African, Black marry White etc.all through these international events I have done around the world, thus making international babies & bringing the world together. That's a lot of contribution to society) Now don't ask me how old I am. Happy Sunday
Honored to be on this list with phenomenal Sierra Leonean women and men!
MAADA BIO ENGAGES KONO DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION IN LONDON By: Yusuf Keketoma Sandi The former head of state of the Republic of Sierra Leone and 2012 Presidential Candidate of SLPP, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio has held a familiarisation meeting with members of the Kono District Development Association (KDDA) in London on Saturday 10th May 2014. In his opening remarks, the Chairman of KDDA (London), Dr Kai Ngegba, welcomed Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio and said he was very impressed to see him associating with members of the Kono Community in London which demonstrates that he can cut across tribes. Dr. Kai Ngegba gave a brief description of the operations of KDDA which is about togetherness, helping one and other and ensuring that they promote the interest of Kono District. The Chairman emphasised that the organisation is not a political association which means their members belong to different political parties. He further mentioned that anytime a very important national politician is in London, thei ...
Watch the space @ Sierra Leone on my mind ahead of the consitution review plus President Ernest Bai Koroma secret third term agenda all gearing toward 2018.What at steak for Sierra Leoneans will Ernest Koroma maintain a PEACEFUL SIERRA LOENE? We will continue to watch the space as concerm Sierra Leoneans.
The administration and members of land that we love - SL are profoundly grateful to Olushola Gerald AlCole for his very generous donation of $100 dollars towards the Oxygen project...We hope more patriotic Sierra Leoneans will start to come forward and help us complete this very important life saving exercise...God bless Mr. Cole ." Mama" is exceedingly proud of ya!
Good evening fbook fans! Get ready for the biggest event going down in Charlotte Memorial Day Weekend! Sierra Leonean artist Jay Arr will be coming to the Queen City! This will be an event you will not want to miss!!
Okay our short and suspicious Sierra Leonean sister. Well done
Hashim williams and the rest of team MKM. Fellow Sierra Leoneans, hear my story about me and Mohammed Kamarainba Mansaray ( MKM) I am a young woman whom MKM took advantage of because of my situation in here in America, MKM suppose to be my Courson. When I was in need of help having problems with my uncle, he took me to his house told his wife I am his Courson, but when his wife Berth Chew is not around he always make love to me, promised me that he will married my because I have been chosen by his mom who is my aunty, he was just using me for sex to satisfy himself and he did not fulfill all the promises he made to me, when I was there his wife berth Chew told me everything about MKM, how he is just using her because of her money, she told me she tried to advice MKM to try and further his education by going to university but MKM refused to do so. I am saying all these because MKM said that he will make sure that I will be deported back to Sierra Leone and he will tell the immigration that I am 27 years, . ...
Fellow citizens please lone me Sierra Leone so I can change it in just five years. I will just be interested to rule for one term and resign as the world's poorest president. See what I will do. Reduce the number of paid advisers Reduce the size of my government. Adopt the most effective revenue collection system one can find in Africa Build stronger state institutions that serve the people dearly and cracked all strong men and women. Make our laws supreme and never twisted by any soul of Adam. Implement the most efficient energy systems that serve the whole nation. change the entire education system and ensure every high school students know basic Microsoft knowledge prior to leaving school. Universal health care for all. Equipped the army and the police force. Increase defense spending, more professional police force and equipment to fight crimes and lawlessness. Change our community oriented culture to a semi individualistic society where people depends less on their social capital and depend on profes ...
Kony is Uganda and Boko Haram is Nigeria. I'm Sierra Leonean so that's where I would take you lmao
This is a post from a young dynamic young man. Please read it because it's brilliant and inspiring. What did you think fellow Sierra Leoneans. No more boku talk we need action. Thank you very much Michael Sesay for your wonderful thoughts.
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You know as she came in with cnn swag, everybody was scared to talk. Our basic poor man mentality! Forget packaging. She is Sierra Leonean!!
I'm sure now that the most morbid fear of Govt officials is the prospect of being interviewed/grilled by dat Sierra Leonean woman, mainly, Isha S ! 😂 ! Just looove it.
Government of Sierra Leone Budget and Statement of Economic and Financial Policies for the Financial Year 2014 short) MR. SPEAKER, HONOURABLE MEMBERS I. INTRODUCTION Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I rise to move that the Bill entitled, “An Act to provide for the services for Sierra Leone for the Financial Year 2014” be read for the first time. 2. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, you will all recall that His Excellency, the President Dr. Ernest Koroma, made a commitment to improve the lots of youths and women of our beloved country, Sierra Leone. Government has therefore dedicated this budget to the youth, women and our workforce. Hence, the Theme: “Improving the Livelihood of Youth, Women and our Workforce.” 3. This budget is the first annual plan of the Agenda for Prosperity (2013-18) aimed at charting the road to our collective prosperity and to a Middle Income Country (MIC) Status. This budget offers new opportunities, it provides for a new economic model and a paradigm shift in our national ...
Over one Hundred and Fifty (150) Sierra Leonean in Accra Assemble today at Kotoka International Airport in Accra Ghana to Welcome the Hardworking Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Hon. Karamoh Kabba who is on a Five Days Official Visit in Accra, After welcomeing him at the Airport, Minister Karamoh Kabba also attend his First Meeting with Sierra Leonean in the Central region in Ghana. Minister Karamoh Kabba will also Receive Award from the Sierra Leonean Community in Ghana. Stay on Line for the official Video of today Event. Karamoh 4 you. Karamoh 4 me.
Maybe there will repeated news frm the bbc news cuz kao was jst interviewed wow am proud tobe a Sierra Leonean guyz god bless the king denero
Am proud to be a Sierra Leonean rilly cuz kao has rilly make me proud of being a Sierra Leonean,he was jst interview at the bbc world service of the last award he win in columbus wow god bless the king denero
Beyron Ahxner Botkyrka municipality assistant security coordinator presentation, during the Sierra Leonean Independent Day. During his presentation he talked about Problems & solutions + effort from the municipality, Nattvandring and colletive social responsiblity ...
Next week join us for the screening of this amazing film in the Driscoll Gallery on the DU campus - May 19th at 6pm - Pizza Provided! Through reviving their ancient practice of fambul tok (family talk), Sierra Leoneans are building sustainable peace at the grass-roots level – succeeding where the international community’s post-conflict efforts failed.
Sierra Leonean Para Table Tennis Grabs Silver & Bronze Medal in Jordan.Thanks to Mercury! Sierra Leone's para table tennis icon, George Wyndham, returned home with a silver & bronze medal from the Jordan Open/Continental Para table tennis competition from 11th to 16th April 2014. The athlete was fully sponsored by Mercury Int Charitable Foundation. According to the icon, " over two hundred competitors took part in both the singles and doubles. I clinched the silver medal in the singles category and bronze in the doubles. I am currently training for the September 2014 scheduled World para table tennis championship in Beijing China. I am confident I'll bring home more medals."
All these Dj play is Nigerian and Ghanaian music lol no Sierra Leonean, east Africa music lol
Thanks to the foundation for such donations. As a Sierra Leonean and loyal fan of Manchester United, i am proud
in west - story I shot with on a local Sierra Leonean surf club
“Let’s Make It an APC-Only Affair” Written by Kelfala M. Kallon The scriptures of the Judeo-Christian religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) teach us that God created and placed our forebears (Adam and Eve) in a paradise called Eden, where they were destined to experience no hardship if they obeyed His only commandment to not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. We are also taught that God’s disgraced former head angel, Lucifer, angry that God had placed mankind above him, transformed himself into a slithery, silver-tongued snake and deceitfully persuaded Adam and Eve into disobeying God. Consequently, they were tossed out of Eden and we (their progeny) were punished to a life of hardship on earth. Similarly, in the 1960s, a political movement known as the APC emerged in Sierra Leone under the leadership of a silver tongue known as Siaka Stevens. Lucifer-like, Stevens proceeded to convince Sierra Leoneans that their life under the SLPP government of Albert Margai was significantly infer ...
Quote - If the cockroach wants to rule over the chicken, then it must hire the fox as a body-guard. -Sierra Leonean
Oh yes, we are back in the dirty gutters of divisive politics so we will be robbed of an opportunity to see real issues-based electioneering process. It is becoming clearer by every passing day that the 2017 polls will be based on knowing the genealogical background of candidates and squaring up between diasporan Liberians and those based at home. Folks will want us to know if a candidate originates from Senegal, Guinea, Ghana, America, Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire,etc as well as determining the loyalty of said candidates to the country based on where he or she resides. Are we prepared to go back and annul the tenure of JJ Roberts and all those who had genealogical backgrounds in the West or do the same with Charles DB King and E J Roye who were Nigerians or Sawyer who had Sierra Leonean background or most recent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who has a german background Hm.Liberia is far from serious politics and so we will remain backward for a very , very long time
Don't ever get in conflict with any one or with the law, even if you are right. Because their is no Justice in Sierra Leone, and that is a plain fact. Am loosing my patience with my beloved Sierra Leone. Ssssmh the system is rotten from the top... God save Sierra Leone, nothing sims to be working well. No Light, no water which are the basic utilities for life. And can you imagine for over 2 months now, their are no figure head at the National Power Authority or to say a Minister for energy and power. Are their no competent Sierra Leonean to fill in those position?
Join the Friends of IHL to watch the 'War Don Don' - an absorbing feature-length documentary film that profiles the controversial war-crimes of former Sierra Leonean rebel leader, Issa Sesay. Part proceeds from this screening will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal.
Sierra Leonean troops, part of 'want out of Somalia'
I ain't think you were african and I thought all Africans stink dirty rud... — I'm Sierra Leonean and wow your dumb
Sierra Leoneans we must help eachorder to build a better Mama Salone.Cause our politicians are working only to enrich themselves.They are not developmentally oriented.
MY Sierra LeoneAN PEOPLE, LET'S NOT FIGHT OVER SLANGS LANGUAGE. The slang language"AFTER YOU NA YOU"is causing much problem in all levels of Citizens lives in Sierra Leone. One of the greatest Africa and American,called (Martin Luther king Jr ) once said ,"A riot is the language of the unheard,"my Citizens Brothers and Sisters,let's behave like better HEADED people of this country. We are pleading to all citizens of our beloved country Sierra Leone to focus on national issues .Election are over and let wait for 2018.The races is not for the week but for those who can endure it.
To walk on some Nigerian orr Sierra Leonean soil! Jez!
How "mas mas bizznes" ruined Sierra Leone A Sierra Leonean professional worker who got an employment in Freetown recently turned it down and returned to the US because the pay and the condition was way below the standards of what she used to get. She was encouraged to take the job not because of the pay and condition but for the "mas mas". She would have non of it as this was not what she was used to. For those that are employed in Sierra Leone and living way above their monthly salary it is the "mas mas" that keeps them on top of their game. For many of us who may have worked for over a decade where this practice is taboo how can we ever consider working home when the concept of "mas mas" has become a strange thing. How can we fully define "mas mas"?
"They (Sierra Leonean troops) were not expecting this level of resistance and many of them have apparently come to see that
Beautiful Sierra Leonean Musical Star Takes Nigeria By Storm My Life Just Started Di’ja Mavin Records, arguably Africa’s most prominent label, recently unveiled three young artistes; Reekado Banks, Di’Ja and Korede Bello, with the CEO, Don Jazzy declaring that their entrance into the industry will bring about an upgrade of the entire system. Our correspondent, FRANCIS OGBONNA with this piece, starts a series on the trio, beginning with Hadiza Blell a.k.a. Di’Ja, who in this interview speaks on her record deal, life, family, relationship with label mates and other issues. Excerpts… Can you tell us a little but about yourself? My name is Hadiza Blell, my middle name is Salma. DiJa is the short form for Hadija, which most people say is the Arabic version of Hadiza. One of the reasons I picked Di’Ja is that every performer has another side to them, so using Di’Ja keeps me close to my name, while it allows me in explore someone else on stage Di’Ja for me is just like a risk-taker, while Hadiza ...
Shooting Stars conceded a goal in each half to suffer a 2-0 defeat at home to Black Satellites of Ghana to the disappointment of thousands of fans at the entertaining match at the newly construction stadium in Bo on Saturday. The match was among 2015 CAF U-20 African Youth Championship second round first leg qualifying games slated for the weekend, and it was the first ever between the two teams. Shooting Stars now have a huge mountain to climb to overturn the result in the second leg encounter in Ghana which is unlikely to happen. Man of the match Prosper Kassim set up midfielder Dennis Tetteh to score the first goal in the 38th minute before he sealed the victory for the visitors eight minutes to full time. Shooting Stars started well as they controlled the first quarter of the game with beautiful passing football on a solid pitch, but it was Black Satellites who created clear open chances and should have won by a wider margin. The Sierra Leonean team even threatened to score before the Ghanaians took t ...
Sierra Leone Since Independence – History of a Postcolonial State SLWS H&PS-1 Joe A. D. Alie, 2007 ISBN: 3-9808084-5-9 A stimulating and informative account of Sierra Leone’s political history from the last years of British colonial rule to the present. The book discusses some of the forces that have tended to unite and disintegrate the nation, paying particular attention to the deeds and misdeeds of the political elite. It concludes with an analysis of the major challenges facing Sierra Leone in the post-conflict period, as well as the prospects for building a progressive, democratic, peaceful and viable nation-state. Hybrid Eyes – An African in Europe SLWS CW-1 Osman A. Sankoh, 2001 ISBN: 3-00-003978-3 This semi-autobiography critically examines the experiences of Africans and other minority communities in Germany as well as key values and stereotypes that many people in Africa hold about Europe. The author acknowledges the flaws of African culture and advances proposals for the way ahead. Singing ...
Welcome! An Academic & General Publisher 1. The Sierra Leonean Writers Series (SLWS) was established by Prof. Osman Sankoh (Mallam O.) in 2001 with the publication of the English editions of his books Hybrid Eyes - Reflections of an African in Europe and Beautiful Colours - Reflections on the Problem of Racism. 2. SLWS will focus on academic, fictional, non-fictional and scientific writing including textbooks. 3. As the name implies, SLWS will publish books by writers of Sierra Leonean origin only. 4. Authors who approach SLWS must be aware that our primary distribution focus is Sierra Leone. However, we will collaborate with other publishers and distributors to make our books available elsewhere. Authors are expected to contribute to the distribution efforts of SLWS. 5. We do not yet have the facility to make our books available on AMAZON but we are working on this. SLWS authors agree on simultaneous publication of their books as eBooks. 6. Since our goal is to assist writers of Sierra Leonean origin t . ...
News Feed on Sierra Leone ~ Sierra Leone News: UNIPSIL donates Vehicle to SLAJ The United Nations Integrated Peace -building office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL) yesterday donated a three seater Nissan Patrol vehicle to the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) to enhance the smooth running of …Awoko · BySaidu Bah · 5/9/2014 Sierra Leone educators visit the state to observe preschool programs at work The Hour Online Sierra Leone: Eu107m Project Will Link Liberia to Sierra Leone By Paved Road Sierra Leone under President Ernest Ba Koroma is enjoying rapid infrastructural ... AllAfrica publishes around 2,000 reports a day from more than 130 news organizations and over 200 other institutions and individuals, representing a diversity of positions ...AllAfrica · 5/10/2014. Sierra Leone polio project helped by local volunteer A Wilpshire man, who is part of the International Citizen Service Programme, recently spent three months volunteering in Sierra Leone. Adam Wright, a former CRGS sixth form pupil ...
‘One Family People/ Breaking Barriers’, a short film about disability in Sierra Leone: With the Sierra Leonean...
Sierra Leonean defender hope for Leone stars return By Prince Scott After a highly promising start to 2013/14, league season Ahmed Deen’s season succumbed to injury, with the richly talented defender once more enduring the frustration of a long spell on the sidelines he has been out of action with a broken foot and Achilles which kept him out of action for four months two weeks. He returned to action in April, impressing in three FA Cup with his club, now Ahmed is fully fit and is ready for a new challenge with his club and the Sierra Leonean national team. Over the weekend he spoke to SALONE FUTBOL about his injury and his games in an exclusive interview. SF- How HAS LIFE BEEN WITH YOU SINCE YOU WERE ON THE SIDELINE? AD- Hmm life has been very tough with me because been a regular player in your team and you have an injury that kept you out of actions for about five months is not a good thing to recall. Also I was not normal with the situation because i always wanted to play and improve on my games. SF- ...
My million dollar question is; when will Sierra Leone have constant electricity, good water supply , proper housing , good sanitation and good health care for its population? Good education and jobs for its population? The progress is sluggish! In my mind their is a super young star called MKM for short; Mohamed k Mansaray who is aspiring for the position of the president come 2018 under ADM; Alliance Democratic Movement ! I think it's about time for Sierra Leoneans to wake up and join forces to put this dynamic young star in to power to rule Sierra Leone as president for a good prosperity for the people. Thank you !
NIGERIAN PROFESSORS SAY PRESIDENT ERNEST KOROMA IS DOING A REMARKABLE JOB IN Sierra Leone. VERY PROUD OF WHAT I HEARD ABOUT MY BOSS Ladies and Gentlemen, last Saturday, I dragged myself out of the house because my wife was invited to deliver the keynote address at a Mothers' Day ceremony--The 80th Birthday of the mother of a leading Nigerian woman here , timed to coincide with Mothers Day , thus making the huge occasion a celebration of Mothers' Day, Nigerian-style ! ! ! It was difficult for me. My feet are still swollen and burning . They hate to be worn in shoes . Walking was painful, but I had to be there to give support to my wife and secondly she was addressing a basically non-Sierra Leonean audience . You have to keep praying for me for these feet because they do not want to cooperate at all . I cannot conceal this information from you . As I told you last, the neuropathy doctor said I suffered nerve damage on my feet due to Diabetes. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. Thankfully, I was highly honored at the occas ...
Olushola Gerald AlCole. Thank You so much for hosting us at your house for this great reunion of our group . As a member of Land that we Love-SL , you have showed what it means to be A Sierra Leonean and part of the Team . We want to say Thank You to your wonderful wife too for her service and warm welcome . Thank You once again .
For all your latest gossip, News, and interviews of our Sierra Leonean footballers at home and abroad this is your official page
Mr Macaulay was Sierra Leonean Creole, just FYI. His first name was 'Olayinka'.
Just came back from attending our General meeting with other Sierra Leonean Muslims Association of Boston, Inc. Jammah members at 9 Belvoire Rd,Milton,Massachusetts. In attendance were Alhaji Imam Savage, Mr. Alusaine Deen. Brother Yusuf Sidibay, Sister Ajaratu Deen, Omaru Bayoh,Abdul Aziz Deen, Mohamed Savage, sister Rugiatu(Baby) sister Abe Pearce,sister Maria,myself,and many young Bostonian Jammah members . Agenda Most important topics we discussed We discussed about the coming Ramadan which will fall on the 29th of June including other topics;for example when and how we should be meeting for Iftar(breaking fast); how to organize that; what should be a responsibility for each sister and brother of the Jammah; and how to work on improving our current meeting and prayer location at 9 Belvoire Rd, Milton, MA as our (Masjid). Opening prayers was conducted by Imam Ibrahim Savage and myself. 1. Reading of the Past minute was conducted by brother Lansana Sidibay and Alusaine Deen 2. Amendment/matters arising ...
Sierra Leonean 850 troops want out of Somalia. Salary not paid and long service stay longer than promised:
Sierra Leoneans i am under serious attacked, i try to post it for friends to see it, but most said i should delete it, my name was published in three papers the same day, and now repeated threatening messages to me daily and one funny thing i do not know these people in person but they are from the Pa o Pas family, the Maada Bio Squad, is true they wil not make as long as i am their main block aid to their irregularities. They have a plan just like they did to Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden using witch horn and they are hunting for me daily. Take note.
This latest video is so disheartening but the callous indifference and hair-splitting by a certain "tendency"on social media is even more infuriating. Are these girls not Nigerians deserving of protection by all organs of the Nigerian state assuming for one crazy moment that this was planned by enemies of the President? It seems we were more united in defence of Liberians and Sierra Leoneans in the past! Beware of what you ask for-a rump breakaway Nigerian state beset by hostile neighbours on all sides?
"Sierra Leonean troop weren't expecting this resistance, and see no point dying in somalia, leaving behind money"
Saleh Alzahrani - a true friend of Sierra Leone He has visited Sierra Leone twice. He describes his visits as very successful. Saleh Alzahrani (in warm hand shake with Ambassador M.S Kargbo in photo one) is the General Manager of Manaber Investment Company with offices in Makkah and Jeddah in the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can’t talk about Real Estate business without mentioning his name. He has other lucrative businesses in and out of the Kingdom. The annual Muslim pilgrimage has become a lucrative business in recent years, proving a great financial asset to the economy of the oil-rich Gulf nation of Saudi Arabia. The highest rents in Saudi are found in the holy city of Makkah. Owners of hotels close to the Grand Mosque of Makkah ask for over $ 600 a night. Super-tall buildings are filling the Makkah skyline at an unstoppable pace. The ancient city's centuries-old sites are giving way to glitzy luxury hotels, which are not affordable for many pilgrims. Fortunately for Sierra Leo ...
The elephant's head is no load for a child. ~Sierra Leonean Proverb
First major announcement is the formation of Francis & Francis Solar. Francis & Francis Solar is company formed by myself and Francis Dove-Edwin. Our mission is to make high quality solar PV products affordable to Sierra Leoneans. Kerosene Free Freetown will be a project under Francis & Francis Solar. Stay tuned for more announcements.
CHAIRMAN AHMID MUNIRR FOFANA IS WINNER OF ‘GRAND OFFICER’S AWARD’ By Hassan Bruz Northern Bureau Chief The Port Loko District Council Chairman Ahmid Munirr Fofana who is also the President of the Local Councils Association of Sierra Leone [LOCASL], has been issue with the Grand Officer’s Award by His Excellency- President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for his meritorious service to the State. The enviable award which was dished out on the occasion of the 53rd Independence Anniversary of Sierra Leone, is an insignia offered to a classified set of individuals for their contribution to national development. Chairman Ahmid Munirr Fofana’s Award was in a category of 8 Dignitaries including some Civil Servants. Although it is a little over a week since the Award was received in the National Capital of Freetown, and he had long returned to his home District for official duties, the Port Loko District Council Chairman is still overflowing with thanks and appreciation to President Koroma and Government for the t ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Happy Mother's Day to all my Sierra Leonean mum you guys are all amazing mum's xoxoxo keep up the good job and continue to ask God for wisdom and understanding
On this day gone by: A senior fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, E.J. Graff, publishes findings on the twenty-nine adoptions in 1998, from Sierra Leone to the United States. That was 2 years ago today May 11, 2012. A Commission set up by the Government of Sierra Leone concluded the adoptions were fraudulent. However, no criminal charges have been pronounced. The adoptions were carried out by an NGO, Help A Needy Child International. (HANCI). According to the Associated Press, Sierra Leonean-American ballerina, Michaela DePrince, is one of the HANCI adoptions. A contributing editor at American Prospect, Graff has written thoroughly on this subject in the following and other publications: • Part I: In 1998, Americans Adopted 29 Children From a Town in Sierra Leone. Their Birth Families Say They Were Stolen • Part II: That Was the Last Time We Ever Saw These Children • Part III: How Flawed is the International Adoption Process? Led by Abu Bakar Kargbo, ...
We encourage all Sierra Leoneans to joined this group..
Well meaning Sierra Leoneans should not be banboosing themselves with the issue of third cleptocracy!!. No room for that in Sierra Leone ! the former MP that brought out that debate mr Robin Farlay now his name had been mentioned in Kenema when the H E president went to pay his last respect to the late resident menister Hon WJ Smith.His name among many names has been voiced for the replacement of the of the late man . I pray that HE would consider him so that he can sealed out his baseless debate back to his table. That is the game! always try to butter your bread. HE himself has coppied examples from other ex president in africa, for their democratic tenure in office. Among many like JJ Rowlins John Kufour of Ghana, Late president Kabba of Sierra Leone , Alpha Umaru Kunare of mali , Abdulai Wade of senegal even though he made the attemt but failed and the great Obassanjo of nigeria all these eminent politicians are now playing vital roles in the peace building across the continent and the wor ...
Diamonds are forever. Whereas the lifespan of a Sierra Leonean subsistence miner is 50 years, tops.
I can barely understand Sierra Leonean kriol 😕
Sierra Leonean girls are beautiful. Point blank
Jonathan congratulates Sierra Leonean president on re-election
a mustachio is a promiscuity: Sierra Leonean, not bolar
Lmao...they don't know that she's Sierra Leonean?
How dare you crush on my Sierra-Leonean crush? Either I marry Isha Sessay or Amanpour becomes my sugar mommy
Ghana readies for Sierra Leonean challenge: This is another important stage in the qualifying campaign for pla...
A set of Sierra Leonean runners are scheduled to take part in the annual Penn Relays in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania slated for the
that's not true! Samuel Ajayi Crowther, his grandfather, wasn't a "Sierra Leonean
Herbert Samuel Heelas Macaulay was born on 14 November 1864 in Lagos. He was the seventh child of his Sierra Leonean parents
The Highest and Most educated Sierra Leonean YET ! of our motherland . Davidson Nicol ! ~ Davidson Nicol, in full Davidson Sylvester Hector Willoughby Nicol, also called Abioseh Nicol (born Sept. 14, 1924, Freetown, Sierra Leone—died Sept. 20, 1994, Cambridge, Eng.), Sierra Leonean diplomat, physician, medical researcher, and writer whose short stories and poems are among the best to have come out of West Africa. Nicol was educated in medicine and natural sciences in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and England, and he subsequently served in various medical posts in those countries. He became known for his research into the structure of insulin, and he lectured and wrote widely on medical topics. He was principal of Fourah Bay College, Freetown (1960–68), vice chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone (1966–68), and his country’s ambassador to the United Nations (1969–71). Nicol was president of the UN Security Council in 1970, and from 1972 to 1982 he served as executive director of the United Nati .. ...
Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs who produce fresh juice, and make soaps and teas from lemon grass are just a few of...
Attila The Squealer! By Sorie Fofana The deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Mustapha Bai Attila is at the centre of controversy, once again. Last week, he threatened to order the arrest of any Sierra Leonean who publicly opposes a third term or term extension for President Ernest Bai Koroma. Unfortunately, for Bai Attila, President Koroma was at the APC headquarters last week, publicly encouraging citizens to speak out freely on issues bordering on national interest. The shameless scumbag quickly put his tail between his legs and disappeared from the public gallery. Since his appointment as deputy Minister, Bai Attila has been engaged in all sorts of espionage activities to undermine his boss in the Ministry, Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai. Bai Attila is desperately looking out for promotion in the Cabinet, so he can do anything to undo anybody. Cabinet Ministers should beware of this dangerous reptile!
If Obama was a Sierra Leonean… By Umaru Fofana “No part of the education of a politician is more indispensable than the fighting of elections.” – Sir Winston Churchill. While you mull over that I wonder whether you have ever wondered what would have happened to Barack Obama had he been a Sierra Leonean and wanted to run for the highest office in the land? Well, I have. He would have been frustrated and left to writhe and die. Reason: our country’s politics is broken and it kills those who are not favoured by those who have established a fortress for themselves and turned into fiefdoms our tribal groupings called political parties. Fiefdoms that will not hesitate to carry out a pogrom if only to keep their hands on raw political power or get them to it. I repeat, Sierra Leone’s politics is broken perhaps into smithereens. The personal aggrandising politicians seem more plentiful than the people they claim to want to lead. So also are the rogue elements in power and those around them who are mor ...
It's nice day outside on Friday evening with warm weather and nice sunshine!! I'm about to take an evening exercising walk with my headphones on listening to some Pete Rock, J Dilla, neo soul track etc!! As I listen to those tracks I makes wish I did that and mix them with accepellas from artist many of you haven't heard of which are Sierra Leonean like "Jaybo, Shadowwaf Boxer of W.A.F, Jay Arr, Fulani Twins, Vicki Forna, and others! Perhaps if I had the skills of studio engineer or a DJ I would be able to make that happen!One time during my evening walk, I was listening to a track by Slum Village called "Once Upon A Time prod. by Pete Rock and D Jilla! while signing Jaybo's "make up to break ups" mental and just imagining how the instrumental alone would sound over "makup and break ups". Than I rewound it ,listened to it again and imagined how "Vicki Forna's "Dis Wol" would sound over that same instrumental!! Can you picture having an African artist lyrics over a raw soulful hip hop soul clapping instr . ...
African food that I eat that isn't cooked by a Guinean, Senegalese, or Sierra Leonean is kinda wierd to me
Sierra Leonean in Cincinnati will Celebrate the Country 53 years Independence this Saturday May 3, 2014 at the Willow Creek. The Address Is 8100 Burkhart St, Cincinnati, OH45237..Tickets $10.00.. Come and dance to Africa Music from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria Guinea and Democratic Congo. Free African Cusine in Buffet Style.
Is this really Sierra Leonean culture? I think the time has finally come for this country to confront the question of whether mask devil parades are truly cultural events or political jamborees that have been hijacked by hardcore criminal elements whose activities have forced people like me to stop by and think about the foreboding with which people greeAt mask devil parades these days in Freetown particularly as to those days. Is there no other way to observe holidays than to pack central Freetown with mask devils and all kinds of criminals? TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2.
BREAKING NEWS Parliament has today approved that, from now on if any Sierra Leonean dies,he/she should be burried with the country flag for identification so that he/she should be sent straight to heaven;because he/she have passed through *** Are we happy over this mercy shown to us?
With Memsor,,, Wendy Williams current stylist!! and yes he is a Sierra Leonean, Repping the GWB!!
SERRA LEONE AMBASADOR IN SAUDI ON SAUDI TV tonight Are you a Sierra Leonean living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any of the neighbouring Gulf countries? Watch the Saudi Broadcaster, KSA 2 tonight at 10: 45 P.M (local time) for a 50 minutes discussion program on how Sierra Leone gained her independence from our colonial masters , the investment opportunities in the country, the on-going developmental strides by the current leadership and so on. Popular Saudi Journalist, Khaled Alolaiwi will host the Sierra Leone envoy and one of his diplomatic staff to discuss the aforementioned issues and many more. Don’t miss it…..if you miss it, inbox me to know the time and day for the repeat broadcast.
Fiirst of all I like to Thank The Almighty Father for a wonderful holiday that I am having ,wht a celebrating I cant ask for more. Bunce Island tour just bring back to me the meaning of my country's Independence. Very proud Sierra Leonean. U al Have a Blessed Week ahead. X
Heyden Adama is a Sierra Leonean musician based in Seattle WA. Born in Lunsar partly raised in Brima-Lane, Sierra Leone Heyden was adopted in 2003 and came to the United States. Heyden lived in Modesto, California where she attended Ripon Christian Junior High. Adama graduated Junior in 2004 and was moved to Turlock christian high school her freshman year. In the middle of the her freshman year her family moved to Seattle WA, where she was home-schooled for the remaining of 9th grade. All through her schooling career, heyden too part in choir. Even then she knew she wanted to be an artist.
Happy Independence Day to our Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters.
After been mugged by some idle youths on independent eve, I decided to take some family members to my farm and to see some ongoing projects am doing on the independent day. Despite what happened to me, am still proud to be a Sierra Leonean. These are projects for a village called Madonkeh @ Newton, a water well, a school for the community and an agricultural project for women
“Seen at the cookout” I ain't even peep😂😂u Jie tall fool, I ain't know u was Sierra Leonean
Photoset: dynamicafrica: John Goba, Sierra Leonean artist. Of Mende origin, John Goba was born into the...
Im like the only Sierra Leonean whose never seen Blood Diamonds 😢 and I'm just now hearring about it
I'm probably the most patriotic American born Sierra Leonean you'd ever meet and the reason for that is not the country it's the people. When people speak about the country they talk about poverty despite rich natural resources, they talk about small population, they talk about war but despite ALL our bad circumstances I can turn on TedX talks and see a Sierra Leonean giving remarks, I can turn on Oprah and see a Sierra Leonean actor being interviewed, I can open Vogue magazine and see a Sierra Leonean's designs, I can randomly watch an MTV movie and a Sierra Leonean song is playing the background and the list goes on. So on this 53rd anniversary of our Independence I thank God for blessing the people of Sierra Leone to do above and beyond our limitations. I thank God for giving Sierra Leoneans the strength to overcome difficulties and always be a source of pride to their countrymen. May we continue to progress, may we continue to lift each other up. Forward ever Sweet Salone!
I want to wish all my Sierra Leonean friends happy independent as the country celebrate its 53rd independence.Happy birthday Mama Salone.
Happy Independent to all Sierra Leonean Please let love mamah salone remember united we stand. And no place like home
Sierra Leonean girls may be crazy, but we worth it 😏💚💎💙
Happy 53rd Independance to all Sierra Leonean. May peace & development reign in our sweet Salone
Sierra Leonean jellof rice bangs. We don't have everything the other countries do, but we can cook better than all of yo…
She is so so impressive! Lucy Pillar has honestly made my independence night, with her entertainment live band musical concert at the Miatta conference hall in Freetown. The lady's live band performance is exceptional. An extremely talented Sierra Leonean lady. Lucy you are too much. Keep it up... A wonderful night spent here...
Happy indepent day to every Sierra LeoneAN. U should be proud of yourself for being a Sierra Leone
Only just remembered it's Sierra Leonean independence day
people from there describe themselves by their tribe. No one just says Leonean it's the full on Sierra Leone
Celebrating Our 53 rd Independence Anniversary with Sierra Leonean students of Anakazul Here in Accra, Ghana
we thank God for this day to all Sierra Leonean, happy birthday to Mama Salone.
I'm proud to be half Sierra Leonean half Liberian, happy independent day have fun.
RUMPELL all most kill de Sierra Leonean na liberia ya tiday with bele dea hat right now,are don laff too much..
Happy 53rd independence to my country Mama Salone, my country is a blessed land am glad to b a Sierra Leonean. In S/L we ve differents languages with differents people, differents cultures n traditions, differents behaviours but yet we r one n a one big family that is bound 2gether with love n Faith. S/L is a land blessed with milk n honey it has d best weather, God bless us with natural resources n d blessings r everywhere. Trials n troubled has come n gone but almighty God kept us as one, many leaders has also come n gone but S/L is there to stay. There's no place like home my dear S/L is my country d land of my birth. I kno God did not make a mistake by making us Sierra Leonean so we must appreciate him. S/L is one of d blessed nation of d world. I love Mama Salone PEACE LOVE n UNITY
Gorgeous Sierra Leonean that u can't compare to no Liberian
I am 99.8 % Sierra Leonean and 0.2% Liberian. Mathematically, I consider myself 100% Sierra Leonean by rounding up 99.8% to the nearest whole number, 100%. We pride ourselves in RESILIENCE, COURAGEOUS, PATIENT and FRIENDLINESS. As we celebrate today, I urge and dare every Sierra Leonean to reflect on ways we can BETTER OUR COUNTRY AND OURSELVES. One of the greatest statement by Pres. JFK Jr says that we must not ask questions about what our country has done for us but rather what have we, as people, done for our country. Let's help each other rise up from DARK DAYS and teach ourselves ways of growing rather than tearing ourselves down. We need to teach ourselves on how we can start electing our politicians by their CREDENTIALS, QUALITIES, QUALIFICATIONS, ASPIRATIONS and POLICIES rather than TRIBE, AFFILIATION, RELATIONS.We need to learn how to identify POLITICAL LEADERS rather than POLITICAL SABOTEURS. We can do GREAT THINGS as a COUNTRY when we work COLLECTIVELY by putting aside our POLITICAL SIDES but . ...
Am proud to be a Sierra Leonean and to be called a Sierra Leonean and its a prestigue 4 me to be in this part of d world and to u even reading this status.want to say 2day marks our 53 years of independence, to all born natives of our beloved mama "salone"type happy independence and God elevate this land.
Happy Independent day to all Sierra Leonean as we celebrate our 53 Independent Anniversary.Long live Sierra Leone
Happy independent to all Sierra Leonean my God almighty continue to sustain our beloved country
The Dreams of 1961 is alive and in our time.The power of the Sierra Leonean democracy is in April 27.And tonight is the answer spoken by your forefathers.Pls don't misused it,Pray for Mama-Salone.The mother land will never fall,Sierra Leone is getting better.Happy birthday Mama-Salone.
Album Titles: African Child, Here 2 Stay and Born Sierra Leonean. Buy the mp3 on iTunes and all digital download sites (Search JayArr or Born Sierra Leonean)...
Today is Sierra Leonean Independence day, and I just want to let all of you know...I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!
A Sierra Leonean classic from one of the most fascinating and successful bands in the 70s and early 80s --- Sabanoh 75. This is one of their signature hits. ...
Alpha and friends in Amman Jordan. Happy independence Celebration to all Sierra Leonean
The executive of d one family extend their profound wishes to all Sierra Leonean a happy 53rd anniversary.
Today is the birthday of Mama Salone not the birthday of the red nor the green so as Sierra Leonean let remove our green and red and put on our green,wihte and blue for our belove Sierra Leone.
domain names
Happy independent to all Sierra Leonean home abroad.
happy indipenent 2 all Sierra Leonean around d globe
Happy independent to all my Sierra Leonean friend
To all my Sierra Leonean friends: I wish you all a great independence day!
Happy independent day to all my fellow Sierra Leonean,i'm proud to be a Sierra Leonean.what about you?
e nor easy o na salone, but we tell God tenki for way e make am possible for celebrate another independent, I am very,very proud to be a Sierra Leonean may God bless salone and all members of this group
Happy independent to all my Sierra Leonean brother and sister . Respect u culture!!!
Every year at this time, I reflect on the sacrifice and relentless struggle our founding fathers and mothers stood for to gain independence. Least we forget the blood shed of those that wanted the United States of Africa and end up paying the ultimost price. I also reflect on where we are and where we should have been. You see my fellow Sierra Leonean, the love of once country is deeply rooted in the heart and like a heart its bleeds when u know things are not going the right way. I will reserve my personal opinions but instead focus on civic engagement, rights and responsibilities which I will elaborate on in-depth in the next write up. To summarize it all, we need to love our beloved country. It starts from there. Happy Independence Day to you all. Abu Samu Dzcus
A Happy Independence Day to all my Sierra Leonean bredrins :-).
Happy Independence Day to all peace loving Sierra Leonean. Just trying to be me and keeping real wuth my princess.
I wish all my Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters,friends and love ones a very happy and hectic independent day celebration and a special one for my lovely wife Bilkish Kamara and children Alusine M Sankoh, Aruna A Sankoh and Amidu N Sankoh all of Number 67 Magburaka Road Mile91.
Happy independent day to all Sierra Leonean at home and abroad.Let us come together to put our country at d top.
Happy 53rd independent anniversary to my Sierra Leonean people.bless up
While few are questioning what we are celebrating, the happiness that is going on in many Sierra Leonean communities is unimaginable. The peace that was initiated by our late President, Dr. Ahmad Tijan Kabba, nurtured by our current President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, and the collaboration of our people to make this happened is something to celebrate about. No doubt about it we regressed during the past decades, but due to the lessons we have learned that when peace and stability become the foundation of a nation, prospect would emerged. On this foundation that our current President is developing the country. However, as we continue to celebrate this wonderful day, let us take into consideration the men and women in the military, civilians, and the journalists who gave their lives to give us the peace that we are enjoying today. Had it not been for their invaluable contribution, who knows what our country would have looked like. We should also consider the love ones these heroes left behind for the ultimate ...
Check it...Half of me root na lebanese but me na Sierra Leonean brother man,and Sierra Leone na me only mother land,ar nor get nor side again for go me na salone man each week pan d month,black or white e nor matter which district u ar from,way dae tok of salone man mix me pan d count,and wass na for salone biznes meet me na d front,and ar go rep am till ar go six feet na d ground,everyday a new song from d boy,XZU B salone borbor true son of d soil..u dig,support xzu b best new comer lake award tonight stadium main bowl.
I was surprise when I hard that my fellow Sierra Leonean were dancing for Sierra Leone independent with joy why are we celebrating our independent what have we achieve as a nation I believed we should be crying for our colonial master to come back and lead us instead of our own brothers and sisters.we are dancing the wolf dancing we are celebrating our death sentence where children don't have future or dream they don't know if they will eat the next day and we are still celebrating,look at our schools the standard of education in our country have down about 80% our schools don't have toilet facility and no running water for school kids no break fast no lunch and they will live school going hungry but still we are celebrating our Independence Day, Go to our main universities campus and compare it to the colonial days (white man) and see the different look at the buildings the staff quarters no electricity city no water supply no toilet facility for the students and no bed sheet no spoon but still we are c ...
Happy 53 anniversary to my beautiful and peaceful country Mama Salone, the land of the braves, the land of ex-slaves, Happy anniversary to all peaceful citizeans of the beautiful nation, i'm urging every Sierra Leonean to maintain the peace and allow us cut our country's cake in a conducive manner.. 'U wae dae tiff suspend am 4 tiday ya'.. We want enjoy n demostrate we love 4 Mama Salone tiday.. I love salone..
Happy Independance day to all Sierra Leonean. Pls love this country and support the little you can
To all Sierra Leonean: Happy 53rd Independence Celebration...Due for Sunday 27th April. Lets continue to develop our beloved country. Love u all!
I will like 2 wish all Sierra Leonean a happy happy independent day coz 53yr we hv tried so what we need 2 do now is focoz on development n hw 2 improve d living standard of our people in our country so let all came 2gather n put Mama Salone first remember salone is our only home coz there is no place like home land dat we luv our swet salone my fellow Sierra Leonean let us all change our attitude n behaviours 4 a better nation if u luv Mama Salone just comments ONE LUV SL
I want to wish every Sierra Leonean a happy 53rd independence celebration. I love u all
Happy Independence to all Sierra Leonean, As we celebrate this day may we examine ourselves, ask questions like what have we done for Sierra Leone, is our country getting better over the past 53 years.I love Salone, may God bless us all.
Happy 53rd Anniversary Celebration to every Sierra Leonean be it home and abroad pls ur contributions are highly recommended.
Happy independent to all Sierra Leonean @ 53 years
I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to every Sierra Leonean on our 53rd Independence Anniversary with best wishes for Mama Salone
Remembering my days at Tower Hill Municipal School. Looking at the flag painted on the wall of building housing 1A , 1B , Headteachers Office ,.we sometimes sing " We love our flag , Our beautiful Flag , The Green , and White , and Blue " instead of the national anthem... We were taught to love and honor our country from such young age. Wonder if it is still happening now! There is nowhere for a Sierra Leonean except Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans LETS LOVE Sierra Leone . LETS LOVE ONE ANOTHER. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
Happy independence to ever Sierra Leonean
=--..__..-=-._. !=--..__..-=-._; !=- -..(*..-=_; !=--..__..-=-._; ! i i Unity, Freedom n Justice Divided into 4 regions 14 Districts 16 Ethnic groups 2 Main religions 1 Country Be proud to be a Sierra Leonean Let us celebrate & enjoy the freedom to live independently in our country cheerfully, helpfully, hopefully, peacefully by remembering our national heroes who gave us freedom after suffering years of pain & humiliation. Happy Independence Day Y'all.
Happy Independent day to Mama Salone, and all Sierra Leonean out that we love our Sierra Leone.God bless you Mama Salone.
We are proud of being a Sierra Leonean
Thanks Almighty Allah for this beautiful day & Happy independent day to all Sierra Leonean around the world.
Happy 53 independent to all Sierra Leonean and true friends of Sierra Leone . HAPPY INDEPENDENT
Happy independent to all Sierra Leonean all over the world, as we celebrate 53rd anniversary. God bless Mama Salone.
Happy independent to you all and may we as a Sierra Leonean continue to live in peace and love. May the Almighty God continue to bless the fruit of our labour
I wish you all happy independent day. Mama Salone is 53 years now. please let's pray for the better. love for all FB Friends. love for all Sierra Leonean.
I wish all the Sierra Leonean Happy Independence Day may our country (Sierra Leone) progress in everywhere and in everything the whole world should have proud on us. I WISH YOU ONCE MORE HAPPY ! HAPPY ! INDEPENDENCE DAY !
Happy independent celebration to all Sierra Leonean home N abroad
Happy independent 2 to all hard working Sierra Leonean.
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