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Sierra Leone (Krio: Salone), officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north and east, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and southwest.

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idk ohh i guess a tribe ! i just seen this picture... the only Mende's i know about is Sierra Leonean
I had a dream that one day all ya Sierra Leonean gonna knw my name supa fire
When u do real thing, People u dont know recomends u. A guy from Paris called me yesterday saying he viewed my songz and that am d best Sierra Leonean Artist in France. I was like not only France but d whole europe. Lol
I met and pleaded with some Sierra Leonean rebels to lay down their arms in 2001...
I mean no disrespect or harm,but truely LXG's *** Don suppose to be appreciated with a special recognition or award as d most CREATIVE ARTIST in SL. As his talent is really really ENTERTAINING our Sierra Leonean people including me,u and everybody. Just a fact: do u know that d group LXG is d most CREATIVE Group in SL. Ofcourse YES
The lawlessness of the average Sierra Leonean Just yesterday on 26th February I went down to the New Fat Kaj internet café at 5 Ross Road in Freetown to check my emails and to print out a few documents. As I settled down to read through my emails I noticed a gentleman sitting next to me watching on my screen and basically reading my stuff. I politely asked the man to stop looking at my screen as the stuff I was reading was private. The man responded: Ar go look, yai get boundary? If you nor want leh den watch watin you dae read go buy laptop en fen modem. I again said to the guy he is not supposed to watch on my screen and he said – internet café nar lek poda poda ar kin sidom any sai way ar want. If e hart you go police. I really did not need to go to the police because there was a female police officer there at the time whose presence did not make any difference at all. Talking about lawlessness and abuse of power way too many people were left stranded on either side of the Kissy and Tagrin terminal ...
The general superintendent of deeper life bible church, william folorunso kumuyi, the holy preacher of this generation has disowned the controversial vcds of a lady and a boy who claimed to have died, gone to heaven and came back to narrate their experiences.besides,the vcds has been sold all over nigeria , and one of such cds is that of a Sierra Leonean lady, called linda ngaujah.
Its not by accident, I being a Sierra Leonean. I delighted yet proud of being member of this noble family. To my fellow compatriots, its individual yet collective responsibility bestowed upon every Sierra Leonean. Building and uplifting our heritage must be prime in our agendas. God bless Sierra Leone and her offsprings.
A Sierra Leonean lady was involve wt one chinise guy, they got married and produce a child, after a year the child past away(dead). so the mother of the Sierra Leonean lady came from the village to sympathise with them. As soon as the mother in-law reached the house she started shouting, "U see, i said it, i knew this will happen" so one of the sympathizers got angry and ask Her "Madam U know what" so the mother in-law answered to the crowd"I KNEW IT THAT CHINISE PRODUCT DOES NOT LAST FOR LONG" kikikikiki...
African Radio TV Salone World Premeire Its another banger coming from Delit Nanbaranbator, a brand new video as he gives you a love track that is song in Kreo and Mandingo. Only a few artists has done this and he is one of the ones that setting the trends for Sierra Leonean beginning to showcase their native language and heritage proudly. He continues to emerge as one of the best up and coming Salone artists, soon the words up and coming may not exist when you speak about him.. Click on link below to watch video now
Tom Nyuma was a Sierra Leonean military commander and the chairman of the Kailahun District council. He was elected as chairman of Kailahun District council on July 6, 2008 with 87% of the vote running on the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party ticket. Nyuma was born in Kailahun, and was very popular in the Southern and Eastern regions of the country. In March 2012, Nyuma left the SLPP and joined the All People's Congress of President Ernest Bai Koroma. He was at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces before he retired. On 29 April 1992, Nyuma was one of the young officers in the Sierra Leonean army who ousted the APC government led by Joseph Saidu Momoh. They established the National Provisional Ruling Council to run the government. During the NPRC administration, Nyuma was the commander of the Eastern Province. He was a member of the Kissi ethnic group and an alum of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.
Am very sorry to labelled you as a Lebanese man Nasser Ayoub it was due to the anger i got from your post about Sledu NMA . I am deeply sorry about it big brother . We should all come together in order to improve our entertainment industry . Please forgive and forget as a Muslim and a Sierra Leonean .
Sierra Leonean center back Abdul Bangura signs with the Silverbacks, adding a physical presence to the back line:
I MAY NOT BE A Sierra LeoneAN, BUT I SPENT A TOTAL OF 17 years of my life growing up in Sierra Leone attending the UMC Primary School, then after sitting Selective Exams, I did CKC, and UCC, and Lower Six @ Bo School. I am COBA, OSASA and OBBA. Yet I also did Fourah Bay a member of Bai Bureh Hall 1994/95 Academic year, a Member of BSU when Gambian Student John Njai was BSU Leader, and some Members included Liberian Student, Frances Fahnbulleh, Sis. Lorna (now) Sippo. And with all this, I know I am not a Sierra Leonean. But at least I hold sufficient FRATERNITY with the Land and People of this Great Nation, that I don't feel over-stepping my Bounds, to use this means to call on the Government and Peoples of Sierra Leone to APPOINT this industrious Daughter of this Beautiful Country, that is known for the Highest HOSPITALITY in ALL of West Africa. That we make her Sierra Leone'S AMBASSADOR for CULTURE and UNITY. For her manifold selfless and tireless efforts she has continued to perform in every event that ...
I am Sierra Leonean & run an org 2 better health equity: Would love 2 help if feasible
West Africa Action Network on Small Arms held discussions with Sierra Leone to discus ratification of the
Iv'e never seen an ugly Sierra Leonean in my life
Sierra Leonean midfielder, Mohamed Medo Kamara helped his side, Bolton Wanderers return to winning ways after four matches in the.
Sierra Leonean stand up and welcome d biggest klub That is DE STUNNERS KLUB is back with grandstyle house party on DEC 22 at OBAMA CITY,patron single 30,000 double 55,000
Sierra Leonean born F. A. Cole Author of the book 'Distance Sunrise' - The strength in her pain to forgive... gave an interesting interview to Voice of America's African Beat show stay tuned.
EU to invest massively in Sierra Leone: The European Union has informed Sierra Leonean parliamentarians that i...
Most time people despise themselves of being a Sierra Leonean carring sweet names like queens, kings, lovely,sexy, rolin,collins, e.t.c making themself to see s/l uncomfortable for them becus carring a king or queen u need a kingdom on ur own, where people will submissive to u. But treking on the street with typical names like Musa,Bondu,Kai,kondeyombo etc which symbolises a original name of S/Leonean, and u will see some carring four or five names he/she alone failing to know that all those name have characters/attribute and each of them will follow u some good and some bad,then u started to ask ur self what is rong with me failing to know d problem is ur name so pls brothers and sisters lek respect the fact that we are congintials of lion mountain and there is no place like home. So in view of this my nick name is ''KAIWANDE GBU'' the man himself the kono professor!!
Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugee migrant families in South Australia are concentrated at the lower end of the sociaeconomic spectrum, and socioeconomic disadvantages are known to undermine short and long-term success in school. This mean, children from these communities are struggling in South Australia educational system. Diompillor Kissia SA is providing Out-Of-School programs that support children and young people to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.
my Sierra Leonean soul mate!! Come and save me from old age I beg
I was in a taxi cab today when a fellow Sierra Leonean who has left this country 15 years ago lost his way. Guess where and why?
If Democracy is the government of the people, by the pepple & for the people, let's unite as Sierra Leonean(Both home & Abroad) to build our weak state,Sierra Leone.
My elder sister is launching her Movie, titled Blind Judgement, at the Starco Cinema, Kissy Road Free Town on Sunday march 2, 2014 just for Le, 10, be a part of it, u will not regret u did, meet and chart with Sierra Leonean movie stars
To all Sierra Leonean living in Sweden, We are kindly inviting you to our next meeting on the 2nd of mrch 2014. The citizen of our County has an opportunity to change the political direction of your party, your town and city, your county, and nation. There are many reasons for the come, regardless of the party, to accept the duty as a Sierra Leonean, take the time, make an effort, know how the party is functioning, and the way we serve our people. thanks and come all.
Drama featuring a popular Sierra Leonean rap star, LAJ and Big Fish, has now entered into the court. Only yesterday, he and a co-accused were granted bail in a case whose rap sheet resembles an American rapper gangsta trial: one minute they are out of court, the next one in. LAJ, whose real name is Alhaji Amadou Bah, spent ten days in police custody before he was charged on Monday over his alleged involvement in the death of three people, following a night club brawl. The incident that happened on January 14, sent shockwaves across the country's music industry. Breaking out in a night club in Freetown's jolly western end, it involved the popular rapper LAJ, who heads the so-called Red Flag Movement or RFM, and a rival group headed by another gangsta named simply as Big Fish. The conflict started when the two groups quarrelled in the club over a girl, allegedly provoking LAJ to fire several shots in the air in self defence as he boarded his car outside the club. An attempt by the rapper to drive away opene ...
The Marvin Records Boss, Don Jazzy has finally signed a new female act to compliment Tiwa Savage’s effort in his empire. The newly signed artiste, Hadiza Blell a.k.a Di’Ja, is a Nigerian –Sierra Leonean damsel who’s got a splendid voice. She is an emerging artiste based in Canada. Her first single ‘Rock Steady’ was nominated for the Best Urban /R and B single at the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards. After her official unveil, Di’ja releases her first single for the Nigerian music market titled, “Yaro.” The song is an upbeat love song with a hausa fused beat and progression. Di’ja croons about her love interest in the song and Donjazzy supports with his resplendent harmonies. - See more at:
Just thinking about some groups presently in Freetown dishing out money for there HOMOSEXUAL Campaign. I do believe as a Sierra Leonean despite we are poor we cannot join in such an act condemned by our two (2) Holy Books By Allah's grace.
It always irritate me when Sierra Leonean hate their fellow citizens and show much love and concern to foreigners. We should be our brothers keeper and not the other way round.
Sierra Leonean because of the freedom we have the president say development most follow if u no u are in the part of development just like and comment.
THE MOMENT OF TRUTH The clock is now ticking at an early stage for those who would like to lead our country come 2018. I am kindly asking every Sierra Leonean to click the video on you tube about the prospect Dr. Yumkellah has for Sierra Leone. He is a man of words and deeds. Kindly watch that video and post your view about what you think he would bring to the table for the whole country to benefit from
I've been hanging around with to many Nigerians 😩 I miss my Sierra Leonean people tbh
Aa Sierra Leonean, what is going wrong with this country, upon all our mineral we are still backword,why should u suffering?
Any of my Sierra Leonean followers from the Mende or Temne tribe?
I am working on a story about female DJs in Africa. I have a couple great ones already from other countries wondering if anyone knows any female Sierra Leonean DJs anywhere in the world.
Liberia: Fast-Tracking Investigation in Western Liberia 26 February 2014 The Liberia News Agency or LINA recently reported illegal logging activities in the northwestern region of Liberia by some Sierra Leonean nationals. LINA pointed accusing fingers at a number of local government officials for abetting the illegal logging activities in Kongba District, Gbarpolu County, even though it did not name those involved. It quoted a town chief of Jawajeh Chiefdom in the district as communicating with the Gbarpolu County Administration on the involvement of the local government officials in illegal log smuggling across the Liberian-Sierra Leonean border by Sierra Leoneans. As the result of the illegal action of the local government officials, which began since January of 2013, a regular patrol of the border line in the district was imitated among youths and elders to ensure that Liberians logs were prevented from smuggling by undesirable actors- an action on the part of the town chief that paid-off well. Such ef ...
Sierra Leonean Christians from different denominations met with the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Mustapha...
Now this is to die for Sierra Leonean Designer. Check out her Fabulose work and creativity. ♥...
In my country the government propagate ''AGENDA FOR PROSPERITY'' ''AGENDA FOR CHANGE''. WE honestly don't need grammar.what we need is agenda for job,food agenda,light agenda,a structured police force agenda,water agenda,and many niceties of life agenda. That is what we Sierra Leonean need.GBAM
. The Sierra Leonean girl. who met GADAFFI, WHITENY HOUSTON in *** . Sierra Leone's over 50 years of...
Sierra Leonean agency picks 10 businesses for Ghana Exhibition
Sierra Leonean agency picks 10 businesses for Exhibition
This message is from my inbox and we need help from Sierra Leonean who can help with information or passing on this information. We will appreciate if you can inbox, email us , contact our office in n,FreetowSierra Leone for any update. Buster Gut My name is Anthony Boyson and I lived in Sierra Leone from 2004 to 2007. While I was there I came across a man named Cobus Claassens, a South African. I am researching this man as he is a serial child sex abuser and I have initiated a case against him in Nigeria where I have found he is continuing his activities against young girls of the 10 to 12 years age group. I need assistance in the form of any information that may be available about this man. I am aware the Police raided his residence at Spur Road on a number of occasions in 2006 but he was able to talk/buy his way out of being arrested. I was also informed that a local radio station heard about this man and actually broadcast a warning about his activities. Since making this man’s activities public he ...
are you foreign? — I was born in VA but my blood Sierra Leonean
There are more Sierra Leonean doctors working in hospitals in the city of Chicago than in their own homeland. More Malawian nurses in Manchester than in Malawi. Africa's most significant export to Europe and the United States is trained professionals, not petroleum, gold and diamond. The educated African migration is definitely retarding the progress of every country in Africa. Today, one in three African university graduates, and 50,000 doctoral holders now live and work outside Africa. Sixty-four percent of Nigerians in the USA has one or more university degrees.
me and u not related oo, I'm Sierra Leonean & Guinean, U mandingo witchcraft
you fux with sean paul??? — LOOL, of course i'm Sierra Leonean fam .. all we know is dancehall like the jamaican...
Sierra Leonean born fitness instructor, Bee Jacks, who lives in Hungerford, England, spearheaded the raising of...
I need some Sierra Leonean food to cheer me up
What makes countries end up in persistent and permanent poverty? Why is Mexico much poorer than the United States? Why is Latin America so fundamentally different to North America? How is it possible that an average American is 40 times richer than an average Sierra Leonean? Is it climate, geography, culture, or could it be the ignorance of domestic leaders? Acemoglu and Robinson suggest its none of these in their book "Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty", Rather, the real reason behind the poverty trap and significant between-nation differences lies in the role of political and economic institutions. Politics and the formation of political institutions take centre stage in their book, which formulates the thesis that only within an inclusive political system is it possible for nations to achieve prosperity. small tink2 nmo
"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names" From a Patriotic Sierra Leonean.
"It is not the highest mountain that a man climbs but the depths from whence he came." -Sierra Leonean proverb
CLASSROOM-TO-CLASSROOM Project Objective: The main objective of the Classroom-to-Classroom project is to provide the necessary educational tools to primary and secondary students, such as sets of textbooks, book bags, pens, pencils, paper and class furniture. It also aims to facilitate cultural exchange between American and Sierra Leonean students to encourage global citizenship and awareness, and to teach children that education is a right and not a privilege. The project will also be able to measure the efficacy of minimal educational supplies in rural villages, and, ideally, show that the most rudimentary tools can exponentially increase learning.
As a Sierra Leonean American, Black History Month isn't just in February, BHM is every month in the year.
Brigadier General Komba Sylvester Mansa-Musa Mondeh psc, fwc, MSc (born October 31, 1966 in Freetown, Sierra Leone) is a former top-ranking officer in the Sierra Leonean army. Mondeh was one of six young soldiers in the Sierra Leonean Army that ousted president Joseph Saidu Momoh led All People's Congress (APC) government in on April 29, 1992. He served as the Chief of the Defence Staff of the NPRC administration from 1992 to 1996.He operated as the Sector Commander Sector West UNAMID Darfur (Sudan) until he was forced into retirement in June 2013.[1]Early life[edit] Brig Gen Mondeh was born into academic and diplomatic world in the Njala University Community. His late father Dr. Renner Eric Mondeh (a Kono by tribe) was a Lecturer and a Diplomat. His mother Mrs. Rose C Mondeh hails from Bonthe District, Southern Sierra Leone. Mondeh was educated at the Albert Academy School in Freetown. He then attended the Njala University College, Moyamba District, Sierra Leone. Military career[edit] Mondeh was commissi ...
"if i ever mess with an African, he has to be Nigerian cause Sierra Leonean men come with SOMUCH drama."
"A wise monkey is a monkey who does not monkey with another's monkey." - Sierra Leonean wisdom
what I like Ghanaian girls them Sierra Leonean and certain naijas
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I think I'm the only Sierra Leonean that doesn't like casava leaves 😷😪
The only time I care about Africa is when Leo DiCaprio is a mercenary helping a Sierra Leonean find the diamond he hid
Africa and the Consequences of Millipede Leaders It was Sorious Samura, the Sierra Leonean documentary film maker, who invited global attention to the egregious humanitarian crisis and human-made crimes, which stole the spotlight during the 11 year civil war in Sierra Leone that left 50,000 dead. These grim and gory sights, which were underreported by the western media, he recorded with his rounded lenses and creatively dubbed Cry Freetown. The ugly live feed won him laurels and shot him from obscurity to international reckoning. The documentary tells the sad tale of morbid ambition pursued wildly by the twin consequences of unbridled cravings for power and plenteous dollar notes from diamonds. As the trappings of war ravaged Freetown, another African country on the Central African tip, Rwanda, was reveling and quaking in the glee and brutality of genocide, displacing its motto of unity, work and patriotism. To the war mongers, it was an unprecedented ecstasy and pride. To the victims and unwilling fighte ...
Sierra Leonean striker, Mohamed Poborsky Bangura has canceled his contract with Scotland premier league giant, Celtic.
What do u think about Sierra Leonean girls? — They poppin
If you Sierra Leonean and your parents be cranking to Emmerson lls
Nah but Sierra Leonean artists rise please! We need to start stunting with music too mann kmt
Skeen when will Sierra Leonean music start to bang like this??
This awilo song bangs at EVERY Sierra Leonean party
Out ppl like are you cuban or dominican or Puerto rican .. No Even Worst Im Jamaican & Sierra Leonean
Mothers house: no random guest, Fathers house: every Sierra Leonean in the area drops by... Lol!
These Sierra Leonean vines are just killing me😂🚶
So Ryan Giggs paternal father is Sierra Leonean..Dude is african sha
Happy Birthday my Sierra Leonean Sister 🎉 Hope you have an amazing day and make sure you turn 👆🔞 God bless ya and love you lots 😘
Sierra Leonean toothpaste cos red white & blue is so 2013
😂😂😂 never that I'm African specifically Sierra Leonean lol dont get it twisted
Watching a Sierra Leonean movie it's dreadful 😒😒😒
Being Sierra Leonean & not knowing how to speak Krio is a disgrace 😓😔😪
Sierra Leonean people are bants forget Nigerian people man.
I'll be networking with other Sierra Leonean professionals this evening...hope you'll be there too.
Great networking opportunity for Sierra Leonean professionals and students. Don't miss out! TODAY!!!
Did you know: That Giggs' father is half Sierra-Leonean, making Giggs a quarter Sierra Leonaen and a quart African. . -MC
You make me feel proud as a Sierra Leonean.
My mums got so many mixed race cousins lol, she just told me one of her cousins is half Chinese, quarter Lebanese, quarter Sierra Leonean.
yo ISHA SESAY is of Sierra Leonean descent?
I love Sierra Leone but I'll never be able to explain why, if you're Sierra Leonean you know, simple as
whole time I thought you were Sierra Leonean lol
fight for documentary explores role of women in Sierra Leonean politics
The story of several Sierra Leonean women and their attempts to gain equal access in the political arena.
Sierra Leone's Fight for Gender Equality:. A short documentary explores the role of women in Sierra Leonean politics
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😂😂😂 plz stop with the Sierra Leonean vines cuz uno that was fully mum and uncle wen we was younger 😂😫😂
Sierra Leonean women are ok. they just got big *** yet with zero brains to much. smh pointless
I wish I had like a group of friends just Sierra Leonean so we could just talk Krio to each other and no one would know 😁😁😂😂
Sierra Leonean taxi driver in Philly uses cab to find work as accountant
Meet the Sierra Leonean with Five Phds Thursday 20 June 2013. By Alhaji M.B. Jalloh, Saudi Arabia. In April 2011, I was in the United States on a brief visit. During the visit, I spent one week in the Washington Metropolitan Area – shuttling between Virginia, Maryland and D.C. In D.C, I tried to interview a Sierra Leonean Professor believed to be one of the most educated men in the world – the assignment was given to me by an International News Magazine. Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura (photo) lectures at Howard University, Washington D.C and he holds 5 PhDs. But his schedule was so tight that I couldn’t have one-on-one interview with him at that time. A few days ago, I booked an appointment with him on the telephone for an interview. The erudite Doctor finally granted it to me last night; whilst on his way to Lagos- Nigeria where he was invited by the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos in collaboration with the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization ( ...
Just got inspired to do a blog post on Sierra Leone's most eligible bachelors. I am lucky to call some amazing Sierra Leonean men friends, and had I not found love already I would have happily dated any one of these very gentle kind hearted men :) Can you guess who is gonna make my list?
These Sierra Leonean gals on my TL can have all of the $45 on my Citi Bank card 😍😍😍💯
Who can relate to my story? Who am I? All my life my parents taught me their African values. At the same time when leaving the house those principles unconciously went out the window. To have two cultures (Western and African) is truly a blessing. On the other side it can be really confusing. Who am I? Am I a Londoner or Sierra Leonean? In my early years if I ever identified my self as English I would be laughed at and told that's impossible. On my trip to Sierra Leone I received the opposite reaction. In Sierra Leone I was known as a JC. The term means just come. Does a leopard ever lose it's spots? I'm physically like them but I'm still seen as an English man or foreigner. Where do I really belong? As a an adult I've created my own identity. I'm proud to call myself an English Leonean. You may laugh at me but I'm not really interested. It's better to know who you are than to allow others to confuse you. The way others perceive you isn't always the way you perceive yourself.
The use of child soldiers by rebels as was the case in the former Sierra Leonean and Liberian wars is now reading its ugly head in the Syrian war. It is sad how these teenagers are snatched or detached from their parents and trained to kill. In fact, there are allegations that these kids are introduced to drugs to dehumanize them so that they kill without compassion.
I honestly don't see the difference between Sierra Leonean and Nigerian pidgin English
Life is a journey and Nothing in life is impossible!!! We choose the life we want to live and the way we want to live our lives!!! Leadership for some is born within and for some its Natural and Destined to be leaders!!! MKM is a True Sierra Leonean who chose to run for President 2018!!! It will be a long and difficult journey but he believes that this journey is Worthy and Rewarding as a Sierra Leonean to represent the vast growing youth population of our nation for promising future. He has given and willingly chosen to endure the odds for what he believes is his Right to pursue like any Sierra Leonean before and present who have ventured and led our nation. This is his civil Right as a true Sierra Leonean to exercise what our constitution states for all citizens to pursue if they chose. MKM has taken this road for which he has choosen to live his life for love of country and people. As Sierra Leoneans, we must believe in each other and share our love to make us strong as people and country. Sierra Leone ...
Inasmuch as i don't condone the brutal murder of *** in Uganda, i do know man do not have the absolute power of choice. Some other choices has to be made for him and i don't think that that Proxy is a bully. But i do think that that Proxy has rights too. The choice of NOT being a homosexual is a choice made by the One (the Proxy) who made choices for man when man cannot make a choice, now if man thinks he has the absolute power of choice, can he tell when he made the choice of being a male or a female, a black or a white, a Sierra Leonean or a Liberian and so on. The problems of this world started when man became selfish, that is when man said 'I HAVE RIGHTS' therefore i can make all my choices; religiously man ate the forbidden fruit, socially man killled his fellow man, etc. Man should do recognize that God has rights too and if man can follow the commandments of God; love your neighbour as your self, thou shall not kill, thou shall not cheat, etc. Then man would live in a peaceful, loving, beautiful a ...
Just found out that is a Sierra Leonean, Idris what tribe is your family from?
Na but on a serious level my children are being named Greek/Sierra Leonean/English/Irish names. First and middle names. Gotta represent
She my crush onna low..and she's Sierra Leonean too 👌😘😍
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The December edition of African Muzik Magazine is out now featuring superstar twins Peter and Paul Okoye, Psquare. The duo gets personal like never before on their sensational career that has redefined African music on the glossy pages of this month's issue. Additional magazine features include two of the most gifted African indigenous rappers lyrical Olamide and Phyno as well as Bracket, Sierra Leonean sensation Abizzy, Kenyan sultry Queen Victoria Kimani, Moe Musa, South African legend Hugh Masekela and more.Get Your copy today by logging on to
Middlesbrough's Kei Kamara - knee injury on 7 December - is close to a return to action. The first Sierra Leonean to score in the
As the year is slowly winding down, let me on behalf of my fellow admins wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year in advance... Whereas, your right to free speech is guaranteed under international and domestic laws; it makes no provision for defamation as an acceptable way of exercising a free speech. Therefore, I'll like to remind you all that we do have a duty of care and a Collective responsibility in the manner in which we discuss national issues. Without prejudice, may I remind all that activism is no substitute to 'spiteism'. I've come to realised that for the most part of our discussions the thrust of our argument tend to be overshadow with spites. which is why I want to take this opportunity on behalf of my fellow admin to warn all forumites that as from now henceforth, all comments or threads with semblance of spite and unjustifiable assertions shall be deleted without prior warning and a formal warning will be issue to the defaulter. Accusing a fellow Sierra Leonean of been a 'Fake' j . ...
DESPITE HER (Black Sub-Saharan Africa) VAST MINERAL RESOURCES; AFRICA REMAINS CURSED! Why should a Nigerian, Sierra Leonean, Sudanese or Congolese be suffering in the more developed nations? Why? The newly found Southern Sudan are back into full scale civil war creating yet another wave of refugees. Tufiakwa!
Sierra Leonean girls are beautiful forreal .
Its sad how im half guinean, but i only claim my Sierra Leonean side...
I'm a quarter Senegalese and 3 quarters Sierra Leonean, just remembered 😂
Sabeny production will be comming up with a one of it kind Sierra Leonean movie(THE STICK) at any time from this out.
Take it or leave it GEJ is going to do anything I repeat ANYTHING to remain in office beyond 2015. Dusts Sierra Leonean passport*
If u haven't had Sierra Leonean or Ghanian cuisine, u ain't living right
Hi ladies,am a black gentle West Africa,Sierra Leonean boy at the age of 20,searching 4 love.add me pls.
What are you doing on Friday January 10th between 6:30pm – 10:30pm? I’m sure you plan on joining SLEN for an evening of mix and mingling of Sierra Leonean Professionals! Come interact with individuals who are teachers & professors, engineers, artists, healthcare providers, community & state workers, truck drivers, students, any many more! You don’t want to miss out! /love it Jaisie
Sierra Leonean let stop casting blams and stop pointing fingers to one another but let start to take up our responsibility. Dnt ask wahat Sierra Leone has do for you but what you have done for Sierra Leone
God bless guys.Peace and love to all citize of Sierra Leonean.
never really dated a Sierra Leonean Boy .
Merry Xmas in advance to all Sierra Leonean
Looking at him on the one naira coin, HERBERT SAMUEL HEELAS MACAULAY kinda looks like a white man to me. Or let me say his moustache and names kind of sound foreign to me. As a youngster, I always wondered why someone with such a 'strange and unNigerian' name will be glorified as a Nigerian hero. Well, now I know! Did you know that Herbert Macaulay could have actually been Nigeria's first President, instead of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe? Did I hear you say how? Did you know he was also a musician? Do you want to know Herbert Macaulay's last words on earth? His marital life? Read on... Forget his unmistakable moustache, Herbert Macaulay was a man of towering intelligence. In Nigeria of today where many men struggle to keep and cope with one job, Herbert Macaulay was a clerk, civil engineer, architect, surveyor, land inspector, journalist, musician, nationalist and politician. BIRTH AND EARLY DAYS This Nigerian legend was born on the 14th of November, 1864 in Lagos State. His parents, who married in 184 ...
THE DECISION OF 2018 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS WILL BE ABOUT MEANINGFUL CHANGE AND A NEW DIRECTION FOR OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE!!! IT IS ABOUT A YOUTH NATION AND THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS!!! Today December 21st 2013@ 12pm, the people and the city of Makeni, Bombali District welcomes a son Mr. Mohamed K. Mansaray and President of The Patriotic Sierra Leonean-PSL in a rally from Azollini (NP) to Wusum Stadium. This marks the second lap tour in Key District Headquarters from Freetown Capital and other cities around the country. This is about a Man and a message to the people of our beloved country that citizenship must be about love of country and people and nothing less. His message is about responsibility as Sierra Leoneans to take ownership of our country from grass roots and Contribute in any little way in nation building to Transform our country. Our Country and People is bigger than any Party or government; and that the people and country must always be first and top of the agenda. As a nation, he ...
CONCLUSION Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of Parliament, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Last week I attended the funeral service for a great African, President Nelson Mandela. The measure of his life was the heights he scaled to move his people to the realization of their aspirations; and in so doing he restored his country’s dignity in the eyes of the world; a great country blighted by the deprivations of apartheid became an example of progressive politics. What led Mandela to take that great role came on in little pieces; in little indignities he suffered as a black man, until one day he took the decision to join the battle for dignity, progress, and democracy. Every nation has that which blights its credentials, every nation has that which hinders its progress, and it is the call of progressive men and women to remove these hindrances and unleash the energies of their people for achieving the full potentials of their humanity. Many amongst us have usually been taken aback by the irritations and ...
It is now clear that the APC is not capable of administering the needs of ordinary Sierra Leonean, the same strategy late sheki used in dragging this country to it's knee, a situation that led to the Madness that took place that we don't even like to remember any more is again showing it ugly signs under the same APC. State institutions Like NRA, Anti Corruption, NPPA, NASSIT the Judiciary and many others that are the pillars of democracy and sustainable development are again politicized and many of these institution are now performing below expectation, Festivity in Sierra Leone is always shadowed by long ques for petrol. Salaries of workers are not paid on time and even those that are fortunate to be paid in this week for their November salaries are cheated by their banks.out of every hundred thousand Leone you received, at least ten or fifteen thousand leones of your money is not accepted in the market. instead of the banks telling the public the fact that the banks are now cash trapped, they are n ...
Answer this Questions and Win your self 250units voucher from any network of yours.. 1-Who was the first Sierra Leonean to push wheel barrow in Sierra Leone.. 2-Who was the first Sierra Leonean woman to fry Akara.. 3-who was the first woman to beat her husband to death.
Tradition. Vivacity. Depth. Sierra Leonean musicians and dancers outside the hall of the Bintumani Hotel during the recent National Dialogue Conference.
F.M. Kamara, the genius inventor and founder of the tertiary level private institution in Kissy, FINIC, exhorts Sierra Leonean youth recently.
Whats the most beautiful national anthem u've ever heard? To be its the Sierra Leonean followed by South African.lebanese anthem is very funny :-P
I am beginning to think South Africans are not creative! Had mandela been a Sierra Leonean, 1. The corpse will stay in the motuary for five years to enable government prepare for befitting burial. 2. Government will setup an agenda to award contracts to construct new roads leading to mandela's hometown, to clean state house,youyi building,parliament and national stadium for the burial reception 3. The body will fly round the 12 districts of the republic and the capital 4. There will be national ashobi (uniform) imported from China om China, it will be made compulsory for every Sierra Leonean to buy, sew and wear. 5.Our network will produce new callertunes e.g to hear mandela's last breath press 1. To hear the last word he spoke press 2. E.t.c And even new promotions for eg. 1.Top up 500 units a week and stand a chance to see mandela's body. 2.Top up 1000 units a week to stand a chance to have a snapshot of mandela's body 6. New products will emerge e.g madiba fresh up drink. True or False!
A big fish is caught with big bait. ~Sierra Leonean Proverb
Sierra Leone females be looking too good
If you wanna get a hold of a Sierra Leonean, cook & you'll see us appearing from different angles. We take rice seriously!!
My Dad is a 50 year old Sierra Leonean Man.. Please tell me why he thinks he can beat me in a 100m dash LOL
Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep 'm coming, all of them will appear here, sooner or later. Now we will have a look at the New York metro. Around which station do people earn as much as the average Sierra Leonean? Which line has the biggest income differences? DO click through to their infographic, at the bottom of the post. Does anyone have other 'maps' like this one?
Tough Draw for Gambian Clubs in CAF Competitions The Gambia league champions Steve Biko have been drawn against Algerian side ES Satif in the preliminary stage of the 2014 CAF Champions league. The 2014 CAF Champions league will be a debut appearance for the Gambian champions in the CAF Premier Tier football club competition after clinching the country’s domestic league title in grand style last season. The giants are embarking on massive preparations for the continent’s top tier football club competition after winning their first-ever domestic league since the inception of the Bakau-based outfit in 1978. FA Cup champions Gamtel have been paired against Sierra Leonean side RSLAF in the 2014 CFA Confederation Cup preliminary stage. The 2014 CAF Confederation Cup will be the third consecutive appearance for the telecom giants in the CAF second tier football competition, after they were eliminated in the preliminary stage in 2012 by Malian side AS Real De Bamako and in 2013 by Tunisian side CS Faxien. Gi ...
Khalifa Jabbie Turkish Lig one club, Baliskesirspor has confirmed the signing of Sierra Leonean midfielder Khalifa Jabbie for an undisclosed fee from Fredrikstad FK. Jabbie made his debut for FFK away to Aalesund on March 21 in 2011 (2-1 win) , played a total of 51 Premier League matches and scored 3 goals. Jabbie has been involved in 19 matches in the Adecco League, 14 from the start and failed to score in this season`s league. Jabbie also played 8 cup games for FFK. “We wish Jabbie luck in Turkey, and thank him for the work he has put in FFK, said Geir Bakken, we have come to know a wonderful person who we wish him all the best for the future both on and off the field. Jabbie Joined Fredrikstad in January 2011, when he was 18. He quickly established himself in midfield and played many good matches in his first season in the Premier League. Speaking, Jabbie said he was delighted and he`s looking forward to new challenges. “I want to thank the club for the time I've had here, thanks to all I have com ...
Why Most ladies are Still Single and Searching...??? You are not married not because there is no man ready for marriage as a good number of men are looking for life partners. The major reason Sierra Leonean men are now scared of marriage is waywardness. Men are now afraid because they don’t know who to trust and also not sure if that beautiful girl they are interested in still has her womb intact. They are also afraid because of the high mountain ladies have suddenly placed themselves on as no woman wants to date a poor man any longer but are all interested in those with good cars and houses. A man recently told me why he does not allow his girlfriends to come to his house. According to him, he doesn’t want a case where a girl enters his house only for her to refuse leaving because of the beauty of the house and cars she will see. Isn’t it surprising how single ladies now out-dress married women with good jobs whose husbands are very rich? You are not married because the single men around you are wo ...
WHEN YOU ARE NEW IN THE United States. When you come to the United States newly please be careful. Take your time to know what to do. DO your independent research on the direction you want to take. Listen to those who talk to you but try very hard to verify what they say to you then filter them to your advantage. If you are a Sierra Leonean walk your path. Avoid most of your fellow Sierra Leoneans. Evaluate them and choose the ones that tells you the truth about life in the United States. Follow the ones that have already clear their academic stumbles and are striving in seclusion to make ends meet. When you see anyone one of your Sierra Leonean fellows talking a long time on the phone without any serious business transaction, speak less to that person. When talking on the phone with anyone make it short and do not discuss another person because that person may have been placed on a third line. Tell your secrets only to yourself and keep quiet about the activities of those you already met here. Be ready t ...
GCPN has an advisory council that acts in the capacity of advising and suggesting certain ways the management should operate and helps in making strategies for the smooth running of the organization. They specifically help in the area of directing how to contextualize certain policies to fit into the Sierra Leonean context. The Board of PRH and GCPN in the US deemed it fit to host a dinner for this council at the famous country Lodge in the West of Freetown as a thank you gesture to members of the council. In the photo are Donald Conteh Hope Center Director with Mr. George Taylor Operations manager Sierra Leone commercial bank and the Education and Administrative facilitator and wife, Rev. David Bonnet and wife Liza Bonnet. There was a couple also that joined us later, although I have no photo for them, Mrs. Ramatu Sesay and Husband Kaba. It was a fellowship kind of when we break bread together as one family. However, this council is very grateful for such an offer that brought all together.
Today I was moving around the street of Freetown having good time with friends and many others at the same time interviewing people about the status of our beloved Salone, minds where opening vibrantly on issues affecting them. From the views of these peaceful and lovely Sierra Leonean Brothers and Sisters, they reportedly saying since the starting of this year (2013) nothing good happening to them except the good health and long life given to them by God and I asked them why? They responded again that, No money, No job and their future is blinking. I asked them again, aren't you guys educated, Cause with your education you can attached somewhere? Only few responded to me that they are educated indeed but where is the Job? They have went in searched on several occasion but familiarity is the other of the day now is Sierra Leone in regards to Job. The majority said to me that, they never attended School but few of them again attained Primary 5. I asked them again, why are they NOT helping the Country to h ...
My dear we have given S L P P & A P C there chances both for them failed we let please try and change our mind set my fellow Sierra Leonean, just take a kin look at the youth of Sierra Leone, and tell me if our future will be bright. As for Maada Bio we gave him a chance but he faild we Mr koroma he is the worst so let try and walk away from those gold digger.
A MIGHTY DAUGHTER OF THIS NATION HAS BEEN CALLED HOME!!! HON. ELIZABETH ALPHA-LAVALIE has been called home. She was an special person, a caring mother, a women activist, a farmer, a freedom fighter, a banker, seasoned politician and a patriotic Sierra Leonean. She rose to the rank of Deputy Speaker at the Parliament of Sierra Leone for 6 years until 2012. She could have lived longer but God knows best; she was a role model, interesting and lovable character. God bless her soul and give her eternal rest.
I miss my family alot, most especially my nephew who i was takin care of, i neva knew it wil be this hard for u to live ur family although am livin a gd life havin fun in abidjan wit my Sierra Leonean friend but it wil neva be like the way am wit family
Oscar winning actress, Whoopi Goldberg, wants to return home to Sierra Leone, SaloneJamboree has learnt. The ‘Sarafina’ star actress who discovered her DNA ( to Sierra Leone is now ready to return to Sierra Leone and get her Sierra Leonean citizenship.
I walked along with hundreds of Sierra Leoneans from all walks of life to take Leonis Golley Morgan 'home' to eternity last Sunday. I ensured I prominently walked right at front of the funeral cortege all the way from the church on Bass Street right down to Ascension Town road cemetery and laid him to rest. These 3 PHOTOS show me walking side by side with the late man's two brothers, Adekunle and Eustace, as we turned from Syke Street into Ascension Town. Also shows a scene I personally shot around the APC headquarters as I walked right behind the coffin-bearing hearse ahead of the huge crowd and finally, the last resting place for all mankind; the grave. Many people told me they appreciated for me to give the late man such high respect by walking such a long distance behind the coffin. I responded, "he was my friend and brother; I have no option but to give him his last respects". Rest in peace Brother Leonis, RIP.
Land that We Love. It is given to us by the One (God), who love us so much. Why can't we hold it as a special gift? Fellow Sierra Leonean, God gives us all what we needed to make us happy forever and ever. He gives us natural pure water, good season, good soil, He give us the sea with plenty different type of fish not to talk about diamond, gold ,silver,titanium, bauxtile, rutile etc My fellow Sierra Leone, what are we waiting for? All we need is to love one another, at is all. Let try to love one another, that is our first step... HIGH WE EXALT THEE,REALM OF THE FREE...
Congratulations to our newly apointed Ambassador to South Korea, The relentless, humbled, optimistic Comrade Omrie Golley. Thanks to our majority leader's concenchisation of the SLPP MP's, and the minority leader's strict advice to them. Once more, I will like to join her, Comrade ministers, M.Ps, Civil servants and the entire Sierra Leonean population to congratulate you on this your apointment, and by extention wishing you a happy christmas and a prosperious 2014. Thank you for your courage Comrade. MY SALUTE!!!
The next election is for SLPP to lose. SLPP is blessed with a wide range of qualified and talented personalities capable of leading our country in the direction so badly needed. Factions within SLPP may have sharp contrasting shades of opinions, but all have one common goal, which is to make life better for the average Sierra Leonean. We may have different views as to who is best suited or positioned to lead us to the "promise land". A mere simple miscalculation in the choice of candidate will squander the opportunity for SLPP to regain the presidency. This will put SLPP in the opposition for a long time. SLPP has not been an effective party in the opposition. The good news however for SLPP is that, all the names that are coming up as possible candidates are more than competent in playing vital roles in taking us to the "promise land". But for that to happen, SLPP needs to make a choice as to who is best positioned to appeal to a broad coalition of the electorates, capable of appealing to those that have ...
I mean it, dawg. Y'all South African, am a Sierra Leonean, d dialect is different. Ya heard
We are not gong to accept the result of fraudulent election. The election that suppose to be about the Liberian Madingoes Association of Texas why should The non qualify Guinean and the non Madingoes Sierra Leonean communities should be allowed to vote? Any Incumbent President that has done good job for his community with a presentable record shouldn't have to deceive his re-election in order to win.
Confirmed: Whoopi Goldberg is a Sierra Leonean and wants to return home -
we av de fyness diamonds in de world,en i'm proud 2 say i'm a Sierra Leonean en i'm rich in ma blood cz my land is BLESSED BY GOD
Hence there is life there is hope, some Sierra Leonean are like boy on the swing.
Rising Sierra Leonean singer, Emmerson [real name - Emmerson Amidu Bockarie] follows-up to his best-selling album titled “Borbor Bele“, with a new single and visual from the upcoming album titled “Rise“. He recruits legendary Nigerian singer, 2face Idibia, on one of the stellar singles titled “Fatima“; both singers deliver an impressive urban Highlife joint on the rich production credited to Emmerson while the 2nd is the Gary Brown-directed visual for his collaboration with Nigerian hit dance sensation, Timaya, titled “Sweet Palmwine“, shot in Miami, United State. Emmerson is from Freetown area of Sierra Leone and he was named after his father who he lost at the age of 2; he grew up and schooled in Freetown before he went on to complete his education at Njala University. On losing his mother during his early adulthood, he found solace in music. The Sugar Entertainment recording artiste makes a strong call, crossing boundaries with these stellar singles. | ENJOY!!!
US IMMIGRATION QUESTION: OK Brima: Your question is, you are a Sierra Leonean, but have become a United States citizen. And 3 years ago, you traveled to Sierra Leone and born a child in Sierra Leone. What is the status of that child under the US Immigration? That child is a US citizen and can vie for the Presidency in the USA but you can not. The only thing you can do right now as I write, is to carry your child to the US embassy in Freetown for the Embassy to do a paper work called Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) or FS 240 which is for them to issue US passport to your child. Caveat! Do NOT wait for that child to be 18 and over. Do that right now!!! Note: Every United States citizen could have a biological child anywhere in the world ; and that child is an automatic US citizen. But Brima, I am not saying that you can just go on having children everywhere now just for the Immigration status! By Baimba Kamara, recipient of the State of Massachusetts Black Judges highest Legal Book Award.
Bangladeshi men, aged 26 and 27, and a 37-year-old Sierra Leonean man were found to have overstayed their visas, while a 27-year-old Bangladeshi man was working in breach of his visa conditions.
A Love Letter to Madiba! Idris Elba to release Nelson Mandela Tribute Album in 2014 Idris Elba will pay homage to the great Nelson Mandela, using nothing but his vocal dexterity. The British actor of Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean parentage is set to release an album as tribute to Nelson Mandela in 2014. Idris plays the former South Africa president and human rights icon in the movie – Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. “The album will be called “Mi Mandela“. I went back to South Africa and worked with some great musicians. I’m really proud of the album. I’ll wait until the film has died down so it doesn’t get muddled but I’ll release it in the new year. Basically it is a love letter from me to Mandela about me playing him.” He tells Daily Star UK. We are pretty sure a lot of ladies will swoon when they hear his album.
Dr. Mr. President How is your wife our First Ladyndoing, I hope she is doing fine, an Italian friend living in London told me she has been discharged from the London Clinic were she was admitted. Pa Kabba was in the same Hospital earlier. His medical bills were £ 150,000 but The Government of Mama Salone paid only£ 50, 000. A lot of money , money that could construct a bridge to Tambaka or could have provided pipe borne water at PCM and Connaught hospitals by his Government as there was a lot of good will by the international government during his presidency. Let history record his achievements. The Lungi bridge, 'by 2007, no Sierra Leonean will go to bed hungry' These are some of his success stories! Today,This week , this month, a year ago your second term presidency kicked off and in the American political system the second term of most American presidents has often been referred to as' LAME DUCK PRESIDENCY' I wonder how you want History to record Your second term. Pa Kabba's, your predecess ...
I am so proud of my Sierra Leonean People. When the Sierra Leone Central Union came up with this idea of organising a dinner for fund raising with a price tag of 40 Euro Minimum per person, someone told me that it will be a big dissapointment for the union because Sierra Leonean will not pay that kind of money for any course. I said to him brother, you will be surprise. Sierra Leonean are proud and kind people, when they believe in their leader, they will do anything they can to see you succeed. Yesterday was an example of that, the turn out at the SLCU Holland Dinner was a big surprise to many and the reason for that success is because Sierra Leonean have seen a transformation of positive and transparent minds. who said we can't afford 40 Euro for a dinner? you mad? Sierra Leonean are born spenders, ask West African brothers and sisters, we live to live, money is not our problem, our problem is, if the course is a just course? is the course worth my money? do we have to trust those who control that money ...
Over the past years, the Sierra Leonean Journalists have and continue to suffered great injustice from politicians and from the Judiciary. This year alone, the instances are many. Jonathan Leigh and others have suffered injustice greatly from the so-called politicians and members of the judiciary.
Snowing outside I wanna slep!! Next weekend I'm going to Aunty house to learn how to cook some good ol Sierra Leonean food!!! Mm can't wait!
Company News: Att: Shows, Hosts and Dj's. No experience needed, we train you. For our 3rd season in 2014 we will be opening slots for new shows on our network. Either Radio or TV or both. If your interested please read below for more info 1. Please inbox your show idea, description of show, name of show and days and time you would like to do it. 2. Your location. (As long as your a Sierra Leonean you can be from anywhere). 3. You must dedicate atlesst 1 hour a day, week month etc based on your time schedule for your show. 4. Must be reliable and interested in pushing Salone forward. 5. Your show can be a talk show, music show, politics, finance, relations, advice, business, etc. 6. If your outside of the DMV and Boston area and would like to do a show then you must have a reliable computer, strong Internet, a quiet space for your show, music, microphone and webcam if your going to be doing a TV show or live video. 7. If you currently have a show on another network and would like to bring it to us, ...
A UK based lawyer Sheku Abes Kamara is now aspiring to become Chairman of the United Kingdom & Ireland branch of the All People’s Congress. The Sierra Leonean lawyer told Awoko that “There had been inexplicable issues within the UK branch since the inception of the penu...
Thank God i reach safely and i'm now part of the Lungi Town for this moment. The common language "Kario" connect me easily without noticing me that i'm from Freetown. Wow! I'm proud to be a Sierra Leonean and a Social Worker working for you.
WHY MAADA IS ACCUSED OF HAVING BLOOD IN HIS say that i am deeply disturbed by the growing political hypocrisy and mendaciousness in sa lone is an understatement.Sierra Leone and Sierra Leonean seem to be in the firm grip of politics.from every day perspective we talk about politics because man by nature is a political animal.In all of this,there is no such things as an objective argument,every thing is coloured by the speaker whose stance is often,influence not by his knowledge and life experience but by their political learnings.It is sad to say the least.the saying "what good for the gander is also good for the goose"nolonger holds true in the political landscape,from this perspective let me clear the doubt of many Sierra Leoneans why maada is accused of having blood in his Hands.first and foremost let me highly the principle of collective responsibility and how it was used in maada position to the NPRC regime.this principle is used to refer to a situation where a single individual action ma .. ...
25 falconets for Tunisia - Peter Dedevbo, the Head Coach of the national under-20 women football team, on Tuesday in Abuja said he had 25 players in camp for the team's upcoming games against Tunisia. Falconets will face their Tunisian counterparts in the qualifiers for the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup slated for Canada. The first leg game of the second round fixture is scheduled for Dec. 14 in Abuja. Falconets had thrashed their Sierra Leonean counterparts 16-0 aggregate in the first round to set up the clash against Tunisia. They had won the first leg game 10-0 in Abuja, before going on to beat the Sierra Leoneans 6-0 in the second leg game at Freetown. Speaking at the team's interactive session with the media, Dedevbo said the players were highly motivated to replicate the performance they exhibited against Sierra Leone. 'Currently, we have 25 players in camp. They were 30 when we returned from our break, but we have had to prune the number after one week. 'This is to enable us have a sizeable numb ...
BREAKING NEWS LIVE @ Folks, this Saturday the best Sierra Leonean diaspora radio talk show is back again to discuss the burning issues of this past week. TOPICS.. 1.Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Salone government who is right? Hummm this ee full me mot. 2.Sierra Leoneans, friends, country men and women, young and old, all youths, today is going to be Mohamed K Mansaray's (MKM) wonderful welcome rally in Free Town, Sierra Leone starting from Ferry junction to Miatta conference hall Youyi building. 3."Just faced the SL Parliamentary Committee on Appointments following my nomination by His Excellency the President as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to South Korea, and have successfully completed that. I'm very grateful for many many expressions of support and I thank you all very much for that". Omrie Golley Oh Salone wus tem we go learn? 4.Corruption keep spreading deeper and deeper into the fabric of the Sierra Leonean society, how do we stop it? 5.In 2013, Sierr ...
DESPITE IT IS TOUGH TO SELL THEIR MUSIC TODAY BUT THEIR HEADS HAVE BEEN SHAVED BY THE MANAGEMENT OF FREETOWN CITY COUNCIL. PLEASE READ THIS STORY OF OUR MUSICIANS: Twenty Sierra Leonean musicians in 2010, performed at the Morgan Heritage musical concert. It was understood that the artists were to be paid the sum of Le 3 million each. This press affirmatively gathered from the artists that management of City Council disappointingly called them to a meeting and later submitted a pittance of Le 300,000 to each of them, instead of the proposed Le 3 million as bargained. It is disclosed that the ACC has stepped up investigation to critically look into the conduct of City Council officials on how finances for the December 2010 Morgan Heritage musical concert were used. Investigators at the ACC, we are told, have had statements of confessions from some of the artists, who confirmed receiving the pittance of Le 300,000 as payment made to them by Mayor Herbert and team. ACC sources indicate that Mayor Herbert, in ...
JUSTICE FOR THE Sierra LeoneAN JOURNALIST: Could this have been a tactical delay in the dispensation of justice? Journalist Labor Fofana was arraigned before a magistrate on Thursday 12 December on libel-related charges brought against him by a government minister. He was denied bail. Case adjourned to today Friday 13. This morning he was granted bail in the unbelievable sum of Le 500 million (US$ 115,000) with two sureties who must be resident in Freetown and must each have a title deed that must be approved by the Master and Registrar. The office of the M&R is not in the same building as the court. And he was not available at the time. The clerk who was supposed to process the bail could not go to the office of the Registrar until her court had wrapped up for the day. By the time the court did the main law courts' building was closing for the day. The first two sureties were disqualified because one of them presented a house he had inherited from his late father. Then the search for two other sureties . ...
3 weeks ago we posted the photo of this beautiful baby girl, born to one of the survivors at our Trafficking in Persons Recovery Center in Sierra Leone. This week, we received the exciting news that WHI staff celebrated the mother and child in the traditional Sierra Leonean baby-naming ceremony! It was a festive occasion, with music, decorations, soda and lunch for all. The baby was dressed in a beautiful pale blue dress, which the mother had sewn in vocational training at the center while she was pregnant. As WHI's Country Director blessed the baby and announced her name, it was a wonderful surprise for all to hear the mother had chosen to name her baby after a former shelter staff member! What a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration!
The Sierra Leonean fake World Best not recognized among the African Bests. When a man uses mud to add to his ankle, he must not step in water. When my president assumed the seat of power, he was so carried away that the very first person he lambasted was an African icon Robert Mugabe. In world politics, the best way to enjoy a comfortable stay in power by some African leaders is to worship the western ideology. Meaning to oppose the very people who are the fabrics of African unity. The contribution of Mugabe to not only Zimbabwe but African struggle including that of the very South Africa that Mandela headed cannot be overemphasized. It is remarkable and esteemed by all those who believe in PAN AFRICANISM. As England is not concerned about how long a queen reigns in England, I am not bothered about how long Mugabe is the president of his country. The West had defined DEMOCRACY as “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. I interpret this as thus; the president of any country shou ...
The feeling of having your words within pages, nothing beats that. My first published work can be found within the proud pages of other Sierra Leonean poets, lyricists, wordsmiths, writers in the Leoneanthology. The book is SLL 100,000 and will be available in 2 weeks across all major supermarkets in freetown. fambul dem, this is how we do...
I'm seeing scavengers in most places around Freetown searching for plastic materials to be exported to neighbouring country in other to recycle these pl & in turn sold to Sierra Leonean. I there4 evoke the 'Agenda 4 prosperity' to recycle these plast
U missed it, u missed dat. Countdown of d bigest and finest show of d season. 8days more to see d primus interparis born Sierra Leonean super star king Terror-D confrence hall come december 21. Dont wait 2b told bcoz it göna be crazy, lovely and superb.
Our lovely Sierra Leonean UK pop star A.M.E at her fourth birthday party in Sierra Leone Happy 19th Birthday. May your dreams continue to come through.
Sierra Leone PRINT MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS-Wednesday 11th December, 2013 CONCORD TIMES Minister advocates for Minority Leader Although the SLPP Minority Leader, Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai, has strongly warned leaders of women’s organizations not to advocate or sympathize with her current political predicament, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mrs. Diana Konomanyi-Kabbah has urged women to stand up and strongly advocate for the embattled Minority Leader in the spirit of unity and women’s empowerment. The paper continues that the Minister also lamented that Sierra Leonean women are generally content with their position in society, the reason they are always dominated by their male counterparts. African Development Bank unveils Strategy Paper for Sierra Leone The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Kelfala Marah on 11th December 2013 unveiled the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) 2013-2017 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Sierra Leone which according to the Minister is in . ...
"Life is like riding a bicycle.You don't fall of until you stop peddling." Sierra Leonean proverb
Our goverment should work for us,not against us.It should help us,not hurt us.It should ensure opportunity,not just for those with the most money and influence,but for every Sierra Leonean who's will to work for sierrea leone.
• The constitution to make provisions to recognize the national Council of Paramount Chiefs as a solidarity body that regulates the conduct of PCs and serve as a body to advice the GoSL on customary and traditional matters. It should serve as the embodiment of the Sierra Leonean culture and tradition that propagates these values of culture and tradition and infuse them into society. • Based on the above the clause providing for Paramount Chiefs to be represented in parliament should be expunged, if not the constitution should make provision for Local Councils, CSOs, The Press, Women Organizations, The Physically Challenged etc. to be represented specifically in Parliament. The thoughts of Civil Society Organizations on the review of the Constitution, should Paramount Chief Members of Parliament (PCMPs) be removed from Parliament?
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Ugochukwu Ezenwa: Orji’s efforts in Aba and critics’ misconception Aba residents themselves must be law abiding and disciplined.” Aba! Our Aba. A town commercially and economically endowed that is likened as the Japan of Africa, whose residents could fabricate anything to mimic its originality. Aba (the Enyimba City) is cosmopolitan, meaning that it harbours a mixture of ethnic groups; from Igbo the natives to Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba, Efik, Ibibio, Kalabari, Opobo, Beni, Tiv, Idoma, Sierra Leonean, Ghanaian, Togolese, Beninaou, Cameroonian nationales etc. Aba attracts people of diverse ethnic groups and interests because of the burgeoning of trade and commerce there. A typical day in this Enyimba city starts by 5 a.m. and terminates by 11 p.m. when most of the traders would have satisfied themselves of having made a good day. Aba, indeed, is a business delight. And this is where the problem comes. Aba-Ngwa as it is often referred to is a city in a hurry; a city where liquid cash accompanying the mercha ...
Marry christmas to all my friends and family and to Sierra Leonean come home and celebrate with us.
9 days more left for d bigest and finest event dat gona take place confrence hall on december 21. So get ready to support d bigest Sierra Leonean superstar great TERROR-d aka mr hottest ön his album title "New Phase''. Much love
Winners Mohamed 'Medo' Kamara and Kei Kamara Kei Kamara and Mohamed “Medo” Kamara have both won Sierra Leone best players awards for 2012 & 2013 on Friday 6th December 2013 at the Miata Conference Hall in Freetown. It's the first time both players are grabbing such prestigious awards, as voted for by fans across the country. The ceremony was graced by Sierra Leone`s Vice President Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana and the Deputy Minister of sports Ishmael Al- Sancoh Conteh. The award is aimed identifying Sierra Leonean unsung heroes who have contributed towards the country`s sport and in return providing them with awards as a way of motivating Sierra Leonean athletes. Mohamed “Medo” Kamara won by a landslide for year 2012, receiving 60 per cent of the votes cast while Kei Kamara and FCFC striker James Bettie” Bangura finished in second and third place respectively. However, the Middleborough striker won by a avalanche for the year 2013, receiving 75 percent of the votes cast beating Premier top goal score ...
Blog Post: A Profile Portrait: I K the Sierra Leonean for Sierra Leoneans in Addis Ababa -
The Sierra Leone Passport Saga I have read with keen interest, a concern raised by a fellow Sierra Leonean, Amasara Jalloh, residing in the German city of Munich, regarding our national passports being in the hands of foreign nationals in Germany. He registered resentment over the said act and further called on the Sierra Leone government including its Embassy in Germany to take preemptive measures in an effort to curb such anomaly. The concern is well in place and I reckon with the fact that such a situation is unfortunate given the dirty and unlawful acts that some of those people claiming to be Sierra Leoneans are involved in. Like Mr. Jalloh said, a number of them are in prison for crimes related to drug trafficking and murder, thus representing a negative impact on us as Sierra Leone citizens living abroad. I therefore welcome the idea of Mr. Jalloh that we should frown at those marauders of our national passports. Having said that, I would like to make some clarifications and bring to the fore somet ...
A Sierra Leonean lady got married to a chinese man and gave birth to a boy, that child died six days later. At the funeral, the lady's aunt came in and started crying and shouting "I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN" when asked how she knew, she said "I KNEW BECAUSE CHINESE PRODUCTS DON'T LAST.
Victor Kamara, did you see yourself in the lead I posted on the DFID/Actionaid project in Kambia somebody allegedly destroyed for his personal gains? Do you have skeleton in your cupboard? Have you passed your hand by your nose to know the odor it produces? Did you play a negative in the project survey for which you are afraid of my investigation outcome? Do you think you can intimidate a strong and effective patriotic Sierra Leonean practicing journalist like me? Gottor is a well brought up character, obscene languages like you did via text messages to my phone is not his portion. Anyway, the detail of my investigation on the issue will be out soon for public attention. Thanks brother
Lol I feel you. I'm desperate to learn more about my Sierra Leonean heritage. I know next to nothing
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I wants to say thanks and congratulations to one of our Sierra Leonean brother by the name coach Alimamy Kallay for winning the N FL league this year in America.we are proud of you as a Sierra Leonean not only that u have put Sierra Leone and africa on top of the world so thank u very much and am proud of that as am a Sierra Leonean keep it up coach kallay and i hope u will continue to win more trophies.
London based Sierra Leonean / high fashion top model that is very proud of her background. Abi Koromah was born in the Diamond rich district of Kono in Sierra Leone. She left Kono District for the capital Freetown at the age of 5, only for her to travel to Italy where her father was residing. She had always dreamt of becoming a Top Model even though others told her to give up or always try to put her down but she never stopped. The negativity from people makes her hungry to pursue her modelling career.
Sierra Leonean people do not value family at all. Love and blood means nothing to them
WATCH: talk to Sierra Leonean filmmaker talk about afro-feminism and her art.
Sierra Leonean food is better than nigerian food, *** I can feel the abuse coming already featured in NBC s Science of Love
The fact Giggs is one of the best players on the pitch is testament to his 1/4 Sierra Leonean special powers.
Alhaji Sahr Samuel Sidique Sam-Sumana (born April 7, 1962) is a Sierra Leonean politician who has been the Vice President of Sierra Leone since 2007. Sam-Sumana stood as the vice-presidential candidate of the All People's Congress (APC) in the 2007 Sierra Leonean Presidential election, alongside presidential candidate Ernest Bai Koroma. The APC ticket defeated the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) presidential candidate Solomon Berewa and vice presidential candidate Momodou Koroma. Sam-Sumana took office as vice president on September 17, 2007. A native of Yehmandu Town, Kono District, Sam-Sumana has a Bachelor of Science (BSC) in management information systems from the Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States.[1] Sam-Sumana had served as the managing director of the United Diamond Mining Company based in Koidu Town, Kono District, Sierra Leone. He also served as the regional manager for C-12 International, a Texas based mining company engaged in diamond produ ...
Sierra Leone Should Ratify AU Court Protocol Many people do not know about the existence of or know very little about the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, a creation of the African Union based in Arusha, a historic city in the United Republic of Tanzania. There are many reasons for that, the most immediate being lack of media exposure, but that is being addressed now with the holding of a just concluded conference for African media in Arusha itself. We shall examine what had been achieved and the ramifications of that conference in the near future but today we shall look at the need for African countries like Sierra Leone to ratify the protocol and sign the declaration that will allow their citizens to access the services of the Court. With over 50 countries in Africa, less than 30 have ratified the protocol and signed the declaration even though the establishment of this court was a unanimous decision by all member states of the African Union. Sierra Leone and her immediate neighbours, Liber ...
Actions it is said have consequences. Plans have implications. Sadly, policy paralysis is leaving many ordinary Sierra Leoneans in the cauldron of agony, as hunger, poverty and economic hardship, caused by the lack of an appropriate and relevant structural transformation agenda for prosperity. An African saying wisely warns that you should beware of a naked man who offers you clothes. Barely six months after last year’s general elections, the so called ‘operation 4-4-4’, embraced by the majority, has yielded only the dividend of ‘rough-rough-rough’ for the average Sierra Leonean, who is no longer waving- but drowning. They are gasping for palliatives, amidst rising inflation.
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This is the effort of 25 Sierra Leonean writers and poets. It is out! Place an order today for a Christmas gift for a loved one. Many and exciting short stories and poems to read. A Sierra Leonean treat!
“Yea Sierra Leonean boys don't” yes they do
Yea Sierra Leonean boys don't
For the first Jobsearch SL and Go Woman Magazine mentoring breakfast we wrote letters to indigenous Sierra Leonean women leaders inviting them to come mentor local girls. Initially, all of them agreed. On the day off the mentoring breakfast just 1 ( Nicky Coker) of the 4 indigenous women showed up. Thankfully two other women who came with their students volunteered on the spot. Here is a teacher in Kabala, and Director, at The People's Foundation for Sierra Leone. We will look for allies, and we will form partnerships with those who believe in the cause. Thank you Krissi!
Sierra Leonean artistes face the wrath of their 'fans'
Paramount Chief Angbarthor Orders the Killing of a Purported Witch Snake at Bundulai in Lokomasama Chiefdom- Port Loko District By Hassan Bruz In Port Loko You surely do not need to be an African or a Sierra Leonean, not even a Native of Lokomasama in the Northern District of Port Loko for you to know that there are a lot and lots of unbelievable occurrences in the Rural Settings. I am sure a digest on this article would provide an insight on the prevailing situation in Lokomasama-one of the largest and most populated Chiefdoms in the Port Loko District, where Paramount Chief Angbarthor has ordered the instant killing of a purported Witch Snake. It is a Snake believed to have been responsible for the untimely deaths of several people and perceived to have remained highly poised to wreck more havoc in a particular locality.. The yellow coloured Snake with a green tail was beaten to death by desperate youths upon the instructions of Paramount Chief- Bai Sama Angbarthor, to whom a formal report was earlie .. ...
Top stories from Sweet Salone Fatima Massaquoi: The Sierra Leonean Princess who… see more
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Photo: kemetic-dreams: Bai Bureh (seen sitting here) was a Sierra Leonean ruler and military strategist who...
Historians may have just found the first autobiography ever written by an African woman. Princess Fatima...
In a bid to compliment and laud the contributions of movie stakeholders in Sierra Leone, the ANSEV Movie Marketing Group will be awarding more than 10 Sierra Leonean movie stakeholders for their contribution to the Sierra Leone movie industry.
THE OSWALD HANCILES COLUMN Breaking News!!: Sierra Leone will ‘play’ in World Cup 2014 in Brazil!! It was the 25 year old film star handsome ‘Westlife’-looking Steve Grudda who broke the ‘news’ to me about a month ago – his bushy blonde hair head bobbing; his charming visage brightening into a beaming boyish smile; his sincere eyes twinkling. I raised my almost 60 years old body from the plastic chair I sat on. raising my penned hand whooping delightfully like a teenager - as I echoed the news: Sierra Leone will ‘play’ in the World Cup at Brazil in 2014. Steve and I smiled conspiratorially as we ‘discovered’ a probable marketing tactic for what was going on at the Felix Juice Factory in Newton, on the Freetown peninsular in Sierra Leone. The national football team of Sierra Leone, ‘LEONE STARS’, will NOT be taking part in the World Cup in Brazil-2014; but, Steve is optimistic that through the Felix Juice Factory, ‘Salone go play nar Brazil-2014 ma!!’: through the export to Br ...
Youth in action for development (YAD )symposium will positively impact on every Sierra Leonean expecially when it touches on tribalism in politics as deterant to the country's development.
THE MAIN PRIORITY OF THE NATIONAL UNION OF FULLAH STUDENTS (GHANDAL FORLLY) The fullah language in the Sierra Leone educational curriculum is the most talked about plan in our agenda but you know as we are students we have the ideas but we lack the finance so therefore we need help from the fullah stakeholders. Can you imagine since we formed this union in 2012 we haven't got any financial help from any fullah stakeholders in and out of this country called Sierra Leone. As we are trying to become an elite in the society and we are striving for the fullah language to become a forefrunter and play a pivotal role in the society. We have got some technical help from Chernor Maju Bah[ fula youth chairman], Justice Bah [IMAT proprietor] Professor Jalloh and also Mohamed Bah [f.p.u president in the diaspora] but we still need more technical & financial support from every fullah stakeholders in and out of Sierra Leone. This is the first time we are having a national fullah student union and we are happy to promot ...
Will this new report on the death of Sierra Leonean Oury Jalloh (in a custody cell) re-open his case?
Sierra Leone: The Sierra Leonean police are working to improve its professionalism and capabilities, but these fall short of U.S. standards in response time, communications, and specialty skills.
I hear you grootman yam. moms, Eve was Ghanain. Pops, Winston, was a Sierra Leonean. Parents married in Sierra Leone.
I only like you as a mutual friend especially watching some of your movies most parts played by you, are very much interesting to me. Being a Sierra Leonean woman you are actually trying so keep it up.
Ryan Giggs's real surname is Wilson, he is part African. His dad, Danny Wilson, is a half-Welsh, half-Sierra Leonean.
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Sierra Leone PRINT MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS-Monday 25th November, 2013 CONCORD TIMES 80,000 people to be tested for HIV/AIDS To commemorate this year’s World AIDS Day in Sierra Leone on 1st December on the theme ‘No Retreat on AIDS, Deliver The Promise,’ the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat has announced that 80,000 people, including 30,000 pregnant women, will be targeted nationwide for free HIV tests. According to most of the papers, the free HIV/AIDS tests will run from 26th November -2nd December 2013 and conclude that the HIV/AIDS prevalent rate in the country is still stabilized at 1.5%. 78 % of Sierra Leonean women suffer domestic violence The APC Member of Parliament for Constituency 50, Port Loko District, Hon. Isata Kabia disclosed on 22nd November 2013 that 78 % of Sierra Leonean women endure domestic violence, torture and molestation perpetrated by men nationwide. According to the paper, the MP also observed that 51% of the population is women that gives birth to the remaining 49% but highlighted t ...
JHR ENDS A DAY COMMUNITY FORUM The Journalist for Human Rights (JHR) in collaboration with Initiative for Media Development has Monday November 25, 2013 ended one day Community Forum on Women’s Empowerment through Gender Sensitive Media at the J&E conference Hall Bo in the Southern Republic of Sierra Leone. In her opening remarks the chairperson of the forum who also doubles as the Gender Desk Officer of the Ministry of social Welfare Gender and Children Affair Madam Alice Jeneba Koroma said that they are aware of the fat that media is a tool for development adding that the purpose of this forum is to empower women through media, it has been worldwide observe that women are few in the media and call on Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) to encourage more women to come on so that women could be taking on their behalf. She reiterated that at the end of the program more women will come on board to participant in the media, and that the media makes and break and that have strong believe that women will be p ...
Have you read his (Ishmael Beah) A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier? Formerly, he was a Sierra Leonean child soldier.
Another accident at orugu bridge in Jui this morning, a van break the other side of the bridge as the other vehicle last week that killed 9, and the truck still in the sea, but this one today , the van almost enters the sea, with no causality. Speeds kills. Be warned Sierra Leonean drivers.
SLCU AWARDS The SLCU 's Awards is the first edition of Sierra Leone Central Union Awards. Now in its 1st year, the SLCU Awards have become one of the highest honors to individuals and organizations that are purely committed to the advancement of the Sierra Leonean people in the Netherlands, Europe and Sierra Leone. Winning an Award means that you have been acknowledged by SLCU as being among the best. Awards will be presented during SLCU DINNER, AWARD AND PARTY NIGHT on 14TH December 2013 in Wijchen/Nijmegen. The awards will be given to winners in December each year during SLCU end of year Dinner.
I'm Sierra Leonean and my family is mostly Temne
Fatima Massaqoui: The Sierra Leonean Princess who stood unafraid among the Nazis
In case you missed it, check out our interview with Sierra Leonean-American filmmaker, Nikyatu Jusu
I didn't know lizlizlive was half Sierra-Leonean 🙌
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Who is really is to be blamed for the lack of Prospect? As we all shouts and wails about the backwardness of the country, there are certain issues which we need to look at critically. I believe the people of this country, despite being majority illiterates, are responsible for the ineffective leadership, and to some extent backwardness of the country. I am saying this because our people whether educated or illiterate, in fact the educated ones behave abysmally more than the illiterates, are not ready or prepare to change for the betterment of the country. The seamless attachments on tribalism, regionalism and all the isms have shown that we as a nation have not even able to identify the problems that are consuming the developmental fabrics of the nation. Take for example whenever we have someone in any institution who is ready to genuinely bring change into that institution, people working there will undermine that person’s efforts whether base on tribalism, political affiliations and regionalism until ...
This amazing company called Royal Dynamite was created by two young men from Sierra Leone. They have great products and they actually give back to children in need. Please patronize them during this holiday season. If you are a Sierra Leonean, then you are mandated to purchase at least one thing! There's power in numbers.let's help propel one of our own to the top of the Fashion world.
AHEAD OF MISS UNIVERSITY… AYV Uses Beauty Pageant to Campaign Against Societal ills The Managing Director of the Africa Young Voices Group of Companies (AYV), Mr. Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, aka De Monk, said this year’s AYV Miss University is going to be used as an advocacy tool to promote good causes and to campaign against the ills affecting young people in society. Nasrala made this statement during the press conference organized by AYV at the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs in Freetown. “I am very grateful to be part of the organization of this year’s AYV Miss University which targets young people, especially those at tertiary level,” he said, adding that, two years ago, he was head of the committee that organized the maiden edition in 2011. He said: “When we started this initiative we had very clear and achievable objectives to provide a platform for women to showcase their potentials. This is because we all know that young people have immense talents but need the right platform to be ...
1yr ago: Pres. Koroma made 12 promises One year ago on the 23rd November 2012 the Chief Electoral Commissioner Ms Christiana Thorpe announced the final results of the 2012 Presidential Elections. This was immediately followed by the swearing in of the All People’s Congress party Presidential candidate Ernest bai Koroma for his second term, as the 4th Civilian elected President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Under the darkened skies (after 7pm) in an over crowded hall at State House full of supporters President Koroma was sworn in by Chief Justice Umu Hawa Tejan-Jalloh. The President in turn administered the oath of office to his Vice Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana. The two then signed the warrants, after which President Koroma delivered his victory speech. We have identified twelve (12) promises he made on that day. This was the speech. “By the grace of God, I have once again been elected as your President. The people have spoken and their collective will has prevailed. I give praise and thanks to Almighty ...
Jamil Sahid Mohamed (born 1936 in Freetown, Sierra Leone) was a Sierra Leonean businessman who made millions of dollars in the diamond trade, fisheries, tourism and an airline. He was exiled from Sierra Leone twice amidst accusations of a coup plot in 1987 and later for war profiteering. Mohamed built his fortune smuggling diamonds out of Sierra Leone during the 1970s and 1980s.[1] He is widely regarded as the father of the Sierra Leone blood diamond trade.[2] As a result of his activities he became one of the richest men in Africa. Along with Siaka Stevens, he is widely regarded to have played a major role in the destruction of the Sierra Leone economy, leaving a senseless legacy of death and poverty in his wake. Jamil Sahid Mohamed was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone to a Sierra Leonean father of Lebanese descent and an indigenous Sierra Leonean mother from the Mandingo ethnic group.[1][3] Yale Law School Professor Amy Chua's study of free market democracy and global instability stated: "the extent of Le ...
Koidu Town (also known commonly as Koidu, or Sefadu) is the capital, largest city, and economic center of the diamond-rich Kono District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. Koidu Town is the fifth largest city in Sierra Leone by population (after Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Makeni) and the second largest city in the Eastern Province, after Kenema. The city is a major business, commercial and diamond trade center, and lies approximately 212 miles east of Freetown. Koidu Town is one of Sierra Leone's six largest municipalities and is locally governed by a directly elected city council, headed by a mayor, in whom local executive authority is vested. The city's municipality is officially known as Koidu–New Sembehun. The municipality of Koidu–New Sembehun had a population of 82,899 in the 2004 census[1] (a 2006 estimate being 111,800[2]). Koidu Town is a one of the most ethnically, and religiously diverse cities in Sierra Leone. The city is inhabited by significant numbers of many of Sierra Leone's ethni ...
my thoughts have been running on the irresponsible nature of our current politicians in Sierra Leone in passing laws as they wish without thinking critically and acting cautiously. I believe parliament have not been working as they are supposed to. Since they came to office they have been making some blunders, but recent amongst them was the constitutional amendment on the speaker of the House of Parliament even when there is a constitutional review committee in place amend the 1991 Constitution. This, i will want to refer to as a usurpation of responsibilities over the committee. They should have recommended to the committee who would have taken it into consideration and during its country wide consultations, have discussed this. How can they rushingly amend it even when the substantive Speaker was not around? Do they want to relapse the country back to the dark days of dictatorship and Tyranny? I hope not but even if they are trying to i am not surprised as APC is known for coming to power democraticall ...
''Distributive injustices, social, political, economic or cultural violations were the root causes of the conflict in Sierra Leone''. The Diaspora and the International Community should continue to urge the Sierra Leonean government and Civil Society to incorporate sustainable development considerations in their scope as a means of ensuring sustainable peace is achieved and proactively guided. The long term post-conflict recovery strategy relies on the government promoting/creating the enabling environment for diverse socio-political views, 'investment' and entrepreneurial ventures to flourish. The government and all stakeholders should also invest heavily in 'education' and ensure that the socio-economic needs of the people are not neglected.
UNIVERSITY NEWS There was a very interesting meeting at the Islamic University on Friday among Sierra Leonean students. The future sheikhs of Sierra Leone were ready to throw punches at each other at that meeting. The conflict is about the students' representative in the university, who was choosen by a particular tribe( within themselves ) since the days of Dr. Somebody. What happened in that meeting is a whistle blower for future trouble.
Ferry at the liberian Sierra Leonean border
JayArr and eight other well-known Sierra Leonean artists from Freetown released an album with PeaceTones in 2009 called "PeaceTones Sierra Leone: Songs from Freetown."…
As the crucibles of chaos and disorder descends upon the political governance of the nation,Dr.Abdulai Conteh reinvents himself and gravitates to a sensible center,the question now is how will history treat Ahmad Tejan Kabbah? - In the fluidity of Sierra Leonean politics,Dr.Abdulai Osman Conteh has reinvented himself and gravitated to a sensible center in the scheme of things. On the contrary though Ahmad Tejan Kabbah is slowly winding down his surgeon on earth either by fate or design. The perplexing and fundamental poser desperately seeks to know how he will want to be remembered when Historians finally crosses the Ts,and Dots the Is?. I have decided to raise this question now because in the coming days,I intend to exhaustively return to memory lane with a broad review of his services in the nation first as an administrative officer in the civil service and most importantly as chief executive of the nation to focus on what he did or failed to do to impact the nation either positively or negatively.? The ...
Maada and Fatima Bio’s wedding: The facts and misconceptions By: Yusuf Keketoma Sandi (London) Sierra Express Media- If you are a Christian, you may have come across Proverbs 18:22 which says “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord”. If you are a Muslim, you may have come across Qur’an 30:21 where Allah says “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect”. For me, whether you are a politician, professional, business man, civil society activist or ordinary person, in our religions and communities, Marriage has always been an institution of family, love and care which ought not to be determined by our tribes, religions or nationalities. But at the same time as our socio-cultural lives change in a fast moving world, we must recognize that whilst many people believe in the values of marria ...
PHOTO NEWS By Elizabeth Conteh (London) Our beautiful sister and wife, Fatima Jabbe-Bio at another Premier of the movie "London Na Wa" which features a Sierra Leonean actor and actress. Supporting and Promoting Sierra Leonean acting talents in London and the Sierra Leone movie industry. Also in attendance at the Premier was our own Sierra Leonean, the acting genius, Desmond Finney.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT Sierra Leone Government fails Benchmark for Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) By MCC Sierra Leone has failed to meet the benchmarks for the Millennium Challenge Cooperation [MCC], hence causing the West African country to miss out on vital funding, which has now been deferred. The MCC sets specific standards for qualification of any country for funding. Among the benchmarks, Sierra Leone passed those of inflation, regulatory quality, trade policy, access to credit and business start-up, girls’ primary education completion rate, political rights, civil liberties, freedom of information and the rule of law. On the flip side, the country failed on fiscal policy, land rights and access, health and primary education and expenditures, natural resources protection, immunization rates and child health. The issue of government ineffectiveness was also counted among the failings of the Sierra Leonean government. The government of President Ernest Bai Koroma had made the MCC a major target .. ...
Call for proposals open to all Sierra Leonean researchers, lecturers and professors all relevant disciplines:
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At Last, Linda Ngaujah Exposed! She Is An Agent Of Satan From The Pit Of *** by peteregwu(m): 1:31am On Aug 08 AT LAST, LINDA NGAUJAH EXPOSED! SHE IS AN AGENT OF SATAN FROM THE PIT OF *** HER REVELATION IS FALSE The scripture says, "Linda Ngaughjah, you are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. Devil your father was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because their is no truth in him when the devil, your father speakers a lie, he speakers of his own, for your father is a liar, and the father of it." (john 8:44). In a press conference organised on Tuesday 19th march, 2013, that was held at the Bechtel world outreach Ministry in Freetown with the National Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone, which comprises of different Pentecostal Churches in the country has publicly denounced and condemned the revelations made by so - called Linda Ngaujah, who claimed to have died for 5 hour 30 minutes. During her feign death tour, she claimed to have seen things ...
on 1974 Eunice Barber, Sierra Leonean-French heptathlete and long jumper
BY popular demand I am publishing an article I published in Awareness Times some two years ago: Knowing The Hafsatu Kabba Issue By Umaru Sitta Turay, New York In one of my articles I wrote about the death of Sidikie Janneh and the response of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), I clearly stated that Politicians have resorted to ingratitude type of behavior. In that article I said “When someone does something for you, think to yourself, if I did this for someone, wouldn’t I like to receive a ‘Thank You? Ten chances to zero are that you would want to be thanked and sometimes in public places depending on the nature of the goodness”. Sierra Leoneans will surely agree with me that Hafsatu Kabba did everything in her ability for President Ernest Bai Koroma to come to power. She traversed all the corridors that are responsible for Ernest to become president. I am very much sure that she did it with all her heart. Hafsatu had all the chances to continue to be a prominent woman during th ...
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Once upon a time, there was a competition 4 different country members like Sierra Leone, Guinea , Ghana and so on . Each country has one representative member 4 this competition, so d presenters said that anybody who know how 2 spell very well will going 2 stay abroad and each person will have $5million , but if u don`t known how 2 spell they through u out off d plane , so on there way going 2 d united state. They started d race, d first group was American vs London, they gave themselves spellings each of they spelt it .All of d others have gave themselves spellings and each of them spelt it. All d other have gave themselves spellings. It remains Sierra Leonean guy and Guineaian guy 2 spell, d Sierra Leonean guy gave his companion to spell international , he spelt it and got it correct. Now it was his companion`s turn he told him 2 spell cake he just said open d door 4 me 2 get down.
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The Temne people are one of the two largest ethnic groups in Sierra Leone, their neighbours the Mende people having roughly the same population. The Temne and Mende both account for slightly more than 30% of the total population [2]. The Temne are predominantly found in the Northern Province and the Western Area, including the capital Freetown, while the Mende are found primarily in the Southern Province and the Eastern Province. The Temne are rice farmers, fishermen, and traders. Temne culture revolves around the paramount chiefs, and the secret societies, especially the men's Poro society and the women's Bondo society. The most important Temne rituals focus on the coronation and funerals of paramount chiefs and the initiation of new secret society members. During the 16th, 17th, and 18th century hundreds of thousands of Temne were shipped to the Americas as slaves. Today the Temnes are mostly Muslims (about 80-85%) who interweave Islamic beliefs with traditional African practices (syncretism). About 15- ...
The Hon. Minister of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affair Alhaji Moijueh KaiKai today challenged religious clergies to champion “policy on religion” so that religion will take its rightful role in the country. He made this statement whilst delivering his address at a one day peace symposium organized by youths of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at at the British Council Auditorium today. In a very interesting and shocking statement the minister disclosed that there are Guineans in Saudi Arabia studying under Sierra Leone Scholarship. “How can a Guinean benefit from a scholarship meant for Sierra Leoneans?” He retorted. Alhaji Moijueh KaiKai lashed out on those that are promoting Intra faith (sect) discord in the country, he reiterated that Sierra Leone is high on religious tolerance and can boost of a President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma who has done a lot for the Muslim Community more than all the leaders in the country history despite he is a Christian.
Result of the Sierra Leonean civil war!!
Nah but I need some new African music. Nigerian,Ghanaian, and Sierra Leonean. Abeg..someone help!
Just bought: "Knowledge is more than mere words" A Critical Intro to Sierra Leonean Lit (Ed. Eustace Palmer & Abioseh Porter) via
Diamonds are a girls best friend, and an impoverished Sierra Leonean child laborer's worst nightmare
The solution to Sierra Leone problem is not reshuffling the cabinet, but every Sierra Leonean must change his/her mind set. we all have the mind set that politics is the fastest and easiest way to make money, and when I get there it is to enrich myself. Even if EBK reshuffles the whole cabinet, nothing new is going to happen, because of our political mind set. Every body is hungry and desperate to get rich over night, and not thinking of the next generation. Even EBK has become richer than he was . Nor to me dae lef mentality, will nevr push our nation forward.
In my personal view, I believe both Melqosh mission and Mount Aureol deserve national recognition from President Ernest Koroma and his government this year for their tireless efforts, contributions and dedicated services in charity and sea & freight business respectively to the Sierra Leonean community in the United Kingdom. Melqosh has brought international pride to Sierra Leone having won several international awards for its charity work - while Mount Aureol has not provided reliable and dedicated air and sea freight services to the Sierra Leonean community, but the company had also over the years continued to support and boost various charity organisations in the UK working in Sierra Leone.
These people claiming to be holly, they make you wonder really! The 28-year-old (some say 26) college student claims to have "died" and gone to *** before being taken to heaven. While in *** former Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi told her he wanted the mosque he built in Sierra Leone destroyed and replaced with a church. She also has a message from the late president of neighbouring Guinea, Lansana Conte, who wants all the mosques in his country brought down and replaced with churches. Sister Linda "died" after a brief illness. She said because of her worldly crimes in her previous life, she suffered a harrowing experience in *** where she met her parents and a host of other renowned people including a renowned Sierra Leonean lawmaker, and the late US star Whitney Houston, “who are all suffering in *** ” All of these people had messages for their relatives and friends who are alive.
Got my Sierra Leonean passport already “I'm already dreading 2015.. It's going to be bloody mehn.”
The Sierra Leonean girl who met Gaddafi 'in *** via
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I just want to take this time to say bravo to all those beautiful young ladies who acted in the Sierra Leonean movie titled Wanted.Am so much impressed.
“Rochelle from the Saturdays is Sierra Leonean😳..look at the talent we produce” swearr
Azania - Sierra Leonean American-born singer forges a new path in the US .
Check out this beautiful song by an amazing Sierra Leonean singer.
Congrats to my client Azania Steady for being the first Independent artist to be featured in Afridiaspora...
National Local content Compact: Chief of Staff Talks Tough. The Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has ended a stakeholder’s dialogue yesterday that will form basis for a Local Content Compact as a concrete step in the implementation of the local contact policy approved by the government just over one year ago The Local Content Policy presents an opportunity for the local/indigenous businesses to maximize benefits from the increasing private investments in the country. The workshop identified the challenges affecting the private sector especially small scale enterprises (SMEs) such as affordable financing, lack of adequate skills, unfair competition from foreign businesses. The local businesses also complained that government policies are slanted to foreign businesses such as duty waivers and tax holidays which they (local businesses) do not benefit from. Clearly to address these issues, it requires planning and prioritization by the government to ensure effec .. ...
On the 3rd of October we launched our Girls Access to Education (GATE) scholarship project with six (6) 'girl child' awarded with scholarship. They were drawn from three secondary school in Waterloo; mostly in the Junior Secondary School. Below is an overview of the GATE Scholarship project. The Waterloo Progressive Women’s Organisation (WAPWO), is a non-religious, non-tribal and non-political Community Based Organization (CBO) registered under the Western Area Rural District Council and the Ministry of Social Welfare, to help alleviate the sufferings of women and girl. WAPWO commits itself to contribute to the building of the capacities of women and girls, advocate for the education of the girl child, promotion of women’s human rights and support for their economic empowerment. To enhance this, WAPWO has been working with others to provide access to girl child education, enhance the economic capacity of women and increase women’s participation in political governance through political literacy ...
FOR THE RECORD: Meeting of UN security Council on deferral of Kenyan ICC cases scheduled for 6pm Kenyan time, 10am New York Time and 3pm Sierra Leonean Time
Cross-Fire another terrible week for the president sees his job approval rating sink to 35% all time low since President J.S Momoh's infamous " I Failed The Nation Speech" This week we have seen two school kids killed and now bike riders association are planning to take on the police next week by breaking the law that prohibited them from riding designated streets. They are challenging the ban as illegal as they pay taxes to government and police harassment: - Lawlessness… Okada Riders block vehicles on Leah Street Commercial bike riders commonly referred to as ‘Okada Riders’ yesterday arrogated authority to themselves when they blocked vehicles from plying Leah street on grounds that that route has been specifically assigned for okada use. Leah Street is used by vehicles to escape traffic congestion on main Kissy Road and has also of late been used by commercial bike riders to escape arrest by traffic police officers following police orders that commercial bikes should not use the main Kissy Road. ...
Happy birthday to my handsome Sierra Leonean king ! Enjoy your time in L.A! xoxo
The Al-Shabaab Issue a Real and Existential Security Threat in Sierra Leone !!! “How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?” ― Howard Zinn Terrorism and terrorists exist because people in different societies whether it is the Middle East, The Americas, Europe or Africa feel aggrieved or disenfranchised in society due to one reason or the other, and thus result to extreme cases of violence to ensure that through their violent actions their voices are heard. These individuals are normal humans like us, who through the process of indoctrination whether political or religious have been radicalized and the thought pattern of a particular terrorist group instilled in them. These individuals are always of the fervent belief that they are fighting a just cause. They are mostly martyrs who are ready to die for what they believe in and don’t give much thought to the mayhem or carnage they leave behind whilst accomplishing their goals, much less talk of the causality rate or death toll ...
Sierra Leone PRINT MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS-Thursday 14th November, 2013 CONCORD TIMES Parliament cautions London Mining to regularize status of workers The Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Labor on 13th November 2013 discovered that some expatriate workers of London Mining Company, including the new Managing Director, Mr. San Desjardins, are working illegally in the country as they do not have work and residential permits. The paper adds that the Committee gave the company an ultimatum to regularize the status of its foreign workers in the country by the next hearing failing which appropriate action will be taken. WANEP-SL calls for peace education in school curriculum The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP-SL) has called on Government to include peace education in the school curriculum in Sierra Leone. The paper went on to quote the National Coordinator of the organization, Mr. Edward Jombla as stating at the launch of the ‘Guide for Peace Education in Formal Schools in West Africa’ at the Bri ...
8( but im gonna give 10) Facts About Me 1. I'm 100% Sierra Leonean 2. I share the same name with my grandpa and an uncle 3. I'm a lefty 4.I tried to be normal.worst 45 seconds ever 5. i use to wear glasses 6. I really wanted to play baseball in High School but went with football and track 7. Never traveled overseas ( yet.) or been to Ocean City 8. I'm a sucker for vintage/retro stuff ( posters/signs, shirts ) and art 9. i read comic books.sue me 10.I once parallel parked a train
Sierra Leonean cuisine includes cassava bread, fried fish, and okra soup. Enjoy these at The Africa Food and Cultural Festival on 30th ^AV
i like to work with rfi am in senegal this is my num -00221-765627925.Am a Sierra Leonean as a former informart.during the war
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For Mothers and Babies: Light Means Life , By Dr Kandeh Yumkella Posted on November 12, 2013 by admin in Featured // 0 Comments When I was a child in Sierra Leone, sometimes I studied by candlelight. When our mothers cook in the kitchen using fire wood or charcoal they carried us on their backs. Sometimes, we played around them in the kitchen, all of us inhaling the carcinogenic smoke. Decades later, many parts of my country and of Africa, especially in rural areas, are still excluded from the immense benefits of electricity. Globally, WHO estimates about 4 million premature deaths a year (mainly children and women) due to pulmonary ailments linked directly to household air pollution primarily from the use of biomass as a source of energy and kerosene lamps for lighting; this is almost double HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. The effects of such energy poverty can be seen most dramatically in health care, and especially in childbirth, where darkness can mean death, and where light can mean life. As UN Secret ...
Can someone plz help me here, who are the top ten Sierra Leonean hip hop artist.
He is a new kid on the block but his debut track has already set the stage to make him a strong challenger for the emerging hip hop music genre in Sierra Leone. Based in the United States, the rapper who says he belongs to no camp but representing his Black Conscious Movement wants to be known as Cool J. Cool J has done collaboration songs with major Sierra Leonean artists including a song with Dallas B ‘Loose Control’ which follow a music video. His ‘Holiday Bluffer’ track featuring Kao Denero which is his latest is getting great reviews online and offline. The rapper thanked his management team for getting Kao Denero on his beat and said he is working on more collaboration songs. The rapper said his mother is his inspiration, “My mother was a single Mom but she never gave up on me,’’Cool J said. He added: “She raised a man and two other kids. She is an inspiration and she thought me never to look back no matter what. “I really take my time to study music and let it come to me. The sky ...
Hi noble Sierra Leonean! Word of caution: Hugely be a high impact Sierra Leonean. Know yourself Put people first Be value driven Connect with true believers Cross boundaries. I love you all and missing mama Salone!
Kambia District is a district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. Its capital and largest city is the town of Kambia. As of 2010, The District has a population estimated at 313,765. Kambia District borders the Republic of Guinea to the north, Port Loko District to the south and Bombali District to the east. The district provides an important Trade route to or from the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown to the Guinean capital Conakry. The district occupies a total area of 3,108 km2 (1,200 sq mi) and is divided into 7 Chiefdoms namely, Bramaia, Gbinleh- Dixing, Magbema, Mambolo, Masungbola, Samu and Tonko-Limba. is largely muslim. The district is largely muslim and its population is ethnically diverse. The Sierra Leonean Susu people are mainly based in Kambia District and they form one of the largest ethnic groups in the district.
NEED FOR THE Sierra Leone POLICE TO BE OVERHAULED The Sierra Leone Police is really now in the bad books of many Sierra Leoneans as they have been enmeshed in one blunder after the other whenever there is a confrontation between them the civilian populace. What The Torchlight finds difficult to comprehend is the use of live bullets during chaotic situations leading to fatalities when in actual fact other techniques should have been used to quell down such ugly development. What is not convincing whenever the Police make an attempt to justify its actions is that they acted that way on the basis of self defence because angry protesters are advancing on them to either disarm them or to use other weapons to attack them. Granted! However, this medium holds the contrary view that if they are really under serious threat the sensible thing for them to do is to target parts of the body to avoid the occurrence of deaths. Reference could be made to the US Marine of Sierra Leonean origin that was shot at on his back ...
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