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Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States.

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TONIGHT @ 7 pm see "From the Ashes" with the Sierra Club. Unitarian Universalist Church. Letter writing materials provided
INTRODUCING the (un)forum - an online local candidate forum by Orange-Chatham Group, Sierra Club, Orange County...
Thanks to Roberto Morales from the Sierra Club local college students go on bi-monthly hikes in…
When you do I can give you some pointers and introduce you to some amazing folks in the Sierra Club wo…
Sierra Club and others protest in front of Interior Department while waiting for national monument recommendations http…
Our speaker from KC350 explained with the help of the Sierra Club reps about a clean energy option in KC:
Eddie Lucio III met with environmental groups, Save RGV from LNG the Sierra Club. Read more below.
For some groups, including most/all Environmental Justice groups and Sierra Club, the concessions to industry were so big that they oppose.
Sierra Club, and 50 other progressive organizations say no on AB398.…
Low level or not, it didn’t stop Sierra Club and other environmental groups from protesting the compact.
Spent the morning with the Sierra Club up at Lovell Canyon volunteering/picking up trash. It's a…
WWP and Sierra Club - Grand Canyon (Arizona) Chaptern weigh in on new draft wolf recovery plan for southwest's...
Join us tomorrow to support the Sierra Club's appeal on the expansion of the Chiquita Canyon landfill.
The Idaho Chapter of Sierra Club has focused on the city of Boise to lead based on its history, climate action ef…
Hear about Bears Ears National Monument at June 6 meeting of Sierra Club, San Gorgonio Chapter…
Dozens of Sierra Club members served across branches in the Korean War
Samantha Williams, and Darren Aronofsky pose for a photograph during the Sierra Club's 125th…
uneconomic. I support nuclear, but most enviros do not (Sierra Club). Subsidized win…
.Biskupski signs on as a leader of Sierra Club clean energy campaign:
"Sierra Club is in solidarity w/ Tribal Nations supporting BearsEars Natl Monument"
Shared from Southwest Michigan Group, Michigan Chapter, Sierra Club via Iris Potter - The people of Kalamazoo...
9th - supports light rail. Responsible growth endorsed by Sierra Club. Region going to grow. Time for courage & vision.
Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a wildflower identification walk with the Sierra Club in Red River Gorge.
Welcome to the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club!
If Pruitt cannot drain the swamp that is the EPA, then, the EPA needs to be abolished. And the Sierra Club needs to be investigated
The EPA is full of dangerous entrenched leftists doing the bidding of the likes of the Sierra club, Green Peace and the IPCC.
Signed. We launched this tee today, we donate 100% of profits to charities like NRDC & Sierra Club. Dangero…
Clean energy jobs in U.S. outnumber fossil fuels jobs by 2.5 to 1 -- energy report
I'll tip hat to the work of Sierra Club, 350/Better Future, etc. but I'm more of a change-from-within kin…
'The fight has just begun': Environmental groups slam Trump's latest executive order via
Join LETUS and Sierra Club-Wakarusa Group - and their many co-sponsors, including: League of Women Voters of...
The mission of Sierra Club is to be a partisan left wing advocacy group. Suck b
Sierra Club's Michael Brune talking Trump and the climate on !.
Why have only one luxury second home? Welcome to The Hideaways Club. Details > }
Texas Commission of Environmental Quality report shows groundwater contamination DOWN 67% in the fracking era. Sier…
Sierra Club on "favors polluters & industry over the rights of the people…
Who is in charge of communications at Sierra Club? I don't give money to the Sierra Club…
The Sierra Club used to be a non-political identity. Now, this is dumb!
Thanks for the endorsement, Looking forward to working together on innovation and sustainability.…
Sierra Club Florida News: Oil Drilling Off Florida's Atlantic Coast? Big Oil is one step closer to drilling off ... htt…
“What exactly is this office supposed to call itself now? International C* Office?" Liz Perera (climate policy…
Sierra Club Director of Equity Nellis Kennedy-Howard on how gets in the way of exploring & enjoying the planet htt…
Sierra Club Report on Injuries Inflicted by Traps Sick and twisted methods to kill animals.
Sierra Club and other environmental groups file federal lawsuit challenging federal permit for http…
"Clean energy jobs outnumber all fossil fuel jobs" but keep jamming that VHS down our throats! .
If I were I'd try to bar and tribe from hearings--'cuz they bring the truth https:…
Congratulation Sierra Prep 4.0 Club! You're looking sharp in your letterman sweaters.
/sierra club is a JOKE. A bunch of liberal money grabbers who threaten and slander..that group should be abolis…
I quit the Sierra Club many years ago because of their disregard of the overpopulation issue.
Honored to receive endorsement of As Mayor, I'll always fight to protect Omaha's clean air & water.
BREAKING: Sierra Club sues Trump for his dangerous reversal on
Tabletop Games Club is hosting a Escape Room event on Sierra Vista campus today. Tickets:$6. 1 ticket left for 11:30am & 1 left for 1pm slot
Report proves clean energy jobs winning in marketplace. Learn about trends
Sierra Club, uses greenpeace to advance leftist ideology, in consideration of leftist funding. Thus Sierra Club IS…
Stay strong. Support the indigenous tribes in this battle for the environment. Thanks to Sierra Club
Why aren't you arguing for the rever…
.is taking Trump 2 court. Yesterday: coal mining. Today: KXL In the courts, Congress & streets, we fight
Hydro bills will go up to pay 4 and subsidize To save the planet must go
Lets help Sierra Club Northeast Florida Group and Sierra Club Florida Call your legislator today!
Sierra Club: Trump can't undo progress on transition
Sierra Club's responds: "That quote is the first true thing Scott Pruitt's office has put out yet."
Huh. Wonder if NY AG Schneiderman ever used Richard Windsor or her Verizon acct like eg Sierra Club, Siemens lobbyi…
YORK U.S. group the Sierra Club has asked the Environmental Protection Agency's inspector...
The Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club proudly resisting hate this morning in outside of Jeff Sessions m…
Sierra Club to present Kane County speaker on open space referendum - Kane County Chronicle
This Congress probably wouldn't even care about an ISIS attack here as long as it was only on the ACLU, NAACP, DNC and Sierra Club
another old organization, like the Sierra Club, hijacked by the radical left to trade on the traditional name
Sierra Club "fewer people is good for the trees." Margret Sanger would be proud.
Finally honest answers from Sierra Club and sounds like Margret Sanger views are alive and well.
is exposing the frauds of. BLM. ACLU. Southern Poverty Law Center. Tee up:. Amnesty International . SEIU. UN. Sierra Club . Greenpeace .
Next up is Stuart Smith, speaking on behalf of Sierra Club. He will get 20 minutes
Sierra Club, an environmental organization, is looking to reform current field-burning practices of the Flint Hills…
Letting Pruitt lead EPA "like appointing Darth Vader to lead Rebel Alliance." Sierra Club .
"It was Thomas Edison who brought us electricity, not the Sierra Club. It was the Wright brothers who got us off...
Newmark funds scores of liberal groups financed by Soros, including the Sierra Club, the New America Foundation, & the Sunlight Foundation.
Sierra Club member Gary Kowalski is organizing a series of gatherings to press for a boycott of Phillips/Conoco...
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yeah, they use ESA to stop logging and other things, but Sierra Club lets wind farms chop the crap out of birds inc EAGLES
Sierra Club : EPA informs Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of intent to voluntarily withdraw the Regional Haze rule
Aaron Mair, Sierra Club president: Fidel Castro had 'more honor' than Donald Trump
Sierra Club president: Fidel Castro had ‘more honor’ than Donald Trump
This is chairman of Sierra Club which like nearly ALL major charities, partners w CF. CF makes $ from carbon credits.
Exactly! The Resolutes Club, the Shriners, the Mooster Club, the Legion, the Sierra Club, Snowmobile clubs, curling clubs...
Sierra Club sides with Democrats challenging , and other Florida Republicans
Must-see map from the Sierra Club reveals extraordinary new threats from in your backyard.
Appalachian-state voters favor shifting away from coal, says poll taken for Sierra Club
"Sierra Club will continue to stand w/ Standing Rock Sioux despite the deeply flawed decision made today"
SF residents: become a Sierra Club member. YIMBY enviros are running again this year for the Executiv…
It's time to let City Hall know Los Angeles wants 100% Clean Energy!. Join our members SoCal Sierra Club and...
The Arizona Game and Fish Department asks the Sierra Club to cease fundraising, ...
ICYMI: Sierra Club statement on police killings of &
Sierra Club rep pans new plans to stem Asian carp from reaching Great Lakes
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Last week, the USW and Sierra Club came together and recommended changes in the industry. What do you think?
well- then Germans should teach Sierra Club, FoE, etc. about power of open markets for environmental gains
Sierra Club lobbying to close Diablo Canyon — contradicts what told
Sierra Club and East Coast Environmental Law of HFX get intervenor status in Bilcon case. US Co seeking $100m after denied NS quarry.
Students write persuasive environmental essays to honor the Sierra Club founding:
Library Journal on The Man Who Built the Sierra Club - "Riveting Biography." Now on Sale.
.cites Sierra Club founder John Muir in environmental op-ed ahead of
in 1892, the Sierra Club was founded by Scottish-American preservationist John Muir:
Today in history 1892? John Muir forms the Sierra Club for conservation of nature.
Please join us to support the fantastic and important work Sierra Club - Grand Canyon (Arizona) Chapter does to...
Good morning, America! How are you? . On this day in 1892 the Sierra Club was founded in San Francisco, CA by...
also, obvious parallels with Sierra Club's flip-flop on Diablo Canyon as a negotiated alternative to siting at the Nipomo Dunes
Elsevier buying SSRN is like Chrevron taking over the Sierra Club: the only response is to build something new:
16. "Nuclear power is one of the chief long-term hopes for conservation." — Sierra Club Director, David Siri, 1966 htt…
Big news! has endorsed our campaign. Together, we will be champions for the environment.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
NAACP & Sierra Club team up for the environment.
States announce a new coalition to fight for climate change progress
Try not to jiggle while watching these amazing bladeless wind turbines.
Sponsored a buckle for the Sierra Vista Riding Club series... They sure are nice!
Gentrification's toll: 'It's you or the bottom line and sorry, it's not you'
Petition Sierra Club Board of Directors to Endorse Bernie Sanders! - Sign the Petition! via
Reminder that Sierra Club used to be vehemently anti open borders until David Gelbaum wrote them a $100M check.
I know they are pirates. But is the only environmental advocacy group that retains the ideals of the compromised Sierra Club
BREAKING: Another major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Inbox. x . Michael Brune, Sierra Club...
another Friday night of the year and I'm just on my bed, no club, no party, no fun, nothing. epp me God.
1 more good reason for solar and net metering: HEAL Utah & Sierra Club sue over ground water coal ash pollution https:…
Just outside of a week away from the annual APU Football Golf Tournament at Sierra Lakes Golf Club Monday May 23.
Has the Sierra Club released a list of their donors? Nope. How many from Gulf states?
Trump picks up a big endorsement from the money grubbing fraudsters at the Sierra Club!
Should I be going to the club more? I think so. Yes. Definitely. would.
Sierra Club sold itself out to corporate powers who didn't like the group's population stance. Sellouts!
Join the Sierra Club's new campaign to Rev Up Electric Vehicles!
End your week right. Apply to with the Sierra Club
Sierra Club? REALLY? I remember them trying to shut down the sand dunes for what, Pedestrians?
Please join the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter in welcoming our June featured artist, Hammon Buck, with a First...
The Sierra brothers and the Sierra club and the autobus
Why would anyone pay $115 million to stop the Sierra club from lobbying for border control? Motivation??
The bill in Congress has highly problematic provisions and must change for Sierra Club to support it:
. Clearly the Sierra Club won't be needing our money or support for several years!
(((Gelbaum))) paid the Sierra Club $115 million to stop opposing the immigration invasion.
William Neill . In 1995, the Sierra Club awarded Neill the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography.
SandRidge E&P: Sierra Club lawsuit over waste is a collateral attack on the Okla. Corporation Commission's authority
Wide Awake in Oakland: In 2010, I wrote a post on the eve of my first day at the Sierra Club that I call...
Looks to be about 75 people in the audience -- a mixture of county employees, Sierra Club members and developers.
DC Sierra Club endorses Gray in W7, cites Sustainability DC efforts as mayor. Sierra also backs for at-large David Grosso & Robert White.
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D.C. Sierra Club backs Robert White in the at-large race, Vince Gray in Ward 7
SO excited for keynote speaker Michael Brune, ED of Sierra Club!
James Eggers takes the helm at the Sierra Club's Loma Prieta chapter, which covers San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Be…
"Climate disruption may be scary, but fear is not our friend. Fear is a force that traps us in the past." (Michael Brune, Dir. Sierra Club)
'Murray Energy v. EPA' is almost as common a case title as 'Sierra Club v. EPA'
Quite the victory for WWP, Sierra Club - Grand Canyon (Arizona) Chapter, and Advocates for the West! Thanks to...
Optimism on climate from the Sierra Club's executive director
Community Outreach Coordinator, Virginia Chapter at Sierra Club (Richmond, VA): leaders to mobilize members of the…
TODAY: JOIN the SoCal Sierra Club in Diamond Bar to pack the SCAQMD board meeting AND to tell them...
I sort of kept my hand in writing and went to work for the Sierra Club in '...
I didn't see this Sierra Club article that was based on an extensive interview with me about Laudato Si and...
Rocky Mountain Power, which is a unit of PacifiCorp, and the Sierra Club, HEAL Utah and Public Justice have been...
"Other high-profile signers of the letter... include Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club; Ilyse...
Eric Gray closes his comments with citing his support of former Mayor Bob Foster, Sierra Club, Police and Asm. O'Donnell.
John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, met with Teddy Roosevelt and was influential in the formation of Yosemite National Park.
Finchem's HCR2028 is so bad it got Clint Bolick & AZ Chamber to agree w/AFL-CIO & Sierra Club
Feingold picks up endorsements from Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters
For your $50 Sierra Club donation, we'll buy a $2 mosquito net and send you a cute polar bear pic!
It's going to be a big week for the Sierra Club - Georgia Chapter:. On Monday, 2/8: we are hosting a free film...
Some of our youngest Sierra Club - Georgia Chapter supporters visited the Chatahoochie National Park last summer...
I love U2 but support Sierra Club here- Sierra Club files lawsuit to stop U2 guitarist the Edge's Malibu development
Last week, the Sierra Club - Georgia Chapter LaGrange Group and professional snake wrangler Jason Clark did an...
S.C. Sierra Club to host National Sierra Club President and recognize state lawmakers, others at 2016 Annual...
Opposition lays out case against AEP/Sierra Club deal: American Electric Power Company Inc. reached an agreeme...
John Muir, Sierra Club founder and considered Father of the National Park System, died Christmas Eve 101 years ago.
A great update and summary from the Sierra Club about the issues facing our wilderness, wildlife, and eco-tourism...
Sierra Club: N.J. bear hunt is a 'failure' and shouldn't be expanded
Sierra Club chief: Activists "suddenly having to divert their energy" from Paris to fight a Dem deal on oil exports.
Join us for a winter adventure! We have teamed with the Sierra Club to share Grand Teton National Park. Four...
Right after audit of the climate scammers, Sierra Club, WWF, NRDC, NOAA, NASA. You want change and have the burden. http…
domain names
India helping lead the way on climate change: Sierra Club, WWF. via NMApp
hard to believe the ethanol mandate is good for environment when Sierra Club, Environmental Working Group and Friends of the Earth oppose it
Redlands: Sierra Club will see program on Civil War states - Redlands Daily Facts
Better for than Sierra Club to warn vulnerable R Senators to back EPA climate rule
In Canyon Country, Veterans Work to Wash Away the Memories of War | Sierra Club -
only if the Sierra Club has started screaming "Allahu Akbar" and trying to murder people.
Alex Epstein-Aaron Mair-Sierra Club cant face questions on lack of global warming- .
Alex Epstein-Ted Cruz grills Aaron Mair-Sierra Club on lack of global warming-See video:
A huge thank you to Carol Ruckdeschel and Jerome Walker for guiding a Sierra Club outing to Cumberland Island...
Great piece by Molly Samuel featuring our Mayor and Sierra Club's own lobbyist, Neill Herring. Always as...
Marama Davidson, Sierra Club head Michael Brune is somewhere in you are country. Should you desire a meeting with...
Soil scientist & former Sierra Club board member Jennifer Wood is telling us about the mission of Citizens Climate Lobby!
.repeatedly grills Sierra Club president with one question — watch answer he gets
Luckily, the Sierra Club is run by whoever shows up; some of us do get it:
New national monument subject of Sierra Club talk
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Bigger threat to America is the Sierra Club and the silver ponytails running the environmental policy of the United States.
Sierra Club: Bell and Mazzeo are the Environmental Leaders for the 2nd District
Members of East Bay chapters of Sierra Club still oppose allowing bikes on ped/horse trails owned by EBMUD
The Mojave Group of the Sierra Club will lead an easy 3-mile hike through beautiful lower Deep Creek area Saturday.
"Delay is always our friend" Moratorium on is not a ban but it's a lot better than nothing. Lena Moffitt, Sierra Club
The results are in: UF ranks of 153 in Sierra Club's 2015 "Cool Schools" program designed to rank America's... http:…
The beautiful Sierra Club magazine? Never read it. But this catalog of industrial signs and labels? Obviously.
Dad gave the Sierra Club my email address. There's no escaping them now.
The Sierra Club, target of 'absurd smear campaign,' wants what's right (OPINION)
Drumroll please.the improved Sierra Club logo
DC's golf team at yesterday's match against Roseville at Sierra View Country Club.
Partner Frederick Schenk quoted in today's Seaside Courier on behalf of the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar...
My comments to FWC for Stop the Bear Hunt Friday (thank you, Florida Sierra Club) -. Dear FWC et al,. I've lived in...
'Delicious irony': Koch brothers front group attacks Sierra Club (Letters to the Editor)
Awesome: "Politicians discussing global warming" - by Isaac Cordal . . photo by Sierra Club
GREEN RIGHTS! Check it out on CBC Atlantic tomorrow at 8pm. Proudly supported by Sierra Club Canada Foundation!
I checked in at Sierra Lakes Golf Club on
Great piece by Sierra Club of New Jersey's Jeff Tittel on the recent ExxonMobil settlement:
Good day sir,i'm a patriotic sierra leonean living at segbwema.A club leader who had been yearning 2 recieve u in segbwema
An in-depth look at the battle vs where Sierra Club files a legal appeal every 3 days
The Sierra Club has become a front group for its donors' financial interests (OPINION) via
Climate Change Comes to the Arctic | Sierra Club - New experience
The system was initially developed as the Sierra Club grading system in the 1930s to classify hikes and climbs in the Sierra Nevada.
The original Sierra Club grading system also had a Class 6, for artificial, or aid climbing.
Planned coal capacity globally has reduced, but more proposed projects need to be shelved. (CoalSwarm / Sierra Club).
Sierra Club names OU one of its 153 greenest schools in the country, but what exactly does that rating entail?
No outcry against EPA from the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council or Earth Justice for toxic waste blowout in CO.
State Level Department of Environmental Protection DEP was enough. Obama's EPA are radicals from Green Peace and Sierra Club.
Officially the new membership chair for the austin young Sierra Club!! Yes! 🌿 💜
Go Electric: The Sierra Club has a great new electric vehicle guide:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Michael Bloomberg buys influence with the Sierra Club in an effort to make a quick buck:
Met with National Wildlife Federation, Spring Creek Chapter of & Sierra Club reps re reauth
Sierra Club and Ontario Clean Air Alliance (both anti-nuclear) are funded by the natural gas industry
5 Real Headlines for Environmental Education - I recently received a letter from the Sierra Club featuring glossy ...
(Very) friendly fire: Sierra Club targets Jared Polis with love letter
Sierra Club opposes half-cent sales tax for transportation in Hillsborough County, find out why
Sierra Club on county’s proposed sales tax increase: better growth policies & transportation fixes should come first
Considering that got turfed by the Sierra Club board for ineptness, not much substance to this press release
David Brower, the 1st executive director of the Sierra Club, was born on this day in 1912.
Sierra Club vice president Spencer Black: Obama should say
Tom Goldtooth from & Sierra Club president Aaron Mair at the March.
Check out this great piece on the "guerrilla war" on dirty, deadly fuels, featuring Sierra Club's Beyond Coal...
Via: Sierra Club- . 'The University of Maryland Terrapins plan to put about 7,000 solar panels, enough to power...
Sierra Club: It only took the original Keystone pipeline two years of operation to suffer MAJOR co...
If thats the case Jodi, Why did OBA lobby David Suzuki Foundation and Sierra Club,
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Yet BHE's PacifiCorp still biggest coal plant owner in the West. Sierra Club ads today:
When will Fraser Instit., Ethical Oil, or other right wing groups get theirs?? Sierra Club latest of Harper audits
Sierra Club latest enviro charity hit by Revenue Canada audits Creepy and %100 bullying, to say the least
Federal auditors to review Sierra Club books for political activity
"Beyond Coal: Where We've Been ~ Where We're Going," the story of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign
See how Bloomberg and the Sierra Club are helping to retire coal plants, save lives and move the U.S. Beyond Coal.
In related (to me anyway) news, Brandon Lee was a member of the Sierra Club. John Muir. Holla. 😍
Politics: Michael Bloomberg donates another $30 million to Sierra Club campaign to kill coal plants | Best of Cain
Obama admin being sued to prevent killing of Grizzly Bears in Grand Teton National Park by the Sierra Club and Western Watersheds
Had to chance to meet the Virginia director of the Sierra Club and and the director of Chesapeake Bay foundation. Id say it's been an A+ day
Have your say on Animal Factory Permits in Lake Huron Watershed - Sierra Club
Fantastic time at the annual Sierra Club dinner last evening held at Coe College. I enjoyed visiting with...
The Lake Mills Line 61 public forum drew more than 200 area residents! “What this is" Sierra Club's Elizabeth...
Its one thing when climate change concerns are voiced by Greenpeace or the Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy
"We're you named after Sierra Mist or the Sierra mountains? Are you in the Sierra Club?" - every weird *** creep in Charleston
SB1185 is an AZ bill to challenge Mexican wolf recovery. Please use this easy form from the Sierra Club to ask... http:/…
Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the League of Conservation Voters, The Commies! The Reds!
The Russian money pipeline into Sierra Club, NRDC and friends to fight & Fracking http:…
This forum will equip citizens with the necessary tools to fight a proposed oil train expansion and protect our community. Speakers include San Jose City Councilman Ash Kalra, Pierre Delforge from 350 Silicon Valley, Matt Krogh with Forest Ethics, and more. Not hosted by the Sierra Club, but it may be of interest to our members.
Big, massive, very large show tomorrow! Education funding in Ks. State Senator Greg Smith joins me to talk about how Kansas Schools are really funded at the state level. Going to talk about fracking studies and if they cause earthquakes. Been trying to reach Rex Buchanan, director of the Kansas Geological Survey, all day with no response. Joe Spease from the local Sierra Club's fracking committee will join me. If you could retire any way you wanted and money was no object, where would you retire? Don't miss a minute Talk 980!
Interesting morning at Travis County Commissioners Court. In attendance to address Commissioner Shea and Judge Eckhardt's (and Commissioner Davis along for the ride) concerns about the agreement between TxDOT and the Barton Creek Edwards Aquifer District were: * SOS * Sierra Club * BCEACD * Travis County staff * Central Texas Regional Mobility Agency Also, former Travis County Judge Bill Aleshire. It's quite obvious that Shea and Bill Bunch's goals are to stop the road, but Commissioner Daugherty called their bluff by agreeing to go to executive session with legal staff. Despite a clause in the proposed agreement that says the agreement is intended to allow strengthening of environmental methods than were even imagined in the 1990 agreement. They just came out of session. Daugherty continues to say that as long as we are working toward getting this road built responsibly and not just trying to stop it, he supports the motions being suggested. If the county wants to spend more money on it, that's OK with h ...
RAN phone call tonight: URGENT call to organize vigils coast to coast and have 10 people on the streets this Tuesday night. We need a point person for this immediate action. RAN has made a website ready to upload vigil information for organizers nationwide. Also, we can post an event here. Are YOU willing to lead an evening vigil in Reno in 4 days? Volunteer needed. In D.C. tomorrow, there will be a vigil delivering 500,000 signatures that were recently collected urging the President to reject this Pipeline once and for all. Please don't confuse the veto of a Congressional bill with a rejection of the Pipeline after the State Department's decision. THE RAN organizers, in collaboration with, Sierra Club, CREDO, and the Other 98% assert that a genuine opportunity is at hand to get a Presidential rejection of the State Department's recommendation. A nationwide vigil on Tuesday night is essential. 1. The Nebraska ruling restarts the State Department timeline. 2. There is a belief in DC among g ...
Submitted by the North Olympic Sierra Club as their comment on the Expansion of Growlers at Whidbey Island NAS. Comments must be in by January 9. December 24, 2014 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantic 6506 Hampton Boulevard Norfolk, VA 23508 Attn: Code EV21/SS We appreciate the opportunity to provide comments on the Navy’s scoping process for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for EA-18G Growler Airfield Operations at Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island. Our comments are on behalf of the more than 900 Sierra Club members on the North Olympic Peninsula directly affected by the extremely loud noise generated by the Navy’s training exercises that will be made worse by the proposed additional Growler aircraft. Whidbey Island, where these planes are located, is a vibrant, beautiful, and historic region that has been adversely affected by the extreme aircraft noise from the Navy’s training flights. Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve, an over 17,000-acre national park of enviro .. ...
Thursday, December 24, 1914 In some sectors of the Western Front, an unofficial Christmas truce is observed between German and British forces. — John Muir (born 1838), Scottish American geologist and ecologist, founder of the Sierra Club, dies at California Hospital (now California Hospital Medical Center) in Los Angeles of pneumonia at age 76, after a brief visit to Daggett, California, to see his daughter Helen Muir Funk. John Muir was survived by two daughters and ten grandchildren.
Thank You for taking action to keep environmental education in our schools! — Sierra Club BC via
omg guys I saw the tickets! And there is Noo Noo way I would miss adventure Club I need to go with u guys!
that pic was used in the Sierra club magazine. They don't get footy. LOL
So u do admit that u have a relationship with Sierra club.
So upset i didn't go to the club tonight w. my coworkers 😔
The Sierra Club. California State University, Chico becomes the first public US university to commit to fossil...
Greek club not to allow Sierra Leone’s John Kamara play
I rather Lay up then be out at a club !
If your lucky I will send you one of these free cards I got in the mail from the Sierra wildlife kids club. Exciting
Another important trophy for the team. The Club World Cup is ours. Hala Madrid!
The Sierra Club. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that 30 of the estimated 100-180 remaining Florida...
Sad news from Florida: One of the most endangered mammals in N. America is being run over by development
Couldn't think of a better Christmas present, FIFA World Club Champions 2014!! 🎁🏆
Talk on burdens of the phosphate industry Jan. 15 - and much more in this month's Sierra Club Newsletter -...
Im tired if going to the club if im not making money, i dont want to be there
Record number of endangered Florida Panthers killed. :( Not good, folks.
Geothermal plants of same capacity would create almost 12x more jobs than
Scott Gauvin Vice Chair of the Sangamon Valley Group said “As ratepayers, we’re already on the hook to pay for...
We have Sierra Club contingents at rallies on both sides of the bay today.
Hidden inside the heart of every Green NGO lurks the malign and dystopian sickness that is the Sierra Club.
Our friends at Sierra Club are saving the planet. Check it out and join the cause:
Sierra Club, NRDC, and four other big enviro groups have pledged to release their diversity stats by February
DC Sierra Club is proud to join with . and and DC Environmental Network to fix the RPS.
Hoping the bears stay home this week, when it's actually legal to lure them out with humans' food so you can kill them. "The fact that we had a person killed despite having a hunt shows it is not working," said Jeff Tittel, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, in an AP story. The Fish and Game Council is said to have reported 4 years ago that 98 percent of homes surveyed in bear areas were handling their trash, bird seed, and "livestock" (mostly rabbits and small dogs) so as not to attract the bears. But setting up bait stations during the hunt directly undermines that achievement. Bears are opportunists. The best way to live with them is to deny them opportunities. I took down my feeder as soon as this bear moseyed on, and I haven't put it up again. My neighbors have bear-proof garbage cans, but in the same spot where they used to leave a bear deli from Sunday to Thursday, and the bears keep checking to see if they can open the cans. We need to be smarter than the average bear.
Martin Litton, the early conservationist, crusader, Sierra Club board member, and father of commercial river guiding in the Grand Canyon, has died.
In the mid 60's the Bureau of Reclamation proposed the construction of two massive dams in the heart of the Grand Canyon. The Sierra Club was one of the most influential…
Sierra Club part of new public/private partnership to revitalize urban waterways, get more youth outdoors:
Sierra Club sues St. Johns water district in Florida over Farmton wetlands bank - via
This week the Le Sueur Rotary Club heard from Bob Tammen of the Sierra Club. Bob talked about the effects of...
Greetings, Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. (UCM) is pleased to report that the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has renewed UCM’s two mining permits at Wishbone Hill. Additionally, the federal Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Enforcement (OSMRE) recently sent a letter to DNR confirming the validity of these permits. You may recall that citizen groups (Castle Mountain Coalition, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council, Friends of Mat-Su (now Envision Mat-Su) Alaska Center for the Environment, Alaska Community Action on Toxins, Cook Inlet Keeper, Earth Justice, Pacific Environment and the Alaska Chapter of the Sierra Club) submitted complaints to both DNR and to OSMRE in 2011 regarding the validity of UCM’s permits. DNR rejected the complainants’ assertions. OSMRE, however, requested DNR to submit a detailed explanation of the validity of UCM’s permits. Again, DNR stated that the permits were valid. After three years of careful review, OSMRE has concluded that, in fact, UCM ...
Just because you're from the Sierra Club you deserve an RT
Great article on the ways nature affects our emotions: "The Science of Awe" | Sierra Club - via
John Muir was one of the three founders of the Sierra Club including Theodore Roosevelt and David Brower.
2015 Sierra Club calendars are here! Pick yours up at our office, 2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, open Mon - Fri
Fall picnic just one of local Sierra Club's offerings - Livingston Daily
Great networking with MCE, Sierra Club, Audobon & more at today's state enviro summit!
Yesterday, 5 members of the Board of Directors of The Sierra Club of New Mexico joined me and State Senator Linda Lopez to knock on doors in District 7 yesterday! We met so many voters who were very enthusiastic in their support for my efforts to become the next State Rep for this District.
More than 400,000 citizen activists, including more than 25,000 Sierra Club members, joined in what is being called the la...
Join us for our monthly program... Thursday, October 2, 7 PM ~~ TAR SANDS INVASION in the GREAT LAKES! ~~ Beth Wallace, Consultant, Great Lakes pipeline safety issues In 2010, Michigan experienced the largest and most costly inland oil spill in U.S. history, affecting the communities where Beth grew up. Since that time she has been one of the leading pipeline safety advocates in the region working to ensure proper response and accountability. Since 2010 there has been a major increase in tar sands transportation throughout the Great Lakes, causing this carbon intensive fossil fuel to become one of the largest threats facing our waters and communities. Beth will walk through lessons learned from the Kalamazoo River tar sands spill, expansion projects in the region, and what those projects will mean long term-including the storage and burning of pet coke. She will emphasize how individuals and communities can become involved in the decision making process behind these proposals, including ways to help ed .. ...
""Is you mad that you a thotty?" you when i was looking at the guy at the club 😂😕
If you have been waiting for the right time to join the climate movement -- the time is now. No one can deny the energy and momentum -- 400,000 people came together to demand a just transition to a world free of the dirty, dangerous fossil fuels that have been wrecking our planet for too long. It's a demand for a clean and safe world powered by clean and safe energy. That's why the EPA's new Clean Power Plan is such a big deal. It's a new climate safeguard that will make coal and gas power plants to reduce their climate pollution. By cracking down on dangerous carbon emissions, it's signaling that the era of unlimited climate pollution is coming to an end. Take action now to make sure the Clean Power Plan does the job right! Flood the White House and EPA with 50,000 new official comments saying that America is ready for strong and just climate action.Dear Administrator McCarthy, Along with all 2.4 million Sierra Club members and supporters, I want to see strong climate action. I'm happy with the framewor ...
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Fall picnic just one of local Sierra Club’s offerings
Ok guys…who's the nark that told the Sierra club not to add me?
Who opposed VR Pipeline? Sierra Club an example, says Puente - live on
Sierra Club San Diego can still endorse candidates during its suspension?
My free Sierra Club calendar didn't show it now I missed it! :(. :b
This Tuesday night @ 6:30 enjoy free beer and pizza at the kick off of transitioning Oregon from to @ the Sierra Club!
I'm honored to be endorsed by Sierra Club San Diego, which praised my leadership on environmental issues:
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