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Sieg Heil

The Nazi salute or Hitler salute (literally Hitler Greeting, or Deutscher Gruß, German Greeting), was a gesture of greeting in Nazi Germany usually accompanied by saying, Heil Hitler!

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You give a Sieg Heil, say 'Hail Victory,' the 14 words or any of that 88 nonsense you are at very least a Nazi wannabe, you Nazi
SIEG HEIL Miss Tricia this is the next step...
I like your authoritarian America. Where one person decided guilt or innocence. Sieg Heil Trump!!!
All hail Trump. Sieg Heil mein Fuhrer. What a self serving *** you are. Does it ever sink in. I th…
Dies Irae. there's literally a 'sieg heil' (tho they translated it into an approximation…
Say what you will about commies, they don't have to believe in wolf gods, Arctic supermen, or trick Satanists into doing Sieg Heil salutes.
Similarities with the 1000 year Reich stare you in the face. What is of note is ***
His arm is up so I'm assuming he's giving a Sieg Heil.
.Sieg Heil! "Republicans are going for the big Budget approval today, first step toward massive tax cuts. I think we have …
Pure and vile propaganda falling just short of ending with a big enthusiastic sieg heil.
No! You're a beautiful white woman who doesn't need to be hated on! Your proud of your body and your r…
I mean, nobody was talking about the nazis until the nazis came out waving swastikas and "sieg heil"ing all over the place so.
More along the lines of "Sieg Heil to the president gasman" for this paper. . Maybe I can hit 'Basket C…
Nazi fanboys shouted 'Sieg Heil' and shot at Richard Spencer counter-protesters
The only thing missing from that was a huge “Sieg Heil” at the end.
Am I over-reacting to all the news lately or does that cat have a mustache and shouting Sieg Heil?
Sieg heil. Looks like Trump supporters have graduated from Mere "racists" to full-blown fascists. Anyone know where we can buy brown shirts?
Sieg Heil Mein Führer . "White House says its 'highly inappropriate' to question Trump's chief of staff because he is a four-star general"
Not sure what the etiquette around Nazis is meant to be. "Sieg heil, s'il vous plait?"
Three men charged in shooting after Spencer talk. “The people in the car shots were fired from shouted ‘Sieg Heil.’” https:…
Well, sieg heil, You people are doing your fascist forefathers proud. We're onto you, though, & WILL N…
Nah, three Nazi shot at protesters while screaming sieg heil
imagery reminiscent of nazi regalia and a sieg heil isn't enough for you I gues
Sieg heil used to be SO 1937. Scary. Really, 'cause it's how the press sec and others SEE it.
.Sieg Heil! ""46% of Americans think the Media is inventing stories about Trump & his Administration." It is actu…
BREAKING - White supremacists chanting “Sieg Heil” shoot at protesters following talk in Gainesville
Sad news. You know America is in decline when Nazis' start calling liberals Nazis. Then sign off with Nazi salute. https…
Lmao! But liberals are Nazi' they couldn't handle a gesture any common sense can get the gist of t…
I call someone a *** and I get suspended. Sieg Heil, no problem?
Sooner or later the Nazi loving *** of the world expose themselves. Thanks trump! The assist goes to you, pos! https:…
If you're going to Sieg Heil, at least do it accurately FFS. There's nothing dumber or more insulting than being a mediocre fool, 'k?
Jeffrey Lord's 'Sieg Heil': If you don't know by now Trump's base is a cesspool of white supremacists & neo-Nazis -- you'r…
Why has blocked us? Was it our reminder that he dressed as Hitler & gave a Sieg Heil?
And here's full thread. His hit piece on me spelled my name wrong, literally in the headline, I pointed it out and he sc…
CNN cuts ties with Jeffrey Lord over 'Sieg Heil' jibe
Yes Hitler. We shall sing to you. We shall put your portrait in our lounges. Sieg Heil zuma!
Report: Steve Bannon fell off chair drunk, got up screamed "Sieg Heil", fell again took curtain with him. Room cleared, Trump grabbed donuts
yes, kids in Marin are yelling Sieg Heil at Jewish kids and leaving Nazi graffiti and notes, it's so horrible.
What part of Sessions lied to Congress can you *** party first RW *** not get? Sieg Heil!
Theresa May welcomes the few who attended the with what looks like a Nazi salute its not confirmed the audie…
Not to worry, The Fuehrer will take care of everything. SIEG HEIL
German protesters at London anti-war demo in 1968 apparently chanted 'Sieg Heil' - any know the origins of this?
Do the people outside in the fresh air already greet you with "Sieg Heil"? It's about time, dear enemy!
see you at the impeachment hearings..Sieg Heil?
.Sieg Heil! "...intentional. This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone t…
Caught 5th grader writing Sieg Heil & drawing swastikas in his books. This is where we're at in Australia. How much worse is it in the US?
.Sieg Heil! "Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurat…
New Overwatch character is a Nazi for sure man. SIEG HEIL!
My response to so many things these days is an ironic Sieg Heil. 🙄
Fanrtastic vid A case study in lunacy and moronic, cultish behaviour.. he lies! he lies! sieg heil! sieg ***
My daughter was surprised to learn that “Heil Hitler” isn't a normal element of normal middle-school life in America
i got dat *** that makes even a black man say Sieg Heil
in order for the white nation to rise once again, we're gonna need a lot more nazi lovers like you. Sieg Heil
Draft dodging Trump lovers eating it up! Sieg Heil mine Fuhrer! DJT-666 another tin pot dictator. Military go to WH & thin the herd
Kids going to school, hearing 'Heil Hitler,' and thinking it's normal. Welcome to
LOL I actually thought you were getting away with saying sieg heil on youtube, for a second. ✋
Look at the translation on this quote... shockingly backward. Then, of course, there's the 'sieg heil'. OMG.
Rewrites History About School Choice. Sieg Heil in the mad World of
His lies under oath it looks like... "Sieg Heil"! 😂😂😂
.Sieg Heil! "Since November 8th, Election Day, the Stock Market has posted $3.2 trillion in GAINS and consumer confidence …
young short boy, about twelve made sieg heil sign at McDonald's.
Well, at least he can tell his grandchildren he got to Sieg Heil in the Oval Office...
dont give up on them We were all normies once and they need us as much as we need them! Sieg heil
I added a video to a playlist Sieg Heil Viktoria
do a Nazi salute or scream 'sieg heil'
Oh & Sieg Heil for the Nazis with tanks in the middle of Europe. Good job!
Is he taking an oath to tell the truth or giving a Sieg Heil salute?. Well what Jeff Sessions…
how pathetic. Next they will be yelling Sieg Heil. More each day behavior has become sick. Sorry,No FrauHillary the Ruler4Her Peons
This is what we come to. Arresting constituents, rather than listening to their concerns and addressing them. Party…
in there comrade. Continue honoring Otto. SIEG HEIL Viktoria!
brilliant, incisive, reportage. Intelligent minds at work here, making America great. Sieg Heil
No, you're thinking of Toby Keith's 'Finally Free To Be Me (Sieg Heil)', which saw a small lathe run a week after the election.
seems like BS to me looked much like a Sieg Heil to me
Forever changed since referred to their poses as being a "reverse sieg heil."
I don't think 1/2 sieg heil wants to hear that. It1/2
also forget people at trump rallies doing "sieg heil". But whoops he accidentally blamed Dems.
170 followers, 200 just around the corner. Thank you for all these followers in just a few days. Sieg Heil!
In fairness, all Trump needed to do for his speech to be deemed successful was refrain from ending by shouting "Sieg heil!" . It's a low bar.
Angela "Frosty" Merkel introduces double Sieg Heil salute to eager German civilians at rally to promote 4th Reich (…
Local Maggiano's apologizes for hosting Tila Tequila's 'Sieg Heil' NPI dinner, donates $10K in proceeds to ADL.
Diane James changed her title to Führerin and would like members of the to welcome her with a Sieg Heil!
"Allahu Akbar" is a phrase that should be made illegal, just like shouting "Sieg Heil" in Germany.
"Bharat mata ki jai" sounds pleasant to the ear and senses until it becomes "Sieg Heil"
"Sieg Heil!". The shear power of this performance is Amazing. .
Police searching anti-fascists and letting Nazi with skull masks sieg heil.
and they'll all mispronounce Sieg Heil terribly
maybe it's just the Jew in me, but it sure sounds like this umpire says "sieg heil" when he calls strike one.
Defend this Trump puppets.sieg heil?
My lack of sleep makes mich more und more DEUTSCH! (sieg heil)
Soon the "Saffron flag" shall b hoisted at Assam.SIEG HEIL!
Sieg Heil! Hail to Victory! Since doesn't play well by rules we will intimidate you instead.
Sieg Heil! You would have made a fine member of the SS!
Atavistic Intelligentsia brings the bars, oosh
Sieg Heil Ukraina - Europe is behind you...What a shame.
Does listening to Horst Wessel Lied and Sieg Heil Viktoria while working out make me a 1488er?
I voted in Wisconsin and provided my papers to do so. Sieg Heil deine Fuhrer.
If one of you guys crosses my path I'll greet with a loud "Sieg Heil" like your security buddies of
Watching the Man in the High Castle is like watching a movie version of 4chan: "Hi Joe, sieg heil! - Sieg heil, Harry!"
Jungs. sieg heil hoooi jungs hallo my life new sounds!
Now that's something I can Sieg Heil too.
Cruz is out of control I am waiting for him to scream sieg heil!!
That's true. Doing a Hitler salute or saying "Sieg heil" is also illegal.
The Sieg Heil when the tapes go up at Slagheap mtb
For an encore, they will repeatedly chant Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil.
the Grey Wolf sign for kurds are like "sieg heil" for a jeews. And i dont think any one who does sieg heil like jeews..
"There's only one China that matters, and that's Va-China. I love women!! I'm so popular. Sieg Heil to The Trump, baby."
We added the peace sign. In the original he's doing sieg heil. Too nazi-y we thought. Ah the simple days of fall '15
Nice job by the Ministry of Propaganda. Sieg heil
The "Sieg Heil" pose so popular in AL! bc delegates hate him enough to defect to Cruz
Aand Trump touches the third rail. Again. Bzt!!! Sorry, dude... but that was a group "Sieg Heil!" Own it.
Other word on the street, Trump is der Fuhrer, Sieg Heil! No rhyme but true
Trump is our only hope! Trump is the 2nd coming of Hitler (Sieg Heil) or atleast a Prophet!
This could be a new poll soon. Is Ted Cruz saying "Heil Hitler" or "Sieg Heil" as he holds that right arm up?
Sanders saying he can win over Trumpistas. The same ones who call to burn black protesters and yell Sieg Heil. Jesus take the wheel.
We should be teaching young men how to not be giant cucks. Sieg Heil
Very awesome my friend! They nearly saved the whole world from Jewish communism. Sieg Heil! HH
Greatest leader the world has ever seen. Heil Hitler, Sieg Heil!
When you freestyle wild with Steven Seagal you sample Hitler going Sieg Heil & sonic boom Guile .A guaranteed hit that lights up disco tiles
"Don't forget to sieg heil for even more savings!"
Just seen the news Adolf Merkel and the 4th rich rises from the ashes of Greece. SIEG HEIL.
Hi merkel, you have new strange mustache, shauble also. But what do you mean when you say "sieg heil" ?
Update your maps at Navteq
Photo: NAZI BRUDER JAY Sieg Heil MaSSter // How i want to be uSSed by HHIM and SService HHIM! //
:All that was MISSING was a UPRAISED HAND SALUTE and a hardy SIEG HEIL !
When a Jew says something is evil that means its good 4 us! Sieg Heil!
One song of as a singer.. ...however they be..Make a little SIEG HEIL for me.. Da da dada da daa daa... :-D
One song of as a singer... The SIEG HEIL Fever HEIL Fever... come on raise your right arm...ouu yeah. :-D
"The crowds cheered even louder when Katniss threw up a sieg heil."
You will do as you are told Finland, sieg heil.
We need to force change the redskins name and the emblem on the Saints helmet first. sieg heil
They probably do but the Taliban left won't tolerate anything less then total sieg heil from it's slaves.
Better for Greece. Faster way out of this monarchy. Sadly, Finland still remains part of WW2's axis powers. Sieg Heil
I liked a video Sieg Heil, Viktoria!- Waffen SS - improved sound quality an
"Heil! The 3rd Reich put the Greeks feet to the fire in WW2. Now? Again! Sieg Heil! EU 4th Reich !
that should have not happened we should now the truth Sieg Heil
yeah, sieg heil baby. Them nazis are so cool.
Judge compares children to Charles Manson, jails them after they refused to have lunch with father. Sieg Heil!
Electronic Device Insurance
There is nothing to wonder about Slovakia, always a nazi blind follower since WW2. Enjoy your 4th Reich! Sieg Heil!
I am surprised this clerk was so brazen with her "sieg heil" at he camera.
I've been watching too much Military History Channel. Dee-Fense is starting to sound like Sieg Heil.
Nobody can US products anymore. Sieg Heil! to secret court orders of the FISA court. Buy w/
Can the Salem Witch Trials be that far behind? Sieg Heil, Westminster. Who cares if it hurts businesses.
I think its a goosestepper problem.Deluded Aryans. Heil Hitler with a Rebel Yell if ya know what I mean . Sieg Heil!
we added many kamerads and we are growing into a force.its just not enough to add friends what it takes to bring the order to this chaos world is that we stick together irrespective of caste and creed and we should keep in contact regularly not just posting photos but to share the motto and our views ,kamerades i never hope ...i just want all to cooperate. sieg heil. fuhrer fügten wir viele kamerads, und wir sind in eine Kraft wachsen . es ist einfach nicht genug, um Freunde hinzuzufügen, was es braucht, um die Reihenfolge zu diesem Chaos Welt zu bringen ist, dass wir zusammenhalten, unabhängig von Kaste oder Glauben, und wir sollten in Kontakt regelmäßig zu halten nicht nur die Entsendung von Fotos, sondern um das Motto und unsere Ansichten teilen, ich hoffe, dass kamerades nie ... ich will nur alle zusammenarbeiten . Sieg Heil. fuhrer
A court in Switzerland has ruled that the Nazi salute (Sieg Heil!) is not a criminal gesture, if it's used to "express one's convictions", but not to "propagate the ideology," the Associated Press ne
The BlackShirts are hanging in the closet & Mein Kampf in the Coat Pockets. We are UKIP & you shall march to our beat- sieg heil
So a poster on face book says illegal aliens "breed like roaches," then is offended when I cynically respond "Sieg Heil." Maybe I shouldna done that... guess I'll just use the feeds' blocking option next time.
Reported by Johnny Mercer at the count this afternoon. Nazi salutes and 'Sieg Heil' chants (presumably at UKIP?).
Currently eating a big bowl of sausage and sauerkraut. Sieg heil
I'm at my doctors office and the older man across the room from me was talking idly with his wife. Suddenly he stuck his arm into the air and gave a hearty "sieg heil" twice and then lowered his arm and went back to talking about how he woke up at 3 this morning and then fell back asleep. No one has acknowledge this happening and now he's staring at me. Send help.
yes i know.. i have come across many on this site. and SIEG HEIL!!!
Woke up this morning and shouted Sieg Heil out of the window really loudly. Was there an election or something last night?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Was the good pastor waiting for 'amen' or 'sieg heil'? is there a difference?
Give a bro, . an ice cold Boh,. yo.
Saw a ukip chap today looked like a skinhead in a suit. No time for a sieg heil
Sieg Heil Farage.poor imitation of Moseley.similar flashing the pan.hurrah for the black shorts!
imperial war council of OKH and OKW staff combined-SIEG HEIL
I've seen interviews with them,news about them and the Svoboda leader doing a sieg heil salute
The only thing I remember from last night's dream was someone showing the world that they had taught a cat to say "Sieg Heil".
Have you ever noticed you can´t spell the word "Benghazi" without the word "Nazi"? I´m sure the 8th Congressional committee investigating this "scandal" will come to the conclusion that Adolph Hitler is to blame, but I´m sure they´ll call each other Nazis regardless. It´s funny how everyone but oneself is a soup Nazi, a grammar Nazi, a what-have-you Nazi. Sieg heil.
There is no war anymore. We are in the era of peace. Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil , Europe! Swiss court: Nazi salute 'not always punishable' .
Sort of an interesting way to salute the flag Sieg Heil ?
Watching Sieg Heil Viktoria in the middle of Maths class...
Don't get upset with - the truth is often painful. Remember Lebensraum and the Sudetenland. Sieg heil!
everyones arguing about ukip, labour and tory policies. All i've got to add is Sieg Heil
Let's gas them like they did in Nazi Germany...SIEG HEIL!
Don't worry prince Philip right arm healed in time for him to sieg heil any ukip gains
Sieg Heil to the president Gasman. Bombs away is your punishment. Pulverizr the Eiffel towers. Who criticize your government
Imagine how the media & Liberals would have reacted if GW had said something so stupid! But O is their Savior. Sieg Heil!
i walked past my brother's room and heart Hitler talk and the crowd go Sieg Heil. guess he was watching something fun
Is world the one you want to live in? Anytime you see old Harry, give him a "Sieg Heil, Mein Furher" for me. He deserves it!
vote UKIP tmoz. make chang to your country. sieg heil
Must be a joke - Unless this is the kind of goon that yells 'Sieg Heil' over war graves
If Sieg Heil! expresses your conviction, then Switzerland suits you well via
I had my brain smashed in with a golf club and now I make retarded choices. Sieg Heil!
but this time in Switzerland: Swiss court allowed the Nazi salute "Sieg Heil"
I see the Shinner-Nazi partys bedfellows in eu include Syrzia. Sieg heil, Gerry!
When ever you wanna buy um just let me know. I'm willing to give you a shoe size :)
"so. They have none?" who needs policies when you can blindly follow a Führer and babble 'Sieg heil/ vote ÜKip'
I would usually say 'Bye Bye' or 'Farewell'. .. But in YOUR case, I'm thinking 'Sieg Heil' might sit more comfortably with you.
Sieg heil, Comrades! Obama to designate national monument in New Mexico - Washington Times: via
Don't tell me you know german when "Sieg Heil" is all you can say 😅
Everyday this nation gets scarier. Crowds with Confederate flags, fist pumping, chanting USA remind me of brown shirts shouting sieg heil.
THAT's what Obama Cair is all about! Sie…
THAT's what Obama Cair is all about! Sieg Heil !!!
I'm gonna be in Germany tomorrow. Sieg Heil
Sieg heil - it's not - it's a point of view. British Metropolitan Police attitude towards anti…:
Frazier Glenn Miller, the man arrested for killing three people at two different Jewish centers in Overland Park, Kansas, over the weekend and allegedly screaming "Sieg Heil!" while he as detained, loved Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, according to an old radio interview.
Bavarian Headteacher in trouble for shouting 'Sieg Heil' -
Headteacher in trouble for shouting 'Sieg Heil' via
we have a first edition of Mein Kampf; might send it to Eric. Sieg Heil!
Has anyone noticed that in the song "Be Prepared", sung by Scar in "The Lion King", the imagery is similar to Hitler and his troops? With each step they are "Sieg Heil-ing" Scar. Walt Disney really was a racist.
Rotherham Council , Sieg Heil ! How long before the echo of their jackboots are heard parading outside of the Town Hall in Wakefield ?
yuri This sounds like Sieg Heil to me...
Came from seminar, saw Leni Rienfenstahl's Triumph of the Will, could be media instructor for Obama propaganda. Sieg Heil, Obama!
You're the love of my life but it cuts like a knife and I feel that I'm being misled See I'm a little concerned for I've recently learned of the swastika tattoo on your head And it makes you smile when you hear "Sieg Heil" You love the smell of a burning cross in the yard You do goose step salutes in your Doc Martin boots, and you quoted "Mein Kampf" in our 5th anniversary card. I think you're a nazi baby, Are you a nazi? You might be a nazi baby... You keep extensive files on the Nuremberg trials, and you watch them whenever they're airing I guess I should've known when you bought a new bone for your puppies named Goebbels and Goering You showed up late to our very first date, I said "how are you" you said "white power" Call me paranoid but I'm not overjoyed when you ask me if I want to shower... I think you're a nazi Don't be lying baby, Are you a nazi? Are you anti-Zion maybe? Your every dress is monogrammed SS, you hold an Aryan picnic and bash And it makes me irate when you say I look great when I we ...
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The Pantheon was the first dome constucted building in architectural history. The Roman Arch was not invented by the Romans, but it was perfected in many different applications that were never attempted before, and the Dome was one of these applications. The blocks of stone were configured, or recessed in such a way,in larger lateral arches, as it were, that the physical, or engineering forces, such as compression, tension, shear, or torsional forces are used to keep the blocks in place, almost defying gravity (actaually utlizing it). The Ancient Romans were absolute engineering geniuses. SPQR-Senatus Populusque Romanus, The Senate and People of Rome! Hail Ceasar! NOT Heil Hitler (Hail, Hitler), or Sieg Heil (Hail Victory) although, the Nazi Salute was derived from this Ancient Roman salute and salutation. So, when you white supremist republican bigots, I could have just said republican, greet each other, as you typically do, with Heil Hitler, or Sieg Heil, you will know the origins of your racist hateful ...
Austin, I see you follow Jason Segel. Are you in any way affiliated with the Muppets? Sieg Heil!
Watched Secret Weapons of the Third Reich Thursday night, the Allies are lucky Hitler banned development of any weapons system it would take more than 12 months to develop. Two years were wasted, "not a matter of to little, just to late". Otherwise the Brits, Russians and Americans could have been speaking German! "Your papers please", oh and let's not forget the Gestapo! Sieg Heil!
Der Führer will not be happy until citizens of the Fourth Reich are shouting "Sieg Heil" to him.
Who in their right mind would vote for Sieg Heil, Romney, especially after what he and the RNC just pulled.
An Australian radio host was on Monday taken off air after taunting the mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with a Nazi slogan, screaming at her 'Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!'.
Pro tip for law professor Ann Althouse: Chorus 'Sieg Heil!' generally pretty good indication you're playing racist white power music.
Campbell Newman: "There will be no climate change under the Third Reich I lead! Sieg Heil!"
I know that's entrenched institutional racism, but I'm more uncomforable about the the Sieg Heil & physically group assult.
Oh dear, the axes of evil did a song and did a Sieg Heil. Is it still politically incorrect to do it? Or do people not care any more?
A New Hampshire state representative sent the statehouse into chaos on Tuesday when he responded to what he regarded as an autocratic procedural maneuver on the part of the Speaker of the House by yelling out the Nazi salute, “Sieg Heil!”
A New Hampshire lawmaker has apologized for shouting the Nazi salute "Sieg Heil!" during debate on a voter identification bill.
NH lawmaker sorry for shouting 'Sieg Heil' in Legislature - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Sieg Heil! For more, watch the movie Triumph of the Will!
Another "Sieg Heil moment, this time brought to you by the so-called "hipster cop".what an egotistical jack ***
Something to think about with King Obama and "soak the rich" philosophy. Also, everybody "pays their fair share". What is the PAID "share" of the 47 percent of all the citizens who "pay" NO, Zero, Income Tax at all and if "they" have kids they get "Earned Income Tax Credit" for up to 15,000 bucks if they work "part time" - Yes, this is "our" tax money that is "GIVEN" (that would be free gratus, with no "strings" attached) by "our" (former) government to keep the "votes" coming in for the Democraps - now, who "pays" for this "government gift"? Government "gives" you nothing that has not been "taken away" from someone else first (but, it is now so "easy" by just borrowing the money. . . The, now, totally stupid sheeple dumbed down by the past 50 years of "government" school/fool system - All are now "Group Think"; no more of this "individual" thinking by der sheeple - "we" are all in "lock-step" for Big Nanny Government. Sieg Heil; to der "head Clown" currently residing in the (former) White House. Remem ...
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